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GMPV – Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

GMPV1.1 – Open Session on Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology and Volcanology

EGU2015-6175 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Hindered settling and the formation of layered intrusions
Paul D. Bons, Albrecht Baur, Marlina A. Elburg, Matthias J. Lindhuber, Michael A.W. Marks, Alvar Soesoo, Boudewijn P. van Milligen, and Nicolas P. Walte

EGU2015-190 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Subcontinental mantle peridotites exposed amidst the External Hellenides, S. Peloponnesus, Greece, and their geotectonic significance
Christo Vasilopanagos, Dimitris Kostopoulos, and Evangelos Moulas

EGU2015-349 | Orals | GMPV1.1

A-type stratoid granites of Madagascar: evidence of Rodinia rifting at ca 790 Ma
Anne NEDELEC, Jean-Louis PAQUETTE, and Jean-Luc BOUCHEZ

EGU2015-1007 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Analysis of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in vein quartz and quartz-sandstone host rock in the Zhelannoe high purity quartz deposit, Russia
Marina Zemskova, Vsevolod Prokofiev, and Andrey Bychkov

EGU2015-1263 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Biogenic syngenetic pyrite from tuffaceous sedimentary RF3-V rocks
Irina Kozyreva and Natalia Nikulova

EGU2015-248 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Possible genetic link between I-type granite and orogenic gold deposits in Egypt (metamorphic-magmatic interaction?)
Mohamed Abd El Monsef

EGU2015-2181 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Prelimilary Geological and Geochemical Data from the Cangaldag Complex (Kastamonu-Turkey): Implications for the Geodynamic Evolution of the Central Pontides
Okay Cimen, Kaan Sayit, and M.Cemal Goncuoglu

EGU2015-2913 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Cu-Mo-Au mineralization in Qarachilar area, Qaradagh batholith (NW Iran): Fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies and Re-Os dating
Vartan Simmonds and Mohssen Moazzen

EGU2015-4200 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Platinum stable isotopes in ferromanganese crust and nodules
Loretta Corcoran, Terry Seward, and Monica R. Handler

EGU2015-2558 | Posters | GMPV1.1

A New Occurrence of Alkaline Magmatism on the Kola Peninsula: An Agpaitic Dyke in the Kandalaksha Region.
Mariya Akimenko, Lia Kogarko, Natalia Sorokhtina, Natalia Kononkova, and Vladimir Mamontov

EGU2015-13127 | Orals | GMPV1.1

A natural laboratory for 40Ar/39Ar geochronology: ICDP cores from Lake Van, Turkey
Jonathan Engelhardt, Masafumi Sudo, and Roland Oberhänsli

EGU2015-2845 | Posters | GMPV1.1

The post collisional metamorphic evolution from Ultra High Temperature to Amphibolite facies metamorphism in the Odesan area during the Triassic collision between the North and South China cratons.
Byung Choon Lee, Chang Whan Oh, Tae Sung Kim, and Kee Wook Yi

EGU2015-4287 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Shallow conduit processes during the 1158 AD explosive eruption of Hekla volcano, Iceland
Maria Janebo, Bruce Houghton, Thor Thordarson, and Gudrun Larsen

EGU2015-3057 | Posters | GMPV1.1

1.99 Ga mafic dykes of the Lewisian Gneiss Complex of Scotland: An upper age limit for the Palaeoproterozoic Loch Maree Group
Thomas Baker, Tony Prave, and Christopher Spencer

EGU2015-850 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Weathering of the Öræfajökull 1362 and the Vatnaöldur 1477 tephra and their impact on soils south of Vatnajökull, SE-Iceland
Theresa Bonatotzky, Franz Ottner, and Guðrún Gísladóttir

EGU2015-6043 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Dissolved Gas Composition of Groundwater in Taipei Basin and its implications
Nga-Chi Cheung, Tsanyao Frank Yang, Ai-Ti Chen, Wen-Fu Chen, and Yun-Shuen Wang

EGU2015-14425 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Identification of trends and patterns in sediment geochemistry from the Aare delta plain, Swiss Alps.
Filipe Carvalho and Lothar Schulte

EGU2015-7115 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Volcanological, petrographical and geochemical characteristics of Late Cretaceous volcanic rocks around Borçka-Artvin region (NE Turkey)
Rasim Baser, Faruk Aydin, and Simge Oguz

EGU2015-8632 | Orals | GMPV1.1

P2O5-doping in waste glasses: evolution of viscosity and crystallization processes
Mariona Tarrago, Alex Espuñes, Maite Garcia-Valles, and Salvador Martinez

EGU2015-10556 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Evaluation of Main Compositions of Water Chemistry Data By Graphical Methods, Edremit (Balikesir) Alluvial Aquifer System
Can Ertekin and Ziya Sedat Çetiner

EGU2015-11976 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Scaling Tendency of Geothermal Waters Armutlu Peninsula, Northwestern Turkey
Can Ertekin

EGU2015-12535 | Orals | GMPV1.1

Modern Processes of Hydrocarbon Migration and Re-Formation of Oil and Gas Fields (Based on the Results of Monitoring and Geochemical Studies)
Irina Plotnikova, Gulmira Salakhidinova, Fidania Nosova, Nikita Pronin, and Sergey Ostroukhov

EGU2015-12227 | Posters | GMPV1.1

An experimental approach to manufacturing technology of historical glass (XIII-XV centuries). Comparison with current glassmaking technology.
Mariona Tarrago, Domingo Gimeno, Flavia Bazzocchi, Maite Garcia-Valles, and Salvador Martinez

EGU2015-5150 | Orals | GMPV1.1

First results with the Planet; A new portable diffractometer for phase identification.
Bert Kinneging, Raymond Verbruggen, and Norman Huber

EGU2015-12274 | Posters | GMPV1.1

The eruptive history of the Trous Blancs pit craters, La Réunion Island: The origin of a 24 km long lava flow
Georg Walther, Ingmar Frese, Andrea Di Muro, Ulrich Kueppers, Laurent Michon, and Nicole Métrich

EGU2015-12395 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Analcime from Kutingkeng Formation Mudstone
Yin-Hsiu Hsiao, Kuan-Ting Chen, and Dah-Tong Ray

EGU2015-12823 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Mineralogical and sulfur isotopic characterization of the sulfur-bearing mineralization from the active degassing area of Campi Flegrei caldera (southern Italy)
Angela Mormone, Monica Piochi, Giuseppina Balassone, Harald Strauss, Claudia Troise, and Giuseppe De Natale

EGU2015-13046 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Cinnabar, arsenian pyrite and thallium-enrichment in active shallow submarine hydrothermal vents at Paleochori Bay, Milos Island, Greece
Marianna Kati, Panagiotis Voudouris, Eugenia Valsami-Jones, Andreas Magganas, Emmanouil Baltatzis, Christos Kanellopoulos, and Constantinos Mavrogonatos

EGU2015-13473 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Interference removals on Pd, Ru and Au with ICP-QQQ-MS in PGE RM
Syed Nadeem Hussain Bokhari, Thomas Meisel, and Christoph Walkner

EGU2015-13692 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Continuous monitoring of soil CO2 flux in tectonic active area of Sicily: relationship between gas emissions and crustal stress
Marco Camarda, Sofia De Gregorio, Rocco Favara, and Roberto M. R. Di Martino

EGU2015-14754 | Posters | GMPV1.1

Geo-chemical Characteristics of the Sediments in Southwest Indian Ridge
Dasong Huang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Lingling Yao, Yong Du, and Binbin Jiang

GMPV1.3 – Phosphorus as a geochemical tracer of petrogenetic processes (co-organized)

EGU2015-6629 | Orals | GMPV1.3 | Media interest

Phosphorus as indicator of magmatic olivine residence time, morphology and growth rate
Alexander Sobolev and Valentina Batanova

EGU2015-6291 | Orals | GMPV1.3

Phosphorus-rich olivine overgrowths: Evidence for additional impact to the Main Group pallasite parent body
Neva Fowler-Gerace and Kimberly Tait

EGU2015-13780 | Orals | GMPV1.3

Phosphorus and other trace elements from secondary olivine in composite mantle xenoliths (CMX) from Cima Volcanic Field (CVF; California, USA): implications for crystal growth kinetics
Ioannis Baziotis, Paul Asimow, Theodoros Ntaflos, Jeremy Boyce, Antonios Koroneos, Diego Perugini, Yongsheng Liu, Stephan Klemme, and Jasper Berndt

EGU2015-5610 | Orals | GMPV1.3

The potential importance of phosphorus for martian magmatism
Michael Toplis

EGU2015-3759 | Orals | GMPV1.3

Apatite: a new redox proxy for silicic magmas?
Andrew Miles, Colin Graham, Chris Hawkesworth, Martin Gillespie, Geoff Bromiley, and Richard Hinton

EGU2015-3514 | Orals | GMPV1.3 | Media interest

Phosphorus-bearing phases as archaeopetrogenetic indicator for possible bone-rock interactions in pyrometamorphic slags from ritual immolation sites
Peter Tropper and Magdalena Spielmann

EGU2015-15306 | Orals | GMPV1.3

Using apatite as a fluid probe for halogens to decipher fluid-rock interaction
Timm John, Christof Kusebauch, and Martin John Whitehouse

EGU2015-14888 | Orals | GMPV1.3

Applying phosphate halogen compositions to trace magmatic or metamorphic fluids in inner Solar System materials
Julia Roszjar, Timm John, Christof Kusebauch, and Martin Whitehouse

EGU2015-4626 | Orals | GMPV1.3

Phosphorus contents in garnet from an ultrahigh pressure, high-temperature eclogite of the Saxonian Erzgebirge
Željka Žigovečki Gobac, Hans-Joachim Massonne, and Thomas Theye

EGU2015-1835 | Orals | GMPV1.3

Thermal Expansion of Fluorapatite-Chlorapatite Solid Solutions
Guy Hovis, Tony Abraham, William Hudacek, Sarah Wildermuth, Brian Scott, Caitlin Altomare, Aaron Medford, Maricate Conlon, Matthew Morris, Amanda Leaman, Christine Almer, Gary Tomaino, and Daniel Harlov

GMPV1.4 – Ore deposits: origin, exploration and exploitation (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2015-17 | PICO | GMPV1.4

187Re - 187Os Nuclear Geochronometry: A New Dating Method Applied to Old Ores
Goetz Roller

EGU2015-494 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Impicit wireframing for complex geological models
Aleksandr Mitrofanov and Liubov Egorova

EGU2015-501 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Ore genesis dating: implication of Sm-Nd method using sulfide minerals for mafic-ultramafic layered intrusions of Fennoscandian Shield
Pavel Serov, Tamara Bayanova, Ekaterina Steshenko, and Nadezhda Ekimova

EGU2015-2266 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic investigation of the Akdag (Divrigi-Sivas) iron deposit, Turkey
Ece Varol and Taner Unlu

EGU2015-5003 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Pb and Zn release from crustal sediments during metamorphism
Johannes Hammerli, Carl Spandler, Nick Oliver, Paolo Sossi, and Greg Dipple

EGU2015-6673 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Geochemical, microtextural and petrological studies of the Samba prospect in the Zambian Copperbelt basement: a metamorphosed Palaeoproterozoic porphyry Cu deposit.
Sharad Master and N. Mirrander Ndhlovu

EGU2015-7367 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Paired Magmatic-Metallogenic Belts in Myanmar – an Andean Analogue?
Nicholas Gardiner, Laurence Robb, Michael Searle, and Christopher Morley

EGU2015-7542 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Silver and Co-Ni sulphoarsenides from the Kongsberg silver deposit, Norway
Kåre Kullerud, Jana Kotková, and Radek Škoda

EGU2015-11414 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Geological and Geochemical Criteria for the Estimation of the Area of The Lesser Hinggan for the Endogenous Gold Mineralization (The Far East, Russia)
Yuriy Yurchenko

EGU2015-12659 | PICO | GMPV1.4

New observations on the Ni-Co ores of the southern Arburese Variscan district (SW Sardinia, Italy)
Stefano Naitza, Francesco Secchi, Giacomo Oggiano, and Stefano Cuccuru

EGU2015-13034 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Mineralogical and geochemical investigation of black sands in Central Macedonia, NE Greece
George Economou, Demetrios Eliopoulos, Ioannis Tzifas, Christos Papatrechas, and Chrysanthi Ioakim

EGU2015-13236 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Copper mineralisation in the Lufilian Arc – controlling factors and links to supercontinent break-up and assembly
Kerstin Saalmann, Jeremie Lehmann, Lorenzo Milani, Kalin Naydenov, Sharad Master, and Judith Kinnaird

EGU2015-4222 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Relations between ore deposits and granites resulting from low degree of melting of the continental crust
Michel Cuney

EGU2015-10235 | PICO | GMPV1.4 | Media interest

Developing alternative resources of rare earth elements in Europe – EURARE and the red mud challenge
Eimear Deady, Evangelos Mouchos, Kathryn Goodenough, Frances Wall, and Ben Williamson

EGU2015-12248 | PICO | GMPV1.4

A Late Variscan Sn province: the Arburese region (SW Sardinia, Italy)
Stefano Naitza, Francesco Secchi, Giacomo Oggiano, and Stefano Cuccuru

EGU2015-474 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Image analyses in bauxitic ores: The case of the Apulian karst bauxites
Roberto Buccione, Rosa Sinisi, and Giovanni Mongelli

EGU2015-809 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Remote estimation of thermal and dielectric properties of palaeochannel-fill sediments in Yeelirrie area, Western Australia: implications for surficial uranium exploration
Alok Porwal, Avik Bhattacharya, Rahul Deb Das, and Sudarshanan Raghvan

EGU2015-1993 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Regional lithology mapping using airborne hyperspectral data
kai QIN, jianping CHEN, and yingjun ZHAO

EGU2015-2833 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Evaluation of feasibility of static tests applied to Küre VMS ore deposits
Cansu DEMİREL, Nurgül ÇELİK BALCI, and M. Şeref SÖNMEZ

EGU2015-4880 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Remote sensing analysis for fault-zones detection in the Central Andean Plateau (Catamarca, Argentina)
Anna Traforti, Matteo Massironi, Dario Zampieri, and Cristian Carli

EGU2015-6781 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Comparison of Different Machine Learning Algorithms for Lithological Mapping Using Remote Sensing Data and Morphological Features: A Case Study in Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq
Arsalan Othman and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2015-8387 | PICO | GMPV1.4

The utilisation of magnetic susceptibility as a vector toward mineralisation in common rock and ore forming minerals.
Matthew English and Tim Raub

EGU2015-8836 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Hyperspectral remote sensing exploration of carbonatite - an example from Epembe, Kunene region, Namibia
Robert Zimmermann, Melanie Brandmeier, Louis Andreani, and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2015-8842 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Hyperspectral remote sensing for mineral mapping of structural related mineralizations around Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia
Sandra Jakob, Sanaz Salati, and Richard Gloaguen

EGU2015-12287 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Thermal 3D Modeling of Geothermal Area Using Terrestrial Photogrammetry
Ozgun Akcay, Ramazan Cuneyt Erenoglu, Oya Erenoglu, Ferruh Yılmazturk, and Zeki Karaca

EGU2015-486 | PICO | GMPV1.4

New data for paleoprotherozoic PGE-bearing anorthosite of Kandalaksha massif (Baltic shield): U-Pb and Sm-Nd ages
Ekaterina Steshenko, Tamara Bayanova, and Pavel Serov

EGU2015-2168 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Titanium minerals of placer deposits as a source for new materials
Olga Kotova and Alexey Ponaryadov

EGU2015-5955 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Two types of ore-bearing mafic complexes of the Early Proterozoic East-Scandinavian LIP and their ore potential
Felix Mitrofanov, Dmitry Zhirov, Tamara Bayanova, Alexey Korchagin, and Victor Chaschin

EGU2015-5504 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Rare-element pegmatite-forming melt during Variscan orogeny: genesis, propagation and consolidation
Sarah Deveaud, Laurent Guillou-Frottier, and Romain Millot

EGU2015-13099 | PICO | GMPV1.4

Trace and rare earth elements fractionation in volcanic- and sediment-hosted Mn ores: a study case of Sardinia (western Italy).
Rosa Sinisi

EGU2015-15602 | PICO | GMPV1.4 | Media interest

Critical thinking: assessing the risks to the future security of supply of critical metals
Gus Gunn

GMPV2.1 – Earth's early crust: petrological and geochemical perspectives (co-sponsored by the VGP section of AGU)

EGU2015-11750 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Slab crustal dehydration, melting and dynamics through time
Jeroen van Hunen, Pierre Bouilhol, Valentina Magni, and Benjamin Maunder

EGU2015-164 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Contrasting crustal evolution processes in the Dharwar craton
Penelope J Lancaster, Sukanta Dey, Craig D Storey, Anirban Mitra, and Rakesh K Bhunia

EGU2015-1032 | Posters | GMPV2.1

New U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Choma-Kalomo Block (Zambia) and the Dete-Kamativi Inlier (Zimbabwe), with implications for the extent of the Zimbabwe Craton.
Sarah Glynn, Michael Wiedenbeck, Sharad Master, and Dirk Frei

EGU2015-1469 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Generation of felsic crust in the Archean: a geodynamic modeling perspective
Elena Sizova, Taras Gerya, Kurt Stüwe, and Michael Brown

EGU2015-5256 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Paleo-Proterozoic granitoids from Mahakoshal Supracrustal Belt (MSB), CITZ
Bhupendra Yadav, Talat Ahmad, Tatiana Kaulina, and Tamara Bayanova

EGU2015-13103 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Rapid high-silica magma generation in basalt-dominated rift settings
Sylvia E. Berg, Valentin R. Troll, Steffi Burchardt, Frances M. Deegan, Morten S. Riishuus, Martin J. Whitehouse, Chris Harris, Carmela Freda, Ben S. Ellis, Michael Krumbholz, and Ludvik E. Gústafsson

EGU2015-5519 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Geochemistry of Archean Mafic Amphibolites from the Amsaga Area, West African Craton, Mauritania: Occurrence of Archean oceanic plateau
Fatima El Atrassi, Vinciane Debaille, Nadine Mattielli, and Julien Berger

EGU2015-5299 | Posters | GMPV2.1

U-Pb ID-TIMS zircon ages of TTG gneisses of the Aravalli Craton of India
Hiredya Chauhan, Ashima Saikia, Tatiana Kaulina, Tamara Bayanova, and Talat Ahmad

EGU2015-11541 | Orals | GMPV2.1

Simple Lu–Hf isotope patterns resulting from complex Archean geodynamics: example of the Pietersburg block (South Africa)
Oscar Laurent and Armin Zeh

EGU2015-5393 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Mineral chemistry and geochemistry of the Late Neoproterozoic Gabal Abu Diab granitoids, Central Eastern Dessert, Egypt: Implications for the origin of rare metal post-orogenic A-type granites
Mabrouk Sami, Theodoros Ntaflos, Esam S. Farahat, Awaad F. Ahmed, and Haroun A. Mohamed

EGU2015-12556 | Orals | GMPV2.1

What can zircon ages from the Jack Hills detrital zircon suite really tell us about Hadean geodynamics?
Martin Whitehouse and Alexander Nemchin

EGU2015-6645 | Posters | GMPV2.1

High-resolution geology, petrology and age of a tectonically accreted section of Paleoarchean oceanic crust, Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa
Eugene Grosch, Olivier Vidal, Nicola McLoughlin, and Martin Whitehouse

EGU2015-8138 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Garnet and muscovite chemistry of Paleoproterozoic basement in Brasília Belt: preserved magmatic compositions
Isabela Sousa

EGU2015-9678 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Petrological and geochemical study of Eastern Varnountas dolerites (Florina, W. Macedonia, Greece)
Martha Papadopoulou, Antonios Koroneos, Georgios Christofides, Adamantios Kilias, and Lambrini Papadopoulou

EGU2015-11893 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Constraining the Conditions Required for the Delamination of Subducting Crust
Ben Maunder, Jeroen van Hunen, Valentina Magni, and Pierre Bouilhol

EGU2015-12818 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Testing the reliability of information extracted from ancient zircon
Ross Kielman, Martin Whitehouse, and Alexander Nemchin

EGU2015-13733 | Posters | GMPV2.1

Revisiting models of crustal growth; the role of preservation and destruction
Nick Roberts and Christopher Spencer

GMPV2.4 – Contributions to Metamorphic Geology

EGU2015-1 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Oceanic crust within the paleozoic Granjeno Schist, northeastern Mexico. Remnants of the Rheic and paleo-Pacific Ocean.
Sonia Alejandra Torres Sanchez, Carita Augustsson, Jose Rafael Barboza Gudiño, Uwe Jenchen, Dario Torres Sanchez, Eduardo Aleman Gallardo, and Michael Abratis

EGU2015-3121 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Archean to Paleoproterozoic polymetamorphic history of the Salma eclogite in Kola Peninsula, Russia
Takeshi Imayama, Chang-Whan Oh, Chan-Soo Park, Keewook Yi, and Haemyeong Jung

EGU2015-6168 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Tectonic evolution of the western boundary of the Attico-Cycladic complex (Lavrio, Greece)
Christophe Scheffer, Olivier Vanderhaeghe, Alexandre Tarantola, Pierre Lanari, Leandre Ponthus, Lyderic France, and Adonis Photiades

EGU2015-318 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Trace element characteristics and Zr-in-rutile thermometry of rutiles from the meta-ophiolitic rocks in the Kazdag Massif, NW Turkey
Fırat Şengün

EGU2015-643 | Posters | GMPV2.4

In-situ Nd isotope measurements on accessory minerals: Insights into isotope equilibration during metamorphism
Johannes Hammerli, Carl Spandler, Tony Kemp, and Cassian Pirard

EGU2015-3819 | Orals | GMPV2.4

How and when does argon redistribute during a metamorphic cycle?
Clare Warren, Christopher McDonald, and Simon Kelley

EGU2015-15096 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Metamorphic petrology unraveling secrets of the Arabian-Nubian Shield evolution
Tamer Abu-Alam

EGU2015-2598 | Posters | GMPV2.4

The Vincent Fault in the San Gabriel Mtns, southern California, USA: a modified plate boundary shear zone
Haoran Xia and John Platt

EGU2015-2600 | Posters | GMPV2.4

P-T-t paths from polyphased garnets of the Yenisey Ridge: evidence for three tectonothermal events along the western margin of Siberian craton
Igor Likhanov

EGU2015-11493 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Garnet cannibalism provides clues to extensive hydration of lower crustal fragments in a subduction channel (Sesia Zone, Northwestern Alps)
Francesco Giuntoli, Pierre Lanari, and Martin Engi

EGU2015-3520 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Unraveling eclogite-facies fluid-rock interaction using thermodynamic modelling and whole-rock experiments: the in-situ eclogitization of metapelites from Val Savenca (Sesia Zone, Western Alps)
Marie Jentsch and Peter Tropper

EGU2015-5073 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Using quantitative phase petrology to understand metamorphism
Richard White

EGU2015-6978 | Orals | GMPV2.4

From crystal lattice to field scale – Using diffusion modelling to constrain time scales of metamorphic processes: An example from the Granulite Massif, Germany
Thomas Mueller

EGU2015-4088 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Modelling metamorphism in the Hoosac Schist, Western Massachusetts: new approaches to a New England problem
Anna Bidgood, Dave Waters, and Nick Gardiner

EGU2015-9523 | Orals | GMPV2.4

The use of trace element zoning patterns in garnet to infer reaction paths of metamorphic rocks
Matthias Konrad-Schmolke, Clemens Witte, Ralf Dohmen, Patrick O'Brien, Lars Erpel, Ralf Halama, Alexander Schmidt, and Hana Ditterova

EGU2015-4538 | Posters | GMPV2.4

The relationship between continental collision process and metamorphic pattern in the Himalayan collision belts
Chang-Whan Oh

EGU2015-4992 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Proterozoic metamorphism in the Neoarchean Kabul Block, Afghanistan
Stephen Collett and Shah Wali Faryad

EGU2015-15149 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Trace elements in metapelitic schists from Alpe Sponda (Central Alps, Switzerland)
Charlotte Redler, Alfred Irouschek, Teresa Jeffries, and Reto Gieré

EGU2015-4875 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Metamorphic probing of subduction dynamics and rheology
Philippe Agard

EGU2015-5340 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Crustal melting during subduction at mantle depth: anatomy of near-UHP nanogranites (Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, Bohemian Massif)
Silvio Ferrero, Martin Ziemann, Katarzyna Walczak, Bernd Wunder, Patrick J. O´Brien, and Lutz Hecht

EGU2015-6207 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Multistage growth of Fe–Mg–carpholite and Fe–Mg–chloritoid, from field evidence to thermodynamic modelling
Amaury Pourteau, Romain Bousquet, Olivier Vidal, Alexis Plunder, Erik Duesterhoeft, Osman Candan, and Roland Oberhänsli

EGU2015-5127 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Petrology of HP/LT metapelitic rocks of an accretionary wedge, the Central Pontides, Turkey: evidence for tectonic stacking and syn-subduction exhumation
Mesut Aygül, Aral Okay, and Roland Oberhänsli

EGU2015-3003 | Orals | GMPV2.4

Using nanogranite and glassy inclusions to unravel anatexis in the crustal footwall of the Ronda peridotites (Betic Cordillera, S Spain)
Omar Bartoli, Antonio Acosta-Vigil, Bernardo Cesare, Laurent Remusat, Lucie Tajčmanová, Markus Wälle, Christoph Heinrich, Stefano Poli, and Robert J. Bodnar

EGU2015-6240 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Quantitative determination of the prograde P-T path by garnet zonation pattern from the Buchan-type pelitic schists of the Hamadan crystalline basement, Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, western Iran
Behzad Monfaredi, Christoph Hauzenberger, Franz Neubauer, Farzaneh Shakerardakani, and Ralf Halama

EGU2015-8001 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Electron microscopic evidence for syntectonic transition from pyrite to pyrrhotite in low-grade metapelites from southern Taiwan
Yi-Syuan Chen and Wei-Teh Jiang

EGU2015-9782 | Posters | GMPV2.4

C. 1.5 Ga metamorphism of the Lazdijai 13 volcano-sedimentary sequence in southern Lithuania: its origin and implications
Laurynas Siliauskas and Grazina Skridlaite

EGU2015-9798 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Geochemistry of Giuncana eclogite, North Sardinia (Italy) and comparison with coeval Sardinian eclogites
Marcello Franceschelli, Gabriele Cruciani, Antonio Langone, Massimo Scodina, and Mariano Puxeddu

EGU2015-9836 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Progade PT path, prograde fluid flow, metasomatism and hydrous melting in the Osor high-grade HT-LP complex (Catalan Coastal Ranges-CCR, NE Iberia).
Joan Reche, Francisco Martínez, and Gisela Leoz

EGU2015-10458 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Geochemistry of sedimentary-derived migmatite from NE Sardinia, Italy
Gabriele Cruciani, Dario Fancello, Marcello Franceschelli, and Massimo Scodina

EGU2015-10886 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Geochemical characterization of migmatized orthogneiss from Porto Ottiolu (NE Sardinia, Italy) and its inferences on partial melting process
Gabriele Cruciani, Dario Fancello, Marcello Franceschelli, and Stefano Columbu

EGU2015-11059 | Posters | GMPV2.4

The effect of thermal resetting and recrystallisation on white mica 40Ar/39Ar ages during retrograde metamorphism on Syros, Greece
Bertram Uunk, Jan Wijbrans, and Fraukje Brouwer

EGU2015-11154 | Posters | GMPV2.4

At what conditions does zircon grow/dissolve during high-T metamorphism? Relating zircon textures to PT-conditions
Barbara E. Kunz, Daniele Regis, Paola Manzotti, and Martin Engi

EGU2015-11160 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Production and distribution of melt in domainal migmatite deciphered by micro-mapping the local effective bulk compositions
Pierre Lanari, Nicolas Riel, and Martin Engi

EGU2015-12242 | Posters | GMPV2.4

How precisely evidences of P-T stages are preserved in HP rocks? Insights from micro-mapping of local effective bulk.
Chloé Loury, Yann Rolland, Pierre Lanari, Stéphane Guillot, Clément Ganino, and Bénédicte Cenki-Tok

EGU2015-15100 | Posters | GMPV2.4

Micro- to nano-scale mapping and characterization of low-temperature metamorphism in Archean subseafloor metabasalts with implications for early life
Eugene Grosch and Nicola McLoughlin

GMPV3.1 – Magmas from the mantle (co-sponsored by the VGP section of AGU)

EGU2015-258 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Petrology, geochemistry and geochonology of the Jacupiranga ultramafic, alkaline and carbonatitic complex (southern Brazil)
Luanna CHMYZ, Nicolas ARNAUD, and João Carlos BIONDI

EGU2015-6599 | Orals | GMPV3.1 | Media interest

The temperature of primary melts and mantle sources of komatiites, OIBs, MORBs and LIPs
Alexander Sobolev

EGU2015-725 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Major and trace element abundances, and Sr and Nd isotopic composition of Carbonatites from Amba Dongar, Gujarat, India
Jyoti Chandra, Debajyoti Paul, Shrinivas G Viladkar, and Sarajit Sensarma

EGU2015-7281 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Composition of komatiite melts from Abitibi and Belingwe inferred from melt inclusions in olivine phenocrysts.
Evgeny Asafov, Alexander Sobolev, Nicholas Arndt, and Valentina Batanova

EGU2015-1044 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Cu refertilization of abyssal harzburgites by melt percolation
Jakub Ciazela, Henry Dick, Juergen Koepke, Roman Botcharnikov, Andrzej Muszynski, and Thomas Kuhn

EGU2015-9343 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Viscosity of carbonate-rich melts under different oxygen fugacity conditions
Danilo Di Genova, Kai-Uwe Hess, Corrado Cimarelli, and Donald B. Dingwell

EGU2015-4111 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Petrogenesis of Variscan lamproites of the Bohemian Massif
Lukáš Krmíček, Rolf L. Romer, and Johannes Glodny

EGU2015-9784 | Orals | GMPV3.1

Os isotopic constraints on the identification of pyroxenite in the source of OIBs
Sally Gibson, Chris Dale, Dennis Geist, and Karen Harpp

EGU2015-14532 | Orals | GMPV3.1 | Media interest

The geochemical geometry of mantle plumes
Matthew Jackson

EGU2015-4311 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Polymagmatic activity and complex magma evolution at the monogenetic Mt Gambier Volcanic Complex in the Newer Volcanics Province, SE Australia
Jozua van Otterloo, Massimo Raveggi, Ray Cas, and Roland Maas

EGU2015-9120 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Magma mixing, crustal contamination, contamination before chemical analysis or complex history? The case study from the Wołek Hill, SW Poland
Monika Nowak

EGU2015-5980 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Petrology and geochemistry of the San Félix-San Ambrosio islands, Eastern Pacific
Oliver Cooper Percker and Luis E. Lara

EGU2015-719 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Petrology and petrogenesis of the Eocene Volcanic rocks in Yildizeli area (Sivas), Central Anatolia, Turkey
C. Doğa Topbay, Zekiye Karacık, S. Can Genç, and Gönenç Göçmengil

EGU2015-8671 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Coexistence of compositionally heterogeneous podiform chromitites in the Antalya-Isparta ophiolitic suite, SW Turkey: a record of sequential magmatic processes in the sub-arc lithospheric mantle
Ibrahim Uysal, Argyrios Kapsiotis, Recep Melih Akmaz, Samet Saka, Erdi Avci, and Dirk Müller

EGU2015-7161 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Volcanostratigraphy, petrography and petrochemistry of Late Cretaceous volcanic rocks from the Görele area (Giresun, NE Turkey)
Simge Oguz, Faruk Aydin, and Rasim Baser

EGU2015-14323 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Petrological and geochemical constraints on the origin of mafic dykes intruding the composite Kaçkar Pluton from the eastern Blacksea magmatic arc, NE Turkey
Faruk Aydin, Simge Oguz, Rasim Baser, Ibrahim Uysal, Cüneyt Sen, Orhan Karsli, and Raif Kandemir

EGU2015-8922 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Mineralogy and petrography of metagabbros and metapyroxenites from NW Tinos Island, Cyclades, Greece
Constantinos Mavrogonatos, Andreas Magganas, Marianna Kati, and Panagiotis Voudouris

EGU2015-2979 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Magmatic constraints on a Holocene continental back-arc volcano: The Santa Maria volcano
Venera Espanon, Allan Chivas, and Anthony Dosseto

EGU2015-2767 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Speculations about the reasons of periodic sulfide crystallization-dissipation in ultrabasic magmas.
Alex Asavin and Alexey Ariskin

EGU2015-531 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Trace Elements in the Section of the Kievey PGE Deposit (Kola Peninsula, Russia)
Nikolay Groshev, Tatyana Rundkvist, and Alexey Korchagin

EGU2015-449 | Posters | GMPV3.1

Mantle reservoirs (EM-1, OIB, E-MORB and N-MORB), long duration and polystages history for PGE-bearing paleoproterozoic layered intrusions in the N-E part of Fennoscandian Shield.
Tamara Bayanova, Ludmila Nerovich, Pavel Serov, Evgeniy Kunakkuzin, and Dmitriy Elizarov

GMPV3.2 – High-pressure and high-temperature mineral physics: a link between petrology, geophysics and geodynamics

EGU2015-1612 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Pressure determination in HDAC experiments, the behavior of isochoric water-silicate systems at high pressure, and implications for melt (glass) inclusion studies
Giulio Solferino and Alan J. Anderson

EGU2015-810 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Carbon isotope ratios and impurities in diamonds from Southern Africa
Abiel Kidane, Monika Koch-Müller, Luiz Morales, Michael Wiedenbeck, and Maarten De Wit

EGU2015-1877 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Does graphite explain high conductivity anomaly in the upper mantle?
Baohua zhang and Takashi Yoshino

EGU2015-3312 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Elastic geobarometry for ultra high pressure metamorphic (UHPM) rocks
Mattia Luca Mazzucchelli, Ross John Angel, Matteo Alvaro, Paolo Nimis, Chiara Maria Domeneghetti, and Fabrizio Nestola

EGU2015-4236 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Compression of α-cristobalite under different hydrostatic conditions
Ana Cernok, Katharina Marquardt, Elena Bykova, Hanns-Peter Liermann, and Leonid Dubrovinsky

EGU2015-2399 | Posters | GMPV3.2

187Re- 187Os Nuclear Geochronometry: Dating Peridotitic Diamond Sulphide Inclusions
Goetz Roller

EGU2015-4410 | Orals | GMPV3.2

Cratonic origin of Type Ib diamonds: age constraints from Re-Os analyses of sulphide inclusions
Karen Smit, Steven Shirey, and Wuyi Wang

EGU2015-3206 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Partially Melted UHP Eclogite in the Sulu Orogenic Belt, China and its rheological significance to deep continental subduction: Micro- to Macro-scale Evidence
Lu Wang, Timothy Kusky, Ali Polat, Songjie Wang, Xingfu Jiang, Keqing Zong, Junpeng Wang, Hao Deng, and Jianmin Fu

EGU2015-9741 | Orals | GMPV3.2

VOC and VOX in fluid inclusions of quartz: New chemical insights into hydrothermal vein mineralization by GC-MS and GC-IRMS measurements
Tobias Sattler, Thomas Kirnbauer, Frank Keppler, Markus Greule, Jan Fischer, Patrik Spiekermann, Ulrich Schreiber, Ines Mulder, and Heinz Friedrich Schöler

EGU2015-3212 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Multi-stage barites in partially melted UHP eclogite: implications for fluid/melt activities during deep continental subduction in the Sulu orogenic belt
Songjie Wang and Lu Wang

EGU2015-4582 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Oxide glasses and melts under compression and confinement
Sung Keun Lee

EGU2015-10321 | Orals | GMPV3.2

CaSiO3-walstromite inclusions in super-deep diamonds
Chiara Anzolini, Fabrizio Nestola, Sula Milani, and Frank E. Brenker

EGU2015-7900 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Geology and Geochemistry of the Yingmailai Granitic Intrusion in the Southern Tianshan and Its Implications
Letian Ma, Zhaochong Zhang, Shu Zhang, and He Huang

EGU2015-12423 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Development of a new micro-furnace for "in situ" high-temperature single crystal X-ray diffraction measurements
Matteo Alvaro, Ross J Angel, Claudio Marciano, Gabriele Zaffiro, Lorenzo Scandolo, Mattia L. Mazzucchelli, Sula Milani, Greta Rustioni, Chiara M. Domeneghetti, and Fabrizio Nestola

EGU2015-13240 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Crystallographic relationships between diamond and its inclusions
Paolo Nimis, Fabrizio Nestola, Ross J. Angel, Sula Milani, Matteo Alvaro, Chiara Anzolini, Mariangela Schiazza, Marco Bruno, Mauro Prencipe, Jeff W. Harris, and Mark T. Hutchison

EGU2015-13699 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Investigation on the stability of FeCO3 down to the core mantle boundary
Valerio Cerantola, Elena Bykova, Catherine McCammon, Marco Merlini, and Leonid Dubrovinsky

EGU2015-15226 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Modeling of thermo-chemical properties of the sub-solidus MgO-FeO binary, under Earth's lower mantle conditions
Luciana Sciascia, Marcello Merli, Alessandro Pavese, and Valeria Diella

EGU2015-15408 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Polymorphism of calcite at high pressure and high temperature
Marco Merlini

EGU2015-15678 | Posters | GMPV3.2

Petrogenesis and Fluid inclusions of the Band-e Narges skarn iron ore, Central Iran
Maliheh Nazari, Mohammad Lotfi, and Neematollah R.N. Omran

GMPV3.3 – Evolution of the lithospheric mantle: a petrological and geochemical perspective from the non-cratonic mantle xenoliths and orogenic peridotites

EGU2015-9550 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Petrological and geochemical studies of mantle xenoliths from La Palma, Canary Islands
Astrid Janisch and Theodoros Ntaflos

EGU2015-15441 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Geochemical and isotopic characterization of mantle xenoliths from the back arc region of north Patagonia
Andrea Mundl, Theodoros Ntaflos, Ackerman Lukás, Michael Bizimis, Ernesto Bjerg, and Christoph Hauzenberger

EGU2015-11436 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Hydrous metasomatism and melt percolation in the lithospsheric mantle wedge underneath Comallo, Rio Negro Province, Argentina
Martha Papadopoulou, Theodoros Ntaflos, Ernesto Bjerg, Michel Gregoire, and Christoph Hauzenberger

EGU2015-4339 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Preliminary data on sulfides from mantle xenoliths from Wilcza Góra and Krzeniów basanites (SW Poland)
Michał Bukała, Jacek Puziewicz, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Piotr Wojtulek

EGU2015-2489 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Controls on volatile content and distribution in the continental upper mantle of Southern Gondwana (Patagonia & W. Antarctica)
Eve Rooks, Sally Gibson, Chiara Petrone, and Phillip Leat

EGU2015-10391 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Chemical and petrological heterogenity of lithospheric mantle beneath N Patagonia (Argentina) - case study of Cerro Chenque xenoliths.
Dominika Kozdrowska, Magdalena Matusiak-Małek, Theodoros Ntaflos, Jacek Puziewicz, and Ernesto Bjerg

EGU2015-12007 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Petrological study of Greene Point mantle xenoliths, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Beatrice Pelorosso, Costanza Bonadiman, Barbara Faccini, Massimo Coltorti, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Michel Grégoire

EGU2015-5206 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle beneath southern Patagonia, Argentina
Olesya Kolosova-Satlberger, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Ernesto Bjerg

EGU2015-8382 | Orals | GMPV3.3

“Black-colored olivines” in peridotites: dehydrogenation from hydrous olivines
Shoji Arai, Chihiro Hoshikawa, and Makoto Miura

EGU2015-4332 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Apatite intergrowths in clinopyroxene megacrysts from the Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka (SW Poland) basanite
Danuta Lipa, Jacek Puziewicz, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Magdalena Matusiak-Małek

EGU2015-15039 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Preliminary data on the Bramberg (Hassberge, Bavaria, Germany) mantle xenoliths
Anna Kukuła, Jacek Puziewicz, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Magdalena Matusiak-Małek

EGU2015-6570 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Thermal evolution from Triassic to Jurassic of the upper mantle beneath the Pindos Ocean as implied by ultramafic rocks in East Othris, Greece
Petros Koutsovitis and Andreas Magganas

EGU2015-10751 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Geochemical evolution of lithospheric mantle underlying Intrasudetic Fault (SW Poland).
Mateusz Ćwiek, Magdalena Matusiak-Małek, Jacek Puziewicz, and Theodoros Ntaflos

EGU2015-15625 | Orals | GMPV3.3

The origin of pyroxene megacrysts in alkali basalts from Patagonia, Argentina
Theo Ntaflos, Ernesto Bjerg, and Michel Gregoire

EGU2015-454 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Multi-stage supra-subduction metasomatism in the Cabo Ortegal Complex, Spain
Romain Tilhac, Suzanne O'Reilly, William Griffin, Norman Pearson, Georges Ceuleneer, and Michel Grégoire

EGU2015-10635 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Petrology and geochemistry of mafic and ultramafic cumulates occurring as xenoliths in volcanic rocks from Polish part of Central European Volcanic Province.
Michał Dajek, Magdalena Matusiak-Małek, Jacek Puziewicz, and Theodoros Ntaflos

EGU2015-11228 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Multiple refertilisation of oceanic mantle: new insights into the evolution of the southern sector of the Ligurian Tethys from Mt. Pollino ophiolites (Basilicata, Southern Italy)
Fabio Carmine Mazzeo, Massimo D'Antonio, Alberto Zanetti, Paola Petrosino, and Meritxell Aulinas

EGU2015-9179 | Orals | GMPV3.3

The really “stealth” mantle metasomatism
Jacek Puziewicz, Magdalena Matusiak-Małek, Theodoros Ntaflos, Michel Grégoire, Anna Kukuła, and Piotr Wojtulek

EGU2015-10180 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Multi stage peridotite-melt reaction evidenced by xenolith suite from Wilcza Góra basanite (SW Poland)
Magdalena Matusiak-Małek, Jacek Puziewicz, Theodoros Ntaflos, Michel Grégoire, and Piotr Wojtulek

EGU2015-13365 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Petrogenetic implications from Pleistocene volcanic rocks of Psathoura Island, Greece: Mineral chemistry and geochemical data
Petros Koutsovitis, Georgios Vougioukalakis, Georgios Economou, Nikolaos Xirokostas, Dimitrios Tarenidis, Chrysanthi Ioakim, and Aristomenis Karageorgis

EGU2015-14810 | Posters | GMPV3.3

Carbon-isotope investigation in fluid inclusions of ultramafic xenoliths from Hyblean Plateau (Sicily, Italy): a signature influenced by mantle heterogeneity.
Alessandra Correale, Antonio Paonita, Andrea Rizzo, Fausto Grassa, and Mauro Martelli

EGU2015-12342 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Petrological features of mantle xenoliths from Handler Ridge, Northern Victoria Land (NVL) , Antarctica
Beatrice Pelorosso, Costanza Bonadiman, Massimo Coltorti, Pier Paolo Giacomoni, Theodoros Ntaflos, and Michel Grégoire

EGU2015-15434 | Orals | GMPV3.3

Red Sea Rift-Related Quseir Basalts, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: Petrogenetic and Geodynamic Evolution
Esam Farahat, Shehata Ali, and Christoph Hauzenberger

GMPV4.3 – The nature of the mineral-fluid interface: relevance to dissolution and growth processes (co-organized)

EGU2015-2354 | Orals | GMPV4.3

Pre-nucleation clusters as molecular precursors to nanoscopic liquid-liquid demixing
Denis Gebauer

EGU2015-14072 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Coupled dissolution and precipitation at mineral-fluid interfaces
Christine V. Putnis, Encarnación Ruiz-Agudo, Jörn Hövelmann, Helen.E King, Håkon Austrheim, and Andrew Putnis

EGU2015-10116 | Orals | GMPV4.3

Barite formation in the presence of a commercial copolymer
Cristina Ruiz-Agudo, Christine Putnis, Encarnacion Ruiz-Agudo, and Andrew Putnis

EGU2015-15375 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Experimental study of the mechanism and sequence of calcite-dolomite replacement
Teresita Moraila-Martinez, Christine V. Putnis, and Andrew Putnis

EGU2015-3423 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Evaluating CO2 mineralization capacity of sedimentary rock Using BCR sequential extraction procedures
Gang-Ting Yang, Chi-Wen YU, Hsiao-Ming Yang, Chung-Hui CHIAO, and Ming-Wei YANG

EGU2015-3783 | Orals | GMPV4.3

Interactions of arsenic with calcite surfaces revealed by in-situ nanoscale imaging
Francois Renard, Christine Putnis, German Montes-Hernandez, Encarnacion Ruiz-Agudo, Jörn Hövelmann, and Géraldine Sarret

EGU2015-13327 | Orals | GMPV4.3

Cobalt incorporation in calcite: thermochemistry of (Ca,Co)CO3 solid solutions from density functional theory simulations
Jorge González-López, Sergio E. Ruiz-Hernández, Ángeles Fernández-González, Amalia Jiménez, Nora H. de Leeuw, and Ricardo Grau-Crespo

EGU2015-2465 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Indirect estimation of structural nanoheterogeneity of crystal-forming media (melts)
Askhab Askhabov

EGU2015-13260 | Orals | GMPV4.3

The replacement of Celestine (SrSO4) by Strontianite (SrCO3) studied in situ, spatially resolved, and real-time by Raman spectroscopy
Michael Sulzbach and Thorsten Geisler

EGU2015-6801 | Posters | GMPV4.3

The kinetics of Dissolution of Biologically Formed Calcific Deposits.
Stamatia Rokidi and Petros Koutsoukos

EGU2015-9430 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Modeling of Flow, Transport and Controlled Sedimentation Phenomena during Mixing of Salt Solutions in Complex Porous Formations
Eugene D. Skouras, Sofia Jaho, Efstathia I. Pavlakou, Varvara Sygouni, Anastasia Petsi, and Christakis A. Paraskeva

EGU2015-2672 | Orals | GMPV4.3

Experimental replacement of calcium carbonates by fluorite: high volume changes and porosity generation
Elisabete Trindade Pedrosa and Andrew Putnis

EGU2015-12689 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Effect of background electrolytes on gypsum dissolution
Alejandro Burgos-Cara, Christine Putnis, and Encarnacion Ruiz-Agudo

EGU2015-13042 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Interface-coupled dissolution-precipitation processes during acidic weathering of multicomponent minerals
Encarnacion Ruiz-Agudo, Helen E. King, Luis D. Patiño-López, Christine V. Putnis, Thorsten Geisler, Carlos M. Rodriguez-Navarro, and Andrew Putnis

EGU2015-13871 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Isotopic labeling for the understanding of the alteration of limestone used in built cultural heritage
Mandana Saheb, Anne Chabas, Jean-Didier Mertz, Olivier Rozenbaum, and Aurélie Verney-Carron

EGU2015-9182 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Precipitation of sparingly soluble salts in packed sandbeds
Efstathia I. Pavlakou, Varvara Sygouni, and Christakis A. Paraskeva

EGU2015-9631 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Precipitation of calcium carbonate in aqueous solutions in presence of ethylene glycol and dodecane.
Panagiota D. Natsi, Stamatia Rokidi, and Petros G. Koutsoukos

EGU2015-9818 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Dynamics of mineral crystallization at inclusion-garnet interface from precipitated slab-derived fluid phase: first in-situ synchrotron x-ray measurements
Nadia Malaspina, Matteo Alvaro, Marcello Campione, and Fabrizio Nestola

EGU2015-3561 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Influence of pH and temperature on alunite dissolution rates and products
Patricia Acero and Karen Hudson-Edwards

EGU2015-8953 | Posters | GMPV4.3

Calcium Carbonate Crystal Growth in Porous Media, in the presence of Water Miscible and Non-Miscible Organic Fluids
Sofia Jaho, Varvara Sygouni, and Christakis A. Paraskeva

GMPV4.4 – Environmental and industrial applications of water-rock interactions, from the atomic scale to the field studies

EGU2015-252 | Posters | GMPV4.4

The behaviour of REE and Zr-Hf fractionation in the volcanic waters of Nevado del Ruiz system (Colombia)
Claudio Inguaggiato, Paolo Censi, Pierpaolo Zuddas, John Makario Londoño, Zoraida Chacón, Diego Alzate, Lorenzo Brusca, and Walter D'Alessandro

EGU2015-3795 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Environmental consequences of shale gas exploitation and the crucial role of rock microfracturing
Francois Renard

EGU2015-2145 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Mechanism of amorphous silica particles precipitation: simulation approach compared to experimental results
Claudine NOGUERA, Bertrand FRITZ, and Alain CLEMENT

EGU2015-2174 | Posters | GMPV4.4

Suitability of the methylene blue test for determination of cation exchange capacity of clay minerals related to ammonium acetate method
Maja Milošević, Mihovil Logar, Biljana Dojčinović, and Suzana Erić

EGU2015-4032 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Silicate Glass Corrosion Mechanism revisited
Thorsten Geisler, Christoph Lenting, and Lars Dohmen

EGU2015-4173 | Posters | GMPV4.4

The effect of long-term fluid-rock interactions on the mechanical properties of reservoir rock - a case study of the Werkendam natural CO2 analogue field
Suzanne Hangx, Pieter Bertier, Elisenda Bakker, Georg Nover, and Andreas Busch

EGU2015-7101 | Posters | GMPV4.4

Interface-coupled dissolution-precipitation processes allow a photonic crystal to replace an ionic crystal along lattice planes
Moritz Liesegang and Ralf Milke

EGU2015-12027 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Isotopic tracing (D, 18O and 29Si) to understand the alteration on historic glass
Aurélie Verney-Carron, Mandana Saheb, Nathalie Valle, Denis Mangin, Laurent Remusat, and Claudine Loisel

EGU2015-3381 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Chemical weathering of minerals and corrosion of glasses- evidence for the same mechanism: coupled interfacial dissolution-reprecipitation
Roland Hellmann, Antoine Seyeux, Emmanuel Cadel, Sairam Malladi, Lisa Karlsson, and Martiane Cabié

EGU2015-7678 | Posters | GMPV4.4

Transport properties of interfacial Si-rich layers formed on silicate minerals during weathering: Implications for environmental concerns
Damien Daval, Laurent Rémusat, Sylvain Bernard, Bastien Wild, Jean-Sébastien Micha, François Rieutord, and Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez

EGU2015-2613 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Why Mineral Interfaces Matter
Andrew Putnis and Christine V. Putnis

EGU2015-7683 | Posters | GMPV4.4

The Werkendam natural CO2 accumulation: An analogue for CO2 storage in depleted oil reservoirs
Pieter Bertier, Andreas Busch, Suzanne Hangx, Niko Kampman, Georg Nover, Helge Stanjek, and Philipp Weniger

EGU2015-4140 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Novel biological approaches to carbon mineralization
Ian Power, Paul Kenward, Anna Harrison, Gregory Dipple, Mati Raudsepp, Siobhan Wilson, and Gordon Southam

EGU2015-11081 | Posters | GMPV4.4

Dissolution of smectite (beidellite) in acidic solutions using flow through reactors: New insights on interface reactions and the effect of crystal chemistry.
Valentin ROBIN, Emmanuel TERTRE, Olivier REGNAULT, Paul SARDINI, and Michael DESCOSTES

EGU2015-6236 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Observational evidence for the long-term integrity of CO2-reservoir caprocks
Niko Kampman, Peiter Bertier, Andreas Busch, Jeroen Snippe, Vitaly Pipich, Jon Harrington, and Mike Bickle

EGU2015-11744 | Posters | GMPV4.4

Numerical modeling of the impact of temperature on the behavior of minerals in the Soultz-sous-Forêts enhanced geothermal system
Viet Van Ngo, Yann Lucas, Alain Clément, and Bertrand Fritz

EGU2015-13204 | Posters | GMPV4.4

chemo-mechanical coupling in water unsaturated domains: capillary tension and crystallization pressure
Claudie Hulin and Lionel Mercury

EGU2015-12428 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Upscaling laboratory kinetics data: the example of serpentinization
Benjamin Malvoisin, Fabrice Brunet, and Julie Carlut

EGU2015-5155 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Revisiting classical silicate dissolution rate laws under hydrothermal conditions
Marion Pollet-Villard, Damien Daval, Giuseppe Saldi, Kevin Knauss, Bastien Wild, and Bertrand Fritz

EGU2015-11527 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of mineralogical evolution in the Soultz-sous-Forêts geothermal system: insights into the reaction pathways
Viet Van Ngo, Yann Lucas, Alain Clément, and Bertrand Fritz

EGU2015-6950 | Orals | GMPV4.4

Constraints on silicates formation in the Si-Al-Fe system: Application to hard deposits in steam generators of PWR nuclear reactors

GMPV5.3 – Quantitative and multi-disciplinary approaches to magma mixing and volcanic processes - Sponsored by NEMOH

EGU2015-2019 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Sphene-centered ocellar texture as a petrological tool to unveil the mechanism facilitating magma mixing
Bibhuti Gogoi, Ashima Saikia, and Mansoor Ahmad

EGU2015-7248 | Posters | GMPV5.3

On the conditions of mafic-felsic magmas mixing and its bearing on andesite production in the crust

EGU2015-11291 | Posters | GMPV5.3

A case study of the Streitishvarf composite dyke: Implications for magma mixing and mingling in Iceland
Robert Askew, Thorvaldur Thordarson, and Godfrey Fitton

EGU2015-7238 | Orals | GMPV5.3 | Media interest

Magma mixing in the Yellowstone Plateau Volcanic Field brought to light by X-ray microtomography and chemical analysis
Daniele Morgavi, Fabio Arzilli, Chad Pritchard, Diego Perugini, Lucia Mancini, Peter Larson, and Donald Bruce Dingwell

EGU2015-11213 | Orals | GMPV5.3

The role of magma mixing in the evolution of high-K calc-alkaline granitoid suites: in situ trace element and Sr–Nd–Hf isotope constraints
Oscar Laurent, Armin Zeh, Axel Gerdes, Ewa Slaby, and Arnaud Villaros

EGU2015-8767 | Posters | GMPV5.3

Geological and petrological evidences for mingling and mixing of magmas in the Me-akan and Taisetsu volcanoes, eastern and central Hokkaido, Japan
Keiji Wada, Eiichi Sato, Keisuke Anzai, and Hikaru Baba

EGU2015-6910 | Posters | GMPV5.3

Thermal, chemical and isotopic homogenization of syn-extensional I-type plutons and mafic microgranular enclaves
Sibel Tatar Erkül, Fuat Erkül, and İbrahim Uysal

EGU2015-9570 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Timescales of magma processes occurred prior to recent Campi Flegrei caldera eruptions: first results from diffusion profiles on plagioclase phenocrysts
Massimo D'Antonio, Ilenia Arienzo, Lorenzo Fedele, Raffaella Iovine, Fabio Carmine Mazzeo, Lucia Civetta, Giovanni Orsi, and Gerhard Wörner

EGU2015-6527 | Posters | GMPV5.3

A Raman model for determining the chemical composition of silicate glasses
Danilo Di Genova, Daniele Morgavi, Kai-Uwe Hess, Daniel R. Neuville, Diego Perugini, and Donald B. Dingwell

EGU2015-15035 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Mixing-to-eruption timescales: an integrated model combining numerical simulations and high-temperature experiments with natural melts
Chiara Montagna, Diego Perugini, Christina De Campos, Antonella Longo, Donald Bruce Dingwell, and Paolo Papale

EGU2015-3709 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Cooling of a magmatic system under thermal chaotic mixing
Maurizio Petrelli, Kamal El Omari, Yves Le Guer, and Diego Perugini

EGU2015-8057 | Posters | GMPV5.3

Combining Experimental Petrology and 3D Imaging to Gain Insight into Syn-eruptive Conditions of the Bishop Tuff, California
Archer Chattin, Ayla Pamukcu, James Gardner, and Guilherme Gualda

EGU2015-8834 | Posters | GMPV5.3

Investigating the mechanisms controlling the eruptive frequency at Hekla volcano, Iceland
Marco Bagnardi, Andrew Hooper, and Stéphanie Dumont

EGU2015-346 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Insights into the sub-plinian eruption of a basaltic monogenetic volcano using different analytical methods
Simone Jordan, Jean-Luc Le Pennec, Lucia Gurioli, and Olivier Roche

EGU2015-4253 | Posters | GMPV5.3

Understanding the role played by the basement in the eruptive dynamics combining fieldwork and geophysical surveys: the example of El Puig d'Àdri tuff cone
Dario Pedrazzi, Xavier Bolós, Stéphanie Barde-Cabusson, Joan Martí, and Adelina Geyer

EGU2015-12859 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Hydrothermal alteration favoring phreatic eruption processes at Solfatara (Campi Flegrei)
Klaus Mayer, Bettina Scheu, Cristian Montanaro, Donjá Aßbichler, Roberto Isaia, and Donald B. Dingwell

EGU2015-8843 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Topographic controls on deformation due to a shallow magma reservoir
Jessica Johnson, Michael Poland, Kyle Anderson, and Juliet Biggs

EGU2015-152 | Posters | GMPV5.3

Tensile strength of dome rocks and lavas at Santiaguito dome complex, Guatemala
Adrian Hornby, Oliver Lamb, Anthony Lamur, and Yan Lavallée

EGU2015-2469 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Finite element method algorithm for the magma-rock interaction problem
Deepak Garg and Antonella Longo

EGU2015-14523 | Posters | GMPV5.3

Tracking Helicopters with a Seismic Array
Eva P.S. Eibl, Ivan Lokmer, Christopher J. Bean, and Eggert Akerlie

EGU2015-8545 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Quantifying dynamic rheology, phase interactions and strain localisation in deforming three phase magmas using high-speed x-ray tomography
Katherine Dobson, Mattia Pistone, Julie Fife, Benoit Cordonnier, Jon Blundy, Don Dingwell, and Peter Lee

EGU2015-6675 | Orals | GMPV5.3

Relative cooling rates derived from basalt column geometries
Daniel Woodell, Lucy Porritt, and Kelly Russell

GMPV5.4 – Volcanic processes: Tectonics, Deformation, Geodesy (co-organized)

EGU2015-3407 | Orals | GMPV5.4

What the volcanism of the East African Rift tells us on its evolution and dynamics: a reappraisal
Laurent Michon

EGU2015-397 | Posters | GMPV5.4

Analogue Models Of Volcanic Spreading At Mt. Vesuvius
Ada De Matteo, Raffaele Castaldo, Luca D'Auria, Michael James, Steve Lane, Bruno Massa, Susi Pepe, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2015-7773 | Posters | GMPV5.4

Influence of an ocean on the propagation of magmas within an oceanic basaltic shield volcano
Nicolas Le Corvec and Patrick McGovern

EGU2015-11899 | Orals | GMPV5.4 | Media interest

Deformation modelling of the 2014 Bárðarbunga rifting event in Iceland
Andrew Hooper, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Sigrún Hreinsdóttir, Elías Heimisson, Benedikt Ófeigsson, Stéphanie Dumont, Michelle Parks, Karsten Spaans, Vincent Drouin, Thóra Árnadóttir, Kristín Vogfjörd, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Hildur Fridriksdóttir, and Martin Hensch

EGU2015-13430 | Orals | GMPV5.4

High-precision mapping of seismicity in the last decades at Bárdarbunga volcano, Iceland
Kristín S. Vogfjörd, Martin Hensch, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, and Kristín Jónsdóttir

EGU2015-5672 | Posters | GMPV5.4

How diking affects the longer-term structure and evolution of divergent plate boundaries
Daniele Trippanera, Valerio Acocella, Joel Ruch, and Eleonora Rivalta

EGU2015-5658 | Posters | GMPV5.4

Fracture systems of the Western Volcanic Zone, Iceland
Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir, Páll Einarsson, and Sigríður Björgvinsdóttir

EGU2015-12521 | Orals | GMPV5.4 | Media interest

The 2014-2015 slow collapse of the Bárðarbunga caldera, Iceland
Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Matthew Roberts, Benedikt G. Ófeigsson, Thórdís Högnadóttir, Eyjólfur Magnússon, Alexander H. Jarosch, Finnur Pálsson, Páll Einarsson, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Vincent Drouin, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, Hannah I. Reynolds, Tobias Dürig, Kristín Vogfjörd, Martin Hensch, Joaquin Munoz-Cobo Belart, and Björn Oddsson

EGU2015-7737 | Orals | GMPV5.4

The dynamics of magma ascent in the crust: Characterising fluid flow and host-rock deformation using scaled analogue experiments
Janine Kavanagh and David Dennis

EGU2015-504 | Posters | GMPV5.4

Magma flow direction of dikes in Eastern Iceland: Insights from field, magnetic fabric and thin section analyses
Stefano Urbani, Daniele Trippanera, Massimiliano Porreca, Valerio Acocella, and Catherine Kissel

EGU2015-11135 | Orals | GMPV5.4

Prediction of Dyke Propagation using the Minimum Potential Energy Principle
Elías Heimisson, Andrew Hooper, and Freysteinn Sigmundsson

EGU2015-659 | Posters | GMPV5.4

A tectonic model of the Askja caldera system based on FEM analysis
John Browning, Agust Gudmundsson, and Thorvaldur Thordarson

EGU2015-7506 | Orals | GMPV5.4

Origin of three-armed rifts in volcanic islands: the case of El Hierro (Canary Islands)
Inés Galindo Jiménez, Laura Becerril Carretero, Joan Martí Molist, and Agust Gudmundsson

EGU2015-271 | Posters | GMPV5.4

A numerical and analogue study of dike ascent in asymmetric continental rift zones
Jana Schierjott, Francesco Maccaferri, Derek Keir, Andreas Kemna, and Eleonora Rivalta

EGU2015-5750 | Posters | GMPV5.4

Volcanic rifts bracketing volcanoes: an analogue answer to an old unsolved problem
Giulio Mussetti, Benjamin van Wyk de Vries, Giacomo Corti, and Miruts Hagos