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EMRP – Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

EMRP1.1 – Open Session on Rock Physics

EGU2016-12119 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Quantitative microstructure characterization and elastic properties upscaling of carbonate rocks
Stephanie Vialle and Maxim Lebedev

EGU2016-842 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Mechanical constraints on the triggering of vulcanian explosions at Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala
Adrian Hornby, Yan Lavallée, Amy Collinson, Jurgen Neuberg, Silvio De Angelis, Jackie Kendrick, and Anthony Lamur

EGU2016-11255 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Evaluation of anisotropy in physical/mechanical properties of metabasalts from Gadag (Southern India) – implications for vein emplacement and gold mineralization
C Satheesan Vishnu and Manish A Mamtani

EGU2016-1610 | Posters | EMRP1.1

The long term characteristics of greenschist
Bo-An Jang

EGU2016-3503 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Activation of a Ca-bentonite as buffer material
Wei-Hsing Huang and Wen-Chuan Chen

EGU2016-6275 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Sandstone compaction under actively controlled uniaxial strain conditions – an experimental study on the causes of subsidence in the Dutch Wadden Area
Sander Hol, Antony Mossop, Arjan van der Linden, Pedro Zuiderwijk, Axel Makurat, and Rob van Eijs

EGU2016-10218 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Understanding the mechanical and acoustical characteristics of sand aggregates compacting under triaxial conditions
Suzanne Hangx and Nicolas Brantut

EGU2016-4023 | Posters | EMRP1.1

The influence of elemental composition of ore on polymorphic modifications of cubanite
Anatoly Mashukov and Alla Mashukova

EGU2016-3283 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Coupled hydro-mechanical properties of Cobourg limestone with special reference to excavation damage zones
Mohammad H Nasseri, Mahdi Sehizadeh, Sheng Ye, Grant Su, Son Nguyen, and R.Paul Young

EGU2016-4378 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Mechanical compaction in Bleurswiller sandstone: effective pressure law and compaction localization
Patrick Baud, Thierry Reuschlé, Yuntao Ji, and Teng-fong Wong

EGU2016-15148 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Brittle dynamic damage due to earthquake rupture
Harsha Bhat and Marion Thomas

EGU2016-7539 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Study of cataclastic deformation in compressive tectonic regime of a sandstone from south central Pyrenees, Spain: Timing of deformation bands occurrence during burial history and comparison with geomechanical models.
Romain Robert, Philippe Robion, Christian David, Pauline Souloumiac, and Elodie Saillet

EGU2016-11136 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Extending non-fatigue Mode I subcritical crack growth data to subcritical fatigue crack growth: Demonstration of the equivalence of the Charles’ law and Paris law exponents
Russell Keanini and Martha-Cary Eppes

EGU2016-16858 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Elastic properties of continental carbonate rocks: controlling factors and applicable model
Jean-Baptiste Regnet, Jérôme Fortin, Yves Guéguen, and Matthieu Pellerin

EGU2016-9752 | Posters | EMRP1.1

BISIP I: A program for Bayesian inference of spectral induced polarization parameters, and application to mineral exploration at the Canadian Malartic gold deposit, Québec, CA
Charles Lafrenière-Bérubé, Michel Chouteau, Pejman Shamsipour, and Gema R. Olivo

EGU2016-11113 | Posters | EMRP1.1

A method for assessment of slope unloading zone based on unloading strain
Han Bao, Faquan Wu, and Pengcheng Xi

EGU2016-13653 | Posters | EMRP1.1

The role of post-failure brittleness of soft rocks in the assessment of stability of intact masses: FDEM technique applications to ideal problems
Piernicola Lollino, Gioacchino Francesco Andriani, Nunzio Luciano Fazio, and Michele Perrotti

EMRP1.2 – Thermo-hydro-mechanical couplings and deep geothermal energy (co-organized)

EGU2016-274 | Posters | EMRP1.2

A new setup for studying thermal microcracking through acoustic emission monitoring
Luke Griffiths, Michael Heap, Patrick Baud, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2016-7211 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Turbulent - laminar transition in the propagation of height-contained hydraulic fracture.
Haseeb Zia and Brice Lecampion

EGU2016-1916 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Subcritical crack growth in marble
Yoshitaka Nara, Yuki Nishida, Toshinori Ii, Tomoki Harui, Mayu Tanaka, and Koki Kashiwaya

EGU2016-12441 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Probing a deep geothermal area in the upper rhine graben with ambient seismic noise : some results based on permanent networks and the dense temporary Estof array
Maximilien Lehujeur, Jérôme Vergne, Adrien Le Chenadec, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2016-5696 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Is it possible to infer the frequency-dependent seismic attenuation of fractured materials from high-strain creep tests?
celine mallet, beatriz quintal, eva caspari, and klaus holliger

EGU2016-16670 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology in a Magmatic Geothermal Field – First Results From a Survey in Iceland
Thomas Reinsch, Philippe Jousset, Jan Henninges, and Hanna Blanck

EGU2016-3439 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Characterization of seismic properties across scales: from the laboratory- to the field scale
Melchior Grab, Beatriz Quintal, Eva Caspari, Hansruedi Maurer, and Stewart Greenhalgh

EGU2016-2403 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Fault Frictional Stability in a Nuclear Waste Repository
Felipe Orellana, Marie Violay, Marco Scuderi, and Cristiano Collettini

EGU2016-5647 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Physical property characterization of a damage zone in granitic rock – Implications for geothermal reservoir properties
Quinn Wenning, Claudio Madonna, Florian Amann, Valentin Gischig, and Jean-Pierre Burg

EGU2016-2735 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Scaling minerals from deep-seated granitic geothermal reservoir
Norio Yanagisawa

EGU2016-13952 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Crosswell electromagnetic imaging for geothermal reservoir characterization - a feasibility study
Friedemann Samrock and Martin O. Saar

EGU2016-8114 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Perm-Fit: a new program to estimate permeability at high P-T conditions
Evangelos Moulas and Claudio Madonna

EGU2016-9298 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Brittle and semibrittle creep in a low porosity carbonate rock
Aurélien Nicolas, Jérôme Fortin, Jean-Baptiste Regnet, Alexandre Dimanov, and Yves Guéguen

EGU2016-11143 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Petrophysical approach of tight gas reservoir including shaly sand
Taeyoun Kim, Seho Hwang, and Seonghyung Jang

EGU2016-11153 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Numerical simulate for thermal stress distribution in heterogeneous rock and homogeneous fractured rock via application of microwave energy
Wei Ming Guan and Qiang Zeng

EGU2016-12232 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Laboratory coda wave interferometry for the monitoring of rock property variations
Jean Schmittbuhl, Marie Chaintreuil, Olivier Lengliné, Luke Griffiths, Mike Heap, and Patrick Baud

EGU2016-13315 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Composition, structure and properties of sediment thermal springs of Kamchatka
Violetta Shanina, Pavel Smolyakov, and Oleg Parfenov

EGU2016-8805 | Posters | EMRP1.2

An Approach to Optimize the Fusion Coefficients for Land Cover Information Enhancement with Multisensor Data
Akanksha Garg, Nicolas Brodu, Hussein Yahia, and Dharmendra Singh

EMRP1.3 – Integrating new and emergent multi-scale measurements and images of the physical properties of the Earth from laboratory experiments to the Deep Earth (co-organized)

EGU2016-5996 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Unconventional sub-basalt imaging and geological interpretation in terms of porosity/permeability in buried volcanic reservoirs.
Luca De Siena, David Healy, Roberto Emanuele Rizzo, and Nicholas Schofield

EGU2016-173 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Comparison of deformation mechanics for two different carbonates: oolitic limestone and laminites
Stephanie Zihms, Helen Lewis, Gary Couples, Stephen Hall, and Jim Somerville

EGU2016-18283 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Extending the life of mature basins in the North Sea and imaging sub-basalt and sub-intrusive structures using seismic intensity monitoring.
Luca De Siena and Nicholas Rawlinson

EGU2016-10344 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Multiscale Behavior of Viscous Fluids Dynamics: Experimental Observations
Alejandra Arciniega-Ceballos, Laura Spina, Bettina Scheu, and Donald B Dingwell

EGU2016-17085 | Posters | EMRP1.3

The Benefits of Maximum Likelihood Estimators in Predicting Bulk Permeability and Upscaling Fracture Networks
Roberto Emanuele Rizzo, David Healy, and Luca De Siena

EGU2016-5186 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Bubbles attenuate elastic waves at seismic frequencies
Nicola Tisato, Beatriz Quintal, Samuel Chapman, Yury Podladchikov, and Jean-Pierre Burg

EGU2016-18444 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Seismic attenuation and scattering tomography of rock samples using stochastic wavefields: linking seismology, volcanology, and rock physics.
Marco Fazio, Luca De Siena, and Phillip Benson

EGU2016-5030 | Orals | EMRP1.3 | Media interest

Fiber-Reinforced Rocks Akin to Roman Concrete Help Explain Ground Deformation at Campi Flegrei Caldera
Tiziana Vanorio and Waruntorn Kanitpanyacharoen

EGU2016-916 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Implications of laboratory velocity measurements for seismic imaging of faults in anisotropic media
Christina Kelly, Daniel Faulkner, and Andreas Rietbrock

EGU2016-18376 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Viscoelasticity of multiphase fluids: future directions
Nicola Tisato, Kyle Spikes, and Farzam Javadpour

EGU2016-8366 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Seismic imaging in laboratory trough laser Doppler vibrometry
Daniel Brito, Valier Poydenot, Stéphane Garambois, Julien Diaz, Clarisse Bordes, and Jean-Paul Rolando

EGU2016-18305 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Elastic and Transport Properties of Steam-Cured Pozzolanic-Lime Rock Composites Upon CO2 Injection
Dan Emery and Tiziana Vanorio

EGU2016-9609 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Experimental Measurement of In Situ Stress
Maria Tibbo, Bernd Milkereit, Farzine Nasseri, Douglas Schmitt, and Paul Young

EGU2016-15995 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Characterizing petrophysical properties of carbonate rocks using nuclear magnetic resonance and spectral induced polarization
Fan Zhang, Chi Zhang, and Eugene Rankey

EGU2016-10739 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Variations of the petrophysical properties of rocks with increasing hydrocarbons content and their implications at larger scale: insights from the Majella reservoir (Italy)
Fabio Trippetta, Roberta Ruggieri, and Lorenzo Lipparini

EGU2016-7085 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Determining the spatial altitude of the hydraulic fractures.
Marsel Khamiev, Victor Kosarev, and Galina Goncharova

EGU2016-10189 | Posters | EMRP1.3

The hydro-mechanical properties of sealing horizons consisting of mechanical multilayers
Carolina Giorgetti, Marco M. Scuderi, Massimiliano R. Barchi, and Cristiano Collettini

EGU2016-17189 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Probe imaging studies of magnetic susceptibility and permeability for sensitive characterisation of carbonate reservoir rocks
Aleksandr Ivakhnenko, Akmaral Bigaliyeva, and Vladislav Dubinin

EGU2016-7192 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Electrical conductivity of Icelandic deep geothermal reservoirs: insight from HT-HP laboratory experiments
Franck Nono, Benoit Gibert, Didier Loggia, Fleurice Parat, Pierre Azais, and Sarah Cichy

EMRP1.4 – Earthquakes: from slow to fast, from the field to the laboratory. (co-organized)

EGU2016-736 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Long-term acceleration of aseismic slip prior to the 2011 M9 Tohoku-oki earthquake: Constraints from repeating earthquakes
Andreas Mavrommatis, Paul Segall, Naoki Uchida, and Kaj Johnson

EGU2016-10370 | Orals | EMRP1.4

A geological perspective on the source(s) of slow slip and tremor
Ake Fagereng

EGU2016-5211 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Fossil rocks of slow earthquake detected by thermal diffusion length
Yoshitaka Hashimoto, Kiyohiko Morita, Makoto Okubo, Yohei Hamada, Weiren Lin, Takehiro Hirose, and Manami Kitamura

EGU2016-2445 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Fan-head shear rupture mechanism as a source of off-fault tensile cracking
Boris Tarasov

EGU2016-8060 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Hydro-mechanical modelling of slow slip phenomena in subduction channels
Claudio Petrini, Taras Gerya, Claudio Madonna, and Ylona van Dinther

EGU2016-2716 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Changes in rock resistivity image under uniaxial compression and its implications for earthquakes
Tao Zhu, Lanwei Wang, Bin Zhang, and Jianguo Zhou

EGU2016-5489 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Robust velocity-weakening frictional behaviour of plagioclase at hydrothermal conditions in the lower crust
Changrong He and Shengnan Yao

EGU2016-10412 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Multi-asperity models of slow slip and tremor
Jean Paul Ampuero, Yingdi Luo, Olivier Lengline, and Asaf Inbal

EGU2016-8637 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Dynamic triggering during rupture nucleation in sandstone
Alexandre Schubnel, Kristel Chanard, Soumaya Latour, François Petrelis, Takahiro Hatano, Karen Mair, and Sergio Vinciguerra

EGU2016-2041 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Stick-slip friction of polymer gels with controlled asperities
Tetsuo Yamaguchi and Yoshinori Sawae

EGU2016-9067 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Slip mode segmentation of the megathrust beneath Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Nick Voss, Rocco Malservisi, Zhen Liu, Timothy H. Dixon, Marino Protti, Victor Gonzales, Susan Schwartz, and Yan Jiang

EGU2016-3222 | Orals | EMRP1.4 | Media interest

Jelly Quakes - Characteristics of periodic slip events in an analog model of strike slip seismotectonics using ballistic gelatin.
Michael Rudolf, Matthias Rosenau, and Onno Oncken

EGU2016-9221 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Numerical Simulation of Rock Fracturing under Laboratory True-Triaxial Stress Conditions
Mehdi Ghofrani Tabari, Jim Hazzard, and R. Paul Young

EGU2016-9629 | Orals | EMRP1.4 | Media interest

Laboratory Observations of the Spectrum of Fault Slip Behaviors
Chris Marone

EGU2016-12157 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Precursors to Failure Extend Across the Transition from Slow to Fast Laboratory Earthquakes
Elisa Tinti, Marco Maria Scuderi, Laura Scognamiglio, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Chris Marone, and Cristiano Collettini

EGU2016-9303 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Effect of Anisotropic Velocity Structure on Acoustic Emission Source Location during True-Triaxial Deformation Experiments
Mehdi Ghofrani Tabari, Sebastian Goodfellow, and R. Paul Young

EGU2016-7952 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Frictional behavior of experimental faults during a simulated seismic cycle
Elena Spagnuolo, Stefan Nielsen, Marie Violay, Fabio Di Felice, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2016-10320 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Laboratory Observations of the Spectrum of Fault Slip: Implications for Slow Earthquakes
John Leeman, Demian Saffer, Marco Scuderi, and Chris Marone

EGU2016-10537 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Seafloor Geodetic Investigation of Shallow Slow Slip Events at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand
Spahr C. Webb, Laura M. Wallace, Yoshihiro Ito, Kimihiro Mochizuki, Ryota Hino, Stuart Henrys, Susan Schwartz, and Anne Sheehan

EGU2016-76 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Observations of slip behavior in plate-rate laboratory friction experiments
Matt Ikari and Achim Kopf

EGU2016-10753 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Rapid ductile afterslip from coseismic heating
John Platt, Brendan Meade, Heather Savage, and Christie Rowe

EGU2016-406 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Insights into rupture processes of a laboratory-earthquake in dry and lubricated faults
Elsa Bayart, Ilya Svetlizky, and Jay Fineberg

EGU2016-11091 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Acoustic emissions in rock deformation experiments under micro-CT
Nicola Tisato, Sebastian D. Goodfellow, Evangelos Moulas, Giulio Di Toro, Paul Young, and Giovanni Grasselli

EGU2016-11125 | Orals | EMRP1.4

High-Speed Observations of Dynamic Fracture Propagation in Solids and Their Implications in Earthquake Rupture Dynamics
Koji Uenishi

EGU2016-11108 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Acoustic Emission, b-values and Foliation Plane Anisotropy
Mahdi Sehizadeh, Mohammad H. Nasseri, Sheng Ye, and R. Paul Young

EGU2016-11133 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Simulation of a true-triaxial deformation test on anisotropic gneiss using FLAC3D
Shenghua Ye, Mehdi Sehizadeh, Mohammad Nasseri, and Paul Young

EGU2016-11380 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Simulated precursory large aseismic slip at the deeper extension of the seismic region along the Nankai Trough, SW Japan
Makiko Ohtani, Nobuki Kame, and Masao Nakatani

EGU2016-14659 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Earthquake cycles in complex geometries
Pierre Romanet, Harsha Bhat, and Raul Madariaga

EGU2016-14681 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Spectral Characteristics of Continuous Acoustic Emission (AE) Data from Laboratory Rock Deformation Experiments
J.William Flynn, Sebastian Goodfellow, Juan Reyes-Montes, Farzine Nasseri, and R.Paul Young

EGU2016-15262 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Waves on Thin Plates: A New (Energy Based) Method on Localization
Semih Turkaya, Renaud Toussaint, Fredrik Kvalheim Eriksen, Olivier Lengliné, Guillaume Daniel, Eirik Grude Flekkøy, and Knut Jørgen Måløy

EGU2016-15693 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Weakening mechanism and energy budget of laboratory earthquakes
Francois Passelegue, Nicolas Brantut, Samson Marty, and Alexandre Schubnel

EGU2016-16098 | Posters | EMRP1.4

High-Velocity Frictional Properties of Westerly Granite and the Role of Thermal Cracking on Gouge Production
Francois Passelegue, Elena Spanuolo, Marie Violay, Stefan Nielsen, Giulio Di Toro, and Alexandre Schubnel

EGU2016-16555 | Posters | EMRP1.4

The Parkfield Tremors: Slow and Fast Ruptures on the Same Asperity
Deepa Mele Veedu and Sylvain Barbot

EGU2016-17828 | Posters | EMRP1.4

A comparative study of seismicity statistics in laboratory stick-slip experiments and nature: Implications for fault mechanics
Thomas Goebel, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Thorsten Becker, Charles Sammis, and Georg Dresen

EMRP2.1 – The magnetic Earth: significant features and open questions (co-organized)

EGU2016-4088 | Orals | EMRP2.1

Geodynamo simulations: tools to understand and forecast the geomagnetic field evolution
Julien Aubert

EGU2016-1317 | Posters | EMRP2.1

The inverse problem for the simple dynamo model
Maxim Reshetnyak

EGU2016-3080 | Orals | EMRP2.1

The global character of excursions: Insights from empirical and dynamo models
Maxwell Brown, Monika Korte, and Ingo Wardinski

EGU2016-1895 | Posters | EMRP2.1

An Impending geomagnetic transition? Hints from the past
Carlo Laj and Catherine Kissel

EGU2016-15036 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Predicting the evolution of the SAA by characterisation and modelling of reversed flux patches
Maurits Metman, Phil Livermore, and Jon Mound

EGU2016-8363 | Orals | EMRP2.1

An archeomagnetic record from southern Africa and its bearing on the history of the South Atlantic Anomaly
John Tarduno, Rory Cottrell, Thomas Huffman, Michael Watkeys, Miriam Grigsby, and Eric Blackman

EGU2016-9855 | Posters | EMRP2.1

TEMPO: an ESA-funded project for uncovering significant features of the South Atlantic Anomaly
F. Javier Pavón-Carrasco and Angelo De Santis

EGU2016-3851 | Orals | EMRP2.1

How fast was the last geomagnetic reversal? Experimental constraints from the Sulmona lacustrine sequence (central Apennines, Italy)
Leonardo Sagnotti, Biagio Giaccio, Joseph Liddicoat, Sebastien Nomade, Paul Renne, Giancarlo Scardia, and Courtney Sprain

EGU2016-283 | Orals | EMRP2.1

Recovering of the crustal contribution to the geomagnetic field of the European area
Klaudio Peqini and Bejo Duka

EGU2016-9950 | Posters | EMRP2.1

On the occurrence of Earth's magnetic field changes during the last century
F. Javier Pavón-Carrasco, Angelo De Santis, Saioa A. Campuzano, and Enkelejda Qamili

EGU2016-353 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Major geophysical events and transitions of heliospheric magnetic field in the beginning, middle and end phase of the Maunder solar minima
Michele Casati, Valentino Straser, and Alessandro Feron

EGU2016-1315 | Orals | EMRP2.1

Geomagnetics and Geomedical: A New View of Etruscan Settlements in Etruria
Ann Pizzorusso

EGU2016-1681 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Geomagnetic imprint of the Persani volcanism
Lucian Besutiu, Ioan Seghedi, Luminita Zlagnean, Ligia Atanasiu, Razvan-Gabriel Popa, Mihai Pomeran, and Madalina Visan

EGU2016-8631 | Posters | EMRP2.1

New paleomagnetic data from 1.80-1.75 Ga mafic intrusions of Fennoscandia and Sarmatia: implications for the late Paleoproterozoic paleogeography of Baltica and Laurentia
Sergei Pisarevsky, Natalia Lubnina, Svetoslav Sokolov, and Svetlana Bogdanova

EGU2016-8949 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Effect of the non-dipole field in the seasonal variation of the geomagnetic Sq(Y)
Sheng Huang, Aimin Du, Wenyao Xu, Yasong Ge, and Rixiang Zhu

EGU2016-1738 | Posters | EMRP2.1

The quasi-biennial variation in the geomagnetic field: a global characteristics analysis
Jiaming Ou and Aimin Du

EGU2016-16321 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Temporal variations in magnetic signals generated by the piezomagnetic effect for dislocation sources in a uniform medium
Ken'ichi Yamazaki

EGU2016-5591 | Posters | EMRP2.1

The mesospheric sodium layer as a remotely, optically pumped magnetometer for investigation of Birkeland currents
Magnar G. Johnsen, Jürgen Matzka, and Ulf-Peter Hoppe

EGU2016-16106 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Terrestrial Magnetism in Ottoman Empire: Documents and Measurements
Ferhat Ozcep

EMRP2.2 – Unveiling hidden features of the geomagnetic field: measurements, data analysis and modelling

EGU2016-2989 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Collection, quality control and delivery of ground-based magnetic data during ESA’s Swarm mission
Susan Macmillan, Thomas Humphries, Simon Flower, and Anthony Swan

EGU2016-5883 | Orals | EMRP2.2

Can Localization Constraints help to improve the reconstruction of spherical magnetizations?
Christian Gerhards

EGU2016-6288 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Global Lithospheric Apparent Susceptibility Distribution Converted from Geomagnetic Models by CHAMP and Swarm Satellite Magnetic Measurements
Jinsong Du, Chao Chen, Xiong Xiong, Yongdong Li, and Qing Liang

EGU2016-9416 | Orals | EMRP2.2

Challenges and advantages of the ground based magnetometer dataset in monitoring of the near Earth space environment.
Jesper Gjerloev, Shin Ohtani, Karl Laundal, and Colin Waters

EGU2016-9698 | Orals | EMRP2.2

Unveiling the solar wind – Earth’s magnetic field coupling and storm/substorm relationship by information-theoretic multivariate causality measures
Jakob Runge, Georgios Balasis, Constantinos Papadimitriou, Reik Donner, Ioannis Daglis, and Juergen Kurths

EGU2016-8343 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Improving geomagnetic observatory data in the South Atlantic Anomaly
Jürgen Matzka, Achim Morschhauser, Gabriel Brando Soares, and Katia Pinheiro

EGU2016-9560 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Local high-resolution crustal magnetic field analysis from satellite data
Alain Plattner and Frederik J. Simons

EGU2016-11282 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Statistical correlations of field-aligned currents measured by Swarm
Junying Yang and Malcolm Dunlop

EGU2016-11891 | Orals | EMRP2.2

Coherence and phase structure of compressional ULF waves at low-Earth-orbit observed by the Swarm satellites
Balázs Heilig and Peter R. Sutcliffe

EGU2016-11654 | Posters | EMRP2.2

ULF wave power features in the topside ionosphere revealed by Swarm observations
Constantinos Papadimitriou, Georgios Balasis, Ioannis A. Daglis, and Omiros Giannakis

EGU2016-5079 | Orals | EMRP2.2

Swarm – providing a new view of the Earth’s magnetic field
Mioara Mandea

EGU2016-13943 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Investigating the auroral electrojets using Swarm
Ashley Smith, Susan Macmillan, Ciaran Beggan, and Kathy Whaler

EGU2016-13993 | Posters | EMRP2.2

The influence of the distribution of sea-water conductivity on the ocean induced magnetic field
Jan Saynisch, Christopher Irrgang, Jan Hagedoorn, and Maik Thomas

EGU2016-14578 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Temporal reduction of repeat-station measurements by using on-site variometer records
Gergely Vadasz, Andras Csontos, Balazs Heilig, and Peter Kovacs

EGU2016-15557 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Effective modeling of the Ionospheric magnetic field using correlation patterns
khadidja ferrat, matthias holschneider, Vincent Lesur, and Claudia Stolle

EGU2016-15685 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Investigating dynamical complexity in the time series of the upgraded ENIGMA magnetometer array using various entropy measures
Georgios Balasis, Ioannis A. Daglis, Constantinos Papadimitriou, Nikolaos Melis, Omiros Giannakis, and Charalampos Kontoes

EGU2016-16219 | Posters | EMRP2.2

A spatio-temporally detailed and regular description of the external field over the last solar cycle using EOFs
Robert Shore, Mervyn Freeman, James Wild, Gareth Dorrian, and Jesper Gjerloev

EGU2016-17218 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Remanent and induced contributions of the Earth's magnetization
Foteini Vervelidou, Vincent Lesur, Erwan Thébault, Jérôme Dyment, and Matthias Holschneider

EGU2016-17359 | Posters | EMRP2.2

AMS as a technique for investigating the propagation direction of vein fluids
Colin Watts and William McCarthy

EGU2016-17392 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Innovative techniques to analyze time series of geomagnetic activity indices
Georgios Balasis, Constantinos Papadimitriou, Ioannis A. Daglis, Stelios M. Potirakis, and Konstantinos Eftaxias

EGU2016-18234 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Some remarks on the detection of simple magnetic sources
Lukács Kuslits and Ernő Prácser

EMRP2.3 – Advancements in magnetic anomaly studies and natural resources exploration (co-organized)

EGU2016-3375 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Application of Borehole SIP Technique to Sulfide Mineral Exploration
Changryol Kim, Mi Kyung Park, Samgyu Park, Nak Hoon Sung, and Seung Wook Shin

EGU2016-2432 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Joint inversion of surface and borehole magnetic amplitude data
Zelin Li, Changli Yao, Yuanman Zheng, and Xiaoyu Yuan

EGU2016-14882 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Structure of the basement beneath the Illizi Basin: insights from the reinterpretation of an aeromagnetic survey
Sonia Brahimi, Amar Bourmatte, Jean-François Ghienne, and Marc Munschy

EGU2016-11147 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Spectral-induced polarization characteristics of rocks from Shinyemi deposit in Northeastern South Korea
Samgyu Park, Seung Wook Shin, Jeong-Sul Son, and Changryol Kim

EGU2016-6790 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Detailed petrophysical characterization enhances geological mapping of a buried substratum using aeromagnetic and gravity data; application to the southwestern Paris basin
Julien Baptiste, Guillaume Martelet, Michel Faure, Laurent Beccaletto, Yan Chen, and Pierre-Alexandre Reninger

EGU2016-3432 | Posters | EMRP2.3

3D Inversion of complex resistivity data: Case study on Mineral Exploration Site.
Jeong-Sul Son, Jung-ho Kim, Sam-gyu Park, and My-Kyung Park

EGU2016-12174 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Mapping Rock’s Magnetisation on a Crustal Scale using the Automatic Curve Matching Method.
Irena Kivior, Stephen Markham, and David Boyd

EGU2016-3424 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Three-dimensional magnetization vector inversion for high-susceptibility magnetic anomaly
Shuang Liu and Xiangyun Hu

EGU2016-2460 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Influence of calculation error of total field anomaly in strongly magnetic environments
Xiaoyu Yuan, Changli Yao, Yuanman Zheng, and Zelin Li

EGU2016-12760 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Geomodel constructs of the Earth's crust for water continuation of the Korotaikha depression from gravity and magnetic data for revealing promising areas of oil and gas accumulation
Tamara Litvinova and Ivan Kudryavtsev

EGU2016-422 | Orals | EMRP2.3

The magnetic low of central Europe: analysis and interpretation by a multi scale approach.
Maurizio Milano and Maurizio Fedi

EGU2016-13314 | Posters | EMRP2.3

2D Potential theory using complex functions and conformal mapping
Pauline Le Maire and Marc Munschy

EGU2016-6124 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Sea-surface and deep-magnetic data at Vavilov Seamount, Tyrrhenian Sea
Filippo Muccini, Luca Cocchi, Marina Locritani, and Cosmo Carmisciano

EGU2016-4511 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Lithologic identification & mapping test based on 3D inversion of magnetic and gravity
Jiayong Yan, Qingtian Lv, Guang Qi, Jinhua Zhao, and Yongqian Zhang

EGU2016-12688 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Heterogeneous structure of the lithosphere of the Taimyr Peninsula
Tamara Litvinova and Alevtina Petrova

EGU2016-17764 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Curie isotherm map of Scotia Arc from near surface magnetic anomaly data
Manuel Catalán

EGU2016-13560 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Analysis of Deep Crustal Structures using Potential Field Data along Deep Seismic Sounding Lines
Stephen Markham, Irena Kivior, and David Boyd

EGU2016-17961 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Characterization of magnetized ore bodies based on three-component borehole magnetic and directional borehole seismic measurements
Christopher Virgil, Martin Neuhaus, Andreas Hördt, Rüdiger Giese, Kay Krüger, Andreas Jurczyk, Christopher Juhlin, and Niklas Juhojuntti

EMRP2.5 – Earth's interior insights from electromagnetic induction studies (co-organized)

EGU2016-2644 | Orals | EMRP2.5

Probabilistic inversion in the context of EM studies: Where we are and avenues for the future
Niklas Linde and Marina Rosas-Carbajal

EGU2016-436 | Posters | EMRP2.5

The Electrical Resistivity Structure of the Eastern Anatolian Collision Zone, Northeastern Anatolia
Özlem Cengiz, Ahmet Tuğrul Başokur, and Elif Tolak Çiftçi

EGU2016-12585 | Orals | EMRP2.5

First results of MT studies at the Northern Swiss heat flow anomaly
Neeraj Shah, Friedemann Samrock, and Martin O. Saar

EGU2016-2353 | Posters | EMRP2.5

The along-track spectral-spatial approach for estimating the ocean-induced magnetic field from Swarm vector magnetic data
Zdeněk Martinec, David Einšpigl, Libor Šachl, and Jakub Velímský

EGU2016-17702 | Orals | EMRP2.5 | Media interest

Electromagnetic imaging of seafloor massive sulfide deposits at the Central Indian Ridge
Hendrik Müller and Katrin Schwalenberg

EGU2016-2259 | Posters | EMRP2.5

Studies on the Geomagnetic Induction Vectors of China
Qiao Wang, Huiqian Zhang, and Qinghua Huang

EGU2016-13769 | Orals | EMRP2.5

Three-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion with distortion correction, practical experience and solution recipes
Max Moorkamp and Anna Avdeeva

EGU2016-2487 | Posters | EMRP2.5

Synthesize function for describing distorted 2-D magnetotelluric responses caused by topography
Ninrat Promdee and Weerachai Sarakorn

EGU2016-15046 | Posters | EMRP2.5

A method of synthesis magnetotelluric time-series combining interstation transfer functions and a reference site
Hui Wang and Joan Campanyà

EGU2016-14280 | Orals | EMRP2.5

Ensemble simulations of the ocean induced magnetic field
Christopher Irrgang, Jan Saynisch, Jan M. Hagedoorn, and Maik Thomas

EGU2016-13418 | Posters | EMRP2.5

Electrical conductivity in the Earth's mantle: Results of the time-domain approach from 2 years of Swarm data
Jakub Velimsky

EGU2016-10231 | Orals | EMRP2.5

3D electromagnetic modelling of a TTI medium and TTI effects in inversion
Piyoosh Jaysaval, Daniil Shantsev, and Sébastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove

EGU2016-5559 | Posters | EMRP2.5

2.5D complex resistivity modeling and inversion using unstructured grids
Kaijun Xu and Jie Sun

EGU2016-7518 | Posters | EMRP2.5

Investigating the Electrical Resistivity Structure at the Creeping Segment of the North Anatolian Fault near Ismetpasa by Wide-band Magnetotellurics
Bülent Tank, Özgür Kandemir, Kenan Akbayram, Fatih Kanar, Erkan Öztay, Ali Rıza Kılıç, Levent Bakar, Turgut Tok, Mehmet Çobankaya, Eşref Aylan, Gamze Karabulut, and Ercan Paker

EGU2016-9021 | Posters | EMRP2.5

Computations of wind-driven ocean-induced magnetic fields
Libor Sachl, David Einspigel, and Zdenek Martinec

EGU2016-13145 | Posters | EMRP2.5

The Amplitude Phase Decomposition for the Magnetotelluric Impedance Tensor and Galvanic Electric Distortion
Maik Neukirch, Daniel Rudolf, and Xavier Garcia

EGU2016-14116 | Posters | EMRP2.5 | Media interest

Sounding the Earth's electrical structure with satellite-detected ocean tidal magnetic signals
Alexander Grayver, Neesha Schnepf, Alexey Kuvshinov, Terence Sabaka, Manoj Nair, and Nils Olsen

EGU2016-5383 | Posters | EMRP2.5

Application of Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm to Magnetotelluric and Vertical Electrical Sounding Data
Nusharin Mingolo and Weerachai Sarakorn

EGU2016-7446 | Posters | EMRP2.5

Imaging the conductivity anomalies at the vicinity of Ganos Fault, northwest Turkey by magnetotellurics
Mustafa Karaş, Bülent Tank, and Sinan Özaydın

EGU2016-8749 | Posters | EMRP2.5

The novel high-performance 3-D MT inverse solver
Mikhail Kruglyakov, Alexey Geraskin, and Alexey Kuvshinov

EMRP3.2 – Environmental Magnetism: advances and perspectives (co-organized)

EGU2016-18511 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Weathering, diagenesis, and pedogenesis in Paleocene-Eocene paleosols from the Bighorn Basin, WY: evidence from environmental magnetism
Daniel P. Maxbauer, Joshua M. Feinberg, David L. Fox, and William C. Clyde

EGU2016-18240 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Short and Long Term Environmental Trends Observed in the Magnetism of Cave Deposits
Joshua Feinberg

EGU2016-5429 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Magnetic unmixing: Where do we stand?
David Heslop

EGU2016-17617 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Magnetic minerals preserved in Chinese speleothem and their paleoclimate implication
Zongmin Zhu, Jushua M. Feinberg, Shucheng Xie, Mark D. Bourne, Chunju Huang, and Chaoyong Hu

EGU2016-9881 | Orals | EMRP3.2

A northwest Atlantic environmental magnetic perspective on the Oligocene – Miocene Transition
Tim van Peer, Chuang Xuan, Peter Lippert, Paul Wilson, and Diederik Liebrand

EGU2016-1307 | Posters | EMRP3.2

A preliminary magnetic study of Sawa lake sediments, Southern Iraq
Nawrass Ameen

EGU2016-7199 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Paleomagnetism in speleothems: Influence of calcite growth dip on the natural remanent magnetization
Jorge Ponte, Eric Font, Cristina Veiga-Pires, and Claude Hillaire_Marcel

EGU2016-3970 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Environmental history of Lake Hovsgul from physical interpretation of remanent magnetization endmember analysis
Lina Kosareva, Karl Fabian, Valera Shcherbakov, and Danis Nurgaliev

EGU2016-4947 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Magnetic study of four turbidites
Cyrielle Tanty, Jean-Pierre Valet, Julie Carlut, and Franck Bassinot

EGU2016-16029 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Glacial magnetite dissolution in abyssal NW Pacific sediments - evidence for carbon trapping?
Lucia Korff, Tilo von Dobeneck, Thomas Frederichs, Sabine Kasten, Gerhard Kuhn, Rainer Gersonde, and Bernhard Diekmann

EGU2016-6749 | Posters | EMRP3.2

On the possibility of magnetic nano-markers use for hydraulic fracturing in shale gas mining
Jaroslaw Zawadzki and Jan Bogacki

EGU2016-13141 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Magnetic properties contribution to the identification and provenance of marine sediments: distal IRD in the Galicia Interior Basin (NW Spain)
Maider Plaza-Morlote, Daniel Rey, Jose Francisco Santos, Sara Ribeiro, Ana Bernabeu, Kais Mohamed, David Heslop, Belén Rubio, and Virginia Martins

EGU2016-11675 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Uncertainty of spatial distributions of soil magnetic susceptibility in areas of different type of land cover and anthropogenic pressure
Jaroslaw Zawadzki and Piotr Fabijańczyk

EGU2016-11797 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Geostatistical validation and cross-validation of magnetometric measurements of soil pollution with Potentially Toxic Elements in problematic areas
Piotr Fabijańczyk and Jarosław Zawadzki

EGU2016-16976 | Posters | EMRP3.2

A New Palaeomagnetic record from the Voring Plateau, Norwegian Sea.
Millie Watts, Peter Talling, James Hunt, and Chuang Xuan

EGU2016-17609 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Environmental magnetism of the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event at Peniche (Portugal)
Eric Font, Luis Vitor Duarte, Thierry Adatte, and José Mirão

EGU2016-12495 | Posters | EMRP3.2

GEMAS: Unmixing magnetic properties of European agricultural soil
Karl Fabian, Clemens Reimann, Dilyara Kuzina, Lina Kosareva, Leysan Fattakhova, and Danis Nurgaliev and the GEMAS project team

EGU2016-8475 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Magnetic tracing of coal slag and ash in a river basin
Erwin Appel, Stanislav Frančišković-Bilinski, Qi Zhang, Wolfgang Rösler, and Qian Zhang

EGU2016-6808 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Out-of-phase magnetic susceptibility and environmental magnetism
Frantisek Hrouda, Martin Chadima, and Josef Jezek

EGU2016-6203 | Posters | EMRP3.2

The magnetic and mineralogical signature of the Deccan volcanism in the sedimentary record: a review
Eric Font

EMRP3.3 – Geomagnetic field variations in ancient times: new paleo/archeomagnetic data and models

EGU2016-6054 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Automated curve matching techniques for reproducible, high-resolution palaeomagnetic dating
Pontus Lurcock and James Channell

EGU2016-8758 | Orals | EMRP3.3

A new paleointensity result deduced for the Oligocene period fromQatrani basalt, Egypt
Ahmed Saleh and Yuhji Yamamoto

EGU2016-6450 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Estimation and propagation of uncertainties associated with palaeomagnetic directions
David Heslop and Andrew P. Roberts

EGU2016-7249 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Sediments fail to record geomagnetic transitions
Jean-Pierre Valet, Laure Meynadier, Franck Bassinot, Quentin Simon, and Nicolas Thouveny

EGU2016-14496 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Spurious behavior in volcanic records of geomagnetic field reversals
Julie Carlut, Jerome Vella, Jean-Pierre Valet, Vicente Soler, and Maxime Legoff

EGU2016-9244 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Accurate paleointensities – the multi-method approach
Lennart de Groot

EGU2016-17490 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Paleointensity of Proterozoic magmatic rocks from South America
Anita Di Chiara, Adrian Muxworthy, and Ricardo Trindade

EGU2016-10909 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Can Paleointensities be Used to Test the Geocentric Axial Dipole?
Ted Evans, Moritz Heimpel, Lauri Pesonen, and Toni Veikkolainen

EGU2016-10630 | Posters | EMRP3.3

A detailed paleomagnetic investigation of Cretaceous igneous rocks: New contributions from Colombia and Paraguay
Lisa Kapper, Manuel Calvo-Rathert, Ruben Cejudo Ruiz, Leda Sanchez Bettucci, Alicia Irurzun, Ángel Carrancho, Avto Gogichaishvili, Juan Morales, Ana Sinito, Victoria Mejia, and Alvaro Nivia Guevara

EGU2016-11817 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Holocene geomagnetic field variations from low latitude site: contribution from the Canary Islands
Catherine Kissel, Carlo Laj, Alejandro Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Francisco Perez-Torrado, Juan-Carlos Carrracedo, and Camille Wandres

EGU2016-4444 | Posters | EMRP3.3

High-Latitude, paleodirectional and paleointensity results of 0.5-6.5 Ma lavas from Jökuldalur and Fljotsdalur, north-eastern Iceland
Arne Døssing, Adrian Muxworthy, Morten Riishuus, Radchagrit Supakulopas, and Conall Mac Niocaill

EGU2016-13059 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Global magnetic field modelling with archeomagnetic and historical data
Robin Senftleben, Monika Korte, and Chris Finlay

EGU2016-5051 | Posters | EMRP3.3

High‐resolution paleomagnetic and rock magnetic study from Kveithola trough mouth fans, North-western Barents Sea
Chiara Caricchi, Leonardo Sagnotti, Patrizia Macrì, and Renata Giulia Lucchi and the scientific party of the project and cruise CORIBAR

EGU2016-7409 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Paleomagnetism of sedimentary cores from the Ross Sea outer shelf and continental slope (PNRA-ROSSLOPE II Project)
Patrizia Macrì, Leonardo Sagnotti, Chiara Caricchi, and Ester Colizza

EGU2016-7330 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Paleomagnetic investigation of a Late Bronze Age lacustrine succession of the Tiber River alluvial plain at Foro Boario, Rome (Italy)
Patrizia Macrì, Fabio Florindo, Pontus Lurcock, Fabrizio Marra, Andrea Brock, and Nicola Terrenato

EGU2016-13441 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Evidence for a highly non-dipolar character of the European 800 AD event
Miriam Gomez-Paccard, María Luisa Osete, Francisco Javier Pavón-Carrasco, and Annick Chauvin

EGU2016-12898 | Posters | EMRP3.3

A combined archeomagnetic and mycrostratographic study of Neolithic anthropogenic burnt sediments from the Can Sadurni cave (NE Spain)
Miriam Gomez-Paccard, Elisabet Beamud, Mercè Bergada, and Pablo Martínez

EGU2016-14976 | Posters | EMRP3.3

New full vector data from Visigothic remains in Zamora
Alberto Molina-Cardin, María Luisa Osete, and José Carlos Sastre

EGU2016-14852 | Posters | EMRP3.3

New archaeomagnetic data recovered from the study of celtiberic remains from central Spain (Numancia and Ciadueña, III-I BC).
María Luisa Osete, Annick Chauvin, Gianluca Catanzariti, Alfredo Jimeno, Saioa A. Campuzano, Juan Pedro Benito-Batanero, and Pierrick Roperch

EGU2016-7339 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Updated archaeointensity dataset from the SW Pacific
Mimi Hill, Andreas Nilsson, Richard Holme, Elliot Hurst, Gillian Turner, Andy Herries, and Peter Sheppard

EGU2016-9780 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Stochastic global modeling of the archeomagnetic field
Gabrielle Hellio, Claire Bouligand, Nicolas Gillet, and Dominique Jault

EGU2016-13128 | Posters | EMRP3.3

A New Geomagnetic Field Model for the last 2k years based on high quality archaeomagnetic and volcanic data
Saioa A. Campuzano, Miriam Gómez-Paccard, Francisco Javier Pavón-Carrasco, and María Luisa Osete

EGU2016-14343 | Posters | EMRP3.3

A new global geomagnetic model based on archeomagnetic, volcanic and historical records
Patrick Arneitz, Roman Leonhardt, and Karl Fabian

EMRP3.4 – Rock magnetism: theory, experiments and observations (co-organized)

EGU2016-889 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Magnetometry as a tool to estimate the pollution of marine environment around the small shipwrecks (Gulf of Gdańsk)
Magdalena Gwizdała, Maria Jeleńska, and Leszek Łęczyński

EGU2016-5764 | Orals | EMRP3.4

The potential of micromagnetic tomography
Lennart de Groot, Annemarieke Béguin, Karl Fabian, Pim Reith, Ankur Rastogi, Auke Barnhoorn, and Hans Hilgenkamp

EGU2016-5602 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Measurement and analysis of dynamic magnetizations in time domain and frequency domain: a rock magnetic approach
Kazuto Kodama

EGU2016-18211 | Orals | EMRP3.4

Thermomagnetic Stability in Pseudo Single Domain Grains
Lesleis Nagy, Wyn Williams, Adrian Muxworthy, Karl Fabian, and Pádraig Ó Conbhuí

EGU2016-7754 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Including Magnetostriction in Micromagnetic Models
Pádraig Ó Conbhuí, Wyn Williams, Karl Fabian, and Lesleis Nagy

EGU2016-6590 | Orals | EMRP3.4

A new interpretation of the Besnus transition in monoclinic pyrrhotite
Andreas Gehring

EGU2016-14502 | Orals | EMRP3.4

Highly sensitive analysis of microstructure and interaction of natural remanent magnetization carriers by non-linear Preisach mapping
Nathan Church, Karl Fabian, and Suzanne McEnroe

EGU2016-9499 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Magnetic petrology of ultramafic rocks and metabasites along the Lanterman-Mariner suture (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
Eleonora Strada, Pontus Conrad Lurcock, Rosaria Palmeri, Fabio Florindo, and Franco Maria Talarico

EGU2016-11632 | Posters | EMRP3.4

A new spinner magnetometer using high sensitivity magneto-impedance sensor
Kazuto Kodama

EGU2016-7272 | Orals | EMRP3.4

The Liverpool Microwave Palaeointensity System
Mimi Hill, Andrew Biggin, Louise Hawkins, Emma Hodgson, and Elliot Hurst

EGU2016-9203 | Orals | EMRP3.4

The inverse microconglomerate test: Definition and application to the preservation of Paleoarchean to Hadean magnetizations in metasediments of the Jack Hills, Western Australia
Rory Cottrell, John Tarduno, Richard Bono, and Matthew Dare

EGU2016-15614 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Testing a new approach to differentiate oxidation degree from the primitive composition of titanomagnetites from oceanic basalts
Pedro Silva, Francisco Almeida, João Waerenborgh, Pedro Madureira, José Mirão, Bernard Henry, Marta Neres, and Eduard Petrovsky

EGU2016-15792 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Acquisition of the detrital remanent magnetization in turbidites.
Edouard Guy Henri Philippe, Jean-Pierre Valet, and Guillaume St-Onge

EGU2016-16997 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Searching for tsunamis evidences on the Algarve (Southern Portugal) continental shelf sedimentary record
Teresa Drago, Pedro Silva, Ana Lopes, Vitor Magalhães, Cristina Roque, Ana Isabel Rodrigues, João Noiva, Pedro Terrinha, Anxo Mena, Guillermo Francés, Achim Kopf, David Völker, Rachid Omira, and Maria Ana Baptista

EGU2016-17956 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Magnetic mineralogy of the Mercurian lithosphere
Becky Strauss, Joshua Feinberg, and Catherine Johnson

EGU2016-18236 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Evolution of magnetic domain structures from Pseudo-Single-Domain to Multidomain.
Wyn Williams, Lesleis Nagy, Karl Fabian, and Adrian Muxworthy

EGU2016-18534 | Posters | EMRP3.4

Simulated electron holography of PSD particles
Pádraig Ó Conbhuí, Wyn Williams, and Les Nagy

EGU2016-18536 | Posters | EMRP3.4

A protocol for variable-resolution first-order reversal curve (FORC) measurements
David Heslop, Xiang Zhao, and Andrew Roberts

EMRP3.5 – Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and magnetic fabrics applied to tectonics and volcanic processes (co-organized)

EGU2016-6737 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Overprints of magnetic fabric: A review
Frantisek Hrouda and Martin Chadima

EGU2016-3935 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Magnetic fabric results in weakly deformed deposits from extensional and compressional domains of the Northern Apennines (Italy)
Chiara Caricchi, Francesca Cifelli, Catherine Kissel, Leonardo Sagnotti, and Massimo Mattei

EGU2016-3430 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Magnetic Fabrics in the Bjerkreim Sokndal Layered Intrusion
Andrea R. Biedermann, Mike Jackson, Suzanne A. McEnroe, and Alexander Michels

EGU2016-12929 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Insights on the injection mechanisms inferred from AMS fabrics of sand injectites in a turbiditic system, the exemple of Bevon area of the SE Basin (France).
Philippe Robion and Caroline Mehl

EGU2016-343 | Orals | EMRP3.5

The anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) and paleomagnetic results from Lower Triassic sequence of West Spitsbergen Fold-and-Thrust Belt – case study.
Katarzyna Dudzisz, Rafał Szaniawski, Krzysztof Michalski, and Geoffrey Manby

EGU2016-14772 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Magnetic fabrics on syn-diapiric overburden rocks: The Bakio diapir (Basque-Cantabrian basin, Northern Spain)
Ruth Soto, Elisabet Beamud, Eloi Carola, Ylenia Almar, and Eduard Roca

EGU2016-5245 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Fabrics, Facies And Flow Through A Large-Volume Ignimbrite: Pampa De Oxaya, Chile.
Ellen Platzman and Frances Cooper

EGU2016-7053 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Correlation between anisotropy of frequency-dependent susceptibility and anisotropy of out-of-phase susceptibility in loess/paleosol sequences
Martin Chadima, Frantisek Hrouda, Jaroslav Kadlec, and Josef Jezek

EGU2016-11126 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Paleomagnetism and magnetic fabric of Miocene plutons of the Tonalá shearz zone, Chiapas, Mexico: evidence of rotation of the remanence vector
Roberto S. Molina-Garza and John W. Geissman

EGU2016-11403 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Fabric Analysis in the Koppal Granitoid (Southern India) using AMS and its significance in understanding the structural evolution of Dharwar Craton
Sandeep Bhatt, Manish A Mamtani, and Virendra Rana

EGU2016-17427 | Orals | EMRP3.5

AMS fabric and structural record along a strain gradient in an extrusive salt diapir (Kuh-e-Namak, Dashti, Iran)
Prokop Zavada, Karel Schulmann, Ondrej Lexa, Matej Machek, Zuzana Roxerova, and Vladimir Kusbach

EGU2016-5326 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Controls and implications of anisotropy across a strain gradient within granodiorite, Serifos, Western Cyclades
Élyse Gaudreau, France Lagroix, Élise Cossette, David Schneider, and Bernhard Grasemann

EGU2016-6589 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Large scale displacements and internal deformations of the Outer Western Carpathians during the Cenozoic as manifested in paleomagnetic rotations and in the magnetic fabrics
Emö Márton and Antek K. Tokarski

EGU2016-8553 | Posters | EMRP3.5

An AMS study of the Takidani pluton (Japan)
Eva Hartung, Luca Caricchi, David Floess, Simon Wallis, and Satoru Harayama

EGU2016-11471 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Emplacement mechanism of the Middle-Late Jurassic Qitianling pluton and its implications on the Mesozoic tectonics of South China Block
Hongsheng Liu, Yan Chen, Michel Faure, Bruno Scaillet, Bo Wang, Guillaume Martelet, Fangfang Huang, Jinchu Zhu, Rucheng Wang, and Saskia Erdmann

EGU2016-3484 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Tectonic and kinematics of curved orogenic systems: insights from AMS analysis and paleomagnetism
Francesca Cifelli and Massimo Mattei

EGU2016-9831 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Mechanisms of mafic magma emplacement at a mid-crustal level: insights from AMS, AARM and EBSD analyses on the Sondalo gabbroic complex (Alps, N-Italy)
Benoît Petri, Geoffroy Mohn, Etienne Skrzypek, Tsvetomila Mateeva, Philippe Robion, Karel Schulmann, Gianreto Manatschal, and Othmar Müntener

EGU2016-1060 | Orals | EMRP3.5

A Paleomagnetic Study of Late Cretaceous Ophiolites in SE Turkey: implications for palaeolatitudes of S Neotethyan spreading centers and emplacement-related tectonic rotations
Cinku Mualla, Ustaömer Timur, Parlak Osman, and Hisarli Mumtaz

EGU2016-14754 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Is the Troodos ophiolite (Cyprus) a complete, transform fault-bounded Neotethyan ridge segment?
Antony Morris and Marco Maffione

EGU2016-17559 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Internal fabrics in magmatic plutons emplaced in extended brittle crust – insight from analogue models with AMS (Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility)
Masoud Mirzaei, Prokop Zavada, Matej Machek, and Zuzana Roxerova

EGU2016-3418 | Orals | EMRP3.5

Mapping of magnetic chrons: paleomagnetic polarity map of East Iceland, 0-13 Myr
Johann Helgason

EGU2016-17255 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Small scale shear zone in calcite: AMS and microstructure
Zuzana Roxerová, Matěj Machek, Vladimír Kusbach, Martin Racek, and Pedro F. Silva

EGU2016-3620 | Orals | EMRP3.5

A multidisciplinary study on the Xiangshan uranium-bearing caldera structure: evidences from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and gravity modeling
Guangrong Li, Fusheng Guo, and Changzhi Wu

EGU2016-18454 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Anisotropy of remanent and induced magnetization in hematite ore deformed in torsion
Matěj Machek, Eduard Petrovský, Zuzana Roxerová, Vladimír Kusbach, and Heinrich Siemes

EGU2016-6773 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Eddy currents in the anisotropy of out-of-phase magnetic susceptibility measurement - A model study
Josef Jezek and Frantisek Hrouda

EGU2016-15806 | Posters | EMRP3.5

KLY5 Kappabridge: High sensitivity susceptibility and anisotropy meter precisely decomposing in-phase and out-of-phase components
Petr Pokorny, Jiri Pokorny, Martin Chadima, Frantisek Hrouda, Jan Studynka, and Josef Vejlupek

EGU2016-18484 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Evidences for multiple remagnetization of Proterozoic dykes from Iguerda inlier (Anti-Atlas Belt, Southern Morocco)
Marta Neres, Pedro F Silva, Moha Ikene, Sofia Martins, Ahmid Hafid, João Mata, Francisco Almeida, Nasrrddine Youbi, and Ahmed Boumehdi

EGU2016-17403 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Marine magnetic survey between Cabo da Roca and Cabo Espichel (near Lisbon, Portugal): first results
Marta Neres, Pedro Terrinha, António Calado, Miguel Miranda, and Pedro Madureira

EGU2016-14609 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Volcano-tectonic framework of a linear volcanic ridge (Faial-Pico ridge, Azores Archipelago) assessed by paleomagnetic studies
Pedro Silva, Bernard Henry, Ana Lopes, Fernando Marques, Pedro Madureira, Anthony Hildenbrand, José Madeira, João Nunes, and Zuzana Roxerová

EGU2016-16069 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Deviation of paleomagnetic directions on basaltic lava flows determined by rock magnetic fabrics
Pedro Silva, Bernard Henry, Yves Gallet, Sofia Martins, Ana Lopes, Mário Moreira, Agnès Genevey, João Mata, João Nunes, Marta Neres, Anne-Sophie Meriaux, and José Madeira

EGU2016-5738 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Bloc tectonic rotations recorded in the Neogene and Quaternary magmatic rocks from Northwestern Algeria: preliminary paleomagnetic results.
Mohamed El Messaoud Derder, Philippe Robion, Said Maouche, Boualem Bayou, Mohamed Amenna, Bernard Henry, Yves Missenard, Aziouz Ouabadi, Rafik Bestandji, and Mohamed Ayache

EGU2016-3880 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Paleo-latitude and paleo-azimuth of northeast Africa during the Cretaceous- Paleogene: A paleomagnetic study on the Lower Cretaceous alkaline ring complexes in Mishbeh area [142 Ma] and the late Oligocene basalt [25 Ma] in Shelatin area along the Red Sea
hamza lotfy

EGU2016-6822 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Preliminary paleomagnetic study of the Thetford Mines Ordovician Ophiolite (Canada)
Anita Di Chiara, Antony Morris, and Mark Anderson

EGU2016-11710 | Posters | EMRP3.5

The Rotation of the Fault Bounded Block “Almacık Mountain”, in the Northwest Turkey
Turgay işseven, Tunç Demir, Can Genç, Sercan Kayın, and Nalan Lom

EGU2016-9911 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Palaeomagnetic results from the Palaeozoic of Istanbul: A hypothesis for Remagnetization
Nalan Lom, Mathew Domeier, Semih Can Ülgen, Turgay İşseven, and Ali Mehmet Celal Şengör

EGU2016-10712 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Paleomagnetism of Siberian Trap Intrusions: Implications for the Timing and Intensity of the Magmatic Activity
Anton Latyshev, Roman Veselovskiy, Elina Mirsayanova, and Polina Ulyahina

EGU2016-13665 | Posters | EMRP3.5

Paleomagnetic results from IODP Expedition 344 Site U1381 and implications for the initial subduction of the Cocos Ridge
Yong-Xiang Li, Xixi Zhao, Luigi Jovane, Katerina Petronotis, Zheng Gong, and Siyi Xie
CC BY 4.0