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CR – Cryospheric Sciences

CR1.1 – Permafrost Open Session (co-organized)

EGU2015-959 | Posters | CR1.1

Lithology, porosity and morphology influence on temperate low- and mid-altitudes cold screes susceptible to host permafrost
Razvan Popescu, Alfred Vespremeanu-Stroe, Onaca Alexandru, and Nicolae Cruceru

EGU2015-3505 | Posters | CR1.1

Influence of Plant Communities on Active Layer Depth in Boreal Forest
James Fisher, Cristian Estop Aragones, Aaron Thierry, Iain Hartley, Julian Murton, Dan Charman, Mathew Williams, and Gareth Phoenix

EGU2015-4838 | Orals | CR1.1 | Media interest

Climate-sensitive subsea permafrost and related gas expulsions on the South Kara Sea shelf. Field studies and modeling results.
Alexey Portnov, Jurgen Mienert, and Pavel Serov

EGU2015-6788 | Posters | CR1.1

Response of terrestrial hydrology to climate and permafrost change for the 21st century as simulated by JSBACH offline experiments
Tanja Blome, Stefan Hagemann, Altug Ekici, and Christian Beer

EGU2015-5217 | Orals | CR1.1

Subsea climate modeling – challenges and first results
Christian Rodehacke, Martin Stendel, Jens Christensen, Vladimir Romanovsky, and Sergey Marchenko

EGU2015-8860 | Posters | CR1.1

Experimental and numerical simulations of heat transfers between flowing water and a frozen porous medium
Nicolas Roux, Christophe Grenier, and François Costard

EGU2015-9583 | Posters | CR1.1 | Media interest

A re-analysis of 533 rockfalls occurred since 2003 in the Mont Blanc massif for the study of their relationship with permafrost
Ludovic Ravanel, Florence Magnin, and Philip Deline

EGU2015-9723 | Orals | CR1.1

The InterFrost benchmark of Thermo-Hydraulic codes for cold regions hydrology – first inter-comparison results
Christophe Grenier, Nicolas Roux, Hauke Anbergen, Nathaniel Collier, Francois Costard, Michel Ferrry, Andrew Frampton, Jennifer Frederick, Johan Holmen, Anne Jost, Samuel Kokh, Barret Kurylyk, Jeffrey McKenzie, John Molson, Laurent Orgogozo, Agnès Rivière, Wolfram Rühaak, Jan-Olof Selroos, René Therrien, and Patrik Vidstrand

EGU2015-6606 | Orals | CR1.1

Groundwater Resources Evolution in Degrading Permafrost Environments: A Small Catchment-Scale Study in Northern Quebec, Canada
John Molson, Jean-Michel Lemieux, Richard Fortier, Rene Therrien, Michel Ouellet, Johannes Barth, Robert van Geldern, Marion Cochand, Jonathan Sottas, Renaud Murray, and David Banville

EGU2015-9806 | Posters | CR1.1

Analysis and mapping of mountain permafrost data: a comparison between two machine learning algorithms
Nicola Deluigi, Christophe Lambiel, and Mikhail Kanevski

EGU2015-9815 | Posters | CR1.1

Might short term rockglacier surface morphological changes be attributed to permafrost degradation ?
Romain Perrier, Etienne Cossart, and Monique Fort

EGU2015-7901 | Orals | CR1.1

Impact of hydrology on methane flux patterns in a permafrost-affected floodplain in Northeast Siberia
Min Jung Kwon, Felix Beulig, Kirsten Kuesel, Marcus Wildner, Martin Heimann, Nikita Zimov, Sergei Zimov, and Mathias Goeckede

EGU2015-11471 | Posters | CR1.1

Transient modeling of the hydro-thermal state of frozen ground in the sub-arctic catchment of Tarfala, Sweden.
Romain Pannetier and Andrew Frampton

EGU2015-4095 | Orals | CR1.1

Cryogenic cave carbonates as an archive of Late Pleistocene permafrost in the Ural Mountains: preliminary results
Yuri Dublyansky, Olga Kadebskaya, Hai Cheng, Mark Luetscher, and Christoph Spötl

EGU2015-12069 | Posters | CR1.1

The International Permafrost Association: current initiatives for cryospheric research
Karina Schollaen, Antoni G. Lewkowicz, Hanne H. Christiansen, Vladimir E. Romanovsky, Hugues Lantuit, Lothar Schrott, Dimitry Sergeev, and Ma Wei

EGU2015-11964 | Orals | CR1.1

Reactivity and mobilization of permafrost-derived organic matter along the Lena River Delta – Laptev Sea transition
Boris P. Koch, Ivan Dubinenkov, Ruth Flerus, Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, and Gerhard Kattner

EGU2015-12592 | Posters | CR1.1

Geophysical surveys on permafrost in Coropuna and Chachani volcanoes (southern Peru)
Jose Ubeda, Kenji Yoshikawa, Walter Pari, David Palacios, Pablo Macias, Fredy Apaza, Beto Ccallata, Rafael Miranda, Ronald Concha, Pool Vasquez, and Rolando Cruz

EGU2015-9874 | Orals | CR1.1

Fate of organic matter released from permafrost to the East Siberian Arctic Shelf: burial vs lateral transport
Lisa Bröder, Tommaso Tesi, Oleg Dudarev, Igor Semiletov, and Örjan Gustafsson

EGU2015-12762 | Posters | CR1.1

Mechanical changes in thawing permafrost rocks and their influence on rock stability at the Zugspitze summit, Germany – a research concept
Philipp Mamot, Riccardo Scandroglio, and Michael Krautblatter

EGU2015-3966 | Orals | CR1.1

Simulated thaw development of a peat plateau-bog complex in a discontinuous permafrost region, Northwest Territories, Canada
Barret Kurylyk, Masaki Hayashi, William Quinton, and Clifford Voss

EGU2015-12852 | Posters | CR1.1

First inventory of optical lake types in the permafrost landscapes of the central Lena River Delta and central Yamal - case studies of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (cDOM) and turbidity regimes
Birgit Heim, Annett Bartsch, Yuri Dvornikov, Marina Leibman, Antje Eulenburg, Anne Morgenstern, Julia Boike, Barbara Widhalm, Irina Fedorova, and Antonina Chetverova

EGU2015-13744 | Posters | CR1.1

Chemical and physical characterisation of water in an alpine permafrost area (Col d'Olen LTER site, Italian NW-Alps)
Marco Giardino, Nicola Colombo, Simona Fratianni, Diego Guenzi, Fiorella Acquaotta, Luigi Perotti, Michele Freppaz, Danilo Godone, Daniel Said Pullicino, Maria Martin, Davide Viglietti, Roberta Gorra, Ilaria Mania, Gaetano Viviano, Franco Salerno, and Raffaella Balestrini

EGU2015-6736 | Orals | CR1.1

The effect of vegetation type and fire on permafrost thaw: An empirical test of a process based model
Aaron Thierry, Cristian Estop-Aragones, James Fisher, Iain Hartley, Julian Murton, Gareth Phoenix, Lorna Street, and Mathew Williams

EGU2015-6960 | Orals | CR1.1

Active-Layer Soil Moisture Content Regional Variations in Alaska and Russia by Ground-Based and Satellite-Based Methods, 2002 Through 2014
Reginald Muskett, Vladimir Romanovsky, William Cable, and Alexander Kholodov

EGU2015-2046 | Posters | CR1.1

Effects of Freezing and Thawing on Consolidation Behavior of Clayey Soils
Adil Binal and Parisa Adeli

EGU2015-11018 | Posters | CR1.1

Satellite data acquisition requirements for monitoring of permafrost in polar regions
Annett Bartsch and the PSTG Permafrost Requirements Review Team

EGU2015-10607 | Orals | CR1.1

Observation-based modelling of permafrost carbon fluxes with accounting for deep carbon deposits and thermokarst activity
Thomas Schneider von Deimling, Guido Grosse, Jens Strauss, Lutz Schirrmeister, Anne Morgenstern, Sibyll Schaphoff, Malte Meinshausen, and Julia Boike

EGU2015-12692 | Posters | CR1.1

First results from the Permafrost Research Priorities initiative
Hugues Lantuit, Allard Michel, Guglielmin Mauro, Johansson Margareta, Kraev Gleb, Krautblatter Michael, Krinner Gerhard, Schuur Edward, A. G., Sjöberg Ylva, Baeseman Jenny, and Schollän Karina

EGU2015-13259 | Posters | CR1.1

Intended long-term permafrost monitoring in Austria: Observations from eight years (2006-2014) of ground temperature monitoring in the Tauern Range, Central Austria
Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer and Michèle Lintschnig

EGU2015-11787 | Posters | CR1.1

Impact of thawing ground on subsurface water flow and transport in a modelled permafrost system
Andrew Frampton

EGU2015-14420 | Posters | CR1.1

High mountain soil sequence at the Páramos of Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador
Marcio Rocha Francelino, Alexandre Muselli Barbosa, Pedro Adnet Moura, Tom Adent Moura, Guilherme Correia, Lúcia Helena Cunha Anjos, and Carlos Ernesto Schaefer

EGU2015-14029 | Posters | CR1.1

Thermal effects from groundwater flow - A case study from a subarctic fen within the sporadic permafrost zone of Tavvavuoma, Sweden
Ylva Sjöberg, Steve Lyon, Romain Pannetier, Ethan Coon, Dylan Harp, Andrew Frampton, and Scott Painter

EGU2015-11428 | Posters | CR1.1

Assessing seasonal backscatter variations with respect to uncertainties in soil moisture retrieval in Siberian tundra regions
Elin Högström, Anna Maria Trofaier, Isabella Gouttevin, and Annett Bartsch

EGU2015-11927 | Posters | CR1.1

Future simulations of permafrost by the JULES land surface model
Sarah Chadburn, Eleanor Burke, Richard Essery, Julia Boike, Moritz Langer, Peter Cox, and Pierre Friedlingstein

EGU2015-967 | Posters | CR1.1

Evaluating Ecotypes as a means of Scaling-up Permafrost Thermal Measurements in Western Alaska.
William Cable and Vladimir Romanovsky

EGU2015-13454 | Posters | CR1.1

Surface water types in the Western Canadian Arctic: geochemical evolution and aquatic carbon transport
Joshua F. Dean, Mike F. Billett, Kerry J. Dinsmore, Jason S. Lessels, Lorna Street, Ian Washbourne, Jens-Arne Subke, Doerthe Tetzlaff, Robert Baxter, and Philip A. Wookey

CR1.2 – Rapid changes in sea ice: processes and implications

EGU2015-4636 | Orals | CR1.2

Changing summer sea ice roughness modifies momentum transfer into the Arctic Ocean
Torge Martin, Michel Tsamados, and Daniel Feltham

EGU2015-6931 | Posters | CR1.2

Impact of the integration of a Maxwell-elastic-brittle rheology in NEMO-LIM3
Jonathan Raulier, Thierry Fichefet, Vincent Legat, Jérôme Weiss, and Véronique Dansereau

EGU2015-913 | Posters | CR1.2

Implementation of a Combined Elastic-Viscous-Plastic and Collisional Sea Ice Rheology
Stefanie Rynders, Yevgeny Aksenov, and Daniel Feltham

EGU2015-8508 | Orals | CR1.2

On the Role of Sea Ice Deformations in Arctic Climate Change
Wieslaw Maslowski, Robert Osinski, Andrew Roberts, and Dominic DiMaggio

EGU2015-7687 | Orals | CR1.2

Using pan-Arctic, springtime, surface radiation observations to quantify atmospheric preconditioning processes that impact the sea ice melt season
Christopher Cox, Taneil Uttal, Sandy Starkweather, Janet Intrieri, Marion Maturilli, Vasily Kustov, Elena Konopleva, Sara Crepinsek, and Chuck Long

EGU2015-13389 | Posters | CR1.2

A Maxwell-elasto-brittle rheology for sea ice modeling
Véronique Dansereau, Jérome Weiss, and Pierre Saramito

EGU2015-406 | Orals | CR1.2

Influence of ice thickness and surface properties on light transmission through Arctic sea ice.
Christian Katlein, Stefanie Arndt, Marcel Nicolaus, Michael V Jakuba, Samuel Laney, Stephen Elliott, Louis L Whitcomb, Christopher J McFarland, Stefano Suman, Rüdiger Gerdes, Antje Boetius, and Christopher R German

EGU2015-7271 | Posters | CR1.2

Modeling Wave-Ice Interactions in the Marginal Ice Zone
Mark Orzech, Fengyan Shi, Sam Bateman, Jay Veeramony, and Joe Calantoni

EGU2015-10354 | Posters | CR1.2

Constraining the parameters of the EAP sea ice rheology from satellite observations and discrete element model
Michel Tsamados, Harry Heorton, and Daniel Feltham

EGU2015-10199 | Orals | CR1.2

Impact of melt ponds on Arctic sea ice in the HadGEM3 global coupled climate model
David Schroeder, Jamie Rae, Daniel Feltham, Daniela Flocco, Michel Tsamados, Jeff Ridley, and Ann Keen

EGU2015-8833 | Posters | CR1.2

Sea ice trends and cyclone activity in the Southern Ocean
Jack Coggins, Adrian McDonald, Wolfgang Rack, and Ethan Dale

EGU2015-11342 | Orals | CR1.2

Drivers of inorganic carbon dynamics in first-year sea ice: A model study
Sébastien Moreau, Martin Vancoppenolle, Bruno Delille, Jean-Louis Tison, Jiayun Zhou, Marie Kotovich, David Thomas, Nicolas-Xavier Geilfus, and Hugues Goosse

EGU2015-13528 | Posters | CR1.2

Sea Ice Drift from Sentinel-1 NRCS and Doppler
Morten W. Hansen and Anton Korosov

EGU2015-8078 | Posters | CR1.2

AIRS satellite data reveal a warmer and wetter Arctic between 2003-2013
Linette Boisvert and Julienne Stroeve

EGU2015-10302 | Posters | CR1.2

Processes controlling surface, bottom and lateral melt of Arctic sea ice in a state of the art sea ice model
Michel Tsamados, Daniel Feltham, Alek Petty, David Schroder, and Daniela Flocco

EGU2015-14634 | Posters | CR1.2

Surface processes impact on the solar heat input in the sea ice-ocean system in 2012 and 2013 in the Central Arctic Basin
Caixin Wang, Mats A. Granskog, Alexey K. Pavlov, Sebastian Gerland, and Stephen R. Hudson

EGU2015-14617 | Posters | CR1.2

Application of SRB data to evaluation of snow/ice albedo parameterization in models
Caixin Wang, Mats Granskog, keguang Wang, Sebastian Gerland, Tore Hattermann, and Anthony Paul Doulgeris

EGU2015-10958 | Posters | CR1.2

The impact of refreezing of melt ponds on Arctic sea ice thinning
Daniela Flocco, Daniel Feltham, David Schroeder, and Michel Tsamados

EGU2015-5065 | Posters | CR1.2

Growth of false bottoms under sea ice
Naomi Smith, Daniel Feltham, and Daniela Flocco

EGU2015-9581 | Posters | CR1.2

Modelling the interplay between sea ice formation and the oceanic mixed layer: limitations of simple brine rejection parameterizations
Antoine Barthélemy, Thierry Fichefet, Hugues Goosse, and Gurvan Madec

EGU2015-4984 | Posters | CR1.2

The dynamics of frazil ice formation in leads and its role in the mass balance of the sea ice pack.
Harry Heorton and Daniel Feltham

CR1.3 – Subglacial Environments of Ice Sheets and Glaciers

EGU2015-239 | Posters | CR1.3

Basal characteristics of the main sticky spot in the ice plain of Whillans Ice Stream
Tarun Luthra, Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Richard Alley, and Paul Winberry

EGU2015-3731 | Posters | CR1.3

Configuration of the subglacial drainage system structure beneath Mittivakkat Gletsjer, Greenland, using dye tracer experiments
Marta Lidström, Christine T. Kollsgård, Kristin B. Lome, Jacob C. Yde, Mette K. Gillespie, Simon de Villiers, Amy E. Jowett, Sebastian H. Mernild, and Edward Hanna

EGU2015-5867 | Posters | CR1.3

Diagnostics of basal conditions - the formation of extensive zones of surface ribs in ice-sheets and streams
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh, Olga V. Sergienko, and Timothy T. Creyts

EGU2015-6891 | Posters | CR1.3

Overdeeping and stratigraphy of a typical Alpine foreland glacier
Bernhard Salcher, Starnberger Reinhard, and Joachim Götz

EGU2015-9040 | Posters | CR1.3

Analysis of subglacial hydrodynamics and ice dynamics through combined terrestrial laser scanning and ground penetrating radar survey
Chrystelle Gabbud, Sébastien Rüttimann, Natan Micheletti, James Irving, and Stuart Lane

EGU2015-10669 | Posters | CR1.3

Greenland Ice Sheet nutrient export: Towards a reaction-transport model of fjord dynamics
James Crosby, Sandra Arndt, Jemma Wadham, and Rory Bingham

EGU2015-10770 | Posters | CR1.3

Self-organization of mega-scale glacial lineations
Carlos Martin, G. Hilmar Gudmundsson, Kelly A. Hogan, Edward King, and Chris R. Stokes

EGU2015-11167 | Posters | CR1.3

Progressive formation of drumlins within the active drumlin field of Múlajökull, surge-type glacier, Iceland
Ívar Örn Benediktsson, Sverrir A. Jónsson, Anders Schomacker, Mark Johnson, and Ólafur Ingólfsson

EGU2015-11631 | Posters | CR1.3

The Subglacial Access and Fast Ice Research Experiment (SAFIRE): 2. Preliminary outcomes from hot-water drilling and borehole instrumentation on Store Glacier, West Greenland
Samuel Doyle, Bryn Hubbard, Poul Christoffersen, Tun Jan Young, Coen Hofstede, Joe Todd, Marion Bougamont, and Alun Hubbard

EGU2015-13427 | Posters | CR1.3 | Media interest

The Subglacial Access and Fast Ice Research Experiment (SAFIRE): 1. Programme of investigation on Store Glacier, West Greenland
Poul Christoffersen, Bryn Hubbard, Marion Bougamont, Samuel Doyle, Tun Jan Young, Coen Hofstede, Keith Nicholls, Joe Todd, Jason Box, Johnny Ryan, Nick Toberg, Jacob Walter, and Alun Hubbard

CR2.1 – Remote Sensing of Polar Snow and Ice

EGU2015-3079 | Posters | CR2.1

Contrasting snow and ice albedos derived from MODIS, Landsat ETM+ and airborne data from Langjökull, Iceland
Ed Pope, Ian Willis, Allen Pope, Evan Miles, Neil Arnold, and Gareth Rees

EGU2015-8975 | Orals | CR2.1

Mass balance of Greenland from combined GRACE and satellite altimetry inversion
Rene Forsberg, Louise Sandberg Sørensen, Johan Nilsson, and Sebastian Simonsen

EGU2015-3348 | Posters | CR2.1

Interpreting Greenland dark ice reflectance spectra
Jason Box, Marek Stibal, Karen Cameron, Johnny Ryan, Alun Hubbard, Alia Khan, and Noah Molotch

EGU2015-7192 | Orals | CR2.1

Seasonal and Intra-Seasonal Variability of Surface Streams over the West Greenland Ice Sheet from High Resolution Satellite Optical Data.
Michael G. Brown and Marco Tedesco

EGU2015-992 | Orals | CR2.1

Ice elevation change from Swath Processing of CryoSat SARIn Mode Data
Luca Foresta, Noel Gourmelen, Andrew Shepherd, Alan Muir, and Pete Nienow

EGU2015-12594 | Posters | CR2.1

Assessing surface properties of the Greenland ice sheet from multi-sensor optical remote sensing
Stef Lhermitte and Nicole Van Lipzig

EGU2015-14301 | Orals | CR2.1

Validating Cryosat-2 elevation estimates with airborne laser scanner data for the Greenland ice sheet, Austfonna and Devon ice caps
Sebastian B. Simonsen, Louise Sandberg Sørensen, Johan Nilsson, Veit Helm, Kirsty A. Langley, Rene Forsberg, Sine M. Hvidegaard, and Henriette Skourup

EGU2015-6293 | Posters | CR2.1

Detection of Supra-Glacial Lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet Using MODIS Images
Gauthier Verin, Ghislain Picard, Quentin Libois, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, and Antoine Roux

EGU2015-8115 | Orals | CR2.1

Simultaneous measurements of ice sheet elevation change, accumulation, and firn compaction using Operation IceBridge data
Brooke Medley, Stefan Ligtenberg, Michiel van den Broeke, Sivaprasad Gogineni, and Sophie Nowicki

EGU2015-9857 | Posters | CR2.1

No slowing down of Jakobshavn Isbræ in 2014: Results from feature-tracking five Greenland outlet glaciers using Landsat-8 data and the ImGRAFT toolbox
Alexandra Messerli, Nanna B. Karlsson, and Aslak Grinsted

EGU2015-12487 | Orals | CR2.1

Ice/water Classification of Sentinel-1 Images
Anton Korosov, Natalia Zakhvatkina, and Stefan Muckenhuber

EGU2015-8247 | Posters | CR2.1

Accuracy improvement of the ice flow rate measurements on Antarctic ice sheet by DInSAR method
Kaoru Shiramizu, Koichiro Doi, and Yuichi Aoyama

EGU2015-3704 | Orals | CR2.1

Near-coastal Antarctic Iceberg Size Distributions Determined From SAR Images
Christine Wesche and Wolfgang Dierking

EGU2015-8763 | Posters | CR2.1

Ice shelf flexure at Antarctic grounding lines observed by high resolution satellite and ground measurements
Wolfgang Rack, Christian Wild, Michelle Ryan, Oliver Marsh, Adrian McDonald, Matt King, Dana Floricioiu, Andreas Wiesmann, and Daniel Price

EGU2015-3919 | Orals | CR2.1

Arctic sea-ice freeboard and thickness from NASA's LVIS observations
Donghui Yi, Michelle Hofton, Jeremy Harbeck, Helen Cornejo, Nathan Kurtz, and Michael Studinger

EGU2015-10099 | Posters | CR2.1

The ability of CryoSat-2 to measure Antarctic sea ice freeboard
Daniel Price, Wolfgang Rack, Justin Beckers, Robert Ricker, Nathan Kurtz, Christian Haas, Veit Helm, Stefan Hendricks, Greg Leonard, and Pat Langhorne

EGU2015-11596 | Orals | CR2.1

Sea ice concentration from satellite passive microwave algorithms: inter-comparison, validation and selection of an optimal algorithm
Natalia Ivanova, Leif T. Pedersen, Thomas Lavergne, Rasmus T. Tonboe, Roberto Saldo, Marko Mäkynen, Georg Heygster, Anja Rösel, Stefan Kern, Gorm Dybkjær, Atle Sørensen, Ludovic Brucker, Mohammed Shokr, Anton Korosov, and Morten W. Hansen

EGU2015-10916 | Posters | CR2.1

Characterizing sea ice surface morphology using high-resolution IceBridge data
Alek Petty, Sinead Farrell, Thomas Newman, Nathan Kurtz, Jacqueline Richter-Menge, Michel Tsamados, and Daniel Feltham

EGU2015-1490 | Orals | CR2.1

ICEMAP250: Sea Ice Mapping At 250m Resolution Using Downscaled Modis Data
Charles Gignac, Monique Bernier, Karem Chokmani, and Jimmy Poulin

EGU2015-2374 | Posters | CR2.1

Re-Processing of ERS-1/-2 SAR data for derivation of glaciological parameters on the Antarctic Peninsula
Peter Friedl, Kathrin Höppner, Matthias Braun, Rainer Lorenz, and Erhard Diedrich

EGU2015-12116 | Orals | CR2.1

Long-Term Record of Arctic and Antarctic Sea and Ice Surface Temperatures from Thermal Infrared Satellite Sensors
Cristina Luis, Gorm Dybkjær, Steinar Eastwood, Rasmus Tonboe, and Jacob Høyer

EGU2015-9588 | Posters | CR2.1

Establishment of a NRT service at DLR for supporting sea ice and iceberg monitoring for the Antarctic Peninsula
Kathrin Höppner, Karolin Eichler, Erhard Diedrich, Susanne Lehner, Anja Frost, and Rudolf Ressel

EGU2015-8033 | Orals | CR2.1

Spaceborne Observations of Ice Regimes Changes of Lakes in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Cristina Surdu, Claude Duguay, and Diego Fernández Prieto

EGU2015-10460 | Posters | CR2.1

Stack Characterization in CryoSat Level1b SAR/SARin Baseline C
Michele Scagliola, Marco Fornari, Andrea Di Giacinto, Jerome Bouffard, Pierre Féménias, and Tommaso Parrinello

EGU2015-5983 | Posters | CR2.1

CryoSat Level1b SAR/SARin BaselineC: Product Format and Algorithm Improvements
Michele Scagliola, Marco Fornari, Andrea Di Giacinto, Jerome Bouffard, Pierre Féménias, and Tommaso Parrinello

EGU2015-9153 | Posters | CR2.1

CryoSat data quality assessment and product evolutions
Jerome Bouffard, Pierre Femenias, Tommaso Parrinello, Marco Fornari, David Brockley, Michele Scagliola, Francisco Calafat, and Monica Roca

EGU2015-9450 | Posters | CR2.1

The CryoSat-2 Payload Data Ground Segment and Data Processing
Bjoern Frommknecht, Tommaso Parinello, Stefano Badessi, and Loretta Mizzi

EGU2015-9684 | Posters | CR2.1

Cryosat: ESA'S Ice Explorer Mission. Five years in operations: status and achievements
Tommaso Parrinello, Nicola Mardle, Mike Krassenburg, Stefano Badessi, Jerome Bouffard, Bjorn Frommknecht, Marco Fornari, and Michele Scagliola

EGU2015-5388 | Posters | CR2.1

Accuracy analysis of CryoSat-2 SARIn mode data over Antarctica
Fang Wang, Jonathan Bamber, and Xiao Cheng

EGU2015-7456 | Posters | CR2.1

ICESat-2: the next generation laser altimeter mission for polar research
Thomas Neumann, Thorsten Markus, and Anthony Martino and the ICESat-2 Science Definition Team

EGU2015-11439 | Posters | CR2.1

Airborne BB and UV albedo of Arctic snow and snow-covered trees
Terhikki Manninen, Outi Meinander, Panu Lahtinen, Aku Riihelä, and Jean-Louis Roujean

EGU2015-12906 | Posters | CR2.1

Snowpack monitoring with a Ku-Band GB-SAR system: preliminary results of a field experiment in Val Grosina
Oriol Monserrat, Guido Luzi, Francesco Zucca, and Davide Notti

CR2.2 – Glacier Monitoring from In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations

EGU2015-6612 | Orals | CR2.2

The Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers: an overview of recent activities
Anthony Arendt

EGU2015-12320 | Posters | CR2.2

Estimating unaccounted, late season snow accumulation in glacier mass balance programmes
Andrew Mercer and Peter Jansson

EGU2015-11251 | Posters | CR2.2

Monitoring of two rapidly changing glacier tongues in the Swiss Alps by new drone data and historical documents
Samuel U. Nussbaumer, Philip C. Jörg, Isabelle Gärtner-Roer, Philipp Rastner, Alexander Ruff, Daniel Steiner, Andreas Vieli, and Heinz J. Zumbühl

EGU2015-2320 | Orals | CR2.2

Altitudinal spread of area and area changes: a case study for deriving new parameters for monitoring Alpine glaciers
Andrea Fischer

EGU2015-5236 | Posters | CR2.2

Monitoring of a debris-covered and avalanche-fed glacier in the Eastern Italian Alps using ground-based SfM-MVS
Livia Piermattei, Luca Carturan, Federico Cazorzi, Renato R. Colucci, Giancarlo Dalla Fontana, and Emanuele Forte

EGU2015-5345 | Orals | CR2.2

GLACIER MONITORING SYSTEM IN COLOMBIA – complementing glaciological measurements with laser-scanning and ground-penetrating radar surveys
Jorge Ceballos, Natan Micheletti, Antoine Rabatel, Nico Mölg, and Michael Zemp

EGU2015-2643 | Posters | CR2.2

Detailed spatiotemporal albedo observations at Greenland's Mittivakkat Gletscher
Sebastian H. Mernild, Niels T. Knudsen, Jacob C. Yde, and Jeppe K. Malmros

EGU2015-11052 | Orals | CR2.2

Mass changes of glaciers over the Central Karakoram derived from TanDEM-X and SRTM/X-SAR Digital Elevation Models
Melanie Rankl and Matthias Braun

EGU2015-7415 | Orals | CR2.2

Identifying surging glaciers in the Central Karakoram for improved climate change impact assessment
Frank Paul, Tobias Bolch, Nico Mölg, and Philipp Rastner

EGU2015-1201 | Posters | CR2.2

Object-based glacier mapping in the Hohe Tauern Mountains of Austria
Benjamin Aubrey Robson, Daniel Hölbling, Christopher Nuth, and Svein Olaf Dahl

EGU2015-5828 | Posters | CR2.2

New glaciological research projects in the Cordillera Vilcanota - Cusco - Peru
Nilton Montoya, Edwin Molina, Simone Schauwecker, Wilfried Haeberli, Claudia Giraldez, Fabian Drenkhan, and Christian Huggel

EGU2015-15477 | Orals | CR2.2

In-situ glacier monitoring in Zackenberg (NE Greenland): Freya Glacier and A.P. Olsen Ice Cap
Bernhard Hynek, Signe Hillerup Larsen, Daniel Binder, Gernot Weyss, Michele Citterio, Wolfgang Schöner, and Andreas Peter Ahlstrøm

EGU2015-8047 | Posters | CR2.2

The correlation tracking between glacier movement and subglacial water flow using spaceborne data fusion and hydrodynamic modelling
Yun-Soo Choi, Jung-Rack Kim, Shih-Yuan Lin, Li-Yun Tsai, and Hye-Won Yun

EGU2015-12408 | Orals | CR2.2

Seasonal and interannual variations in snow cover thickness, glacier mass balance, and gravity-induced dynamics in a high Arctic valley glacier watershed.
Alexander Prokop, Florian Tolle, Eric Bernard, Jean-Michel Friedt, and Madeleine Griselin

EGU2015-8440 | Posters | CR2.2

Albedo estimation using near infrared photography at Glaciar Norte of Citlaltepetl Volcano (Mexico).
Guillermo Ontiveros and Hugo Delgado-Granados

EGU2015-9437 | Orals | CR2.2

Low resolution optical remote sensing applied to the monitoring of seasonal glacier mass balance.
Vanessa Drolon, Philippe Maisongrande, Etienne Berthier, and Else Swinnen

EGU2015-10897 | Orals | CR2.2

New insights into 3D calving investigations: use of Terrestrial LiDAR for monitoring the Perito Moreno glacier front (Southern Patagonian Ice Fields, Argentina)
Antonio Abellan, Ivanna Penna, Sergio Daicz, Dario Carrea, Marc-Henri Derron, Antoine Guerin, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2015-8546 | Posters | CR2.2

Monitoring of land-based glaciers on James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula
Kamil Laska, Daniel Nyvlt, Zbynek Engel, and Zdenek Stachon

EGU2015-11151 | Posters | CR2.2

New long-term measurement series of seasonal mass balance for Swiss glaciers
Matthias Huss, Laurie Dhulst, Andreas Bauder, and Martin Funk

EGU2015-7815 | Orals | CR2.2

Processes of mass loss on a debris covered glacier determined by high resolution DEM differencing
Sarah Thompson, Doug I Benn, and Jordan Mertes

EGU2015-14078 | Orals | CR2.2

Annual and seasonal mass balances of Chhota Shigri Glacier (benchmark glacier, Western Himalaya), India
Arindan Mandal, Alagappan Ramanathan, Mohd Farooq Azam, Patrick Wagnon, Christian Vincent, Anurag Linda, Parmanand Sharma, Thupstan Angchuk, Virendra Bahadur Singh, Jose George Pottakkal, Naveen Kumar, and Mohd Soheb

EGU2015-15481 | Posters | CR2.2

Surface mass balance at A.P. Olsen Ice Cap, NE Greenland
Signe Hillerup Larsen, Michele Citterio, Regine Hock, and Andreas Peter Ahlstrøm

EGU2015-10688 | Posters | CR2.2

Testing geographical and climatic controls on glacier retreat
Daphné Freudiger, Kerstin Stahl, and Markus Weiler

EGU2015-11332 | Posters | CR2.2

A tilt correction algorithm for albedo measurements
Stef Lhermitte, Michel van de Broeke, Konrad Steffen, Dirk Van As, and Nicole Van Lipzig

EGU2015-15407 | Posters | CR2.2

Directional close-contact melting in glacier ice
Julia Kowalski and Kai Schüller

EGU2015-14455 | Posters | CR2.2

Recent Airborne Radar Depth Sounding of Recovery Glacier
Jilu Li, Sivaprasad Gogineni, Stephen Yan, Ali Mahmood, Abhishek Awasthi, and Fernando Rodriguez-Morales

CR2.3 – Applied Geophysics in Cryosphere Sciences | PICO

EGU2015-6700 | PICO | CR2.3

Combining low-cost GPS receivers with upGPR to derive continuously liquid water content, snow height and snow water equivalent in Alpine snow covers
Franziska Koch, Lino Schmid, Monika Prasch, Achim Heilig, Olaf Eisen, Jürg Schweizer, and Wolfram Mauser

EGU2015-8706 | PICO | CR2.3

Field measurements and modeling of wave propagation and subsequent weak layer failure in snow due to explosive loading
Stephan Simioni, Rolf Sidler, Jürg Dual, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2015-12145 | PICO | CR2.3

Investigating the nature of the GPR antenna orientation effect on temperate glaciers
Lisbeth Langhammer, Lasse Rabenstein, Andreas Bauder, Patrick Lathion, and Hansruedi Maurer

EGU2015-8130 | PICO | CR2.3

A linear radio wave velocity model on polythermal glaciers
Songtao Ai, Zemin Wang, and Hong Geng

EGU2015-12936 | PICO | CR2.3

Application of Depth of Investigation index method to process resistivity imaging models from glacier forfield
Michał Glazer, Wojciech Dobinski, and Mariusz Grabiec

EGU2015-13491 | PICO | CR2.3

Application of 2-D geoelectrical resistivity tomography for mountain permafrost detection in sporadic permafrost environments: Experiences from Eastern Austria
Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer

EGU2015-8846 | PICO | CR2.3

Internal Structure of Periglacial Landforms: Assessment using 3D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI)
Adrian Emmert and Christof Kneisel

EGU2015-1893 | PICO | CR2.3

Seismic surveys test on Innerhytta Pingo, Adventdalen, Svalbard Islands
Jacopo Boaga, Giuliana Rossi, Lorenzo Petronio, Flavio Accaino, Roberto Romeo, and Walter Wheeler

EGU2015-7049 | PICO | CR2.3

Amplitude analysis of active source seismic data from the grounding zone of Whillans Ice Stream
Huw Horgan, Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Richard Alley, and Knut Christianson

EGU2015-14656 | PICO | CR2.3

Using reflection seismics to identify and monitor the basal conditions of Russell Glacier South West Greenland.
Coen Hofstede, Thomas Kleiner, Johannes Bondzio, Olaf Eisen, Frank Wilhelms, Pascal Bohleber, Diedrich Fritzsche, and Alun Hubbard

EGU2015-14649 | PICO | CR2.3

The Subglacial Access and Fast Ice Research Experiment (SAFIRE): 3. Englacial and subglacial conditions revealed by seismic reflection data on Store Glacier, West Greenland.
Coen Hofstede, Olaf Eisen, Tun Jan Young, Samuel Doyle, Bryn Hubbard, Poul Christoffersen, and Alun Hubbard

EGU2015-5738 | PICO | CR2.3

The Tweeting Ice Shelf: geophysics and outreach
Brice Van Liefferinge, Sophie Berger, Reinhard Drews, and Frank Pattyn

EGU2015-5627 | PICO | CR2.3

Using ice-penetrating radars to date ice-rise formation and Late Holocene ice-sheet retreat in the Ronne Ice Shelf region, West Antarctica
Jonathan Kingslake, Richard Hindmarsh, Edward King, and Hugh Corr

EGU2015-11608 | PICO | CR2.3

Ice-shelf channel evolution in Antarctic ice shelves
Reinhard Drews, Sophie Berger, Lionel Favier, and Frank Pattyn

EGU2015-15913 | PICO | CR2.3

Circular surface depression on Roi Baudoin Ice Shelf, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica - characteristics and possible origin
Veit Helm, Graeme Eagles, Christian Müller, Tobias Binder, Johannes Käßbohrer, Reinhard Drews, Jan Lenaerts, Daniel Steinhage, and Olaf Eisen

CR3.1 – Reconstructing paleo ice dynamics: Comparing and combining field-based evidence and numerical modeling (co-organized)

EGU2015-2572 | Orals | CR3.1

Direct evidence for significant deglaciation across the Weddell Sea embayment during Melt Water Pulse-1B
Christopher Fogwill, Christian Turney, Nicholas Golledge, David Etheridge, Mario Rubino, John Woodward, Kate Reid, Tas van Ommen, Andrew Moy, Mark Curran, David Thornton, Camilla Rootes, and Andrés Rivera

EGU2015-1091 | Posters | CR3.1

Dynamics of the Zemgale Lobe of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet reconstructed from the subglacial landform record
Kristaps Lamsters and Vitālijs Zelčs

EGU2015-10615 | Orals | CR3.1 | Media interest

Modeling today's sea-level contribution of glacial Antarctica
Torsten Albrecht and Anders Levermann

EGU2015-1616 | Posters | CR3.1

Ice flow and precipitation change over the Swiss Alps during the last glaciation, a modeling approach
Patrick Becker, Guillaume Jouvet, Martin Funk, and Julien Seguinot

EGU2015-12663 | Orals | CR3.1

Simulations of the Cordilleran ice sheet through the last glacial cycle
Julien Seguinot, Irina Rogozhina, Arjen P. Stroeven, Martin Margold, and Johan Kleman

EGU2015-2176 | Posters | CR3.1

The formation of ice rises, their dynamics and role in the deglaciation of the Antarctic ice sheet
Lionel Favier and Frank Pattyn

EGU2015-3472 | Posters | CR3.1

Localized sub-glacial deep karst formation due to water infiltration into glacier crevasses: A case study from Asiago, Italy
Nicola Tisato, Marcel Frehner, Leonardo Busellato, and Giovanni Grasselli

EGU2015-11363 | Orals | CR3.1

Ice Stream Dynamics during Deglaciation of the Laurentide Ice Sheet
Martin Margold, Chris R. Stokes, and Chris D. Clark

EGU2015-3570 | Posters | CR3.1

Mass balance reconstruction for the Rhine glacier, Swiss Alps, at the Last Glacial Maximum from three-dimensional thermo-mechanical modeling
Denis Cohen, Wilfried Haeberli, Urs H. Fischer, and Horst Machguth

EGU2015-7041 | Orals | CR3.1

Modelling the trajectory of erratic boulders in the western Alps during the last glacial maximum
Guillaume Jouvet, Patrick Becker, Martin Funk, and Julien Seguinot

EGU2015-12294 | Orals | CR3.1 | Media interest

Hesperian polythermal glaciation in Isidis Planitia, Mars - Ice sheet dynamics and thermal regime inferred from numerical modeling
Ondřej Souček, Olivier Bourgeois, Stéphane Pochat, and Thomas Guidat

EGU2015-11474 | Posters | CR3.1

Landform assemblage in Isidis Planitia, Mars: Evidence for a 3 Ga old polythermal ice sheet.
Stéphane POCHAT, Thomas Guidat, Ondřej Souček, and Olivier Bourgeois

EGU2015-11662 | Posters | CR3.1

‘Traction ribs' on the palaeo-ice stream tracks of the Interior Plains, North America
Martin Margold and Chris R. Stokes

EGU2015-13801 | Posters | CR3.1

Using ISSM to simulate the LIA to present ice margin change at Upernavik Glacier, Greenland
Konstanze Haubner, Signe H. Larsen, Jason E. Box, Morten L. Andersen, Camilla S. Andresen, Kurt H. Kjær, and Anker Weidick

EGU2015-14538 | Posters | CR3.1

Spatial and temporal patterns of paleoglaciation across eastern Tibet and Central Asia
Arjen P. Stroeven and the Central Asia Paleoglaciology Project (CAPP)

EGU2015-13747 | Posters | CR3.1

Paleoglacial history of Dronning Maud Land: Numerical modeling guiding field investigations in East Antarctica
Irina Rogozhina, Jorge Bernales, Tonio Häfliger, Arjen Stroeven, Jonathan Harbor, Neil Glasser, Ola Fredin, Derek Fabel, and Class Hättestrand

EGU2015-12052 | Posters | CR3.1

The effects of climate uncertainty on the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet during the mid-Pliocene warm period
Jorge Bernales, Tonio Häfliger, Irina Rogozhina, and Maik Thomas

EGU2015-13424 | Posters | CR3.1

Cirque-driven erosion of the Scandinavian mountains
John D. Jansen, Alexandru T. Codilean, David L. Egholm, Mads F. Knudsen, Oliver Korup, Arjen Stroeven, Bradley Goodfellow, Jane L. Andersen, Sofie V. Ugelvig, and Josefin Klein

EGU2015-2001 | Posters | CR3.1

Reconstructing the last Newfoundland Ice Sheet,Canada.
Maureen McHenry and Paul Dunlop

EGU2015-2685 | Posters | CR3.1

The sedimentology of a palaeo ice stream bed: an in-depth analysis of the Wielkopolska (Poland) MSGL field
Matteo Spagnolo, Emrys Phillips, Jan A. Piotrowski, Brice Rea, Simon Carr, Jeremy Ely, Adriano Ribolini, and Izabela Szuman

EGU2015-3899 | Posters | CR3.1

An automated workflow for reconstructing 3D glacier thickness and volume
William James

EGU2015-6496 | Posters | CR3.1

The analysis of soft-sediment deformation structures: another tool for reconstructing palaeo-ice dynamics? Case study from the Sólheimajökull forefield (Iceland).
Edouard Ravier, Jean-François Buoncristiani, John Menzies, Michel Guiraud, and Eric Portier

CR3.2 – State of the Cryosphere: Observations and Modelling

EGU2015-9538 | Orals | CR3.2

Changes in Hemispheric Snow Accumulation Based on CMIP5 Simulations and Satellite-Based Data
Kari Luojus, Jouni Pulliainen, Juval Cohen, Jaakko Ikonen, Matias Takala, Juha Lemmetyinen, Tuomo Smolander, and Chris Derksen

EGU2015-10274 | Posters | CR3.2

Spatiotemporal analysis of snow trends in Austria
Roland Koch and Wolfgang Schöner

EGU2015-11934 | Posters | CR3.2

Snow surface roughness effect on the albedo during SNORTEX campaign in 2009 -2010
Terhikki Manninen, Aku Riihelä, Kati Anttila, and Panu Lahtinen

EGU2015-4025 | Orals | CR3.2

Declining Spring Snow Cover Extent over Northern Hemisphere Lands
David Robinson

EGU2015-2467 | Orals | CR3.2

European snow cover in a changing climate: An analysis of the EURO-CORDEX regional climate model ensemble
Sven Kotlarski, Claas Teichmann, and Andreas Gobiet and the EURO-CORDEX Team

EGU2015-11598 | Posters | CR3.2

Concurrent trends in snow cover and air temperature in Norway
Jonathan Rizzi, Irene Brox Nilsen, James Howard Stagge, and Lena Merete Tallaksen

EGU2015-7760 | Orals | CR3.2

ESA Data User Element DUE PERMAFROST Circumpolar Remote Sensing Service for Permafrost - Evaluation Case Studies and Intercomparison with Regional Climate Model Simulations
Birgit Heim, Annett Bartsch, Kirsten Elger, Annette Rinke, Heidrun Matthes, Xu Zhou, Katharina Klehmet, Burkhardt Rockel, Hugues Lantuit, and Claude Duguay

EGU2015-10895 | Posters | CR3.2

Freezing of lakes on the Swiss Plateau 1865-2100: combining long-term observations with modelling
Matthias Huss, Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, Alice Voinesco, Felix Keller, Martin Funk, and Martin Hoelzle

EGU2015-10619 | Posters | CR3.2

Very high resolution climate and surface mass balance modelling over Svalbard with the regional climate model MAR
Charlotte Lang, Xavier Fettweis, and Michel Erpicum

EGU2015-11659 | Orals | CR3.2

Elevation and mass changes of North Atlantic glaciers and ice caps
Bert Wouters, Jonathan L. Bamber, Alex S. Gardner, and Geir Moholdt

EGU2015-2095 | Orals | CR3.2

Comprehensive spatiotemporal glacier and ice sheet velocity measurements from Landsat 8
Twila Moon, Mark Fahnestock, Ted Scambos, Marin Klinger, and Terry Haran

EGU2015-9287 | Posters | CR3.2

Monitoring the Continuous Surface Motion of Glaciers by Low-Cost GNSS Receivers
Christof Völksen and Christoph Mayer

EGU2015-5028 | Posters | CR3.2

Ice dynamics of Himalayan glaciers (Himachal Pradesh, India) using TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X data.
Saurabh Vijay and Matthias Braun

EGU2015-1162 | Orals | CR3.2

Progressive increase in number and volume of ice-marginal lakes on the western margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Jonathan Carrivick and Duncan Quincey

EGU2015-934 | Orals | CR3.2

Supraglacial lakes advance inland on the Greenland ice sheet under warming climate
Amber Leeson, Andrew Shepherd, Kate Briggs, Ian Howat, Xavier Fettweis, Mathieu Morlighem, and Eric Rignot

EGU2015-7231 | Posters | CR3.2

High resolution tidal modeling in the Arctic Ocean: needs and upcoming developments
Mathilde Cancet, Ole Baltazar Andersen, David Cotton, Florent Lyard, and Jerome Benveniste

EGU2015-8394 | Orals | CR3.2

Seasonal Variability of Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Balance
Patrick M. Alexander, Marco Tedesco, Nicole Schlegel, Eric Y. Larour, Scott B. Luthcke, and Xavier Fettweis

EGU2015-2393 | Posters | CR3.2

Salinity and water temperature observations from the inaccessible waters beneath the dense ice mélange and tidewater glacier margins in Greenland obtained using instrumented ringed seals
Sebastian H. Mernild, David M. Holland, Denise Holland, and Aqqalu Rosing-Asvid

EGU2015-2523 | Posters | CR3.2

Current and future darkening of the Greenland ice sheet
Marco Tedesco, Julienne Stroeve, Xavier Fettweis, Stephen Warren, Sarah Doherty, Erik Noble, and Patrick Alexander

EGU2015-5805 | Orals | CR3.2

Intensification of the Antarctic hydrological cycle in a future warming climate: a study with CESM
Jan Lenaerts, Miren Vizcaino, Jeremy Fyke, Leo van Kampenhout, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2015-10746 | Posters | CR3.2

Future projections of the Greenland ice sheet mass balance using the regional climate MAR model coupled with the GRISLI ice sheet model.
Coraline Wyard, Xavier Fettweis, and Catherine Ritz

EGU2015-9272 | Orals | CR3.2

Consistent Evidence of Increasing Antarctic Accumulation with Warming
Katja Frieler, Peter Clark, Feng He, Christo Buizert, Ronja Reese, Stefan Ligtenberg, Michiel van den Broeke, Ricarda Winkelmann, and Anders Levermann

EGU2015-6721 | Orals | CR3.2

Antarctic ice sheet mass loss, glacio-isostatic adjustment and surface processes from ENVISAT, ICESat, CryoSat-2, GRACE and GPS
Jonathan L. Bamber, Alba Martin-Espanol, Nana Schoen, Andrew Zammit-Mangion, Scott Luthcke, Liz Petrie, Frederique Remy, Bert Wouters, Matt King, and Jonty Rougier

EGU2015-10436 | Posters | CR3.2

Upper air relaxation in regional climate model improves resolved interannual variability of the surface mass balance of Antarctica
Willem Jan van de Berg, Brooke Medley, and Erik van Meijgaard

EGU2015-5963 | Posters | CR3.2

Investigating glacial mass balance variability around the Prince Gustav Channel
Samantha Royston, Hilmar Gudmundsson, Lucy Clarke, and Adrian Fox

EGU2015-12808 | Posters | CR3.2

Contribution of glacial melt water to the recent Southern Ocean sea ice increase
Verena Haid and Dorotea Iovino

CR3.3 – Glaciers and ice caps under climate change

EGU2015-1539 | Orals | CR3.3

On the climate-geometry imbalance, response time and volume-area scaling of an alpine glacier: insights from a 3-D flow model applied to Vadret da Morteratsch
Harry Zekollari and Philippe Huybrechts

EGU2015-4397 | Posters | CR3.3

Sea level rise Contribution from High Mountain Asia by 20150
Liyun Zhao, John Moore, and Ran Ding

EGU2015-10240 | Orals | CR3.3

Ice dynamic contribution to sea-level rise from the Antarctic Peninsula over the next 300 years
Clemens Schannwell, Nicholas Barrand, Richard Hindmarsh, and Valentina Radic

EGU2015-4735 | Posters | CR3.3

Geocryological Structure and Glaciers Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the context of global climate processes
Mikhail Kholmiansky and Vladimir Anokhin

EGU2015-2929 | Posters | CR3.3

Coming early, staying longer and going further – the structure of glaciation during the LGM in New Zealand
David Fink, Henrik Rother, and James Shulmeister

EGU2015-9804 | Orals | CR3.3

Contrasting response of glacierized catchments in the Central Himalaya and the Central Andes to climate change
Silvan Ragettli, Francesca Pellicciotti, and Walter Immerzeel

EGU2015-14519 | Orals | CR3.3

Trends in winter melt periods and surface air temperature lapse rate analysis indicate changes of atmospheric circulation patterns at King George Island, West Antarctica
Ulrike Falk and Hernán Sala

EGU2015-4969 | Posters | CR3.3

Seasonal changes of surface velocity and elevation of Columbia Glacier, Alaska using time-series TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X data
Saurabh Vijay and Matthias Braun

EGU2015-9957 | Orals | CR3.3

Decadal to seasonal evolution of small debris-covered glaciers in permafrost environments in relation to their internal structure and climatic factors
Jean-Baptiste Bosson, Maxime Capt, and Christophe Lambiel

EGU2015-9189 | Posters | CR3.3

Comparison of the responses of two temperate Alpine valley glaciers to climate change at the decadal scale
Chrystelle Gabbud, Adnan Ahmad Tahir, Natan Micheletti, and Stuart Lane

EGU2015-7080 | Orals | CR3.3

Velocity Variability of a Debris-Covered Glacier at Hourly to Annual Timescales
Huw Horgan and Brian Anderson

EGU2015-3882 | Posters | CR3.3

Using centrifuge modelling to investigate glacier crevassing
Brice Rea, Andrew Brennan, and Doug Benn

EGU2015-24 | Posters | CR3.3

The impact of supraglacial debris on the mass balance and dynamics of Khumbu Glacier, Nepalese Himalaya
Ann Rowan, Duncan Quincey, Neil Glasser, David Egholm, Morgan Gibson, Tristram Irvine-Fynn, and Philip Porter

EGU2015-11547 | Posters | CR3.3

Static debris-covered glaciers and rock glaciers in Tröllaskagi Peninsula (northern Iceland): The cases of Hóladalur and Fremri-Grjótárdalur.
Luis Miguel Tanarro, David Palacios, Nuria Andres, and Jose María Fernández

EGU2015-13413 | Posters | CR3.3

Thermal conditions within the supraglacial debris cover of Pasterze Glacier, Austria, and its effects on glacier ablation between 2006 and 2014
Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer and Simon Hirschmann

CR3.4 – Ice-sheet and climate interactions

EGU2015-10628 | Posters | CR3.4

Evolution of the large-scale atmospheric circulation in response to changing ice sheets over the last glacial cycle
Marcus Löfverström, Rodrigo Caballero, and Johan Nilsson

EGU2015-5304 | Orals | CR3.4

Isochronal ice sheet model: Simulate englacial tracer transport to reconstruct past climates and ice sheet volumes
Andreas Born

EGU2015-11144 | Orals | CR3.4

The impacts of the North American ice-sheet on glaciation conditions over northern Europe: an atmospheric circulation study with the LMDZ model
Pauline Beghin, Sylvie Charbit, Masa Kageyama, and Christophe Dumas

EGU2015-7242 | Posters | CR3.4

Coupled Northern Hemisphere permafrost-ice sheet evolution over the last glacial cycle
Matteo Willeit and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2015-2567 | Posters | CR3.4

Mechanisms Driving abrupt shifts in West Antarctic ice stream direction during the Holocene
Christopher Fogwill, Christian Turney, Nicholas Golledge, Dylan Rood, Kristina Hippe, Lukas Wacker, Riener Weiler, Eleanor Rainsley, and Richard Jones

EGU2015-9393 | Orals | CR3.4

Impact of ice sheet changes on the climate evolution at the onset of the Last Interglacial
Heiko Goelzer, Philippe Huybrechts, Marie-France Loutre, and Thierry Fichefet

EGU2015-14362 | Orals | CR3.4

Iceberg discharges and oceanic circulation changes during glacial abrupt climate changes
Jorge Alvarez-Solas, Alexander Robinson, Rubén Banderas, and Marisa Montoya

EGU2015-13239 | Posters | CR3.4

The response of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to ocean warming beneath the Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf
Sebastian Goeller, Ralph Timmermann, and Malte Thoma

EGU2015-6311 | Posters | CR3.4

Ensemble simulations of Greenland outlet glaciers into the 21st century
Mahé Perrette, Johanna Beckmann, David Alexander, Reinhard Calov, and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2015-5497 | Orals | CR3.4

Modeling interactions between Antarctic Instability and Surface Mass Balance.
Catherine Ritz, Cecile Agosta, Vincent Peyaud, Gael Durand, Xavier Fettweis, Vincent Favier, and Hubert Gallée

EGU2015-15590 | Posters | CR3.4

Future rates of sea-level rise from long-term coupled climate-ice sheet projections
Heiko Goelzer, Philippe Huybrechts, Marie-France Loutre, and Thierry Fichefet

EGU2015-5495 | Orals | CR3.4

Impact of present-day and future (1850-2200) ice sheet melting on regional climate in the fully coupled CESM
Jan Lenaerts, Leo van Kampenhout, Miren Vizcaino, Dewi Le Bars, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2015-6838 | Posters | CR3.4

Long-term future contribution of the Greenland ice sheet to sea level rise
Reinhard Calov, Alex Robinson, and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2015-5659 | Posters | CR3.4

Global sea-level change during the next 10,000 years: the end of an icehouse?
Jonas Van Breedam, Philippe Huybrechts, Heiko Goelzer, Marie-France Loutre, and Thierry Fichefet

EGU2015-14500 | Posters | CR3.4

Evaluating ice sheet model performance over the last glacial cycle using paleo data
Alexander Robinson, Jorge Alvarez-Solas, and Marisa Montoya

EGU2015-13509 | Posters | CR3.4

A simple correlation scheme for glacial climate variability
Henning Bauch

CR4.1 – Deformation mechanisms and microstructures in Earth materials: From ice to perovskite (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2015-14195 | PICO | CR4.1

From micro to macro: the role of defects in the mechanical response of Earth and Planetary materials
Christine McCarthy

EGU2015-15530 | PICO | CR4.1

Small scale folding observed in the NEEM ice core
Daniela Jansen, Maria-Gema Llorens, Julien Westhoff, Florian Steinbach, Paul D. Bons, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Albert Griera, and Ilka Weikusat

EGU2015-14666 | PICO | CR4.1

Deformation of Eemian and Glacial ice at NEEM, Greenland
Kaitlin Keegan, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Maurine Montagnat, Ilka Weikusat, and Sepp Kipfstuhl

EGU2015-3771 | PICO | CR4.1

Geometry and crystallographic configuration of grain boundaries
Jan Eichler, Ilka Weikusat, Sepp Kipfstuhl, and Tobias Binder

EGU2015-2507 | PICO | CR4.1

Identifying deformation mechanisms in the NEEM ice core using EBSD measurements
Ernst-Jan Kuiper, Ilka Weikusat, Martyn R. Drury, Gill M. Pennock, and Matthijs D. A. de Winter

EGU2015-3706 | PICO | CR4.1

Preliminary 3D In-situ measurements of the texture evolution of strained H2O ice during annealing using neutron Laue diffractometry
Baptiste Journaux, Maurine Montagnat, Thomas Chauve, Bachir Ouladdiaf, and John Allibon

EGU2015-4871 | PICO | CR4.1

Strain field evolution during creep on ice. Impact of dynamic recrystallization mechanisms.
Thomas Chauve, Maurine Montagnat, Fabrice Barou, Karoly Hidas, Andréa Tommasi, and Pierre Vacher

EGU2015-7358 | PICO | CR4.1

Utilizing microstructural characteristics to derive insights into deformation and annealing behaviour: Numerical simulations, experiments and nature
Sandra Piazolo, Maurine Montagnat, Abhishek Prakash, Verity Borthwick, Lynn Evans, Albert Griera, Paul D. Bons, Henrik Svahnberg, and David J. Prior

EGU2015-7466 | PICO | CR4.1

Computational analysis of dynamic recrystallization of ice aggregates during viscoplastic deformation
Maria-Gema Llorens, Albert Griera, Ilka Weikusat, Paul Bons, Ricardo Lebensohn, Lynn Evans, and Sandra Piazolo

EGU2015-1025 | PICO | CR4.1

Numerical modelling of polyphase deformation and recrystallisation in polar firn and ice
Florian Steinbach, Ilka Weikusat, Paul Bons, Albert Griera, Maria-Gema Llorens, and Jens Roessiger

EGU2015-7907 | PICO | CR4.1

Extreme metamorphism in a firn core from the Allan Hills, Antarctica, as an analogue for glacial conditions
Ruzica Dadic, Martin Schneebeli, Nancy Bertler, Margit Schwikowski, and Margret Matzl

EGU2015-9654 | PICO | CR4.1

Micromechanics of sea ice gouge in shear zones
Peter Sammonds, Sally Scourfield, and Ben Lishman

EGU2015-711 | PICO | CR4.1

cm-scale variations of crystal orientation fabric in cold Alpine ice core from Colle Gnifetti
Johanna Kerch, Ilka Weikusat, Olaf Eisen, Dietmar Wagenbach, and Tobias Erhardt

EGU2015-5375 | PICO | CR4.1

The Effects of Soluble Impurities on the Flow and Fabric of Polycrystalline Ice
Kevin Hammonds and Ian Baker

EGU2015-9104 | PICO | CR4.1

Spatially-resolved chemical analysis of frozen ice cores by cryo-cell-UV-laser-ablation-ICPMS
Wolfgang Müller, Damiano Della Lunga, Sune O. Rasmussen, and Anders Svensson

CR4.2 – Mass and energy balance of snow and ice and drivers of Greenland ice sheet mass loss (co-organized)

EGU2015-3895 | Posters | CR4.2

Parameterization of single-scattering properties of snow
Petri Räisänen, Alexander Kokhanovsky, Gwennole Guyot, Olivier Jourdan, and Timo Nousiainen

EGU2015-10047 | Orals | CR4.2

Meteorological conditions associated to high sublimation amounts in semiarid high-elevation Andes decrease the performance of empirical melt models
Alvaro Ayala, Francesca Pellicciotti, Shelley MacDonell, James McPhee, and Paolo Burlando

EGU2015-10714 | Orals | CR4.2

Eddy covariance and lysimeter measurements of moisture fluxes over supraglacial debris
Benjamin Brock

EGU2015-10355 | Posters | CR4.2

Albedo changes on Vatnajökull associated with dust events, Iceland
Monika Dragosics, Throstur Thorsteinsson, and Finnur Pálsson

EGU2015-7130 | Orals | CR4.2

Downscaling RCM output to km resolution: effect on Greenland surface mass balance
Brice Noel, Willem Jan van de Berg, Erik van Meijgaard, Xavier Fettweis, Horst Machguth, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2015-7799 | Posters | CR4.2

A study of stable isotopic variations of Antarctic snow by albedo differences
Jeonghoon Lee, Yeongcheol Han, Ji-Young Ham, Young-Hee Kim, Songyi Kim, Hyerin Kim, and Un-Sung Na

EGU2015-839 | Orals | CR4.2

Greenland surface mass balance 1870-2013 based on an improved/optimised runoff model
Amy Jowett, Edward Hanna, Philippe Huybrechts, and Felix Ng

EGU2015-11551 | Posters | CR4.2

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Blowing Snow Flux and Related Near-Surface Atmospheric Processes over Antarctica (2001-2011) from the Modèle Atmosphérique Régionale (MAR), Assessed With In Situ and Satellite Data
Rajashree Datta, Marco Tedesco, Xavier Fettweis, Hubert Gallee, and James Booth

EGU2015-14017 | Posters | CR4.2

Evaluation of snow cover extent and surface air temperature relationships simulated by land surface models
Duoying Ji, Annette Rinke, and John C. Moore

EGU2015-12074 | Orals | CR4.2

1850-2200 coupled Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance and climate evolution as simulated by the Community Earth System Model
Miren Vizcaino, Jan Lenaerts, William Sacks, and Leo van Kampenhout

EGU2015-5639 | Posters | CR4.2

Air temperature, radiation budget and area changes of Quisoquipina glacier in the Cordillera Vilcanota (Peru)
Wilson Suarez, Nicolás Macedo, Nilton Montoya, Sandro Arias, Simone Schauwecker, Christian Huggel, Mario Rohrer, and Thomas Condom

EGU2015-13657 | Orals | CR4.2

Long-term dynamics of a tidewater outlet glacier in West Greenland and its relation to external forcing
Andreas Vieli, Martin Luethi, Luc Moreau, Moritz Reisser, and Joughin Ian

EGU2015-2395 | Posters | CR4.2

Andes Mountain Snow Distribution, Properties, and Trend: 1979–2014
Sebastian H. Mernild, Glen E. Liston, and Christopher A. Hiemstra

EGU2015-1540 | Posters | CR4.2

On the Holocene evolution of Hans Tausen Iskappe (Greenland)
Harry Zekollari and Philippe Huybrechts

EGU2015-6567 | Posters | CR4.2

Community interactive webtool to retrieve Greenland glacier data for 1-D geometry
Mahé Perrette

EGU2015-9042 | Posters | CR4.2

Considering thermal-viscous collapse of the Greenland ice sheet
William Colgan, Harihar Rajaram, Waleed Abdalati, and Aleah Sommers

EGU2015-6856 | Posters | CR4.2

Sensitivity of Greenland outlet glacier dynamics to submarine melting
Johanna Beckmann, Merten Siegrfied, Mahé Perrette, Reinhard Carlov, and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2015-7677 | Posters | CR4.2

Melting beneath Greenland outlet glaciers and ice streams
David Alexander, Mahé Perrette, and Johanna Beckmann

EGU2015-7083 | Posters | CR4.2

Increasing freshwater runoff and tidal action influences on spatial mixing patterns in Søndre Strømfjord, West Greenland.
Crystal Smiley, Nick Kamenos, Trevor Hoey, Finlo Cottier, and Rob Ellam

EGU2015-5853 | Posters | CR4.2

Pathways of warm water to the Northeast Greenland outlet glaciers
Janin Schaffer, Ralph Timmermann, Torsten Kanzow, Jan Erik Arndt, Christoph Mayer, and Ursula Schauer

CR4.3 – Snow, snow cover processes and avalanche formation | PICO

EGU2015-9190 | PICO | CR4.3

Snowfall and avalanche synchronization: beyond observational statistics
Benoît Crouzy, Romain Forclaz, Betty Sovilla, Javier Corripio, and Paolo Perona

EGU2015-11270 | PICO | CR4.3

Snow cover evolution during the fifty past years in the Hautes-Fagnes (Belgium) using the regional climate MAR model.
Coraline Wyard, Xavier Fettweis, and Michel Erpicum

EGU2015-2132 | PICO | CR4.3

Snow cover statistical model for assessment of vehicles mobility
Vladimir Belyakov, Andrey Kurkin, Denis Zezyulin, and Vladimir Makarov

EGU2015-4133 | PICO | CR4.3

Evaluation of snow-glide risk by modelling and on-site assessment
Georg Leitinger, Katrin Meusburger, Johannes Rüdisser, Erich Tasser, and Peter Höller

EGU2015-13350 | PICO | CR4.3

Merging a Terrain-Based Parameter and Snow Particle Counter Data for the Assessment of Snow Redistribution in the Col du Lac Blanc Area
Peter Schön, Alexander Prokop, Florence Naaim-Bouvet, Vincent Vionnet, Gilbert Guyomarc'h, Micha Heiser, and Kouichi Nishimura

EGU2015-13910 | PICO | CR4.3

A test of Automatic Blowing snow Station (ABS) in the French Alps
Yoichi ITO, Florence NAAIM-BOUVET, Kouichi NISHIMURA, Hervé BELLOT, and Firmin FONTAINE

EGU2015-3038 | PICO | CR4.3

Skier triggering of backcountry avalanches with skilled route selection
Alexandra Sinickas, Pascal Haegeli, and Bruce Jamieson

EGU2015-15016 | PICO | CR4.3

Patterns of snow instability within a small basin
Benjamin Reuter and Schweizer Jürg

EGU2015-9834 | PICO | CR4.3

First tests with a new Snow-Penetrometer
Paolo Scotton, Emiliano Casagranda, and Damiano Vescovo

EGU2015-11092 | PICO | CR4.3

A simple analytical model to assess the critical length for crack propagation in weak snowpack layers derived from discrete element simulations
Johan Gaume, Alec van Herwijnen, Guillaume Chambon, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2015-4639 | PICO | CR4.3

Mixed-mode shear-compression failure criterion for weak snowpack layers
Ingrid Reiweger, Johan Gaume, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2015-10805 | PICO | CR4.3

Numerical evaluation of the failure envelope of weak snow layers using the discrete element method
Johan Gaume, Guillaume Chambon, Ingrid Reiweger, Alec van Herwijnen, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2015-5490 | PICO | CR4.3

Investigating the Thermophysical Properties of the Ice-Snow Interface Under a Controlled Temperature Gradient
Kevin Hammonds, Ross Lieb-Lappen, Ian Baker, Xuan Wang, and Zoe Courville

EGU2015-12602 | PICO | CR4.3

Propagation characteristics of acoustic waves in snow
Achille Capelli, Jagdish Chandra Kapil, Ingrid Reiweger, Jürg Schweizer, and Dani Or

EGU2015-3371 | PICO | CR4.3

Yukimarimo at Dome C, Antarctica
Igor Petenko

CR4.4 – Snow avalanche dynamics, hazard mapping and risk management (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2015-8385 | PICO | CR4.4

Shapes of standing jumps formed in granular flows down inclines: implications for the design of snow avalanche protection dams
Thierry Faug, Philippa Childs, Edward Wyburn, Luiza Cardoso Ribas e Castro, and Itai Einav