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ERE – Energy, Resources and the Environment

ERE1.1 – Energy, Resources & the Environment

EGU2016-15722 | Orals | ERE1.1

LiF – a spectroscopic method for rare earth elements identification
Margret Fuchs, Richard Gloaguen, Jan Beyer, Sandra Jacob, and Johannes Heitmann

EGU2016-9259 | Posters | ERE1.1

Exploring Oman’s Energy Sector
Juman Al-Saqlawi, Kaveh Madani, and Niall Mac Dowell

EGU2016-3394 | Posters | ERE1.1

Understanding China's industrial Grey Water Footprint evolution during 1997-2007—A dynamic Structural Decomposition Analysis
Bin Li, Xinyi Xu, and Zhongwen Yang

EGU2016-6426 | Orals | ERE1.1

Time-lapse seismic tomography using the data of microseismic monitoring network and analysis of mine-induced events, seismic tomography results and technological data in Pyhäsalmi mine, Finland
Jouni Nevalainen and Elena Kozlovskaya

EGU2016-3870 | Orals | ERE1.1

Uncertainty reduction of gravity and magnetic inversion through the integration of petrophysical constraints and geological data
Jérémie Giraud, Mark Jessell, Mark Lindsay, Roland Martin, Evren Pakyuz-Charrier, and Vitaliy Ogarko

EGU2016-17171 | Posters | ERE1.1

Big Geo Data Services: From More Bytes to More Barrels
Dimitar Misev and Peter Baumann

EGU2016-18476 | Posters | ERE1.1

Exergy and the economic process
Georgios Karakatsanis

EGU2016-5881 | Posters | ERE1.1

SMART GROUND Project: SMART data collection and inteGRation platform to enhance availability and accessibility of data and infOrmation in the EU territory on SecoNDary Raw Materials
Piergiorgio Rossetti, Giovanna Antonella Dino, Marco de la Feld, Antonietta Pizza, Frederic Coulon, Stuart Wagland, and Diogo Gomes and the SMART GROUND TEAM

EGU2016-3163 | Orals | ERE1.1

Black Sea mud volcanoes and their relation to the search for methane gas hydrates and environmental security
Evgeny Shnyukov, Valentina Yanko-Hombach, and Irena Motnenko

EGU2016-3733 | Posters | ERE1.1

Sustainable gold mining management waste policy in Romania
Elena Tudor and Constantina Filipciuc

EGU2016-10549 | Orals | ERE1.1

Uncertainty in projected climate change caused by methodological discrepancy in estimating CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion
Yann Quilcaille, Thomas Gasser, Philippe Ciais, Franck Lecocq, Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Steve Mohr, Robert J. Andres, and Laurent Bopp

EGU2016-14430 | Posters | ERE1.1

An Empirical Study of why our Cognition Toward Environmental Sustainability is Inconsistent with our Behavior: Policy Implications
S. Ping Ho

EGU2016-14540 | Orals | ERE1.1

Groundwater vulnerability to onshore unconventional and conventional hydrocarbon activities in England
Sian Loveless, John Bloomfield, Rob Ward, Ian Davey, and Alwyn Hart

EGU2016-3356 | Posters | ERE1.1

How could the family-scale photovoltaic module help the poor farmer out of poverty and reduce CO2 emission?
Xu Qiu and Ran Jin

EGU2016-17451 | Orals | ERE1.1

Map of critical raw material deposits in Europe
Bertrand Guillaume

EGU2016-14927 | Orals | ERE1.1

INTRAW, the EU Observatory for raw materials: fostering international cooperation and developing new opportunities
Victor Correia, Ruth Allington, and Christopher Keane

EGU2016-4282 | Posters | ERE1.1 | Media interest

Application research of using CASI/SASI airborne hyperspectral remote sensing on lithology identification
Jiajing Zhou and Kai Qin

EGU2016-7246 | Posters | ERE1.1

The ESTMAP Project (Energy storage Mapping and Planning): focus on the subsurface data collection
Anne Gaelle Bader, Laurent Beccaletto, Anne Bialkowski, Florence Jaudin, Vit Hladík, Jan Holeček, Serge Van Gessel, Frank Meinke-Hubeny, and Frank Wiersma

EGU2016-12367 | Orals | ERE1.1

Metallic elements fractionation in municipal solid waste incineration residues
Piotr R. Kowalski, Monika Kasina, and Marek Michalik

EGU2016-6872 | Orals | ERE1.1

Metals accumulations during thermal processing of sewage sludge - characterization of bottom ash and air pollution control (APC) residues
Monika Kasina, Piotr R. Kowalski, and Marek Michalik

EGU2016-16924 | Posters | ERE1.1

A Bayesian 3D data fusion and unsupervised joint segmentation approach for stochastic geological modelling using Hidden Markov random fields
Hui Wang and Florian Wellmann

EGU2016-6498 | Orals | ERE1.1

Nanomodified vermiculite NMV – a new material for recycling ammonium nitrogen
Miradije Rama, Taina Laiho, Olav Eklund, Kirsi Lehto, Alex Shebanov, and Jan-Henrik Smått

EGU2016-13471 | Posters | ERE1.1

Monitoring of urban growth and its related environmental impacts: Niamey case study
Luigi Perotti, Abdourahamane Tankari Dan-Badjo, Domenico Antonio De Luca, Giovanna Antonella Dino, Manuela Lasagna, Francesco Spadafora, Guero Yadji, and Moussa Konaté

EGU2016-7283 | Orals | ERE1.1

FennoFlakes: a project for identifying flake graphite ores in the Fennoscandian shield and utilizing graphite in different applications
Jenny Palosaari

EGU2016-753 | Posters | ERE1.1

Geologic structure of Gofitsky deposit of titanium and zirconium and perspectives of the reserve base of titanium and zirconium in Russia
Iskander Kukhmazov

EGU2016-3197 | Posters | ERE1.1

Generation and evolution processes of Paleoproterozoic massive-type Sancheong anorthosite complex, Yeongnam massif, Korea
Ji-Hoon Kang and Deok-Seon Lee

EGU2016-4905 | Orals | ERE1.1

The Global Society will need commodities; how do we prepare for the future?
P. Patrick Leahy

EGU2016-11304 | Orals | ERE1.1

Toward Nexus Equation: A Conceptual and Mathematical Framework for Water- Energy-Food Nexus
Majdi Abou Najm and Chad Higgins

EGU2016-3312 | Posters | ERE1.1

Issues in the analyze of low content gold mining samples by fire assay technique
Valentina Cetean

EGU2016-5981 | Orals | ERE1.1

Mineral supply constraints necessitate a global policy response
Edmund Nickless

EGU2016-11514 | Posters | ERE1.1

Removal of arsenopyrite from complex sulfide minerals by froth flotation
Jin-young Choi, Yang-soo Kim, Dong-gyu Kim, Oh-hyung Han, and Chul-hyun Park

EGU2016-18492 | Orals | ERE1.1

Environmental aspects of hydraulic fracturing - Main results and recommendations from two studies on behalf of the German Environment Agency
Bernd Krischbaum, Andreas Bertram, Christian Böttcher, Züleyha Iyimen-Schwarz, Jörg Rechenberg, Uwe Dannwolf, and Georg Meiners

EGU2016-11549 | Posters | ERE1.1

Separation of non-ferrous metals from ASR by corona electrostatic separation
Yang-soo Kim, Jin-Young Choi, Ho-Seok Jeon, Oh-Hyung Han, and Chul-Hyun Park

EGU2016-1578 | Orals | ERE1.1 | Media interest

Italian guidelines for energy performance of cultural heritage and historical buildings: the case study of the Sassi of Matera.
Elisabetta Negro, Tiziana Cardinale, and Nicola Cardinale

EGU2016-14783 | Posters | ERE1.1

Improvement in grade of minerals using simultaneous Bio-oxidation of invisible gold concentrate and deep-sea manganese crust
EunJi Myung, Kang Hee Cho, Hyun Soo Kim, and Cheon Young Park

EGU2016-11587 | Orals | ERE1.1

Policy Choice for Urban Low-carbon transportation in Beijing: Scenario Analysis Based on LEAP model
Yu Zhang

EGU2016-14918 | Posters | ERE1.1

The As removal from arsenopyrite-bearing mine waste by microwave
Hyun Soo Kim, Eun Ji Myung, Dae Hack Lim, Bong Ju Kim, and Cheon Young Park

EGU2016-15178 | Posters | ERE1.1

Enhancing of Fe removal in pyrophyllite using magnetite ore susceptor
Dae Hack Lim, Eun Ji Myung, Hyun Soo Kim, Nag Choul Choi, Kang Hee Cho, and Cheon Young Park

EGU2016-15433 | Posters | ERE1.1

Efficiency of impurities removal in pyrophyllite using Fe/Si based heating susceptor
Bong-Ju Kim, Kang Hee Cho, Nag-Choul Choi, and Cheon-Young Park

EGU2016-4982 | Posters | ERE1.1

Assessment of uncertainty and degasification efficiency in coal seam gas drainage through stochastic reservoir simulation
C. Özgen Karacan

EGU2016-6761 | Posters | ERE1.1

Sources of methane and seasonality in methane oxidation on the north-western shelf of the Black Sea
Elena Sovga and Svitlana Liubartseva

EGU2016-8642 | Posters | ERE1.1

Are closed landfills free of CH$_{4}$ emissions? A case study of Arico's landfill, Tenerife, Canary Islands
José Barrancos, Jenny Cook, Victoria Phillips, María Asensio-Ramos, Gladys Melián, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-8254 | Posters | ERE1.1

Coking coals of Mongolia: Distribution and resources
Bat-Orshikh Erdenetsogt and Luvsanchultem Jargal

EGU2016-8498 | Posters | ERE1.1

Petrographic compositions of Paleozoic coals of Mongolia
Luvsanchultem Jargal and Bat-Orshikh Erdenetsogt

EGU2016-13898 | Posters | ERE1.1

Techno-economic analysis for the evaluation of three UCG synthesis gas end use approaches
Natalie Nakaten, Thomas Kempka, Dorota Burchart-Korol, Piotr Krawczyk, Krzysztof Kapusta, and Krzysztof Stańczyk

EGU2016-18399 | Posters | ERE1.1

Biomarker geochemistry of bituminous shale sequence and crude oil in the Ereğli-Bor Basin (Konya-Niğde), Central Anatolia, Turkey
Reyhan Kara-Gulbay, Mert Erdogan, Sadettin Korkmaz, and Gökhan Kadinkiz

EGU2016-17951 | Posters | ERE1.1

Biogeochemical and microbiological characteristic of the pockmark sediments, the Gdansk Deep, The Baltic Sea
Nikolay Pimenov, Timur Kanapatskiy, Vadim Sivkov, Stepan Toshchakov, Aleksei Korzhenkov, and Marina Ulyanova

EGU2016-6348 | Posters | ERE1.1

Enacting carbon dioxide removal - challenges and prospects
Vivian Scott

EGU2016-1884 | Posters | ERE1.1

Estimation of Mangrove Net Primary Production and Carbon Sequestration service using Light Use Efficiency model in the Sunderban Biosphere region, India
Srikanta Sannigrahi, Somnath Sen, and Saikat Paul

EGU2016-1935 | Posters | ERE1.1

The identification and analysis of risk for sudden accidental water pollution events based on the water resources monitoring system
Jiannan Chen

EGU2016-13078 | Posters | ERE1.1 | Media interest

Minero-chemical composition as environmental quality assessment tool of an artificial water reservoir: the case of the “Pietra del Pertusillo” lake (Basilicata, Italia)
elisabetta fortunato, giovanni mongelli, michele paternoster, and rosa sinisi

EGU2016-10995 | Posters | ERE1.1

Experiment study of the motion of the floating offshore turbine
Tzu-Ching Chuang, Wen-Yang Hsu, Ray-Yeng Yang, and Yang-Yi Chen

EGU2016-17040 | Posters | ERE1.1

Energy generation by fermentation of glucose in a batch flow microbial fuel cell
Silviu-Laurentiu Badea, Stanica Enache, Radu Tamaian, Mihaela-Ramona Buga, Cristian Pirvu, and Mihai Varlam

ERE1.6 – SOS! Charting a safe operating space for humanity – lessons from different scientific approaches

EGU2016-18467 | Posters | ERE1.6

Bridging integrated assessment modelling, the multi-level perspective and initiative-based learning: Lessons from the Dutch land use domain
Joyce Zwartkruis, Holger Berg, and Andries Hof

EGU2016-11761 | Orals | ERE1.6

A simple integrated assessment approach to global change simulation and evaluation
Keroboto Ogutu, Fabio D'Andrea, and Michael Ghil

EGU2016-17763 | Posters | ERE1.6

Towards multifunctional agricultural landscapes in Europe: Assessing and governing synergies between food production, biodiversity, and ecosystem services – TALE
Martin Volk, Anna Cord, Ángel Demiguel, Annelie Holzkämper, Andrea Kaim, Mathias Kirchner, Nele Lienhoop, Marta Nieto Romero, Heike Nitsch, Cordula Rutz, Antonio Saa, Erwin Schmid, Martin Schönhart, Jörg Schramek, Michael Strauch, Ana Maria Tarquis Alfonso, Emma H. van der Zanden, Peter Verburg, Bárbara Willaarts, Nina Zarrineh, David Rivas, and Nina Hagemann

EGU2016-18393 | Orals | ERE1.6

From Planetary Boundaries to national fair shares of the global safe operating space - How can the scales be bridged?
Tiina Häyhä, Sarah Cornell, Paul Lucas, Detlef van Vuuren, and Holger Hoff

EGU2016-7206 | Posters | ERE1.6

Topology of sustainable management of dynamical systems with desirable states: from defining planetary boundaries to safe operating spaces in the Earth System
Jobst Heitzig, Tim Kittel, Jonathan Donges, and Nora Molkenthin

EGU2016-15655 | Posters | ERE1.6

GHG emissions and mitigation potential in Indian agriculture
Sylvia Vetter, Diana Feliciano, Tek Sapkota, Jon Hillier, Pete Smith, and Clare Stirling

EGU2016-15936 | Posters | ERE1.6

Long-term energy security in a national scale using LEAP. Application to de-carbonization scenarios in Andorra
Oriol Travesset-Baro, Eric Jover, and Marti Rosas-Casals

EGU2016-2365 | Orals | ERE1.6

Global opportunities in land and water use while staying within the safe (and just) operating space: quantifications of interactions and tradeoffs
Dieter Gerten, Jonas Jägermeyr, and Vera Heck

EGU2016-18394 | Orals | ERE1.6

Modeling for planetary boundaries: a network analysis of representations of complex human-environmental interactions in integrated global models
Johannes Friedrich, Ingo Fetzer, and Sarah Cornell

EGU2016-4266 | Posters | ERE1.6

The role of green infrastructure in creating safe urban environments: the case study of Madrid
Pedro Iglesias, Ana Iglesias, and Luis Garrote

EGU2016-3770 | Orals | ERE1.6

Could undermining biosphere integrity trigger catastrophic climate change?
Steven Lade, J. Marty Anderies, Sarah Cornell, Jonathan Donges, Jon Norberg, Katherine Richardson, Johan Rockström, and Will Steffen

EGU2016-5087 | Posters | ERE1.6

A population-induced renewable energy timeline in nine world regions
Kevin Warner and Glenn Jones

EGU2016-2349 | Posters | ERE1.6

Towards the use of Structural Loop Analysis to Study System Behaviour of Socio-Ecological Systems.
Joseph Abram and James Dyke

EGU2016-18465 | Orals | ERE1.6

Social learning in Models and Cases - an Interdisciplinary Approach
Johannes Buhl, Enrica De Cian, Samuel Carrara, Silvia Monetti, and Holger Berg

EGU2016-18446 | Posters | ERE1.6

The effect of networked social interactions on the attainability of the safe operating space in a stylized social-ecological model
Wolfram Barfuss, Jonathan Donges, Marc Wiedermann, and Wolfgang Lucht

EGU2016-15189 | Posters | ERE1.6

The evolution of agricultural intensification and environmental degradation in the UK: a data-driven systems dynamics approach
David I. Armstrong McKay, John A. Dearing, James G. Dyke, Guy Poppy, and Les Firbank

EGU2016-17802 | Posters | ERE1.6

Exploring sustainability transitions in households: insights from real-life experiments
Carolin Baedeker, Johannes Buhl, Kathrin Greiff, Marco Hasselkuß, Christa Liedtke, and Melanie Lukas

ERE1.8 – Energy and environmental system interactions – Policy and modelling

EGU2016-15496 | Orals | ERE1.8

Open Tools for Integrated Modelling to Understand SDG development – The OPTIMUS program
Mark Howells, Eduardo Zepeda, H.Holger Rogner, Marco Sanchez, Alexander Roehrl, Matrin Cicowiez, Dimitris Mentis, Alexandros Korkevelos, Constantinos Taliotis, Oliver Broad, and Thomas Alfstad

EGU2016-2979 | Posters | ERE1.8

ATES Smart Grids research project overview and first results
Martin Bloemendal, Marc Jaxa-Rozen, and Vahab Rostampour

EGU2016-8654 | Orals | ERE1.8

Modelling impacts of second generation bioenergy production on Ecosystem Services in Europe
Dagmar Henner, Pete Smith, Christian Davies, and Niall McNamara

EGU2016-8297 | Posters | ERE1.8

China’s water, energy and food nexus - an assessment of the sustainability of the “3 Red Lines” water policies in the Haihe Basin
Ying Qin, Julian Allwood, and Keith Richards

EGU2016-14768 | Orals | ERE1.8

The treatment of climate science in Integrated Assessment Modelling: integration of climate step function response in an energy system integrated assessment model.
Olivier Dessens

EGU2016-8382 | Posters | ERE1.8

The Role of End-Use in Integrated Urban Energy and Water System Dynamics
Simon De Stercke, Ana Mijic, and Wouter Buytaert

EGU2016-16859 | Posters | ERE1.8

Air quality and future energy system planning
Zenaida Sobral Mourao, Dennis Konadu, and Rick Lupton

EGU2016-17576 | Orals | ERE1.8

Water use and water availability constraints to decarbonised electricity systems
Edward Byers, Meysam Qadrdan, Jim Hall, Jaime Amezaga, Modassar Chaudry, Chris Kilsby, Tran Martino, and David Alderson

EGU2016-18530 | Posters | ERE1.8

Energy and the capital of nations
Georgios Karakatsanis

EGU2016-9132 | Orals | ERE1.8

Integrated modelling of ecosystem services and energy systems research
Matthew Agarwala, Andrew Lovett, Ian Bateman, Brett Day, Paolo Agnolucci, and Guy Ziv

EGU2016-17130 | Orals | ERE1.8

Integrated Land-Water-Energy assessment using the Foreseer Tool
Julian Allwood, Dennis Konadu, Zenaida Mourao, Rick Lupton, Keith Richards, Richard Fenner, Sandy Skelton, and Richard McMahon

EGU2016-16596 | Posters | ERE1.8

Water-energy nexus in the Sava River Basin: energy security in a transboundary perspective
Eunice Ramos and Mark Howells

EGU2016-14161 | Posters | ERE1.8

Lighting up the World The first global application of the open source, spatial electrification toolkit (ONSSET)
Dimitrios Mentis, Mark Howells, Holger Rogner, Alexandros Korkovelos, Shahid Siyal, Oliver Broad, Eduardo Zepeda, and Morgan Bazilian

EGU2016-15771 | Posters | ERE1.8

Global Least-cost User-friendly CLEWs Open-Source Exploratory (GLUCOSE) Model
Constantinos Taliotis, Richard Alexander Roehrl, and Mark Howells

EGU2016-14143 | Posters | ERE1.8

A System of Systems Approach to the EU Energy System
Tom Jess, Kaveh Madani, Maral Mahlooji, and Bora Ristic

EGU2016-15447 | Posters | ERE1.8

A System of Systems (SoS) Approach to Sustainable Energy Planning in MENA
Maral Mahlooji, Bora Ristic, Katherine Price, and Kaveh Madani

EGU2016-210 | Posters | ERE1.8 | Media interest

Temperature effects on future energy demand in Sub-Saharan Africa
Abhishek Shivakumar

EGU2016-14064 | Posters | ERE1.8

Towards an urban CLEWs framework – a first iteration assessing water-energy interactions in the City of New York
Rebecka Segerström, Mark Howells, Georgia Destouni, Vatsal Bhatt, Morgan Bazilian, and Hans-Holger Rogner

EGU2016-14711 | Posters | ERE1.8

An integrated Biophysical CGE model to provide Sustainable Development Goal insights
Marko Sanchez, Martin Cicowiez, Mark Howells, and Eduardo Zepeda

EGU2016-15765 | Posters | ERE1.8

Climate, Land-, Energy-, Water-use simulations (CLEWs) in Mauritius - an integrated optimisation approach
Thomas Alfstad, Mark Howells, Holger Rogner, Eunice Ramos, and Eduardo Zepeda

ERE1.9 – Fracture, mechanics and flow in tight reservoirs (co-organized)

EGU2016-4515 | Posters | ERE1.9

Structural architecture and paleofluid evolution of the Compione fault, Northern Apennines
Alessio Lucca, Fabrizio Storti, Fabrizio Balsamo, and Giancarlo Molli

EGU2016-8404 | Orals | ERE1.9

XCT quantified: a multiscale roughness study of fractures and veins in Pomeranian shale on samples collected at 4 km depth
Anne Pluymakers and Francois Renard

EGU2016-10621 | Posters | ERE1.9

Hydrologic properties related to fault propagation into surface cover of thick alluvial materials: The Chihshang Fault in Eastern Taiwan
Chung-Hsiang Mu and Jian-Cheng Lee

EGU2016-2261 | Orals | ERE1.9

Exploring an active hydrothermal system – An analogue study from the Swiss Alps
Daniel Egli, Marco Herwegh, Alfons Berger, and Ludovic Baron

EGU2016-4611 | Orals | ERE1.9

Facies-related fracturing in turbidites: insights from the Marnoso-Arenacea Fm. (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Kei Ogata, Fabrizio Storti, Fabrizio Balsamo, Enrico Bedogni, Roberto Tinterri, Marcos Fetter, Leonardo Gomes, and Raphael Hatushika

EGU2016-3975 | Posters | ERE1.9

Anisotropic and heterogeneous mechanical properties of a stratified shale/limestone sequence at Nash Point, South Wales: A case study for hydraulic fracture propagation through a layered medium
Nathaniel Forbes Inskip, Philip Meredith, and Agust Gudmundsson

EGU2016-12790 | Orals | ERE1.9

The role of local stress perturbation on the simultaneous opening of orthogonal fractures
Quinten Boersma, Nico Hardebol, Auke Barnhoorn, Giovanni Bertotti, and Martyn Drury

EGU2016-5869 | Posters | ERE1.9

Fracturing and brittleness index analyses of shales
Auke Barnhoorn, Mutia Primarini, and Maartje Houben

EGU2016-9207 | Orals | ERE1.9

What can we learn from ultrasonic velocities monitoring during hydraulic fracturing of tight shale ?
Jérôme Fortin and Sergei Stanchits

EGU2016-5937 | Posters | ERE1.9

Transition from elastic to inelastic deformation identified by a change in trend of seismic attenuation, not seismic velocity – A laboratory study
Auke Barnhoorn, Jeroen Verheij, Marcel Frehner, Alimzhan Zhubayev, and Maartje Houben

EGU2016-764 | Orals | ERE1.9

Dissolution of cemented fractures in gas bearing shales in the context of CO2 sequestration
Kamil Kwiatkowski and Piotr Szymczak

EGU2016-12677 | Posters | ERE1.9

Whitby Mudstone, flow from matrix to fractures
Maartje Houben, Nico Hardebol, Auke Barnhoorn, Quinten Boersma, Colin Peach, Giovanni Bertotti, and Martyn Drury

EGU2016-7624 | Posters | ERE1.9

Natural hydraulic fractures and the mechanical stratigraphy of shale-dominated strata
Jonathan Imber, Howard Armstrong, Elizabeth Atar, Sarah Clancy, Susan Daniels, Joshua Grattage, Liam Herringshaw, João Trabucho-Alexandre, Cassandra Warren, Jascha Wille, and Liyana Yahaya

EGU2016-16084 | Posters | ERE1.9

Stress dependence of permeability of intact and fractured shale cores.
Reinier van Noort and Viktoriya Yarushina

EGU2016-13392 | Posters | ERE1.9

Development of a new code to solve hydro-mechanical coupling, shear failure and tensile failure due to hydraulic fracturing operations.
Berta María Gómez Castro, Silvia De Simone, and Jesús Carrera

EGU2016-16220 | Posters | ERE1.9

Fold-related-fracturing at the Livingstone River anticline (AB; Canada) by coupling field surveying and numerical modelling
Florian Humair, Jean-Luc Epard, Arthur Bauville, Michel Jaboyedoff, Dinu Pana, Boris Kaus, and Stefan Schmalholz

EGU2016-18153 | Posters | ERE1.9

Parameters controlling mechanical stratification of gas-bearing shale complexes: integration of wellbore logging and core profiling (Peri-Baltic Basin, Poland).
Radomir Pachytel, Marek Jarosiński, Kinga Bobek, Joanna Roszkowska - Remin, and Michał Roman

EGU2016-18157 | Posters | ERE1.9

An integrated profile of natural fractures in gas-bearing shale complex (Pomerania, Poland): based on structural profiling of oriented core and borehole logging data.
Kinga Bobek, Marek Jarosiński, Marek Stadtmuller, Radomir Pachytel, and Anita Lis - Śledziona

EGU2016-12681 | Posters | ERE1.9

Inclusion-based effective medium models for the field-scale permeability of 3D fractured rock masses
Anozie Ebigbo, Philipp S. Lang, Adriana Paluszny, and Robert W. Zimmerman

EGU2016-14033 | Posters | ERE1.9

Flow upscaling in propped fracture
Lukasz Jasinski and Marcin Dabrowski

ERE2.1 – The effects of petroleum and mining industry discharge on the marine environment

EGU2016-1253 | Posters | ERE2.1

Reconstructing pre-impact baseline conditions using benthic foraminifera in an area of increasing petroleum exploration activities
Noortje Dijkstra, Juho Junttila, and Steffen Aagaard-Sørensen

EGU2016-2032 | Posters | ERE2.1

Spreading and deposition of drill cuttings in the Barents Sea – Plans of the Barents Sea drill cuttings research initiative (BARCUT) project
Juho Junttila, Steffen Aagaard Sørensen, and Noortje Dijkstra

EGU2016-2377 | Posters | ERE2.1

Benthic foraminifera (Protista) as indicators of metal pollution in areas of historic mining: examples from southwest England
Malcolm Hart and Christopher Smart

EGU2016-6473 | Posters | ERE2.1

Temporal changes of environmental impact in the coastal marine area in front of a former mining zone, detected by means of benthic foraminifera
Elena Romano, Luisa Bergamin, Chiara Maggi, and Antonella Ausili

EGU2016-7362 | Posters | ERE2.1

Biomonitoring polluted sediments in Arctic regions - possibilities and challenges using benthic foraminifera. Case studies from northern Norway
Kari Skirbekk, Noortje Dijkstra, Juho Junttila, Beata Sternal, Kristine Bondo Pedersen, Matthias Forwick, and JoLynn Carroll

EGU2016-7527 | Posters | ERE2.1

Benthic foraminiferal responses to operational drill cutting discharge in the SW Barents Sea - a case study.
Steffen Aagaard-Sørensen, Juho Junttila, and Noortje Dijkstra

EGU2016-7879 | Posters | ERE2.1

Ecological response of benthic foraminifera to the acid drainage from mine areas. An example from the Gromolo torrent mouth (Eastern Ligurian Sea, Italy)
Luisa Bergamin, Marco Capello, Cristina Carbone, Maria Celia Magno, Sirio Consani, Laura Cutroneo, Luciana Ferraro, Giancarlo Pierfranceschi, and Elena Romano

EGU2016-8686 | Posters | ERE2.1

Diatom diversity and response in metal-polluted river environment: preliminary reports from Gromolo Torrent (Liguria, Italy)
Marco Capello, Raffaella Tolotti, Dimitri Bernabè, Cristina Carbone, Sirio Consani, Greta Vagge, and Laura Cutroneo

EGU2016-11834 | Posters | ERE2.1

Sedimentological and geochemical record of submarine mine tailing footprint in Repparfjorden (Northern Norway)
Beata Sternal, Juho Junttila, Kristine Bondo Pedersen, Kari Skirbekk, Matthias Forwick, and JoLynn Carroll

EGU2016-13327 | Posters | ERE2.1

Geochemical monitoring of the bottom sediments of the Barents Sea – exogenous and endogenous sources of polyaromatic hydrocarbons.
Vera I. Petrova, Anna Kursheva, Ivan Litvinenko, and Inna Morgunova

EGU2016-15151 | Posters | ERE2.1

Metal mobility in river and sea sediments affected by mine drainage (Sestri Levante, Italy)
Sirio Consani, Marco Capello, Laura Cutroneo, Greta Vagge, Andrea Zuccarelli, and Cristina Carbone

EGU2016-15487 | Posters | ERE2.1

Mycodiversity in marine sediments contaminated by heavy metals: preliminary results
Mirca Zotti, Cristina Carbone, Grazia Cecchi, Sirio Consani, Laura Cutroneo, Simone Di Piazza, Giacomo Gabutto, Giuseppe Greco, Greta Vagge, and Marco Capello

EGU2016-15678 | Posters | ERE2.1

Potential environmental impacts of offshore UK geological CO2 storage
Kit Carruthers, Mark Wilkinson, and Ian B Butler

ERE2.2 – Petroleum exploration and production and their impact on the environment

EGU2016-1231 | Posters | ERE2.2

Reflection of processes of non-equilibrium two-phase filtration in oil-saturated hierarchical medium in data of active wave geophysical monitoring
Olga Hachay, Andrey Khachay, and Oleg Khachay

EGU2016-1232 | Posters | ERE2.2 | Media interest

Electromagnetic geophysical observation with controlled source
Olga Hachay and Oleg Khachay

EGU2016-2898 | Posters | ERE2.2

Effect of convective transport in porous media on the conditions of organic matter maturation and generation of hydrocarbons in trap rocks complexes
Professor Yurie Khachay and Mansur Mindubaev

EGU2016-11509 | Posters | ERE2.2 | Media interest

Wettability Behavior of Crude Oil-Silica Nanofluids-Sandstone Systems
Lingyun Bai, Chunyan Li, Ashley Pales, Britta Huibers, David Ladner, Hugh Daigle, and Christophe Darnault

EGU2016-12081 | Posters | ERE2.2 | Media interest

Chemical stimulation in unconventional hydrocarbons extraction in the USA: a preliminary environmental risk assessment.
Emilie Sutra, Matteo Spada, and Peter Burgherr

EGU2016-16838 | Posters | ERE2.2

The use of ensemble empirical mode decomposition as a novel denoising technique
Said Gaci, Olga Hachay, and Naima Zaourar

ERE3.1 – Energy meteorology and spatial modelling of renewable energies

EGU2016-13413 | Orals | ERE3.1

Intercomparison of state-of-the-art models for wind energy resources with mesoscale models:
Bjarke Tobias Olsen, Andrea N Hahmann, Anna Maria Sempreviva, Jake Badger, and Hans E Joergensen

EGU2016-3338 | Posters | ERE3.1

Analysis and Modelling of Extreme Wind Speed Distributions in Complex Mountainous Regions
Mohamed Laib and Mikhail Kanevski

EGU2016-5037 | Posters | ERE3.1

Assessing storm events for energy meteorology: using media and scientific reports to track a North Sea autumn storm.
Anthony Kettle

EGU2016-7140 | Orals | ERE3.1

Wind farm induced changes in wind speed and surface fluxes over the North Sea
Fabien Chatterjee, Nicole van Lipzig, and Johan Meyers

EGU2016-1192 | Posters | ERE3.1

Harvesting wind energy from the sea breeze in peri-urban coastal areas by means of small scale wind turbines – Case study: Viladecans, Llobregat Delta, northeast of Iberian Peninsula
Jose I. Rojas, Barbara Cabrera, and Jordi Mazon

EGU2016-14694 | Orals | ERE3.1

Simulating and validating coastal gradients in wind energy resources
Andrea Hahmann, Rogier Floors, Ioanna Karagali, Nikola Vasiljevic, Guillaume Lea, Elliot Simon, Michael Courtney, Merete Badger, Alfredo Peña, and Charlotte Hasager

EGU2016-9379 | Posters | ERE3.1

Assessment of synthetic winds through spectral modelling, rainflow count analysis and statistics of increments
Hans Georg Beyer and Abhijit Chougule

EGU2016-14749 | Orals | ERE3.1

Volumetric LiDAR scanning of a wind turbine wake and comparison with a 3D analytical wake model
Fernando Carbajo Fuertes and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2016-9335 | Posters | ERE3.1

Long term variability of wind energy resources in Hungary
Csilla Peline Nemeth, Judit Bartholy, and Rita Pongracz

EGU2016-17151 | Orals | ERE3.1

Turbulence in wind turbine wakes under different atmospheric conditions from static and scanning Doppler LiDARs
Valerie Kumer and Joachim Reuder

EGU2016-9316 | Posters | ERE3.1

Identification and Attribution of Global Wind Speed Trends at 100m
Zachary McGraw, Ronald Smith, and Trude Storelvmo

EGU2016-17777 | Orals | ERE3.1

Modelling the Variability of the Wind Energy Resource on Monthly and Seasonal Timescales
Bastien Alonzo, Hans-Kristian Ringkjøb, Benedicte Jourdier, Philippe Drobinski, Riwal Plougonven, and Peter Tankov

EGU2016-13320 | Orals | ERE3.1

Future changes of wind energy potentials over Europe in a large CMIP5 multi-model ensemble
Julia Moemken, Mark Reyers, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2016-10609 | Posters | ERE3.1

An Alternative Method to Project Wind Patterns
Cagla Fadillioglu, I.Cagatay Kiyisuren, Kamil Collu, M.Tufan Turp, M.Levent Kurnaz, and Tugba Ozturk

EGU2016-482 | Orals | ERE3.1

The influence of the North-Atlantic Oscillation on Variable Renewable Energy penetration rate in Europe
Baptiste Francois

EGU2016-12217 | Posters | ERE3.1

Climatological attribution of wind power ramp events in East Japan and their probabilistic forecast based on multi-model ensembles downscaled by analog ensemble using self-organizing maps
Masamichi Ohba, Daisuke Nohara, and Shinji Kadokura

EGU2016-9920 | Posters | ERE3.1

High altitude wind resource in the Middle East
Chak Man Andrew Yip, Udaya B. Gunturu, and Georgiy L. Stenchikov

EGU2016-4717 | Orals | ERE3.1

Benchmarking of Typical Meteorological Year datasets dedicated to Concentrated-PV systems
Ana Maria Realpe, Christophe Vernay, Sébastien Pitaval, Philippe Blanc, Lucien Wald, and Camille Lenoir

EGU2016-14089 | Posters | ERE3.1

Application and verification of the NMMB/BSC-CTM forecast for solar energy
Albert Soret, Kim Serradell, Matthias Piot, Daniel Ortega, Vincenzo Obiso, and Oriol Jorba

EGU2016-9078 | Orals | ERE3.1

Handling of subpixel structures in the application of satellite derived irradiance data for solar energy system analysis – a review
Hans Georg Beyer

EGU2016-14847 | Orals | ERE3.1

Adaptive data analysis for characterizing the temporal variability of the solar resource
Marc Bengulescu, Philippe Blanc, and Lucien Wald

EGU2016-15106 | Posters | ERE3.1

Reducing the uncertainty in wind speed estimations near the coast
Rogier Floors, Andrea N. Hahmann, Ioanna Karagali, Nikola Vasiljevic, Guillaume Lea, Elliot Simon, Michael Courtney, Tobias Ahsbahs, Charlotte Bay Hasager, Merete Badger, and Alfredo Peña

EGU2016-15977 | Posters | ERE3.1

A Large-eddy Simulation Study of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Wakes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Sina Shamsoddin and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2016-14979 | Orals | ERE3.1

Tracking Cloud Motion and Deformation for Short-Term Photovoltaic Power Forecasting
Garrett Good, Malte Siefert, Rafael Fritz, Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan, and Jan Dobschinski

EGU2016-15354 | Orals | ERE3.1

From short term power forecasting to nowcasting – Benefiting from meteorological forecasts and measurements
Britta Mey, Axel Braun, Garrett Good, Stephan Vogt, Arne Wessel, and Jan Dobschinski

EGU2016-14956 | Posters | ERE3.1

Analytical modeling of turbine wakes in yawed conditions
Majid Bastankhah and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2016-14241 | Orals | ERE3.1

Spatial optimization of an ideal wind energy system as a response to the intermittency of renewable energies?
Sylvain Lassonde, Olivier Boucher, François-Marie Breon, Isabelle Tobin, and Robert Vautard

EGU2016-14418 | Posters | ERE3.1

Vertical axis wind turbine wake in boundary layer flow in a wind tunnel
Vincent Rolin and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2016-12529 | Posters | ERE3.1

Measurements of wakes originated from 2-bladed and 3-bladed rotors
Yu-Ting Wu, Shao-Dong Lyu, and Bo-Wei Chen

EGU2016-5877 | Orals | ERE3.1

Reliable Averages and Risky Extremes - Analysis of spatio-temporal variability in solar irradiance and persistent cloud cover patterns over Switzerland
Annelen Kahl, Viet-Anh Nguyen, Karine Sarrasin, and Michael Lehning

EGU2016-15500 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wake Mitigation Strategies for Optimizing Wind Farm Power Production
Deepu Dilip and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2016-7318 | Orals | ERE3.1

Impact of small-scale storage systems on the photovoltaic penetration potential at the municipal scale
Luis Ramirez Camargo and Wolfgang Dorner

EGU2016-15790 | Posters | ERE3.1

Using remote sensing data for exploitation of integrated renewable energy at coastal site in South Italy
Rosamaria Calaudi, Teresa Lo Feudo, Claudia Roberta Calidonna, and Anna Maria Sempreviva

EGU2016-12344 | Orals | ERE3.1

Energy supply for buildings with focus on solar power in the urban context – an interactive WebGIS implementation for citizens
Bernhard Castellazzi and Markus Biberacher

EGU2016-11115 | Orals | ERE3.1

The Cost-Optimal Distribution of Wind and Solar Generation Facilities in a Simplified Highly Renewable European Power System
Alexander Kies, Lüder von Bremen, Bruno Schyska, Kabitri Chattopadhyay, Elke Lorenz, and Detlev Heinemann

EGU2016-15821 | Posters | ERE3.1

The use of satellite data assimilation methods in regional NWP for solar irradiance forecasting
Frederik Kurzrock, Sylvain Cros, Fabrice Chane-Ming, Roland Potthast, Laurent Linguet, and Nicolas Sébastien

EGU2016-1202 | Posters | ERE3.1

Application of a wind-wave-current coupled model in the Catalan coast (NW Mediterranean sea), for wind energy purposes
Ana María Palomares, Jorge Navarro, Manel Grifoll, Elena Pallares, and Manuel Espino

EGU2016-5648 | Posters | ERE3.1

Assessing the Performance of the Photovoltaic Cells on the Effects of Yellow Dust Events and Haze in Seoul, Korea
Jiyeon Choi, Yong Pyo Kim, and DaeHyun Wee

EGU2016-17260 | Posters | ERE3.1

Ground-satellite measurement of Direct Normal Irradiance in South Portugal and its interaction with local atmospheric effects
Afonso Cavaco, Paulo Canhoto, Hugo Gonçalves da Silva, and Manuel Collares Pereira

EGU2016-17313 | Posters | ERE3.1

Ensemble Data Assimilation of Wind and Photovoltaic Power Information in the Convection-permitting High-Resolution Model COSMO-DE
Stefan Declair, Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan, and Roland Potthast

EGU2016-14760 | Posters | ERE3.1

Comparison of Artificial Neural Networks and GIS Based Solar Analysis for Solar Potential Estimation
Berkant Konakoğlu, Ziya Usta, Çetin Cömert, and Ertan Gökalp

EGU2016-5782 | Posters | ERE3.1

Using GIS data and satellite derived irradiance to optimize siting of PV installations in Switzerland
Annelen Kahl, Viet-Anh Nguyen, Stuart Bartlett, Fabrizio Sossan, and Michael Lehning

EGU2016-2796 | Posters | ERE3.1

Spatio-temporal modelling of electrical supply systems to optimize the site planning process for the “power to mobility” technology
Florian Karl and Roland Zink

EGU2016-17014 | Posters | ERE3.1

Charging stations location model based on spatiotemporal electromobility use patterns
Raphaela Pagany, Anna Marquardt, and Roland Zink

EGU2016-4460 | Posters | ERE3.1

High-resolution global irradiance monitoring from photovoltaic systems
Tina Buchmann, Klaus Pfeilsticker, Alexander Siegmund, Stefanie Meilinger, Bernhard Mayer, Sven Pinitz, and Wolfgang Steinbrecht

EGU2016-12130 | Posters | ERE3.1

Direct normal irradiance forecasting at dust sites based on aerosol data assimilation
Charlotte Hoppe, Elmar Friese, Jonas Berndt, and Hendrik Elbern

EGU2016-5691 | Posters | ERE3.1

Hourly forecasts of renewable energy sources by an operating MOS-system of the German Weather Service
Gernot Vogt and Trepte Sebastian

EGU2016-10238 | Posters | ERE3.1

Low frequency variability of European weather patterns and its impact on power generation in northern Europe
Giacomo Masato and Georgi Slavov

EGU2016-14632 | Posters | ERE3.1

An optimal renewable energy mix for Indonesia
Sylvain Leduc, Piera Patrizio, Ping Yowargana, and Florian Kraxner

EGU2016-16573 | Posters | ERE3.1

An integrated methodology on the suitability of offshore sites for wind farm development
Platon Patlakas, George Galanis, Marie Péray, Jean-François Filipot, Christina Kalogeri, Christos Spyrou, Dimitris Diamantis, and Gerorge Kallos

ERE3.2 – Development of strategies towards a sustainable intensive thermal use of the shallow subsurface

EGU2016-2497 | Posters | ERE3.2

Monitoring Groundwater Temperatures in a Shallow Urban Aquifer Before, During and After Installation of a Ground Source Heat System in Cardiff, U.K.
Ashley M. Patton, Gareth J. Farr, David P. Boon, David R. James, Bernard Williams, David Tucker, and Gareth Harcombe

EGU2016-2719 | Posters | ERE3.2

Feasibility study of a self-remediation system for mine drainage using its thermal energy
Chamteut Oh, Youngwook Cheong, Giljae Yim, and Sangwoo Ji

EGU2016-3485 | Posters | ERE3.2

Investigation of the influence of groundwater advection on energy extraction rates for sustainable borehole heat exchanger operation
Sophie Schelenz, Peter Dietrich, and Thomas Vienken

EGU2016-4983 | Posters | ERE3.2

The contribution of geology and groundwater studies to city-scale ground heat network strategies: A case study from Cardiff, UK
David Boon, Gareth Farr, Ashley Patton, Rhian Kendall, Laura James, Corinna Abesser, Jonathan Busby, David Schofield, Debbie White, Daren Gooddy, David James, Bernie Williams, David Tucker, Steve Knowles, and Gareth Harcombe

EGU2016-5730 | Posters | ERE3.2

Impact factors on the long-term sustainability of Borehole Heat Exchanger coupled Ground Source Heat Pump System
Haibing Shao, Philipp Hein, Uwe-Jens Görke, Anke Bucher, and Olaf Kolditz

EGU2016-6055 | Posters | ERE3.2

Quantification of temperature impacts on the dissolution of chlorinated hydrocarbons into groundwater
Nicolas Koproch, Steffi Popp, Ralf Köber, Christof Beyer, Sebastian Bauer, and Andreas Dahmke

EGU2016-6704 | Posters | ERE3.2

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage as an ecosystem service for Brussels, Belgium: investigating iron (hydr)oxide precipitation with reactive transport modeling
Christian Anibas, Mathias Possemiers, and Marijke Huysmans

EGU2016-7347 | Posters | ERE3.2

Development of a direct push based in-situ thermal conductivity measurement system
Marian Andrei Chirla, Thomas Vienken, Peter Dietrich, and Jan Bumberger

EGU2016-12637 | Posters | ERE3.2

Cyclic high temperature heat storage using borehole heat exchangers
Anke Boockmeyer, Jens-Olaf Delfs, and Sebastian Bauer

EGU2016-12711 | Posters | ERE3.2

On the use of hydration heat for quality management of borehole heat exchanger grouting
Klodwig Suibert Oskar Seibertz, Falk Händel, Peter Dietrich, and Thomas Vienken

EGU2016-13086 | Posters | ERE3.2

Cheap-GSHPs, an European project aiming cost-reducing innovations for shallow geothermal installations. - Geological data reinterpretation
David Bertermann, Johannes Müller, Antonio Galgaro, Matteo Cultrera, Adriana Bernardi, and Eloisa Di Sipio

EGU2016-13417 | Posters | ERE3.2

Impacts of convection on high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage
Christof Beyer, Meike Hintze, and Sebastian Bauer

EGU2016-15583 | Posters | ERE3.2

The significance of “geothermal microzonation” for the correct planning of low-grade source geothermal systems
Marco Viccaro, Antonino Pezzino, Giuseppe Maria Belfiore, and Carlo Campisano

EGU2016-18084 | Posters | ERE3.2

Borehole Heat Exchanger Systems: Hydraulic Conductivity and Frost-Resistance of Backfill Materials
Hauke Anbergen and Ingo Sass

ERE3.3 – Exploration, development and production of geothermal resources

EGU2016-10780 | Orals | ERE3.3

Optimizing Sustainable Geothermal Heat Extraction
Iti Patel, Jeffrey Bielicki, and Thomas Buscheck

EGU2016-115 | Posters | ERE3.3

Geothermal energy from the Main Karoo Basin (South Africa): An outcrop analogue study of Permian sandstone reservoir formations
Stuart A. Campbell, Nils Lenhardt, Matthys A. Dippenaar, and Annette E. Götz

EGU2016-13127 | Orals | ERE3.3

A method for temperature estimation in high-temperature geothermal reservoirs by using synthetic fluid inclusions
Giovanni Ruggieri, Andrea Orlando, Laura Chiarantini, Daniele Borrini, and Tobias B. Weisenberger

EGU2016-518 | Posters | ERE3.3

Permeability of intact and fractured rocks in Krafla geothermal reservoir, Iceland
Gudjon Eggertsson, Yan Lavallée, and Sigurdur Markusson

EGU2016-1323 | Posters | ERE3.3

Exploring geothermal structures in the Ilan Plain, Taiwan
Chen-Tung Chung, Chien-Ying Wang, and Ruey-Chan Shih

EGU2016-16801 | Orals | ERE3.3 | Media interest

A hybrid geothermal energy conversion technology: Auxiliary heating of geothermally preheated water or CO2 – a potential solution for low-temperature resources
Martin Saar, Nagasree Garapati, Benjamin Adams, Jimmy Randolph, and Thomas Kuehn

EGU2016-1496 | Posters | ERE3.3

Chemical and stable-radiogenic isotope compositions of Polatlı-Haymana thermal waters (Ankara, Turkey)
Hafize Akilli and Halim Mutlu

EGU2016-10181 | Orals | ERE3.3

Using Facilities And Potential Of Geothermal Resources In The Canakkale Province - NW Turkey
Ozan Deniz and Zahide Acar Deniz

EGU2016-17164 | Orals | ERE3.3

DEEPEGS and the IDDP, Focus on Reykjanes Demonstration
Guðmundur Ómar Friðleifsson, Sigurður G. Bogason, Hjalti P. Ingólfsson, Pierre Vergnes, Ingólfur Ö. Thorbjörnsson, Mariane Peter-Borie, Tohmas Kohl, Emmanuel Gaucher, Thomas Edelmann, Ruggero Bertani, Sturla Sæther, and Bjarni Pálsson

EGU2016-3376 | Posters | ERE3.3

The Geothermal Potential, Current and Opportunity in Taiwan
Sheng-Rong Song

EGU2016-4853 | Posters | ERE3.3

Electrical Resistivity Investigations of the Kurşunlu (Manisa/Turkey) Geothermal Area
Coşkun Sarı and Emre Timur

EGU2016-18030 | Orals | ERE3.3

Data assimilation for the investigation of deep temperature and geothermal energy in the Netherlands.
Damien Bonté, Jon Limberger, Lindsey Lipsey, Sierd Cloetingh, and Jan-Diederik van Wees

EGU2016-6461 | Posters | ERE3.3

Initial assessment of public perception and acceptance of Geothermal Energy applications in Çanakkale, NW Turkey.
Ziya Sedat Çetiner, Osman Çekiç, Can Ertekin, and Mesut Bakırcı

EGU2016-7708 | Posters | ERE3.3

Project GeoPower: Basic subsurface information for the utilization of geothermal energy in the Danish-German border region
Reinhard Kirsch, Niels Balling, Lars Ole Boldreel, Sven Fuchs, Fabian Hese, Anders Mathiesen, Carsten Møller Nielsen, Lars Henrik Nielsen, Petra Offermann, Niels Erik Poulsen, Wolfgang Rabbel, and Claudia Thomsen

EGU2016-10876 | Posters | ERE3.3

Estimating the Prospectivity of Geothermal Resources Using the Concept of Hydrogeologic Windows
Jeffrey Bielicki, David Blackwell, Dylan Harp, Satish Karra, Richard Kelley, Shari Kelley, Richard Middleton, Mark Person, Glenn Sutula, and James Witcher

EGU2016-15219 | Posters | ERE3.3

Updating the thermo-mechanical structure of the European lithosphere with subsurface temperature data
Jon Limberger, Jan-Diederik van Wees, Magdala Tesauro, Damien Bonté, Lindsay Lipsey, Jeroen Smit, Fred Beekman, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2016-15848 | Posters | ERE3.3

Comparison of 1-Dimensional and 2- Dimensional Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) Results in Geothermal Area
Olcay Çakmak and Osman Uyanık

EGU2016-15899 | Posters | ERE3.3

Predicting cement distribution in geothermal sandstone reservoirs based on estimates of precipitation temperatures
Mette Olivarius, Rikke Weibel, Martin Whitehouse, Lars Kristensen, Morten L. Hjuler, Anders Mathiesen, Adrian J. Boyce, and Lars H. Nielsen

EGU2016-18186 | Posters | ERE3.3

Estimation of the geothermal potential of the Caldara di Manziana site in the Mts Sabatini Volcanic District (Central Italy) by integrating geochemical data and 3D-GIS modelling.
Massimo Ranaldi, Matteo Lelli, Luca Tarchini, Maria Luisa Carapezza, and Antonio Patera

EGU2016-18222 | Posters | ERE3.3

IMAGE Project: Results of Laboratory Tests on Tracers for Supercritical Conditions.
Øyvind Brandvoll, Sissel Opsahl Viig, Isabella Nardini, and Jiri Muller

EGU2016-17459 | Posters | ERE3.3

Structural control on geothermal circulation in the Tocomar geothermal volcanic area (Puna plateau, Argentina)
Guido Giordano and the MAE team

ERE3.4 – Numerical modeling in geothermics

EGU2016-9557 | Orals | ERE3.4

Hydrochemical changes in thermal waters of the Western Pannonian Basin
Ágnes Rotárné Szalkai and Lajos Ó.Kovács

EGU2016-4885 | Posters | ERE3.4

Interpretation of Magnetic Anomalies in Salihli (Turkey) Geothermal Area Using 3-D Inversion and Edge Detection Techniques
Emre Timur

EGU2016-8589 | Orals | ERE3.4

Advanced Coupled Simulation of Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Systems and Above Ground Installations
Bastian Welsch, Wolfram Rühaak, Daniel O. Schulte, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sass

EGU2016-8979 | Posters | ERE3.4

On the use of flow-storage repartitions derived from artificial tracer tests for geothermal reservoir characterization in the Malm-Molasse basin: a theoretical study
Dina Silvia Dewi, Augustine Osaigbovo Enomayo, Rizwan Mohsin, Shyamal Karmakar, Julia Ghergut, and Martin Sauter

EGU2016-12728 | Posters | ERE3.4

3D structure and conductive thermal field of the Upper Rhine Graben
Jessica Freymark, Judith Sippel, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Kristian Bär, Manfred Stiller, Johann-Gerhard Fritsche, and Matthias Kracht

EGU2016-8452 | Orals | ERE3.4

BASIMO - Borehole Heat Exchanger Array Simulation and Optimization Tool
Daniel Schulte, Wolfram Rühaak, Bastian Welsch, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sass

EGU2016-11145 | Orals | ERE3.4

Experimental investigations of heat transport dynamics in a 1D porous medium column
Nicola Pastore, Claudia Cherubini, Concetta I Giasi, and Nicoletta Maria Allegretti

EGU2016-16148 | Posters | ERE3.4

Numerical modelling of thermal convection related to fracture permeability in Dinantian carbonate platform, Luttelgeest, the Netherlands
Lindsay Lipsey, Maarten Pluymaekers, Jan-Diederik van Wees, Jon Limberger, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2016-12540 | Posters | ERE3.4

A simplified fracture network model for studying the efficiency of a single well semi open loop heat exchanger in fractured crystalline rock
Jérôme de La Bernardie, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Olivier Bour, Charlotte Thierion, Jean-Yves Ausseur, Hervé Lesuer, and Tanguy Le Borgne

EGU2016-4561 | Orals | ERE3.4

3D convection in a fractured porous medium : influence of fracture network parameters and comparison to homogeneous approach.
Cécile Mezon, Valeri Mourzenko, Jean François Thovert, Raphael Antoine, Fabrice Fontaine, Anthony Finizola, and Pierre Michel Adler

EGU2016-6846 | Orals | ERE3.4

Different spatial discretization methods of fault systems on heat transport processes in hard rock aquifers
Lisa Kruppa, Christoph M. König, Martin Becker, and Torsten Seidel

EGU2016-4639 | Posters | ERE3.4

OGS#PETSc approach for robust and efficient simulations of strongly coupled hydrothermal processes in EGS reservoirs
Norihiro Watanabe, Guido Blucher, Mauro Cacace, and Olaf Kolditz

EGU2016-13098 | Posters | ERE3.4

Systematic study of the effects of scaling techniques in numerical simulations with application to enhanced geothermal systems
Thomas Heinze, Gunnar Jansen, Boris Galvan, and Stephen A. Miller

EGU2016-13224 | Posters | ERE3.4

Perturbation of geothermal reservoirs to fluids stimulation: numerical modelling and implication on induced seismicity.
Stefano Carlino, Giuseppe De Natale, Claudia Troise, Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe, Antonio Troiano, Anna Tramelli, and Renato Somma

EGU2016-11041 | Posters | ERE3.4

Experimental and numerical study on thermal conductivity of partially saturated unconsolidated sands
Youngmin Lee, Youngseuk Keehm, Seong-Kyun Kim, and Sang Ho Shin

EGU2016-11353 | Posters | ERE3.4

A numerical study of the effect of groundwater on spiral coil energy piles
Seong-Kyun Kim and Youngmin Lee

EGU2016-9095 | Posters | ERE3.4

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Coupled Modeling of Geothermal Doublet Systems in Limestones -revised
Wolfram Rühaak, Claus-Dieter Heldmann, Liang Pei, Jörn Bartels, Sebastian Weinert, and Ingo Sass

ERE3.5 – Uncertainties in Geothermal Systems

EGU2016-35 | Posters | ERE3.5

Integrated Upscaling and History Matching of Fractured Reservoirs
Pål Næverlid Sævik, Martha Økland Lien, and Inga Berre

EGU2016-8405 | Posters | ERE3.5

Optimization of Borehole Heat Exchanger Arrays
Daniel Schulte, Wolfram Rühaak, Bastian Welsch, Sergey Oladyshkin, and Ingo Sass

EGU2016-8512 | Posters | ERE3.5

Sensitivity Analysis on the Performance of Medium Deep Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Bastian Welsch, Wolfram Rühaak, Daniel O. Schulte, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sass

EGU2016-10985 | Posters | ERE3.5

An early-stage 3D geological model of the Ruiz-Tolima Volcanic Massif (Colombia): a case study in the quantitative assessment of uncertainty in multiple geological conceptual models of a geothermal system
Javier Gonzalez-Garcia

EGU2016-14798 | Posters | ERE3.5

PETher – Physical Properties of Thermal Water under In-situ-Conditions
Sarah Herfurth and Elisabeth Schröder

EGU2016-15008 | Posters | ERE3.5

Evaluation of the geological model as a source for uncertainties in hydrothermal simulations
Jan Niederau, Henrik Büsing, Christoph Clauser, Martin Thorwart, Ivano Dini, and Ruggero Bertani

EGU2016-17467 | Posters | ERE3.5

Shape optimization for layer detection in geothermal reservoirs: new insights and recent developments
Simin Huang, Florian Wellmann, Gabriele Marquart, Michael Herty, and Christoph Clauser

EGU2016-17495 | Posters | ERE3.5

Entropy Production in Convective Hydrothermal Systems
Nele Boersing, Florian Wellmann, and Jan Niederau

ERE3.6 – Quantifying hydro-mechanical and hydro-chemical processes accompanying hydraulic stimulation of deep geothermal reservoirs | PICO

EGU2016-13984 | PICO | ERE3.6

SHynergie: Development of a virtual project laboratory for monitoring hydraulic stimulations
Jörg Renner, Wolfgang Friederich, Günther Meschke, Thomas Müller, and Holger Steeb

EGU2016-9190 | PICO | ERE3.6

Numerical Borehole Breakdown Investigations using XFEM
Sven Beckhuis, Dirk Leonhart, and Günther Meschke

EGU2016-16686 | PICO | ERE3.6

Integration of Geophysical Data into Structural Geological Modelling through Bayesian Networks
Miguel de la Varga, Florian Wellmann, and Ruth Murdie

EGU2016-8299 | PICO | ERE3.6

Analysis of propagation mechanisms of stimulation-induced fractures in rocks
Michael Krause and Joerg Renner

EGU2016-15461 | PICO | ERE3.6

Analysis of crack propagation and transport properties in rock samples using micro computer tomography
David Uribe and Holger Steeb

EGU2016-12147 | PICO | ERE3.6

Phase-field modeling of fracture propagation under hydraulic stimulation in pre-fractured rocks
Ildar Khisamitov, Seyed Ali Mohseni, and Guenther Meschke

EGU2016-8176 | PICO | ERE3.6

Determining the frequency dependence of elastic properties of fractured rocks
Benedikt Ahrens and Jörg Renner

EGU2016-6234 | PICO | ERE3.6

Temperature dependence of hydraulic properties of Upper Rhine Graben rocks at conditions modelling deep geothermal reservoirs
Mariela Carolina Hernández Castañeda, Joerg Renner, and Thomas Mueller

EGU2016-14028 | PICO | ERE3.6

Scalings at geothermal facilities exploring the Malm Aquifer (Bavarian Molasse Baisin)
Bernhard Köhl, Moritz Herbrich, and Thomas Baumann

EGU2016-2576 | PICO | ERE3.6

Combining water-rock interaction experiments with reaction path and reactive transport modelling to predict reservoir rock evolution in an enhanced geothermal system
Tim Kuesters, Thomas Mueller, and Joerg Renner

EGU2016-9333 | PICO | ERE3.6

A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics approach for poroelasticity
Maria Osorno and Holger Steeb

EGU2016-7781 | PICO | ERE3.6

1D and 2D simulations of seismic wave propagation in fractured media
Thomas Möller and Wolfgang Friederich

EGU2016-13732 | PICO | ERE3.6

Numerical investigation of the hydro-mechanical contribution to seismic attenuation in damaged rocks
Nele Pollmann, Ralf Jänicke, Jörg Renner, and Holger Steeb

EGU2016-14485 | PICO | ERE3.6

A laboratory apparatus for forced-oscillation experiments on partially saturated rocks
Jana Musialak, Jörg Renner, and Holger Steeb

EGU2016-15696 | PICO | ERE3.6

Seismic waveform modeling over cloud
Cong Luo and Wolfgang Friederich

ERE3.7 – Sustainable biomass for raw materials, energy and GHG mitigation

EGU2016-11736 | Posters | ERE3.7

Life cycle assessment of biochar application in Vietnam using two pyrolysis technologies
Ali Mohammadi, Annette Cowie, Thi Lan Anh Mai, Ruy Anaya de la Rosa, Paul Kristiansen, Miguel Brandão, and Stephen Joseph

EGU2016-13644 | Posters | ERE3.7

Sustainability Impact Assessment of two forest-based bioenergy production systems related to mitigation and adaption to Climate Change
Nahia Gartzia-Bengoetxea, Ander Arias-González, and Diana Tuomasjukka

EGU2016-4454 | Posters | ERE3.7

Quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from wastewater treatment plants using a ground-based remote sensing approach
Antonio Delre, Jacob Mønster, and Charlotte Scheutz

EGU2016-7198 | Posters | ERE3.7

Greenhouse gas emissions from municipal wastewater treatment plants
Vanessa Parravicini and Karl Svardal

EGU2016-17553 | Posters | ERE3.7

Modeling Sustainable Bioenergy Feedstock Production in the Alps
Florian Kraxner, Sylvain Leduc, Georg Kindermann, Sabine Fuss, Stephan Pietsch, Ivan Lakyda, Hernan Serrano Leon, Dmitry Shchepashchenko, and Anatoly Shvidenko

EGU2016-16058 | Posters | ERE3.7

Overmature periurban Quercus-Carpinus coppice forests in Austria and Japan: a comparison in view of carbon stocks, stand characteristics and conversion to high forest
Viktor Bruckman, Toru Terada, Kenji Fukuda, Hirokazu Yamamoto, and Eduard Hochbichler

EGU2016-12864 | Posters | ERE3.7

Miscanthus-derived SOC: numerically declining over soil depths
Yaxian Hu, Gerhard Schäfer, Joëlle Duplay, and Nikolaus J. Kuhn