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GM – Geomorphology

GM1.3 – Deriving palaeoenvironmental information from non-continuous sedimentary archives - pros and cons (co-organized)

EGU2015-12335 | Orals | GM1.3

Large ice-wedge networks and tundra gley horizons in Northern France Upper Pleistocene loess: evidences of extreme cold events and cyclic millennial changes
Pierre ANTOINE, Olivier MOINE, and Gilles GUERIN

EGU2015-3763 | Posters | GM1.3

Fluvial Sediments as GeoArchives in the Tsauchab Valley, Namibia
Jörg Völkel, Oliver Bens, Marie Eden, Klaus Heine, and Kerstin Hürkamp

EGU2015-217 | Posters | GM1.3

Fluvial system autogenesis in the Sneeuberg Mountains, South Africa: implications for reconstructing trajectories of landscape response.
Chris Oldknow, Janet Hooke, and Andreas Lang

EGU2015-9876 | Posters | GM1.3

Fluvial inheritances of the Cher River floodplain (region Centre, France) as elements of characterization of hydrological dynamics and their past evolutions
Anaëlle Vayssière, Cyril Castanet, Emmanuèle Gautier, and Clément Virmoux

EGU2015-2356 | Orals | GM1.3

Non – continuous archive of climatic fluctuations of various order in slope and fluvial systems of C-E Europe during upper Quaternary
Leszek Starkel

EGU2015-11536 | Orals | GM1.3

Quasi-continuous and non-continuous archives in a floodplain setting. Detection, spatial distribution, and preservation potential.
Mathias Will, Rolf Aalto, and Markus Fuchs

EGU2015-8987 | Posters | GM1.3

Holocene paleovegetation reconstructed from a fluvial sediment-paleosol sequence along the upper Alazani River (Caucasus region) using leaf-wax biomarkers – local vs. catchment information
Marcel Bliedtner, Roland Zech, and Hans von Suchodoletz

EGU2015-7241 | Posters | GM1.3

Exploring the use of weathering indexes in an alluvial fan chronology
Ulrike Hardenbicker, Makiko Watanabe, and Roberta Kotowich

EGU2015-9341 | Orals | GM1.3

Integrated analysis of beach ridge and lagoon systems as indicator of sea-level changes
Lasse Sander, Mikkel U. Hede, Mikkel Fruergaard, Caterina Morigi, Peter N. Johannessen, Lars Nielsen, Lars B. Clemmensen, Lars H. Nielsen, and Morten Pejrup

EGU2015-7065 | Posters | GM1.3

Luminescence dating of river terrace formation – methodological challenges and complexity of result interpretation: a case study from the headwaters of the River Main, Germany
Thomas Kolb, Markus Fuchs, and Ludwig Zöller

EGU2015-6024 | Orals | GM1.3

Compound-specific radiocarbon dating of leaf waxes in loess-paleosols
Roland Zech, Tobias Sprafke, Sebastian Knoll, Mischa Haas, Michael Zech, Gary Salazar, and Sönke Szidat

EGU2015-15747 | Posters | GM1.3

End-Pleistocene to Holocene paleoenvironmental record from piston corer samples and the challenge of stratigraphic correlation of playa sediment data with a connected alluvial apron from Damghan Basin, Iran
Christian Büdel, Philipp Hoelzmann, Volker Wennrich, Sajed Majid Padashi, and Roland Baumhauer

EGU2015-2273 | Posters | GM1.3

Kalahari salt pans as sedimentary archives for reconstruction of Quaternary environments
Irka Schüller, Lukas Belz, Heinz Wilkes, and Achim Wehrmann

EGU2015-6507 | Posters | GM1.3

Centennial record of wind-field variations from a coastal dune (German Bight)
Sebastian Lindhorst, Iria Costas, and Christian Betzler

EGU2015-1642 | Posters | GM1.3

The aeolian sedimentary system in the northern Qilian Shan and Hexi Corridor (N-China) – geomorphologic, sedimentologic and climatic drivers
Veit Nottebaum, Frank Lehmkuhl, and Georg Stauch

EGU2015-188 | Posters | GM1.3

Aeolian Processes and Landforms in River Valleys of Central Russian Plain in MIS 2
Ekaterina Matlakhova

EGU2015-1559 | Posters | GM1.3

From a hiatus of 10 ka to loess of 6 m thickness - the MIS3/2 transition in the Central European loess belt
Ludwig Zoeller

EGU2015-15276 | Posters | GM1.3

Challenges for geochronologies in permafrost environments: the case of Bol'shoy Lyakhovsky, Siberian Arctic
Sebastian Wetterich, Margret Fuchs, Georg Schwamborn, and Lutz Schirrmeister

EGU2015-9028 | Posters | GM1.3

Small-scale variability of Holocene alas evolution in Central Yakutia inferred from thermokarst basin deposites
Johannes Schmidt, Mathias Ulrich, Alexander N. Fedorov, Christine Siegert, Peter Efremov, Birgit Schneider, and Christoph Zielhofer

EGU2015-6831 | Posters | GM1.3

Deriving the extent of Chernozems and Phaeozems in Central Germany during the Neolithic period from sediments buried in Neolithic structures
Hans von Suchodoletz, Christian Tinapp, Tobias Lauer, Harald Stäuble, Bruno Glaser, and Christoph Zielhofer

GM1.5 – Geomechanics in natural environments: quantifying environmental stresses and physical soil or rock behaviour (co-organized)

EGU2015-11884 | Posters | GM1.5

Application of MASW method in studies on changes of soil elastic parameters over subsidence trough development during longwall exploitation
Maciej Mendecki and Krzysztof Jochymczyk

EGU2015-5174 | Orals | GM1.5 | Media interest

Negative feedback between stress and erosion: origin of sandstone landforms
Jiri Bruthans, Jan Soukup, Jana Vaculikova, Michal Filippi, Jana Schweigstillova, Alan Mayo, David Masin, Gunther Kletetschka, and Jaroslav Rihosek

EGU2015-3524 | Posters | GM1.5

Stress states at site C0002, Nankai accretionary wedge, down to 2000 m below seafloor
Chandong Chang, Insun Song, and Hikweon Lee

EGU2015-7830 | Orals | GM1.5

A stochastic prediction of in situ stress magnitudes from the distributions of rock strength and breakout width at IODP Hole C0002A in Nankai accretionary prism, SW Japan
Insun Song, Chandong Chang, and Hikweon Lee

EGU2015-10985 | Orals | GM1.5

Induced damage in Carrara Marble as a result of long-term low-magnitude environmental stresses
Anne Voigtlaender, Kerry Leith, Michael Krautblatter, and Jens M. Walter

EGU2015-8826 | Posters | GM1.5

The evaluation of support performance for tunnels with different diameters excavated in weak graphitic shists
Evren Posluk and Kenan Oğul

EGU2015-9508 | Posters | GM1.5

Preliminary assessment of the factors controlling the hydrological and mechanical proprieties in the hillslope deposits of Eastern Tuscany (Central Italy)
Gabriele Bicocchi, Filippo Catani, Michele D'Ambrosio, Carlo Tacconi Stefanelli, Pietro Vannocci, Massimiliano Nocentini, Elena Masi, and Veronica Tofani

EGU2015-12158 | Orals | GM1.5

Does low magnitude earthquake ground shaking cause landslides?
Matthew Brain, Nick Rosser, Emma Vann Jones, and Neil Tunstall

EGU2015-15371 | Orals | GM1.5

Landslide maps and seismic noise: Rockmass weakening caused by shallow earthquakes
Tara Uchida, Odin Marc, Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Kaoru Sawazaki, Manuel Hobiger, and Niels Hovius

EGU2015-8737 | Posters | GM1.5 | Media interest

Temperature-dependent residual shear strength characteristics of smectite-rich landslide soils
Tatsuya Shibasaki, Sumio Matsuura, and Takashi Okamoto

EGU2015-10292 | Orals | GM1.5

Climate change has limited impact on soil-mantled landsliding
Robert Parker, Tristram Hales, Simon Mudd, and Stuart Grieve

EGU2015-15551 | Posters | GM1.5

Cyclic Fatigue Testing for Application for paraglacial rock slope stability modelling
Lorenz Grämiger, Matthew A Perras, Jeffrey R Moore, and Simon Loew

EGU2015-15548 | Posters | GM1.5

Induced stress changes and associated fracture development as a result of deglaciation on the Zugspitzplatt, SE Germany
Kerry Leith, Jan Kupp, Benedikt Geisenhof, and Michael Krautblatter

EGU2015-8831 | Posters | GM1.5

Thermo-hydro-mechanical stresses during repeat glacial cycles as preparatory factors for paraglacial rock slope instabilities
Lorenz Grämiger, Jeffrey R. Moore, Valentin Gischig, and Simon Loew

EGU2015-1935 | Posters | GM1.5

Multidisciplinary investigations on coupled rockwall-talus-systems (Turtmann valley, Swiss Alps)
Karoline Messenzehl and Daniel Draebing

EGU2015-3065 | Posters | GM1.5

Comparison of Acoustic Energy Meter (AEM) and Schmidt hammer ‘R' for rapid assessment of rock surface hardness: a preliminary assessment from southeast Queensland, Australia
Martin Brook and Stefan Winkler

EGU2015-5191 | Posters | GM1.5

A geomorphic process law for detachment-limited hillslopes
Jens Turowski

GM1.6 – Granular Mechanics in the Geomorphological Context (co-organized)

EGU2015-7725 | Orals | GM1.6

Hydrodynamic Controls of Immobile Boulders on Bed Load Grain Movement in Mountain Streams
Achilleas Tsakiris and Thanos Papanicolaou

EGU2015-15284 | Posters | GM1.6

How do macro-roughness elements affect bed-load sediment motion?
Alessio Radice and Jenny Campagnol

EGU2015-4353 | Posters | GM1.6

Dimensional analysis of natural debris flows
Gordon Zhou and Chaojun Ouyang

EGU2015-12873 | Orals | GM1.6

Bed particle entrainment and motion in turbulent open-channel flows: a high-resolution experimental study
Vladimir Nikora, Stuart Cameron, Mohammad Amir, Mark Stewart, and Matthew Witz

EGU2015-9759 | Posters | GM1.6

Particle tracking velocimetry to study two-size bedload transport on steep slopes
Hugo Lafaye de Micheaux, Ashley Dudill, Christophe Ducottet, and Philippe Frey

EGU2015-5465 | Orals | GM1.6

Diffusion of bed load particles subject to different flow conditions
Martina Cecchetto, Luca Cotterle, Matteo Tregnaghi, Simon Tait, and Andrea Marion

EGU2015-6317 | Orals | GM1.6

Understanding heavy mineral enrichment – Using a 3D numerical model
Gerhard Bartzke, Mark Schmeeckle, and Katrin Huhn

EGU2015-13139 | Posters | GM1.6

Kinematics of flow and sediment particles at entrainment and deposition
Federica Antico, Pedro Sanches, Rui Aleixo, and Rui M. L. Ferreira

EGU2015-3246 | Orals | GM1.6

Highly-resolved numerical simulations of bed-load transport in a turbulent open-channel flow
Bernhard Vowinckel, Tobias Kempe, Vladimir Nikora, and Jochen Fröhlich

EGU2015-14918 | Posters | GM1.6

A simple probabilistic model of initiation of motion of poorly-sorted granular mixtures subjected to a turbulent flow
Rui M. L. Ferreira, Carles Ferrer-Boix, and Marwan Hassan

EGU2015-15287 | Orals | GM1.6

Periodic saltation over hydrodynamically rough, erodible beds: Aeolian to Aquatic
Diego Berzi, James Jenkins, and Alexandre Valance

EGU2015-14574 | Posters | GM1.6

Some thoughts on the exchange of energy between sediment particles and turbulent flows
Manousos Valyrakis

EGU2015-15567 | Posters | GM1.6

Tailings dam-break flow – Analysis of sediment transport
Rui Aleixo and Mustafa Altinakar

EGU2015-15758 | Posters | GM1.6

Parameterization of the sediment transport in steep channels with boulders
Tamara Ghilardi, Mário J. Franca, and Anton Schleiss

EGU2015-11966 | Posters | GM1.6

Direct simulation of open-channel flow in the fully rough regime: focus on fluid-roughness interaction
Marco Mazzuoli and Markus Uhlmann

EGU2015-4399 | Posters | GM1.6

Physical Model and numerical modeling of earth-surface flows on erodible beds
Chaojun Ouyang, Siming He, and Gordan Zhou

EGU2015-14873 | Posters | GM1.6

Physical modeling of artificial river replenishment techniques to restore morphological conditions downstream of dams
Elena Battisacco, Mário J. Franca, and Anton J. Schleiss

EGU2015-12010 | Posters | GM1.6

Bed-load sediment motion and dispersion over a smooth bed
Francesco Ballio and Alessio Radice

GM2.1 – Frontiers in Geomorphometry and Earth Surface Dynamics: Possibilities, Limitations and Perspectives | PICO

EGU2015-8805 | PICO | GM2.1

Perspective – Open problems in earth surface dynamics require innovative new methodologies from graph theory and non-linear analysis
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Jon Schwenk, and Alejandro Tejedor

EGU2015-14881 | PICO | GM2.1

Novel 3D imaging techniques for improved understanding of planetary surface geomorphology.
Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2015-12327 | PICO | GM2.1

4D photogrammetric technique to study free surface water in open channels
Damien Aubé, Amine Berkaoui, Fabrice Vinatier, Jean-Stéphane Bailly, and Gilles Belaud

EGU2015-6351 | PICO | GM2.1

Mimicking human expert interpretation of remotely sensed raster imagery by using a novel segmentation analysis within ArcGIS
Tim Le Bas, Anthony Scarth, and Peter Bunting

EGU2015-4572 | PICO | GM2.1

Analysis of open-pit mines using high-resolution topography from UAV
Jianping Chen, Ke Li, Giulia Sofia, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2015-5311 | PICO | GM2.1

Analysis of glacial and periglacial processes using the SfM-MVS approach
Livia Piermattei, Luca Carturan, Fabrizio de Blasi, Paolo Tarolli, Giancarlo Dalla Fontana, and Antonio Vettore

EGU2015-10571 | PICO | GM2.1

Pattern simulation approach for elucidation of glacial relief misclassification
Jarosław Jasiewicz, Alfred Stach, and Jakub Nowosad

EGU2015-873 | PICO | GM2.1

Automated reconstruction of drainage basins and water discharge to the sea through glacial cycles
Andrew Wickert

EGU2015-15488 | PICO | GM2.1

Geostatistics for high resolution geomorphometry: from spatial continuity to surface texture
Sebastiano Trevisani

EGU2015-3715 | PICO | GM2.1

The use of Digital Elevation Models for sediment connectivity assessment: state of the art and perspectives
Marco Cavalli, Lorenzo Borselli, Stefano Crema, Lorenzo Marchi, and Olga Vigiak

EGU2015-4656 | PICO | GM2.1

Issues with using high-resolution DEMs for fluvial geomorphology modelling
Andres Castro

EGU2015-3414 | PICO | GM2.1

A new method to determine channel slopes as a proxy for erosion rates
Stefan Hergarten, Jörg Robl, and Kurt Stüwe

EGU2015-15389 | PICO | GM2.1

Topographic position of large slope failures revealed by excess topography in the Himalaya-Karakoram Ranges
Jan Blöthe, Oliver Korup, and Wolfgang Schwanghart

EGU2015-11892 | PICO | GM2.1

From raindrops to mountain-tops: modelling the co-evolution of landscapes and weather systems
Declan Valters

EGU2015-1593 | PICO | GM2.1

Perspective – Synthetic DEMs: A vital underpinning for the quantitative future of landform analysis?
John K. Hillier, Giulia Sofia, and Susan Conway

EGU2015-15571 | PICO | GM2.1

Digital elevation models in the marine domain: investigating the offshore tsunami hazard from submarine landslides
David R. Tappin

EGU2015-10887 | PICO | GM2.1

Maximising returns from large datasets with sparse and variable resolution: A seamount case study
Lara Kalnins, Andrew Valentine, and Jeannot Trampert

EGU2015-12778 | PICO | GM2.1

Understanding surface processes 3D imaging from micro-scale to regional scale
Michel Jaboyedoff, Antonio Abellan, Dario Carrea, Marc-Henri Derron, Martin Franz, Antoine Guerin, Florian Humair, Battista Matasci, Clément Michoud, Pierrick Nicolet, Ivanna Penna, Benjamin Rudaz, Jeremie Voumard, and Emmanuel Wyser

EGU2015-14187 | PICO | GM2.1

Using high resolution topography of the Earth and Moon to infer the “wetness” of slope processes on Mars
Susan Conway and Matthew Balme

EGU2015-3661 | PICO | GM2.1

Determining long-term regional erosion rates using impact craters
Stefan Hergarten and Thomas Kenkmann

GM2.3 – High Resolution Topography in the Geosciences: methods and applications (co-organized)

EGU2015-7188 | Posters | GM2.3

A graphic user interface for efficient 3D photo-reconstruction based on free software
Carlos Castillo, Michael James, and Jose A. Gómez

EGU2015-1270 | Orals | GM2.3 | Media interest

Is SfM photogrammetry really the tool we've waited 30 years for?
Jim Chandler, Natan Micheletti, and Stuart Lane

EGU2015-1398 | Orals | GM2.3

From experimental plots to experimental landscapes: using SfM-MVS to monitor sub-humid badlands
Mark Smith and Damia Vericat

EGU2015-11231 | Posters | GM2.3

Application on-line imagery for photogrammetry comparison of natural hazards events
Jérémie Voumard, Michel Jaboyedoff, and Marc-Henri Derron

EGU2015-8293 | Posters | GM2.3

Quality evaluation of UAV associated digital terrain model by means of ground control points
Kuo-Jen Chang, Mei-Jen Huang, Chu-Fen Lin, and Yu-Chung Hsieh

EGU2015-615 | Orals | GM2.3

Using Structure from Motion to measure micro-topographic changes due to soil erosion by water
Poonperm Vardhanabindu and James Cooper

EGU2015-11376 | Orals | GM2.3

Comparing terrestrial laser scanning with ground and UAV-based imaging for national-level assessment of upland soil erosion
Gareth McShane, Luke Farrow, David Morgan, Miriam Glendell, Mike James, John Quinton, Martin Evans, Karen Anderson, Barry Rawlins, Timothy Quine, Leon Debell, Pia Benaud, Lee Jones, Matthew Kirkham, Murray Lark, Jane Rickson, and Richard Brazier

EGU2015-10127 | Posters | GM2.3

Hydrologic validation of a structure-from-motion DEM derived from low-altitude UAV imagery
Florian Steiner, Irene Marzolff, and Sebastian d'Oleire-Oltmanns

EGU2015-9305 | Orals | GM2.3

Ground-based multi-view photogrammetry for the monitoring of landslide deformation and erosion
André Stumpf, Jean-Philippe Malet, Pascal Allemand, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny, Grzegorz Skupinski, and Christophe Delacourt

EGU2015-9175 | Posters | GM2.3

Do High Dynamic Range threatments improve the results of Structure from Motion approaches in Geomorphology?
Álvaro Gómez-Gutiérrez, José Juan de Sanjosé-Blasco, Susanne Schnabel, Javier de Matías-Bejarano, Manuel Pulido-Fernández, and Fernando Berenguer-Sempere

EGU2015-6676 | Orals | GM2.3

Investigating the effects of methodological expertise and data randomness on the robustness of crowd-sourced SfM terrain models
Jacqueline Ratner, David Pyle, and Tamsin Mather

EGU2015-13438 | Posters | GM2.3

An automatic time lapse camera setup for multi-vision 3D-reconstruction of morphological changes
Andreas Kaiser, Fabian Neugirg, Markéta Vláčilová, Florian Haas, and Jürgen Schmidt

EGU2015-10572 | Posters | GM2.3

Without gaps – 3D photo-reconstruction of gully headcuts by combined utilisation of UAV and close-range photogrammetry
Claudia Stöcker, Pierre Karrasch, and Anette Eltner

EGU2015-6019 | Orals | GM2.3

Close-range airborne photogrammetry: an effective tool for high-resolution sandy beach morphometric surveys. Examples from embayed beaches in French Guyana.
Guillaume Brunier, Jules Fleury, Edward Anthony, Antoine Gardel, and Philippe Dussouillez

EGU2015-1165 | Orals | GM2.3

Ultra high-resolution topographic analysis for understanding bedrock erosion processes
Jonathan Carrivick, Duncan Quincey, and Mingfu Guan

EGU2015-5103 | Posters | GM2.3

3D Surface Reconstruction and Volume Calculation of Rills
Christine Brings, Oliver Gronz, Kerstin Becker, Stefan Wirtz, Manuel Seeger, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2015-11345 | Posters | GM2.3

Investigation of erosion rill parameters extracted from digital terrain models
Anette Eltner and Philipp Baumgart

EGU2015-8695 | Orals | GM2.3

Low altitude aerial photogrammetry application to braided river systems. Example of the Buech River, Alps, France.
Thomas Jules Fleury, Virginie Pothin, Claude Vella, Philippe Dussouillez, and Abdelkoddouss Izem

EGU2015-1587 | Posters | GM2.3

Intra-rainfall soil surface change detection using close-range photogrammetry
Thomas Bauer, Michael R. James, Gareth McShane, John N. Quinton, and Peter Strauss

EGU2015-10349 | Orals | GM2.3

Geomorphological change detection of fluvial processes of lower Siret channel using LIDAR data
Mihai Niculita, Florin Obreja, and Bogdan Boca

EGU2015-962 | Orals | GM2.3

Geomorphic change detection using repetitive topographic surveys and DEMs of Differences: Implementation for short-term transformation of the ice-cored moraines in the Petuniabukta, Svalbard
Aleksandra Tomczyk and Marek Ewertowski

EGU2015-12713 | Posters | GM2.3

The use of Structure-from-Motion when quantifying subtle soil erosion processes from a small-scale experiment
Pia Benaud, Mike James, Timothy Quine, John Quinton, Karen Anderson, and Richard Brazier

EGU2015-6630 | Posters | GM2.3

Comparison of 3D point clouds obtained by photogrammetric UAVs and TLS to determine the attitude of dolerite outcrops discontinuities.
João Duarte, Gil Gonçalves, Diogo Duarte, Fernando Figueiredo, and Maria Mira

EGU2015-464 | Orals | GM2.3

Validation of snow depth reconstruction from lapse-rate webcam images against terrestrial laser scanner measurements in centrel Pyrenees
Jesús Revuelto, Tobias Jonas, and Juan Ignacio López-Moreno

EGU2015-2755 | Posters | GM2.3

Detection of morphological changes in cliff face surrounding a waterfall using terrestrial laser scanning and unmanned aerial system
Yuichi S. Hayakawa and Hiroyuki Obanawa

EGU2015-8962 | Posters | GM2.3

Evaluating the accuracy of low cost UAV generated topography and its effectiveness for geomorphic change detection
Kristen Cook

EGU2015-8893 | Posters | GM2.3

Exploring topographic methods for monitoring morphological changes in mountain channels of different size and slope
Joshua Theule, Gabriele Bertoldi, Francesco Comiti, Pierpaolo Macconi, and Bruno Mazzorana

EGU2015-10452 | Posters | GM2.3

Multi-temporal topographic models in fluvial systems: are accuracies enough to change the temporal and spatial scales of our studies?
Damià Vericat, Ester Ramos, James Brasington, Efrén Muñoz, María Béjar, Chris Gibbins, Ramon J. Batalla, Álvaro Tena, Mark Smith, and Joe Wheaton

EGU2015-8266 | Posters | GM2.3

Generalizing roughness: experiments with flow-oriented roughness
Sebastiano Trevisani

EGU2015-10133 | Posters | GM2.3

Data fusion of aerial and terrestrial LiDAR datasets for sediment transport modelling
Alberto De Luca, Sara Cucchiaro, Giacomo Blasone, Marco Cavalli, and Federico Cazorzi

EGU2015-13160 | Posters | GM2.3

Eroded riverbank assessing in a gravel bed reach of the Piave River by processing LiDAR and TLS data
Johnny Moretto, Riccardo Rainato, Emanuel Rigon, and Mario Aristide Lenzi

EGU2015-12805 | Posters | GM2.3

Mass movements of lowland areas in long range TLS and ALS monitoring
Sebastian Tyszkowski

EGU2015-14668 | Posters | GM2.3

ALS-based hummock size-distance relationship assessment of Mt Shasta debris avalanche deposit, Northern California, USA
Riccardo Tortini, Simon Carn, and Benjamin van Wyk de Vries

EGU2015-12529 | Posters | GM2.3

Airborne LiDAR data as a key element of the integrated monitoring of the reservoir shore zone development
Halina Kaczmarek

EGU2015-11480 | Posters | GM2.3

TerraceM: A Matlab® tool to analyze marine terraces from high-resolution topography
Julius Jara-Muñoz, Daniel Melnick, and Manfred Strecker

GM3.1 – Response of the Earth’s surface to climate, tectonics and long-wavelength low-amplitude forcing (co-organized)

EGU2015-3374 | Posters | GM3.1

Climate-sensitive feedbacks between hillslope processes and fluvial erosion in sediment-driven incision models
Daniel Skov and David Egholm

EGU2015-2419 | Orals | GM3.1

Lake-level changes and rates of erosion on the Tibetan Plateau: implications for Quaternary climate change and landscape evolution
Ralf Hetzel, Eike F. Rades, Manfred Frechen, Marcus Strobl, Sumiko Tsukamoto, Qiang Xu, and Lin Ding

EGU2015-9380 | Posters | GM3.1

Climatic versus topographic forcing on the extend of major Alpine ice-caps
Bernhard Salcher and Pietro Sternai

EGU2015-8611 | Orals | GM3.1

Denudation of carbonate landscapes: Insights from the Luberon Mountains, Provence, France
Vincent Godard, Cécile Miramont, Olivier Bellier, Vincent Ollivier, Jules Fleury, Lucilla Benedetti, Valéry Guillou, and Team ASTER

EGU2015-9144 | Posters | GM3.1

Long-term evolution of hillslopes and drainage networks under repeated impact of glacial erosion
Bernhard Salcher, Sebastian Baumann, Florian Kober, and Jörg Robl

EGU2015-238 | Orals | GM3.1

Autogenic terraces and non-linear river incision rates under steady external forcing
Luca C Malatesta, Jeffrey P Prancevic, and Jean-Philippe Avouac

EGU2015-5904 | Posters | GM3.1

Initiation age and incision rates of inner gorges: Do they record multiple glacial-interglacial cycles?
Romain Delunel, Jan Casagrande, Fritz Schlunegger, Naki Akçar, and Peter W. Kubik

EGU2015-5540 | Orals | GM3.1

Debris flow grain size scales with sea surface temperature over glacial-interglacial timescales
Mitch D'Arcy, Duna C. Roda Boluda, Alexander C. Whittaker, and João Paulo C. Araújo

EGU2015-5225 | Posters | GM3.1

Geomorphological response of a landscape to long-term tectonic and glacial processes: the upper Rhône basin, Central Swiss Alps
Laura Stutenbecker and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2015-11446 | Orals | GM3.1

The effect of a rainfall and discharge variability on erosion rates in a highly active tectonic setting: a stochastic approach
Jean Braun, Eric Deal, and Christoff Andermann

EGU2015-1271 | Orals | GM3.1

Global scale analysis of the stream power law parameters based on worldwide 10Be denudation rates
Marie-Alice Harel, Simon Mudd, and Mikael Attal

EGU2015-1323 | Posters | GM3.1

Denudation rates from mass balance on alluvial fans in the chinese Tian Shan
Laure Guerit, Laurie Barrier, François Métivier, Marc Jolivet, and Bihong Fu

EGU2015-1729 | Orals | GM3.1

Quantifying glacial erosion in the European Alps using apatite fission track dating
Cornelia Wangenheim and Christoph Glotzbach

EGU2015-12233 | Posters | GM3.1

Drainage basin morphometry controls on the active depositional area of debris flow fans
Monika Mihir, Thad Wasklewicz, and Bruce Malamud

EGU2015-11077 | Orals | GM3.1

How long do U-shaped valleys last? The lifespan of glacial topography set by tectonics.
Günther Prasicek, Isaac Larsen, and David Montgomery

EGU2015-15847 | Posters | GM3.1

In situ produced 10Be depth profiles and luminescence data tracing climatic and tectonic control on terrace formation, Danube River, Central Europe, Hungary
Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger, Régis Braucher, Ágnes Novothny, Gábor Csillag, László Fodor, Gábor Molnár, Balázs Madarász, and Aster Team

EGU2015-11352 | Posters | GM3.1

Late Quaternary river channel migrations of the Kura River in Transcaucasia – tectonic versus climatic causes
Hans von Suchodoletz, Andreas Gärtner, Silvan Hoth, Josefine Umlauft, Tea Godoladze, and Dominik Faust

EGU2015-8588 | Orals | GM3.1

Quaternary Tectonic and Climatic Processes shaping the Central Andean hyperarid forearc (southern Peru)
Laurence Audin, Carlos Benavente, Swann Zerathe, Marianne Saillard, Sarah R. Hall, and Daniel L. Farber

EGU2015-13822 | Orals | GM3.1

Empirical relationships among triangular facet slope, facet height and slip rates along active normal faults from ASTER DEM data
Christina Tsimi and Athanassios Ganas

EGU2015-13306 | Posters | GM3.1

Heterogeneous Cenozoic cooling of central Britain: insights into the complex evolution of the North Atlantic passive margin
Katarzyna Łuszczak, Cristina Persano, and Finlay Stuart

EGU2015-6411 | Posters | GM3.1

Apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronology dataset interpretation: New insights from physical point of view
Cécile Gautheron, Duval Mbongo-Djimbi, Chloé Gerin, Jérôme Roques, Cyril Bachelet, Erwan Oliviero, and Laurent Tassan-Got

EGU2015-10797 | Orals | GM3.1

Slab flattening driving regional uplift in the Cordilleras Blanca and Negra, Western Andes
Audrey Margirier, Laurence Audin, Xavier Robert, Matthias Bernet, and Cécile Gautheron

EGU2015-9650 | Posters | GM3.1

Neogene uplift of the eastern Betic Cordillera (Spain) : new constraints from low-temperature thermochronology and stream profile analysis
Marianne Janowski, Nicolas Loget, Cécile Gautheron, Bertrand Meyer, Jean Van Den Driessche, and Julien Babault

EGU2015-11529 | Orals | GM3.1

Late Quaternary cooling rate constrained by multiple IRSL thermochronometers of potassium feldspars for granites from Kongur Shan, Chinese Pamir
Jintang Qin, Jie Chen, Pierre Valla, and Frédéric Herman

EGU2015-5454 | Orals | GM3.1

Understanding long-term strain accommodation in the Longmen Shan region: Insights from 3D thermo-kinematic modelling of thermochronometry data
Yuntao Tian, Pieter Vermeesch, and Andy Carter

EGU2015-14664 | Posters | GM3.1

Deciphering tectonic, climatic-induced and hydrothermal signals in the late-stage exhumation history of the upper Rhône valley (Swiss Alps)
Pierre Valla, Meinert Rahn, David Shuster, and Peter van der Beek

EGU2015-13589 | Posters | GM3.1

The effect of weather variability on hydrology and erosion in the Pamir Mountains
Eric Pohl, Richard Gloaguen, Christoff Andermann, and Margret Fuchs

EGU2015-5843 | Orals | GM3.1

The 17 Ma old Turkana beaked whale fossil: new paleoaltimetry constraints for uplift and environmental change in East Africa
Henry Wichura, Louis L. Jacobs, Manfred R. Strecker, Andrew Lin, Michael J. Polcyn, Fredrick K. Manthi, Dale A. Winkler, and Clemens Matthew

EGU2015-9195 | Orals | GM3.1

Bridging the timescales between thermochronological and cosmogenic nuclide data
Christoph Glotzbach

EGU2015-3058 | Posters | GM3.1

Digital relief 3D model of the Khibiny massive (Kola peninsula)
Elena Chesalova and Alex Asavin

EGU2015-14084 | Orals | GM3.1

Uplift and Erosion Histories of Continents From Inversion of Drainage Networks
Gareth G. Roberts and Nicky White

EGU2015-8700 | Posters | GM3.1

Quaternary shorelines of the broader area of Cape Maleas – Neapolis – Elafonissos Isl. (SE Peloponnese)
Efthimios Karymbalis, Kalliopi Gaki-Papanastassiou, Dimitris Papanastassiou, Ioannis Tsodoulos, Nikolaos Tsivgoulis, Konstantinos Tsanakas, and Kanella Valkanou

EGU2015-8045 | Orals | GM3.1

Landscape response to changes in dynamic topography
Gregory A. Ruetenik, Robert Moucha, and Gregory D. Hoke

EGU2015-8014 | Posters | GM3.1

The role of tropical cyclones on landscape dynamics in southern Baja California, Mexico based on Late Pleistocene-Holocene alluvial stratigraphy
Eric McDonald, Jose Luis Antinao, Edward J. Rhodes, Nathan Brown, and John Gosse

EGU2015-3264 | Posters | GM3.1

ESR dating marine terraces along the Mediterranean coast of the Antakya Graben, SE Turkey: Sea level change and tectonic implications
Ufuk Tari, Okan Tüysüz, Bonnie Blackwell, Ş. Can Genç, Caner İmren, Jonathan A. Florentin, and Anne Skinner

EGU2015-14246 | Orals | GM3.1

On the Origin of Cratonic Sag Basins: Did They Sag?
Jason P. Morgan

EGU2015-3568 | Posters | GM3.1

Geomorphologic Structures on the South Cretan Margin, Greece
Paraskevi Nomikou, Vasilis Lykousis, Matina Alexandri, Grigoris Rousakis, Dimitris Sakellariou, Danai Lampridou, Tiago Alves, and Dionysios Ballas

EGU2015-4961 | Posters | GM3.1

Topographic status of the central Longmen Shan region——the role of the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake
Zhikun Ren, Zhuqi Zhang, Fuchu Dai, Jinhui Yin, and Huiping Zhang

EGU2015-13149 | Posters | GM3.1

Multisensor of Remotely Sensed Data for Characterizing Seismotectonic Activities in Malaysia
Rabieahtul Abu Bakar, Khamarrul Azahari Razak, Tajul Anuar Jamaludin, Felix Tongkul, Zakaria Mohamad, Zamri Ramli, Mohamad Abd Manap, and Muhammad Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman

EGU2015-4541 | Posters | GM3.1

Rapid slip of the Gyaring Co fault in Central Tibet
Lingho Chung, Yue-Gau Chen, Zhongquan Cao, Gongming Yin, Alexander Kunz, Anchuan Fan, Tzu-Shuan Wu, and XiWei Xu

EGU2015-1394 | Posters | GM3.1

Numerical modelling of wind gap formation in fault-bounded mountain ranges
Andrea Hampel and Ralf Hetzel

EGU2015-11516 | Posters | GM3.1

The Cordillera Blanca normal fault and its contribution to the Andean topographic evolution (northern Peru)
Audrey Margirier, Xavier Robert, Stéphane Schwartz, and Laurence Audin

EGU2015-12874 | Posters | GM3.1

Using 10Be cosmogenic surface exposure dating to determine the evolution of the Purgatorio active fault in the Andean forearc, southern Peru
Benavente Carlos, Zerathe Swann, Audin Laurence, Delgado Fabrizio, Saillard Marianne, Hall R. Sarah, and Aster Team

EGU2015-8676 | Posters | GM3.1

Francois Guillocheau, Cécile Robin, and Paul Bessin

EGU2015-12640 | Posters | GM3.1

Constraints on the mantle and lithosphere dynamics from the observed geoid with the effect of visco-elasto-plastic rheology in the upper 300 km
Anthony Osei Tutu, Bernhard Steinberger, Irina Rogozhina, and Stephan Sobolev

EGU2015-12377 | Posters | GM3.1

U-Pb Geochronology of Hydrous Silica (Siebengebirge, Germany)
Frank Tomaschek, Alexander Nemchin, Thorsten Geisler, Alexander Heuser, and Renaud Merle

GM4.1 – Human-Landscape interaction in the Anthropocene

EGU2015-7501 | Orals | GM4.1 | Media interest

Feedbacks in human-landscape systems
Anne Chin

EGU2015-580 | Posters | GM4.1

Assessing the effects of land-use changes on landslide susceptibility: a case study in the upper Rivo basin (Molise, Italy)
Luca Pisano, Mario Parise, and Carmen Rosskopf

EGU2015-1208 | Posters | GM4.1

Reconstructing the landscape structure of the Lena-Angara interfluve (south part of Eastern Siberia)
Zhanna Atutova

EGU2015-7087 | Orals | GM4.1

Human impacts on sediment dynamics within the Rhine delta, the Netherlands
Noortje Hobo, Hans Middelkoop, and Bart Makaske

EGU2015-5906 | Orals | GM4.1

From natural to human-dominated floodplains - A Holocene perspective for the Dijle catchment, Belgium
Nils Broothaerts, Gert Verstraeten, Cornelis Kasse, Sjoerd Bohncke, Bastiaan Notebaert, and Jef Vandenberghe

EGU2015-1905 | Posters | GM4.1

Mining Subsidence-generated legacy sediments in a Mid-European low-order stream floodplain as an archive for historic human activity and flooding events
Michael Buchty-Lemke, Frank Lehmkuhl, Roy Frings, Sebastian Henkel, and Jan Schwarzbauer

EGU2015-10703 | Orals | GM4.1

Human-Landscape interaction in cultivated lowland catchments (Louroux catchment, Loire Valley, France)
Olivier Cerdan, Anthony Foucher, Aurore Gay, Sébastien Salvador Blanes, Olivier Evrard, and Marc Desmet

EGU2015-4063 | Posters | GM4.1

A functional-oriented assessment of environmental criticality due to anthropic actions along the hillslopes of the Somma-Vesuvio volcano (Naples, Italy).
Nunzio Romano, Melania De Falco, Giuseppe Speranza, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2015-4583 | Posters | GM4.1

Multi-temporal and multi-platforms remote sensing data for the analysis of open-pit mining earth surface dynamics
Zengwen Feng, Jianping Chen, Ke Li, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2015-12449 | Orals | GM4.1

Towards a global land subsidence map
Gilles Erkens and Edwin Sutanudjaja

EGU2015-5502 | Posters | GM4.1

Role of native and exotic woody vegetation in soil restoration in active gully systems (southern Ecuador)
Pablo Borja Ramon, Dario Alvarado Moncayo, Veerle Vanacker, Pedro Cisneros, Armando Molina, and Gerard Govers

EGU2015-3372 | Orals | GM4.1

Geomorphology of anthropogenic landscapes
Giulia Sofia and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2015-5965 | Posters | GM4.1

Reconstruction and semi-quantification of human impact in the Dijle catchment, Belgium: a palynological and statistical approach
Nils Broothaerts, Gert Verstraeten, Cornelis Kasse, Sjoerd Bohncke, Bastiaan Notebaert, and Jef Vandenberghe

EGU2015-6869 | Posters | GM4.1

Alterations in braided rivers' morphology: a typology for Curvature Subcarpathians (Romania)
Gabriela Ioana-Toroimac, Liliana Zaharia, and Nicu Ciobotaru

EGU2015-7895 | Posters | GM4.1

Trends in human-landscapes interactions along the Dębnica River valley (Poland) after transition economy
Małgorzata Mazurek, Janina Borysiak, and Zbigniew Zwoliński

EGU2015-9206 | Posters | GM4.1

The Paleo-Anthropocene in the East Mediterranean
Oren Ackermann, Suembikya Frumin, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Aren M. Maeir, Ehud Weiss, and Helena M. Zhevelev

EGU2015-9269 | Posters | GM4.1

Human-induced landscape changes and geo-hydrological risk: the Rupinaro catchment, Liguria, Italy
Paola Giostrella, Francesco Faccini, Roberto Maggi, Alessandro Cesare Mondini, Paolo Tarolli, and Fausto Guzzetti

EGU2015-11009 | Posters | GM4.1

Carbon Erosion in the Great Karoo Region of South Africa
Juliane Krenz, Philip Greenwood, Brigitte Kuhn, Ian Foster, John Boardman, Mike Meadows, and Nikolaus Kuhn

EGU2015-12321 | Posters | GM4.1

Tracing peatland geomorphology: sediment and contaminant movements in eroding and restored systems
Emma Shuttleworth, Martin Evans, Simon Hutchinson, and James Rothwell

EGU2015-12719 | Posters | GM4.1

Decreasing soil erosion rates with evolving land-use techniques in a central European catchment
Annegret Larsen, Tobias Heckmann, Bork Hans-Rudolf, and Fuelling Alexander

EGU2015-15579 | Posters | GM4.1

Human-induced environmental degradation during Anthropocene in Turkey
Recep Efe, Isa Curebal, Abdullah Soykan, and Suleyman Sönmez

EGU2015-15652 | Posters | GM4.1

Fluvial landscapes – human societies interactions during the last 2000 years: the Middle Loire River and its embanking since the Middle Ages (France)
Cyril Castanet and Nathalie Carcaud

EGU2015-15796 | Posters | GM4.1

Landscape trajectories during the Lateglacial and the Holocene in the Loir River Valley (France) : the contribution of Geoarchaeology
Juliene Piana

GM4.2 – Geoarchaeology: Human-environment interactions in the Pleistocene and Holocene

EGU2015-588 | Posters | GM4.2

Identification and impacts of earthquakes on the Roman Town of Patras- Archaeological evidence
Alexandra-Venetia Stamati and Stathis Stiros

EGU2015-8895 | Orals | GM4.2 | Media interest

The potential of pollen-based quantitative vegetation reconstructions in studies of past human settlements and use of resources – examples from Europe
Marie-Jose Gaillard, Qiao-Yu Cui, Geoffrey Lemdahl, and Anna-Kari Trondman

EGU2015-1146 | Posters | GM4.2

A natural experimental approach to hind- and forecasting the socio-ecological effects a major volcanic events: The Laacher See example
Felix Riede

EGU2015-14064 | Orals | GM4.2

Neanderthal and Anatomically Modern Human interaction with Abrupt Late Pleistocene Environments – the data is finally good enough to talk about climate change!
Simon Blockley and Danielle Schreve

EGU2015-2290 | Posters | GM4.2

Boundaries of Mind and Nature – Human responses to changing landscapes over 2000 year during the Neolithic in Uppland, Sweden.
Kim von Hackwitz and Daniel Löwenborg

EGU2015-9824 | Orals | GM4.2

Multiple-scenario spatial modeling of Holocene anthropogenic land cover changes and evaluation against archaeological, palynological and geomorphological records: an example for the Dijle catchment (Belgian loess belt)
Hanne De Brue, Gert Verstraeten, Nils Broothaerts, Bastiaan Notebaert, and Anton Van Rompaey

EGU2015-4771 | Posters | GM4.2

Soil-landscape development and late Quaternary environmental change in coastal Estremadura, Portugal
Michael Daniels, Jonathan Haws, Michael Benedetti, and Nuno Bicho

EGU2015-1058 | Orals | GM4.2

A GIS Approach for Reconstructing the Litorina Sea Lagoon in Tolkuse-Rannametsa Area, Eastern Gulf of Riga.
Hando-Laur Habicht, Alar Rosentau, Argo Jõeleht, Tiit Hang, and Marko Kohv

EGU2015-7176 | Posters | GM4.2

Study of settlement distribution pattern in the Kolkheti lowland (Black Sea coast of Georgia) starting from early Bronze Age - natural and human influence and adaptation to landscape evolution
Mikheil Elashvili, Dimitri Akhvlediani, Levan Navrozashvili, Lasha Sukhishvili, Giorgi Kirkitadze, Daniel Kelterbaum, and Hannes Laermans

EGU2015-7336 | Posters | GM4.2

Urbanization effect on groundwater quality (Paleohydrogeological study)
Raghid Sabri, Broder Merkel, and Marion Tichomirowa

EGU2015-3879 | Orals | GM4.2

The onset of alpine pastoral systems in the Eastern Alps
Klaus Oeggl, Daniela Festi, and Andreas Putzer

EGU2015-8326 | Posters | GM4.2

Tapping the Late Pleistocene-Holocene environmental change and alluvial geoarchaeology in Central Asia
Mark Macklin, Irina Panyushkina, Willem Toonen, Claudia Chang, Meyram Seitkaliyev, and Dmitry Voyakin

EGU2015-8528 | Posters | GM4.2

The preliminary study on the alluvial stratigraphy of Peinan archaeological site, Taiwan
Hsiaochin Yang, Wenshan Chen, and Changkeng Yeh

EGU2015-10316 | Orals | GM4.2

Modeling human impact in the past: a dynamic soil model as a step towards quantifying agricultural carrying capacity
Maarten Van Loo and Gert Verstraeten

EGU2015-8199 | Orals | GM4.2

Ceramic production during changing environmental/climatic conditions
Daniela B. Oestreich and Ulrich A. Glasmacher

EGU2015-9235 | Posters | GM4.2 | Media interest

Holocene landscape and land-use change under human impact. Examples from Central Europe (Lower Rhine Embayment)
Frank Lehmkuhl, Jens Protze, and Renate Gerlach

EGU2015-10578 | Posters | GM4.2

Human impact and avulsion: a long-standing relationship
Vanessa M.A. Heyvaert and Jan Walstra

EGU2015-3411 | Orals | GM4.2

Amber bearing deposit in SW Saaremaa, Estonia – sedimentary environment and palaeogeography
Triine Post, Mirja Ots, and Alar Rosentau

EGU2015-11957 | Posters | GM4.2

Managing WHS though Geoarchaeological Landscape Assessment and Modelling: a case study from the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, Derbyshire, UK
Andy Howard, David Knight, Tom Coulthard, David Kossoff, Karen Hudson-Edwards, and Steve Malone

EGU2015-15722 | Orals | GM4.2

Land use history, floodplain development, and soil erosion in the vicinity of a millstone production center since the Iron Age in the Segbachtal near Mayen (eastern Eifel, Germany)
Markus Dotterweich, Stefan Wenzel, Rainer Schreg, Alexander Fülling, and Max Engel

EGU2015-12089 | Posters | GM4.2

Climatic and environmental conditions favoring the crossing of the Carpathians by early Neolithic populations
Ioana Perşoiu and Aurel Perşoiu

EGU2015-572 | Orals | GM4.2

Anthropogenic changes and environmental degradation in pre-Hispanic and post-Colonial periods: soil erosion modelled with WEPP during Late Holocene in Teotihuacán Valley (central Mexico)
M. Lourdes González-Arqueros and Manuel E Mendoza Cantú

EGU2015-12250 | Posters | GM4.2

Atypical coastal environmental change during Copper Age – Bronze Age transition (Rio de Moinhos, NW Portugal) – preliminary results
Helena Granja and Randi Danielsen

EGU2015-4502 | Orals | GM4.2

Irrigation Management, Evolving Canal Systems and Social Simulation in Hohokam Society, Central Arizona
Maurits Ertsen, John Murphy, and Louise Purdue

EGU2015-15894 | Posters | GM4.2

Geoarchaeological research for Roman waterworks in the Rhine-Meuse river delta, the Netherlands
Jan Verhagen, Sjoerd Kluiving, Liz van Leeuwen, and Emiel Anker

EGU2015-15901 | Posters | GM4.2

Chrono- and archaeostratigraphy and development of the River Amstel: results of the North/South underground line excavations, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Peter Kranendonk, Sjoerd J. Kluiving, Simon R. Troelstra, and Jerzy Gawronski

EGU2015-15914 | Posters | GM4.2

How geoarchaeology and landscape archaeology contribute to Human Niche Construction Theory (HNC)
Sjoerd Kluiving

GM5.1 – Aeolian Sediments, from process to landforms (co-organized)

EGU2015-9173 | Posters | GM5.1

Dust devil characteristics and associated dust entrainment based on large-eddy simulations
Martina Klose, Nick Kwidzinski, and Yaping Shao

EGU2015-731 | Orals | GM5.1

Mean flow and Reynolds stress structure over aeolian ripples
Bailiang Li, Cheryl McKenna Neuman, Otto Bédard, and Patrick O’Brien

EGU2015-15521 | Posters | GM5.1

Temporal dynamics of salt crust patterns on a sodic playa: implications for aerodynamic roughness and dust emission potential
Joanna Nield, Robert Bryant, Giles Wiggs, James King, David Thomas, Frank Eckardt, and Richard Washington

EGU2015-4156 | Orals | GM5.1

Sand availability control on dune shape and orientation
Xin GAO, Clement NARTEAU, Olivier ROZIER, and Sylvain COURRECH DU PONT

EGU2015-5204 | Orals | GM5.1

Making and breaking the sediment record - characterising effects of tsunamis, storms and average conditions on dune erosion and recovery: a forward modelling exploration.
Dano Roelvink and Susana Costas

EGU2015-4062 | Posters | GM5.1

Analysis of topsoil aggregation with linkage to dust emission potential
Nitzan Swet and Itzhak Katra

EGU2015-214 | Orals | GM5.1

Wind Streaks on Earth; Exploration and Interpretation
Aviv Lee Cohen-Zada, Dan G Blumberg, and Shimrit Maman

EGU2015-416 | Posters | GM5.1

Advanced InSAR imaging for dune mapping
Shiran Havivi, Yitzhak August, Dan G Blumberg, and Stanley R Rotman

EGU2015-10120 | Orals | GM5.1

Remote sensing of dust source characteristics and emission controls on a large playa
Robert Bryant, Frank Eckardt, Kathryn Vickery, Giles Wiggs, Martin Hipondoka, Jonathan Murray, Helen Brindley, James King, Jo Nield, David Thomas, and Richard Washington

EGU2015-7507 | Orals | GM5.1

Blowing dust and highway safety in the southwestern US
Junran Li, Jeff Lee, and Thomas Gill

EGU2015-15706 | Posters | GM5.1

Environmental Controls and Eco-geomorphic Interactions of the Barchan-to-parabolic Dune Stabilisation and the Parabolic-to-barchan Dune Reactivation
Na Yan and Andreas Baas

EGU2015-5893 | Posters | GM5.1

Numerical modeling of the wind flow over a transverse dune
Ascanio Araujo, Eric Partelli, Thorsten Poschel, Jose Andrade, and Hans Herrmann

EGU2015-5558 | Orals | GM5.1

An introduction to the INQUA Dunes Atlas Chronologic Database
Nicholas Lancaster, Charlie Bristow, Olaf Bubenzer, Sallie Burrough, Geoff Duller, Alan Halfen, Paul Hesse, Joel Roskin, Ashok Singhvi, David Thomas, Alfonsina Tripaldi, Xiaoping Yang, Stephen Wolfe, and Marcelo Zarate

EGU2015-4164 | Posters | GM5.1

Development and stability of bed forms: a numerical analysis of dune pattern coarsening and giant dunes
Xin GAO, Clement NARTEAU, and Olivier ROZIER

EGU2015-3525 | Orals | GM5.1

Dune ages in the sand deserts of the southern Sahara and Sahel
Charlie Bristow and Simon Armitage

EGU2015-2522 | Orals | GM5.1

Spatial and temporal variations in the sediment state of North American dune fields
Alan F Halfen, Nicholas Lancaster, and Stephen Wolfe

EGU2015-3638 | Posters | GM5.1

Digital mapping of the extent of global dune systems
Paul Hesse, Nicholas Lancaster, and Matt Telfer

EGU2015-356 | Orals | GM5.1

A review of the chronologies and geomorphology of the aeolian landforms in the northwestern Negev dunefield (Israel)
Joel Roskin

EGU2015-294 | Posters | GM5.1

Effect of Holocene sea level change on aeolian activity in the coastal plain of Ras El Hekma area, NW coast of Egypt
Enas Farghaly and Magdy Torab

EGU2015-136 | Orals | GM5.1

The Karakum and Kyzylkum sand seas dynamics; mapping and palaeoclimatic interpretations
Shimrit Maman, Dan G Blumberg, Haim Tsoar, and Naomi Porat

EGU2015-360 | Posters | GM5.1

The Holocene evolution of the beach and inland aeolian sand of the north-central Mediterranean coast of Israel
Joel Roskin, Dorit Sivan, Revital Bookman, and Gilad Shteinberg

EGU2015-357 | Posters | GM5.1

Particle-size fractionation of aeolian sand along a climatic and geomorphic gradient of the Sinai-Negev erg
Joel Roskin, Itzhak Katra, and Dan G. Blumberg

EGU2015-3984 | Orals | GM5.1

Aeolian activity in the central coast of Portugal since the LGM and major atmospheric circulation shifts
Susana Costas, Filipa Naughton, and Hans Renssen

EGU2015-2922 | Posters | GM5.1

21Ne, 10Be and 26Al cosmogenic burial ages of near-surface eolian sand from the Packard Dune field, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica.
David Fink, Paul Augustinus, Ed Rhodes, Charles Bristow, and Greg Balco

GM6.1 – Rockfalls, rockslides and rock avalanches (co-organized)

EGU2015-2283 | Posters | GM6.1

Post-glacial rock avalanche causing epigenetic gorge incision (Strassberg gorge, Eastern Alps).
Diethard Sanders

EGU2015-5842 | Posters | GM6.1

Optimization of massive countermeasure design in complex rockfall settings
Federico Agliardi and Giovanni B. Crosta

EGU2015-9017 | Orals | GM6.1

Effects of signal attenuation in natural media on interpretation of acoustic emissions in the context early warning systems
Jerome Faillettaz and Dani Or

EGU2015-11825 | Orals | GM6.1

Can we use ice calving on glacier fronts as a proxy for rock slope failures?
Antonio Abellan, Ivanna Penna, Sergio Daicz, Dario Carrea, Marc-Henri Derron, Michel Jaboyedoff, Adrian Riquelme, and Roberto Tomas

EGU2015-8299 | Posters | GM6.1

The effect of the 2008 Mw 7.9 Sichuan earthquake on regional landslide patterns between 2001 and 2012
Kerry Leith, Lisa Krammel, and Michael Krautblatter

EGU2015-8441 | Posters | GM6.1

Characterisation of rockfalls from seismic signal: insights from laboratory experiments
Maxime FARIN, Anne MANGENEY, Renaud TOUSSAINT, Julien de ROSNY, Nikolai SHAPIRO, Thomas DEWEZ, Clément HIBERT, Christian MATHON, Olivier SEDAN, and Frédéric BERGER

EGU2015-828 | Orals | GM6.1

Identification of thermo- and ice-mechanical stresses and their occurrence conditions in a steep permafrost rockwall
Daniel Draebing, Michael Krautblatter, and Thomas Hoffmann

EGU2015-8720 | Posters | GM6.1

The destabilization of the Pilatte hut (2577 m a.s.l. - Ecrins massif, France), a paraglacial process?
Ludovic Ravanel, Laurent Dubois, Sébastien Fabre, Pierre-Allain Duvillard, and Philip Deline

EGU2015-923 | Orals | GM6.1

Obtaining magnitude-cumulative frequency curves from rockfall scar size distribution using cosmogenic chlorine-36 in the Montsec area (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain)
Guillem Domènech, Olga Mavrouli, Jordi Corominas, Antonio Abellán, Silke Merchel, Stefan Pavetich, and Georg Rugel

EGU2015-391 | Orals | GM6.1

Regional-scale controls of periglacial rockfalls (Turtmann valley, Swiss Alps)
Karoline Messenzehl, Thomas Hoffmann, Hanna Meyer, and Richard Dikau

EGU2015-9779 | Posters | GM6.1

Repeated controlled rockfall trajectory testing
Axel Volkwein, Barbara Krummenacher, Werner Gerber, Jessica Lardon, Fabio Gees, Lucas Brügger, and Thomas Ott

EGU2015-14687 | Orals | GM6.1

Spatial patterns of rockfall in recently deglaciated high-alpine rock faces: Analysing rockfall release zones and volumes based on a multiannual LiDAR time series, Kitzsteinhorn, Austria.
Ingo Hartmeyer, Markus Keuschnig, Robert Delleske, Volker Wichmann, Thomas Hoffmann, and Lothar Schrott

EGU2015-10027 | Posters | GM6.1

Analysis of a high-alpine steep rockfall – the case of the southeastern face of the Piz Lischana (Grisons, Switzerland)
Susanna Büsing, Antoine Guerin, Dario Carrea, Michel Jaboyedoff, Marc-Henri Derron, and Marcia Phillips

EGU2015-10723 | Posters | GM6.1

Contribution of terrestrial and helicopter based laser scanning for studying the Sechilienne rock slope instability (Isère, France)
Cindy Vulliez, Antonio Abellan Fernandez, Antoine Guerin, Michel Jaboyedoff, Marc-Henri Derron, Marie-Aurélie Chanut, Laurent Dubois, and Jean-Paul Duranthon

EGU2015-11371 | Posters | GM6.1

Thermal monitoring of a granitic exfoliation sheet and cliff in Yosemite Valley, California (USA)
Antoine Guerin, Battista Matasci, Brian D. Collins, Greg M. Stock, Marc-Henri Derron, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2015-10907 | Orals | GM6.1

Relating rock avalanche morphology to emplacement processes
Anja Dufresne, Christoph Prager, and Annette Bösmeier

EGU2015-5477 | Orals | GM6.1

Mobility and Energy Budget of Fragmenting Rockfalls and Rockslides
Øystein Thordén Haug, Matthias Rosenau, Karen Leever, and Onno Oncken

EGU2015-12128 | Posters | GM6.1 | Media interest

The Askja rockslide and the associated tsunami in the caldera lake
Kristin Vogfjörd, Jon Kristinn Helgason, Kristin Jonsdottir, Sveinn Brynjolfsson, Harpa Grimsdottir, Tomas Johannesson, Martin Hensch, and Maurizio Ripepe

EGU2015-12496 | Posters | GM6.1

The mobility of rock avalanches: disintegration, entrainment and deposition - a conceptual approach
Sibylle Knapp, Philipp Mamot, and Michael Krautblatter

EGU2015-1556 | Orals | GM6.1

A discrete element modelling approach for block impacts on trees
David Toe, Franck Bourrier, Ignatio Olmedo, and Frederic Berger

EGU2015-13275 | Posters | GM6.1

Harvesting rockfall hazard evaluation parameters from Google Earth Street View
Panagiotis Partsinevelos, Zacharias Agioutantis, Achilles Tripolitsiotis, Chrysanthos Steiakakis, and Stelios Mertikas

EGU2015-10735 | Orals | GM6.1

Rockfall frequency and influence of meteorological factors on a limestone cliff of the urban area of Grenoble.
Julie D'Amato, Didier Hantz, Laurent Baillet, Antoine Guerin, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2015-12720 | Orals | GM6.1

UNESCO World Heritage Site Hallstatt: Rockfall hazard and risk assessment as basis for a sustainable land-use planning- a case study from the Eastern Alps
Sandra Melzner, Michael Mölk, Michael Schiffer, and Wolfgang Gasperl

EGU2015-13603 | Posters | GM6.1

Seasonal differences in hillslope development derived from TLS data and their implementation in erosion models
Fabian Neugirg, Andreas Kaiser, Marcus Schindewolf, Jürgen Schmidt, Michael Becht, and Florian Haas

EGU2015-13660 | Posters | GM6.1

An open source GIS-based tool to integrate the fragmentation mechanism in rockfall propagation
Gerard Matas, Nieves Lantada, Josep A. Gili, and Jordi Corominas

EGU2015-12764 | Orals | GM6.1

Rockfall hazard mapping in the Yosemite valley
Matteo Mantovanelli, Filippo Catani, and Giovanni Gigli

EGU2015-14300 | Posters | GM6.1

Landslide susceptibility mapping in three selected target zones in Afghanistan
Wolfgang Schwanghart, Joe Seegers, and Gerold Zeilinger

GM6.2 – Hillslope geomorphology, denudational slope processes and slope response to climate change | PICO

EGU2015-1194 | PICO | GM6.2

Developing a postglacial rockfall chronology in the mountainous fjord landscape of western Norway
Katja Laute, Achim A. Beylich, and Stefan Winkler

EGU2015-12386 | PICO | GM6.2

Recent rock fall activity in the Wetterstein Mountains revealed by a time series of terrestrial laser scans
Anne Schöpa, Henning Baewert, Kristen Cook, and David Morche

EGU2015-10332 | PICO | GM6.2

The historic landslide of Sottrù (Badia Valley, Italy) reactivated on December 13, 2012 - a geomorphological interpretation
Alessandro Ghinoi, Mauro Soldati, Raffaele Freddi, and Alessandro Pasuto

EGU2015-7746 | PICO | GM6.2

Slope Hazard and Risk Assessment in the Tropics: Malaysia' Experience
Zakaria Mohamad, Khamarrul Azahari Razak, Ferdaus Ahmad, Mohamad Abdul Manap, Zamri Ramli, Azhari Ahmad, and Zainab Mohamed

EGU2015-10515 | PICO | GM6.2

Short and long term sediment flux in an inner-alpine sedimentary basin (Hohe Tauern, Austria)
Joachim Götz and Lothar Schrott

EGU2015-11289 | PICO | GM6.2

Sediment cascade modelling for stochastic torrential sediment transfers forecasting in a changing alpine climate
Benjamin Rudaz, Eric Bardou, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2015-10474 | PICO | GM6.2

On the Geomorphological Status of the Central Mountain Range, Korean Peninsula
Jongmin Byun and Kyungrock Paik