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AvH10 – Water-Food-Energy River and Society in the Tropics

AvH10-15 | Poster programme | AvH10

Forecasting urban water supply system signals: application of nonlinear data driven tools based on machine learning and information theoretic measures
John Quilty and Jan Adamowski

AvH10-19 | Poster programme | AvH10

Trends in summer hydrological droughts in Czechia with respect to the scaling hypothesis
Ondrej Ledvinka

AvH10-34 | Oral programme | AvH10

Towards Optimization of Reservoir Operations for Hydropower Production in East Africa: Seasonal Climate Forecasts (Leonardo Lecture)
Mekonnen Gebremichael

AvH10-31 | Poster programme | AvH10

A pioneering measurement station for the estimation of surface flow velocities from digital video acquisitions
Flavia Tauro, Maurizio Porfiri, Andrea Petroselli, Lorenzo Giandomenico, Guido Bernardi, Francesco Mele, Domenico Spina, and Salvatore Grimaldi

AvH10-32 | Poster programme | AvH10

Experimental LSPIV configurations for flow observations
Flavia Tauro, Ettore Arcangeletti, Gabriele Mocio, Giorgio Olivieri, Angelo Orlando, Andrea Petroselli, Maurizio Porfiri, Silvia Cremonese, Matteo Cesca, and Salvatore Grimaldi

AvH10-39 | Oral programme | AvH10

Ethiopia's water security and the state of Water Resource Management
Tena Alamirew

AvH10-36 | Poster programme | AvH10

Projecting Changes in Tanzania Rainfall for the 21st century
Francesco Cioffi, Federico Rosario Conticello, and Upmanu Lall

AvH10-49 | Oral programme | AvH10

Impact of irrigation on the surface water-groundwater connections in the lacustrine plain of Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Abebech Beyene, Seifu Tilahun, Jan Nyssen, and Niko Verhoest

AvH10-45 | Poster programme | AvH10

Impact Assessment of the Proposed Water Resources Development Projects in the Blue Nile Basin on Nile Flow at Aswan
Osama Tarabih

AvH10-52 | Poster programme | AvH10

An integrated modeling approach to support management decisions of coupled bio-physical and socio-economic processes under multiple uncertainties
Yohannes Hagos Subagadis, Niels Schütze, and Jens Grundmann

AvH10-20 | Oral programme | AvH10

Assessing Flood Hydrology in Data Scarce Tropical regions: a Congo (ROC) case study
Francis Smith and David Carruth

AvH10-23 | Oral programme | AvH10

Estimating water budget components in Upper Blue Nile basin with JGrass-NewAge system
Wuletawu Abera, Giuseppe Formetta, and Riccardo Rigon

AvH10-58 | Poster programme | AvH10

Energy and Reservoir Management for optimized Use of Water Resources. A case study within the Water-Food-Energy context of Nexus in the Nile River basin.
Athanasia Tatiana Stamou and Peter Rutschmann

AvH10-29 | Oral programme | AvH10

Towards efficient and robust reservoir management in the Senegal River basin
Luciano Raso, Bruno Barbier, Jean-Claude Bader, and Jean-Christophe Pouget

AvH10-71 | Poster programme | AvH10

Stationary vs non-stationary analysis of extreme rainfall in Addis Ababa
Francesco De Paola, Maurizio Giugni, Antonio Annis, and Fernando Nardi

AvH10-9 | Oral programme | AvH10

Dynamic surface-groundwater interactions in the semi humid environment of the Lake Tana sub-basin, Ethiopia: A case of Fogera floodplain
Temesgen Enku, Assefa M Melesse, Essayas K Ayana, Seifu A Tilahun, and Tammo S Steenhuis

AvH10-7 | Oral programme | AvH10

Education and TAHMO, the Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory
Nick van de Giesen, John Selker, Nadine Rodewijk, Leah Tai, Frank Annor, Zachary Dunn, Ahmed Balogun, Friso Vos de Wael, Jon Viducich, Pam Aishlin, Gilbert Mwangi, and Els Veenhoven

AvH10-78 | Oral programme | AvH10

Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources - the case of Coastal Basin South-Eastern Tanzania
Said S. Bakari, Per Aagaard, Rolf D. Vogt, Fridtjov Ruden, and Saild Ali Vuai

AvH10-1 | Oral programme | AvH10

Estimating and Forecasting of Regional Meteorological and Hydrological Droughts: A Case Study for West Shewa, Ethiopia
Taffa Tulu

AvH10-42 | Oral programme | AvH10

Impact of soil and water conservation practices on sediment losses and discharge in the headwaters of the Lake Tana Basin in the Ethiopian highlands
Adugnaw Tadesse, Dessalegn C. Dagnew, Mulugeta A. Belete, Seifu A. Tilahun, Wolde Mekuria, and Tammo Steenhuis

AvH10-24 | Oral programme | AvH10

Land-use change impacts on the hydrology of Ethiopian highlands: Is uncertainty in river discharge data hiding any signals?
Solomon Gebreyohannis Gebrehiwot, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Kevin Bishop, and Sven Halldin

AvH10-44 | Oral programme | AvH10

Dynamics of tropical mountain stream channels in response to spatial variability of rainfall and to land cover changes - the case of the Ethiopian Rift Valley escarpment
Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes Asfaha, Amaury Frankl, Mitiku Haile, Amanuel Zenebe, and Jan Nyssen

AvH10-69 | Oral programme | AvH10

Application of LID control technologies to the urban drainage systems
Francesco De Paola, Enzo Galdiero, Maurizio Giugni, and Francesco Pugliese

AvH10-13 | Oral programme | AvH10

Comparison of different wavelet transforms for urban water demand forecasting using machine learning techniques
John Quilty, Jan Adamowski, Bahaa Khalil, and Maheswaran Rathinasamy

AvH10-5 | Oral programme | AvH10

An Economic Feasibility Assessment of Photovoltaic Energy Systems
Deepak Kumar and Sulochana Shekhar

AvH10-25 | Oral programme | AvH10

Determining the groundwater potential for agricultural use in Ethiopian Highlands
Debebe yilak, Seifu Tilahun, Schmitter Petra, Nakawuka Prossie, Temesgen Enku, Tibebu Kassawmar.N, and Steenhuis S.Tammo

AvH10-28 | Oral programme | AvH10

Eastern Nile Water Resource Modeling: Strategic Perspective and Options Assessment of Upper Blue Nile (Abbay) River Basin Cascades Development
Asegdew Mulat and Semu Moges

AvH10-41 | Oral programme | AvH10

Conceptual and mathematical models of the socle aquifer between the Plateau Mandingue and River Niger, southern Mali
Pedro Martinez-Santos, Lucia De la Ossa, Silvia Diaz-Alcaide, Silvino Castano-Castano, Javier Rodriguez-Arevalo, Elena Perez-Zabaleta, Marife Diaz-Teijeiro, and Miguel Martin-Loeches

AvH10-10 | Oral programme | AvH10

Evaluating the Land use/cover Dynamics and its impact on Low Stream Flow of Gumara watershed, upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia.
Gashaw Gismu Chakilu, Mamaru Ayalew Moges, and Seifu Adimasu Tilahun

AvH10-4 | Oral programme | AvH10

Gully Geometry for Estimating its Cost of Control Measures
Taffa Tulu

AvH10-3 | Oral programme | AvH10

Gully Geometry and Density based on Land Slope and Soil Type
Taffa Tulu

AvH10-18 | Oral programme | AvH10

Effectiveness and sustainability of large scale soil and water conservation interventions in the sub-humid Ethiopian highlands; Evidence from Debre Mawi watershed
Dessalegn Dagnew, Christian Guzman, Assefa Zegeye, Tigist Tebebu, Adugnaw Akal, Wolde Bori, Essayas Ayana, Seifu Tilahun, and Tammo Steenhuis

AvH10-60 | Oral programme | AvH10

Braided river dynamics in relation to floods in the Raya graben (Northern Ethiopia)
Biadgilgn Demissie Mullaw, Amaury Frankl, Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes Asfaha, Mitiku Haile, and Jan Nyssen

AvH10-8 | Oral programme | AvH10

Morphological dynamics of a gully system in the humid Ethiopian Highlands: the Debre Mawi Watershed
Assefa Zegeye, Eddy Langendoen, Dessalegn Dagnaw, Seifu Tilahun, Fasikaw Zimale, Christian Guzman, Essayas Ayana, Cathelijne Stoof, and Tammo Steenhuis

AvH10-38 | Oral programme | AvH10

Occurred debris flows in North-Eastern Italian Alps: documentation and modeling
Mauro Boreggio, Carlo Gregoretti, and Massimo Degetto

AvH10-68 | Oral programme | AvH10

How important are soils for hydrological modeling?
Hubert H.G. Savenije

AvH10-16 | Oral programme | AvH10

New Approach To Establish Sediment Rating Curves For Monsoonal Climate: Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Mamaru Mogus, Dessalegn Dagnew, Fasikaw Zimale, Muluken Lakachew, Getaneh Ayele, Seifu Tilahun, and Tammo Steenhuise

AvH10-33 | Oral programme | AvH10

High intensity convective rainfalls and corresponding hydrological response in rocky head water basins
Carlo Gregoretti, Martino Bernard, Massimo Degetto, Matteo Berti, and Alessandro Simoni

AvH10-55 | Oral programme | AvH10

Impacts of floods events on food security
Tommaso Pacetti, Enrica Caporali, and Maria Cristina Rulli

AvH10-74 | Oral programme | AvH10

Towards innovative solutions for monitoring climate variables in observation poor regions: Rain Measurement based on cellular phone networks in Africa
François Zougmore, Marille Grosset, Frédéric Cazenave, Modeste Kacou, Ali Doumounia, and Apolline Yappi

AvH10-6 | Oral programme | AvH10

Solar Energy Supply Models for Smart Cities and Townships
Deepak Kumar

AvH10-11 | Oral programme | AvH10

Surface Water Potential Assessment of Ungauged Catchments in Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia
Getachew Tegegne Damtew and Young-Oh Kim

AvH10-12 | Oral programme | AvH10

Characterization of the Regional Variability of Seasonal Water Balances within the Omo-Gibe River Basin, Ethiopia
Adanech Yared Jillo, Murugesu Sivapalan, Solomon Seyoum Demissie, and Alberto Viglione

AvH10-59 | Oral programme | AvH10

River flow and inundation in African river systems: results from a new pan-African land-surface model validated against Earth observations
Simon Dadson

AvH10-80 | Oral programme | AvH10

On the return period and design in a multivariate framework (STAHY Best Paper Award Lecture)
Gianfausto Salvadori, Carlo De Michele, and Fabrizio Durante

AvH10-63 | Oral programme | AvH10

Return period for time dependent processes
Elena Volpi, Aldo Fiori, Salvatore Grimaldi, Federico Lombardo, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

AvH10-51 | Oral programme | AvH10

Perspective of frequency modelling of floods caused by levee breaching
Krzysztof Kochanek, Witold G. Strupczewski, and Ewa Bogdanowicz

AvH10-54 | Oral programme | AvH10

Climate Variability and Trends in Meteorological Time Series in Semi-Arid Botswana
Jimmy Byakatonda, P. Bhagabat Parida, and K. Piet Kenabatho

AvH10-46 | Oral programme | AvH10

A stochastic framework for the assessment of health risk from groundwater contamination
Antonio Zarlenga, Felipe P.J. de Barros, and Aldo Fiori

AvH10-2 | Oral programme | AvH10

Trends of Stream flows, Precipitation and Temperature in Central Highland of Ethiopia
Taffa Tulu

AvH10-17 | Oral programme | AvH10

Rainfall and Hydrological Instability Analysis Using Standardized Index on Oueme River Lower Basin in Benin (West Africa)
Sourou Henri TOTIN VODOUNON, Japhet CODJIA, Ernest AMOUSSOU, Expédit VISSIN, Michel BOKO, and Adoté BLIVI

AvH10-48 | Oral programme | AvH10

The Forest Cover – Water Yield Debate: Implications for land management in Ethiopia
Kevin Bishop and Solomon Gebreyohannis

AvH10-57 | Oral programme | AvH10

Top-kriging method for regionalization of flood quantiles in ungauged river basins
Valentina Chiarello, Enrica Caporali, and Hermann G. Matthies

AvH10-14 | Oral programme | AvH10

Machine learning based urban water demand forecasts incorporating stochastic weather inputs
John Quilty and Jan Adamowski

AvH10-70 | Oral programme | AvH10

Comparison of different fittings of drop spectra for rainfall retrievals
Elisa Adirosi, Luca Baldini, Federico Lombardo, Fabio Russo, Francesco Napolitano, Elena Volpi, and Ali Tokay

AvH10-62 | Oral programme | AvH10

Towards a more robust statistical technique of break detection in rainfall time series.
Djigbo Felicien Badou, Bernd Diekkrüger, Evison Kapangaziwiri, and Abel Afouda

AvH10-30 | Oral programme | AvH10

Compatibility of catchment observation using copulas
Salvatore Grimaldi, Andrea Petroselli, Gianfausto Salvadori, and Carlo De Michele

AvH10-21 | Oral programme | AvH10

Comparative evaluation of different satellite rainfall estimation products and bias correction in the Upper Blue Nile (UBN) basin
Wuletawu Abera, Luca Brocca, and Riccardo Rigon

AvH10-27 | Oral programme | AvH10

Hydrological regionalization of ungauged catchments in the Ethiopian Blue Nile River Basin based on different calibration strategies
Markus Disse, Katharina Ansel, and Dagnenet Fenta Mekonnen
CC BY 4.0