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BG – Biogeosciences

BG1.1 – Open session on Biogeosciences (Posters only) (Sponsored by PalAss) (co-organized)

EGU2016-2167 | Posters | BG1.1

Application of oysters as useful concentration indicators to evaluate the fate of xenoestrogenic alkylphenols along the western coastal areas of Taiwan
Wanghsien Ding

EGU2016-2325 | Posters | BG1.1

Soil sustainability study in Lithuanian alien forest stands
Dovile Čiuldiene, Grazina Skridlaite, Gaile Žalūdiene, Cecilia Askelsson, and Kestutis Armolaitis

EGU2016-2659 | Posters | BG1.1

Incorporation of 13C labelled root-shoot residues in soil in the presence of Lumbricus terrestris: An isotopic and molecular approach
Alix Vidal, Marie Alexis, Thanh Tu Nguyen Tu, Christelle Anquetil, Véronique Vaury, Sylvie Derenne, and Katell Quenea

EGU2016-2718 | Posters | BG1.1

Measurement of undisturbed di-nitrogen emissions from aquatic ecosystems
Shuping Qin

EGU2016-5771 | Posters | BG1.1

Phenolic compounds in Ross Sea water
Roberta Zangrando, Elena Barbaro, Andrea Gambaro, Carlo Barbante, Fabiana Corami, Natalie Kehrwald, and Gabriele Capodaglio

EGU2016-6306 | Posters | BG1.1

Microzonation O2 and H2S respiration in recent organic matter-rich sediments. Petrola Lake (SE Albacete).
Alfonso Menchen, Nicolas Valiente, and Juan Jose Gomez-Alday

EGU2016-8201 | Posters | BG1.1

Possible role of Rhodotorula sp. in the formation of jarosite in the AMD environment of Muskau Arch, Poland
Natalia Jakus, Andrzej Chlebicki, Piotr Bożęcki, and Maciej Manecki

EGU2016-8425 | Posters | BG1.1

Hydrodynamic control of phytoplankton size-structure and plankton metabolism in the Ría de Vigo (NW Spain)
José Lozano García, María Aranguren-Gassis, Ramiro Varela, Juan Luis Herrera, José González, María Pérez-Lorenzo, Betiana Hidalgo-Robatto, Enma Elena García-Martín, Dámaso Martínez, and Pablo Serret

EGU2016-8722 | Posters | BG1.1

On the detection of thermohygrometric differences of Juniperus turbinata habitat between north and south faces in the island of El Hierro (Canary Islands)
Montserrat Salva-Catarineu, Ferran Salvador-Franch, Joan A. Lopez-Bustins, Pedro A. Padrón-Padrón, and Amparo Cortés-Lucas

EGU2016-9277 | Posters | BG1.1

Monitoring and Predicting the Export and Fate of Global Ocean Net Primary Production: The EXPORTS Field Program
EXPORTS Science Definition Team

EGU2016-9403 | Posters | BG1.1

Vertical microbial community variability of carbonate-based cones may provide insight into ancient conical stromatolite formation
James Bradley, Leslie Daille, Christopher Trivedi, Caitlin Bojanowski, Heather Nunn, Blake Stamps, Hope Johnson, Bradley Stevenson, Will Berelson, Frank Corsetti, and John Spear

EGU2016-9413 | Posters | BG1.1

Sea spray geoengineering can reduce ocean net primary productivity and carbon uptake
Antti-Ilari Partanen, David Keller, Hannele Korhonen, and Damon Matthews

EGU2016-9805 | Posters | BG1.1

Bacterial 16S diversity of basal ice, sediment, and the forefront of Svínafellsjökull glacier via isolation chips and classical culturing techniques
Mario Toubes-Rodrigo, Simon Cook, David Elliott, and Robin Sen

EGU2016-9847 | Posters | BG1.1

Absolute Calibration of Si iRMs used for Si Paleo-nutrient proxies
Robert Vocke and Savelas Rabb

EGU2016-10152 | Posters | BG1.1

Establishing the base of underground sources of drinking water (10,000ppm) using geophysical logs and chemical reports in the southern San Joaquin Basin, CA
David Kong and Janice Gillespie

EGU2016-10306 | Posters | BG1.1

Potential for using regional and global datasets for national scale ecosystem service modelling
Deborah Maxwell and Bethanna Jackson

EGU2016-10681 | Posters | BG1.1

Contrasting Marine Carbon Monoxide Budget in the North Pacific and the Amundsen Sea
Young Shin Kwon and Tae Siek Rhee

EGU2016-11868 | Posters | BG1.1 | Media interest

Ten years of elemental atmospheric metal fallout and Pb isotopic composition monitoring using lichens in north-eastern France
Christophe Cloquet and Nicolas Estrade

EGU2016-14904 | Posters | BG1.1

Towards a consistent approach of measuring and modelling CO2 exchange with manual chambers
Vytas Huth, Shrijana Vaidya, Mathias Hoffmann, Nicole Jurisch, Anke Günther, Laura Gundlach, Ulrike Hagemann, Lars Elsgaard, and Jürgen Augustin

BG1.2 – Application of stable isotopes in Biogeosciences (co-organized by the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG)

EGU2016-572 | Posters | BG1.2

Estimating plant water uptake source depths with optimized stable water isotope labeling
Stefan Seeger and Markus Weiler

EGU2016-17545 | Orals | BG1.2

Cr isotope fractionation in metal-mineral-microbe interactions
Qiong Zhang, Don Porcelli, Ian Thompson, Ken Amor, and Stephen Galer

EGU2016-1097 | Posters | BG1.2

Climatic gradient and δ13C values of plants: A case study from the Himalaya
Pranav Hirave and Prasanta Sanyal

EGU2016-15232 | Orals | BG1.2

Preliminary results from a microvolume, dynamically heated analytical column for preconcentration and separation of simple gases prior to stable isotopic analysis
Robert James Panetta and Mike Seed

EGU2016-722 | Orals | BG1.2

Measuring and utilizing the hydrogen isotopic composition of deep-sea corals
Samuel Davin, Claude Hillaire-Marcel, Evan Edinger, and Yves Gelinas

EGU2016-11421 | Posters | BG1.2

Estimation on soil erosion dynamics using stable isotope ratios of soil organic matter
Gergely Jakab, Dóra Zacháry, Zoltán Szalai, Marianna Ringer, and Judit Szabó

EGU2016-7915 | Orals | BG1.2

Stable isotopes suggest differences in diet between historic and reintroduced Przewalski´s horses in the Gobi desert
Martina Burnik Šturm, Natalia N. Spasskaya, Mikhail V. Sablin, Christian C. Voigt, and Petra Kaczensky

EGU2016-1148 | Posters | BG1.2

Microbial assimilation of dissolved organic matter in shallow aquitards constrained using organic speciation and stable carbon isotopes
Adam Hartland and Wendy Timms

EGU2016-16289 | Orals | BG1.2

Diurnal variation in respiratory CO2 flux in an arid ecosystem
Hella van Asperen, Thorsten Warneke, Simone Sabbatini, Martin Höpker, Tommaso Chiti, Giacomo Nicolini, Dario Papale, Michael Böhm, and Justus Notholt

EGU2016-2334 | Posters | BG1.2

Fingerprints of environmental stressors in three selected Slovenian gravel-bed rivers: geochemical and isotopic approach
Tjaša Kanduč, David Kocman, Barbara Debeljak, and Nataša Mori

EGU2016-16367 | Orals | BG1.2

A new approach to quantifying internal diffusion resistances and CO2 isotope exchange in leaves
Jason West, Jérôme Ogée, Régis Burlett, Teresa Gimeno, Bernard Genty, Samuel Jones, Steven Wohl, Alexandre Bosc, and Lisa Wingate

EGU2016-2680 | Posters | BG1.2

Dual nitrate isotopes in the Dutch and German Wadden Sea and its tributary rivers
Tina Sanders, Philipp Wiese, and Kirstin Dähnke

EGU2016-6573 | Posters | BG1.2

A time series of N speciation and N isotope fractionation during nitrification in a eutrophic coastal embayment
Tim Kalvelage, Claire Normandeau, William Li, and Douglas R.W. Wallace

EGU2016-12835 | Posters | BG1.2

N-C isotopic investigation of a zeolite-amended agricultural field
Giacomo Ferretti, Claudio Natali, Barbara Faccini, Dario Di Giuseppe, Gianluca Bianchini, and Massimo Coltorti

EGU2016-11053 | Posters | BG1.2

Stable isotopic composition of pedogenic carbonate in soils of Minusinsk Hollow
Jessica Vasil'chuk, Pavel Krechetov, Nadine Budantseva, Julia Chizhova, and Yurij Vasil'chuk

EGU2016-18525 | Posters | BG1.2

Nitrogen input 15N-signatures are reflected in plant 15N natural abundances of N-rich tropical forest in China
Geshere Abdisa Gurmesa, Xiankai Lu, Per Gundersen, Fang Yunting, and Jiangming Mo

EGU2016-7561 | Posters | BG1.2

Responses of carbon isotope discrimination in C4 plant to variable N and water supply
Hao Yang and Shenggong Li

EGU2016-5023 | Posters | BG1.2

D/H Ratios in Lipids as a Tool to Elucidate Microbial Metabolism
Reto S. Wijker and Alex L. Sessions

EGU2016-6140 | Posters | BG1.2

Using 13C-labeled benzene and Raman gas spectroscopy to investigate respiration and biodegradation kinetics following soil contamination
Tobias Jochum, Juergen Popp, and Torsten Frosch

EGU2016-4263 | Posters | BG1.2

C isotope fractionation during heterotrophic activity driven carbonate precipitation
Nurgul Balci and Cansu Demirel

EGU2016-11693 | Posters | BG1.2

Variability in magnesium, carbon and oxygen isotope compositions, and trace element contents of brachiopod shells: implications for paleoceanographic studies
Claire Rollion-Bard, Ségolène Saulnier, Nathalie Vigier, Aimryc Schumacher, Marc Chaussidon, and Christophe Lécuyer

EGU2016-10206 | Posters | BG1.2

Stable isotope (C, O) and monovalent cation fractionation upon synthesis of carbonate-bearing hydroxyl apatite (CHAP) via calcite transformation
Michael E. Böttcher, Iris Schmiedinger, Ulrike Wacker, Anika C. Conrad, Georg Grathoff, Burkhard Schmidt, Rainer Bahlo, Peer-L. Gehlken, and Jens Fiebig

EGU2016-1568 | Posters | BG1.2

Quantification of Labile Soil Mercury by Stable Isotope Dilution Techniques
Waleed Shetaya, Jen-How Huang, Stefan Osterwalder, and Christine Alewell

EGU2016-2758 | Posters | BG1.2

Anthropogenic Pb input into Bohai Bay, China: Evidence from stable Pb isotopic compositions in sediments
Ningjing Hu and Peng Huang

EGU2016-4092 | Posters | BG1.2

Position-specific isotope modeling of organic micropollutants transformations through different reaction pathways
Biao Jin and Massimo Rolle

BG1.4 – Molecular proxies to trace biogeochemical processes in terrestrial ecosystems (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-370 | PICO | BG1.4

Late Quaternary environmental changes inferred from n-alkane evidence in coastal area of southern Hainan Island, China
Mengyuan Wang and Zhuo Zheng

EGU2016-628 | PICO | BG1.4

Assessing the origin of unusual organic formations in lava caves from Canary Islands (Spain)
Ana Z. Miller, Jose M. de la Rosa, Angela M. Garcia-Sanchez, Manuel F. C. Pereira, Valme Jurado, Octavio Fernández, Heike Knicker, and Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez

EGU2016-669 | PICO | BG1.4

Can leaf wax n-alkane δ²H and GDGTs be used conjointly to reconstruct past environmental changes along altitudinal transects in East Africa?
Sarah Coffinet, Arnaud Huguet, Nikolai Pedentchouk, Christine Omuombo, David Williamson, Laurent Bergonzini, Thomas Wagner, and Sylvie Derenne

EGU2016-3824 | PICO | BG1.4

Interaction between the Bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens strain CHA0, its genetic derivatives and vermiculite: Effects on chemical, mineralogical and mechanical properties of vermiculite
Barbara Mueller

EGU2016-4813 | PICO | BG1.4

Metaproteogenomics reveals the soil microbial communities active in nutrient cycling processes under different tree species
Katharina Maria Keiblinger, Jacynthe Masse, Daniela Zühlke, Katharina Riedel, Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, Cindy E. Prescott, and Sue Grayston

EGU2016-7138 | PICO | BG1.4

Microbial Abundances in Salt Marsh Soils: A Molecular Approach for Small Spatial Scales
Dirk Granse, Peter Mueller, Magdalena Weingartner, Stefan Hoth, and Kai Jensen

EGU2016-7334 | PICO | BG1.4

The preferential growth of branched GDGT source microorganisms under aerobic conditions in peat revealed by stable isotope probing experiments
Arnaud Huguet, Travis B. Meador, Fatima Laggoun-Défarge, Martin Könneke, Sylvie Derenne, and Kai-Uwe Hinrichs

EGU2016-14461 | PICO | BG1.4

Assessing microbial utilization of free versus sorbed Alanine by using position-specific 13C labeling and 13C-PLFA analysis
Jennifer Herschbach, Carolin Apostel, Sandra Spielvogel, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Michaela Dippold

BG1.5 – Terrestrial ecosystem responses to global change: integrating carbon, nutrient and water cycles in experiments and models (co-organized)

EGU2016-9724 | Orals | BG1.5

Shifting terrestrial feedbacks from CO2 fertilization to global warming
Josep Peñuelas, Philippe Ciais, Ivan Janssens, Josep Canadell, Michael Obersteiner, Shilong Piao, Robert Vautard, and Jordi Sardans Jordi Sardans

EGU2016-4662 | Posters | BG1.5

Sustainable use of alpine and pre-alpine grassland soils in a changing climate (SUSALPS)
Marcus Zistl-Schlingmann, Robert Beck, Robert Brandhuber, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Noelia Garcia Franco, Phillip von Gillhaußen, Anke Jentsch, Ralf Kiese, Alexander Krämer, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, Thomas Köllner, Patrick Poppenborg, Michael Schloter, Stefanie Schulz, Martin Wiesmeier, Benjamin Wolf, and Michael Dannenmann

EGU2016-1351 | Orals | BG1.5

Long-term P weathering and recent N deposition control contemporary plant-soil C, N and P
Jessica Davies, Edward Tipping, Edwin Rowe, John Boyle, Elisabeth Graf Pannatier, and Vegard Martinsen

EGU2016-4919 | Posters | BG1.5

BIFoR FACE: A Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) facility in old-growth temperate deciduous woodland
Rob MacKenzie, Rick Thomas, David Ellsworth, Debbie Hemming, Kristine Crous, Phillip Blaen, Alex Poynter, Daniel Blenkhorn, and Francis Pope

EGU2016-15723 | Orals | BG1.5

Coupled C, N and P controls on photosynthesis, primary production and decomposition across a land use intensification gradient and implications for land atmosphere C exchange
Sabine Reinsch, Helen Glanville, Simon Smart, Davey Jones, Lina Mercado, Mamen Blanes-Alberola, Jack Cosby, and Bridget Emmett

EGU2016-5331 | Posters | BG1.5

CO2 fertilization stimulates vegetation productivity but has little impact on hydrology in tropical rainforests
Yuting Yang, Randall Donohue, Tim McVicar, Michael Roderick, and Hylke Beck

EGU2016-6004 | Posters | BG1.5

Biotic control of water use efficiency across global terrestrial ecosystems
Zhongmin Hu, Guirui Yu, Shenggong Li, and Xiaomin Sun

EGU2016-5355 | Orals | BG1.5

Guiding the Next Generation of Forest FACE Experiments with Lessons from the Past
Richard Norby

EGU2016-6784 | Posters | BG1.5

2.5 years of CarboPerm: achievements and further steps of an interdisciplinary Russian-German project on the formation, turnover and release of carbon in Siberian permafrost landscapes
Sebastian Zubrzycki

EGU2016-11014 | Orals | BG1.5 | Media interest

Will elevated CO2 alter fuel characteristics and flammability of eucalypt woodlands?
Luke Collins, Victor Resco, Matthias Boer, Ross Bradstock, and Robert Sawyer

EGU2016-7075 | Posters | BG1.5

Vulnerability to climate-induced changes in ecosystem services of boreal forests
Maria Holmberg, Katri Rankinen, Tuula Aalto, Anu Akujärvi, Ali Nadir Arslan, Jari Liski, Tiina Markkanen, Annikki Mäkelä, and Mikko Peltoniemi

EGU2016-1267 | Orals | BG1.5

Chances and challenges of forest scale CO2 enrichment
Christian Körner

EGU2016-8286 | Posters | BG1.5

Carbon fluxes in an acid rain impacted boreal headwater catchment
Anne Marx, Simone Hintze, Jakub Jankovec, Martin Sanda, Jaromir Dusek, Tomas Vogel, Robert van Geldern, and Johannes A.C. Barth

EGU2016-9001 | Posters | BG1.5

A mechanistic soil biogeochemistry model with explicit representation of microbial and macrofaunal activities and nutrient cycles
Simone Fatichi, Stefano Manzoni, Dani Or, and Athanasios Paschalis

EGU2016-10857 | Posters | BG1.5

Bring the catchment hydrology and carbon science together: a simple ecosystem water use efficiency model
Lei Cheng, Lu Zhang, Ying-Ping Wang, Francis Chiew, and Josep Canadell

EGU2016-11257 | Posters | BG1.5

Characteristics of riverine dissolved organic carbon export in subtropical island, Taiwan
Li-Chin Lee, Jr-Chuan Huang, Tsung-Yu Lee, Chuan-Yao Lin, and Shih-Hao Jien

EGU2016-11926 | Posters | BG1.5

CO2-induced changes in mineral stoichiometry of wheat grains
Malin Broberg, Håkan Pleijel, and Petra Högy

EGU2016-12488 | Posters | BG1.5

The Multi-Scale Response of Water Quality, Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration to Coupled Macronutrient Cycling from Source to Sea: TURF2SURF
Andrew Wade, Bridget Emmett, Colin Jago, Marc Stutter, and Jeremy Biggs and the Turf2Surf Project

EGU2016-13346 | Posters | BG1.5

Plant diversity effects on ecosystem evapotranspiration and carbon uptake: a controlled environment (Ecotron) and modeling approach
Alexandru Milcu and Jacques Roy

EGU2016-13538 | Posters | BG1.5

Isotope evidence for N2-fixation in Sphagnum peat bogs
Martin Novak, Ivana Jackova, Frantisek Buzek, Marketa Stepanova, Frantisek Veselovsky, Jan Curik, and Eva Prechova

EGU2016-14182 | Posters | BG1.5

Generic reactive transport codes as flexible tools to integrate soil organic matter degradation models with water, transport and geochemistry in soils
Diederik Jacques, Fréderic Gérard, Uli Mayer, Jirka Simunek, and Bertrand Leterme

EGU2016-14490 | Posters | BG1.5

Constraints to nitrogen acquisition of terrestrial plants under elevated CO2
Zhaozhong Feng, Tobias Rütting, Håkan Pleijel, Göran Wallin, Peter B. Reich, Claudia I. Kammann, Paul C. D. Newton, Kazuhiko Kobayashi, YunJian Luo, and Johan Uddling

EGU2016-16621 | Posters | BG1.5

The impact of warming on greenhouse gas fluxes: an experimental comparison which reveals the varied response of ecosystems to climate change.
James Stockdale and Philip Ineson

EGU2016-17882 | Posters | BG1.5

The AmazonFACE research program: assessing the effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 on the ecology and resilience of the Amazon forest
David Lapola, Carlos Quesada, Richard Norby, Alessandro Araújo, Tomas Domingues, Iain Hartley, Bart Kruijt, Keith Lewin, Patrick Meir, Jean Ometto, and Anja Rammig

BG1.6 – Climate extremes, ecosystems and dynamic landscapes controlling biogeochemical cycles

EGU2016-507 | Posters | BG1.6

Response of ecosystem water use efficiency to summer drought in boreal forests
Yao Gao, Tiina Markkanen, Tea Thum, and Tuula Aalto

EGU2016-6155 | Orals | BG1.6

Influence of spatial and temporal scales in identifying temperature extremes
Christel M. van Eck, Pierre Friedlingstein, Vera L. Mulder, and Pierre A. G. Regnier

EGU2016-4063 | Posters | BG1.6

Energy partitioning and GPP values in a rotating crop in the Spanish Plateau
María Luisa Sánchez, Nuria Pardo, Isidro A. Perez, and M. Angeles Garcia

EGU2016-3813 | Orals | BG1.6

Simulated heat waves affected alpine grassland only in combination with drought
Hans J. De Boeck, Seraina Bassin, Maya Verlinden, Michaela Zeiter, and Erika Hiltbrunner

EGU2016-14125 | Orals | BG1.6

Influence of soil moisture-carbon cycle interactions on the terrestrial carbon cycle over Europe
Stefanos Mystakidis, Edouard L. Davin, Nicolas Gruber, and Sonia I. Seneviratne

EGU2016-5002 | Posters | BG1.6

Assessing the temperature sensitivity of soil carbon decomposition along a geo-climatic gradient in Chile
Sebastian Doetterl, Cristina Munoz, Pascal Boeckx, and Erick Zagal Venegas

EGU2016-8195 | Posters | BG1.6

An eddy covariance derived annual carbon budget for an arctic terrestrial ecosystem (Disko, Greenland)
Alistair McConnell, Magnus Lund, and Thomas Friborg

EGU2016-7657 | Orals | BG1.6

Soil organic matter stocks in Bavaria as driven by land use, soil type, topography and climate change
Anna Kühnel, Martin Wiesmeier, Peter Spörlein, Bernd Schilling, and Ingrid Kögel-Knabner

EGU2016-8566 | Posters | BG1.6

Plant growth controls short-term changes in soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks of croplands – new insights from the CarboZALF experiment
Mathias Hoffmann, Nicole Jurisch, Joana Garcia Alba, Elisa Albiac Borraz, Marten Schmidt, Gernot Verch, Michael Sommer, and Jürgen Augustin

EGU2016-15196 | Orals | BG1.6

Effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on abiotic and biologically-driven basalt weathering and C sequestration

Sabrina Juarez, Katerina Dontsova, Jean-François Le Galliard, Simon Chollet, Mathieu Llavata, Florent Massol, Alexis Cros, Pierre Barré, Alexandre Gelabert, Damien Daval, Jérôme Corvisier, Peter Troch, Greg Barron-Gafford, Joost Van Haren, and Régis Ferrière

EGU2016-11335 | Posters | BG1.6

Drivers of soil organic matter vulnerability to climate change, Part II: RothC modelling of carbon dynamics including radiocarbon data
Mirjam S. Studer, Samuel Abiven, Beatriz R. González Domínguez1, Frank Hagedorn, Moritz Reisser, Lorenz Walthert, Stephan Zimmermann, and Pascal A. Niklaus

EGU2016-18526 | Orals | BG1.6

Soil erosion increases soil microbial activity at the depositional position of eroding slopes
Xu Meng, Laura M. Cardenas, Neil Donovan, Junling Zhang, Phil Murray, Fusuo Zhang, and Jennifer A.J. Dungait

EGU2016-12056 | Posters | BG1.6 | Media interest

No snow for Christmas: the impact of the 2015 extreme winter on CO2 fluxes in European mountain grasslands
Edoardo Cremonese, Marta Galvagno, Albin Hammerle, Gianluca Filippa, and Georg Wohlfahrt

EGU2016-2485 | Orals | BG1.6

Soil carbon responses to environmental change across temporal scales
Carlos Sierra, Markus Müller, and Holger Metzler

EGU2016-6271 | Orals | BG1.6

Assessing the response of the Australian carbon balance to climate variability by assimilating satellite observations in a distributed ecosystem model
Jean-François Exbrayat, A. Anthony Bloom, T. Luke Smallman, and Mathew Williams

EGU2016-11603 | Posters | BG1.6

Impacts of Climate Extremes on Gross Primary Productivity at Multiple Spatial Scales
Soyoun Kim, Youngryel Ryu, and Chongya Jiang

EGU2016-15282 | Posters | BG1.6

Phenological indicators derived with CO2 flux, MODIS image and ground monitor at a temperate mixed forest and an alpine shrub
Leiming Zhang, Peiyu Cao, Shenggong Li, Guirui Yu, Junhui Zhang, and Yingnian Li

EGU2016-10625 | Orals | BG1.6

Abrupt shifts in ecosystem function and intensification of global biogeochemical cycle driven by hydroclimatic extremes
Xuanlong Ma, Alfredo Huete, Guillermo Ponce-Campos, Yongguang Zhang, Zunyi Xie, Leandro Giovannini, James Cleverly, and Derek Eamus

EGU2016-16542 | Posters | BG1.6

Geochemical and palynological records for the end-Triassic Mass-Extinction Event in the NE Paris Basin (Luxemburg)
Natascha Kuhlmann, Bas van de Schootbrugge, Jean Thein, Jens Fiebig, Sven-Oliver Franz, Micheline Hanzo, Robert Colbach, and Alain Faber

EGU2016-13207 | Orals | BG1.6

Modelling drought-induced dieback of Aleppo pine at the arid timberline
Lisa Wingate, Yakir Preisler, Didier Bert, Eyal Rotenberg, Dan Yakir, Kadmiel Maseyk, and Jerome Ogee

EGU2016-17549 | Posters | BG1.6

Understanding ecosystems' sub-daily water and carbon flux changes during dry-down events
Jacob Nelson, Martin Jung, Nuno Carvalhais, Mirco Migliavacca, and Markus Reichstein

EGU2016-12431 | Orals | BG1.6

Insights into soil carbon dynamics across climatic and geologic gradients from time-series and fraction-specific radiocarbon analysis
Tessa Sophia van der Voort, Frank Hagedorn, Claudia Zell, Cameron McIntyre, and Tim Eglinton

EGU2016-1035 | Posters | BG1.6

Microbial metabolism in soil at low temperatures: Mechanisms unraveled by position-specific 13C labeling
Ezekiel Bore

EGU2016-2394 | Orals | BG1.6

Quantitative and qualitative responses of soil organic carbon to six years of extreme soil warming in a subarctic grassland in Iceland
Christopher Poeplau, Niki I. W. Leblans, Bjarni D. Sigurdsson, and Thomas Kätterer

EGU2016-2549 | Posters | BG1.6

SOM storage and pool distribution in forest soils along climatic and altitudinal gradients across Switzerland
Sia Gosheva, Mirjam Müller, Lorenz Walthert, Stephan Zimmermann, Pascal A. Niklaus, Beatriz R. González Domínguez, Samuel Abiven, and Frank Hagedorn

EGU2016-8838 | Posters | BG1.6 | Media interest

Arctic Browning: vegetation damage and implications for carbon balance.
Rachael Treharne, Jarle Bjerke, Lisa Emberson, Hans Tømmervik, and Gareth Phoenix

EGU2016-14957 | Posters | BG1.6

Extreme weather conditions reduce the CO2 fertilization effect in temperate C3 grasslands
Wolfgang Obermeier, Lukas Lehnert, Claudia Kammann, Christoph Müller, Ludger Grünhage, Jürg Luterbacher, Martin Erbs, Naiming Yuan, and Jörg Bendix

EGU2016-16183 | Posters | BG1.6

Contrasting responses of shrubland carbon gain and soil carbon efflux to drought and warming across a European climate gradient
Sabine Reinsch, Eva Koller, Alwyn Sowerby, Giovanbattista de Dato, Marc Estiarte, Gabriele Guidolotti, Edit Kovács-Láng, György Kröel-Dulay, Eszter Lellei-Kovács, Klaus S. Larsen, Dario Liberati, Josep Penuelas, Johannes Ransijn, Inger K. Schmidt, Andrew R. Smith, Albert Tietema, Jeffrey S. Dukes, and Bridget A. Emmett

EGU2016-1054 | Posters | BG1.6

Alterations in ‘water yield’ associated with land use changes under different precipitation regime
Shani Rohatyn, Efrat Ramati, Fyodor Tatarinov, Eyal Rotenberg, Eran Tas, and Dan Yakir

EGU2016-14299 | Posters | BG1.6

Drivers of soil organic matter vulnerability to climate change. Part I: Laboratory incubations of Swiss forest soils and radiocarbon analysis
Beatriz González Domínguez, Mirjam S. Studer, Pascal A. Niklaus, Negar Haghipour, Cameron McIntyre, Lukas Wacker, Stephan Zimmermann, Lorenz Walthert, Frank Hagedorn, and Samuel Abiven

EGU2016-11870 | Posters | BG1.6

Upland forest soils have a significant contribution to a catchment-scale CH4 balance in a wet year
Annalea Lohila, Tuula Aalto, Mika Aurela, Juha Hatakka, Juha-Pekka Tuovinen, Juho Kilkki, Timo Penttilä, Jussi Vuorenmaa, Pekka Hänninen, Raimo Sutinen, Yrjö Viisanen, and Tuomas Laurila

BG1.7 – Interdisciplinary session on the global Phosphorus cycle (co-organized)

EGU2016-16070 | Orals | BG1.7 | Media interest

Soil phosphorus and the ecology of lowland tropical forests
Ben Turner

EGU2016-593 | Posters | BG1.7

Lateral transport of phosphorus along forested hillslopes
Jakob Sohrt, Markus Weiler, and Heike Puhlmann

EGU2016-12288 | Orals | BG1.7

Microbial processes dominate P fluxes in a low-phosphorus temperate forest soil: insights provided by 33P and 18O in phosphate
Chiara Pistocchi, Federica Tamburini, Else Bünemann, Éva Mészáros, and Emmanuel Frossard

EGU2016-2029 | Posters | BG1.7

Net transformation of phosphorus forms applied as inorganic and organic amendments to a calcareous soil
Yuki Audette, Ivan O'Halloran, and Paul Voroney

EGU2016-8031 | Orals | BG1.7

Organic phosphorus mineralisation in a temperate grassland soil under elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations
Klaus A. Jarosch, Louise Andresen, André D. Gorenflo, Christoph Müller, Emmanuel Frossard, and Else K. Bünemann

EGU2016-2030 | Posters | BG1.7

Chemical characterization of sediment “Legacy P” in watershed streams – implications for P loading under land management
Yuki Audette, Ivan O'Halloran, and Paul Voroney

EGU2016-4681 | Posters | BG1.7

Regional scale assessment of soil predictors of groundwater phosphate (P) levels in acidic sandy agricultural soils
Lisa Mabilde

EGU2016-3006 | Orals | BG1.7

Glacial atmospheric phosphorus deposition
Helle Astrid Kjær, Remi Dallmayr, Jacopo Gabrieli, Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Motohiro Hirabayashi, Anders Svensson, and Paul Vallelonga

EGU2016-18335 | Orals | BG1.7

Process-based modelling of phosphorus transformations and retention in global rivers
Lauriane Vilmin, Jose Mogollon, Arthur Beusen, and Lex Bouwman

EGU2016-12533 | Posters | BG1.7

Phosphorus dynamics in lake sediments: Insights from field study and reactive-transport modeling
Maria Dittrich, Stefan Markovic, Sandra Cadena, Phuong T.K. Doan, Sue Watson, and Shan Mugalingam

EGU2016-13700 | Posters | BG1.7

Assessing past and present P Retention in Sediments in Lake Ontario (Bay of Quinte) by Reaction-Transport Diagenetic Modeling
Phuong Doan, Sandra Berry, Stefan Markovic, Sue Watson, Shan Mugalingam, and Maria Dittrich

EGU2016-9568 | Orals | BG1.7

Survival of the fittest: phosphorus burial in the sulfidic deep Black Sea
Peter Kraal, Nikki Dijkstra, Thilo Behrends, and Caroline Slomp

EGU2016-13749 | Posters | BG1.7

Sustainable measures for sewage sludge treatment – evaluating the effects on P reaction in soils and plant P uptake
Moshe Shenker and Hana Einhoren

EGU2016-14141 | Posters | BG1.7

Phosphorus distribution and cycling along a climosequence: insights from stable isotopes
Federica Tamburini, Christian von Sperber, Julian Helfenstein, Peter Vitousek, Oliver Chadwick, and Emmanuel Frossard

EGU2016-15155 | Posters | BG1.7

The role of the organic layer for phosphorus nutrition of young beech trees (Fagus sylvatica L.) at two sites differing in soil Phosphorus availability
Simon Hauenstein

EGU2016-16632 | Posters | BG1.7

Do chemical gradients within soil aggregates reflect plant/soil interactions?
Jaane Krüger, Till Hallas, Lena Kinsch, Simon Stahr, Jörg Prietzel, and Friederike Lang

EGU2016-16661 | Posters | BG1.7

Understanding the effect low molecular weight organic acids on the desorption and availability of soil phosphorus
Daniel Blackburn, Hao Zhang, Marc Stutter, Courtney Giles, Timothy George, Charles Shand, David Lumsdon, Pat Cooper, Renate Wendler, Lawrie Brown, Martin Blackwell, Tegan Darch, Catherine Wearing, and Philip Haygarth

EGU2016-16676 | Posters | BG1.7

Dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP) and its potential role for ecosystem nutrition
Dominik Brödlin, Frank Hagedorn, and Klaus Kaiser

EGU2016-17876 | Posters | BG1.7

Impact of anthropogenic induced nitrogen input and liming on phosphorous leaching in forest soils
Stefan Holzmann, Heike Puhlmann, and Klaus Wilpert

EGU2016-18445 | Posters | BG1.7

Investigating phosphorus uptake in anoxic and sulfidic surface sediments with 33P radiotracer experiments
Nikki Dijkstra, Peter Kraal, Santiago Gonzalez, and Caroline Slomp

BG1.8 – The next generation of land ecosystem models: optimality principles in theory and practice (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-3654 | PICO | BG1.8

A new theoretical approach to terrestrial ecosystem science based on multiscale observations and eco-evolutionary optimality principles
Iain Colin Prentice, Han Wang, William Cornwell, Tyler Davis, Ning Dong, Bradley Evans, Trevor Keenan, Changhui Peng, Benjamin Stocker, Henrique Togashi, and Ian Wright

EGU2016-16590 | PICO | BG1.8

Rising CO2 widens the transpiration-photosynthesis optimality space
Hugo J. de Boer, Maarten B. Eppinga, and Stefan C. Dekker

EGU2016-10632 | PICO | BG1.8

Environmental dependencies of plant CO2 uptake in theory, data, and simulations
Han Wang, Colin Prentice, Trevor Keenan, Shushi Peng, Shilong Piao, William Cornwell, Tyler Davis, Ian Wright, and Changhui Peng

EGU2016-3818 | PICO | BG1.8

Can observed ecosystem responses to elevated CO2 and N fertilisation be explained by optimal plant C allocation?
Benjamin Stocker and I. Colin Prentice

EGU2016-3583 | PICO | BG1.8

Carbon allocation changes: an adaptive response to variations in atmospheric CO2
Sandy Harrison, Guangqi Li, and Iain Colin Prentice

EGU2016-6032 | PICO | BG1.8

Carbon and nutrient use efficiencies optimally balance stoichiometric imbalances
Stefano Manzoni, Petr Čapek, Björn Lindahl, Maria Mooshammer, Andreas Richter, and Hana Šantrůčková

EGU2016-8785 | PICO | BG1.8

Predicting plants –modeling traits as a function of environment
Oskar Franklin

EGU2016-11944 | PICO | BG1.8

Elaboration of the third-generation world map of terrestrial landscapes as a model of the landscape sphere of the Earth
Emma Romanova, Nina Alexeeva, Marina Arshinova, Oksana Klimanova, Tatiana Kovaleva, Tatiana Kondratieva, and Ali Alyautdinov

BG1.9 – New advances in model development of biospheric processes

EGU2016-534 | Posters | BG1.9

Investigating the initial stages of soil formation in glacier forefields using the new biogeochemical model: SHIMMER
James Bradley, Alexandre Anesio, Sandra Arndt, Marie Sabacka, Gary Barker, Liane Benning, Joshua Blacker, Joy Singarayer, Martyn Tranter, and Marian Yallop

EGU2016-1020 | Orals | BG1.9

The biological carbon pump in the ocean: Reviewing model representations and its feedbacks on climate perturbations.
Dominik Hülse, Sandra Arndt, Andy Ridgwell, and Jamie Wilson

EGU2016-13707 | Posters | BG1.9

Exploring C-water-temperature interactions and non-linearities in soils through developments in process-based models
Fernando Esteban Moyano, Nadezda Vasilyeva, and Lorenzo Menichetti

EGU2016-14620 | Orals | BG1.9

Coupling hydrological and impact assessment models to explore nutrient cycling in freshwater systems
Lex Bouwman, Rens van Beek, Arthur Beusen, José Mogollón, and Jack Middelburg

EGU2016-5899 | Orals | BG1.9

Impact of the hard-coded parameters on the hydrologic fluxes of the land surface model Noah-MP
Matthias Cuntz, Juliane Mai, Luis Samaniego, Martyn Clark, Volker Wulfmeyer, Sabine Attinger, and Stephan Thober

EGU2016-16395 | Posters | BG1.9

A general framework for modelling the vertical organic matter profile in mineral and organic soils
Maarten Braakhekke and Bernhard Ahrens

EGU2016-14370 | Orals | BG1.9

The climate responses of tropical and boreal ecosystems with an improved land surface model (JULES)
Anna Harper, Pierre Friedlingstein, Peter Cox, Andy Wiltshire, and Chris Jones

EGU2016-18318 | Posters | BG1.9

Nonlinearities and transit times in soil organic matter models: new developments in the SoilR package
Carlos Sierra and Markus Müller

EGU2016-15491 | Orals | BG1.9

Diagnosing turnover times of carbon in terrestrial ecosystems to address global climate co-variability and for model evaluation
Nuno Carvalhais, Martin Thurner, Matthias Forkel, Christian Beer, and Markus Reichstein

EGU2016-10489 | Posters | BG1.9

Development of an analytical model for estimating global terrestrial carbon assimilation using a rate-limitation framework
Randall Donohue, Yuting Yang, Tim McVicar, and Michael Roderick

EGU2016-12137 | Posters | BG1.9

PALADYN, a comprehensive land surface-vegetation-carbon cycle model of intermediate complexity
Matteo Willeit and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2016-14741 | Orals | BG1.9 | Media interest

Multiple stable states of tree cover in a global land surface model due to fire - vegetation feedback
Gitta Lasslop, Victor Brovkin, Christian Reick, Sebastian Bathiany, and Silvia Kloster

EGU2016-7191 | Posters | BG1.9

Using reactive transport codes to provide mechanistic biogeochemistry representations in land surface models: A proof of concept with CLM-PFLOTRAN
Guoping Tang, Fengming Yuan, Gautam Bisht, Glenn Hammond, Peter Lichtner, Jitendra Kumar, Richard Mills, Xiaofeng Xu, Ben Andre, Scott Painter, and Peter Thornton

EGU2016-4626 | Posters | BG1.9

Input to state stability in reservoir models
Markus Müller and Carlos Sierra

EGU2016-6178 | Posters | BG1.9

Simulating crop growth with Expert-N-GECROS under different site conditions in Southwest Germany
Arne Poyda, Joachim Ingwersen, Scott Demyan, Sebastian Gayler, and Thilo Streck

EGU2016-4278 | Posters | BG1.9

’Together we are stronger ?!’ - Competition and synergies between Plant Functional Types in a changing precipitation regime in North Africa
Vivienne Groner, Martin Claussen, and Christian Reick

EGU2016-16534 | Posters | BG1.9

Past primary sex-ratio estimates of 4 populations of Loggerhead sea turtle based on TSP durations.
Jonathan Monsinjon, Yakup Kaska, Tony Tucker, Anne Marie LeBlanc, Kristina Williams, David Rostal, and Marc Girondot

BG1.10 – Nitrogen-transformation processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems: advances in pathways-tracing, quantification and process-based modelling

EGU2016-8792 | Posters | BG1.10

Nitrogen isotopes in Tree-Rings – An approach combining soil biogeochemistry and isotopic long series with statistical modeling
Martine M. Savard, Christian Bégin, David Paré, Joëlle Marion, Jérôme Laganière, Armand Séguin, Franck Stefani, and Anna Smirnoff

EGU2016-12135 | Posters | BG1.10

Using isotopic patterns of ectomycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungi to elucidate fungal sources of carbon and nitrogen in a Norway spruce stand
Janet Chen, Katja Rinne-Garmston, Reijo Penttilä, Erik Hobbie, and Raisa Mäkipää

EGU2016-13894 | Orals | BG1.10

Controls on the dynamics of dissolved organic matter in boreal lakes
Dolly Kothawala, Anne Kellerman, Nuria Catalan, and Lars Tranvik

EGU2016-11054 | Orals | BG1.10

Isotopic patterns in caps and stipes in sporocarps reveal patterns of organic nitrogen use by ectomycorrhizal fungi
Erik Hobbie, Andrew Ouimette, and Janet Chen

EGU2016-6540 | Posters | BG1.10

Plant nutrient acquisition strategies in tundra species: at which soil depth do species take up their nitrogen?
Juul Limpens, Monique Heijmans, Ake Nauta, Corine van Huissteden, and Sophie van Rijssel

EGU2016-8830 | Orals | BG1.10

Nitrogen and carbon interactions in controlling terrestrial greenhouse gas fluxes
Phil Ineson, Sylvia Toet, and Jesper Christiansen

EGU2016-18388 | Posters | BG1.10

Source portioning of N$_{2}$O emissions after long term elevation of soil temperature in a permanent grassland soil
Anne Jansen-Willems, Gary Lanigan, Timothy Clough, Louise Andresen, and Christoph Müller

EGU2016-10481 | Orals | BG1.10

Can we trust current estimates for biological nitrogen fixation?
Jean-Philippe Bellenger and Anne Kraepiel

EGU2016-6228 | Posters | BG1.10

Continuous measurements of Nitrous Oxide isotopomers during incubation experiments
Malte Nordmann Winther, Thomas Blunier, David Balslev-Harder, Bo Elberling, Anders Priemé, and Søren Christensen

EGU2016-14152 | Orals | BG1.10

Tracing nitrogen accumulation in decaying wood and examining its impact on wood decomposition rate
Katja T. Rinne, Tiina Rajala, Krista Peltoniemi, Janet Chen, Aino Smolander, and Raisa Mäkipää

EGU2016-12322 | Posters | BG1.10

Numerical evaluation of subsoil diffusion of $^{15}$N labelled denitrification products during employment of the $^{15}$N gas flux method in the field
Reinhard Well, Caroline Buchen, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, and Nicolas Ruoss

EGU2016-14246 | Posters | BG1.10

\textbf{Validating soil denitrification models based on laboratory N}$_{2}$\textbf{ and N}$_{2}$\textbf{O fluxes and underlying processes derived by stable isotope approaches}
Reinhard Well, Jürgen Böttcher, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Michael Dannenmann, Marianna Deppe, Klaus Dittert, Peter Dörsch, Marcus Horn, Olaf Ippisch, Robert Mikutta, Carsten Müller, Christoph Müller, Mehmet Senbayram, Hans-Jörg Vogel, and Nicole Wrage-Mönnig

EGU2016-12726 | Orals | BG1.10 | Media interest

Deforestation for oil palm alters the fundamental balance of the soil N cycle
Liz Hamilton, Mark Trimmer, Chris Bradley, and Gilles Pinay

EGU2016-6613 | Posters | BG1.10

Elucidating the impact of nitrate and labile carbon application on spatial heterogeneity of denitrification by 15N modelling
Laura Cardenas, Nadine Loick, Liz Dixon, Peter Matthews, Claudia Gilsanz, Roland Bol, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, and Reinhard Well

EGU2016-18379 | Posters | BG1.10

Isotopomer mapping approach to determine N$_{2}$O production pathways and N$_{2}$O reduction
Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, Reinhard Well, Laura Cardenas, and Roland Bol

EGU2016-1429 | Orals | BG1.10

Organic and inorganic nitrogen dynamics in soil - advanced Ntrace approach
Louise C. Andresen, Anna-Karin Björsne, Samuel Bodé, Leif Klemedtsson, Pascal Boeckx, and Tobias Rütting

EGU2016-11852 | Orals | BG1.10

N2O and N2 emissions from contrasting soil environments – interactive effects of soil nitrogen, hydrology and microbial communities
Jesper Christiansen, Bo Elberling, Relena Ribbons, Javier Hedo, Maria José Fernández Alonso, Lukasz Krych, Dennis Sandris Nielsen, and Barbara Kitzler

EGU2016-12282 | Posters | BG1.10

Nitrification and N2O production processes in soil incubations after ammonium fertilizer application at high concentrations
Marianna Deppe, Reinhard Well, Anette Giesemann, and Heinz Flessa

EGU2016-5755 | Posters | BG1.10

Using a fourth-generation cavity enhanced spectrometer to isotopically investigate nitrous oxide emissions from biochar amended soils.
Jutta Grabenhofer, Gerd Dercon, Maria Heiling, Leo Mayr, Christian Resch, and Rebecca Hood-Nowotny

EGU2016-4505 | Orals | BG1.10

Climate change amplifies gross nitrogen turnover in montane grasslands of Central Europe both in summer and winter seasons
Zhe Chen, Changhui Wang, Sebastian Unteregelsbacher, Haiyan Lu, Silvia Gschwendtner, Rainer Gasche, Allison Kolar, Michael Schloter, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, and Michael Dannenmann

EGU2016-14079 | Orals | BG1.10

Are microbial N transformation rates in a permanent grassland soil after 17 years of elevated atmospheric CO2 sensitive to soil temperature?
Gerald Moser, André Gorenflo, Kristof Brenzinger, Tim Clough, Gesche Braker, and Christoph Müller

EGU2016-16146 | Posters | BG1.10

Does biochar with organic amendments affect denitrification in an agricultural soil?
Regine Maier, Gerhard Soja, Wolfgang Friesl Hanl, Gerald Dunst, and Barbara Kitzler

EGU2016-9712 | Orals | BG1.10 | Media interest

Identification and quantification of nitrogen cycling processes in cryptogamic covers
Bettina Weber, Dianming Wu, Katharina Lenhart, Alexandra Tamm, Nina Ruckteschler, Emilio Rodríguez-Caballero, Wolfgang Elbert, Susannah Burrows, Tim Clough, Jörg Steinkamp, Hannah Meusel, Thomas Behrendt, Burkhard Büdel, Meinrat O. Andreae, Matthias Sörgel, Yafang Cheng, Paul Crutzen, Frank Keppler, Hang Su, and Ulrich Pöschl

EGU2016-1969 | Posters | BG1.10

Microbial community dynamics in soil aggregates shape biogeochemical gas fluxes from soil profiles
Ali Ebrahimi and Dani Or

EGU2016-2883 | Orals | BG1.10

Nitrogen gas emissions and their genetic potential in tropical peatlands of French Guiana
Kuno Kasak, Kristjan Oopkaup, Järvi Järveoja, Martin Maddison, Teele Ligi, Marika Truu, Jaak Truu, and Ülo Mander

EGU2016-17654 | Posters | BG1.10

Modelling site-specific N2O emission factors from Austrian agricultural soils for targeted mitigation measures (NitroAustria)
Barbara Amon, Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, Martina Kasper, Cecilie Foldal, Jasmin Schiefer, Barbara Kitzler, Bettina Schwarzl, Gerhard Zethner, Michael Anderl, Katrin Sedy, Helmut Gaugitsch, Georg Dersch, Andreas Baumgarten, Edwin Haas, and Ralf Kiese

EGU2016-6747 | Posters | BG1.10

Understanding the mechanism behind the nitrous acid (HONO) emissions from the northern soils
Hem Raj Bhattarai, Henri MP Siljanen, Christina Biasi, and Marja Maljanen

EGU2016-9667 | Posters | BG1.10

Effects of \textit{Eriophorum vaginatum} on N$_{2}$O emissions at a restored peatland
Martin Brummell, Cristina Lazcano, and Maria Strack

EGU2016-16457 | Orals | BG1.10 | Media interest

Soil pH management by calcareous and siliceous minerals: effect on N2O yield in nitrification and denitrification
Shahid Nadeem, Lars Bakken, and Peter Dörsch

EGU2016-17473 | Posters | BG1.10

Cryptic or day-to-day parts of the riverbed N cycle – new challenges for 15N
Mark Trimmer, Liao Ouyang, and Katrina Lansdown

EGU2016-8826 | Orals | BG1.10

A novel method for trapping and analyzing 15N in NO for tracing NO sources
Ronghua Kang, Jan Mulder, and Peter Dörsch

EGU2016-13355 | Posters | BG1.10

Microhabitat Effects on N2O Emissions from Floodplain Soils under Controlled Conditions
Martin Ley, Moritz F. Lehmann, Pascal A. Niklaus, Thomas Kuhn, and Jörg Luster

EGU2016-15027 | Orals | BG1.10

Isotopic investigations of dissolved organic N in soils identifies N mineralization as a major sink process
Wolfgang Wanek, Judith Prommer, and Florian Hofhansl

EGU2016-16404 | Posters | BG1.10

Nitrogen cycling and N2O production in the water column of the ferruginous meromictic Lake La Cruz (Spain)
Jana Tischer, Jakob Zopfi, Caitlin H. Frame, Corinne Jegge, Oswald Kirsten, Brand Andreas, Maria R. Miracle, Eduardo Vicente, and Moritz F. Lehmann

EGU2016-2545 | Orals | BG1.10

Co-denitrification an important process in urine amended grassland soil
Diana R. Selbie, Gary J. Lanigan, Ronald J. Laughlin, Hong J. Di, James L. Moir, Keith C. Cameron, Tim J. Clough, Catherine J. Watson, James Grant, Cathal Somers, and Karl G. Richards

EGU2016-4862 | Posters | BG1.10

Transformations of Nitrogen from Secondary Treated Wastewater when Infiltrated in Managed Aquifer Recharge Schemes
Matthew Silver, Annette Wefer-Roehl, Christine Kübeck, and Christoph Schüth

EGU2016-13921 | Orals | BG1.10

Sediment filtration can reduce the N load of the waste water discharge – a full-scale lake experiment
Sanni L. Aalto, Jatta Saarenheimo, Anu Karvinen, Antti J. Rissanen, Janne Ropponen, Janne Juntunen, and Marja Tiirola

EGU2016-9305 | Orals | BG1.10

Denitrification in Agricultural Soils: Integrated control and Modelling at various scales (DASIM)
Christoph Müller, Reinhard Well, Jürgen Böttcher, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Michael Dannenmann, Marianna Deppe, Klaus Dittert, Peter Dörsch, Marcus Horn, Olaf Ippisch, Robert Mikutta, Mehmet Senbayram, Hans-Jörg Vogel, Nicole Wrage-Mönnig, and Carsten Müller

EGU2016-14758 | Posters | BG1.10

The effects of wastewater discharge on the microbiological nitrogen cycle of the lake sediments
Jatta Saarenheimo, Sanni L Aalto, and Marja Tiirola

EGU2016-4072 | Posters | BG1.10

High-resolution measurement of nitrous oxide in the Elbe estuary under hypoxia: Hot-spots of biological N2O production
Lisa Brase, Ralf Lendt, Tina Sanders, and Kirstin Dähnke

EGU2016-71 | Posters | BG1.10

Metagenomic analysis of nitrogen metabolism genes in the surface of marine sediments
Carolina Reyes, Dominik Schneider, Andrea Thürmer, Olaf Dellwig, Marko Lipka, Rolf Daniel, Michael E. Böttcher, and Michael W. Friedrich

EGU2016-1945 | Posters | BG1.10

Understanding the Red Sea nutrient cycle – a first look into nitrogen fixation in the Red Sea
Roslinda Mohamed, Jesus Arrieta, Intikhab Alam, and Carlos Duarte

BG1.11 – Towards integrating GHG budgets from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

EGU2016-3969 | Posters | BG1.11

Impact of tillage on N2O and CO2 efflux in an agricultural crop
Margaux Lognoul, Nicolas Theodorakopoulos, Marie-Pierre Hiel, Bernard Heinesch, Bernard Bodson, and Marc Aubinet

EGU2016-14736 | Orals | BG1.11

Seasonal and spatial variability of aquatic N2O, CH4 and CO2 concentrations and their contribution to the overall greenhouse gas budget of the river Tay catchment, NW Europe
Ute Skiba, James Harley, Laurence Carvalho, Kate Heal, and Bob Rees

EGU2016-4171 | Posters | BG1.11

Climatic and management drivers of CO2 exchanges by a production crop: analysis over three successive 4-year cycles.
Pauline Buysse, Christine Moureaux, Bernard Bodson, and Marc Aubinet

EGU2016-12507 | Orals | BG1.11

Surprises from stream greenhouse gas emissions estimated at high resolution in a catchment
Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, Marcus Wallin, Leif Klemedtsson, and David Bastviken

EGU2016-6970 | Orals | BG1.11

Two years monitoring of soil N$_{2}$O emissions on durum wheat in a Mediterranean area: the effect of tillage intensity and N-fertilizer rate.
Iride Volpi, Simona Bosco, Federico Triana, Nicoletta Nassi o Di Nasso, Patricia Laville, Giorgio Virgili, and Enrico Bonari

EGU2016-10469 | Posters | BG1.11

How to determine the GHG budget of a pasture field with grazing animals
Christof Ammann, Albrecht Neftel, and Raphael Felber

EGU2016-17698 | Posters | BG1.11

Geological contribution to the GHG budget of the Capo Caccia karst ecosystem (NW Sardinia, Italy)
Laura Sanna, Angelo Arca, Marcello Casula, Andrea Ventura, Pierpaolo Zara, and Pierpaolo Duce

EGU2016-13680 | Orals | BG1.11 | Media interest

The influence of management on GHG fluxes over Central European grasslands
Lukas Hoertnagl, Michael Bahn, Nina Buchmann, Eugenio Dias-Pinez, Werner Eugster, Ralf Kiese, Katja Klumpp, Ladreiter-Knauss Thomas, Haiyan Lu, Georg Wohlfahrt, Matthias Zeeman, and Lutz Merbold

EGU2016-13401 | Orals | BG1.11 | Media interest

Global lateral transfer and evasion of C in freshwater systems – a revised high-resolution budget analysis
Ronny Lauerwald, Goulven Laruelle, Jens Hartmann, Philippe Ciais, and Pierre Regnier

EGU2016-15395 | Posters | BG1.11

Mapping the isotopic signature of methane in South-Eastern Spain: complementing biogeochemical long-term research with short term observations
Alba Àgueda, Josep Anton Morguí, Eusebi Vazquez Garcia, Roger Curcoll, David Lowry, Rebecca E. Fisher, and Euan G. Nisbet

EGU2016-4713 | Posters | BG1.11

Modelling methane dynamics from a seasonally ice-covered young boreal reservoir
Weifeng Wang, Laura Lyon, and Nigel Roulet

EGU2016-12128 | Orals | BG1.11

Long-term EC measurements over a pre-alpine lake
Katharina Scholz, Albin Hammerle, and Georg Wohlfahrt

EGU2016-15594 | Posters | BG1.11

Water management reduces greenhouse gas emissions in a Mediterranean rice paddy field
Carsten Gruening, Ana Meijide, Giovanni Manca, Ignacio Goded, Guenther Seufert, and Alessandro Cescatti

EGU2016-8526 | Posters | BG1.11

A simple calculation algorithm to separate high-resolution CH4 flux measurements into ebullition and diffusion-derived components
Mathias Hoffmann, Maximilian Schulz-Hanke, Joana Garcia Alba, Nicole Jurisch, Ulrike Hagemann, Torsten Sachs, Michael Sommer, and Jürgen Augustin

EGU2016-7180 | Posters | BG1.11

Validation of a station-prototype designed to integrate temporally soil N2O fluxes: IPNOA Station prototype.
Patricia Laville, Iride Volpi, Simona Bosco, Giorgio Virgili, Simone Neri, Davide Continanza, and Enrico Bonari

EGU2016-14061 | Posters | BG1.11 | Media interest

A new empirical method to predict carbon dioxide evasion from boreal lakes
Adam Hastie, Ronny Lauerwald, Gesa Weyhenmeyer, Sebastian Sobek, and Pierre Regnier

EGU2016-10608 | Posters | BG1.11

Methane fluxes along a salinity gradient on a restored salt marsh, Harpswell, ME
Cailene Gunn, Dr. Beverly Johnson, Phil Dostie, Curtis Bohlen, and Matthew Craig

EGU2016-11328 | Posters | BG1.11

Methane Emissions from a Hydrologically Altered Region of the Sprague River Salt Marsh, Phippsburg, ME
Dana Cohen-Kaplan, Beverly Johnson, Phil Dostie, and Joanna Carey

EGU2016-12939 | Posters | BG1.11

Spatio-temporal variability of lake methane fluxes and its influence on annual estimates
Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, Ingrid Sundgren, Magnus Gålfalk, Leif Klemedtsson, Patrick Crill, Åsa Danielsson, and David Bastviken

EGU2016-13946 | Posters | BG1.11

Spatio-temporal variability of CH4 fluxes and environmental drivers on a modern flood plain of the Siberian Lena River Delta
Norman Rößger, Christian Wille, and Lars Kutzbach

EGU2016-16738 | Posters | BG1.11

Carbon pathways in the Seine river system
Audrey Marescaux, Josette Garnier, and Vincent Thieu

EGU2016-15333 | Posters | BG1.11

Greenhouse gas emissions from on-site wastewater treatment systems
Celia Somlai-Haase, Jan Knappe, and Laurence Gill

BG2.1 – Roots and rhizosphere processes in soil carbon dynamics in forested ecosystems (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-751 | PICO | BG2.1

Changes in very fine root respiration and morphology with time since last fire in a boreal forest
Naoki Makita, Jukka Pumpanen, Kajar Köster, and Frank Berninger

EGU2016-6015 | PICO | BG2.1

Estimation of autotrophic soil respiration in a boreal forest using three different approaches
Liisa Kulmala, Jukka Pumpanen, and Jussi Heinonsalo

EGU2016-5668 | PICO | BG2.1

Spatial and temporal variation in the soil CO2 efflux in a subtropical broadleaved forest in Okinawa, Japan
Kazuho Matsumoto, Kei Terasawa, Shingo Taniguchi, Atsushi Takashima, Ayumi Katayama, and Mizue Ohashi

EGU2016-12083 | PICO | BG2.1

Artificial Root Exudate System (ARES): a field approach to simulate tree root exudation in soils
Luis Lopez-Sangil, Eduard Estradera-Gumbau, Charles George, and Emma Sayer

EGU2016-13158 | PICO | BG2.1

Changes in the quality of dissolved organic matter in soil water with time since last fire in a boreal forest
Jun'ichiro Ide, Mizue Ohashi, Kajar Köster, Frank Berninger, Ikumi Miura, Naoki Makita, Keitaro Yamase, and Jukka Pumpanen

EGU2016-415 | PICO | BG2.1

Changes in host-mycorrhiza relationships revealed by stable isotopes after naturally-induced thinning of the stand: case study on Tuber aestivum.
Olga Gavrichkova, Marco Lauteri, Marco Ciolfi, Francesca Chiocchini, Pierluigi Paris, Andrea Pisanelli, Silvia Portarena, and Enrico Brugnoli

EGU2016-17353 | PICO | BG2.1

Responses of Scots pine to waterlogging during growing season
Tapani Repo, Samuli Launiainen, Tarja Lehto, Sirkka Sutinen, Hanna Ruhanen, Juha Heiskanen, Ari Laurén, Raimo Silvennoinen, Elina Vapaavuori, and Leena Finér

EGU2016-5184 | PICO | BG2.1

Estimate of fine root production including the impact of decomposed roots in a Bornean tropical rainforest
Ayumi Katayama, Lip Khoon Koh, Tomonori Kume, Naoki Makita, Kazuho Matsumoto, and Mizue Ohashi

EGU2016-11759 | PICO | BG2.1

Tree species richness affecting fine root biomass in European forests
Leena Finér, Timo Domisch, Lars Vesterdal, Seid M. Dawud, and Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen

EGU2016-7833 | PICO | BG2.1 | Media interest

Unresolving the “real age” of fine roots in forest ecosystems
Emily Solly, Ivano Brunner, Claude Herzog, Ingo Schöning, Marion Schrumpf, Fritz Schweigruber, Susan Trumbore, and Frank Hagedorn

BG2.2 – Carbon allocation in plants and ecosystems: mechanisms, responses and biogeochemical implications

EGU2016-2149 | Posters | BG2.2

How low can you go? Assessing minimum concentrations of NSC in carbon limited tree saplings
Guenter Hoch, Henrik Hartmann, and Andrea Schwendener

EGU2016-2066 | Orals | BG2.2

Belowground carbon trade among tall forest trees
Tamir Klein, Rolf Siegwolf, and Christian Koerner

EGU2016-2328 | Posters | BG2.2

Winter wheat optimizes allocation in response to carbon limitation
Jianbei Huang, Almuth Hammerbacher, Susan Trumbore, and Henrik Hartmann

EGU2016-2603 | Orals | BG2.2

Relationship between carbon and water economies and drought-vulnerability in two coexistent iso- and anisohydric species.
Núria Garcia-Forner, Carmen Biel, Robert Savé, and Jordi Martínez-Vilalta

EGU2016-4019 | Posters | BG2.2

Nonlinearities in vegetation functioning
Verónika Ceballos-Núñez, Markus Müller, Holger Metzler, and Carlos Sierra

EGU2016-4380 | Orals | BG2.2

Tracing the flow of plant carbohydrates into the rhizosphere
Gerd Gleixner

EGU2016-8118 | Posters | BG2.2

High temporal resolution tracing of xylem CO2 transport in oak trees
Jasper Bloemen, Johannes Ingrisch, and Michael Bahn

EGU2016-6268 | Orals | BG2.2

Residence time of carbon substrate for autotrophic respiration of a grassland ecosystem correlates with the carbohydrate status of its vegetation
Ulrike Ostler, Christoph A. Lehmeier, Inga Schleip, and Hans Schnyder

EGU2016-10199 | Orals | BG2.2

Stress differentially impacts reserve pools and root exudation: implications for ecosystem functioning and carbon balance
Simon Landhäusser, Justine Karst, Erin Wiley, and Jacob Gaster

EGU2016-9607 | Posters | BG2.2

Small global effect on terrestrial net primary production due to increased fossil fuel aerosol emissions from East Asia during the last decade.
Michael O'Sullivan, Alex Rap, Carly Reddington, Dominick Spracklen, and Wolfgang Buermann

EGU2016-15307 | Orals | BG2.2

Allocation of recent photoassimilates in mature European beech and Norway spruce – seasonal variability and responses to experimentally increased tropospheric O3 concentration and long-term drought
Thorsten Grams

EGU2016-9731 | Posters | BG2.2

Effect of soil water content on spatial distribution of root exudates and mucilage in the rhizosphere
Maire Holz, Mohsen Zarebanadkouki, Yakov Kuzyakov, and Andrea Carminati

EGU2016-10578 | Posters | BG2.2

Plant acclimation impacts carbon allocation to isoprene emissions: evidence from past to future CO2 levels
Hugo J. de Boer, Annick van der Laan, Stefan C. Dekker, and Rupert Holzinger

EGU2016-10873 | Posters | BG2.2

Effects of termite activities on coarse woody debris decomposition in an intact lowland mixed dipterocarp forest of Brunei Darussalam
Sohye Lee, Seungjun Kim, Yujin Roh, Kamariah Abu Salim, Woo-Kyun Lee, Stuart Davies, and Yowhan Son

EGU2016-13667 | Posters | BG2.2

\textbf{Carbon balance of a subarctic meadow under 3 \r{ }C warming -- unravelling respiration}
Hanna Silvennoinen, Téresa G. Bárcena, Christophe Moni, Marcin Szychowski, Paulina Rajewicz, Mats Höglind, and Daniel P. Rasse

EGU2016-14598 | Posters | BG2.2

Labelling plants the Chernobyl way: A new approach for mapping rhizodeposition and biopore reuse
Callum Banfield and Yakov Kuzyakov

EGU2016-14922 | Posters | BG2.2

Unraveling carbohydrate transport mechanisms in young beech trees (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) by 13CO2 efflux measurements from stem and soil
Ronny Thoms, Jan Muhr, Claudia Keitel, Zachary Kayler, Olga Gavrichkova, Michael Köhler, Arthur Gessler, and Gerd Gleixner

EGU2016-16111 | Posters | BG2.2

Does the time of the sampling matter in 13C pulse labeling and chasing experiments? A case study on beech seedlings
Olga Gavrichkova, Ronny Thoms, Jan Muhr, Stefan Karlowsky, Claudia Keitel, Zachary Kayler, Carlo Calfapietra, Arthur Gessler, Enrico Brugnoli, and Gerd Gleixner

EGU2016-16223 | Posters | BG2.2

Influence of pCO2 on carbon allocation in nodulated Medicago sativa L.
Gabriela Pereyra, Henrik Hartmann, Waldemar Ziegler, Beate Michalzik, Miquel Gonzalez-Meler, and Susan Trumbore

EGU2016-16689 | Posters | BG2.2

Carbon limitation reveals allocation priority to defense compounds in peppermint
Lenka Forkelova, Sybille Unsicker, Matthias Forkel, Jianbei Huang, Susan Trumbore, and Henrik Hartmann

EGU2016-18481 | Posters | BG2.2

Physiological and biochemical response to high temperature stress in Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench)
Shahnoosh Hayamanesh, Claudia Keitel, Nabil Ahmad, and Richard Trethowan

BG2.6 – Remote Sensing and data assimilation in the Biogeosciences (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)

EGU2016-3702 | Posters | BG2.6

Applicability of logistic model and integrated satellite data for rice crop phenology detection
Chi-Farn Chen, Nguyen-Thanh Son, Cheng-Ru Chen, Ly-Yu Chang, and Shou-Hao Chiang

EGU2016-4258 | Posters | BG2.6

Assessing the spatial and temporal variability of fAPAR 2-flux estimates in a temperate mixed coniferous forest
Birgitta Putzenlechner, Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, and Ralf Ludwig

EGU2016-4283 | Posters | BG2.6

Relationships between MODIS black-sky shortwave albedo and airborne lidar based forest canopy structure
Lauri Korhonen, Miina Rautiainen, Tauri Arumäe, Mait Lang, James Flewelling, Timo Tokola, and Pauline Stenberg

EGU2016-5193 | Posters | BG2.6

Discrimination rice cropping systems using multi-temporal Proba-V data in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Nguyen-Thanh Son, Chi-Farn Chen, Cheng-Ru Chen, Ly-Yu Chang, Shou-Hao Chiang, and Khin-Va Lau

EGU2016-5670 | Posters | BG2.6

National Land Use Monitoring Program in Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images
YaoCheng Kuo and ChiFarn Chen

EGU2016-6462 | Posters | BG2.6

The integration of ground investigations and radar images on rice yield prediction
Chien-Hui Syu, Wei-Shen Lo, and Horng-Yuh Guo

EGU2016-10044 | Posters | BG2.6

Functional traits and structural controls on the relationship between photosynthetic CO2 uptake and sun-induced fluorescence in a Mediterranean grassland under different nutrient availability
Mirco Migliavacca and the co-authors

EGU2016-10947 | Posters | BG2.6

Water turbidity mapping using Landsat-8 data in Mekong and Bassac Rivers, Vietnam
Va-Khin Lau, Chi-Farn Chen, Thanh-Son Nguyen, Dao-Nguyen Lam, and Cheng-Ru Chen

EGU2016-11361 | Posters | BG2.6

Tracking forest canopy stress from an automated proximal hyperspectral monitoring system
William Woodgate, Eva van Gorsel, Dale Hughes, and Arantxa Cabello-Leblic

EGU2016-11422 | Posters | BG2.6

A comprehensive estimate of recent carbon sinks in China using both top-down and bottom-up approaches
Fei Jiang, Jing Chen, Linxi Zhou, Weimin Ju, Huifang Zhang, Toshinobu Machida, Philippe Ciais, Wouter Peters, Hengmao Wang, Baozhang Chen, Linxin Liu, Chunhua Zhang, Hidekazu Matsueda, and Yousuke Sawa