KL – Keynote Lectures

KL1 – 10th C.F. Gauss Lecture

EGU2015-5395 | Orals | KL1

The mysteries of the sea: How magnetics can help to solve them
Udo Barckhausen

KL2 – Penck lecture

EGU2015-15429 | Orals | KL2

What can mountain glaciers tell us about climate change? Quantifying past and future discharge variations in the Southern Alps and Himalaya (Penck Lecture)
Ann V. Rowan

KL4 – The Bullerwell Lecture of the British Geophysical Association presented by Tim Wright (University of Leeds)

EGU2015-13645 | Orals | KL4

What can satellite geodesy tell us about fault zone mechanics and seismic hazard in the continents?
Tim Wright

KL5 – Georg-Wüst Lecture by Carsten Eden (University of Hamburg) & Reception

EGU2015-10524 | Orals | KL5

Energetically consistent ocean models (Georg Wüst medal lecture)
Carsten Eden, Dirk Olbers, Lars Czeschel, and Nils Brüggemann
CC BY 4.0