Presentation type:

CR – Cryospheric Sciences

CR1.1 – State of the Cryosphere: Observations and Modelling (including Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists Lecture)

EGU2016-3331 | Orals | CR1.1

Fram Strait Spring Ice Export and September Arctic Sea Ice
Lars H. Smedsrud, Mari H. Halvorsen, Julienne Stroeve, Rong Zhang, and Kjell Kloster

EGU2016-3064 | Posters | CR1.1

Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC)
Klaus Dethloff, Markus Rex, and Matthew Shupe and the MOSAiC Team

EGU2016-10604 | Orals | CR1.1

A Possible Linkage between Arctic River Discharge and the Fram Strait Sea Ice Flux
Xuezhong Wang, Ju Wang, Banghui Hu, and Yanke Tan

EGU2016-639 | Posters | CR1.1

Robustness of the large-scale modes of variability of winter Arctic sea ice concentration
Sally Close, Marie-Noëlle Houssais, and Christophe Herbaut

EGU2016-621 | Posters | CR1.1

Changes in glaciation of the Shelek River basin from 1955 to 2014
Bulat Zubairov and Assel Dautova

EGU2016-670 | Orals | CR1.1

The impact of changes in Antarctic runoff on the Southern Ocean sea ice
Verena Haid, Dorotea Iovino, and Simona Masina

EGU2016-17671 | Orals | CR1.1

Mapping and Assessing Variability in the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone, the Pack Ice and Coastal Polynyas
Julienne Stroeve and Stephanie Jenouvrier

EGU2016-6173 | Posters | CR1.1

Satellite-derived changes in the permafrost landscape of central Yakutia, 2000-2011: wetting, drying, and fires
Julia Boike, Thomas Grau, Birgit Heim, Frank Günther, Moritz Langer, Sina Muster, Isabelle Gouttevin, and Stephan Lange

EGU2016-9230 | Posters | CR1.1

GlobPermafrost – how space supports understanding of permafrost?
Annett Bartsch, Guido Grosse, Andreas Kääb, Sebastian Westermann, Tazio Strozzi, Andreas Wiesmann, Claude Duguay, and Frank Martin Seifert

EGU2016-73 | Orals | CR1.1

Debris-covered Himalayan glaciers under a changing climate: observations and modelling of Khumbu Glacier, Nepal
Ann Rowan, Duncan Quincey, David Egholm, Morgan Gibson, Tristram Irvine-Fynn, Philip Porter, and Neil Glasser

EGU2016-11379 | Posters | CR1.1

High morphogenic activity in the permafrost-affected rock walls of the Mont Blanc massif during the 2015 summer heat wave
Ludovic Ravanel, Florence Magnin, and Philip Deline

EGU2016-6835 | Orals | CR1.1

A new glacier model resolving ice dynamics applied to the Alps
Fabien Maussion and Ben Marzeion

EGU2016-12498 | Posters | CR1.1

A comparison between modelling for spatial distribution of thaw depths using MODIS datasets and observational data of permafrost in Mongolia
Munkhtsetseg Zorigt, Orkhonselenge Alexander, Jaap Kwadijk, and Eelco van Beek

EGU2016-6225 | Orals | CR1.1 | Media interest

Non-radiative energy fluxes dominated exceptional melt episodes in the ablation area for the Greenland ice sheet in 2012
Robert Fausto, Dirk van As, Jason Box, William Colgan, Peter Langen, and Ruth Mottram

EGU2016-12753 | Orals | CR1.1

Reconstruction of the Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance over 1900-2015 with the help of the regional climate MARv3.6 model
Xavier Fettweis, Cécile Agosta, and Hubert Gallée

EGU2016-13342 | Posters | CR1.1

Statistical significant changes in ground thermal conditions of alpine Austria during the last decade
Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer

EGU2016-5085 | Orals | CR1.1

Using an SLR inversion to measure the mass balance of Greenland before and during GRACE
Jennifer Bonin

EGU2016-5593 | Posters | CR1.1

Freezing of lakes on the Swiss Plateau 1865-2100: combining long-term observations with modelling
Matthias Huss, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Felix Keller, Martin Funk, and Martin Hoelzle

EGU2016-7616 | Posters | CR1.1

Ice thickness estimations based on multi-temporal glacier inventories – potential and challenges
Kay Helfricht, Matthias Huss, and Jan-Christoph Otto

EGU2016-13180 | Orals | CR1.1

Constraining East Antarctic mass trends using a Bayesian inference approach
Alba Martin-Español and Jonathan L. Bamber

EGU2016-11092 | Posters | CR1.1

Tropical and mid-latitude forcing of continental Antarctic temperatures
Christian Turney, Christopher Fogwill, Andrew Klekociuk, Tas van Ommen, Mark Curran, Andrew Moy, and Jonathan Palmer

EGU2016-17418 | Orals | CR1.1

Ice core evidence for a recent increase in snow accumulation in coastal Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Morgane Philippe, Jean-Louis Tison, Karen Fjøsne, Bryn Hubbard, Helle Astrid Kjær, Jan Lenaerts, Simon Geoffrey Sheldon, Kevin De Bondt, Philippe Claeys, and Frank Pattyn

EGU2016-9746 | Posters | CR1.1

Glacier albedo decrease in the European Alps: potential causes and links with mass balances
Biagio Di Mauro, Tommaso Julitta, and Roberto Colombo

EGU2016-1406 | Orals | CR1.1 | Media interest

The multi-millennial Antarctic commitment to future sea-level rise
Nicholas R. Golledge, Douglas E. Kowalewski, Timothy R. Naish, Richard H. Levy, Christopher J. Fogwill, and Edward G.W. Gasson

EGU2016-1579 | Orals | CR1.1

Early 21st-Century Mass loss of the North-Atlantic Glaciers and Ice Caps (Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists Lecture)
Bert Wouters, Stefan Ligtenberg, Geir Moholdt, Alex S. Gardner, Brice Noel, Peter Kuipers Munneke, Michiel van den Broeke, and Jonathan L. Bamber

EGU2016-11372 | Posters | CR1.1

Glacier wastage in the Qilian Mountain, China, over past 50 years
Huilin Li, Zhongqin Li, and Puyu Wang

EGU2016-5501 | Posters | CR1.1

Mechanisms and Simulation of accelerated shrinkage of continental glaciers: a case study of Urumqi Glacier No. 1 Eastern Tianshan, Central Asia
Zhongqin Li, Jiawen Ren, Huilin Li, Puyu Wang, and Feiteng Wang

EGU2016-3473 | Posters | CR1.1

Stationary monitoring of glacier response to climate change in China
Jiawen Ren, Zhongqin Li, Xiang Qin, Yuanqing He, Xiaobo He, and Huilin Li

EGU2016-3265 | Posters | CR1.1

Comparison of glaciological and geodetic mass balance at Urumqi Glacier No. 1, Tian Shan, Central Asia
Puyu Wang, Zhongqin Li, and Huilin Li

EGU2016-737 | Posters | CR1.1

Future climate-driven glacier energy balance change in the Canadian Rockies using the CMIP5
Samaneh Ebrahimi

EGU2016-13174 | Posters | CR1.1

Comparison of high-resolution snow profiles from Antarctica and Greenland
Martin Schneebeli, Stefanie Weissbach, Martin Proksch, Margret Matzl, and Neige Calonne

EGU2016-6677 | Posters | CR1.1

Firn modelling in the Community Earth System Model (CESM)
Leo van Kampenhout, Jan Lenaerts, William Sacks, William Lipscomb, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2016-16617 | Posters | CR1.1

Snow stratigraphy on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Martin Proksch, Martin Schneebeli, Lino Schmid, Teruo Aoki, and Konrad Steffen

EGU2016-2359 | Posters | CR1.1

The adaptive EVP method for solving the sea ice momentum equation
Madlen Kimmritz, Sergey Danilov, and Martin Losch

EGU2016-7550 | Posters | CR1.1

Contrasting current and projected changes in surface mass balance components across the Greenland Ice Sheet
Peter L. Langen, Ruth H. Mottran, Jens H. Christensen, and Martin Olesen

EGU2016-13622 | Posters | CR1.1

The added value of high-resolution climate modeling of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Willem Jan van de Berg, Erik van Meijgaard, Bert van Ulft, Horst Machguth, Brice Noël, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2016-9352 | Posters | CR1.1

Very high resolution surface mass balance over Greenland modeled by the regional climate model MAR with a downscaling technique
Christoph Kittel, Charlotte Lang, Cécile Agosta, Maxime Prignon, Xavier Fettweis, and Michel Erpicum

EGU2016-15241 | Posters | CR1.1

Refreezing on the Greenland ice sheet: a model comparison
Christian Steger, Carleen Reijmer, Michiel van den Broeke, Stefan Ligtenberg, Peter Kuipers Munneke, and Brice Noël

EGU2016-17978 | Posters | CR1.1

Assessing modeled Greenland surface mass balance in the GISS Model E2 and its sensitivity to surface albedo
Patrick Alexander, Allegra N. LeGrande, Lora S. Koenig, Marco Tedesco, Samiah E. Moustafa, Alvaro Ivanoff, Robert P. Fischer, and Xavier Fettweis

EGU2016-9550 | Posters | CR1.1

Gravimetric mass balance products for the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheet
Martin Horwath, Andreas Groh, Alexander Horvath, Rene Forsberg, Rakia Meister, Andrew Shepherd, Anna Hogg, and Alan Muir

EGU2016-13064 | Posters | CR1.1

Instability time-scales of Antarctic outlet glaciers from similitude analysis
Anders Levermann and Johannes Feldmann

CR1.2 – Ice-sheet and climate interactions (co-organized)

EGU2016-13850 | Orals | CR1.2 | Media interest

Critical insolation-CO2 relation for diagnosing past and future glacial inception
Andrey Ganopolski, Ricarda Winkelmann, and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

EGU2016-9755 | Posters | CR1.2

Simulating a dynamic Antarctic ice sheet in the early to middle Miocene
Edward Gasson, Robert DeConto, David Pollard, and Richard Levy

EGU2016-11131 | Orals | CR1.2

Sustained Antarctic contribution to abrupt global sea level rise during Meltwater Pulses 1A and 1B
Christopher Fogwill, Chris Turney, Nick Golledge, David Etheridge, Mauro Rubino, David Thornton, John Woodward, Kate Winter, Tas van Ommen, Andrew Moy, Mark Curran, Camilla Rootes, Andres Rivera, Helen Millman, Michael Weber, Michael Bird, Niels Munksgaard, and Siwan Davies

EGU2016-4539 | Posters | CR1.2

Towards Greenland Glaciation: cumulative or abrupt transition?
Ning Tan, Christophe Dumas, Jean-Baptiste Ladant, Gilles Ramstein, and Camille Contoux

EGU2016-12204 | Posters | CR1.2

Permafrost–ice-sheet interactions during the Quaternary
Matteo Willeit and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2016-615 | Orals | CR1.2

How much did the North American ice sheet contribute to Meltwater Pulse 1a?
Lauren Gregoire, Bette Otto-Bliesner, and Paul Valdes

EGU2016-11977 | Orals | CR1.2

Sea-level response to abrupt ocean warming of Antarctic ice shelves
Frank Pattyn

EGU2016-4082 | Posters | CR1.2

Sensitivity of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets to AMOC variability during the last glacial cycle
Malte Heinemann, Axel Timmermann, Tobias Friedrich, and David Pollard

EGU2016-7614 | Posters | CR1.2

The impact of the North American ice sheet on the evolution of the Eurasian ice sheet during the last glacial cycle
Johan Liakka, Marcus Löfverström, and Florence Colleoni

EGU2016-10251 | Orals | CR1.2

Simulation of coupled evolution of climate and Greenland ice sheet up to A.D. 2300
Miren Vizcaino, Uwe Mikolajewicz, Florian Ziemen, Christian Rodehacke, Ralf Greve, and Michiel R. van den Broeke

EGU2016-12810 | Posters | CR1.2

Green Mountains and White Plains: the effect of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets on the global energy budget
William Roberts and Paul Valdes

EGU2016-10930 | Orals | CR1.2 | Media interest

Commitments to future retreat of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets
Robert DeConto and David Pollard

EGU2016-15815 | Posters | CR1.2

Simulating the response of glacial ice-sheets to past abrupt climate changes
Rubén Banderas, Jorge Álvarez-Solas, Alexander Robinson, and Marisa Montoya

EGU2016-5537 | Posters | CR1.2

Reconstruction of the Greenland ice sheet dynamics in a fully coupled Earth System Model
Oleg Rybak, Evgeny Volodin, and Philippe Huybrechts

EGU2016-9278 | Posters | CR1.2

A test bed for investigating the flow of outlet glaciers and ice streams embedded in the Greenland ice sheet
Reinhard Calov, Martin Rückamp, Rebecca Schlegel, Andrey Ganopolski, and Angelika Humbert

EGU2016-9327 | Posters | CR1.2

Antarctic role in multi-centennial climate variability
Pepijn Bakker, Peter U. Clark, Nicolas R. Golledge, and Andreas Schmittner

EGU2016-7718 | Posters | CR1.2

Exploring the effects of climate variability on ice stream dynamics
Elisa Mantelli, Matteo Bertagni, and Luca Ridolfi

EGU2016-16439 | Posters | CR1.2

Multi-millennia simulation of Greenland deglaciation from the Max-Plank-Institute Model (MPI-ISM) 2xCO2 simulation
Vincent Cabot, Miren Vizcaino, and Uwe Mikolajewicz

EGU2016-17457 | Posters | CR1.2

Earth system consequences of a Pine Island Glacier collapse
Mattias Green and Andreas Schmittner

EGU2016-7857 | Posters | CR1.2

Has Natural Variability Masked the Expected Increase in Antarctic Surface Mass Balance with Global Warming?
Michael Previdi and Lorenzo M. Polvani

EGU2016-4584 | Posters | CR1.2

Arctic Amplification and the Northward shift of a new Greenland melting record
Marco Tedesco, Thomas Mote, Xavier Fettweis, Edward Hanna, James Booth, Jeyavinoth Jeyaratnam, Rajashree Datta, and Kate Briggs

CR1.3 – Reconstructing paleo ice dynamics: Comparing and combining field-based evidence and numerical modeling

EGU2016-1424 | Posters | CR1.3

Reconciling geomorphological and geochronological evidence with ice sheet modelling of the British-Irish Ice Sheet
Jeremy Ely, Chris Clark, David Small, Michael Sheehy, Xavier Pellicer, Xavier Monteys, Robbie Meehan, and Richard Hindmarsh and the BRITICE-CHRONO

EGU2016-4679 | Orals | CR1.3

Basal conditions and flow dynamics of the Rhine glacier, Alps, at the Last Glacial Maximum
Denis Cohen, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Thomas Zwinger, Horst Machguth, Wilfried Haeberli, and Urs H. Fischer

EGU2016-8798 | Posters | CR1.3

Constraining the margins of Neoproterozoic ice masses: depositional signature, palaeoflow and glaciodynamics
Marie Busfield and Daniel Le Heron

EGU2016-492 | Orals | CR1.3

Modeling East African tropical glaciers during the Last Glacial Maximum
Alice Doughty, Meredith Kelly, James Russell, Margaret Jackson, Brian Anderson, and Robert Nakileza

EGU2016-8902 | Posters | CR1.3

Fluctuations of the Greenland Ice Sheet since the last ice age: comparisons of the response of marine and land-terminating ice margins to Holocene climate changes
Laura Levy, Nicolaj Larsen, Meredith Kelly, Kurt Kjær, Anders Bjørk, Kristian Kjeldsen, Svend Funder, Patrick Applegate, Jennifer Howley, and Ross Virginia

EGU2016-11585 | Orals | CR1.3

Geochemical and isotopic signatures of ice shelves and ice shelf circulation in marine sediments
Duanne White, David Fink, Krista Simon, Alix Post, Ben Galton-Fenzi, and Yusuke Yokoyama

EGU2016-8940 | Posters | CR1.3

Laurentide Ice Sheet basal temperatures at the Last Glacial Cycle as inferred from borehole data
Jean-Claude Mareschal, Carolyne Pickler, and Hugo Beltrami

EGU2016-3989 | Orals | CR1.3

Totten Glacier catchment bed erosion indicates repeated transitions between a modern-scale and a retreated ice sheet
Alan Aitken, Jason Roberts, Tas van Ommen, Duncan Young, Nicholas Golledge, Jamin Greenbaum, Don Blankenship, and Martin Siegert

EGU2016-774 | Orals | CR1.3

Improved age constraints for the retreat of the Irish Sea Ice Stream
Rachel Smedley, Richard Chiverrell, Geoff Duller, James Scourse, David Small, Derek Fabel, Matthew Burke, Chris Clarke, Danny McCarroll, Stephen McCarron, Colm O'Cofaigh, and David Roberts and the the BRITICE-CHRONO

EGU2016-9814 | Posters | CR1.3

Comparing field-based and numerically modelled reconstructions of the last Cordilleran Ice Sheet deglaciation over the Thompson Plateau, southern interior British Columbia, Canada.
Jonathan Cripps, Tracy Brennand, Julien Seguinot, and Andrew Perkins

EGU2016-10447 | Orals | CR1.3

Rate and style of ice stream retreat constrained by new surface-exposure ages: The Minch, NW Scotland
Tom Bradwell, David Small, Derek Fabel, Dayton Dove, Colm O Cofaigh, Chris Clark, and Britice-Chrono Consortium

EGU2016-11548 | Posters | CR1.3

Regional geothermal effects on subglacial water routes beneath the last Cordilleran ice sheet
Julien Seguinot and Irina Rogozhina

EGU2016-13243 | Posters | CR1.3

Insight into glacier climate interaction: reconstruction of the mass balance field using ice extent data
Vjeran Visnjevic, Frédéric Herman, and Aleksandar Licul

EGU2016-11081 | Posters | CR1.3

Reconstructing the dynamics of the Greenland ice sheet during the last deglaciation
Benjamin Keisling and Robert DeConto

EGU2016-14855 | Posters | CR1.3

Inconsistent Last Glacial Maximum ice thickness of the Rhine glacier between geomorphological reconstructions and two numerical models
Guillaume Jouvet, Denis Cohen, Julien Seguinot, and Fabien Gillet-Chaulet

EGU2016-16874 | Posters | CR1.3

Investigating the dynamics of deglaciation in coastal areas of southeast Greenland
Laurence M. Dyke, Anna L. C. Hughes, Camilla S. Andresen, Tavi Murray, John F. Hiemstra, and Ángel Rodés

EGU2016-18514 | Posters | CR1.3

MAGIC-DML: Mapping/Measuring/Modeling Antarctic Geomorphology & Ice Change in Dronning Maud Land
Irina Rogozhina, Jorge Bernales, Jennifer Newall, Arjen Stroeven, Jonathan Harbor, Neil Glasser, Ola Fredin, Derek Fabel, Class Hättestrand, and Nat Lifton

EGU2016-3901 | Posters | CR1.3

Glacial sequence stratigraphy reveal the Weichselian glacial history of the SE sector of the Eurasian Ice Sheet
Matti Räsänen

EGU2016-5149 | Posters | CR1.3

Successful performance of luminescence dating on glacial sediments
Alicia Medialdea, Mark Bateman, David Evans, David Roberts, Richard Chiverrell, and Christopher Clark and the BRITICE-CHRONO consortium

EGU2016-8825 | Posters | CR1.3

Mid-Holocene pulse of thinning in the Weddell Sea sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Andrew Hein, Shasta Marrero, John Woodward, Stuart Dunning, Kate Winter, Matthew Westoby, Stewart Freeman, and David Sugden

EGU2016-9438 | Posters | CR1.3

An exhumed subglacial landscape in northern Chad, of probable Late Palaeozoic age
Daniel P. Le Heron and Ian M. Watkinson

CR1.4 – Glaciers and ice caps under climate change (co-organized)

EGU2016-495 | Posters | CR1.4

Controls of air temperature variability over an Alpine Glacier
Thomas Shaw, Ben Brock, Álvaro Ayala, and Nick Rutter

EGU2016-1346 | Orals | CR1.4 | Media interest

Accumulation rates from central North Greenland during the past 700 year
Nanna B. Karlsson, Olaf Eisen, Lisbeth T. Nielsen, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Johannes Freitag, John D. Paden, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Anna Winter, and Frank Wilhelms

EGU2016-2250 | Posters | CR1.4

Short-term variations in the dynamics of Bowdoin Glacier in northwestern Greenland
Masahiro Minowa, Shin Sugiyama, Takanobu Sawagaki, Shun Tsutaki, and Daiki Sakakibara

EGU2016-1852 | Orals | CR1.4

High-frequency Surface Wave Measurements of Micro-tunamis generated by Glacier Calving
Masahiro Minowa, Shin Sugiyama, Daiki Sakakibara, Evgeny Podolskiy, Yoshihiko Ohashi, and Pedro Skvarca

EGU2016-5174 | Posters | CR1.4

Subaqueous terminus evolution at Tasman Glacier, New Zealand, as determined by remote-controlled survey
Heather Purdie, Paul Bealing, Emily Tidey, and Justin Harrison

EGU2016-3930 | Orals | CR1.4 | Media interest

Glacier mass change projections and commitments resulting from the Paris Agreement
Ben Marzeion, Georg Kaser, and Fabien Maussion

EGU2016-5605 | Posters | CR1.4

Sensitivity of very small glaciers in the Swiss Alps to future climate change
Matthias Huss and Mauro Fischer

EGU2016-5594 | Orals | CR1.4

Mass balance and surface velocity reconstructions of two reference Caucasus glaciers
Oleg Rybak, Mariia Kaminskaia, Stanislav Kutuzov, Ivan Lavrentiev, Polina Morozova, Victor Popovnin, and Elena Rybak

EGU2016-7457 | Orals | CR1.4

Quantifying the mass loss of peripheral Greenland glaciers and ice caps (1958-2014).
Brice Noël, Willem Jan van de Berg, Horst Machguth, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2016-6672 | Posters | CR1.4

The influence of topographic feedback on a coupled mass balance and ice-flow model for Vestfonna ice-cap, Svalbard
Martina Schäfer, Marco Möller, Thomas Zwinger, and John Moore

EGU2016-7620 | Orals | CR1.4

Multi-decadal retreat of Novaya Zemlya outlet glaciers, in response to climatic forcing
Rachel Carr and Heather Bell

EGU2016-7488 | Posters | CR1.4

Integrated firn elevation change model for glaciers and ice caps
Björn Saß, Tobias Sauter, and Matthias Braun

EGU2016-11986 | Orals | CR1.4

Mass change of Northwest Spitsbergen glaciers for a range of 21st century climate trajectories
Ian Willis, Rhiannon Cogbill, Cameron Rye, and Neil Arnold

EGU2016-8458 | Posters | CR1.4

Styles of glaciation on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in response to late Quaternary climate change
Clare Boston, Harold Lovell, Stephanie Mills, Nicolas Cullen, and Pascal Sirguey

EGU2016-9116 | Posters | CR1.4

Glacier and hydrology changes in future climate over western Canada
Katja Winger, Laxmi Sushama, and Shawn Marshall

EGU2016-15047 | Orals | CR1.4

Mass-balance modelling of Chhota Shigri and Patsio glacier in western Himalaya, India
Markus Engelhardt, Pankaj Kumar, Lu Li, and Alagappan Ramanathan

EGU2016-2635 | Orals | CR1.4

Modelled non-linear response to climate of Hardangerjøkulen ice cap, southern Norway, since the mid-Holocene
Henning Åkesson, Kerim H. Nisancioglu, Rianne H. Giesen, and Mathieu Morlighem

EGU2016-9217 | Posters | CR1.4

On the ‘real’ mass loss of some surging glaciers in the central Karakoram
Frank Paul

EGU2016-7300 | Orals | CR1.4

Effects of local microclimates on the surface sensible heat flux on a mid-latitude alpine valley glacier using Large-Eddy Simulations
Tobias Sauter and Stephan Galos

EGU2016-9309 | Posters | CR1.4

Thermofluidodynamic modelling of the Adamello Glacier in a future climate scenario. Will the largest Italian glacier disappear by 2080?
Roberto Ranzi, Eros Svanera, Carlo Baroni, Stefano Barontini, Paolo Caronna, Giovanna Grossi, and Maria Cristina Salvatore

EGU2016-7094 | Orals | CR1.4

Investigating connections between local-remote atmospheric variability and Greenland outlet glacier behavior
Stefan Sobolowski, Linling Chen, and Victoria Miles

EGU2016-11265 | Posters | CR1.4

Equilibrium Line Altitude Changes of Andean Tropical Glaciers, 1980 to 2010
Andrew Malone and Douglas MacAyeal

EGU2016-12090 | Posters | CR1.4

Estimated bedrock topography and ice thickness of the Renland Ice Cap, East Greenland
Iben Koldtoft, Christine Hvidberg, and Christian Panton

EGU2016-511 | Orals | CR1.4

Interannual variability in temperature and precipitation alone cannot explain Holocene glacier fluctuations in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
Alice Doughty, Andrew Mackintosh, Brian Anderson, Aaron Putnam, Ruzica Dadic, David Barrell, George Denton, Trevor Chinn, and Joerg Schaefer

EGU2016-13786 | Posters | CR1.4

Parameterizations of daily temperature standard deviation for modeling ice sheet mass balances using a temperature-index method under paleoclimate conditions
Olga Erokhina and Irina Rogozhina

EGU2016-13997 | Posters | CR1.4

Surge-type glaciers in the Tien Shan (Central Asia)
Kriti Mukherjee and Tobias Bolch

EGU2016-14229 | Posters | CR1.4

The Glaciers of HARMONIE
Ruth Mottram, Emily Gleeson, and Kristian Pagh Nielsen

EGU2016-14608 | Posters | CR1.4

Present and Future Surface Mass Budget of Small Arctic Ice Caps in a High Resolution Regional Climate Model
Ruth Mottram, Peter Langen, Iben Koldtoft, Linnea Midefelt, and Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen

EGU2016-15637 | Posters | CR1.4 | Media interest

Scale effects impeding palaeoclimate reconstructions from mountain glaciers
Rainer Prinz, Lindsey Nicholson, Thomas Mölg, and Georg Kaser

EGU2016-15880 | Posters | CR1.4

Processes driving rapid morphological changes observed on the Khumbu Glacier, Nepal
Duncan Quincey, Ann Rowan, Morgan Gibson, Tristram Irvine-Fynn, Owen King, and Scott Watson

EGU2016-16212 | Posters | CR1.4

Runoff Modelling of the Khumbu Glacier, Nepal: Incorporating Debris Cover and Retreat Dynamics.
James Douglas, Matthias Huss, Julie Jones, Darrel Swift, and Franco Salerno

EGU2016-17480 | Posters | CR1.4

Mass losses from Svalbard land-terminating glaciers by the end of the 21st century under an RCP 8.5 scenario
Marco Möller, Francisco Navarro, and Alba Martín-Español

EGU2016-18147 | Posters | CR1.4

Model based historical runoff contribution from an Alpine glacier
Davide Zoccatelli, Paola Bonato, Luca Carturan, Giancarlo Dalla Fontana, Fabrizio De Blasi, and Marco Borga

EGU2016-11202 | Posters | CR1.4

The physical basis of enhanced temperature index ice melt parameterizations in the Nepal Himalaya.
Maxime Litt, Joseph Shea, Inka Koch, and Patrick Wagnon

EGU2016-15224 | Posters | CR1.4

Numerical modeling of Drangajökull Ice Cap, NW Iceland
Leif S. Anderson, Alexander H. Jarosch, Gwenn E. Flowers, Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, Eyjólfur Magnússon, Finnur Pálsson, Joaquín Muñoz-Cobo Belart, Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson, Tómas Jóhannesson, Oddur Sigurðsson, David Harning, Gifford H. Miller, and Áslaug Geirsdóttir

EGU2016-5551 | Posters | CR1.4

Dynamics and climate sensitivity of Hans Tausen Iskappe (Greenland)
Harry Zekollari, Philippe Huybrechts, Brice Noël, Willem Jan van de Berg, and Michiel van den Broeke

CR2.1 – Remote sensing of the cryosphere

EGU2016-1824 | Orals | CR2.1

Cryosat: ESA’S Ice Explorer Mission, 6 years in operations: status and achievements
Tommaso Parrinello, Elia Maestroni, Mike Krassenburg, Stefano Badessi, Jerome Bouffard, Bjorn Frommknecht, Malcolm Davidson, Marco Fornari, and Michele Scagliola

EGU2016-313 | Posters | CR2.1

Spatial and temporal patterns in Arctic river ice breakup revealed by automated ice detection from MODIS imagery
Sarah Cooley and Tamlin Pavelsky

EGU2016-12826 | Orals | CR2.1 | Media interest

Continuous monitoring of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet velocities using Sentinel-1 SAR
Jan Wuite, Thomas Nagler, Markus Hetzenecker, Ursula Blumthaler, and Helmut Rott

EGU2016-440 | Posters | CR2.1

Local and synoptic controls on rapid supraglacial lake drainage in West Greenland
Andrew Williamson, Alison Banwell, Neil Arnold, and Ian Willis

EGU2016-817 | Posters | CR2.1

Circumpolar polynya characteristics in the Arctic between 2002/2003 and 2014/2015 as derived from MODIS thermal infrared imagery and ERA-Interim reanalysis
Andreas Preußer, Sascha Willmes, Günther Heinemann, and Stephan Paul

EGU2016-10633 | Orals | CR2.1

Ice Mass Changes in the Russian High Arctic from Repeat High Resolution Topography.
Michael Willis, Whyjay Zheng, Matthew Pritchard, Andrew Melkonian, Paul Morin, Claire Porter, Ian Howat, Myoung-Jong Noh, and Seongsu Jeong

EGU2016-14842 | Orals | CR2.1

Observing ice-shelf channels and basal melting from space
Sophie Berger, Reinhard Drews, Veit Helm, Wolfgang Rack, Jan Lenaerts, Stefan Ligtenberg, and Frank Pattyn

EGU2016-5966 | Posters | CR2.1

Use of high frequency radiometer and altimeter on board AMSU-B, AMSR-E and Altika/SARAL for observations of the Antarctic ice sheet surface.
Fifi Adodo, Ghislain Picard, and Frederique Remy

EGU2016-6408 | Posters | CR2.1

Outlet-glacier flow dynamics estimation combining in-situ and spaceborne SAR measurements
Christoph Rohner, Daniel Henke, David Small, Rémy Mercenier, Martin Lüthi, and Andreas Vieli

EGU2016-14733 | Orals | CR2.1

Mapping wave heights in sea ice with Sentinel 1
Justin Stopa, Fabrice Ardhuin, Fabrice Collard, Alexis Mouche, Gilles Guitton, and Peter Sutherland

EGU2016-17819 | Orals | CR2.1

Recent Improvements in the U.S. Navy’s Ice Modeling Using Merged CryoSat-2/SMOS Ice Thickness
Richard Allard, David Hebert, Pamela Posey, Alan Wallcraft, Li Li, William Johnston, Michael Phelps, Andy Ridout, Andrew Shepherd, and Rachel Tilling

EGU2016-7611 | Posters | CR2.1

CryoSat Data Quality: Status and next evolutions over ice and ocean surfaces
Jerome Bouffard, David Brockley, Francisco Calafat, Pierre Féménias, Marco Fornari, Albert Garcia-Mondejar, Rubinder Mannan, Tommaso Parrinello, and Michele Scagliola

EGU2016-11122 | Posters | CR2.1

Satellite Based Probabilistic Snow Cover Extent Mapping (SCE) at Hydro-Québec
Mylène Teasdale, Danielle De Sève, Jean-François Angers, and Luc Perreault

EGU2016-14575 | Posters | CR2.1

Analysis of the Greenland Ice Sheet’s surface hydrology using Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery
Katie Miles, Corinne Benedek, Marco Tedesco, and Ian Willis

EGU2016-17638 | Posters | CR2.1

RADARSAT-2 Polarimetry for Lake Ice Mapping
Feng Pan, Kyung-Kuk Kang, and Claude Duguay

EGU2016-17421 | Posters | CR2.1

Influence of ice sheet bed morphology on spatial and seasonal patterns of ice flow in Greenland: preliminary results from an automated method for interpreting high resolution ice velocity data derived from Landsat imagery.
Andrew H. Jones, Darrel A. Swift, and Stephen J. Livingstone

EGU2016-5969 | Posters | CR2.1

Pseudo LRM waveforms from CryoSat SARin acquisition
Michele Scagliola, Marco Fornari, Jerome Bouffard, Tommaso Parrinello, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2016-6013 | Posters | CR2.1

The CryoSat Interferometer after 6 years in orbit: calibration and achievable performance
Michele Scagliola, Marco Fornari, Maurizio De Bartolomei, Jerome Bouffard, and Tommaso Parrinello

EGU2016-13277 | Posters | CR2.1

The CryoSat-2 Payload Data Ground Segment and Data Processing
Bjoern Frommknecht, Tommaso Parrinello, Stefano Badessi, Loretta Mizzi, and Vittorio Torroni

EGU2016-15921 | Posters | CR2.1

Large tidal ranges in the mouths of the Rutford and Evans Ice Streams, Antarctica, and the failure of the Constant Velocity Assumption for differential interferometry
Helena Sykes, Tavi Murray, and Adrian Luckman

EGU2016-10451 | Posters | CR2.1

Permafrost vulnerability and active layer thickness increases over the high northern latitudes inferred from satellite remote sensing and process model assessments
Hotaek Park and Youngwook Kim

EGU2016-7692 | Posters | CR2.1

Timing and regional patterns of snowmelt on Antarctic sea ice from passive microwave satellite observations
Stefanie Arndt, Sascha Willmes, Wolfgang Dierking, and Marcel Nicolaus

EGU2016-10574 | Posters | CR2.1

Mapping sea ice using reflected GNSS signals in a bistatic radar system
Clara Chew, Cinzia Zuffada, Rashmi Shah, and Anthony Mannucci

EGU2016-13506 | Posters | CR2.1

ESA SnowLab project
Andreas Wiesmann, Rafael Caduff, Othmar Frey, and Charles Werner

EGU2016-13713 | Posters | CR2.1

Revisiting the relationship between Arctic sea-ice thickness and snow depth through climate-model simulations
Felix Bunzel, Dirk Notz, and Leif Toudal Pedersen

EGU2016-1193 | Posters | CR2.1

Sea ice drift from Sentinel-1 SAR imagery using open source feature tracking
Stefan Muckenhuber, Anton Korosov, and Stein Sandven

EGU2016-2941 | Posters | CR2.1

Assessment of Northern Hemisphere Snow Water Equivalent Datasets in ESA SnowPEx project
Kari Luojus, Jouni Pulliainen, Juval Cohen, Jaakko Ikonen, Chris Derksen, Lawrence Mudryk, Thomas Nagler, and Bojan Bojkov

EGU2016-3087 | Posters | CR2.1

Physically-based Ice Thickness and Surface Roughness Retrievals over Rough Deformed Sea Ice
Li Li, Peter Gaiser, Richard Allard, Pamela Posey, David Hebert, Jacqueline Richter-Menge, Christopher Polashenski, and Keran Claffey

EGU2016-6033 | Posters | CR2.1

The effects of mineral aerosol deposits on the BRDF (bidirectional reflectance distribution function) of sea ice for the calibration of satellite remote sensing products: an experimental and modelling study.
Maxim Lamare, John Hedley, and Martin King

EGU2016-7359 | Posters | CR2.1

SMOS sea surface salinity maps of the Arctic Ocean
Carolina Gabarro, Estrella Olmedo, Antonio Turiel, Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy, Justino Martinez, and Marcos Portabella

EGU2016-11140 | Posters | CR2.1

Towards automated mapping of lake ice using RADARSAT-2 and simulated RCM compact polarimetric data
Claude Duguay

EGU2016-12221 | Posters | CR2.1

On the assimilation of MODIS reflectance into a detailed snowpack model
Luc Charrois, Marie Dumont, Emmanuel Cosme, Matthieu Lafaysse, Samuel Morin, Quentin Libois, and Ghislain Picard

CR2.2 – Glacier Monitoring from In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations

EGU2016-10891 | Posters | CR2.2

Internationally coordinated glacier monitoring – a timeline since 1894
Samuel U. Nussbaumer, Richard Armstrong, Florence Fetterer, Isabelle Gärtner-Roer, Martin Hoelzle, Horst Machguth, Nico Mölg, Frank Paul, Bruce H. Raup, and Michael Zemp

EGU2016-5917 | Orals | CR2.2

International glacier monitoring and data archiving, from a national perspective
Liss M. Andreassen

EGU2016-15079 | Posters | CR2.2

Re-analysing eleven years of mass balance observations at Langenferner, Ortler-Cevedale Group, Italy
Stephan Galos, Christoph Klug, Lorenzo Rieg, Tobias Sauter, Wolfgang Gurgiser, and Georg Kaser

EGU2016-1828 | Orals | CR2.2

Observations of glacier mass changes and their system inherent drivers over Western Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh, India) during 2000-2013 using TanDEM-X and SRTM-C DEMs
Saurabh Vijay and Matthias Braun

EGU2016-4558 | Orals | CR2.2

125 years of glacier survey of the Austrian Alpine Club: results and future challenges
Andrea Fischer

EGU2016-3963 | Posters | CR2.2

Detailed comparison of the geodetic and direct glaciological mass balances on an annual time scale at Hintereisferner, Austria
Christoph Klug, Erik Bollmann, Stephan Galos, Georg Kaser, Rainer Prinz, Lorenzo Rieg, and Rudolf Sailer

EGU2016-14315 | Posters | CR2.2

'Unlocking the archive': Using digital photogrammetry of modern and historic aerial photography to reconstruct 60 years of volumetric change on the Moider Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula
Lucy Clarke, Pauline Miller, Louise Ireland, Adrian Fox, Jon Mills, and Karolina Fieber

EGU2016-13813 | Orals | CR2.2

The use of ground based photogrammetry for the monitoring of seasonal movement of a glacier: the case study of Planpincieux Glacier, Grandes Jorasses massif, Mont Blanc
Daniele Giordan, Federico Dell'Anese, Paolo Allasia, Marco Vagliasindi, and Elena Motta

EGU2016-13364 | Orals | CR2.2

Heterogeneous response of debris-covered and debris-free glaciers to climate change in Langtang Himal determined by geodetic mass balance measurements
Silvan Ragettli, Tobias Bolch, and Francesca Pellicciotti

EGU2016-12211 | Posters | CR2.2

Evaluating different methods for glacier mass balance interpolation on a tropical glacier
Nico Mölg and Jorge Luis Ceballos

EGU2016-328 | Posters | CR2.2

Long-term observations of snow spatial distributions at Hellstugubreen and Gråsubreen, Norway: An investigation in winter balance, time stability, probing reliability, and reduced survey designs
Alexander Walmsley, Liss Andreassen, and Jon Ove Hagen

EGU2016-2985 | Orals | CR2.2 | Media interest

50 years of mass balance observations at Vernagtferner, Eastern Alps
Ludwig Braun and Christoph Mayer

EGU2016-2551 | Posters | CR2.2

Detection of surface elevation changes using an unmanned aerial vehicle on the debris-free Storbreen glacier in Norway
Philip Kraaijenbrink, Liss Andreassen, and Walter Immerzeel

EGU2016-10332 | Orals | CR2.2

Trends in annual minimum exposed snow and ice cover in High Mountain Asia from MODIS
Karl Rittger, Mary J. Brodzik, Thomas H. Painter, Adina Racoviteanu, Richard Armstrong, and Jeff Dozier

EGU2016-9654 | Orals | CR2.2

Mountain glaciers darkening: geochemical characterizazion of cryoconites and their radiative impact on the Vadret da Morteratsch (Swiss Alps)
Biagio Di Mauro, Giovanni Baccolo, Roberto Garzonio, Andrea Piazzalunga, Dario Massabò, and Roberto Colombo

EGU2016-10599 | Posters | CR2.2

Fluctuating snow line altitudes in the Hunza basin (Karakoram) using Landsat OLI imagery
Adina Racoviteanu, Karl Rittger, Mary J. Brodzik, Thomas H. Painter, and Richard Armstrong

EGU2016-196 | Orals | CR2.2

Evaluating the controls on glacier behaviour on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
Colleen Lynch, Dr Iestyn Barr, and Dr Donal Mullan

EGU2016-16135 | Posters | CR2.2

The seasonal in-situ mass balance, temperature and precipitation of Yala Glacier, Langtang Valley, Nepal, from 2011 to 2015
Dorothea Stumm, Koji Fujita, Tika Gurung, Sharad Joshi, Maxime Litt, Joseph Shea, Mingma Sherpa, Anna Sinisalo, and Patrick Wagnon

EGU2016-4030 | Orals | CR2.2

Recent glacier area changes in the East Sayan Range, interior of Siberia, derived from Landsat TM/ETM+ based inventories
Eduard Osipov and Olga Osipova

EGU2016-166 | Posters | CR2.2

Monsoon-influenced glacier retreat in the Ladakh Range, Jammu and Kashmir
Tom Chudley, Evan Miles, and Ian Willis

EGU2016-4625 | Posters | CR2.2

Snowline observations to remotely derive glacier-wide mass balance on four Kyrgyz glaciers from 2003 to 2015
Martina Barandun, Matthias Huss, Leo Sold, Christian Kienholz, Ryskul Usubaliev, Tobias Bolch, and Martin Hoelzle

EGU2016-10643 | Posters | CR2.2

Contemporary ice-elevation changes on central Chilean glaciers using SRTM1 and high-resolution DEMs
Sebastian Vivero and Shelley MacDonell

EGU2016-7189 | Posters | CR2.2

Seismic and satellite observations of calving activity at major glacier fronts in Greenland
Stefania Danesi, Simone Salimbeni, Stefano Urbini, Silvia Pondrelli, and Lucia Margheriti

EGU2016-5327 | Posters | CR2.2

Investigation of Greenland Russell glacier with remote sensing observations and ice sheet/hydrodynamic simulations
Hyewon Yun, Jungrack Kim, YaLun Tsai, ShihYuan Lin, and Yunsoo Choi

EGU2016-11636 | Posters | CR2.2

Ice thickness and thermal structure of a high altitude Himalayan glacier
Anna Sinisalo, Koji Fujita, Jaana Gustafsson, Takehiro Fukuda, Sharad Joshi, Dorothea Stumm, and Joseph Shea

EGU2016-159 | Posters | CR2.2

Long-term changes of the glacial seismicity: case study from Spitsbergen
Wojciech Gajek, Jacek Trojanowski, and Michał Malinowski

EGU2016-17971 | Posters | CR2.2

Direct Burial Broadband Seismic Instrumentation that are Rugged and Tilt Tolerant for Polar Environments
Tim Parker, Paul Winberry, Audrey Huerta, Geoff Bainbridge, and Peter Devanney

CR2.3 – Applied Geophysics in Cryosphere Sciences | PICO

EGU2016-3804 | PICO | CR2.3

Novel in situ chemical sensing technologies for icy environments
Jemma Wadham, Matthew Mowlem, Alex Beaton, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Guillaume Lamarche-Gagnon, Jon Telling, Jon Hawkings, and Martyn Tranter

EGU2016-17840 | PICO | CR2.3

Phase-sensitive radar on thick Antarctic ice – how well does it work?
Tobias Binder, Olaf Eisen, Veit Helm, Angelika Humbert, and Daniel Steinhage

EGU2016-12584 | PICO | CR2.3

Ross Ice Shelf Seismic Survey and Future Drilling Recommendation
Laurine van Haastrecht, Christian Ohneiser, Andrew Gorman, and Christina Hulbe

EGU2016-8280 | PICO | CR2.3

Accuracy and precision of ice stream bed topography derived from ground-based radar surveys
Edward King

EGU2016-11722 | PICO | CR2.3

Inspection of Alpine glaciers with cosmic-ray muon radiography
Ryuichi Nishiyama, Akitaka Ariga, Tomoko Ariga, Antonio Ereditato, Alessandro Lechmann, David Mair, Paola Scampoli, Fritz Schlunegger, and Mykhailo Vladymyrov

EGU2016-11048 | PICO | CR2.3

Radio-echo sounding at Dome C, East Antarctica: A comparison of measured and modeled data
Anna Winter, Olaf Eisen, Daniel Steinhage, Achille Zirizzotti, Stefano Urbini, Marie Cavitte, Donald D Blankenship, and Eric Wolff

EGU2016-10649 | PICO | CR2.3

Investigations of discontinuous permafrost using electrical resistivity tomography
Antoni Lewkowicz

EGU2016-1322 | PICO | CR2.3

Radar data offer insights into the state of the Greenland Ice Sheet in the 1970s
Nanna B. Karlsson, Louise S. Sørensen, Preben Gudmandsen, and Jørgen Dall

CR3.1 – MicroSnow: From quantitative stratigraphy to microstructure-based modelling of snow

EGU2016-2571 | Posters | CR3.1

The contact density to characterize the mechanics of cohesive granular materials: application to snow microstructure modeling.
Johan Gaume and Henning Löwe

EGU2016-8576 | Posters | CR3.1

Simulations of a Canadian snowpack brightness temperatures using SURFEX-Crocus for Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) retrievals
Fanny Larue, Alain Royer, Danielle De Sève, Alexandre Langlois, Alexandre Roy, and Olivier Saint-Jean-Rondeau

EGU2016-9389 | Posters | CR3.1

Modelling ice layer formation using a preferential flow formulation in the physics based multi-layer SNOWPACK model
Nander Wever, Sebastian Würzer, Charles Fierz, and Michael Lehning

EGU2016-9538 | Posters | CR3.1

Small scale variability of snow properties on Antarctic sea ice
Nander Wever, Katherine Leonard, Stephan Paul, Hans-Werner Jacobi, Martin Proksch, and Michael Lehning

EGU2016-12149 | Posters | CR3.1

Accounting for spectral albedo, solar light penetration and impurity content in detailed snowpack simulations
Marie Dumont, Matthieu Lafaysse, Ghislain Picard, Laurent Arnaud, Quentin Libois, and Samuel Morin

EGU2016-13606 | Posters | CR3.1

Evaluation of the SMAP model-simulated snow internal physical properties at Sapporo, Japan from 2005 to 2015
Masashi Niwano, Teruo Aoki, Katsuyuki Kuchiki, Sumito Matoba, Yuji Kodama, and Tomonori Tanikawa

EGU2016-14071 | Posters | CR3.1

Evaluation strategies for vertical profiles of physical properties simulated by multilayer snowpack models
Samuel Morin, Pascal Hagenmuller, Marie Dumont, and Matthieu Lafaysse

EGU2016-14654 | Posters | CR3.1

Polar firn layering in radiative transfer models
Stefanie Linow and Maria Hoerhold

EGU2016-15507 | Posters | CR3.1

On the relevance of grain shape for microwave and microstructure modeling of snow
Henning Löwe and Quirine Krol

CR3.3 – Snow, snow cover processes and avalanche formation | PICO

EGU2016-8663 | PICO | CR3.3

In-situ observations of the April 2014 Mount Everest Avalanche
Kent Moore, Paolo Cristofanelli, Paolo Bonasoni, Gian Pietro Verza, and John Semple

EGU2016-17938 | PICO | CR3.3

Monte Carlo simulations within avalanche rescue
Ingrid Reiweger, Manuel Genswein, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2016-9434 | PICO | CR3.3

Comparison of seismic and infrasonic avalanche detection systems: first results from the Dischma valley above Davos, Switzerland
Alec van Herwijnen, Jürg Schweizer, Emanuele Marchetti, and Maurizio Ripepe

EGU2016-7822 | PICO | CR3.3

Snowpack displacement measured by terrestrial radar interferometry as precursor for wet snow avalanches
Rafael Caduff, Andreas Wiesmann, and Yves Bühler

EGU2016-16237 | PICO | CR3.3

Deriving snow stratigraphy with an upward-looking radar system using full-waveform inversion
Lino Schmid, Hansruedi Maurer, Achim Heilig, Olaf Eisen, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2016-17906 | PICO | CR3.3

Simulation of radar backscattering from snowpack at X-band and Ku-band
Michel Gay, Xuan-Vu Phan, and Laurent Ferro-Famil

EGU2016-12446 | PICO | CR3.3

Causes of snow instability variations at the basin scale
Benjamin Reuter, Bettina Richter, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2016-3267 | PICO | CR3.3

Probabilistic size effect law for mode II fracture of critical lengths in snow slab weak layers
David McClung

EGU2016-4799 | PICO | CR3.3

A new theory to evaluate the critical length for fracture propagation in snow
Johan Gaume, Alec van Herwijnen, Guillaume Chambon, Nander Wever, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2016-2704 | PICO | CR3.3

An analytical approach for the Propagation Saw Test
Lorenzo Benedetti, Jan-Thomas Fischer, and Johan Gaume

EGU2016-15315 | PICO | CR3.3

Modeling the spatial variability of snow instability with the snow cover model SNOWPACK
Bettina Richter, Benjamin Reuter, Johan Gaume, Charles Fierz, Mathias Bavay, Alec van Herwijnen, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2016-11543 | PICO | CR3.3

\textbf{SnopViz, an interactive snow profile visualization tool}
Charles Fierz, Thomas Egger, Matthias gerber, Mathias Bavay, and Frank Techel

EGU2016-11274 | PICO | CR3.3

Wind slab formation in snow: experimental setup and first results
Christian Sommer, Michael Lehning, and Charles Fierz

EGU2016-12861 | PICO | CR3.3

A new test apparatus for studying the failure process during loading experiments of snow
Achille Capelli, Ingrid Reiweger, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2016-15485 | PICO | CR3.3

Determination of the elastic modulus of snow via acoustic measurements
Bastian Gerling, Alec van Herwijnen, and Henning Löwe

EGU2016-607 | PICO | CR3.3

A laboratory-based characterization of capillary barriers and preferential flow in snow
Francesco Avanzi, Hiroyuki Hirashima, Satoru Yamaguchi, Takafumi Katsushima, and Carlo De Michele

CR3.4 – Snow in ski resorts and snow avalanches: measuring and modelling (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-1637 | PICO | CR3.4

Slab entrainment and surge dynamics of the 2015 Valleé de la Sionne avalanches
Anselm Köhler, Jim McElwaine, and Betty Sovilla

EGU2016-17250 | PICO | CR3.4

Gravitational wet-avalanche pressure on pylon-like structures
Betty Sovilla, Thierry Faug, Anselm Köhler, Djebar Baroudi, Jan-Thomas Fischer, and Emmanuel Thibert

EGU2016-9515 | PICO | CR3.4

Comparison of seismic and infrasound wave fields generated by snow avalanches
Emma Suriñach, Mar Tapia, Cristina Pérez-Guillén, Giorgi Khazaradze, and Pere Roig

EGU2016-2732 | PICO | CR3.4

Maximum speeds and alpha angles of flowing avalanches
David McClung and Peter Gauer

EGU2016-1997 | PICO | CR3.4

Turbulent motion of mass flows. Mathematical modeling
Margarita Eglit, Alexander Yakubenko, and Tatiana Yakubenko

EGU2016-5973 | PICO | CR3.4

Extended kinetic theory applied to snow avalanches
Matthias Rauter, Jan-Thomas Fischer, Wolfgang Fellin, and Andreas Kofler

EGU2016-18406 | PICO | CR3.4

Merging a Terrain-Based Parameter with Drifting Snow Fluxes for Assessing Snow Redistribution in Mountainous Areas
Peter Schön, Alexander Prokop, Florence Naaim-Bouvet, Vincent Vionnet, Micha Heiser, Gilbert Guyomarc'h, and Kouichi Nishimura

EGU2016-12511 | PICO | CR3.4

Limitations of modeling snow in ski resorts
Robert Steiger and Bruno Abegg

EGU2016-8178 | PICO | CR3.4

One decade of scientific studies of snow management on Austria’s glacier ski resorts
Andrea Fischer and Kay Helfricht

EGU2016-14409 | PICO | CR3.4

Integration of snow management practices into a detailed snow pack model
Pierre Spandre, Samuel Morin, Matthieu Lafaysse, Yves Lejeune, Hugues François, and Emmanuelle George-Marcelpoil

EGU2016-15682 | PICO | CR3.4

Assessing the efficiency of machine made snow production using observations in ski resorts
Pierre Spandre, Hugues Francois, Emmanuel Thibert, Samuel Morin, and Emmanuelle George-Marcelpoil

EGU2016-9430 | PICO | CR3.4

A Coupled Snow Operations–Skier Demand Model for the Ontario (Canada) Ski Region
Marc Pons, Daniel Scott, Robert Steiger, Michelle Rutty, Peter Johnson, and Marc Vilella

EGU2016-6594 | PICO | CR3.4

Distributed, explicit modeling of technical snow production and ski area management with the hydroclimatological model AMUNDSEN
Florian Hanzer, Thomas Marke, and Ulrich Strasser

EGU2016-15325 | PICO | CR3.4

Snow management practices in French ski resorts
Pierre Spandre, Hugues Francois, Emmanuelle George-Marcelpoil, and Samuel Morin

EGU2016-15612 | PICO | CR3.4

Crossing physical simulations of snow conditions and a geographic model of ski area to assess ski resorts vulnerability
Hugues François, Pierre Spandre, Samuel Morin, Emmanuelle George-Marcelpoil, Matthieu Lafaysse, and Yves Lejeune

EGU2016-9623 | PICO | CR3.4

A local scale assessment of the climate change sensitivity of snow in Pyrenean ski resorts
Cristina Pesado, Marc Pons, Marc Vilella, and Juan Ignacio López-Moreno

EGU2016-8384 | PICO | CR3.4

Storing snow for the next winter: Two case studies on the application of snow farming.
Thomas Grünewald and Fabian Wolfsperger

CR3.7 – Risks from a changing cryosphere (co-organized)

EGU2016-18418 | Orals | CR3.7

A predicted and controlled jøkulhlaup (GLOF) from Harbardsbreen, Norway.
Miriam Jackson, Rune Engeset, and Hallgeir Elvehøy

EGU2016-682 | Posters | CR3.7

Modeling a Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Process Chain: The Case of Lake Palcacocha and Huaraz, Peru
Rachel Chisolm, Marcelo Somos-Valenzuela, Denny Rivas Gomez, Daene C. McKinney, and Cesar Portocarrero Rodriguez

EGU2016-18019 | Orals | CR3.7

Glacier-induced Hazards in the Trans-Himalaya of Ladakh (NW-India)
Susanne Schmidt, Juliane Dame, and Marcus Nüsser

EGU2016-1826 | Posters | CR3.7

Hazard and Risk of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in the Nepal Himalayas
David Rounce and Daene McKinney

EGU2016-2682 | Posters | CR3.7

Regional Analysis of the Hazard Level of Glacial Lakes in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Rachel E Chisolm, Walter Jhon Sanchez Leon, Daene C McKinney, and Alejo Cochachin Rapre

EGU2016-2181 | Orals | CR3.7

Insights from analyzing and modelling cascading multi-lake outburst flood events in the Santa Cruz Valley (Cordillera Blanca, Perú)
Adam Emmer, Martin Mergili, Anna Juřicová, Alejo Cochachin, and Christian Huggel

EGU2016-3509 | Posters | CR3.7

Cryopegs as destabilization factor of intra-permafrost gas hydrates
Evgeny Chuvilin, Boris Bukhanov, and Vladimir Istomin

EGU2016-8738 | Orals | CR3.7

Rapid ice-rock avalanches versus gradual glacial processes? Implications for the natural hazard potential in the Karakoram Mountains (Pakistan)
Lasafam Iturrizaga

EGU2016-6455 | Posters | CR3.7

Slope deformations in high-mountain regions as observed by InSAR: Examples from the Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Holger Frey, Tazio Strozzi, Rafael Caduff, Christian Huggel, Jan Klimeš, Vít Vilímek, Andreas Wiesmann, Andreas Kääb, Alejo Cochachin, and Stephen Plummer

EGU2016-10403 | Orals | CR3.7

Mountain permafrost, glacier thinning, and slope stability – a perspective from British Columbia (and Alaska)
Marten Geertsema

EGU2016-1194 | Orals | CR3.7

A new approach to evaluating landslide hazard in the mountain glacial environment – mass and hypsometry
Madison L Reid and Stephen G Evans

EGU2016-6536 | Posters | CR3.7

Modelling cascading and erosional processes for glacial lake outburst floods in the Quillcay catchment, Huaraz, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Patrick Baer, Christian Huggel, Holger Frey, Rachel Chisolm, Daene McKinney, Brian McArdell, Cesar Portocarrero, and Alejo Cochachin

EGU2016-7438 | Posters | CR3.7

Potentially dangerous glacial lakes in Kyrgyzstan - Research overview of 2004-2015
Bohumir Jansky, Sergey Yerokhin, Miroslav Sobr, Zbynek Engel, Michal Cerny, Kristyna Falatkova, Jan Kocum, and Vojtech Benes

EGU2016-7998 | Posters | CR3.7

Reducing risks from hazardous glacier lakes in the Cordillera Blanca (Peru): Six decades of experience and perspectives for the future
Cesar Portocarrero, Alejo Cochachin, Holger Frey, Cesar González, Wilfried Haeberli, and Christian Huggel

EGU2016-9751 | Posters | CR3.7

The influence of snow cover on alpine floods reconstructed from the analysis of satellite images. The case of the Hasli-Aare river basin, Berner Oberland (1987-2012)
Paula Cabrera-Medina, Lothar Schulte, Filipe Carvalho, Juan Carlos Peña, and Carles García

EGU2016-10404 | Posters | CR3.7

The Devdorak ice-rock avalanche and consequent debris flow from the slope of Mt. Kazbek (Caucasus, Georgia) in 2014
Sergey Chernomorets, Elena Savernyuk, Dmitry Petrakov, Mikhail Dokukin, George Gotsiridze, Givi Gavardashvili, Valery Drobyshev, Olga Tutubalina, Eduard Zaporozhchenko, Nikolay Kamenev, Vladimir Kamenev, Andreas Kääb, Jeffrey Kargel, and Christian Huggel

EGU2016-13545 | Posters | CR3.7

Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Risk in Himachal Pradesh, India: An Integrative and Anticipatory Approach to Inform Adaptation Planning
Simon Allen, Andreas Linsbauer, Christian Huggel, and Surjeet Singh Randhawa

EGU2016-13607 | Posters | CR3.7

Detecting glacier-bed overdeepenings for glaciers in the Western Italian Alps using the GlabTop2 model: the test site of the Rutor Glacier, Aosta Valley
Cristina Viani, Horst Machguth, Christian Huggel, Luigi Perotti, and Marco Giardino

EGU2016-14573 | Posters | CR3.7

Towards an improved inventory of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in the Himalayas
Georg Veh, Ariane Walz, Oliver Korup, and Sigrid Roessner

EGU2016-18047 | Posters | CR3.7

Glacier-fed Irrigation Systems in upper Hunza: Evolution and Limitations of socio-hydrological Interactions in the Karakoram, northern Pakistan
Sitara Parveen, Matthias Winiger, Susanne Schmidt, and Marcus Nüsser

CR4.1 – Permafrost Open Session (co-organized)

EGU2016-259 | Posters | CR4.1

Gas-emission crater in Central Yamal, West Siberia, Russia, a new permafrost feature
Marina Leibman, Alexandr Kizyakov, Artem Khomutov, Yury Dvornikov, Irina Streletskaya, and Anatoly Gubarkov

EGU2016-851 | Orals | CR4.1

The impact of permafrost thaw and climatic fluctuations on the geochemistry of thermokarst lakes of Yamal peninsula
Yury Dvornikov and Artem Khomutov

EGU2016-2102 | Orals | CR4.1

Measured Two-Dimensional Ice-Wedge Polygon Thermal Dynamics
William Cable, Vladimir Romanovsky, and Robert Busey

EGU2016-311 | Posters | CR4.1

Activation of thermal denudation under recent climatic fluctuations, Central Yamal, Russia
Artem Khomutov, Yury Dvornikov, Anatoly Gubarkov, and Damir Mullanurov

EGU2016-4499 | Posters | CR4.1

Snow control on active layer and permafrost in steep alpine rock walls (Aiguille du Midi, 3842 m a.s.l, Mont Blanc massif)
Florence Magnin, Sebastian Westermann, Paolo Pogliotti, Ludovic Ravanel, and Philip Deline

EGU2016-3517 | Orals | CR4.1

Simulating soil organic carbon in yedoma deposits during the last glacial maximum
Dan Zhu, Shushi Peng, Philippe Ciais, Roland Zech, Gerhard Krinner, Sergey Zimov, and Guido Grosse

EGU2016-5519 | Orals | CR4.1

Radiation budget and soil heat fluxes in different Arctic tundra vegetation types
Inge Juszak, Maitane Iturrate Garcia, Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry, Michael E. Schaepman, and Gabriela Schaepman-Strub

EGU2016-4986 | Posters | CR4.1

ICESat GLAS Elevation Changes and ALOS PALSAR InSAR Line-Of-Sight Changes on the Continuous Permafrost Zone of the North Slope, Alaska
Reginald Muskett

EGU2016-9325 | Orals | CR4.1

Does mountain permafrost in Mongolia control water availability?
Lucas Menzel, Benjamin Kopp, and Munkhdavaa Munkhjargal

EGU2016-5000 | Posters | CR4.1

Active-Layer Soil Moisture Content Regional Variations in Alaska and Russia by Ground-Based and Satellite-Based Methods, 2002 Through 2014
Reginald Muskett, Vladimir Romanovsky, William Cable, and Alexander Kholodov

EGU2016-11359 | Posters | CR4.1

Kinematics and thermal conditions in the permafrost-affected rockwalls of the Aiguille du Midi (3842 m a.s.l., Mont Blanc massif, France)
Ludovic Ravanel, Germain Grangier, Samuel Weber, Jan Beutel, Florence Magnin, Stefan Gruber, and Philip Deline

EGU2016-11310 | Orals | CR4.1

The InterFrost benchmark of Thermo-Hydraulic codes for cold regions hydrology – first inter-comparison phase results
Christophe Grenier and Wolfram Rühaak and the InterFrost

EGU2016-12721 | Posters | CR4.1

Analysis of ERT data of geoelectrical permafrost monitoring on Hoher Sonnblick (Austrian Central Alps)
Stefan Pfeiler, Wolfgang Schöner, Stefan Reisenhofer, David Ottowitz, Birgit Jochum, Jung-Ho Kim, Stefan Hoyer, Robert Supper, and Georg Heinrich

EGU2016-13075 | Posters | CR4.1 | Media interest

Permafrost landscapes in transition - towards modeling interactions, thresholds and feedbacks related to ice-rich ground
Sebastian Westermann, Moritz Langer, Hanna Lee, Terje Berntsen, Julia Boike, Gerhard Krinner, Kristoffer Aalstad, Kjetil Schanke Aas, Maria Peter, Max Heikenfeld, and Bernd Etzelmüller

EGU2016-14360 | Posters | CR4.1

Quantifying the effect of lichen and bryophyte cover on permafrost soil within a global land surface model
Philipp Porada, Altug Ekici, and Christian Beer

EGU2016-15075 | Posters | CR4.1

Spatial distribution of rock glaciers in the semi-arid Andes of Argentina
Jan Henrik Blöthe, Christian Halla, Lothar Schrott, Joachim Götz, and Dario Trombotto

EGU2016-15245 | Posters | CR4.1

A national strategy for a long-term monitoring of permafrost and periglacial processes and their relationship to natural hazard prevention in Austria
Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Annett Bartsch, Christoph Gitschthaler, Stefan Reisenhofer, Gernot Weyss, Claudia Riedl, and Michael Avian