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ST – Solar-Terrestrial Sciences

ST1.1 – Open Session on the Sun and Heliosphere (including Julius Bartels Medal Lecture)

EGU2015-4899 | Orals | ST1.1

Tracking of small-scale convective cells in 3D
Birgit Lemmerer, Arnold Hanslmeier, Herbert Muthsam, and Isabell Piantschitsch

EGU2015-5080 | Posters | ST1.1

Development of the Kiel sensors for the EPD instrument on-board Solar Orbiter
Cesar Martin, Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber, Shrinivasrao R. Kulkarni, Jan Tammen, Christoph Terasa, Jia Yu, Sebastian Boden, Jan Steinhagen, Lauri Panitzsch, Ali Ravanbakhsh, Stephan Boettcher, Christian Hamann, Lars Seimetz, and Javier Rodriguez-Pacheco

EGU2015-4629 | Posters | ST1.1

Properties of the very slow solar wind
Eduardo Sanchez-Diaz, Kevin Segura, Alexis P. Rouillard, and Benoit Lavraud

EGU2015-2666 | Orals | ST1.1

Reconstruction of Solar EUV flux 1834-2014
Leif Svalgaard

EGU2015-644 | Orals | ST1.1

Relationship of EIT Waves Phenomena and Coronal Mass Ejections
Virendra Verma

EGU2015-9663 | Posters | ST1.1

SOLSPEC investigation on board the International Space Station: The Absolute Solar Spectral Irradiance in the Infrared Domain
Gérard Thuillier, Jerry Harder, Alexander Shapiro, Thomas Woods, Jean-Marie Perrin, Marty Snow, Timofei Sukhodolov, and Werner Schmutz

EGU2015-664 | Orals | ST1.1

Characterisation of Off-Limb Coronal Bright Fronts Observed with SDO/AIA
Kamen Kozarev and Alexander Kendrick

EGU2015-6683 | Posters | ST1.1

Solar eclipse monitoring for solar energy applications
Ibrahim Reda

EGU2015-14354 | Orals | ST1.1

PROBA-3, formation flying spacecraft implementing a giant coronagraph
Agnès Mestreau-Garreau, Joe Zender, Damien Galano, Andrei Zhukov, Jean-Sébastein Servaye, and Étienne Renotte

EGU2015-9505 | Posters | ST1.1

Acceleration of the solar wind in a spherical coordinate kinetic model
Sergey Dyadechkin, Esa Kallio, Markku Alho, Vladimir Semenov, and Nikolay Erkaev

EGU2015-7709 | Orals | ST1.1

Foreshocks ahead of interplanetary shocks observed by STEREO.
Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Primoz Kajdic, Christopher T. Russell, Lan K. Jian, Janet G. Luhmann, and Ernesto Aguilar-Rodriguez

EGU2015-10079 | Posters | ST1.1

Observations of structures connected with magnetic reconnection in the solar wind
Jakub Enzl, Lubomir Prech, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, and Jih-Kwin Chao

EGU2015-15349 | Orals | ST1.1

Variations of Solar Activity and Irradiance (Julius Bartels Medal Lecture)
Sami K. Solanki

EGU2015-12698 | Posters | ST1.1

Two-fluid 2.5D code for simulations of small scale magnetic fields in the lower solar atmosphere
Isabell Piantschitsch, Ute V. Amerstorfer, Julia K. Thalmann, Arnold Hanslmeier, and Birgit Lemmerer

EGU2015-10466 | Posters | ST1.1

A simple model of Forbush decreases caused by sheathless magnetic clouds
Mateja Dumbovic, Bojan Vrsnak, Jasa Calogovic, Davor Sudar, Bernd Heber, Carsten Wallmann, Dennis Galsdorf, Konstantin Herbst, Patrick Kuhl, Astrid Veronig, Manuela Temmer, Christian Mostl, and Silvia Dalla

EGU2015-6706 | Orals | ST1.1

The applications of Complexity Theory and Tsallis Non-extensive Statistics at Solar Plasma Dynamics
George Pavlos

EGU2015-2996 | Posters | ST1.1

22-year periodicity in the changes of the photospheric magnetic field distribution
Elena Vernova, Marta Tyasto, and Dmitrii Baranov

EGU2015-13373 | Orals | ST1.1

Periodicities of Interplanetary Solar Type III radio bursts occurrence
Milan Maksimovic, Anyssa Navrer-Agasson, Damien Sperone-Longin, and Xavier Bonnin

EGU2015-15476 | Posters | ST1.1

Where are CIR-associated suprathermal particles accelerated?
Olga Khabarova, Olga E. Malandraki, and Gang Li

EGU2015-6639 | Orals | ST1.1

Physical Modelling of Proton Energy Spectra in Large SEP Events
Rami Vainio

EGU2015-8347 | Orals | ST1.1 | Media interest

SEP modeling and forecasts based on the ENLIL global heliospheric model
M. Leila Mays, Janet Luhmann, Dusan Odstrcil, Hazel Bain, Yan Li, and Maria Kuznetsova

EGU2015-8072 | Posters | ST1.1

Electromagnetic waves near the proton cyclotron frequency in the solar wind
Lan Jian, Robert Alexander, Robert Wicks, Michael Stevens, Adolfo Figueroa-Vinas, and Christopher Russell

EGU2015-723 | Posters | ST1.1

Energetic neutral helium atoms as a tool to study the heliosphere and the local interstellar medium
Pawel Swaczyna, Stan Grzedzielski, and Maciej Bzowski

EGU2015-3659 | Orals | ST1.1

Did IBEX detect interstellar neutral helium or oxygen from anti-ram direction?
André Galli, Peter Wurz, Jeewoo Park, Harald Kucharek, Eberhard Möbius, Nathan A. Schwadron, Maciej Bzowski, Justyna M. Sokól, Marzena A. Kubiak, Pawel Swaczyna, Stephen A. Fuselier, and Dave J. McComas

EGU2015-9868 | Posters | ST1.1

Variations of the helium content across interplanetary shocks
Petr Cagas, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Lubomir Prech, and Georgy N. Zastenker

EGU2015-12618 | Orals | ST1.1

Longitudinal variations of the magnetic flux in the heliosphere
Melinda Dósa and Géza Erdős

EGU2015-13912 | Posters | ST1.1

The Solar Stormwatch CME catalogue.
Luke Barnard and the The Solar Stormwatch Project

EGU2015-4843 | Posters | ST1.1

Statistical investigation of the IMF orientation and its influence on the Earth's magnetosheath
Vincent Génot, Benoit Lavraud, Alexis Rouillard, and Elena Budnik

EGU2015-13525 | Posters | ST1.1

Occurrence of high-speed solar wind streams over the Grand Modern Maximum
Kalevi Mursula, Renata Lukianova, and Lauri Holappa

ST1.2 – Multipoint observations and modeling of the heliospheric plasma processes and their effects on the planets (co-organized)

EGU2015-3941 | Orals | ST1.2 | Media interest

Properties and processes that influence CME geo-effectiveness
Benoit Lavraud and Alexis Rouillard

EGU2015-266 | Posters | ST1.2

Differentiation between coronal holes and filament channels from SDO image data using machine learning algorithms
Martin Reiss, Stefan Hofmeister, Ruben DeVisscher, Manuela Temmer, Astrid Veronig, Veronique Delouille, and Thomas Rotter

EGU2015-1366 | Posters | ST1.2

Strong coronal deflection of a CME and its interplanetary evolution to Earth and Mars
Christian Möstl, Tanja Rollett, Rudy A. Frahm, Ying D. Liu, David M. Long, Robin C. Colaninno, Martin A. Reiss, Manuela Temmer, Charles J. Farrugia, Arik Posner, Mateja Dumbovic, Miho Janvier, Pascal Demoulin, Peter Boakes, Andy Devos, Emil Kraaikamp, Mona L. Mays, and Bojan Vrsnak

EGU2015-7676 | Orals | ST1.2

Observations and Analysis of the Non-Radial Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections near the Sun
Paulett Liewer, Robin Colaninno, Olga Panasenco, and Angelos Vourlidas

EGU2015-1536 | Posters | ST1.2

Interplanetary propagation behavior of the fast coronal mass ejection from 23 July 2012
Manuela Temmer and Nariaki Nitta

EGU2015-7941 | Orals | ST1.2

Thermodynamic MHD Simulation of the 2000 July 14 "Bastille Day" Eruption
Tibor Torok, Cooper Downs, Roberto Lionello, Jon A. Linker, Viacheslav S. Titov, Zoran Mikic, and Pete Riley

EGU2015-1464 | Orals | ST1.2

Combined Multipoint Remote and In Situ Observations of the Asymmetric Evolution of a Fast Coronal Mass Ejection
Tanja Rollett, Christian Möstl, Manuela Temmer, Rudy A. Frahm, Jackie A. Davies, Astrid M. Veronig, Bojan Vrsnak, Ute V. Amerstorfer, Charles J. Farrugia, Tomislav Zic, and Tielong Zhang

EGU2015-3275 | Posters | ST1.2

Extremely Large EUV Late Phase of Solar Flares
Kai Liu, Yuming Wang, Jie Zhang, Xin Cheng, Rui Liu, and Chenglong Shen

EGU2015-3278 | Posters | ST1.2

Testing the reliability of ice-cream cone model
Zonghao Pan, Chenglong Shen, Chuanbing Wang, Kai Liu, Xianghui Xue, Yuming Wang, and Shui Wang

EGU2015-14541 | Orals | ST1.2

Earth-directed ICME magnetic field configuration
Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla, Angelos Vourlidas, Szabo Adam, Savani Neel, Mays Leila M., Hidalgo Miguel A., and Yu Wenyuan

EGU2015-7764 | Orals | ST1.2

Observations of interplanetary shocks with multiple spacecraft
Primož Kajdič, Xochitl Blanco-Cano, and Benoit Lavraud

EGU2015-3601 | Posters | ST1.2

HELCATS Prediction of Planetary CME arrival times
Peter Boakes, Christian Moestl, Jackie Davies, Richard Harrison, Jason Byrne, David Barnes, Alexey Isavnin, Emilia Kilpua, and Tanja Rollett

EGU2015-2764 | Posters | ST1.2

Evidence of downstream high speed jets by a non-stationary and rippled front of quasi-parallel shock: 2-D hybrid simulations
Yufei Hao, Quanming Lu, Bertrand Lembege, Can Huang, Mingyu Wu, Fan Guo, Lican Shan, Jian Zheng, and Shui Wang

EGU2015-5908 | Orals | ST1.2

Multipoint observations and simulation of the effects of Earth's bow shock on magnetic clouds' structure and geoeffectiveness
Dominique Fontaine, Lucile Turc, and Philippe Savoini

EGU2015-11900 | Posters | ST1.2

ICME effects on the induced magnetospheres of Venus and Mars
Andrea Opitz, Daniel Vech, Eduardo Sanchez-Diaz, Olivier Witasse, Karoly Szego, and Hermann Opgenoorth

EGU2015-14134 | Posters | ST1.2

Variations of Dose Rate Observed by MSL/RAD in Transit to Mars
Jingnan Guo, Cary Zeitlin, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Donald Hassler, Arik Posner, Bernd Heber, Jan Koehler, Scot Rafkin, Bent Ehresmann, Jan Appel, Eckart Boehm, Stephan Boettcher, Soenke Burmeister, David Brinza, Henning Lohf, Cesar Martin, and Guenther Reitz

EGU2015-4825 | Posters | ST1.2

Small Scale Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Wind
Alice Foster, Christopher Owen, Colin Forsyth, Jonathan Rae, Andrew Fazakerley, Christopher Carr, and Iannis Dandouras

EGU2015-5356 | Posters | ST1.2

The new CORIMP CME catalog & 3D reconstructions
Jason Byrne, Huw Morgan, Peter Gallagher, Shadia Habbal, and Jackie Davies

EGU2015-3214 | Posters | ST1.2

The SEP signature in the shock-MC structures
Chenglong Shen, Yuming Wang, Yutian Chi, and Mengjiao Xu

EGU2015-4446 | Posters | ST1.2

On the Role of Magnetic Twist in Flare/CME Production
Rui Liu, Chang Liu, Haimin Wang, and Yuming Wang

EGU2015-6903 | Posters | ST1.2

Structure and sources of solar wind in the growing phase of 24th solar cycle
Vladimir Slemzin, Farid Goryaev, Julia Shugay, Denis Rodkin, and Igor Veselovsky

EGU2015-222 | Posters | ST1.2

CME -CME interaction: Kinematics & Consequences
Nandita Srivastava and Wageesh Mishra

EGU2015-6619 | Posters | ST1.2

Three-dimensional evolution of fast and slow CMEs from the Sun to 1 AU
Alexey Isavnin, Sebastian Käki, and Emilia Kilpua

ST1.3 – Particle acceleration mechanisms in solar system plasmas: observations and theory

EGU2015-6786 | Posters | ST1.3

Exact Analytical Solutions of Continuity Equation for Electron Beams Precipitating in Ohmic and Mixed Energy Losses
Rytis Dobranskis and Valentina Zharkova

EGU2015-4781 | Orals | ST1.3

On the origin of relativistic solar particle events
Karl-Ludwig Klein

EGU2015-2642 | Orals | ST1.3

Release Timescales of Solar Energetic Particles as inferred from In-situ and Remote Electromagnetic Observations
Neus Agueda and the SEPServer Consortium

EGU2015-11146 | Posters | ST1.3

Particle acceleration at 3D reconnecting magnetic separators
James Threlfall, Thomas Neukirch, Clare Parnell, and Julie Stevenson

EGU2015-6803 | Orals | ST1.3

The Structure of the Compression Front in Carrington Class CMEs
Alexander J. Freed, Christopher T. Russell, Janet G. Luhmann, Antoinette B. Galvin, Richard A. Mewaldt, and Glenn Mason

EGU2015-15447 | Posters | ST1.3

Proton activity of the Sun in the current cycle 24: Observations and analysis
Leonty I. Miroshnichenko, Chuan Li, and Cheng Fang

EGU2015-15650 | Orals | ST1.3

On the role of local CIR-associated particle acceleration in formation of time-intensity profiles of suprathermal particle fluxes
Olga Khabarova and Olga E. Malandraki

EGU2015-2056 | Posters | ST1.3

Analisys of Helium fluxes and Helium Enhancement in 24th solar cycle with PAMELA Experiment
Matteo Mergé and the PAMELA Collaboration

EGU2015-6662 | Orals | ST1.3

The origin of energetic ions at the quasi-parallel bow shock: particle tracing in hybrid 3D simulations and spacecraft observations
Christopher Haynes, David Burgess, Torbjorn Sundberg, and Peter Gingell

EGU2015-2058 | Posters | ST1.3

Analysis on proton fluxes during several solar events with the PAMELA experiment
Matteo Martucci and the PAMELA Collaboration

EGU2015-6708 | Posters | ST1.3

Self-consistent simulations of proton acceleration at coronal shock
Rami Vainio, Alexandr Afanasiev, and Markus Battarbee

EGU2015-6462 | Orals | ST1.3

Resonant ion acceleration by dipolarization fronts in magnetotail.
Anton Artemyev

EGU2015-12501 | Orals | ST1.3

Energetic charged particle sources in Saturn's and Jupiter's magnetoshperes
Elias Roussos

EGU2015-1210 | Posters | ST1.3

Particle Acceleration in Shock-Shock Interaction
Masaru Nakanotani, Shuichi Matsukiyo, and Tohru Hada

EGU2015-12474 | Posters | ST1.3

Shock Acceleration of Electrons: The Role of Mach Number and Shock Surface Fluctuations
David Burgess, Christopher Haynes, Peter Gingell, and Petr Hellinger

EGU2015-1765 | Posters | ST1.3

The formation of the ion seed population at quasi-parallel shocks
Andreas Johlander, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Alessandro Retino, Iannis Dandouras, Emiliya Yordanova, and Mats André

EGU2015-12780 | Posters | ST1.3

Production of non-gyrotropic and gyrotropic backstreaming ion distributions in the quasi-perpendicular ion foreshock region : Origin and acceleration mechanisms.
Philippe Savoini and Bertrand Lembege

EGU2015-11323 | Posters | ST1.3

In situ spacecraft observations of suprathermal ion acceleration in the reconnection jet braking region
Alessandro Retinò, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Olivier LeContel, Huishan Fu, Bertalan Zieger, Rumi Nakamura, Anton Artemyev, and Elena Kronberg

EGU2015-9277 | Posters | ST1.3

Wave-Particle Interactions and Particle Acceleration in Turbulent Plasmas: Hybrid Simulations
Harald Kucharek, Nikolai Pogorelov, Hans Mueller, Konstantin Gamayunov, and Charles Farrugia

EGU2015-2633 | Posters | ST1.3

Evolution of the pick-up ion ditribution with solar distance in terms of kappa-functions.
Hans-Jörg Fahr, Horst Fichtner, and Klaus Scherer

ST2.1 – Open Session on the Magnetosphere (including Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)

EGU2015-6396 | Orals | ST2.1

Alfvén Waves and the Aurora (Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)
Robert Lysak

EGU2015-3001 | Posters | ST2.1

Geomagnetic cutoff rigidity variation of cosmic rays and their relation with the interplanetary parameters during the disturbance of September 2005
Elena Vernova, Marta Tyasto, Olga Danilova, and Valerii Sdobnov

EGU2015-3902 | Posters | ST2.1

Maps of average ionospheric vorticity ordered by relationship with the open-closed magnetic field line boundary
Gareth Chisham

EGU2015-7563 | Orals | ST2.1

Theory of Generation of Alfvenic Non-Propagating Electromagnetic Plasma Structures and Acceleration of Charged Particles in Cosmic Plasmas
Yan Song and Robert Lysak

EGU2015-177 | Orals | ST2.1

Dayside reconnection under IMF By dominated conditions: the formation and movement of bending arcs
Jennifer Carter, Steven Milan, Robert Fear, Anita Kullen, and Marc Hairston

EGU2015-4104 | Posters | ST2.1

Nitrogen Ion TRacing Observatory (NITRO) ESA's M-class call
Masatoshi Yamauchi, Iannis Dandouras, and Peter Rathsman and the The NITRO Proposal Team

EGU2015-5116 | Posters | ST2.1

Generation of Birkeland Currents during IMF By: Mechanisms and theory
Paul Tenfjord, Nikolai Østgaard, Kristian Snekvik, Karl Laundal, Jone Reistad, Steve Milan, and Stein Haaland

EGU2015-8887 | Orals | ST2.1

The terrestrial magnetopause - an asymmetric boundary
Stein Haaland, Jone Reistad, Paul Tenfjord, Lukas Maes, Chandrasekhar Anekallu, Nicolas Dorville, and Johan DeKeyser

EGU2015-11492 | Orals | ST2.1

Ion outflow above polar cap arcs and solar illumination.
Lukas Maes, Romain Maggiolo, Johan De Keyser, Iannis Dandouras, Robert Fear, Dominique Fontaine, and Stein Haaland

EGU2015-5262 | Posters | ST2.1

Magnetopause crossings over eight years of THEMIS observations - spatial analysis
Jiri Simunek, Jana Safrankova, and Zdenek Nemecek

EGU2015-11795 | Orals | ST2.1

The diamagnetic drift of the X-line at the dayside magnetopause.
Lorenzo Trenchi, Federica Marcucci, and Robert Fear

EGU2015-5607 | Posters | ST2.1

Are there auroral signatures related to asymmetric generation of field-aligned currents in the tail due to an IMF By induced twist?
Jone Peter Reistad, Nikolai Østgaard, Paul Tenfjord, Kristian Snekvik, Steve Milan, and Kjellmar Oksavik

EGU2015-7522 | Orals | ST2.1

The configuration of the Earth's magnetotail inferred from the low-altitude isotropic boundaries
Raluca Ilie, Natalia Ganushkina, Gabor Toth, and Michael Liemohn

EGU2015-5891 | Posters | ST2.1

Current systems associated with Non-Conjugate Aurora
Theresa Rexer, Nikolai Østgaard, Jone Peter Reistad, and Karl Magnus Laundal

EGU2015-5944 | Posters | ST2.1

Magnetospheric ULF Waves with an Increasing Amplitude as a Superposition of Two Wave Modes
Xiaochen Shen, Qiugang Zong, Quanqi Shi, Anmin Tian, Weijie Sun, Yongfu Wang, Xuzhi Zhou, Suiyan Fu, Michael Hartinger, and Vassilis Angelopoulos

EGU2015-6902 | Orals | ST2.1

Convective Growth of Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves from Realistic Ring Current Ion distributions
Mei-Ching Fok, George Khazanov, Alex Glocer, and Emmanuil Krivorutsky

EGU2015-7046 | Posters | ST2.1

Exploration of tangential discontinuity structure of the dawn and dusk flank magnetopause
Johan De Keyser, Lukas Maes, Romain Maggiolo, and Stein Haaland

EGU2015-8585 | Orals | ST2.1

Distribution of thermal oxygen ions in the near earth magnetosphere
Wenlong Liu

EGU2015-10600 | Posters | ST2.1

Magnetopause orientation and motion: comparison of constrained minimum variance and multi–spacecraft triangulation
Chandrasekhar Reddy Anekallu, Stein Haaland, and Nicolas Dorville

EGU2015-10775 | Posters | ST2.1

Grad Shafranov reconstruction of FTEs observed by Cluster.
Lorenzo Trenchi and Robert Fear

EGU2015-11505 | Posters | ST2.1

Solar wind driving of asymmetries in the magnetosheath - magnetosphere system
Andrew Dimmock, Tuija Pulkkinen, Adnane Osmane, and Katariina Nykyri

EGU2015-13450 | Posters | ST2.1

Variations of cold ion outflow from the polar caps due to solar illumination and North-South asymmetries.
Lukas Maes, Romain Maggiolo, Johan De Keyser, and Matthias Foerster

EGU2015-13972 | Posters | ST2.1

Generic residue analysis and BV method comparison
Nicolas Dorville, Chandra Anekallu, Stein Haaland, and Gerard Belmont

ST2.2 – Multi-scale magnetospheric processes with multi-point observations and simulations

EGU2015-12398 | Orals | ST2.2

ULF foreshock under radial IMF: THEMIS observations and global kinetic simulation Vlasiator results compared
Minna Palmroth, Vainio Rami, Martin Archer, Heli Hietala, Alexandr Afanasiev, Yann Kempf, Sanni Hoilijoki, and Sebastian von Alfthan

EGU2015-246 | Posters | ST2.2

A statistical analysis of Pi2-band waves in the plasma sheet and their relation to magnetospheric drivers
Guoqiang Wang, Yasong Ge, Tielong Zhang, Rumi Nakamura, Martin Volwerk, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Aimin Du, and Quanming Lu

EGU2015-1076 | Posters | ST2.2

The irregular Pi3 geomagnetic pulsations and its connection with the energetic particles in the magnetosphere and ionosphere
Vladimir Belakhovsky and Vjacheslav Pilipenko

EGU2015-5832 | Orals | ST2.2

Magnetic clouds' structure in the Earth's magnetosheath as observed by Cluster and Geotail
Lucile Turc, Dominique Fontaine, Philippe Savoini, Emilia Kilpua, and Philippe Escoubet

EGU2015-1189 | Posters | ST2.2

Flapping current sheet with superposed waves seen in space and on the ground
Guoqiang Wang, Martin Volwerk, Rumi Nakamura, Peter Boakes, Tielong Zhang, Yasong Ge, Akimasa Yoshikawa, and Dmitry Baishev

EGU2015-7589 | Orals | ST2.2

Multiscale Particle-In-Cell Simulations of the Dayside Magnetopause
Jean Berchem, Giovanni Lapenta, and Maha Ashour-Abdalla

EGU2015-11173 | Orals | ST2.2

Equatorial Magnetic Reconnection Lines during Northward IMF Conditions
Karlheinz Trattner, Summer Thresher, Lorenzo Trenchi, Stephen Fuselier, Steven Petrinec, and William Peterson

EGU2015-4999 | Posters | ST2.2

Multipoint observations of the Current Sheet dynamics near the flow braking region in the Earth's magnetotail.
Elena Grigorenko, Jean-Andre Sauvaud, Laurianne Palin, Christian Jacquey, and Lev Zelenyi

EGU2015-6497 | Posters | ST2.2

Plasma sheet flow damping by oscillatory flow braking
Evgeny V. Panov, Olga S. Leontyeva, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Rumi Nakamura, Olaf Amm, Vassilis Angelopoulos, Karl-Heinz Glassmeier, Marina V. Kubyshkina, Anatoli A. Petrukovich, Victor A. Sergeev, and James M. Weygand

EGU2015-3622 | Orals | ST2.2

Outflow of Ions: From eV to keV Energies
Mats Andre, Anders Eriksson, Kun Li, and Hans Nilsson

EGU2015-6272 | Orals | ST2.2

A New Feature of Field-Aligned Auroral Ion Beams Observed by Cluster
George Parks, Ensang lee, Fu Suiyan, Matt Fillingim, Yanbon Cui, Jinhy Hong, Iaonnis Dandouras, henri reme, Patrick Canu, and Naiguo Lin

EGU2015-6365 | Posters | ST2.2

Anharmonic oscillatory flow braking in the Earth's magnetotail
Evgeny V. Panov, Richard A. Wolf, Marina V. Kubyshkina, Aaron Schutza, Rumi Nakamura, and Wolfgang Baumjohann

EGU2015-9013 | Orals | ST2.2

Understanding the theta aurora
Robert Fear, Steve Milan, Jennifer Carter, Romain Maggiolo, Andrew Fazakerley, Iannis Dandouras, and Stephen Mende

EGU2015-6420 | Posters | ST2.2

THEMIS observation of Kinetic Ballooning/Interchange Waves in the High Bz Plasma Sheet
Evgeny V. Panov, Rumi Nakamura, Marina V. Kubyshkina, Wolfgang Baumjohann, and Victor A, Sergeev

EGU2015-7645 | Orals | ST2.2

The Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission
James Burch

EGU2015-1774 | Posters | ST2.2

Magnetic Nulls in the Earth's Magnetotail
Elin Eriksson, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Stefano Markidis, Mats André, Huishan Fu, and Tomas Karlsson

EGU2015-2878 | Posters | ST2.2

A statistical study of the distribution and size of dipolarization fronts observed by Cluster
Sudong Xiao, Tielong Zhang, Yasong Ge, Rumi Nakamura, and Wolfgang Baumjohann

EGU2015-2325 | Orals | ST2.2

Multipoint measurements: a key tool for magnetic reconnection research
Michael Hesse, Yi-Hsin Liu, Li-Jen Chen, Masha Kuznetsova, Nicolas Aunai, and Naoki Bessho

EGU2015-7482 | Orals | ST2.2

Three-dimensional Multiscale Simulation of Magnetic Reconnection in Earth's Magnetotail
Maha Ashour-Abdalla, Giovanni Lapenta, Raymond J. Walker, and Mostafa El-Alaoui

EGU2015-2480 | Posters | ST2.2

Current system associated with small dipolarization fronts
Laurianne Palin, Christian Jacquey, Hermann Opgenoorth, Martin Connors, Victor Sergeev, Jean-André Sauvaud, Rumi Nakamura, Geoffrey D. Reeves, Howard Singer, Vassilis Angelopoulos, and Lucile Turc

EGU2015-2705 | Orals | ST2.2

How to find magnetic null and construct field topology with MMS data?
Huishan Fu, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Mats Andre, Jinbin Cao, Shiyong Huang, Alessandro Retino, and Jonathan Eastwood

EGU2015-2813 | Posters | ST2.2

Formation and evolution of plasmoid and flux-rope in the Earth's Magnetotail
Yasong Ge and Joachim Raeder

EGU2015-3295 | Posters | ST2.2

A statistical study of the Bz-dips in front of magnetotail dipolarization fronts
Daniel Schmid, Martin Volwerk, Rumi Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, and Ferdinand Plaschke

EGU2015-2791 | Orals | ST2.2

Where will MMS find electron diffusion regions?
Giovanni Lapenta, Marty Goldman, and David Newman

EGU2015-11369 | Posters | ST2.2

Large-scale plasma transport in the magnetotail during different solar wind conditions
Minna Myllys, Emilia Kilpua, and Tuija Pulkkinen

EGU2015-11024 | Orals | ST2.2

Bursty reconnection modulating the substorm current wedge, a substorm case study re-analysed by ECLAT tools.
Hermann Opgenoorth, Laurianne Palin, Karin Ågren, Tatjana Zivkovic, Gabor Facsko, Victor Sergeev, Marina Kubyshkina, Alexander Nikolaev, Steve Milan, Suzanne Imber, Kirsti Kauristie, Minna Palmroth, Max van de Kamp, Rumi Nakamura, and Peter Boakes

EGU2015-8682 | Posters | ST2.2

Shocked Magnetotail: ARTEMIS Observations and MHD Simulations
Xiaoyan Zhou

EGU2015-242 | Orals | ST2.2

A Statistical Model of the Magnetotail Neutral Sheet
Sudong Xiao, Tielong Zhang, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Rumi Nakamura, Yasong Ge, Aimin Du, Guoqiang Wang, and Quanming Lu

EGU2015-2651 | Orals | ST2.2

Electron pitch-angle distribution in the Earth magnetail
Anton Artemyev

EGU2015-5126 | Posters | ST2.2

Statistical study of interplanetary condition influence on the geomagnetic substorm onset location inferred from SuperMAG auroral electrojet indices
Sheng Huang, Aimin Du, and Xin Cao

EGU2015-4677 | Posters | ST2.2

Current flow in the terrestrial bow shock and magnetosheath: A Statistical Survey using Cluster Observations
Evelyn Liebert, Christian Nabert, Karl-Heinz Fornacon, and Karl-Heinz Glassmeier

EGU2015-8007 | Orals | ST2.2

Transient Magnetic Reconnection and Dipolarization Fronts in the Terrestrial Magnetotail
Meng Zhou, Xiaohua Deng, Ye Pang, Xiaojun Xu, Shiyong Huang, Rongxin Tang, and Zhigang Yuan

EGU2015-11375 | Orals | ST2.2

Difference between active X-line and ordinary flow reversals in magnetotail
Iku Shinohara, Masaki Fujimoto, Tsugunobu Nagai, and Hirotsugu Kojima

EGU2015-5139 | Posters | ST2.2

Response of the M-I current system for two successive interplanetary shocks during the southward and northward IMF conditions
Aimin Du, Tielong Zhang, Xudong Zhao, Ying Zhang, Yuan Wang, and Hao Luo

EGU2015-13716 | Orals | ST2.2

In situ studies of the auroral acceleration region by Cluster particle and field data
Goran Marklund

EGU2015-5436 | Posters | ST2.2

Alteration of a magnetic cloud's structure across the bow shock: results from 3D hybrid simulations
Lucile Turc, Dominique Fontaine, Philippe Savoini, and Ronan Modolo

EGU2015-5578 | Orals | ST2.2

Investigation of the Chirikov resonance overlap criteria for equatorial magnetosonic waves
Simon Walker, Michael Balikhin, Patrick Canu, and Nicole Cornilleau-Wehrlin

EGU2015-9946 | Posters | ST2.2

Two-point observations of solar wind beam deceleration upstream the Earth bow shock
Jaroslav Urbar, Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, Lubomir Prech, and Karel Jelinek

EGU2015-1320 | Posters | ST2.2

Multiscale magnetosheath turbulence model from mHz to kHz
Navin Dwivedi and Yasuhito Narita

EGU2015-2017 | Posters | ST2.2

THEMIS multi-spacecraft observations of magnetosheath high-speed jets: Scale sizes and other characteristics
Ferdinand Plaschke, Heli Hietala, Vassilis Angelopoulos, and Rumi Nakamura

EGU2015-4762 | Posters | ST2.2

Drivers of the magnetopause locations
Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Stefan Dusik, Jiri Simunek, Ramon Lopez, and Jih-Hong Shue

EGU2015-4745 | Posters | ST2.2

Modification of the LLBL structure under radial IMF conditions
Kostiantyn Grygorov, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Lubomir Prech, Gilbert Pi, and Jih-Hong Shue

EGU2015-8029 | Posters | ST2.2

The north-south asymmetry of LLBL structures under radial IMF conditions
Gilbert Pi, Jih-Hong Shue, Zdenek Němeček, and Jana Šafránková

EGU2015-1844 | Posters | ST2.2

Cluster Observations of reconnection along the dusk flank of the magnetosphere
C.-Philippe Escoubet, Benjamin Grison, Jean Berchem, Karlheinz Trattner, Benoit Lavraud, Frederic Pitout, Jan Soucek, Robert Richard, Harri Laakso, Arnaud Masson, Malcolm Dunlop, Iannis Dandouras, Henri Reme, Andrew Fazakerley, and Patrick Daly

EGU2015-3249 | Posters | ST2.2

Plasma mixing and transport caused by the three-dimensional development of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
Takuma Nakamura, William Daughton, Homa karimabadi, and Stefan Eriksson

EGU2015-2900 | Posters | ST2.2

Ion kinetic effects to nonlinear processes of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
Takayuki Umeda, Satoshi Ueno, and Takuma Nakamura

EGU2015-9518 | Posters | ST2.2

FAC variety observed by Cluster, Champ and Swarm
Junying Yang, Malcolm Dunlop, Yanyan Yang, Chao Xiong, Hermann Lühr, Yulia Bogdanova, Qinghe Zhang, Jinbin Cao, Liuyuan Li, Yuduan Ma, Wenlong Liu, Huishan Fu, Xinhua Wei, Haoyu Lyu, Tieyan Wang, Chao Shen, Nils Olsen, and Patricia Ritter

EGU2015-11788 | Posters | ST2.2

The high altitude stagnation region as a second source of cold ion outflow
Kun Li, Stein Haaland, Patrick Daly, Mats Andre, and Anders Eriksson

EGU2015-9660 | Posters | ST2.2

The quasi-periodical VLF/ELF emissions detected onboard the DEMETER spacecraft: statistical and theoretical analysis
Dmitry Pasmanik, Mykhaylo Hayosh, Andrei Demekhov, Ondřej Santolík, František Nemec, and Michel Parrot

EGU2015-13291 | Posters | ST2.2

A survey of multi-point observations of the open-closed field line boundary by the Van Allen Probes
Paddy Dixon, Manuel Grande, and Elizabeth MacDonald

EGU2015-13712 | Posters | ST2.2

Variation of the ion composition in the ring current during magnetic storms: Van Allen Probes observations
Hao Luo, Aimin Du, Yasong Ge, Xin Cao, Ying Zhang, and Yuan Wang

EGU2015-5698 | Posters | ST2.2

Plasma jet deflection in the near Earth magnetotail
Rumi Nakamura, Alexandra Alexandrova, Daniel Schmid, Wolfgang Baumjohann, and Martin Volwerk

EGU2015-14834 | Posters | ST2.2

Investigation of tenuous plasma environment using Active Spacecraft Potential Control (ASPOC) on Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission
Rumi Nakamura, Harald Jeszenszky, Klaus Torkar, Maria Andriopoulou, Gerhard Fremuth, Martin Taijmar, Carsten Scharlemann, Knut Svenes, Philippe Escoubet, Gustav Prattes, Gunter Laky, Franz Giner, and Bernhard Hoelzl

EGU2015-14307 | Posters | ST2.2

Study of the plasma density derivation in tenuous plasma regions using spacecraft potential data under active control from the Cluster spacecraft
Maria Andriopoulou, Rumi Nakamura, and Klaus Torkar

EGU2015-3071 | Posters | ST2.2

MIT: A Future Mission to Investigate Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling with Multipoint Observations
Yong Liu, Chi Wang, Jiyao Xu, Xiaoyu Li, and Berndt Klecker

ST2.3 – Understanding the near-Earth space environment using highly accurate measurements of the geomagnetic field - A special session in honor of Hermann Lühr

EGU2015-1530 | Posters | ST2.3

Largest geomagnetic sudden commencement (SC) and interplanetary shock
Tohru Araki

EGU2015-14631 | Orals | ST2.3

Cluster operations in support of SWARM and first results
Arnaud Masson, Philippe Escoubet, and Harri Laakso

EGU2015-7481 | Orals | ST2.3

The Large-Scale Current System During Auroral Substorms
Jesper Gjerloev

EGU2015-3023 | Posters | ST2.3

The ionospheric disturbance dynamo investigated with CHAMP observations
Chao Xiong, Hermann Lühr, and Bela G. Fejer

EGU2015-8307 | Orals | ST2.3

An Overview of Scientific Results from the Flux-gate Magnetometer on the C/NOFS Satellite
Robert Pfaff, Guan Le, Henry Freudenreich, and Mario Acuna

EGU2015-5993 | Posters | ST2.3

SWARM accelerometer signal disturbances
Santoshkumar Burla, Guy Apelbaum, and Jakob Flury

EGU2015-4759 | Orals | ST2.3

Coordinated Coverage of FACs with Cluster and Swarm
Malcolm Dunlop, Junying Yang, Yanyan Yang, Yulia Bogdanova, Chao Xiong, Chao Shen, Hermann Luehr, Nils Olsen, Qinghe Zhang, Jinbin Cao, Patricia Ritter, Arnaud Masson, and Roger Haagmans

EGU2015-6725 | Posters | ST2.3

Multi-point Magnetic Field Observations of Field-Aligned Currents from Swarm Constellation Mission
Guan Le, Peter Chi, Hermann Lühr, Jesper Gjerloev, Claudia Stolle, Jaeheung Park, and Jan Rauberg

EGU2015-8122 | Posters | ST2.3

Interpretation of longitudinal differences of electron density at mid-latitudes
Hui Wang, Aaron Ridley, Hermann Luehr, and Shuying Ma

EGU2015-12587 | Orals | ST2.3

A decomposition of northern polar external magnetic fields using the method of Empirical Orthogonal Functions
Robert Shore, Mervyn Freeman, James Wild, Gareth Dorrian, and Jesper Gjerloev

EGU2015-2156 | Orals | ST2.3

Magnetospheric current systems as inferred from SYM and ASY mid-latitude indices
Natalia Ganushkina and Stepan Dubyagin

EGU2015-8209 | Posters | ST2.3

Temperature Effects on the Features of the CHAMP Vector Magnetometer
Fan Yin, Shuying Ma, Hermann Luehr, and Jan Rauberg

EGU2015-8539 | Posters | ST2.3

Tidal signatures of the thermospheric mass density and zonal wind at midlatitude: CHAMP and GRACE observations
Yunliang Zhou, Chao Xiong, Hermann Lühr, and Shuying Ma

EGU2015-12887 | Posters | ST2.3

Relation between stratospheric sudden warming and the lunar effect on the equatorial electrojet based on Huancayo recordings
Tarique Adnan Siddiqui, Hermann Lühr, Claudia Stolle, and Jaeheung Park

EGU2015-12937 | Posters | ST2.3

On the relevance of applying high-precision magnetic field models to magnetic data for studying the ionosphere
Claudia Stolle, Ingo Michaelis, Jan Rauberg, and Florian Dorgerloh

EGU2015-13304 | Posters | ST2.3

Contributions from the data samples in NOC technique on the extracting of the Sq variation
Yingyan Wu and Wenyao Xu

EGU2015-1454 | Posters | ST2.3

Hermann Lühr
Kristian Schlegel

ST2.4 – Radiation Belts: The balance of energization and loss processes

EGU2015-2342 | Posters | ST2.4

An extreme long-lived relativistic electron enhancement event
Xiaochao Yang

EGU2015-1672 | Orals | ST2.4 | Media interest

An Impenetrable Barrier to Ultra-Relativistic Electrons in the Van Allen Radiation Belt
Daniel Baker

EGU2015-3889 | Posters | ST2.4

Magnetospheric Line Radiation: Survey results using 6.5 years of DEMETER spacecraft data
Barbora Bezdekova, Frantisek Nemec, Michel Parrot, Ondrej Santolik, and Oksana Kruparova

EGU2015-4310 | Posters | ST2.4

Energy dependence of relativistic electron flux variations in the outer radiation belt during geomagnetic storms
Ying Xiong, Lun Xie, Jinxing Li, Suiyan Fu, Zuyin Pu, Lunjin Chen, Binbin Ni, and Wen Li

EGU2015-3992 | Orals | ST2.4

Drift Phase Structure as a Diagnostic of Outer Belt Radial Transport
Paul OBrien, Tamitha Mulligan Skov, Seth Claudepierre, James Roeder, Joseph Fennell, and Janet Green

EGU2015-6407 | Posters | ST2.4

Effects of cold electron number density variation on whistler-mode wave growth
Rongxin Tang, Danny Summers, Xiaohua Deng, and Yun He

EGU2015-1214 | Orals | ST2.4

The role of EMIC waves in radiation belt dynamics
Maria Usanova, Alexander Drozdov, Ian Mann, Ksenia Orlova, Yuri Shprits, and Robert Ergun

EGU2015-6439 | Posters | ST2.4

Wave Energy Budget in the Earth Radiation Belts
Anton Artemyev, Oleksiy Agapitov, Didier Mourenas, Vladimir Krasnoselskikh, and Forest Mozer

EGU2015-6531 | Posters | ST2.4

The generation of nonlinear Electric Field Bursts in the outer radiation belt through the parametric decay of whistler waves
Oleksiy Agapitov, Vladimir Krasnoselskikh, Forrest Mozer, and Anton Artemyev

EGU2015-329 | Orals | ST2.4

The role of Pc5 waves in relativistic electron losses through the magnetopause
Christos Katsavrias, Ioannis Daglis, Drew Turner, Marina Georgiou, Constantinos Papadimitriou, Ingmar Sandberg, and George Balasis

EGU2015-10531 | Posters | ST2.4

Ring Current Density Distribution and Coupling with Radiation Belts Plasma Population
Yulia Bogdanova, Malcolm Dunlop, Chris Perry, Andrew Fazakerley, Berndt Klecker, Christopher Mouikis, Qinghe Zhang, and Chao Shen

EGU2015-12999 | Posters | ST2.4

Magnetic field depression in electron holes
Ivan Vasko, Oleksiy Agapitov, Forrest Mozer, and Anton Artemyev

EGU2015-4000 | Orals | ST2.4

Saturn Observations of Z-mode Wave Intensity and Possible Electron Acceleration
Douglas Menietti, Shengyi Ye, Terrance Averkamp, Richard Horne, Yuri Shprits, Emma Woodfield, Donald Gurnett, and Ann Persoon

EGU2015-1282 | Posters | ST2.4

3D and 4D Simulations of the Dynamics of the Radiation Belts using VERB code
Yuri Shprits, Adam Kellerman, Alexander Drozdov, and Ksenia Orlova

EGU2015-5122 | Orals | ST2.4

RELEC Experiment on board Vernov Satellite: Relativistic Electron Flux Dynamics in Near-Earth Space
Sergiey Svertilov and the RELEC

EGU2015-1465 | Orals | ST2.4

Electron Acceleration in the radiation belts: wave obliquity effects for Kp < 5 and modifications of the particle distribution for Kp > 5

EGU2015-5448 | Posters | ST2.4

Prediction of Geospace Radiation Environment and Solar Wind Parameters
Michael Balikhin, Tony Arber, Robertus Erdelyi, Natalya Ganushkina, Bart van der Holst, Vladimir Krasnoselskikh, Michael Liemohn, Ivan Pakhotin, Yuri Shprits, Simon Walker, Magnus Wik, Peter Wintoft, and Vitaliy Yatsenko

EGU2015-6037 | Posters | ST2.4

Relativistic Electron Acceleration during High Intensity Auroral Activities: Maximum Energy Level Dependence
Rajkumar Hajra, Bruce Tsurutani, Ezequiel Echer, and Walter Gonzalez

EGU2015-7743 | Orals | ST2.4

The role of oblique whistler waves in the development of bursts of localized parallel electric fields in the Earth's outer radiation belt
Oleksiy Agapitov, James Drake, Forrest Mozer, and Vladimir Krasnoselskikh

EGU2015-3056 | Orals | ST2.4

Plasmaspheric Hiss Properties: Observations from Polar
Bruce Tsurutani, Barbara Falkowski, Jolene Pickett, Ondrej Santolik, and Gurbax Lakhina

EGU2015-7109 | Posters | ST2.4

: The AE9/AP9 Next Generation Radiation Specification Models – Progress Report
Paul OBrien, W. Robert Johnston, Stuart Huston, and Gregory Ginet

EGU2015-12721 | Orals | ST2.4

Characteristics of plasmaspehrtic hiss
Harri Laakso, Ondrej Santolik, Ivana Kolmasova, Richard Horne, Philippe Escoubet, Arnaud Masson, and Matt Taylor

EGU2015-8683 | Posters | ST2.4

Whistler-mode waves with large amplitudes in the radiation belt region: new results from the Van Allen Probes
Ondrej Santolik, Ivana Kolmasova, William S Kurth, George B Hospodarsky, Craig A Kletzing, and Scott R Bounds

EGU2015-8936 | Posters | ST2.4

Radiation belt measurements strategy for space weather applications
Sebastien Bourdarie, Vincent Maget, Didier Lazaro, Yannis Daglis, and Ingmar Sandberg

EGU2015-3907 | Orals | ST2.4

Quasi-periodic modulation of equatorial noise intensity
Frantisek Nemec, Ondrej Santolik, Zuzana Hrbackova, Jolene S. Pickett, and Nicole Cornilleau-Wehrlin

EGU2015-11425 | Posters | ST2.4

ULF waves and relativistic electron acceleration and losses from the radiation belts: A superposed epoch analysis
Marina Georgiou, Ioannis Daglis, Eftyhia Zesta, Christos Katsavrias, Georgios Balasis, Ian Mann, and Kanaris Tsinganos

EGU2015-6705 | Orals | ST2.4

Solar Wind Drivers of Storm-Time Radiation Belt Variations
Emilia Kilpua, Heli Hietala, Drew Turner, Hannu Koskinen, Tuija Pulkkinen, Juan Rodriguez, Geoffrey Reeves, Seth Claudepierre, and Harlan Spence

EGU2015-14159 | Posters | ST2.4

Earthquake related VLF activity and Electron Precipitation as a Major Agent of the Inner Radiation Belt Losses
Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos, Nikolaos Sidiropoulos, and Georgios Barlas

EGU2015-14730 | Posters | ST2.4

DREAM-3D and the importance of model inputs and boundary conditions
Reiner Friedel, Weichao Tu, Gregory Cunningham, Anders Jorgensen, and Yue Chen

EGU2015-14748 | Posters | ST2.4

Energetic particle injection deep into the inner magnetosphere: Van Allen Probes observations
Geoff Reeves, Reiner Friedel, Brian Larsen, Seth Claudepierre, Joseph Fennell, and Harlan Spence

ST2.5 – Earth magnetosphere physics and geomagnetic storms | PICO

EGU2015-848 | PICO | ST2.5

Jumps of the solar wind direction and the substorm probability
Daria Kubyshkina, Marina Kubyshkina, and Vladimir Semenov

EGU2015-5804 | PICO | ST2.5

Does a "substorm precursor" exist in the polar cap?
Nataliya Nosikova, Dag Lorentzen, Nadezda Yagova, Lisa Baddeley, Vyacheslav Pilipenko, and Olga Kozyreva

EGU2015-6670 | PICO | ST2.5

Evolution of earthward propagating magnetic islands in the near-Earth magnetotail
Alexey Isavnin, Ioannis Vogiatzis, and Takayuki Haruki

EGU2015-6901 | PICO | ST2.5

Multiscale Processes with Multipoint Observations: The Contribution of the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission
Cong Zhao, Christopher T. Russell, Brian J. Anderson, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Jim L. Burch, Guan Le, Werner Magnes, Rumi Nakamura, James A. Slavin, Robert J. Strangeway, and Roy B. Torbert

EGU2015-8709 | PICO | ST2.5

Dependence of efficiency of magnetic storm generation on the types of interplanetary drivers.
Yuri Yermolaev, Nadezhda Nikolaeva, and Irina Lodkina

EGU2015-10135 | PICO | ST2.5

On the scaling features of high-latitude geomagnetic field fluctuations during a large geomagnetic storm
Paola De Michelis, Maria Federica Marcucci, and Giuseppe Consolini

EGU2015-10854 | PICO | ST2.5

Solar wind - magnetosphere coupling efficiency during ejecta and sheath region driven intense geomagnetic storms
Minna Myllys, Emilia Kilpua, Benoit Lavraud, and Tuija Pulkkinen

ST3.1 – Open Session on the Ionosphere and Thermosphere

EGU2015-10406 | Orals | ST3.1

Quasi-two day wave related variability in the background dynamics and composition of the mesosphere / thermosphere, and the ionosphere
Loren Chang, Jia Yue, Wenbin Wang, Qian Wu, and Robert Meier

EGU2015-14484 | Posters | ST3.1

Modeling the EUV/UV irradiance within the FP7 SOLID Project
Margit Haberreiter, Veronique Delouille, Giulio Del Zanna, Ingolf Dammasch, Marie Dominique, Thierry Dudok de Wit, Ilaria Ermolli, Andrew Jones, Matthieu Kretzschmar, Benjamin Mampaey, Robert Schaefer, Gerhard Schmidtke, Micha Schoell, Gerard Thuillier, Cis Verbeeck, Seth Wieman, Tom Woods, and Werner Schmutz

EGU2015-3901 | Posters | ST3.1

Unusual attenuation events in the VLF range observed by the DEMETER spacecraft
Jan Zahlava, Frantisek Nemec, Michel Parrot, Craig J. Rodger, and Ondrej Santolik

EGU2015-2665 | Orals | ST3.1 | Media interest

Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling and Energy Partitioning During Two HSS Events
Olga Verkhoglyadova, Anthony Mannucci, Xing Meng, Bruce Tsurutani, Martin Mlynczak, Linda Hunt, Robert Redmon, and Janet Green

EGU2015-14254 | Orals | ST3.1

Thermosphere Response to Geomagnetic Variability during Solar Minimum Conditions
Jeffrey Forbes, Federico Gasperini, Xiaoli Zhang, Eelco Doornbos, Sean Bruinsma, Kathrin Haeusler, and Maura Hagan

EGU2015-14620 | Posters | ST3.1

Effects of mass density enhancements on VLF transmitter signals
Mohammed Y. Boudjada, Helmut Lammer, Eimad Al-Haddad, Martin Leitzinger, and Sandro Krauss

EGU2015-1533 | Orals | ST3.1

Statistical results for the thermospheric and geomagnetic response to interplanetary coronal mass ejections
Manuela Temmer, Sandro Krauss, Astrid Veronig, Oliver Baur, and Helmut Lammer

EGU2015-307 | Posters | ST3.1

Investigation of ELF/VLF waves created by a “beat-wave” HF ionospheric heating at high latitudes
Oleg Shumilov, Evgeniy Tereshchenko, Elena Kasatkina, and Alexandr Gomonov

EGU2015-521 | Posters | ST3.1

Power line emission 50/60 Hz and Schumann resonances observed by microsatellite Chibis-M in the Earth's ionosphere
Denys Dudkin, Vyacheslav Pilipenko, Fedir Dudkin, Vira Pronenko, and Stanislav Klimov

EGU2015-11071 | Orals | ST3.1

Impacts of CME on the TEC at middle and low latitudes during maximum of the 24th solar cycle
Yenca Olivia Migoya Orue, Christine Amory-Mazaudier, Sandro Radicella, Bruno Nava, and Anton Kashcheyev

EGU2015-1340 | Posters | ST3.1

Studying Parameters of Waves Generated by Dawn and Dusk Solar Terminators
Beibit Zhumabaiev, Artur Yakovets, Galina Gordienko, and Yuriy Litvinov

EGU2015-3557 | Orals | ST3.1

Ionospheric ionization calculated from combined SolACES-SDO/EVE solar EUV spectra and comparison with global TEC at different time scales
Christoph Jacobi, Claudia Unglaub, Gerhard Schmidtke, Robert Schäfer, Raimund Brunner, Tom Woods, and Norbert Jakowski

EGU2015-5215 | Posters | ST3.1

Transient growth of IGW in the ionosphere with non-uniform shear winds
Khatuna Chargazia and Oleg Kharshiladze

EGU2015-1382 | Orals | ST3.1

Low-latitude field-aligned currents deduced by Swarm
Hermann Lühr, Guram Kervalishvili, and Jan Rauberg

EGU2015-11489 | Posters | ST3.1

Propagation of gravity waves over Taiwan observed by continuous Doppler sounding
Jiří Fišer, Jaroslav Chum, and Jann-Yenq Liu

EGU2015-3563 | Orals | ST3.1

Propagation of Spread F at low-latitude ionosphere from multi-point Doppler sounding
Jaroslav Chum, Miguel Cabrera, Jann-Yenq Liu, Jiri Base, Fernando Bonomi, Jiri Fiser, Frantisek Hruska, and Jan Lastovicka

EGU2015-2746 | Orals | ST3.1

Real time reconstruction of 3-D electron density distribution over Europe with TaD profiler
Ivan Kutiev, Pencho Marinov, and Anna Belehaki

EGU2015-9768 | Posters | ST3.1

The effect of moving cold fronts over Central Europe to the variability of the ionosphere
Katerina Potuznikova, Petra Koucka Knizova, Josef Boska, Tereza Sindelarova, and Zbysek Mosna

EGU2015-9962 | Orals | ST3.1

Impact of the dipole tilt angle on the ionospheric plasma in the outer plasmasphere
Aurelie Marchaudon and Pierre-Louis Blelly

EGU2015-3320 | Posters | ST3.1

A statistical study of short period waves in the ionosphere above Central Europe
Tereza Sindelarova, Jaroslav Chum, Zbysek Mosna, Dalia Buresova, Katerina Potuznikova, Jiri Base, and Jiri Fiser

EGU2015-8571 | Posters | ST3.1

Vertical characteristics of midlatitude E and F region ionospheric drifts during disturbed conditions..
Josef Boska, Daniel Kouba, Petra Koucka Knizova, and Katerina Potuznikova

EGU2015-15246 | Orals | ST3.1

The puzzle of massive negative ions above the ionospheric D-region – Revisit, new insights, and suggestion of a puzzle solution
Frank Arnold

EGU2015-3296 | Posters | ST3.1

Is atomic oxygen the primary driver of long-term trends in the ionosphere-upper atmosphere?
Jan Laštovička

EGU2015-9016 | Orals | ST3.1

Investigating the Middle and Lower Thermosphere using a Cubesat Constellation: the QB50 Mission and its Particular Challenges
Davide Masutti, Tamas Banyai, Jan Thoemel, Thierry Magin, Benjamin Taylor, and Dhiren Kataria

EGU2015-5596 | Posters | ST3.1

Latitudinal/longitudinal dependence of the magnetic storm effect on ionosphere
Dalia Buresova, Jan Lastovicka, Jaroslav Chum, Tereza Sindelarova, Zbysek Mosna, Jaroslav Urbar, and Daniel Kouba

EGU2015-3697 | Posters | ST3.1

Behavior of the ionosphere over Europe during two geomagnetic storms which caused tongues of ionization over North America.
Marta Rodriguez-Bouza, Miguel Herraiz, Gracia Rodriguez-Caderot, and Sandro M. Radicella

EGU2015-10305 | Posters | ST3.1

Effects of the 20 March 2015 total solar eclipse on the ionosphere-thermosphere system
Maxime Grandin, Aurelie Marchaudon, Anita Aikio, Pierre-Louis Blelly, Alexander Kozlovsky, Frederic Pitout, Thomas Ulich, Mark Lester, Ethan Miller, and Tim Yeoman

EGU2015-1339 | Posters | ST3.1

Mechanisms of Nighttime Enhancements in the Electron Concentration in the F2 Layer of the Midlatitude Ionosphere
Artur Yakovets, Galina Gordienko, and Yuriy Litvinov

EGU2015-7930 | Posters | ST3.1

A study of the Ionospheric electron density profile with FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC observation data
Min-Yang Chou, Ho-Fang Tsai, Chi-Yen Lin, I-Te Lee, Charles Lin, and Jann-Yenq Liu

EGU2015-3342 | Posters | ST3.1

Longtime analysis of floating potential and electron temperature by TPMU - PROBA II microsatellite instrument
Katerina Podolska, Frantisek Hruska, and Vladimir Truhlik

EGU2015-11005 | Posters | ST3.1

Determining decay rates of polar cap plasma using observations of polar cap patches
Liam Hardwick and Alan Wood

EGU2015-5520 | Posters | ST3.1

Scintillation from poleward moving auroral forms in the cusp ionosphere
Kjellmar Oksavik, Christer van der Meeren, Dag A. Lorentzen, and Lisa J. Baddeley

EGU2015-4779 | Posters | ST3.1

Observations of simultaneous multi-constellation GNSS scintillation in nightside aurora over Svalbard
Christer van der Meeren, Kjellmar Oksavik, and Dag Lorentzen

EGU2015-12564 | Posters | ST3.1

Regional Arctic observations of TEC gradients and scintillations
Tibor Durgonics, Per Høeg, and Hans-Henrik Benzon

EGU2015-12899 | Posters | ST3.1

The C-REX Sounding Rocket Mission
Mark Conde, Miguel Larsen, Donald Hampton, Manbharat Dhadly, Jason Ahrns, Anasuya Aruliah, Yoshihiro Kakinami, Barrett Barker, Andrew Kiene, Fred Sigernes, and Dag Lorentzen

EGU2015-7781 | Posters | ST3.1

Characteristics of winter-time meridional thermospheric winds over Tromsø during solar minimum
Hongtao Cai, Weijia Zhan, Dingjuan Huang, Fei Li, Kangjun Zhou, Ge Shen, Ian Willian McCrea, and Shuying Ma

EGU2015-5373 | Posters | ST3.1

Dayside 630.0 nm emissions due to thermally excited O(1D) in the cusp region ionosphere over Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Norah Kaggwa Kwagala, Kjellmar Oksavik, Dag A Lorentzen, and Herbert C Carlson

EGU2015-12769 | Posters | ST3.1

1er cru: A spectropolarimeter to measure the polarisation of auroral thermospheric emission spectra
Mathieu Barthelemy, Herve Lamy, Jean Lilensten, and Anne Vialatte

EGU2015-5202 | Posters | ST3.1

Effects of electric field component representation on estimated cross polar cap potential - Implications for interhemispheric asymmetries
Karl Magnus Laundal, Matthias Förster, Stein Haaland, Kristian Snekvik, Nikolai Østgaard, Paul Tenfjord, Jone Reistad, and Steve Milan

EGU2015-5785 | Posters | ST3.1

Magnetic field patterns near the polar cap boundary
Kristian Snekvik, Karl Magnus Laundal, Nikolai Østgaard, Paul Tenfjord, Jone Peter Reistad, Steve Milan, and Stein Haaland

EGU2015-5289 | Posters | ST3.1

Dynamical response of the magnetotail to the vertical directional changes of solar wind flow
Dana Saxonbergová, Zoltán Voros, and Ján Šimkanin

ST4.1 – Theory and simulation of solar system plasmas

EGU2015-1053 | Posters | ST4.1

Nonlinear interactions of magneto-Poincare waves in rotating space plasma
Dmitry Klimachkov and Arakel Petrosyan

EGU2015-2274 | Orals | ST4.1 | Media interest

Kinetic simulations of magnetic reconnection in three-dimensional null-points.
Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Giovanni Lapenta, Andrey Divin, and Stefano Markidis

EGU2015-5300 | Orals | ST4.1

Kinetic equilibrium for an asymmetric tangential layer with rotation of the magnetic field
Gérard Belmont, Nicolas Dorville, Nicolas Aunai, and Laurence Rezeau

EGU2015-2100 | Posters | ST4.1

The Study Of Low-Frequency Instabilities Of Current Sheaths Of Space Plasma Within The Quasi-Linear Theory
Vladimir Lyahov and Vladimir Neshchadim

EGU2015-3712 | Posters | ST4.1

Planetary turbulence: survey of Cassini data in the Saturn's magnetosheath
Lina Hadid, Fouad Sahraoui, Khurom Kiyani, Ronan Modolo, Alessandro Retino, Patrick Canu, Adam Masters, Michele K. Dougherty, and Donald A. Gurnett

EGU2015-6423 | Orals | ST4.1

2D Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection for a Force-Free Current Sheet
Fiona Wilson, Thomas Neukirch, and Michael Hesse

EGU2015-4637 | Posters | ST4.1

Forecasting the solar photospheric magnetic field using solar flux transport model and local ensemble Kalman filtering
Ying Zhang, Aimin Du, and Xueshang Feng

EGU2015-8035 | Orals | ST4.1

Magnetized Knots: Structure, Invariants and Dissipation
Ilan Roth

EGU2015-8657 | Orals | ST4.1

The effect of plasma inhomogeneities on (i) radio emission generation by non-gyrotropic electron beams and (ii) particle acceleration by Langmuir waves
David Tsiklauri

EGU2015-12860 | Posters | ST4.1

Electromagnetic fluctuations due to electron shear flow instabilities in collisionless magnetic reconnection
Neeraj Jain and Joerg Buechner

EGU2015-5261 | Posters | ST4.1

Ion Energisation in the Earth Geomagnetic Tail Modeled with Coupled Global MHD and Kinetic Models
Giovanni Lapenta, Maha Ashour Abdalla, Raymond Walker, and Mostafa El-Alaoui

EGU2015-12586 | Orals | ST4.1

Large scale standing slow mode structures in MHD simulations of the hermean magnetosphere
Filippo Pantellini, Romain Meyrand, and Jacobo Varela

EGU2015-5241 | Orals | ST4.1

Fully Kinetic Simulations of Asymmetric Magnetic Reconnection at the Magnetopause with Different Configurations
Emanuele Cazzola and Giovanni Lapenta

EGU2015-5320 | Posters | ST4.1

Fourier spectrum and phases for a signal in a finite interval
Gérard Belmont, Nicolas Dorville, Fouad Sahraoui, and Laurence Rezeau

EGU2015-6745 | Posters | ST4.1

A new simple dynamo model for solar activity cycle
Nobumitsu Yokoi and Dieter Schmitt

EGU2015-8487 | Posters | ST4.1

Particles momenta through the Alfven transition layer of the cusp region : 3D global particle-in-cell simulations
DongSheng Cai, Bertrand Lembege, Amin Esmaeili, and Ken-ichi NIshikawa

EGU2015-8884 | Posters | ST4.1

Three dimensional magnetohydrodynamic simulation of linearly polarised Alfven wave dynamics in Arnold-Beltrami-Childress magnetic field
David Tsiklauri

EGU2015-9734 | Posters | ST4.1

Fluid simulations of Alfvenic turbulence at ion scales
Thierry Passot, Dimitri Laveder, and Pierre-Louis Sulem

EGU2015-10539 | Posters | ST4.1

On the possibility of nonlinear and force-free Vlasov-Maxwell equilibria with low plasma-beta
Oliver Allanson, Fiona Wilson, and Thomas Neukirch

EGU2015-11100 | Posters | ST4.1

Identification and characterisation of small-scale heating events in the solar atmosphere from 3D MHD simulations
Nuno Guerreiro, Margit Haberreiter, Viggo Hansteen, and Werner Schmutz

EGU2015-14389 | Posters | ST4.1

Perpendicular cascade of initial parallel Alfvén-cyclotron wave spectrum
Yana Maneva, Leon Ofman, Adolfo Vinas, and Stefaan Poedts

ST4.2 – Turbulence and Instabilities in Space Plasmas (co-organized)

EGU2015-15345 | Posters | ST4.2

3-dimensional anisotropy in Alfv\’enic turbulence
Alfred Mallet, Alex Schekochihin, Ben Chandran, Christopher Chen, Tim Horbury, Robert Wicks, Charlotte Greenan, and Stuart Bale