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NH – Natural Hazards

NH1.1 – Extreme meteorological and hydrological events induced by severe weather and climate change

EGU2015-210 | Posters | NH1.1

Intense tornadoes in Poland in the years 2000-2012 and their synoptic characteristics
Paulina Cwik

EGU2015-1349 | Orals | NH1.1

Flood risk and adaptation strategies in Indonesia: a probabilistic analysis using globally available data
Sanne Muis, Burak Güneralp, Brenden Jongman, Jeroen Aerts, and Philip Ward

EGU2015-1736 | Posters | NH1.1

High resolution mapping of flood hazard for South Korea
Sourima Ghosh, Kechi Nzerem, Francesco Zovi, Shuangcai Li, Yi Mei, Anongnart Assteerawatt, Arno Hilberts, Stephan Tillmanns, and Christos Mitas

EGU2015-6879 | Orals | NH1.1

The role of human influence on climate in recent UK winter floods and their impacts
Nathalie Schaller, Pascal Yiou, Alison Kay, Rob Lamb, Neil Massey, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, Friederike Otto, Sarah Sparrow, Robert Vautard, Andy Bowery, Susan Crooks, Chris Huntingford, William Ingram, Richard Jones, Tim Legg, Jonathan Miller, Jessica Skeggs, David Wallom, Simon Wilson, and Myles Allen

EGU2015-10261 | Orals | NH1.1

Calibration and Evaluation of a Flood Forecasting System: Utility of Numerical Weather Prediction Model, Data Assimilation and Satellite-based Rainfall
Ismail Yucel, Alper Onen, Koray Yilmaz, and David Gochis

EGU2015-2008 | Posters | NH1.1

Spatial and temporal features of heavy rainstorm events in Calabria, Southern Italy
Oreste Giuseppe Terranova, Stefano Luigi Gariano, and Raffaele Greco

EGU2015-10836 | Orals | NH1.1

Droughts and forest fires in Mediterranean Europe
Marco Turco, Maria-Carmen Llasat, Jost von Hardenberg, and Antonello Provenzale

EGU2015-5678 | Posters | NH1.1

Evaluation of moisture sources of the Central European summer flood of May/June 2013 based on an ensemble of regional climate model simulations
Fanni D. Kelemen, Patrick Ludwig, Mark Reyers, Sven Ulbrich, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2015-5945 | Posters | NH1.1

Improving Forecasts of Freezing Rain at ECMWF
Ivan Tsonevsky, Richard Forbes, and Tim Hewson

EGU2015-12457 | Orals | NH1.1

Characterizing multi-hazard extreme distributions of coastal flooding induced by tropical cyclones
Javier Díez-Sierra, Alexandra Toimil, Manuel del Jesus, Fernando Méndez, and Raúl Medina

EGU2015-6007 | Posters | NH1.1

The hydro-geomorphological event of December 1909 in Iberia: social impacts and triggering conditions
Susana Pereira, Alexandre M. Ramos, José L. Zêzere, Ricardo M. Trigo, and José M. Vaquero

EGU2015-14075 | Orals | NH1.1

A generic framework for the identification of hydrological droughts through the propagation of runoff generation mechanisms in semi-arid catchments
Ioannis Paraskeuas, Lampros Vasiliades, and Athanasios Loukas

EGU2015-7504 | Posters | NH1.1

The evaluation of storm rainfall variability and its influence on runoff response at a catchment scale
Vaclav David and Tereza Davidová

EGU2015-1628 | Orals | NH1.1

The severe hailstorm in Germany on 28 July 2013: Characteristics and meteorological conditions
Michael Kunz, Ulrich Blahak, Jan Handwerker, Manuel Schmidberger, Susanna Mohr, Heinz Jürgen Punge, Elody Fluck, and Bernhard Mühr

EGU2015-2064 | Orals | NH1.1

Multi-model analysis of precipitation-related climatological extremes for the Carpathian Region
Anna Kis, Rita Pongracz, and Judit Bartholy

EGU2015-8622 | Posters | NH1.1

Event based climatology of extreme precipitation in Europe
Katrin M. Nissen, Nico Becker, and Uwe Ulbrich

EGU2015-10258 | Posters | NH1.1

Hydrologic Simulation in Mediterranean flood prone Watersheds using high-resolution quality data
Anthi Eirini Vozinaki, Dimitrios Alexakis, Polixeni Pappa, and Ioannis Tsanis

EGU2015-2618 | Orals | NH1.1

Recent advances in near-surface moisture monitoring using commercial microwave links in Tel-Aviv University
Pinhas Alpert, Noam David, and Hagit Messer

EGU2015-11605 | Posters | NH1.1

From baroclinic to barotropic: the evolution of Medicane Cornelia
Edoardo Mazza, Uwe Ulbrich, and Rupert Klein

EGU2015-6897 | Orals | NH1.1

Extreme precipitation events in the Iberian Peninsula and its association with Atmospheric Rivers
Alexandre M. Ramos, Margarida L. R. Liberato, and Ricardo M. Trigo

EGU2015-11702 | Posters | NH1.1

Identification of synoptic precursors to extreme precipitation events in the Swiss Alps by the analysis of backward trajectories
Liliane Nguyen, Pascal Horton, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2015-7593 | Orals | NH1.1

Mechanisms for Amplified Central European Summer Precipitation Extremes in a Warmer Mediterranean Climate
Claudia Volosciuk, Douglas Maraun, Vladimir Semenov, Natalia Tilinina, and Mojib Latif

EGU2015-12218 | Orals | NH1.1

Hail statistic in Western Europe based on a hyrid cell-tracking algorithm combining radar signals with hailstone observations
Elody Fluck

EGU2015-1784 | Posters | NH1.1

Floods characterization: from impact data to quantitative assessment
Maria-Carmen Llasat, Joan Gilabert, Montserrat Llasat-Botija, Raül Marcos, Pere Quintana-Seguí, and Marco Turco

EGU2015-11896 | Posters | NH1.1

Determining the Return Period of Storm Surge Events in the Philippines
Joy Santiago, John Kenneth Suarez, John Phillip Lapidez, Jerico Mendoza, Carl Vincent Caro, Judd Tablazon, Christine Ladiero, and Alfredo Mahar Francisco Lagmay

EGU2015-12357 | Posters | NH1.1

A hail risk map for Europe based on overshooting top detections and atmospheric conditions associated to hail reports
Heinz Jürgen Punge, Michael Kunz, and Kristopher M Bedka

EGU2015-13846 | Posters | NH1.1

The AdriaX Campaign: Meteo-Hydrological forecast and multi-radar observation in Central Adriatic
Ida Maiello and Rossella Ferretti and the AdriaX

NH1.4 – Atmospheric Electricity, Thunderstorms, Lightning and their effects (co-organized)

EGU2015-13577 | Orals | NH1.4

Severe weather detection by using Japanese Total Lightning Network
Yasuhide Hobara, Hayato Ishii, Yuri Kumagai, Charlie Liu, Stan Heckman, and Colin Price

EGU2015-773 | Posters | NH1.4

Evidence of the Carnegie curve behavior in fair weather measurements of the atmospheric electric field at a continental station
Marta Melgão, António Heitor Reis, Maria João Costa, and Hugo Gonçalves Silva

EGU2015-1509 | Posters | NH1.4

A study of the effects of thunderstorm distance and topography on the atmospheric electric field
Nikolaos Kastelis, Konstantinos Kourtidis, Vasiliki Kotroni, and Konstantinos Lagouvardos

EGU2015-9073 | Orals | NH1.4

Comparing distinct ground-based lightning location networks covering the Netherlands
Lotte de Vos, Hidde Leijnse, Maurice Schmeits, Hans Beekhuis, Dieter Poelman, Läslo Evers, and Pieter Smets

EGU2015-10880 | Orals | NH1.4

Mapping the African thunderstorm center in absolute units using Schumann resonance spectral decomposition method
Michal Dyrda, Andrzej Kulak, and Janusz Mlynarczyk

EGU2015-2126 | Posters | NH1.4 | Media interest

Lightning activity and aerosols over the Mediterranean
Emmanouil Proestakis, Stelios Kazadzis, Vassiliki Kotroni, Kostas Lagouvardos, and Andreas Kazantzidis

EGU2015-2127 | Posters | NH1.4

Lightning climatology over the eastern Mediterranean
Elissavet Galanaki, Kostas Lagouvardos, Vassiliki Kotroni, and Athanassios Argyriou

EGU2015-15140 | Orals | NH1.4

Do West African Thunderstorms Predict the Intensity of Atlantic Hurricanes?
Colin Price, Naama Reicher, and Yoav Yair

EGU2015-9833 | Posters | NH1.4

Investigating correlation of lighting activity and precipitation in an Eastern Mediterranean island
Vasiliki Iordanidou, Aristeidis Koutroulis, and Ioannis Tsanis

EGU2015-2128 | Orals | NH1.4

Nowcasting and forecasting of lightning activity: the Talos project.
Kostas Lagouvardos, Vassiliki Kotroni, Stelios Kazadzis, Theodore Giannaros, Athanassios Karagiannidis, Elissavet Galanaki, and Emmanouil Proestakis

EGU2015-2125 | Posters | NH1.4

Development of a lightning activity nowcasting tool
Athanassios Karagiannidis, Kostas Lagouvardos, and Vassiliki Kotroni

EGU2015-1846 | Orals | NH1.4

Lightning Characteristics of Eastern Mediterranean Thunderstorms
Yuval Ben-Ami, Orit Altaratz-Stoler, Yoav Yair, and Ilan Koren

EGU2015-2187 | Orals | NH1.4

High-speed video and electric field observation of upward flashes in Brazil
Marcelo M. F. Saba, Carina Schumann, Marco A. S. Ferro, Amanda R. Paiva, Robson Jaques, and Tom A. Warner

EGU2015-2124 | Posters | NH1.4

Implementation of a lightning data assimilation technique in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model for improving precipitation prediction
Theodore Giannaros, Vassiliki Kotroni, and Kostas Lagouvardos

EGU2015-3396 | Posters | NH1.4

Temporal and radiometric statistics on lightning flashes observed from space with the ISUAL spectrophotometer.
Marc Offroy, Thomas Farges, Cheng Ling Kuo, Alfred Bing-Chih Chen, Rue-Ron Hsu, Han-Tzong Su, Yukihiro Takahashi, Stephen B. Mende, and Harald U. Frey

EGU2015-8459 | Orals | NH1.4

Fine properties of trains of unusually strong preliminary breakdown pulses observed at different distances
Ivana Kolmasova, Ondrej Santolik, Thomas Farges, Gerhard Diendorfer, Radek Lan, and Ludek Uhlir

EGU2015-7495 | Posters | NH1.4

Thunderstorm monitoring with VLF network and super dense meteorological observation system
Yukihiro Takahashi and Mitsuteru Sato

EGU2015-10489 | Orals | NH1.4

Modelling Discharge Inception in Thunderstorms
Casper Rutjes, Anna Dubinova, Ute Ebert, Stijn Buitink, Olaf Scholten, and Gia Thi Ngoc Trihn

EGU2015-1057 | Orals | NH1.4

Modeling of the Electric Field near the Surface Layer under Strong Turbulent Mixing
Ksenya Boldyreva and Anton Boldyreff

EGU2015-4486 | Posters | NH1.4

Vertical Electric Field Measurements with Copper Plates by Sounding Balloon
Shao-Chun Wen, Cheng-Hsiu Chiu, Alfred Bing-Chih Chen, Rue-Ron Hsu, and Han-Tzong Su

EGU2015-5598 | Orals | NH1.4

Droplet charging effects on the microphysics of layer clouds
R.Giles Harrison, Maarten Ambaum, and Keri Nicoll

EGU2015-5027 | Posters | NH1.4

Atmospheric electrical effects of the 1859 Carrington flare
Karen Aplin and R. Giles Harrison

EGU2015-9906 | Orals | NH1.4

Earth, Jupiter and Saturn as guides for extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs: a lightning climatology study
Gabriella Hodosán, Rubén Asensio Torres, Christiane Helling, and Irena Vorgul

EGU2015-9645 | Posters | NH1.4

Number of transients/Q-bursts in ELF-band as possible criterion for global thunderstorm activity estimation.
Adriena Ondraskova and Sebastian Sevcik

EGU2015-8335 | Orals | NH1.4 | Media interest

Relation Between Sprite Distribution and Source Locations of VHF Pulses Derived From JEM- GLIMS Measurements
Mitsuteru SATO, Masahiro MIHARA, Tomoo USHIO, Takeshi MORIMOTO, Hiroshi KIKUCHI, Toru ADACHI, Makoto SUZUKI, Atsushi YAMAZAKI, and Yukihiro TAKAHASHI

EGU2015-1992 | Posters | NH1.4

Sprite Climatology in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Yoav Yair, Colin Price, Dor Katzenelson, Neta Rosenthal, Lior Rubanenko, Yuval Ben-Ami, and Enrico Arnone

EGU2015-3138 | Orals | NH1.4

The triangulation of the gigantic jets observed by the optical observation network in Taiwan
Alfred B. Chen, Chien-Fong Huang, Kang-Ming Peng, Han-Tzong Su, and Rue-Ron Hsu

EGU2015-10618 | Posters | NH1.4

Giant elves: Lightning-generated electromagnetic pulses in giant planets.
Alejandro Luque Estepa, Daria Dubrovin, Francisco José Gordillo-Vázquez, Ute Ebert, Francisco Carlos Parra-Rojas, Yoav Yair, and Colin Price

EGU2015-6386 | Posters | NH1.4

Modelling vibrationally excited hydroxyl in electric discharges in the mesosphere
Holger Winkler and Justus Notholt

EGU2015-10831 | Orals | NH1.4 | Media interest

Beads and glows in sprite discharges resulting from a dynamical instability of streamer channels.
Alejandro Luque Estepa, Hans C. Stenbaek-Nielsen, Matthew G. McHarg, and Ryan K. Haaland

EGU2015-10684 | Posters | NH1.4

Influence of sprite streamers in the mesospheric chemical and thermal balance
Francisco C. Parra-Rojas, Alejandro Luque, and Francisco J. Gordillo-Vázquez

EGU2015-10449 | Orals | NH1.4

Dimension of a fractal streamer structure
Nikolai G. Lehtinen and Nikolai Østgaard

EGU2015-10465 | Orals | NH1.4

Mesospheric electron detachment and LORE recovery times
Francisco J. Gordillo-Vazquez, Christos Haldoupis, and Alejandro Luque

EGU2015-11190 | Posters | NH1.4

Study of the early signal perturbations due to GJ and Elves using the LWPC code
Samir Nait Amor, Hassen Ghalila, and Yasmina Bouderba

EGU2015-11378 | Posters | NH1.4

A new method for determining the distance to the major thunderstorm centers in the world using the Schumann resonance measurements
Michal Dyrda, Andrzej Kulak, and Janusz Mlynarczyk

EGU2015-5245 | Orals | NH1.4

A model study of the plasma chemistry of stratospheric Blue Jets
Holger Winkler and Justus Notholt

EGU2015-13740 | Posters | NH1.4

Estimating ionospheric property by using simultaneous observations of lightning optical emissions and whistlers from ISS GLIMS mission.
Katsunori Suzuki, Yasuhide Hobara, Kanata Kakinuma, Mitsuteru Sato, Yukihiro Takahashi, Tomoo Ushio, Takeshi Morimoto, Atsushi Yamazaki, Mutsumi Suzuki, Linscott IR, and Inan US

EGU2015-2014 | Posters | NH1.4

Mean LIS flash properties and their relation to TRMM cloud and rain characteristics
Steffen Beirle and Thomas Wagner

EGU2015-14369 | Posters | NH1.4

FDTD analysis of ELF radio waves propagating in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide
Volodymyr Marchenko, Andrzej Kulak, and Janusz Mlynarczyk

NH1.6 – Flood risk and uncertainty

EGU2015-2984 | Posters | NH1.6

Influence of the natural variability on the maximum discharges Q(p%)
Radu Drobot, Aurelian Florentin Draghia, Romica Trandafir, and Daniel Ciuiu

EGU2015-613 | Orals | NH1.6

Coastal Storm surge flooding impact under different climate scenarios in Pearl River Delta
li li and Juergen Boehner

EGU2015-6414 | Posters | NH1.6

A statistical method to estimate outflow volume in case of levee breach due to overtopping
Luigia Brandimarte, Mario Martina, Francesco Dottori, and Maurizio Mazzoleni

EGU2015-910 | Orals | NH1.6

HEC-RAS 5.0 Vs. TELEMAC-2D: a model comparison for flood-hazard and flood-risk estimation
Fatma Ezzahra Maatar, Alessio Domeneghetti, and Armando Brath

EGU2015-6484 | Posters | NH1.6

Uncertain Characterization of Flood Hazard Using Bivariate Analysis Based on Copulas
Angela Candela and Giuseppe Tito Aronica

EGU2015-4312 | Orals | NH1.6

Flood Risk Due to Hurricane Flooding
Francisco Olivera, Chih-Hung Hsu, and Jennifer Irish

EGU2015-6566 | Posters | NH1.6

How do we best estimate fluvial flood risk in urban environments? : The case of the city of Eilenburg, Germany
Elisa Longo, Giuseppe Tito Aronica, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, and Micah Mukolwe

EGU2015-4955 | Orals | NH1.6

National scale high-resolution mapping of coastal wave overtopping risk in England and Wales
Rebecca Alexandre and Matthew Hird

EGU2015-8102 | Posters | NH1.6

A physically-based approach for large scale flood hazard modeling
Lorenzo Begnudelli and Yasir Kaheil

EGU2015-9574 | Orals | NH1.6

Uncertainty analysis of channel capacity assumptions in large scale hydraulic modelling
Alexander Walsh, Rebecca Stroud, and Thomas Willis

EGU2015-9148 | Posters | NH1.6

Assessing and optimising flood control options along the Arachthos river floodplain (Epirus, Greece)
Athina Drosou, Panayiotis Dimitriadis, Archontia Lykou, Panagiotis Kossieris, Ioannis Tsoukalas, Andreas Efstratiadis, and Nikos Mamassis

EGU2015-9858 | Orals | NH1.6

Improving the effectiveness of real-time flood forecasting through Predictive Uncertainty estimation: the multi-temporal approach
Silvia Barbetta, Gabriele Coccia, Tommaso Moramarco, and Ezio Todini

EGU2015-10170 | Posters | NH1.6

National Levee Database: monitoring, vulnerability assessment and management in Italy
Silvia Barbetta, Stefania Camici, Pamela Maccioni, and Tommaso Moramarco

EGU2015-15761 | Orals | NH1.6

Roughness and discharge uncertainty propagation in water level calculations :
Nicole Goutal, Aurelie Arnaud, Cedric Goeury, and Riadh Ata

EGU2015-10681 | Posters | NH1.6

Spatial planning using probabilistic flood maps
Leonardo Alfonso, Micah Mukolwe, and Giuliano Di Baldassarre

EGU2015-10100 | Orals | NH1.6

A comprehensive multi-scenario based approach for a reliable flood-hazard assessment: a case-study application
Cristiano Lanni, Bruno Mazzorana, Claudio Volcan, and Rudi Bertagnolli

EGU2015-11469 | Posters | NH1.6

Development of flood index by characterisation of flood hydrographs
Biswa Bhattacharya and Asadusjjaman Suman

EGU2015-10678 | Orals | NH1.6

Applications of flood depth from rapid post-event footprint generation
Naomi Booth and Ian Millinship

EGU2015-15263 | Orals | NH1.6

Assessing flood risk based on long-term continuous simulation with a coupled model chain
Daniela Falter, Kai Schröter, Nguyen Viet Dung, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Heidi Kreibich, Yeshewatesfa Hundecha, Heiko Apel, and Bruno Merz

EGU2015-11562 | Posters | NH1.6

Uncertainty Analysis of Simulated Discharges Due to Spatial Interpolation with Rainfall Gauges
Chang Chehao Chang, Shen Jhih-Cyuan, and Wu Tung-Ting

EGU2015-11584 | Posters | NH1.6

Holistic flood risk assessment using agent-based modelling: the case of Sint Maarten Island
Yared Abayneh Abebe, Zoran Vojinovic, Igor Nikolic, Michael Hammond, Arlex Sanchez, and Mark Pelling

EGU2015-13003 | Orals | NH1.6

Using open source building information in the development of exposure datasets for catastrophe risk modeling
Rui Figueiredo and Mario Martina

EGU2015-13145 | Orals | NH1.6

The application of Global Sensitivity Analysis to quantify the dominant input factors for hydraulic model simulations
James Savage, Francesca Pianosi, Paul Bates, Jim Freer, and Thorsten Wagener

EGU2015-13214 | Posters | NH1.6

Geographic information systems supporting the solution of emergencies and their connection to self-actuated notification systems
Adam Reil, Luděk Bureš, Radek Roub, Tomáš Hejduk, and Pavel Novák

EGU2015-13570 | Posters | NH1.6

Dynamic aspects of large woody debris in river channels
Alexandra Vergaro, Enrica Caporali, and Ignazio Becchi

EGU2015-11924 | Posters | NH1.6

Global and local scale flood discharge simulations in the Rhine River basin for flood risk reduction benchmarking in the Flagship Project
Anne Gädeke, Maksym Gusyev, Jun Magome, Ai Sugiura, Johannes Cullmann, and Kuniyoshi Takeuchi

EGU2015-9428 | Posters | NH1.6

Flood Risk Assessment as a Part of Integrated Flood and Drought Analysis. Case Study: Southern Thailand
Saowanit Prabnakorn, Fransiscus X. Suryadi, and Charlotte de Fraiture

EGU2015-6111 | Posters | NH1.6

A heterogeneous and parallel computing framework for high-resolution hydrodynamic simulations
Luke Smith and Qiuhua Liang

EGU2015-12595 | Posters | NH1.6

A simplified risk model from the need for a balance between the different components of a catastrophe model
Francesco Dottori, Mario Martina, and Rui Figueiredo

NH1.9 – Hydro-meteorological hazards: Changing pattern of risk and effective risk mitigation strategies

EGU2015-3225 | Orals | NH1.9

Disaster risk and poverty: assessing the global exposure of the poor to floods and droughts
Hessel Winsemius, Brenden Jongman, Ted Veldkamp, Stéphane Hallegatte, Mook Bangalore, and Philip Ward

EGU2015-2810 | Posters | NH1.9

Multi Criteria Evaluation Module for RiskChanges Spatial Decision Support System
Roya Olyazadeh, Michel Jaboyedoff, Cees van Westen, and Wim Bakker

EGU2015-3620 | Posters | NH1.9

The Atlas of Natural Hazards and Risks of Austria: first results for fluvial and pluvial floods
Martin Mergili, Andreas Tader, Thomas Glade, Clemens Neuhold, and Heinz Stiefelmeyer

EGU2015-7698 | Orals | NH1.9

Quantitative assessment of changes in landslide risk using a regional scale run-out model
Haydar Hussin, Lixia Chen, Roxana Ciurean, Cees van Westen, Paola Reichenbach, and Simone Sterlacchini

EGU2015-13333 | Orals | NH1.9

Coupling of a hydrodynamic numerical model, extreme value analysis and climate change for a flooding assessment.
Byron Quan Luna and Luca Garrè

EGU2015-4437 | Posters | NH1.9

Delft3D Storm Surge Simulation of Typhoon Haiyan for Projection of Coastal Inundation in the Visayas Islands, Philippines
John Kenneth Suarez, Krichi May Cabacaba, Nophi Ian Biton, Camille Cuadra, Joy Santiago, Jerico Mendoza, and Alfredo Mahar Francisco Lagmay

EGU2015-5988 | Orals | NH1.9

Landslide risk reduction strategies: an inventory for the Global South
Jan Maes, Matthieu Kervyn, Liesbet Vranken, Olivier Dewitte, Matthias Vanmaercke, Kewan Mertens, Liesbet Jacobs, and Jean Poesen

EGU2015-4615 | Posters | NH1.9

Numerical run-out modelling used for reassessment of existing permanent avalanche paths in the Krkonose Mts., Czechia
Jan Blahut, Jan Klimes, Jan Balek, Petr Taborik, Roman Juras, and Jiri Pavlasek

EGU2015-5807 | Posters | NH1.9

DRIHM Project: Floods in Serbia in May 2014
Marija Ivkovic, Vladimir Dimitrijevic, Ljiljana Dekic, Ana Mihalovic, and Goran Pejanovic

EGU2015-13246 | Orals | NH1.9

Multi-national and multi-agency distributed ICT system for Disaster Risk Management
Marco Massabo, Lauro Rossi, Alessandrp Burastero, Luca Molini, and Paolo Campanella

EGU2015-7602 | Posters | NH1.9

High-resolution numerical modeling of meteorological and hydrological conditions during May 2014 floods in Serbia
Mirjam Vujadinovic, Ana Vukovic, Bojan Cvetkovic, Goran Pejanovic, Slobodan Nickovic, Vladimir Djurdjevic, Borivoj Rajkovic, and Marija Djordjevic

EGU2015-14180 | Orals | NH1.9

RiskChanges Spatial Decision Support system for the analysis of changing multi-hazard risk
Cees van Westen, Kaixi Zhang, Wim Bakker, Vera Andrejchenko, Julian Berlin, Roya Olyazadeh, and Irina Cristal

EGU2015-8113 | Posters | NH1.9

Long-term trends in flood fatalities in the United State
Hatim Sharif and Smita Chaturvedi

EGU2015-10631 | Posters | NH1.9

Meteorological Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation in Rwanda.
Emmanuel Nduwayezu, Michel Jaboyedoff, Pierre-Charles Bugnon, Jean-Baptiste Nsengiyumva, Pascal Horton, and Marc-Henri Derron

EGU2015-13783 | Posters | NH1.9

Multi-scale quantitative vulnerability assessment of buildings towards debris-flows: an application to Fella River Basin, Italy
Roxana Liliana Ciurean, Haydar Hussin, Thomas Glade, Cees van Westen, and Maria Papathoma-Köhle

EGU2015-13221 | Posters | NH1.9

Environmental legislation as the legal framework for mitigating natural hazards in Spain
Jesús Garrido, Estanislao Arana, Ignacio Jiménez Soto, and José Delgado

EGU2015-9289 | Posters | NH1.9

Extreme rainfall in Serbia, May 2014, simulation using WRF NMM and RainFARM: DRIHM project
Ljiljana Dekić, Ana Mihalović, Vladimir Dimitrijević, Nicola Rebora, and Antonio Parodi

EGU2015-5786 | Posters | NH1.9

What are check dams made for? An historical perspective from the French experience
Guillaume PITON, Simon CARLADOUS, and Alain RECKING

EGU2015-12190 | Posters | NH1.9

Assessing risk based on uncertain avalanche activity patterns
Antonia Zeidler and Reinhard Fromm

EGU2015-5074 | Posters | NH1.9

Effectiveness of landslide risk mitigation strategies in Shihmen Watershed, Taiwan
Chun-Yi Wu and Su-Chin Chen

EGU2015-6138 | Posters | NH1.9

Hydro-geomorphologic disasters in Portugal: mortality trends in the past 150 years
Susana Pereira, José L. Zêzere, Ivânia Quaresma, Pedro P. Santos, and Mónica Santos

EGU2015-9823 | Posters | NH1.9

Estimation of landslides activities evolution due to land–use changes in a Pyrenean valley
Rosalie Vandromme, Nicolas Desramaut, Léa Cottin, Séverine Bernardie, and Gilles Grandjean

EGU2015-11779 | Posters | NH1.9

Highlights of advances in the field of hydrometeorological research brought about by the DRIHM project
Olivier Caumont, Alan Hally, Luis Garrote, Évelyne Richard, Albrecht Weerts, Fabio Delogu, Elisabetta Fiori, Nicola Rebora, Antonio Parodi, Ana Mihalović, Marija Ivković, Ljiljana Dekić, Willem van Verseveld, Olivier Nuissier, Véronique Ducrocq, Daniele D'Agostino, Antonella Galizia, Emanuele Danovaro, and Andrea Clematis

NH1.11 – Hazard Risk Managment in Agriculture and Agroecosystems

EGU2015-3042 | Orals | NH1.11 | Media interest

A quality assessment of the MARS crop yield forecasting system for the European Union
Marijn van der Velde and Bettina Bareuth

EGU2015-7505 | Posters | NH1.11

Characterization of drought events in the Iberian Peninsula 1931-2009
Jose Luis Valencia, María Villeta, Ana María Tarquis, and Antonio Saa-Requejo

EGU2015-15278 | Orals | NH1.11

Linking seasonal climate forecasts with crop models in Iberian Peninsula
Mirian Capa, Amor Ines, Walter Baethgen, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Eunjin Han, and Margarita Ruiz-Ramos

EGU2015-14947 | Posters | NH1.11

Phone traffic as a measurement of agricultural events
Samuel Martín, Javier Borondo, Alfredo Morales, Juan Carlos Losada, Ana M. Tarquis, and Rosa Maria Benito

EGU2015-13232 | Posters | NH1.11

The Climate Change Impacts on the regional crop yield in Turkey
Nazan An, Mustafa Tufan Turp, Tuğba Öztürk, and Levent Kurnaz

EGU2015-9594 | Orals | NH1.11 | Media interest

Climate change and wheat productivity in Spain
Sara Hernandez-Barrera and Concepcion Rodriguez-Puebla

EGU2015-13508 | Posters | NH1.11 | Media interest

Effects of climate variation on viticulture in Spain
Isabel Iglesias, M. Nieves Lorenzo, Juan J. Taboada, and Alexandre M. Ramos

EGU2015-7349 | Posters | NH1.11

Drought variability over Thessaly plain, Greece. Present and future changes
Panagiotis T. Nastos, John Kapsomenakis, Nicolas R. Dalezios, Spyridon Kotsopoulos, and Serafim Poulos

EGU2015-15281 | Orals | NH1.11

Quantifying the effect of Tmax extreme events on local adaptation to climate change of maize crop in Andalusia for the 21st century
Clara Gabaldon, Ignacio J. Lorite, M. Ines Minguez, Jon Lizaso, Alessandro Dosio, Enrique Sanchez, and Margarita Ruiz-Ramos

EGU2015-174 | Orals | NH1.11 | Media interest

Assessing the Vulnerability of Agriculture to Climate Change in Jordan
Sa'eb Khresat, Fadi Shraidaeh, and Amer Maddat

EGU2015-7647 | Orals | NH1.11

Analysis of extreme rainfall events using attributes control charts in temporal rainfall processes
María Villeta, Jose Luis Valencia, Antonio Saá-Requejo, and Ana María Tarquis

EGU2015-12226 | Posters | NH1.11

Meteorological risks as drivers of innovation for agroecosystem management
Anne Gobin, Hans Van de Vyver, Sepideh Zamani, Yannick Curnel, Viviane Planchon, Ann Verspecht, and Guido Van Huylenbroeck

EGU2015-13104 | Posters | NH1.11 | Media interest

Characterization of agricultural drought risk by a two-dimensional copula
Lorenzo Vergni, Francesca Todisco, and Francesco Mannocchi

EGU2015-11250 | Orals | NH1.11 | Media interest

Weather based risks and insurances for agricultural production
Anne Gobin

EGU2015-5152 | Posters | NH1.11

Hazard map of agricultural products due to typhoons-an example of Bok-choy
Yong-Jun Lin, Kuo-Chen Ma, Jihn-Sung Lai, Tsang-Jung Chang, and Yih-Chi Tan

EGU2015-12951 | Orals | NH1.11 | Media interest

Towards Remotely Sensed Composite Global Drought Risk Modelling
Nicholas Dercas and Nicolas Dalezios

EGU2015-15202 | Posters | NH1.11

Development of Combined Drought Indicator in Cereals to use its predictive value in the Agricultural Insurances: CDI_Cereal
Pilar Jimenez-Donaire, Ana M. Tarquis, and Juan V. Giráldez

EGU2015-944 | Orals | NH1.11 | Media interest

Quantifying the risk of deforestation in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Rhys Manners and Consuelo Varela-Ortega

EGU2015-15272 | Posters | NH1.11

Impact of grain storage into silo bags on soil penetration resistance
Juan Pablo Hernández, Daniel Alé, Rafael Sabattini, Eduardo Díaz, Marcos Lado, and Antonio Paz González

EGU2015-9752 | Posters | NH1.11

Effect of rainfall intensity and rain drop distribution on runoff and soil erosion on vineyards inter-rows with different soil management
Marcella Biddoccu, Stefano Ferraris, Andrea Pitacco, and Eugenio Cavallo

EGU2015-15107 | Orals | NH1.11

Interpreting participatory Fuzzy Cognitive Maps as complex networks in the social-ecological systems of the Amazonian forests
Consuelo Varela, Ana M. Tarquis, Irene Blanco-Gutiérrez, Paloma Estebe, Marisol Toledo, and Lucieta Martorano

EGU2015-12716 | Posters | NH1.11

Comparison of Pálfai's Drought Index and Standard Precipitation Index in the Northern Plains Region in Hungary
Bernadett Gálya, Attila Nagy, Lajos Blaskó, and János Tamás

EGU2015-15283 | Orals | NH1.11

Improving crop simulation models to cope with crop responses to drought
Jon I. Lizaso, Keneth J. Boote, James W. Jones, Kassahum Tesfaye, Javier Di Matteo, Jawoo Koo, Nicola Cenacchi, and Fernando Andrade

EGU2015-15285 | Orals | NH1.11

Monitoring Seasonal Evapotranspiration in Vulnerable Agriculture using Time Series VHSR Satellite Data
Nicolas Dalezios, Nicos V. Spyropoulos, and Ana M. Tarquis

EGU2015-13502 | Posters | NH1.11

The iPot Project: improved potato monitoring in Belgium using remote sensing and crop growth modelling
Isabelle Piccard, Kris Nackaerts, Anne Gobin, Jean-Pierre Goffart, Viviane Planchon, Yannick Curnel, Bernard Tychon, Joost Wellens, Romain Cools, and Nele Cattoor

EGU2015-15268 | Posters | NH1.11

The use of PROBA-V data for Global Agricultural Monitoring
Lieven Bydekerke, Sven Gilliams, Pieter Kempeneers, Isabelle Piccard, Bart Deronde, Herman Eerens, and Anne Gobin

EGU2015-15320 | Posters | NH1.11

Optimizing wind pumps system for crop irrigation based on wind data processing
Fernando Ruiz, Ana M. Tarquis, Raúl Sanchez, and Jose Luis Garcia

EGU2015-15271 | Posters | NH1.11

Stimulating innovation for global monitoring of agriculture and its impact on the environment in support of GEOGLAM
Lieven Bydekerke, Sven Gilliams, and Anne Gobin and the SIGMA

EGU2015-15270 | Posters | NH1.11

Crop suitability monitoring for improved yield estimations with 100m PROBA-V data
Yetkin Özüm Durgun, Sven Gilliams, Anne Gobin, Grégory Duveiller, Bakary Djaby, and Bernard Tychon

EGU2015-14943 | Posters | NH1.11 | Media interest

NDVI statistical distribution of pasture areas at different times in the Community of Madrid (Spain)
Juan J. Martín-Sotoca, Antonio Saa-Requejo, Carlos G.H. Díaz-Ambrona, and Ana M. Tarquis

EGU2015-15416 | Posters | NH1.11

Relation of NDVI obtained from different remote sensing at different space and resolutions sensors in Spanish Dehesas
Juan Escribano Rodríguez, Ana M. Tarquis, Antonio Saa-Requejo, and Carlos G. H. Díaz-Ambrona

EGU2015-14938 | Posters | NH1.11

Spatial variability of NDVI at different seasons in the Community of Madrid (Spain)
Juan J. Martin Sotoca, Antonio Saa-Requejo, Javier Borondo, and Ana M. Tarquis

NH2.1 – Atmospheric emissions from volcanoes and their dispersion (co-organized)

EGU2015-2449 | Posters | NH2.1

Geochemical Study of Lichens in Tatun Volcano Group, North Taiwan
Ssu-Yu Kuan

EGU2015-3453 | Orals | NH2.1

Estimation of Volcanic Ash Plume Top Height using AATSR
Timo Virtanen, Pekka Kolmonen, Larisa Sogacheva, Anu-Maija Sundström, Edith Rodriguez, and Gerrit de Leeuw

EGU2015-2877 | Posters | NH2.1

Comparison between Sulfur Dioxide estimates using COSPEC and MODIS images
Jose Carlos Jimenez-Escalona, Alejandro Monsivais-Huertero, and Hugo Ddelgado-Granados

EGU2015-14038 | Orals | NH2.1

Validation of satellite SO2 observations in northern Finland during the Icelandic Holuhraun fissure eruption
Iolanda Ialongo, Janne Hakkarainen, Rigel Kivi, Pia Anttila, Nickolay Krotkov, Kai Yang, Can Li, Simo Tukiainen, Seppo Hassinen, and Johanna Tamminen

EGU2015-8952 | Orals | NH2.1

An in-depth investigation of the life cycle of sulfate from the Kilauea volcano using satellite observations and EMAC model calculations
Marloes Penning de Vries, Steffen Beirle, Christoph Brühl, Christoph Hörmann, and Thomas Wagner

EGU2015-9738 | Posters | NH2.1

Evidence of change in UK atmospheric composition as a result of Icelandic volcanic emissions in 2014
Marsailidh Twigg, Sarah Leeson, Evgenia Ilyinskaya, Susan Loughlin, and Christine Braban

EGU2015-10597 | Posters | NH2.1

Measurements of volcanic aerosols during the Holuhraun eruption in Iceland
Guðmunda María Sigurðardóttir, Sibylle von Löwis, Baldur Bergson, Þröstur Þorsteinsson, and Þorsteinn Jóhannsson

EGU2015-10137 | Orals | NH2.1

Lidar measurements carried out during the 28 February 2013 lava fountain event at Mt. Etna, in Italy
Simona Scollo, Antonella Boselli, Mauro Coltelli, Giuseppe Leto, Gianluca Pisani, Nicola Spinelli, Xuan Wang, and Ricardo Zanmar Sanchez

EGU2015-11365 | Posters | NH2.1

The vertical distribution of volcanic SO2 plumes measured by IASI
Elisa Carboni, Roy Grainger, Tamsin A. Mather, David M. Pyle, Gareth Thomas, Richard Siddans, Andrew Smith, Anu Dudhia, MariLiza Koukouli, and Dimitris Balis

EGU2015-11842 | Orals | NH2.1

Multi-variable X-band radar observation and tracking of ash plume from Mt. Etna volcano on November 23, 2013 event
Mario Montopoli, Gianfranco Vulpiani, Matteo Riccci, Stefano Corradini, Luca Merucci, and Frank S. Marzano

EGU2015-11863 | Posters | NH2.1

Water droplets and ice retrievals in volcanic clouds using multispectral TIR satellite data. Correction procedure for SO2 estimation
Stefano Corradini, Lorenzo Guerrieri, Luca Merucci, Sergio Pugnaghi, and Giuseppe Salerno

EGU2015-12701 | Orals | NH2.1

Comparison of methodologies for SO2 and Ash identification using observations from IASI
Maria Athanassiadou, Peter Francis, and Elisa Carboni

EGU2015-14100 | Orals | NH2.1 | Media interest

UK hazard assessment for a Laki-type volcanic eruption: modelling results for sulphur dioxide and sulphate aerosol
Claire Witham, Massimo Vieno, Anja Schmidt, Willy Aspinall, Christine Braban, Matthew Hort, and Sue Loughlin

EGU2015-13777 | Posters | NH2.1

Improvements of the volcanic plume removal (VPR) approach for the real-time ash and SO2 satellite retrievals
Sergio Pugnaghi, Lorenzo Guerrieri, Stefano Corradini, and Luca Merucci

EGU2015-14125 | Posters | NH2.1

Atmospheric Halogen Chemistry of Volcanic Plumes in WRF-Chem
Luke Surl, Deanna Donohoue, and Roland von Glasow

EGU2015-10222 | Orals | NH2.1

Source mass eruption rate retrieved from satellite-based data using statistical modelling
Mathieu Gouhier, Arnaud Guillin, Nourddine Azzaoui, Julia Eychenne, and Sébastien Valade

EGU2015-14172 | Posters | NH2.1

Monitoring the Bardarbunga eruption using GOME-2/Metop-A & -B
Pascal Hedelt, Pieter Valks, and Diego Loyola

EGU2015-1915 | Orals | NH2.1

Volcanic ash layer depth: Processes and mechanisms
Helen Dacre

EGU2015-3039 | Orals | NH2.1

Did the Nabro volcanic eruption directly overshoot the tropopause?
Riccardo Biondi, Andrea K. Steiner, Gottfried Kirchengast, Hugues Brenot, and Therese Rieckh

EGU2015-1684 | Posters | NH2.1

An Improved Operational Volcanic Ash Dispersion Modelling System for the Wellington VAAC
Paul Shucksmith, Cory Davis, Iman Soltanzadeh, Matthieu Bernard, and Graham Rye

EGU2015-8601 | Orals | NH2.1

Volcanic ash aggregation: new insights from field and numerical experiments
Eduardo Rossi, Gholamhossein Bagheri, and Costanza Bonadonna

EGU2015-3667 | Posters | NH2.1

Drag Coefficient Of Non-Spherical Particles
Gholamhossein Bagheri, Costanza Bonadonna, and Irene Manzella

EGU2015-6086 | Orals | NH2.1

Assimilating Aircraft-based measurements to improve the State of Distal Volcanic Ash Cloud
Guangliang Fu, Hai Xiang Lin, Arnold Heemink, Arjo Segers, Sha Lu, and Thorgeir Palsson

EGU2015-5553 | Posters | NH2.1

Results of airborne measurements in the plume near and far from the 2014 Bardarbunga-Holuhraun eruption.
Gylfi Arnason, Jonas Eliasson, Konradin Weber, Christoph Boehlke, Thorgeir Palsson, Olafur Rognvaldsson, Throstur Thorsteinsson, Ulrich Platt, Lukas Tirpitz, Roderic L Jones, and Paul D Smith

EGU2015-6255 | Posters | NH2.1

Estimation of volcanic ash emissions with satellite data: The inclusion of mass loading and plume height information in modified 4D-Var
Sha Lu, Hai Xiang Lin, Arnold Heemink, Arjo Segers, and Guangliang Fu

EGU2015-10113 | Posters | NH2.1

Modeling of SO2 dispersion from the 2014 Holuhraun eruption in Iceland using WRF-Chem
Olafur Rognvaldsson, Gylfi Arnason, Thorgeir Palsson, Jonas Eliasson, Konradin Weber, Christoph Böhlke, Throstur Thorsteinsson, Lukas Tirpitz, Ulrich Platt, Paul D. Smith, and Roderic L. Jones

EGU2015-10946 | Posters | NH2.1

The 2014 Holuhraun volcanic eruption gas emission: a case study of an extreme  SO2 concentration event
Elín Björk Jónasdóttir, Guðrún Nína Petersen, Halldór Björnsson, Melissa Anne Pfeffer, Sara Barsotti, Þorsteinn Jóhannsson, and Tobias Dürig

EGU2015-13923 | Posters | NH2.1

Effusive Eruption Modelling project: Assessing UK impacts of trace species and sulphur deposition
Christine Braban, Massimo Vieno, John Kentisbeer, Jane Hall, Ed Rowe, Bill Bealey, Elin Roberts, Sue Loughlin, Evgenia Ilyinskaya, and Claire Witham

NH2.2 – Methods for Understanding Volcanic Hazards and Risks

EGU2015-11556 | Orals | NH2.2

Hierarchical Bayesian modelling of mobility metrics for hazard model input calibration
Eliza Calder, Sarah Ogburn, Elaine Spiller, Regis Rutarindwa, and Jim Berger

EGU2015-1120 | Posters | NH2.2

Thermal properties of andesite from Popocatepetl and Volcán de Colima, México.
Enrique Cardenas-Sanchez, Servando De la Cruz-Reina, and Nick Varley

EGU2015-8553 | Orals | NH2.2

Use of Bayesian event trees in semi-quantitative volcano eruption forecasting and hazard analysis
Heather Wright, John Pallister, and Chris Newhall

EGU2015-13169 | Posters | NH2.2

Automatized near-real-time short-term Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Assessment of tephra dispersion before eruptions: BET_VHst for Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei during recent exercises
Jacopo Selva, Antonio Costa, Laura Sandri, Dmtri Rouwet, Roberto Tonini, Giovanni Macedonio, and Warner Marzocchi

EGU2015-6106 | Orals | NH2.2

Changes in shear-wave splitting before volcanic eruptions
Sha Liu and Stuart Crampin

EGU2015-2251 | Posters | NH2.2

Tracking volcanic unrest at Cotopaxi, Ecuador: - the use of the BET_EF tool during an unrest simulation exercise
Robert Constantinescu, Dmitri Rouwet, Joachim Gottsmann, Laura Sandri, and Roberto Tonini

EGU2015-4023 | Posters | NH2.2

Geologic Database of Information on Volcanoes in Alaska (GeoDIVA) - a volcanologic database for the Alaska Volcano Observatory
Cheryl Cameron, Seth Snedigar, and Janet Schaefer

EGU2015-12978 | Orals | NH2.2

Aseismic magma supply inferred from geodetic Finite Element inversions: the case of the 2001-2002 non-eruptive unrest at Cotopaxi volcano
James Hickey, Jo Gottsmann, and Patricia Mothes

EGU2015-7154 | Posters | NH2.2

DECADE web portal: toward the integration of MaGa, EarthChem and VOTW data systems to further the knowledge on Earth degassing
Carlo Cardellini, Alessandro Frigeri, Kerstin Lehnert, Jason Ash, Brendan McCormick, Giovanni Chiodini, Tobias Fischer, and Elizabeth Cottrell

EGU2015-6697 | Orals | NH2.2

The effect of wind and eruption source parameter variations on tephra fallout hazard assessment: an example from Vesuvio (Italy)
Giovanni Macedonio, Antonio Costa, Simona Scollo, and Augusto Neri

EGU2015-13529 | Orals | NH2.2

Automatized near-real-time short-term Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Assessment of tephra dispersion before and during eruptions: BET_VHst for Mt. Etna
Jacopo Selva, Simona Scollo, Antonio Costa, Alfonso Brancato, and Michele Prestifilippo

EGU2015-4194 | Posters | NH2.2

Assessing the long-term probabilistic volcanic hazard for tephra fallout in Reykjavik, Iceland: a preliminary multi-source analysis
Roberto Tonini, Sara Barsotti, Laura Sandri, and Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson

EGU2015-7346 | Posters | NH2.2

The worldwide collapse caldera database (CCDB): A tool for studying and understanding caldera processes
Adelina Geyer and Joan Marti

EGU2015-5911 | Orals | NH2.2

Multistation alarm system for eruptive activity based on the automatic classification of volcanic tremor: specifications and performance
Horst Langer, Susanna Falsaperla, Alfio Messina, and Salvatore Spampinato

EGU2015-7169 | Orals | NH2.2

Volcanoes of the World: Reconfiguring a scientific database to meet new goals and expectations
Edward Venzke, Ben Andrews, and Elizabeth Cottrell

EGU2015-11230 | Posters | NH2.2

Conceptual model of volcanism and volcanic hazards of the region of Ararat valley, Armenia
Khachatur Meliksetian, Charles Connor, Ivan Savov, Laura Connor, Gevorg Navasardyan, Davit Manucharyan, Yura Ghukasyan, and Hripsime Gevorgyan

EGU2015-12301 | Posters | NH2.2

A first Event-tree for the Bárðarbunga volcanic system (Iceland): from the volcanic crisis in 2014 towards a tool for hazard assessment
Sara Barsotti, Magnús Tumi Gudmundsson, Kristín Jónsdottir, Kristín Vogfjörd, Gudrun Larsen, and Björn Oddsson

EGU2015-10221 | Orals | NH2.2

WOVOdat as a worldwide resource to improve eruption forecasts
Christina Widiwijayanti, Fidel Costa, Thin Zar Win Nang, Karine Tan, Chris Newhall, and Antonius Ratdomopurbo

EGU2015-2448 | Posters | NH2.2

Using a ballistic-caprock model for developing a volcanic projectiles hazard map at Santorini caldera
Konstantinos Konstantinou

EGU2015-12459 | Orals | NH2.2

Interdisciplinary Data Resources for Volcanology at IEDA (Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance)
Kerstin Lehnert, Lulin Song, Leslie Hsu, Peng Ji, and Megan Carter

EGU2015-14510 | Orals | NH2.2

Observatory response to a volcanic crisis: the Campi Flegrei simulation exercise
Paolo Papale and Giuseppe De Natale and the the Campi Flegrei Response team

EGU2015-2950 | Posters | NH2.2

Modeling of gravitational multi-phase lava flows with breccias
Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Igor Tsepelev, and Alexander Korotkii

EGU2015-7283 | Posters | NH2.2

Tephrabase: A tephrochronological data
Anthony Newton

EGU2015-2545 | Orals | NH2.2

Influence of basal slip on the propagation and cooling of lava flows
Oleg Melnik, Elena Vedeneeva, and Ivan Utkin

EGU2015-7809 | Posters | NH2.2

A debris avalanche at Süphan stratovolcano (Turkey) and implications for hazard evaluation
Yavuz Özdemir, İsmail Akkaya, Vural Oyan, and Nilgün Güleç

EGU2015-8592 | Posters | NH2.2

Databases related to Large Igneous Provinces
Richard Ernst and Sergei Pisarevsky

EGU2015-9053 | Posters | NH2.2

FPluMe: An integral eruption column model based on the Buoyant Plume Theory
Arnau Folch, Antonio Costa, and Giovanni Macedonio

EGU2015-11244 | Posters | NH2.2

Reconstructing the volume and tephra dispersal for each phase of the Campanian Ignimbrite super-eruption
Alex Marti, Arnau Folch, Antonio Costa, and Samantha Engwell

EGU2015-12817 | Posters | NH2.2

Combining Volcano Monitoring Timeseries Analyses with Bayesian Belief Networks to Update Hazard Forecast Estimates
Henry Odbert, Thea Hincks, and Willy Aspinall

EGU2015-12921 | Posters | NH2.2

Development and application of indices using large volcanic databases for a global hazard and risk assessment
Sarah Brown, Melanie Auker, Elizabeth Cottrell, Hugo Delgado Granados, Sue Loughlin, Natalie Ortiz Guerrero, Steve Sparks, Charlotte Vye-Brown, and Indices Taskforce

EGU2015-13444 | Posters | NH2.2

A multi-source probabilistic hazard assessment of tephra dispersal in the Neapolitan area
Laura Sandri, Antonio Costa, Jacopo Selva, Arnau Folch, Giovanni Macedonio, and Roberto Tonini

EGU2015-14749 | Posters | NH2.2

Temporal Evolution of a Seismic Swarm at Chiles – Cerro Negro volcanic complex
Mario Ruiz

NH2.6 – The European contribution to the GEO Supersite initiative

EGU2015-6000 | Posters | NH2.6

Integrated multidisciplinary fault observation in Marmara Through MARSite – Project Progress
Nurcan Meral Ozel, Ocal Necmioglu, Asım Oguz Ozel, Semih Ergintav, Louis Louis Geli, Paolo Favali, Cansun Guralp, John Douglas, Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Onur Tan, Cemil Gürbüz, and Mustafa Erdik

EGU2015-1798 | Orals | NH2.6

The ESA Geohazard Exploitation Platform
Philippe BALLY, Henri LAUR, Pierre-Philippe MATHIEU, and Salvatore PINTO

EGU2015-11265 | Posters | NH2.6

Developments of next generation of seafloor observatories in MARsite project
Francesco Italiano, Paolo Favali, Alfonso Zaffuto, Marco Zora, and Fabio D'Anca

EGU2015-13486 | Orals | NH2.6

e-Infrastuctures interoperability: the Geohazards Exploitation Platform for the use of satellite earth observations in Geosciences
Herve Caumont, Fabrice Brito, Emmanuel Mathot, Francesco Barchetta, and Frank Loeschau

EGU2015-5748 | Posters | NH2.6

Gas geochemistry and tectonics around the Sea of Marmara
Francesco Italiano, Heiko Woith, Cemil Seyis, Luca Pizzino, Alessandra Sciarra, and Paolo Favali

EGU2015-7568 | Orals | NH2.6

Detection and estimation of volcanic eruption onset and mass flow rate using weather radar and infrasonic array
Frank S. Marzano, Luigi Mereu, Mario Montopoli, Errico Picciotti, Saverio Di Fabio, Costanza Bonadonna, Emanuele Marchetti, and Maurizio Ripepe

EGU2015-1727 | Orals | NH2.6

Development and testing of an automated High-resolution InSAR volcano-monitoring system in the MED-SUV project
Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury, Christian Minet, Thomas Fritz, and Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez

EGU2015-3209 | Posters | NH2.6

Uncertainty of rapid earthquake source inversion using the regional seismogeodetic networks around megacity Istanbul
Faqi Diao, Rongjiang Wang, Aochi Hedio, Thomas Walter, Yong Zheng, and Xiong Xiong

EGU2015-2073 | Orals | NH2.6

Monitoring small land subsidence phenomena in the Marmara see region by new SAR generation satellite ESA Sentinel 1
Alessio Cantone, Paolo Riccardi, Paolo Pasquali, Marco Defilippi, and Achille Peternier

EGU2015-10336 | Posters | NH2.6

InSAR analysis of ground deformation over the Istanbul Area in the framework of the FP7 MARsite Project
Stefano Salvi, Manuela Bonano, Adriano Nobile, John Peter Merryman Boncori, Mariarosaria Manzo, Giuseppe Solaro, Marco Moro, and Michele Saroli

EGU2015-12290 | Posters | NH2.6

PS-InSAR measurements at the most active volcanoes in Iceland: role of the GEO supersite initiative in deformation monitoring at Bárðarbunga, Askja, Hekla, Katla and Eyjafjallajökull volcanoes
Michelle Parks, Stéphanie Dumont, Vincent Drouin, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Karsten Spaans, Andrew Hooper, Benedikt Ófeigsson, Þóra Árnadóttir, Sigrún Hreinsdóttir, Karolina Michalczewska, Sigurlaug Hjaltadóttir, Hildur María Friðriksdóttir, Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir, Eyjólfur Magnússon, Kristín Vogfjörd, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Martin Hensch, Gunnar Guðmundsson, Halldór Geirsson, and Erik Sturkell and the Parks et al.

EGU2015-4920 | Orals | NH2.6

Imaging the intrusion of a magmatic sill beneath the town of Pozzuoli (2012-2013)
Luca D'Auria, Susi Pepe, Raffaele Castaldo, Flora Giudicepietro, Giovanni Macedonio, Francesco Casu, Riccardo Lanari, Mariarosaria Manzo, Eugenio Sansosti, Ivana Zinno, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2015-11846 | Posters | NH2.6

Contribution of the FUTUREVOLC project to the study of segmented lateral dyke growth in the 2014 rifting event at Bárðarbunga volcanic system, Iceland
Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Andrew Hooper, Sigrún Hreinsdóttir, Kristín S. Vogfjörd, Benedikt Ófeigsson, Elías Rafn Heimisson, Stéphanie Dumont, Michelle Parks, Karsten Spaans, Gunnar B Guðmundsson, Vincent Drouin, Thóra Árnadóttir, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Magnús T. Gudmundsson, Sergey Samsonov, Bryndís Brandsdóttir, Robert S. White, Thorbjörg Ágústsdóttir, Helgi Björnsson, and Christopher J. Bean and the Other authors of the Nature paper (online 15 December 2014) on "Segmented lateral dyke growth in a rifting event at Bárðarbunga volcanic system, Iceland”

EGU2015-10601 | Orals | NH2.6

The feeder system for the 2014 fissure eruption at Holuhraun, Bárðarbunga volcanic system, Iceland: Geodetic and seismic constraints on subsurface activity in the area north of the Vatnajökull ice cap
Stéphanie Dumont, Michelle Parks, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Andy Hooper, Sigrun Hreinsdóttir, Benedikt Ófeigsson, Karsten Spaans, Kristin Vogfjörd, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Martin Hensch, Gunnar Gudmundsson, Elias Rafn Heimisson, Vincent Drouin, Thóra Árnadóttir, Rikke Pedersen, Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir, and Eyjólfur Magnússon

EGU2015-10353 | Posters | NH2.6

Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Doppler anomalies due to volcanic eruption induced phenomena
Marcello de Michele, Daniel Raucoules, and Christian Minet

EGU2015-10036 | Orals | NH2.6

Joint inversion of displacement and gravity changes at Mt. Etna volcano during the 1995-2000 period: results and conclusions
Jose Fernandez, Antonio Camacho, Daniele Carbone, Alessandro Bonforte, Francesco Guglielmino, and Giuseppe Puglisi

EGU2015-11131 | Posters | NH2.6

Multidisciplinary geophysical study of the NE sector of the unstable flank of Etna volcano
Alessandro Bonforte, Ornella Cocina, Agata Siniscalchi, Graziella Barberi, Francesco Guglielmino, Gerardo Romano, Simona Sicali, and Simona Tripaldi

EGU2015-13995 | Orals | NH2.6

Fiber Bragg grating sensors for strain changes measurements at volcanic sites (MED-SUV project; WP 2; Sub-Task 2.2.2)
Fiodor Sorrentino, Nicolò Beverini, Massimo Calamai, Daniele Carbone, Nicoletta Fotino, Francesco Francesconi, Salvatore Gambino, Renzo Grassi, Alfio Alex Messin, Enrico Maccioni, and Mauro Morganti

EGU2015-15598 | Posters | NH2.6

The Rock Engineering System (RES) applied to landslide susceptibility zonation of the northeastern flank of Etna: methodological approach and results
Tiziana Apuani and Claudia Corazzato

EGU2015-1432 | Orals | NH2.6

Integrated Multidisciplinary Fault Observation System in the western part of the main Marmara Fault in the frame of an EU-FP7 project, titled as MARSITE
Oguz Ozel, Cansun Guralp, Suleyman Tunc, Esref Yalcinkaya, and Nurcan Meral Ozel

EGU2015-5970 | Posters | NH2.6

Investigation of cortical structures at Etna Volcano through the analysis of array and borehole data.
Luciano Zuccarello, Mario Paratore, Mario La Rocca, Ferruccio Ferrari, Alfio Alex Messina, Danilo Galluzzo, Danilo Contrafatto, and Salvatore Rapisarda

EGU2015-10967 | Orals | NH2.6

Extending permanent volcano monitoring networks into Iceland's ice caps
Kristín S. Vogfjörd, Bergur H. Bergsson, Vilhjálmur Kjartansson, Thorsteinn Jónsson, Benedikt G. Ófeigsson, Matthew J. Roberts, Tómas Jóhannesson, Finnur Pálsson, Eyjólfur Magnússon, Pálmi Erlendsson, Thorgils Ingvarsson, and Sighvatur K. Pálssson

EGU2015-6416 | Orals | NH2.6

Earthquake supersite project in the Messina Straits area (EQUAMES)
Mario Mattia, Claudio Chiarabba, Fabio Dell'Acqua, Claudio Faccenna, Riccardo Lanari, Francesco Matteuzzi, Giancarlo Neri, Domenico Patanè, Alina Polonia, Claudio Prati, Stefano Tinti, and Susanna Zerbini

EGU2015-5814 | Posters | NH2.6

Data Mining in the Context of Monitoring Mt Etna, Italy
Marco Aliotta, Carmelo Cassisi, Marcello D'Agostino, Susanna Falsaperla, Ferruccio Ferrari, Horst Langer, Alfio Messina, Placido Montalto, Danilo Reitano, and Salvatore Spampinato

EGU2015-4650 | Posters | NH2.6

Time dependent modeling at Mt. Etna volcano: an application to the 2005-2013 time interval
Flavio Cannavo', Robert McCaffrey, and Mimmo Palano

EGU2015-2989 | Posters | NH2.6

Seismic body wave separation in volcano-tectonic activity inferred by the Convolutive Independent Component Analysis
Paolo Capuano, Enza De Lauro, Salvatore De Martino, Mariarosaria Falanga, and Simona Petrosino

EGU2015-9540 | Posters | NH2.6

AMT investigation in the Solfatara-Pisciarelli-Agnano area: results and further outlook
Agata Siniscalchi, Michela Carlucci, Luca D'Auria, Zaccaria Petrillo, Gerardo Romano, and Simona Tripaldi

EGU2015-9613 | Posters | NH2.6

Laboratory experiments and continuous fluid monitoring at Campi Flegrei to understand pressure transients in hydrothermal systems
Heiko Woith, Annarita Mangiacapra, Giovanni Chiodini, Marco Pilz, and Thomas Walter

EGU2015-9653 | Posters | NH2.6

A new data logger for integrated geophysical monitoring
Massimo Orazi, Rosario Peluso, Antonio Caputo, Flora Giudicepietro, and Marcello Martini

EGU2015-3290 | Posters | NH2.6

MED-SUV Data Life Cycle
Agata Sangianantoni, Giuseppe Puglisi, Letizia Spampinato, and Sabrina Tulino

EGU2015-15581 | Posters | NH2.6

MEDiterranean Supersite Volcanoes (MED-SUV) project: state of the art and main achievements after the first 18 months
Giuseppe Puglisi, Letizia Spampinato, Patrick Allard, Audrey Baills, Pierre Briole, Luca D'Auria, Donald Dingwell, Marcello Martini, Ulrich Kueppers, Warner Marzocchi, Christian Minet, and Amélie Vagner

NH3.1 – Landslide hydrology: understanding and quantifying hydrology, effects of climate change on slope deformation and runout

EGU2015-1159 | Orals | NH3.1

The mechanical implications of deep fluids in the rupture process of giant landslides
Frédéric Cappa, Yves Guglielmi, Sophie Viseur, and Stéphane Garambois

EGU2015-3093 | Posters | NH3.1

Monitoring and stability analysis for characterization of the unsaturated slope at a mine waste dump
Yong-Chan Cho and Young-Suk Song

EGU2015-3140 | Posters | NH3.1

Ring shear characteristics of waste rock materials in response to drainage and shear velocity
Choonoh Lee, Sueng Won Jeong, and Yong-Chan Cho

EGU2015-2880 | Orals | NH3.1

Landslides and the interplay of infiltration, soil permeability and bedrock exfiltration on steep slopes
Philipp Schneider, Cornelia Brönnimann, Manfred Stähli, and Jan Seibert

EGU2015-3175 | Posters | NH3.1

Rheological characteristics of waste rock materials in abandoned mine deposit and debris flow hazards
Sueng-Won Jeong, Choonoh Lee, Yong-Chan Cho, and Ying-Hsin Wu

EGU2015-12433 | Orals | NH3.1

Water isotopes in landslide research (WIsLaR)
Manuela Deiana, Federico Cervi, Alessandro Corsini, Mario Mussi, Maddalena Pennisi, and Francesco Ronchetti

EGU2015-15522 | Posters | NH3.1

Permeability changes induced by microfissure closure and opening in tectonized materials. Effect on slope pore pressure regime.
Maria De la Fuente, Jean Vaunat, Giuseppe Pedone, Federica Cotecchia, Francesca Sollecito, and Francesca Casini

EGU2015-15230 | Orals | NH3.1

Hydrologic behavior of a steep forested slope prone to shallow landsliding
Matteo Berti and Alessandro Simoni

EGU2015-3988 | Orals | NH3.1

Cross-correlation and time-lag analysis of high frequency monitoring data of the Vallcebre landslide (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain) to reveal cause-effect relationships between variables governing slope instability
Marco Mulas, Jose Moya, Alessandro Corsini, and Jordi Corominas

EGU2015-13407 | Posters | NH3.1

Soil discontinuities as potential factors of shallow landslides: a case study from Calabria, southern Italy
Fabio Scarciglia, Fabio Morrone, Teresa Pelle, Gabriele Buttafuoco, Massimo Conforti, Francesco Muto, Salvatore Critelli, Davide Fabbricatore, Luciana Filomena, Valeria Rago, Gaetano Robustelli, Vincenzo Tripodi, and Pasquale Versace

EGU2015-9609 | Posters | NH3.1

Regional hydro-meteorological thresholds for shallow and deep-seated mass movements triggering in the South Eastern French Alps (Queyras, Ubaye, Mercantour)
Alexandre Remaitre, Jean-Philippe Malet, and Gaëlle Rigoudy

EGU2015-8450 | Orals | NH3.1

Relations between rainfall and triggering of landslides: case studies from the eastern and western Slovenia
Mateja Jemec Auflič, Jernej Jež, and Tina Peternel

EGU2015-6634 | Posters | NH3.1

Identifying hydrological pre-conditions and rainfall triggers of slope failures for 2014 storm events in the Ialomita Subcarpathians, Romania
Zenaida Chitu, Thom Bogaard, Aristita Busuioc, Sorin Burcea, Mary-Jeanne Adler, and Ionut Sandric

EGU2015-1576 | Orals | NH3.1

Vadose zone process that control landslide initiation and debris flow propagation
Roy C. Sidle

EGU2015-14982 | Posters | NH3.1

Analysis of hydro-meteorological triggering thresholds of landslides at catchment scale - The case study of Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Mario Ciavolella, Thom Bogaard, Roberto Greco, and Rudy Gargano

EGU2015-13186 | Orals | NH3.1

Analysis of hydrological and geotechnical aspects related to landslides caused by rainfall infiltration
Giovanna Capparelli, Gabriella La Sala, Mirko Vena, and Antonio Donato

EGU2015-13656 | Orals | NH3.1

AschFlow - A dynamic landslide run-out model for medium scale hazard analysis.
Byron Quan Luna, Jan Blahut, Theo van Asch, Cees van Westen, and Melanie Kappes

EGU2015-8633 | Posters | NH3.1

Critical Rainfall Conditions Triggering Shallow Landslides or Debris Flows in Torrents - Analysis of Debris Flow events 2012, 2013 and 2014 in Austria
Markus Moser, Susanne Mehlhorn, and Stefan Janu

EGU2015-7571 | Posters | NH3.1

Analysing the influence of preferential flow on pressure transmission and landslide triggering
Wei Shao, Thom Bogaard, Mark Bakker, Ye Su, and Matteo Berti

EGU2015-11830 | Orals | NH3.1

Challenges for estimating climate-related triggering condtions and runout distance of landslides affecting urban areas
Jose Cepeda

EGU2015-4204 | Orals | NH3.1

A novel overall approach for sediment-related disaster prevention in urban areas, South Korea
Dongyeob Kim, Changwoo Lee, Choongshik Woo, and Seonhwan Jeong