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ERE – Energy, Resources and the Environment

ERE1.1 – Energy, Resources & the Environment

EGU2015-423 | Posters | ERE1.1

Strategies for the Use of Tidal Stream Currents for Power Generation
Kadir Orhan and Roberto Mayerle

EGU2015-9901 | Orals | ERE1.1

The mechanism behind the environmental kuznets curve for carbon dioxide is unlikely to be sufficient to achieve the 2°C goal
Kai Kornhuber, Dominik E. Reusser, Luis Costa, Jürgen P. Kropp, and Diego Rybski

EGU2015-938 | Posters | ERE1.1

Assessment of tidal circulation and tidal current asymmetry in the Iroise sea with specific emphasis on characterization of tidal energy resources around the Ushant Island.
Maxime Thiébaut and Alexei Sentchev

EGU2015-10942 | Orals | ERE1.1

Systemic effects of geoengineering by terrestrial carbon dioxide removal on carbon related planetary boundaries
Vera Heck, Jonathan Donges, and Wolfgang Lucht

EGU2015-13847 | Orals | ERE1.1

Off-shore enhanced oil recovery in the north sea: matching CO$_2$ demand and supply given uncertain market conditions
Tine Compernolle, Kris Welkenhuysen, Kuno Huisman, Kris Piessens, and Peter Kort

EGU2015-11992 | Posters | ERE1.1

High Resolution Modelling of Tidal Resources, Extraction and Interactions Around the UK
Mark Liddiard, Samantha Dawson, Sebastian Bourbon, and David Todd

EGU2015-2867 | Posters | ERE1.1

The arsenic removal from arsenopyrite in sulfide mineral by physicochemical extraction
Jiyu Jo, Kanghee Cho, Nagchoul Choi, and Cheonyoung Park*

EGU2015-15493 | Orals | ERE1.1

Methanation of recovered oxyfuel-CO2 from Ketzin and of flue gas emitted by conventional power plants
Klaus Müller, Niklas Beinlich, Fabian Rachow, Johannes Israel, Carola Schwiertz, Evgenia Charlafti, and Dieter Schmeißer

EGU2015-895 | Orals | ERE1.1

Mercury emissions from coal combustion in Silesia, analysis using geostatistics
Damian Zasina and Jaroslaw Zawadzki

EGU2015-2869 | Posters | ERE1.1

The sorption property of As(III) and As(V) from aqueous solution using waste cast iron
Wooram Kim, Yunsub Lee, Yangsu Kim, Jinyoung Choi, and Ohhyung Han*

EGU2015-2871 | Posters | ERE1.1

The mineralogical phase transformation of invisible gold-concentrate by microwave heating, and enhancement of their gold leaching rate
Geonyoung Bak, Bongju Kim, Nagchoul Choi, and Cheonyoung Park*

EGU2015-6851 | Orals | ERE1.1

An assessment of wind energy potential in Iberia under climate change
Margarida L. R. Liberato, João A. Santos, Carlos Rochinha, Mark Reyers, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2015-4459 | Posters | ERE1.1

The enhancing of Au-Ag-Te content in tellurium-bearing ore mineral by bio-oxidation-leaching
PyeongMan Kim, HyunSoo Kim, EunJi Myung, YoonJung Kim, YongBum Lee, and CheonYoung Park*

EGU2015-4465 | Posters | ERE1.1

The Fe removal in pyrophyllite by physical method
Kanghee Cho, Jiyu Jo, GeonYeong Bak, NagChoul Choi, and CheonYoung Park*

EGU2015-4477 | Posters | ERE1.1

The Fe removal through mineralogical phase transformation of pyrite by physicochemical method
BongJu Kim, Kanghee Cho, JiYu Jo, GeonYeong Bak, NagChoul Choi, and Cheonyoung Park*

EGU2015-9692 | Posters | ERE1.1

Organic facies characteristics of the Miocene Soma Formation (Lower Lignite Succession-KM2), Soma Coal Basin, western Turkey
Selin Hokerek and Orhan Ozcelik

EGU2015-9861 | Posters | ERE1.1

Organic facies characteristics of the Pliocene coaly units, central Anatolia, Ilgin (Konya / Turkey)
Mehmet Altunsoy, Meltem Ozdoğan, Orhan Ozcelik, and Neslihan Ünal

EGU2015-10516 | Posters | ERE1.1

Organic facies characteristics of the Carboniferous Pamucakyayla Formation, western Taurus, Antalya Nappes, Kemer (Antalya/Turkey)
Cevdet Bertan Gulludag, Mehmet Altunsoy, and Orhan Ozcelik

EGU2015-2177 | Posters | ERE1.1

Thermographic mapping of a complex vernacular settlement: the case study of Casalnuovo District within the Sassi of Matera (Italy)
Tiziana Cardinale, Alessandro Balestra, and Nicola Cardinale

EGU2015-4187 | Posters | ERE1.1

Determining the mechanical strength of CO2-induced reaction zones in wellbore cement: is it worth it?
Suzanne Hangx, Fons Marcelis, Arjan van der Linden, and Emilia Liteanu

EGU2015-9421 | Posters | ERE1.1

Coal investigation using geo-electrical methods
Emre Timur

EGU2015-14811 | Posters | ERE1.1

Contribution to Conversion of CO2 to fuel by electro-photo-catalytic reduction in hydro-genocarbonated aqueous solution tion
Ghania NEZZAL, Souad BENAMMAR, Samia HAMOUNI, Dalila MEZIANE, Sabrina NAAMA, and Djamel ABDESSEMED

ERE1.2 – ERE in policy

EGU2015-7282 | Orals | ERE1.2

Temperature targets revisited under climate sensitivity uncertainty
Delf Neubersch, Robert Roth, and Hermann Held

EGU2015-5057 | Posters | ERE1.2

A study on macroeconomic cost of CCS in Korea
Ji-Whan Kim and Yoon Kyung Kim

EGU2015-11457 | Orals | ERE1.2

Modelling the energy future of Switzerland after the phase out of nuclear power plants
Paula Diaz and Oscar Van Vliet

EGU2015-13781 | Posters | ERE1.2

Are Public-Private Partnerships an Appropriate Governance Structure for Power Plants? A Transaction Cost Analysis
S. Ping Ho and Yaowen Hsu

EGU2015-5956 | Posters | ERE1.2

Is there a need for government interventions to adapt energy infrastructures to climate change? A German case study
Markus Groth and Jörg Cortekar

EGU2015-2606 | Orals | ERE1.2

The Public Acceptance of Biofuels and Bioethanol from Straw- how does this affect Geoscience
Alexander Jäger, Tina Ortner, and Heike Kahr

EGU2015-8087 | Orals | ERE1.2

Co-location opportunities for renewable energy and agriculture
Sujith Ravi, Jordan Macknick, David Lobell, Christopher Field, Michael Elchinger, and Blaise Stoltenberg

EGU2015-5200 | Posters | ERE1.2

Geothermal projects funded under the NER 300 programme – current state of development and knowledge gained
Andreas Uihlein, Lourdes Salto Saura, Bergur Sigfusson, Kerstin Lichtenvort, and Filippo Gagliardi

EGU2015-6097 | Posters | ERE1.2

Geological subsurface will contribute significantly to the implementation of the energy policy towards renewables in Germany
Sonja Martens and Michael Kühn

EGU2015-9215 | Orals | ERE1.2 | Media interest

The pore space scramble
Alexandra Gormally, Michelle Bentham, Saskia Vermeylen, and Nils Markusson

EGU2015-4113 | Posters | ERE1.2

A preliminary sketch of the georesources in Niamey city (Niger)
Francesco Spadafora, Domenico A. De Luca, Giovanna Antonella Dino, Manuela Lasagna, Luigi Perotti, Guero Yadji, Abdourahamane Tankari Dan-Badjo, Issaka Moussa, Moussa Harouna, and Konaté Moussa

EGU2015-9587 | Orals | ERE1.2

Science in bullet points: How to compile scientific results to underpin guidelines for CO2 storage for the German transposition of the European CCS Directive
Martin Streibel

EGU2015-6388 | Posters | ERE1.2

Renewable energy technologies adoption in Kazakhstan: potentials, barriers and solutions
Marat Karatayev, Diego Marazza, and Andrea Contin

EGU2015-13925 | Posters | ERE1.2

Assessing climate benefits of natural gas and coal electricity generation
Xiaochun Zhang, Nathan Myhrvold, and Ken Caldeira

EGU2015-14283 | Posters | ERE1.2

The sea surface currents as a potential factor in the estimation and monitoring of wave energy potential
George Zodiatis, George Galanis, Andreas Nikolaidis, Stavros STYLIANOY, and Aristotelis Liakatas

EGU2015-12652 | Posters | ERE1.2

Potential for deserts to supply reliable renewable electric power
Mercè Labordena and Johan Lilliestam

EGU2015-4374 | Posters | ERE1.2

BioEnergy Feasibility in South Africa
Wim Hugo

EGU2015-14596 | Posters | ERE1.2

Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Control Technology Options within the Energy, Water and Food Nexus
Tareq Al-Ansari, Anna Korre, Zhenggang Nie, and Nilay Shah

EGU2015-4768 | Posters | ERE1.2

The Necessity of Public Relations for Sustainable Mining Activities
Hyunbock Lee and Sangwoo Ji

ERE1.3 – Fractures, mechanics and flow in tight reservoirs (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2015-11532 | PICO | ERE1.3

Physical and Transport Properties of the carbonate-bearing faults: experimental insights from the Monte Maggio Fault zone (Central Italy)
Fabio Trippetta, Marco Maria Scuderi, and Cristiano Collettini

EGU2015-9246 | PICO | ERE1.3

Integrated approach for quantification of fractured tight reservoir rocks: Porosity, permeability analyses and 3D fracture network characterisation on fractured dolomite samples
Maarten Voorn, Auke Barnhoorn, Ulrike Exner, Patrick Baud, and Thierry Reuschlé

EGU2015-12181 | PICO | ERE1.3

Porosity and permeability studies along fault zones in the Wetterstein platform (Triassic) of the Hochschwab area (Eastern Alps, Styria)
Doris Rupprecht, Helene Bauer, and Kurt Decker

EGU2015-15233 | PICO | ERE1.3

Vein attribute scaling in strike-slip and extensional fault damage zones affecting the platform carbonates in the Jabal Qusaybah anticline, Salakh Arc, Oman
Luca Clemenzi, Fabrizio Balsamo, Fabrizio Storti, John Solum, Conxita Taberner, and Christian Tueckmantel

EGU2015-9878 | PICO | ERE1.3

Fracture-fault network characterization of pavement imagery of the Whitby Mudstone, Yorkshire
Quinten Boersma, Nico Hardebol, Maartje Houben, Auke Barnhoorn, and Martyn Drury

EGU2015-5852 | PICO | ERE1.3

Variations in petrophysical properties of shales along a stratigraphic section in the Whitby mudstone (UK)
Auke Barnhoorn, Maartje Houben, Joella Lie-A-Fat, Thomas Ravestein, and Martyn Drury

EGU2015-7128 | PICO | ERE1.3

Fracture properties from tight reservoir outcrop analogues with application to geothermal exploration
Sonja L. Philipp, Dorothea Reyer, Filiz Afsar, Johanna F. Bauer, Silke Meier, and John Reinecker

EGU2015-7674 | PICO | ERE1.3

The architecture and frictional properties of faults in shale
Nicola De Paola, Rosanne Murray, Mark Stillings, Jonathan Imber, and Robert Holdsworth

EGU2015-7778 | PICO | ERE1.3

Reaction-induced fracturing of low permeability solids
Maya Kobchenko, Dag Kristian Dysthe, Francois Renard, Bjørn Jamtveit, and Anders Malthe-Sørenssen

EGU2015-5637 | PICO | ERE1.3

Signature of seismic wave attenuation during fracture network formation
Auke Barnhoorn, Alimzhan Zhubayev, Maartje Houben, Nico Hardebol, and David Smeulders

EGU2015-6919 | PICO | ERE1.3

Numerical Modeling of Fluid Migration and Propagation of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures in Crystalline Geothermal Reservoir
Jeoung Seok Yoon, Arno Zang, Günter Zimmermann, Ove Stephansson, and Ki-Bok Min

EGU2015-496 | PICO | ERE1.3

Permeability evolution due to dissolution of natural shale fractures reactivated by fracking
Kamil Kwiatkowski, Tomasz Kwiatkowski, and Piotr Szymczak

EGU2015-5445 | PICO | ERE1.3

Towards a non-linear theory for fluid pressure and osmosis in shales
Riccardo Droghei and Ettore Salusti

ERE1.4 – Swelling rock and swelling clay

EGU2015-4026 | Orals | ERE1.4

Clay hydration and crystal growth in expansive anhydritic claystone. The Ascó Power Plant case
Eduardo Alonso and Anna Ramon

EGU2015-1568 | Posters | ERE1.4

Time-development of sulphate hydration in anhydritic swelling rocks
Konstantinos Serafeimidis

EGU2015-15527 | Posters | ERE1.4

Suggested methods for swelling tests – a critical review
Erich Pimentel

EGU2015-1529 | Orals | ERE1.4

Experimental investigations for the modeling of chemo-mechanical processes of anhydritic rock
Tara Huber, Erich Pimentel, and Georg Anagnostou

EGU2015-1599 | Posters | ERE1.4

Integrated hydrogeological and geochemical processes in swelling clay-sulfate rocks
Daniel Schweizer, Christoph Butscher, and Philipp Blum

EGU2015-4089 | Orals | ERE1.4

Swelling inhibitors in anhydritic claystone
Timothy Wangler, Stefan Aebersold, Amir Shahab, and Robert Flatt

EGU2015-11487 | Orals | ERE1.4 | Media interest

CO2/clay interactions and the significance for geological storage of carbon dioxide
Andreas Busch, Rick Wentinck, and Pieter Bertier

EGU2015-15315 | Posters | ERE1.4

Stress-strain relations for swelling anhydritic clay rocks – A review
Simon Breuer, Philipp Blum, and Christoph Butscher

EGU2015-15317 | Posters | ERE1.4

Processes and controls in swelling anhydritic clay rocks
Thomas Mutschler, Philipp Blum, and Christoph Butscher

EGU2015-2151 | Orals | ERE1.4

The Initial Water Content Dependent Swelling Behavior of Clayey Soils
Ali Samet Öngen and Zeynal Abiddin Erguler

EGU2015-15538 | Orals | ERE1.4

Hydraulic permeability of bentonite-polymer composites for application in landfill technology
Hanna Dehn, Hanna Haase, and Tom Schanz

EGU2015-4508 | Posters | ERE1.4

Review of Suction Water Content Relationship of Bentonite-Sand Mixtures Considering Temperature Effects
Abhishek Rawat, Lin Zhi Lang, and Wiebke Baille

EGU2015-15508 | Posters | ERE1.4

A comparative study of water adsorption and desorption of swellable and non-swellable 2:1 layer silicates
Florian Schnetzer, Peter Thissen, and Katja Emmerich

EGU2015-10711 | Posters | ERE1.4

Cyclic deformations in the Opalinus clay: a laboratory experiment
Emanuel Huber, Peter Huggenberger, Andreas Möri, and Edi Meier

EGU2015-13273 | Posters | ERE1.4

Laboratory Study of Crack Development and Crack Interaction in Concrete Blocks due to Swelling of Cracking Agent
Thomas Frühwirt, Arne Plößer, and Heinz Konietzky

ERE2.1 – Social-ecological interactions in the Earth System: land, water and ecosystem use, planetary boundaries and sustainability transitions (co-organized)

EGU2015-15448 | Posters | ERE2.1

Regional syndromes: towards a dynamical classification of social-ecological sustainability challenges
James Dyke, John Dearing, Enlou Zhang, Wang Rong, and Ke Zhang

EGU2015-15431 | Orals | ERE2.1

Human driven transitions in complex model ecosystems
Mike Harfoot, Tim Newbold, Derek Tittinsor, and Drew Purves

EGU2015-5440 | Orals | ERE2.1

Smart social adaptation prevents catastrophic ecological regime shifts in networks of myopic harvesters
Jonathan Donges, Wolfgang Lucht, Marc Wiedermann, Jobst Heitzig, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2015-4462 | Posters | ERE2.1

Applications of flow-networks to opinion-dynamics
Liubov Tupikina and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2015-3553 | Orals | ERE2.1

Do Community Based Initiatives foster sustainability transitions? Towards a unique Environmental Impact Assessment.
federico martellozzo, cary hendrickson, iga gozdowska, helge groß, charles henderson, and dominik reusser

EGU2015-4727 | Posters | ERE2.1

The role of CO2 emissions from bioenergy in the 2 degree target
Francesco Cherubini, Thomas Gasser, Ryan Bright, Philippe Ciais, and Anders Strømman

EGU2015-5577 | Posters | ERE2.1

Exploring the safe and just operating space in an inhomogeneous world
Wolfram Barfuss, Boyan Beronov, Marc Wiedermann, and Jonathan Donges

EGU2015-10388 | Orals | ERE2.1

An Earth system view on boundaries for human perturbation of the N and P cycles
Sarah Cornell and Wim de Vries

EGU2015-15338 | Orals | ERE2.1

Cascading effects of deforestation and drying trends on reduced forest resilience in the Amazon region
Delphine Zemp, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Henrique Barbosa, Gilvan Sampaio, Marina Hirota, and Anja Rammig

EGU2015-5653 | Posters | ERE2.1

Topology of Sustainable Management of Dynamical Systems with Desirable States
Jobst Heitzig and Tim Kittel

EGU2015-13390 | Orals | ERE2.1

Social-ecological resilience to changes in moisture recycling
Line Gordon, Lan Wang-Erlandsson, and Patrick Keys

EGU2015-6072 | Posters | ERE2.1

How to expand irrigated land in a sustainable way ?
amandine pastor, fulco ludwig, amanda palazzo, petr havlik, and pavel kabat

EGU2015-6668 | Posters | ERE2.1

Using a Pareto-optimal solution set to characterize trade-offs between a broad range of values and preferences in climate risk management
Gregory Garner, Patrick Reed, and Klaus Keller

EGU2015-6913 | Posters | ERE2.1

Assessing The Impacts Of Land Cover Change On Climate Extremes Including Droughts In Southern South America
Alvaro Salazar, Marcus Thatcher, Jozef Syktus, Jack Katzfey, and Clive McAlpine

EGU2015-7596 | Posters | ERE2.1

Impact of Shale Gas Development on Water Resource in Fuling, China
Hong Yang, Xianjin Huang, Qinyuan Yang, and Jianjun Tu

EGU2015-9435 | Posters | ERE2.1

Mapping of interconnection of climate risks
Tokuta Yokohata, Katsumasa Tanaka, Kazuya Nishina, Kiyoshi Takanashi, Seita Emori, Masashi Kiguchi, Yoshihiko Iseri, Yasushi Honda, Masashi Okada, Yoshimitsu Masaki, Akitomo Yamamoto, Masahito Shigemitsu, Masakazu Yoshimori, Tetsuo Sueyoshi, Kenta Iwase, Naota Hanasaki, Akihiko Ito, Gen Sakurai, Toshichika Iizumi, and Taikan Oki

EGU2015-10351 | Posters | ERE2.1

Big emitting nations and the 2°C target:beyond integrated assessment
Alice Bows-Larkin, Maria Sharmina, Jaise Kuriakose, and Kevin Anderson

EGU2015-12890 | Posters | ERE2.1

Managing the Devil's Element
Steve Kennedy, Gail Whiteman, Kimo van Dijk, Mohammed Awad, Paolo Perego, Diana den Held, and Michael Braungart

EGU2015-13276 | Posters | ERE2.1

Large system change challenges: addressing complex critical issues in linked physical and social domains
Steve Waddell, Sarah Cornell, Joe Hsueh, Ceren Ozer, Milla McLachlan, and Anna Birney

EGU2015-14887 | Posters | ERE2.1

A bottom-up assessment method of limitations to and vulnerability of energy supply in developing countries
Tabea Lissner, Mady Olonscheck, Carsten Walther, Jürgen P. Kropp, and Dominik Reusser

ERE3.1 – Energy Meteorology

EGU2015-2761 | Posters | ERE3.1

A diagram of wind speed versus air-sea temperature difference to understand the dynamics of the marine atmospheric boundary layer off northwest Europe
Anthony Kettle

EGU2015-6607 | Orals | ERE3.1

Open Surface Solar Irradiance Observations - A Challenge
Lionel Menard, Daniel Nüst, Simon Jirka, Joan Maso, Thierry Ranchin, and Lucien Wald

EGU2015-13552 | Orals | ERE3.1

Retrieving direct and diffuse radiation with the use of sky imager pictures
Thomas Schmidt, John Kalisch, and Elke Lorenz

EGU2015-9535 | Posters | ERE3.1

Sectoral Analysis of Wind Speed and Turbulence Intensity over Forest and Open Land
Elisabeth Beyer

EGU2015-13098 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind profiling with LiDARs: detection of boundary layer inhomogeneity and uncertainty analysis
Fernando Carbajo Fuertes, Jaime Legerén Álvarez, and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2015-11654 | Orals | ERE3.1

Estimation of aerosol optical properties from all-sky imagers
Andreas Kazantzidis, Panagiotis Tzoumanikas, Vasilios Salamalikis, Stefan Wilbert, and Christoph Prahl

EGU2015-3427 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind and solar energy resources on the ‘Roof of the World'
Harald Zandler, Thomas Morche, and Cyrus Samimi

EGU2015-13928 | Orals | ERE3.1

One year of vertical wind profiles measurements at a Mediterranean coastal site of South Italy
Claudia Roberta Calidonna, Elenio Avolio, Stefano Federico, Daniel Gullì, Teresa Lo Feudo, and Anna Maria Sempreviva

EGU2015-14243 | Orals | ERE3.1

LiDAR observation of the flow structure in typhoons
Yu-Ting Wu, Chung-Yao Hsuan, and Ta-Hui Lin

EGU2015-2015 | Posters | ERE3.1

Optimal Exploitation of the Temporal and Spatial Resolution of SEVIRI for the Nowcasting of Clouds
Tobias Sirch and Luca Bugliaro

EGU2015-11774 | Posters | ERE3.1

Comparison of hourly solar radiation from ground-based station, remote sensing sensors and weather forecast models: A preliminary study, in a coastal site of South Italy (Lamezia Terme).
Teresa Lo Feudo, Elenio Avolio, Daniel Gullì, Stefano Federico, Annamaria Sempreviva, and Claudia Roberta Calidonna

EGU2015-1631 | Orals | ERE3.1

Meteo-marine parameters from the TS-X satellite on a near-real time basis and wave model forecast validation
Claus Gebhardt, Lehner Susanne, Andrey Pleskachevsky, Sven Jacobsen, Wolfgang Rosenthal, Peter Hoffmann, Jens Kieser, and Thomas Bruns

EGU2015-14016 | Posters | ERE3.1

Probability Density Functions for Wind Speed in Various Terrain
Guðrún Nína Petersen and Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2015-10495 | Orals | ERE3.1

An experimental and numerical study of the urban wind field at the university site Tübingen
Asmae El Bahlouli and Jens Bange

EGU2015-10988 | Posters | ERE3.1

Standardization of Meteorological Data from FINO Offshore Platforms
Tina Leiding, Ilona Bastigkeit, Friederike Bégué, Lydia Gates, Kai Herklotz, Stefan Müller, Thomas Neumann, Patrick Schwenk, Christian Senet, Birger Tinz, and Friedrich Wilts

EGU2015-14804 | Posters | ERE3.1

Bias of remote sensing data for wind energy yield assement
Gerhard Peters, Barbara Hennemuth, and Hans-Jürgen Kirtzel

EGU2015-14201 | Orals | ERE3.1

Wind tunnel study of a vertical axis wind turbine in a turbulent boundary layer flow
Vincent Rolin and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2015-11655 | Orals | ERE3.1

A wind-tunnel investigation of wind-turbine wakes in different yawed and loading conditions
Majid Bastankhah and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2015-5195 | Posters | ERE3.1

Assessment of solar power potential at abandoned mine promotion districts in South Korea
Jinyoung Song and Yosoon Choi

EGU2015-14120 | Orals | ERE3.1

Optimizing wind farm layout via LES-calibrated geometric models inclusive of wind direction and atmospheric stability effects
Cristina Archer and Niranjan Ghaisas

EGU2015-11143 | Posters | ERE3.1

Global and diffuse solar irradiance modelling over north-western Europe using MAR regional climate model : validation and construction of a 30-year climatology
Julien Beaumet, Sébastien Doutreloup, Xavier Fettweis, and Michel Erpicum

EGU2015-14926 | Orals | ERE3.1

A new analytical model for wind farm power prediction
Amin Niayifar and Fernando Porte-Agel

EGU2015-10324 | Orals | ERE3.1

Experimental verification of a real-time power curve for downregulated offshore wind power plants
Gregor Giebel, Tuhfe Göcmen Bozkurt, Poul Sørensen, Mads Rajczyk Skjelmose, and Jesper Runge Kristoffersen

EGU2015-438 | Posters | ERE3.1

Assessment of regional wind energy resources over the Ukraine
Anastasiia Sobchenko and Inna Khomenko

EGU2015-12846 | Posters | ERE3.1

Quantifying uncertainties in wind energy assessment
Platon Patlakas, George Galanis, and George Kallos

EGU2015-13916 | Orals | ERE3.1

Extreme value models for wind power forecast errors
Peder Bacher, Henrik Madsen, Pierre Pinson, Stig B. Mortensen, and Henrik Aa. Nielsen

EGU2015-14271 | Orals | ERE3.1

Development of a numerical wind atlas for South Africa
Chris Lennard and Andrea Hahman

EGU2015-12530 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind Power Energy in Southern Brazil: evaluation using a mesoscale meteorological model
Nisia Krusche, Bernhard Stoevesandt, Chi-Yao Chang, and Carlos Peralta

EGU2015-9259 | Orals | ERE3.1

A global wind resource atlas including high-resolution terrain effects
Andrea Hahmann, Jake Badger, Bjarke Olsen, Neil Davis, Xiaoli Larsen, and Merete Badger

EGU2015-14308 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind height distribution influence on offshore wind farm feasibility study
Guido Benassai, Renata Della Morte, Antonio Matarazzo, and Luca Cozzolino

EGU2015-11772 | Posters | ERE3.1

Site Suitability Assessment with Dynamic Wake Meandering Model. A Certification Point of View.
Ricard Tomas Bayo and Gema Parro

EGU2015-9451 | Orals | ERE3.1

On the Improvement of Numerical Weather Prediction by Assimilation of Hub Height Wind Information in Convection-Resulted Models
Stefan Declair, Klaus Stephan, and Roland Potthast

EGU2015-8687 | Orals | ERE3.1

Application and verification of ECMWF seasonal forecast for wind energy
Mark Žagar, Tomislav Marić, Martin Qvist, and Line Gulstad

EGU2015-3900 | Posters | ERE3.1

Saptio-temporal complementarity of wind and solar power in India
Savita Lolla, Somnath Baidya Roy, and Sourangshu Chowdhury

EGU2015-8658 | Orals | ERE3.1

Impacts of Wind Farms on the Regional Climate on the North Sea
Fabien Chatterjee, Dries Allaerts, Nicole van Lipzig, and Johan Meyers

EGU2015-14611 | Posters | ERE3.1

Return time statistic of wind power ramp events
Rudy Calif and François G. Schmitt

EGU2015-4106 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind speed and direction variability evaluation in a multiscale perspective
Cristian Suteanu

EGU2015-9502 | Posters | ERE3.1

Identification of and handling of critical irradiance forecast uncertainties using a Random Forest scheme – a case study for southern Brazil
Hans Georg Beyer, Pal Preed Revheim, Manfred Georg Kratenber, and Hans Helmut Zuern

EGU2015-11326 | Posters | ERE3.1

Comparison of Artificial Neural Networks and ARIMA statistical models in simulations of target wind time series
Kostantinos Kolokythas, Salamalikis Vasileios, Argiriou Athanassios, and Andreas Kazantzidis

EGU2015-13173 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind-Farm Forecasting Using the HARMONIE Weather Forecast Model and Bayes Model Averaging for Bias Removal.
Enda O'Brien, Alastair McKinstry, and Adam Ralph

EGU2015-11897 | Posters | ERE3.1

Exploring the calibration of a wind forecast ensemble for energy applications
Tobias Heppelmann, Zied Ben Bouallegue, and Susanne Theis

EGU2015-13266 | Posters | ERE3.1

WRF's wind power ensembles for a wind farm located in a coastal area of Turkey
Gokhan Kirkil, Yasemin Ezber, and Tarik Kaytanci

EGU2015-13004 | Posters | ERE3.1

Oscar: a portable prototype system for the study of climate variability
Fabio Madonna, Marco Rosoldi, and Francesco Amato

ERE3.2 – Exploration, development and production of geothermal resources

EGU2015-7539 | Orals | ERE3.2 | Media interest

Hybrid Geo-Energy Systems for Energy Storage and Dispatchable Renewable and Low-Carbon Electricity
Thomas Buscheck, Jeffrey Bielicki, Jonathan Ogland-Hand, Yue Hao, Yunwei Sun, Jimmy Randolph, and Martin Saar

EGU2015-4185 | Posters | ERE3.2

The Effects of Glaciations on Petroleum Systems
Willy Fjeldskaar, Aleksey Amantov, and Ingrid Loetveit

EGU2015-2042 | Orals | ERE3.2

Quantification of heat mining in the Malm aquifer of the Bavarian Molasse Basin
Mark Lafogler, Frank Wenderoth, Reinhard Niessner, and Thomas Baumann

EGU2015-12834 | Posters | ERE3.2

Petrophysical core characterization at supercritical geothermal conditions
Juliane Kummerow and Siegfried Raab

EGU2015-7052 | Orals | ERE3.2

EGS in sedimentary basins: sensitivity of early-flowback tracer signals to induced-fracture parameters
Shyamal Karmakar, Julia Ghergut, and Martin Sauter

EGU2015-5821 | Posters | ERE3.2

Quantification of palaeoclimatic effects on heat flow in the Paris basin
Jacques Dentzer, Simon Lopez, Sophie Violette, and Dominique Bruel

EGU2015-12469 | Posters | ERE3.2

High Temperature Aquifer Storage
Martina Ueckert, Reinhard Niessner, and Thomas Baumann

EGU2015-12947 | Orals | ERE3.2

Geochemical modelling of EGS fracture stimulation applying weak and strong acid treatments
Bergur Sigfusson and Edda Sif Pind Aradottir

EGU2015-2318 | Posters | ERE3.2

Low Entalpy Geothermal suitability of north Sardinia (Italy)
Stefano Cuccuru and Giacomo Oggiano

EGU2015-11321 | Orals | ERE3.2

Deep geothermal reservoir imaging using ambient seismic noise interferometry
Maximilien Lehujeur, Jérôme Vergne, Jean Schmittbuhl, and Alessia Maggi

EGU2015-148 | Orals | ERE3.2

Geothermal Potential of the Siğacik Gulf (Seferihisar) and Preliminary investigations with Seismic and Magnetic Surveys
Özde BAKAK, Erdeniz ÖZEL, and Mustafa ERGÜN

EGU2015-12351 | Posters | ERE3.2

Diffuse helium and hydrogen degassing to reveal hidden geothermal resources in oceanic volcanic islands: The Canarian archipelago case study
Fátima Rodríguez, Nemesio M. Pérez, Eleazar Padrón, Samara Dionis, Gabriel López, Gladys V. Melián, María Asensio-Ramos, Pedro A. Hernández, German Padilla, José Barrancos, Rayco Marrero, and Raúl Hidalgo

EGU2015-2759 | Posters | ERE3.2

High-resolution chemical composition of geothermal scalings from Hungary: Preliminary results
Ronny Boch, Martin Dietzel, József Deák, Albrecht Leis, Andrea Mindszenty, and Attila Demeny

EGU2015-12480 | Posters | ERE3.2

U and Th variability along a deep borehole in the Beiras Granite (Almeida, central Portugal)
Luis F. Neves, Alcides C. Pereira, Rita R. Lamas, and Ana Machadinho

EGU2015-62 | Posters | ERE3.2

Chemical and isotopic compositions of thermal waters in Anatolia, Turkey: A link to fluid-mineral equilibria
Halim Mutlu, Nilgün Gülec, and David R Hilton

EGU2015-2450 | Posters | ERE3.2

The Hydrogeochemistry of Qingshui Geothermal Field, Northeastern Taiwan.
Chen Yu-Wen, Lin Cheng-Kuo, Lin Wayne, Chang Yu-Te, and Hsieh Pei-Shan

ERE3.3 – Numerical modeling in geothermics

EGU2015-893 | Orals | ERE3.3

TRS: a tool for the evaluation of thermal recycling in Ground Water Heat Pumps
Alessandro Casasso and Rajandrea Sethi

EGU2015-1997 | Posters | ERE3.3

Rate- and state-dependent seismicity during fluid injection in rocks
Friedemann Wenzel

EGU2015-2890 | Posters | ERE3.3

Hydrothermal alteration of kimberlite by convective flows of external water
Andrey Afanasyev, Oleg Melnik, Lucy Porritt, John Schumacher, and Steve Sparks

EGU2015-9623 | Orals | ERE3.3

Simulating the hydraulic stimulation of multiple fractures in an anisotropic stress field applying the discrete element method
Conny Zeeb, Thomas Frühwirt, and Heinz Konietzky

EGU2015-3324 | Posters | ERE3.3

A Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical modeling of fracture opening and closing due heat extraction from geothermal reservoir
Sachchida Nand Pandey, Abhijit Chaudhuri, and Sharad Kelkar

EGU2015-13636 | Orals | ERE3.3

A stress-dependent model for reservoir stimulation in enhanced geothermal systems
Antonio Troiano, Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe, Claudia Troise, and Giuseppe De Natale

EGU2015-2894 | Posters | ERE3.3

Investigation of hydrothermal activity at Campi Flegrei caldera using 3D simulations: extension to high temperature processes
Andrey Afanasyev, Antonio Costa, and Giovanni Chiodini

EGU2015-10453 | Orals | ERE3.3

Entropy production and the analysis of convection in hydrothermal systems
Florian Wellmann and Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

EGU2015-3460 | Posters | ERE3.3

Induced seismicity at well Uha Gt2: Injection pressure is not the only culprit
Sandra Schumacher

EGU2015-2279 | Orals | ERE3.3

Experimental Study of Heat Transport in Fractured Network
Nicola Pastore, Claudia Cherubini, Concetta I. Giasi, Nicoletta M. Allegretti, Jose M. Redondo, and Ana Maria Tarquis

EGU2015-12454 | Orals | ERE3.3

Numerical Modelling of Thermal Convection Related to Fracture Permeability - Implications for Geothermal Exploration and Basin Modelling
Lindsay Lipsey, Jan-Diederik van Wees, Maarten Pluymaekers, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2015-5781 | Posters | ERE3.3

Influence of shallow flow on the deep geothermal field of Berlin - Results from 3D models
Maximilian Frick, Judith Sippel, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Mauro Cacace, and Alireza Hassanzadegan

EGU2015-6142 | Posters | ERE3.3

Usage of ensemble geothermal models to consider geological uncertainties
Wolfram Rühaak, Sarah Steiner, Bastian Welsch, and Ingo Sass

EGU2015-6340 | Posters | ERE3.3

Benchmarking numerical freeze/thaw models
Wolfram Rühaak, Hauke Anbergen, John Molson, Christophe Grenier, and Ingo Sass

EGU2015-7867 | Posters | ERE3.3

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Evolution of Transport Properties in Porous Media: From Laboratory to the Groß-Schönebeck Geothermal Reservoir.
Antoine Jacquey, Mauro Cacace, Guido Blöcher, Norihiro Watanabe, and Magadalena Scheck-Wenderoth

EGU2015-10142 | Posters | ERE3.3

Geothermal models on different scales – understanding and geothermal characterization of a fault zone before simulating – a case study from the Munich region (Germany)
Michael Dussel, Adrián Ortiz, Rüdiger Thomas, and Rüdiger Schulz

EGU2015-11909 | Posters | ERE3.3

Thermo-mechanical models of the European lithosphere for geothermal exploration
Jon Limberger, Jan-Diederik van Wees, Magdala Tesauro, Damien Bonté, Lindsay Lipsey, Fred Beekman, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2015-12090 | Posters | ERE3.3

Hydrothermal simulation of a fractured carbonate reservoir in southern Italy and automated detections of optimal positions for geothermal doublet installations
Jan Niederau, Sergio Gomez, Anozie Ebigbo, Barbara Inversi, Gabriele Marquart, and Davide Scrocca

EGU2015-13455 | Posters | ERE3.3

Numerical modelling of crustal deformation due to fluid extraction and re-injection in the Hengill geothermal area in South Iceland
Daniel Juncu, Thóra Árnadóttir, Tabrez Ali, and Andrew Hooper

EGU2015-13481 | Posters | ERE3.3

Modeling Self-Potential Effects During Reservoir Stimulation in Enhanced Geothermal Systems.
Antonio Troiano, Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe, Alessio Monetti, Domenico Patella, Claudia Troise, and Giuseppe De Natale

EGU2015-12286 | Posters | ERE3.3

Shape optimization methods locating layer interfaces in geothermal reservoirs
Simin Huang, Florian Wellmann, Gabriele Marquart, Christoph Clauser, and Michael Herty

EGU2015-13051 | Posters | ERE3.3

Sustainability assessment of geothermal exploitation by numerical modelling: the example of high temperature Mofete geothermal field at Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy)
Stefano Carlino, Antonio Troiano, Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe, Anna Tramelli, Claudia Troise, Renato Somma, and Giuseppe De Natale

EGU2015-12382 | Posters | ERE3.3

Numerical simulation of a geothermal reservoir in Tuscany (Italy) with application of “Optimal Experimental Design” for finding optimal slimhole sites
Anozie Ebigbo, Katharina Padalkina, Ralf Seidler, Martin Thorwart, Jan Niederau, Gabriele Marquart, and Ivano Dini

ERE3.4 – Geothermal energy from deep sedimentary basins and their basement - exploration, exploitation, characterization and modeling (co-organized)

EGU2015-13242 | Orals | ERE3.4

Thermal structure of the Paris Basin from tectonic-Heat Flow modelling
Damien Bonté, Jan-Diederik van Wees, Laurent Guillou-Frottier, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2015-2219 | Posters | ERE3.4

Evaluation of the paleoclimatic effect in the exploration of subsurface temperatures: a case study from the Groß-Buchholz borehole (North German Basin)
Sven Fuchs, Niels Balling, and Andrea Förster

EGU2015-7756 | Posters | ERE3.4

IRETHERM: Multidimensional geophysical modeling of the southern margin of the Dublin Basin
Jan Vozar, Alan G. Jones, Volker Rath, Joan Campanya, and Riccardo Pasquali and the the IRETHERM team

EGU2015-2149 | Orals | ERE3.4

Better temperature predictions in geothermal modelling by improved quality of input parameters: a regional case study from the Danish-German border region
Sven Fuchs, Thue S. Bording, and Niels Balling

EGU2015-1345 | Orals | ERE3.4

Temperature predictions for geothermal exploration – a lithospheric-scale 3D approach applied to the northern Upper Rhine Graben
Jessica Freymark, Judith Sippel, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Kristian Bär, Johann-Gerhard Fritsche, Matthias Kracht, and Manfred Stiller

EGU2015-2348 | Posters | ERE3.4

Estimate of subsurface formation temperature in the Tarim basin, northwest China
Shaowen Liu, Xiao Lei, Changge Feng, and Chunyan Hao

EGU2015-7634 | Orals | ERE3.4

IRETHERM: Developing a Strategic and Holistic Understanding of Ireland's Geothermal Energy Potential through Integrated Modelling of New and Existing Geophysical, Geochemical and Geological Data
Alan G. Jones, Stephen Daly, Jan Vozar, Volker Rath, Joan Campanya, Sarah Blake, Robert Delhaye, Tobias Fritschle, Nicola Willmot Noller, Mike Long, and Tim Waters

EGU2015-2433 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geothermal energy from deep sedimentary basins: The Valley of Mexico (Central Mexico)
Nils Lenhardt and Annette E. Götz

EGU2015-14094 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geothermal energy from the Pannonian Basins System: An outcrop analogue study of exploration target horizons in Hungary
Annette E. Götz, Ingo Sass, and Ákos Török

EGU2015-13331 | Orals | ERE3.4

Constraining heat production rates in Ireland’s basement rocks: measurements of exposed basement and correlations from across the Caledonides
Nicola Willmot Noller and Stephen Daly

EGU2015-12812 | Posters | ERE3.4

Fault zone exploration in a geothermal context using P- and S-wave measurements
Britta Wawerzinek, Hermann Buness, Patrick Musmann, David C. Tanner, Charlotte M. Krawczyk, and Rüdiger Thomas

EGU2015-3279 | Orals | ERE3.4

Joint Interpretation of Magnetotellurics and Airborne Electromagnetics in the Rathlin Basin, Northern Ireland
Robert Delhaye, Volker Rath, Alan G. Jones, Derek Reay, and the IRETHERM team

EGU2015-963 | Orals | ERE3.4

A multi-disciplinary investigation of Irish warm springs and their potential for geothermal energy provision.
Sarah Blake, Alan G. Jones, and Tiernan Henry and the IRETHERM

EGU2015-6828 | Posters | ERE3.4

Modelling kinetically controlled water-rock interactions during geothermal stimulation in typical poly-mineralic reservoir rocks from the Upper Rhine Graben, Germany
Tim Kuesters, Thomas Mueller, and Joerg Renner

EGU2015-13288 | Posters | ERE3.4

Long residence times – bad tracer tests?
Julia Ghergut, Horst Behrens, and Martin Sauter

EGU2015-1018 | Orals | ERE3.4

Geothermal potential of Caledonian granites in Ireland and the Isle of Man: Implications from hydrothermal alteration
Tobias Fritschle, J. Stephen Daly, Martin J. Whitehouse, Stephan Buhre, Brian McConnell, and The IRETHERM Team

EGU2015-8513 | Posters | ERE3.4

Gas composition and hydrochemistry of non-volcanic thermal springs in Peninsular Malaysia
Lim Wuh Terng, Yang Tsanyao F, Chen Hsuan-Wen, and Ismail Bin Yusoff

EGU2015-10352 | Orals | ERE3.4

Understanding the subsurface thermal structure of deep sedimentary basins in Denmark - measurements and modelling results
Niels Balling, Søren E. Poulsen, Thue S. Bording, Sven Fuchs, Anders Mathiesen, and Søren B. Nielsen

EGU2015-12239 | Orals | ERE3.4 | Media interest

Heat flow of the Norwegian continental shelf
Christophe Pascal

EGU2015-6378 | Orals | ERE3.4

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Coupled Modeling of Geothermal Doublet Systems in Limestones
Wolfram Rühaak, Liang Pei, Claus-Dieter Heldmann, Jörn Bartels, and Ingo Sass

EGU2015-14329 | Orals | ERE3.4

Evaluation and improvement of methods to quantify the exploration risk of geothermal projects
Britta Ganz, Rüdiger Schellschmidt, Rüdiger Schulz, and Rüdiger Thomas

ERE3.5 – Development of strategies towards a sustainable intensive thermal use of the shallow subsurface

EGU2015-3488 | Posters | ERE3.5

Shallow Groundwater Temperatures and the Urban Heat Island Effect: the First U.K City-wide Geothermal Map to Support Development of Ground Source Heating Systems Strategy
Ashley M. Patton, Gareth J. Farr, David P. Boon, David R. James, Bernard Williams, and Andrew J. Newell

EGU2015-2551 | Orals | ERE3.5

Novel approaches for an enhanced geothermal development of residential sites
Sophie Schelenz, Linda Firmbach, Haibing Shao, Peter Dietrich, and Thomas Vienken

EGU2015-14208 | Orals | ERE3.5

Development of concepts for the management of shallow geothermal resources in urban areas - Experience gained from the Basel and Zaragoza case studies
Alejandro García-Gil, Jannis Epting, Matthias H. Mueller, Peter Huggenberger, and Enric Vázquez-Suñé

EGU2015-2552 | Posters | ERE3.5

Analysis of induced temperature anomalies along borehole heat exchangers
Michael Lindner, Sophie Schelenz, Reiner Stollberg, Wolfgang Gossel, Peter Dietrich, and Thomas Vienken

EGU2015-4241 | Posters | ERE3.5

Subsurface temperature trend in response to exploitation of thermal water in Jiashi Hot Spring, northeastern Taiwan
Wenfu Chen and Hsiehtang Chiang

EGU2015-6305 | Orals | ERE3.5

Medium Deep High Temperature Heat Storage
Kristian Bär, Wolfram Rühaak, Daniel Schulte, Bastian Welsch, Swarup Chauhan, Sebastian Homuth, and Ingo Sass

EGU2015-10666 | Orals | ERE3.5

Numerical simulation of seasonal heat storage in a contaminated shallow aquifer – Temperature influence on flow, transport and reaction processes
Steffi Popp, Christof Beyer, Andreas Dahmke, and Sebastian Bauer

EGU2015-8912 | Posters | ERE3.5

Model-based assessment of the potential of seasonal aquifer thermal energy storage and recovery as a groundwater ecosystem service for the Brussels-Capital Region
Christian Anibas and Marijke Huysmans

EGU2015-3994 | Orals | ERE3.5

Numerical evaluation and optimization of depth-oriented temperature measurements for the investigation of thermal influences on groundwater
Mandy Köhler, Falk Haendel, Jannis Epting, Martin Binder, Matthias Müller, Peter Huggenberger, and Rudolf Liedl

EGU2015-1379 | Posters | ERE3.5

Integrating Geohydrological Models In ATES-Systems Control
Martin Bloemendal

EGU2015-3477 | Posters | ERE3.5

TOUGH2 grid generator for simulations of geothermal heat pump systems
Seong-Kyun Kim, Gwang-Ok Bae, and Kang-Kun Lee

EGU2015-4482 | Orals | ERE3.5

Development of monitoring and modelling tools as basis for sustainable thermal management concepts of urban groundwater bodies
Matthias H. Mueller, Jannis Epting, Mandy Köhler, Falk Händel, and Peter Huggenberger

EGU2015-5675 | Posters | ERE3.5

Numerical Modeling of Freezing and Melting Processes around a Borehole Heat Exchanger
Haibing Shao, Tianyuan Zheng, Thomas Nagel, and Olaf Kolditz

EGU2015-5599 | Posters | ERE3.5

Evaluation of the heat-storage capability of shallow aquifers using active heat tracer tests and Fiber-Optics Distributed-Temperature-Sensing
Klodwig Suibert Oskar Seibertz, Marian Andrei Chirila, Jan Bumberger, Peter Dietrich, and Thomas Vienken

EGU2015-5752 | Posters | ERE3.5

BeTemper: thermal characterisation of the Belgian subsoil for shallow geothermal applications
Estelle Petitclerc, Michiel Dusar, Pierre-Yves Declercq, and Yves Vanbrabant

EGU2015-6731 | Posters | ERE3.5

Planning ATES systems under uncertainty
Marc Jaxa-Rozen, Jan Kwakkel, and Martin Bloemendal

ERE3.7 – Sustainable biomass for raw materials, energy and GHG mitigation (co-organized)

EGU2015-1871 | Orals | ERE3.7

Assessing Impacts of 20 yr Old Miscanthus on Soil Organic Carbon Quality
Yaxian Hu, Gerhard Schäfer, and Nikolaus Kuhn

EGU2015-9096 | Posters | ERE3.7

Resource efficiency and its necessity
András Tamás, Orsolya Nagy, Zoltán Balla, and Károly Kith

EGU2015-388 | Posters | ERE3.7

SRF Vs. Rapeseed: Insights from soil respiration and combustion heat per area
Kamal Zurba and Jörg Matschullat

EGU2015-4097 | Orals | ERE3.7

Potentials to mitigate climate change using biochar – the Austrian perspective
Viktor J. Bruckman, Michaela Klinglmüller, Jay Liu, Basak B. Uzun, and Esin A. Varol

EGU2015-5135 | Orals | ERE3.7

Fugitive methane emissions from natural, urban, agricultural, and energy-production landscapes of eastern Australia
Bryce F.J. Kelly, Charlotte P. Iverach, Dave Lowry, Rebecca E. Fisher, James L. France, and Euan G. Nisbet

EGU2015-11340 | Posters | ERE3.7

Microalgae biomass growth using primary treated wastewater as nutrient source and their potential use for lipids production
Anastacia Frementiti, Andriana F. Aravantinou, and Ioannis D. Manariotis

EGU2015-5123 | Posters | ERE3.7

Renewable energy from biomass: a sustainable option? - Hydrogen production from alcohols
Zoltán Balla, Károly Kith, András Tamás, and Orsolya Nagy

EGU2015-14874 | Orals | ERE3.7

Uncertainties in city greenhouse gas inventories
Martin Wattenbach, Richard Redweik, Stefan Luedtke, Chang Deng-Beck, Lutz Ross, and Claus Nagel

EGU2015-2018 | Orals | ERE3.7

Alternative biomass sources for thermal energy generation
Torge Steensen, Sönke Müller, Boris Dresen, and Olaf Büscher

EGU2015-5163 | Posters | ERE3.7

The role of renewable energy on animal farms
Nándor Csatári and András Vántus

EGU2015-5207 | Posters | ERE3.7

Biogas - the calculable energy
Károly Kith, Orsolya Nagy, Zoltán Balla, and András Tamás

EGU2015-9337 | Orals | ERE3.7

Modelling impacts of second generation bioenergy production on Ecosystem Services in Europe
Dagmar N. Henner, Pete Smith, Christian Davies, and Niall P. McNamara

EGU2015-9640 | Posters | ERE3.7

Evaluation of Water Use Efficiency of Short Rotation Poplar Coppice at Bohemian-Moravian Highlands
Marcela Hlaváčová, Milan Fischer, Abhishek Mani Tripathi, Matěj Orság, and Miroslav Trnka

EGU2015-9643 | Posters | ERE3.7

Effect of reduced soil water availability on productivity of short rotation coppice
Matěj Orság, Milan Fischer, Abhishek Mani Tripathi, and Miroslav Trnka

EGU2015-10471 | Posters | ERE3.7

Effect of drought on fine roots productivity in poplar-based short rotation coppice
Abhishek Mani Tripathi, Milan Fischer, Gonzalo Berhongaray, Matěj Orság, and Miroslav Trnka

EGU2015-14545 | Posters | ERE3.7

Airborne passive remote sensing of large-scale methane emissions from oil fields in California's San Joaquin Valley and validation by airborne in-situ measurements - Initial results from COMEX
Konstantin Gerilowski, Sven Krautwurst, Richard W. Kolyer, David R. Thompson, Haflidi Jonsson, Thomas Krings, Markus Horstjann, Ira Leifer, Michael Eastwood, Robert O. Green, Sam Vigil, Dirk Schüttemeyer, Matthew Fladeland, John P. Burrows, and Heinrich Bovensmann

ERE3.8 – Harnessing the resources offered by sun, wind and water: control and optimization (co-organized)

EGU2015-13840 | Posters | ERE3.8

Impact of the length of time series on simulation-based multi-objective optimization for water resources management
Ruben Müller and Niels Schütze

EGU2015-5726 | Orals | ERE3.8

Challenges and Benefits of Direct Policy Search in Advancing Multiobjective Reservoir Management
Andrea Castelletti, Matteo Giuliani, Jazmin Zatarain-Salazar, John Hermann, Francesca Pianosi, and Patrick Reed

EGU2015-5121 | Orals | ERE3.8

Computational issues in complex water-energy optimization problems: Time scales, parameterizations, objectives and algorithms
Andreas Efstratiadis, Ioannis Tsoukalas, Panayiotis Kossieris, George Karavokiros, Antonis Christofides, Alexandros Siskos, Nikos Mamassis, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2015-6584 | Posters | ERE3.8

Comparing model-based vs model-free approaches to improve hydropower reservoir operation by snow-related information
Quentin Desreumaux, Matteo Giuliani, Andrea Castelletti, Pascal Cote, and Robert Leconte

EGU2015-12517 | Orals | ERE3.8

Application of Chance-Constrained Stochastic Optimization for Mitigating Downstream Flood Risks
Rodolfo Alvarado Montero, Dirk Schwanenberg, Fernando Mainardi Fan, and Alberto Assis dos Reis

EGU2015-11215 | Posters | ERE3.8

Entropy, pumped-storage and energy system productivity
Georgios Karakatsanis, Hristos Tyralis, and Nikos Mamassis

EGU2015-4912 | Posters | ERE3.8

Integrated water and renewable energy management: the Acheloos-Peneios region case study
Antonios Koukouvinos, Dionysis Nikolopoulos, Andreas Efstratiadis, Aristotelis Tegos, Evangelos Rozos, Simon-Michael Papalexiou, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Yiannis Markonis, Panayiotis Kossieris, Christos Tyralis, Georgios Karakatsanis, Katerina Tzouka, Antonis Christofides, George Karavokiros, Alexandros Siskos, Nikos Mamassis, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2015-10543 | Orals | ERE3.8

Optimal and centralized reservoir management for drought and flood protection via Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming on the Upper Seine-Aube River system
Mattia Chiavico, Luciano Raso, David Dorchies, and Pierre-Olivier Malaterre

EGU2015-6528 | Posters | ERE3.8

Flow based vs. demand based energy-water modelling
Evangelos Rozos, Dionysis Nikolopoulos, Andreas Efstratiadis, Antonios Koukouvinos, and Christos Makropoulos

EGU2015-13978 | Orals | ERE3.8

Incorporating routing into reservoir planning optimization models
Nicholas Zmijewski, Anders Wörman, and Andrea Bottacin-Busolin

EGU2015-5643 | Posters | ERE3.8

Analysis of the electricity demand of Greece for optimal planning of a large-scale hybrid renewable energy system
Hristos Tyralis, Georgios Karakatsanis, Katerina Tzouka, and Nikos Mamassis

EGU2015-10239 | Orals | ERE3.8

Operation of hydropower generation systems in the Alps under future climate and socio-economic drivers
Daniela Anghileri, Andrea Castelletti, and Paolo Burlando

EGU2015-5719 | Posters | ERE3.8

Comparison between satellite and instrumental solar irradiance data at the city of Athens, Greece
Yannis Markonis, Thanos Dimoulas, Athina Atalioti, Charalampos Konstantinou, Anna Kontini, Magdalini-Io Pipini, Eleni Skarlatou, Vasilis Sarantopoulos, Katerina Tzouka, Simon Papalexiou, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2015-11759 | Orals | ERE3.8

Entropy, pumped-storage and energy system finance
Georgios Karakatsanis

EGU2015-5197 | Posters | ERE3.8

Experiences of a grid connected solar array energy production
Zoltán Hagymássy and András Vántus

EGU2015-1299 | Orals | ERE3.8

Design of operating rules in complex water resources systems using historical records, expert criteria and fuzzy logic
Manuel Pulido-Velazquez, Hector Macian-Sorribes, Jose María Benlliure-Moreno, and Juan Fullana-Montoro

EGU2015-12126 | Orals | ERE3.8

Ensemble stream flow predictions using the ECMWF forecasts
Adam Kiczko, Renata Romanowicz, Marzena Osuch, Florian Pappenberger, and Emilia Karamuz

EGU2015-4010 | Posters | ERE3.8

Extreme wind analysis: a focus on the tails
Ioannis Papatsoutsos, Simon Michael Papalexiou, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2015-13810 | Posters | ERE3.8

Application of stochastic methods for wind speed forecasting and wind turbines design at the area of Thessaly, Greece
Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Lappas Lazaros, Olympia Daskalou, Ariadni Filippidou, Marianna Giannakou, Eleni Gkova, Romanos Ioannidis, Angeliki Polydera, Eleni Polymerou, Eleftheria Psarrou, Alexandra Vyrini, Simon Papalexiou, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2015-11043 | Orals | ERE3.8

Optimization or Simulation? Comparison of approaches to reservoir operation on the Senegal River
Luciano Raso, Jean-Claude Bader, Jean-Christophe Pouget, and Pierre-Olivier Malaterre

EGU2015-3341 | Orals | ERE3.8

Model Predictive Control application for real time operation of controlled structures for the Water Authority Noorderzijlvest, The Netherlands
Klaas-Jan van Heeringen, Jan Gooijer, Floris Knot, and Jan Talsma

EGU2015-5995 | Posters | ERE3.8

Role of large-scale atmospheric processes in variability of droughts in Ukraine
Valeriy Khokhlov and Nataliia Yermolenko

EGU2015-15561 | Posters | ERE3.8

A simulation of reservoir management to assess relevance of large scale atmospheric processes
Valeriy Khokhlov, Ronald van Nooijen, and Alla Kolechkina

EGU2015-6877 | Posters | ERE3.8

Stability of a series of controlled channels with uncertain parameters
Alla Kolechkina and Ronald van Nooijen

EGU2015-6861 | Posters | ERE3.8

Stability of a series of identical controlled channels
Ronald van Nooijen and Alla Kolechkina

EGU2015-11048 | Posters | ERE3.8

On-line updating of a distributed flow routing model – River Vistula case study
Emilia Karamuz, Renata Romanowicz, and Jaroslaw Napiorkowski

EGU2015-8049 | Posters | ERE3.8

Vulnerability-based evaluation of water supply design under climate change
Mehmet Umit Taner, Patrick Ray, and Casey Brown

EGU2015-8979 | Posters | ERE3.8

Optimal crop selection and water allocation under limited water supply in irrigation
Peter Stange, Ulrike Grießbach, and Niels Schütze

EGU2015-11047 | Posters | ERE3.8

Long-term fluctuations of water resources availability and its implications for a sustainable management of arid agricultural coastal regions
Jens Grundmann and Niels Schütze

EGU2015-5237 | Posters | ERE3.8

An integrated modeling approach to support management decisions of coupled groundwater-agricultural systems under multiple uncertainties
Yohannes Hagos Subagadis, Niels Schütze, and Jens Grundmann

ERE4.3 – Petroleum exploration and production and their impact on the environment

EGU2015-55 | Orals | ERE4.3

Calculation of an interaction index between extractive activity and groundwater resources
Louise Collier, Vincent Hallet, Johan Barthélemy, Marie Moriamé, and Timotéo Cartletti

EGU2015-6624 | Posters | ERE4.3 | Media interest

Methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania: Data and analysis of seasonal variations
Alana Miller

EGU2015-1580 | Orals | ERE4.3 | Media interest

Promotion of renewable energy to mitigate impact of heavy use of carbon energy on society and climate change in Central Sub-Saharan Africa remote areas.
Joseph Kenfack and Blaise Bignom

EGU2015-6958 | Posters | ERE4.3

Environmental baseline conditions for impact assessment of unconventional gas exploitation: the G-Baseline project
Wolfram Kloppmann, Berhard Mayer, Romain Millot, Beth L. Parker, Eric Gaucher, Christopher R. Clarkson, John A. Cherry, Pauline Humez, and Aaron Cahill

EGU2015-7854 | Posters | ERE4.3

Problems and Alternatives of Settlement Lagoons for Mine Water Treatment System
Dong-Kil Lee

EGU2015-2194 | Orals | ERE4.3 | Media interest

Research the dynamical characteristics of slow deformation waves as a rock massif response to explosions during its outworking
Olga Hachay, Oleg Khachay, and Oleg Shipeev

EGU2015-2255 | Orals | ERE4.3 | Media interest

The environmental consequences of the oil shale utilization in Jordan: The effect of combustion processes
Tayel El-Hasan

EGU2015-8520 | Posters | ERE4.3

A ground penetrating radar survey to assist the sedimentologic and geomorphologic interpretation of washover fans in NW Australia.
Matthias Leopold, Nik Callow, and Simon Matthias May

EGU2015-9495 | Posters | ERE4.3

Application of the Deformation Information System for automated analysis and mapping of mining terrain deformations – case study from SW Poland
Jan Blachowski, Piotr Grzempowski, Wojciech Milczarek, and Anna Nowacka

EGU2015-15118 | Orals | ERE4.3 | Media interest

Environmental risks associated with unconventional gas extraction: an Australian perspective
Dirk Mallants, Elise Bekele, Wolfgang Schmidt, Konrad Miotlinski, and Kirill Gerke Gerke

EGU2015-10700 | Orals | ERE4.3

Characterization of forest litter horizons through full-wave inversion of ground-penetrating radar data
Frédéric André, Mathieu Jonard, François Jonard, and Sébastien Lambot

EGU2015-11186 | Posters | ERE4.3

Identification and determination of trapping parameters as key site parameters for CO2 storage for the active CO2 storage site in Ketzin (Germany) - Comparison of different experimental approaches and analysis of field data
Kornelia Zemke and Axel Liebscher