US – Union Symposia

US1 – Geocomplexity and scales

EGU2015-192 | Orals | US1

Waves and vortices in rotating stratified turbulence
Annick Pouquet, Corentin Herbert, Raffaele Marino, and Duane Rosenberg

EGU2015-8116 | Orals | US1

Transient Scaling Behavior and Predictability of Atmospheric Moisture, Clouds and Precipitation
Ana Barros, Miguel Nogueira, and Xiaoming Sun

EGU2015-1084 | Orals | US1

Scales and scaling in turbulent ocean sciences; physics-biology coupling
Francois Schmitt

EGU2015-2542 | Orals | US1

Scaling in the climate, non-universality and climate states
Peter Ditlevsen and Zhi-gang Shao

EGU2015-15010 | Orals | US1

GeoComplexity and scale: surface processes and remote sensing of geosystems. GeoComplexity and scale: surface processes and remote sensing of geosystems
Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2015-4232 | Orals | US1

Mass Extinctions and Biosphere-Geosphere Stability
Daniel Rothman and Samuel Bowring

US2 – Celebrating 200 years of modelling of geological processes

EGU2015-15928 | Orals | US2

Past and present of analogue modelling, and its future trend
Hemin Koyi

EGU2015-7639 | Orals | US2

Analogue and numerical modelling in Volcanology: Development, evolution and future challenges
Janine Kavanagh and Catherine Annen

EGU2015-9705 | Orals | US2

Modelling of deformation and recrystallisation microstructures in rocks and ice
Paul D. Bons, Lynn A. Evans, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Albert Griera, Mark W. Jessell, Ricardo Lebensohn, Maria-Gema Llorens, Mark Peternell, Sandra Piazolo, Ilka Weikusat, and Chris J.L. Wilson

EGU2015-8478 | Orals | US2

Quantitative Geomorphology: How computers have revolutionized the way we think about landscapes
Jean Braun, Philippe Davy, Stéphane Bonnet, David Lundbek Egholm, Jon D Pelletier, and Gregory E Tucker

EGU2015-14966 | Orals | US2

Experimental, Numerical and Observational Models in Geodynamics
Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni

EGU2015-15178 | Orals | US2

Numerical Models in Planetary Geology – Specifics of One-Plate Planets
Doris Breuer, Kai Wünnemann, and Tilman Spohn

US3 – Geophysics and Resilience, what is at stake?

EGU2015-14566 | Orals | US3 | Media interest

The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Urban Radar Network: Enhancing Resilience in the Presence of Floods, Tornadoes, Hail and High Winds
Chandrasekar V. Chandra* and the full DFW team

EGU2015-7824 | Orals | US3 | Media interest

Social Experiments in Tokyo Metropolitan Area Convection Study for Extreme Weather Resilient Cities(TOMACS)
Nakatani Tsuyoshi, Isao Nakamura, Ryohei MIsumi, and Yoshinori Shoji

EGU2015-15265 | Orals | US3 | Media interest

Which resilience of the continental rainfall-runoff chain?
Klaus Fraedrich

EGU2015-9963 | Orals | US3 | Media interest

How resilient are ecosystems in adapting to climate variability
Hubert H.G. Savenije

EGU2015-7006 | Orals | US3 | Media interest

Predicting Predictable about Natural Catastrophic Extremes
Vladimir Kossobokov

EGU2015-12686 | Orals | US3 | Media interest

Towards a common formalization of resilience and vulnerability to natural hazards
Charles Rougé, Jean-Denis Mathias, and Guillaume Deffuant

US4 – What is Inside? Planetary Interiors as Viewed From Space

EGU2015-7269 | Orals | US4 | Media interest

The Interior of the Moon from the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) Mission
Maria Zuber

EGU2015-15236 | Orals | US4

Evolution and structure of Mercury's interior from MESSENGER observations
Nicola Tosi

EGU2015-15240 | Orals | US4

Interior of Mars from spacecraft and complementary data.
Veronique Dehant

EGU2015-15238 | Orals | US4

Mars, Moon, Mercury: Magnetometry Constrains Planetary Evolution
John E.P. Connerney

EGU2015-15239 | Orals | US4 | Media interest

The interior structure of Enceladus from Cassini gravity measurements
Luciano Iess

EGU2015-15235 | Orals | US4

PhoDEx — a mission to explore the interiors of Phobos and Deimos
Jürgen Oberst, Kai Wickhusen, and Konrad Willner and the PhoDEx Team

US5 – International Year of Soil - Soil Science within an interdisciplinary framework

EGU2015-5930 | Orals | US5 | Media interest

Soil Science and Global Issues
Rattan Lal

EGU2015-6039 | Orals | US5 | Media interest

Soil biotic interactions and climate change: consequences for carbon cycle feedbacks
Richard Bardgett

EGU2015-3368 | Orals | US5 | Media interest

Water in the critical zone: soil, water and life from profile to planet
Mike Kirkby

EGU2015-15822 | Orals | US5 | Media interest

Soil fertility and the role of soils for food security in developing countries
Pablo Tittonell

EGU2015-4280 | Orals | US5 | Media interest

Soils and public health: the vital nexus
Yakov Pachepsky

EGU2015-2620 | Orals | US5 | Media interest

Timely injection of knowledge when interacting with stakeholders and policy makers.
Johan Bouma
CC BY 4.0