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BG – Biogeosciences

BG1.1 – Open session on Biogeosciences (Posters only) (Sponsored by PalAss)

EGU2015-889 | Posters | BG1.1

Sediment Characteristics and Trace Element Geochemistry over a Sand Ridge at the Exit of Bosphorus Strait, Turkey
Koray Başeğmez, Bedri Alpar, and Selma Unlu

EGU2015-1149 | Posters | BG1.1 | Media interest

Using oysters as anthropogenic indicators to evaluate the occurrence of the wastewater contamination of the estuaries
Wang-Hsien Ding

EGU2015-1566 | Posters | BG1.1

Grass material as process standard for compound-specific radiocarbon analysis
Malu Cisneros-Dozal, Xiaomei Xu, Charlotte Bryant, Emma Pearson, and Jennifer Dungait

EGU2015-1581 | Posters | BG1.1 | Media interest

Tohoku Earthquake-associated Marine Sciences: the research project for the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011
Hiroshi Kitazato, Akihiro Kijima, Kazuhiro Kogure, Motoyuki Hara, Toshi Nagata, Kasunori Fujikura, and Akira Sonoda

EGU2015-2472 | Posters | BG1.1

Land cover controls the export of terminal electron acceptors from boreal catchments
Marjo Palviainen, Jouni Lehtoranta, Petri Ekholm, Tuija Ruoho-Airola, and Pirkko Kortelainen

EGU2015-2893 | Posters | BG1.1

HONO (nitrous acid) emissions from acidic northern soils
Marja Maljanen, Pasi Yli-Pirilä, Jorma Joutsensaari, and Pertti J Martikainen

EGU2015-3506 | Posters | BG1.1

A model ensemble for explaining the seasonal cycle of globally averaged atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration
Georgii Alexandrov and Alexey Eliseev

EGU2015-3606 | Posters | BG1.1

Invading Phragmites australis stimulates methane emissions from North American tidal marshes
Peter Mueller, Justin E. Meschter, Rachel N. Hager, Thomas J. Mozdzer, Kai Jensen, J. Adam Langley, Andrew Baldwin, and J. Patrick Megonigal

EGU2015-4084 | Posters | BG1.1

Simulation of acid mine drainage generation around Küre VMS Deposits, Northern Turkey
Cansu DEMİREL, Mehmet Ali KURT, and Nurgül ÇELİK BALCI

EGU2015-4982 | Posters | BG1.1

Formation of Deep Sea Umber Deposits Linked to Microbial Metal Oxidation at the South Atlantic Ridge
Xiaotong Peng, Kaiwen Ta, Shun Chen, Lijuan Zhang, and Hengchao Xu

EGU2015-5471 | Posters | BG1.1

Formation of Hydrothermal nontronite associated with microbial activity at the South Atlantic Ridge
Kaiwen Ta, Xiaotong Peng, Shun Chen, Hengchao Xu, Jiwei Li, Lei Jiang, and Mengran Du

EGU2015-5676 | Posters | BG1.1

Co-precipitation of phosphate and carbonate minerals: geological and ecological implications
Monica Sanchez-Román, Judith McKenzie, and Crisogono Vasconcelos

EGU2015-7871 | Posters | BG1.1

Management practices and controls on methane emissions from sub-tropical wetlands
Nicholas DeLucia, Nuri Casa-Nova Gomez, and Carl Bernacchi

EGU2015-8136 | Posters | BG1.1

Effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles on soil enzymatic activities and wheat grass nutrients uptake
Biting Li, Yirui Chen, Lingyun Bai, Astrid Jacobson, and Christophe Darnault

EGU2015-9821 | Posters | BG1.1

The Aromatic Carotenoids in the Organic Matter of the Devonian Domanic Formation (on example of Tatarstan territory)
Irina Plotnikova, Fidania Nosova, Sergey Ostroukhov, and Nikita Pronin

EGU2015-11866 | Posters | BG1.1

MOSAIC: An organic geochemical and sedimentological database for marine surface sediments
Maria Luisa Tavagna, Muhammed Usman, Silvania De Avelar, and Timothy Eglinton

EGU2015-12172 | Posters | BG1.1

Small pores in soils: Is the physico-chemical environment accurately reflected in biogeochemical models ?
Tobias K. D. Weber and Thomas Riedel

EGU2015-12829 | Posters | BG1.1

Revisiting diagenesis on the Ontong-Java Plateau: evidence for authigenic crust precipitation in Globortalia tumida
Elizabeth Read, Oscar Branson, Simon Redfern, Christoph Rau, and Henry Elderfield

EGU2015-12939 | Posters | BG1.1

An empirical response function for the long-term fate of excess atmospheric CO2
Natalie S. Lord, Andy Ridgwell, Mike. C. Thorne, and Dan. J. Lunt

EGU2015-13076 | Posters | BG1.1

The herbicide Glyphosate affects nitrification in the Elbe estuary, Germany
Tina Sanders and Stephan Lassen

EGU2015-13778 | Posters | BG1.1

Palynological and palaeobotanical investigations in the Miocene of the Yatağan basin, Turkey: High-resolution taxonomy and biostratigraphy
Johannes Martin Bouchal, Tuncay H. Güner, and Thomas Denk

EGU2015-15452 | Posters | BG1.1

The sustainable management of ameliorated peatlands on changed land use conditions; scenarios of constrains and possibilities
Merrit Shanskiy,, Elis Vollmer, and Priit Penu

BG1.2 – Greenhouse gases balance of Tropical and Boreal landscapes | PICO

EGU2015-150 | PICO | BG1.2

Root and microbial respiration from urban, agricultural and natural soils within the Moscow megapolis
Viacheslav Vasenev, Simona Castaldi, Marya Vizirskaya, Nadezhda Ananyeva, Kristina Ivashchenko, Riccardo Valentini, and Ivan Vasenev

EGU2015-541 | PICO | BG1.2

Carbon fluxes change and major carbon sources after palsa thawed into pond
Zheng Wang, Nigel Roulet, and Tim Moore

EGU2015-1047 | PICO | BG1.2

CO2 soil fluxes at bog and forest ecosystems in southern taiga of European Russia
Dmitrii Ivanov, Aleksey Ivanov, Ivan Vasenev, and Juliya Kurbatova

EGU2015-1125 | PICO | BG1.2

Climate determined differences in carbon dioxide fluxes dynamics between two comparable agroecosystems of Central Russia
Alexis Yaroslavtsev, Joulia Meshalkina, Ilya Mazirov, Riccardo Valentini, and Ivan Vasenev

EGU2015-3122 | PICO | BG1.2

Are termite mounds biofilters for methane? – Challenges and new approaches to quantify methane oxidation in termite mounds
Philipp A. Nauer, Lindsay B. Hutley, Mila Bristow, and Stefan K. Arndt

EGU2015-5229 | PICO | BG1.2

Response of the Amazon carbon balance to the 2010 drought derived with CarbonTracker South America
Ingrid van der Laan-Luijkx, Ivar van der Velde, Maarten Krol, Luciana Gatti, John Miller, Manuel Gloor, Thijs van Leeuwen, Johannes Kaiser, Christine Wiedinmyer, Sourish Basu, Cathy Clerbaux, and Wouter Peters

EGU2015-7100 | PICO | BG1.2

Methane at Ascension Island, southern tropical Atlantic Ocean: continuous ground measurement and vertical profiling above the Trade-Wind Inversion
David Lowry, Rebecca Brownlow, Rebecca Fisher, Euan Nisbet, Mathias Lanoisellé, James France, Rick Thomas, Rob Mackenzie, Tom Richardson, Colin Greatwood, Jim Freer, Michelle Cain, Nicola Warwick, and John Pyle

EGU2015-7153 | PICO | BG1.2

Dynamics of carbon fluxes above a hemiboreal mixed forest
Alisa Krasnova, Steffen M. Noe, Ülo Niinemets, and Dmitrii Krasnov

EGU2015-8551 | PICO | BG1.2

Evaluations of carbon fluxes in tropical regions estimated by top-down and bottom-up approaches
Kazutaka Murakami, Takahiro Sasai, Tsuneo Matsunaga, Makoto Saito, Shamil Maksyutov, and Tatsuya Yokota

EGU2015-9935 | PICO | BG1.2

Do Russian boreal peatlands dominate the natural European methane budget?
Julia Schneider, Hermann F. Jungkunst, Ulrike Kerstin Wolf, Peter Schreiber, Michal Gažovič, Mikhail Miglovets, Oleg Mikhaylov, Dennis Grunwald, Stefan Erasmi, Martin Wilmking, and Lars Kutzbach

EGU2015-11535 | PICO | BG1.2

Estimating gas exchange of CO2 and CH4 between headwater systems and the atmosphere in Southwest Sweden
Celia Somlai, Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, David Bastviken, and Andreas Lorke

EGU2015-13237 | PICO | BG1.2

Effects of biomass utilization on the carbon balance of Finnish forests
Risto Sievänen, Olli Salminen, and Maarit Kallio

EGU2015-14648 | PICO | BG1.2

Windthrow and fallow-forest successions impacts in soil carbon stocks and GHG fluxes spatial variability and dynamics in the Central Russia' reserve spruce ecosystems
Ivan Vasenev, Alexey Ivanov, Tatyana Komarova, and Riccardo Valentini

BG1.3 – Application of stable isotopes in Biogeosciences (co-sponsored by the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG)

EGU2015-1021 | Orals | BG1.3

Linking carbon isotope signatures of nighttime leaf-respiratory and daytime assimilatory CO2 fluxes observed with laser spectrometry under field conditions
Lydia Gentsch, Jérôme Ogée, Lisa Wingate, Patrick Sturm, Rolf Siegwolf, Roland A. Werner, Nina Buchmann, and Alexander Knohl

EGU2015-3700 | Posters | BG1.3

Quinone-based stable isotope probing for assessment of 13C substrate-utilizing bacteria
Tadao Kunihiro, Arata Katayama, Toyoko Demachi, Bart Veuger, Henricus T. S. Boschker, and Dick van Oevelen

EGU2015-4851 | Orals | BG1.3

Can Canopy Uptake Influence Nitrogen Acquisition and Allocation by Trees?
Richard Nair, Mike Perks, and Maurizio Mencuccini

EGU2015-10646 | Posters | BG1.3

Temperature effects on the stable carbon isotopic fractionation of bacteria using different CO2 fixation pathways
Florence Schubotz, Petra Pjevac, Rudolf Amann, and Anke Meyerdierks

EGU2015-7086 | Orals | BG1.3

Vertical δ13C and δ15N changes during pedogenesis
Melanie Brunn, Sandra Spielvogel, Andrew Wells, Leo Condron, and Yvonne Oelmann

EGU2015-5425 | Posters | BG1.3

Isotope fractionation and isotope decoupling during nitrate reduction in marine sediments
Kirstin Dähnke and Bo Thamdrup

EGU2015-5309 | Posters | BG1.3

Behavioural plasticity in wintering Mediterranean ospreys revealed by stable isotopes analyses and GPS tracking.
Flavio Monti, Aloïs Robert, Jean-Marie Dominici, Andrea Sforzi, Rafel Triay Bagur, Antoni Muñoz Navarro, Gaël Guillou, Ilham Bentaleb, and Olivier Duriez

EGU2015-7145 | Orals | BG1.3

A spatially explicit multi-isotope approach to map influence regions of plant-plant interactions after exotic plant invasion
Christine Hellmann, Jens Oldeland, and Christiane Werner

EGU2015-10219 | Orals | BG1.3

Intramolecular isotope distributions reveal lower than expected increases in photosynthesis over the past 200 years
Ina Ehlers, Angela Augusti, Iris Köhler, Pieter Zuidema, Iain Robertson, Mats Nilsson, and Jürgen Schleucher

EGU2015-8294 | Posters | BG1.3

Isotope analysis of water trapped in fluid inclusions in deep sea corals
Hubert Vonhof, John Reijmer, Eline Feenstra, and Furu Mienis

EGU2015-5835 | Posters | BG1.3

How the oxygen isotope ratio of rain water influences the isotope ratio of chicken eggshell carbonate
Gregory Price and Stephen Grimes

EGU2015-14295 | Orals | BG1.3

Individual specimen stable isotope analysis of planktonic foraminifera
Brett Metcalfe, Wouter Feldmeijer, Frank Peeters, and Gerald Ganssen

EGU2015-8092 | Orals | BG1.3

Changing surface water conditions for the last 500 ka in the Southeast Atlantic:Tracking Agulhas leakage using UK37' and δD
Benjamin Petrick, Erin McClymont, Marcel van der Meer, and Fabienne Marret

EGU2015-6458 | Posters | BG1.3

Steady state or non-steady state? Identifying driving mechanisms of oxygen isotope signatures of leaf transpiration in functionally distinct plant species
Maren Dubbert, Angelika Kübert, Matthias Cuntz, and Christiane Werner

EGU2015-10949 | Posters | BG1.3

Where do your nuisance and invasive insects come from?
Katharina Heinrich, Celine Pye, Leticia Gaitero, Gareth Rees, James Mathers, Joe Ostoja-Starzewski, and Larissa Collins

EGU2015-5971 | Posters | BG1.3

Iron isotopes in bottom waters from the Bransfield Strait: Implications for deep water Fe supply
Torben Stichel, William Homoky, Douglas Connelly, Jessica Klar, and Rachel Mills

EGU2015-13016 | Posters | BG1.3

Sulfur and carbon isotope biogeochemistry of a rewetted brackish fen
Franziska Koebsch, Matthias Gehre, Matthias Winkel, Stefan Koehler, Marian Koch, Gerald Jurasinski, Alejandro Spitzy, Susanne Liebner, Torsten Sachs, Iris Schmiedinger, Lisett Kretzschmann, Anke Saborowski, and Michael E. Böttcher

EGU2015-11395 | Posters | BG1.3

Carbon transformation and the sources of dissolved inorganic carbonate in sediments of a temperate coastal sea, the Baltic Sea: A stable isotope and modelling approach
Marko Lipka, Bo Liu, Antje Wegwerth, Olaf Dellwig, Vera Winde, Abdul M. Al-Raei, and Michael E. Böttcher

EGU2015-12254 | Posters | BG1.3

The impact of ocean acidification and warming on the elemental and stable isotope composition of Fucus vesiculosus in Wadden Sea mesocosm studies
Vera Winde, Andreas Pansch, Anna-Kathrina Fenner, Maren Voss, Iris Schmiedinger, Bernd Schneider, Ragnhild Asmus, Harald Asmus, and Michael E. Böttcher

EGU2015-12856 | Posters | BG1.3

Calibration of C and O isotope fractionation during experimental formation of calcium-phosphate
Anika C. Conrad, Michael E. Böttcher, Jens Fiebig, Olaf Dellwig, Georg Grathoff, Thomas Leipe, Burkhard C. Schmidt, Iris Schmiedinger, and Ulrike Wacker

EGU2015-13706 | Posters | BG1.3

Stable isotopes in Lithuanian bioarcheological material
Raminta Skipityte, Rimantas Jankauskas, and Vidmantas Remeikis

EGU2015-13800 | Posters | BG1.3

Verifying the declared origin of timber using stable isotopes and multi-element analysis
Gareth Rees, Simon Kelly, and Brendan Keely

EGU2015-13956 | Posters | BG1.3

Compound specific stable isotope analysis vs. bulk stable isotope analysis of agricultural food products
David Psomiadis, Balázs Horváth, Olaf Nehlich, and Bernd Bodiselitsch

BG1.4 – Stable isotopes and novel tracers in biogeochemical and atmospheric research (co-organized)

EGU2015-3498 | Orals | BG1.4

A field measurement perspective on the current and future use of carbonyl sulphide as a carbon cycle tracer
Kadmiel Maseyk, Wu Sun, Celine Lett, Sabrina Juarez, and Ulli Seibt

EGU2015-10562 | Posters | BG1.4

On-site analysis of d13C- and dD-CH4 by laser spectroscopy for the allocation of source processes
Simon Eyer, Béla Tuzson, Elena Popa, Carina van der Veen, Thomas Röckmann, Willi A. Brand, Rebecca Fisher, David Lowry, Euan G. Nisbet, Matthias S. Brennwald, Eliza Harris, Lukas Emmenegger, Hubertus Fischer, and Joachim Mohn

EGU2015-12545 | Posters | BG1.4

In-situ monitoring of the isotopic composition of atmospheric CH4 at Cabauw - comparison of different instruments
Carina van der Veen, Elena Popa, Simon Eyer, Joachim Mohn, Béla Tuzson, Lukas Emmenegger, Willi Brand, Rebecca Fisher, David Lowry, Euan Nisbet, Jaroslaw Necki, Renato Winkler, and Thomas Röckmann

EGU2015-5209 | Orals | BG1.4

A new mechanistic framework to predict OCS fluxes in soils
Joana Sauze, Jérôme Ogee, Thomas Launois, Jürgen Kesselmeier, Heidi Van Diest, and Lisa Wingate

EGU2015-6936 | Posters | BG1.4

Reconstructing the recent methane atmospheric budget using firn air methane stable isotope analyses
Célia Julia Sapart, Patricia Martinerie, Emmanuel Witrant, Guillaume Monteil, Narcisa Banda, Sander Houweling, Maarten Krol, Jerome Chappellaz, Roderik van de Wal, Peter Sperlich, Carina van der Veen, Bill Sturges, Thomas Blunier, Jakob Schwander, David Etheridge, and Thomas Röckmann

EGU2015-5342 | Orals | BG1.4

Seasonal variations in soil carbonic anhydrase activity in a pine forest ecosystem as inferred from soil CO18O flux measurements
Jerome Ogee, Lisa Wingate, Alexandre Bosc, and Régis Burlett

EGU2015-13497 | Orals | BG1.4

Simulating the budget and distribution of Δ17O in CO2 with a global atmosphere-biosphere model
Wouter Peters, Linda Schneider, Magdalena E.G. Hofmann, Ivar van der Velde, and Thomas Röckmann

EGU2015-1470 | Posters | BG1.4

Early results of experimental 222Rn flux campaign carried out at a mountain Spanish region and comparison with available radon flux inventories results
Manel Nofuentes, Claudia Grossi, Josep Anton Morguí, Roger Curcoll, Lidia Cañas, Paola Occhipinti, Silvia Borràs, Eusebi Vazquez, and Xavier Rodó

EGU2015-4223 | Orals | BG1.4

Landscape variability of the stable carbon isotope composition of soil CO2 concentrations and flux in complex terrain
Diego Riveros-Iregui, Liyin Liang, and David Risk

EGU2015-8735 | Posters | BG1.4

Continuous atmospheric measurements of COS, CO2, CO and H2O at the Lutjewad tower in the Netherlands
Linda M.J. Kooijmans, Huilin Chen, Nelly A.M. Uitslag, Mark S. Zahniser, David D. Nelson, and Stephen A. Montzka

EGU2015-9747 | Orals | BG1.4

Atmospheric CO2 and d13C-CO2 reconstruction of the Little Ice Age from Antarctic ice cores.
Mauro Rubino, Etheridge David, Cathy Trudinger, Colin Allison, Peter Rayner, Robert Mulvaney, Paul Steele, Ray Langenfeld, William Sturges, Mark Curran, and Andrew Smith

EGU2015-7618 | Orals | BG1.4

Recent progress in development of a laser based, ultra-high precision isotope monitor for carbon dioxide
David Nelson, Barry McManus, Scott Herndon, and Mark Zahniser

EGU2015-4115 | Posters | BG1.4

Quantification of A Tropical Missing Source From Ocean For The Carbonyl Sulfide Global Budget
Le Kuai, John Worden, Elliott Campbell, Susan Kulawik, Meemong Lee, Stephen Montzka, Joe Berry, Ian Baker, Scott Denning, Randy Kawa, Huisheng Bian, and Yuk Yung

EGU2015-10930 | Posters | BG1.4

Unveiling stomata 24/7: can we use carbonyl sulfide (COS) and oxygen isotopes (18O) to constrain estimates of nocturnal transpiration across different evolutionary plant forms?
Teresa E. Gimeno, Jerome Ogee, Alexander Bosc, Bernard Genty, Steven Wohl, and Lisa Wingate

EGU2015-7510 | Orals | BG1.4

Detecting climate-change responses of plants and soil organic matter using isotopomers
Jürgen Schleucher, Ina Ehlers, Javier Segura, Mahsa Haei, Angela Augusti, Iris Köhler, Pieter Zuidema, Mats Nilsson, and Mats Öquist

EGU2015-11406 | Posters | BG1.4

Automated CO2 extraction from air for clumped isotope analysis in the atmo- and biosphere
Magdalena Hofmann, Martin Ziegler, Thijs Pons, Lucas Lourens, and Thomas Röckmann

EGU2015-5902 | Orals | BG1.4

Separating the contributions of vegetation and soil to evapotranspiration using stable isotopes
Matthias Cuntz, Maren Dubbert, Arndt Piayda, Alexandra Correia, Filipe Costa e Silva, Olaf Kolle, Cristina Maguás, Alexander Mosena, João S Pereira, Corinna Rebmann, and Christiane Werner

EGU2015-9312 | Orals | BG1.4

Seasonal and inter-annual dynamics in the stable oxygen isotope compositions of water pools in a temperate humid grassland ecosystem: results from MIBA sampling and MuSICA modelling
Regina Hirl, Hans Schnyder, Karl Auerswald, Sylvia Vetter, Ulrike Ostler, Inga Schleip, Lisa Wingate, and Jérôme Ogée

EGU2015-15214 | Posters | BG1.4

Eddy Covariance measurements of stable CO2 and H2O isotopologues
Jelka Braden-Behrens and Alexander Knohl

EGU2015-7124 | Posters | BG1.4

Partitioning autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration at Howland Forest
Mariah Carbone, Dave Hollinger, Eric Davidson, Kathleen Savage, and Holly Hughes

EGU2015-7837 | Orals | BG1.4

Assessment of water vapor isotopologue measurements by ACE-FTS and Odin-SMR
Ralf Bauer, Patrick Sheese, Kaley Walker, Joachim Urban, Donal Murtagh, Chris Boone, Peter Bernath, and Gloria Manney

EGU2015-6590 | Orals | BG1.4

Temperature dependence of carbon kinetic isotope effect for the oxidation reaction of ethane by OH radicals under atmospherically relevant conditions
Tammarat Piansawan, Marina Saccon, Werner Laumer, Iulia Gensch, and Astrid Kiendler-Scharr

EGU2015-3470 | Posters | BG1.4

Imprint of CO2 emission in atmosphere and biosphere on the basis of 14C and 13C measurements
Anna Pazdur, Alicja Gabryś, Tadeusz Kuc, Sławomira Pawełczyk, Natalia Piotrowska, Andrzej Rakowski, Kazimierz Różański, and Barbara Sensuła

EGU2015-15156 | Posters | BG1.4

Fast recovery of carbon fluxes in beech saplings after drought
Carola Blessing, Matti Barthel, Lydia Gentsch, and Nina Buchmann

EGU2015-1779 | Orals | BG1.4

D/H Isotope Ratio Measurements of Atmospheric Volatile Organic Compounds
Thomas Meisehen, Fred Bühler, Ralf Koppmann, and Marc Krebsbach

EGU2015-10134 | Orals | BG1.4

Use of stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios in size segregated aerosol particles for the O/I penetration evaluation
Andrius Garbaras, Inga Garbariene, Agne Masalaite, Darius Ceburnis, Edvinas Krugly, Kestutis Kvietkus, Vidmantas Remeikis, and Dainius Martuzevicius

EGU2015-14833 | Posters | BG1.4

Using Deuterium to trace movement and storage of water in Eucalypt trees
Kerstin Treydte, Tomasz Wyczesany, Derek Eamus, and Sebastian Pfautsch

EGU2015-15137 | Posters | BG1.4

Tracing the allocation of water in rainfed rice ecosystem by partitioning evapotranspiration of rainfed rice (Oryza Sativa L.)
Bhone Nay-Htoon, Maren Dubbert, Xue Wei, Matthias Cuntz, Jonghan Ko, John Tenhunen, and Christiane Werner

EGU2015-15316 | Posters | BG1.4

Stable oxygen isotope analysis reveal vegetation influence on soil water movement and ecosystem water fluxes in a semi-arid oak woodland
Arndt Piayda, Maren Dubbert, Christiane Werner, and Matthias Cuntz

EGU2015-3194 | Posters | BG1.4

Temporal variations of atmospheric water vapor δD and δ18O above an arid artificial oasis cropland in the Heihe River Basin
Xue-Fa Wen

EGU2015-8386 | Posters | BG1.4

Water vapor stable isotope observations from tropical Australia
Stephen Parkes, Nicholas Deutscher, David Griffith, and Matthew McCabe

EGU2015-9163 | Posters | BG1.4

Tracking atmospheric boundary layer dynamics with water vapor D-excess observations
Stephen Parkes, Matthew McCabe, Alan Griffiths, and Lixin Wang

EGU2015-12792 | Posters | BG1.4

The isotopic composition of water vapor as a tracer of water balance in the TTL
Maximilien Bolot, Elisabeth Moyer, Bernard Legras, Kaley Walker, Chris Boone, and Peter Bernath

EGU2015-5114 | Posters | BG1.4

Microhabitat Effects on N2O Emissions from Floodplain Soils under Controlled Conditions
Martin Ley, Moritz Lehmann, Pascal Niklaus, Beat Frey, Thomas Kuhn, and Jörg Luster

BG1.5 – Long-term research infrastructures in biogeochemistry | PICO

EGU2015-1553 | PICO | BG1.5 | Media interest

Intercomparison study of atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide concentrations measured at the Ebre River Delta Station
Paola Occhipinti, Josep Anton Morguí, Alba Àgueda, Oscar Batet, Sílvia Borràs, Lídia Cañas, Roger Curcoll, Claudia Grossi, Manel Nofuentes, Eusebi Vazquez, and Xavier Rodó

EGU2015-5390 | PICO | BG1.5 | Media interest

17 years of biogeochemical data from a remote tropical montane forest in Ecuador: Tracing changes in the N cycle under environmental change
Sophia Leimer, Andre Velescu, Carlos Valarezo, and Wolfgang Wilcke

EGU2015-8835 | PICO | BG1.5

Towards a network of Urban Forest Eddy Covariance stations: a unique case study in Naples
Gabriele Guidolotti, Emanuele Pallozzi, Raffaela Esposito, Michele Mattioni, and Carlo Calfapietra

EGU2015-9968 | PICO | BG1.5

Automated modeling of ecosystem CO2 fluxes based on closed chamber measurements: A standardized conceptual and practical approach
Mathias Hoffmann, Nicole Jurisch, Elisa Albiac Borraz, Ulrike Hagemann, Michael Sommer, and Jürgen Augustin

EGU2015-10307 | PICO | BG1.5

ICOS Sweden - a national infrastructure network for greenhouse gas research
Anders Lindroth, Michal Heliasz, Leif Klemedtsson, Thomas Friborg, Mats Nilsson, Mikaell Ottosson Löfvenius, Anna Rutgersson, and Christian Stiegler

EGU2015-10927 | PICO | BG1.5

Integration of Long term experiments on terrestrial ecosystem in AnaEE-France Research Infrastructure : concept and adding value
André Chanzy, Abad Chabbi, Sabine Houot, François Lafolie, Christian Pichot, Hélène Raynal, Laurent Saint-André, Jean Clobert, and Lucile Greiveldinger

EGU2015-11680 | PICO | BG1.5

Towards an exploitation of IAGOS atmospheric composition measurements
Julia Marshall, Christoph Gerbig, Andreas Petzold, and Andreas Zahn and the IGAS team

EGU2015-12160 | PICO | BG1.5

Towards an purely data driven view on the global carbon cycle and its spatiotemporal variability
Jakob Zscheischler, Miguel Mahecha, Markus Reichstein, Valerio Avitabile, Nuno Carvalhais, Philippe Ciais, Fabian Gans, Nicolas Gruber, Jens Hartmann, Martin Herold, Martin Jung, Peter Landschützer, Goulven Laruelle, Ronny Lauerwald, Dario Papale, Philippe Peylin, Pierre Regnier, Christian Rödenbeck, Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta, and Ricardo Valentini

EGU2015-12554 | PICO | BG1.5

Extending measurements in long-term permanent sites using a mobile observation system: Tradeoffs between carbon sequestration and radiation budget across a climatic gradient
Efrat Ramati, Shani Rohatyn, Eyal Rotenberg, Fyodor Tatarinov, and Dan Yakir

BG1.6 – Remote Sensing and data assimilation in the Biogeosciences (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)

EGU2015-12079 | Orals | BG1.6

Constraining the retrieval of vegetation properties from remote sensing data
Emily Lines, Jose Gomez-Dans, and Philip Lewis

EGU2015-13128 | Posters | BG1.6

Comparison of the remotely sensed start of the season and ground phenology observations of the cereal crops
Roman Bohovic, Petr Hlavinka, Daniela Semerádová, Jan Bálek, and Mirek Trnka

EGU2015-2459 | Orals | BG1.6

Hyperspectral remote sensing of crop leaf chlorophyll content using reflectance simulation model and field data in open canopies
Quanjun Jiao, Yanhong Wu, Liangyun Liu, and Bing Zhang

EGU2015-12653 | Posters | BG1.6

Accuracy of estimated geometric parameters of trees depending on the LIDAR data density
Edyta Hadas and Javier Estornell

EGU2015-10194 | Posters | BG1.6

Vegetation indices derived from a modified digital camera in combination with different blocking filters
Karl Krainer, Albin Hammerle, and Georg Wohlfahrt

EGU2015-2861 | Orals | BG1.6

Estimation of sunlit/shaded light-use efficiency of cropland using tower-based multi-angle remote sensing data and eddy covariance flux measurements
Dongjie Fu, Baozhang Chen, and Lifu Zhang

EGU2015-7070 | Orals | BG1.6

Relation of MODIS EVI and LAI across time, vegetation types and hydrological regimes
Thomas Alexandridis and George Ovakoglou

EGU2015-8258 | Posters | BG1.6

Spatiotemporal simulation of changes in rice cropping systems in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Cheng-Ru Chen, Chi-Farn Chen, and Nguyen-Thanh Son

EGU2015-10383 | Orals | BG1.6

Coupling gross primary production and transpiration for a consistent estimate of canopy water use efficiency
Marta Yebra and Albert van Dijk

EGU2015-7938 | Posters | BG1.6

Rice yield estimation with multi-temporal Radarsat-2 data
Chi-Farn Chen, Nguyen-Thanh Son, and Cheng-Ru Chen

EGU2015-7810 | Posters | BG1.6

Phenology and gross primary production of maize croplands from chlorophyll light absorption, solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and CO2 flux tower approaches
Yongguang Zhang, Pradeep Wagle, Luis Guanter, Cui Jin, and Xiangming Xiao

EGU2015-3237 | Orals | BG1.6

Can upper ocean vertical mixing be determined from ocean surface chlorophyll-a concentrations using data-assimilation?
Lisa Hahn-Woernle, Henk A. Dijkstra, and Hans J. van der Woerd

EGU2015-14280 | Orals | BG1.6

Secchi disk depth: evaluation of an algorithm based on new visibility theory
ZhongPing Lee and Shaoling Shang

EGU2015-7973 | Posters | BG1.6

Decadal monitoring of rice farming practices from MODIS data in Myanmar
Nguyen Thanh Son, Chi Farn Chen, and Cheng Ru Chen

BG1.7 – Towards integrating greenhouse gas (GHG) budgets from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems - co-sponsored by iLEAPS

EGU2015-1431 | Posters | BG1.7

Paludified forests of Komi Republic (Northeastern Europe) do not act as hotspots of the CH4 emissions
Julia Schneider, Maria Lukasheva, Vasiliy Gudyrev, Oleg Mikhaylov, and Mikhail Miglovets

EGU2015-3204 | Posters | BG1.7

How does global biogeochemical cycle become complicated by terrestrial-aquatic interactions ?
Tadanobu Nakayama and Shamil Maksyutov

EGU2015-5595 | Orals | BG1.7

The When, Where and Why of CO2 outgassing fluxes from an Alpine stream network
Tom J. Battin, Jakob Schelker, Amber Ulseth, Gabriel Singer, and Hannes Peter

EGU2015-7461 | Posters | BG1.7

The Skogaryd Research Catchment - an infrastructure to integrate terrestrial and aquatic greenhouse gas fluxes
Leif Klemedtsson, Per Weslien, David Bastviken, Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, and Marcus Wallin

EGU2015-11824 | Orals | BG1.7

Dissolved greenhouse gas concentrations as proxies for emissions: First results from a survey of 43 Alpine lakes
Sylvie Pighini, Georg Wohlfahrt, and Franco Miglietta

EGU2015-789 | Orals | BG1.7

Quantifying the magnitude, spatiotemporal variation and age of aquatic CO2 fluxes in western Greenland
Hazel Long, Susan Waldron, Trevor Hoey, Mark Garnett, and Jason Newton

EGU2015-8524 | Posters | BG1.7

Bottom-up and top-down constraints on the greenhouse gases budget in the terrestrial biosphere
Hanqin Tian, Chaoqun Lu, Philippe Ciais, Anna Michalak, and Josep Canadell and the Global GHG Synthesis Team

EGU2015-9234 | Posters | BG1.7

Fluxes of N2O and CH4 from forest and grassland lysimeter soils in response to simulated climate change
Daniel Weymann, Nicolas Brueggemann, Thomas Puetz, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2015-14152 | Orals | BG1.7

Methane and nitrous oxide emissions in the littoral zone of a Chinese reservoir: environmental controls and implications for future designs
Meng Yang, Guangchun Lei, John Grace, Xuemeng Geng, Cai Lu, Yan Zhou, and Yi Zhu

EGU2015-9504 | Posters | BG1.7

Temporal variability of CO2 and CH4 fluxes of a rewetted fen in NE Germany
Daniela Franz, Eric Larmanou, Franziska Koebsch, Jürgen Augustin, and Torsten Sachs

EGU2015-11364 | Orals | BG1.7

Comparing bottom-up and top-down approaches at the landscape scale, including agricultural activities and water systems, at the Roskilde Fjord, Denmark
Emeline Lequy, Andreas Ibrom, Per Ambus, Raia-Silvia Massad, Stiig Markager, Eero Asmala, Josette Garnier, Benoit Gabrielle, and Benjamin Loubet

EGU2015-10989 | Posters | BG1.7

Effect of measurement network densities and stratification on the uncertainty of implied emission factors for national N2O budgets from agricultural mineral soils
Rene Dechow and Soeren Gebbert

EGU2015-2407 | Orals | BG1.7 | Media interest

More than just CO2: Multiple trace gas exchange measurements at a temperate mountain grassland
Georg Wohlfahrt, Albin Hammerle, Lukas Hörtnagl, Ines Bamberger, and Armin Hansel

EGU2015-3519 | Posters | BG1.7

Impact of climate change on GHG emissions of (pre-) alpine grassland ecosystems under intensive and extensive management – a climate sequence lysimeter study
Ralf Kiese, Haiyan Lu, Jin Fu, Eugenio Diaz-Pines, Rainer Gasche, Michael Dannenmann, and Klaus Butterbach-Bahl

EGU2015-10016 | Orals | BG1.7

Methane emission measurements in a cattle grazed pasture: A comparison of four methods
Tiphaine Tallec, Katja Klumpp, Olivier Darsonville, Adrian Hensen, and Yvanne Rochette

EGU2015-14577 | Posters | BG1.7

Greenhouse gas (CO2 and CH4) emissions from a high altitude hydroelectric reservoir in the tropics (Riogrande II, Colombia)
Frédéric Guérin and Juan Leon

EGU2015-7374 | Orals | BG1.7

Compact, Low-power Nitrous Oxide Monitor for Eddy Flux Soil Emission Measurements
Joanne Shorter, David Nelson, Barry McManus, and Mark Zahniser

EGU2015-14237 | Posters | BG1.7

N2O fluxes measurements over a maize crop combining chamber and micrometeorological systems during the NitroCosmes Campaign
Aurore BRUT, Tiphaine TALLEC, Valerie LE DANTEC, Lilian JOLY, Dominique LEGAIN, Nicolas DUMELIE, Joel BARRIE, Eric CESCHIA, Julien COUSIN, Thomas DECARPENTERIE, Nicole FERRONI, Patrick MORDELET, Dominique SERCA, Xavier THOMAS, Bruno MARY, Raphael NOUAL, and Bernard MARCIEL

EGU2015-14157 | Posters | BG1.7

An original experiment to determine impact of catch crop introduction in a crop rotation on N2O production fate
Tiphaine Tallec, Valérie Le Dantec, Bartosz Zawilski, Aurore Brut, Marion Boussac, Morgan Ferlicoq, and Eric Ceschia

EGU2015-11169 | Orals | BG1.7

Contemporary mire net ecosystem green-house gas balance: controls and susceptibility to change
Mats Nilsson, Tobias Eriksson, Achim Grelle, Anna Larsson, Hjalmar Laudon, Anders Lindroth, Mikaell Ottosson-Löfvenius, Matthias Peichl, Jörgen Sagerfors, Anneli Ågren, and Mats Öquist

EGU2015-13121 | Posters | BG1.7

Analysing net CO2 exchanges over an arable crop across multiple scales
Emanuel Blei, Sylvia Toet, Andrew Revill, Jose Solis Parejo, Ben Keane, Harry Vallack, James Stockdale, Phil Ineson, Pete Levy, Ute Skiba, Julia Drewer, Daniela Famulari, and Mathew Williams

EGU2015-8480 | Orals | BG1.7

Soil trace gas emissions (CH4 and N2O) offset the CO2 uptake in poplar short rotation coppice
Terenzio Zenone, Donatella Zona, Iya Gelfand, Bert Gielen, Marta camino serrano, and Reinhart Ceulemans

EGU2015-13091 | Posters | BG1.7

Estimation of Swiss methane emissions by near surface observations and inverse modeling
Stephan Henne, Oney Brian, Markus Leuenberger, Ines Bamberger, Werner Eugster, Martin Steinbacher, Frank Meinhardt, and Dominik Brunner

EGU2015-4170 | Orals | BG1.7

Sensitivity of the boreal forest-mire ecotone CO2, CH4, and N2O global warming potential to rainy and dry weather
Boris Ťupek, Kari Minkkinen, Timo Vesala, and Eero Nikinmaa

EGU2015-11889 | Posters | BG1.7

Simultaneous and continuous measurements of dissolved CO2, CH4, N2O and CO in rivers using Fourier-Transform-InfraRed (FTIR) spectrometry
Thorsten Warneke, Denise Müller, Christopher Caldow, Tim Rixen, and Justus Notholt

EGU2015-10870 | Orals | BG1.7

Tall tower landscape scale N2O flux measurements in a Danish agricultural and urban, coastal area
Andreas Ibrom, Émeline Lequy, Benjamin Loubet, Kim Pilegaard, and Per Ambus

EGU2015-9023 | Posters | BG1.7

GHG Fluxes in semi-natural grasslands in the Pyrenees
Haifa Debouk, Nuria Altimir, Angela Ribas, Mercedes Ibañez, and Teresa Sebastià

EGU2015-1046 | Posters | BG1.7

Variability of atmospheric greenhouse gases as a biogeochemical processing signal at regional scale in a karstic ecosystem
Sílvia Borràs, Eusebi Vazquez, Josep-Anton Morguí, Alba Àgueda, Oscar Batet, Lídia Cañas, Roger Curcoll, Claudia Grossi, Manel Nofuentes, Paola Occhipinti, and Xavier Rodó

BG1.9 – Excitation-emission fluorescence spectroscopy in characterisation of dissolved organic matter in natural and engineered aquatic systems

EGU2015-5219 | Orals | BG1.9

Transport of dissolved organic matter from the hillslope to the stream: using fluorescence spectroscopy to identify changing sources during snowmelt
Diane McKnight, Maggie Burns, Holly Barnard, and Rachel Gabor

EGU2015-15749 | Orals | BG1.9

Understanding microbial/DOM interactions using fluorescence and flow cytometry
Bethany Fox, Cathy Rushworth, John Attridge, Alexandre Anesio, Tim Cox, and Darren Reynolds

EGU2015-949 | Posters | BG1.9

Spatial and temporal variations of dissolved organic matter dynamics in a disturbed Sphagnum peatland after hydrological restoration
Franck LE MOING, Audrey GUIRIMAND-DUFOUR, Nevila JOZJA, Christian DEFARGE, Benoît D'ANGELO, Stéphane BINET, Sébastien GOGO, and Fatima LAGGOUN

EGU2015-951 | Orals | BG1.9

Molecular characterization of dissolved organic matter in contrasted freshwater environments by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and EEM-PARAFAC
Jérémie Parot, Edith Parlanti, and Céline Guéguen

EGU2015-1278 | Posters | BG1.9

Discrimination of rewetted / renaturated habitats from natural moist habitat in a mire by means of DOM quality differences using fluorescence indices
Peter Herzsprung, Katja Osterloh, Wolf von Tümpling, Mourad Harir, Norbert Hertkorn, Ralf Meissner, Kurt Friese, Sabine Bernsdorf, and Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin

EGU2015-566 | Posters | BG1.9

Can spectroscopic analysis improve our understanding of biogeochemical processes in agricultural streams?
Magdalena Bieroza and Ann Louise Heathwaite

EGU2015-77 | Orals | BG1.9 | Media interest

Dissolved organic matter dynamics during storm events: combining in-situ and laboratory optical measurements to improve understanding
Kieran Khamis, Chris Bradley, David Hannah, and Rob Stevens

EGU2015-13379 | Orals | BG1.9 | Media interest

Development of a UV Miniaturised Fourier Transform Spectrometer (MicroFTS) for the Detection of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Water
Paul Scholefield, Hugh Mortimer, Ali Hussain, Ed Tipping, Don Monteith, and Jessica Adams

EGU2015-1193 | Posters | BG1.9

From drought to flood: tracing size DOM molecular distribution changes along a Mediterranean river under hydrological extremes.
Andrea Butturini, Alba Guarch, and Elisabet Ejarque

EGU2015-1225 | Posters | BG1.9

Drought drives DOM biodegradability in intermittent streams
Astrid Harjung, Andrea Butturini, and Francesc Sabater-Comas

EGU2015-13136 | Orals | BG1.9

Inferring DOC export mechanisms from high-frequency, instream UV-VIS concentration measurements
Marieke Oosterwoud, Andreas Musolff, Toralf Keller, and Jan Fleckenstein

EGU2015-857 | Posters | BG1.9 | Media interest

Understanding aquatic microbial processes using EEM's and in-situ fluorescence sensors
Bethany Fox, John Attridge, Cathy Rushworth, Tim Cox, Alexandre Anesio, and Darren Reynolds

EGU2015-15218 | Posters | BG1.9 | Media interest

To what extent can portable fluorescence spectroscopy be used in the real-time assessment of microbial water quality?
Andy Baker, Chris Bradley, Chris Buckley, Sue Cumberland, and John Bridgeman

EGU2015-4833 | Posters | BG1.9

Determination of dissolved organic matter removal efficiency in wastewater treatment works using fluorescence spectroscopy
Elfrida M. Carstea and John Bridgeman

EGU2015-15691 | Posters | BG1.9

Dissolved organic matter (DOM) concentration and quality in a coastal aquifer
Nur Syahiza Zainuddin, Martin S. Andersen, Andy Baker, Ellen M. Howley, Denis O’Carroll, Catherine N. Jex, Karina Meredith, and Eliza Wells

EGU2015-10761 | Posters | BG1.9

Caracterisation of anthropogenic contribution to the coastal fluorescent organic matter
Ibrahim EL NAHHAL, Ayoub NOUHI, and Stéphane MOUNIER

EGU2015-15639 | Posters | BG1.9

Fluorescence indexes and PARAFAC components - what is the best way?
Stéphane Mounier, Michel Raynaud, Benjamin Oursel, Duc Huy Dang, Garnier Cédric, and Roland Redon

EGU2015-15057 | Posters | BG1.9

In situ fluorescence measurements of protein-, humic- and HAP-like materials in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea
Marc Tedetti, Caroline Bachet, Chloé Germain, Nicolas Ferretto, Nagib Bhairy, Catherine Guigue, Florent Besson, Laurent Beguery, and Madeleine Goutx

EGU2015-3328 | Posters | BG1.9

Combining multiple dissolved organic matter characteristics to an indicator of its diagenetic status in Baltic Sea estuaries
Eero Asmala, Hermanni Kaartokallio, Riitta Autio, Jacob Carstensen, and David Thomas

BG1.10 – Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange, Biosynthesis, and Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds Across Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems

EGU2015-1699 | Orals | BG1.10

Drought impact on Quercus pubescens Willd. isoprene emissions over the Mediterranean area: what future?
Anne Cyrielle Genard-Zielinski, Christophe Boissard, Elena Ormeño, Juliette Lathière, Bertrand Guenet, Thierry Gauquelin, and Catherine Fernandez

EGU2015-479 | Posters | BG1.10

Seasonal variation of volatile organic compounds exchange above a periurban Holm oak forest on the Mediterranean coast
Flavia Savi, Stanislav Juráň, and Silvano Fares

EGU2015-2110 | Posters | BG1.10

Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound (BVOC) emissions from agricultural crop species: is guttation a possible source for methanol emissions following light/dark transition ?
Ahsan Mozaffar, Crist Amelynck, Aurélie Bachy, Anthony Digrado, Pierre Delaplace, Patrick du Jardin, Marie-Laure Fauconnier, Niels Schoon, Marc Aubinet, and Bernard Heinesch

EGU2015-2671 | Orals | BG1.10

Putting Constraints on the Life Cycle of NMVOC based on Ecosystem Scale Flux Measurements
Thomas Karl

EGU2015-11017 | Orals | BG1.10

Comparison of three methods to derive canopy-scale flux measurements above a mixed oak and hornbeam forest in Northern Italy
William Acton, Simon Schallhart, Ben Langford, Amy Valach, Pekka Rantala, Silvano Fares, Giulia Carriero, Thomas Mentel, Sam Tomlinson, Ulrike Dragosits, Nicholas Hewitt, and Eiko Nemitz

EGU2015-2117 | Posters | BG1.10

The CROSTVOC project – an integrated approach to study the effect of stress on BVOC exchange between agricultural crops and grassland ecosystems and the atmosphere
Crist Amelynck, Bernard Heinesch, Marc Aubinet, Aurélie Bachy, Pierre Delaplace, Anthony Digrado, Patrick du Jardin, Marie-Laure Fauconnier, Ahsan Mozaffar, and Niels Schoon

EGU2015-6887 | Orals | BG1.10

BVOC emission in Norway spruce: the effect of stand structure, high temperature and ozone levels.
Emanuele Pallozzi, Gabriele Guidolotti, Kristýna Večeřová, Raffaela Esposito, Ilaria Lusini, Stanislav Juráň, Otmar Urban, and Carlo Calfapietra

EGU2015-2455 | Posters | BG1.10

Bacteriostatics of volatile organic compounds of Crimean pine and environmental meteorological conditions
Elena Chalaya, Victor Slepykh, Natalia Efimenko, and Nina Povolotckaia

EGU2015-6554 | Orals | BG1.10

Leaf ontogeny dominates the seasonal exchange of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a SRC-poplar plantation during an entire growing season
Federico Brilli, Beniamino Gioli, Silvano Fares, Terenzio Zenone, Donatella Zona, Bert Gielen, Francesco Loreto, Ivan Janssens, and Reinhart Ceulemans

EGU2015-3197 | Posters | BG1.10

The Effect of Bark Borer Herbivory on BVOC Emissions in Boreal Forests and Implications for SOA Formation
Celia Faiola, Jorma Joutsensaari, Jarmo Holopainen, Taina Yli-Juuti, Harri Kokkola, James Blande, Alex Guenther, and Annele Virtanen

EGU2015-8533 | Orals | BG1.10

Tracing the link between plant volatile organic compound emissions and CO2 fluxes and by stable isotopes
Christiane Werner, Frederik Wegener, and Kolby Jardine

EGU2015-3603 | Posters | BG1.10

Nicotiana tabacum as model for ozone - plant surface reactions
Werner Jud, Lukas Fischer, Georg Wohlfahrt, Alain Tissier, Eva Canaval, and Armin Hansel

EGU2015-7383 | Posters | BG1.10

Glyoxal and Formaldehyde as a Metric for Airmass Characterization
Kate Skog, Philip Feiner, Li Zhang, Robert Wild, Kevin Olson, Abigail Koss, Karsten Baumann, Eric Edgerton, William Brune, Steven Brown, Joost de Gouw, Allen Goldstein, and Frank Keutsch

EGU2015-8457 | Orals | BG1.10

Using adult cloned trees grown under natural conditions to characterize BVOC emission variation
Ylva Persson, Guy Schurgers, Anna Ekberg, Riikka Rinnan, and Thomas Holst

EGU2015-5110 | Orals | BG1.10

Products of BVOC oxidation: ozone and organic aerosols
Jürgen Wildt, Stefanie Andres, Giulia Carriero, Mikael Ehn, Silvano Fares, Thorsten Hoffmann, Lina Hacker, Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Einhard Kleist, Elena Paoletti, Iida Pullinen, Franz Rohrer, Yinon Rudich, Monika Springer, Ralf Tillmann, Andreas Wahner, Cheng Wu, and Thomas Mentel

EGU2015-11267 | Posters | BG1.10

Ozone fumigation under dark/light conditions of Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) and Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)
Eva Canaval, Werner Jud, and Armin Hansel

EGU2015-6258 | Orals | BG1.10

Total OH reactivity in a mediterranean forest of downy oaks
Nora Zannoni, Valerie Gros, Roland Sarda, Matteo Lanza, Bernard Bonsang, Cerise Kalogridis, Suzanne Preunkert, Michel Legrand, Corinne Jambert, Christophe Boissard, and Juliette Lathiere

EGU2015-11404 | Posters | BG1.10

Land cover maps, BVOC emissions, and SOA burden in a global aerosol-climate model
Tanja Stanelle, Alexandra Henrot, and Isaelle Bey

EGU2015-12558 | Posters | BG1.10

Seasonal variation of nitrogen oxides, ozone and biogenic volatile organic compound concentrations and fluxes at Norway spruce forest
Stanislav Juran, Kristyna Vecerova, Petra Holisova, Milos Zapletal, Emanuele Pallozzi, Gabriele Guidolotti, Carlo Calfapietra, Zbynek Vecera, Pavel Cudlin, and Otmar Urban

EGU2015-12510 | Orals | BG1.10

Global simulations of BVOC-aerosol-climate feedbacks
Risto Makkonen, Jón Egill Kristjánsson, Alf Kirkevåg, Øyvind Seland, Trond Iversen, Veli-Matti Kerminen, and Markku Kulmala

EGU2015-10488 | Orals | BG1.10

The role of vegetation for tropospheric ozone balance: possible changes under future climate conditions
Cheng Wu, Iida Pullinen, Stefanie Andres, Giulia Carriero, Silvano Fares, Lina Hacker, Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Einhard Kleist, Elena Paoletti, Andreas Wahner, Jürgen Wildt, and Thomas F. Mentel

EGU2015-14183 | Posters | BG1.10

Parameterized isoprene and monoterpene emissions from the boreal forest floor: Implementation into a 1D chemistry-transport model and investigation of the influence on atmospheric chemistry
Ditte Mogensen, Hermanni Aaltonen, Juho Aalto, Jaana Bäck, Antti-Jussi Kieloaho, Rosa Gierens, Sampo Smolander, Markku Kulmala, and Michael Boy

EGU2015-12625 | Orals | BG1.10

Ozone – plant surface reactions an important ozone loss term?
Armin Hansel, Werner Jud, Lukas Fischer, Eva Canaval, Georg Wohlfahrt, and Alain Tissier

EGU2015-1219 | Posters | BG1.10

A deeper look at the response of oxygenated and non oxygenated VOC to mid-term drought over the seasonal cycle: the case study of a drought-resistant species
Amelie Saunier, Elena Ormeño Lafuente, Henri Wortham, Brice Temime-Roussel, and Catherine Fernandez

BG1.12 – Microbial nitrogen-transformation processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems: advances in pathways-tracing, quantification and process-based modelling

EGU2015-15633 | Posters | BG1.12

Soil and fertilizer type effects on short-term N2 and N2O emissions: Results of a helium-oxygen incubation study
Ulrike Hagemann, Monique Andres, and Jürgen Augustin

EGU2015-15765 | Posters | BG1.12

Tracing changes of N2O emission pathways in a permanent grassland under elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations
Andre Gorenflo, Gerald Moser, Kristof Brenzinger, Dafydd Elias, Neill McNamara, Tim Clough, Irena Maček, Dominik Vodnik, Gesche Braker, Sonja Schimmelpfennig, Judith Gerstner, and Christoph Müller

EGU2015-14822 | Orals | BG1.12

Tracing changes in N transformations in a permanent grassland under elevated atmospheric CO2
Gerald Moser, André Gorenflo, Kristof Brenzinger, Lisa Keidel, Dafydd Elias, Niall McNamara, Irena Maček, Dominik Vodnik, Gesche Braker, Sonja Schimmelpfennig, Judith Gerstner, and Christoph Müller

EGU2015-13340 | Orals | BG1.12

The transformations and fates of deposited N in an N saturated subtropical forested catchment, SW China
Jing Zhu, Jan Mulder, and Peter Dörsch

EGU2015-12405 | Posters | BG1.12

The effect of urea fertiliser formulations on gross nitrogen transformations in a permanent grassland soil.
Mary Harty, Christoph Mueller, Ronnie Laughlin, Catherine Watson, Karl Richards, Gary Lanigan, Patrick Forrestal, and Karen McGeough

EGU2015-4196 | Orals | BG1.12

Relative gas diffusivity as a controller of soil N2 and N2O fluxes
Tim Clough, Nimlesh Balaine, Mike Beare, and Steve Thomas

EGU2015-15751 | Posters | BG1.12

Nitrogen fertiliser formulation: The impact on N2O emissions
Mary Harty, Dominika Krol, Rachael Carolan, Gavin McNeill, Karen McGeough, Ronnie Laughlin, Catherine Watson, Karl Richards, Gary Lanigan, and Patrick Forrestal

EGU2015-12889 | Posters | BG1.12

Groundwater denitrification in two agricultural river catchments: influence of hydro-geological setting and aquifer geochemistry
Eoin McAleer, Per-Erik Mellander, Catherine Coxon, Karl G Richards, and Mohammad M R Jahangir

EGU2015-8006 | Orals | BG1.12

Ammonium Oxidation Under Iron Reducing Conditions: Environmental Factors Characterization and Process Optimization
Shan Huang, Melany Ruiz, and Peter Jaffe

EGU2015-8017 | Orals | BG1.12

Isotopologue signatures of nitrous oxide produced by nitrate-ammonifying bacteria isolated from soil
Undine Behrendt, Reinhard Well, Anette Giesemann, Andreas Ulrich, and Jürgen Augustin

EGU2015-11260 | Posters | BG1.12

Understanding N2O sources and sinks with laser based isotopic analysis
Joachim Mohn, Eliza Harris, Béla Tuzson, and Lukas Emmenegger

EGU2015-15376 | Posters | BG1.12

Progress in quantifying rates and product ratios of microbial denitrification using stable isotope approaches
Reinhard Well, Caroline Buchen, Anette Giesemann, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, Lena Rohe, and Heinz Flessa

EGU2015-15127 | Orals | BG1.12

In situ denitrification and DNRA rates in soils and underlying groundwater of an integrated constructed wetland
Mohammad Mofizur Rahman Jahangir, Owen Fenton, Eoin McAleer, Paul Carroll, Rory Harrington, Paul Johnston, Christoph Müller, and Karl Richards

EGU2015-11636 | Posters | BG1.12

Non-homogeneity of isotopic labelling in 15N gas flux studies: theory, some observations and possible lessons
Reinhard Well, Caroline Buchen, Marianna Deppe, Wolfram Eschenbach, Andreas Gattinger, Anette Giesemann, Hans-Martin Krause, and Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak

EGU2015-13909 | Orals | BG1.12

Nitrite: the key to understanding nitrogen cycling in ammonium-rich systems?
Naomi Wells, Kay Knöller, Vivien Hakoun, and Serge Brouyère

EGU2015-5175 | Posters | BG1.12

Ammonia oxidation driven by archaea rather than bacteria in the hot spring at Tengchong geothermal field, China.
Shun Chen, Xiaotong Peng, Hengchao Xu, Jiwei Li, and Kaiwen Ta

EGU2015-15760 | Orals | BG1.12

The effect of soil pH on N2O/(N2O+N2) product ratio of denitrification depends on soil NO3- concentration
Mehmet Senbayram, Klaus Dittert, Reinhard Well, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, Joachim Lammel, and Lars Bakken

EGU2015-15587 | Orals | BG1.12

Suppression of N2O and NO from denitrification by biochar: the role of pH
Alfred Obia, Gerard Cornelissen, Jan Mulder, and Peter Dörsch

EGU2015-13405 | Orals | BG1.12

Denitrification as a Source of NO Emissions using Isotope Techniques
Laura Cardenas, Nadine Loick, Diego Abalos, Liz Dixon, Antonio Vallejo, Catherine Watson, Karen McGeough, Reinhard Well, and Peter Matthews

EGU2015-6006 | Orals | BG1.12

Measuring denitrification after grassland renewal and grassland conversion to cropland by using the 15N gas-flux method
Caroline Buchen, Wolfram Eschenbach, Heinz Flessa, Anette Giesemann, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, and Reinhard Well

EGU2015-11646 | Orals | BG1.12

Quantification of nitrous oxide (N2O) uptake in boreal forest soils by combining isotopic and microbial approaches
Nina Welti, Henri Siljanen, Christina Biasi, and Pertti Martikainen

EGU2015-1682 | Orals | BG1.12

A novel 15N tracer approach for the quantification of N2 and N2O emissions from soil incubations in a completely automated laboratory set up
Clemens Scheer, Michael Dannenmann, and Rudolf Meier

EGU2015-1817 | Orals | BG1.12

Quantifying gross N2O flux and production using 15N2O pool dilution technique and direct gas-flow core method
Yuan Wen, Zhe Chen, Michael Dannenmann, Andrea Carminati, Georg Willibald, Ralf Kiese, Benjamin Wolf, Edzo Veldkamp, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, and Marife D. Corre

BG2.1 – Biogeochemistry, ecohydrology, and land-use in the tropics

EGU2015-9240 | Orals | BG2.1

Implications of agricultural encroachment on the carbon and greenhouse gas dynamics in tropical African wetlands.
Matthew Saunders, Frank Kansiime, and Michael Jones

EGU2015-3026 | Posters | BG2.1

Geology, Soils and Basin-wide variations in Amazon Forest Structure and function
Carlos Alberto Quesada, Oliver Phillips, Gabriela Lopes-Gonzales, Jon Lloyd, and Rainfor Team

EGU2015-9950 | Posters | BG2.1

Leaf and whole-tree water use relations of Australian rainforest species
Yoko Ishida, Susan Laurance, Michael Liddell, and Jonathan Lloyd

EGU2015-7641 | Orals | BG2.1

Evapotranspiration components determined by eddy covariance and sap flux measurements in oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia
Ana Meijide, Alexander Röll, Furong Niu, Tania June, Dirk Hölscher, and Alexander Knohl

EGU2015-15014 | Orals | BG2.1

Spatio-temporal analysis on land transformation in a forested tropical landscape in Jambi Province, Sumatra
Dian N. Melati, I Nengah Surati Jaya, César Pérez-Cruzado, Muhammad Zuhdi, Lutz Fehrmann, Paul Magdon, and Christoph Kleinn

EGU2015-10584 | Posters | BG2.1

Endemic and exotic tropical forests of Réunion Island observed by airborne lidar
Xiaoxia Shang, Patrick Chazette, Julien Totems, Elsa Dieudonné, Eric Hamonou, Valentin Duflot, Dominique Strasberg, Olivier Flores, Jacques Fournel, and Pierre Tulet

EGU2015-13363 | Posters | BG2.1

Study of the thermohygrometric conditions of Juniperus turbinata habitat in the island of El Hierro (Canary Islands)
Montserrat Salva-Catarineu, Ferran Salvador-Franch, Joan Albert López-Bustins, Perdro A. Padrón-Padrón, and Amparo Cortés-Lucas

EGU2015-10075 | Orals | BG2.1

Soil-atmosphere trace gas exchange from tropical oil palm plantations on peat
Yit Arn Teh, Frances Manning, Norliyana Zin Zawawi, Timothy Hill, Melanie Chocholek, and Lip Khoon Kho

EGU2015-8451 | Orals | BG2.1

Nitrous oxide (N2O) fluxes from soils under different land use in Brazil
Katharina H. E. Meurer, Beata E. Madari, Uwe Franko, Oliver Spott, Claus F. Stange, and Hermann F. Jungkunst

EGU2015-15494 | Posters | BG2.1

Influence of persistent monodominance on functional diversity and functional community assembly in African tropical forests.
Elizabeth Kearsley, Hans Verbeeck, Koen Hufkens, Hans Beeckman, Kathy Steppe, Pascal Boeckx, and Dries Huygens

EGU2015-15496 | Posters | BG2.1

Linking carbon storage with functional diversity in tropical rainforest in the central Congo Basin
Hans Verbeeck, Elizabeth Kearsley, Marijn Bauters, Hans Beeckman, Dries Huygens, Kathy Steppe, and Pascal Boeckx

EGU2015-492 | Orals | BG2.1

Modeling impacts of water and fertilizer management on ecosystem services from rice rotated crop systems in China
Han Chen, Chaoqing Yu, Changsheng Li, Xiao Huang, Jie Zhang, Yali Yue, and Guorui Huang

EGU2015-6048 | Posters | BG2.1

Morphology and spatial patterns of Macrotermes mounds in the SE Katanga, D.R. Congo
Basile Bazirake Mujinya, Florias Mees, Hans Erens, Geert Baert, and Eric Van Ranst

EGU2015-6959 | Orals | BG2.1

Nutrients and light limit biomass growth of N2-fixing but not non-fixing trees in tropical forests after 15 years of fertilization
Annette Trierweiler, Joseph Wright, Klaus Winter, and Lars Hedin

EGU2015-11079 | Posters | BG2.1

Comparison of belowground carbon allocation and carbon stocks between monodominant Gilbertiodendron dewevrei and species-rich Scorodophloeus zenkeri forests in the Yoko Reserve (Kisangani, DRC)
Benoit Cassart, Albert Angbonga Basia, and Quentin Ponette

EGU2015-7980 | Orals | BG2.1

Biogeochemistry and biodiversity interact to govern N2 fixers (Fabaceae) across Amazon tropical forests
Sarah Batterman, Lars Hedin, Jon Lloyd, and Beto Quesada and the RAINFOR Network

EGU2015-7925 | Orals | BG2.1

Potassium as a key modulator of tropical woody vegetation structure and function
Jonathan Lloyd and the TROBIT

EGU2015-4765 | Posters | BG2.1

Combining satellite, aerial and ground measurements to assess forest carbon stocks in Democratic Republic of Congo
Benjamin Beaumont, Alban Bouvy, Nathalie Stephenne, Pierre Mathoux, Jean-François Bastin, Yves Baudot, and Tom Akkermans

EGU2015-10475 | Posters | BG2.1

Microclimatic conditions in different land-use systems in Sumatra, Indonesia
Ana Meijide, Nina Tiralla, Clifton Sabajo, Oleg Panferov, Dodo Gunawan, and Alexander Knohl

EGU2015-12824 | Orals | BG2.1

Fire effects on tropical woody vegetation structure have been exaggerated?
Elmar Veenendaal, Mireia Torello-Raventos, Heloisa Miranda, Naomi Sato, Imma Oliveras-Menor, Frank Van Langevelde, and Jon Lloyd

EGU2015-7399 | Orals | BG2.1

The influence of C3 and C4 vegetation on SOM dynamics across contrasting semi-natural ecosystems in West Africa
Gustavo Saiz, Michael Bird, Elmar Veeenendaal, Franziska Schrodt, Tomas Domingues, Ted Feldpausch, and Jonathan Lloyd

EGU2015-5168 | Posters | BG2.1

Nutrient leaching losses in lowland forests converted to oil palm and rubber plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia
Syahrul Kurniawan, Marife D. Corre, Sri Rahayu Utami, and Edzo Veldkamp

EGU2015-11657 | Orals | BG2.1

Modeling forest biomass of the Congo basin from extensive commercial inventories
Quentin Molto, Maxime Réjou-Méchain, Nicolas Bayol, Jean-François Chevalier, Vivien Rossi, Guillaume Cornu, Fabrice Benedet, Valery Gond, and Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury

EGU2015-11408 | Posters | BG2.1

Soil carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from lowland forests converted to oil palm and rubber plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia
Evelyn Preuss, Marife D. Corre, Muhammad Damris, Aiyen Tjoa, Sri Rahayu Utami, and Edzo Veldkamp

EGU2015-14161 | Orals | BG2.1

Resilience landscapes for Congo basin rainforests vs. climate and management impacts
Stephan Alexander Pietsch, Sishir Gautam, Johannes Elias Bednar, Patrick Stanzl, Aline Mosnier, and Michael Obersteiner

EGU2015-7603 | Posters | BG2.1

Tropical wetlands: productive but leaky systems?
Michael Jones and Matthew Saunders

EGU2015-5535 | Posters | BG2.1

Organic and inorganic carbon fluxes in a tropical river system (Tana River, Kenya) during contrasting wet seasons
Naomi Geeraert, Fred O. Omengo, Steven Bouillon, Alberto V. Borges, and Gerard Govers

EGU2015-14835 | Orals | BG2.1

Photosynthetic temperature responses of tree species in Rwanda: evidence of pronounced negative effects of high temperature in montane rainforest climax species
Angelica Vårhammar, Göran Wallin, Christopher M McLean, Mirindi Eric Dusenge, Belinda E Medlyn, Thomas B Hasper, Donat Nsabimana, and Johan Uddling

EGU2015-8212 | Posters | BG2.1

Carbon and nitrogen cycle dynamics during forest regrowth in the dry tropical Miombo Woodlands of western Tanzania
Marc Mayes, Jerry Melillo, John Mustard, Christopher Neill, and Gerson Nyadzi

EGU2015-12456 | Posters | BG2.1

Diurnal and seasonal variability of CO2 fluxes over a degraded Woodland under a Sudanian climate in Northern Benin (West Africa)
Expédit Evariste Ago, Dominique Serça, Euloge Kossi Agbossou, Sylvie Galle, and Marc Aubinet

EGU2015-9092 | Posters | BG2.1

Carbon fluxes in tropical forest ecosystems: the value of Eddy-covariance data for individual-based dynamic forest gap models
Edna Roedig, Matthias Cuntz, and Andreas Huth

EGU2015-10902 | Posters | BG2.1

Spatial effects of aboveground biomass on soil ecological parameters and trace gas fluxes in a savannah ecosystem of Mount Kilimanjaro
Joscha Becker, Adrian Gütlein, Natalia Sierra Cornejo, Ralf Kiese, Dietrich Hertel, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2015-3602 | Posters | BG2.1

Fate of increased nitrogen deposition in humid sub-tropical forests in Southern China
Geshere Abdisa Gurmesa, Per Gundersen, Xiankai Lu, and Jiangming Mo

EGU2015-4460 | Posters | BG2.1

Study on the carbon dioxide flux variation of the terrestrial biosphere under precipitation variability in the Asian region
MinAh Sun, Gil Lee, Donghui Lim, ChunHo Cho, Johan Lee, Young-Hwa Byun, and Jongho Lee

BG2.2 – Molecular proxies to trace biogeochemical processes in terrestrial ecosystems

EGU2015-6335 | Orals | BG2.2

Distinct fungal and bacterial δ13C signatures can drive the increase in soil δ13C with depth
Lukas Kohl, Jérôme Laganièrea, Kate A. Edwards, Sharon A. Billings, Penny L. Morrill, Geert Van Biesen, and Susan E. Ziegler

EGU2015-15754 | Posters | BG2.2

RNA/DNA ratio as biomarkers for periphyton and macroinvertebrate growth
Daniela Mewes and Carola Winkelmann

EGU2015-15741 | Posters | BG2.2

Microbial utilization of litter carbon under the effect of extreme weather events
Steffen Heinrich, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Bruno Glaser

EGU2015-11981 | Orals | BG2.2

Microbial transformations of free versus sorbed alanine analyzed by position-specific 13C and 14C labeling and 13C-PLFA analysis
Carolin Apostel, Michaela Dippold, Ezekiel Bore, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2015-11827 | Orals | BG2.2

Short-term turnover of soil organic matter after tillage proven by Pyrolysis-field ionization MS
Sebastian Fiedler, Gerald Jurasinski, Peter Leinweber, and Stephan Glatzel

EGU2015-15737 | Posters | BG2.2

Stabilization of glucose-C in microbial cell membranes (PLFA) and cell walls (amino sugars) evaluated by 13C-labelling in a field experiment
Anna Gunina, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Bruno Glaser

EGU2015-11781 | Orals | BG2.2

Biochemical hydrogen isotope fractionation during biosynthesis in higher plants reflects carbon metabolism of the plant
Marc-André Cormier and Ansgar Kahmen

EGU2015-15750 | Posters | BG2.2

Molecular differentiation of subsoil biopores of different origin by PLFA analysis
Callum Banfield, Johanna Pausch, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2015-8796 | Orals | BG2.2

Leaf epicuticular waxes as proxies for paleoenvironmental conditions
Imke Schaefer, Jana Zech, Verena Lanny, Timothy Eglinton, and Roland Zech

EGU2015-15746 | Posters | BG2.2

Competition between roots and microorganisms for phosphorus: A novel 33P labeling approach
Thomas Zilla, Yakov Kuzyakov, Aljoša Zavišiæ, and Andrea Polle

EGU2015-4823 | Posters | BG2.2

Plant- versus microbial signature in densimetric fractions of mediterranean forest soils: a study by thermochemolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry
Pere Rovira and Laurent Grasset

EGU2015-15772 | Orals | BG2.2

Analysis of cutin and suberin biomarker patterns in alluvial sedi-ments
Jennifer Herschbach, Anna Sesterheim, Frauke König, and Elmar Fuchs

EGU2015-6455 | Posters | BG2.2

Defining organic matter quality in sediment systems: a suggested classification scheme
Danielle Alderson, Martin Evans, James Rothwell, and Stephen Boult

EGU2015-1363 | Orals | BG2.2

Combustion inputs into a terrestrial archive over 265 years as evidenced by BPCA molecular markers
Ulrich M. Hanke, Timothy I. Eglinton, Daniel B. Wiedemeier, and Michael W.I. Schmidt

EGU2015-2022 | Posters | BG2.2

2H/1H composition of soil n-alkanes along two altitudinal transects in East Africa

EGU2015-6466 | Posters | BG2.2

Hydrogen isotopes from source water to leaf lipid in a continental-scale sample network
Daniel Nelson and Ansgar Kahmen