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HS – Hydrological Sciences

HS1.1 – Innovative techniques and unintended use of measurement equipment

EGU2015-5510 | Posters | HS1.1

New Approach for Environmental Monitoring and Plant Observation Using a Light-Field Camera
Robert Schima, Hannes Mollenhauer, Görres Grenzdörffer, Ines Merbach, Angela Lausch, Peter Dietrich, and Jan Bumberger

EGU2015-6273 | Posters | HS1.1

Development of Innovative and Inexpensive Optical Sensors in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring
Hannes Mollenhauer, Robert Schima, Martin Assing, Olaf Mollenhauer, Peter Dietrich, and Jan Bumberger

EGU2015-1334 | Posters | HS1.1

An attempt to monitor liquid water content in seasonal snow using capacitance probes
Francesco Avanzi, Marco Caruso, Cristina Jommi, Carlo De Michele, and Antonio Ghezzi

EGU2015-12086 | Posters | HS1.1

A simple deep monitoring well dilution technique.
Bart Rogiers, Serge Labat, Matej Gedeon, and Katrijn Vandersteen

EGU2015-2898 | Posters | HS1.1

Real Time Monitoring of the Vadose Zone - Key to Groundwater Protection
Ofer Dahan

EGU2015-9526 | Posters | HS1.1 | Media interest

Measuring rainfall from video images
Paola Allamano, Alberto Croci, and Francesco Laio

EGU2015-6938 | Posters | HS1.1

Reading Ground Water Levels with a Smartphone
Peter-Jules van Overloop

EGU2015-2738 | Posters | HS1.1

Lighnting detection and tracking with consumer electronics
Gilbert Kamau and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2015-6967 | Posters | HS1.1

Reading Gate Positions with a Smartphone
Peter-Jules van Overloop and Rolf Hut

EGU2015-6986 | Posters | HS1.1

Reading Water Quality Variables with a Smartphone
Peter-Jules van Overloop and Ellen Minkman

EGU2015-8426 | Posters | HS1.1

Where did my wifi go? Measuring soil moisture using wifi signal strength
Rolf Hut and Richard de Jeu

EGU2015-8437 | Posters | HS1.1

Stream temperature and stage monitoring using fisherman looking for fish.
Rolf Hut and Scott Tyler

EGU2015-5506 | Posters | HS1.1

Practical considerations for coil-wrapped Distributed Temperature Sensing setups
Anna Solcerova, Tim van Emmerik, Koen Hilgersom, and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2015-12013 | Posters | HS1.1

A cost-effective laser scanning method for mapping stream channel geometry and roughness
Norris Lam, Marcus Nathanson, Niclas Lundgren, Robin Rehnström, and Steve Lyon

EGU2015-12549 | Posters | HS1.1

Stream flow observations: a pioneering measurement station for optical analysis of surface flow velocities
Flavia Tauro, Maurizio Porfiri, Andrea Petroselli, Lorenzo Giandomenico, Guido Bernardi, Francesco Mele, Domenico Spina, and Salvatore Grimaldi

EGU2015-1847 | Posters | HS1.1 | Media interest

Smartphone for measuring river discharge
Salvador Peña-Haro, Beat Lüthi, and Thomas Philippe

EGU2015-9143 | Posters | HS1.1 | Media interest

Real-time flood extent maps based on social media
Dirk Eilander, Arnejan van Loenen, Ruud Roskam, and Jurjen Wagemaker

EGU2015-12362 | Posters | HS1.1

Bored boys, graffiti, and YouTube – tracing recent groundwater level changes in a Saudi Arabian cave
Nils Michelsen, Heiko Dirks, Stephan Schulz, Stephan Kempe, and Christoph Schüth

HS1.4 – Innovative methods for river flow monitoring in hydrometry and associated uncertainties

EGU2015-1900 | Posters | HS1.4

Adaptive method for quantifying uncertainty in discharge measurements using velocity-area method.
Aurélien Despax, Anne-Catherine Favre, and Arnaud Belleville

EGU2015-2129 | Orals | HS1.4

General Methods for Quantifying Uncertainty in Discharge Measurements
Tim Cohn, Julie Kiang, and Robert Mason, Jr.

EGU2015-2213 | Posters | HS1.4

Comparative analysis of the accuracy of daytime and nighttime image in the calculation of flood flow using the Surface Image Velocimetry(SIV)
Sung-Kee Yang, Yong-Seok Kim, Kwon-Kyu Yu, and Dong-Su Kim

EGU2015-5132 | Orals | HS1.4

Measuring the uncertainties of discharge measurements: interlaboratory experiments in hydrometry
Jérôme Le Coz, Bertrand Blanquart, Karine Pobanz, Guillaume Dramais, Gilles Pierrefeu, Alexandre Hauet, and Aurélien Despax

EGU2015-4485 | Posters | HS1.4

The Early ULF Signal of the Gigantic Jets Revealed By Hilbert-Huang Transform
Po-Hsun Huang and Alfred Bing-Chih Chen

EGU2015-5808 | Orals | HS1.4

Bayesian analysis of stage-discharge relationships affected by hysteresis and quantification of the associated uncertainties
Valentin Mansanarez, Jérôme Le Coz, Benjamin Renard, Michel Lang, and François Birgand

EGU2015-8582 | Orals | HS1.4

Non-contact flow gauging for the extension and development of rating curves
Matthew Perks, Andy Large, and Andy Russell

EGU2015-5417 | Posters | HS1.4

Quantifying the uncertainty in discharge data using hydraulic knowledge and uncertain gaugings: a Bayesian method named BaRatin
Jérôme Le Coz, Benjamin Renard, Laurent Bonnifait, Flora Branger, Raphaël Le Boursicaud, Ivan Horner, Valentin Mansanarez, Michel Lang, and Sylvain Vigneau

EGU2015-9213 | Orals | HS1.4

Differences in rating curve and hydrograph uncertainty due to streamflow dynamics and number of discharge measurements
Jane Rosenstand Poulsen, Niels Bering Ovesen, Søren Erik Larsen, and Henrik Tornbjerg

EGU2015-6366 | Posters | HS1.4

Uncertainty in stream discharges mesured with the index velocity method in an alpine river with unstable bed
Elise Jacob, Fabien Thollet, Benoit Camenen, Jerome Le Coz, Valentin Mansanarez, Guillaume Dramais, and Alain Gautheron

EGU2015-14479 | Orals | HS1.4

A Survey of the Uncertainty in Stage Discharge Rating Curves in the United States
Julie Kiang, Timothy Cohn, and Robert Mason

EGU2015-6692 | Posters | HS1.4

Managing the uncertainties of the streamflow data produced by the French national hydrological services
Rachel Puechberty, Pierre-Marie Bechon, Jérôme Le Coz, and Benjamin Renard

EGU2015-7111 | Posters | HS1.4

Influence of rating-curve uncertainty on discharge signatures for 43 UK basins
Ida Westerberg, Gemma Coxon, Thorsten Wagener, Hilary McMillan, and Jim Freer

EGU2015-9140 | Posters | HS1.4

Practical methodological guide for hydrometric inter-laboratory organisation
David Besson and Xavier Bertrand

EGU2015-9947 | Posters | HS1.4

Characterising the sources and impacts of rating curve uncertainty across the United Kingdom gauging network
Gemma Coxon, Ida Westerberg, Jim Freer, and Thorsten Wagener

EGU2015-14880 | Posters | HS1.4

Dynamic rating curve assessment for hydrometric stations computation of the associated uncertainties: Quality and station management indicators
Thomas Morlot, Christian Perret, Anne-Catherine Favre, Aurélien Despax, Alexandre Hauet, Damien Sevrez, and Arnaud Belleville

EGU2015-13601 | Posters | HS1.4

Hydrometry's classical and Innovative methods and tools comparison for Stara river flows at Agios Germanos monitoring station in north-west Greece.
Dr Agathos Filintas, Dr Evagellos Hatzigiannakis, Dr George Arampatzis, Andreas Ilias, Dr Andreas Panagopoulos, and Ioannis Hatzispiroglou

EGU2015-13094 | Posters | HS1.4

Stream flow observations: a comparison between large scale particle image velocimetry experimental configurations
Flavia Tauro, Ettore Arcangeletti, Gabriele Mocio, Giorgio Olivieri, Angelo Orlando, Andrea Petroselli, Maurizio Porfiri, Silvia Cremonese, Matteo Cesca, and Salvatore Grimaldi

EGU2015-1848 | Posters | HS1.4

Using surface velocity measurements to analyse the influence of the roughness coefficient on river discharge calculations.
Salvador Peña-Haro, Beat Lüthi, and Thomas Philippe

EGU2015-3699 | Posters | HS1.4

Constraint of the limited information content of discharge measurements on the benefits of rating curve models with increased complexities
Katrien Van Eerdenbrugh, Niko Verhoest, and Tom De Mulder

HS1.5 – Droughts in the Anthropocene

EGU2015-832 | Posters | HS1.5

Impacts of anthropogenic activities on different hydrological drought characteristics
Erik Tijdeman, Kerstin Stahl, and Sophie Bachmair

EGU2015-1520 | Posters | HS1.5

Evaluation of groundwater droughts in Austria
Johannes Christoph Haas and Steffen Birk

EGU2015-3358 | Posters | HS1.5

Human and climate impacts on the 21st century hydrological drought
Yoshihide Wada and Niko Wanders

EGU2015-5568 | Posters | HS1.5

Drought risk on a pan European scale: integrating the missing piece
Veit Blauhut and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2015-5740 | Posters | HS1.5

Exploring the link between meteorological drought and streamflow to inform water resource management
Amy Lennard, Neil Macdonald, and Janet Hooke

EGU2015-6410 | Posters | HS1.5

Soil Moisture as an Estimator for Crop Yield in Germany
Michael Peichl, Volker Meyer, Luis Samaniego, and Stephan Thober

EGU2015-6626 | Posters | HS1.5

Towards developing drought impact functions to advance drought monitoring and early warning
Sophie Bachmair, Kerstin Stahl, Jamie Hannaford, and Mark Svoboda

EGU2015-6970 | Posters | HS1.5

Assessing the Impacts of Land Cover Change on Droughts in Southern South America
Alvaro Salazar, Jozef Syktus, Marcus Thatcher, Jack Katzfey, and Clive McAlpine

EGU2015-10070 | Posters | HS1.5

Identifying the role of human-induced land-use change while assessing drought effects on groundwater recharge
Boud Verbeiren, Imeshi Weerasinghe, Sven Vanderhaegen, Frank Canters, Inge Uljee, Guy Engelen, Ingrid Jacquemin, Bernard Tychon, Harris Vangelis, George Tsakiris, Okke Batelaan, and Marijke Huysmans

EGU2015-11094 | Posters | HS1.5

Understanding how the value of physically-based models depends on data availability for the prediction of drought indices
Jude Lubega Musuuza, Thorsten Wagener, Jim Freer, Ross Woods, Nicholas Howden, Chris Hutton, and Gemma Coxon

EGU2015-11946 | Posters | HS1.5

Assessing human impact on droughts in a tropical Vietnamese catchment using a combined modelling approach
Alexandra Nauditt, Christian Birkel, Lars Ribbe, Tra Tran Van, Trinh Quoc Viet, Abm Firoz, and Manfred Fink

EGU2015-12346 | Posters | HS1.5

Low flows and reservoir management for the Durance River basin (Southern France) in the 2050s
Eric Sauquet and the R²D² 2050 (Irstea HHLY-MALY-HBAN, EDF LNHE-DTG, Acteon, UPMC, LTHE, SCP)

EGU2015-12435 | Posters | HS1.5

Conceptualizing the dynamics of a drought affected agricultural community
Linda Kuil, Gemma Carr, Alberto Viglione, and Guenter Bloeschl

EGU2015-13416 | Posters | HS1.5

Removing the impact of water abstractions on flow duration curves
Alessandro Masoero, Daniele Ganora, Giorgio Galeati, Francesco Laio, and Pierluigi Claps

EGU2015-13711 | Posters | HS1.5

Perception of drought by surface and groundwater farmers: a perspective from Júcar river basin, Spain
Julia Urquijo and Lucia De Stefano

HS1.6 – Water Sciences Pop-Ups | PICO

EGU2015-3748 | PICO | HS1.6

What scientists can learn from Plato's Symposium
Tim van Emmerik

EGU2015-8799 | PICO | HS1.6

Water underground
Inge de Graaf

EGU2015-13437 | PICO | HS1.6

Why more hydrologists need to look up
Shaun Harrigan

EGU2015-14334 | PICO | HS1.6

Pushing the basins and squeezing the models
Conrad Jackisch, Niklas Allroggen, Lisa Angermann, and Erwin Zehe

EGU2015-786 | PICO | HS1.6

Game Theory in water resources management
Styliani Maria Katsanevaki, Emmanouil Varouchakis, and George Karatzas

EGU2015-2417 | PICO | HS1.6

Is hydrology science or technology?
Wouter Berghuijs

EGU2015-2730 | PICO | HS1.6

Hydrology for everyone: Share your knowledge
Nilay Dogulu and Canay Dogulu

EGU2015-15051 | PICO | HS1.6

Not enough high-resolution rainfall data? Generate it!
Hannes Müller and Uwe Haberlandt

EGU2015-13222 | PICO | HS1.6

Mars survival handbook: where to find water
Wouter A Marra

EGU2015-13941 | PICO | HS1.6

Effectiveness of communication in climate change and risk research: is the impact evaluated and where is it presented at scientific conferences?
Marie Charrière and Thom Bogaard

EGU2015-15674 | PICO | HS1.6

Where is your state of the art?
Manuel Ríos Gaona

EGU2015-15310 | PICO | HS1.6

Networks and climate: are they a good match?
Paige Martin

EGU2015-15712 | PICO | HS1.6

(Why) do we need optimal management of water systems?
Luciano Raso and Peter-Jules van Overloop

EGU2015-15605 | PICO | HS1.6

Model output: fact or artefact?
Lieke Melsen

EGU2015-8549 | PICO | HS1.6

5 experiments in 5 minutes
Rolf Hut

HS1.7 – Data & Models, Induction & Prediction, Information & Uncertainty: Towards a common framework for model building and predictions in the Geosciences

EGU2015-439 | Posters | HS1.7

A model evaluation checklist for process-based environmental models
Leah Jackson-Blake

EGU2015-968 | Posters | HS1.7

Impact of the calibration period on the conceptual rainfall-runoff model parameter estimates
Andrijana Todorovic and Jasna Plavsic

EGU2015-6965 | Orals | HS1.7

Progressive evaluation of incorporating information into a model building process: from scratch to FLEX-TOPO
Shervan Gharari, Hoshin Gupta, Markus Hrachowitz, Fabrizio Fenicia, Hongkai Gao, and Hubert Savenije

EGU2015-8316 | Orals | HS1.7

Interactive model evaluation and selection via an optimization-based top-down approach using hydrological signatures
Mahyar Shafii, Nandita Basu, and James Craig

EGU2015-2080 | Posters | HS1.7

Approaches to handle data of low quality in hydrological modelling
Felix Herma, András Bárdossy, and Sebastian Hörning

EGU2015-7897 | Orals | HS1.7

Brokering as a framework for hydrological model repeatability
Daniel Fuka, Amy Collick, Charlotte MacAlister, Aaron Braeckel, Dawn Wright, Siri Jodha Khalsa, Enrico Boldrini, and Zachary Easton

EGU2015-4056 | Posters | HS1.7

Differences between fully Bayesian and pragmatic methods to assess predictive uncertainty and optimal monitoring designs
Thomas Wöhling, Andreas Geiges, Moritz Gosses, and Wolfgang Nowak

EGU2015-4303 | Posters | HS1.7

Regionalization of Parameters of the Continuous Rainfall-Runoff model Based on Bayesian Generalized Linear Model
Tae-Jeong Kim, Ki-Young Kim, Dong-Hoon Shin, and Hyun-Han Kwon

EGU2015-1065 | Orals | HS1.7

A framework for the verification of process dynamics with temporal parameter sensitivity analysis
Matthias Pfannerstill, Björn Guse, Dominik Reusser, and Nicola Fohrer

EGU2015-4309 | Posters | HS1.7

A Development of Nonstationary Regional Frequency Analysis Model with Large-scale Climate Information: Its Application to Korean Watershed
Jin-Young Kim, Hyun-Han Kwon, and Hung-Soo Kim

EGU2015-13900 | Orals | HS1.7

When should a model be rejected as not fit-for-purpose?
Keith Beven and Stuart Lane

EGU2015-4432 | Posters | HS1.7

Assessment of classical performance measures and signature indices from Flow Duration Curves for model evaluation.
Rita Ley, Hugo Hellebrand, Markus C. Casper, and Fabrizio Fenicia

EGU2015-7509 | Orals | HS1.7

A New Framework for Effective and Efficient Global Sensitivity Analysis of Earth and Environmental Systems Models
Saman Razavi and Hoshin Gupta

EGU2015-7836 | Posters | HS1.7

Learned lessons from uncertainty assessment of monthly runoff using different methods to establish reservoir inflows
Efraín Domínguez, Juan Martínez, Fabian Caicedo, John Chavarro, Andrés Velasco, Zulma Méndez, and Eder Cardenas

EGU2015-2084 | Orals | HS1.7

On the Various (Good and Bad) Ways to Evaluate Bayesian Model Weights
Anneli Schöniger, Thomas Wöhling, Luis Samaniego, and Wolfgang Nowak

EGU2015-8774 | Posters | HS1.7

Testing modeling frameworks
Mary Hill, Ming Ye, Laura Foglia, and Dan Lu

EGU2015-2394 | Orals | HS1.7

On how to avoid input and structural uncertainties corrupt the inference of hydrological parameters using a Bayesian framework
Mario R. Hernández and Félix Francés

EGU2015-9832 | Posters | HS1.7

Improving standard practices for prediction in ungauged basins: Bayesian approach
Cristina Prieto, Nataliya Le-Vine, Eduardo García, and Raúl Medina

EGU2015-10064 | Posters | HS1.7

Quantifying Uncertainty of Pedotransfer Functions on Soil Water Retention and Hydrologic Model Output
Maren Göhler, Juliane Mai, Steffen Zacharias, and Matthias Cuntz

EGU2015-2917 | Orals | HS1.7

Physically coherent probabilistic weather forecasts via discrete copula-based ensemble postprocessing methods
Roman Schefzik, Thordis Thorarinsdottir, and Tilmann Gneiting

EGU2015-11218 | Posters | HS1.7

Spatial postprocessing for temperature forecasts
Kira Feldmann, Mikyoung Jun, and Tilmann Gneiting

EGU2015-11226 | Orals | HS1.7

Partitioning the covariance between space and time to reconcile the controversy in model evaluations
Fubao Sun, Michael Roderick, and Graham Farquhar

EGU2015-12032 | Posters | HS1.7

Complexity of a flexible topography driven conceptual hydrological model
MohamadMehdi Moayeri, Shervan Gharari, and Saket Pande

EGU2015-8679 | Orals | HS1.7

Linking Time and Space Scales in Distributed Hydrological Modelling – a case study for the VIC model
Lieke Melsen, Adriaan Teuling, Paul Torfs, Massimiliano Zappa, Naoki Mizukami, Martyn Clark, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2015-7178 | Orals | HS1.7

Uncertainty of hydrological signatures predicted for ungauged basins
Ida Westerberg, Gemma Coxon, Thorsten Wagener, Hilary McMillan, Alberto Montanari, Attilio Castellarin, and Jim Freer

EGU2015-13282 | Posters | HS1.7

Using the CMIP ensemble for climate prediction
James Annan and Julia Hargreaves

EGU2015-13287 | Posters | HS1.7

Identifying the trend of the morphological change of a natural river using the Hilbert Huang Transform (HHT) method
Chelsie Chia-Hsin Liu and Christina W. Tsai

HS1.8 – Recent advances and future perspectives of the Budyko water balance framework

EGU2015-1956 | Posters | HS1.8

Water balance estimation with the Budyko method to assess the hydropower potential of rivers in West Africa
Harald Kling, Philipp Stanzel, and Martin Fuchs

EGU2015-2224 | Posters | HS1.8

Constructing water change spectra in Budyko space to recognize main drivers of change
Fernando Jaramillo and Georgia Destouni

EGU2015-3716 | Posters | HS1.8

Effect of irrigation on the Budyko curve: a process-based stochastic approach
Giulia Vico and Georgia Destouni

EGU2015-4430 | Posters | HS1.8

Regional variation in climate elasticity and climate contribution to runoff across China: estimation according to the Budyko hypothesis
Hanbo Yang and Dawen Yang

EGU2015-8328 | Posters | HS1.8

A Budyko approach to assessing catchment deforestation impacts on the water yield to global wetlands
Joshua Larsen, Craig Woodward, and James Shulmeister

EGU2015-9717 | Posters | HS1.8

How Ewald Oldekop discovered the discharge-aridity relationship
Vazken Andréassian and Ulo Mander

EGU2015-11107 | Posters | HS1.8

Development of a climate-runoff model for the catchment of Zala River
Péter Csáki, Kitti Gyimóthy, Péter Kalicz, Balázs Kisfaludi, and Zoltán Gribovszki

EGU2015-14268 | Posters | HS1.8

Introducing a probabilistic Budyko framework
Peter Greve, Lukas Gudmundsson, Boris Orlowsky, and Sonia I. Seneviratne

EGU2015-15654 | Posters | HS1.8

A review of the Budyko water balance framework: moving from a rich history to a bright future
Wouter Berghuijs and Peter Greve

HS2.1.1 – Advances in Integrated Process-Based Distributed Hydrologic Modeling

EGU2015-7277 | Orals | HS2.1.1

A survey of physically-based catchment-scale modeling over the last half century
Claudio Paniconi and Mario Putti

EGU2015-859 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Parameter identification of the SWAT model on the BANI catchment (West Africa) under limited data condition
Jamilatou Chaibou Begou, Seifeddine Jomaa, Sihem Benabdallah, and Michael Rode

EGU2015-5000 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Introduction of the 2nd Phase of the Integrated Hydrologic Model Intercomparison Project
Stefan Kollet, Reed Maxwell, Cecile Dages, Emmanuel Mouche, Claude Mugler, Claudio Paniconi, Young-Jin Park, Mario Putti, Chaopeng Shen, Simon Stisen, Edward Sudicky, Mauro Sulis, and Xinye Ji

EGU2015-14635 | Posters | HS2.1.1

How can hydrological modeling help to understand process dynamics in sparsely gauged tropical regions – case study Mata Âtlantica, Brazil
Annika Künne, Santiago Penedo, Azeneth Schuler, Rachel Bardy Prado, Sven Kralisch, and Wolfgang-Albert Flügel

EGU2015-3081 | Orals | HS2.1.1

A Fully-Integrated Framework for Terrestrial Water Cycle Simulation: Application to the San Joaquin Valley, California
Jason Davison, Hyoun-Tae Hwang, Edward Sudicky, and John Lin

EGU2015-9633 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Still searching for the Holy Grail: on the use of effective soil parameters for Parflow-CLM.
Gabriele Baroni, Bernd Schalge, Jehan Rihani, and Sabine Attinger

EGU2015-6536 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Sensitivity Analysis of the Land Surface Model NOAH-MP for Different Model Fluxes
Juliane Mai, Stephan Thober, Luis Samaniego, Oliver Branch, Volker Wulfmeyer, Martyn Clark, Sabine Attinger, Rohini Kumar, and Matthias Cuntz

EGU2015-6296 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Development of a data assimilation system for the integrated terrestrial system modelling platform TerrSysMP
Wolfgang Kurtz, Guowei He, Stefan Kollet, Harry Vereecken, and Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen

EGU2015-2461 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Spatial Variability of Seasonal Snow Cover in a Mediterranean Subcatchment, Turkey
Cenk Donmez, Suha Berberoglu, and Ahmet Cilek

EGU2015-3244 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Multiscale Snow/Icemelt Discharge Simulations into Alpine Reservoirs: adding Glacier Dynamics to a Hydrological Model
Felix Schueller, Kristian Förster, Florian Hanzer, Matthias Huttenlau, Ben Marzeion, Ulrich Strasser, Stefan Achleitner, and Robert Kirnbauer

EGU2015-14202 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Integrated surface water-groundwater modeling for interpreting ecohydrological processes in large arid and semi-arid river basins
Yong Tian, Yi Zheng, Chunmiao Zheng, Bin Wu, and Xin Wu

EGU2015-4318 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Nonstationarities in Catchment Response According to Basin and Rainfall Characteristics: Application to Korean Watershed
Hyun-Han Kwon, Jin-Guk Kim, and Il-Won Jung

EGU2015-4509 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Darcy multi-domain approach for coupling surface-subsurface flows: application to benchmark problems
Claude Mugler and Emmanuel Mouche

EGU2015-5822 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Development of a two-way coupled land surface-hydrology model: method and application
Chuanguo Yang, Zhongbo Yu, Zhaohui Lin, and Shaofeng Liu

EGU2015-7630 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Constraining a Distributed Hydrologic Model Using Process Constraints derived from a Catchment Perceptual Model
Christopher Hutton, Thorsten Wagener, Jim Freer, Dawei Han, Chris Duffy, Jude Musuuza, and Jun Zhang

EGU2015-7752 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Using the BCube Brokering System to add topographic features for field scale processes into basin scale hydrological models
Zachary Easton, Amy Collick, Peter Kleinman, Andrew Sommerlot, Siri Jodha Kalsa, Charlotte McAlister, and Daniel Fuka

EGU2015-8954 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Hydrological modelling in small, semi-arid catchments of south-eastern Australia: reforestation affects groundwater but not streamflow
Joshua Dean, Matteo Camporese, Samantha Grover, John Webb, Evan Dresel, and Edoardo Daly

EGU2015-5771 | Posters | HS2.1.1

A Study on the Land Use Characteristics of Urban Medium and Small stream Depending on the Width of stream
Song Young Seok, Song Yang Ho, Lee Jung Ho, and Park Moo Jong

EGU2015-13419 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Are channels standalone? Analysis of channel to land interactions using a physically-based surface-subsurface processes model with multi-way exchanges
Chaopeng Shen, Kurt Smithgall, William Riley, and John Melack

EGU2015-12918 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Using GRACE water storage variation to improve predictive capability of the Budyko curve
Chaopeng Shen and Kuai Fang

HS2.1.3 – Runoff Generation in a Nordic Light: 30 Years with Water’s Journey from Rain to Stream

EGU2015-2716 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Exploring the basin of attraction for flow and residence time responses in a small catchment
Keith Beven and Jess Davies

EGU2015-4247 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Storm runoff generation at a steep pre-alpine hillslope - transmissivity feedback or organic layer interflow?
Philipp Schneider, Sandra Pool, Ludek Strouhal, and Jan Seibert

EGU2015-5712 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Breakthroughs in the biogeochemistry of Nordic aquatic systems: Lessons from Water's Journey from Rain to Stream
Kevin Bishop

EGU2015-11339 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Water's Journey from Rain to Stream in perspective
Allan Rodhe and Harald Grip

EGU2015-1703 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Contemporary relevance of Rokliden, Sweden's first forest hydrology field study
Harald Grip

EGU2015-5912 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Using storage to define the limits of biogeochemical “flushing” during spring flood: The case of Riparian Zone Control on stream Dissolved Organic Carbon
Kevin Bishop

EGU2015-6245 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Influence of spatial and temporal flow variability on solute transport in catchments
Jan-Olof Selroos and Georgia Destouni

EGU2015-7410 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Climate warming causes intensification of the hydrological cycle resulting in changes to the vernal and autumnal windows in a northern temperate forest
Irena Creed, Taehee Hwang, Brian Lutz, and Danielle Way

EGU2015-5024 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Revealing the mechanisms and significance of frozen soil infiltration
Manfred Stähli and Masaki Hayashi

EGU2015-6827 | Posters | HS2.1.3

VeWa: Investigating effects of Vegetation on Water flows and mixing in northern ecosystems using stable isotopes and conceptual models
Doerthe Tetzlaff and the VeWa team

EGU2015-6290 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Complexity of contrasting flow controls on phosphorus flux and transfer pathways
Per-Erik Mellander, Phil Jordan, Mairead Shore, Alice R Melland, and Ger Shortle

EGU2015-7267 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Seasonal trends in stable water isotopes and estimation of mean transit times for mesoscale catchments with mixed landuse in northeastern Ontario, Canada
Krys Chutko, April James, Chris McConnell, and Huaxia Yao

EGU2015-7499 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Virtual Forest Clearcutting: Modeling the Effects of Forest Harvest on Streamflow through Parameter Regionalization
Claudia Teutschbein, Thomas Grabs, Reinert Karlsen, Hjalmar Laudon, and Kevin Bishop

EGU2015-8525 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Inferring spatial and temporal flow path variations in the riparian zone of a Swedish boreal catchment from combining topographic with hydrometric data
Thomas Grabs, Jan Seibert, Hjalmar Laudon, and Kevin H Bishop

EGU2015-9328 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Hillslope-riparian-stream connectivity and flow directions at the Panola Mountain Research Watershed
Ilja van Meerveld, Jan Seibert, and Jake Peters

EGU2015-10236 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Dynamics in storage-discharge relations on annual and seasonal scale in a large sub-Arctic catchment.
Stefan Ploum, Ype van der Velde, Ryan Teuling, and Steve Lyon

EGU2015-10759 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Field experiments for student learning – what I learnt in my first weeks in Sweden two decades ago
Jan Seibert

EGU2015-11054 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Extension of the vertical equilibrium model for soil water storage estimation
Jan Seibert, Nino Amvrosiadi, Reinert Huseby Karlsen, and Kevin Bishop

EGU2015-11814 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Swedish Forest Hydrology in a historical perspective: 120 years of the interplay between practical issues and theoretical questions
Harald Grip, Kevin Bishop, and Hjalmar Laudon

EGU2015-6854 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Tracer-based assessment of flow paths, storage and runoff generation in northern catchments
Doerthe Tetzlaff, Jim Buttle, Sean K. Carey, Kevin McGuire, Hjalmar Laudon, and Chris Soulsby

EGU2015-9524 | Posters | HS2.1.3

The residence time of river water inferred from stable isotopes. A comparison between two catchments with contrasting climates.
Ype van der Velde, Steve Lyon, and Ingo Heidbüchel

HS2.1.4 – Spatial patterns in hydrology: Towards comprehensive evaluation and calibration of distributed hydrological models

EGU2015-7377 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Validating modelled variable surface saturation in the riparian zone with thermal infrared images
Barbara Glaser, Julian Klaus, Sven Frei, Jay Frentress, Laurent Pfister, and Luisa Hopp

EGU2015-13815 | Orals | HS2.1.4

Spatiotemporal model evaluation across Europe: A methodology based on expert knowledge, multiple datasets, physiography, flow signatures and performance metrics
Chantal Donnelly, Jafet Andersson, Berit Arheimer, David Gustafsson, Yeshewatesfa Hundecha, and Ilias Pechlivanidis

EGU2015-14430 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Comparative study of regionalization methods for simulating low-flows from a small number of model parameters
Florine Garcia, Nathalie Folton, Ludovic Oudin, and Patrick Arnaud

EGU2015-1368 | Orals | HS2.1.4

Distributed multi-criteria model evaluation and spatial association analysis
Laura Scherer and Stephan Pfister

EGU2015-1298 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Incorporating agricultural land cover in conceptual rainfall runoff models
Tanja Euser, Markus Hrachowitz, Hessel Winsemius, and Hubert Savenije

EGU2015-11400 | Orals | HS2.1.4

Retrieval of spatially distributed hydrological properties based on surface temperature rise measured from space for spatial model validation at regional scale.
Gorka Mendiguren González, Simon Stisen, and Julian Koch

EGU2015-15321 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Modelling soil moisture spatial-temporal variability with 3-D physically-based hdrological model in central Italy
Giuseppe Formetta, Luca Brocca, Stefania Camici, Giovanna Capparelli, and Riccardo Rigon

EGU2015-6983 | Orals | HS2.1.4

Flexible hydrological modeling - Disaggregation from lumped catchment scale to higher spatial resolutions
Quoc Quan Tran, Patrick Willems, Bart Pannemans, Joris Blanckaert, Fernando Pereira, Jiri Nossent, Kris Cauwenberghs, and Thomas Vansteenkiste

EGU2015-2729 | Orals | HS2.1.4

What can we learn from the hydrological modeling of small-scale catchments for the discharge and water balance modeling of mesoscale catchments?
Thomas Cornelissen, Bernd Diekkrüger, and Heye Bogena

EGU2015-9364 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Global-scale regionalization of hydrological model parameters using streamflow data from many small catchments
Hylke Beck, Ad de Roo, Albert van Dijk, Tim McVicar, Diego Miralles, Jaap Schellekens, Sampurno Bruijnzeel, and Richard de Jeu

EGU2015-5290 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Connectivity as a spatial performance metric to validate simulated spatial patterns of continuous hydrological states and fluxes in distributed hydrological modelling.
Julian Koch and Simon Stisen

EGU2015-446 | Orals | HS2.1.4

High resolution modelling of soil moisture patterns with ParFlow-CLM: Comparison with sensor network data
Sebastian Gebler, Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, Stefan Kollet, Wei Qu, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2015-5815 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Spatial transferability of landscape-based hydrological models
Hongkai Gao, Markus Hrachowitz, Fabrizio Fenicia, Shervan Gharari, Nutchanart Sriwongsitanon, and Hubert Savenije

EGU2015-7718 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Comprehensive, Process-based Identification of Hydrologic Models using Satellite and In-situ Water Storage Data: A Multi-objective calibration Approach
Fuad Abdo Yassin, Howard Wheater, Saman Razavi, Gonzalo Sapriza, Bruce Davison, and Alain Pietroniro

EGU2015-9438 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Hydrological modelling in sandstone rocks watershed
Iva Ponížilová and Jan Unucka

EGU2015-608 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Developing robust spatial interpolation techniques for temperature and precipitation in a data-sparse alpine catchment
Andreas Jobst, Daniel Kingston, and Nicolas Cullen

EGU2015-908 | Posters | HS2.1.4

The value of oxygen-isotope data and multiple discharge records in calibrating a fully-distributed, physically-based rainfall-runoff model (CRUM3) to improve predictive capability
Aaron Neill and Sim Reaney

EGU2015-12432 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Regional estimation of response routine parameters
Lena S. Tøfte

EGU2015-12735 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Assimilation of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Data to Improve Soil Moisture in the Distributed Hydrological Model mHM
Martin Schrön, Oldrich Rakovec, Matthias Zink, Rafael Rosolem, Steffen Zacharias, Sascha Oswald, Gabriele Baroni, Ingmar Schröter, Ute Wollschläger, Frido Reinstorf, Edoardo Martini, and Luis Samaniego

EGU2015-13159 | Posters | HS2.1.4

Evaluation of a dual-permeability model for subsurface flow and solute transport against tracer data along a forested hillslope
Hanne Laine-Kaulio, Soile Backnäs, Tuomo Karvonen, Harri Koivusalo, and Jeffrey J. McDonnell

HS2.2.1 – Mountain Hydrology: Monitoring and modeling of snow

EGU2015-262 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Evaluation of changes in snow water equivalent in different altitude zones
Katarína Kotríková, Kamila Hlavčová, and Ján Szolgay

EGU2015-414 | Orals | HS2.2.1

Comparison between snow albedo obtained from Landsat imagery and Copernicus/GMES albedo product in a Mediterranean site
Rafael Pimentel, Cristina Aguilar, Javier Herrero, María José Pérez-Palazón, and María José Polo

EGU2015-554 | Orals | HS2.2.1

Combination of snowpack modelling and TLS observations to analyze small scale spatial varaiability of snowpack energy and mass balance
Jesús Revuelto, Vincent Vionnet, Juan Ignacio López-Moreno, Matthieu Lafaysse, and Samuel Morin

EGU2015-1237 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Hillslope-scale hydrological and snow cover dynamics derived from a wireless soil moisture and temperature monitoring network and time-lapse digital photography
Ute Wollschläger, Constantin Vogt, Simon Kögler, and Edoardo Martini

EGU2015-2664 | Orals | HS2.2.1

ESCIMO.spread v2: Parameterization of a spreadsheet-based snow model for inside-canopy conditions
Thomas Marke, Jakob Garvelmann, Elisabeth Mair, Florian Hanzer, Kristian Förster, Stefan Pohl, and Ulrich Strasser

EGU2015-1258 | Posters | HS2.2.1

A processing-modeling routine to use rough data from automatic weather stations in snowpack mass dynamics modeling at fine temporal resolutions
Francesco Avanzi, Carlo De Michele, Antonio Ghezzi, Cristina Jommi, and Monica Pepe

EGU2015-11467 | Orals | HS2.2.1

Validating Monin Obukhov theory and comparing published with a new stability correction over snow
Sebastian Schlögl, Rebecca Mott, and Michael Lehning

EGU2015-2363 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Dynamic processes in the mountain catchment
Tatiana Trifonova and Sergei Arakelian

EGU2015-2948 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Inter-calibrating SMMR, SSM/I and SSMI/S to improve the consistency of snow depth data products in China
Liyun DAI and Tao Che

EGU2015-12966 | Orals | HS2.2.1

Rain-on-snow: A process-based analysis of numerous events spanning a range of meteorological and snowpack boundary conditions
Sebastian Würzer and Tobias Jonas

EGU2015-4440 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Monitoring snow cover and its effect on runoff regime in the Jizera Mountains
Alena Kulasova

EGU2015-15255 | Orals | HS2.2.1

Validating a spatially distributed snow model using MODIS snow data and spring discharge in a karstic aquifer
Jürgen Komma, Christian Reszler, Hermann Stadler, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2015-5861 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Integrated glacier and snow hydrological modelling in the Urumqi No.1 Glacier catchment
Hongkai Gao, Markus Hrachowitz, and Hubert Savenije

EGU2015-11923 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Exploiting MODIS data for the assessment of snow cover simulations driven by a RCM
Pierfrancesco Da Ronco, Carlo De Michele, Myriam Montesarchio, and Paola Mercogliano

EGU2015-12122 | Posters | HS2.2.1

A simple methodology to calibrate local meltrate function from ground observation in absence of density measurements
Davide Mariani, Nicolas Guyennon, Margherita Maggioni, Franco Salerno, and Emanuele Romano

EGU2015-13206 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Detection of changes in snow line elevation from MODIS imagery in the Romanian Carpathians
Mihai Micu, Dana Micu, Ionut Sandric, and Sorin Mihalache

EGU2015-13539 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Multiobjective calibration of a hydrological model based on discharge and glacier mass balance criteria, and its application for the attribution of streamflow trends
Doris Duethmann, Tobias Bolch, Tino Pieczonka, Daniel Farinotti, David Kriegel, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Bruno Merz, Tong Jiang, Buda Su, and Andreas Güntner

EGU2015-13901 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Terrestrial photography as a complementary measurement in weather stations for snow monitoring
Rafael Pimentel, María José Pérez-Palazón, Javier Herrero, and María José Polo

EGU2015-15146 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Variability of snow covered area and snow line elevation in the main Slovak river basins in winters 2001-2014
Pavel Krajci, Ladislav Holko, and Juraj Parajka

EGU2015-9090 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Evaluation of algorithms for calculating sub-canopy microclimatic conditions with an extensive dataset
Jakob Garvelmann, Stefan Pohl, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2015-14977 | Posters | HS2.2.1

Influence of climate change predictions on snow in Sierra Nevada Mountains (Spain)
María José Pérez-Palazón, Rafael Pimentel, Javier Herrero, José María Perales, and María José Polo

HS2.2.2 – Dryland Hydrology

EGU2015-457 | Posters | HS2.2.2

High resolution X-Band radar rainfall estimates for a Mediterranean to hyper-arid transition area
Francesco Marra, Anton Lokshin, Riccardo Notarpietro, Marco Gabella, Marco Branca, David Bonfil, and Efrat Morin

EGU2015-1010 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Validation of snow line estimations using MODIS images for the Elqui River basin, Chile
Nicolas Vasquez, Miguel Lagos, and Ximena Vargas

EGU2015-1082 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Synthesis of streamflow recession curves in dry environments
Saul Arciniega, Agustín Breña-Naranjo, and Adrían Pedrozo-Acuña

EGU2015-1413 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of the Leaf Area Index of the Caatinga Biome
Everton Alves Rodrigues Pinheiro, Quirijn de Jong van Lier, and Klaas Metselaar

EGU2015-3162 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Rainfall-infiltration-runoff relationships in a semi-arid hillslope and their interactions with vegetation cover
Shmuel Assouline, Sally Thompson, Li Chen, Tal Svoray, Shai Sela, and Gaby Katul

EGU2015-7595 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Trends of the timing and volume of streamflow and their relationship with climate variables in Northwestern China
Yanjun Shen, Yanjun Shen, Manfred Fink, and Wolfgang-Albert Flügel

EGU2015-10323 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Observed variability of drought and aridity and its impact on the hydrological regime in the Barlad catchment (Romania)
Mihaela Borcan, Sorin Cheval, and Viorel Chendes

EGU2015-11604 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Ponds' water balance and runoff of endorheic watersheds in the Sahel
Laetitia Gal, Manuela Grippa, Laurent Kergoat, Pierre Hiernaux, Eric Mougin, and Christophe Peugeot

EGU2015-12957 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Setting up a groundwater recharge model for an arid karst system using time lapse camera data
Stephan Schulz, Gerrit H. de Rooij, Nils Michelsen, Randolf Rausch, Christian Siebert, Christoph Schüth, and Ralf Merz

EGU2015-14221 | Posters | HS2.2.2

Quantifying surface water runoff from Wadi Arogut towards the Dead Sea
Stefan Geyer, Saed Khayat, and Amer Marei

HS2.2.3 – Changes in the Mediterranean hydrology: observation and modeling

EGU2015-690 | Orals | HS2.2.3

Hydrological response of the Mediterranean catchments- A review
Mohammad Merheb, Roger Moussa, Chadi Abdallah, François Colin, Charles Perrin, and Nicolas Baghdadi

EGU2015-5660 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Surface soil moisture retrieval over a Mediterranean semi-arid region using X-band TerraSAR-X SAR data
Gorrab Azza, Mehrez Zribi, Nicolas Baghdadi, Bernard Mougenot, Gilles Boulet, and Zohra Lili-Chabaane

EGU2015-408 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Evolution of snow-covered area at hillslope scale using terrestrial photography
María José Pérez-Palazón, Rafael Pimentel, Javier Herrero, José María Perales, and María José Polo

EGU2015-4870 | Orals | HS2.2.3

Analysis of time-series of total and plant water stress levels using a dual-source energy balance model over agricultural crops and medium to low resolution thermal infra red remote sensing data
Gilles Boulet, Bernard Mougenot, Malik Bahir, Pascal Fanise, Sameh Saadi, Vincent Simonneaux, Wafa Chebbi, Zeineb Kassouk, Toufik Oualid, Albert Olioso, Jean-Pierre Lagouarde, Valérie Le Dantec, Vincent Rivalland, Mehrez Zribi, and Zohra Lili-Chabaane

EGU2015-14550 | Orals | HS2.2.3

Study of the hydrological functionning of the irrigated crops in the southern mediterranean basin
Said Khabba, Lionel Jarlan, Salah Er-Raki, Michel Le Page, Olivier Merlin, Jamal Ezzahar, and Mohamed H Kharrou

EGU2015-14083 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Relationship between snow, temperature, rainfall and the North Atlantic Oscillation on the Moroccan Atlas
Ahmed Marchane, Lionel Jarlan, Abdeghani Boudhar, and Lahoucine Hanich

EGU2015-15383 | Orals | HS2.2.3

Evapotranspiration estimate in the Mediterranean: the comparison between different methods and possible impacts of climate change
Mladen Todorovic, Biljana Karic, Luis Santos Pereira, and Piero Lionello

EGU2015-13154 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Monitoring drought impact on Mediterranean oak savanna vegetation using remote sensing
Maria P. González-Dugo, Elisabet Carpintero, and Ana Andreu

EGU2015-3304 | Orals | HS2.2.3

Effects of climate and irrigation changes on the water balance of a Mediterranean catchment
Diane von Gunten, Thomas Wöhling, Claus Haslauer, and Olaf Cirpka

EGU2015-12414 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Analysis of drought events in a Mediterranean semi-arid region, Using SPOT-VGT and TERRA-MODIS satellite products
Mehrez Zribi, Ghofrane Dridi, Rim Amri, and Zohra Lili-Chabaane

EGU2015-10074 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Comparing three gap filling methods for eddy covariance crop evapotranspiration measurements within a hilly agricultural catchment
Nissaf Boudhina, Laurent Prévot, Rim Zitouna Chebbi, Insaf Mekki, Frédéric Jacob, Netij Ben Mechlia, and Moncef Masmoudi

EGU2015-14624 | Orals | HS2.2.3

Multi-modeling assessment of recent changes in groundwater resource: application to the semi-arid Haouz plain (Central Morocco)
Younes Fakir, Berjamy Brahim, Le Page Michel, Sghrer Fathallah, Nassah Houda, Jarlan Lionel, Er Raki Salah, Simonneaux Vincent, and Khabba Said

EGU2015-9396 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Hydrological modeling of stream flow in small Mediterranean dams and impact of climate change : case study of wadi Rmel catchment
Hamadi HABAIEB, Taoufik HERMASSI, Mohamed Moncef MASMOUDI, and Nétij BEN MECHLIA

EGU2015-7948 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Modeling and sediment study in the watershed Medjerda, Tunisia
Fatma Kotti, Gil Mahé, Hamadi Habaieb, Claudine Dieulin, and Taoufik Hermassi

EGU2015-15503 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Assessing regional crop water demand using a satellite-based combination equation with a land surface temperature component
Maria Carmen Moyano, Monica Garcia, Lucia Tornos, Laura Recuero, Alicia Palacios-Orueta, and Luis Juana

EGU2015-14149 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Evaluation of the SAFRAN-ISBA-RAPID hydrometeorological chain on a mountainous catchment in a semi-arid region. Case of the Rheraya (Marrakech, Morocco)
Camille Szczypta, Simon Gascoin, Florence Habets, Amina Saaidi, Brahim Berjamy, Ahmed Marchane, Gilles Boulet, Lahoucine Hanich, and Lionel Jarlan

EGU2015-12609 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Comparison of meteorological forcing (WFDEI, AGRI4CAST) to in-situ observations in a semi arid catchment. The case of Merguellil in Tunisia.
Michel Le Page, Cindy Gosset, Ines Oueslati, Roger Calvez, Mehrez Zribi, and Zohra Lilli Chabaane

EGU2015-12851 | Posters | HS2.2.3

Hydrological regime modifications induced by climate change in Mediterranean area
Dario Pumo, Domenico Caracciolo, Francesco Viola, and Leonardo Valerio Noto

HS2.3.1 – Understanding catchment and hillslope responses: from changing states and non-linearities to emergent behaviours

EGU2015-361 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Changing sources and contributions to a small headwater stream during recession periods
Matthias Ritter and Markus Weiler

EGU2015-2957 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Hydrology without hillslopes: runoff controls and pathways on a near-level, engineered landscape
Halya Petzold and Genevieve Ali

EGU2015-5022 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Inferring runoff generation processes through high resolution spatial and temporal UV-Vis absorbance measurements in a mountainous headwater catchment in Southern Ecuador
David Windhorst, Sarah Schob, Carina Zang, Patricio Crespo, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2015-6718 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Runoff generation and flow paths on an inclined cultivated soil
David Zumr, Luděk Strouhal, and Petr Kavka

EGU2015-8048 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Hydrogeomorphic paradigm of stormflow generation in headwater catchments
Roy C. Sidle

EGU2015-9021 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Understanding the effect of watershed characteristic on the runoff using SCS curve number
Frieta Damayanti and Karl Schneider

EGU2015-9034 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Modeling subsurface stormflow initiation in low-relief landscapes
Luisa Hopp, Kellie B. Vaché, C. Rhett Jackson, and Jeffrey J. McDonnell

EGU2015-9528 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Evolution of hydrological pathways in engineered hillslopes due to soil and vegetation development
Willemijn M. Appels, Andrew M. Ireson, Jeffrey J. McDonnell, and S. Lee Barbour

EGU2015-9995 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Catchment controls on soil moisture dynamics: from site-specific hysteresis in event responses to temporal stability of patterns
Sibylle K. Hassler, Markus Weiler, and Theresa Blume

EGU2015-10187 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Water flow paths in a forested catchment of the East Asian monsoon region
Jean-Lionel Payeur-Poirier, Luisa Hopp, and Stefan Peiffer

EGU2015-10281 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Improved baseflow characterization in mountainous catchments
Michael Stoelzle, Kerstin Stahl, Tobias Schuetz, Markus Weiler, Jan Seibert, and Lena M. Tallaksen

EGU2015-10555 | Posters | HS2.3.1

Hydrological annual hysteresis: functional signature for assessing the consistency of catchment conceptual models?
Ophelie Fovet, Ruiz Laurent, Hrachowitz Markus, and Gascuel-Odoux Chantal

EGU2015-11301 | Posters | HS2.3.1

How do different parts of a basin contribute to discharge? Case study Rokytka Brook, Šumava Mts., Czech Republic
Lukas Vlcek, Jan Kocum, Bohumir Jansky, and Ludek Sefrna

HS2.3.2 – Innovative sensing techniques and data analysis approaches to increase hydrological process understanding

EGU2015-10287 | Orals | HS2.3.2

Observational techniques for constraining hydraulic and hydrologic models for use in catchment scale flood impact assessment
Gareth Owen, Mark Wilkinson, Alex Nicholson, Paul Quinn, and Greg O'Donnell

EGU2015-1567 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Investigating temporal field sampling strategies for site-specific calibration of three soil moisture - neutron flux interaction models
Joost Iwema, Rafael Rosolem, Roland Baatz, Thorsten Wagener, and Heye Bogena

EGU2015-13490 | Orals | HS2.3.2

Large-scale multi-configuration electromagnetic induction: a promising tool to improve hydrological models
Christian von Hebel, Sebastian Rudolph, Achim Mester, Johan A. Huisman, Carsten Montzka, Lutz Weihermüller, Harry Vereecken, and Jan van der Kruk

EGU2015-1828 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Stream temperature medelling and fibre optic distributed temperature sensing to quantify groundwater discharge in the Ngongotaha Stream, New Zealand
Maryam Moridnejad, Stewart Cameron, Asaad Shamseldin, Nick Dudley Ward, and Floris Verhagen

EGU2015-11451 | Orals | HS2.3.2

Developing hydrological monitoring networks with Arduino
Wouter Buytaert, Andres Vega, Marcos Villacis, and Simon Moulds

EGU2015-3593 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Mining nitrate concentration patterns from high-frequency in situ monitoring: a step towards more detailed understanding of hydrological processes?
Alice Aubert, Tobias Houska, Ina Plesca, Philipp Kraft, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2015-8685 | Orals | HS2.3.2

Tracking the diurnal signal of plant water uptake through the hydrologic system
Theresa Blume, Sibylle Hassler, Ingo Heidbüchel, Markus Weiler, Sonia Simard, Andreas Güntner, and Ingo Heinrich

EGU2015-5029 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Combining remote sensing, soft data and parameter transfer to enhance flood predictions in the Swat and Lower Kabul Rivers of Pakistan
Laurène Bouaziz, Fraz Ismail, and Yasir Abbas

EGU2015-15153 | Orals | HS2.3.2

Three Years of Country-Wide Rainfall Maps from Cellular Communication Networks
Aart Overeem, Manuel Felipe Rios Gaona, Hidde Leijnse, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2015-5111 | Posters | HS2.3.2

In-situ measurements of pore water stable isotope composition in a semi-arid environment with implications for spatio-temporal variability of unsaturated zone processes.
Marcel Gaj, Matthias Beyer, Paul Koeniger, Yosefina Hamutoko, and Thomas Himmelsbach

EGU2015-9807 | Orals | HS2.3.2

A worldwide analysis of human exposure to floods by using satellite nighttime lights
Serena Ceola, Alberto Montanari, and Francesco Laio

EGU2015-5242 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Video camera observation for assessing overland flow patterns during rainfall events
Rasmiaditya Silasari, Markus Oismüller, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2015-5263 | Posters | HS2.3.2

A new index to quantify hysteresis at the runoff event timescale
Giulia Zuecco, Daniele Penna, Ilja van Meerveld, and Marco Borga

EGU2015-6248 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Adaptive Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks for Long-term and Event-oriented Environmental Monitoring
Jan Bumberger, Hannes Mollenhauer, Paul Remmler, Martin Schaedler, Robert Schima, Olaf Mollenhauer, Tino Hutschenreuther, Hannes Toepfer, and Peter Dietrich

EGU2015-6659 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Spatial variation of storage capacity and winter recession in the alpine Poschiavino catchment / Switzerland
Marius Floriancic, Maarten Smoorenburg, Michael Margreth, and Felix Naef

EGU2015-7252 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Estimation of the spatial distribution of hydrological responsiveness based on solute series
Christian Lehr, Gunnar Lischeid, and Doerthe Tetzlaff

EGU2015-7890 | Posters | HS2.3.2

The establishment of experimental watershed in Taiwan
Yu-Chi Wang, Shun-Chung Tsung, Hau-Wei Wang, Cheng-Hsin Chen, Ya-Chi Chang, Jui-Yi Ho, Shih-Chiang Lee, and Jian-Hao Hong

EGU2015-8961 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Do diatoms percolate through soil and can they be used for tracing the origin of runoff?
Lenka De Graaf, Erik Cammeraat, Laurent Pfister, Carlos Wetzel, Julian Klaus, and Christophe Hissler

EGU2015-9247 | Posters | HS2.3.2

SCAT-SAR Soil Moisture: A Data Fusion Approach to Close the Spatial and Temporal Scale Gaps between MetOp-ASCAT and Sentinel-1 Observations.
Bernhard Bauer-Marschallinger, Wolfgang Wagner, Christoph Paulik, Alexander Gruber, Mariette Vreugdenhil, and Wouter Dorigo

EGU2015-9813 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Quantifying streamflow observation types importance to calibrating coupled groundwater/surface water models using frugal sensitivity analysis methods
Laura Foglia, Jakob Neumann, Mary Hill, and Thomas Harter

EGU2015-10165 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Footprint Characteristics of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensors for Soil Moisture Monitoring
Martin Schrön, Markus Köhli, Marek Zreda, Peter Dietrich, and Steffen Zacharias

EGU2015-10363 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Soil moisture sensing with cosmic ray neutron probes: Do forests and other low-count locations call for additional calibration?
Ingo Heidbüchel, Andreas Güntner, and Theresa Blume

EGU2015-11026 | Posters | HS2.3.2

High-frequency DOC and nitrate measurements provide new insights into their export and their relationships to rainfall-runoff processes
Michael Schwab, Julian Klaus, Laurent Pfister, and Markus Weiler

EGU2015-11804 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Innovative sensing techniques and data analysis for characterizing the spatial and temporal dynamics of soil moisture patterns at the hillslope scale
Edoardo Martini, Ute Wollschläger, Simon Kögler, Thorsten Behrens, Peter Dietrich, Frido Reinstorf, Karsten Schmidt, Markus Weiler, Ulrike Werban, and Steffen Zacharias

EGU2015-13567 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Understanding drivers of the export of dissolved organic carbon from headwater catchments in Germany using Generalised Additive Models
Benny Selle, Jörg Tittel, and Andreas Musolff

EGU2015-13788 | Posters | HS2.3.2

Complementary experiments to understand rapid flow in periglacial slope deposits
Conrad Jackisch, Lisa Angermann, and Niklas Allroggen

HS2.3.3 – Isotope and tracer methods: flow paths characterization, catchment response and transformation processes

EGU2015-9932 | Posters | HS2.3.3

Tracer transport in a distributed water and energy balance model: concept and first results for Berchtesgadener Land
Florian Marshall and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2015-14819 | Orals | HS2.3.3

Soil, the orphan hydrological compartment: evidence from O and H stable isotopes?
Christophe Hissler, Arnaud Legout, François Barnich, and Laurent Pfister

EGU2015-662 | Orals | HS2.3.3

Streamwater transit time estimates affected by isotope transformations within the forest canopy
Michael Stockinger, Heye Bogena, Andreas Lücke, Bernd Diekkrüger, Jeffrey McDonnell, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2015-14460 | Posters | HS2.3.3

On the value of terrestrial diatoms as a tracer for fast flow path connectivity of source areas in a nested catchment setup
Julian Klaus, Carlos Wetzel, Núria Martínez-Carreras, Luc Ector, and Laurent Pfister

EGU2015-8985 | Orals | HS2.3.3

Analysis of runoff generation during rainfall and snowmelt events in an Alpine catchment based on isotopic and electrical conductivity data
Daniele Penna, Ilja van Meerveld, Giulia Zuecco, Giancarlo Dalla Fontana, and Marco Borga

EGU2015-3552 | Posters | HS2.3.3

Assessment of groundwater dynamics by applying rare earth elements and stable isotopes – the case of the Tiberias Basin, Jordan Valley.
Christian Siebert, Peter Möller, Tino Rödiger, Marwan Al-Raggad, and Fabien Magri

EGU2015-2498 | Posters | HS2.3.3

Water origin and flow pathways investigated by tracers in a small Dolomitic catchment
Daniele Penna, Giulia Zuecco, Marco Cavalli, Sebastiano Trevisani, Stefano Crema, Luisa Pianezzola, Giancarlo Dalla Fontana, Lorenzo Marchi, and Marco Borga

EGU2015-13031 | Orals | HS2.3.3

Spatial and temporal variation of residence time and storage volume of subsurface water evaluated by multi-tracers approach in mountainous headwater catchments
Maki Tsujimura, Shinjiro Yano, Yutaka Abe, Takehiro Matsumoto, Ayumi Yoshizawa, Ysuhito Watanabe, and Koichi Ikeda

EGU2015-13905 | Posters | HS2.3.3

Hydrograph separation during artificial rain-on-snow event using deuterium
Roman Juras, Jirka Pavlasek, and Sebastian Würzer

EGU2015-204 | Orals | HS2.3.3

A Tale of an Isotope: Where Does the Water Come from in Tropical Andean Ecosystems? A Case of Study in South Ecuador
Giovanny Mosquera, Lutz Breuer, David Windhorst, Rolando Célleri, Patricio Lazo, Kellie Vaché, and Patricio Crespo

EGU2015-10129 | Posters | HS2.3.3

Origin of runoff and suspended sediment in a glacierized Alpine catchment
Michael Engel, Daniele Penna, Andrea Dell’Agnese, Ana Lucia, Francesco Comiti, Gianluca Vignoli, Silvia Simoni, and Roberto Dinale

EGU2015-12773 | Orals | HS2.3.3

Analyses of tracer time series to decompose the watershed response across a spectrum of spatio-temporal scales
Joakim Riml and Anders Wörman