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ESSI – Earth & Space Science Informatics

ESSI1.2 – Informatics in Oceanography and Ocean Science

EGU2015-2466 | Posters | ESSI1.2

Israel Marine Bio-geographic Database (ISRAMAR-BIO)
Eyal Greengrass, Yevgeniya Krivenko, Tal Ozer, Dafna Ben Yosef, Moshe Tom, and Isaac Gertman

EGU2015-875 | Orals | ESSI1.2

SOCIB applications for oceanographic data management
Charles Troupin, Joan Pau Beltran, Biel Frontera, Sonia Gómara, Sebastian Lora, David March, Kristian Sebastian, and Joaquin Tintoré

EGU2015-2823 | Posters | ESSI1.2

Oceanographic data at your fingertips: the SOCIB App for smartphones
Sebastian Lora, Kristian Sebastian, Charles Troupin, Joan Pau Beltran, Biel Frontera, Sonia Gómara, and Joaquín Tintoré

EGU2015-2412 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Marine Data Management within the EMODNet Chemistry project: data aggregation, quality control and products preparation.
Athanasia (Sissy) Iona, Pelopidas Karagevrekis, Stavroula Balopoulou, Alessandra Giorgetti, and Dick Schaap

EGU2015-3395 | Posters | ESSI1.2

A Generic Framework for Enabling the Flow of Sensor Observations to Archives: O2A
Peter Gerchow, Roland Koppe, Ana Macario, Antonie Haas, and Christian Shäfer-Neth

EGU2015-8417 | Orals | ESSI1.2

European Marine Observation Data Network - EMODnet Physics
Giuseppe M.R. Manzella, Antonio Novellino, Paolo D'Angelo, Patrick Gorringe, Dick Schaap, Sylvie Pouliquen, Thomas Loubrieu, and Lesley Rickards

EGU2015-6040 | Orals | ESSI1.2

SeaDataNet II – EMODNet Bathymetry - building a pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management and a digital high resolution bathymetry for European seas
Dick M. A. Schaap and Michele Fichaut

EGU2015-7015 | Posters | ESSI1.2

Information Services of Maritime Industry
Atanas Palazov and Asen Stefanov

EGU2015-6796 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Emodnet Med Sea Check-Point – Indicators for decision- maker
Sophie BESNARD, Vincent CLAVERIE, and Frédérique BLANC

EGU2015-9394 | Posters | ESSI1.2

BCube Ocean Scenario
Mattia Santoro, Oscar Schofield, Jay Pearlman, and Stefano Nativi

EGU2015-5767 | Orals | ESSI1.2 | Media interest

MyOcean Central Information System - Achievements and Perspectives

EGU2015-11719 | Posters | ESSI1.2

SOCIB Glider toolbox: from sensor to data repository
Joan Pau Beltran, Emma Heslop, Simón Ruiz, Charles Troupin, and Joaquín Tintoré

EGU2015-9069 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Applying Sensor Web Technology to Marine Sensor Data
Simon Jirka, Joaquin del Rio, Daniel Mihai Toma, Daniel Nüst, Christoph Stasch, and Eric Delory

EGU2015-11616 | Posters | ESSI1.2

FixO3: Advancement towards Open Ocean Observatory Data Management Harmonisation
Andree Behnken, Maureen Pagnani, Robert Huber, and Richard Lampitt

EGU2015-13828 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Assisted editing od SensorML with EDI. A bottom-up scenario towards the definition of sensor profiles.
Alessandro Oggioni, Paolo Tagliolato, Cristiano Fugazza, Mauro Bastianini, Fabio Pavesi, Monica Pepe, Stefano Menegon, Anna Basoni, and Paola Carrara

EGU2015-3781 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Born semantic: linking data from sensors to users and balancing hardware limitations with data standards
Justin Buck and Adam Leadbetter

EGU2015-12071 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP): developing a common framework for marine data management on a global scale
Helen Glaves and Dick Schaap

EGU2015-13693 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Changing the paradigm for marine data production, dissemination and validation with Collaborative Platforms. The GlobColour webservice, a prime example which leads to the integration of CWE technologies to build-up virtual research centres.
Odile Fanton d'Andon, François-Regis Martin-Lauzer, Antoine Mangin, Gilbert Barrot, Stephane Clouaire, Olivier Sardou, Julien Demaria, and Romain Serra

EGU2015-3302 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Accessing Diverse Data Comprehensively via a Web-Service Based Portal - The Coastal Observing System COSYNA
Gisbert Breitbach, Hajo Krasemann, Daniel Behr, Steffen Beringer, Uwe Lange, Nhan Vo, and Friedhelm Schroeder

EGU2015-5792 | Orals | ESSI1.2

Web-based visualization of gridded dataset usings OceanBrowser
Alexander Barth, Sylvain Watelet, Charles Troupin, and Jean-Marie Beckers

ESSI1.3 – New approaches to digital environmental models

EGU2015-617 | Posters | ESSI1.3

Characterization of environmental quality of forest fragments changes in Jundiaí-Mirim river basin-Brazil using the Markov Chain model
Felipe Hasimoto Fengler, Jener Fernando Leite de Moraes, Admilson Irio Ribeiro, Afonso Peche Filho, Gerson Araujo de Medeiros, Desirée Baldin Damame, and Regina Márcia Longo

EGU2015-13193 | Posters | ESSI1.3

A love story about forest drought detection: the relationship between MODIS data and Climate time series.
Cristina Domingo, Miquel Ninyerola, Xavier Pons, and Jordi Cristóbal

EGU2015-274 | Posters | ESSI1.3

A new approach for river flood extent delineation in rural and urban areas combining RADARSAT-2 imagery and flood recurrence interval data
Marion Tanguy, Monique Bernier, and Karem Chokmani

EGU2015-2330 | Posters | ESSI1.3

Web services and model-data comparison for the Functional Test Platform
Misha Krassovski and Dali Wang

EGU2015-13664 | Posters | ESSI1.3

An interoperable standard system for the automatic generation and publication of the fire risk maps based on Fire Weather Index (FWI)
Núria Julià Selvas and Miquel Ninyerola Casals

ESSI1.8 – Earth system and space science applications on current and emerging high performance computing architectures

EGU2015-441 | Posters | ESSI1.8

Development of seismic tomography software for hybrid supercomputers
Alexandr Nikitin, Alexandr Serdyukov, and Anton Duchkov

EGU2015-7863 | Orals | ESSI1.8 | Media interest

Going to high frequency for full waveform inversion of teleseismic wavefields based upon a SEM-DSM hybrid method and massive High-Performance Computing
Dimitri Komatitsch, Vadim Monteiller, Sébastien Chevrot, Yi Wang, and Clément Durochat

EGU2015-7331 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Seismic signal processing on heterogeneous supercomputers
Alexey Gokhberg, Laura Ermert, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2015-7095 | Posters | ESSI1.8

Multigrid shallow water equations on an FPGA
Stephen Jeffress, Peter Duben, and Tim Palmer

EGU2015-11906 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Seismic waves modeling with the Fourier pseudo-spectral method on massively parallel machines.
Peter Klin

EGU2015-8550 | Posters | ESSI1.8

Toward a more efficient and scalable checkpoint/restart mechanism in the Community Atmosphere Model
Valentine Anantharaj

EGU2015-13875 | Posters | ESSI1.8

Forward and adjoint spectral-element simulations of seismic wave propagation using hardware accelerators
Daniel Peter, Brice Videau, Kevin Pouget, and Dimitri Komatitsch

EGU2015-10993 | Orals | ESSI1.8

The Terracorrelator: a shared memory HPC facility for real-time seismological cross-correlation analyses
Malcolm Atkinson, Andrew Bell, Andrew Curtis, Elizabeth Entwistle, Rosa Filgueira, Amrey Krause, Ian Main, Giovani Meles, Mike Miniter, and Youqian Zhao

EGU2015-10153 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Mantle convection on modern supercomputers
Jens Weismüller, Björn Gmeiner, Marcus Mohr, Christian Waluga, Barbara Wohlmuth, Ulrich Rüde, and Hans-Peter Bunge

EGU2015-6469 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Implementing the PM Programming Language using MPI and OpenMP – a New Tool for Programming Geophysical Models on Parallel Systems
Tim Bellerby

EGU2015-6426 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Inexact hardware and the trade between precision and performance in earth system modelling
Peter D. Düben, Stephen Jeffress, and Tim N. Palmer

EGU2015-11921 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Climate simulation and numerical weather prediction using GPUs
Xavier Lapillonne, Oliver Fuhrer, Stefan Ruedisuehli, Andrea Arteaga, Carlos Osuna, Andre Walser, and Daniel Leuenberger

EGU2015-14702 | Orals | ESSI1.8

HPC Server Performance and Power Consumption for Atmospheric Modeling on GPUs Configured with Different CPU Platforms
Stan Posey, Peter Messmer, and Jeremy Appleyard

EGU2015-14739 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Computational performance of a two-dimensional flood model in single and multiple GPU frameworks
Tigstu Dullo, Alfred Kalyanapu, Sheikh Ghafoor, Valentine Anantharaj, Ryan Marshall, Joe Tatarczuk, and Kao Shih-Chieh

EGU2015-15069 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Accelerated shallow water modeling
Rajesh Gandham, David Medina, and Timothy Warburton

EGU2015-1276 | Orals | ESSI1.8

Acceleration of a Particle-in-Cell Code for Space Plasma Simulations with OpenACC
Ivy Bo Peng, Stefano Markidis, Andris Vaivads, Juris Vencels, Jan Deca, Giovanni Lapenta, Alistair Hart, and Erwin Laure

ESSI1.10 – Citizen-empowered science and crowdsourcing in the geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2015-14335 | Posters | ESSI1.10

MappERS-C and MappERS-V. The crowd source for prevention and crisis support
Simone Frigerio, Luca Schenato, Chiara Bianchizza, and Daniele Del Bianco

EGU2015-11377 | Orals | ESSI1.10

Analyzing Forest Inventory Data from Geo-Located Photographs
Timo Toivanen, Renne Tergujeff, Kaj Andersson, Matthieu Molinier, and Tuomas Häme

EGU2015-14403 | Orals | ESSI1.10

The EducEO project
Steffen Fritz, Eduardo Dias, Guenther Zeug, Fabio Vescovi, Linda See, Tobias Sturn, Ian McCallum, Piet Stammes, Frans Snik, and Elise Hendriks

EGU2015-10019 | Posters | ESSI1.10

Portable air quality sensor unit for participatory monitoring: an end-to-end VESNA-AQ based prototype
Matevz Vucnik, Johanna Robinson, Miha Smolnikar, David Kocman, Milena Horvat, and Mihael Mohorcic

EGU2015-12695 | Orals | ESSI1.10 | Media interest

How citizen seismology is transforming rapid public earthquake information and interactions between seismologists and society
Rémy Bossu, Robert Steed, Gilles Mazet-Roux, Fréderic Roussel, and Etivant Caroline

EGU2015-7163 | Posters | ESSI1.10

Project Roadkill: Linking European Hare vehicle collisions with landscape-structure using datasets from citizen scientists and professionals
Carina Stretz, Florian Heigl, Wolfgang Steiner, Thomas Bauer, Franz Suppan, and Johann G. Zaller

EGU2015-4429 | Orals | ESSI1.10

enviroCar – citizen science for sustainable traffic
Christoph Stasch, Albert Remke, Simon Jirka, and Daniel Nuest

EGU2015-3354 | Posters | ESSI1.10

An Open Hardware seismic data recorder – a solid basis for citizen science
Stefan Mertl

EGU2015-320 | Posters | ESSI1.10

Nurnet- A case of crowdsourcing for geographic knowledge production.
Valentina Spanu, Roberto Demontis, Eva Lorrai, and Laura Muscas

EGU2015-5310 | Orals | ESSI1.10

Citizen Observatories: A Standards Based Architecture
Ingo Simonis

EGU2015-9058 | Posters | ESSI1.10

Towards a personalized environmental health information service using low-cost sensors and crowdsourcing
Nuria Castell, Hai-Ying Liu, Philipp Schneider, Tom Cole-Hunter, William Lahoz, and Alena Bartonova

EGU2015-3503 | Orals | ESSI1.10

Making sense of crowdsourced observations: Data fusion techniques for real-time mapping of urban air quality
Philipp Schneider, Nuria Castell, Matthias Vogt, William Lahoz, and Alena Bartonova

ESSI2.1 – Digital infrastructures to enhance international geoscience information access, provision and use

EGU2015-7772 | Posters | ESSI2.1

The GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Network and Service Suite: Linking S&T Communities and GEOSS
Hans-Peter Plag and Shelley Jules-Plag

EGU2015-7183 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Technologies and practices for maintaining and publishing earth science vocabularies
Simon Cox, Jonathan Yu, Megan Williams, Fabrizio Giabardo, and Dominic Lowe

EGU2015-8538 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Building Nationally-Focussed, Globally Federated, High Performance Earth Science Platforms to Solve Next Generation Social and Economic Issues.
Lesley Wyborn, Ben Evans, Clinton Foster, Timothy Pugh, and Alfred Uhlherr

EGU2015-8548 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Developing the architecture for the Climate Information Portal for Copernicus
Wim Som de Cerff, Peter Thijsse, Maarten Plieger, Stephen Pascoe, Martin Jukes, Adam Leadbetter, Hasse Goosen, and Ernst de Vreede

EGU2015-15163 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Community building – an essential ingredient of the IT infrastructure
Holger Kessler, Steve Mathers, and Jan Gunnink

EGU2015-9136 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Extensions to Traditional Spatial Data Infrastructures: Integration of Social Media, Synchronization of Datasets, and Data on the Go in GeoPackages
Ingo Simonis

EGU2015-13792 | Orals | ESSI2.1 | Media interest

Towards the creation of a European Network of Earth Observation Networks within GEO. The ConnectinGEO project.
Joan Masó, Ivette Serral, Lionel Menard, Lucien Wald, Stefano Nativi, Hans-Peter Plag, Shelley Jules-Plag, Daniel Nüst, Simon Jirka, Jay Pearlman, and Martine De Maziere

EGU2015-13410 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Seabed substrates and sedimentation rates of the European Seas - EMODnet-Geology2
Anu Kaskela, Aarno Kotilainen, Ulla Alanen, Alan Stevenson, and EMODnet Geology 2 Partners

EGU2015-9721 | Orals | ESSI2.1

The climate4impact portal: bridging the CMIP5 and CORDEX data infrastructure to impact users
Maarten Plieger, Wim Som de Cerff, Christian Pagé, Natalia Tatarinova, Antonio Cofiño, Manuel Vega Saldarriaga, Ronald Hutjes, Fokke de Jong, Lars Bärring, and Elin Sjökvist

EGU2015-14346 | Posters | ESSI2.1

Geo-hazard harmonised data a driven process to environmental analysis system
Carlo Cipolloni, Carla Iadanza, Marco Pantaloni, and Alessandro Trigila

EGU2015-14416 | Orals | ESSI2.1

OneGeology - The most appropriate model to achieve access to up-to-date geoscience data using a distributed data system
Marko Komac, Tim Duffy, Francois Robida, Matt Harrison, and Lee Allison

EGU2015-13372 | Orals | ESSI2.1

Geological Survey data as a support for EPOS
Jørgen Tulstrup, Francois Robida, Matthew Harrison, Paul Bogaard, and Mikael Pedersen

ESSI2.3 – Service and Brokering Architecture challenges for multi-disciplinary interoperability and Future Internet

EGU2015-9293 | Posters | ESSI2.3

A Broker-based approach for GEOSS authentication/authorization services
Mattia Santoro and Stefano Nativi

EGU2015-12199 | Posters | ESSI2.3

Enabling interoperability in Geoscience with GI-suite
Enrico Boldrini, Fabrizio Papeschi, Mattia Santoro, and Stefano Nativi

EGU2015-3196 | Posters | ESSI2.3

The DIAS/CEOS Water Portal, distributed system using brokering architecture
Satoko Miura, Shinichi Sekioka, Kaori Kuroiwa, and Yoshiyuki Kudo

ESSI2.4 – Innovative Evaluation and Prediction for Large Earth Science Datasets | PICO

EGU2015-15809 | PICO | ESSI2.4

Advanced Methods for Climate and Regional Model Validation with Societal Applications
Barbara Brown, Eric Gilleland, Caspar Ammann, Tressa Fowler, Lawrence Buja, William Gutowski, Laurna Kaatz, and Yomi Abatan

EGU2015-15806 | PICO | ESSI2.4

The Spatial Prediction Comparison Test: Account for Spatial Correlation and Location Errors
Eric Gilleland and Barbara Brown

EGU2015-7565 | PICO | ESSI2.4

Building the evaluation bridge between weather and climate
Tressa Fowler, Barbara Brown, Randy Bullock, John Halley Gotway, Eric Gilleland, Caspar Amman, Abayomi Abatan, and William Gutowski

EGU2015-10622 | PICO | ESSI2.4

Accelerating climate simulation analytics via multilevel aggregation and synthesis
Valentine Anantharaj, Krishnaraj Ravindran, Raghul Gunasekaran, Sudharshan Vazhkudai, and Ali Butt

EGU2015-11413 | PICO | ESSI2.4

Analysis of Fraction Skill Score properties for a displaced rainy grid point in a rectangular domain
Gregor Skok

EGU2015-11959 | PICO | ESSI2.4

MesoVICT – Mesoscale Verification Inter-Comparison over Complex Terrain
Manfred Dorninger, Marion Mittermaier, Eric Gilleland, Barb Brown, Beth Ebert, and Lawrence Wilson

EGU2015-13495 | PICO | ESSI2.4

A Hybrid Evaluation System Framework (Shell & Web) with Standardized Access to Climate Model Data and Verification Tools for a Clear Climate Science Infrastructure on Big Data High Performance Computers
Christopher Kadow, Sebastian Illing, Oliver Kunst, Uwe Ulbrich, and Ulrich Cubasch

EGU2015-14298 | PICO | ESSI2.4

Effect of object identification algorithms on feature based verification scores
Michael Weniger and Petra Friederichs

EGU2015-14330 | PICO | ESSI2.4

Forecaster's dilemma: Extreme events and forecast evaluation
Sebastian Lerch, Thordis Thorarinsdottir, Francesco Ravazzolo, and Tilmann Gneiting

ESSI2.5 – Big Data for Earth Science - Challenges, Practices, and Opportunities (co-organized)

EGU2015-15418 | Orals | ESSI2.5

What is the fuss about Big Data
Kwo-Sen Kuo and Rahul Ramachandran

EGU2015-5014 | Posters | ESSI2.5

Spatio-temporal change modeling with array data
Meng Lu and Edzer Pebesma

EGU2015-15307 | Orals | ESSI2.5

Practice & Experience with Scalable Clustering Algorithms for Statistical Earth Science Data Mining

EGU2015-6964 | Posters | ESSI2.5

Soil biogeochemistry in the age of big data
Lauric Cécillon, Pierre Barré, Eric Coissac, Alain Plante, and Daniel Rasse

EGU2015-15101 | Orals | ESSI2.5

Big data analytics workflow management for eScience
Sandro Fiore, Alessandro D'Anca, Cosimo Palazzo, Donatello Elia, Andrea Mariello, Paola Nassisi, and Giovanni Aloisio

EGU2015-15419 | Posters | ESSI2.5

Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran, and Kwo-Sen Kuo

EGU2015-15417 | Posters | ESSI2.5

Big Earth observation data analytics for land use and land cover change information
Gilberto Câmara

EGU2015-2487 | Orals | ESSI2.5

EarthServer: a Summary of Achievements in Technology, Services, and Standards
Peter Baumann

EGU2015-12931 | Orals | ESSI2.5

Beating the tyranny of scale with a private cloud configured for Big Data
Bryan Lawrence, Victoria Bennett, Jonathan Churchill, Martin Juckes, Philip Kershaw, Sam Pepler, Matt Pritchard, and Ag Stephens

EGU2015-8273 | Orals | ESSI2.5

NCI's High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Performance Data (HPD) Computing Platform for Environmental and Earth System Data Science
Ben Evans, Chris Allen, Joseph Antony, Irina Bastrakova, Kashif Gohar, David Porter, Tim Pugh, Fabiana Santana, Jon Smillie, Claire Trenham, Jingbo Wang, and Lesley Wyborn

EGU2015-15102 | Orals | ESSI2.5

SciDB and Geoinformatics Analysis
Paul Brown

ESSI2.6 – Earth science on Cloud, HPC and Grid

EGU2015-7570 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Array Processing in the Cloud: the rasdaman Approach
Vlad Merticariu and Alex Dumitru

EGU2015-2510 | Orals | ESSI2.6 | Media interest

Unidata's Vision for Transforming Geoscience by Moving Data Services and Software to the Cloud
Mohan Ramamurthy, Ward Fisher, and Tom Yoksas

EGU2015-15186 | Posters | ESSI2.6

The Ophidia framework: toward cloud-based data analytics for climate change
Sandro Fiore, Alessandro D´Anca, Donatello Elia, Marco Mancini, Andrea Mariello, Maria Mirto, Cosimo Palazzo, and Giovanni Aloisio

EGU2015-7583 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Enhancing Environmental HPC Applications: The EnCompAS approach
Anton Frank, John Donners, Antti Pursula, Frank Seinstra, and Dieter Kranzlmüller

EGU2015-3114 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Putting FLEXPART to REST: The Provision of Atmospheric Transport Modeling Services
Don Morton and Dèlia Arnold

EGU2015-8414 | Orals | ESSI2.6 | Media interest

Enabling the transition towards Earth Observation Science 2.0
Pierre-Philippe MATHIEU and Yves-Louis DESNOS

EGU2015-6129 | Posters | ESSI2.6

The VERCE platform: Enabling Computational Seismology via Streaming Workflows and Science Gateways
Alessandro Spinuso, Rosa Filgueira, Amrey Krause, Jonas Matser, Emanuele Casarotti, Federica Magnoni, Andre Gemund, Laurent Frobert, Lion Krischer, and Malcolm Atkinson

EGU2015-13090 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Cloud hosting of the IPython Notebook to Provide Collaborative Research Environments for Big Data Analysis
Philip Kershaw, Bryan Lawrence, Jose Gomez-Dans, and John Holt

EGU2015-14843 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Monitoring operational data production applying Big Data tooling
Wim Som de Cerff, Hotze de Jong, Roy van den Berg, Jeroen Bos, Rijk Oosterhoff, Henk Jan Klein Ikkink, Femke Haga, Tom Elsten, Hans Verhoef, Michal Koutek, and John van de Vegte

EGU2015-10214 | Posters | ESSI2.6

Climate tools in mainstream Linux distributions
Alastair McKinstry

EGU2015-14535 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Services for domain specific developments in the Cloud
Horst Schwichtenberg and André Gemuend

EGU2015-14296 | Orals | ESSI2.6

Supervising simulations with the Prodiguer Messaging Platform
Mark Greenslade, Nicolas Carenton, and Sebastien Denvil

ESSI2.8 – CyberGIS as an Engine of Data Stewardship

EGU2015-3746 | Posters | ESSI2.8

"Where did my data layer come from?" The semantics of data release
Adam Leadbetter and Justin Buck

EGU2015-8365 | Posters | ESSI2.8

Linking earth science informatics resources into uninterrupted digital value chains
Robert Woodcock, Rini Angreani, Simon Cox, Ryan Fraser, Pavel Golodoniuc, Jens Klump, Terry Rankine, Jess Robertson, and Josh Vote

EGU2015-4891 | Posters | ESSI2.8 | Media interest

Integrate metalogenic database with GIS geological project (deposite Au-Ag Far East Russia). WEB-GIS approach.
Evgeniy Kucharenko and Alex Asavin

EGU2015-6071 | Posters | ESSI2.8 | Media interest

EMODNet Bathymetry - building and providing a high resolution digital bathymetry for European seas
Dick M. A. Schaap

EGU2015-12644 | Posters | ESSI2.8 | Media interest

Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP): developing a common global framework for marine data management through international collaboration
Helen Glaves

EGU2015-14027 | Posters | ESSI2.8

Data Quality, Provenance and IPR Management services: their role in empowering geospatial data suppliers and users
Keiran Millard

ESSI2.9 – International cross-project collaboration and interoperability of data management systems | PICO

EGU2015-2436 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Results and Activities in RDA and their Potential for Efficient Data Processing
Peter Wittenburg, Herman Stehouwer, and Rob Pennington

EGU2015-14494 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Knowledge Network Architecture in Support of International Science
Wim Hugo

EGU2015-11022 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Opportunities for the Mashup of Heterogenous Data Server via Semantic Web Technology
Bernd Ritschel, Christoph Seelus, Günther Neher, Toshihiko Iyemori, Yukinobu Koyama, Akiyo Yatagai, Yasuhiro Murayama, Todd King, John Hughes, Shing Fung, Ivan Galkin, Michael Hapgood, and Anna Belehaki

EGU2015-7447 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Information Models, Data Requirements, and Agile Data Curation
John S. Hughes, Dan Crichton, Bernd Ritschel, Sean Hardman, and Ron Joyner

EGU2015-7394 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Inter-operatinal System of Global Change Research Data Publishing and Repository
Chuang Liu, Ruixiang Shi, Banghui Yang, Jinnian Wang, and Waweru Mwangi

EGU2015-7428 | PICO | ESSI2.9

New Developments in Geodetic Data Management Systems for Fostering International Collaborations in the Geosciences
Charles Meertens, Fran Boler, and M. Meghan Miller

EGU2015-8404 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Integration of external metadata into the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF)
Katharina Berger, Guillaume Levavasseur, Martina Stockhause, and Michael Lautenschlager

EGU2015-8958 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Distributed Earth observation data integration and on-demand services based on a collaborative framework of geospatial data service gateway
Jibo xie and Guoqing Li

EGU2015-9125 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Open and reproducible global land use classification
Daniel Nüst, Tomáš Václavík, and Benjamin Pross

EGU2015-9445 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Versioning for CMIP6 in the Earth System Grid Federation
Tobias Weigel, Stephan Kindermann, and Michael Lautenschlager

EGU2015-12266 | PICO | ESSI2.9

From climate model ensembles to statistics: Introducing the "wux" package
Thomas Mendlik, Georg Heinrich, Andreas Gobiet, and Armin Leuprecht

EGU2015-14476 | PICO | ESSI2.9

The Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Project
Nicolas Carenton-Madiec, Sébastien Denvil, and Mark Greenslade

EGU2015-14623 | PICO | ESSI2.9

Integrated Array/Metadata Analytics
Dimitar Misev and Peter Baumann

ESSI2.11 – Metadata, Data Models, and Semantics (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2015-8413 | PICO | ESSI2.11

Ontology Design Patterns: Bridging the Gap Between Local Semantic Use Cases and Large-Scale, Long-Term Data Integration
Adam Shepherd, Robert Arko, Adila Krisnadhi, Pascal Hitzler, Krzysztof Janowicz, Cyndy Chandler, Tom Narock, Michelle Cheatham, Mark Schildhauer, Matt Jones, Lisa Raymond, Audrey Mickle, Tim Finin, Doug Fils, Suzanne Carbotte, and Kerstin Lehnert

EGU2015-7943 | PICO | ESSI2.11

Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R): Standards and Semantics for Open Access to Research Data
Robert Arko, Suzanne Carbotte, Cynthia Chandler, Shawn Smith, and Karen Stocks

EGU2015-14644 | PICO | ESSI2.11

Metarelate - Relating registered semantics to support interoperability tools.
Mark Hedley

EGU2015-4022 | PICO | ESSI2.11

Dynamic Data Management Based on Archival Process Integration at the Centre for Environmental Data Archival
Esther Conway, Alison Waterfall, Sam Pepler, and Charles Newey

EGU2015-4932 | PICO | ESSI2.11

Collaborative Knowledge in Scientific Research Networks
Paolo Diviacco, Adam Leadbetter, Peter Fox, and Cyril Pshenichny

EGU2015-8325 | PICO | ESSI2.11

NCI's national environmental research data collection: metadata management built on standards and preparing for the semantic web
Jingbo Wang, Irina Bastrakova, Ben Evans, Kashif Gohar, Fabiana Santana, and Lesley Wyborn

EGU2015-5960 | PICO | ESSI2.11

The RBV metadata catalog
Francois ANDRE, Laurence FLEURY, Jerome GAILLARDET, and Guillaume NORD

EGU2015-5634 | PICO | ESSI2.11

A case for user-generated sensor metadata
Daniel Nüst

ESSI2.12 – Open Access to Research Data and Public Sector Information: perspective, drivers, and barriers (co-organized)

EGU2015-6409 | Posters | ESSI2.12

Support to Climate Data Dissemination in a Worldwide Data Federation by IS-ENES2
Torsten Rathmann, Frank Toussaint, Stephan Kindermann, and Michael Lautenschlager

EGU2015-7847 | Posters | ESSI2.12

SensorWeb Hub infrastructure for open access to scientific research data
Tiziana DE FILIPPIS, Leandro ROCCHI, and Elena RAPISARDI

EGU2015-8919 | Posters | ESSI2.12

45 years of experience with open access to atmospheric ground based research data: lessons learned and recent development within ACTRIS
Cathrine Lund Myhre, Markus Fiebig, Ann Mari Fjaeraa, Wenche Aas, Thomas Hamburger, Paul Eckhardt, Anne-Gunn Hjellbrekke, and Kjetil Tørseth

EGU2015-9010 | Posters | ESSI2.12

Providing open hydrological data for decision making and research –
Lena Strömbäck, Jafet Andersson, Chantal Donnelly, David Gustafsson, Kristina Isberg, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Johan Strömqvist, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2015-12080 | Posters | ESSI2.12

Virtual Hubs for facilitating access to Open Data
Paolo Mazzetti, Miguel Á. Latre, Julia Ernst, Raffaella Brumana, Stefan Brauman, and Stefano Nativi

EGU2015-12634 | Posters | ESSI2.12

Open Access to research data – final perspectives from the RECODE project
Lorenzo Bigagli and Jeroen Sondervan

EGU2015-13772 | Posters | ESSI2.12

Making OGC standards work – interoperability testing between meteorological web services
Stephan Siemen, Chris Little, and Marie-Françoise Voidrot

EGU2015-14677 | Posters | ESSI2.12

OBIS - an Open Access Data Center for the Okavango River Basin
Sven Kralisch, Franziska Zander, Masego Dhliwayo, Wellington Masamba, and Wolfgang-Albert Flügel

EGU2015-15018 | Posters | ESSI2.12

Mobilising Open Access to Research Data: Recommendations from the RECODE project
Rachel Finn and Thordis Sveinsdottir

ESSI2.13 – Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Geoinformatics and Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2015-8135 | Orals | ESSI2.13

Getting to the science quickly and effectively: An international collaboration in community radar software
Scott Collis, Jonathan Helmus, Maik Heistermann, and Daniel Michelson

EGU2015-93 | Posters | ESSI2.13

A national upgrade of the climate monitoring grid in Sri Lanka. The place of Open Design, OSHW and FOSS.
Yann Chemin, Niroshan Bandara, and Nishadi Eriyagama

EGU2015-8631 | Orals | ESSI2.13

Open Data, Open Specifications and Free and Open Source Software: A powerful mix to create distributed Web-based water information systems
Carolina Arias, Maria Antonia Brovelli, and Rafael Moreno

EGU2015-4786 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Water Dynamics in Fogera and the Upper Blue Nile - Farmers perspectives and remote sensing
Yann Chemin, Mengistu Desalegn, Jayne Curnow, and Robyn Johnston

EGU2015-8142 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Analyzing rasters, vectors and time series using new Python interfaces in GRASS GIS 7
Vaclav Petras, Anna Petrasova, Yann Chemin, Pietro Zambelli, Martin Landa, Sören Gebbert, Markus Neteler, and Peter Löwe

EGU2015-6483 | Orals | ESSI2.13

The CLIMB Geoportal – A web-based dissemination and documentation platform for hydrological modelling data
Michael Blaschek, Daniel Gerken, Ralf Ludwig, and Rainer Duttmann

EGU2015-8314 | Posters | ESSI2.13

GRASS GIS: a peer-reviewed scientific platform and future research repository
Yann Chemin, Vaclav Petras, Anna Petrasova, Martin Landa, Sören Gebbert, Pietro Zambelli, Markus Neteler, Peter Löwe, and Margherita Di Leo

EGU2015-8340 | Orals | ESSI2.13

The Five ‘R's' for Developing Trusted Software Frameworks to increase confidence in, and maximise reuse of, Open Source Software.
Ryan Fraser, Lutz Gross, Lesley Wyborn, Ben Evans, and Jens Klump

EGU2015-7296 | Posters | ESSI2.13

GRASS GIS: The first Open Source Temporal GIS
Sören Gebbert and Thomas Leppelt

EGU2015-11053 | Orals | ESSI2.13

A simplified gis-based model for large wood recruitment and connectivity in mountain basins
Silvia Franceschi, Andrea Antonello, Ana Lucia Vela, Marco Cavalli, Stefano Crema, Francesco Comiti, and Giustino Tonon

EGU2015-2790 | Orals | ESSI2.13

SDAR 1.0 a New Quantitative Toolkit for Analyze Stratigraphic Data
John Ortiz, Carlos Moreno, Andres Cardenas, and Carlos Jaramillo

EGU2015-11672 | Posters | ESSI2.13

A GRASS GIS based Spatio-Temporal Algebra for Raster-, 3D Raster- and Vector Time Series Data
Thomas Leppelt and Sören Gebbert

EGU2015-10954 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Application of WebGIS for traffic risk assessment
Jérémie Voumard, Zar Chi Aye, Marc-Henri Derron, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2015-10577 | Orals | ESSI2.13

Gocad2OGS: Workflow to Integrate Geo-structural Information into Numerical Simulation Models
Thomas Fischer, Marc Walther, Dmitri Naumov, Sabine Sattler, and Olaf Kolditz

EGU2015-3691 | Orals | ESSI2.13

SPOTting model parameters using a ready-made Python package
Tobias Houska, Philipp Kraft, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2015-11258 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Easy research data handling with an OpenEarth DataLab for geo-monitoring research
Maurice Vanderfeesten, Annemiek van der Kuil, Alenka Prinčič, Kees den Heijer, and Jeroen Rombouts

EGU2015-11667 | Posters | ESSI2.13

An open-access software platform for the pre-processing of Earth Observation data from the MSG SEVIRI radiometer
George Petropoulos, Ionut Sandric, and Vasilios Anagnostopoulos

EGU2015-6790 | Orals | ESSI2.13

Dispel4py: An Open-Source Python library for Data-Intensive Seismology
Rosa Filgueira, Amrey Krause, Alessandro Spinuso, Iraklis Klampanos, Peter Danecek, and Malcolm Atkinson

EGU2015-12065 | Posters | ESSI2.13

An open-access software platform for modeling turbulent heat and moisture fluxes as well as surface soil moisture from the Synergy of VNIR/TIR EO Data and a Land Biosphere Model
George Petropoulos and Vasileios Anagnostopoulos

EGU2015-7637 | Orals | ESSI2.13

rasdaman Array Database: current status
George Merticariu and Alexandru Toader

EGU2015-3269 | Orals | ESSI2.13

"I CAMMINI DELLA REGINA" - Open Source based tools for preserving and culturally exploring historical traffic routes.
Massimiliano Cannata, Massimo Colombo, Milan Antonovic, Mirko Cardoso, Andrea Delucchi, Giancarlo Gianocca, and Maria Antonia Brovelli

EGU2015-13068 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Publishing Platform for Scientific Software – Lessons Learned
Martin Hammitzsch, Bernadette Fritzsch, Dominik Reusser, Björn Brembs, Gernot Deinzer, Peter Loewe, Martin Fenner, Xenia van Edig, Roland Bertelmann, Heinz Pampel, Jens Klump, and Joachim Wächter

EGU2015-5124 | Posters | ESSI2.13

The R-package 'eseis' – towards a toolbox for comprehensive seismic data analysis
Michael Dietze

EGU2015-11254 | Orals | ESSI2.13

LESTO: an Open Source GIS-based toolbox for LiDAR analysis
Silvia Franceschi, Andrea Antonello, and Giustino Tonon

EGU2015-3232 | Orals | ESSI2.13

A prototype of an interactive web-based risk analysis tool for floods and landslides
Zar Chi Aye, Michel Jaboyedoff, and Marc-Henri Derron

EGU2015-5138 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Globes from global data: Charting international research networks with the GRASS GIS r.out.polycones add-on module.
Peter Löwe

EGU2015-7148 | Orals | ESSI2.13

eWaterCycle: Building an operational global Hydrological forecasting system based on standards and open source software
Niels Drost, Marc Bierkens, Gennadii Donchyts, Nick van de Giesen, Stef Hummel, Rolf Hut, Arno Kockx, Maarten van Meersbergen, Edwin Sutanudjaja, Martin Verlaan, Albrecht Weerts, and Hessel Winsemius

EGU2015-7844 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Combining Open-Source Packages for Planetary Exploration
Albrecht Schmidt, Björn Grieger, and Stefan Völk

EGU2015-8296 | Posters | ESSI2.13

A free software for pore-scale modelling: solving Stokes equation for velocity fields and permeability values in 3D pore geometries
Kirill Gerke, Roman Vasilyev, Siarhei Khirevich, Marina Karsanina, Daniel Collins, Dmitry Korost, and Dirk Mallants

EGU2015-8512 | Posters | ESSI2.13

Mining the Geophysical Research Abstracts Corpus: Mapping the impact of Free and Open Source Software on the EGU Divisions
Peter Löwe, Jens Klump, and Jesse Robertson

ESSI3.1 – Techniques and tools for effective visualization and sonification in the geosciences

EGU2015-4569 | Posters | ESSI3.1

New software for visualizing 3D geological data in coal mines
Sungjae Lee and Yosoon Choi

EGU2015-1670 | Orals | ESSI3.1

Intuitive Visualization of Transient Flow: Towards a Full 3D Tool
Isabel Michel, Simon Schröder, Torsten Seidel, and Christoph König

EGU2015-11585 | Orals | ESSI3.1

Cross-Dataset Analysis and Visualization Driven by Expressive Web Services
Mircea Alexandru Dumitru and Vlad Catalin Merticariu

EGU2015-4865 | Posters | ESSI3.1

Remote web-based 3D visualization of hydrological forecasting datasets.
Maarten van Meersbergen, Niels Drost, Jon Blower, Guy Griffiths, Rolf Hut, and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2015-15135 | Orals | ESSI3.1

Visualization of small scale structures on high resolution DEMs
Žiga Kokalj, Klemen Zakšek, Peter Pehani, Klemen Čotar, and Krištof Oštir

EGU2015-5036 | Posters | ESSI3.1

VR-Planets : a 3D immersive application for real-time flythrough images of planetary surfaces
François CIVET and Stéphane LE MOUÉLIC

EGU2015-7369 | Posters | ESSI3.1

A MATLAB®-based program for 3D visualization of stratigraphic setting and subsidence evolution of sedimentary basins: example application to the Vienna Basin
Eun Young Lee, Johannes Novotny, and Michael Wagreich

EGU2015-9770 | Orals | ESSI3.1

Application of polar orbiter products in weather forecasting using open source tools and open standards
Maarten Plieger and Ernst de Vreede

EGU2015-7792 | Posters | ESSI3.1

The Cloud-Based Integrated Data Viewer (IDV)
Ward Fisher

EGU2015-13753 | Orals | ESSI3.1

Making large amounts of meteorological plots easily accessible to users
Sylvie Lamy-Thepaut, Stephan Siemen, Cihan Sahin, and Baudouin Raoult

EGU2015-15782 | Orals | ESSI3.1

AWIPS II in the University Community: Unidata's efforts and capabilities of the software
Mohan Ramamurthy and Michael James

EGU2015-11641 | Posters | ESSI3.1

Regridding Scientific Mesh Data Using Arbitrary Cell Neighborhood Information
Alireza Rezaei Mahdiraji and Peter Baumann

EGU2015-11416 | Orals | ESSI3.1

Met.3D – a new open-source tool for interactive 3D visualization of ensemble weather forecasts
Marc Rautenhaus, Michael Kern, Andreas Schäfler, and Rüdiger Westermann

EGU2015-14551 | Posters | ESSI3.1

SysSon - A Framework for Systematic Sonification Design
Katharina Vogt, Visda Goudarzi, and Hanns Holger Rutz

ESSI3.2 – State of the Art in Earth Science Data Visualization | PICO

EGU2015-433 | PICO | ESSI3.2

KAGLVis - On-line 3D Visualisation of Earth-observing-satellite Data
Marek Szuba, Parinaz Ameri, Udo Grabowski, Ahmad Maatouki, and Jörg Meyer

EGU2015-10063 | PICO | ESSI3.2

Application of open source standards and technologies in the portal
Maarten Plieger, Wim Som de Cerff, Christian Pagé, and Natalia Tatarinova

EGU2015-10641 | PICO | ESSI3.2

SEISVIZ3D: Stereoscopic system for the representation of seismic data - Interpretation and Immersion
Hartwig von Hartmann, Stefan Rilling, Manfred Bogen, and Rüdiger Thomas

EGU2015-10718 | PICO | ESSI3.2

AquaUsers: Improving access to remotely sensed data for non-specialists
Oliver Clements, Peter Walker, Ben Calton, and Peter Miller

EGU2015-15318 | PICO | ESSI3.2

Visualization and Analysis of Climate Simulation Performance Data
Niklas Röber, Panagiotis Adamidis, and Jörg Behrens

EGU2015-15328 | PICO | ESSI3.2

Visualization of volumetric seismic data
Dela Spickermann, Michael Böttinger, Khawar Ashfaq Ahmed, and Dirk Gajewski

EGU2015-15373 | PICO | ESSI3.2

NCL - a workhorse for data analysis and visualization in climate research
Karin Meier-Fleischer, Michael Boettinger, and Mary Haley

ESSI3.3 – 3D Spatial Data, Analysis, Visualization and Infrastructures in Geosciences - From 3D Point Clouds to Information | PICO

EGU2015-1537 | PICO | ESSI3.3

LiDAR Vegetation Investigation and Signature Analysis System (LVISA)
Bernhard Höfle, Kristina Koenig, Luisa Griesbaum, Andreas Kiefer, Martin Hämmerle, Jan Eitel, and Zsófia Koma

EGU2015-813 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Street curb recognition in 3d point cloud data using morphological operations
Borja Rodríguez-Cuenca, María Concepción Alonso-Rodríguez, Silverio García-Cortés, and Celestino Ordóñez

EGU2015-2885 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Permanent 3D laser scanning system for an active landslide in Gresten (Austria)
Ekrem Canli, Bernhard Höfle, Martin Hämmerle, Thiebes Benni, and Thomas Glade

EGU2015-7689 | PICO | ESSI3.3

A quality control system for digital elevation data
Thomas Knudsen, Simon Kokkendorf, Andrew Flatman, Thorbjørn Nielsen, Brigitte Rosenkranz, and Kristian Keller

EGU2015-10161 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Biochar Erosion in a Temperate Forest Assessed with Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Milutin Milenković, Viktor Bruckman, Markus Hollaus, and Norbert Pfeifer

EGU2015-11706 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Current challenges for high-resolution monitoring of deep geological repository boreholes using terrestrial laser scanner and photogrammetry
Dario Carrea, Johanna Savunen, Antonio Abellan, Marc-Henri Derron, Jussi Mattila, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2015-11819 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Reconstruction of forest geometries from terrestrial laser scanning point clouds for canopy radiative transfer modelling
Magnus Bremer, Korbinian Schmidtner, and Martin Rutzinger

EGU2015-12132 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Spatial distribution of lacunarity of voxelized airborne LiDAR point clouds in various forest assemblages
Balázs Székely, Adam Kania, Tibor Standovár, and Hermann Heilmeier

EGU2015-12888 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Geomorphometric correlations of vegetation cover properties and topographic karst features based on high-resolution LiDAR DTM of Aggtelek Karst, NE Hungary
Balázs Székely, Tamás Telbisz, Zsófia Koma, Kristóf Kelemen, Ferenc Szmorad, Márton Deák, Tamás Látos, and Tibor Standovár

EGU2015-12229 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Capturing and modelling high-complex alluvial topography with UAS-borne laser scanning
Gottfried Mandlburger, Martin Wieser, and Martin Pfennigbauer

EGU2015-12872 | PICO | ESSI3.3

Hole-ness of point clouds
Oliver Gronz, Manuel Seeger, Björn Klaes, Markus C. Casper, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2015-14654 | PICO | ESSI3.3

BCAL height filtering: maximizing 3D point cloud information
Rupesh Shrestha, Nancy Glenn, Lucas Spaete, Aihua Li, Josh Johnston, and Andrew Hudak
CC BY 4.0