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OS – Ocean Sciences

OS1.1 – Open Session on Ocean Circulation (including Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)

EGU2015-1329 | Posters | OS1.1

Diagnosing overflow waters in the North Atlantic
Chuncheng Guo, Mehmet Ilicak, Mats Bentsen, and Ilker Fer

EGU2015-10834 | Orals | OS1.1

Predicting global overturning from meridional density gradients
Edward Butler, Kevin Oliver, and Joel Hirschi

EGU2015-3885 | Posters | OS1.1

On the dynamics of a response to volume flux forcing
Xin Liu, Armin Koehl, and Detlef Stammer

EGU2015-169 | Orals | OS1.1

Effects of Wind and Freshwater on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Role of Sea Ice and Vertical Diffusion
Kun Wang, Haijun Yang, Haijin Dai, Yuxing Wang, and Qing Li

EGU2015-5033 | Posters | OS1.1

Indonesian Throughflow variability in CMIP5 models
Agus Santoso, Matthew England, Jules Kajtar, and Wenju Cai

EGU2015-3430 | Orals | OS1.1

Impact of realistic future ice sheet discharge on the Atlantic ocean
Jelle van den Berk

EGU2015-5205 | Posters | OS1.1

A complex North Atlantic permanent pycnocline revealed by Argo data
Charlène Feucher, Guillaume Maze, and Herlé Mercier

EGU2015-11046 | Orals | OS1.1

Spatial localization and mesoscale modulation of mixing and transformation of the Denmark Strait Overflow
Inga Koszalka, Thomas Haine, and Marcello Magaldi

EGU2015-11472 | Orals | OS1.1

Overflow induced turbulence in a deep ocean channel
Sandra Tippenhauer, Marcus Dengler, Tim Fischer, and Torsten Kanzow

EGU2015-5336 | Posters | OS1.1

Sensitivity of the Ocean System to the Bathymetry in Numerical Simulations of Climate
Marjorie Perroud, Maura Brunetti, and Christian Vérard

EGU2015-7429 | Orals | OS1.1

Interannual variability (1979-2013) of the North-Western Mediterranean deep water mass formation: past observation reanalysis and coupled ocean-atmosphere high-resolution modelling
Samuel Somot, Loic Houpert, Florence Sevault, Pierre Testor, Anthony Bosse, Xavier Durrieu de Madron, Clotilde Dubois, Marine Herrmann, Robin Waldman, Marie-Noëlle Bouin, and Christophe Cassou

EGU2015-8435 | Posters | OS1.1

Structure of the Alaskan Gyre in August 2014
Curtis Collins, Tetyana Margolina, and Oleg Melnichenko

EGU2015-549 | Orals | OS1.1

Informing a strategy for Deep Argo temperature observations
Freya Garry, Chris Roberts, Elaine McDonagh, and Adam Blaker

EGU2015-9922 | Posters | OS1.1

Low-frequency variability of Western Boundary Currents in the turbulent ocean: intrinsic modes and atmospheric forcing
Guillaume Sérazin, Thierry Penduff, Laurent Terray, Sandy Grégorio, Bernard Barnier, and Jean-Marc Molines

EGU2015-11191 | Posters | OS1.1

Mixing and Energy Produced by Explicit Internal Tides In The Indonesian Seas Using Realistic OGCM
Dwiyoga Nugroho, Ariane Koch-larrouy, Benoit Tranchant, Guillaume Reffray, Phillipe Gaspar, and Gurvan Madec

EGU2015-7167 | Orals | OS1.1 | Media interest

Indian Ocean heat content changes masked by multi-decadal variability: Is the Indian Ocean warming or not?
Caroline Ummenhofer, Arne Biastoch, and Claus Böning

EGU2015-9989 | Posters | OS1.1

Seasonality of Arctic Mediterranean Exchanges
Christoph Rieper and Detlef Quadfasel

EGU2015-15344 | Orals | OS1.1

Role of Ocean Waves in the Earth system (Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)
Peter A.E.M. Janssen

EGU2015-12684 | Posters | OS1.1

10-years of Atlantic Overturning observations: variability revealed on sub-annual, seasonal, annual and multi-annual timescales
Gerard McCarthy, William Johns, Chris Meinen, Molly Baringer, Darren Rayner, Ben Moat, and David Smeed

EGU2015-12816 | Posters | OS1.1

A description of eddy-mean flow feedbacks in equatorial and boundary current systems of the South Indian Ocean
Borja Aguiar-González, Leandro Ponsoni, Leo R. M. Maas, Herman Ridderinkhof, and Hendrik van Aken

EGU2015-4562 | Posters | OS1.1

Stratification of the oceans: a global survey since the ARGO era
Christophe MAES

EGU2015-2559 | Posters | OS1.1

Deep ocean circulation by acoustic-gravity waves: from snowball to greenhouse earth
Usama Kadri

EGU2015-3479 | Posters | OS1.1

A new method for studying water mass origins on basin scales: using multiple passive tracers to study Atlantic Cold Tongue variability
Rachel White

OS1.2 – Changes in Arctic sea ice and ocean: observations, models and perspectives

EGU2015-8447 | Orals | OS1.2 | Media interest

Autonomous Investigations of Marginal Ice Zone Processes- Changing Feedbacks and Observational Challenges
Craig Lee, Martin Doble, Wieslaw Maslowski, Tim Stanton, Mary-Louise Timmermans, Jim Thomson, and Jeremy Wilkinson

EGU2015-13195 | Posters | OS1.2

Glider observations of oceanic conditions in the Fram Strait, 2008-2012
Jenny Ullgren, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Hanne Sagen, Wilken-Jon von Appen, and Katrin Latarius

EGU2015-1969 | Orals | OS1.2 | Media interest

Exchange of warming deep waters across Fram Strait
Wilken-Jon von Appen, Ursula Schauer, Raquel Somavilla Cabrillo, Eduard Bauerfeind, and Agnieszka Beszczynska-Moeller

EGU2015-353 | Posters | OS1.2

Annual and interannual variability of the Barents Sea water masses and polar front: 1980-2011
Laurent OZIEL, Jerome SIRVEN, and Jean-Claude GASCARD

EGU2015-4827 | Posters | OS1.2

Results from the LADCP measurements conducted in the Eurasian Arctic
Ilona Goszczko, Andrey Pnyushkov, Igor Polyakov, Robert Rember, and Andreas M. Thurnherr

EGU2015-14853 | Orals | OS1.2

The halt of deep convection in the Greenland Sea: A natural experiment for the study of their causes and effects.
Raquel Somavilla Cabrillo, Ursula Schauer, Gedeon Budeus, and Katrin Latarius

EGU2015-11582 | Orals | OS1.2

Tides stir up deep Arctic heat
Mattias Green, Tom Rippeth, Ben Lincoln, Yueng Lenn, Sheldon Bacon, and Arild Sundfjord

EGU2015-10720 | Posters | OS1.2

Pathways of Atlantic Waters into the Arctic Ocean: Eddy-permitting ocean and sea ice simulations
Claudia Wekerle, Wilken-Jon von Appen, Sergey Danilov, Thomas Jung, Torsten Kanzow, Ursula Schauer, Ralph Timmermann, and Qiang Wang

EGU2015-5541 | Posters | OS1.2

Forcing, variability, and pathway of a freshwater-driven current in the Eurasian Arctic
Markus Janout, Yevgeny Aksenov, Jens Hölemann, Benjamin Rabe, Ursula Schauer, Igor Polyakov, Sheldon Bacon, Andrew Coward, Michael Karcher, Yueng-Djern Lenn, Heidi Kassens, and Leo Timokhov

EGU2015-973 | Orals | OS1.2

Modelling Ocean Surface Waves in Polar Regions
Lucia Hosekova, Yevgeny Aksenov, Andrew Coward, Laurent Bertino, Timothy Williams, and George A. J. Nurser

EGU2015-6429 | Posters | OS1.2

Transformation of Atlantic Water in the Nansen Basin of the Arctic Ocean
Vladimir Ivanov and Yevgeny Aksenov

EGU2015-3145 | Orals | OS1.2

Intra-seasonal variability of the Beaufort Gyre and its impact on the fate of Arctic Sea ice in the Pacific Sector of the Arctic Ocean
Kohei Mizobata and Noriaki Kimura

EGU2015-13922 | Posters | OS1.2

Simulated pathways, variability and modification of the Arctic Atlantic water
Yevgeny Aksenov, Sheldon Bacon, George Nurser, and Andrew Coward

EGU2015-13950 | Posters | OS1.2

Predicting the Arctic Ocean Environment in the 21st century
Yevgeny Aksenov, Ekaterina Popova, Andrew Yool, and George Nurser

EGU2015-3188 | Posters | OS1.2

Modeling study of tidal effects on the Arctic sea ice
Ho Jin Lee, Mi Ok Kwon, Jong Ho Nam, and Young-Kyo Seo

EGU2015-8069 | Posters | OS1.2

Rapidly changing distribution of velocity and suspended materials under the drifting Arctic sea ice
Ho Kyung Ha, Jungho Im, Yong Hoon Kim, Eun Yae Son, and Sanggyun Lee

EGU2015-12963 | Posters | OS1.2

Sea ice thermodynamics and high latitudes freshwater forcing developments in a global operational oceanographic context.
Clement Bricaud, Gilles Garric, Romain Bourdalle-badie, and Jerome Chanut

EGU2015-1005 | Posters | OS1.2

Coupled model of INM-IO global ocean model, CICE sea ice model and SCM OIAS framework
Ruslan Bayburin, Ibrayev Rashit, Ushakov Konstantin, Kalmykov Vladimir, and Dyakonov Gleb

EGU2015-9062 | Posters | OS1.2

Mooring-based long-term observation of oceanographic condition in the Chukchi Ses and Canada Basin of the Arctic Ocean
Takashi Kikuchi, Motoyo Itoh, Shigeto Nishino, and Eiji Watanabe

EGU2015-603 | Posters | OS1.2

Changes in Arctic freshwater export: a new proxy from 30 years of hydrographic surveys in the Labrador Sea
Cristian Florindo-Lopez, N. Penny Holliday, Sheldon Bacon, and Yevgeny Aksenov

EGU2015-3855 | Posters | OS1.2

Arctic circulation regimes and Greenland freshwater in the sub-Arctic seas
Dmitry Dukhovskoy, Andrey Proshutinsky, Christophe Herbaut, Yevgeny Aksenov, Maria Luneva, Paul Myers, Gennady Platov, and Ekaterina Popova

EGU2015-4651 | Posters | OS1.2

Abrupt shift of the Atlantic Ocean circulation induced by atmospheric blocking
Patrick Scholz, Monica Ionita, Gerrit Lohmann, Mihai Dima, and Matthias Prange

OS1.3 – The Southern Ocean and its Role in the Global Climate System

EGU2015-2783 | Orals | OS1.3

Southern Ocean Winds, Atlantic MOC and Pacific Compensation
markus jochum and carsten eden

EGU2015-14546 | Posters | OS1.3

Structure of the shelf and slope waters of the Antarctic Seas
Ksenia Artamonova, Nikolay Antipov, Ivan Gangnus, and Vyacheslav Maslennikov

EGU2015-547 | Orals | OS1.3

How do heat fluxes in the Southern Ocean depend on bottom pressure torque?
Maike Sonnewald, Joël Hirschi, and George Nurser

EGU2015-10427 | Posters | OS1.3

Time variable bottom water outflow in the Northwestern Weddell Sea
Torsten Kanzow and Gerd Rohardt

EGU2015-6074 | Posters | OS1.3

Elephant overflows: Multi-annual variability in Weddell Sea Deep Water driven by surface forcing
Andrew Meijers, Michael Meredith, Povl Abrahamsen, Alberto Naviera-Garabato, Miguel Ángel Morales Maqueda, and Kurt Polzin

EGU2015-3183 | Orals | OS1.3

The contribution of the Weddell Gyre to the global overturning circulation
Loic Jullion, Alberto Naveira Garabato, Sheldon Bacon, Michael Meredith, Pete Brown, Sinhue Torres-Valdes, Kevin Speer, Paul Holland, Dorothée Bakker, and Mario Hoppema

EGU2015-6368 | Posters | OS1.3

Resolution-dependent partitioning of heat transport between transient and standing eddies: An idealized Southern Ocean context
Matthew Hecht, Geoffrey Vallis, and Wilbert Weijer

EGU2015-5746 | Orals | OS1.3

Assimilation of sea surface temperature, sea ice concentration and sea ice drift in a model of the Southern Ocean
Alexander Barth, Martin Canter, Bert Van Schaeybroeck, Stéphane Vannitsem, François Massonnet, Violette Zunz, Pierre Mathiot, Aida Alvera-Azcárate, and Jean-Marie Beckers

EGU2015-559 | Posters | OS1.3

Southern Ocean zonal asymmetries in mixed layer depth variability in the NEMO GCM
Maike Sonnewald, Raffaele Ferrari, and George Nurser

EGU2015-1484 | Orals | OS1.3

Estimating trends in Antarctic sea ice extent over the last century
Hugues Goosse and Violette Zunz

EGU2015-13758 | Posters | OS1.3

In search for recent ocean temperature and salinity changes: a CMIP model versus observed density analysis
Eric Guilyardi, Paul Durack, and Peter Glecker

EGU2015-5584 | Orals | OS1.3

Sensitivity of the recent increase in Antarctic sea ice in ocean models
Joakim Kjellsson, Paul Holland, Gareth Marshall, Andrew Coward, Yevgeny Aksenov, Sheldon Bacon, Alexis Megann, and Jeff Ridley

EGU2015-10532 | Posters | OS1.3

A model-based climatology of antarctic icebergs melt over the Southern Ocean
Nacho Merino, Julien Le Sommer, Gael Durand, Gurvan Madec, Pierre Mathiot, and Nicolas Jourdain

EGU2015-9652 | Posters | OS1.3

The Antarctic sea ice concentration budget of an ocean-sea ice coupled model
Olivier Lecomte, Hugues Goosse, Thierry Fichefet, Paul R. Holland, and Petteri Uotila

EGU2015-14701 | Posters | OS1.3

The spatiotemporal structure of diabatic processes governing the evolution of Mode Water in the Southern Ocean
Ivana Cerovecki and Matthew Mazloff

EGU2015-395 | Posters | OS1.3

Observed poleward expansion of Hadley cell driven by Southern Atlantic warming
Yong Sun and Tianjun Zhou

EGU2015-2568 | Posters | OS1.3

Pronounced warming in the Indian and Pacific sectors of the Southern Ocean during the 1970s
Chris Turney, Chris Fogwill, Jonathan Palmer, Erik van Sebille, Zoë Thomas, Matt McGlone, Sarah Richardson, Janet Wilmshurst, Pavla Fenwick, Lionel Carter, Richard Jones, Melanie Harsch, Kerry-Jayne Wilson, Graeme Clark, Ezequiel Marzinelli, Tracey Rogers, Eleanor Rainsley, Laura Ciasto, Stephanie Waterman, and Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013-2014 Members

EGU2015-2420 | Posters | OS1.3

Southern Ocean open-sea convection teleconnections
Anna Cabre and Irina marinov

EGU2015-13825 | Posters | OS1.3

A Southern Ocean trigger for Northwest Pacific ventilation during the Holocene?
Rella Stephan and Masao Uchida

EGU2015-4404 | Posters | OS1.3

Deglacial pulses of deep-ocean silicate reveal enhanced Southern Ocean upwelling
Zheng Tang, Zhihua Chen, and Xuefa Shi

OS1.5 – Air-Sea Energy and Mass Exchanges and their Impacts on the Ocean and Atmosphere

EGU2015-1477 | Orals | OS1.5

An adjusted one year sea surface heat and water budget for the Northwestern Mediterranean basin
Guy Caniaux, Louis Prieur, and Hervé Giordani

EGU2015-2164 | Posters | OS1.5

Climate responses to regional wind shifting
Haijin Dai and Haijun Yang

EGU2015-2859 | Posters | OS1.5

Comparative assessment of surface fluxes from different sources using probability density distributions
Sergey Gulev, Natalia Tilinina, and Konstantin Belyaev

EGU2015-3996 | Orals | OS1.5

Moisture flux increases seen in the Arctic between 2003-2013
Linette Boisvert, Dong Wu, Timo Vihma, Chung-Lin Shie, and Joel Susskind

EGU2015-6404 | Orals | OS1.5

Air-Sea heat fluxes over the Iceland Sea
Gudrun Nina Petersen, Ben E. Harden, and Ian A. Renfrew

EGU2015-2974 | Posters | OS1.5

Analyzing consistency of interannual variability in air-sea sensible and latent heat fluxes in CMIP5 model simulations
Ilya Serykh and Sergey Gulev

EGU2015-2146 | Posters | OS1.5

Bjerknes Compensation and Climate Feedbacks in a Coupled Box Model, Part I: Steady State and Intrinsic Rate
Yingying Zhao, Haijun Yang, and Zhengyu Liu

EGU2015-14286 | Orals | OS1.5

Net Energy Budget at the Surface Interface of the “Cold Tongue” Region
Abderrahim Bentamy, Rachel Pinker, Banglin Zhang, Anita Rapp, and Yingtao Ma

EGU2015-3198 | Posters | OS1.5

Extreme surface turbulent heat fluxes during bora events
Alexander Gavrikov, Sergey Gulev, and Daniela Turk

EGU2015-13074 | Orals | OS1.5

Air-sea fluxes and satellite-based estimation of water masses formation
Roberto Sabia, Marlene Klockmann, Diego Fernandez-Prieto, and Craig Donlon

EGU2015-3681 | Posters | OS1.5

Systematic and random uncertainties of HOAPS-3.2 evaporation
Julian Kinzel, Karsten Fennig, Marc Schröder, Axel Andersson, Karl Bumke, and Felix Dietzsch

EGU2015-13720 | Orals | OS1.5

Air-sea interactions in sea surface temperature frontal region
Joris Pianezze, Jean-Luc Redelsperger, Fabrice Ardhuin, Thierry Reynaud, Louis Marié, Marie-Noelle Bouin, and Valerie Garnier

EGU2015-4040 | Posters | OS1.5

Intercomparison of surface heat transfer in the Arctic for multiple reanalyses, satellite data and field observations
Irina Repina, Alexandra Mazilkina, and Vladimir Ivanov

EGU2015-4989 | Posters | OS1.5

Spatial variances of wind fields and their relation to second-order structure functions and spectra
Jur Vogelzang, Gregory P King, and Ad Stoffelen

EGU2015-6782 | Posters | OS1.5

Association of synoptic variability in surface turbulent fluxes with cyclone characteristics in the Northern hemisphere midlatitudes
Natalia Tilinina and Sergey Gulev

EGU2015-6961 | Posters | OS1.5

Forcing of global ocean models using an atmospheric boundary layer model: assessing consequences for the simulation of the AMOC
Rafael Abel and Claus Boening

EGU2015-8251 | Posters | OS1.5

Embedding a one-column ocean model in CAM5 for improving low-resolution MJO simulations
Yung-Yao Lan, Wan-Ling Tseng, Ben-Jei Tsuang, Huang-Hsiung Hsu, Chein-Jung Shiu, and Chia-Ying Tu

EGU2015-8445 | Posters | OS1.5

On the influence of a regional drag coefficient parameterization scheme in the forecasting skill of an ocean model in the Aegean and Levantine Seas.
Kostopoulos Vassilis, Chrisagi Eurydice, Sofianos Sarantis, and Helmis Constantinos

EGU2015-9098 | Posters | OS1.5

A review of the sources of uncertainties when estimating global-scale turbulent air-sea fluxes
Laurent Brodeau and Bernard Barnier

EGU2015-10567 | Posters | OS1.5

Impact of wind waves on the evaporation in the Caspian Sea
Fedor Gippius, Victor Arkhipkin, and Gennady Panin

EGU2015-14877 | Posters | OS1.5

Accounting for observational uncertainties in the evaluation of low latitude turbulent air-sea fluxes simulated in a suite of IPSL model versions
Jerome Servonnat, Pascale Braconnot, and Alina Gainusa-Bogdan

EGU2015-15085 | Posters | OS1.5

Challenges of the surface energy budget and proposed ways forward
Karina von Schuckmann, Simon Josey, Sergey Gulev, Kevin Trenberth, Carol Anne Clayson, Pierre Philippe Mathieu, and Martin Wild

EGU2015-15116 | Posters | OS1.5

Energy and mass exchange between ocean and atmosphere in the area of winter polynya to the north of Svalbard
Boris Ivanov, Anna Wesman, Pavel Sviashchennikov, and Alexey Pavlov

OS1.6 – Sea Surface Salinity Variability: In Situ and Satellite Observations

EGU2015-3624 | Posters | OS1.6

Error attribution and validation of SMOS high-level salinity products with Argo data
Joaquim Ballabrera

EGU2015-12407 | Orals | OS1.6

The Role of Time- and Space Scales in Estimating the Relative Importance of Isopycnal and Diapycnal Oceanic Mixing
Julian Schanze and Raymond Schmitt

EGU2015-8505 | Orals | OS1.6

Spatial and Temporal Variability of the Mixed Layer and Entrainment/Detrainment in the SPURS Area
Jessica Anderson and Stephen Riser

EGU2015-6049 | Posters | OS1.6

Persistence of Rainfall Imprint on SMOS Sea Surface Salinity
Jacqueline Boutin, Gilles Reverdin, and Nicolas Martin

EGU2015-6818 | Orals | OS1.6

Observation of the surface horizontal thermohaline variability at meso- to submesoscales in the North-Eastern Subtropical Atlantic Ocean
Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, Gilles Reverdin, Jacqueline Boutin, and Olga Hernandez

EGU2015-7216 | Posters | OS1.6

Seasonal mixed-layer salinity balance in the Tropical Atlantic ocean
Ibrahima CAMARA, Juliette MIGNOT, Nicolas KOLODZIEJCZYK, Alban LAZAR, and Amadou T. GAYE

EGU2015-8718 | Orals | OS1.6

3D Dynamics of Freshwater Lenses in the Near-Surface Layer of the Tropical Ocean
Alexander Soloviev and Cayla Dean

EGU2015-14692 | Posters | OS1.6

Near surface salinity stratifications from Aquarius, Argo and an ocean model
Y. Tony Song and Jae-Hong Moon

EGU2015-14851 | Posters | OS1.6

Surface salinity variability in the Atlantic Ocean (50°N-10°S) at pluri-annual to interdecadal time scales (1896-2013)
Gilles Reverdin, ELodie Kestenare, Thierry Delcroix, Gael ALory, Jacqueline Boutin, Fabienne Gaillard, and Nicolas Martin

EGU2015-1505 | Orals | OS1.6

Freshening of the South Indian Ocean during the Argo period: observations, causes, and impact on regional sea level change
William Llovel and Tong Lee

EGU2015-11491 | Orals | OS1.6

Variability of the Tropical Atlantic and Pacific SSS Minimum Zones and Their Relations to the ITCZ and SPCZ (1979-2013)
Thierry Delcroix, Michel Tchilibou, Gael Alory, Gilles Reverdin, and Sabine Arnault

EGU2015-7949 | Posters | OS1.6

Observations of a Downward Mixing of Rainfall with the ASIP Microstructure Profiler
Kieran Walesby, Brian Ward, Jerome Vialard, and Peter Minnett

EGU2015-14468 | Posters | OS1.6

Validation of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity Data with In Situ Measurements from the SPURS Field Experiment
Yi Chao

EGU2015-12800 | Posters | OS1.6

Monitoring the spreading of the Amazon freshwater plume by MODIS, SMOS, Aquarius and TOPAZ
Anton Korosov, Francois Counillon, and Johnny A. Johannessen

EGU2015-14345 | Posters | OS1.6

An Examination of the Sea Surface Salinity - Fresh Water Flux Relationship Using Satellite Observations from SMOS and Aquarius
Pingping Xie, Arun Kumar, Yan Xue, and Tim Liu

EGU2015-8397 | Posters | OS1.6

Upper Ocean Salinity Variability
Carol Anne Clayson and Lou St. Laurent

EGU2015-6347 | Posters | OS1.6

Altimetric lagrangian advection to reconstruct Pacific Ocean fine scale surface tracer fields
Marine Rogé, Rosemary Morrow, and Guillaume Dencausse

EGU2015-4949 | Posters | OS1.6

Mixed-Layer Salinity Budget in the Tropical Indian Ocean: Seasonal cycle based only on Observations
Da-Allada Casimir, Gaillard Fabienne, and Kolodziejczyk Nicolas

EGU2015-5484 | Posters | OS1.6

Sea Surface Salinity variability in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre during the 2012-2013 Strasse/SPURS experiment and from the SMOS salinity mission
Anna Sommer, Gilles Reverdin, Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, and Jacqueline Boutin

OS1.7 – Tropical & Subtropical Ocean Circulation, Equatorial to Mid-Latitude Air-Sea Interactions

EGU2015-11102 | Posters | OS1.7

Interannual variability of the Atlantic Cold Tongue heat budget

EGU2015-410 | Posters | OS1.7

Dynamics associated to different Atlantic Niño configurations
Marta Martin del Rey, Irene Polo, Belén Rodríguez-Fonseca, and Alban Lazar

EGU2015-9854 | Orals | OS1.7

Rethinking the role of the Bjerknes feedback in the equatorial Atlantic
Ingo Richter, Swadhin Behera, Takeshi Doi, and Bunmei Taguchi

EGU2015-2328 | Orals | OS1.7

Inter-annual coastal-trapped wave in the South-Atlantic ocean : Remote versus local forcing
Marie-Lou Bachelery, Serena Illig, and Isabelle Dadou

EGU2015-3694 | Posters | OS1.7

The Bjerknes feedback in the tropical Atlantic from reanalysis and CMIP5
Anna-Lena Deppenmeier, Rein Haarsma, and Wilco Hazeleger

EGU2015-10023 | Orals | OS1.7

Propagation of coastally trapped waves in the Northern Benguela studied with hydrographic moorings and a regional circulation model
Lydia Siegfried, Tim Junker, Volker Mohrholz, Martin Schmidt, and Anja van der Plas

EGU2015-11749 | Posters | OS1.7

Water Mass Modification through Mixing in the Solomon Sea
Marion Alberty, Jennifer MacKinnon, and Janet Sprintall

EGU2015-2242 | Posters | OS1.7

In-Situ Estimates of tidal mixing in the Indonesian archipelago from multidisciplinary data
Ariane KOCH-LARROUY, Agus ATMADIPOERA, Pieter van Beek, Gurvan Madec, Jerome Aucan, Florent Lyard, Jacques Grelet, and Marc Souhaut

EGU2015-9281 | Orals | OS1.7

Nearshore transects of surface wind and wind stress in the Atlantic eastern boundary upwelling systems
Michael Schlundt, Marcus Dengler, Peter Brandt, and Karl Bumke

EGU2015-1482 | Posters | OS1.7

A revisited statistical analysis of the recent SST trend in the Tropical Atlantic
Guy Caniaux, Jacques Servain, and Moacyr Araujo

EGU2015-5491 | Orals | OS1.7

Enhanced Vertical Atmosphere Resolution improves Climate Model Simulation of Tropical Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature and Interannual Variability
Jan Harlass, Mojib Latif, and Wonsun Park

EGU2015-11391 | Posters | OS1.7

Western boundary circulation in the tropical Atlantic at 11°S revisited
Rebecca Hummels, Peter Brandt, Marcus Dengler, and Jürgen Fischer

EGU2015-6969 | Orals | OS1.7

Low-frequency thermohaline variability in the Subtropical South Atlantic pycnocline during 2002-2013
Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, Gilles Reverdin, Fabienne Gaillard, and Alban Lazar

EGU2015-3913 | Orals | OS1.7

SST/Wind stress mesoscale coupling in the South East Pacific : what drives its spatial and temporal variations ?
Véra Oerder, François Colas, Vincent Echevin, Sebastien Masson, Christophe Hourdin, Swen Jullien, and Florian Lemarié

EGU2015-1508 | Posters | OS1.7

Long-term variations of SST and heat content in the Atlantic Ocean
Aubains Huonsou-gbo, Jacques Servain, Guy Caniaux, Moacyr Araujo, Bernard Bourlès, and Doris Veleda

EGU2015-3105 | Posters | OS1.7

The role of Pacific Trade Wind trends in driving ocean heat uptake and global hiatuses
Nicola Maher, Matthew England, Alexander Sen Gupta, and Paul Spence

EGU2015-9455 | Orals | OS1.7

The impact of ENSO on the South Atlantic Subtropical Dipole Mode
Regina Rodrigues, Edmo Campos, and Reindert Haarsma

EGU2015-5176 | Posters | OS1.7

Estimating the Meridional Ekman Transport at 14.5 N in the Atlantic Ocean
Yao Fu, Johannes Karstensen, and Peter Brandt

EGU2015-9362 | Posters | OS1.7

Ucertainties of equatorial Atlantic seasonal cycles in an Ocean General Circulation Model induced by wind products during 1979-2001
Yanyan Shi, Bin Wang, Wenyu Huang, Shuai Peng, and Fang Dong

EGU2015-3734 | Orals | OS1.7

Intensification and poleward shift of subtropical western boundary currents under global warming
Hu Yang, Gerrit Lohmann, Wei Wei, Mihai Dima, and Jiping Liu

EGU2015-6797 | Orals | OS1.7

Planetary boundary layer response to surface temperature anomalies forcing
Xavier Perrot, Guillaume Lapeyre, and Riwal Plougonven

EGU2015-11426 | Posters | OS1.7

Multidiurnal warm layer and inhibited gas exchange in the Peruvian upwelling regime
Tim Fischer, Annette Kock, Damian L. Arévalo-Martínez, Marcus Dengler, Peter Brandt, Soeren Thomsen, and Hermann W. Bange

EGU2015-9702 | Posters | OS1.7

Seasonal mixed-layer salinity balance in the Eastern tropical Atlantic ocean
Ibrahima CAMARA, Nicolas KOLODZIEJCZYK, Juliette MIGNOT, Alban LAZAR, and Amadou T. GAYE

EGU2015-6228 | Orals | OS1.7

Role of the Midlatitude Oceanic Front in the Ozone-induced Climate Change in the Southern Hemisphere as Revealed in Aqua Planet Experiments
Fumiaki Ogawa, Nour-Eddine Omrani, Kazuaki Nishii, Hisashi Nakamura, and Noel Keenlyside

EGU2015-8214 | Orals | OS1.7

A tropical - extratropical cloud albedo control on the warm pool, cold tongue, Walker circulation complex
Natalie Burls and Alexey Fedorov

EGU2015-7266 | Posters | OS1.7

Forcing mechanisms of intraseasonal SST variability off central Peru in 2000–2008
Serena Illig, Boris Dewitte, Katerina Goubanova, Gildas Cambon, Julien Boucharel, Carlos Romero, Sara Purca, and Roberto Flores

EGU2015-12427 | Posters | OS1.7

A climatological analysis of the seasonal variability of surface temperature and circulation over the Canary current upwelling system.
Saliou Faye, Alban Lazar, Bamol Sow, and Amadou Gaye

EGU2015-4621 | Posters | OS1.7

Scales and properties of cold filaments in the southern Benguela upwelling system
Elisabeth Hösen, Judith Möller, Kerstin Jochumsen, and Detlef Quadfasel

EGU2015-7417 | Posters | OS1.7

Occurrence and characteristics of mesoscale eddies in the tropical northeast Atlantic Ocean
Florian Schütte, Peter Brandt, and Johannes Karstensen

EGU2015-5031 | Posters | OS1.7

Analysis of mesoscale convective systems using satellite scatterometer-derived sea surface winds
Gregory P King, Wenming Lin, Patrick Bunn, Marcos Portabella, Ad Stoffelen, Anton Verhoef, and Jur Vogelzang

EGU2015-7098 | Posters | OS1.7

Diurnal Warming Observations with ASIP in the subtropical Northern Atlantic
Anneke ten Doeschate, Brian Ward, Graig Sutherland, Jordi Font, and Gilles Reverdin

EGU2015-8064 | Posters | OS1.7

A New Paradigm for Decadalscale Midlatitude AirSea Interaction
Guidi Zhou, Mojib Latif, Richard Greatbatch, and Wonsun Park

EGU2015-6939 | Posters | OS1.7

Fine scale structure of an Anticyclonic eddy off Cape Verde peninsula observed from Glider
Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, Pierre Testor, Alban Lazar, Vincent Echevin, Gerd Krahmann, Saliou Faye, Malik Wade, Philippe Estrade, Xavier Capet, and Patrice Brehmer

EGU2015-11903 | Posters | OS1.7

The Agulhas circulation simulated by the global OGCM FESOM.
Dmitry Sein, Qiang Wang, Dmitry Sidorenko, Sven Harig, Jonathan Durgadoo, and Arne Biastoch

OS1.8 – The North Atlantic: natural variability and global change

EGU2015-5004 | Posters | OS1.8

Influence of the North Atlantic on climate change in the Barents Sea
Natalia Glok, Genrikh Alekseev, Aleksander Smirnov, and Anastasia Vyasilova

EGU2015-14462 | Orals | OS1.8

Circulation and transformation of deep water in the North Atlantic
Monika Rhein, Dagmar Kieke, Reiner Steinfeldt, and Christian Mertens

EGU2015-8721 | Orals | OS1.8

North Atlantic Current long-term transport observations at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Achim Roessler, Monika Rhein, Dagmar Kieke, and Christian Mertens

EGU2015-8425 | Posters | OS1.8

Decadal Variations of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation as simulated by the VIKING20 Model
Patricia Handmann, Jürgen Fischer, Martin Visbeck, Erik Behrens, and Lavinia Patara

EGU2015-5816 | Posters | OS1.8

Origin of Quasi-decadal North Atlantic Oscillation Variability
Annika Reintges, Mojib Latif, and Wonsun Park

EGU2015-10175 | Orals | OS1.8

Variability of the North Atlantic Current: high resolution model data versus in situ measurements
Tilia Breckenfelder, Monika Rhein, Achim Roessler, Erik Behrens, Claus Böning, Arne Biastoch, and Christian Mertens

EGU2015-12198 | Posters | OS1.8

Spectral decomposition of deep flow variability at the Greenland-Iceland-Scotland Ridge and the Labrador Sea Western Boundary
Nuno Nunes and Rolf Käse

EGU2015-5013 | Orals | OS1.8

Increased oceanic heat transport in the main Atlantic inflow branch to the Nordic Seas 1993-2013
Bogi Hansen, Karin Margretha Larsen, and Svein Østerhus

EGU2015-15491 | Posters | OS1.8

Interannual Variability of Wind Power Input to Near-inertial Motions in the North Atlantic
Tina Dippe, Xiaoming Zhai, Richard Greatbatch, and Willi Rath

EGU2015-3578 | Orals | OS1.8

On the origin and propagation of Denmark Strait Overflow Water Anomalies in the Irminger Basin
Kerstin Jochumsen, Detlef Quadfasel, Manuela Köllner, Stephen Dye, Bert Rudels, and Hedinn Valdimarsson

EGU2015-3500 | Posters | OS1.8

Salinity variability in the North Atlantic through synergetic analysis of Argo floats and satellite altimetry data
Ilaria Stendardo, Monika Rhein, Birgit Klein, and Achim Roessler

EGU2015-5991 | Orals | OS1.8

Genesis and spatial extension of 1000m deep convection event in the Irminger sea in 2011-2012 revealed by Argo floats
Anne Piron, Virginie Thierry, Herlé Mercier, and Guy Caniaux

EGU2015-6764 | Orals | OS1.8

New direct estimates of Iceland-Scotland Overflow Water transport through the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone and its relationship to the North Atlantic Current
Amy Bower, Heather Furey, and Xiaobiao Xu

EGU2015-12314 | Posters | OS1.8

Connections between subpolar and subtropical deep western boundary currents and Overturning in the Atlantic Ocean
Rolf Käse

EGU2015-14216 | Orals | OS1.8

Circulation and water masses across the GEOVIDE section
Pascale Lherminier, Herlé Mercier, Géraldine Sarthou, Fiz Perez, and Maribel I. García-Ibáñez

EGU2015-12938 | Posters | OS1.8

Competition between the Atlantic and Antarctic overturning cells
Kevin Oliver

EGU2015-5182 | Orals | OS1.8

Multiannual to decadal circulation variability in the deep subpolar North Atlantic – A modal decomposition of Deep Water export from the Labrador Sea, sea level pressure and atmospheric forcing fields.
Jürgen Fischer, Johannes Karstensen, Martin Visbeck, Rainer Zantopp, and Robert Kopte

EGU2015-195 | Posters | OS1.8

Impact of fluctuation of hydro-physical regime in the North Atlantic on the climate of Eurasia
Ilya Serykh, Mikhail Anisimov, Vladimir Byshev, Victor Neiman, and Juri Romanov

EGU2015-6586 | Posters | OS1.8

Predictability of the recent reduction in AMOC strength through knowing the initial ocean state
Jennifer Mecking and Sybren Drijfhout

EGU2015-12203 | Orals | OS1.8

Water mass variability in the Atlantic Subtropical Gyre reveals the mechanisms of recent Meridional Overturning changes
Dafydd Gwyn Evans, John Toole, Gael Forget, Jan Zika, A. George Nurser, Alberto Naveira Garabato, and Lisan Yu

EGU2015-10284 | Posters | OS1.8

Analysis of the decadal predictability of the North Atlantic volume and heat transport in a future climate projection
Matthias Fischer, Wolfgang A. Müller, Daniela I.V. Domeisen, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2015-2577 | Orals | OS1.8

Reconstruction of the Gulf Stream since 1900 and correlation with the North Atlantic Oscillation
Sylvain Watelet, Jean-Marie Beckers, and Alexander Barth

EGU2015-1459 | Posters | OS1.8

The use of a flow field correction technique for alleviating the North Atlantic cold bias with application to the Kiel Climate Model
Annika Drews, Richard Greatbatch, Hui Ding, Mojib Latif, and Wonsun Park

EGU2015-12830 | Orals | OS1.8

Sea-level fluctuations show Ocean Circulation controls Atlantic Multidecadal Variability
Gerard McCarthy, Ivan Haigh, Joel Hirschi, Jeremy Grist, and David Smeed

EGU2015-14393 | Orals | OS1.8

The Gulf Stream – Troposphere connection: warm and cold paths
Arnaud Czaja, Luke Sheldon, Benoit Vanniere, and Rhys Parfitt

EGU2015-9917 | Posters | OS1.8

Overflow transports in Denmark Strait and the Faroe Bank Channel derived from combined moored ADCP and PIES measurements during 2011-2014
Martin Moritz, Kerstin Jochumsen, and Detlef Quadfasel

EGU2015-10633 | Posters | OS1.8

Export of newly formed LSW
Katharina Müller, Birgit Klein, Johannes Karstensen, Jürgen Fischer, Till Baumann, and Torsten Kanzow

EGU2015-4685 | Orals | OS1.8

Seasonal predictability of the North Atlantic Oscillation
Michael Vellinga and Adam Scaife and the GloSea5

EGU2015-6200 | Posters | OS1.8

Eddy induced heat transport into and out of the Labrador Sea
Vasco Müller, Dagmar Kieke, and Paul Myers

EGU2015-11483 | Orals | OS1.8

The prediction of sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic in the seasonal prediction system based on the MPI-ESM coupled climate model
Johanna Baehr, Kristina Froehlich, Felix Bunzel, Mikhail Dobrynin, Daniela Domeisen, Holger Pohlmann, and Wolfgang Mueller

EGU2015-9008 | Posters | OS1.8

The 2002-2012 mean summer circulation across the Greenland-Portugal OVIDE hydrographic line
Nathalie Daniault, Herle Mercier, Pascale Lherminier, Fiz Perez, and Aida Rios

EGU2015-6463 | Orals | OS1.8

Influence of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on the Winter European Climate in EC-Earth 3.1
Paolo Davini, Jost von Hardenberg, and Susanna Corti

EGU2015-2453 | Orals | OS1.8

Mechanisms of Internally Generated Multidecadal Variability of SST in the Atlantic Ocean in a Coupled GCM
Hua Chen, Edwin Schneider, and Zhiwei Wu

EGU2015-1518 | Posters | OS1.8

Anthropogenic carbon estimates in the North Atlantic in CMIP5 GCMs using reconstructed transient tracers (CFC-11, CFC-12, SF6).
Tobia Tudino, Marie-Jose Messias, Ute Schuster, and Andrew J. Watson

EGU2015-14696 | Posters | OS1.8

Strong-mixing induced deep ocean heat uptake events in the North Atlantic.
Raquel Somavilla Cabrillo, Cesar Gonzalez-Pola, Ursula Schauer, and Gedeon Budeus

EGU2015-5332 | Orals | OS1.8

Decadal Variability in the North Atlantic Ocean as a Bifurcation of the Subpolar Gyre
Andreas Born, Juliette Mignot, and Thomas Stocker

EGU2015-3628 | Posters | OS1.8

Importance of open-water ice growth and ice concentration evolution: a study based on ECHAM6-FESOM
Xiaoxu Shi and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2015-12204 | Orals | OS1.8

A mechanistic view of how gyre-scale heat content anomalies form in the North Atlantic
Ric Williams, Vassil Roussenov, M. Susan Lozier, and Doug Smith

EGU2015-502 | Orals | OS1.8

Role of the Ocean-Atmosphere interactions for the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in an idealized coupled model
Quentin Jamet, Thierry Huck, Alain Colin de Verdière, Olivier Arzel, and Jean-Michel Campin

EGU2015-8873 | Posters | OS1.8

Predictability of the Barents Sea ice in early winter: Remote effects of oceanic and atmospheric thermal conditions from the North Atlantic
Takuya Nakanowatari, Kazutoshi Sato, and Jun Inoue

EGU2015-9064 | Posters | OS1.8

The effect of the Mediterranean Overflow Water on the North Atlantic
Aitor Aldama Campino and Kristofer Döös

EGU2015-14427 | Orals | OS1.8

Decadal slowdown in global air temperature rise triggered by variability in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
Matthew H. England

EGU2015-9335 | Orals | OS1.8

Decadal covariability of the Deep Western Boundary Current and the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation
Charlotte Mielke, Stefan Gary, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2015-14858 | Posters | OS1.8

Understanding boundary density variability at 26N and its relation to the geostrophic transports in the North Atlantic
Irene Polo, Keith Haines, Jon Robson, Rowan Sutton, and Magdalena Balmaseda

EGU2015-6580 | Posters | OS1.8

Variability of the North Atlantic during Past Climate Change: Inference from Scarce and Inaccurate Data
Olivier Marchal, Claire Waelbroeck, and Alain Colin de Verdière

EGU2015-15719 | Orals | OS1.8

Does External Forcing Interfere with the AMOC's influence on North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature?
Neil Tandon and Paul Kushner

EGU2015-1651 | Orals | OS1.8

High-resolution modelling of the mean flow and meso-scale eddy variability around the Grand Banks of Newfoundland
Li Zhai, Youyu Lu, Simon Higginson, Fraser Davidson, Fred Dupont, Francois Roy, Jerome Chanut, and Greg Smith

EGU2015-9819 | Posters | OS1.8

Stratigraphic significance and global distribution of the δ13C Suess effect during the Anthropocene
André Paul and Stefan Mulitza

EGU2015-8918 | Posters | OS1.8

The role of ocean-atmosphere interaction in shaping climate change in the North Atlantic sector
Ralf Hand, Omrani Nour-Eddine, Keenlyside Noel S., and Greatbatch Richard

EGU2015-7184 | Posters | OS1.8

Multiscale wind cycles and current pulses at the Black Sea eastern boundary
Vasiliy Melnikov, Lidija Moskalenko, Vladimir Piotoukh, and Andrey Zatsepin

OS2.1 – Open Session on Coastal and Shelf Seas

EGU2015-1212 | Posters | OS2.1

Summer nutrients structure and phytoplankton growth under the influence of freshwater-saline water mixing in the Changjiang River Estuary
Ying Liu, Kui Wang, and Jianfang Chen

EGU2015-10498 | Orals | OS2.1

Spatial and seasonal distributions of frontal activity over the French continental shelf in the Bay of Biscay observed from satellite sea surface temperature
Ozge Yelekci, Guillaume Charrira, Xavier Capet, Joel Sudre, and Hussein Yahia

EGU2015-1405 | Posters | OS2.1

Measuring tidal and residual currents and volume transport through a wide strait by use of the coastal acoustic tomography system
Xiao-Hua Zhu, Ze-Nan Zhu, Yun-Long Ma, Xiaopeng Fan, and Yu Long

EGU2015-13370 | Orals | OS2.1

Numerical simulation of circulation in Kara and Pechora Seas using the system of operational diagnosis and forecast of the marine dynamics
Nikolay Diansky, Vladimir Fomin, Ilya Kabatchenko, and Anatoly Gusev

EGU2015-8444 | Orals | OS2.1

A 35-year hindcast for the Baltic Sea (1980-2014) - a statistical analysis
Ulf Gräwe and Peter Holtermann

EGU2015-1737 | Posters | OS2.1

The Eugen Seibold coral mounds offshore western Morocco: oceanographic and bathymetric steering of a newly discovered cold-water coral province
Silke Glogowski, Christian Dullo, Sascha Flögel, Peter Feldens, Veit Hühnerbach, Jonas von Reumont, Sebastian Krastel, Russ B. Wynn, and Volker Liebetrau

EGU2015-4103 | Orals | OS2.1

The water exchange between Chinchorro Bank and its surroundings
Julio Candela, Jose Luis Ochoa, Julio Sheinbaum, Manuel Lopez, and Cesar Cornado

EGU2015-1759 | Posters | OS2.1

High frequency internal wave observations in the Baltic Sea
Frederic Cyr and Hans van Haren

EGU2015-2379 | Posters | OS2.1

Natural modes of variability in the A1B scenario: Atmospheric forcing anomalies associated with NAO
Michaela Markovic, Birgit Klein, Uwe Mikolajewicz, and Moritz Mathis

EGU2015-11673 | Orals | OS2.1

Feedback of Coastal Upwelling on the Near-Surface Wind Speed at the Baltic Sea
Thomas Raub, Andreas Lehmann, and Daniela Jacob

EGU2015-14671 | Orals | OS2.1

Turkish Straits System and Southern Black Sea: Exchange. Mixing and Shelf / Canyon Interactions
Emin Özsoy, Özgür Gürses, and Ersin Tutsak

EGU2015-4524 | Posters | OS2.1

Geoacoustic characteristics at the DH-2 long-core sediments in the Korean continental margin of the East Sea
Woo Hun Ryang, Seong Pil Kim, and Jooyoung Hahn

EGU2015-2699 | Orals | OS2.1

Wave energies and wave-induced longshore currents in an unstructured-grid model – circulation in front of barrier islands
Prof. Dr. Jörg-Olaf Wolff, Dr. Sebastian Grashorn, Dr. Karsten A. Lettmann, Dr. Thomas H. Badewien, and Prof. Dr. Emil V. Stanev

EGU2015-4782 | Posters | OS2.1

Tidal dynamics with corrected volume transport at Sunda Shelf and Singapore Strait
Pavel Tkalich, Quang-Hung Luu, and Haihua Xu

EGU2015-4877 | Posters | OS2.1

Tidal dynamics in the Southeast Asia seas
Quang-Hung Luu, Haihua Xu, Veluthedathekuzhiyil Praveen, and Pavel Tkalich

EGU2015-3743 | Orals | OS2.1

Environmental monitoring techniques and wave energy potential assessment: an integrated approach for planning marine energy conversion schemes in the northern Tyrrhenian sea, Italy
Sergio Scanu, Maximo Peviani, Filippo Maria Carli, Francesco Paladini de Mendoza, Viviana Piermattei, Simone Bonamano, and Marco Marcelli

EGU2015-4082 | Orals | OS2.1

Assessing bio-physical effects of Offshore Wind Farms on the North Sea pelagic ecosystem using a TRIAXUS ROTV
Jens Floeter, Ulrich Callies, Tim Dudeck, André Eckhardt, Dominik Gloe, Marc Hufnagl, Elke Ludewig, Klas O. Möller, Ryan P. North, Thomas Pohlmann, Rolf Riethmüller, Axel Temming, Justus van Beusekom, Bettina Walter, and Christian Möllmann

EGU2015-5481 | Posters | OS2.1

FES 2014, a new tidal model on the global ocean with enhanced accuracy in shallow seas and in the Arctic region
Loren Carrere, Florent Lyard, Mathilde Cancet, and Amandine Guillot

EGU2015-12498 | Orals | OS2.1

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: the potential impact on microphytoplankton of bottom water discharge at subsurface in the Caribbean Sea
Mélanie Giraud, Marie Boye, Véronique Garçon, Stéphane L'Helguen, Anne Donval, and Denis De la Broise

EGU2015-6524 | Posters | OS2.1

The seasonal and inter-annual variability of sea-ice, ocean circulation and marine ecosystems in the Barents Sea: model results against satellite data
Anton Dvornikov, Dmitry Sein, Vladimir Ryabchenko, Victor Gorchakov, and Svetlana Pugalova

EGU2015-5896 | Orals | OS2.1

Modelling potential changes in marine biogeochemistry due to large-scale offshore tidal energy extraction
Johan van der Molen

EGU2015-7037 | Posters | OS2.1

Anoxic monimolimnia: Nutrients devious feeders or bombs ready to explode?
Areti Gianni and Ierotheos Zacharias

EGU2015-11037 | Orals | OS2.1

Characterisation of impacts on the environment of an idealised offshore wind farm foundation, under waves and the combination of waves and currents
Isabel García-Hermosa, Nizar Abcha, Jérôme Brossard, Anne-Claire Bennis, Alexander Ezersky, Marcus Gross, Gregorio Iglesias, Vanesa Magar, Jon Miles, Dominique Mouazé, Gaële Perret, Grégory Pinon, Aurélie Rivier, Charlie Rogan, and David Simmonds

EGU2015-9078 | Posters | OS2.1

Nutrient distribution in the North Aegean Sea affected by the Black Sea Waters
Alexandra Pavlidou and Ekaterini Souvermezoglou

EGU2015-10166 | Posters | OS2.1

Effect of regional scale model coupling in simulating North Sea under a climate change scenario.
Nikesh Narayan, Birgit Klein, Jian Su, and Holger Klein

EGU2015-277 | Orals | OS2.1

Prediction of bedload sediment transport for heterogeneous sediments in shape
Marine DURAFOUR, Armelle JARNO, Sophie LE BOT, Robert LAFITE, and François MARIN

EGU2015-13429 | Orals | OS2.1

Current inversion and wind relaxation events along the western inner shelf of the Gulf of Cadiz
Erwan Garel, Paulo Relvas, and Teresa Drago

EGU2015-11932 | Posters | OS2.1

Wind wave regime of the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas
Fedor Gippius, Alisa Medvedeva, Elena Malyarenko, Stanislav Myslenkov, Victor Arkhipkin, and Galina Surkova

EGU2015-110 | Posters | OS2.1

Evidence of upwelling near Fraser Island, Australia
Joachim Ribbe, Daniel Brieva, and Charles Lemckert

EGU2015-1933 | Orals | OS2.1

Residual currents in a multiple-inlet system and the conundrum of the tidal period
Matias Duran-Matute and Theo Gerkema

EGU2015-7710 | Orals | OS2.1

Interannual to decadal variability of circulation in the northern Japan/East Sea, 1958-2006
Dmitry Stepanov, Victoriia Stepanova, and Anatoly Gusev

EGU2015-4371 | Posters | OS2.1

Modeling of Shoreline Changes of Tulamben Coast, Bali Indonesia
Nita Yuanita, Roka Pratama, and Semeidi Husrin

EGU2015-9466 | Orals | OS2.1

Finite height behaviour of tidal sand ridges: a nonlinear model study
Bing Yuan, Huib de Swart, and Carles Panades

EGU2015-14755 | Posters | OS2.1

Comparison of CDOM EEMs Characteristics along F and PN section in Eastern China Sea: significance for sources tracing
Yong Du, Xiaoyu Zhang, Binbin Jiang, Dasong Huang, and Lingling Yao

EGU2015-13216 | Posters | OS2.1

The Integration of Environmental Constraints into Tidal Array Optimisation
Roan du Feu, Sebastian de Trafford, Dave Culley, Jon Hill, Simon W. Funke, Stephan C. Kramer, and Matthew D. Piggott

EGU2015-12885 | Orals | OS2.1

Biogenic structure enhances landscape retention on intertidal flats at extensive spatial scales
Sil Nieuwhof, Jim van Belzen, Bas Oteman, Johan van de Koppel, Peter Herman, and Daphne van der Wal

EGU2015-7177 | Posters | OS2.1

Potential Impacts of Wind Farm Development on North Sea Stratification
Jeff Carpenter, Suzanna Clark, Lucas Merckelbach, and Burkard Baschek

EGU2015-10709 | Posters | OS2.1

Assessment by regional modelling of the impact of monopile foundations on the hydrodynamics and sediment transport: case of Courseulles-sur-Mer (France) wind farm
Aurélie RIVIER, Anne-Claire BENNIS, Grégory PINON, Vanesa MAGAR, and Markus GROSS

EGU2015-12165 | Posters | OS2.1

An innovation in physical modelling for testing marine renewables technology
David Todd, Richard Whitehouse, John Harris, and Mark Liddiard

EGU2015-12211 | Posters | OS2.1

Simulating ecological changes caused by marine energy devices
Pia Schuchert, Bjoern Elsaesser, Daniel Pritchard, and Louise Kregting

OS2.2 – Advances in Understanding of the Multi-Disciplinary Dynamics of the Southern European Seas (Mediterranean and Black Sea) (including Arne Richter Award Lecture for OYS)

EGU2015-1745 | Posters | OS2.2

Intense mesoscale variability in the Sardinia Sea
Aniello Russo, Ines Borrione, Silvia Falchetti, Michaela Knoll, Heinz-Volker Fiekas, Karen Heywood, Paolo Oddo, and Reiner Onken

EGU2015-13864 | Orals | OS2.2

New Mediterranean Sea Surface Temperature Re-Analysis (1982-2012): development, assessment and trend analysis
Andrea Pisano, Bruno B. Nardelli, Cristina Tronconi, Rosalia Santoleri, and Eleonora Rinaldi

EGU2015-1787 | Orals | OS2.2

In-situ and modeling evidence of a mesoscale anticyclonic eddy in the Ligurian Sea, Northwest Mediterranean Sea
Ines Borrione, Silvia Falchetti, and Alberto Alvarez

EGU2015-1773 | Posters | OS2.2

Investigating the northern Adriatic Sea ecosystem state with a very high resolution model
Gelsomina Mattia, Marco Zavatarelli, and Tomas Lovato

EGU2015-12224 | Orals | OS2.2

Multi-platform observation of submesoscale vortices formed by deep vertical mixing: characterization and role for the general circulation of the Mediterranean Sea
Anthony Bosse, Pierre Testor, Laurent Mortier, and Loïc Houpert

EGU2015-2792 | Posters | OS2.2

Deep Chlorophyll Maximum distribution in the Alboran sea and its relationship with mesoscale and frontal features through syncronous glider observations.
Antonio Olita, Alberto Ribotti, Simon Ruiz, and Ananda Pascual

EGU2015-1795 | Posters | OS2.2

Prominent sub-mesoscale variability in the west Sardinian Sea as revealed by a multi-platform sampling strategy
Ines Borrione, Aniello Russo, Michaela Knoll, Heinz-Volker Fiekas, Karen Heywood, and Reiner Onken

EGU2015-7379 | Orals | OS2.2

Long-term oceanographic variability of the South Adriatic Gyre (Mediterranean Sea) and a large-scale climate pattern
Laleh Shabrang, Milena Menna, Cinzia Pizzi, Heloise Lavigne, Giuseppe Civitarese, and Miroslav Gacic

EGU2015-3017 | Posters | OS2.2

Study of the plankton ecosystem variability using a coupled hydrodynamics biogeochemical modelling in the Mediterranean Sea
Fayçal Kessouri, Caroline Ulses, Claude Estournel, and Patrick Marsaleix

EGU2015-13715 | Orals | OS2.2

Thermohaline variability in the Adriatic and Northern Ionian Seas observed from the Argo floats during 2010-2014
Vedrana Kovačević, Laura Ursella, Miroslav Gačić, Giulio Notarstefano, Milena Menna, Manuel Bensi, Giuseppe Civitarese, and Pierre-Marie Poulain

EGU2015-3676 | Posters | OS2.2

Improved satellite altimeter mapped sea level anomalies in the Mediterranean Sea
Marta Marcos, Ananda Pascual, and Isabelle Pujol

EGU2015-8832 | Orals | OS2.2

Mediterranean circulation response to enhanced resolution and tide
Adriana Carillo, Gianmaria Sannino, Giovanna Pisacane, and Cristina Naranjo

EGU2015-6090 | Posters | OS2.2

Simulation of the mantle and crustal Helium isotope signature in the Mediterranean Sea using a high resolution regional circulation model
Mohamed Ayache, Jean-claude Dutay, and Philippe Jean-baptiste

EGU2015-15666 | Orals | OS2.2

Current knowledge, gaps and challenges in the Southern European Seas
Evangelos Papathanassiou

EGU2015-14426 | Orals | OS2.2

Linking basin-scale connectivity, oceanography and population dynamics for the management of marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean sea
Vincent Rossi, Mélodie Dubois, Enrico Ser-Giacomi, Sophie Arnaud-Haond, Cristobal Lopez, and Emilio Hernandez-Garcia

EGU2015-6628 | Posters | OS2.2

Quantification of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) inputs associated with direct discharge of domestic wastewater into the Mediterranean Sea
Helen Powley, Hans Dürr, Ana Lima, Michael Krom, and Philippe Van Cappellen

EGU2015-7352 | Posters | OS2.2

Evidence of a new branch in the surface circulation in the Sicily Channel
Manel Jouini, Karine Béranger, Thomas Arsouze, Sylvie Thiria, Jonathan Beuvier, and Michel Crépon

EGU2015-6119 | Orals | OS2.2

Ocean deep convection in the Mediterranean sea: 2012-2013 case study in the Gulf of Lions, from observations to multi-scale modelling.
Robin Waldman, Samuel Somot, Marine Herrmann, Florence Sevault, Guy Caniaux, Hervé Giordani, Pierre Testor, and Claude Estournel

EGU2015-8610 | Posters | OS2.2

The ships' ballast water impact on the Black Sea marine environment
Nicoleta Acomi and Ovidiu Acomi

EGU2015-13382 | Orals | OS2.2

Dynamics and drivers for dense shelf water formation, migration and cascading
Davide Bonaldo, Alvise Benetazzo, Francesco Barbariol, Andrea Bergamasco, Alfredo Boldrin, Francesco Marcello Falcieri, Leonardo Langone, Mauro Sclavo, Fabio Trincardi, and Sandro Carniel

EGU2015-11295 | Orals | OS2.2

The contribution of inertial oscillations in water dynamics in terms of the 2013/03/24 storm situation in the northeastern part of the Black and Azov Seas
Nikolay Diansky, Anatoly Gusev, Fomin Vladimir, Ilya Kabatchenko, and Borisov Evgeny

EGU2015-8888 | Posters | OS2.2

Modeling Surface Currents in the Eastern Levantine Mediterranean
Leila Issa, Julien Brajard, Milad Fakhri, Laurent Mortier, and Pierre-Marie Poulain

EGU2015-15335 | Orals | OS2.2

Modern view of Western Mediterranean hydrography (Arne Richter Award Lecture for OYS)
Katrin Schroeder

EGU2015-9808 | Posters | OS2.2

Assessment of the Black Sea observing systems. A focus on 2005-2012 Argo campains.
Sebastian Grayek, Emil Stanev, and Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth

EGU2015-10337 | Posters | OS2.2

ALBOREX: an intensive multi-platform and multidisciplinary experiment in the Alboran Sea
Simón Ruiz, Ananda Pascual, John Allen, Antonio Olita, Antonio Tovar, Temel Oguz, Amala Mahadevan, Pierre Poulain, and Joaquín Tintoré

EGU2015-10443 | Posters | OS2.2

Microbial processes and organic priority substances in marine coastal sediments (Adriatic Sea, Italy)
Annamaria Zoppini, Nicoletta Ademollo, Stefano Amalfitano, Walter Dellisanti, Silvia Lungarini, Stefano Miserocchi, Luisa Patrolecco, and Leonardo Langone

EGU2015-10559 | Posters | OS2.2

Observations on the reproductive biology of two cyclopoid copepods: Oncaea media and O. scottodicarloi
Georgios Fyttis, Monica Demetriou, Iole Di Capua, and Yianna Samuel-Rhoads

EGU2015-12082 | Posters | OS2.2

Assessing the main threats to marine ecosystem components of the Adriatic – Ionian Region for the implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning
Marina Lipizer and the ADRIPLAN partnership

EGU2015-12282 | Posters | OS2.2

Variability of PAHs and trace metals in the sediments in relation to environmental characteristics of the bottom layer in the middle Adriatic Sea
Federica Grilli, Emanuela Frapiccini, Alessandra Campanelli, Stefano Guicciardi, Mauro Marini, Ivona Marasovic, Branka Grbec, Sanda Skejić, Ivana Ujević, and Jelena Lušić

EGU2015-12826 | Posters | OS2.2

The Mediterranean interannual variability in MEDRYS, a Mediterranean Sea reanalysis over 1992-2013
Jonathan Beuvier, Mathieu Hamon, Jean-Michel Lellouche, Eric Greiner, Antoinette Alias, Thomas Arsouze, Mounir Benkiran, Karine Béranger, Yann Drillet, Florence Sevault, and Samuel Somot

EGU2015-13337 | Posters | OS2.2

The CO2 system in the Mediterranean Sea inferred from a 3D coupled physical-biogeochemical model
Caroline Ulses, Fayçal Kessouri, Claude Estournel, Patrick Marsaleix, Jonathan Beuvier, Samuel Somot, Frank Touratier, Catherine Goyet, Laurent Coppola, Emilie Diamond, and Nicolas Metzl

EGU2015-13426 | Posters | OS2.2

High resolution modelling of dense water formation in the Northwestern Mediterranean
Claude Estournel, Patrick Marsaleix, and Pierre Damien

EGU2015-13931 | Posters | OS2.2

A numerical study of the relationship between atmospheric forcing, cold intermediate layer generation and primary production in the Black Sea over interannual time scales
Heather Cannaby

EGU2015-14252 | Posters | OS2.2

Monitoring water masses properties by Glider in Sardinia Channel during summer 2014
Slim GANA, Daniele IUDICONE, Leila Ghenim, Laurent Mortier, Pierre Testor, Joaquin Tintoré, and Antonio Olita

EGU2015-14474 | Posters | OS2.2

Mapping the temperature and salinity of the Mediterranean Sea from 1950 to present. Product description and sources of uncertainty
Gabriel Jordà, Damià Gomis, Josep Llasses, and Marta Marcos

EGU2015-14662 | Posters | OS2.2

A Review of the Turkish Straits System: Challenges for Modeling, Inter-Basin Coupling and the Environment
Emin Özsoy, Gianmaria Sannino, Adil Sözer, and Özgür Gürses

EGU2015-15403 | Posters | OS2.2

The operational stochastic forecasting system of the Black Sea
Luc Vandenbulcke, Alexander Barth, Arthur Capet, and Marilaure Gregoire

EGU2015-15672 | Posters | OS2.2

Decrease of the Black Sea Oxygen Inventory through the second half of the XXth century
Arthur Capet, Emil Stanev, and Marilaure Gregoire