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CL – Climate: Past, Present, Future

CL0.00 – Open Session on Climate: Past, Present and Future (including Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-16345 | Posters | CL0.00

Can Climate Projection Uncertainty be Constrained over Africa Using Contemporary Performance Metrics?
Dave Rowell, Cath Senior, Michael Vellinga, and Richard Graham

EGU2016-5667 | Orals | CL0.00

Sensitivity of carbon budgets to permafrost carbon feedbacks and non-CO2 forcings
Andrew MacDougall, Kirsten Zickfeld, H. Damon Matthews, and Reto Knutti

EGU2016-8753 | Orals | CL0.00

Climate SPHINX: High-resolution present-day and future climate simulations with an improved representation of small-scale variability
Paolo Davini, Jost von Hardenberg, Susanna Corti, Aneesh Subramanian, Antje Weisheimer, Hannah Christensen, Stephan Juricke, and Tim Palmer

EGU2016-5433 | Posters | CL0.00

The variability of temperature and precipitation over Korean Peninsula induced by off-equatorial western Pacific precipitation during boreal summer
Yerim Jeong and Yoo-Geun Ham

EGU2016-2934 | Posters | CL0.00

Connecting climate model projections of global temperature change with the real world
Ed Hawkins and Rowan Sutton

EGU2016-15369 | Orals | CL0.00

Assessment of bio-physical drought hazards. A case study of Karkheh River basin in Iran
Bahareh Kamali, Karim Abbaspour, Delaram Houshmand Kouchi, and Hong Yang

EGU2016-2099 | Posters | CL0.00

Data Rescue for precipitation station network in Slovak Republic
Pavel Fasko, Oliver Bochníček, Marek Švec, Zuzana Paľušová, and Ladislav Markovič

EGU2016-3940 | Orals | CL0.00

Tropically-driven climate shifts in southwestern Europe during MIS 19, a low eccentricity interglacial
Maria Fernanda Sanchez Goñi, Teresa Rodrigues, David A. Hodell, Josue M. Polanco-Martinez, Montserrat Alonso-Garcia, Ivan Hernandez-Almeida, Stéphanie Desprat, and Patrizia Ferretti

EGU2016-4912 | Orals | CL0.00

Climate oscillations reflected in the Arabian Sea subseafloor microbiome
William Orsi, Marco Coolen, Lijun He, Cornelia Wuchter, Xabier Irigoien, Guillem Chust, Carl Johnson, Jordon Hemingway, Mitchell Lee, Valier Galy, and Liviu Giosan

EGU2016-2086 | Posters | CL0.00

Heat waves and warm periods in Slovakia
Pavel Faško, Oliver Bochníček, Ladislav Markovič, and Marek Švec

EGU2016-9777 | Orals | CL0.00

Timing and Estimates of Plio-Pleistocene Sea-Level Highstands from the Republic of South Africa (RSA)
Paul Hearty, Maureen Raymo, Michael Sandstrom, Alessio Rovere, and Michael O'Leary

EGU2016-14210 | Posters | CL0.00

Aerosol deposition (trace elements and black carbon) over the highest glacier of the Eastern European Alps during the last centuries
Michele Bertò, Carlo Barbante, Jacopo Gabrieli, Paolo Gabrielli, Andrea Spolaor, Giuliano Dreossi, Paolo Laj, Marco Zanatta, Patrick Ginot, and Xavier Fain

EGU2016-14012 | Orals | CL0.00

Unexpected climatic impacts of orbital forcing out of the Quaternary
Gilles Ramstein, Zhongshi Zhang, Guillaume Le Hir, Camille Contoux, Yannick Donnadieu, Christophe Dumas, Mathieu Schuster, and Camille Li

EGU2016-17661 | Posters | CL0.00

The large volcanic eruptions at different latitude bands and patterns of winter temperature changes over China
Zhixin Hao and Di Sun

EGU2016-11017 | Orals | CL0.00

North Atlantic Plio-Pliestocene sediment color climate index indicates enhanced 41-k.y. world variability
Stephen Obrochta, Ian Bailey, James Channell, David Hodell, Axel Timmermann, Jonathan Tyler, Chuang Xuan, and Yusuke Yokoyama

EGU2016-4220 | Posters | CL0.00

Ice core reconstruction of sea ice change in the Amundsen-Ross Seas since 1702 AD
Elizabeth Thomas and Nerilie Abram

EGU2016-6207 | Posters | CL0.00

The hydro-climatic history of the Gulf of Cadiz throughout the last ~570 kyr from IODP 339 Site U1386
Stefanie Kaboth, Bas de Boer, Andrè Bahr, Christian Zeeden, and Lucas Lourens

EGU2016-4069 | Orals | CL0.00

Trends, Rhythms, and Aberrations in Global Climate during the Cenozoic: The Interplay between Tectonic and Orbital forcing (Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture)
James C. Zachos

EGU2016-10423 | Posters | CL0.00

Late Holocene environmental changes in a mesotidal estuary from Patagonia, Argentina
Marcela Espinosa, Alejandra Escandell, and Camilo Velez Agudelo

EGU2016-9343 | Posters | CL0.00

10Be exposure dating of Holocene moraines in the Sierra Nevada, California
Alan Hidy, Susan Zimmerman, Robert Finkel, Jeorg Schaefer, and Douglas Clark

EGU2016-11703 | Posters | CL0.00

Dynamic controls on the subarctic North Pacific productivity peak during the Bølling-Allerød
Xun Gong, Lester Lembke-Jene, Ralf Tiedemann, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2016-3187 | Posters | CL0.00

Hydroclimate variability in the western Pacific warm pool during the past 60,000 years
M Yusuf Awaluddin, Mahyar Mohtadi, Gema Martinez-Mendez, Yair Rosenthal, and Dierk Hebbeln

EGU2016-10171 | Posters | CL0.00

Onset of the Tushima Water entering into the Japan Sea during the Heinrich 1
Jianjun Zou, Xuefa Shi, and Aimei Zhu

EGU2016-13671 | Posters | CL0.00

Isotopic and magnetic provenance characterization of distal IRD in the Galicia Interior Basin (NW Iberia)
Maider Plaza-Morlote, Daniel Rey, Jose Francisco Santos, Sara Ribeiro, Ana Bernabeu, Kais Mohamed, David Heslop, Belén Rubio, and Virginia Martins

EGU2016-10706 | Posters | CL0.00

A new 0.9 Ma oxygen isotope stratigraphy for a shallow-water sedimentary transect across three IODP 317 sites in the Canterbury Bight of southwest Pacific Ocean
Xuan Ding and YingYing Wu

EGU2016-10580 | Posters | CL0.00

A record of barite accumulation rate for marine export productivity changes in the tropical Indian Ocean during the Mid-Pliocene--Early-Pleistocene transition
Liping Zhou, Zhongwu Ma, and Xuan Ding

EGU2016-5562 | Posters | CL0.00

Evaluating the mid Miocene paleoclimate of Lower Carinthia (Austria) based on high resolution palynological studies from the Lavanttal Basin
Friðgeir Grímsson, Johannes Martin Bouchal, Reinhard Zetter, and Guido Grimm

EGU2016-5601 | Posters | CL0.00

Reinvestigation of the Miocene palynoflora from the Daotaiqiao Formation of north-eastern China using SEM
Elvan Akyurt, Friðgeir Grímsson, Reinhard Zetter, Qin Leng, and Johannes Martin Bouchal

EGU2016-2724 | Posters | CL0.00

Global vegetation distribution and terrestrial climate evolution at the Eocene-Oligocene transition
Matthew Pound and Ulrich Salzmann

EGU2016-5336 | Posters | CL0.00

ENSO in a warming world: interannual climate variability in the early Miocene Southern Hemisphere
Bethany Fox, Gary Wilson, and Daphne Lee

EGU2016-15123 | Posters | CL0.00

Relationship between atmospheric methane lifetime, isotope budget and effective sink enrichments simulated in AC-GCM EMAC
Sergey Gromov and Benedikt Steil

EGU2016-14050 | Posters | CL0.00

Matlab based automatization of an inverse surface temperature modelling procedure for Greenland ice cores using an existing firn densification and heat diffusion model
Michael Döring, Takuro Kobashi, Philippe Kindler, Myriam Guillevic, and Markus Leuenberger

EGU2016-786 | Posters | CL0.00

Paleoclimate changes: a stochastic resonance model based on ice-core data analysis
Tommaso Alberti, Fabio Lepreti, Antonio Vecchio, and Vincenzo Carbone

EGU2016-693 | Posters | CL0.00

Development of source specific diatom lipids biomarkers as Antarctic Sea Ice proxies
Lukas Smik, Simon T. Belt, Thomas A. Brown, Jan L. Lieser, Leanne K. Armand, Amy Leventer, and Claire S. Allen

EGU2016-11856 | Posters | CL0.00

A new high-precision technique for measurement of N2O concentration in polar ice cores with small amount of samples
Yeongjun Ryu, Ji-Woong Yang, and Jinho Ahn

EGU2016-5688 | Posters | CL0.00

Enhancement of non-CO2 radiative forcing via intensified carbon cycle feedbacks
Andrew MacDougall and Reto Knutti

CL0.01 – Interdisciplinary Approaches in Climatic Change Research and Assessment (co-organized)

EGU2016-54 | Posters | CL0.01

Evaluating the need for integrated land use and land cover analysis for robust assessment of climate adaptation and mitigation strategies
Alan Di Vittorio, Jiafu Mao, and Xiaoying Shi

EGU2016-8016 | Orals | CL0.01 | Media interest

Climate Impacts of the Paris Agreement
Andrei Sokolov, Sergey Paltsev, Henry Chen, and Erwan Monier

EGU2016-17982 | Orals | CL0.01 | Media interest

Historical Responsibility for Climate Change – from countries emissions to contribution to temperature increase
Mario Krapp, Johannes Gütschow, Marcia Rocha, and Michiel Schaeffer

EGU2016-2358 | Posters | CL0.01

Geoscientists as Politicians; it is a necessity, not a luxury.
Mosab Hawarey

EGU2016-3766 | Posters | CL0.01

Climate impacts on palm oil yields in the Nigerian Niger Delta
Stanley U. Okoro, Udo Schickhoff, Juergen Boehner, Uwe A. Schneider, and Neil Huth

EGU2016-15521 | Orals | CL0.01

How to ensure that the results of climate risk analysis make a difference? - Experience from applied research addressing the challenges of climate change
Stefan Schneiderbauer, Marc Zebisch, Daniel Becker, Lydia Pedoth, Kathrin Renner, and Stefan Kienberger

EGU2016-14326 | Orals | CL0.01

Multi-disciplinary assessments of climate change impacts on agriculture to support adaptation decision making in developing countries
Mariko Fujisawa and Hideki Kanamaru

EGU2016-5836 | Posters | CL0.01

Development of a risk database for the establishment of invasive mosquito species under impacts of climate change
Efthimios Tagaris, Rafaella-Eleni Sotiropoulou, Andreas Sotiropoulos, Ioannis Spanos, Panayiotis Milonas, and Antonios Michaelakis

EGU2016-10388 | Orals | CL0.01 | Media interest

Linkages of periodic climatic and social-economic changes in China during the past 2000 years
Xiuqi Fang, Yu Su, Jun Yin, and Zhudeng Wei

EGU2016-5902 | Posters | CL0.01

Land Use, climate change and BIOdiversity in cultural landscapes (LUBIO): Assessing feedbacks and promoting land-use strategies towards a viable future
Iwona Dullinger, Andreas Bohner, Stefan Dullinger, Franz Essl, Veronika Gaube, Helmut Haberl, Andreas Mayer, Christoph Plutzar, and Alexander Remesch

EGU2016-6361 | Posters | CL0.01

Climate City, the new European Project 100 % dedicated to Climate Change
Yves M. Tourre, Laurent Husson, Dorian Penner, and Bruno Desaunettes

EGU2016-12179 | Orals | CL0.01

Extended Shared Socioeconomic Pathways for Coastal Impact Assessment: Spatial Coastal Population Scenarios
Jan-Ludolf Merkens, Lena Reimann, Jochen Hinkel, and Athanasios T. Vafeidis

EGU2016-13323 | Orals | CL0.01 | Media interest

Application of the new scenario framework for climate change research: Future social vulnerability in large urban areas
Guillaume Rohat, Johannes Flacke, and Hy Dao

EGU2016-6603 | Posters | CL0.01

Impact of farm level adaptation to climate change on agricultural productivity and farmers’ wellbeing: Empirical evidence from Pakistan
Muhammad Abid and Jürgen Scheffran

EGU2016-15698 | Orals | CL0.01

Getting ready for crops’ adaptation to climate change in France ; two complementary experiences : what lessons can we draw from them ?
Nathalie de Noblet, Frédéric Levrault, Julie Caubel, Iñaki Garcia de CortazarAtauri, Anne-Charlotte Vivant, Sophie Wieruszeski, and Marie Launay

EGU2016-8419 | Posters | CL0.01

LIFE CLIMATREE project: A novel approach for accounting and monitoring carbon sequestration of tree crops and their potential as carbon sink areas
John Stergiou, Efthimios Tagaris, and Rafaella - Eleni Sotiropoulou

EGU2016-9119 | Posters | CL0.01

Modelling of the impact of the Rhone River N:P ratios over the NW Mediterranean planktonic food web
Elena Alekseenko, Melika Baklouti, and François Carlotti

EGU2016-14642 | Orals | CL0.01

Contrasting perceptions of anthropogenic coastal agricultural landscape meanings and management in Italy and Canada
Stefano Targetti, Kate Sherren, Meri Raggi, and Davide Viaggi

EGU2016-7977 | Orals | CL0.01

The Sahelian agro-ecosystem vulnerability to an acceleration of ice-sheet melting during the 21st century
Dimitri Defrance, Gilles Ramstein, Sylvie Charbit, Benjamin Sultan, Christophe Dumas, Mathieu Vrac, Didier Swingedouw, François Gemenne, Jorge Alvarez-Solas, and Jean-Paul Vanderlinden

EGU2016-9584 | Posters | CL0.01

Effects of aerosol emission pathways on future warming and human health
Antti-Ilari Partanen and Damon Matthews

EGU2016-10975 | Posters | CL0.01

Governmental responses and smallholders’ adaptations to climatic variability in southeastern Mexico
Silvia Sofia Mardero Jimenez, Birgit Schmook, Zachary Christman, and Claudia Radel

EGU2016-1543 | Orals | CL0.01

Overcoming scepticism: Interacting influences of geographical location on perceived climate change adaptation measures to water resources in Spain
Ana Iglesias, Luis Garrote, Isabel Bardaji, Pedro Iglesias, and Alfredo Granados

EGU2016-16663 | Orals | CL0.01

Looking at the spatial and temporal distribution of global water availability and demand
Peter Burek, Yusuke Satoh, Yoshihide Wada, Martina Floerke, Stefanie Eisner, Naota Hanasaki, and David Wiberg

EGU2016-12349 | Posters | CL0.01

HyCAW: Hydrological Climate change Adaptation Wizard
Stefano Bagli, Paolo Mazzoli, Davide Broccoli, and Valerio Luzzi

EGU2016-12376 | Posters | CL0.01

Managing European landscapes to meet the 1.5℃ climate target
Stefan Olin, Kimberly Nicholas, and Mark Brady

EGU2016-13739 | Posters | CL0.01

Experience of the Paris Research Consortium Climate-Environment-Society
Sylvie Joussaume, Chantal Pacteau, and Jean Paul Vanderlinden

EGU2016-14853 | Posters | CL0.01

Can Climate Information be relevant to decision making for Agriculture on the 1-10 year timescale? Case studies from southern Africa
Mariko Fujisawa

EGU2016-15479 | Posters | CL0.01

Towards systematic evaluation of crop model outputs for global land-use models
David Leclere, Ligia B. Azevedo, Rastislav Skalský, Juraj Balkovič, and Petr Havlík

EGU2016-16255 | Posters | CL0.01

Communicating across the disciplines to support climate services: the CLIPC portal
Martin Juckes, Rob Swart, Lars Bärring, Annemarie Groot, Peter Thysse, Wim Som de Cerff, Luis Costa, Johannes Lückenkötter, Victoria Bennett, and Sarah Callaghan

EGU2016-16564 | Posters | CL0.01

Should Climatologists and Spatial Planners Interact? Weather regulation as an ecosystem service to be considered in the land-use planning field.
Mathieu Perrin, Nathalie De Noblet-Ducoudré, Susanna Strada, Marc Stéfanon, and André Torre

EGU2016-17364 | Posters | CL0.01

Mapping Heat-related Risks for Community-based Adaptation Planning under Uncertainty
Yingjiu Bai, Ikuyo Kaneko, Hikaru Kobayashi, Kazuo Kurihara, Hidetaka Sasaki, Akihiko Murata, and Izuru Takayabu

EGU2016-17536 | Posters | CL0.01

Future Earth -- New Approaches to address Climate Change and Sustainability in the MENA Region
Manfred Lange and Rana Abu Alhaija

CL1.01 – INTIMATE: INTegrating Ice core, MArine, and TErrestrial records (co-organized)

EGU2016-11182 | Orals | CL1.01

Antarctic Forcing of Abrupt Global Climate Change During Isotope Stage 3
Christian Turney, Richard Jones, Steven Phipps, Zoë Thomas, Alan Hogg, Peter Kershaw, Christopher Fogwill, Jonathan Palmer, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Florian Adolphi, Raimund Muscheler, Konrad Hughen, Richard Staff, Mark Grosvenor, Nicholas Golledge, and Simon Haberle

EGU2016-7598 | Posters | CL1.01

IceChrono1: a probabilistic model to compute a common and optimal chronology for several ice cores
Frédéric Parrenin, Lucie Bazin, Emilie Capron, Amaëlle Landais, Bénédicte Lemieux-Dudon, and Valérie Masson-Delmotte

EGU2016-4365 | Orals | CL1.01

North Atlantic overturning and climate response to meltwater forcing during the last deglaciation
Francesco Muschitiello, Trond Dokken, Minna Väliranta, Svante Björck, Siwan Davies, Tomi Luoto, Frederik Schenk, Rienk Smittenberg, Paula Reimer, and Barbara Wohlfarth

EGU2016-7705 | Posters | CL1.01

Climate dependent contrast in surface mass balance in East Antarctica over the past 216 kyr
Frédéric Parrenin, Shuji Fujita, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Kenji Kawamura, Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Hideaki Motoyama, Fuyuki Saito, Mirko Severi, Barbara Stenni, Ryu Uemura, and Eric Wolff

EGU2016-13734 | Orals | CL1.01

Atmospheric production signal in 10Be from varved sediments of Lake Meerfelder Maar during the late glacial-early Holocene transition
Markus Czymzik, Florian Adolphi, Raimund Muscheler, Achim Brauer, Florian Mekhaldi, Celia Martin-Puertas, Rik Tjallingii, Ala Aldahan, and Göran Possnert

EGU2016-2794 | Posters | CL1.01

Coeval dust accumulation minima in Greenland and East Central Europe over 31-23 ka
Gábor Újvári, Thomas Stevens, György Varga, János Kovács, and Mihály Molnár

EGU2016-13664 | Orals | CL1.01

A comparison of the Greenland Ice-Core and IntCal timescales through the Laschamp geomagnetic excursion, utilising new 14c data from Tenaghi Philippon, Greece
Richard A. Staff, Mark Hardiman, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Andreas Koutsodendris, and Jörg‎ Pross

EGU2016-983 | Posters | CL1.01

High-resolution, multi-proxy analyses of the MIS3/2 loess-paleosol sequence Krems-Wachtberg, Austria
Tobias Sprafke, Roland Zech, Philipp Schulte, Simon Meyer-Heintze, Sebastian Knoll, Jana Zech, Gary Salazar, Sönke Szidat, Thomas Einwögerer, Frank Lehmkuhl, and Birgit Terhorst

EGU2016-14616 | Posters | CL1.01

First Younger Dryas moraines in Greenland
Svend Funder, Nicolaj K. Larsen, Henriette Linge, Per Möller, Anders Schomacker, Derek Fabel, Kurt H. Kjær, and Sheng Xu

EGU2016-9405 | Orals | CL1.01

The 10ka Grímsvötn tephra series in Iceland (usually referred to as the Saksunarvatn ash). A review.
Bergrun Oladottir, Thor Thordarson, and Áslaug Geirsdóttir

EGU2016-13924 | Orals | CL1.01

The 14C age of glacial North Atlantic surface waters: Greenland Interstadial Events 2-13
William Austin, Fiona Hibbert, Edouard Bard, and Charlotte Bryant

EGU2016-9552 | Posters | CL1.01

Indications of a pan-hemispheric bi-partition of the Younger Dryas Stadial from Lake Suigetsu, Japan
Gordon Schlolaut, Achim Brauer, Takeshi Nakagawa, Henry Lamb, Michael Marshall, Megumi Kato-Saito, Richard Staff, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, and Charlotte Bryant

EGU2016-14208 | Posters | CL1.01

A new Holocene record of geomagnetic secular variation from Windermere, UK
Rachael S. Avery, Chuang Xuan, Alan E. S. Kemp, Jonathan M. Bull, Carol J. Cotterill, J. James Fielding, and Richard Pearce

EGU2016-4074 | Posters | CL1.01

Comparing records with related chronologies
Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Paul Albert, Rebecca Kearney, and Richard A. Staff

EGU2016-9589 | Posters | CL1.01

An improved chronology for the Lateglacial palaeoenvironmental record of Lake Haemelsee, Germany: challenges for independent site comparisons
Christine Lane, Achim Brauer, Bronk Ramsey Christopher, Stefan Engels, Aritina Haliuc, Wim Hoek, Katalin Hubay, Gwydion Jones, Dirk Sachse, Richard Staff, Falko Turner, and Frederike Wagner-Cremer

EGU2016-431 | Posters | CL1.01

The last Deglaciation in the Mediterranean region: a multi-archives synthesis
Lucie Bazin, Giuseppe Siani, Amaelle Landais, Frank Bassinot, Dominique Genty, Aline Govin, Elisabeth Michel, Sebastien Nomade, and Claire Waelbroeck

EGU2016-15592 | Posters | CL1.01

Marine-continental tephra correlations (Pantelleria, Italy, and Ionian Basin): the potential for Mediterranean marker horizons
Nina Jordan

EGU2016-17690 | Posters | CL1.01

Impact of climate variability on terrestrial environment in Western Europe between 45 and 9 kyr cal. BP: vegetation dynamics recorded by the Bergsee Lake (Black Forest, Germany).
Fanny Duprat-Oualid, Carole Begeot, Damien Rius, Laurent Millet, and Michel Magny

CL1.03 – Transition into the Anthropocene – causes of climate change in the 19th and 20th century

EGU2016-3081 | Orals | CL1.03

Estimating pre-industrial global temperature
Ed Hawkins, Pablo Ortega, Emma Suckling, Andrew Schurer, Gabi Hegerl, Phil Jones, Manoj Joshi, Tim Osborn, Juliette Mignot, Peter Thorne, and Geert Jan van Oldenborgh

EGU2016-747 | Posters | CL1.03

Observation-based Estimate of Climate Sensitivity with a Scaling Climate Response Function
Raphael Hébert and Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2016-10613 | Orals | CL1.03

Interdecadal variability in surface climate during the instrumental period
Timothy Osborn

EGU2016-4276 | Posters | CL1.03

Twentieth century increase in snowfall in coastal West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula
Elizabeth Thomas, Rebecca Tuckwell, Emily Ludlow, Richard Warren, and Julius Rix

EGU2016-5082 | Posters | CL1.03

Multidecadal variations and trends of central European temperature in simulated climates
Jiří Mikšovský, Aleš Farda, and Michal Belda

EGU2016-15805 | Orals | CL1.03

Reconstructions of global near-surface temperature change since the mid 19th century
Colin Morice, Nick Rayner, and John Kennedy

EGU2016-12783 | Orals | CL1.03

20CR-1815: Extending reanalysis back to Tambora
Philip Brohan, Gilbert P. Compo, and Stefan Brönnimann

EGU2016-7549 | Posters | CL1.03

Estimating internal variability under changing external forcing
Dirk Olonscheck and Dirk Notz

EGU2016-8309 | Posters | CL1.03

Evaluation of Mechanisms of Extreme Temperatures Over Europe
Ioana Colfescu, Gabi Hegerl, and Simon Tett

EGU2016-15380 | Orals | CL1.03

A new perspective on the 1930s mega-heat waves across central United States
Tim Cowan and Gabi Hegerl

EGU2016-8903 | Orals | CL1.03

Early global warming in the period 1850 to 1920
Victor Venema, Ralf Lindau, Theo Brandsma, Renate Auchmann, Jan Esper, and Karsten Haustein

EGU2016-16373 | Posters | CL1.03

Spatial patterns of substantial climate impact from anthropogenic aerosols in the early instrumental period
Sabine Undorf, Massimo Bollasina, and Gabriele Hegerl

EGU2016-14585 | Posters | CL1.03

End of the “Little Ice Age” in the Alps not forced by industrial black carbon
Michael Sigl, Dimtri Osmont, Jacopo Gabrieli, Carlo Barbante, and Margit Schwikowski

EGU2016-13967 | Posters | CL1.03

The 11-year solar radiation rhythm and the North Atlantic Oscillation during the last two centuries
Heiko Brunck and Frank Sirocko

EGU2016-10846 | Posters | CL1.03

Detection and Attribution of the surface air temperature during last millennium
Dongdong Peng, Tianjun Zhou, and Wenmin Man

EGU2016-14993 | Posters | CL1.03

The contribution of atmospheric circulation to decadal trends in northern hemisphere temperature
Carley Iles and Gabriele Hegerl

EGU2016-12168 | Posters | CL1.03

Temperature rise, sea level rise and increased radiative forcing – an application of cointegration methods
Torben Schmith, Peter Thejll, and Søren Johansen

EGU2016-3036 | Posters | CL1.03

The sensitivity of precipitation to temperature over islands and oceans
Debbie Polson, Gabriele Hegerl, and Susan Solomon

EGU2016-14637 | Posters | CL1.03

Fusing Paleo-Data and Models: A Monthly Reanalysis for the Period 1600 to 2000
Jörg Franke, Stefan Brönnimann, and Jonas Bhend

EGU2016-14421 | Posters | CL1.03

Using climate models to determine the causes of surface temperature change over the historical period
Andrew Schurer and Gabriele Hegerl

EGU2016-12572 | Posters | CL1.03

Comparision of the evolution of the Hadley Circulation between ECMWF ERA-20C centennial reanalysis and the atmospheric model ensemble ERA-20CM
Roberta D'Agostino and Piero Lionello

EGU2016-7000 | Posters | CL1.03

Tropospheric circulation during the early twentieth century Arctic warming
Martin Wegmann, Stefan Brönnimann, and Gilbert P. Compo

CL1.04 – Historical Climatology

EGU2016-1436 | Posters | CL1.04

Exploring multiple sources of climatic information within personal and medical diaries, Bombay 1799-1828
George Adamson

EGU2016-266 | Orals | CL1.04

Understanding extreme rainfall events in Australia through historical data
Linden Ashcroft and David John Karoly

EGU2016-14680 | Posters | CL1.04

Comparison of 19th century ship log wind data and adjoining land-based Royal Observatory data (1843 to 1855): Spot the difference?
Alexa Brown, Chris Lennard, and Stefan Grab

EGU2016-2559 | Orals | CL1.04

April–August temperatures in the Czech Lands, 1499–2012, reconstructed from grape harvest dates
Martin Možný, Rudolf Brázdil, Petr Dobrovolný, and Miroslav Trnka

EGU2016-3479 | Posters | CL1.04

Rescue of historical hydrometric data in the Paraná-Uruguay River basin
Andrés Antico, Ricardo O. Aguiar, Mario L. Amsler, and María E. Torres

EGU2016-2856 | Orals | CL1.04

Historical reconstruction of storms in the West of France in the early Little Ice Age.
Emmanuelle Athimon and Mohamed Maanan

EGU2016-10892 | Orals | CL1.04

"Ice out": the contribution of citizen scientists to our understanding of climate change
R. Timothy Patterson and Graeme T. Swindles

EGU2016-12508 | Posters | CL1.04

Historic halo displays as weather indicator: Criteria and examples
Dagmar L. Neuhäuser and Ralph Neuhäuser

EGU2016-14775 | Orals | CL1.04

Volcanically-Induced Nile Flood Failure Promotes Internal Revolt and Suppresses Interstate Conflict in Hellenistic Egypt, 305-30 BCE
Francis Ludlow, Joseph Manning, Alexander Stine, William Boos, Trude Storelvmo, Michael Sigl, and Jennifer Marlon

EGU2016-884 | Posters | CL1.04

Building a 19th Century climate chronology for the Karoo: 1840-1870
Athanasia Lupini

EGU2016-12658 | Orals | CL1.04

Spatial-temporal analysis on climate variation in early Qing dynasty (17th -18th century) using China’s chronological records
Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, Pao-Kuan Wang, I-Chun Fan, Yi-Chun Liao, Hsiung-Ming Liao, and Pi-Ling Pai

EGU2016-2219 | Posters | CL1.04

Multi-timescale Drought Variations based on standardized precipitation index in China during past 52 years
su ping Wang, cun jie Zhang, yao hui Li, jianying Feng, and jinsong Wang

EGU2016-2847 | Posters | CL1.04

Climate hazards, adaptation and “resilience” of societies (early Little Ice Age, west of France).
Emmanuelle Athimon and Mohamed Maanan

EGU2016-7503 | Posters | CL1.04

The Indian Summer Monsoon onset revisited: new approach based on the analysis of historical wind observations
Paulina Ordoñez, David Gallego, Pedro Ribera, Cristina Peña-Ortiz, Ricardo Garcia-Herrera, Inmaculada Vega, and Francisco de Paula Gómez

EGU2016-8209 | Posters | CL1.04

The archives of the glacier survey of the Austrian Alpine Club
Andrea Fischer and Gebhard Bendler

EGU2016-16530 | Posters | CL1.04

Reconstruction of El Niño Southern Oscillation using data from ships' logbooks, 1750-1855
Hannah Barrett, Julie Jones, and Grant Bigg

EGU2016-15250 | Posters | CL1.04

Reassessing the climatic impacts of the AD 1257 Samalas eruption in Europe and in the Northern Hemisphere using historical archives and tree-rings
Sebastien Guillet, Christophe Corona, Markus Stoffel, Myriam Khodri, Viriginie Poulain, Franck Lavigne, Olga Churakova, Pablo Ortega, Valerie Daux, Brian Luckman, Joël Guiot, Clive Oppenheimer, Valérie Masson-Delmotte, and Jean-Louis Edouard

CL1.06 – Narrowing the gap: palaeoenvironment and human interaction during Late Quaternary (co-organized)

EGU2016-2867 | Posters | CL1.06

New geochronology of the Stalać section at the southern limit of European loess occurrence through pIR50IR290 dating
Janina Bösken, Igor Obreht, Nicole Klasen, Christian Zeeden, Slobodan B. Marković, Ulrich Hambach, and Frank Lehmkuhl

EGU2016-3947 | Orals | CL1.06

Reconstruction of Landscape Evolution Zones (LEZ) from laminated Eifel maar sediments of the last 60 000 years
Frank Sirocko

EGU2016-4741 | Posters | CL1.06

The Palaeolithic site Bistricioara-Lutărie III in the Romanian Carpathians – Insights from various luminescence methods
Christoph Schmidt, Oana Antohi-Trandafir, Alida Timar-Gabor, Mircea Anghelinu, Daniel Veres, and Ulrich Hambach

EGU2016-1350 | Orals | CL1.06

Linking lake variability, climate, and human activity in Basotu, Tanzania.
Lindsey Higgins, Lars-Ove Westerberg, and Jan Risberg

EGU2016-4453 | Orals | CL1.06

Reconstructing the formation of the Upper Palaeolithic find horizons at Krems-Wachtberg
Marc Händel

EGU2016-7669 | Posters | CL1.06

The Last Glacial Maximum in the Northern European loess belt: Correlations between loess-paleosol sequences and the Dehner Maar core (Eifel Mountains)
Joerg Zens, Lydia Krauß, Wolfgang Römer, Nicole Klasen, Stéphane Pirson, Philipp Schulte, Christian Zeeden, Frank Sirocko, and Frank Lehmkuhl

EGU2016-16910 | Posters | CL1.06

Chemical and mineralogical proxies of erosion episodes in the dried lake sediments (Amik Lake, Southern Turkey): paleoenvironmental implications
Meriam El Ouahabi, Aurélia Hubert-Ferrari, Héléne Lebeau, Nathalie Fagel, Jacquelinec Vander Auwera, Volkan Karabacak, and Sabine Schmidt

EGU2016-16933 | Orals | CL1.06

Prehistoric Human Dispersal to the Tibetan Plateau and Adaptation to the High Altitude Environment
Dongju Zhang, Guanghui Dong, and Fahu Chen

EGU2016-7883 | Orals | CL1.06

Environmental Prime Movers for Prehistoric Colonization of Islands in Remote Oceania
Alvaro Montenegro, Richard T. Callaghan, and Scott M. Fitzpatrick

EGU2016-12482 | Posters | CL1.06

Evaluating Early Upper Palaeolithic Open-Air Surface Finds from Northern Hungary and Southern Slovakia.
Wei Chu, Christian Zeeden, Zsolt Mester, Gyuri Lengyel, and Ľubomíra Kaminská

EGU2016-812 | Orals | CL1.06

The smelting of metals in the Romanian Carpathians throughout the Holocene
Jack Longman, Vasile Ersek, Daniel Veres, and Ulrich Salzmann

EGU2016-5689 | Posters | CL1.06

Late Pleistocene aeolian dust provenances and wind direction changes reconstructed by heavy mineral analysis of the sediments of the Dehner dry maar (Eifel Mountains, Germany)
Frank Lehmkuhl, Wolfgang Römer, and Frank Sirocko

EGU2016-5114 | Posters | CL1.06

Multi-method chronological investigation of a Middle Paleolithic stratigraphic context in Eastern Transylvania, Romania
Daniel Veres, Marian Cosac, George Muratoreanu, Loredana Niţă, Christoph Schmidt, Ulrich Hambach, Katalin Hubay, Radu Alexandru, Roxana Cuculici, Dan Lucian Buzea, and Valentin Dumitraşcu

EGU2016-5979 | Posters | CL1.06

Relating past occupation patterns to (paleo)environmental properties – hypothesis testing
Christian Zeeden, Anja Duwe, Janina Bösken, Isabel Pipaud, Wei Chu, Thomas Hauck, and Frank Lehmkuhl

EGU2016-18468 | Posters | CL1.06

An Upper Pleistocene to Holocene limnic record from the Carpathian Basin near Vrsac (Vojvodina, Serbia)
Christian Zeeden, Ulrich Hambach, Peter Fisher, Igor Obreht, Philipp Schulte, Janina Bösken, Voelker Wennrich, Frank Schäbitz, Nicole Klasen, Milivoj Gavrilov, Daniel Veres, Slobodan Markovic, Andreas Vött, and Frank Lehmkuhl

EGU2016-18457 | Posters | CL1.06

Loess in the foothills of the western Carpathians and its importance for paleoenvironmental reconstruction towards the Carpathian Basin
Igor Obreht, Frank Lehmkuhl, Holger Kels, Ulrich Hambach, Philipp Schulte, Eileen Eckmeier, Nicole Klasen, Janina Bösken, Lydia Krauss, and Christian Zeeden

EGU2016-6730 | Posters | CL1.06

Holocene landslide activity in Moldavian Plateau (NE Romania) based on archaeological evidence
Mihai Niculita, Mihai Ciprian Margarint, and Michele Santangelo

EGU2016-17374 | Posters | CL1.06

Late Holocene records of fire and human presence in New Zealand
Elena Argiriadis, Marco Vecchiato, Torben Kirchgeorg, Dario Battistel, Dave B. McWethy, Cathy L. Whitlock, Natalie M. Kehrwald, and Carlo Barbante

EGU2016-4441 | Posters | CL1.06

Climate signal detected in sub-fossil and living oak trees data. An analysis of signal frequency components
Nechita Constantin, Chiriloaei Francisca, Radoane Maria, Popa Ionel, and Radoane Nicoae

EGU2016-16815 | Posters | CL1.06

Environmental changes in the Moulay Bousselham lagoon (Morocco) during the last 7 000 years using a multiproxy approach
Bendahhou Zourarah, Mohamed Maanan, Maria Conceição Freitas, Suzanne Leroy, César Andrade, Alejandro Cearreta, and Anabela Cruces

CL1.07 – Studying the climate of the last two millennia

EGU2016-4968 | Orals | CL1.07

European summer temperatures since Roman times
Jürg Luterbacher and the Euro-Med 2k Consortium

EGU2016-4950 | Posters | CL1.07

North American regional climate reconstruction from underground temperatures.
Fernando Jaume-Santero, Hugo Beltrami, and Jean-Claude Mareschal

EGU2016-3892 | Posters | CL1.07

Late Holocene stable-isotope based winter temperature records from ice wedges in the Northeast Siberian Arctic
Thomas Opel, Hanno Meyer, Thomas Laepple, and Alexander Yu. Dereviagin

EGU2016-7792 | Orals | CL1.07

Impacts of climate change on Middle Eastern societies over the last 2700 years: new results from the Gejkar speleothem, Iraq
Pascal Flohr, Dominik Fleitmann, Matt Bosomworth, Hai Cheng, Aleksey Sadekov, Roger Matthews, Wendy Matthews, Stuart Black, and Lawrence Edwards

EGU2016-4257 | Posters | CL1.07

The climate in China over the past 2000 years in a global Earth System Model simulation
Eduardo Zorita, Sebastian Wagner, Jürg Luterbacher, and Huan Zhang

EGU2016-17684 | Orals | CL1.07

Recent advances on reconstruction of climate and extreme events in China for the past 2000 year
Jingyun Zheng, Zhixin Hao, Quansheng Ge, and Yang Liu

EGU2016-17694 | Posters | CL1.07

Annually-resolved temperature reconstructions of the past 2000 years from Dome-Fuji, East Antarctica
Yuko Motizuki, Kazuya Takahashi, Yoichi Nakai, and Hideaki Motoyama

EGU2016-12040 | Orals | CL1.07

Reconstructing last 2000 years of temperature variation from Pyrenean caves (N Spain)
Ana Moreno, Miguel Bartolomé, Carlos Pérez, Carlos Sancho, Isabel Cacho, Heather Stoll, Antonio Delgado-Huertas, R. Lawrence Edwards, and Hai Cheng

EGU2016-14367 | Orals | CL1.07

Hydroclimate variability in NE Brazil over the last 2K
Utida Giselle, Bouloubassi Ioanna, Cruz Francisco, Schefuβ Enno, Sifeddine Abdel, Klein Vincent, Etourneau Johan, Zocatelli Renata, Zular André, Cheng Hai, and Edwards R. Laurence

EGU2016-11298 | Posters | CL1.07

The climatic signal recorded in Scărișoara Ice Cave (Apuseni Mountains, Romania) during the last millennium
Carmen-Andreea Bădăluță and Aurel Perșoiu

EGU2016-13935 | Orals | CL1.07

Estimating the climate variability of the last millennium on the East Antarctic plateau
Thomas Münch and Thomas Laepple

EGU2016-4641 | Posters | CL1.07

Ocean surface conditions on the SE Greenland shelf during the last millennium – from abrupt changes to centennial variability
Arto Miettinen, Dmitry Divine, Katrine Husum, Nalan Koç, and Anne Jennings

EGU2016-5258 | Posters | CL1.07

Ground surface temperature histories in northern Ontario and Québec for the past 500 years
Carolyne Pickler, Hugo Beltrami, and Jean-Claude Mareschal

EGU2016-1849 | Orals | CL1.07

Quantitative reconstruction of temperature in northern Japan for the last 2000 years and the influential factors to determine climatic fluctuation
Hodaka Kawahata, Yoshiki Hatta, Yuki Ota, Akihiro Yoshida, and Junko Habu

EGU2016-15513 | Posters | CL1.07

Climate, environment and human migrations in the Carpathian region during the Late Roman Period and Early Dark Ages
Aurel Perşoiu and Ioana Perșoiu

EGU2016-3536 | Orals | CL1.07

The dendroclimatic proxies from the northern Quebec taiga in the PAGES 2K network: recent advances and future developments.
Fabio Gennaretti, Maud Naulier, Dominique Arseneault, Martine Savard, Christian Bégin, Etienne Boucher, Yves Bégin, and Joël Guiot

EGU2016-15563 | Posters | CL1.07

The Dark Age of the Lowlands in an Interdisciplinary Light: people, landscape and climate between AD 300 and 1000
Rowin J. van Lanen, Harm Jan Pierik, and Marjolein T.I.J. Gouw-Bouman

EGU2016-14613 | Orals | CL1.07

The volcanic fingerprint of four weather regimes over the N-Atlantic as seen in ECHAM5-wiso millennial run from 800-2000 AD.
Hera Guðlaugsdóttir, Hans Christian Steen-Larsen, Árný Erla Sveinbjörnsdóttir, and Jesper Sjolte

EGU2016-15694 | Posters | CL1.07

Short-lived high-amplitude cooling on Svalbard during the Dark Ages
Willem van der Bilt, William D`Andrea, Jostein Bakke, Nicholas Balascio, Johannes Werner, and Wim Hoek

EGU2016-4988 | Orals | CL1.07

Simulation of Air and Ground Temperatures in PMIP3/CMIP5 Last Millennium Simulations: Implications for Climate Reconstructions from Borehole Temperature Profiles
Hugo Beltrami, Almudena García-García, Francisco José Cuesta-Valero, and Jason Smerdon

EGU2016-15903 | Posters | CL1.07

Functional paleoclimate networks of North Atlantic terrestrial proxies: A new tool for studying spatio-temporal climate variability within the Arctic 2k framework
Jasper G. Franke and Reik V. Donner

EGU2016-17514 | Orals | CL1.07

Modelled rainfall skill assessment against a 1000-year time/space isotope dendro-climatology for southern Africa
Stephan Woodborne, Grant Hall, and Qiong Zhang

EGU2016-11098 | Orals | CL1.07

Quantifying paleo-reconstruction skill of the Southern Annular Mode in a model framework
Willem Huiskamp, Shayne McGregor, and Ryan Batehup

EGU2016-16755 | Posters | CL1.07

eVolv2k: A new ice core-based volcanic forcing reconstruction for the past 2000 years
Matthew Toohey and Michael Sigl

EGU2016-14833 | Orals | CL1.07

The volcanic double event at the dawn of the Dark Ages
Matthew Toohey, Michael Sigl, Kirstin Krüger, Frode Stordal, and Henrik Svensen

EGU2016-17320 | Posters | CL1.07

Trends and variability of the South American hydrological cycle for the last 2000 years
Heitor Evangelista, Catalina Gonzalez Arango, Juliana Nogueira, Leonardo Monteiro, Lucien von Gunten, Myriam Khodri, and Raphael Neukom

EGU2016-18392 | Posters | CL1.07

Climate and environmental changes during the last 2000 years on Barentsøya and Edgeøya (E-Svalbard).
Wim Hoek, Lineke Woelders, Keechy Akkerman, Tom van Hoof, Rikke Moller Just, and Friederike Wagner-Cremer

EGU2016-1594 | Orals | CL1.07

Land use changes and its climatic implications in Northern Italy during the Dark Ages
Klaus Oeggl, Notburga Oeggl-Wahlmüller, Daniela Festi, and Marcus Zagermann

EGU2016-18447 | Posters | CL1.07

Influence of external climate forcing on coastal upwelling systems analysed in ensemble of past millennium climate simulations
Nele Tim, Eduardo Zorita, Birgit Hünicke, Xin Yi, and Kay Emeis

EGU2016-18464 | Posters | CL1.07

Variability of daily winter wind speed distribution over Northern Europe during the past millennium in regional and global climate simulations
Svenja Bierstedt, Birgit Hünicke, Eduardo Zorita, Sebastian Wagner, and Juán José Gomez-Navarro

EGU2016-9505 | Orals | CL1.07

Drought as a Catalyst for Early Medieval European Subsistence Crises and Violence
Francis Ludlow, Edward Cook, Conor Kostick, and Michael McCormick

EGU2016-6166 | Posters | CL1.07

Climate during the Roman and early-medieval periods in North-western Europe: a review of climate reconstructions from terrestrial archives
Dana F.C. Reichelmann, Marjolein T.I.J. Gouw-Bouman, Wim Z. Hoek, Rowin J. van Lanen, Esther Stouthamer, and Esther Jansma

EGU2016-11821 | Orals | CL1.07

C-14 and temperature variation around and after AD 775 - after the Dark Age Grand Minimum
Ralph Neuhäuser and Dagmar L. Neuhäuser

EGU2016-7093 | Posters | CL1.07

Resilience, rapid transitions and regime shifts: fingerprinting the responses of Lake Żabińskie (NE Poland) to climate variability and human disturbance since 1000 AD
Wojciech Tylmann, Iván Hernández-Almeida, Martin Grosjean, Juan José Gómez Navarro, Isabelle Larocque-Tobler, Alicja Bonk, Dirk Enters, Alicja Ustrzycka, Natalia Piotrowska, Rajmund Przybylak, Agnieszka Wacnik, and Małgorzata Witak

EGU2016-16682 | Orals | CL1.07 | Media interest

Is the onset of the 6th century ‘dark age’ in Maya history related to explosive volcanism?
Kees Nooren, Wim Z. Hoek, Hans Van der Plicht, Michael Sigl, Didier Galop, Nuria Torrescano-Valle, Gerald Islebe, Annika Huizinga, Tim Winkels, Hans Middelkoop, and Manfred Van Bergen

EGU2016-10098 | Posters | CL1.07

Comparison of a spatio-temporal speleothem-based reconstruction of late Holocene climate variability to the timing of cultural developments
Michael Deininger, Jörg Lippold, Florian Abele, and Frank McDermott

EGU2016-11066 | Posters | CL1.07

Reconstructing the Southern Annular Mode over the last millennium: Does methodology matter?
Willem Huiskamp, Christian Turney, and Jonathan Palmer

EGU2016-12751 | Posters | CL1.07

40 shades of black: regional differences in vegetation response to a changing human influence in the Low Countries during the Dark Ages (AD 300-1000).
Marjolein T.I.J. Gouw-Bouman, Timme H. Donders, and Wim Z. Hoek

EGU2016-13047 | Posters | CL1.07

A 250a speleothem record from Bärenhöhle, Austria: comparison with instrumental data
Marc Luetscher, John Hellstrom, Jens Fohlmeister, Wolfgang Müller, and Christoph Spötl

EGU2016-13639 | Posters | CL1.07

Paleoclimatic Modeling of Borehole Temperature-Depth Data and Applications for the Recent Climatic Changes in Western Anatolia
Mustafa Orkun İnal, Kamil Erkan, Mete Tayanç, Bülent Akkoyunlu, Elif Balkan, Esra Sema Eren, and Yeşim Aydın

EGU2016-14627 | Posters | CL1.07

The relation between AMOC, gyre circulation, and meridional heat transports in the North Atlantic in model simulations of the last millennium
Johann Jungclaus, Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro, and Katja Lohmann

EGU2016-97 | Posters | CL1.07

The Imprints of the Solar Activity during the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Climatic Anomaly in SW Anatolia from Lake Sediments
Iliya Bauchi Danladi and Sena Akçer-Ön

EGU2016-294 | Posters | CL1.07

Past Temperature and Salinity of the Eastern Arabian Sea: Implications to Sun-Monsoon Precipitation Relationship over Past Couple of Millennia
Manish Tiwari, Siddhesh Nagoji, and Raja Ganeshram

EGU2016-950 | Posters | CL1.07

Oxygen Isotope Speleothem record of Decadal and Multidecadal Atlantic Oscillations over the last millennium in Southwestern Morocco
Yassine Ait Brahim, LiJuan Sha, Abdelfettah Sifeddine, Hai Cheng, Lhoussaine Bouchaou, Francisco William Da Cruz Junior, Myriam Khodri, Nawaaz Peerbocus, Alexandre Mariller, James Apaestegui, Jean-Loup Guyot, Augusto Auler, and El Hassane Beraaouz

EGU2016-1254 | Posters | CL1.07

A multi-proxy reconstruction of spatial and temporal variations in Asian summer temperatures over the last millennium
Feng Shi, Quansheng Ge, Bao Yang, Jianping Li, Fengmei Yang, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Olga Solomina, Takeshi Nakatsuka, Ninglian Wang, Sen Zhao, Chenxi Xu, Keyan Fang, Masaki Sano, Guoqiang Chu, Zexin Fan, Narayan P. Gaire, and Muhammad Usama Zafar

EGU2016-2002 | Posters | CL1.07

Reconstructions of Circulation in the Northeastern Pacific and Western North America since 1500 A.D.: Relation to Precipitation and Fire Conditions in California
Eduardo Zorita, Eugene Wahl, and Valerie Trouet

EGU2016-9110 | Posters | CL1.07

Hydrographic changes in the subpolar North Atlantic at the MCA to LIA transition
Dmitry Divine, Arto Miettinen, Katrine Husum, and Nalan Koc

EGU2016-5129 | Posters | CL1.07

Evaluating the Old World Drought Atlas in North Africa
Ramzi Touchan, Dalila Kherchouche, Kevin Anchukaitis, Said Slimani, Jordan A. Krcmaric, and David M. Meko

EGU2016-5141 | Posters | CL1.07

Multicentury Reconstruction of Precipitations (1300-2014) in Eastern Canada from Tree-Ring Width and Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes
Claudie Giguère, Étienne Boucher, and Yves Bergeron

EGU2016-12858 | Posters | CL1.07

Revisiting East Asia temperature and its associated uncertainty over the last 2k from reconstructions and climate simulations
Elena García-Bustamante, J. Fidel González-Rouco, Laura Fernández-Donado, Juerg Luterbacher, and Johann Jungclaus

EGU2016-14684 | Posters | CL1.07

The origin and its environmental significance of thick colluvium on the coast of Xiaolanyu Isle, Taiwan
Shyh-Jeng Chyi, Chia-Hung Jen, Lih-Der Ho, Jia-Hong Chen, Jiun-Yee Yen, Ying-San Liou, Chung-Pai Chang, Chi-Yu Lee, Jian-Wei Lin, Neng-Ti Yu, I-Chin Yen, and Cheng-Hao Lu

EGU2016-15267 | Posters | CL1.07

Prominent features in isotopic, chemical and dust stratigraphies from GV7, a drilling site in East Antarctica
Laura Caiazzo and the GV7 team

EGU2016-17024 | Posters | CL1.07

Climate variability and socio-environmental changes in the northern Aegean (NE Mediterranean) during the last 1500 years
Alexandra Gogou, Maria Triantaphyllou, Elena Xoplaki, Adam Izdebski, Constantine Parinos, Margarita Dimiza, Ioanna Bouloubassi, Juerg Luterbacher, Katerina Kouli, Belen Martrat, Andrea Toreti, Dominik Fleitmann, Gregory Rousakis, Helen Kaberi, Maria Athanasiou, and Vasilios Lykousis

EGU2016-17266 | Posters | CL1.07

400 years of summer climatic conditions in the N Carpathian Mts. (eastern Europe) based on O and C stable isotopes in Pinus Cembra L tree rings
Viorica Nagavciuc, Ionel Popa, Zoltán Kern, and Aurel Perșoiu

EGU2016-17440 | Posters | CL1.07

Natural and anthropogenic forcing of North Atlantic tropical cyclone track position since 1550 A.D.
Lisa Baldini, James Baldini, Jim McElwaine, Amy Frappier, Yemane Asmerom, Kam-biu Liu, Keith Prufer, Harriet Ridley, Victor Polyak, Douglas Kennett, Colin Macpherson, Valorie Aquino, Jamie Awe, and Sebastian Breitenbach

EGU2016-17529 | Posters | CL1.07

Forced and internal variability in temperature simulations and reconstructions of the Common Era
Laura Fernández-Donado, J. Fidel González-Rouco, Elena Garcia-Bustamante, Jason S. Smerdon, Juerg Luterbacher, and Christoph C. Raible

CL1.08 – Polar continental margins and fjords – climate, oceanography, tectonics and geohazards (co-organized)

EGU2016-2602 | Orals | CL1.08

Continental Margins of the Arctic Ocean: Implications for Law of the Sea
David Mosher

EGU2016-724 | Posters | CL1.08

Wintertime water dynamics and moonlight disruption of the acoustic backscatter diurnal signal in an ice-covered Northeast Greenland fjord
Vladislav Petrusevich, Igor Dmitrenko, Sergey Kirillov, Søren Rysgaard, Stig Falk-Petersen, David Barber, and Jens Ehn

EGU2016-3053 | Posters | CL1.08

The potential macroalgae habitat shifts in an Antarctic Peninsula fjord due to climate change
Kerstin Jerosch, Frauke Scharf, Dolores Deregibus, Gabriela Campana, Katharina Zacher, Christian Hass, Liliana Quartino, and Doris Abele

EGU2016-13311 | Orals | CL1.08

Evolution of a trough-fan system: Scoresby Sund fjord, central-east Greenland
Lara F. Pérez, Tove Nielsen, Paul C. Knutz, Antoon Kuijpers, and Volkmar Damm

EGU2016-3209 | Posters | CL1.08

The Kongsfjorden Channel System offshore NW Spitsbergen, European Arctic: evidence of down-slope processes in a contour-current dominated setting on the continental margin
Matthias Forwick, Jan Sverre Laberg, H. Christian Hass, and Giacomo Osti

EGU2016-17782 | Orals | CL1.08

Ice stream behaviour in the western sector of the North Sea during the end of the last glacial cycle
David Roberts, David Evans, Chris Clark, Mark Bateman, Stephen Livingstone, Alicia Medialdea, Colm O Cofaigh, Elena Grimoldi, Louise Callard, Dayton Dove, Heather Stewart, Bethan Davies, and Richard Chiverell

EGU2016-3781 | Posters | CL1.08

Towards untangling the changing tectonic and climatic influence on deposition on the Surveyor Fan, Gulf of Alaska: A single grain geochemical and geochronological study
Barbara Huber, Heinrich Bahlburg, and Christian Drewer

EGU2016-8303 | Orals | CL1.08

Holocene ice-ocean interactions: Køge Bugt, southeast Greenland
Laurence M. Dyke, Camilla S. Andresen, Anna L. C. Hughes, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, John F. Hiemstra, Tavi Murray, David A. Sutherland, Anders A. Bjørk, Hui Jiang, and Longbin Shah

EGU2016-4463 | Posters | CL1.08

Hydroacoustic habitat mapping in Potter Cove (King George Island, Antarctica)
H. Christian Hass, Anne-Cathrin Wölfl, Gerhard Kuhn, Kerstin Jerosch, Frauke Scharf, and Doris Abele

EGU2016-7429 | Orals | CL1.08

First evidence for a late LGM subglacial lake in Pine Island Bay, Antarctica
Gerhard Kuhn, Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Sabine Kasten, James A. Smith, Frank O. Nitsche, Thomas Frederichs, Steffen Wiers, Werner Ehrmann, Johann P. Klages, and José M. Mogollón

EGU2016-3344 | Orals | CL1.08

Constraining the Antarctic contribution to global sea-level change: ANDRILL and beyond
Timothy Naish

EGU2016-5123 | Posters | CL1.08

A large channel system in the western the Riiser Larsen Sea, East Antarctica: Paleoceanographic and sedimentary aspects
H. Christian Hass, Johann P. Klages, Gerhard Kuhn, and Matthias Forwick

EGU2016-4575 | Posters | CL1.08

On the Evolution of Glaciated Continental Margins
Jan Sverre Laberg, Tom Arne Rydningen, Polina A. Safronova, and Matthias Forwick

EGU2016-6431 | Posters | CL1.08

Late Quaternary development of the Storfjorden and Kveithola Trough Mouth Fans, northwestern Barents Sea
Jaume Llopart, Roger Urgeles, Angelo Camerlenghi, Renata Lucchi, and Michele Rebesco

EGU2016-8818 | Posters | CL1.08

Marine sedimentary record of Meltwater Pulse 1a along the NW Barents Sea continental margin
Renata Giulia Lucchi, Leonardo Sagnotti, Angelo Camerlenghi, Patrizia Macrì, Michele Rebesco, Maria Teresa Pedrosa, and Giovanna Giorgetti

EGU2016-9346 | Posters | CL1.08

Evolution of a high-latitude sediment drift inside a glacially-carved trough based on high-resolution seismic stratigraphy (Kveithola, NW Barents Sea)
Michele Rebesco, Asli Özmaral, Roger Urgeles, Daniela Accettella, Renata G. Lucchi, Denise Rüther, Monica Winsborrow, Jaume Llopart, Andrea Caburlotto, Hendrik Lantzsch, and Till J.J. Hanebuth

EGU2016-9583 | Posters | CL1.08

A hydrologically inspired approach to predicting fjord bedrock elevation at the ice-ocean interface of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Chris Williams, Jonathan Bamber, James Cochran, Stephen Cornford, Julian Dowdeswell, Tom Jordan, Mathieu Morlighem, Steven Palmer, Martin Siegert, Kirsty Tinto, and John Paden

EGU2016-10765 | Posters | CL1.08

Evidence for the Late Cenozoic Antarctic Ice Sheet evolution and bottom current dynamics in the central-western Ross Sea outer margin, Antarctica
Sookwan Kim, Laura De Santis, Jong Kuk Hong, Diego Cottlerle, Lorenzo Petronio, Ester Colizza, Andrea Bergamasco, Young-Gyun Kim, Seung-Goo Kang, Hyoungjun Kim, Suhwan Kim, Nigel Wardell, Riccardo Geletti, Robert McKay, Young Keun Jin, and Sung-Ho Kang

EGU2016-11342 | Posters | CL1.08

Circulation and Impacts of Circumpolar Deep Water in a Western Antarctic Peninsula Glacial Fjord
Mattias Cape, Maria Vernet, Eugene Domack, and Garrett Akie and the LARISSA team

EGU2016-14282 | Posters | CL1.08

Sediment fluxes of an Antarctic palaeo-ice stream system
Kelly Hogan, Robert Larter, James Smith, and Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand

EGU2016-16646 | Posters | CL1.08

Climate-Ocean-Ice sheet interactions across the Pliocene and Pleistocene: Preliminary Results from IODP 341 Exp (Gulf of Alaska).
Maria Luisa Sánchez Montes, Erin L. McClymont, Juliane Müller, Ellen A. Cowan, Oscar E. Romero, Chris Moy, and Jerry M. Lloyd

EGU2016-16905 | Posters | CL1.08

Acoustic monitoring in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, using hydrophone of the Ocean Bottom Seismometer
Sukyoung Yun, Won Sang Lee, Jong Kuk Hong, Hyun Jae Yoo, Yongcheol Park, Mechita Schmidt-Aursch, and Wolfram H. Geissler

EGU2016-17004 | Posters | CL1.08

Re-evaluating high-latitude warming in the Pliocene Nordic Seas
Daniel Hill, Yvonne Smith, and Aisling Dolan

EGU2016-17055 | Posters | CL1.08

A new date for a large pre-Holocene Storegga Slide
Millie Watts, Peter Talling, James Hunt, Chuang Xuan, and Tim van Peer

CL1.10 – Paleoclimates from the Cretaceous to the Holocene: learning about past and future climate changes from numerical experiments and model-data comparisons

EGU2016-3320 | Posters | CL1.10

Building and applying geographical boundary conditions to model the EOT and other climate transitions in the Cenozoic.
Michiel Baatsen, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Anna von der Heydt, Henk Dijkstra, Appy Sluijs, Hemmo Abels, and Peter Bijl

EGU2016-7758 | Orals | CL1.10

Influence of ocean tide dynamics on the climate system from the Cretaceous to present day
Tobias Weber and Maik Thomas

EGU2016-13948 | Posters | CL1.10

Insights into the paleoclimate of the PETM from an ensemble of EMIC simulations
John Keery, Philip Holden, Neil Edwards, Fanny Monteiro, and Andy Ridgwell

EGU2016-11932 | Orals | CL1.10

Drastic changes in the Nordic Seas oceanic circulation and deepwater formation in a Pliocene context
Camille Contoux, Zhongshi Zhang, Stijn De Schepper, Camille Li, Kerim Nisancioglu, and Bjorg Risebrobakken

EGU2016-4949 | Posters | CL1.10

The effect of a flexible hydrological discharge model on the climate of the Middle Miocene
Michael Stärz, Andrew Ward, Christian Stepanek, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2016-948 | Orals | CL1.10

Glacial Inception in north-east Canada: The Role of Topography and Clouds
Leah Birch, Eli Tziperman, and Timothy Cronin

EGU2016-15045 | Orals | CL1.10

How much rainfall sustained a Green Sahara during the mid-Holocene?
Peter Hopcroft, Paul Valdes, and Anna Harper

EGU2016-4938 | Posters | CL1.10

Threshold in North Atlantic-Arctic circulation controlled by the Oligocene-Miocene subsidence of the Greenland-Scotland Ridge.
Michael Stärz, Wilfried Jokat, Gregor Knorr, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2016-9051 | Orals | CL1.10

Model Simulation of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone during the Holocene
Birgit Schneider, Joachim Segschneider, Xu Xu, Wonsun Park, and Mojib Latif

EGU2016-4578 | Posters | CL1.10

MIS M2 initiation and termination link to the shallow CAS open and close?
Ning Tan, Gilles Ramstein, Christophe Dumas, and Camille Contoux

EGU2016-3526 | Orals | CL1.10

State Dependence of Past Climate Sensitivity
Paul Valdes and Anna von der Heydt

EGU2016-8357 | Posters | CL1.10

The Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project - Phase 2
Alan Haywood, Harry Dowsett, Aisling Dolan, David Rowley, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Bette Otto-Bliesner, Mark Chandler, Stephen Hunter, Daniel Lunt, Matthew Pound, and Ulrich Salzmann

EGU2016-4942 | Orals | CL1.10

The effect of a dynamic soil scheme on the climate of the mid-Holocene and the Last Glacial Maximum
Michael Stärz, Gerrit Lohmann, and Gregor Knorr

EGU2016-7590 | Posters | CL1.10

The PMIP4-CMIP6 database and the PMIP 4 community
Jean-Yves Peterschmitt, Sébastien Denvil, Nicolas Carenton, and Guillaume Levavasseur

EGU2016-8351 | Posters | CL1.10

The CMIP6/PMIP4 Last Millennium Simulations
Johann Jungclaus and the PMIP Past2k Working Group

EGU2016-738 | Orals | CL1.10

Patterns and mechanisms of warm pool hydroclimate change at the Last Glacial Maximum
Pedro DiNezio, Jessica Tierney, Bette Otto-Bliesner, and Axel Timmermann

EGU2016-9089 | Posters | CL1.10

The Mid-Holocene and Last Interglacial Experiments in PMIP4/CMIP6
Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, Pascale Braconnot, and Ayako Abe-Ouchi

EGU2016-5652 | Orals | CL1.10

Regional atmospheric circulation over Europe during the Last Glacial Maximum and its links to precipitation
Patrick Ludwig, Erik Schaffernicht, Yaping Shao, and Joaquim Pinto

EGU2016-8513 | Orals | CL1.10

How do proxy reconstruction artifacts contribute to the outcome of paleoclimate model benchmarking?
Kira Rehfeld, Mathias Trachsel, Richard Telford, and Thomas Laepple

EGU2016-13509 | Posters | CL1.10

The Last Glacial Maximum experiment in PMIP4-CMIP6
Masa Kageyama, Pascale Braconnot, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Sandy Harrison, Fabrice Lambert, W. Richard Peltier, and Lev Tarasov

EGU2016-8670 | Orals | CL1.10

Simulation of glacial ocean biogeochemical tracer and isotope distributions based on the PMIP3 suite of climate models
Samar Khatiwala, Juan Muglia, Karin Kvale, and Andreas Schmittner

EGU2016-13139 | Posters | CL1.10

From Past to future: the Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project’s contribution to CMIP6
Masa Kageyama, Pascale Braconnot, Sandy Harrison, Alan Haywood, Johann Jungclaus, Bette Otto-Bliesner, and Ayako Abe-Ouchi

EGU2016-4031 | Posters | CL1.10

Transient climate simulations of the deglaciation 21-9 thousand years before present; PMIP4 Core experiment design and boundary conditions
Ruza Ivanovic, Lauren Gregoire, Masa Kageyama, Didier Roche, Paul Valdes, Andrea Burke, Rosemarie Drummond, W. Richard Peltier, and Lev Tarasov

EGU2016-14056 | Orals | CL1.10

A simplified methodology to approach the complexity of foraminiferal calcite oxygen-isotope data – model comparison
Didier Roche and Claire Waelbroeck

EGU2016-11071 | Posters | CL1.10

The influence of glacial ice sheets on Atlantic meridional overturning circulation through atmospheric circulation change under glacial climate
Sam Sherriff-Tadano, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Masakazu Yoshimori, Akira Oka, and Wing-Le Chan

EGU2016-17798 | Posters | CL1.10

Southern Ocean winds at the LGM: The influence of state dependency and sea ice
Louise Sime, Dominic Hodgson, Thomas Bracegirdle, Claire Allen, Bianca Perren, and Stephen Roberts

EGU2016-3794 | Posters | CL1.10

The Southern Annular Mode change for the Last Glacial Maximum derived from PMIP2 simulations
Seong-Joong Kim, Junmei Lu, and Baek-Min Kim

EGU2016-4296 | Posters | CL1.10

Simulating Heinrich events in a coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice sheet model
Uwe Mikolajewicz and Florian Ziemen

EGU2016-12605 | Posters | CL1.10

Northwest Pacific Ocean during the last 20,000 years: Initial results of the Sino-German Pacific Ocean Experiment (SiGePax)
Gerrit Lohmann, Lester Lembke-Jene, Patrick Scholz, Xun Gong, Lars Max, Ralf Tiedemann, Xuefa Shi, Jianjun Zou, Yanguang Liu, Yonghua Wu, and Shulan Ge

EGU2016-8847 | Posters | CL1.10

Did accelerated North American ice sheet melt contribute to the 8.2 ka cooling event ?
Ilkka S.O. Matero, Lauren J. Gregoire, Ruža F. Ivanović, Julia C. Tindall, and Alan M. Haywood

EGU2016-5495 | Posters | CL1.10

Effects of melting ice sheets and orbital forcing on the early Holocene warming in extratropical Northern Hemisphere
yurui zhang, Hans Renssen, and Heikki Seppä

EGU2016-2235 | Posters | CL1.10

On ENSO suppression during the mid-Holocene in PMIP3
Soon-Il An

EGU2016-13881 | Posters | CL1.10

The last interglacial climate in EC-Earth – comparing the direct and indirect impacts of the insolation changes
Rasmus Anker Pedersen, Peter Lang Langen, and Bo Vinther

EGU2016-9851 | Posters | CL1.10

Impact of oceanic circulation changes on the CO2 concentration during past interglacials
Nathaelle Bouttes, Didier Swingedouw, Xavier Crosta, Maria Fernanda Sanchez Goñi, and Didier Roche

EGU2016-7735 | Posters | CL1.10

From the Last Interglacial to the Anthropocene: Modelling a Complete Glacial Cycle (PalMod)
Tim Brücher, Mojib Latif, Martin Claussen, and Michael Schulz

EGU2016-8937 | Posters | CL1.10

Changes in southern hemispheric polar amplification over the past 5 million years revealed by climate modelling
Jori Hoencamp, Lennert Stap, Erik Tuenter, Luc Lourens, and Roderik van de Wal

EGU2016-14165 | Posters | CL1.10

Could the Pliocene constrain the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity?
Julia Hargreaves and James Annan

EGU2016-15065 | Posters | CL1.10

Is it potentially possible to predict a tipping point in the climate?
Peter Ditlevsen