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GI – Geosciences Instrumentation & Data Systems

GI0.1 – Open Session on Geosciences Instrumentation and Methods (including Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)

EGU2015-1078 | Posters | GI0.1

Effective seismic acceleration measurements for low-cost Structural Health Monitoring
Fragkiskos Pentaris and John P. Makris

EGU2015-3596 | Orals | GI0.1

Towards consistent Land Surface Temperature products from multiple satellite instruments: Validation Results from WACMOS-ET
Philipp Schneider, Joao Martins, Ana Pires, Isabel Trigo, Carlos Jimenez, Catherine Prigent, Fred Prata, Frank Göttsche, and Simon Hook

EGU2015-11402 | Orals | GI0.1

In-situ land surface emissivity retrieved from FTIR spectroscopic measurements at Gobabeb, Namibia
Frank Goettsche, Folke Olesen, and Annika Bork-Unkelbach

EGU2015-4980 | Posters | GI0.1

Inexpensive solid state radiation detector
Karen Aplin, Peter Hastings, R. Giles Harrison, and Keri Nicoll

EGU2015-6278 | Orals | GI0.1

SeismoGeodesy: Combination of High Rate, Real-time GNSS and Accelerometer Observations and Rapid Seismic Event Notification for Earth Quake Early Warning and Volcano Monitoring
Michael Jackson, Leonid Zimakov, and Matthias Moessmer

EGU2015-9260 | Posters | GI0.1

A method for real time detecting of non-uniform magnetic field
Andriy Marusenkov

EGU2015-15342 | Orals | GI0.1 | Media interest

GPS Can't Do That, Can It? – How building a GPS seismometer led to the development of GPS snow, soil moisture, vegetation, and tide gauge sensors (Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)
Kristine M. Larson

EGU2015-8783 | Posters | GI0.1

KISAP: New in situ seafloor velocity measurement tool
Gil Young Kim, Ki Ju Park, Young Kyo Seo, Gwang Soo Lee, and Seong Pil Kim

EGU2015-1062 | Orals | GI0.1

Localisation of thin layers using a slim borehole NMR probe
Tamás Lukács, Raphael Dlugosch, Thomas Günther, and Mike Müller-Petke

EGU2015-4853 | Posters | GI0.1

Measuring 36Ar without H35Cl interference
John Saxton

EGU2015-5231 | Posters | GI0.1

On demand processing of climate station sensor data
Stephan Wöllauer, Spaska Forteva, and Thomas Nauss

EGU2015-6603 | Orals | GI0.1

Detection of CO2 leaks from carbon capture and storage sites to the atmosphere with combined CO2 and O2 measurements
Charlotte van Leeuwen and Harro A.J. Meijer

EGU2015-6821 | Orals | GI0.1

Enrichment of Data Publications in Earth Sciences – Data Reports as a Missing Link
Kirsten Elger, Roland Bertelmann, Christian Haberland, and Peter L. Evans

EGU2015-14475 | Posters | GI0.1

EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of Earth – the EUSTACE project
Nick Rayner, Renate Auchmann, Janette Bessembinder, Stefan Brönnimann, Yuri Brugnara, Laura Carrea, Darren Ghent, Elizabeth Good, Katie Herring, Jacob Høyer, John Kennedy, Albert Klein Tank, Finn Lindgren, Colin Morice, Chris Merchant, John Remedios, Ag Stephens, and Rasmus Tonboe

EGU2015-11971 | Posters | GI0.1

Analysis of Land Surface Temperature Retrieved from High Resolution Satellites in Seoul, South Korea
Joon-Bum Jee and Young-Jean Choi

EGU2015-8332 | Orals | GI0.1

Comparative A/B testing a mobile data acquisition app for hydrogeochemistry
Jens Klump, Pavel Golodoniuc, Nathan Reid, David Gray, and Shawn Ross

EGU2015-5493 | Posters | GI0.1

GLORI (GLObal navigation satellite system Reflectometry Instrument): A New Airborne GNSS-R receiver for land surface applications
Erwan Motte, Mehrez Zribi, and Pascal Fanise

EGU2015-11979 | Orals | GI0.1

TR32DB - Management of Research Data in a Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Research Project
Constanze Curdt, Dirk Hoffmeister, Guido Waldhoff, Ulrich Lang, and Georg Bareth

EGU2015-4826 | Orals | GI0.1

Evaluating the Met Office Unified Model simulated land surface temperature (LST) using a multi-platform approach
Jennifer Brooke, Chawn Harlow, Martin Best, Stuart Newman, Russell Scott, John Edwards, Jean-Claude Thelen, Ed Pavelin, and Mark Weeks

EGU2015-3409 | Posters | GI0.1

Numerical modeling of the transient hot disk method for rock thermal property measurements
Youngmin Lee

EGU2015-2475 | Posters | GI0.1

Year 2014 - the warmest year in the history of meteorological measurements in Slovakia
Oliver Bochníček, Pavel Fasko, Marek Švec, Peter Kajaba, and Pavel Šťastný

EGU2015-2760 | Posters | GI0.1

Improving the estimation of historical marine surface temperature changes
Giulia Carella, Elizabeth C. Kent, and David I. Berry

EGU2015-3626 | Posters | GI0.1

Spatial and Seasonal Variability of Extreme Soil Temperature in Croatia
Petra Sviličić and Višnja Vučetić

EGU2015-7131 | Posters | GI0.1

Observation of angular effects on thermal infrared emissivity derived with the MODTES algorithm and MODIS data
Vicente García-Santos, Raquel Niclòs, César Coll, Enric Valor, and Vicente Caselles

EGU2015-3851 | Posters | GI0.1

Spectral characterization of surface emissivities in the thermal infrared
Raquel Niclòs, Maria Mira, Enric Valor, Diego Caselles, Vicente García-Santos, Vicente Caselles, and Juan M. Sánchez

EGU2015-5570 | Posters | GI0.1

10 years of data publication with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) at the World Data Center for Climate (WDCC)
Martina Stockhause, Michael Lautenschlager, Heinke Höck, and Frank Toussaint

EGU2015-6254 | Posters | GI0.1

DATA.KNMI.NL - Status & Future Challenges
John van de Vegte, Wim Som de Cerff, Hans Verhoef, Maarten Plieger, Ernst de Vreede, Ian van der Neut, Jeroen Bos, Siu-Siu Ha, Raymond Sluiter, Jan Willem Noteboom, Henk Klein Baltink, and Mieke Reijmerink

EGU2015-10158 | Posters | GI0.1

Maturity Matrices for Quality of Model- and Observation-Based Climate Data Records
Heinke Höck, Andrea Kaiser-Weiss, Frank Kaspar, Martina Stockhause, Frank Toussaint, and Michael Lautenschlager

EGU2015-11181 | Posters | GI0.1

The Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences
Kerstin Lehnert, Brooks Hanson, and Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

EGU2015-12844 | Posters | GI0.1 | Media interest

Future-saving audiovisual content for Data Science: Preservation of geoinformatics video heritage with the TIB|AV-Portal
Peter Löwe, Margret Plank, and Frauke Ziedorn

EGU2015-13328 | Posters | GI0.1

Integrated monitoring technologies for the management of a Soil-Aquifer-Treatment (SAT) system
Andreas Kallioras, Petros Kofakis, Jan Bumberger, Georgios Athanasiou, Felix Schimdt, Georgios Apostolopoulos, Nikolaos Uzunoglou, Peter Dietrich, and Christoph Schuth

EGU2015-14052 | Posters | GI0.1

Internet-based information system of digital geological data providing
Egor Yuon, Mikhail Soukhanov, and Kirill Markov

EGU2015-14909 | Posters | GI0.1

Something old, something new: data warehousing in the digital age
Rob Maguire and Andrew Woolf

EGU2015-11526 | Posters | GI0.1

Evaluation of the Mg doping approach for Si mass fractionation correction on Nu Instruments MC-ICP Mass Spectrometers
Ye Zhao, Yu-Te Hsieh, and Nick Belshaw

GI1.3 – Applications of Data, Methods and Models in Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2015-1279 | Posters | GI1.3

Extending an operational meteorological monitoring network through machine learning and classical geo-statistical approaches
Tim Appelhans, Ephraim Mwangomo, Insa Otte, Florian Detsch, Thomas Nauss, Andreas Hemp, and Jimmy Ndyamkama

EGU2015-91 | Orals | GI1.3

Integrated geophysical study to delineate the subsurface structures in Siwa Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt
Ahmed Khalil, Esmat Abd El All, Taha Rabeh, and Salah Osman

EGU2015-444 | Orals | GI1.3

Kriging analysis of geochemical data obtained by sequential extraction procedure (BCR)
Hana Fajkovic, Lovorka Pitarević Svedružić, Esad Prohić, Sanda Rončević, and Ivan Nemet

EGU2015-1280 | Posters | GI1.3

Evaluating different machine learning approaches for the interpolation of ambient air temperature at Mt. Kilimajaro, Tanzania
Tim Appelhans, Ephraim Mwangomo, Douglas Hardy, Andreas Hemp, and Thomas Nauss

EGU2015-2148 | Posters | GI1.3

Surface and internal multiple attenuation by prediction and subtraction: case studies
Zahia Benaïssa, Imene Bouchakour, Sakina Karcouche, Abdelkader Benaïssa, Amar Boudella, and Sid Ali Ouadfeul

EGU2015-1716 | Orals | GI1.3

Assessment of soil health and fertility indicators with mobile phone imagery
Matt Aitkenhead, Richard Gwatkin, Malcolm Coull, and David Donnelly

EGU2015-2211 | Orals | GI1.3

Solution of geodynamical Problems from the Point of View of Synergeric
Olga Hachay

EGU2015-4623 | Posters | GI1.3

Multiscale seismic characterization of marine sediments by using a wavelet-based approach
Stephan Ker, Yves Le Gonidec, and Dominique Gibert

EGU2015-3305 | Orals | GI1.3

Pareto joint inversion of 2D magnetotelluric and gravity data
Katarzyna Miernik, Adrian Bogacz, Adam Kozubal, Tomasz Danek, and Marek Wojdyła

EGU2015-4667 | Posters | GI1.3

Analysis on the flood vulnerability in the Seoul and Busan metropolitan area, Korea using spatial database
Mung-Jin Lee

EGU2015-5292 | Posters | GI1.3

Measurement of the open porosity of agricultural soils with acoustic waves
Jeanne Luong, Benoit Mercatoris, and Marie-France Destain

EGU2015-3605 | Orals | GI1.3

A GIS-based 3D online information system for underground energy storage in northern Germany
Michael Nolde, Schwanebeck Malte, Biniyaz Ehsan, and Duttmann Rainer

EGU2015-13554 | Orals | GI1.3

Peatlands under cultivation for arable crops; a new area estimate for Ireland
Jennifer Donlan and Ken Byrne

EGU2015-6817 | Posters | GI1.3

A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Regression-Based Climate-Change Detection and Attribution
Dorit Hammerling, Matthias Katzfuss, and Richard Smith

EGU2015-7060 | Posters | GI1.3

3D modeling of a dolerite intrusion from the photogrammetric and geophysical data integration.
João Duarte, Ana Machadinho, Fernando Figueiredo, and Maria Mira

EGU2015-8812 | Orals | GI1.3

Modelling magnetotelluric profiles in three-dimensional environments doing joint inversion of different electromagnetic tensor relationships: New opportunities for resource exploration
Joan Campanya i Llovet, Xenia Ogaya, and Alan G Jones

EGU2015-7174 | Posters | GI1.3

Zonation of flood production potential in Kabutar Ali Chai watershed using SCS model
Keristineh Jananeh

EGU2015-14388 | Orals | GI1.3

On Simplifying Features in OpenStreetMap database
Xinlin Qian, Kunwang Tao, and Liang Wang

EGU2015-8405 | Orals | GI1.3

A new co-operative inversion strategy via fuzzy clustering technique applied to seismic and magnetotelluric data
Duy Thong Kieu and Anton Kepic

EGU2015-7716 | Posters | GI1.3

Automatic signal discrimination using Decision Trees: An application to continuous records of moored hydrophones
Alexey Sukhovich, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Julie Perrot, and Guust Nolet

EGU2015-8319 | Posters | GI1.3

First experience of high-frequency magnetometric probe on light Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in geology.
Michail Epov, Andrei Firsov, Igor Zligostev, Petr Dyadkov, Andrei Savluk, and Petr Weisman

EGU2015-14454 | Orals | GI1.3

Estimation of Soil Respiration and Belowground Biomass on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by Applying Regression Models
Anna Bosch, Corina Dörfer, Karsten Schmidt, Jin-Sheng He, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2015-9169 | Posters | GI1.3

Interactive exploration of the vulnerability of the human infrastructure: an approach using simultaneous display of similar locations
Raphaël Ceré and Christian Kaiser

EGU2015-13200 | Orals | GI1.3

Multi-factor Constrained Information Analysis Method for Landslide Hazard Risk
Kunwang Tao, Liang Wang, and Xinlin Qian

EGU2015-9262 | Posters | GI1.3

Using GIS techniques to detect the impact of territorial evolution on producing natural hazard in Northern Romania, commune Vorniceni
Ionela Gălbău

EGU2015-10291 | Posters | GI1.3

Vane shear test for cohesionless soils
Sung-Sik Park, Zhou An, Sung-Ryol Ye, Sae-Byeok Lee, and Kyung-Hyeon Chae

EGU2015-12482 | Posters | GI1.3

Characterization of a small-scale drainage basin in Central Portugal – a multidisciplinary approach
Carla G. Correia, José Manuel Azevedo, Nelson V. Rodrigues, and Fernando P. O. Figueiredo

GI1.4 – Geoscience processes related to Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accidents (co-organized)

EGU2015-8747 | Orals | GI1.4

First retrieval of hourly atmospheric radionuclides just after the Fukushima accident by analyzing filter-tapes of operational air pollution monitoring stations
Haruo Tsuruta, Yasuji Oura, Mitsuru Ebihara, Toshimasa Ohara, and Teruyuki Nakajima

EGU2015-7977 | Posters | GI1.4

Atmospheric Radionuclides from the FDNPP Accident-Four years' observations in Tsukuba, Japan and immediate resuspension
Yasuhito Igarashi, Mizuo Kajino, Yuji Zaizen, Kouji Adachi, and Masao Mikami

EGU2015-15733 | Orals | GI1.4

Variation in airborne 137Cs peak levels with altitude from high-altitude locations across Europe after the arrival of Fukushima-labeled air masses
Olivier Masson, Jacqueline Bieringer, Axel Dalheimer, Sybille Estier, Olivier Evrard, Ilia Penev, Wolfgang Ringer, Clemens Schlosser, Thomas Steinkopff, Laura Tositti, and Anne de Vismes-Ott

EGU2015-15562 | Posters | GI1.4

Deposition of radionuclides by fogwater on plants at Houdelaincourt, France
Jackie Tav, Olivier Masson, Frédéric Burnet, Anne De Visme, Pascal Paulat, Thierrry Bourrianne, Sébastien Conil, and Maxime Simon

EGU2015-3828 | Posters | GI1.4

Inverse modelling of radionuclide release rates using gamma dose rate observations
Thomas Hamburger, Nikolaos Evangeliou, Andreas Stohl, Christoph von Haustein, Severin Thummerer, and Christian Wallner

EGU2015-7846 | Posters | GI1.4

Characterization study of cesium concentrated particles in the soils near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
Yukihiko Satou, Keisuke Sueki, Kimikazu Sasa, Kouji Adachi, and Yasuhito Igarashi

EGU2015-9239 | Posters | GI1.4

An accurate derivation of the air dose-rate and the deposition concentration distribution by aerial monitoring in a low level contaminated area
Yukiyasu Nishizawa, Takeshi Sugita, Yukihisa Sanada, and Tatsuo Torii

EGU2015-7820 | Orals | GI1.4

Time changes in radiocesium concentration in aquatic systems affected by the Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident
Yuichi Onda, Keisuke Taniguchi, Hiroaki Kato, Kazuya Yoshimura, Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Sho Iwagami, Maki Tsujimura, Aya Sakaguchi, and Masatoshi Yamamoto

EGU2015-10171 | Posters | GI1.4

Daily variation of radiation dose rate after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Masatoshi Yamauchi

EGU2015-10030 | Orals | GI1.4 | Media interest

Role of Reservoirs in Radionuclide Transport in the River Systems: Comparative Analyses for the Rivers of the Chernobyl and Fukushima Fallout Zones
Mark Zheleznyak, Sergei Kivva,, Alexei Konoplev, Kenji Nanba, and Yuichi Onda

EGU2015-8261 | Posters | GI1.4

Radioactive Sediment Transport on Ogaki Dam Reservoir in Fukushima Evacuated Zone: Numerical Simulation Studies by 2-D River Simulation Code
Susumu Yamada, Akihiro Kitamura, Hiroshi Kurikami, and Masahiko Machida

EGU2015-8989 | Orals | GI1.4 | Media interest

Towards prediction of redistribution of fallout radiocesium on forested area discharged from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
Satoru Miura, Michio Aoyama, Eriko Ito, Koji Shichi, Daisuke Takata, Masumori Masaya, Nobuhito Sekiya, Natsuko Kobayashi, Naoto Takano, Shinji Kaneko, Keitaro Tanoi, and Tomoko Nakanishi

EGU2015-8456 | Posters | GI1.4

Mathematical Modeling of Environmental Dynamics in Fukushima Prefecture
Akihiro Kitamura, Hiroshi Kurikami, Yoshihiro Oda, Shigeo Nakama, Alex Malins, Susumu Yamada, Masahiko Okumura, and Masahiko Machida

EGU2015-6068 | Orals | GI1.4

Tracing the dispersion of contaminated sediment with plutonium isotope measurements in coastal catchments of Fukushima Prefecture
Olivier Evrard, Fabien Pointurier, Yuichi Onda, Caroline Chartin, Amélie Hubert, Hugo Lepage, Anne-Claire Pottin, Irène Lefèvre, Philippe Bonté, J. Patrick Laceby, and Sophie Ayrault

EGU2015-6682 | Posters | GI1.4

Rainfall erosivity in the Fukushima Prefecture: implications for radiocesium mobilization and migration
J. Patrick Laceby, Caroline Chartin, Francesca Degan, Yuichi Onda, Olivier Evrard, Olivier Cerdan, and Sophie Ayrault

EGU2015-12458 | Posters | GI1.4

Distributed modeling of radiocesium washoff from the experimental watershed plots of the Fukushima fallout zone
Sergei Kivva, Mark Zheleznyak, Alexei Konoplev, Kenji Nanba, Yuichi Onda, and Yoshifumi Wakiyama Yoshifumi Wakiyama

EGU2015-12492 | Posters | GI1.4

Radiocesium distributions and fluxes in the forest ecosystems of Chernobyl and Fukushima
Vasyl Yoschenko, Kenji Nanba, Alexei Konoplev, Tsugiko Takase, Valery Kashparov, and Mark Zheleznyak

EGU2015-3132 | Orals | GI1.4

Long term behavior of radioactive plume of TEPCO FNPP1 released 134Cs and 137Cs in the North Pacific Ocean through the end of 2014
Michio Aoyama, Daisuke Tsumune, Takaki Tsubono, Yasunori Hamajima, and Yuichiro Kumamoto

EGU2015-11087 | Posters | GI1.4

Analysis of time series of Cs-137 concentration in sewage sludge at Fukushima City
Helmut W. Fischer, Majvor Mack, Yudai Shikano, and Yoshiyuki Yokoo

EGU2015-5615 | Posters | GI1.4

Depth distribution of radiocesium in Fukushima paddy fields three years after the accident
Hugo Lepage, J. Patrick Laceby, Olivier Evrard, Yuichi Onda, Irène Lefèvre, and Sophie Ayrault

EGU2015-5260 | Posters | GI1.4

Spatial heterogeneity of radiocesium concentration on a forest floor soil in a broadleaf and mixed forest in Fukushima, Japan
Momo Takada, Toshihiro Yamada, Teruhiko Takahara, and Toshinori Okuda

EGU2015-10126 | Orals | GI1.4

Global risk from the atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides by nuclear power plant accidents
Theodoros Christoudias, Yiannis Proestos, and Jos Lelieveld

EGU2015-1029 | Orals | GI1.4 | Media interest

Chemical composition of drinking water as a possible environment-specific factor modifying the thyroid risk in the areas subjected to radioiodine contamination
Lyudmila Kolmykova, Elena Korobova, and Boris Ryzhenko

EGU2015-8265 | Posters | GI1.4

Three-year monitoring study of radiocesium transfer and ambient dose rate in forest environments affected by the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
Hiroaki Kato, Yuichi Onda, Nicolas Loffredo, Ayumi Kawamori, and Keigo Hisadome

EGU2015-4954 | Posters | GI1.4

Estimation of Cs-137 hillslope patterns of Polesje landscapes using geo-information modeling techniques (on example of the Bryansk region)
Vitaly Linnik, Kristina Nenko, Alexander Sokolov, and Anatoly Saveliev

EGU2015-5063 | Posters | GI1.4

The influence of forest shelterbelts on 137Cs fallout in Chernobyl affected areas (Tula region, Russia).
Maxim Ivanov, Eugeniya Shamshurina, Paramonova Tatyana, Belyaev Vladimir, Gavruchenkova Angelina, Lugovoy Nikolai, and Pavel Konstantinov

EGU2015-4289 | Posters | GI1.4

Estimation of total released amount of Cs-137 and Cs-134 derived from TEPCO-FNPP1 accident into the North Pacific Ocean by using optimal interpolation analysis
Yayoi Inomata, Michio Aoyama, Takaki Tsubono, Daisuke Tsumune, and Katsumi Hirose

EGU2015-678 | Posters | GI1.4

Transfer of radionuclides from high polluted bottom sediments to marine organisms through benthic food chain in post Fukushima period
Roman Bezhenar, Kyung Tae Jung, Vladimir Maderich, Stefan Willemsen, Govert de With, and Fangli Qiao

GI2.1 – Atmospheric and Meteorological Instrumentation (co-organized)

EGU2015-11691 | Orals | GI2.1

High-resolution measurements of humidity and temperature with lidar
Andreas Behrendt, Volker Wulfmeyer, Florian Spaeth, Eva Hammann, Shravan Kumar Muppa, Simon Metzendorf, and Andrea Riede

EGU2015-14091 | Posters | GI2.1

MetNH3: Metrology for ammonia in ambient air
Christine Braban, Marsailidh Twigg, Sim Tang, Daiana Leuenberger, Valerio Ferracci, Nick Martin, Celine Pascale, Tuomas Hieta, Andrea Pogany, Stefan Persijn, Janneke van Wijk, Holger Gerwig, Klaus Wirtze, Carlo Tiebe, David Balslev-Harder, and Bernhardt Niederhausen

EGU2015-10908 | Posters | GI2.1

Open hardware air quality station for monitoring ozone in port area
Marco Massabo, Marco Lima, Adriano Fedi, Daniele Ferrari, Fabio Pintus, and Gabriele Bruzzone

EGU2015-10448 | Orals | GI2.1

A kite-based approach for water-vapor lidar calibration and application to multi-platform intercomparison in the Western Mediterranean during ChArMEx/ADRIMED
Julien Totems, Patrick Chazette, François Dulac, and Sahar Hassanzadeh

EGU2015-5576 | Orals | GI2.1

Ground-based Rayleigh-Mie Doppler wind lidar: design, observations and proposal for ADM-Aeolus cal/val
Sergey Khaykin, Alain Hauchecorne, Jacques Porteneuve, Jean-François Mariscal, Eric D'Almeida, Jean-Pierre Cammas, and Philippe Keckhut

EGU2015-13551 | Posters | GI2.1

Technical aspects of the development of a dual channel airborne hygrometer
David Tatrai, Gabor Gulyas, Ervin Jasz, Noemi Bors, Zoltan Bozoki, and Gabor Szabo

EGU2015-12050 | Orals | GI2.1

Two years long field campaign YMC - A challenge to the complicated Maritime Continent weather and climate
Kunio Yoneyama, Chidong Zhang, Noer Hayati, and Masaki Katsumata

EGU2015-6158 | Posters | GI2.1

AIRQino, a low-cost air quality mobile platform
Alessandro Zaldei, Carolina Vagnoli, Sara Di Lonardo, Beniamino Gioli, Giovanni Gualtieri, Piero Toscano, Francesca Martelli, and Alessandro Matese

EGU2015-13763 | Orals | GI2.1

The New Version of Brightness Temperature Product of Microwave Radiometer AMSR2 onboard GCOM-W1 Satellite
Takashi Maeda, Keiji Imaoka, and Marehito Kasahara

EGU2015-12037 | Posters | GI2.1

The ICOS Sweden technology
Achim Grelle and Bengt Norén

EGU2015-1079 | Orals | GI2.1

Method of Thunderstorm Activity Monitoring Using Lightning Sensors and Electric Field Mills
Anatoly Adzhiev, Anton Boldyreff, Sanya Kazakova, and Dalkhat Kuliev

EGU2015-10933 | Posters | GI2.1

Coherence between multi-instrument and multi-model atmospheric moisture retrievals and a ground-based Raman-lidar reference in the framework of the HyMeX SOP 1
Patrick Chazette, Cyrille Flamant, Julien Totems, Xiaoxia Shangt, Jean-Christophe Raut, Sophie Boufies-Cloche, Alexis Doerenbecher, and Véronique Ducrocq

EGU2015-8602 | Posters | GI2.1

Can anisotropic conductivity in the lower ionosphere and in the Earth's crust be studied by Schumann resonance transients?
Brigitta Ludván, József Bór, Péter Steinbach, Attila Novák, and Gabriella Sátori

EGU2015-3441 | Orals | GI2.1 | Media interest

Retrieval of Temperature and Water Vapour From Multiple Channel Lidar Systems Using an Optimal Estimation Method
Robert Sica and Alexander Haefele

EGU2015-13894 | Posters | GI2.1

Cloud characterization using a particle-counter dropsonde
Zbigniew Ulanowski, Paul Henry Kaye, Edwin Hirst, Andreas Wieser, and Warren Stanley

EGU2015-5892 | Orals | GI2.1

Development of a portable instrument to measure ozone production rates in the troposphere
Sofia Sklaveniti, Nadine Locoge, Philip Stevens, Vinod Kumar, Vinayak Sinha, and Sébastien Dusanter

EGU2015-7601 | Posters | GI2.1

Comparison of stratospheric temperature profiles from a ground-based microwave radiometer with lidar, radiosonde and satellite data
Francisco Navas-Guzmán, Niklaus Kämpfer, Alexander Haefele, Philippe Keckhut, and Alain Hauchecorne

EGU2015-4610 | Orals | GI2.1

Ship-borne rotating shadowband radiometer observations for determination of components of spectral irradiance and aerosol optical properties
Jonas Walther, Hartwig Deneke, Andreas Macke, and Germar Bernhard

EGU2015-5007 | Posters | GI2.1

A holographic improvement to traditional Optical Array Probes
Jacob Fugal and Stephan Borrmann

EGU2015-5727 | Orals | GI2.1

New National Capability in NIMR: Rational, Development and application of meteorological sensors for HALE UAV
Reno K.Y. Choi, Seunghyun Min, Marian Klein, Jong-Chul Ha, Young-Jun Cho, and ChunHo Cho

EGU2015-6811 | Orals | GI2.1

A Novel UAS Rapid Deployment Platform for Targeted Gas Sampling and Meteorological Soundings at Altitudes up to 2,700 masl
Rick M. Thomas, Colin Greatwood, Tom Richardson, Jim Freer, Rob MacKenzie, Rebecca Brownlow, David Lowry, Rebecca E. Fisher, James France, and Euan G. Nisbet

EGU2015-9452 | Posters | GI2.1

HOLOGondel: A novel in-situ cloud measurement platform on a cable car with a digital holographic imager
Alexander Beck, Jan Henneberger, Zamin Kanji, and Ulrike Lohmann

EGU2015-6243 | Orals | GI2.1

Using IASI to Simulate the Total Spectrum of Outgoing Longwave Radiances
Emma Turner, Hai-Tien Lee, and Simon Tett

EGU2015-7137 | Posters | GI2.1

Tomographic retrieval for scattered light limb measurements: multiple spectral fit windows to improve the spatial resolution
Janis Pukite, Steffen Dörner, and Thomas Wagner

EGU2015-15185 | Posters | GI2.1

High Spectral Resolution Lidar: System Calibration
J. (Vivek) Vivekanandan, Bruce Morley, Scott Spuler, and Edwin Eloranta

EGU2015-7069 | Posters | GI2.1

A Raman lidar in Reunion Island to monitor the water vapor up to the UT/LS of the (sub)tropics
Hélène Vérèmes, Jean-Luc Baray, Philippe Keckhut, Jean-Pierre Cammas, Davide Dionisi, Valentin Duflot, Franck Gabarrot, Guillaume Payen, Jimmy Leclair De Bellevue, Françoise Posny, and Stéphanie Evan

EGU2015-2072 | Posters | GI2.1

A new method for the evaluation of the direct effect of the ship traffic on PAHs
Elena Gregoris, Silvia De Pieri, Elena Barbaro, Rossano Piazza, Andrea Gambaro, and Daniele Contini

EGU2015-1971 | Posters | GI2.1

Recent developments in the WegenerNet high-resolution climate station network
Jürgen Fuchsberger, Gottfried Kirchengast, Thomas Kabas, Christoph Bichler, and Robert Galovic

EGU2015-2092 | Posters | GI2.1

Results from A Simple Infrared Atmospheric Radiometer
Abdullrahman maghrabi and Rpger Clay

EGU2015-3807 | Posters | GI2.1

Astronomical spectra as powerful source for airglow studies
Wolfgang Kausch, Stefan Noll, Stefanie Unterguggenberger, Bastian Proxauf, and Stefan Kimeswenger

EGU2015-4925 | Posters | GI2.1

Advances in Evapotranspiration measured with Scintillometry
Oscar Hartogensis, Bram Van Kesteren, Harald Czekala, and Henk De Bruin

GI2.8 – Space Instrumentation, Planetary landers and Rovers (co-organized)

EGU2015-3725 | Orals | GI2.8

A Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) for the Hayabusa 2 Mission to 1999 JU3: The Scientific Approach
Ralf Jaumann, Jean-Piere Bibring, Karl-Heiz Glassmeier, Mathias Grott, Tra-Mi Ho, Stefan Ulamec, Nicole Schmitz, Ulrich Auster, Jens Biele, Hitoshi Kuninaka, Tatsuaki Okada, Makoto Yoshikawa, Sei-ichiro Watanabe, Masaki Fujimoto, Tilman Spohn, Aalexander Koncz, Davis Hercik, and Harald Michaelis

EGU2015-1107 | Posters | GI2.8

Reconstruction of the satellites' trajectories using the "Pi of the Sky" data
Maksymilian Sokołowski, Aleksander Filip Żarnecki, and Przemysław Piotr Michalak

EGU2015-6858 | Posters | GI2.8

The Small Bodies Thermal Mapper: An Instrument for Future Missions to Study the Compositional and Thermal Properties of Phobos
Kerri Donaldson Hanna, Neil Bowles, Simon Calcutt, Benjamin Greenhagen, Timothy Glotch, and Christopher Edwards

EGU2015-9665 | Orals | GI2.8

The SEIS Experiment for the InSight mission: status and performance expectations
David Mimoun, Philippe Lognonne, W. Bruce Banerdt, Philippe Laudet, Sébastien De Raucourt, Frans IJpelaan, Laurent Kerjean, Rene Perez, Gabriel Pont, Annick Sylvestre-Baron, Nicolas verdier, Robert Denise, Jason Feldman, Ken Hurst, Kerry Klein, Domenico Giardini, Peter Zweifel, W.Tom Pike, Simon Calcutt, and Christina Bramanti

EGU2015-10526 | Orals | GI2.8

Radioscience and seismic measurements for the INSIGHT mission about interior of Mars.
Véronique Dehant, Sami Asmar, William Folkner, Philippe Lognonné, Bruce Banerdt, Suzanne Smrekar, Attilio Rivoldini, Ulrich Christensen, Domenico Giardini, Tom Pike, John Clinton, Raphael Garcia, Catherine Johnson, Naoki Kobayashi, Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun, David Mimoun, Antoine Mocquet, Mark Panning, Jeroen Tromp, and Renee Weber

EGU2015-14086 | Posters | GI2.8

Infrared and Raman spectroscopy on synthetic glasses as analogues of planetary surfaces.
Iris Weber, Andreas Morlok, Stephan Klemme, Isabelle Dittmer, Aleksandra N. Stojic, Harald Hiesinger, Martin Sohn, and Jörn Helbert

EGU2015-13647 | Orals | GI2.8

DREAMS: a payload on-board the ExoMars EDM Schiaparelli for the characterization of Martian environment during the statistical dust storm season
Cesare Molfese, Francesca Esposito, Stefano Debei, Carlo Bettanini, Ignacio Arruego Rodríguez, Giacomo Colombatti, Ari-Matty. Harri, Franck Montmessin, Colin Wilson, Alessio Aboudan, Raffaele Mugnuolo, Simone Pirrotta, Ernesto Marchetti, and Olivier Witasse and the DREAMS International Team

EGU2015-560 | Posters | GI2.8

Compiling Mercury relief map using several data sources
Maria Zakharova and Evgeniy Lazarev

EGU2015-11290 | Orals | GI2.8

Mutual Impedance Probes on board Rosetta, Bepi-Colombo and JUICE
Pierre Henri, Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Jean-Louis Rauch, Christian Béghin, Pierrette Décréau, Anders Eriksson, Réjean Grard, Michel Hamelin, Christian Mazelle, Orélien Randriamboarison, Walter Schmidt, Jean-Gabriel Trotignon, Gaétan Wattieaux, Daniel Winterhalter, Youcef Aouad, Fabrice Colin, Dominique Lagoutte, Olivier Le Duff, and Xavier Vallières

EGU2015-8446 | Posters | GI2.8

Preliminary study for the long wavelength planetary SAR sensor design and applications
Jung-Rack Kim, Josaphat Sumantyo, and Shih-Yuan Lin

EGU2015-13456 | Orals | GI2.8

ENIJA : Search for life with a high-resolution TOF-MS for in-situ compositonal analysis of nano- and micron-sized dust particles
Ralf Srama, Frank Postberg, Hartmut Henkel, Tobias Klopfer, Yanwei Li, Rene Reviol, Nozair Khawaja, Fabian Klenner, Georg Moragas-Klostermeyer, Lenz Nölle, Rachel Soja, Zoltan Sternovsky, Sascha Kempf, and Mario Trieloff

EGU2015-11615 | Posters | GI2.8

The Highly Miniaturised Radiation Monitor: Concept, Design and Space Weather Applications
Yulia Bogdanova, Ranah Irshad, Doug Griffin, Henrique Araujo, Edward Mitchell, Renato Turchetta, Simon Woodward, Bindu Velagapudi, Alessandra Menicucci, and Eamonn Daly

EGU2015-11661 | Posters | GI2.8

Development of radiation hard electron monitor RADEM for ESA JUICE mission
Wojtek Hajdas, Laurent Desorgher, Patricia Goncalves, Costa Pinto, Arlindo Marques, Gunnar Maehlum, and Dirk Meier

EGU2015-11810 | Posters | GI2.8

The Rosetta Langmuir Probe Instrument
Anders Eriksson, Niklas Edberg, Elias Odelstad, Jan-Erik Wahlund, Erik Vigren, Tomas Karlson, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Riku Jarvinen, Bjorn Lybekk, Wojciech Miloch, Arne Pedersen, Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Pierre Henri, Chris Carr, and Emanuele Cupido

EGU2015-13832 | Posters | GI2.8

MarsExpress High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) Multi-orbit Data Products: Methodology, Mapping Concepts and Performance for the first Quadrangle (MC-11E)
Klaus Gwinner and Ralf Jaumann and the HRSC Co-Investigator Team Global Topography and Mosaic Generation Task Group

EGU2015-14162 | Posters | GI2.8

On the relationship between the Martian pressure changes and the MSL/RAD dose rate variations
Jingnan Guo, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Cary zeitlin, Scot Rafkin, Jan Koehler, Donald Hassler, Bent Ehresmann, Jan Appel, Eckart Boehm, Stephan Boettcher, David Brinza, Soenke Burmeister, Henning Lohf, Cesar Martin, Arik Posner, and Guenther Reitz

EGU2015-13336 | Posters | GI2.8

Mars MetNet Mission Status
Ari-Matti Harri, Sergei Aleksashkin, Ignacio Arruego, Walter Schmidt, Maria Genzer, Luis Vazquez, and Harri Haukka

EGU2015-15356 | Posters | GI2.8

RITD – Wind tunnel testing
Harri Haukka, Ari-Matti Harri, Sergei Aleksashkin, Valeri Koryanov, Walter Schmidt, Jyri Heilimo, Valeri Finchenko, Maxim Martynov, Andrey Ponomarenko, Victor Kazakovtsev, and Ignazio Arruego

EGU2015-15365 | Posters | GI2.8

RITD - Adapting Mars Entry, Descent and Landing System for Earth
Jyri Heilimo, Ari-Matti Harri, Sergei Aleksashkin, Valeri Koryanov, Ignacio Arruego, Walter Schmidt, Harri Haukka, Valeri Finchenko, Maxim Martynov, Andrey Ponomarenko, Victor Kazakovtsev, and Susana Martin

GI2.9 – Scientific Exploitation of Copernicus Sentinels – EO Research and Innovation

EGU2015-15603 | Orals | GI2.9 | Media interest

Copernicus: a quantum leap in Earth Observation
Josef Aschbacher

EGU2015-5633 | Posters | GI2.9

Monitoring irrigation water consumption using high resolution NDVI image time series (Sentinel-2 like). Calibration and validation in the Kairouan plain (Tunisia)
Sameh Saadi, Vincent Simonneaux, Gilles Boulet, Bernard Mougenot, Mehrez Zribi, and Zohra Lili Chabaane

EGU2015-6918 | Posters | GI2.9

The 2014 Napa valley earthquake constrained by InSAR and GNSS observations
Marco Polcari, José Fernández, Mimmo Palano, Matteo Albano, Sergey Samsonov, Salvatore Stramondo, and Susanna Zerbini

EGU2015-15742 | Orals | GI2.9 | Media interest

COPERNICUS – The European Union Earth Observation Programme - State of play and way ahead
Astrid-Christina Koch

EGU2015-7811 | Posters | GI2.9

First Sentinel-1 results achieved through the SBAS-DInSAR approach
Michele Manunta, Paolo Berardino, Manuela Bonano, Claudio De Luca, Stefano Elefante, Adele Fusco, Riccardo Lanari, Mariarosaria Manzo, Chandrakanta Ojha, Antonio Pepe, Eugenio Sansosti, Ivana Zinno, and Francesco Casu

EGU2015-14133 | Orals | GI2.9

The ESA Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions element
Yves-Louis DESNOS, Peter REGNER, Steven DELWART, Jerome BENVENISTE, Marcus ENGDAHL, Claus ZEHNER, Pierre-Philippe MATHIEU, Bojan BOJKOV, Ferran GASCON, Craig DONLON, Malcolm DAVIDSON, Philippe GORYL, and Simon PINNOCK

EGU2015-10109 | Posters | GI2.9

Sentinel-1 InSAR: first results from seismic and volcanic applications
Matteo Albano, Marco Polcari, Christian Bignami, Elisa Trasatti, Marco Moro, Salvatore Stramondo, and Urs Wegmuller

EGU2015-13899 | Orals | GI2.9

Investigations with the Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide Swath mode: first results and comparison with in-situ geodetic data
Sven Borgstrom, Carlo Del Gaudio, Prospero De Martino, Giovanni P. Ricciardi, Ciro Ricco, Valeria Siniscalchi, Pau Prats-Iraola, Matteo Nannini, Mario Costantini, Federico Minati, and Thomas Walter

EGU2015-14245 | Orals | GI2.9

Estimates of ocean wave heights and attenuation in sea ice using the SAR wave mode on Sentinel-1A
Fabrice Ardhuin, Fabrice Collard, Bertrand Chapron, Fanny Girard-Ardhuin, Gilles Guitton, Alexis Mouche, and Justin Stopa

EGU2015-12409 | Posters | GI2.9

Altimeter products for the Sentinel-6/Jason-CS mission
Remko Scharroo, Hans Bonekamp, Christelle Ponsard, and Carolina Nogueira Loddo

EGU2015-5708 | Orals | GI2.9

LOTUS— Preparing Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land SAR Altimetry Processing for Copernicus
Per Knudsen, Ole Andersen, Karina Nielsen, Camille Pelloquin, Philippa Berry, Pierre Thibaut, Thomas Moreau, Peter Bauer-Gottwein, Henrik Madsen, and Ole S. Petersen

EGU2015-12865 | Posters | GI2.9

Sentinel-3 Surface Topography Mission (STM) User Data Products
Carolina Nogueira Loddo, Remko Scharroo, Hilary Wilson, and Hans Bonekamp

EGU2015-13516 | Posters | GI2.9

Sentinel-3 Mission Performance Center: paving the way of high-quality controlled data
Jerome Bruniquel, Pierre Féménias, Philippe Goryl, and Hans Bonekamp

EGU2015-14846 | Posters | GI2.9

Sentinel-3 SAR Altimetry Toolbox
Jerome Benveniste, Bruno Lucas, and Salvatore DInardo

EGU2015-14997 | Posters | GI2.9

Present status of the Copernicus programme
Simon Jutz

GI3.1 – Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

EGU2015-8626 | Posters | GI3.1

Automated Ground Penetrating Radar hyperbola detection in complex environment
Laurence Mertens and Sébastien Lambot

EGU2015-15795 | Posters | GI3.1

Use of Ground Penetrating Radar at the FAA's National Airport Pavement Test Facility
Song Injun

EGU2015-13969 | Orals | GI3.1 | Media interest

COST Action TU1208 “Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar:” ongoing research activities and mid-term results
Lara Pajewski, Andrea Benedetto, Andreas Loizos, Evert Slob, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2015-12822 | Posters | GI3.1

Inferring strength and deformation properties of hot mix asphalt layers from the GPR signal: recent advances
Fabio Tosti, Andrea Benedetto, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Saba Adabi, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2015-13318 | Posters | GI3.1

Assessment of in-situ compaction degree of HMA pavement surface layers using GPR and novel dielectric properties-based algorithms
Panos Georgiou and Fokion Loizos

EGU2015-15792 | Orals | GI3.1

Exchanging knowledge and working together in COST Action TU1208: Short-Term Scientific Missions on Ground Penetrating Radar
Sonia Santos Assuncao, Philippe De Smedt, Iraklis Giannakis, Loredana Matera, Nicolas Pinel, Klisthenis Dimitriadis, Antonios Giannopoulos, Jacopo Sala, Sébastien Lambot, Immo Trinks, Marian Marciniak, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2015-15199 | Orals | GI3.1

Determination, by using GPR, of the volumetric water content in structures, sub-structures, foundations and soil – ongoing activities in Working Project 2.5 of COST Action TU1208
Fabio Tosti and Evert Slob

EGU2015-14472 | Posters | GI3.1

Detection of Two Buried Cross Pipelines by Observation of the Scattered Electromagnetic Field
Fabio Mangini, Pietro Paolo Di Gregorio, Fabrizio Frezza, Marco Muzi, and Nicola Tedeschi

EGU2015-10875 | Posters | GI3.1

GPR Activities in Italy: a Review
Fabio Tosti, Michele Ambrosanio, Enzo Battaglia, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Lorenzo De Carlo, Loredana Matera, Santo Prontera, and Maria Sileo

EGU2015-6264 | Orals | GI3.1

Microwave sensing of tree trunks
Jana Jezova, Laurence Mertens, and Sebastien Lambot

EGU2015-12096 | Orals | GI3.1

GPR technique as a tool for decision-making regarding timber beam inner reinforcement: The Lonja de la Seda de Valencia, Spain
Francisco García, Manuel Ramirez, Javier Benlloch, and Ana Valls

EGU2015-14241 | Posters | GI3.1

GPR surveying of transport infrastructures and buildings; underground utility and void sensing - ongoing activities in Working Group 2 of COST Action TU1208
Lara Pajewski, Christina Plati, and Xavier Derobert

EGU2015-2365 | Orals | GI3.1

Integration of modern remote sensing technologies for faster utility mapping and data extraction
Aleksandar Ristic, Miro Govedarica, Milan Vrtunski, and Dusan Petrovacki

EGU2015-14589 | Posters | GI3.1

E2GPR - Edit your geometry, Execute GprMax2D and Plot the Results!
Daniele Pirrone and Lara Pajewski

EGU2015-15776 | Posters | GI3.1

Inertial and GPS data integration for positioning and tracking of GPR
Simone Chicarella, Alessandro D'Alvano, Vincenzo Ferrara, Fabrizio Frezza, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2015-7485 | Orals | GI3.1

Application of Common Mid-Point Method to Estimate Asphalt
Shan Zhao and Imad Al-Aadi

EGU2015-14988 | Posters | GI3.1

Electromagnetic modelling, inversion and data-processing techniques for GPR: ongoing activities in Working Group 3 of COST Action TU1208
Lara Pajewski, Antonis Giannopoulos, and Jan van der Kruk

EGU2015-13896 | Posters | GI3.1

An effective approach for road asset management through the FDTD simulation of the GPR signal
Andrea Benedetto, Lara Pajewski, Saba Adabi, Wolfgang Kusayanagi, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2015-7400 | Orals | GI3.1

Assessment of highway pavements using GPR
Christina Plati and Andreas Loizos

EGU2015-13924 | Orals | GI3.1

Evaluation of a highway pavement using non destructive tests: Falling Weight Deflectometer and Ground Penetrating Radar
Vania Marecos, Simona Fontul, and Maria de Lurdes Antunes

EGU2015-15775 | Posters | GI3.1

Design and testing of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment dedicated for civil engineering applications: ongoing activities in Working Group 1 of COST Action TU1208
Lara Pajewski, Guido Manacorda, and Raffaele Persico

EGU2015-15509 | Orals | GI3.1

Medway Tunnel Road Pavement Survey Using Different Frequency GPR Antenna Systems – A Case Study
Morteza (Amir) Alani and Kevin Banks

EGU2015-8408 | Posters | GI3.1

GPR measurements and estimation for road subgrade damage caused by neighboring train vibration load
Yonghui Zhao, Gang Lu, and Shuangcheng Ge

EGU2015-14901 | Posters | GI3.1

The influence of Stochastic perturbation of Geotechnical media On Electromagnetic tomography
Lei Song, Weihao Yang, Jiahui Huangsonglei, and HaiPeng Li

EGU2015-8801 | Orals | GI3.1

GPR Application for Road Management System in Slovakia
Martin Pitonak and Jan Filipovsky

EGU2015-10038 | Orals | GI3.1

Comparison of air-launched and ground-coupled configurations of SFCW GPR in time, frequency and wavelet domain
Ellen Van De Vijver, Jan De Pue, Wim Cornelis, and Marc Van Meirvenne

EGU2015-15623 | Posters | GI3.1

Integrated, Dual Orthogonal Antennas for Polarimetric Ground Penetrating Radar
Mario Pauli and Werner Wiesbeck

EGU2015-15793 | Posters | GI3.1

Minimising street work disruption by mapping cavities derived from 3D GPR-data: a new sewerage project in Torrente (Valencia, Spain)
Ana Valls, Francisco Garcia, Manuel Ramirez, and Javier Benlloch

GI3.3 – Sensing techniques, geophysical methods, sensor network architectures and data analysis methods for critical and transport infrastructures monitoring and diagnostics

EGU2015-4316 | Posters | GI3.3

A Novel Multi-carrier Radar for High-speed Wide-bandwidth Stepped-Frequency GPR
dong kyoo Kim, young woo Choi, and do wook Kang

EGU2015-9183 | Orals | GI3.3

Sensing Models and Sensor Network Architectures for Transport Infrastructure Monitoring in Smart Cities
Ingo Simonis

EGU2015-10871 | Posters | GI3.3

Low Frequency Radio-wave System for subsurface investigation
Francesco Soldovieri, Gianluca Gennarelli, Anatoliy Kudelya, and Alexander Denisov

EGU2015-14632 | Posters | GI3.3

A Vertical Differential Configuration in GPR prospecting
Raffaele Persico, Gennadiy Pochanin, Liudmyla Varianytsia-Roshchupkina, Ilaria Catapano, Gianluca Gennarelli, and Francesco Soldovieri

EGU2015-10426 | Orals | GI3.3

Novel monitoring protocol for the Monte Cotugno Dam (Southern Italy) healthiness
Francesco Soldovieri and Antonio Loperte

EGU2015-8527 | Orals | GI3.3

Long-term monitoring of rock mass properties in the underground excavation
Jan Vilhelm, Jaroslav Jirků, Lubomír Slavík, and Jaroslav Bárta

EGU2015-13061 | Posters | GI3.3

An improved interface to process GPR data by means of microwave tomography
Ilaria Catapano, Antonio Affinito, and Francesco Soldovieri

EGU2015-12882 | Orals | GI3.3

Fundamental period of Italian reinforced concrete buildings: comparison between numerical, experimental and Italian code simplified values
Rocco Ditommaso, Felice Carlo Ponzo, Gianluca Auletta, Chiara Iacovino, and Antonella Nigro

EGU2015-11789 | Posters | GI3.3

Advanced Numerical Imaging Procedure Accounting for Non-Ideal Effects in GPR Scenarios
Davide Comite, Alessandro Galli, Ilaria Catapano, and Francesco Soldovieri

EGU2015-4202 | Posters | GI3.3

Semi-automatic template matching based extraction of hyperbolic signatures in ground-penetrating radar images
Florence Sagnard and Jean-Philippe Tarel

EGU2015-12159 | Orals | GI3.3

The mini climatic city a dedicated space for technological innovations devoted to Sustainable City
François Derkx, Bérengère Lebental, Erick Merliot, Jean Dumoulin, and Frédéric Bourquin

EGU2015-12525 | Posters | GI3.3

Some advances/results in monitoring road cracks from 2D pavement images within the scope of the collaborative FP7 TRIMM project
Vincent Baltazart, Jean-Marc Moliard, Rabih Amhaz, Dean Wright, and Manish Jethwa

EGU2015-11770 | Orals | GI3.3

Analysis of Island Land Use Change Based on Transfer Matrix—a Case Study of Dongtou Island in Zhejiang Province
Liang Wang, Kunwang Tao, and Xinlin Qian

EGU2015-14198 | Posters | GI3.3

Numerical study of the thermal behavior of a new deicing road structure design with energy harvesting capabilities
Nicolas Le Touz and Jean Dumoulin

EGU2015-5725 | Posters | GI3.3

Instrumentation by accelerometers and distributed optical fiber sensors of a real ballastless track structure

EGU2015-7138 | Posters | GI3.3

Resource modelling for control: how hydrogeological modelling can support a water quality monitoring infrastructure
Andrea Scozzari and Marco Doveri

EGU2015-11940 | Posters | GI3.3

Urban pavement surface temperature. Comparison of numerical and statistical approach
Mario Marchetti, Abderrahmen Khalifa, Michel Bues, Ludovic Bouilloud, Eric Martin, and Katia Chancibaut

EGU2015-4193 | Posters | GI3.3

The Cloud2SM Project
Antoine Crinière, Jean Dumoulin, Laurent Mevel, Guillermo Andrade-Barosso, and Matthieu Simonin

EGU2015-13811 | Posters | GI3.3

On the modal characteristics of damaging structures subjected to earthquakes
Felice Carlo Ponzo, Rocco Ditommaso, Gianluca Auletta, Chiara Iacovino, Antonello Mossucca, Antonella Nigro, and Domenico Nigro

EGU2015-12893 | Posters | GI3.3

Effect of non-structural elements on the dynamic behaviour of moment-resisting framed structures
Felice Carlo Ponzo, Rocco Ditommaso, and Gianluca Auletta

EGU2015-6870 | Posters | GI3.3

Short Time Impulse Response Function (STIRF) for automatic evaluation of the variation of the dynamic parameters of reinforced concrete framed structures during strong earthquakes.
Felice Carlo Ponzo and Rocco Ditommaso

GI3.4 – From Artefact to Historical Site : Geoscience and Non-Invasive Methods for the Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage

EGU2015-13354 | Orals | GI3.4

Mitigating the consequences of future earthquakes in historical centres: what perspectives from the joined use of past information and geological-geophysical surveys?
Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi, Massimiliano Moscatelli, Maria Rosaria Potenza, Cinzia Zotta, Maurizio Simionato, Domenico Pileggi, and Sergio Castenetto

EGU2015-2793 | Posters | GI3.4

Detecting Buried Archaeological Remains by the Use of Geophysical Data Processing with ‘Diffusion Maps' Methodology
Lev Eppelbaum

EGU2015-10766 | Orals | GI3.4

On the advance of non-invasive techniques implementation for monitoring moisture distribution in cultural heritage: a case study
María Inmaculada Martínez Garrido, Miguel Gómez Heras, Rafael Fort González, Javier Valles Iriso, and María José Varas Muriel

EGU2015-3012 | Posters | GI3.4

High-Precise Gravity Observations at Archaeological Sites: How We Can Improve the Interpretation Effectiveness and Reliability?
Lev Eppelbaum

EGU2015-6504 | Posters | GI3.4

Classification of Archaeological Targets by the Use of Temporary Magnetic Variations Examination
Michael Finkelstein and Lev Eppelbaum

EGU2015-14424 | Orals | GI3.4

Effects of environmental factors on monuments: the Harkhuf Tomb in Aswan, Egypt
Marina Baldi

EGU2015-9004 | Orals | GI3.4

Ultrasonic surface measurements at the Porta Nigra, Trier, and the Neptungrotte, Park Sanssouci Potsdam
Thomas Meier, Michael Auras, Moritz Fehr, and Daniel Köhn

EGU2015-6539 | Posters | GI3.4

Principal Components of Thermography analyses of the Silk Tomb, Petra (Jordan)
Miguel Gomez-Heras, Monica Alvarez de Buergo, and Rafael Fort

EGU2015-14148 | Posters | GI3.4

Interactions between soil consumption and archaeological heritage: spatial analysis for hydrogeological risk evaluation and urban sprawl in the Tavoliere di Puglia (southern Italy)
Maria Danese, Dario Gioia, and Nicola Masini

EGU2015-13254 | Orals | GI3.4

A new approach of the surface temperature measurement for a preventive conservation of the work of arts
Maria Concetta Di Tuccio, Sandro De Grandi, Arianna Vivarelli, Francesca Becherini, Luc Pockelé, and Adriana Bernardi

EGU2015-10059 | Orals | GI3.4

Satellite SAR data assessment for Silk Road archaeological prospection
Fulong Chen, Rosa Lasaponara, Nicola Masini, and Ruixia Yang

EGU2015-14449 | Posters | GI3.4

GPR Prospecting and Endoscopic Investigation in a Renaissance Church
Raffaele Persico, Loredana Matera, Nadia Bianco, Nicola Masini, and Giuseppe Leopizzi

EGU2015-13932 | Posters | GI3.4

The environmental monitoring of Cultural Heritage through Low Cost strategies: The frescoes of the crypt of St. Francesco d'Assisi's, Irsina (Basilicata, Southern Italy)
Maria Sileo, Fabrizio Gizzi, and Nicola Masini

EGU2015-13839 | Posters | GI3.4

Integrated approach based on non-invasive investigations for the structural diagnosis of monuments: the case of the San Francesco della Scarpa Church in Lecce
Fabrizio Gizzi, Giovanni Leucci, Nicola Masini, Raffaele Persico, and Giovanni Quarta

EGU2015-13556 | Posters | GI3.4 | Media interest

Artworks characterization at THz frequencies: preliminary results via the Fiber-Coupled Terahertz Time Domain System
Ilaria Catapano and Francesco Soldovieri

EGU2015-10975 | Posters | GI3.4

Combining of both RPAS and GPR methods for documentation and verifying of archaeological objects
Karel Pavelka and Jaroslav Šedina

EGU2015-6749 | Posters | GI3.4

Contributions of non-destructive testing for determining the provenance of the granites used in the Roman Amphitheatre from Emerita Augusta, Badajoz, Spain.
M.Isabel Mota, Monica Alvarez de Buergo, Rafael Fort, and Antonio Pizzo

EGU2015-6623 | Posters | GI3.4

Influence of coupling substances in the measurement of ultrasound velocity in stone materials
Beatrice Giuzio, Monica Alvarez de Buergo, Rafael Fort, and Nicola Masini

EGU2015-9559 | Posters | GI3.4

High Frequency GPR enhanced by microwave tomography for Westminster Abbey survey
Francesco Soldovieri, Gianluca Gennarelli, Ilaria Catapano, and Erica Carrick Utsi

EGU2015-665 | Posters | GI3.4

Chemical durability of glaze on Zsolnay architectural ceramics (Budapest, Hungary) in acid solutions
Ágnes Baricza, Bernadett Bajnóczi, Zoltán May, Mária Tóth, and Csaba Szabó

EGU2015-14256 | Posters | GI3.4

GPR and Microwave Tomography in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage diagnostics
Francesco Soldovieri, Ilaria Catapano, Gianluca Gennarelli, Antonio Affinito, and Lorenzo Crocco

EGU2015-4761 | Posters | GI3.4

Assessment of diffuse trace metal inputs into surface waters – Combining empirical estimates with process based simulations
Marcus Schindewolf, André Steinz, and Jürgen Schmidt

EGU2015-6713 | Posters | GI3.4

Phenomenon of organic carbon change in natural waters (system "catchment - Lake") of Russian Federation
Marina Dinu, Moiseenko Tatyana, Kremleva Tatyana, and Gashkina Natalia

EGU2015-9743 | Posters | GI3.4

EM techniques for archaeological laboratory experiments: preliminary results
Luigi Capozzoli, Gregory De Martino, Valeria Giampaolo, Luongo Raffaele, Felice Perciante, and Enzo Rizzo
CC BY 4.0