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G – Geodesy

G1.1 – Recent Developments in Geodetic Theory

EGU2015-13050 | Orals | G1.1

Correlation analysis for long time series by robustly estimated autoregressive stochastic processes
Wolf-Dieter Schuh, Jan-Martin Brockmann, and Boris Kargoll

EGU2015-14792 | Posters | G1.1

Fundamental solution of Laplace's equation in oblate spheroidal coordinates and Galerkin's matrix for Neumann's problem in Earth's gravity field studies
Petr Holota and Otakar Nesvadba

EGU2015-14580 | Orals | G1.1

Insights into filtering on the sphere offered by the polar form of spherical harmonics
Balaji Devaraju and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2015-13814 | Posters | G1.1

On the numerical stability of coefficients for Associated Legendre Functions
Christian Gruber and Oleh Abrikosov

EGU2015-15243 | Orals | G1.1

Zero initial partial derivatives of satellite orbits with respect to force parameters nullify the mathematical basis of the numerical integration method for the determination of standard gravity models from space geodetic measurements
Peiliang Xu

EGU2015-3310 | Posters | G1.1

A new upwind treatment of the oblique derivative condition in geodetic boundary value problems
Marek Macák, Matej Medľa, and Karol Mikula

EGU2015-7874 | Orals | G1.1

Numerical solution of the altimetry-gravimetry BVP for high-resolution modelling of the altimetry-derived gravity data
Róbert Čunderlík, Marek Macák, Zuzana Minarechová, and Karol Mikula

EGU2015-15409 | Orals | G1.1

On the physical meaning of the zonal components of the geopotential
Peter Varga

EGU2015-1926 | Posters | G1.1

The gravimetric boundary value problem in spheroidal approximation
Georgios Panou

EGU2015-4896 | Orals | G1.1

Topological inversion for solution of geodesy-constrained geophysical problems
Vasso Saltogianni and Stathis Stiros

EGU2015-2434 | Posters | G1.1

The calculation of height anomaly with accuracy of the zero approach of the Molodensky's theory on the basis of the spherical 1D FFT
Elena Mazurova, Irina Ganagina, and Denis Goldobin

EGU2015-15195 | Posters | G1.1

Data mining in GRACE monthly solutions
Wolfgang Keller

EGU2015-1617 | Posters | G1.1

Determination of the deflection of the vertical by improving the elements of the normal Eötvös matrix
Gerassimos Manoussakis and Romylos Korakitis

EGU2015-6679 | Posters | G1.1

Two different ways of residual terrain effect computation: case study in Auvergne region
Zuzana Ďuríčková, Juraj Janák, Juraj Papčo, and Pavol Zahorec

EGU2015-6935 | Posters | G1.1

Alaska/Yukon Geoid Improvement by a Data-Driven Stokes's Kernel Modification Approach
Xiaopeng Li and Daniel R. Roman

EGU2015-355 | Posters | G1.1

On the Computation of the Ultra-High Harmonic Coefficients of the Topographic-Isostatic Masses within the Data Window
Hussein Abd-Elmotaal and Norbert Kühtreiber

EGU2015-619 | Posters | G1.1

Gravimetric Geoid for Egypt Implementing Seismic Moho Information
Hussein Abd-Elmotaal

EGU2015-2091 | Posters | G1.1

ZWD time series analysis derived from NRT data processing. A regional study of PW in Greece.
Christos Pikridas, Kyriakos Balidakis, and Symeon Katsougiannopoulos

EGU2015-7887 | Posters | G1.1

Least-squares-based adjustment of geodetic measurements with multiplicative random errors
Peiliang Xu

G1.2 – Mathematical methods for the analysis of potential field data and geodetic time series | PICO

EGU2015-3034 | PICO | G1.2

Comparison of the autoregressive and autocovariance prediction results on different stationary time series
Wieslaw Kosek

EGU2015-2831 | PICO | G1.2

Irregular variations of Sea Level Anomaly data and their impact on prediction errors of these data
Maria Zbylut-Górska, Wieslaw Kosek, Tomasz Niedzielski, Waldemar Popiński, and Agnieszka Wnęk

EGU2015-303 | PICO | G1.2

Studies on spatio-temporal filtering of GNSS-derived coordinates
Maciej Gruszczynski, Janusz Bogusz, Anna Kłos, and Mariusz Figurski

EGU2015-649 | PICO | G1.2

Non-parametric estimation of seasonal variations in GNSS-derived time series
Marta Gruszczynska, Janusz Bogusz, and Anna Klos

EGU2015-5760 | PICO | G1.2

Data-Adaptive Detection of Transient Deformation in GNSS Networks
Damian Walwer, Eric Calais, and Michael Ghil

EGU2015-7958 | PICO | G1.2

Modeling Geodetic Processes with Levy α-Stable Distribution and FARIMA
Jean-Philippe Montillet and Kegen Yu

EGU2015-11093 | PICO | G1.2

Characterization of Ground Displacement Sources from Variational Bayesian Independent Component Analysis of Space Geodetic Time Series
Adriano Gualandi, Enrico Serpelloni, Maria Elina Belardinelli, Maurizio Bonafede, Giuseppe Pezzo, and Cristiano Tolomei

EGU2015-1463 | PICO | G1.2

On the “Optimal” Choice of Trial Functions for Modelling Potential Fields
Volker Michel

EGU2015-5083 | PICO | G1.2

Sparse Multiresolution Analysis of Potential Field Data
Roger Telschow

EGU2015-1636 | PICO | G1.2

Concentration Problem of Tensor Fields on the Sphere for the Analysis of SGG Data
Katrin Seibert

EGU2015-6325 | PICO | G1.2

Parameter choice methods for downward continuation
Martin Gutting

EGU2015-1742 | PICO | G1.2

Aggregation of satellite and ground data for an improved approximation of the harmonic potential
Christian Gerhards, Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr., and Pavlo Tkachenko

EGU2015-6880 | PICO | G1.2

Surface topography estimated by inversion of satellite gravity gradiometry observations
Guillaume Ramillien

EGU2015-10280 | PICO | G1.2

Bayesian estimation of gravitational anomaly distribution from spectral data
Matthias Holschneider and Isabelle Panet

EGU2015-11372 | PICO | G1.2

Expectation Maximisation based Kalman Filter parameter estimation of GRACE data
Marcel Fuhrmann, Matthias Holschneider, and Christof Lorenz

EGU2015-6655 | PICO | G1.2

Padding of Terrestrial Gravity Data to Improve Stokes-Helmert Geoid Computation
Ismael Foroughi, Juraj Janak, Robert William Kingdom, Michael Sheng, Marcelo C. Santos, and Petr Vanicek

EGU2015-15649 | PICO | G1.2

Regional gravity field modeling using radial basis functions: comparisons with spherical harmonic solutions within IAG's Joint Study Group JSG0.3
Michael Schmidt, Verena Lieb, Annette Eicker, Judith Schall, and Christian Gerlach

G1.3 – High-Precision GNSS Algorithms and Applications in Geosciences

EGU2015-605 | Posters | G1.3

Accuracy of GIPSY PPP from a denser network
Adem Gokhan Hayal and Dogan Ugur Sanli

EGU2015-13238 | Orals | G1.3

Side-effects of a bad attitude: How GNSS spacecraft orientation errors affect solar radiation pressure modelling
Florian Dilssner, Tim Springer, Erik Schönemann, Rene Zandbergen, and Werner Enderle

EGU2015-5486 | Posters | G1.3

Combination of precise GNSS orbit and clock solutions in a multi-constellation, multi-frequency environment
Estefania Ortiz Geist

EGU2015-12339 | Orals | G1.3

Contribution of Inter-Satellite Range Measurements to the Inner Precision of GNSS Orbits
Monika Stetter, Urs Hugentobler, and Anja Schlicht

EGU2015-6063 | Posters | G1.3

Analysis of L5 phase variations in GPS IIF satellites by the raw observation PPP approach
Sha Liu and Matthias Becker

EGU2015-11494 | Orals | G1.3 | Media interest

CODE's multi-GNSS orbit and clock solution
Lars Prange, Etienne Orliac, Rolf Dach, Daniel Arnold, Gerhard Beutler, Stefan Schaer, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2015-7378 | Posters | G1.3

An Approach for High-precision Stand-alone Positioning in a Dynamic Environment
M. Halis SAKA, Reha Metin ALKAN, and Alişir OZPERCIN

EGU2015-1895 | Orals | G1.3

Quality Checking for Multi-GNSS Data
Wolfgang Soehne, Leos Mervart, Axel Ruelke, Andrea Stuerze, and Georg Weber

EGU2015-10772 | Orals | G1.3 | Media interest

Galileo satellite antenna modeling
Peter Steigenberger, Rolf Dach, Lars Prange, and Oliver Montenbruck

EGU2015-7411 | Posters | G1.3

Single-baseline RTK GNSS Positioning for Hydrographic Surveying
Reha Metin ALKAN, İ. Murat OZULU, Veli İLÇİ, and Muzaffer KAHVECİ

EGU2015-10477 | Orals | G1.3

Mitigation of ionospheric scintillation effects in kinematic LEO precise orbit determination
Norbert Zehentner and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2015-8669 | Posters | G1.3

Robust Adaptive Kalman Filtering based on Qusi-Accurate Detection Method and Plant Noise Variance-Covariance Matrix Tuning
xiaowen Luo and Haitao wang

EGU2015-8980 | Posters | G1.3

GNSS Monitoring of Deformation within heavy civil infrastructure
Jean-Philippe Montillet, Timothy Melbourne, Walter Szeliga, and Gavin Schrock

EGU2015-2741 | Orals | G1.3

Real-time seismic data processing: A new algorithm for tight integration of high-rate GPS and strong-motion records, demonstrated for experimental data and the 2010 Baja California earthquake (Mw 7.2)
rui Tu, maorong Ge, rongjiang Wang, and Thomas R. Walter

EGU2015-14796 | Orals | G1.3

GNSS Carrier Phase Integer Ambiguity Resolution with Camera and Satellite images
Patrick Henkel

EGU2015-9157 | Posters | G1.3

Study on individual stochastic model of GNSS observations for precise kinematic applications
Dominik Próchniewicz and Ryszard Szpunar

EGU2015-4390 | Orals | G1.3

Short baseline solution from multi-antenna synchronized GNSS receiver and its applications for high-precision positioning
Wen Chen, Danan Dong, Miaomiao Cai, Feng Zhou, Minghua Wang, Zhengqi Zheng, Chao Yu, and Lei Kuang

EGU2015-10611 | Posters | G1.3

IPPP GPS for tracking loading deformations induced by the storm Xynthia
Marcell FERENC, Joëlle NICOLAS, Frédéric DURAND, Zhao LI, Jean-Paul BOY, Félix PEROSANZ, and Tonie VAN DAM

EGU2015-11883 | Orals | G1.3

Single-frequency receivers as master permanent stations in GNSS networks: precision and accuracy of the positioning in mixed networks
Paolo Dabove and Ambrogio Maria Manzino

EGU2015-10624 | Posters | G1.3

Assessment of regional ionosphere model supporting precise positioning for ASG-EUPOS network
Anna Krypiak-Gregorczyk, Pawel Wielgosz, and Wojciech Jarmołowski

EGU2015-11954 | Orals | G1.3

Fast convergence of Trimble CenterPoint RTX by regional augmentation
Ralf Drescher, Markus Brandl, Xiaoming Chen, Herbert Landau, and Andrea Nardo

EGU2015-10689 | Posters | G1.3 | Media interest

GNSS-derived Coseismic Displacement of the Gökçeada Earthquake (2014, Mw:6.9) based on 1 Hz GNSS Data
Cemal Özer YİĞİT, İbrahim TİRYAKİOĞLU, M. Halis SAKA, and Reha Metin ALKAN

EGU2015-12042 | Posters | G1.3

An alternative method for determining GPS receiver phase biases
Tobias Kersten and Steffen Schön

EGU2015-2858 | Orals | G1.3

Preliminary results of real-time PPP-RTK positioning algorithm development for moving platforms and its performance validation
Jihye Won and Kwan-Dong Park

EGU2015-12973 | Posters | G1.3

On the Impact of GPS phase centre corrections on geodetic parameters: analytical formulation and empirical evaluation by PPP
Leonard Hiemer, Tobias Kersten, and Steffen Schön

EGU2015-13569 | Posters | G1.3

ROA's Real time GNSS network and its viability in Alertes-RIM system
Ángel Cibeira Urtiaga, Jorge Gárate, and Leonor Mendoza

EGU2015-14776 | Posters | G1.3

Estimation of Satellite PCO Offsets for BeiDou based on MGEX Net Solution
Zhang Yize, Chen Junping, Wu Bin, and Wang Jiexian

EGU2015-14791 | Posters | G1.3

Site and Orbit Repeatabilities using Adaptive Mapping Functions
Camille Desjardins, Pascal Gegout, Laurent Soudarin, Richard Biancale, and Felix Perosanz

EGU2015-14815 | Posters | G1.3

Calculation and Analysis of Differential Corrections for BeiDou
Sainan Yang, Junping Chen, and Yize Zhang

EGU2015-11951 | Posters | G1.3

On troposphere delay constraining in real-time GNSS Precise Point Positioning
Tomasz Hadas, Kamil Kazmierski, and Jaroslaw Bosy

G2.1 – The Global Geodetic Observing System: Unifying Geodesy in General and Height Systems in Particular

EGU2015-8659 | Posters | G2.1

Global cooperation on Geodesy – Challenges in terms of organization and infrastructure
Per Erik Opseth and Hansjoerg Kutterer

EGU2015-14543 | Orals | G2.1

Unification of height systems in the frame of GGOS
Laura Sánchez

EGU2015-15556 | Orals | G2.1

Height System Unification in North America
Michael Sideris and Babak Amjadiparvar

EGU2015-7420 | Posters | G2.1

The GGOS Bureau of Networks and Observations and an Update on the Space Geodesy Networks
Michael R. Pearlman, Chopo Ma, Carey Noll, Erricos Pavlis, Harald Schuh, Tilo Schoene, Riccardo Barzaghi, and Steve Kenyon

EGU2015-6281 | Posters | G2.1

The GGOS Working Group on Performance Simulations and Architectural Trade-Offs (PLATO)
Daniela Thaller and the GGOS Working Group PLATO

EGU2015-1655 | Orals | G2.1

Scientific roadmap towards height system unification with GOCE
Thomas Gruber, Reiner Rummel, Michael Sideris, Elena Rangelova, Phil Woodworth, Chris Hughes, Johannes Ihde, Gunter Liebsch, Axel Rülke, Christian Gerlach, and Roger Haagmans

EGU2015-3469 | Orals | G2.1

Unified height systems after GOCE
Reiner Rummel, Thomas Gruber, Michael Sideris, Elena Rangelova, Phil Woodworth, Chris Hughes, Johannes Ihde, Gunter Liebsch, Axel Rülke, Christian Gerlach, and Roger Haagmans

EGU2015-13676 | Posters | G2.1

On the Strategy of Simulating a GGOS Network
Harald Schuh, Rolf Koenig, Dimitrios Ampatzidis, Susanne Glaser, Frank Flechtner, Tobias Nilsson, and Robert Heinkelmann

EGU2015-13138 | Orals | G2.1

Approach for a Global Height Reference System
Johannes Ihde

EGU2015-1753 | Posters | G2.1

Simulation of Twin Telescopes at Onsala and Wettzell for the VLBI Global Observing System
Caroline Schönberger, Paul Gnilsen, Johannes Böhm, and Rüdiger Haas

EGU2015-14045 | Orals | G2.1

Global absolut gravity reference system as replacement of IGSN 71
Herbert Wilmes, Hartmut Wziontek, and Reinhard Falk

EGU2015-12972 | Posters | G2.1

Detector Data Simulation and Filtering Strategy for the European Laser Timing (ELT) Experiment On-board ACES
Christoph Bamann, Anja Schlicht, Urs Hugentobler, and Magdalena Pühl

EGU2015-11064 | Posters | G2.1

Chinese SLR network and its contributions to the sub-network of GGOS in China
Zhongping Zhang, Haifeng Zhang, Wendong Meng, Pu Li, Si Qin, and Zhibo Wu

EGU2015-2362 | Posters | G2.1

The future of Russian section of the Global Geodetic Observing System
Alexander Ipatov, Dmitry Ivanov, Iskandar Gayazov, and Yuri Bondarenko

EGU2015-2814 | Posters | G2.1

Towards GGOS Stations in New Zealand
Sergei Gulyaev, Stuart Weston, and Tim Natusch

EGU2015-11796 | Posters | G2.1

Contributions of the Onsala Space Observatory to the GGOS
Rüdiger Haas, Gunnar Elgered, Thomas Hobiger, and Hans-Georg Scherneck

EGU2015-11669 | Posters | G2.1

GLONASS-VLBI: Onsala-Wettzell test observations
Rüdiger Haas, Thomas Hobiger, Andreas Hellerschmied, Alexander Neidhardt, and Jan Kodet

EGU2015-2193 | Posters | G2.1

Assessing the Impact of Global GNSS-VLBI Hybrid Observations
Younghee Kwak, Johannes Boehm, Thomas Hobiger, and Lucia Plank

EGU2015-5845 | Posters | G2.1

Multi-technique combination of space geodesy observations
Myriam Zoulida, Arnaud Pollet, David Coulot, and Richard Biancale

EGU2015-13935 | Posters | G2.1

Scheduling of VLBI satellite observations for an improved ITRF
Andreas Hellerschmied, Johannes Böhm, Alexander Neidhardt, Rüdiger Haas, Jan Kodet, and Lucia Plank

EGU2015-12153 | Posters | G2.1

Development of web tools to disseminate space geodesy data-related products
Laurent Soudarin, Pascale Ferrage, and Adrien Mezerette

EGU2015-13930 | Posters | G2.1

Topographic coupling at core-mantle boundary in rotation and orientation changes of the Earth
Mihaela Puica, Veronique Dehant, Marta Folgueira, Anthony Trinh, and Tim Van Hoolst

EGU2015-15557 | Posters | G2.1

Assessment of the suitability of GOCE-based geoid models for the unification of the North American vertical datums
Babak Amjadiparvar and Michael Sideris

EGU2015-7471 | Posters | G2.1

Coastal Intelligence - A national infrastructure to support decision-making for coastal communities, economies and ecosystems
Neil D. Weston

G2.2 – The International Terrestrial Reference Frame: Elaboration, Usage and Applications

EGU2015-11217 | Orals | G2.2

IVS contribution to the next ITRF
Sabine Bachmann, Linda Messerschmitt, and Daniela Thaller

EGU2015-3418 | Posters | G2.2

Combination and stacking of the IGS repro2 terrestrial frames
Paul Rebischung, Bruno Garayt, Zuheir Altamimi, and Xavier Collilieux

EGU2015-11728 | Posters | G2.2

Multi-Year Combination of Tide Gauge Benchmark Monitoring (TIGA) Analysis Centre Products
Addisu Hunegnaw and Felix Norman Teferle

EGU2015-2492 | Orals | G2.2

IDS Combined Solution improvements between ITRF2008 and ITRF2013
Guilhem Moreaux, Frank Lemoine, Pascal Willis, Hugues Capdeville, Michiel Otten, Petr Stepanek, Sergei Kuzin, and Pascale Ferrage

EGU2015-3881 | Orals | G2.2

Extending the ILRS Terrestrial Reference Frame Development Contribution to ITRF2014
Vincenza Luceri, Erricos C. Pavlis, Brigida Pace, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Daniel König, Giuseppe Bianco, and Keith Evans

EGU2015-2189 | Posters | G2.2

Understanding and correcting the Up erroneous signal in GR2 IGS series
Sylvain Loyer, Flavien Mercier, Hugues Capdeville, Adrien Mezerette, and Felix Perosanz

EGU2015-14204 | Posters | G2.2

Preliminary GPS orbit combination results of the IGS 2nd reprocessing campaign
Kevin Choi

EGU2015-12867 | Orals | G2.2 | Media interest

Impact of GNSS Orbit Modeling on Reference Frame Parameters
Daniel Arnold, Michael Meindl, Simon Lutz, Peter Steigenberger, Gerhard Beutler, Rolf Dach, Stefan Schaer, Lars Prange, Krzysztof Sosnica, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2015-12384 | Posters | G2.2

GNSS Reference Station Provider – How to deal with ITRF updates ?
Robert Weber, Elke Umnig, Fabian Hinterberger, and Gottfried Thaler

EGU2015-7210 | Orals | G2.2

Analysis of Scale Variations in Regional and Global GPS Networks
Thomas A Herring

EGU2015-15362 | Orals | G2.2

Impacts of GNSS position offsets on global frame stability
Jake Griffiths and Jim Ray

EGU2015-5316 | Posters | G2.2

The atmosphere- and hydrosphere-correlated signals in GPS observations
Janusz Bogusz, Jean-Paul Boy, Anna Klos, and Mariusz Figurski

EGU2015-7158 | Posters | G2.2

Update of the South-Atlantic Anomaly corrective model for JASON-1 DORIS data using the maps of energetic particles from the CARMEN dosimeter onboard JASON-2
Hugues Capdeville and Jean-Michel Lemoine

EGU2015-2280 | Posters | G2.2

Investigation of Earth Orientation Parameters for VLBA Calibrator Survey sessions
David Mayer, Hana Krasna, and Johannes Böhm

EGU2015-7343 | Orals | G2.2

Comparison of AuScope VLBI and GPS geodetic data
Lucia Plank, Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez, and James Lovell

EGU2015-9591 | Orals | G2.2

Regional Densification of the ITRF through the Integration of National Active GNSS Network Products
Ambrus Kenyeres, Tivadar Horvath, Gunter Stangl, Bruno Garayt, Dionne Hansen, Marcellino Valdes, Alessandro Caporali, Mariusz Figurski, Ivan Georgiev, Branislav Droscak, Peter Franke, Izolde Jumare, Jaroslav Nagl, Priit Pihlak, and Lennard Huisman

EGU2015-1680 | Posters | G2.2

Australian geodetic VLBI network (AuScope): present and future.
Oleg Titov

EGU2015-2013 | Orals | G2.2

The impact of non-tidal atmospheric pressure loading on global reference frames
Mathis Bloßfeld, Ole Roggenbuck, Manuela Seitz, Detlef Angermann, and Daniela Thaller

EGU2015-14450 | Orals | G2.2

Terrestrial Reference Frame from GPS and SLR
Jan Weiss, Willy Bertiger, Shailen Desai, Bruce Haines, and Aurore Sibois

EGU2015-6593 | Posters | G2.2

The MICROSTAR electrostatic accelerometer for the GRASP Mission
Bernard Foulon, Bruno Christophe, Francoise Liorzou, Phuong-Anh Huynh, and Eddy Perrot

EGU2015-2037 | Orals | G2.2

2014 ITRS Realization of DGFI: DTRF2014
Manuela Seitz, Detlef Angermann, Mathis Blossfeld, Michael Gerstl, and Ralf Schmid

EGU2015-14980 | Posters | G2.2

Project of multi-purpose optical tracking system
Diana Haritonova, Inese Janpaule, Augusts Rubans, and Ansis Zarins

EGU2015-386 | Posters | G2.2

Determination of seasonals using wavelets in terms of noise parameters changeability
Anna Klos, Janusz Bogusz, and Mariusz Figurski

EGU2015-6113 | Orals | G2.2 | Media interest

ITRF2014 status, data analysis and results
Zuheir Altamimi, Xavier Collilieux, Paul Rebiscung, and Laurent Metivier

EGU2015-970 | Posters | G2.2

VLBI TRF determination via Kalman filtering
Benedikt Soja, Maria Karbon, Tobias Nilsson, Susanne Glaser, Kyriakos Balidakis, Robert Heinkelmann, and Harald Schuh

EGU2015-4580 | Posters | G2.2

JTRF2014: Status of the Combination
Claudio Abbondanza, Toshio Chin, Richard Gross, Michael Heflin, Jay Parker, and Xiaoping Wu

EGU2015-6227 | Posters | G2.2

GEOSAT: Combining VLBI, SLR, GPS, and DORIS at the observation level
Per Helge Andersen, Michael Dähnn, Ingrid Fausk, Geir Arne Hjelle, Ann-Silje Kirkvik, and Eirik Mysen

EGU2015-6051 | Posters | G2.2

Multi Technique Combination for Earth Orientation Parameters, station and quasar coordinates
Jean-Yves Richard, Antoine Bellanger, Richard Biancale, Christian Bizouard, Geraldine Bourda, Sebastien Bouquillon, David Coulot, Florent Deleflie, Gerard Francou, Daniel Gambis, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Sylvain Loyer, Arnaud Pollet, and Laurent Soudarin

EGU2015-3669 | Posters | G2.2

Surface mass variations inferred from GPS and modelled OBP data
Na Wei, Tonie van Dam, Matthias Weigelt, and Thierry Meyrath

EGU2015-2829 | Posters | G2.2

Geophysical interpretation of the geocenter motion stochastic model
Agnieszka Wnęk, Wieslaw Kosek, Maria Zbylut-Górska, and Waldemar Popiński

EGU2015-993 | Posters | G2.2

The effect of meteorological data on atmospheric pressure loading corrections in VLBI data analysis
Kyriakos Balidakis, Susanne Glaser, Maria Karbon, Benedikt Soja, Tobias Nilsson, Cuixian Lu, James Anderson, Li Liu, Julian Andres Mora-Diaz, Virginia Raposo-Pulido, Minghui Xu, Robert Heinkelmann, and Harald Schuh

EGU2015-3634 | Posters | G2.2

On the Assessment of Global Terrestrial Reference Frame Temporal Variations
Dimitrios Ampatzidis, Rolf Koenig, and Shengyuan Zhu

G3.1 – Recent advances in the modelling and observation of glacial isostatic adjustment (co-organized)

EGU2015-7754 | Posters | G3.1

Inverting Glacial Isostatic Adjustment beyond linear viscoelasticity using the Burgers rheology
Lambert Caron, Marianne Greff-Lefftz, Luce Fleitout, Laurent Métivier, and Hélène Rouby

EGU2015-8978 | Orals | G3.1

Contributions of polar ice-sheets retreat and glacial isostatic adjustment to the Last Interglacial sea-level highstand in the North Sea
Paolo Stocchi, Bas de Boer, Jan Peeters, Alessio Rovere, Freek Busschers, Kim Cohen, Bert Vermeersen, and Roderik van de Wal

EGU2015-2301 | Posters | G3.1

The rotational feedback on linear-momentum balance in glacial isostatic adjustment
Zdenek Martinec and Jan Hagedoorn

EGU2015-12302 | Orals | G3.1

Antarctic glacio isostatic adjustment from an inversion of satellite and in-situ observations.
Alba Martin-Espanol, Jonathan Bamber, Andrew Zammit-Mangion, Nana Schoen, Jonathan Rougier, Elizabeth Petrie, Riccardo Riva, and Scott Luthcke

EGU2015-11302 | Orals | G3.1

Measurements of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in Greenland
Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Jonathan Bamber, Michael Bevis, John Wahr, Tonie van dam, Bert Wouters, and Michael Willis

EGU2015-7755 | Posters | G3.1

Decomposing very rapid crustal displacements observed in the Amundsen Embayment into their instantaneous elastic and short (10-100 yr) time-scale viscoelastic components
Valentina Barletta, Michael Bevis, Ben Smith, Terry J Wilson, Abel Brown, Andrea Bordoni, Michael Willis, Bob Smalley, Eric Kendrick, Stephanie Konfal, Dana Caccamise, Richard Aster, Julien Chaput, David Heeszel, Andrew Lloyd, and Doug Wiens

EGU2015-10494 | Posters | G3.1

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on the Siple Coast
Grace Nield, Pippa Whitehouse, Matt King, and Peter Clarke

EGU2015-9228 | Orals | G3.1

The BIFROST project: 21 years of search for the true crustal deformation in Fennoscandia
Jan Johansson, Halfdan Kierulf, Oddgeir Kristiansen, Martin Lidberg, and Holger Steffen

EGU2015-5076 | Orals | G3.1

Decoupling of the strain at the surface and at seismogenic depth due to glacial isostatic adjustment
Marie Keiding, Corné Kreemer, Conrad Lindholm, Sofie Gradmann, Odleiv Olesen, and Halfdan Pascal Kierulf

EGU2015-11481 | Posters | G3.1

Modelling of glacial isostatic adjustment in the Barents Sea region: Earth rheology inferred from various ice load scenarios for the last glacial cycle
Amandine Auriac, Pippa L. Whitehouse, Michael J. Bentley, Henry Patton, Alun Hubbard, and Jerry M. Lloyd

EGU2015-3925 | Posters | G3.1

Postglacial uplift of the eastern Gulf of Finland-Lake Ladoga region: models and observations
Aleksey Amantov, Willy Fjeldskaar, and Marina Amantova

EGU2015-15047 | Orals | G3.1

Glacial isostasy – possible tilting of petroleum reservoirs
Willy Fjeldskaar and Aleksey Amantov

EGU2015-3905 | Posters | G3.1

Elastic thickness of the lithosphere and tectonic evolution: implications for GIA models
Aleksey Amantov and Willy Fjeldskaar

EGU2015-15048 | Posters | G3.1

The sensitivity of GNSS measurements in Fennoscandia to distinct three-dimensional upper-mantle structures
Holger Steffen and Patrick Wu

EGU2015-15049 | Posters | G3.1

Optimal locations of sea-level indicators in glacial isostatic adjustment investigations
Holger Steffen, Patrick Wu, and Hansheng Wang

EGU2015-1344 | Posters | G3.1

GIA induced intraplate seismicity in northern Central Europe
Christian Brandes, Holger Steffen, Rebekka Steffen, and Patrick Wu

G3.2 – Exploiting spaceborne geodetic sensors for hydro-geodesy, oceanography, and cryospheric applications (co-organized)

EGU2015-104 | Posters | G3.2

Coseismic density redistribution of the Earth interior based on the spherical dislocation theory and comparison to GRACE data
Changyi Xu, Wenke Sun, Guangyu Fu, and Jie Dong

EGU2015-13521 | Orals | G3.2

Evaluation of different C20 coefficients for the determination of ice mass loss in Antarctica and Greenland
Christoph Haberkorn, Mathis Bloßfeld, Johannes Bouman, Martin Fuchs, and Malcolm McMillan

EGU2015-1408 | Orals | G3.2

Applying local Green's functions to study the influence of the crustal structure on hydrological loading displacements
Robert Dill and Volker Klemann

EGU2015-14922 | Posters | G3.2

What causes the trends in Geocenter motion estimates?
Roelof Rietbroek and Ernst Schrama

EGU2015-8216 | Posters | G3.2

Global mean dynamic topography based on GOCE data and Wiener filters
Maddalena Gilardoni, Mirko Reguzzoni, and Alberta Albertella

EGU2015-3482 | Orals | G3.2

GRACE data assimilation into WGHM: Validation of updated water states and fluxes in the Mississippi Basin
Maike Schumacher, Hannes Müller Schmied, Jürgen Kusche, Petra Döll, Matthew Rodell, and Albert van Dijk

EGU2015-11652 | Orals | G3.2

Operational Forecast of Runoff from Large Scale Basins using Satellite-Gravimetry and Remote Sensing
Johannes Riegger and Mohammad Tourian

EGU2015-12672 | Posters | G3.2

Mass Loss and Surface Displacement Estimates in Greenland from GRACE
Tim Jensen and Rene Forsberg

EGU2015-10510 | Orals | G3.2

Water storage variations extracted from GRACE data by combination of multi-resolution representation (MRR) and principal component analysis (PCA)
Gerhard Ressler, Annette Eicker, Verena Lieb, Michael Schmidt, Florian Seitz, Kun Shang, and Che-Kwan Shum

EGU2015-8543 | Posters | G3.2

Evolution of high-latitude snow mass derived from GRACE regional solutions
Frédéric Frappart, Guillaume Ramillien, Lucia Seoane, and Andreas Güntner

EGU2015-14608 | Orals | G3.2

Human-induced changes in total water storage of the Yangtze River basin estimated from GRACE satellite data and land surface model simulations
Ying Huang, Suhyb Salama, Maarten Krol, Zhongbo Su, Arjen Hoekstra, and Yijian Zeng

EGU2015-9441 | Posters | G3.2

River flood events in Thailand and Bangladesh observed by CryoSat-2
Karina Nielsen, Heidi Villadsen, Ole Andersen, Lars Stenseng, and Per Knudsen

EGU2015-1543 | Posters | G3.2

Height Estimation and Error Assessment of Inland Water Level Time Series calculated by a Kalman Filter Approach using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimetry
Christian Schwatke, Denise Dettmering, and Eva Boergens

EGU2015-9424 | Orals | G3.2

Estimation of surface water variations from space gravity, altimetry and remote sensing
Jean-Paul Boy

EGU2015-15378 | Orals | G3.2

Improving Multi-Sensor Drought Monitoring, Prediction and Recovery Assessment Using Gravimetry Information
Amir Aghakouchak and Mohammad J. Tourian

EGU2015-15664 | Posters | G3.2

Waveform retracking for improving inland water heights from altimetry
Bernd Uebbing, Ehsan Forootan, and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2015-9261 | Posters | G3.2

Robust estimation of radar altimetry based lake levels
Karina Nielsen, Lars Stenseng, Ole Andersen, Heidi Villadsen, and Per Knudsen

EGU2015-1471 | Orals | G3.2

Correcting the hooking effect in satellite altimetry data for time series estimation over smaller rivers
Eva Boergens, Denise Dettmering, and Christian Schwatke

EGU2015-8907 | Orals | G3.2

Satellite altimetry over large hydrological basins
Stephane Calmant

EGU2015-1108 | Posters | G3.2

Copula-based estimation of large-scale water storage changes: exploiting the dependence structure between hydrological and GRACE data
Sadegh Modiri, Christof Lorenz, Nico Sneeuw, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2015-9168 | Orals | G3.2

Validation of CryoSat-2 derived lake levels
Karina Nielsen, Lars Stenseng, Ole Andersen, Heidi Villadsen, and Per Knudsen

EGU2015-1142 | Posters | G3.2

Water resource monitoring in Iran using satellite altimetry and satellite gravimetry (GRACE)
Mehdi Khaki and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2015-8739 | Orals | G3.2

Assessment of morphological parameters in altimetry-based rating curves
Adrien Paris, Pierre André Garambois, Stéphane Calmant, Walter Collischonn, Joecila Santos da Silva, Daniel Medeiro Moreira, Marie-Paule Bonnet, and Frédérique Seyler

EGU2015-4570 | Posters | G3.2

Measuring Terrestrial Water Storage Change Using GPS, Absolute Gravity and GRACE in Scandinavia
Lulu Jia, Hansheng Wang, and Xinsheng Wang

EGU2015-11508 | Posters | G3.2

Relating GRACE terrestrial water storage variations to global fields of atmospheric forcing
Vincent Humphrey, Lukas Gudmundsson, and Sonia Isabelle Seneviratne

EGU2015-4940 | Posters | G3.2

Towards the understanding of tropospheric noise in InSAR data based on combined GPS and meteorological data
Fanis Moschas, Vasso Saltogianni, Panayotis Yannopoulos, and Stathis Stiros

EGU2015-9126 | Posters | G3.2

Satellite Altimetry over rivers of Madagascar
Johary Andriambeloson, Adrien Paris, Solofo Rakotondraompiana, and stephane calmant

EGU2015-545 | Posters | G3.2

Comparison of different automatic adaptive threshold selection techniques for estimating discharge from river width
Omid Elmi, Mohammad Javad Tourian, and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2015-9339 | Posters | G3.2

Comparing airborne LIDAR water surface heights with synchronous Envisat altimetry over Lake Balaton, Hungary
András Zlinszky, Philipp Glira, Eva Boergens, and Norbert Pfeifer

EGU2015-13400 | Posters | G3.2

Variation of water mass and net water flux in the Mediterranean Sea
Luciana Fenoglio-Marc

EGU2015-1661 | Posters | G3.2

Bottom-Pressure Signature of Annual Baroclinic Rossby Waves in the Northeast Tropical Pacific Ocean
Christopher Piecuch

EGU2015-15295 | Posters | G3.2

The use of GRACE satellite data to validate the global hydrological cycle as simulated by a global climate model
Carmen Boening, Marie-Estelle Demory, Pier Luigi Vidale, David Wiese, Malcolm Roberts, Reinhard Schiemann, Matthew Mizielinski, and Michael Watkins

G3.4 – Earth Rotation: Theoretical aspects, observation of temporal variations and physical interpretation

EGU2015-11566 | Orals | G3.4

Reference Frames in Earth Rotation Theories
José M. Ferrándiz, Santiago Belda, Robert Heinkelmann, Juan Getino, Harald Schuh, and Alberto Escapa

EGU2015-1943 | Posters | G3.4

Observing atmospheric tides in Earth rotation parameters with VLBI
Anastasiia Girdiuk, Johannes Böhm, and Michael Schindelegger

EGU2015-2612 | Posters | G3.4

An updated model of short-period Earth rotation variations deduced from altimetry-based elevations and barotropic currents
Matthias Madzak, Michael Schindelegger, Johannes Böhm, Wolfgang Bosch, Jan Hagedoorn, and Harald Schuh

EGU2015-1860 | Orals | G3.4

A New Approach on Computing Free Core Nutation
Mian Zhang and Chengling Huang

EGU2015-8684 | Posters | G3.4

Numerical modeling of the oceanic S1 tide for Earth rotation studies
Michael Schindelegger and David Einspigel

EGU2015-3135 | Orals | G3.4

Observation of the Earth's dynamic ellipticity with a large ring laser gyroscope
Wei Tian, Karl Ulrich Schreiber, Thomas Kluegel, and Andre Gebauer

EGU2015-3747 | Posters | G3.4

Detection of the significant geomagnetic field signals in the interannual variations of Length-of-Day using wavelet method
Genyou Liu, Pengshuo Duan, Xiaoguang Hao, and Xiaogang Hu

EGU2015-15626 | Orals | G3.4

GGOS and the EOP – the key role of SLR for a stable estimation of Earth rotation consistent with geometry and gravity field
Mathis Bloßfeld, Francesca Panzetta, Horst Müller, and Michael Gerstl

EGU2015-14756 | Orals | G3.4

A new model of HF-EOP variation derived from 35 years of VLBI
John Gipson and Linnea Hesslow

EGU2015-11088 | Posters | G3.4

A new empirical model for Free Core Nutation
Santiago Belda, Robert Heinkelmann, José M. Ferrándiz, Tobias Nilsson, and Harald Schuh

EGU2015-2468 | Posters | G3.4

Constraint on the 1D earth model near core-mantle boundary by free core nutation
Chengli Huang and Mian Zhang

EGU2015-8792 | Orals | G3.4

Influence of admittance theory on oceanic tidal angular momentum
Jan M. Hagedoorn, Wolfgang Bosch, Matthias Madzak, and Harald Schuh

EGU2015-9908 | Posters | G3.4

Comparison of different models of geophysical excitation in nutation
Cyril Ron and Jan Vondrák

EGU2015-4124 | Posters | G3.4

GPS-based estimation of sub-daily and rapid polar motion at 15-minute temporal resolution
Aurore Sibois, Willy Bertiger, Shailen Desai, and Bruce Haines

EGU2015-6194 | Posters | G3.4

Estimating the Q of the Chandler Wobble from Its Free Decay
Richard Gross

EGU2015-7110 | Posters | G3.4

Hydrological excitation of polar motion by different variables from the GLDAS model
Małgorzata Wińska, Jolanta Nastula, and David Salstein

EGU2015-13532 | Posters | G3.4

Analysis of C21 and S21 time series over long periods of time from SLR data
Jean-Yves Richard, Florent Deleflie, Bizouard Christian, David Coulot, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Pascal Bonnefond, and Franck Reinquin

EGU2015-7884 | Posters | G3.4

A mitigation of the source structure effect for the EOP statistics during the CONT'14 campaign
Oleg Titov

G3.5 – Monitoring and modelling of geodynamics and crustal deformation: progress during 34 years of the WEGENER initiative (co-organized)

EGU2015-4017 | Orals | G3.5

Geodynamics and seismic hazard in the Calabrian Arc: towards a Messina earthquake supersite
Claudio Chiarabba, Fabio Dell'Acqua, Claudio Faccenna, Riccardo Lanari, Francesco Matteuzzi, Mario Mattia, Giancarlo Neri, Domenico Patané, Alina Polonia, Claudio Prati, Stefano Tinti, Susanna Zerbini, and Haluk Ozener

EGU2015-13622 | Posters | G3.5

Intraplate coupling distribution along the Calabrian Subduction Interface as imaged by GPS data
Brunella Mastrolembo Ventura, Letizia Anderlini, and Enrico Serpelloni

EGU2015-10522 | Orals | G3.5

Α Deformation study in Central Greece using 20 years of GPS data
Aggeliki Marinou, Kaliopi Papazissi, Christiana Mitsakaki, Demitris Paradissis, Xanthos Papanikolaou, and Demitris Anastasiou

EGU2015-14090 | Posters | G3.5

Estimation of Interplate Coupling in the Central and Eastern of Java trench from CGPS Observation
Meilano Irwan, Gunawan Endra, Susilo Susilo, Effendi Joni, Abidin Hasanuddin Z., and Sarsito Dina

EGU2015-7486 | Posters | G3.5

The INGV-CNT crustal motion map for the Euro-Mediterranean region
Enrico Serpelloni, Nicola D'Agostino, Roberto Devoti, Marco Anzidei, Antonio Avallone, Adriano Cavaliere, Gianpaolo Cecere, Ciriaco D'Ambrosio, Alessandra Esposito, Luigi Falco, Alessandro Galvani, Grazia Pietrantonio, Federica Riguzzi, Giulio Selvaggi, and Vincenzo Sepe

EGU2015-6836 | Orals | G3.5

Multi-disciplinary contributions of HartRAO to global geodesy and geodynamics
Ludwig Combrinck

EGU2015-1630 | Orals | G3.5

Monitoring deep geodynamic processes within Vrancea intermediate-depth seismic zone by geodetic means
Lucian Besutiu and Luminita Zlagnean

EGU2015-8560 | Posters | G3.5

GNSS-based densification of the ITRF velocity field through a collaborative approach
Juliette Legrand, Carine Bruyninx, Michael Craymer, John Dawson, Jake Griffiths, Ambrus Kenyeres, Paul Rebischung, Laura Sánchez, Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez, Elifuraha Saria, and Zuheir Altamimi

EGU2015-5707 | Orals | G3.5

Time-Varying Upper-Plate Deformation during the Megathrust Subduction Earthquake Cycle
Kevin P. Furlong, Rob Govers, and Matthew Herman

EGU2015-5745 | Posters | G3.5

Routine Analysis of all available GNSS Stations in Greece: Processing Scheme and Dissemination of Products and Data.
Xanthos Papanikolaou, Demitris Anastasiou, Aggeliki Marinou, Vangelis Zacharis, and Demitris Paradissis

EGU2015-14559 | Posters | G3.5

A post-seismic deformation model after the 2010 earthquakes in Latin America
Laura Sánchez, Hermann Drewes, and Michael Schmidt

EGU2015-10952 | Orals | G3.5

Preliminary observation of a repeated SSE in eastern Taiwan
Alexandre Canitano, Ya-Ju Hsu, Alan T Linde, and Selwyn Sacks

EGU2015-8362 | Posters | G3.5

A GNSS-derived Velocity Field of the Southern Balkan Peninsula
Günter Stangl and Philipp Mitterschiffthaler

EGU2015-6520 | Posters | G3.5

Tectonic field and deformation in Chalkidiki area, Greece
Stavroula-Drosoula Alatza, Aggeliki Marinou, Demitris Anastasiou, Xanthos Papanikolaou, and Demitris Paradissis

EGU2015-15231 | Posters | G3.5

Active deformation processes of the Northern Caucasus deduced from the GPS observations
Vadim Milyukov, Alexey Mironov, Eugeny Rogozhin, Grigory Steblov, and Yury Gabsatarov

EGU2015-15451 | Posters | G3.5

Questioning strain accumulation in the southwest part of North Anatoian Fault Zone
Onur Yilmaz, Haluk Ozener, Asli Dogru, Bulent Turgut, and Onur Gurkan

EGU2015-5223 | Posters | G3.5

Deformation Monitoring by Borehole Geodetic Strainmeter in Turkey
Haluk Ozener, Bahadir Aktug, Hayrullah Karabulut, Semih Ergintav, Asli Dogru, Onur Yilmaz, David Mencin, Glen Mattioli, Wade Johnson, Mike Gottlieb, and Liz Van Boskirik

EGU2015-13635 | Posters | G3.5

Vertical land motion observed with GNSS in Iberia
Machiel Bos, Rui Fernandes, and João Apolinário

EGU2015-6270 | Posters | G3.5

South Aegean Geodynamic And Tsunami Monitoring Platform
Demitris Paradissis, George Drakatos, Aggeliki Marinou, Demitris Anastasiou, Stauroula Alatza, Vangelis Zacharis, Xanthos Papanikolaou, Nicolaos Melis, Ioannis Kalogeras, Gerasimos Chouliaras, Christos Evangelidis, and Konstantinos Makropoulos

EGU2015-3834 | Posters | G3.5

Mean sea-level height variations in the Central Mediterranean
Susanna Zerbini, Sara Bruni, Maddalena Errico, Fernanda Petracca, Fabio Raicich, and Efisio Santi

EGU2015-6397 | Posters | G3.5

Monitoring sea level fluctuation in South Aegean
Vangelis Zacharis, Demitris Paradissis, George Drakatos, Aggeliki Marinou, Nicolaos Melis, Demitris Anastasiou, Stavroula Alatza, and Xanthos Papanikolaou

G4.1 – Acquisition and processing of gravity and magnetic field data and their integrative interpretation (co-organized)

EGU2015-9810 | Orals | G4.1

Gravity gradient grids at GOCE satellite altitude for lithospheric modelling
Johannes Bouman, Jörg Ebbing, Josef Sebera, Martin Fuchs, Verena Lieb, Nils Holzrichter, Pavel Novak, and Roger Haagmans

EGU2015-12272 | Orals | G4.1

Control of deep lithospheric roots on crustal scale GOCE gravity and gradient fields evident in Gondwana reconstructions
Carla Braitenberg and Patrizia Mariani

EGU2015-10951 | Posters | G4.1

Improved lithospheric density model and heat flow estimation of the Arabian peninsula constrained by GOCE full tensor gravity gradients
Nils Holzrichter, Jörg Ebbing, Johannes Bouman, and Roger Haagmans

EGU2015-12273 | Posters | G4.1

Correct assessment of distant topography for correction of satellite gravity (gradient) data
Wolfgang Szwillus, Nils Holzrichter, and Jörg Ebbing

EGU2015-685 | Orals | G4.1

Improved 3D density modelling of the Central Andes from combining terrestrial datasets with satellite based datasets
Theresa Schaller, Monika Sobiesiak, Hans-Jürgen Götze, and Jörg Ebbing

EGU2015-5800 | Posters | G4.1

Depth sensitivity of satellite gravity gradients inferred from a density model of North America
Wolfgang Szwillus and Jörg Ebbing

EGU2015-5025 | Orals | G4.1

Towards the new global altimetric gravity field from five years of Cryosat-2 geodetic mission altimetry (DTU14).
Ole Baltazar Andersen, Lars Stenseng, Maulik Jain, and Per Knudsen

EGU2015-10378 | Orals | G4.1

Importance of terrestrial surface density information and satellite-aided global gravity field models for high precision regional geoid computation
Christian Pock, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Daniel Rieser, and Norbert Kühtreiber

EGU2015-15080 | Posters | G4.1

Sediment basin modeling through GOCE gradients controlled by thermo-isostatic constraints
Tommaso Pivetta and Carla Braitenberg

EGU2015-12932 | Orals | G4.1

Isostatic models and isostatic gravity anomalies of the Arabian plate and surroundings
Mikhail K. Kaban, Sami El Khrepy, and Nassir Al-Arifi

EGU2015-10157 | Posters | G4.1

Paraná-Etendeka lithosphere modeling according to GOCE observations and geophysical constraints: improvement of PERLA project
Patrizia Mariani and Carla Braitenberg

EGU2015-4096 | Posters | G4.1

GOCE User Toolbox and Tutorial
Per Knudsen, Jerome Benveniste, and Team GUT

EGU2015-4093 | Posters | G4.1

3-D density modeling of Mt. Paekdu (N Korea/China) stratovolcano and its evolution by a combination of EGM2008/terrestrial gravity field
Hans-Jürgen Götze and Sungchan Choi

EGU2015-3100 | Posters | G4.1

Gravity anomaly caused by the mud diapirs off southwest Taiwan and its implication to the development of the submarine canyons
Wen-Bin Doo, Shu-Kun Hsu, Yuan-Ping Huang, and Song-Chuen Chen

EGU2015-7439 | Posters | G4.1

2D and 3D modelling of the Linking Zone between the Iberian and the Catalan Coastal Ranges (NE Spain): Characterizing basement and cover deformation from geological and geophysical cross sections
Esther Izquierdo-Llavall, Concepción Ayala, Félix Manuel Rubio, Emilio Pueyo, Antonio Casas, Belén Oliva-Urcia, Adriana Rodríguez-Pintó, and Carmen Rey-Moral

EGU2015-2071 | Posters | G4.1

Gravity data for a 3-D density model of the Po plain and the surrounding region
Rosaria TONDI, Alessandra BORGHI, Mirko REGUZZONI, Alessandro VUAN, and Peter KLIN

EGU2015-10586 | Posters | G4.1

Bayesian gravimetric inversion for local crustal model refinement in the Guangdong province, South China
Lorenzo Rossi, Mirko Reguzzoni, and Daniele Sampietro

EGU2015-2866 | Posters | G4.1

3 D gravity inversion based on SL0 norm
Zhaohai Meng, Xuechun Xu, and Changqing Zheng

EGU2015-6772 | Posters | G4.1

3D Inversion of Gravity Anomalies for the Interpretation of Sedimentary Basins using Variable Density Contrast
Yunus Levent Ekinci and Can Ertekin

EGU2015-9329 | Posters | G4.1

Chrome mine exploration by microgravity method in Fenk plateau, Osmaniye, Turkey
Metin Aşçı and Can Bayat

EGU2015-4535 | Posters | G4.1

Integrated interpretation to improve subsalt imaging: a case study from the Nordkapp Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea
Christian Olaf Müller, Marco Brönner, and Hans-Jürgen Götze

EGU2015-15045 | Posters | G4.1

Basin Boundary Modelling by Integrated Gravity and Magnetic Anomalies
Jeong Woo Kim, Hojjat Kabirzadeh, BC Kim, Ik Woo, Hyung Rae Kim, and YJ Shin

EGU2015-5903 | Posters | G4.1

Gravity and magnetic modeling of granitic bodies in Central Portugal
Ana Machadinho, Fernando Figueiredo, and Alcides Pereira

EGU2015-6107 | Posters | G4.1

Integrated interpretation of new gravity and magnetic data of the Cerro do Jarau impact structure, southern Brazil.
Emilson Pereira Leite and Bruno Bronzati Giacomini

EGU2015-2030 | Posters | G4.1

Modeling the Magnetic Data of Eastern Black Sea
Sinan Demirel and Fatih Adatepe

EGU2015-6561 | Posters | G4.1

The planar electrostatic gradiometer GREMLIT for airborne geodesy and its dedicated controlled platform
Bernard Foulon, Bruno Christophe, Phuong-Anh Huynh, Vincent Lebat, and Eddy Perrot

EGU2015-817 | Posters | G4.1

Time dependent corrections to absolute gravity determinations in the establishment of modern gravity control
Przemyslaw Dykowski and Jan Krynski

EGU2015-10982 | Posters | G4.1

Optimized strategy for the calibration of superconducting gravimeters at the one per mille level
Michel Van Camp, Bruno Meurers, Olivier de Viron, and Thomas Forbriger

EGU2015-201 | Posters | G4.1

Atlantida3.1_2014: The software for tidal prediction
Evgeny Spiridonov, Olga Vinogradova, Ernst Boyarskiy, and Larisa Afanasyeva

G4.2 – Satellite Gravimetry: GRACE, GOCE and Future Gravity Missions

EGU2015-4142 | Posters | G4.2

Status and Assessments of CSR GRACE Level-2 Data Products
Srinivas Bettadpur, Zhigui Kang, Peter Nagel, Rick Pastor, Steve Poole, John Ries, and Himanshu Save

EGU2015-7594 | Orals | G4.2

The Status and Future Directions for the GRACE Mission
Byron Tapley, Srinivas Bettadpur, Frank Flechtner, and Michael Watkins

EGU2015-9882 | Posters | G4.2

Evaluation of the RL05 GRACE atmosphere and ocean dealiasing level 1B (AOD1B) product with precise orbit and altimetry analysis
Elisa Fagiolini, Sergei Rudenko, Saskia Esselborn, Tilo Schöne, Henryk Dobslaw, and Frank Flechtner

EGU2015-14461 | Orals | G4.2

GRACE RL03-v2 monthly time series of solutions from CNES/GRGS
Jean-Michel Lemoine, Stéphane Bourgogne, Sean Bruinsma, Pascal Gégout, Franck Reinquin, and Richard Biancale

EGU2015-6747 | Orals | G4.2

Evaluation of global equal-area mass grid solutions from GRACE
Himanshu Save, Srinivas Bettadpur, and Byron Tapley

EGU2015-12416 | Posters | G4.2

The ITSG-Grace2014 Gravity Field Model
Andreas Kvas, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Norbert Zehenter, and Beate Klinger

EGU2015-3191 | Orals | G4.2

On the impact of using high-resolution atmosphere models for GRACE de-aliasing
Wei You, Jürgen Kusche, Ehsan Forootan, Annette Eicker, Christoph Bollmeyer, and Christian Ohlwein

EGU2015-14442 | Posters | G4.2

Refinement of the acceleration approach for GRACE gravity field recovery
Matthias Weigelt, Tonie van Dam, and Zhao Li

EGU2015-8795 | Posters | G4.2

Combined GRACE-SLR monthly gravity field solutions
Ulrich Meyer, Krzysytof Sosnica, Andrea Maier, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2015-6286 | Orals | G4.2

Sub-monthly hydrological variability: In-orbit validation by GRACE level 1B observations
Anne Springer, Annette Eicker, and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2015-10613 | Posters | G4.2

SST-hl: Time variable gravity from multiple non-dedicated satellites
Norbert Zehentner and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2015-6637 | Orals | G4.2

European Gravity Service for Improved Emergency Management - a new Horizon2020 project to serve the international community and improve the accessibility to gravity field products
Adrian Jaeggi, Matthias Weigelt, Frank Flechtner, Andreas Guentner, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Sandro Martinis, Sean Bruinsma, Jakob Flury, and Stephane Bourgogne

EGU2015-5879 | Posters | G4.2

Combination of monthly gravity field solutions from different processing centers
Yoomin Jean, Ulrich Meyer, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2015-12307 | Orals | G4.2

A case study on the potential of robust decorrelation filter design for a reprocessing of a gravity field model from GOCE data
Jan Martin Brockmann, Wolf-Dieter Schuh, and Boris Kargoll

EGU2015-10739 | Posters | G4.2

Improved GRACE preprocessing methodologies: impact on monthly gravity field solutions
Beate Klinger and Torsten Mayer-Guerr

EGU2015-12364 | Orals | G4.2

The combined satellite gravity field model GOCO05s
Torsten Mayer-Guerr and the GOCO team

EGU2015-14592 | Posters | G4.2

Validating the 1-cm Orbit for Geodetic Satellites
Hannah McWilliams

EGU2015-9803 | Posters | G4.2

How to properly convert Stokes coefficients into mass anomalies?
Pavel Ditmar

EGU2015-3608 | Orals | G4.2

EIGEN-6S4: A time-variable satellite-only gravity field model to d/o 300 based on LAGEOS, GRACE and GOCE data from the collaboration of GFZ Potsdam and GRGS Toulouse
Christoph Förste, Sean Bruinsma, Sergej Rudenko, Oleg Abrikosov, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Jean-Charles Marty, Hans Neumayer, and Richard Biancale

EGU2015-4153 | Orals | G4.2

Evaluation of the GGM05 Mean Earth Gravity Model
Srinivas Bettadpur, John Ries, Richard Eanes, Peter Nagel, Nadege Pie, Steve Poole, Tom Richter, and Himanshu Save

EGU2015-4139 | Posters | G4.2

Global surface mass time variations by using a two-step inversion for cumulating daily satellite gravity information
Guillaume Ramillien, Frappart Frappart, and Lucia Seoane

EGU2015-1657 | Orals | G4.2

GOCE gravity field models – signal and error assessment
Thomas Gruber

EGU2015-11649 | Orals | G4.2

Improvements in the oceanic mean dynamic topography as determined using GOCE gravimetry
Christopher W. Hughes, Chris Wilson, and Thomas Gruber

EGU2015-11355 | Posters | G4.2

GOCE Payload Data Processing After End of Satellite Life
Bjoern Frommknecht, Rune Floberghagen, Alberto Bigazzi, Marco Meloni, and Loretta Mizzi

EGU2015-13174 | Posters | G4.2

GOCE - Enhanced gravity gradients along the orbit
Martin Fuchs and Johannes Bouman

EGU2015-4101 | Orals | G4.2

Assessing GOCE Gravity Models using Altimetry and In-situ Ocean Current Observation
Per Knudsen, Ole Andersen, Johanna Honecker, and Nikolai Maximenko

EGU2015-12092 | Posters | G4.2

GOCE gravity field models following the time-wise approach
Jan Martin Brockmann, Eduard Höck, Ina Loth, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Roland Pail, Wolf-Dieter Schuh, and Norbert Zehentner

EGU2015-6616 | Orals | G4.2

Status of the GRACE Follow-On Mission
Michael Watkins, Frank Flechtner, Phil Morton, Franz-Heinrich Massmann, Rob Gaston, and Ludwig Grunwaldt