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SSS – Soil System Sciences

SSS0.1 – Teaching on Earth Sciences

EGU2015-1043 | Orals | SSS0.1

Crowdsourcing data on decomposition with the help of schools - Tea4Science
Taru Lehtinen, Bas J.J. Dingemans, Joost A. Keuskamp, Mariet M. Hefting, and Judith M. Sarneel

EGU2015-6538 | Posters | SSS0.1

The Discovery Dome: A Tool for Increasing Student Engagement
Corinne Brevik

EGU2015-15071 | Orals | SSS0.1

Understanding students visions about environmental global problems. Experience and lessons learned of teaching in Lithuania.
Paulo Pereira, Hanna Siarova, Ieva Misiūnė, Artemi Cerda, and Xavier Úbeda

EGU2015-6563 | Posters | SSS0.1

Using Family Science Day Events to Inspire Future Scientists
Corinne Brevik

EGU2015-2628 | Orals | SSS0.1

Install a seismometer in your lab. Introducing seismology to high school students.
Jordi Diaz

EGU2015-15058 | Posters | SSS0.1

Fire as a natural and human factor shaping the Mediterranean Ecosystems. The Montgó forest fire and the teaching for the Geograns (older than 55) students
Artemi Cerdà, Óscar González Pelayo, Jorge Mataix-Solera, Victoria Arcenegui, Antonio Jordán, Xavier Úbeda, and Paulo Pereira

EGU2015-15062 | Posters | SSS0.1

Soil and hydrology sciences need laboratory and field experiments in the classroom. An example from the SEDER (Soil Erosion and Degradation Research Group) from the University of Valencia
Artemi Cerdà, Óscar González Pelayo, Fuensanta García Orenes, Antonio Jordán, Paulo Pereira, Agata Novara, and Xavier Úbeda

EGU2015-3539 | Orals | SSS0.1

Observing the Earth from an Astronaut's View – Applied Remote Sensing in Schools
Andreas Rienow, Henryk Hodam, Gunter Menz, and Voß Kerstin

EGU2015-2835 | Orals | SSS0.1

The Monash Simple Climate Model: An interactive climate model for teaching
Dietmar Dommenget

EGU2015-15066 | Posters | SSS0.1

Teaching About the Links Between Soils and Climate: An International Year of Soil Outreach by the Soil Science Society of America
Eric C. Brevik

EGU2015-15104 | Orals | SSS0.1

Get immersed in the Soil Sciences: the first community of avatars in the EGU Assembly 2015!
Sebastian Castillo, Purificación Alarcón, Mamen Beato, José Emilio Guerrero, Juan José Martínez, Cristina Pérez, Leovigilda Ortiz, and Encarnación V. Taguas

EGU2015-15291 | Posters | SSS0.1

The Potential to use Publication of Undergraduate Research as a Teaching Tool
Eric C. Brevik, David L. Lindbo, and Christopher Belcher

EGU2015-13943 | Orals | SSS0.1

Teaching earth science in the field: GPS-based educational trails as a practically relevant, empirical verified approach
Thomas Kisser

EGU2015-9893 | Posters | SSS0.1

Experiences on climate variability education from an empirical perspective
Concepcion Rodriguez-Puebla

EGU2015-12628 | Posters | SSS0.1

Tectonic motion vizualisation through a Virtual Observatory, from space geodesy techniques.
Florent Deleflie, Laurent Soudarin, David Coulot, and Christophe Barache

EGU2015-13835 | Posters | SSS0.1

Evaluation of Little Ice Age cooling in Western Central Andes, suggested by paleoELAs, in contrast with global warming since late 19th century deduced from instrumental records
Jose Ubeda, David Palacios, Néstor Campos, Claudia Giraldez, Eduardo García, and Tatiana Quiros

EGU2015-14864 | Posters | SSS0.1

The mobile GeoBus outreach project: hands-on Earth and Mars activities for secondary schools in the UK
Ruth Robinson, Charlotte Pike, and Kathryn Roper

EGU2015-15833 | Posters | SSS0.1

Green electrokinetic remediation of heavy metals polluted soils
Reda R. Shahin, Noha H. Abdel-Kader, and Hasan A. Khater

EGU2015-15834 | Posters | SSS0.1

New ceramics incorporated with industrial by-products as pore formers for sorption of toxic chromium from aqueous media
Artemi Domopoulou

EGU2015-15854 | Posters | SSS0.1

Water, soil and soccer: an experience of two years promoting humanistic competences and standardization of curricula
Feliciana Licciardello, Simona Consoli, Guillermo Izquierdo, Sebastián Parraguirre, María J Pérez-Palazón, Rafael Pimentel, María J Polo, and Encarnación V Taguas

EGU2015-97 | Posters | SSS0.1

Use of the computational-informational web-GIS system for the development of climatology students' skills in modeling and understanding climate change
Yulia Gordova, Yulia Martynova, and Tamara Shulgina

EGU2015-3063 | Posters | SSS0.1

Paving a Path to Conceptual Understanding of Complex Systems
Margaret Holzer and Rebecca Jordan

EGU2015-3256 | Posters | SSS0.1

Biogeosystem technique as the way to certainty of soil, hydrosphere, environment and climate
Valery Kalinitchenko, Abdulmalik Batukaev, Tatiana Minkina, Anatoly Endovitskii, Ali Zarmaev, Viktor Startsev, Zaurbek Dikaev, and Svetlana Sushkova

EGU2015-10299 | Posters | SSS0.1

Novel Tools for Climate Change Learning and Responding in Earth Science Education
Elena Sparrow, Jessica Brunacini, and Stephanie Pfirman

EGU2015-15599 | Posters | SSS0.1

The Earth Science for Tomorrows Classroom
Merrit Shanskiy

EGU2015-15881 | Posters | SSS0.1

There's an app for that! Incorporating smartphone technology in earth science education and outreach
Vanessa NL Wong, Ailie JE Gallant, and Adeline Tay

SSS0.3 – Deciphering time-dependent processes in soil and weathering profile evolution

EGU2015-8745 | Posters | SSS0.3

Study of recent changes of weathering dynamic in soils based on Sr and U isotope ratios in soil solutions (Strengbach catchment- Vosges, France)
Jonathan Prunier, François Chabaux, Peter Stille, Marie-Claire Pierret, Daniel Viville, and Sophie Gangloff

EGU2015-9655 | Orals | SSS0.3

Paleosols as Archives of Environmental Change in Deep Time
Quentin Crowley

EGU2015-13530 | Posters | SSS0.3

Modelling 3D Chemical Weathering Flux and Landscape Evolution Using Dissolving and Moving Discrete Clasts
Sébastien Carretier, Javier Martinez, Pierre Martinod, Martin Reich, and Yves Goddéris

EGU2015-4858 | Orals | SSS0.3

Si transfers during Archean weathering processes traced by silicon isotopes and Ge/Si ratios
Camille Delvigne, Sophie Opfergelt, Axel Hofmann, Damien Cardinal, and Luc André

EGU2015-3118 | Posters | SSS0.3

Time scale of riverine sediment transfer in East Asia: from source to sink
Chao Li, Shouye Yang, Jianxin Zhao, and Lei Bi

EGU2015-10848 | Orals | SSS0.3

Stages of weathering mantle formation from carbonate rocks in the light of rare earth elements (REE) and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes
Christophe Hissler and Peter Stille

EGU2015-9114 | Orals | SSS0.3

Deciphering post-Deccan weathering and erosion history of South Indian Archean rocks from cryptomelane 40Ar-39Ar dating
Nicolas Bonnet, Nicolas Arnaud, Anicet Beauvais, and Dominique Chardon

EGU2015-11724 | Posters | SSS0.3

Saprolite Formation Rates using U-series Isotopes in a Granodiorite Weathering Profile from Boulder Creek CZO (Colorado, USA)
Eric Pelt, Francois Chabaux, T. Joseph Mills, Suzanne P. Anderson, and Melissa A Foster

EGU2015-5391 | Posters | SSS0.3

Chemical weathering of basaltic lava-flow since 300 kyr ago (La Réunion Island ,France)
Christelle Claude, Jean-Dominique Meunier, Philippe Dussouillez, Daouda Traoré, Eric Pelt, François Chabaux, Bruno Hamelin, and Fabrice Colin

EGU2015-15828 | Orals | SSS0.3

Can calcretes be used to date pedogenic processes in soil profiles under semi arid climate ? An example from U-Th isochrons in calcretes from South India.
Nicolas Durand, Bruno Hamelin, Deschamps Deschamps, Yanni Gunnel, and Pierre Curmi

EGU2015-4835 | Posters | SSS0.3

Control of the U and Th behaviour in forest soils
Sophie RIHS, Adrien GONTIER, François CHABAUX, Eric PELT, and Marie-Pierre TURPAULT

EGU2015-1152 | Orals | SSS0.3

U-Th disequilibria constraints on physical and chemical erosion processes and rates in soils from the Lake Natron-Lake Magadi (Gregory Rift Valley) drainage area vs hydrology/paleohydrology and bedrock lithology
Claude Hillaire-Marcel

EGU2015-14974 | Posters | SSS0.3

Recent evolution of permafrost soils: insight from U-Th series nuclides
marie-laure Bagard, Francois Chabaux, Sophie Rihs, Oleg Pokrovsky, and Jérome Viers

EGU2015-1290 | Orals | SSS0.3

The U-series comminution approach: where to from here
Heather Handley, Simon Turner, Juan Afonso, Michael Turner, and Paul Hesse

EGU2015-7992 | Orals | SSS0.3

Putting weathering into a landscape context: Variations in exhumation rates across the Colorado Front Range
Suzanne P. Anderson, Melissa A. Foster, Scott W. Anderson, Miriam Dühnforth, and Robert S. Anderson

EGU2015-9775 | Posters | SSS0.3

Thermo-hydrologic modelling of permafrost with OpenFOAM®: perspectives of applications to the study of weathering in boreal areas
Orgogozo Laurent, Pokrovsky Oleg S., Goddéris Yves, Grenier Christophe, Viers Jerome, Labat David, Audry Stephane, and Prokushkin Anatoly

EGU2015-837 | Orals | SSS0.3

Coupling data from U-series and 10Be CRN to evaluate soil steady-state in the Betic Cordillera
Jerome Schoonejans, Veerle Vanacker, Sophie Opfergelt, Mathieu Granet, and François Chabaux

EGU2015-15638 | Posters | SSS0.3

Mineral weathering experiments to explore the effects of vegetation shifts in high mountain region (Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA)
Christian Mavris, Gerhard Furrer, Dennis Dahms, Suzanne P. Anderson, Alex Blum, Jens Goetze, Aaron Wells, and Markus Egli

EGU2015-326 | Posters | SSS0.3

Recrystallization of biogenic carbonates in soils: consequences for palaeological studies
Kazem Zamanian, Konstantin Pustovoytov, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2015-1020 | Orals | SSS0.3

Weathering and denudation rates determined by the combined analysis of Uranium series nuclides and in situ Beryllium in a weathering profile (Vosges massif, Strengbach catchment, France)
julien ackerer, François Chabaux, Jerome Van der Woerd, Eric Pelt, Elise Kali, Marie Claire Pierret, Daniel Viville, Robert Wyns, and Philippe Negrel

EGU2015-14563 | Posters | SSS0.3

Rates of carbonate soil evolution from carbon, U- and Th-series isotope studies: Example of the Astian sands (SE France)
Florent Barbecot, Bassam Ghaleb, and Claude Hillaire-Marcel

EGU2015-3998 | Orals | SSS0.3

Using Uranium-series isotopes to understand processes of rapid soil formation in tropical volcanic settings: an example from Basse-Terre, French Guadeloupe
Lin Ma

EGU2015-15862 | Posters | SSS0.3

Kinetic quantification of vertical solid matter transfers in soils by a multi-tracers approach
Mariannaa Jagercikova, Sophiea Cornu, Didierb Bourl`es, Olivierc Evrard, V´eron Alainb, Christinec Hatt´e, Sophiec Ayrault, and Balesdent Jérômea

EGU2015-10093 | Orals | SSS0.3

Experimental investigation of uranium-series isotope mobility in a basaltic weathering profile
Anthony Dosseto, Davide Menozzi, and Leslie Kinsley

EGU2015-14536 | Orals | SSS0.3

Weathering and erosion of soils in the agricultural Middle Hills of Nepal
A. Joshua West

EGU2015-11409 | Orals | SSS0.3

Soil erosion rates (particulate and dissolved fluxes) variations in a temperate river basin
Olivier Cerdan, Aurore Gay, Philippe Négrel, Emmanuelle Pételet-Giraud, Sébastien Salvador Blanes, and Francesca Degan

SSS0.5 – Soils in Mountain, Boreal and Polar Environments

EGU2015-157 | Posters | SSS0.5

Thermal regime of soils in the atlantic high mountain. The central massiff of Picos de Europa (Spain)
Alfonso Pisabarro, Enrique Serrano, Juan José González Trueba, and Ramón Pellitero

EGU2015-544 | Orals | SSS0.5

Soil thermal regime and geomorphogenesis at Fuentes Carrionas massif (Cantabrian Range, NW Iberian Peninsula).
Ramon Pellitero and Enrique Serrano Cañadas

EGU2015-420 | Posters | SSS0.5

The state of permafrost surrounding “Gabriel de Castilla” Spanish Antarctic Station (Deception Island, Antarctica): Studying the possible degradation due to the infrastructures heating effect.
Cayetana Recio, MIguel Ángel de Pablo, MIguel Ramos, and Antonio Molina

EGU2015-978 | Orals | SSS0.5

The impacts of permafrost degradation in paraglacial environments in Elephant Point (Livingston Island, Antarctica)
Marc Oliva and Jesús Ruiz-Fernández

EGU2015-283 | Orals | SSS0.5

Soil thermal properties at two different sites on James Ross Island in the period 2012/13
Filip Hrbáček and Kamil Láska

EGU2015-557 | Posters | SSS0.5

Incidence of mass movement processes after an historical episode of heavy snowfall in the Asturian Massif (Northern Spain)
Cristina Garcia-Hernandez, Jesús Ruiz-Fernández, and David Gallinar

EGU2015-4906 | Posters | SSS0.5

Interannual changes in snow cover and its impact on ground surface temperatures in Livingston Island (Antarctica)
Alexandre Nieuwendam, Miguel Ramos, and Gonçalo Vieira

EGU2015-2806 | Orals | SSS0.5

In situ contribution of old CO2 and CH4 released from soils in burnt and collapsed permafrost in Canada
Cristian Estop Aragones, James Fisher, Mark Cooper, Mathew Williams, Aaron Thierry, Gareth Phoenix, Julian Murton, Dan Charman, and Iain Hartley

EGU2015-3052 | Posters | SSS0.5

Spatial probability of soil water repellency in an abandoned agricultural field in Lithuania
Paulo Pereira and Ieva Misiūnė

EGU2015-4670 | Orals | SSS0.5

Soils of the Galindez Island, Argentine archipelago, Western Antarctica
Evgeny Abakumov and Ivan Parnikoza

EGU2015-6545 | Orals | SSS0.5

Mountain frozen grounds as small amplitude thermal proxy in southern continental Patagonia
Sebastian Ruiz, Eneko Beriain, Eñaut Izagirre, James Bockheim, and Cid-Agüero Pedro

EGU2015-9536 | Posters | SSS0.5

Weathering and genesis of Soils from Ellsworth Mountains, East Antarctica
Katia Karoline Delpupo Souza, Carlos Ernesto Schaefer, Roberto Michel, Julia Monari, and Vania Machado

EGU2015-11523 | Orals | SSS0.5

Environmental evolution in Picos de Europa (Cantabrian Mountains, Northern Spain) since the last glacial cycle.
Alexandre Nieuwendam, Jesús Ruiz-Fernández, Marc Oliva, Vera Lopes, Anabela Cruces, and Maria da Conceição Freitas

EGU2015-11313 | Posters | SSS0.5

Interannual active layer thermal and dynamics evolution at the crater Lake CALM site, Deception Island (Antarctica).
Miguel Ramos, Gonzalo Vieira, Miguel Ángel De Pablo, Antonio Molina, and Andrey Abramov

EGU2015-11383 | Posters | SSS0.5

Geomorphological and sedimentological evidences in the Western Massif of Picos de Europa since the Last Glaciation
Jesus Ruiz-Fernández, Marc Oliva, Anabela Cruces, Vera Lopes, Maria Conceição Freitas, Cristina García-Hernández, Alexandre Nieuwendam, José Antonio López-Sáez, David Gallinar, and Miguel Geraldes

EGU2015-14963 | Orals | SSS0.5

The southernmost Andean Mountain soils: a toposequence from Nothofagus Forest to Sub Antarctic Tundra at Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
Mariana M. Firme Sá, Carlos E. Schaefer, Diego C. Loureiro, Felipe N. Simas, Marcio R. Francelino, and Eduardo O. Senra

EGU2015-12057 | Posters | SSS0.5

Active layer dynamics in three sites with contrasted topography in the Byers Peninsula (Livingston Island, Antarctica)
Marc Oliva, Jesús Ruiz-Fernández, and Gonçalo Vieira

EGU2015-13278 | Orals | SSS0.5

Reindeer grazing in subarctic boreal forest – influences on the soil carbon dynamics
Kajar Koster, Frank Berninger, Egle Köster, and Jukka Pumpanen

EGU2015-7740 | Orals | SSS0.5

Active layer thermal monitoring of a Dry Valley of the Ellsworth Mountains, Continental Antarctica
Carlos Ernesto Schaefer, Roberto Michel, Karoline Souza, Eduardo Senra, and Ulisses Bremer

EGU2015-11791 | Posters | SSS0.5

Ground thermal conditions along a vertical transect with contrasted topography in a high mountain Mediterranean environment (Puigpedrós massif, eastern Pyrenees), from 2003 to 2014
Ferran Salvador-Franch, Montserrat Salvà-Catarineu, Marc Oliva, and Antonio Gómez-Ortiz

EGU2015-9885 | Orals | SSS0.5

Spatial Correlation of Soil Organic Matter and Pedogenic Oxides in Permafrost-Affected Soils of Northern Siberia at the Profile Scale
Alevtina Evgrafova, Ina Haase, Georg Guggenberger, Olga Shibistova, Nikita Tananaev, Brigitte Mann, Leopold Sauheitl, and Sandra Spielvogel

EGU2015-13163 | Posters | SSS0.5

Monitoring of soil temperatures in an Atlantic high mountain environment: The Forcadona buried ice patch (Picos de Europa, NW Spain).
Jesus Ruiz-Fernández, Gonçalo Vieira, Marc Oliva, David Gallinar, and Cristina García-Hernández

EGU2015-13782 | Posters | SSS0.5

High mountain soils and periglacial features at the Torres del Paine, National Park Torres del Paine, Chile.
Eduardo Senra, Carlos Schaefer, Felipe Simas, and Davi Gjorup

EGU2015-1746 | Orals | SSS0.5

Fast wood decay in a mountain Mediterranean area having Fagus sylvatica forests
Giulia Fravolini, Markus Egli, Paolo Cherubini, Roberto Tognetti, Fabio Lombardi, and Marco Marchetti

EGU2015-11074 | Orals | SSS0.5

Nutrient limitation in soils and trees of a treeline ecotone in Rolwaling Himal, Nepal
Simon Drollinger, Michael Müller, Udo Schickhoff, Jürgen Böhner, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2015-13897 | Posters | SSS0.5

Cryosols Formation and classification in the semiarid Antarctica: the Weddel Sea sector of northern Seymour Island
Davi Gjorup, Carlos Schaefer, and Marcio Francelino

EGU2015-14606 | Orals | SSS0.5

The potential and sustainability of agricultural land use in a changing ecosystem in southern Greenland
Matthias Hunziker, Chatrina Caviezel, and Nikolaus J. Kuhn

EGU2015-15831 | Posters | SSS0.5

Soil water repellency of Antarctic soils (Elephant Point). First results
Paulo Pereira, Marc Oliva, and Jesus Ruiz Fernández

EGU2015-15917 | Posters | SSS0.5

Color characterization of Arctic Biological Soil Crusts
Giacono Mele, Laura Gargiulo, and Stefano Ventura

EGU2015-12369 | Posters | SSS0.5

Permafrost distribution in marine terraces and glacier margins in the Byers Peninsula (Livingston Island, Antarctica)
António Correia, Marc Oliva, and Jesús Ruiz-Fernández

EGU2015-15161 | Posters | SSS0.5

Biogeochemistry differences along lineal transect from glacier to Elephant Point coast in Antarctic environment
Adrián González-Guzman, Xosé Luis Otero, Marc Oliva, Jesús Ruiz-Fernández, and Augusto Pérez-Alberti

SSS0.7 – Soils in fragile environments: challenges and opportunities for soil and water conservation for sustainable land and water management

EGU2015-2536 | Orals | SSS0.7

Effect of topograohy and a water repelleny layer on the non-uniform developmemt of planted trees in a sandy arid area
Aaron Yair and Youval Arbel

EGU2015-153 | Posters | SSS0.7

The impact of agriculture management on soil quality in citrus orchards in Eastern Spain
Merel Hondebrink, Artemi Cerdà, and Erik Cammeraat

EGU2015-358 | Posters | SSS0.7

Water Retention and Structure Stability in Smectitic or Kaolinitic Loam and Clay Soils Affected by Polyacrylamide Addition
Amirakh Mamedov and Guy Levy

EGU2015-1135 | Orals | SSS0.7

Using organic matter to increase soil fertility in Burundi: potentials and limitations
Salvator Kaboneka

EGU2015-733 | Posters | SSS0.7

Rewetting effects on soil CO2 flux and nutrients leaching in alpine Kobresia pasture on the Tibetan Plateau
Shibin Liu, Per Schleuss, and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2015-3028 | Orals | SSS0.7

Land use and nutrient inputs affect priming in Andosols of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Kevin Mganga and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2015-2024 | Orals | SSS0.7

Soil erosion measurements under organic and conventional land use treatments and different tillage systems using micro-scale runoff plots and a portable rainfall simulator
Steffen Seitz, Philipp Goebes, Zhengshan Song, Raphaël Wittwer, Marcel van der Heijden, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2015-800 | Posters | SSS0.7

Assessing the impact of soil management on soil erosion in vineyards in La Rioja (Spain): La Sierra de Los Agudos
Ianire Galilea Salvador, Noemí Lana-Renault, Purificación Ruiz Flaño, Jose Ángel Llorente Adán, and Nuria Pascual Bellido

EGU2015-10534 | Orals | SSS0.7

The impact of soil compaction and freezing-thawing cycles on soil structure and yield in Mollisol region of China
Enheng Wang, Yusen Zhao, and Xiangwei Chen

EGU2015-1031 | Posters | SSS0.7

Comparison of two methods of phosphorus transport modelling in large areas
Barbora Jáchymová, Josef Krása, and Jakub Borovec

EGU2015-6577 | Orals | SSS0.7

Topsoil Depth Effects on Crop Yields as Affected by Weather
Scott Lee and Richard Cruse

EGU2015-1104 | Posters | SSS0.7

The assessment of solid-phase organic matter transport in soils with the use of the magnetic tracer method
Timur Koshovskii

EGU2015-221 | Orals | SSS0.7 | Media interest

Geomorphic Aspects of Southern African Dryland Soils
Frank Eckardt

EGU2015-1134 | Posters | SSS0.7

Soil fertility status and challenges in Burundi: an overview
Salvator Kaboneka

EGU2015-1139 | Posters | SSS0.7

Physical and hydric behavior of sand-bentonite mixtures subjected to salinity and sodicity constraints
Benkhelifa Mohammed, Belkhodja Moulay, Daoud Youcef, and Cambier Philippe

EGU2015-11561 | Orals | SSS0.7

Short term and long term impact of vegetation recovery on seasonal streamflows
Noemí Lana-Renault, Derek Karssenberg, Mark Bierkens, and M.Pilar Serrano Muela

EGU2015-2023 | Posters | SSS0.7

Northern Namibia's Ehenge: marginal soil with high water use efficiency
Brice Prudat

EGU2015-4458 | Orals | SSS0.7

Development of soil quality along a chronosequence under natural succession in the Dragonja catchment, SW Slovenia
Rutger van Hall and Erik Cammeraat

EGU2015-1017 | Orals | SSS0.7

Overland flow generation mechanisms affected by topsoil treatment: Application to soil conservation
Hueso González Paloma, Martinez-Murillo Juan Francisco, Ruiz-Sinoga Jose Damian, and Lavee Hanoch

EGU2015-2888 | Posters | SSS0.7

Impacts of land use changes on physical and chemical soil properties in the Central Pyrenees
Estela Nadal Romero, Leo Hoitinga, Sergio Valdivielso, Estela Pérez Cardiel, Pili Serrano Muela, Teodoro Lasanta, and Erik Cammeraat

EGU2015-2889 | Posters | SSS0.7

Modelling bulk surface resistance from MODIS time series data to estimate actual regional evapotranspiration
Dario Autovino, Mario Minacapilli, and Giuseppe Provenzano

EGU2015-1752 | Orals | SSS0.7 | Media interest

From grass to grape – land use change and soil structure
Marie Eden and Jörg Völkel

EGU2015-2892 | Posters | SSS0.7

Hydrological response of afforestation in a Mediterranean mountain area: the Araguás Afforestation catchment
Estela Nadal Romero, Erik Cammeraat, Pili Serrano Muela, Noemi Lana-Renault, and David Regüés

EGU2015-15022 | Orals | SSS0.7 | Media interest

The Daily Erosion Project - lessons learned by expanding a statewide erosion and runoff model beyond state boundaries
Brian Gelder, David James, Daryl Herzmann, Victoria Scott, Richard Cruse, John Laflen, Dennis Flanagan, Jim Frankenberger, and Jean Opsomer

EGU2015-3942 | Posters | SSS0.7 | Media interest

Species-specific effects on throughfall kinetic energy below 12 subtropical tree species are related to leaf traits and tree architecture
Philipp Goebes, Steffen Seitz, Peter Kühn, Wenzel Kröber, Helge Bruelheide, Ying Li, Goddert von Oheimb, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2015-4034 | Posters | SSS0.7

Soil water erosion on Mediterranean vineyards. A review based on published data
Massimo Prosdocimi, Artemi Cerdà, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2015-5649 | Posters | SSS0.7 | Media interest

Soil property maps of Africa at 250 m resolution
Bas Kempen, Tomislav Hengl, Gerard B. M. Heuvelink, Johan G. B. Leenaars, Markus G. Walsh, Robert A. MacMillan, Jorge S. Mendes de Jesus, Keith Shepherd, Andrew Sila, Lulseged T. Desta, and Jérôme E. Tondoh

EGU2015-6079 | Posters | SSS0.7

Bridging dry spells for maize cropping through supplemental irrigation in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia
Alemayehu Muluneh Bitew, Saskia Keesstra, and Leo Stroosnijder

EGU2015-7722 | Posters | SSS0.7 | Media interest

Linking the runoff response at micro-plot and catchment scale following wildfire and terracing, north-central Portugal
Martinho A S Martins, María E. Rial-Rivas, Ana I. Machado, Dalila Serpa, Sergio A. Prats, Sílvia R. Faria, María E.T. Varela, Óscar González-Pelayo, and J. Jacob Keizer

EGU2015-7766 | Posters | SSS0.7

Seasonal Soil Nitrogen Mineralization within an Integrated Crop and Livestock System in Western North Dakota, USA
Douglas Landblom, Songul Senturklu, Larry Cihacek, Lauren Pfenning, and Eric C. Brevik

EGU2015-8040 | Posters | SSS0.7

Chemical, green and organic manure effects on chemical properties on a savannah oxisol and on corn under conventional tillage and no-tillage
Anny R. Mannigel, Marlene C. Alves, and Walter V. Valério Filho

EGU2015-9990 | Posters | SSS0.7

Optimizing rainwater partitioning and millet production on degraded land in Niger using Water and Soil Conservation practices
Jasmien C.J. Wildemeersch, Maman Garba, Bashar Al-Barri, Mahamane Sabiou, and Wim M. Cornelis

EGU2015-11840 | Posters | SSS0.7

Land cover effects on infiltration and preferential flow pathways in the high rainfall zone of Madagascar
Bob Zwartendijk, Ilja van Meerveld, Maafaka Ravelona, Herintsitohaina Razakamanarivo, Chandra Ghimire, Sampurno Bruijnzeel, and Julia Jones

EGU2015-12110 | Posters | SSS0.7

Namibia specific climate smart agricultural land use practices: Challenges and opportunities for enhancing ecosystem services
Nikolaus J KUHN, Martha Talamondjila NAANDA, and Lena BLOEMERTZ

EGU2015-12356 | Posters | SSS0.7

Hydrological and sedimentation implications of landscape changes in a Himalayan catchment due to bioenergy cropping
Renji Remesan, Ian Holman, and Victoria Janes

EGU2015-12715 | Posters | SSS0.7

Modeling of afforestation possibilities on one part of Hungary
Éva Bozsik, Péter Riczu, János Tamás, Charles Burriel, and Hermann Helilmeier

EGU2015-13155 | Posters | SSS0.7

Land scarcity in Northern Namibia
Lena Bloemertz, Gregor Dobler, Olivier Graefe, Nikolaus J. Kuhn, Romie Nghitevelekwa, Brice Prudat, and Laura Weidmann

EGU2015-14860 | Posters | SSS0.7

Soil and Nitrogen redistribution in a small Mediterranean cereal field: modelling predictions and field measurements
Dr. Manuel López-Vicente, M.Sc. Laura Quijano, Dr. Leticia Gaspar, M.Sc. Leticia Palazón, and Dr. Ana Navas

EGU2015-15877 | Posters | SSS0.7

Aleppo pine afforestation in the Massis del Caroig, Eastern Spain. The impact on soil water repellency and infiltration rates.
Artemi Cerdà, Óscar González Pelayo, Antonio Jordán, Jorge Mataix Solera, and Xavier Úbeda

SSS0.9 – Soils of the world: from natural to urban soils

EGU2015-15449 | Posters | SSS0.9

Urban soils: properties for utilitzation for green infrastructure and urban agriculture
Merrit Shanskiy and Kadri Krebstein

EGU2015-4767 | Orals | SSS0.9

PAHs contamination in urban soils from Lisbon: spatial variability and potential risks
Anabela Cachada, Ruth Pereira, Eduardo Ferreira da Silva, and Armando Duarte

EGU2015-12095 | Orals | SSS0.9

Spatial patterns of heavy metal contamination by urbanization
Nele Delbecque and Ann Verdoodt

EGU2015-5034 | Posters | SSS0.9

Park size and disturbance: impact on soil heterogeneity - a case study Tel-Aviv- Jaffa.
Helena Zhevelev, Pariente Sarah, and Atar Oz

EGU2015-6010 | Posters | SSS0.9

Mechanisms of Soil Carbon Sequestration
Rattan Lal

EGU2015-2516 | Orals | SSS0.9

Roads as sources of heavy metals in urban areas. The Covões Catchment experiment, Coimbra, Portugal
António J. D. Ferreira, Daniel Soares, Carla S.S. Ferreira, and Rory P.D. Walsh

EGU2015-3969 | Orals | SSS0.9

Mobile forms of Copper and Zinc in Soils from Areas With Different Functional Load of the St. Petersburg
Evgeny Abakumov, George Shamilishvili, and Alexandr Rumin

EGU2015-9474 | Posters | SSS0.9

System for monitoring of green roof performance: use of weighing roof segment and non-invasive visualization
Vladmira Jelinkova, Michal Dohnal, Tomas Picek, and Jan Sacha

EGU2015-8465 | Orals | SSS0.9

Topsoil investigation on two different urban areas in West Hungary
Adrienn Horváth and András Bidló

EGU2015-2123 | Posters | SSS0.9

Vegetation cover and land use impacts on soil water repellency in an Urban Park located in Vilnius, Lithuania
Paulo Pereira and Artemi Cerda

EGU2015-4979 | Orals | SSS0.9

Soil organic matter and soil biodiversity spots in urban and semi urban soils of southeast Mexico
Esperanza Huerta

EGU2015-10139 | Posters | SSS0.9

The specificity of Fe and P speciation in urban soils dedicated to stormwater infiltration.

EGU2015-10103 | Orals | SSS0.9

Urban soil moisture affecting local air temperature
Sarah Wiesner, Felix Ament, and Annette Eschenbach

EGU2015-9172 | Posters | SSS0.9

Protecting tree roots and subterranean infrastructure in urban areas by developing self-compacting flowable fills with root growth impeding properties
Vincent Felde, Jana Simon, Stefan Kimm-Friedenberg, Stephan Peth, and Bernhard Middendorf

EGU2015-13386 | Orals | SSS0.9

Soil water availability as controlling factor for actual evapotranspiration in urban soil-vegetation-systems
Simon Thomsen, Christoph Reisdorff, Alexander Gröngröft, Kai Jensen, and Annette Eschenbach

EGU2015-3693 | Posters | SSS0.9

Ehenge: marginalized soil with high water use efficiency
Brice Prudat, Lena Bloemertz, and Nikolaus J. Kuhn

EGU2015-10399 | Orals | SSS0.9

Physical properties and hydrological response of green roof substrates based on recycled construction materials
Tom Vanwalleghem, Antonio Hayas, Daniel Jiménez-Quiñones, Adolfo Peña, and Juan Vicente Giráldez

EGU2015-12913 | Posters | SSS0.9

Selected soil profile representing the unique soil-landscape-vineyard constellation in the Tokaj Historical Wine Region
László Pásztor, György Lukácsy, József Szabó, Péter László, Zsófia Bakacsi, Sándor Koós, Annamária Laborczi, and Katalin Takács

EGU2015-7122 | Orals | SSS0.9

Soil Strength : a key factor to quantify soil sustainability
Rainer Horn

EGU2015-1527 | Posters | SSS0.9

The British Society of Soil Science in the International Year of Soils
Matt Aitkenhead, Liz Baggs, Willie Towers, and Helaina Black

EGU2015-12563 | Posters | SSS0.9

The Italian contribution to the World Soils Book Series: The Soils of Italy
Edoardo Costantini and Carmelo Dazzi

EGU2015-12452 | Orals | SSS0.9

Expanding the horizons of soil science to the public
David L. Lindbo, Jan Hopmans, Carolyn Olson, Susan Fisk, and Susan Chapman

EGU2015-14800 | Orals | SSS0.9

Exploring pedodiversity and biodiversity relations inside the Italian soil variability to assess and map the ecological function “soil biological fertility”
Rosario Napoli, Rosa Francaviglia, Rosa Rivieccio, Alessandro Marchetti, Gianluca Renzi, Flavia Pinzari, Melania Migliore, and Anna Benedetti

EGU2015-13734 | Posters | SSS0.9

Scientific support, soil information and education provided by the Austrian Soil Science Society
Sigbert Huber, Andreas Baumgarten, Barbara Birli, Michael Englisch, Monika Tulipan, and Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern

EGU2015-15903 | Posters | SSS0.9

The contribution of the Estonian Soil Sciences Society to the science, society and education
Helis Rossner, Endla Reintam, Alar Astover, and Merrit Shanskiy

EGU2015-1916 | Posters | SSS0.9

Estonian soil classification as a tool for recording information on soil cover and its matching with local site types, plant covers and humus forms classifications
Raimo Kõlli, Tõnu Tõnutare, Kaire Rannik, and Kadri Krebstein

EGU2015-15267 | Posters | SSS0.9 | Media interest

Cave-soils, the soils forming underneath the surface
Endre Dobos, Diána Bertóti, Károly Kovács, and Péter Vadnai

EGU2015-3032 | Posters | SSS0.9

Variability in soil CO2 efflux across distinct urban land cover types
Lena F Weissert, Jennifer A Salmond, and Luitgard Schwendenmann

EGU2015-8230 | Posters | SSS0.9 | Media interest

Relic components within the soil cover of Mexico: regional variability
Elizabeth Solleiro Rebolledo and Sergey Sedov

SSS0.30 – Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Soil Systems: Monitoring, Modeling and Characterization of Soil Water Contents and coupled biogeochemical properties

EGU2015-4024 | Orals | SSS0.30

Arctic ecosystem functional zones: identification and quantification using an above and below ground monitoring strategy
Susan S. Hubbard, Jonathan B. Ajo-Franklin, Baptiste Dafflon, Shan Dou, Tim J. Kneafsey, John E. Peterson, Neslihan Tas, Margaret S. Torn, Anh Phuong Tran, Craig Ulrich, Haruko Wainwright, Yuxin Wu, and Stan Wullschleger

EGU2015-15759 | Posters | SSS0.30

Soil moisture and potential measurements in NW Italy
Stefano Ferraris, Davide Canone, and Maurizio Previati

EGU2015-2702 | Orals | SSS0.30

Soil Moisture Sensing Using Reflected GPS Signals: Description of the GPS Soil Moisture Product.
Kristine Larson, Eric Small, and Clara Chew

EGU2015-945 | Posters | SSS0.30

Vegetation monitoring and estimation of evapotranspiration using remote sensing-based models in heterogeneous areas with patchy natural vegetation and crops
Elisabet Carpintero, Ana Andreu, and Maria P. Gonzalez-Dugo

EGU2015-6471 | Posters | SSS0.30

Prediction of erodibility in Oxisols using iron oxides, soil color and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Livia Arantes Camargo and José Marques Jr.

EGU2015-15686 | Orals | SSS0.30

Field test of a multi-frequency electromagnetic induction sensor for the study of soil moisture in different land-soil units
Giuseppe Calamita, Beniamino Onorati, Angela Perrone, Salvatore Manfreda, and Luca Brocca

EGU2015-4014 | Orals | SSS0.30

Spatiotemporal characterization of soil moisture fields in agricultural areas using cosmic-ray neutron probes and data fusion
Trenton Franz and Tiejun Wang

EGU2015-6525 | Posters | SSS0.30

Prediction of iron oxide contents using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
José Marques Jr. and Livia Arantes Camargo

EGU2015-6741 | Posters | SSS0.30

Geostatistical modeling of uncertainty of the spatial distribution of available phosphorus in soil in a sugarcane field
Gener Tadeu Pereira, Ismênia Ribeiro de Oliveira, Daniel De Bortoli Teixeira, Livia Arantes Camargo, Alan Rodrigo Panosso, and José Marques Jr.

EGU2015-10326 | Orals | SSS0.30

Influence of soil spatial variability on surface and subsurface flow at a vegetative buffer strip scale.
Laura Gatel, Claire Lauvernet, Nadia Carluer, Claudio Paniconi, and Etienne Leblois

EGU2015-6780 | Posters | SSS0.30

Influence of simulation time-step (temporal-scale) on optimal parameter estimation and runoff prediction performance in hydrological modeling
Javier Loizu, Jesús Álvarez-Mozos, Javier Casalí, and Mikel Goñi

EGU2015-4927 | Orals | SSS0.30

Spatiotemporal dynamics in remotely sensed soil moisture and their impact on the carbon cycle
Wouter Dorigo, Franziska Albrecht, Jonathan Barichivich, Bernhard Bauer-Marschallinger, Simon Blessing, Luca Brocca, Mathieu Depoorter, Ralf Giering, Richard De Jeu, Thomas Kaminski, Wolfgang Knorr, Christoph Köstler, Diego Miralles, Stefan Schlaffer, Marko Scholze, Gregor Schuermann, and Michael Vossbeck

EGU2015-12088 | Orals | SSS0.30

Predicting sub-grid variability of soil water content from basic soil information
Wei Qu, Heye Bogena, Johan Alexander Huisman, Jan Vanderborght, Max Schuh, Eckart Priesack, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2015-7967 | Posters | SSS0.30

Detecting seasonal variations of soil parameters via field measurements and stochastic simulations in the hillslope
Seong Jin Noh, Hyunuk An, and Sanghyun Kim

EGU2015-12179 | Posters | SSS0.30

Coupling rainfall observations and satellite soil moisture for predicting event soil loss in Central Italy
Francesca Todisco, Luca Brocca, Loris Francesco Termite, and Wolfgang Wagner

EGU2015-13514 | Posters | SSS0.30

A Ground-based Network Set Up for Soil Moisture Monitoring in West Wales, UK: the WSMN Network
George P. Petropoulos, Sarah Purdy, Jon P. McCalmont, and Gareth Ireland

EGU2015-14969 | Posters | SSS0.30

Time-lapse electromagnetic induction surveys under olive tree canopies reveal soil moisture dynamics and controls
Gonzalo Martínez, Juan Vicente Giraldez Cervera, and Karl Vanderlinden

EGU2015-15618 | Posters | SSS0.30

Analysis of soil moisture probability in a tree cropped watershed
Antonio Jesus Espejo-Perez, Juan Vicente Giraldez Cervera, Aura Pedrera, and Karl Vanderlinden

EGU2015-8784 | Posters | SSS0.30

Spatial representativeness of soil moisture using in-situ, remote sensing and land-reanalysis data
Nadine Nicolai-Shaw, Martin Hirschi, Heidi Mittelbach, and Sonia Seneviratne

EGU2015-10374 | Posters | SSS0.30

Monitoring soil moisture patterns in alpine meadows using ground sensor networks and remote sensing techniques
Giacomo Bertoldi, Johannes Brenner, Claudia Notarnicola, Felix Greifeneder, Irene Nicolini, Stefano Della Chiesa, Georg Niedrist, and Ulrike Tappeiner

EGU2015-10476 | Posters | SSS0.30

Modelling soil and soil to plant transfer processes of radionuclides and toxic chemicals at long time scales for performance assessment of Radwaste disposal
Achim Albrecht and Stephan Miquel

EGU2015-12500 | Posters | SSS0.30

Deriving soil thermal properties from continuous soil profile observations in southern France
Jean-Christophe Calvet

EGU2015-14871 | Posters | SSS0.30

Integration of remote sensing and ground-based techniques for the study of land degradation phenomena in coastal areas.
Vito Imbrenda, Rosa Coluzzi, Giuseppe Calamita, Maria Luigia Giannossi, Mariagrazia D’Emilio, Maria Lanfredi, John Makris, Angelo Palombo, Simone Pascucci, Federico Santini, Salvatore Margiotta, Agnese Emanuela Bonomo, Gregory De Martino, Angela Perrone, Enzo Rizzo, Stefano Pignatti, Vito Summa, and Tiziana Simoniello

SSS1.1 – Bringing Soil Science to the Field

EGU2015-114 | Posters | SSS1.1

Using Field Trips and Field-Based Laboratories to Teach Undergraduate Soil Science
Eric C Brevik, Joshua Steffan, and David Hopkins

EGU2015-4015 | Orals | SSS1.1

From the Sea to the Mountains: A Soils and Geomorphology Field Tour of North Carolina USA
David L. Lindbo, Michael Vepraskas, and Joseph Kleiss

EGU2015-115 | Posters | SSS1.1

Field Research in the Teaching of Undergraduate Soil Science
Eric C Brevik, Songul Senturklu, and Douglas Landblom

EGU2015-11452 | Orals | SSS1.1

Understanding the soil underfoot: building a national postgraduate soils cohort through participative learning
John Quinton, Phil Haygarth, Helaina Black, and Kathryn Allton

EGU2015-6868 | Orals | SSS1.1

Soil Science as a Field Discipline - Experiences in Iowa, USA
C Lee Burras

EGU2015-1816 | Posters | SSS1.1

Recent Enrollment Trends in American Soil Science Programs
Eric C. Brevik, Sergio Abit, David Brown, Holly Dolliver, David Hopkins, David Lindbo, Andrew Manu, Monday Mbila, Sanjai J. Parikh, Darrell Schulze, Joey Shaw, Ray Weil, and David Weindorf

EGU2015-2111 | Posters | SSS1.1

Bringing soil science to society after catastrophic events such as big forest fires. Some examples of field approaches in Spanish Mediterranean areas
Jorge Mataix-Solera, Vicky Arcenegui, Artemi Cerdà, Fuensanta García-Orenes, Jorge Moltó, Katerina Chrenkovà, Pilar Torres, Elena Lozano, Patricia Jimenez-Pinilla, and Ana B. Jara-Navarro

EGU2015-3400 | Orals | SSS1.1

Working with Soil – Soil science in the field
Jacqueline Hannam, Bruce Lacelles, Jason Owen, Dick Thompson, Bob Jones, and Willie Towers

EGU2015-8567 | Posters | SSS1.1

A semester-long soil mapping project for an undergraduate pedology course
David J. Brown

EGU2015-1085 | Orals | SSS1.1

Senior Research Connects Students with a Living Laboratory As Part of an Integrated Crop and Livestock System
Songul Senturklu, Douglas Landblom, and Eric C Brevik

EGU2015-2903 | Posters | SSS1.1 | Media interest

Bruno Braunerde und die Bodentypen - Learning about soil diversity and soil functions with cartoon characters
Anett Hofmann

EGU2015-7056 | Orals | SSS1.1

Soils are sensitive reactors – do we need a paradigm change towards a more sustainable soil use?
Rainer Horn and Dörthe Holthusen

EGU2015-12486 | Posters | SSS1.1 | Media interest

Terra e Arte Project: Soils connecting Art and Education
Cristine Carole Muggler, Bianca Rozenberg, Talita de Cássia Francisco, and Elisa Gramacho de Oliveira

EGU2015-7590 | Orals | SSS1.1

Bridging Mediterranean cultures in the IYS: A documentary exhibition on irrigation techniques in water scarcity conditions
Stefano Barontini, Amina Louki, Zied Ben Slima, Fatima Ezzahra Ghaouch, Raisa Labaran, Giulia Raffelli, Marco Peli, and Nicola Vitale

EGU2015-13696 | Posters | SSS1.1

Field classes: key to involve and attract students to soils
Cristine Carole Muggler, Irene Maria Cardoso, and Angelica da Silva Lopes

EGU2015-15253 | Posters | SSS1.1

Generating Interest in Soil Science through Collegiate Soils Contests
Christopher Baxter and Joe Valentine

EGU2015-5464 | Posters | SSS1.1

Land Application Training Center – A Field Based Classroom
Jonathan Godfrey, David L. Lindbo, and Rich McLaughlin

EGU2015-14951 | Posters | SSS1.1

You're never too young to play in the dirt!: Getting youth excited about soil
Debbie Anderson, Jason Davis, Liz Driscoll, Gail Hughes, Shelia Jones, Deborah Kozlowski, Mandy Liesch, David L. Lindbo, and Sandra Weitzel

EGU2015-3954 | Posters | SSS1.1

Soil! Get the Scoop - The Soil Science Society of America's International Year of Soils Campaign
David L. Lindbo, Jan Hopmans, Carolyn Olson, Susan Fisk, Susan Chapman, and Harold van Es

EGU2015-7068 | Posters | SSS1.1

Soil functional types: surveying the biophysical dimensions of soil security
Lauric Cécillon and Pierre Barré

SSS1.3 – Get immersed in the Soil Sciences: the first community of avatars in the EGU Assembly 2015!

EGU2015-15158 | Orals | SSS1.3

Studying the effects of wildfires on soils (or how to get smudged with ash)
Antonio Jordán

EGU2015-15499 | Orals | SSS1.3

Experiments for understanding soil erosion processes
Manuel Seeger

EGU2015-15819 | Orals | SSS1.3

Measuring, understanding and implementing (or at least trying) soil and water conservation in agricultural areas in Mediterranean conditions
Jose Alfonso Gómez, María Burguet, Carlos Castillo, Elena de Luna, Gema Guzmán, Ángel Lora, Ignacio Lorite, José Mora, Rafael Pérez, María A Soriano, and Encarnación V. Taguas

EGU2015-15837 | Orals | SSS1.3

Topic: Catchment system dynamics: Processes and feedbacks
Saskia Keesstra

EGU2015-15864 | Orals | SSS1.3

Hydrology and sediment budget of Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana, MX: Modelling channel, gully, and rill erosion with 3D photo-reconstruction, CONCEPTS, and AnnAGNPS
Kristine Taniguchi, Napoleon Gudiño, Trent Biggs, Carlos Castillo, Eddy Langendoen, Ron Bingner, Encarnación Taguas, Douglas Liden, and Yongping Yuan

EGU2015-15865 | Orals | SSS1.3

Weathering and soil erosion at watershed scale in St. John, US Virgin Islands.
Napoleón Gudiño, Thomas Kretzschmar, and Sarah Gray

EGU2015-15878 | Orals | SSS1.3

The wildgeographer avatar shows how to measure soil erosion rates by means of a rainfall simulator
Artemi Cerdà, Óscar González Pelayo, Paulo Pereira, Agata Novara, Thomas Iserloh, and Massimo Prosdocimi

EGU2015-15886 | Orals | SSS1.3

Mathematical modeling in soil science
Ana M. Tarquis, Gabriel Gasco, Antonio Saa-Requejo, Ana Méndez, Diego Andina, M. Elena Sánchez, Rubén Moratiel, and Jose Manuel Antón

EGU2015-15902 | Orals | SSS1.3

Get immersed and black in fire ash world. Field Wildgeographers experience.
Paulo Pereira, Artemi Cerdà, Ieva Misiune, and Antonio Jordan

EGU2015-15904 | Orals | SSS1.3

The SAWO (Small And Well Organized) avatar teaches the importance of the aggregates on the soil system and how to determine their stability
Jorge Mataix-Solera, Artemi Cerdà, Antonio Jordán, Xavier Úbeda, and Paulo Pereira

EGU2015-15905 | Orals | SSS1.3

Avatar' remarks on the carbon input threshold in the sloping croplands
Agata Novara, Luciano Gristina, Andrés García-Díaz, Riccardo Menghin, and Artemi Cerdà

SSS2.1 – Soil science and environmental issues today

EGU2015-15871 | Orals | SSS2.1

The World Atlas of Desertification assessment concept for conscious land use solutions
Michael Cherlet, Eva Ivits, Hrvoje Kutnjak, Marek Smid, Stefan Sommer, and Claudio Zucca

EGU2015-234 | Posters | SSS2.1

Soil-restoration rate and initial soil formation trends on example of anthropogenically affected soils of opencast mine in Kursk region, Russian Federation
Tatiana Pigareva

EGU2015-4235 | Orals | SSS2.1

Is aridity a high-order control on the hydro-geomorphic response of burned landscapes?
Gary Sheridan, Rene Van der Sant, Petter Nyman, and Patrick Lane

EGU2015-592 | Posters | SSS2.1

Changes in microbial activity of soils during the natural restoration of abandoned lands in central Russia
Lilit Ovsepyan, Anna Mostovaya, Valentin Lopes de Gerenyu, and Irina Kurganova

EGU2015-767 | Posters | SSS2.1

The use of pruned chipped branches to increase the soil infiltration capacity and reduce the soil losses on citrus orchards in Eastern Spain
Óscar González-Pelayo, Joan Llovet, Antonio Giménez-Morera, Antonio Jordán, Paulo Pereira, Agata Novara, Fuensanta García-Orenes, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2015-713 | Orals | SSS2.1

Prediction of soil stability and erosion in semiarid regions using numerical hydrological model (MCAT) and airborne hyperspectral imagery
Anna Brook and Lea Wittenberg

EGU2015-2646 | Orals | SSS2.1

Soil stabilization by biological soil crusts in arid Tunisia
Sabine Guidez, Alain Couté, and Jacques Bardat

EGU2015-811 | Posters | SSS2.1

Interaction between riverbed condition and characteristics of debris flow in Ichino-sawa subwatershed of Ohya-kuzure landslide, Japan
Haruka Tsunetaka, Norifumi Hotta, Fumitoshi Imaizumi, Yuichi S. Hayakawa, and Noriki Yumen

EGU2015-948 | Orals | SSS2.1

Erosion processes by water in agricultural landscapes: a low-cost methodology for post-event analyses
Massimo Prosdocimi, Simone Calligaro, Giulia Sofia, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2015-2506 | Posters | SSS2.1

Soil Quality of Bauxite Mining Areas
Denise Terezinha Gonçalves Bizuti, Marcela Dinarowski, José Carlos Casagrande, Luiz Gabriel Silva, Marcio Roberto Soares, and Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion

EGU2015-3438 | Posters | SSS2.1

Simulation of surface runoff and soil erosion in small watersheds in Northern Ethiopia – application and verification of the SWAT model
Roman Schiffer, Andreas Klik, Stefan Strohmeier, and Raghavan Srinivasan

EGU2015-2247 | Orals | SSS2.1

The rainfall threshold and flow patterns of gravelly debris flows
Hsien-Ter Chou, Ching-Fang Lee, Chih-Hsuan Huang, and Hsiang-Ling Yang

EGU2015-4132 | Posters | SSS2.1

Actual geomorphological processes on hillslope viticulture from Axarquía in the Montes de Málaga (Spain).
Jesús Rodrigo Comino, José María Senciales González, Manuel Seeger, José Damián Ruiz Sinoga, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2015-7757 | Orals | SSS2.1

Interactions between accumulation conditions of sediment storage and debris flow characteristics in a debris-flow initiation zone in Ohya landslide, Japan
Fumitoshi Imaizumi, Yuichi S. Hayakawa, Norifumi Hotta, Haruka Tsunetaka, Satoshi Tsuchiya, and Okihiro Ohsaka

EGU2015-7978 | Posters | SSS2.1

Numerical modelling study of gully recharge and debris flows in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia
Yvonne Martin, Edward Johnson, and Olga Chaikina

EGU2015-15875 | Orals | SSS2.1

Modeling the impact of conservation agriculture on crop production and soil properties in Mediterranean climate
Rachid Moussadek, Rachid Mrabet, Rachid Dahan, Malika Laghrour, Ibtissam Lembiad, and Mohamed ElMourid

EGU2015-8094 | Posters | SSS2.1

Automated Soil Flux Chamber Measurements with Five Species Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy and New Realtime Soil Flux Processor
Karrin Alstad, Nabil Saad, and Sze Tan

EGU2015-13105 | Orals | SSS2.1

Effects of experimentally modified soil temperatures and nutrient availability on growth and mycorrhization of Pinus cembra at the alpine treeline
Andreas Gruber, Ursula Peintner, Gerhard Wieser, and Walter Oberhuber

EGU2015-15844 | Orals | SSS2.1

Soil wetting patterns of vegetation and inter-patches following single and repeated wildfires
Óscar González, Maruxa Malvar, Erik van den Elsen, mohammadreza Hosseini, Celeste Coelho, Coen Ritsema, Susana Bautista, Jan Jacob Keizer, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2015-8606 | Posters | SSS2.1

Optimization of phosphorus management in the waste and wastewater sectors in Austria
Ottavia Zoboli, David Laner, Matthias Zessner, and Helmut Rechberger

EGU2015-1095 | Orals | SSS2.1

A participatory assessment of post-fire management alternatives in eastern Spain
Joan Llovet

EGU2015-11335 | Posters | SSS2.1

Separation of dry and wet periods from regular weather station data for the analysis of wind erosion risk
Mohammadali Saremi Naeini, Wolfgang Fister, Goswin Heckrath, and Nikolaus J. Kuhn

EGU2015-11507 | Posters | SSS2.1

Comprehensive soil surface characterisation by RADAR
Manuel Seeger, Oliver Gronz, and Joshua Beiske

EGU2015-12308 | Posters | SSS2.1

Nutrient and dust enrichment in Danish wind erosion sediments for different tillage directions
Ali Mohammadian Behbahani, Wolfgang Fister, Goswin Heckrath, and Nikolaus J. Kuhn

EGU2015-12673 | Posters | SSS2.1

Land degradation in a semi-urban catchment in Burkina Faso: monitoring land use change and soil erosion with earth observations and field surveys
Irene Angeluccetti, Velio Coviello, Paolo Vezza, Stefania Grimaldi, Sara Steffenino, and Alain Magloire Koussoubé

EGU2015-14144 | Posters | SSS2.1

Landscape aridity, fire severity and rainfall intensity as controls on debris flow frequency after the 2009 Black Saturday Wildfires in Victoria
Petter Nyman, Christopher Sherwin, Gary Sheridan, and Patrick Lane

EGU2015-14418 | Posters | SSS2.1

Sediment and Phosphorus losses by Surface Runoff from a Catchment in the Humid Pampa Landscape, Argentina Republic
Méndez M. A., Díaz E. L., Lenzi M. L., Lado M., and Vidal-Vázquez E.

EGU2015-15840 | Posters | SSS2.1

Soil erosion in Iran: Issues and solutions
Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2015-15841 | Posters | SSS2.1

Seasonal herbicide monitoring in soil, runoff and sediments of an olive orchard under conventional tillage
Maria Jesus Calderón, Elena de Luna, José Alfonso Gómez, Juan Cornejo, and M Carmen Hermosín

SSS2.5 – Agricultural terraces of the world. Their pedological, geomorphological and hydrological role (co-organized)

EGU2015-14925 | Orals | SSS2.5

Ancient Agricultural Terraces and the Soil Erosion Paradox
Tony Brown

EGU2015-5252 | Posters | SSS2.5

Estimation of terracing characteristics from airborne laser scanning data
Žiga Kokalj

EGU2015-5335 | Posters | SSS2.5

The possible influence of terracettes on surface hydrology of steep-sloping and subalpine environments
Philip (Phil) Greenwood, Samuel Kuonen, Wolfgang Fister, and Nikolaus Kuhn

EGU2015-5473 | Orals | SSS2.5

Using OSL to decipher past soil history in archaeological terraces, Judea Highlands, Israel
Naomi Porat, Yuval Gadot, Uri Davidovich, Yoav Avni, Gideon Avni, and Dani Golan

EGU2015-6656 | Posters | SSS2.5

Agricultural terraces and slope instability at Cinque Terre (NW Italy)
Pierluigi Brandolini and Andrea Cevasco

EGU2015-632 | Orals | SSS2.5

How to model the stability of terraced slopes? The case study of Tresenda (northern Italy)
Corrado Camera, Tiziana Apuani, and Marco Masetti

EGU2015-14821 | Orals | SSS2.5

On the hydrological-hydraulic modelling of hillslope dry-stone walls
Chiara Perlotto, Tamara Michelini, and Vincenzo D'Agostino

EGU2015-7621 | Posters | SSS2.5

Agricultural terraces montoring and modeling: a field survey in Chianti region, Firenze, Italy - First part
Federico Preti, Marco Caruso, Andrea Dani, Alessandro Errico, Enrico Guastini, and Paolo Trucchi

EGU2015-173 | Orals | SSS2.5

The hydrological response of a small catchment after the abandonment of terrace cultivation. A study case in northwestern Spain
Jose A Llorente-Adán, Noemí Lana-Renault, Ianire Galilea, and Purificacion Ruiz-Flaño

EGU2015-7653 | Posters | SSS2.5

Agricultural terraces montoring and modeling: a field survey in Chianti region, Firenze, Italy – Second part
Federico Preti, Marco Caruso, Andrea Dani, Giorgio Cassiani, Nunzio Romano, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2015-14729 | Orals | SSS2.5

Characterisation and change detection of the agricultural terraced landscape of Costa Viola (Calabria, Italy) in view of its sustainable management
Giuseppe Modica, Salvatore Praticò, Simone Lanucara, and Salvatore Di Fazio

EGU2015-7657 | Posters | SSS2.5

Hydrological and erosion processes in terraced agricultural fields: observations from a wet Mediterranean region in northern Portugal
João Pedro Nunes, Léonard Bernard-Jannin, María Luz Rodriguez-Blanco, Juliana Marisa Santos, Celeste Oliveira Alves Coelho, and Jan Jacob Keizer

EGU2015-7613 | Orals | SSS2.5

Assessment of long-term erosion in a mountain vineyard, Aosta Valley (NW Italy)
Marcella Biddoccu, Odoardo Zecca, Andrea Barmaz, Franco Godone, and Eugenio Cavallo

EGU2015-8364 | Posters | SSS2.5

Landsliding, topographic variables and location of cultural terraces in Slovenia
Blaž Komac and Matija Zorn

EGU2015-9547 | Posters | SSS2.5

Maintenance and recovery of agricultural terraces to reduce geo-hydrological hazards: the Santa Giulia in Centaura (Liguria, Italy) and Valstagna (Veneto, Italy) case studies
Paola Giostrella, Francesco Ferrarese, Francesco Faccini, Pierluigi Brandolini, Riccardo Lazzeri, Massimo Melillo, Paolo Mozzi, Mauro Varotto, Paolo Tarolli, and Fausto Guzzetti

EGU2015-9656 | Posters | SSS2.5

Agricultural Terrace Pattern along Climatic Gradient
Oren Ackermann, Tal Svoay, and Helena M. Zhevelev

EGU2015-9680 | Posters | SSS2.5

Preventing landslides on terraced slopes: A methodological approach in planning and constructing new terraces
Lucija Ažman Momirski

EGU2015-10021 | Posters | SSS2.5

Farmland terrace slope detection from Pleiades digital elevation models
Jean-Stephane Bailly, Giulia Sofia, Nesrine Chehata, Paolo Tarolli, and Florent Levavasseur

EGU2015-10473 | Posters | SSS2.5

How to analyse the typological features of stone terrace walls. A methodology applied to the rural landscape of the Tuscan Region (Central Italy)
Mauro Agnoletti, Leonardo Conti, Lorenza Frezza, and Antonio Santoro

EGU2015-12479 | Posters | SSS2.5

Terracing and hydrogeological risk. A study of the environmental disaster of 25 October 2011 in Cinque Terre
Mauro Agnoletti, Francesca Emanueli, Alessandro Errico, Giacomo Maggiari, Antonio Santoro, and Federico Preti

EGU2015-14107 | Posters | SSS2.5

Simulating runoff from an area covered by soil contour ridges using a hydraulic cascade model
Nasri Slah

SSS2.8 – Connectivity in hydrology and sediment dynamics: concepts, models, experiments and societal implications (co-organized)

EGU2015-15814 | Orals | SSS2.8

Can we measure connectivity?
Richard Brazier, Damia Vericat, Artemi Cerda, Francesco Brardinoni, Ramon Batalla, Rens Masselink, Lea Wittenberg, Estela Nadal Romero, José López-Tarazón, Joan Estrany, and Saskia Keesstra

EGU2015-460 | Posters | SSS2.8

Chosing erosion control nets. Can't you decide? Ask the lab.
Jana Simkova and Lukas Jacka

EGU2015-1117 | Posters | SSS2.8

Synergies between geomorphic hazard and risk and sediment cascade research fields: exploiting geomorphic processes' susceptibility analyses to derive potential sediment sources in the Oltet, river catchment, southern Romania
Marta-Cristina Jurchescu

EGU2015-15826 | Orals | SSS2.8

Experimental observations and modeling of ponding and overland flow in flat, permeable soil fields
Willemijn Appels, Patrick Bogaart, and Sjoerd van der Zee

EGU2015-2639 | Orals | SSS2.8

Connectivity research in Iceland – using scientific tools to establish sustainable water management strategies
David Finger

EGU2015-1274 | Posters | SSS2.8

Extreme erosion response after wildfire in the Upper Ovens, south-east Australia: Assessment of catchment scale connectivity by an intensive field survey
Walter Box, Saskia Keestra, Petter Nyman, Christoph Langhans, and Gary Sheridan

EGU2015-11171 | Orals | SSS2.8

Sediment and phosphorus fluxes - monitoring and modelling from field to regional scale - connectivity implications
Miroslav Bauer, David Zumr, Josef Krása, Tomáš Dostál, Barbora Jáchymová, and Pavel Rosendorf

EGU2015-1372 | Posters | SSS2.8

Transient runoff-runon model for a 1-D slope with random infiltrability: flow statistics and connectivity
Marie-Alice Harel and Emmanuel Mouche

EGU2015-1444 | Posters | SSS2.8

Conceptualizing hillslope sediment connectivity as virtual velocity
Anthony Parsons, James Cooper, Yuichi Onda, Jérémy Patin, and John Wainwright