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GD – Geodynamics

GD2.1 – Formation and evolution of the ocean plates (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2015-8892 | PICO | GD2.1

Ultraslow, slow, or fast spreading ridges: an interplay between plate tectonics and mantle convection
Laurent Husson, Philippe Yamato, and Antoine Bézos

EGU2015-11168 | PICO | GD2.1

Thermal evolution of Oceanic Core Complexes
Sofya Titarenko and Andrew McCaig

EGU2015-13267 | PICO | GD2.1

Energetics of hydrothermal convection in heterogeneous ocean crust
Lars Ruepke, Joerg Hasenclever, and Christine Andersen

EGU2015-1374 | PICO | GD2.1

Dike controlled low-temperature hydrothermal activity in far off-axis regions of NW Iceland
Dominik Palgan and Colin Devey

EGU2015-5793 | PICO | GD2.1

Playing jigsaw with large igneous provinces – a plate-tectonic reconstruction of Ontong Java Nui
Katharina Hochmuth, Karsten Gohl, Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben, and Reinhard Werner

EGU2015-6928 | PICO | GD2.1

Propagated rifting in the Southwest Sub-basin, South China Sea: Insights from 3D analogue modeling
Weiwei Ding and Jiabiao Li

EGU2015-2653 | PICO | GD2.1

New Gravity and Magnetics Maps of the Southern Part of the Baltic Sea
Ali Dehghani

GD2.2 – Geodynamics of continental crust and upper mantle, and the nature of mantle discontinuities (including Augustus Love Medal Lecture and TopoEurope contributions) (co-organized)

EGU2015-4504 | Posters | GD2.2

An application of GOCE satellite gravity to resolve mantle heterogeneity in Europe
Matija Herceg, Irina M Artemieva, and Hans Thybo

EGU2015-375 | Orals | GD2.2

Elastic thickness of the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen and its implications for lithospheric structure
Bo Chen, Jianxin Liu, Chao Chen, Jinsong Du, and Ya Sun

EGU2015-11997 | Orals | GD2.2

Coupled mantle dripping and lateral dragging controlling the lithosphere structure of the NW-Moroccan margin and the Atlas Mountains: A numerical experiment
Sergio Zlotnik, Ivone Jimenez-Munt, and Manel Fernandez

EGU2015-3728 | Posters | GD2.2

Density heterogeneity of lithospheric mantle beneath the Siberian craton: testing geophysical models by petrological data
Yulia Cherepanova and Irina Artemieva

EGU2015-4295 | Posters | GD2.2

The lithospheric movements and state beneath northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau:constraints form density structures
Xinsheng Wang, Jian Fang, Houtse Hsu, and Lulu Jia

EGU2015-5556 | Orals | GD2.2

Possible mechanisms of the Neotectonic crustal uplift and subsidence
Eugene Artyushkov and Peter Chekhovich

EGU2015-8534 | Orals | GD2.2

Deformation of the Calabrian Arc subduction complex and its relation to STEP activity at depth.
Alina Polonia, Rinus Wortel, Nicolai Nijholt, Rob Govers, and Luigi Torelli

EGU2015-5255 | Posters | GD2.2

Heterogeneity of the North Atlantic oceanic lithosphere based on integrated analysis of GOCE satellite gravity and geological data
Olga Barantseva, Irina Artemieva, Hans Thybo, and Matija Herceg

EGU2015-4964 | Posters | GD2.2

Crust-mantle density distribution in the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau revealed by satellite-derived gravity gradients
Honglei LI, Jian Fang, Carla Braitenberg, and Xinsheng Wang

EGU2015-2220 | Orals | GD2.2

Influence of Strike-Slip Fault Activity on the Topographic Evolution of the Eastern Alps: A Modelling Study
Thorsten Bartosch and Kurt Stüwe

EGU2015-5422 | Posters | GD2.2

The effect of GIA observables in the determination of upper mantle structures
Bart Root, Wouter van der Wal, and Jörg Ebbing

EGU2015-13513 | Orals | GD2.2

The tectonometamorphic evolution of the Apuseni Mountains (Romania): Geodynamic constraints for the evolution of the Alps-Carpathians-Dinaride system of orogens
Martin Reiser, Ralf Schuster, and Bernhard Fügenschuh

EGU2015-15339 | Orals | GD2.2

Some Problems of the Lithosphere (Augustus Love Medal Lecture)
Gregory A. Houseman

EGU2015-385 | Posters | GD2.2

Lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary: Where and why?
Olga Aryasova and Yakov Khazan

EGU2015-2002 | Posters | GD2.2

Crustal Anisotropy Inferred from Pms Splitting Analysis beneath the Tengchong Volcano
Changqing Sun

EGU2015-9006 | Orals | GD2.2

Lithospheric structure of North America imaged using waveform inversion of global and USArray data
Andrew Schaeffer and Sergei Lebedev

EGU2015-11589 | Orals | GD2.2

Lithospheric models of the North American continent
Magdala Tesauro, Mikhail Kaban, Walter Mooney, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2015-5467 | Posters | GD2.2

Link of grabens and reactivated mantle boundaries in western Bohemian Massif
Vladislav Babuska, Jaroslava Plomerova, Ludek Vecsey, and Helena Munzarova

EGU2015-8410 | Orals | GD2.2

The Moho and the LAB under central Fennoscandia
Lev Vinnik, Elena Kozlovskaya, Sergey Oreshin, Grigoriy Kosarev, and Katja Piiponen

EGU2015-10411 | Posters | GD2.2

The upper mantle and transition zone underneath central-eastern Greenland
Helene Anja Kraft, Hans Thybo, and Lev Vinnik

EGU2015-4239 | Orals | GD2.2

The Proterozoic Ladoga rift (SE Baltic shield): Linking mantle dynamics to supercontinent cycle and regional tectonics
Irina Artemieva and Alexey Shulgin

EGU2015-5641 | Posters | GD2.2

Mantle Discontinuities under Iranian Plateau and Turan Shield from the Modeling of Seismic Triplications
Tai-Lin Tseng, Hui-Ching Chi, Bor-Shouh Huang, Tea Godoladze, Zurab Javakhishvili, and Arkadi Karakhanyan

EGU2015-7649 | Orals | GD2.2

Estimates of the topographic uplift of the Southern African Plateau from the African Superswell through petrologically-consistent thermo-chemical modelling of the geoid, SHF, Rayleigh and Love dispersion curves and MT data
Alan G. Jones, Juan Carlos Afonso, and Javier Fullea

EGU2015-6035 | Posters | GD2.2

Crustal and upper mantle structure of Siberia from teleseismic receiver functions
Mohammad Youssof, Hans Thybo, Irina Artemieva, Lev Vinnik, and Sergey Oreshin

EGU2015-6949 | Posters | GD2.2

Long wavelength mantle transition zone structure beneath Europe as seen by Pds receiver functions
Sanne Cottaar and Arwen Deuss

EGU2015-8916 | Orals | GD2.2

Strong crustal seismic anisotropy in the Kalahari Craton based on Receiver Functions
Hans Thybo, Mohammad Youssof, and Irina Artemieva

EGU2015-5848 | Orals | GD2.2

Error analysis of crustal thickness modelling using satellite gravity data
Mark van der Meijde, Roland Pail, and Jordi Julia

EGU2015-10252 | Posters | GD2.2

Evolution of asthenospheric layers as a result of changing temperature and stress fields
Leszek Czechowski and Marek Grad

EGU2015-14053 | Posters | GD2.2

Renormalisation of Global Mantle Dynamic Topography Predictions using Residual Topography Measurements for "Normal" Ocean Crust
Fergus Cowie, Nick Kusznir, and Leanne Cowie

EGU2015-7032 | Posters | GD2.2

Spatial patterns in the distribution of kimberlites: relationship to tectonic processes and lithosphere structure
Zurab Chemia, Irina Artemieva, and Hans Thybo

EGU2015-8921 | Posters | GD2.2

The Images of Anatolia
Hayrullah Karabulut, Anne Paul, Didem Cambaz, Ahu Kömeç Mutlu, Doğan Aksarı, and Tuğçe Afacan Ergün

EGU2015-10809 | Posters | GD2.2

Complex local Moho topography in the Western Carpathians: Indication of the ALCAPA and the European Plate contact
Pavla Hrubcová and Piotr Środa

EGU2015-1097 | Posters | GD2.2

Constraints on the electrical conductivity anomaly beneath the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin) based on integrated geophysical and petrological modeling
Rita Klebesz, Attila Novak, Levente Patko, Nora Liptai, Viktor Wesztergom, and Csaba Szabo

EGU2015-10396 | Posters | GD2.2

Geoelectric structure beneath Serouanout region (Central Hoggar, Southern Algeria) using magnetotellurics: first results
Sofiane Saïd Bougchiche, Abderrezak Bouzid, Walid Boukhlouf, Abdelhamid Bendekken, Boualem Bayou, Abdeslam Abtout, and Seid Bourouis

EGU2015-6526 | Posters | GD2.2

Geophysical, petrological and mineral physics constraints on Earth's surface topography
Mattia Guerri, Fabio Cammarano, and Paul J. Tackley

EGU2015-624 | Posters | GD2.2

Numerical Simulation of Stress evolution and earthquake sequence of the Tibetan Plateau
Peiyu Dong, Caibo Hu, and Yaolin Shi

EGU2015-14049 | Posters | GD2.2

New observations of the active deformation along the oblique collision/subduction boundary zone between the North American and Caribbean plates (northern Hispaniola offshore margin)
Andrés Carbó-Gorosabel, José Luis Granja Bruña, Álvaro Rodríguez Zurrunero, Laura Gómez de la Peña, Alfonso Muñoz-Martín, María Gómez Ballesteros, José Miguel Gorosabel Araus, Salvador Espinosa, Anatonio Pazos, Manuel Catalán, Hector Yamil Rodríguez Asilis, José Luis Nuñez, Santiago Muñoz, Uri S. ten Brink, Jesús Quijano, Pilar Llanes Estrada, José Martín Dávila, and María Druet

GD2.3 – Mantle roots of deep seated magmas: origin and evolution of layered mantle lithosphere in different geodynamic setting (co-organized)

EGU2015-1940 | Posters | GD2.3

Multistage metasomatism in lithospheric mantle beneath V. Grib pipe (Arkhangelsk diamondiferous province, Russia): evidence from REE patterns in garnet xenocrysts.
Elena Shchukina, Agashev Alexei, and Pokhilenko Nikolai

EGU2015-748 | Orals | GD2.3

Metasomatic processes in the mantle beneath the Arkhangelsk province, Russia: evidence from garnet in mantle peridotite xenoliths, Grib pipe
Alexei Kargin, Lyudmila Sazonova, Anna Nosova, Elena Kovalchuk, and Elena Minevrina

EGU2015-1147 | Orals | GD2.3

Surface and Mantle Expression of the Early Permian Tarim Mantle Plume
Mimi Chen and Wei Tian

EGU2015-2153 | Posters | GD2.3

Dynamics of mantle rock metasomatic transformation in permeable lithospheric zones beneath Siberian craton
Victor Sharapov, Konstantin Sorokin, and Yury Perepechko

EGU2015-2144 | Orals | GD2.3

Petrological processes in mantle plume heads: Evidence from study of mantle xenoliths in the late Cenozoic alkali Fe-Ti basalts in Western Syria
Evgenii Sharkov

EGU2015-2215 | Posters | GD2.3

Dyke belt in North Western margin of Siberian platform
Victor Ryabov

EGU2015-2471 | Posters | GD2.3

Mantle xenocrysts of Chompolo field of the alkaline volcanics, Aldan shield, South Yakutia.
Evgeny Nikolenko, Nikolay Tychkov, and Valentin Afanasiev

EGU2015-853 | Orals | GD2.3

Isotope Sm-Nd age of the paleoproterozoic PGE-bearing Monchetundra massif trachytoid gabbronorites (Fennoscandian shield)
Evgeniy Kunakkuzin, Tamara Bayanova, Pavel Serov, and Elena Borisenko

EGU2015-2484 | Posters | GD2.3

Concentrates and mantle xenocrysts from the Lao river Guinea and reconstructions of the mantle structure
Valentin Afanasiev, Igor Ashchepkov, and Eeugeny Nikolenko

EGU2015-15711 | Orals | GD2.3

Mesozoic lamprophyres of Gorny and Mongolian Altay
Elena Vasyukova

EGU2015-2121 | Orals | GD2.3

The Universal Cpx Jd-Di barometer for mantle peridotite eclogite and pyroxenites and it using for the mantle petrology
Igor Ashchepkov

EGU2015-2624 | Posters | GD2.3

Trace element study of the xenoliths study of the mantle xenoliths from Sytykanskaya pipe, Yakutua.
Igor Ashchepkov, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Zdislav Spetsius

EGU2015-2797 | Posters | GD2.3

The alkali basaltic and picritic Magmatism in Minusa and Kusnetsk basin, geochemical study
Andrei Firsov, Igor Ashchepkov, Leonid Rikhvanov, and Alexandr Wald

EGU2015-2872 | Posters | GD2.3

Regularities of spatial association of major endogenous uranium deposits and kimberlitic dykes in the uranium ore regions of the Ukrainian Shield
Anna Kalashnyk

EGU2015-2891 | Posters | GD2.3

Maldzhangarsky rare metal carbonatite massif in the NE-part of the Anabar shield.
Nikolai Vladykin

EGU2015-2937 | Posters | GD2.3

K-alkaline rocks and lamproites of Tomtor massif
Nikolai Vladykin

EGU2015-3020 | Posters | GD2.3

Genesis of rare-metal pegmatites and alkaline apatite-fluorite rocks of Burpala massi, Northern Baikal folded zone
Irina Sotnikova and Nikolai Vladykin

EGU2015-3059 | Posters | GD2.3

Oceanic magmatic evolution during ocean opening under influence of mantle plume
Nadezhda Sushchevskaya, Elena Melanholina, Boris Belyatsky, Robert Krymsky, and Natalya Migdisova

EGU2015-3203 | Posters | GD2.3

Distribution and PGE mineralization in the formation of chromitite in ophiolite complexes (Ospina-Kitoi Kharanur and ultrabasic massifs of Eastern Sayan, Sousern Siberia)
Olga Kiseleva and Sergei Zhmodik

EGU2015-3510 | Posters | GD2.3

Petrogenesis of siliceous high-Mg series rocks as exemplified by the Early Paleoproterozoic mafic volcanic rocks of the Eastern Baltic Shield: enriched mantle versus crustal contamination
Maria Bogina, Valeriy Zlobin, Evgenii Sharkov, and Alexeii Chistyakov

EGU2015-4009 | Posters | GD2.3

Calderas and magma reservoirs
Katharine Cashman and Guido Giordano

EGU2015-4473 | Posters | GD2.3

P-wave velocity anomalies of the plume beneath the French Polynesia
Masayuki Obayashi, Junko Yoshimitsu, Hiroko Sugioka, Aki Ito, Takehi Isse, Hajime Shiobara, and Daisuke Suetsugu

EGU2015-8203 | Posters | GD2.3

Asthenospheric counterflows beneath the moving lithosphere of Central and East Asia in the past 90 Ma: volcanic and tomographic evidence
Sergei Rasskazov, Irina Chuvashova, and Vladimir Kozhevnikov

EGU2015-8341 | Posters | GD2.3

Late Tertiary andesites and basaltic andesites from Khangai, Khingan, and Vitim Plateau: geochemical similarities and differences of sources
Nadezhda Rudneva, Irina Chuvashova, Sergei Rasskazov, and Tatiana Yasnygina

EGU2015-8393 | Posters | GD2.3

Mid-Miocene thermal Impact on the Lithosphere of Asia by sub-lithospheric convective Mantle Material: Temporal Transition from high- to moderate-Mg Magmatism beneath Vitim Plateau, Southern Siberia
Irina Chuvashova and Sergei Rasskazov

EGU2015-12155 | Posters | GD2.3

MARID-type Glimmerites from Kimberley, South Africa: Metasomes or high-pressure cumulates?
Michael W. Förster, Dejan Prelevic, Stephan Buhre, and Dorrit E. Jacob

GD3.1 – Mantle dynamics in the Earth and other planetary bodies (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2015-2165 | PICO | GD3.1

Modeling crust–mantle evolution using radiogenic Sr, Nd, and Pb isotope systematics
Seema Kumari and Debajyoti Paul

EGU2015-5192 | PICO | GD3.1

Is there any correlation between continents and elevated temperatures in the subcontinental mantle?
Charitra Jain, Antoine Rozel, and Paul Tackley

EGU2015-11701 | PICO | GD3.1

Stability of Continental Lithosphere based on Analogue Experiments with Microwave Induced Internal Heating
Loic Fourel, Angela Limare, Emanoil Surducan, Vasile Surducan, Camelia Neamtu, Kenny Vilella, Cinzia Farnetani, Edouard Kaminski, and Claude Jaupart

EGU2015-1981 | PICO | GD3.1

Mantle compositional layering revealed by slab stagnation in the uppermost lower mantle
Maxim Ballmer, Jeroen Ritsema, Nicholas Schmerr, and Matthew Motoki

EGU2015-10394 | PICO | GD3.1

Out-of-plane reflections – are they evidence for deep subducted lithosphere?
Lina Schumacher and Christine Thomas

EGU2015-14571 | PICO | GD3.1

Topography of upper mantle seismic discontinuities beneath the North Atlantic: the Azores, Canary and Cape Verde plumes
Morvarid Saki, Christine Thomas, Stuart E.J. Nippress, and Stephan Lessing

EGU2015-6984 | PICO | GD3.1

Behaviour of mantle transition zone discontinuities beneath the Indian Ocean from PP and SS precursors
Anne-Sophie Reiss and Christine Thomas

EGU2015-11418 | PICO | GD3.1

Double-Diffusive Layers and Phase Transitions
Sabine Dude and Ulrich Hansen

EGU2015-10529 | PICO | GD3.1

Seismic resolution of lowermost mantle structure
Stefanie Hempel, Christine Thomas, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer

EGU2015-11002 | PICO | GD3.1

Experience melting through the Earth's lower mantle via LH-DAC experiments on MgO-SiO2 and CaO-MgO-SiO2 systems
Marzena A. Baron, Oliver T. Lord, Michael J. Walter, and Reidar G. Trønnes

EGU2015-6002 | PICO | GD3.1

Evolutionary models of the Earth with a grain size-dependent rheology
Antoine Rozel, Gregor Golabek, and Paul Tackley

EGU2015-10825 | PICO | GD3.1

Grain size evolution in the mantle and its effect on geodynamics, seismic velocities and attenuation
Juliane Dannberg, Zach Eilon, Rene Gassmoeller, Pritwiraj Moulik, Robert Myhill, Ulrich Faul, and Paul Asimow

EGU2015-5788 | PICO | GD3.1

Role of viscoelasticity in mantle convection models
Vojtech Patocka, Ondrej Cadek, and Paul Tackley

EGU2015-9981 | PICO | GD3.1

Thermal convection in a planetary mantle crystallizing from a magma ocean
Renaud Deguen, Stéphane Labrosse, and Adrien Morison

EGU2015-884 | PICO | GD3.1

Evolution and Consequences of Magma Ocean Solidifcation
Maxime Maurice, Nicola Tosi, Plesa Ana-Catalina, and Doris Breuer

EGU2015-6125 | PICO | GD3.1

Early evolution and dynamics of Earth from a molten initial stage
Diogo Lourenço and Paul Tackley

EGU2015-6219 | PICO | GD3.1

Self-Consistent Thermochemical Piles
Claudia Stein and Ulrich Hansen

EGU2015-3785 | PICO | GD3.1

Scaling Law of Impact Induced Shock Pressure in Planetary Mantle
Julien Monteux and Jafar Arkani-Hamed

EGU2015-4100 | PICO | GD3.1

Convection-Driven Resurfacing on Icy Satellites
Amy Barr

EGU2015-6188 | PICO | GD3.1

On the origin of Venus' unusual gravity spectrum
Tobias Rolf, Stephanie Werner, and Bernhard Steinberger

EGU2015-13804 | PICO | GD3.1

Intrusive Magmatism on Venus can lead to a weak crust and episodic overturn events: Spherical 2D and 3D Simulations
Paul Tackley

GD3.2 – Lower mantle heterogeneity – linking slab and LLSVP dynamics

EGU2015-4398 | Posters | GD3.2

The Effects of Chemically Distinct LLSVPs on the Geoid: the Results from Both 3-D Thermochemical Convection and Seismically Constrained Instantaneous Flow Models
Xi Liu and Shijie Zhong

EGU2015-5234 | Posters | GD3.2

Survival of LLSVPs for Billions of Years in a Vigorously Convecting Mantle: Replenishment and Destruction of Chemical Anomaly
Elvira Mulyukova, Bernhard Steinberger, Marcin Dabrowski, and Stephan Sobolev

EGU2015-6321 | Posters | GD3.2

Mapping fine-scale structure near the core-mantle boundary beneath USArray
Nicholas Mancinelli, Peter Shearer, and Christine Thomas

EGU2015-6575 | Posters | GD3.2

Morphology of large and meso-scale slow provinces in the lowermost mantle
Sanne Cottaar and Ved Lekic

EGU2015-9061 | Posters | GD3.2

Dome-like low velocity upwelling in D” beneath Alaska imaged with USArray data
Daoyuan Sun, Meghan S. Miller, and Don Helmberger

EGU2015-9131 | Posters | GD3.2

Towards Tidal Tomography: Using Earth's Body-Tide Signal to Constrain Deep-Mantle Density Structure
Harriet Lau, Hsin-Ying Yang, James Davis, Jerry Mitrovica, Jeroen Tromp, and Konstantin Latychev

EGU2015-11593 | Posters | GD3.2

Linking the dynamics and evolution of lower mantle heterogeneities with surface plate motion history
Abigail Bull and Christine Thomas

EGU2015-14372 | Posters | GD3.2

Deep mantle melting-solidifying and produced heterogeneities
Ilya Fomin and Paul Tackley

GD3.3 – Linking plate tectonics and mantle dynamics through the records of lithospheric motions and deformation (co-organized)

EGU2015-7431 | Orals | GD3.3

Absolute Plate Velocities from Seismic Anisotropy
Corné Kreemer, Lin Zheng, and Richard Gordon

EGU2015-657 | Posters | GD3.3

Crustal Deformation of Western Anatolia based on Upper Mantle Convection

EGU2015-1419 | Posters | GD3.3

Constraining South Atlantic growth with seafloor spreading data
Lucia Perez-Diaz and Graeme Eagles

EGU2015-11136 | Orals | GD3.3

A consistent geodynamic model for predicting the velocity and plate-internal deformation of Eurasia
Rob Govers, Candela Garcia-Sancho, Karin Warners-Ruckstuhl, Janneke van der Burgt, and Rinus Wortel

EGU2015-3478 | Posters | GD3.3

Plate Kinematic model of the NW Indian Ocean and derived regional stress history of the East African Margin
Amy Tuck-Martin, Jürgen Adam, and Graeme Eagles

EGU2015-7751 | Orals | GD3.3

Deformation of Indian Ocean Lithosphere Implies Highly Non-linear Rheological Law for Oceanic Lithosphere
Richard Gordon and Gregory Houseman

EGU2015-4819 | Posters | GD3.3

Correlated crustal and mantle deformation in the Tauern Window, Eastern Alps
Ehsan Qorbani, Walter Kurz, Irene Bianchi, and Götz Bokelmann

EGU2015-1920 | Orals | GD3.3

Crust-mantle interactions and crustal deformations, some geological observations
Laurent Jolivet, Camille Clerc, Pietro Sternai, Nicolas Bellahsen, Claudio Faccenna, Jean-Claude Ringenbach, Christian Gorini, Sylvie Leroy, and Raphaël Pik

EGU2015-4946 | Posters | GD3.3

Seismic anisotropy in the southeastern China and its tectonic implications from shear wave splitting measurements
Hsiao-Chuan Peng, Hao Kuo-Chen, Qiusheng Li, Francis Wu, Yu-Ping Lin, Li Zhao, and Yao-Wen Kuo

EGU2015-5836 | Orals | GD3.3 | Media interest

The many impacts of building mountain belts on plate tectonics and mantle flow
Philippe Yamato and Laurent Husson

EGU2015-6234 | Posters | GD3.3

Earth's plate motion evolution and its link to global mantle dynamics
Tobias Rolf, Fabio Capitanio, and Paul Tackley

EGU2015-8034 | Orals | GD3.3

Interplay between dynamic topography and flexure along the U.S. Atlantic passive margin: Insights from landscape evolution modeling
Robert Moucha, Gregory A. Ruetenik, Gregory D. Hoke, and Alessio Rovere

EGU2015-6246 | Posters | GD3.3

A secondary zone of uplift caused by megathrust earthquakes: Insights from seismo-thermo-mechanical models and geodetic data
Lukas Preiswerk, Ylona van Dinther, and Taras Gerya

EGU2015-3413 | Orals | GD3.3

Rapid plate motion variations and continental uplift: a window on the history of asthenospheric flow
Lorenzo Colli, Ingo Stotz, Hans-Peter Bunge, Mark Smethurst, Stuart Clark, Giampiero Iaffaldano, Andres Tassara, and Francois Guillocheau

EGU2015-6701 | Posters | GD3.3

Role of rheology in reconstructing slab morphology in global mantle models
Léa Bello, Nicolas Coltice, Paul Tackley, and Dietmar Müller

EGU2015-7480 | Posters | GD3.3

Present-day deformation of the intra-Eurasian plate regions
Candela Garcia Sancho, Rob Govers, and Magdala Tesauro

EGU2015-7936 | Posters | GD3.3

Plate-mantle coupling from post-Pangea plate kinematics
Sabin Zahirovic, R Dietmar Müller, Maria Seton, and Nicolas Flament

EGU2015-8108 | Posters | GD3.3

Understanding plate-motion changes over the past 100 Myr with quantitative models of the coupled lithosphere/mantle system
Ingo Stotz, Giampiero Iaffaldano, and D. Rhodri Davies

EGU2015-9019 | Posters | GD3.3

Vertical plate motions in the West Siberian Basin
Yulia Vibe and Stuart Clark

EGU2015-11432 | Posters | GD3.3

Pacific plate-motion change at the time of the Hawaiian-Emperor bend constrains the viscosity of Earth's asthenosphere
Giampiero Iaffaldano and Kurt Lambeck

GD4.1 – Earth's core structure and dynamics: observations, models, experiments (co-organized)

EGU2015-14721 | Posters | GD4.1

Liquid sodium dynamo experiments
Daniel Lathrop

EGU2015-6406 | Orals | GD4.1

Sounding the Inner Core with Ambient Seismic Noise Correlations
Piero Poli, Pierre Boue, Michel Campillo, Philippe Roux, and Helle Pedersen

EGU2015-7416 | Posters | GD4.1

Inner core tomography around the African hemisphere boundary region
Jessica Irving

EGU2015-4612 | Posters | GD4.1

Seismic structures in the Earth's inner core below Southeastern Asia
Dmitry Krasnoshchekov, Petr Kaazik, and Vladimir Ovtchinnikov

EGU2015-2815 | Orals | GD4.1

Seismic Structure of Inner Core Boundary Region Correlated with Predicted Outer Core Flow
Vernon Cormier

EGU2015-10789 | Posters | GD4.1

Inner Core Translation and the Hemispheric Balance of the Geomagnetic Field
Jon Mound, Chris Davies, and Luis Silva

EGU2015-6674 | Posters | GD4.1

Double-diffusive inner core translation
Renaud Deguen, Thierry Alboussière, and Stéphane Labrosse

EGU2015-4278 | Orals | GD4.1

Evidence of residual core material from the moon-forming impactor
George Helffrich and Bernard Wood

EGU2015-520 | Orals | GD4.1

Turbulence Reduces Magnetic Diffusivity in DTS Liquid Sodium Experiment
Simon Cabanes, Henri-Claude Nataf, and Nathanael Schaeffer

EGU2015-3619 | Posters | GD4.1

Earth's core convective bursts detected in geomagnetic and geodetic data
Julien Aubert

EGU2015-3679 | Posters | GD4.1

The geomagnetic westward drift and Earth's inner core dynamics
Guillaume Pichon, Julien Aubert, and Alexandre Fournier

EGU2015-6169 | Posters | GD4.1

Magnetic field stretching at the top of Earth's core
Diego Peña, Hagay Amit, and Katia Pinheiro

EGU2015-11925 | Orals | GD4.1

Millennial scale geomagnetic field behaviour: insights from new Holocene field reconstructions
Andreas Nilsson, Richard Holme, Monika Korte, Neil Suttie, and Mimi Hill

EGU2015-12055 | Posters | GD4.1

The sensivity of geomagnetic reversal frequency to core-mantle boundary heat flux magnitude and heterogeneity.
Maurits Metman, Lennart de Groot, Cedric Thieulot, Andrew Biggin, and Wim Spakman

EGU2015-1417 | Posters | GD4.1

Numerical dynamos with outer boundary heat flux inferred from probabilistic tomography – Consequences for latitudinal distribution of magnetic flux
Hagay Amit, Frédéric Deschamps, and Gaël Choblet

EGU2015-8159 | Orals | GD4.1

Global geomagnetic field mapping - from secular variation to geomagnetic excursions
Sanja Panovska and Catherine Constable

EGU2015-1416 | Posters | GD4.1

Lower mantle superplume growth excites geomagnetic reversals
Hagay Amit and Olson Peter

EGU2015-8059 | Orals | GD4.1

Paleoarchean and Cambrian observations of the geodynamo in light of new estimates of core thermal conductivity
John Tarduno, Richard Bono, and Rory Cottrell

EGU2015-2530 | Posters | GD4.1

On a coupled evolution of Earth's mantle and core: Implications for magnetic evolution over the geologic time-scale
Takashi Nakagawa

EGU2015-8502 | Posters | GD4.1

On the compositional stratification below the core-mantle boundary in geodynamo simulations
Takashi Nakagawa

EGU2015-4120 | Orals | GD4.1

Torsional waves operating in geodynamo and magnetoconvection simulations
Robert Teed, Chris Jones, and Steve Tobias

EGU2015-4561 | Posters | GD4.1

Space-time structure of the 2003 geomagnetic jerk at Mid-Eastern Asia
Jiaming Ou, Aimin Du, Wenyao Xu, and Dongmei Yang

EGU2015-2241 | Posters | GD4.1

Realization of thermal Convection into the initial Earth's Core on the Stage of planetary Accumulation
Yurie Professor Khachay

EGU2015-1891 | Orals | GD4.1

A Gaussian Model for Simulated Geomagnetic Field Reversals
Johannes Wicht and Domenico Meduri

EGU2015-14235 | Orals | GD4.1

A generalized quasi-geostrophic model of thermal convection
Mathieu Dumberry, Daniel Laycock, and Moritz Heimpel

EGU2015-9598 | Orals | GD4.1

Dynamical role of Ekman pumping in rapidly rotating convection
Stephan Stellmach, Keith Julien, Jonathan Cheng, and Jonathan Aurnou

EGU2015-4897 | Orals | GD4.1

Secular variation and core-flow modelling with stable strafication at the top of the core
Richard Holme and Bruce Buffett

GD5.1 – Subduction dynamics from surface to deep mantle (co-organized)

EGU2015-1342 | Posters | GD5.1

Slab roll-back and trench retreat as controlling factor for basin subsidence in southern Central America
Christian Brandes and Jutta Winsemann

EGU2015-7784 | Orals | GD5.1

Subduction trench migration as a constraint on absolute plate motions since 130 Ma
Simon Williams, Nicolas Flament, Dietmar Müller, and Nathan Butterworth

EGU2015-6499 | Orals | GD5.1

Geodynamic models of the Wilson Cycle: From rifts to mountains to rifts
Susanne Buiter, Joya Tetreault, and Trond Torsvik

EGU2015-3449 | Posters | GD5.1

Craton destruction by subduction, collision or plume impingement? Comparisons of some representative cratons in the world
Zhensheng Wang, Timothy Kusky, Xiaoyong Li, Xu Wang, Jianmin Fu, Yuefeng Yuan, and Peimin Zhu

EGU2015-3507 | Posters | GD5.1

Flat Slab Subduction, Trench Suction, and Craton Destruction: Comparison of the North China, Wyoming, and Brazilian Cratons
Timothy Kusky, Brian Windley, Lu Wang, Zhensheng Wang, Xiaoyong Li, and Peimin Zhu

EGU2015-5488 | Orals | GD5.1

The influence of metastable phases on the dynamics of subduction
Roberto Agrusta, Jeroen van Hunen, and Saskia Goes

EGU2015-12751 | Orals | GD5.1

Crustal growth in subduction zones
Katharina Vogt, Antonio Castro, and Taras Gerya

EGU2015-3551 | Posters | GD5.1

Petrological-thermomechanical modeling of Precambrian continental collision: geodynamical effects of subcontinental lithospheric mantle thickness
Vladimir Zakharov, Alexei Perchuk, Sergei Zavyalov, Tamara Sineva, and Taras Gerya

EGU2015-5329 | Posters | GD5.1

Distribution of flexural deflection in the worldwide outer rise area
Zi-Jun Lin, Jing-Yi Lin, Yi-Chin Lin, Shao-Jinn Chin, and Yen-Fu Chen

EGU2015-8854 | Orals | GD5.1

Surface and crustal expression of ocean subduction retreat vs delamination (sub-crustal retreat): Implications for the Apennines tectonics
Oğuz H Göğüş, Claudio Chiarabba, Russell Pysklywec, Claudio Faccenna, and Laurent Husson

EGU2015-1252 | Orals | GD5.1

The Role of Subducting Ridges in the Formation of Flat Slabs: Insights from the Peruvian Flat Slab
Sanja Knezevic Antonijevic, Lara Wagner, Abhash Kumar, Susan Beck, Maureen Long, George Zandt, and Caroline M. Eakin

EGU2015-6031 | Posters | GD5.1

Dynamic Modeling of Back-arc Extension in the Aegean Sea and Western Anatolia
Ziya Mazlum, Oğuz H. Göğüş, Hasan Sözbilir, Hayrullah Karabulut, and Russell N. Pysklywec

EGU2015-6846 | Posters | GD5.1

Geodynamic Mechanisms of plateau uplift and strain distribution in Eastern Anatolia
Ömer Caner Memiş, Oğuz Hakan Göğüş, Russell N. Pysklywec, Hayrullah Karabulut, and Mehmet Keskin

EGU2015-5203 | Orals | GD5.1

On the importance of plumes to initiate subduction and plate tectonics

EGU2015-6882 | Posters | GD5.1

Subduction and slab tearing dynamics constrained by thermal anomalies in the Anatolia-Aegean region
Vincent ROCHE, Laurent GUILLOU-FROTTIER, Laurent JOLIVET, Christelle LOISELET, and Vincent BOUCHOT

EGU2015-5366 | Orals | GD5.1

Plume-induced subduction initiation: dynamics and significance for modern and early Earth
Taras Gerya, Robert Stern, Marzieh Baes, Stephan Sobolev, and Scott Whattam

EGU2015-7257 | Posters | GD5.1

Thermal Evolution of Juvenile Subduction Zones — New Constraints from Lu–Hf Geochronology on HP oceanic rocks (Halilbaği, Central Anatolia)
Amaury Pourteau, Erik Scherer, Alexander Schmidt, and Rebecca Bast

EGU2015-2150 | Orals | GD5.1

Deformation of the overriding slab during incipient subduction in centrifuge modeling and its tectonic significance
Yossi Mart, Liran Goren, and Hemin Koyi

EGU2015-8107 | Orals | GD5.1

Effect of slab width on the mantle flow: insights from laboratory models of free subduction
Vincent Strak and Wouter P. Schellart

EGU2015-8011 | Posters | GD5.1

Overriding plate thickness control on subducting slab curvature
Adam Holt, Bruce Buffett, and Thorsten Becker

EGU2015-2401 | Orals | GD5.1

Tectonic slicing of subducted oceanic crust along plate interfaces: numerical modeling
Jonas B. Ruh, Evgenii Burov, Taras Gerya, Philippe Agard, and Laetitia Le Pourhiet

EGU2015-8157 | Posters | GD5.1

Delamination of sub-crustal lithosphere beneath the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico
Marina Manea, Vlad Constantin Manea, Luca Ferrari, and Maria Teresa Orozco-Esquivel

EGU2015-8239 | Posters | GD5.1

Decarbonation of subducting slabs: insight from thermomechanical-petrological numerical modelling
Christopher M. Gonzalez, Weronika Gorczyk, and Taras Gerya

EGU2015-4304 | Orals | GD5.1

Imaging high-pressure rock exhumation along the arc-continent suture in eastern Taiwan
Dennis Brown, Kuan-Fu Feng, Yih-Min Wu, and Hsin-Hua Huang

EGU2015-10463 | Posters | GD5.1

Slab dehydration and deep water recycling through time
Valentina Magni, Pierre Bouilhol, and Jeroen van Hunen

EGU2015-10638 | Posters | GD5.1

Batdorf parameter for the spherical shells tectonics
Kazuhei Kikuchi and Hiroyuki Nagahama

EGU2015-10984 | Posters | GD5.1

Arc Evolution in Response to the Subduction of Buoyant Features
Luke Jenkins, Loic Fourel, Saskia Goes, and Gabriele Morra

EGU2015-11697 | Posters | GD5.1

Subduction-induced delamination and its surface expressions – three-dimensional numerical modelling
Kosuke Ueda, Taras Gerya, and Sean Willett

EGU2015-12292 | Posters | GD5.1

Variation, in time and space, of the stability fields of the metamorphic facies in a subduction context
Alessandro Regorda, Anna Maria Marotta, Manuel Roda, and M. Iole Spalla

GD5.2 – Observations and modeling of subduction-driven deformation in the overlying plate and related feedbacks on the subduction process (co-organized)

EGU2015-6088 | Orals | GD5.2

Comparing the effects of rheology on the dynamics and topography of 3D subduction-collision models
Adina E. Pusok, Boris Kaus, and Anton Popov

EGU2015-4405 | Posters | GD5.2

Arc-arc Collision Structure in the Southernmost Part of the Kuril Trench Region -Results from Integrated Analyses of the 1998-2000 Hokkaido Transect Seismic Data-
Takaya Iwasaki, Noriko Tsumura, Tanio Ito, Hiroshi Sato, Eiji Kurashimo, Naoshi Hirata, Kazunori Arita, Katsuya Noda, Akira Fujiwara, Susumu Abe, Shunsuke Kikkuchi, and Kazuko Suzuki

EGU2015-9150 | Posters | GD5.2

Relationship of the crustal structure and its deformation from arc to back-arc basin in the eastern Japan Sea deduced from the seismic survey
Takeshi Sato, Tetsuo No, Seiichi Miura, Shuichi Kodaira, and Hiroshi Sato

EGU2015-1158 | Orals | GD5.2

Deformation of forearcs caused by subduction of aseismic ridges: The role of ridge orientation and convergence direction investigated with 3D finite-element models
Stefanie Zeumann and Andrea Hampel

EGU2015-3476 | Posters | GD5.2

Simulation of tectonic evolution of the Kanto basin of Japan since 1 Ma due to subduction of the Pacific and Philippine sea plates and collision of the Izu-Bonin arc
Akinori Hashima, Toshinori Sato, Hiroshi Sato, Kazumi Asao, Hiroshi Furuya, Shuji Yamamoto, Koji Kameo, Takahiro Miyauchi, Tanio Ito, Noriko Tsumura, and Heitaro Kaneda

EGU2015-8583 | Orals | GD5.2

Active intraplate deformation as geodynamic responses to oblique shallow subduction of a flat slab: example from central and southwest Japan
Tatsuya Ishiyama and Hiroshi Sato

EGU2015-5476 | Posters | GD5.2

Regional Characterization of Tokyo Metropolitan area using a highly-dense seismic network (MeSO-net)
Naoshi Hirata, Shigeki Nakagawa, Shin'ichi Sakai, Yannis Panayotopoulos, Masahiro Ishikawa, Takeo Ishibe, Hisanori Kimura, and Ryou Honda

EGU2015-4456 | Orals | GD5.2

Structure of backarc inner rifts as a weakest zone of arc-backarc system: a case study of the Sea of Japan
Hiroshi Sato, Tasuya Ishiyama, Naoko Kato, Susumu Abe, Hideo Saito, Kazuya Shiraishi, Shiori Abe, Takaya Iwasaki, Mitsuru Inaba, Tetsuo No, Takeshi Sato, Shuichi Kodaira, Tetsuya Takeda, Makoto Matsubara, and Chihiro Kodaira

EGU2015-14233 | Orals | GD5.2

Inversion of GNSS and GPS/Acoustic data for afterslip and viscoelastic relaxation following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
Shuji Yamagiwa, Shinichi Miyazaki, Kazuro Hirahara, and Yukitoshi Fukahata

EGU2015-3195 | Posters | GD5.2

Shallow Moho with aseismic upper crust and deep Moho with seismic lower crust beneath the Japanese Islands obtained by seismic tomography using data from dense seismic network
Makoto Matsubara and Kazushige Obara

EGU2015-7984 | Orals | GD5.2

The role of the Hikurangi Plateau in the dynamics of the Hikurangi Subduction Margin
David Willis, Louis Moresi, Peter Betts, and Laurent Ailleres

EGU2015-9725 | Posters | GD5.2

The buoyancy variation of plate coupling from subduction to collision: an example across the northernmost Manila trench
Chung-Liang Lo, Wen-Bin Doo, Hao Kuo-Chen, and Shu-Kun Hsu

EGU2015-10042 | Posters | GD5.2

New insights into the North American Cordillera forearc: Cretaceous to Eocene tectonic evolution of the Leech River Schist, Southern Vancouver Island, Canada
Johannes Jakob and Stephen Johnston

EGU2015-5880 | Posters | GD5.2

Deciphering the chronology of internal wedge deformation by means of strontium isotopes of vein carbonates
Alfons Berger, Armin Dielforder, and Marco Herwegh

EGU2015-4375 | Posters | GD5.2

Variability in forearc deformation during subduction: Insight from geodynamic models and application to the Calabria subduction zone
Zhihao Chen, Wouter Schellart, and Joao Duarte

GD5.3 – Orogenesis and geodynamics related to the collision of large- and micro-plates (co-organized)

EGU2015-922 | Posters | GD5.3

New Paleomagnetic Results from Southeastern Anatolia; A tectonic scenario for the evolution of Anatolia since Mesozoic
Burak Semih Cabuk, Mualla Cengiz Cinku, and Z. Mumtaz Hisarli

EGU2015-5915 | Orals | GD5.3 | Media interest

Relamination and the Differentiation of Continental Crust
Bradley Hacker, Peter Kelemen, and Mark Behn

EGU2015-1907 | Posters | GD5.3

The Neo-Tethyan subduction zone(s,?) in Azerbaijan, NW Iran: preliminary results
Anna Lechmann, Jean-Pierre Burg, and Mohammad Faridi

EGU2015-6475 | Orals | GD5.3 | Media interest

Plate tectonics beyond plate boundaries: the role of ancient structures in intraplate orogenesis
Philip Heron, Russell Pysklywec, and Randell Stephenson

EGU2015-3177 | Posters | GD5.3

Seismicity characteristics in the southeastern Central Range of Taiwan from a temporary seismic network
Guan-Hao Peng, Horng-Yuan Yen, and Hao Kuo-Chen

EGU2015-551 | Orals | GD5.3

Spatial and temporal development of exhumation at the St. Elias syntaxis in the Yakutat-North American subduction-collision zone, SE Alaska
Sarah Falkowski, Eva Enkelmann, Jörg Pfänder, Kerstin Drost, Konstanze Stübner, and Todd Ehlers

EGU2015-10048 | Orals | GD5.3

What controls the geometry of mountain ranges: insights from numerical modelling
Katharina Vogt, Liviu Matenco, Taras Gerya, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2015-4369 | Posters | GD5.3

Focal depths and mechanisms of earthquakes in the Himalayan-Tibetan region
Ling Bai

EGU2015-4427 | Posters | GD5.3

Pressure-temperature-time evolution of strictly foliated, whitish metagranites in the Bulgarian Rhodope
Hans-Joachim Massonne, Constantin Balica, and Ioan Balintoni

EGU2015-3287 | Orals | GD5.3 | Media interest

Tracing the origin of Geodynamics: The Alfred Wegener Memorial Expedition 2014
Kurt Stüwe

EGU2015-4956 | Posters | GD5.3

Structural evolution of the Irtysh Shear Zone: implication for the Late Paleozoic amalgamation of multiple arc systems in Central Asia
Pengfei Li, Min Sun, and Gideon Rosenbaum

EGU2015-6474 | Posters | GD5.3

Tectonic history of the central Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, Iran: Potentially Permian to Mesozoic polymetamorphism and implications for tectonics of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone
Farzaneh Shakerardakani, Franz Neubauer, Johann Genser, Fariborz Masoudi, Behzad Mehrabi, Behzad Monfaredi, and Gertrude Friedl

EGU2015-6663 | Posters | GD5.3

Polymetamorphic evolution of the upper part of the Iezer Complex (Leaota Massif, South Carpathians) constrained by petrological data and monazite ages
Elena Negulescu, Gavril Săbău, and Hans-Joachim Massonne

EGU2015-9677 | Posters | GD5.3

A new subdivision of the central Sesia Zone (Aosta Valley, Italy)
Francesco Giuntoli, Martin Engi, Paola Manzotti, and Michel Ballèvre

EGU2015-10072 | Posters | GD5.3

Kinematics of Plio-Pleistocene Oblique faults in the Gulf of Suez Rift, West Central Sinai, Egypt
Mamdouh Abdeen and Ashraf Abdelmaksoud

EGU2015-10145 | Posters | GD5.3

The Cocos Ridge drives collision of Panama with northwestern South America
Peter LaFemina, Rob Govers, Hector Mora-Paez, Halldor Geirsson, and Eduardo Cmacho

EGU2015-11721 | Posters | GD5.3

Temperature distribution in the Eastern Alps from teleseimic tomography
ulrike mitterbauer

EGU2015-12516 | Posters | GD5.3

U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry of Zahedan and Shah kuh plutons, eastern Iran: Implication for the late stage of the tectonic evolution of the South Sistan Zone
Ali Mohammadi, Jean-Pierre Burg, Jonas Ruh, Albrecht Von Quadt, and Irena Peytcheva

EGU2015-14047 | Posters | GD5.3

Tectonic evolution of the interference zone between the Pan-African Damara and Kaoko orogenic belts, Namibia
Jeremie Lehmann, Kerstin Saalmann, Kalin V. Naydenov, Lorenzo Milani, Guy Charlesworth, Judith A. Kinnaird, George Belyanin, and Horst Zwingmann

GD5.4 – Mantle dynamics, rifting and post-breakup evolution of passive continental margins: Geological and geophysical observations and models with emphasis on the Atlantic Ocean (co-organized)

EGU2015-2285 | Orals | GD5.4

A Continuous History of Plume-Influenced Rifting in the North Atlantic Ocean
Ross Parnell-Turner, Nicky White, Tim Henstock, Bramley Murton, John Maclennan, and Stephen Jones

EGU2015-418 | Posters | GD5.4

Long-term landscape evolution of the South Atlantic "passive" continental margin in Eastern Argentina using apatite fission-track thermochronology
Sabrina Pfister, Sebastian Kollenz, and Ulrich A Glasmacher

EGU2015-3382 | Orals | GD5.4

Controls on (anomalous) topography in rifted margin settings
Ritske S. Huismans

EGU2015-476 | Posters | GD5.4

Thermo-tectonic history reconstruction of the Rwenzori Mountains, D. R. Congo
Sherif Mansour, Friederike Bauer, Ulrich Glasmacher, René Grobe, and Matthias Starz

EGU2015-4199 | Orals | GD5.4 | Media interest

Multiple broadly synchronous km-scale exhumation episodes on different continents: implications for controlling processes
Paul Green, Ian Duddy, and Peter Japsen

EGU2015-826 | Posters | GD5.4

Revealing the long-term landscape evolution of the South Atlantic passive continental margin, Brazil and Namibia, by thermokinematic numerical modeling using the software code Pecube.
Christian Stippich, Ulrich Anton Glasmacher, and Peter Hackspacher

EGU2015-567 | Posters | GD5.4

Thermal history and evolution of the Rio de Janeiro - Barbacena section of the southeastern Brazilian continental margin
Julia Neri Gezatt, Randell Stephenson, and David Macdonald

EGU2015-7326 | Orals | GD5.4

Guillaume Baby, François Guillocheau, Cécile Robin, and Massimo Dall'Asta

EGU2015-2225 | Posters | GD5.4

Magmatism and high temperature metamorphism of the pre-Pyrenean passive margins: datations and peak-temperatures from the North Pyrenean Zone
Camille Clerc, Abdeltif Lahfid, Patrick Monié, and Yves Lagabrielle

EGU2015-9267 | Orals | GD5.4

Computing 3-D wavefields in mantle circulations models to test hypotheses on the origin of lower mantle heterogeneity under Africa directly against seismic observations
Bernhard Schuberth, Christophe Zaroli, and Guust Nolet

EGU2015-9377 | Orals | GD5.4

Evolution of the Southwest Indian continental divergent margin: Constraints from 40Ar-39Ar dating of lateritic paleolandsurfaces
Nicolas Bonnet, Anicet Beauvais, Dominique Chardon, and Nicolas Arnaud

EGU2015-3215 | Posters | GD5.4

Episodes of subsidence and uplift of the conjugate margins of Greenland and Norway after opening of the NE Atlantic
Peter Japsen, Paul F. Green, Johan M. Bonow, and James A. Chalmers

EGU2015-4444 | Posters | GD5.4

Fault Orientations at Obliquely Rifted Margins: Where? When? Why?
Sascha Brune

EGU2015-9816 | Orals | GD5.4

Meso-Cenozoic Source-to-Sink analysis of the African margin of the Equatorial Atlantic
Dominique Chardon, Delphine Rouby, Damien Huyghe, Jing Ye, François Guillocheau, Cécile Robin, Massimo Dall'Asta, Roderick Brown, and David Webster

EGU2015-4609 | Posters | GD5.4

Along-margin variations of magmatism at volcanic passive margins: Numerical models of continental extension with rift propagation barriers
Hannes Koopmann, Sascha Brune, Dieter Franke, and Sonja Breuer

EGU2015-10769 | Orals | GD5.4

Early breakup of Gondwana: constraints from global plate motion models
Maria Seton, Sabin Zahirovic, Simon Williams, Joanne Whittaker, Ana Gibbons, Dietmar Muller, Sascha Brune, and Christian Heine

EGU2015-10998 | Orals | GD5.4

NW Africa post-rift tectonics: fieldwork constraints from an “unfitting” anticline in west Morocco
David Fernández-Blanco and Mohamed Gouiza

EGU2015-5264 | Posters | GD5.4

Full waveform tomography of the South Atlantic upper mantle
Lorenzo Colli and Hans-Peter Bunge

EGU2015-6776 | Posters | GD5.4

Models and observations of plume-ridge interaction in the South Atlantic and their implications for crustal thickness variations
Rene Gassmöller, Bernhard Steinberger, Juliane Dannberg, Eva Bredow, and Trond Torsvik

EGU2015-11356 | Orals | GD5.4

Evolution of the elevated passive margin of northwest Greenland
Cornelia Spiegel, Wolfgang Reiter, Frank Lisker, and Volkmar Damm

EGU2015-12099 | Orals | GD5.4 | Media interest

Plate-mantle interaction through time explains two-phase uplift history of the eastern Australian passive margin
R. Dietmar Müller, Nicolas Flament, Kara J. Matthews, Simon E. Williams, and Michael Gurnis

EGU2015-7293 | Posters | GD5.4

Regional comparison of syn- and post-rift sequences in salt and salt-free basins offshore Brazil and Angola/Namibia, South Atlantic
Frank Strozyk, Stefan Back, and Peter Kukla

EGU2015-13898 | Orals | GD5.4

Upper mantle seismic structure beneath southwest Africa from finite-frequency P- and S-wave tomography
Mohammad Youssof, Xiaohui Yuan, Frederik Tilmann, Benjamin Heit, Michael Weber, Wilfried Jokat, Wolfram Geissler, Gabi Laske, Tuna Eken, and Bufelo Lushetile

EGU2015-8827 | Posters | GD5.4

Constraining aggradation and degradation phases of alluvial fans in the sedimentary record: a case study from the Namib Desert, NW Namibia
Christoph von Hagke, Luca C. Malatesta, Francois Ayoub, and Harald Stollhofen

EGU2015-845 | Orals | GD5.4

Long-term landscape evolution of the South Atlantic passive continental margin along the Kaoko- and Damara Belts, NW-Namibia
Daniel Menges, Ulrich Anton Glasmacher, Peter Hackspacher, Gabriele Schneider, and Eric Salomon

EGU2015-10692 | Posters | GD5.4

Array seismological investigation of the South Atlantic ‘Superplume'
Stefanie Hempel, Rene Gassmöller, and Christine Thomas

EGU2015-10976 | Posters | GD5.4

Petrophysical models of high velocity lower crust on the South Atlantic rifted margins: whence the asymmetry?
Robert B. Trumbull, Dieter Franke, Klaus Bauer, and Stephan V. Sobolev

EGU2015-2736 | Orals | GD5.4

Crustal structure of northwest Namibia in the Walvis Ridge region from receiver functions
Benjamin Heit, Xiaohui Yuan, Michael Weber, Wolfram Geissler, Wilfried Jokat, Bufelo Lushetile, and Karl-Heinz Hoffmann

EGU2015-14291 | Posters | GD5.4

Vertical Motions at the Edges of the Icelandic Plume
Charlotte Schoonman, Nicky White, and Richard Luckett

EGU2015-7230 | Posters | GD5.4

Multiple uplift phases inferred from the Southwest African Atlantic margin
Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Mauro Cacace, and Ingo Dressel

GD6.1 – The Arctic connection - plate tectonics and mantle dynamics in the North Atlantic, North Pacific and the High Arctic (co-organized)

EGU2015-8935 | Orals | GD6.1

Minor deformanions zones in the sedimentary cover on East Arctic Russian shelf
Mikhail Kosko

EGU2015-7839 | Posters | GD6.1

Tomographic, kinematic and gravitational evidence for a slab under Greenland and its potential links to Arctic magmatism.
Grace Shephard, Wim Spakman, Isabelle Panet, Carmen Gaina, and Reidar Trønnes

EGU2015-6720 | Posters | GD6.1

2-D magnetotelluric experiment to investigate the Nassugtoqidian orogeny in South-East Greenland
Björn Heincke, Jin Chen, Peter Riisager, Jochen Kolb, and Asta F. Jørgensen

EGU2015-8770 | Orals | GD6.1

On the issue of the Precambrian basement of the Arctic shelf
Valery A. Vernikovsky, Evgeny A. Korago, Vasily F. Proskurnin, and Nikolay N. Sobolev

EGU2015-10207 | Orals | GD6.1

Age and origin of the Lomonosov Ridge: a key continental fragment in Arctic Ocean reconstructions
Christian Marcussen, Christian Knudsen, John R. Hopper, Thomas Funck, Jon R. Ineson, and Morten Bjerager

EGU2015-5460 | Posters | GD6.1

Stress fields acting during lithosphere breakup above a melting mantle: A case example in West Greenland
Mansour M. ABDELMALAK, Laurent GEOFFROY, Jacques ANGELIER, Bernard BONIN, Jean-Paul CALLOT, Jean-Pierre GELARD, and Charles AUBOURG

EGU2015-8291 | Orals | GD6.1

Alpha / Mendeleev Ridge and Chukchi Borderland 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Geochemistry: Character of the First Submarine Intraplate Lavas Recovered from the Arctic Ocean
Samuel B Mukasa, Larry A Mayer, Kimberly Aviado, Julie Bryce, Alex Andronikov, Kelley Brumley, Janne Blichert-Toft, Oleg Petrov, and Sergey Shokalsky

EGU2015-12167 | Posters | GD6.1

The Arctic Connection to the Northeast Atlantic constrained by Crustal Thickness & Lithosphere Thinning Factors from OCTek Gravity Inversion
Andy Alvey, Nick Kusznir, and Alan Roberts

EGU2015-11438 | Posters | GD6.1

Late Mesozoic- Cenozoic plate boundaries in the North Atlantic – Arctic: Quantitative reconstructions using Hellinger criterion in GPlates
Carmen Gaina, Robin Watson, and Juraj Cirbus

EGU2015-2373 | Orals | GD6.1

Igneous rocks of Arctic Ocean deep sea ridges: new data on petrology, geochemistry and geochronology
Oleg Petrov, Andrey Morozov, Sergey Shokalsky, Nikolay Sobolev, Sergey Kashubin, Sergey Shevchenko, Sergey Sergeev, Boris Belyatsky, Vitaly Shatov, and Eugeny Petrov

EGU2015-5530 | Posters | GD6.1

Canadian Arctic Plate Reconstructions based on revised geological and geophysical data
Trond H. Torsvik and Carmen Gaina

EGU2015-5543 | Orals | GD6.1

Oceanic Crust in the Canada Basin of the Arctic Ocean
Deborah Hutchinson, Deping Chian, Ruth Jackson, Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova, John Shimeld, Qingmou Li, David Mosher, Richard Saltus, and Gordon Oakey

EGU2015-2818 | Orals | GD6.1

Rapid vertical crustal movements in Arctic Eurasia in the Pliocene and Pleistocene and their possible mechanisms
Eugene Artyushkov and Peter Chekhovich

EGU2015-10178 | Posters | GD6.1

Temporal and spatial correlations between Canada basin opening and the Brookian orogeny
Nicolas Lemonnier, Loic Labrousse, Philippe Agard, Alison Till, and Sarah Roeske

EGU2015-3230 | Orals | GD6.1

Kilometer-scale, late Miocene and early Pliocene surface uplift in East Greenland: tectonic forerunners for the build-up of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Peter Japsen, Paul F. Green, and Johan M. Bonow

EGU2015-4047 | Posters | GD6.1

How is Silurian-Early Devonian faulting in the North America continental interior related to orogenic processes at plate boundaries? A working hypothesis from the Canadian North
Nicolas Pinet

EGU2015-12866 | Posters | GD6.1

Deep suture zone in the North Barents Basin
Viktor Butsenko, Artem Kireev, Alexey Piskarev, Vasily Savin, and Oleg Smirnov

EGU2015-6522 | Orals | GD6.1

The Eurekan Orogeny: convergent intraplate deformation through accretionary tectonics?
Philip Heron, Russell Pysklywec, and Randell Stephenson

EGU2015-7726 | Posters | GD6.1

Joint pre-stack depth migration and travel-time tomography applied to a deep seismic profile across the northern Barents Sea igneous province
Alexander Minakov, Jan Inge Faleide, Tamara Sakulina, Natalia Krupnova, and Nikolai Dergunov

EGU2015-3764 | Orals | GD6.1

A crustal thickness model of the Arctic Region
Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova, Carmen Gaina, Alexander Minakov, and Sergey Kashubin

EGU2015-2426 | Orals | GD6.1

Model of the Arctic evolution since the Cretaceous to present, based on upper mantle convection linked with Pacific lithosphere subduction
Leopold Lobkovsky

EGU2015-9728 | Posters | GD6.1

Modelling the effects of Eocene transpression on intraplate stress East of Svalbard
Sebastien Gac, Jan Inge Faleide, Roy H. Gabrielsen, and Alexander Minakov

EGU2015-2819 | Orals | GD6.1

Seismic Tomography of the Arctic Lithosphere and Asthenosphere
Andrew Schaeffer and Sergei Lebedev

EGU2015-6456 | Posters | GD6.1

Zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry and modeling of Cenozoic exhumation of the West Spitsbergen Fold Belt: a HeFTy task
Chris Barnes, David Schneider, Jaroslaw Majka, Henning Lorenz, Karolina Kosminska, and Maciej Manecki

EGU2015-9263 | Posters | GD6.1

The oldest island arc and ophiolite complexes of the Russian Arctic (Taimyr Peninsula)
Antonina E. Vernikovskaya, Valery A. Vernikovsky, Dmitriy V. Metelkin, Nikolay Y. Matushkin, and Irina V. Romanova

EGU2015-2386 | Posters | GD6.1

Archean Arctic continental crust fingerprints revealing by zircons from Alpha Ridge bottom rocks
Sergey Sergeev, Oleg Petrov, Andrey Morozov, Sergey Shevchenko, Sergey Presnyakov, Anton Antonov, and Boris Belyatsky

EGU2015-9323 | Posters | GD6.1

Asymmetric active seismicity along the ultra-slow spreading Gakkel Ridge
John R. Hopper, Peter H. Voss, and Luc L. Lavier