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AS – Atmospheric Sciences

AS1.1 – Dynamical Meteorology (General Session)

EGU2015-2809 | Orals | AS1.1

Stability, Convection and Resolution: Understanding Vertical Motion in Modeled Extratropical Cyclones
James Booth, Catherine Naud, Greg Tierney, Derek Posselt, and Jeff Willison

EGU2015-6203 | Posters | AS1.1

The effect of a jet stream on the generation of mountain wave-induced mean flows and turbulence near the tropopause
Andreas Dörnbrack and Robert Sharman

EGU2015-14211 | Posters | AS1.1

Gravity waves from an extratropical cyclone hitting Iceland
Haraldur Ólafsson, Maurizio Ripepe, and Dario Delle Donne

EGU2015-10441 | Orals | AS1.1

Impacts of mesoscale SST anomalies on atmospheric mid-latitude storms
Riwal Plougonven, Guillaume Lapeyre, and Xavier Perrot

EGU2015-8452 | Posters | AS1.1

A case study of a Ross Ice Shelf Airstream event using high resolution observational data captured by SNOWWEB
Ben Jolly and Adrian McDonald

EGU2015-2360 | Orals | AS1.1

Radiative impact of clouds and water vapor on shifts of the extratropical jet under global warming
Aiko Voigt and Tiffany Shaw

EGU2015-14761 | Posters | AS1.1

Isentropic analysis of polar cold air mass streams
Toshiki Iwasaki and Yuki Kanno

EGU2015-7543 | Posters | AS1.1

Numerical simulation study of polar lows in Russian Arctic: dynamical characteristics
Polina Verezemskaya, Anastasia Baranyuk, and Victor Stepanenko

EGU2015-10843 | Orals | AS1.1

Poleward migration of eddy-driven jets
Yohai Kaspi and Rei Chemke

EGU2015-5 | Posters | AS1.1

Analysis of WRF-simulated thermally driven diurnally periodic boundary-layer wind signals in Eastern China
Yu Du, Richard Rotunno, and Qinghong Zhang

EGU2015-14573 | Posters | AS1.1

Impacts of interaction between land-surface and cloud on regional rainfall and convection
Yue Zheng, Kiran Alapaty, and Dev Niyogi

EGU2015-7769 | Orals | AS1.1

Link between warm conveyor belts and fronts and the impact on extreme rainfall
Jennifer Catto, Erica Madonna, Hanna Joos, Heini Wernli, Irina Rudeva, and Ian Simmonds

EGU2015-5475 | Orals | AS1.1

A climatological analysis of high-precipitation events in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, and associated large-scale atmospheric conditions
Christoph Welker, Olivia Martius, Paul Froidevaux, Carleen H. Reijmer, and Hubertus Fischer

EGU2015-14040 | Posters | AS1.1

Studying the Dynamics of Non-stationary Jet Streams Formation in the Northern Hemisphere Troposphere
Sergey Emtsev, Aliaksandr Krasouski, Alexander Svetashev, Leonid Turishev, and Siarhei Barodka

EGU2015-15043 | Posters | AS1.1

Hail formation in pre-frontal environments: A long-term study over Switzerland
Sebastian Schemm, Luca Nisi, Andrey Martynov, and Olivia Martius

EGU2015-4192 | Orals | AS1.1

Initial Results from the DEEPWAVE Airborne and Ground-Based Measurement Program in New Zealand in 2014
Dave Fritts, Ron Smith, Mike Taylor, Jim Doyle, Steve Eckermann, Andreas Dörnbrack, Markus Rapp, Biff Williams, Katrina Bossert, and Dominique Pautet

EGU2015-8691 | Orals | AS1.1

The diabatic role of cloud and precipitation processes within mid-latitude storms: Results from the DIAMET project
Chris Dearden, Geraint Vaughan, and Tom Choularton

EGU2015-1925 | Posters | AS1.1

How do atmospheric rivers form?
Helen Dacre

EGU2015-11725 | Posters | AS1.1

Red Sea modulating regional hydrological cycle
Olga Zolina, Ambroise Dufour, and Sergey Gulev

EGU2015-11329 | Orals | AS1.1

Extreme small-scale wind episodes over the Barents Sea: When, where and why?
Erik W. Kolstad

EGU2015-5053 | Posters | AS1.1

Large-scale dynamics associated with clustering of extratropical cyclones affecting Western Europe
Joaquim G. Pinto, Iñigo Gómara, Giacomo Masato, Helen F. Dacre, Tim Woollings, and Rodrigo Caballero

EGU2015-8042 | Orals | AS1.1

Predictability and Mechanism of an Extreme-Rainfall-Producing Mesoscale Convective System along a Mei-Yu Front in East China
Yali Luo and Yang Ruixue Chen

EGU2015-10537 | Posters | AS1.1

Tropospheric mid-latitude geopotential wave characteristics associated with strong wind events in the North Atlantic/European region
Simon Wild, Ian Simmonds, and Gregor C. Leckebusch

EGU2015-5341 | Posters | AS1.1

Secondary cyclogenesis along an occluded front leading to damaging wind gusts: windstorm Kyrill, January 2007
Patrick Ludwig, Joaquim G. Pinto, Simona A. Hoepp, Andreas H. Fink, and Suzanne L. Gray

EGU2015-3786 | Orals | AS1.1

Hurricane genesis: on the breaking African easterly waves and critical layers
Ali Asaadi, Gilbert Brunet, and Peter Yau

EGU2015-13708 | Posters | AS1.1

The poleward tilt of storm tracks from a PV tendency analysis of cyclone tracking composites
Talia Tamarin and Yohai Kaspi

EGU2015-10981 | Orals | AS1.1

Vortex dynamics of stratospheric sudden warmings: a reanalysis data study using PV contour integral diagnostics
Robin Beaumont, John Thuburn, and Frank Kwasniok

EGU2015-3495 | Posters | AS1.1

Topographic impacts on jet streams and storm tracks: the Mongolian mountains matter
Rachel White and David Battisti

EGU2015-10006 | Posters | AS1.1

A midwinter minimum in storm track activity in an idealized GCM with a seasonal cycle
Hilla Afargan and Yohai Kaspi

EGU2015-8781 | Posters | AS1.1

Possible Factors affecting the Thermal Contrast between Middle-Latitude Asian Continent and Adjacent Ocean
Huaqiong Cheng, Tongwen Wu, and Wenjie Dong

EGU2015-11567 | Posters | AS1.1

Effect of East Asia summer blocking on the atmospheric circulation over the region
Joong-Bae Ahn and Yong-Jun Park

EGU2015-11398 | Posters | AS1.1

Seasonal prediction of East Asian summer rainfall using a multi-model ensemble system
Joong-Bae Ahn, Doo-Young Lee, and Jin‑Ho Yoo

EGU2015-11809 | Posters | AS1.1

Predictability of summertime Euro-Atlantic weather regimes in medium-range forecasts
Mio Matsueda and Tim Palmer

EGU2015-13505 | Posters | AS1.1

Adapative non-hydrostatic dynamics for exploring multiscale climate interactions
William Collins, Hans Johansen, Jim Benedict, Daniele Rosa, Travis O'Brien, Jeff Johnson, Elijah Goodfriend, and Noel Keen

AS1.2 – Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting

EGU2015-455 | Posters | AS1.2

Sensitivity of boundary layer variables to WRF model PBL schemes during the 2014 Athens HygrA-CD campaign
Robert Banks, Jordi Tiana-Alsina, José Maria Baldasano, Francesc Rocadenbosch, and Alex Papayannis

EGU2015-15535 | Orals | AS1.2 | Media interest

Recent progress in global, medium range numerical weather prediction
Erland Källén

EGU2015-4338 | Orals | AS1.2

Challenges in Modeling of the Global Atmosphere
Zavisa Janjic, Vladimir Djurdjevic, Ratko Vasic, and Tom Black

EGU2015-1545 | Posters | AS1.2

Statistical Corrections of HIRLAM and HARMONIE Forecasts for Greenland
Alexander Mahura, Claus Petersen, Bjarne Amstrup, and Bent Sass

EGU2015-7663 | Orals | AS1.2

Experiments with the FIM global model for medium-range forecast duration
Stan Benjamin, Shan Sun, Rainer Bleck, Georg Grell, and Haiqin Li

EGU2015-2185 | Posters | AS1.2

Study of the Low Level Wind Shear using AMDAR reports
Ana-Denisa Urlea and Mirela Pietrisi

EGU2015-1154 | Orals | AS1.2

The impact of vertical resolution in mesoscale model AROME forecasting of radiation fog
Alexandre PHILIP, Thierry Bergot, Yves Bouteloup, and François Bouyssel

EGU2015-2446 | Posters | AS1.2

Multi-objective global sensitivity analysis of the WRF model parameters
Jiping Quan, Zhenhua Di, Qingyun Duan, Wei Gong, and Chen Wang

EGU2015-1602 | Orals | AS1.2

Predictability of cloud fraction in global NWP models
Thomas Haiden

EGU2015-2539 | Posters | AS1.2

Dynamical contibution of Mean Potential Vorticity pseudo-observations derived from MetOp/GOME2 Ozone data into weather forecast, a Mediterranean High Precipitation Event study.
Siham Sbii, Mimoun Zazoui, and Noureddine Semane

EGU2015-6468 | Orals | AS1.2

Stochastic and perturbed parameter representations of model uncertainty in convection parametrisation
Hannah Christensen, Irene Moroz, and Tim Palmer

EGU2015-2680 | Posters | AS1.2

Achieving seventh-order amplitude accuracy in leapfrog integrations
Paul Williams

EGU2015-3169 | Posters | AS1.2

Establishment and analysis of High-Resolution Assimilation Dataset of water-energy cycle over China
Xiaohang Wen, Xiaohan Liao, Wenjie Dong, and Wenping Yuan

EGU2015-6032 | Orals | AS1.2

Parameterization of precipitating shallow convection
Axel Seifert

EGU2015-3616 | Posters | AS1.2

Forecasting of Severe Weather in Austria and Hungary Using High-Resolution Ensemble Prediction System
Mihaly Szucs, Andre Simon, Balazs Szintai, Martin Suklitsch, Yong Wang, Clemens Wastl, and Gergely Boloni

EGU2015-4172 | Orals | AS1.2

Evaluation of PBL Parameterizations in WRF at Sub-Kilometer Resolution: Turbulence Statistics in the Convective Boundary Layer
Hyeyum Hailey Shin and Jimy Dudhia

EGU2015-2956 | Orals | AS1.2

Subgrid Convective Cloud Parameterization for Tropical Cyclone Prediction at Grey-Zone Resolution
Wei Huang, Jian-Wen Bao, and Baode Chen

EGU2015-4174 | Posters | AS1.2

Improved gridded wind forecasts with statistical post-processing of numerical models with functional and/or block regressions
Michael Zamo, Liliane Bel, and Olivier Mestre

EGU2015-4217 | Posters | AS1.2

Implementation of the GFS physical package in the GRAPES regional model: single column experiment
Baode Chen, Wei Huang, and Jian-wen Bao

EGU2015-10548 | Orals | AS1.2

A comparison of ensemble post-processing methods for extreme events
Robin Williams, Chris Ferro, and Frank Kwasniok

EGU2015-7827 | Orals | AS1.2

Eta vs sigma, an update: Gallus-Klemp test, and 250 hPa wind skill compared to ECMWF in ensemble experiments
Fedor Mesinger and Katarina Veljovic

EGU2015-4401 | Posters | AS1.2

An overview of the KIAPS global model development
Song-You Hong, Seung-On Hwang, and Young-Cheol Kwon

EGU2015-14282 | Orals | AS1.2

Coupled Atmosphere-Wave-Ocean Modeling of Tropical Cyclones: Progress, Challenges, and Ways Forward
Shuyi Chen

EGU2015-4533 | Posters | AS1.2

Realistic weather simulations and forecast verification with COSMO-EULAG
Damian Wójcik, Zbigniew Piotrowski, Bogdan Rosa, and Michał Ziemiański

EGU2015-4734 | Posters | AS1.2

Analysis of Water Vapor Characteristics of Regional Rainfall Around Poyang Lake Using Ground-based GPS Observations
Yujing Cao, Hang Guo, Rongwei Liao, and Marcin Uradzinski

EGU2015-1331 | Orals | AS1.2

Advances in the U.S. Navy Non-hydrostatic Unified Model of the Atmosphere (NUMA): LES as a Stabilization Methodology for High-Order Spectral Elements in the Simulation of Deep Convection
Simone Marras and Frank Giraldo

EGU2015-11852 | Orals | AS1.2

Latitude belt convection permitting simulation using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
Kirsten Warrach-Sagi, Thomas Schwitalla, and Volker Wulfmeyer

EGU2015-4914 | Posters | AS1.2

Impact of KITcube data on the prediction of maritime convective severe weather. Test for HYMEX IOP13 event.
Diego Saul Carrio Carrio, Víctor Homar Santaner, and Ulrich Corsmeier

EGU2015-5043 | Posters | AS1.2

A regional GSI-based EnKF system for the Rapid Refresh configuration: Tests for Satellite Radiance Observation
kefeng zhu and ming xue

EGU2015-4255 | Orals | AS1.2

Evaluating Cloud Initialization in a Convection-permit NWP Model
Jia Li and Baode Chen

EGU2015-965 | Orals | AS1.2

A modified rotating shallow water model for investigating convective-scale data assimilation
Thomas Kent, Onno Bokhove, and Steve Tobias

EGU2015-5605 | Posters | AS1.2

Modeling Fronts Over the Sea and the Effect of Grid Size
Tija Sile, Juris Sennikovs, and Uldis Bethers

EGU2015-5774 | Posters | AS1.2

An Extended Kalman Filter for soil analysis in SURFEX
Annelies Duerinckx, Rafiq Hamdi, Jean-François Mahfouf, and Piet Termonia

EGU2015-4307 | Orals | AS1.2

Modeling study of a severe aerosol pollution event in December 2013 over Shanghai China: An application of chemical data assimilation
Jian-Bin Wu, Jianming Xu, Mariusz Pagowski, Fuhai Geng, Songqiang Gu, Guangqiang Zhou, Ying Xie, and Zhongqi Yu

EGU2015-6517 | Posters | AS1.2

Evaluation of ensemble forecast uncertainty using a new proper score: application to medium-range and seasonal forecasts
Hannah Christensen, Irene Moroz, and Tim Palmer

EGU2015-7053 | Posters | AS1.2

Microphysical Consistency between Grid-Resolved and Subgrid Cloud Parameterizations at Grey-Zone Resolution
Jian-Wen Bao, Evelyn D. Grell, Sara A. Michelson, and Georg A. Grell

EGU2015-7059 | Posters | AS1.2

Impact of Microphysical Consistency between Subgrid and Grid-Resolved Cloud Parameterizations on QPF and Simulated Radar Reflectivity
Evelyn D. Grell, Jian-Wen Bao, and Sara A. Michelson

EGU2015-7078 | Posters | AS1.2

Budget Comparison of Parameterized Microphysical Processes in Tropical Cyclone Simulations
Sara A. Michelson, Jian-Wen Bao, and Evelyn D. Grell

EGU2015-7753 | Posters | AS1.2

Impacts of an Updated Subgrid Orographic Parameterization Scheme in a Global Spectral Atmospheric Forecast Model
Hyun-Joo Choi and Song-You Hong

EGU2015-7786 | Posters | AS1.2

Coupling WRF Double-Moment 6-class (WDM6) microphysics scheme to RRTMG radiation scheme in Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model
Soo Ya Bae and Song-You Hong

EGU2015-8153 | Posters | AS1.2

Development and experiments with the FIM coupled atmosphere-ocean-chemistry global model for seasonal to medium-range forecast applications
Stan Benjamin, Shan Sun, Rainer Bleck, Haiqin Li, Jian-Wen Bao, and John Brown

EGU2015-8170 | Posters | AS1.2

Development of KIAPS Observation Processing Package for Data Assimilation System
Jeon-Ho Kang, Hyoung-Wook Chun, Sihye Lee, Hyun-Jun Han, and Su-Jin Ha

EGU2015-8207 | Posters | AS1.2

A Three-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation System on a Cubed Sphere Grid
In-Hyuk Kwon, Hyo-Jong Song, Jihye Kwun, Sangil Kim, and Ji-Hyun Ha

EGU2015-8324 | Posters | AS1.2

Methods for reducing mass imbalance in global forecast model initialized using third-party analysis
In-Sun Song, In-Hyuk Kwon, and Sang-Yoon Jun

EGU2015-8374 | Posters | AS1.2

Assessing WRF Model Parameter Sensitivity and Optimization: A Case Study with 5-day Summer Precipitation Forecasting in the Greater Beijing Area
Zhenhua Di, Qingyun Duan, and JiPing Quan

EGU2015-8384 | Posters | AS1.2

Evaluation of the parameterization for cloud top-down mixing in the boundary layer
Eun-Hee Lee, Song-You Hong, and Jimy Dudhia

EGU2015-8418 | Posters | AS1.2

Statistical evaluation of the simulated convective activity over Central Greece
Stergios Kartsios, Stylianos Kotsopoulos, Theodore S. Karacostas, Ioannis Tegoulias, Ioannis Pytharoulis, and Dimitrios Bampzelis

EGU2015-8575 | Posters | AS1.2

Eigensolutions of Laplacian Operator on the sphere for geodesic grids
Hyeong-Bin Cheong, Hyun-Gyu Kang, Han-Byeol Jeong, and Min-Geun Jin

EGU2015-8576 | Posters | AS1.2

Effect of model error on precipitation forecasts in the high-resolution limited area ensemble prediction system of the Korea Meteorological Administration
SeHyun Kim and Hyun Mee Kim

EGU2015-8581 | Posters | AS1.2

Observation impact on forecast error of binary interacted typhoons TEMBIN (201214) and BOLAVEN (201215)
Sung-Min Kim and Hyun Mee Kim

EGU2015-8608 | Posters | AS1.2

Pressure Gradient Error of Spectral Element Dynamical Core associated with Topographic Forcing: Comparison with the Spherical Harmonics Dynamical Core
Hyun-Gyu Kang, Hyeong-Bin Cheong, Han-Byeol Jeong, and Won-Ho Kim

EGU2015-10512 | Posters | AS1.2

A data assimilation experiment of RASTA airborne cloud radar data during HyMeX IOP16
Gaël Saussereau, Olivier Caumont, and Julien Delanoë

EGU2015-10798 | Posters | AS1.2

Local analysis and prediction of an intense rainfall event in Italy: a numerical sensitivity study
Valerio Capecchi and Jelena Markovic

EGU2015-11576 | Posters | AS1.2

Evaluation of a convective-microphysics parametrisation package in Tropical MJO-conditions
Michiel Van Ginderachter

EGU2015-11591 | Posters | AS1.2

An application of a multi model approach for solar energy prediction in Southern Italy
Elenio Avolio, Teresa Lo Feudo, Claudia Roberta Calidonna, Daniele Contini, Rosa Claudia Torcasio, Luca Tiriolo, Stefania Montesanti, Claudio Transerici, and Stefano Federico

EGU2015-12752 | Posters | AS1.2

A hybrid surface layer parameterization scheme for the two-way fully coupled atmosphere-ocean wave system WEW
Petros Katsafados, Anastasios Papadopoulos, George Varlas, and Gerasimos Korres

EGU2015-12977 | Posters | AS1.2

The impact of assimilating data from a remotely piloted aircraft on simulations of the atmosphere
Hálfdán Ágústsson, Haraldur Ólafsson, Marius Opsanger Jonassen, and Ólafur Rögnvaldsson

EGU2015-14386 | Posters | AS1.2

The high altitude SSMIS channels: Validation of fast radiative transfer simulations by comparison with line-by-line simulations
Richard Larsson, Peter Rayer, Roger Saunders, William Bell, Anna Booton, Stefan A. Buehler, Patrick Eriksson, and Viju John

EGU2015-14743 | Posters | AS1.2

Recent Improvement in the Weather Research and Forecasting Model
Wei Wang

EGU2015-1034 | Posters | AS1.2

Use of WRF QPF estimates to improve upon MSGMPE products for Northern of Tunisia
Saoussen Dhib, Víctor HOMAR, Zoubeida Bargaoui, Maria Del Mar VICH, and Chris Mannaerts

EGU2015-11380 | Posters | AS1.2

Studying the role of initial condition and physics perturbation in the ensemble prediction of recent flood events over Italy
Chiara Marsigli, Andrea Montani, and Tiziana Paccagnella

AS1.7 – Atmospheric processes over complex terrain

EGU2015-10755 | Orals | AS1.7

The Role of Corsican Orography in a Localized Heavy Precipitation Event
Phillip Scheffknecht, Evelyne Richard, and Dominique Lambert

EGU2015-12115 | Posters | AS1.7

Turbulence measurements in an Alpine valley: The CividatEX Experiment case
Marco Falocchi, Stefano Barontini, Dino Zardi, and Roberto Ranzi

EGU2015-8286 | Orals | AS1.7

Mapping the Interplay of ET and Topography on Precipitation Processes in the Eastern Andes
Xiaoming Sun and Ana Barros

EGU2015-13436 | Posters | AS1.7

Near surface characteristics of foehn winds
Ivana Stiperski

EGU2015-7763 | Posters | AS1.7

The turbulence structure of katabatic flows below and above wind-speed maximum
Andrey Grachev, Laura Leo, Silvana Di Sabatino, Harindra Fernando, Eric Pardyjak, and Christopher Fairall

EGU2015-2236 | Orals | AS1.7

In-situ measurements of orographic mixed-phase clouds in a High Alpine Environment using Digital in-line Holography
Jan Henneberger, Olga Henneberg, Gary Lloyd, Jacob Fugal, and Ulrike Lohmann

EGU2015-13659 | Posters | AS1.7

Mountain wave-induced turbulence: Elevated turbulence zones over a double mountain ridge
Lukas Strauss, Vanda Grubišić, and Stefano Serafin

EGU2015-2505 | Orals | AS1.7

blowing snow as a source of ice crystals in supercooled orographic clouds
Bart Geerts, binod pokharel, and xia chu

EGU2015-10890 | Posters | AS1.7

The impact of temperature inversions on gravity waves and downslope windstorms
Marius Opsanger Jonassen, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Hálfdán Ágústsson

EGU2015-11279 | Orals | AS1.7

Nocturnal cooling in a very shallow cold air pool
Jože Rakovec, Gregor Skok, Rahela Žabkar, and Nedjeljka Žagar

EGU2015-12411 | Posters | AS1.7

More on inversions
Haraldur Ólafsson, Birta Líf Kristinsdóttir, Hálfdán Ágústsson, Marius Opsanger Jonassen, and Sigurður Jónsson

EGU2015-13414 | Orals | AS1.7

Carbon Dioxide Exchange in Complex Topography
Matthias Reif, Mathias Rotach, Georg Wohlfahrt, and Alexander Gohm

EGU2015-13991 | Posters | AS1.7

The fine scale structures of airflow over Bergen
Haraldur Ólafsson, Birgitte Rugaard Furevik, Jan Asle Olseth, and Ole Edvard Grov

EGU2015-12568 | Orals | AS1.7

Wind modelling over complex terrain using CFD
Matias Avila, Herbert Owen, Arnau Folch, Luis Prieto, and Luis Cosculluela

EGU2015-13006 | Posters | AS1.7

Effect of Vatnajökull ice cap on meso- and fine scale atmospheric flow
Hálfdán Ágústsson, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Finnur Pálsson

EGU2015-6442 | Orals | AS1.7

A nested large-eddy simulation study of the Ora del Garda wind in the Alps
Lorenzo Giovannini, Lavinia Laiti, and Dino Zardi

EGU2015-4492 | Posters | AS1.7

Investigation of a recent extreme-high temperature event in the Tokyo metropolitan are using numerical simulations: the potential role of a ‘hybrid' foehn wind
Yuya Takane, Hiroyuki Kusaka, and Hiroaki Kondo

EGU2015-10272 | Orals | AS1.7

A theoretical study of urban breeze-mountain wind interactions
Jaemyeong Mango Seo, Gantuya Ganbat, Ji-Young Han, and Jong-Jin Baik

EGU2015-8022 | Posters | AS1.7

Effects of Land Use Data and Topographic Radiative Forcing on the Simulations of Boundary Layer Processes and Local Circulation
Pay-Liam Lin, Yu-Ching Hsu, and Ming-Dah Chou

EGU2015-12608 | Orals | AS1.7

Radiosonde and satellite observations of topographic flow off the Norwegian coast
Birgitte Rugaard Furevik, Knut-Frode Dagestad, and Haraldur Olafsson

EGU2015-6534 | Orals | AS1.7 | Media interest

The March 1972 Northwest Greenland windstorm: evidence of downslope winds associated with a trapped lee wave
Kent Moore

EGU2015-5414 | Posters | AS1.7

Validation of high-resolution WRF-ARW model runs against airborne measurements over complex terrain in central Italy
Federico Carotenuto, Beniamino Gioli, Piero Toscano, Giovanni Gualtieri, Franco Miglietta, and Georg Wohlfahrt

EGU2015-14554 | Posters | AS1.7

Observations and Modeling of Low Level Moisture Convergence Patterns in the Southern Appalachians during the Integrated Precipitation and Hydrology Experiment (IPHEx) Extended Observing Period
Anna M. Wilson and Ana P. Barros

EGU2015-9905 | Orals | AS1.7

Interfacial and trapped waves in flows over mountains
Johannes Sachsperger, Stefano Serafin, and Vanda Grubišić

EGU2015-6766 | Posters | AS1.7

1-km Eta model simulations over complex topography: horizontal diffusion and cloud microphysics tests
Jorge Luís Gomes, Fedor Mesinger, Gustavo Sueiro, and Sin Chan Chou

EGU2015-10589 | Posters | AS1.7

A Modeling Case Study of an Alpine Supercell
Phillip Scheffknecht, Stefano Serafin, and Vanda Grubišić

EGU2015-11752 | Posters | AS1.7

Atmospheric ice crystals over complex terrain: Pure ice cloud conditions observed in CLACE2013 at Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Oliver Schlenczek, Jacob P. Fugal, Keith N. Bower, Jonathan Crosier, Michael J. Flynn, Jan Henneberger, Ulrich K. Krieger, Gary Lloyd, and Stephan Borrmann

EGU2015-11464 | Posters | AS1.7

Cloud dynamics and their impact on local precipitation processes in a high mountain valley in southern Ecuador detected by satellite and ground-based remote sensing methods
Katja Trachte, Rütger Rollenbeck, and Jörg Bendix

EGU2015-6374 | Posters | AS1.7

Solar resource assessment in complex orography: a comparison of available datasets for the Trentino region
Lavinia Laiti, Lorenzo Giovannini, and Dino Zardi

EGU2015-10939 | Posters | AS1.7

Atmospheric dispersion modeling with AERMOD for comparative impact assessment of different pollutant emission sources in an Alpine context
Gianluca Antonacci, Lorenzo Giovannini, Elena Tomasi, and Dino Zardi

EGU2015-13989 | Posters | AS1.7

GuMNet - Guadarrama Monitoring Network. Installation and set up of a high altitude monitoring network, north of Madrid. Spain
Edmundo Santolaria-Canales and the GuMNet Consortium

EGU2015-14600 | Posters | AS1.7

Climatology Study of Low-level Cloud and Fog in Mountain Terrain Using Satellite Observations and Modeling
Yajuan Duan and Ana P. Barros

EGU2015-2457 | Posters | AS1.7

Specific weather biotrop factors in the mountain resorts of North Caucasus
Natalia Efimenko, Elena Chalaya, Nina Povolotckaia, Irina Senik, and Victor Slepykh

AS1.8 – Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation (General Session)

EGU2015-7558 | Orals | AS1.8

Aerosol-cloud interactions in the South-East Atlantic: knowledge gaps, planned observations to address them, and implications for global climate change modeling
Jens Redemann, Robert Wood, Paquita Zuidema, James Haywood, Bernadette Luna, and Steven Abel

EGU2015-682 | Posters | AS1.8

Organization of tropical deep convection in low vertical wind shears: The role of boundary conditions
Addisu Gezahegn Semie and Adrian Mark Tompkins

EGU2015-7777 | Orals | AS1.8

On the competition among aerosol number, size and composition in predicting CCN variability: a multi-annual field study in an urbanized desert
Ewan Crosbie, Jong-Sang Youn, Brian Balch, Anna Wonaschuetz, Taylor Shingler, Zhen Wang, William Conant, Eric Betterton, and Armin Sorooshian

EGU2015-1507 | Posters | AS1.8

A study of the impact of synoptic weather conditions and water vapour on aerosol-cloud relationships
Stavros Stathopoulos, Konstantinos Kourtidis, and Aristeidis Georgoulias

EGU2015-14557 | Orals | AS1.8

Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Measured at Puijo Measurement Station: The effect of surrounding terrain
Sami Romakkaniemi, Antti Hellsten, Irshad Ahmad, Juha Tonttila, Antti Jaatinen, Harri Portin, Ari Leskinen, Liqing Hao, Annele Virtanen, and Mika Komppula

EGU2015-2158 | Posters | AS1.8

Cloud droplet collisions under different turbulent intensities
Sisi Chen, Kevin Zwijzen, Paul Vaillancourt, Peter Bartello, and Man-kong Yau

EGU2015-14019 | Orals | AS1.8

Comparing droplet activation parameterisations against adiabatic parcel models using a novel inverse modelling framework
Daniel Partridge, Ricardo Morales, and Philip Stier

EGU2015-2302 | Posters | AS1.8

Vertical structure of radar reflectivity in deep intense convective clouds over the tropics
Shailendra kumar and Gs bhat

EGU2015-2482 | Posters | AS1.8

Aerosol hygroscopicity and CCN activity during the AC3Exp campaign: Implications for CCN parameterization
Fang Zhang, Yanan Li, and Zhanqing Li

EGU2015-3349 | Orals | AS1.8

Improved cloud parameterization for Arctic climate simulations based on satellite data
Daniel Klaus, Klaus Dethloff, Wolfgang Dorn, and Annette Rinke

EGU2015-3089 | Posters | AS1.8

Do aerosols impact ground observation of total cloud cover over the North China Plain?
Li Sun, Xiangao Xia, Pucai Wang, and Ye Fei

EGU2015-6008 | Orals | AS1.8

An attempt to quantify aerosol-cloud effects in fields of precipitating trade wind cumuli
Axel Seifert and Thijs Heus

EGU2015-3131 | Posters | AS1.8

Characteristics of Cloud Vertical Structure over the Tibetan Plateau and its Neighboring Areas
Yan Yafei, Lu Jianhua, and Liu Yimin

EGU2015-13165 | Orals | AS1.8

Study of Droplet Activation in Thin Clouds Using Ground-based Raman Lidar and Ancillary Remote Sensors
Marco Rosoldi, Fabio Madonna, Pilar Gumà Claramunt, and Gelsomina Pappalardo

EGU2015-5513 | Posters | AS1.8

Simulating aerosol-radiation-cloud feedbacks on meteorology and air quality over eastern China under severe haze conditions in winter
Bin Zhang, Yuxuan Wang, and Jiming Hao

EGU2015-13476 | Orals | AS1.8

Quantifying the diurnal variability of deep convection in the Congo basin using satellite observations, global and regional models.
Bethan White, Zak Kipling, Sarah Taylor, and Philip Stier

EGU2015-5525 | Posters | AS1.8

Determinants of Low Cloud Properties - An Artificial Neural Network Approach Using Observation Data Sets
Hendrik Andersen and Jan Cermak

EGU2015-8415 | Orals | AS1.8

Cloud shortwave radiative effect and cloud properties estimated from airborne measurements of transmitted and reflected light
Samuel E. LeBlanc, Jens Redemann, Michal Segal-Rosenheimer, Meloë Kacenelenbogen, Yohei Shinozuka, Connor Flynn, Philip Russell, Beat Schmid, K. Sebastian Schmidt, Peter Pilewskie, and Shi Song

EGU2015-13339 | Orals | AS1.8

An interpretation of cloud overlap statistics
Andrian Tompkins and Francesca Di Giuseppe

EGU2015-5648 | Posters | AS1.8

Long term measurements of the estimated hygroscopic enhancement of aerosol optical properties
Maxime Hervo, Karine Sellegri, Jean Marc Pichon, Jean Claude Roger, and Paolo Laj

EGU2015-6402 | Posters | AS1.8

Relative impact of climate indicators and aerosols on tropical cyclones
Marc Chiacchio, Francesco Pausata, Gabriele Messori, Abdel Hannachi, Mian Chin, Annica Ekman, and Leonard Barrie

EGU2015-12656 | Orals | AS1.8

The vertical distribution of cloud regimes and their radiative impact under active phases of the Arctic Oscillation
Erik Johansson, Abhay Devasthale, Annica Ekman, Tristan L’Ecuyer, and Michael Tjernström

EGU2015-6516 | Posters | AS1.8

Long-term study on the impact of new particle formation on CCN in an urban background location
María del Carmen Dameto de Espana, Anna Wonaschuetz, Anselm Demattio, Gerhard Steiner, and Regina Hitzenberger

EGU2015-8782 | Orals | AS1.8

Simulations of the climate effects of European air quality legislation in Pegasos
Declan O'Donnell, Ari Laaksonen, Greet Maenhout, and Frank Dentener

EGU2015-13329 | Orals | AS1.8

The sources of variability and uncertainty in global cirrus clouds
Sylvia Sullivan, Athanasios Nenes, Ricardo Morales-Betancourt, and Donifan Barahona

EGU2015-7462 | Posters | AS1.8

Scales of variability of black carbon plumes and their dependence on resolution of ECHAM6-HAM
Natalie Weigum, Philip Stier, Nick Schutgens, and Zak Kipling

EGU2015-3717 | Orals | AS1.8

Rethinking the lower bound on aerosol radiative forcing
Bjorn Stevens

EGU2015-15001 | Posters | AS1.8

Limitations of passive satellite remote sensing to constrain global cloud condensation nuclei
Philip Stier

EGU2015-7081 | Orals | AS1.8

Strong enhancement in light absorption by black carbon due to aerosol water uptake
Laura Fierce, Francisco Mena, Nicole Riemer, Tami C. Bond, and Susanne E. Bauer

EGU2015-14399 | Posters | AS1.8

Impact of spatio-temporal sampling on the evaluation of models with observations
Nick Schutgens, Edward Gryspeerdt, Natalie Weigum, Svetlana Tsyro, Michael Schulz, and Philip Stier

EGU2015-13044 | Posters | AS1.8

Regime based investigation of the second aerosol indirect effect for liquid water clouds using satellite data
Claudia Unglaub and Johannes Quaas

EGU2015-4472 | Orals | AS1.8

simplified aerosol representations in global modeling
Stefan Kinne, Karsten Peters, Bjorn Stevens, Sebastian Rast, Nick Schutgens, and Philip Stier

EGU2015-13323 | Posters | AS1.8

Reducing uncertainty of aerosol indirect effects using a joint satellite-reanalysis approach
Karoline Block and Johannes Quaas

EGU2015-7852 | Posters | AS1.8

Cloud-top Height Esimation Method by Geostationary Satellite Split-Window Measurements Trained with CALIPSO and CloudSat data
Noriyuki Nishi, Atsushi Hamada, and Hitoshi Hirose

EGU2015-8031 | Posters | AS1.8

Retrieval and spatial-temporal analysis of aerosol in Sichuan province based on multi-source remote sensing
Zhihong Liu, Hu Liu, Yang Zhang, and Ying Ge

EGU2015-8058 | Posters | AS1.8

Cloud radiative forcing sensitivity to Arctic synoptic regimes, surface type, cloud phase and cloud properties during the Fall 2014 Arctic Radiation, IceBridge and Sea-Ice Experiment (ARISE)
Michal Segal-Rosenheimer, Jens Redemann, Yohei Shinozuka, Connor Flynn, Samuel LeBanc, Sebastian Schmidt, Shi Song, Anthony Bucholtz, Elizabeth Reid, Bruce Anderson, Chelsea Corr, William L. Smith, Seiji Kato, Douglas A. Spangenberg, Michelle Hofton, Richard Moore, Edward Winstead, and Lee K. Thornhill

EGU2015-9071 | Posters | AS1.8

Direct and indirect aerosol effect implications for atmospheric chemistry
Holger Tost and Patrick Jöckel and the ESCiMo Team

EGU2015-9480 | Posters | AS1.8

Synthesis of atmospheric profiles for the simulation of clear sky thermal infrared downward radiation
Clément Bertin, Sylvain Cros, and Nicolas Schmutz

EGU2015-9555 | Posters | AS1.8

Multi-resolution analysis of high density spatial and temporal cloud inhomogeneity fields from HOPE campaign
Bomidi Lakshmi Madhavan, Hartwig Deneke, and Andreas Macke

EGU2015-9666 | Posters | AS1.8

Collisions of cloud droplets with a rain drop investigated in the Mainz vertical wind tunnel
Anna Górska, Jacob Fugal, Subir Mitra, Szymon Malinowski, Miklos Szakall, Nadine von Blohn, Alex Jost, and Stephan Borrmann

EGU2015-9740 | Posters | AS1.8

Screening of biosurfactants from cloud microorganisms
Martine Sancelme, Isabelle Canet, Mounir Traikia, Yveta Uhliarikova, Peter Capek, Maria Matulova, Anne-Marie Delort, and Pierre Amato

EGU2015-10874 | Posters | AS1.8

The annual and semi-annual variations in the distributions of cloudless days and nights in Abastumani
Maya Todua, Goderdzi G. Didebulidze, and Nikoloz Gudadze

EGU2015-10968 | Posters | AS1.8

Predicting the vertical distribution of particle number concentration using the 3-D regional CTM PMCAMx-UF: relevance of high altitude nucleation and transport and cloud properties
Elham Baranizadeh, benjamin Murphy, Lars Ahlm, Christos Fountoukis, Spyros Pandis, Annele Virtanen, Kari Lehtinen, Ari Laaksonen, and Ilona Riipinen

EGU2015-12679 | Posters | AS1.8

A Backscatter-Lidar Forward-Operator
Armin Geisinger, Andreas Behrendt, Volker Wulfmeyer, Bernhard Vogel, Ina Mattis, Harald Flentje, Jochen Förstner, and Roland Potthast

EGU2015-13229 | Posters | AS1.8

Dual channel airborne hygrometer for climate research
David Tatrai, Gabor Gulyas, Zoltan Bozoki, and Gabor Szabo

EGU2015-13648 | Posters | AS1.8

Comparison of UV erythemal doses from surface and satellite observations in Barcelona
Joan Bech, Yolanda Sola, Ossó Albert, and Jerónimo Lorente

EGU2015-14227 | Posters | AS1.8

Ground-based remote sensing of aerosol optical properties and their radiative impacts in PRD region of China
Boru Mai, XueJiao Deng, Zhanqing Li, Fei Li, Yu Zou, Tao Deng, and Xiantong Liu

EGU2015-14640 | Posters | AS1.8

The Regional Environmental Impacts of Atmospheric Aerosols over Egypt
Ashraf Zakey and Alaa Ibrahim

AS1.9 – Observing and modeling processes in moderately supercooled clouds

EGU2015-1598 | Orals | AS1.9

Biological ice nuclei are rapidly lost from precipitating clouds
Emiliano Stopelli, Franz Conen, Christine Alewell, and Cindy Morris

EGU2015-1542 | Posters | AS1.9

Onset of atmospheric ice formation in natural conditions
Franz Conen and Lukas Zimmermann

EGU2015-3356 | Orals | AS1.9

Mixed-phase altocumulus clouds over Leipzig: Remote sensing measurements and spectral cloud microphysics simulations
Martin Simmel, Johannes Bühl, Albert Ansmann, and Ina Tegen

EGU2015-2387 | Posters | AS1.9

Simulations of Orographic Mixed-Phase Clouds at Mountain Range Site using COSMO-ART-M7
Olga Henneberg, Jan Henneberger, and Ulrike Lohmann

EGU2015-2742 | Posters | AS1.9

Mechanisms for indirect effects from aerosol pollution on mixed-phase clouds
Vaughan Phillips

EGU2015-6808 | Orals | AS1.9

Getting the liquid to ice proportion in mixed-phase clouds right and why it matters in a warmer climate
Ivy Tan and Trude Storelvmo

EGU2015-7776 | Orals | AS1.9

Ice Formation and Growth in Orographically-Enhanced Mixed-Phase Clouds
Robert David, Douglas Lowenthal, A. Gannet Hallar, Ian McCubbin, Linnea Avallone, Gerald Mace, and Zhien Wang

EGU2015-4787 | Posters | AS1.9

Microzoo: assessing diversity of biological ice nuclei in rain and snow
Emiliano Stopelli, Franz Conen, Corinne Baudinot, Samira De Bortoli, Caroline Guilbaud, Christine Alewell, and Cindy Morris

EGU2015-5039 | Posters | AS1.9

Observations of small ice in mixed phase clouds using an airborne SID2 Small Ice Detector
Paul Barrett, Alan Blyth, Phil Brown, and Joseph Ulanowski

EGU2015-9485 | Orals | AS1.9 | Media interest

Biological aerosol particles in the atmosphere and their impact on clouds (BIOCLOUDS)
Pierre Amato, Eleonore Attard, Laurent Deguillaume, Anne-Marie Delort, Andrea Flossmann, Nicholas Good, Muriel Joly, Thomas Koop, Ottmar Möhler, Marie Monier, Cindy Morris, Caroline Oehm, Ulrich Pöschl, and Martine Sancelme

EGU2015-15260 | Orals | AS1.9

Analytical approaches for modeling cloud glaciation: ice multiplication
Jun-Ichi Yano and Vaughan Phillips

EGU2015-8252 | Posters | AS1.9

analysis of spatial-temporal variations and driving force of low cloud in northern China
xiaorui niu and Shuyu wang

EGU2015-8290 | Posters | AS1.9

Progress in Representing Microphysical Processes in a Snow Growth Model
Ehsan Erfani and David Mitchell

EGU2015-9100 | Posters | AS1.9

Biological contribution to ice nucleation active particles in clouds at the puy de Dôme atmospheric station, France
Pierre Amato, Muriel Joly, Laurent Deguillaume, and Anne-Marie Delort

EGU2015-9911 | Posters | AS1.9

Impact of clouds and precipitation on atmospheric aerosol
Constantin Andronache

EGU2015-10010 | Posters | AS1.9

Investigating the Microphysics of Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds using Large Eddy Simulations: The Importance of Liquid-Dependent Ice Nucleation
Gillian Young, Paul J. Connolly, Hazel M. Jones, Thomas W. Choularton, Martin W. Gallagher, Jonathan Crosier, Gary Lloyd, and Keith N. Bower

EGU2015-10201 | Posters | AS1.9

Effect of cloud microphysics on particle growth under mixed phase conditions
Lukas Pfitzenmaier, Yann Dufournet, Christine Unal, Herman Russchenberg, Alexander Myagkov, and Patric Seifert

EGU2015-10249 | Posters | AS1.9

Sensitivity of Arctic mixed-phase clouds simulated with the global climate model ECHAM6-HAM2 to the heterogeneous freezing parameterization
Luisa Ickes, André Welti, Corinna Hoose, and Ulrike Lohmann

EGU2015-11207 | Posters | AS1.9

Cloud Susceptibilities to Ice Nuclei: Microphysical Effects and Dynamical Feedbacks
Marco Paukert and Corinna Hoose

EGU2015-12318 | Posters | AS1.9

Studying the influence of temperature and pressure on microphysical properties of mixed-phase clouds using airborne measurements
Boscornea Andreea, Stefan Sabina, Vajaiac Sorin - Nicolae, and Cimpuieru Mihai

EGU2015-15297 | Posters | AS1.9

In search of the best match: probing a multi-dimensional cloud microphysical parameter space to better understand what controls cloud thermodynamic phase
Ivy Tan and Trude Storelvmo

AS1.10 – Precipitation: Measurement, Climatology, Remote Sensing, and Modeling (General Session)

EGU2015-33 | Posters | AS1.10

The influence of anti-icing salts on the chemical composition of precipitation in Moscow according to monitoring and modeling.
Irina Eremina, Artasch Aloyan, Vardan Arutunan, Igor Larin, Natalia Chubarova, and Alex Yermakov

EGU2015-390 | Posters | AS1.10

Observed changes of the precipitation spectrum structure over China in a warming climate
Shuangmei Ma, Tianjun Zhou, Aiguo Dai, and Zhenyu Han

EGU2015-2191 | Orals | AS1.10

Combined High Spectral Resolution Lidar and Radar Measurement of Drizzle
Edwin Eloranta

EGU2015-2654 | Orals | AS1.10

Arctic Light Snow Observations: Missing Precipitation
Ismail Gultepe, Robert Rabin, Michael Pavolonis, Andrew Heymsfield, Eric Girard, and William Burrows

EGU2015-814 | Posters | AS1.10

Growth of precipitation over the territory of Ukraine in the beginning of 21 century
Shchehlov Olexander and Martazinova Vazira

EGU2015-8905 | Orals | AS1.10

Quantifying the quality of precipitation data from different sources
Hidde Leijnse, Wiel Wauben, Aart Overeem, and Marijn de Haij

EGU2015-1249 | Posters | AS1.10

Decadal trends of global precipitation in the recent 30 years
Xiaofan Li and Guoqing Zhai

EGU2015-1250 | Posters | AS1.10

Comparison in Schemes for Simulating Depositional Growth of Ice Crystal between Theoretical and Laboratory Data
Guoqing Zhai and Xiaofan Li

EGU2015-10974 | Orals | AS1.10

Spatial Variability of Raindrop Size Distribution at small scales
Leo Pio D'Adderio, Ali Tokay, Federico Porcu, Walter A. Petersen, and David B. Wolff

EGU2015-11821 | Orals | AS1.10

Hydrometeor classification from polarimetric radar measurements: a clustering approach
Jacopo Grazioli, Devis Tuia, and Alexis Berne

EGU2015-1387 | Posters | AS1.10

A Detailed Examination of the GPM Core Satellite Gridded Text Product
Erich Franz Stocker, Owen Kelley, George Huffman, and Christian Kummerow

EGU2015-2303 | Posters | AS1.10

Systematic errors in precipitation measurements with different rain gauge sensors
Sungmin O. and Ulrich Foelsche

EGU2015-13334 | Orals | AS1.10

Advances in the evaluation of wind-induced undercatch using CFD-based simulations of snow gauge performance
Matteo Colli, Luca G. Lanza, Julie M. Thériault, and Roy Rasmussen

EGU2015-3801 | Posters | AS1.10

Medicanes: A prognostic analysis of November 7, 2014, case study based on ECMWF medium range products
Ioannis Matsangouras, Panagiotis Nastos, Ioannis Pytharouris, and Nicolaos Kamperakis

EGU2015-2254 | Posters | AS1.10

Error analysis of global satellite precipitation products using daily gauged observations over the upper central Blue Nile Basin
Dejene Sahlu, Semu Moges, Emmanouil N. Anagnostou, and Dereje Hailu

EGU2015-633 | Orals | AS1.10

Evaluation of a spatial rainfall generator and an interpolation methods for the creation of future gridded data sets over complex terrains
Corrado Camera, Adriana Bruggeman, Panos Hadjinicolaou, Silas Michaelides, and Manfred A Lange

EGU2015-3260 | Posters | AS1.10

Deep Convective Event extraction procedure: first results
Jean Claude Berges, Gérard Beltrando, and Philippe Cacault

EGU2015-3035 | Orals | AS1.10

Validation of ERA-Interim precipitation estimates over the Baltic Sea
Karl Bumke

EGU2015-3321 | Posters | AS1.10

Comparison of machine learning algorithms for their applicability in satellite-based optical rainfall retrievals
Hanna Meyer, Meike Kühnlein, Tim Appelhans, and Thomas Nauss

EGU2015-7770 | Orals | AS1.10

Spatial and altitudinal variation of precipitation and the correction of gridded precipitation datasets for the Upper Indus Basin and the Hindukush-Karakoram-Himalaya
Asif Khan, Keith S Richards, Geoffrey T Parker, Allan McRobie, Martijn J Booij, Zheng Duan, Bibi S Naz, Junhak Lee, and Mujahid Khan

EGU2015-3509 | Posters | AS1.10

The Development of Geostationary Microwave Observation in China
Naimeng LU, Yang GUO, Songyan GU, Xuebao WU, and Xiaoqing LI

EGU2015-12270 | Orals | AS1.10

Regional extreme rainfalls observed globally with 17 years of the Tropical Precipitation Measurement Mission
Yukari Takayabu, Atsushi Hamada, Yuki Mori, Yuki Murayama, Chuntao Liu, and Edward Zipser

EGU2015-4070 | Posters | AS1.10

Instability indices and unstable atmospheric conditions over Greece
Nikolaos Kamperakis, Ioannis Matsangouras, Panagiotis Nastos, and Ioannis Pytharoulis

EGU2015-12848 | Orals | AS1.10

Changes in precipitation patterns associated with retreating glaciers in Iceland
Hálfdán Ágústsson, Haraldur Ólafsson, and Finnur Pálsson

EGU2015-4242 | Posters | AS1.10

Observations of Typhoon Center by Using Satellite-derived Normalized Difference Convection Index
Chung-Chih Liu and Chun-Hsu Chen

EGU2015-13208 | Orals | AS1.10

What the diurnal cycle of precipitation tells us about land-atmosphere coupling strength
Craig Ferguson, Hyojong Song, and Joshua Roundy

EGU2015-4260 | Posters | AS1.10

Past and Future Change of the Warm Season Eastward Propagating Rainfall Episodes Over the Yangtze River Valley
Feng-Ru Chang and Wan-Ru Huang

EGU2015-3754 | Orals | AS1.10

The use of high-resolution atmospheric simulations over mountainous terrain for deriving error correction functions of satellite precipitation products
Nikolaos S. Bartsotas, Efthymios I. Nikolopoulos, Emmanouil N. Anagnostou, and George Kallos

EGU2015-4284 | Posters | AS1.10

Half-Hour Rainfall Retrieval based on multispectral geostationary satellite images
Yuan Wang and Xiao-Yong ZHUGE

EGU2015-4359 | Posters | AS1.10

Dynamic downscaling of South Asia summer monsoon precipitation over COREDEX South Asia using the regional climate model (RegCM4.3)
Mujtaba Hassan, Du Pengfei, Waheed Iqbal, and Wulong Ba

EGU2015-3950 | Orals | AS1.10

Applications of the PUSH satellite precipitation error scheme for flood monitoring
Leonardo Porcacchia, Viviana Maggioni, Mathew Sapiano, and Robert Adler

EGU2015-4952 | Posters | AS1.10

Can we use TRMM-PR bright band heights to estimate the snow-rain transition in high mountain regions?
Simone Schauwecker, Mario Rohrer, Manfred Schwarb, Christian Huggel, Wilson Suarez, Sandro Arias, Nadine Salzmann, and Wolfgang Gurgiser

EGU2015-6349 | Orals | AS1.10

Simulating Ice Particle Melting using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics
Kwo-Sen Kuo and Craig Pelissier

EGU2015-6598 | Orals | AS1.10

Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Estimates with Ground-based Radar Networks
Pierre-Emmanuel Kirstetter, Jonathan Gourley, Yang Hong, Jian Zhang, Saber Moazamigoodarzi, Carrie Langston, and Ami Arthur

EGU2015-5441 | Posters | AS1.10

Sensitivity of WRF precipitation field to assimilation sources in northeastern Spain
Jesús Lorenzana, Andrés Merino, Eduardo García-Ortega, Sergio Fernández-González, Estíbaliz Gascón, Lucía Hermida, José Luis Sánchez, Laura López, and José Luis Marcos

EGU2015-6061 | Posters | AS1.10

The new automatic precipitation phase distinction algorithm for OceanRAIN data over the global ocean
Jörg Burdanowitz, Christian Klepp, and Stephan Bakan

EGU2015-12215 | Orals | AS1.10

Long-Term Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPE) at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution over CONUS: Bias-Adjustment of the Radar-Only National Mosaic and Multi-sensor QPE (NMQ/Q2) Precipitation Reanalysis (2001-2012)
Olivier Prat, Brian Nelson, Scott Stevens, Dong-Jun Seo, and Beomgeun Kim

EGU2015-6284 | Posters | AS1.10

The HyMeX database
Guillaume Brissebrat, Nizar Belmahfoud, Jean-Luc Boichard, Sophie Cloché, Thomas Delacour, Hélène Ferré, Laurence Fleury, Laurent Labatut, Karim Ramage, and François André

EGU2015-13945 | Orals | AS1.10

Predictability of heavy sub-hourly precipitation amounts for a weather radar based nowcasting system
Joan Bech and Marc Berenguer

EGU2015-6432 | Posters | AS1.10

Characterising the probability of warm rain over West Africa using multi-satellite observations
Matthew Young, Christine Chiu, Charles Williams, and Thorwald Stein

EGU2015-7211 | Posters | AS1.10

Universal functional form of 1-minute raindrop size distribution?
Katia Cugerone and Carlo De Michele

EGU2015-1388 | Orals | AS1.10

GPM Mission Gridded Text Products Providing Surface Precipitation Retrievals
Erich Franz Stocker, Owen Kelley, George Huffman, and Christian Kummerow

EGU2015-14229 | Orals | AS1.10

Inter-comparison of precipitation retrievals from the Global Precipitation Measurement mission constellation.
Chris Kidd, Toshihisa Matsui, Dave Randel, Erich Stocker, and Chris Kummerow

EGU2015-6769 | Posters | AS1.10

Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Microwave Imager Falling Snow Retrieval Algorithm Performance
Gail Skofronick Jackson, Stephen J. Munchak, and Benjamin T. Johnson

EGU2015-6760 | Orals | AS1.10 | Media interest

GPM Science Status Fourteen Months after Launch
Gail Skofronick Jackson and George Huffman

EGU2015-7525 | Posters | AS1.10

Monitoring All Weather Precipitation Using PIP and MRR
Francis Bliven, Walter Petersen, Mark Kulie, Claire Pettersen, David Wolff, and Michael Dutter

EGU2015-9417 | Orals | AS1.10

Early Results from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission in Japan
Misako Kachi, Takuji Kubota, Takeshi Masaki, Yuki Kaneko, Kaya Kanemaru, Riko Oki, Toshio Iguchi, Kenji Nakamura, and Yukari N. Takayabu

EGU2015-7535 | Posters | AS1.10

Aerosol impact on atmospheric meso-scale circulation over the Baltic region: A HARMONIE model case study and verification versus radar data
Iuliia Palamarchuk, Alexander Mahura, Sergiy Ivanov, Igor Ruban, and Hanna Pavlova

EGU2015-7034 | Orals | AS1.10

First Results from the Integrated Multi-Satellite Retrievals for GPM (IMERG)
George Huffman, David Bolvin, Dan Braithwaite, Kuolin Hsu, Robert Joyce, Christopher Kidd, Eric Nelkin, Soroosh Sorooshian, Jianxin Wang, and Pingping Xie

EGU2015-7940 | Posters | AS1.10

Local and long range contributions to Congo Basin precipitation seasonality and variability
Ellen Dyer, Dylan Jones, David Noone, and Jesse Nusbaumer

EGU2015-7472 | Orals | AS1.10

GPM Ground Validation: Pre to Post-Launch Era
Walt Petersen, Gail Skofronick-Jackson, and George Huffman

EGU2015-8027 | Posters | AS1.10

Application of remote sensing technology in the study of vegetation: Example of vegetation of zhejiang province in China
MengRu CHU

EGU2015-8351 | Posters | AS1.10

Comparative analysis of near-present and future synoptic conditions and their contribution to precipitation in central Greece
Theodore S. Karacostas, Dimitrios Bampzelis, Symela Karipidou, Ioannis Pytharoulis, Ioannis Tegoulias, Stergios Kartsios, Stylianos Kotsopoulos, and Nikoletta Pakalidou

EGU2015-8434 | Posters | AS1.10

Evaluation of operational numerical weather predictions in relation to the prevailing synoptic conditions
Ioannis Pytharoulis, Ioannis Tegoulias, Theodore Karacostas, Stylianos Kotsopoulos, Stergios Kartsios, and Dimitrios Bampzelis

EGU2015-1868 | Orals | AS1.10

Development of Radar Reflectivity-Snowfall Rate Relationships at Multiple Wavelengths
Andrew Heymsfield, Aaron Bansemer, Simone Tanelli, and Norm Wood

EGU2015-12232 | Orals | AS1.10

Beyond rain: Advances in measurements of solid or mixed phase precipitation using a 2D-Video-Distrometer
Martin Schwinzerl, Michael Schönhuber, and Günter Lammer

EGU2015-8486 | Posters | AS1.10

The impact of the uncertainty in the initial soil moisture condition of irrigated areas on the spatiotemporal characteristics of convective activity in Central Greece
Stylianos Kotsopoulos, Tegoulias Ioannis, Pytharoulis Ioannis, Kartsios Stergios, Bampzelis Dimitrios, and Karacostas Theodore

EGU2015-8728 | Posters | AS1.10

Microphysical characterization of winter cloud systems during a research flight campaign
Sergio Fernández-González, José Luis Sánchez, Francisco Valero, Estíbaliz Gascón, Andrés Merino, Lucía Hermida, Laura López, José Luis Marcos, and Eduardo García-Ortega

EGU2015-14396 | Orals | AS1.10

Recent Progress on the Second Generation CMORPH: LEO-IR Based Precipitation Estimates and Cloud Motion Vector
Pingping Xie, Robert Joyce, and Shaorong Wu

EGU2015-3021 | Orals | AS1.10

Satellite and Surface-based Quantitative Precipitation Estimation during the Colorado Flood
Paul Kucera, Christian Klepp, and Andrew Newman

EGU2015-8734 | Posters | AS1.10

Daily precipitation and temperature extremes across the Iberian Peninsula, 1960–2011
Andrés Merino, Mario Fernández-Vaquero, Laura López, José Luis Sánchez, Lucía Hermida, Eduardo García-Ortega, Estíbaliz Gascón, Sergio Fernández-González, and José Luis Marcos

EGU2015-14505 | Orals | AS1.10

S-band NPOL and Iowa XPOL Radar Observations over Rain Gauge and 2D Video Disdrometer Networks during the IFloodS campaign
Merhala Thurai, Viswanathan Bringi, Miguel Galvez, Kumar Vijay Mishra, Witold Krajewski, Radoslaw Goska, and Walt Petersen

EGU2015-8762 | Posters | AS1.10

Investigating potential precipitation changes with impacts on small-scale farming in mountain villages, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Wolfgang Gurgiser, Marlis Hofer, Irmgard Juen, Simone Schauwecker, Katrin Singer, Martina Neuburger, and Georg Kaser

EGU2015-14643 | Orals | AS1.10

CDRD and PNPR passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithms: verification study over Africa and Southern Atlantic
Giulia Panegrossi, Daniele Casella, Anna Cinzia Marra, Marco Petracca, Paolo Sanò, and Stefano Dietrich

EGU2015-9162 | Posters | AS1.10

Characteristics of daily variation of rainfall over the tropics
Toshiro Inoue

EGU2015-9294 | Posters | AS1.10

Performance of the operational high-resolution numerical weather predictions of the Daphne project
Ioannis Tegoulias, Ioannis Pytharoulis, Theodore Karacostas, Stergios Kartsios, Stelios Kotsopoulos, and Dimitrios Bampzelis

EGU2015-9249 | Posters | AS1.10

observation and analysis of the structure of winter precipitation-generating clouds using ground-based sensor measurements
Marcos Menéndez José Luis, Sánchez Gómez José Luis, López Campano Laura, García Ortega Eduardo, Merino Suances Andrés, Fernández González Sergio, Gascón Salvador Estíbaliz, and Hermida González Lucía

EGU2015-9170 | Posters | AS1.10

Sources of Uncertainty in Rainfall Maps from Cellular Communication Networks
Manuel Felipe Rios Gaona, Aart Overeem, Hidde Leijnse, and Remko Uijlenhoet