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G – Geodesy

G1.1 – Recent Developments in Geodetic Theory

EGU2016-12311 | Orals | G1.1

Theoretical and numerical investigations towards a new geoid model for the Mediterranean Sea – The GEOMED2 project
Riccardo Barzaghi, Georgios S. Vergos, Alberta Albertella, Daniela Carrion, Noemi Cazzaniga, Ilias N. Tziavos, Vassilios N. Grigoriadis, Dimitrios A. Natsiopoulos, Sean Bruinsma, Sylvain Bonvalot, Marie-Françoise Lequentrec-Lalancette, Pascal Bonnefond, Per Knudsen, Ole Andersen, Mehmet Simav, Hasan Yildiz, Tomislav Basic, and Antonio J. Gil

EGU2016-10493 | Posters | G1.1

Construction of Galerkin’s matrix for elementary potentials and an ellipsoidal solution domain based on series developments and general relations between Legendre’s functions of the first and the second kind: Application in Earth’s gravity field studies
Petr Holota and Otakar Nesvadba

EGU2016-3297 | Orals | G1.1

Lunisolar tidal and tidal load elastic stress tensor components within the Earth's mantle and their influence on earthquake occurrences
Peter Varga and Erik Grafarend

EGU2016-7667 | Orals | G1.1

Is the effect of 3-D viscosity distributions on postseismic gravity variations detectable?
Yoshiyuki Tanaka

EGU2016-5735 | Posters | G1.1

Numerical solution of the exterior oblique derivative BVP using the direct BEM formulation
Róbert Čunderlík, Róbert Špir, and Karol Mikula

EGU2016-5789 | Posters | G1.1

Finite volume method for geodetic boundary value problem
Matej Medľa, Karol Mikula, and Marek Macák

EGU2016-3841 | Orals | G1.1

Array-based GNSS Ionospheric Sensing: Estimability and Precision Analyses
Peter Teunissen

EGU2016-6027 | Posters | G1.1

Optimization of solving the boundary-value problems related to physical geodesy.
Marek Macák and Karol Mikula

EGU2016-4820 | Orals | G1.1

Insights about data assimilation frameworks for integrating GRACE with hydrological models
Maike Schumacher, Jürgen Kusche, Albert I.J.M. Van Dijk, Petra Döll, and Wolf-Dieter Schuh

EGU2016-5837 | Orals | G1.1

Nonlinear diffusion filtering influenced by mean curvature
Michal Kollár, Karol Mikula, and Róbert Čunderlík

EGU2016-3744 | Posters | G1.1

Between-satellite-track interpolation by biharmonic functions
Wolfgang Keller

EGU2016-6254 | Posters | G1.1

Sampling theorems and harmonic analysis of the gravitational field using gradiometer data
Leyla Sugaipova

EGU2016-2304 | Posters | G1.1

Ellipsoidal Corrections for Boundary Value Problems of deflection of Vertical with Ellipsoidal Boundary
Xiangchao Meng, Jinhai Yu, and Yongchao Zhu

EGU2016-3468 | Posters | G1.1

Estimation of the Eötvös components using local gravity measurements
Gerassimos Manoussakis, Paraskevas Milas, and Romylos Korakitis

EGU2016-15425 | Posters | G1.1

Influence of the atmosphere on the evaluation of the geopotential from global models on the surface of the Earth: implications for the realization of a World Height System
Jaakko Mäkinen

EGU2016-1846 | Posters | G1.1

Exact modeling of the relativistic geoid
Elena Mazurova, Sergei Kopeikin, and Alexander Karpik

EGU2016-11601 | Posters | G1.1

Numerically stable approach for high-precision orbit integration using Encke's method and equinoctial elements
Matthias Ellmer and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2016-2246 | Posters | G1.1

Non-linear corrections in orbital perturbation equations for CHAMP-like satellite
Yongchao Zhu, Jinhai Yu, and Xiangchao Meng

EGU2016-12984 | Posters | G1.1

Developments in non-linear Kalman Ensemble and Particle Filtering techniques for hydrological data assimilation
Mehdi Khaki, Ehsan Forootan, Michael Kuhn, Joseph Awange, and Charitha Pattiaratchi

EGU2016-12993 | Posters | G1.1

Developing a complex independent component analysis technique to extract non-stationary patterns from geophysical time-series
Ehsan Forootan and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2016-11729 | Posters | G1.1

Evaluating coastal sea surface heights based on a novel sub-waveform approach using sparse representation and conditional random fields
Bernd Uebbing, Ribana Roscher, and Jürgen Kusche

EGU2016-10077 | Posters | G1.1

Design of frequency selective filters for non-equispaced data
Wolf-Dieter Schuh, Jessica Franken, Jan Martin Brockmann, Christina Esch, Joel Köhler, and Karl Heinz Gutjahr

EGU2016-2547 | Posters | G1.1

On the equivalence of Kalman filtering and least-squares estimation
Eirik Mysen

EGU2016-13731 | Posters | G1.1

Experiments on Coordinate Transformation based on Least Squares and Total Least Squares Methods
Nursu Tunalioglu, Utkan Mustafa Durdag, Ali Hasan Dogan, Bahattin Erdogan, and Taylan Ocalan

EGU2016-16648 | Posters | G1.1

An improved methodology for precise geoid/quasigeoid modelling
Otakar Nesvadba and Petr Holota

EGU2016-271 | Posters | G1.1

Effect of the curvature parameter on least-squares prediction within poor data coverage: case study for Africa
Hussein Abd-Elmotaal and Norbert Kühtreiber

EGU2016-9009 | Posters | G1.1

Effect of Nasser Lake on Gravity Reduction and Geoid Computation
Hussein Abd-Elmotaal, Atef Makhloof, Ayman Hassan, and Mostafa Ashry

EGU2016-12138 | Posters | G1.1

Gravitation effect of distant topographic masses: comparison of two different procedures
Zuzana Ďuríčková, Juraj Janák, Juraj Papčo, Ján Mikuška, Ivan Marušiak, and Pavol Zahorec

EGU2016-1108 | Posters | G1.1

The Effects of Landslides on Gravity Measurements
Savas Karabulut, Hasan Ozturkan, Mualla Cengiz CINKU, and Kerim Avcı

G1.2 – Mathematical methods for the analysis of potential field data and geodetic time series | PICO

EGU2016-5986 | PICO | G1.2

Pole coordinates data prediction by combination of least squares extrapolation and double autoregressive prediction
Wieslaw Kosek

EGU2016-6112 | PICO | G1.2

Correlation and coherence analysis between sea surface temperature and altimetric sea level anomaly data
Maria Zbylut-Górska, Wiesław Kosek, Agnieszka Wnęk, Wojciech Młocek, Agnieszka Rutkowska, Waldemar Popiński, and Tomasz Niedzielski

EGU2016-2977 | PICO | G1.2

Repairing filtering induced damage to the GRACE time-series at catchment scale
Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma, Nico Sneeuw, and Balaji Devaraju

EGU2016-9837 | PICO | G1.2

Detection and characterization of ground surface deformations from wavelet analysis of GPS time series
Frederique Moreau

EGU2016-12691 | PICO | G1.2

The Effectiveness of Blind Source Separation Using Independent Component Analysis for GNSS Time Series Analysis
Jun Yan, Danan Dong, and Wen Chen

EGU2016-6038 | PICO | G1.2

Separation of hydrological effects from GNSS time series on regional and local scale
Giuliana Rossi, David Zuliani, and Paolo Fabris

EGU2016-6053 | PICO | G1.2

Combined geocenter motion model from the SLR, GNSS and GRACE observations
Agnieszka Wnęk, Wiesław Kosek, Krzysztof Sośnica, Maria Zbylut-Górska, and Popiński Waldemar

EGU2016-5126 | PICO | G1.2

Contribution of various components to the enhanced accuracy of GIPSY/OASIS II PPP solutions
Adem G. Hayal and D. Ugur Sanli

EGU2016-9257 | PICO | G1.2

Impact of Seasonal Changes on Noise and Velocity Estimation
Anna Klos and Janusz Bogusz

EGU2016-4185 | PICO | G1.2

Point-Based Sensitivity Analysis in Geodetic Monitoring Networks
Nihal Tekin, Cüneyt Aydın, and Uğur Doğan

EGU2016-2317 | PICO | G1.2

Best Basis Methods for the Modelling and Inversion of Potential Fields
Volker Michel and Roger Telschow

EGU2016-2586 | PICO | G1.2

Spherical tensor Slepian functions for satellite gravity gradiometry
Katrin Seibert, Alain Plattner, Frederik J. Simons, and Volker Michel

EGU2016-3980 | PICO | G1.2

A new approach to the regularization of regional gravity field solutions in SRBF
Majid Naeimi and Jakob Flury

EGU2016-8099 | PICO | G1.2

Spherical Decompositions of Magnetic Fields and Magnetizations
Christian Gerhards

EGU2016-8537 | PICO | G1.2

Modeling Airborne Gravity Data with Local Functions for Regional Geoid Enhancement ---- A Case Study in Puerto Rico Area
Xiaopeng Li

EGU2016-12814 | PICO | G1.2

Parameter Choices for Approximation by Harmonic Splines
Martin Gutting

G1.3 – High-Precision GNSS Algorithms and Applications in Geosciences

EGU2016-591 | Posters | G1.3

Impact of selected troposphere models on Precise Point Positioning convergence
Jakub Kalita and Zofia Rzepecka

EGU2016-1887 | Orals | G1.3

The IGS Multi-GNSS Experiment - Achievements, Prospects, and Challenges
Oliver Montenbruck and Peter Steigenberger

EGU2016-6435 | Orals | G1.3

Inter-system biases estimation in multi-GNSS relative positioning with GPS and Galileo
Cecile Deprez and Rene Warnant

EGU2016-1047 | Posters | G1.3

Wet tropospheric delays forecast based on Vienna Mapping Function time series analysis
Zofia Rzepecka and Jakub Kalita

EGU2016-900 | Posters | G1.3

Application of standard and advanced open source GIS software functionality for analysis of coordinates obtained by GNSS measurements
Tamara Ilieva

EGU2016-16562 | Orals | G1.3

An Enhanced Box-Wing Solar Radiation pressure model for BDS and initial results
Qunhe Zhao, Xiaoya Wang, Xiaogong Hu, Rui Guo, Lin Shang, Chengpan Tang, and Fan Shao

EGU2016-3231 | Posters | G1.3

Accuracy improvement techniques in Precise Point Positioning method using multiple GNSS constellations
Dimitrios Vasileios Psychas and Demitris Delikaraoglou

EGU2016-2940 | Orals | G1.3

A review of «integer PPP» applications
Felix Perosanz, Flavien Mercier, Sylvain Loyer, Gérard Petit, and Jean-Charles Marty

EGU2016-5106 | Posters | G1.3

Seasonal Effects on GPS PPP Accuracy
Aziz Saracoglu and D. Ugur Sanli

EGU2016-2651 | Orals | G1.3

Some aspects of improving Multi-GNSS real-time precise point positioning services
Yang Liu, Maorong Ge, Xingxing Li, and Harald Schuh

EGU2016-3046 | Orals | G1.3

CODE's multi-GNSS orbit and clock solution - status 2016
Lars Prange, Etienne Orliac, Rolf Dach, Daniel Arnold, Gerhard Beutler, Stefan Schaer, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2016-5135 | Posters | G1.3

Accuracy of velocities from repeated GPS surveys: relative positioning is concerned
Huseyin Duman and D. Ugur Sanli

EGU2016-13309 | Orals | G1.3

Precise orbit determination using GPS observations of all three-frequencies
Hua Chen, Weiping Jiang, and Maorong Ge

EGU2016-5145 | Posters | G1.3

The effect of observing session duration on OPUS-RS results
A. Dincer Dogru, D. Ugur Sanli, Adem G. Hayal, and Mustafa Berber

EGU2016-15827 | Orals | G1.3

Multi-GNSS real-time precise orbit/clock/UPD products and precise positioning service at GFZ
Xingxing Li, Maorong Ge, Yang Liu, Mathias Fritsche, Jens Wickert, and Harald Schuh

EGU2016-7054 | Posters | G1.3

Contribution of Geodetic Datum in GNSS Networks to Monitored Displacements
Alpay Ozdemir, Ugur Dogan, and Cuneyt Aydin

EGU2016-15970 | Orals | G1.3

POD improvements of GALILEO satellites through the measurement of their non-gravitational accelerations by means of an onboard accelerometer
Roberto Peron, David M. Lucchesi, Francesco Santoli, Valerio Iafolla, Emiliano Fiorenza, Carlo Lefevre, Marco Lucente, Carmelo Magnafico, Maciej Kalarus, and Janusz Zielinski

EGU2016-7056 | Posters | G1.3

Real time PPP approach with troposphere estimation using ultra rapid predicted products. Applications to GNSS in seismology in ALERTES-RIM system.
Ángel Cibeira Urtiaga, Manuel Berrocoso, Jorge Gárate, and Antonio Pazos

EGU2016-905 | Orals | G1.3

GNSS orbit determination by precise modeling of non-gravitational forces acting on satellite’s body
Agata Wielgosz, Maciej Kalarus, and Tomasz Liwosz

EGU2016-7088 | Posters | G1.3

Is Precise Point Postioning able to characterize the deformation of the Rhine Graben ?
Eric Henrion, Frédéric Masson, and Patrice Ulrich

EGU2016-10984 | Orals | G1.3

An improved method for eliminating BeiDou satellite induced code bias
Xin Li, Xin Li, Xiaohong Zhang, and Lin Pan

EGU2016-8915 | Posters | G1.3

Assessment of ionospheric and tropospheric corrections for PPP-RTK
Paulo de Oliveira, François Fund, Laurent Morel, João Monico, Stéphane Durand, and Fréderic Durand

EGU2016-11064 | Orals | G1.3

Temperature influences in receiver clock modelling
Kan Wang, Michael Meindl, Markus Rothacher, Erik Schoenemann, and Werner Enderle

EGU2016-9184 | Posters | G1.3

UNESP_PP real time clock corrections estimation for supporting PPP
João Monico, Haroldo Marques, Rogerio Oyama, Milton Shimabukuro, and Italo Tsuchiya

EGU2016-9392 | Posters | G1.3

On the use of fully populated matrices in GPS least-squares adjustment
Gael Kermarrec and Steffen Schön

EGU2016-2647 | Orals | G1.3

GNSS-SNR-derived water surface heights based on Newton Interval Analysis
Jörg Reinking

EGU2016-4435 | Orals | G1.3

Sea level measurements from inverse modelling of GNSS SNR data - initial results
Joakim Strandberg, Thomas Hobiger, and Rüdiger Haas

EGU2016-9696 | Posters | G1.3

Debris flow cartography using differential GNSS and Theodolite measurements
Giorgi Khazaradze, Marta Guinau, Jaume Calvet, Gloria Furdada, Ane Victoriano, Mar Génova, and Emma Suriñach

EGU2016-9733 | Orals | G1.3

Cycle Slips Detection in Quad-Frequency Mode: Galileo’s Contribution to an Efficient Approach under High Ionospheric Activity
Laura Van de Vyvere and René Warnant

EGU2016-11541 | Posters | G1.3

Partial wide-lane ambiguity resolution for single-difference model
Wen Chen, Miaomiao Cai, Danan Dong, Feng Zhou, and Chao Yu

EGU2016-12012 | Posters | G1.3

The new version 2.12 of BKG Ntrip Client (BNC)
Andrea Stürze, Leos Mervart, Georg Weber, Axel Rülke, Erwin Wiesensarter, and Peter Neumaier

EGU2016-3855 | Orals | G1.3

Copernicus POD Service: Orbit Determination of the Sentinel Satellites
Heike Peter, Jaime Fernández, Francisco Ayuga, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2016-11655 | Posters | G1.3

Dynamic short baseline multipath effect mitigation in shipborne attitude determination
Miaomiao Cai, Wen Chen, Danan Dong, Chao Yu, and Feng Zhou

EGU2016-17139 | Orals | G1.3

Doppler shift estimation for GNSS reflectometry using a land topography adapted reflection model
Maximilian Semmling, Luis Peraza, Carsten Falck, Sebastian Gerland, and Jens Wickert

EGU2016-12420 | Posters | G1.3

Influence of the ionospheric model on DCB computation and added value of LEO satellites
Gilles Wautelet, Laurent Lestarquit, Sylvain Loyer, Flavien Mercier, and Félix Perosanz

EGU2016-13230 | Posters | G1.3

The application research of GNSS technology in Shanghai land subsidence monitoring
yu peng, Danan Dong, and Wen Chen

EGU2016-16142 | Posters | G1.3

On the feasibility of phase only PPP for kinematic LEO orbits
Christoph Wallat and Steffen Schön

EGU2016-16812 | Posters | G1.3

Box-wing model approach for solar radiation pressure modelling in a multi-GNSS scenario
Guillermo Tobias and Adrián Jesús García

EGU2016-16996 | Posters | G1.3

Tightly-Coupled Integration of Multi-antenna Synchronized GNSS and INS Based on Carrier-phase Single-difference
Chao Yu, Wen Chen, Danan Dong, and Miaomiao Cai

EGU2016-18204 | Posters | G1.3

SPP methods for positioning of aircrafts using products of IGS services
Radosław Fellner, Andrzej Fellner, Henryk Jafernik, Kamil Krasuski, and Janusz Śledziński

EGU2016-5514 | Posters | G1.3

A computationally efficient method for real-time uncalibrated phase delay estimation
Shoujian Zhang and Lei Zhao

EGU2016-6415 | Posters | G1.3

Using BeiDou system for precise positioning in central Europe
Dawid Kwasniak, Slawomir Cellmer, and Krzysztof Nowel

EGU2016-11743 | Posters | G1.3

On Estimation of GPS-based Indonesian Strain Rate Map
Susilo Susilo, Hasanuddin Z. Abidin, Irwan Meilano, Benyamin Sapiie, and Antonius B. Wijanarto

EGU2016-4265 | Posters | G1.3

Evaluation of newly installed SWEPOS mast stations, individual vs. type PCV antenna models and comparison with pillar stations
Faramarz Nilfouroushan, Lotti Jivall, Christina Lilje, Holger Steffen, Martin Lidberg, Jan Johansson, and Per Jarlemark

G2.1 – The Global Geodetic Observing System: Monitoring Geohazards (co-organized)

EGU2016-11588 | Posters | G2.1

GGOS Bureau of Products and Standards: Recent activities and future work
Detlef Angermann, Thomas Gruber, Michael Gerstl, Urs Hugentobler, Laura Sanchez, Robert Heinkelmann, and Peter Steigenberger

EGU2016-10095 | Posters | G2.1

Update on the GGOS Bureau of Networks and Observations
Michael R. Pearlman, Erricos Pavlis, Chopo Ma, Carey Noll, Daniela Thaller, Richard Gross, Bernd Richter, Juergen Mueller, Ruth Neilan, Riccardo Barzaghi, Sten Bergstrand, Jerome Saunier, and Mark Tamisiea

EGU2016-15268 | Posters | G2.1

Simulations parameter estimation in near real-time from a future VGOS network
Tobias Nilsson, Maria Karbon, Benedikt Soja, Susanne Glaser, and Harald Schuh

EGU2016-8895 | Posters | G2.1

VLBI observations of GNSS satellites on the baseline Hobart-Ceduna
Andreas Hellerschmied, Johannes Böhm, Younghee Kwak, Jamie McCallum, and Lucia Plank

EGU2016-5380 | Posters | G2.1

Monitoring of the volcanic plume based on the post-fit phase residual of PPP analysis and SNR data
Yusaku Ohta and Masato Iguchi

EGU2016-9947 | Posters | G2.1

The potential role of real-time geodetic observations in tsunami early warning
Stefano Tinti and Alberto Armigliato

EGU2016-11036 | Posters | G2.1

Implementation of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Augmentation to Tsunami Early Warning Systems
John LaBrecque

EGU2016-17867 | Posters | G2.1

Operational GPS Imaging System at Multiple Scales for Earth Science and Monitoring of Geohazards
Geoffrey Blewitt, William Hammond, and Corné Kreemer

EGU2016-15297 | Posters | G2.1

Validation of the EGSIEM combined monthly GRACE gravity fields
Zhao Li, Tonie van Dam, Qiang Chen, Matthias Weigelt, Andreas Güntner, Adrian Jäggi, Ulrich Meyer, Yoomin Jean, Zuheir Altamimi, and Paul Rebischung

EGU2016-11577 | Posters | G2.1

The Seasonal Hydrological Loading Impacts on Post-Earth Measurements for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
Rong Zou, Qi Wang, Jeffrey T Freymueller, and Markku Poutanen

EGU2016-17787 | Posters | G2.1

Tracking on non-active collaborative objects from San Fernando Laser station
Manuel Catalán, Manuel Quijano, Luis M. Cortina, Antonio A. Pazos, and José Martín-Davila

G2.2 – The International Terrestrial Reference Frame: Elaboration, Usage and Applications

EGU2016-16365 | Posters | G2.2

Assessment of accuracy of adopted centre of mass corrections for the Etalon geodetic satellites
Graham Appleby, Peter Dunn, Toshimichi Otsubo, and Jose Rodriguez

EGU2016-8584 | Posters | G2.2

Determination and Maintenance of the Galileo Terrestrial Reference Frame
Mathias Fritsche and the GGSP consortium* and Galileo project team*

EGU2016-14015 | Orals | G2.2

Non-linear station motions in the DGFI realization of the ITRF2014
Manuela Seitz, Mathis Bloßfeld, Detlef Angermann, and Ralf Schmid

EGU2016-7171 | Posters | G2.2

Preparations for the IGS realization of ITRF2014
Paul Rebischung and Ralf Schmid

EGU2016-10583 | Orals | G2.2

JTRF2014, the 2014 JPL Realization of the ITRS
Claudio Abbondanza, Chin Toshio, Gross Richard, Heflin Michael, Parker Jay, van Dam Tonie, and Wu Xiaoping

EGU2016-16981 | Posters | G2.2

Combination of Tide Gauge Benchmark Monitoring (TIGA) Analysis Center from repro2 solutions
Addisu Hunegnaw and Felix Norman Teferle

EGU2016-6995 | Orals | G2.2

Key Performance Indicators of the ITRF2014 Products
Zuheir Altamimi, Paul Rebischung, Laurent Métivier, and Xavier Collilieux

EGU2016-9337 | Orals | G2.2

Evaluation of the ILRS network performance using the final ITRF2014
Erricos C. Pavlis, Vincenza Luceri, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Daniel König, and Giuseppe Bianco

EGU2016-15567 | Posters | G2.2

Derivation of GNSS derived station velocities for a surface deformation model in the Austrian region
Elke Umnig, Robert Weber, Jadre Maras, and Ewald Brückl

EGU2016-13388 | Posters | G2.2

Effect of Receiver Choosing on Point Positions Determination in Network RTK
Sercan Bulbul and Cevat Inal

EGU2016-10157 | Orals | G2.2

The application of the ITRF2014 Product Center solutions with respect to Altimeter Satellite Precise Orbit Determination
Frank G. Lemoine, Nikita P. Zelensky, Alexandre Couhert, Eva Jalabert, and Douglas S. Chinn

EGU2016-3240 | Orals | G2.2

IDS evaluation of the DORIS versions of the DGFI, IGN and JPL ITRF2014 solutions
Guilhem Moreaux, Hugues Capdeville, Jean-Michel Lemoine, and Pascale Ferrage

EGU2016-2656 | Posters | G2.2

The JTRF2014 Combined EOP Series
Richard Gross, Claudio Abbondanza, T. Mike Chin, Mike Heflin, Jay Parker, and Xiaoping Wu

EGU2016-15819 | Posters | G2.2

LOD estimation from DORIS observations
Petr Stepanek, Vratislav Filler, Michal Buday, and Urs Hugentobler

EGU2016-7152 | Orals | G2.2

ITRF2014 GNSS vertical velocities and global Earth figure variations
Laurent Métivier, Hélène Rouby, Paul Rebischung, and Zuheir Altamimi

EGU2016-1163 | Posters | G2.2

Combination of simulated VLBI and SLR observations to determine a global TRF
Susanne Glaser, Dimitrios Ampatzidis, Harald Schuh, Rolf Koenig, Tobias Nilsson, Robert Heinkelmann, and Frank Flechtner

EGU2016-2627 | Posters | G2.2

A combined GNSS/VLBI solution for EOP and TRF
Jean-Yves Richard, Christian Bizouard, Sebastien Lambert, Olivier Becker, and Richard Biancale

EGU2016-1547 | Orals | G2.2

Application of ray-traced tropospheric slant delays for VLBI reference frame determination
Armin Hofmeister, Daniel Landskron, Sigrid Böhm, and Johannes Böhm

EGU2016-8954 | Posters | G2.2

Common clock check and combination of co-located space geodetic techniques during CONT14
Younghee Kwak, Johannes Boehm, Thomas Hobiger, Lucia Plank, and Kamil Teke

EGU2016-398 | Orals | G2.2

Comparison of VLBI TRF solutions based on Kalman filtering and recent ITRS realizations
Benedikt Soja, Tobias Nilsson, Susanne Glaser, Kyriakos Balidakis, Maria Karbon, Robert Heinkelmann, Richard Gross, and Harald Schuh

EGU2016-7470 | Orals | G2.2

Can space ties on board GNSS satellites replace terrestrial ties in the implementation of Terrestrial Reference Frames?
Sara Bruni, Susanna Zerbini, Zuheir Altamimi, Paul Rebischung, Maddalena Errico, and Efisio Santi

EGU2016-12224 | Posters | G2.2

Multi-technique TRF realization with Jason-2 as a space tie
Myriam Zoulida, Arnaud Pollet, Paul Rebischung, David Coulot, and Richard Biancale

EGU2016-5848 | Orals | G2.2

Future global SLR network evolution and its impact on the terrestrial reference frame
Alexander Kehm, Mathis Bloßfeld, and Erricos C. Pavlis

EGU2016-6196 | Posters | G2.2

Status and plans for the future of the Vienna VLBI Software
Matthias Madzak, Johannes Böhm, Sigrid Böhm, Anastasiia Girdiuk, Andreas Hellerschmied, Armin Hofmeister, Hana Krasna, Younghee Kwak, Daniel Landskron, David Mayer, Jamie McCallum, Lucia Plank, Caroline Schönberger, Stanislav Shabala, Jing Sun, and Kamil Teke

EGU2016-7083 | Orals | G2.2

GRGS simulations for a GRASP-like satellite
David Coulot, Arnaud Pollet, Richard Biancale, Myriam Zoulida, Sylvain Loyer, Félix Perosanz, Jean-Charles Marty, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Laurent Soudarin, Michel Capderou, Samuel Nahmani, Florent Deleflie, and Mioara Mandea

EGU2016-6028 | Posters | G2.2

Intricacies of the estimation of the ICRF3
David Mayer, Johannes Böhm, and Hana Krasna

EGU2016-374 | Posters | G2.2

The Combined Effect of Periodic Signals and Noise on the Dilution of Precision of GNSS Station Velocity Uncertainties
Anna Klos, German Olivares, Felix Norman Teferle, and Janusz Bogusz

EGU2016-468 | Posters | G2.2

The impact of seasonal signals on spatio-temporal filtering
Maciej Gruszczynski, Anna Klos, and Janusz Bogusz

EGU2016-471 | Posters | G2.2

Investigation on the coloured noise in GPS-derived position with time-varying seasonal signals
Marta Gruszczynska, Anna Klos, Machiel Simon Bos, and Janusz Bogusz

EGU2016-12994 | Posters | G2.2

A comparison of three environmental load combinations with Repro2 residuals
Weiwei Li, Tonie vanDam, Jim Ray, Zuheir Altamimi, Paul Rebischung, and Yunzhong Shen

EGU2016-11660 | Posters | G2.2

Towards a four technique GGOS site: VLBI - DORIS compatibility tests at Wettzell
Thomas Klügel, Francois Didelot, Jan Kodet, Gerhard Kronschnabl, Swetlana Mähler, Alexander Neidhardt, Christian Plötz, Jérôme Saunier, Torben Schüler, and Jean-Marc Walter

EGU2016-8325 | Posters | G2.2

The assessment of the transformation of global tectonic plate models and the global terrestrial reference frames using the Velocity Decomposition Analysis
Dimitrios Ampatzidis, Rolf König, Susanne Glaser, Robert Heinkelmann, Harald Schuh, Frank Flechtner, and Tobias Nilsson

EGU2016-16816 | Posters | G2.2

On the Impact of a Quadratic Acceleration Term in the Analysis of Position Time Series
Janusz Bogusz, Anna Klos, Machiel Simon Bos, Addisu Hunegnaw, and Felix Norman Teferle

G3.1 – Glacial isostatic adjustment: Theory, modelling, observations and related effects (co-organized)

EGU2016-5134 | Orals | G3.1

Ongoing deformation of Antarctica following recent Great Earthquakes
Matt King and Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez

EGU2016-12202 | Posters | G3.1

Sensitivity of near field GIA response with respect to rheological features of the Earth structure
Jan M. Hagedoorn, Volker Klemann, Ingo Sasgen, and Maik Thomas

EGU2016-6628 | Posters | G3.1

Spectral analysis of sealevel during the altimetry era, and evidence for GIA and glacial melting fingerprints
Giorgio Spada and Gaia Galassi

EGU2016-11137 | Orals | G3.1

Implications of sediment redistribution on modeled sea-level changes over millennial timescales
Ken Ferrier

EGU2016-915 | Posters | G3.1

Tides and lake-level variations in the great Patagonian lakes: Observations, modelling and geophysical implications.
Eric Marderwald, Andreas Richter, Martin Horwath, Jose Luis Hormaechea, and Andreas Groh

EGU2016-3916 | Orals | G3.1

Glacial isostatic uplift of the European Alps
Juergen Mey, Dirk Scherler, Andrew D. Wickert, David L. Egholm, Magdala Tesauro, Taylor F. Schildgen, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2016-3648 | Orals | G3.1

An assessment of the ICE6G_C (VM5A) glacial isostatic adjustment model
Anthony Purcell, Paul Tregoning, and Amaury Dehecq

EGU2016-7697 | Posters | G3.1

Modelling the influence of Lake Agassiz on Glacial Isostatic Adjustment and deglaciation of the Laurentide ice sheet
Tijn Berends, Roderik van de Wal, Bas de Boer, and Sarah Bradley

EGU2016-2311 | Orals | G3.1

The magmatic and eruptive response of arc volcanoes to deglaciation: insights from southern Chile
Harriet Rawson, Tamsin A. Mather, David M. Pyle, Victoria C. Smith, Karen Fontijn, Stefan Lachowycz, José A. Naranjo, and Sebastian F.L. Watt

EGU2016-9179 | Posters | G3.1

An assessment of forward and inverse GIA solutions for Antarctica
Jonathan L. Bamber, Alba Martin, Matt King, and Andrew Zammit-Mangion

EGU2016-13779 | Orals | G3.1

A data-driven model of present-day glacial isostatic adjustment in North America
Karen Simon and Riccardo Riva

EGU2016-13568 | Posters | G3.1

Lithospheric deformation associated with fast ice melting
Spina Cianetti, Carlo Giunchi, Gaia Galassi, and Giorgio Spada

EGU2016-13697 | Posters | G3.1

Iceland hotspot track in southeast Greenland causes huge present-day vertical viscoelastic motion of the bedrock
Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Ingo Sasgen, Michael Bevis, Tonie van Dam, John Wahr, Jonathan Bamber, Bert Wouters, Veit Helm, Michael Willis, Beata Csatho, Per Knudsen, Peter Kuipers Munneke, and Kurt Kjær

EGU2016-10010 | Posters | G3.1

3D viscosity maps for Greenland and effect on GRACE mass balance estimates
Wouter van der Wal and Zheng Xu

EGU2016-9967 | Posters | G3.1

Is Glacial Isostatic Adjustment continuing in Scotland? Insights from InSAR and GPS observations
Julia Stockamp, Zhenhong Li, Paul Bishop, Jim Hansom, Elizabeth Petrie, and Alistair Rennie

EGU2016-11347 | Posters | G3.1

Early deglaciation (18.1 ka BP) of the southwest Scandinavian Ice Sheet and Late Glacial sea-level change reconstructed from isolation basins on Karmøy
Kristian Vasskog, John-Inge Svendsen, Jan Mangerud, Arve Svean, Eva Marie Lunnan, and Jason Briner

EGU2016-12816 | Posters | G3.1

NKG201xGIA – first results for a new model of glacial isostatic adjustment in Fennoscandia
Holger Steffen, Valentina Barletta, Karin Kollo, Glenn A. Milne, Maaria Nordman, Per-Anders Olsson, Matthew J.R. Simpson, Lev Tarasov, and Jonas Ågren

EGU2016-13812 | Posters | G3.1

Constraints on lateral variations of lithospheric thickness and mantle viscosity from GNSS horizontal velocities of the BIFROST project
Holger Steffen, Jan Johansson, Halfdan Pascal Kierulf, Oddgeir Kristiansen, Martin Lidberg, and Lev Tarasov

EGU2016-15547 | Posters | G3.1

Numerical model of the glacially-induced intraplate earthquakes and faults formation
Alexey Petrunin and Harro Schmeling

EGU2016-14951 | Posters | G3.1

Glacially induced stresses in sedimentary rocks of northern Poland
Maciej Trzeciak and Marcin Dąbrowski

EGU2016-5680 | Posters | G3.1

Deglaciation and glacial erosion: a joint control on magma productivity by continental unloading
Pietro Sternai, Luca Caricchi, and Sebastien Castelltort

EGU2016-9785 | Posters | G3.1

Sensitivity of seafloor bathymetry to climate-driven fluctuations in mid-ocean ridge magma supply
Jean-Arthur Olive, Mark Behn, Garrett Ito, Javier Escartin, Roger Buck, and Samuel Howell

G3.2 – Spaceborne geodetic sensor observations: From high-frequency geophysical fluid signals to applications in hydro-geodesy, oceanography, and cryospheric sciences (co-organized)

EGU2016-17693 | Orals | G3.2

The FES2014 tidal atlas, accuracy assessment for satellite altimetry and other geophysical applications
Florent Henri Lyard, Loren Carrère, Mathilde Cancet, Jean-Paul Boy, Pascal Gégout, and Jean-Michel Lemoine

EGU2016-4498 | Posters | G3.2

Tidal atmospheric and ocean loading in VLBI analysis
Anastasiia Girdiuk, Michael Schindelegger, and Johannes Böhm

EGU2016-6424 | Posters | G3.2

Time-Variable Geophysical Background Models for High-Frequency Non-Tidal Variability in the Earth's Gravity Field, its Surface Deformation, and its Rotation provided by GFZ
Henryk Dobslaw, Robert Dill, Inga Bergmann-Wolf, Lea Poropat, and Maik Thomas

EGU2016-2585 | Orals | G3.2

The lunar semidiurnal air pressure tide in in-situ data and ECMWF reanalyses
Michael Schindelegger and Henryk Dobslaw

EGU2016-13848 | Orals | G3.2

The new GRACE AOD1B Product Release 06: Product Details and Initial Validation
Lea Poropat, Inga Bergmann-Wolf, Henryk Dobslaw, and Maik Thomas

EGU2016-6434 | Posters | G3.2

Sensitivity of elastic surface deformations caused by atmospheric, hydrologic, and oceanic loads to the Earth’s crust and mantle properties
Robert Dill, Volker Klemann, Mikhail Kaban, Henryk Dobslaw, and Maik Thomas

EGU2016-8596 | Orals | G3.2

On the impact of reducing global geophysical fluid model deformations in SLR data processing
Matthias Weigelt and Daniela Thaller

EGU2016-16579 | Posters | G3.2

A comparison of atmospheric loading models applied to SLR data
Rolf Koenig, Robert Dill, Jean-Claude Raimondo, and Margarita Vei

EGU2016-6635 | Posters | G3.2

Improving the Long-Term Stability of Atmospheric Surface Deformation Predictions by Mitigating the Effects of Orography Updates in Operational Weather Forecast Models
Robert Dill, Inga Bergmann-Wolf, Maik Thomas, and Henryk Dobslaw

EGU2016-14535 | Orals | G3.2

Near real-time GRACE gravity field solutions for hydrological monitoring applications
Andreas Kvas, Ben Gouweleeuw, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, and Andreas Güntner

EGU2016-13674 | Posters | G3.2

Estimating geocenter motion and barystatic sea-level variability from GRACE observations with explicit consideration of self-attraction and loading effects
Inga Bergmann-Wolf and Henryk Dobslaw

EGU2016-16299 | Orals | G3.2

De-Aliasing in Satellite Gravimetry – revisited
Michael Murböck, Thomas Gruber, Ilias Daras, and Roland Pail

EGU2016-3886 | Orals | G3.2

Regional glacial-isostatic adjustment in Antarctica inferred from combining spaceborne geodetic observations (ESA-STSE CryoSat+ Project REGINA)
Ingo Sasgen, Alba Martin, Alexander Horvath, Volker Klemann, Elizabeth Petrie, Bert Wouters, Martin Horwath, Roland Pail, Jonathan Bamber, Peter J. Clarke, Hannes Konrad, and Mark Drinwater

EGU2016-4946 | Posters | G3.2

The Benefit of Multi-Mission Altimetry Series for the Calibration of Hydraulic Models
Alessio Domeneghetti, Angelica Tarpanelli, Mohammad J. Tourian, Luca Brocca, Tommaso Moramarco, Attilio Castellarin, and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2016-12023 | Posters | G3.2

River discharge estimation from multi-mission altimetry with optimized spatial coverage and temporal resolution
Mohammad J. Tourian and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2016-12065 | Orals | G3.2

The method of tailored sensitivity kernels for GRACE mass change estimates
Andreas Groh and Martin Horwath

EGU2016-4490 | Posters | G3.2

Added value products for imaging remote sensing by processing actual GNSS reflectometry delay doppler maps
Domenico Schiavulli, Frédéric Frappart, Guillaume Ramilien, José Darrozes, Ferdinando Nunziata, and Maurizio Migliaccio

EGU2016-10139 | Orals | G3.2

Validating hydro-meteorological fluxes using GRACE-derived water storage changes - a global and regional perspective
Annette Eicker, Anne Springer, Jürgen Kusche, Thomas Jütten, Bernd Diekkrüger, and Laurent Longuevergne

EGU2016-16166 | Posters | G3.2

An automatic water body area monitoring algorithm for satellite images based on Markov Random Fields
Omid Elmi, Mohammad J Tourian, and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2016-9409 | Orals | G3.2

GNSS reflectometry aboard the International Space Station: phase-altimetry simulation to detect ocean topography anomalies
Maximilian Semmling, Vera Leister, Jan Saynisch, Florian Zus, and Jens Wickert

EGU2016-698 | Posters | G3.2

Use of GNSS Data for Hydrological Surveys in the Amazon Basin
Daniel Medeiros Moreira, Stephane Calmant, Félix Perosanz, Otto Rotunno, Joecila Santos da Silva, and Andre Santos

EGU2016-2895 | Orals | G3.2

DAHITI - An Innovative Approach for Estimating Water Level Time Series over Inland Water using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimetry
Christian Schwatke and Denise Dettmering

EGU2016-16244 | Orals | G3.2

Retrieval of short scale geophysical signals and improved coastal data from SAR satellite altimetry
Luciana Fenoglio-Marc, Christopher Buchhaupt, Salvatore Dinardo, Remko Scharroo, Jerome Benveniste, and Matthias Becker

EGU2016-17780 | Posters | G3.2

A new high resolution tidal model in the Arctic Ocean
Mathilde Cancet, Ole Andersen, Florent Lyard, David Cotton, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2016-13621 | Posters | G3.2

Tests of daily time variable Earth gravity field solutions for precise orbit determination of altimetry satellites
Sergei Rudenko and Christian Gruber

EGU2016-17402 | Posters | G3.2

Using tesseroid mascons to improve the estimations of water-mass variations with GRACE
Vagner Fereria, Bernhard Heck, Kurt Seitz, and Thomas Grombein

EGU2016-11405 | Posters | G3.2

Consistent Ocean Mass Time Series from LEO Potential Field Missions (CONTIM)
Christina Lück, Le Ren, Alexey Androsov, Jürgen Kusche, Jens Schröter, Sergey Danilov, and Roelof Rietbroek

EGU2016-11791 | Posters | G3.2

Sea level estimate from multi-frequency signal-to-noise ratio data collected by a single geodetic receiver
Nicolas Roussel, Frédéric Frappart, Guillaume Ramillien, José Darrozes, Gwendolyne Cornu, and Khanithalath Koummarasy

EGU2016-13414 | Posters | G3.2

Response of Arctic sea level and hydrography to hydrological regime change over boreal catchments
Mohammad J. Tourian, Nico Sneeuw, Martin Losch, and Benjamin Rabe

EGU2016-13709 | Posters | G3.2

Ocean mass time series from GRACE: influences of corrections, masks and filters
Roelof Rietbroek and Bernd Uebbing

EGU2016-9098 | Posters | G3.2

A time series of TanDEM-X digital elevation models to monitor a glacier surge
Anja Wendt, Christoph Mayer, Astrid Lambrecht, and Dana Floricioiu

EGU2016-9300 | Posters | G3.2

Variability in deep ocean circulation from GRACE
Carmen Boening and Michael Watkins

EGU2016-13303 | Posters | G3.2

GRACE-based validation of terrestrial water storage variations as simulated by 4 different hydrological models under WFDEI atmospheric forcing
Liangjing Zhang, Henryk Dobslaw, Tobias Stacke, Andreas Güntner, Robert Dill, and Maik Thomas

G3.4 – Earth Rotation: Theoretical aspects, observation of temporal variations and physical interpretation

EGU2016-1096 | Posters | G3.4

The Orbit of Earth
Seema Karna and Arbind Mallik

EGU2016-9276 | Orals | G3.4

Precession of a two-layer Earth: contributions of the core and elasticity
Tomás Baenas, José M. Ferrándiz, Alberto Escapa, Juan Getino, and Juan F. Navarro

EGU2016-309 | Posters | G3.4

MSSA of globally gridded АAM
Leonid Zotov, Michael Schindelegger, and Christian Bizouard

EGU2016-5439 | Orals | G3.4

Earth Rotation: Theoretical aspects, observation of temporal variations and physical interpretation
Véronique Dehant, Marta Folgueira, Laurence Koot, Raphael Laguerre, Mihaela Puica, Jérémy Rekier, Attilio Rivoldini, Santiago Andres Triana, Antony Trinh, Tim Van Hoolst, and Ping Zhu

EGU2016-11239 | Orals | G3.4

Climate and polar motion during the GRACE observing period: 2002-2015: Implications for decadal scale oscillations during the 20th Century
Erik Ivins, Surendra Adhikari, and Eric Larour

EGU2016-2601 | Posters | G3.4

Angular momentum budget of the radiational S1 ocean tide
Michael Schindelegger, Henryk Dobslaw, Lea Poropat, David Salstein, and Johannes Böhm

EGU2016-12111 | Orals | G3.4

GGOS and the EOP – the key role of SLR for a stable estimation of highly accurate Earth orientation parameters
Mathis Bloßfeld, Francesca Panzetta, Horst Müller, and Michael Gerstl

EGU2016-7683 | Posters | G3.4

Numerical simulation of short period Earth rotation variations induced by ocean tides
Andreas Goss, Michael Schindelegger, and Florian Seitz

EGU2016-11069 | Orals | G3.4

Validation of Predicted Diurnal and Semi-diurnal Tidal Variations in Polar Motion with GPS-based Observations
Shailen Desai and Aurore Sibois

EGU2016-8556 | Posters | G3.4

Ongoing Efforts to Analyze and Use Atmospheric and Oceanic Angular Momentum Datasets for Predictions of Earth Orientation.
Nicholas Stamatakos, David Salstein, Dennis McCarthy, and Marshall Eubanks

EGU2016-11689 | Orals | G3.4

Influence of dynamical equatorial flattening and orientation of a triaxial core on prograde diurnal polar motion
Rong Sun and WenBin Shen

EGU2016-9466 | Posters | G3.4

Comparison of hydrological signal in polar motion excitation with those based on the FGOALS-g2 climate model
Małgorzata Wińska, Jolanta Nastula, and David Salstein

EGU2016-9003 | Posters | G3.4

An updated set of nutations derived from the reanalysis of 3.5 decades VLBI observations
Ping Zhu, Laurence Koot, Attilio Rivoldini, and Veronique Dehant

EGU2016-5984 | Posters | G3.4

Radio source stability and geodetic VLBI
César Gattano and Sébastien Lambert

EGU2016-5889 | Posters | G3.4

Consistency of IVS nutation time series
César Gattano, Sébastien Lambert, and Christian Bizouard

EGU2016-9488 | Posters | G3.4

Ultra-rapid earth rotation determination with VLBI during CONT11 and CONT14
Rüdiger Haas, Thomas Hobiger, Shinobu Kurihara, and Tetsuya Hara

EGU2016-10452 | Posters | G3.4

Effects of the observed J2 variations on the Earth’s precession and nutation
José M. Ferrándiz, Tomás Baenas, and Santiago Belda

EGU2016-14530 | Posters | G3.4

Rotational normal modes of triaxial two-layered anelastic Earth model
Zhuo Yang and WenBin Shen

G3.5 – Monitoring and modelling of geodynamics and crustal deformation: progress during 35 years of the WEGENER initiative (co-organized)

EGU2016-1737 | Posters | G3.5

The numerical simulation on the seismogenic mechanism of the Lushan Ms 7.0 earthquake constrained by deformation observation
aiyu zhu and dongning zhang

EGU2016-911 | Orals | G3.5

Shear zones developed between extensional and compressional tectonic regimes: recent deformation of the Burdur Fethiye Shear Zone as a case study
İrem Elitez, Cenk Yaltırak, and Bahadır Aktuğ

EGU2016-6905 | Orals | G3.5

An up-to-date GNSS velocity field of the Upper Rhine Graben: an active seismic region without observed present deformations?
Frédéric Masson, Eric Henrion, and Patrice Ulrich

EGU2016-3385 | Posters | G3.5

Monitoring land subsidence process in the urban area of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam using multi-temporal SAR Interferometry
Xuan Nguyen, Chung-Pai Chang, and Tuan Le

EGU2016-3938 | Posters | G3.5

Investigation of the Creep Along the Hazar – Palu Section of the East Anatolian Fault (Turkey) Using InSAR and GPS Observations
Seda Cetin, Semih Ergintav, Ugur Dogan, Ziyadin Cakir, Selver Senturk, Hayrullah Karabulut, Fuat Saroglu, Wumiti Julaiti, and Haluk Ozener

EGU2016-9734 | Orals | G3.5

Geodetic slip rate estimates for the Alhama de Murcia and Carboneras faults in the SE Betics, Spain
Giorgi Khazaradze, Anna Echeverria, and Eulàlia Masana

EGU2016-11960 | Orals | G3.5

Interaction between deep and shallow deformation related to the 2013 Okhotsk earthquake, Kamchatka
Andrea Walpersdorf, Nikolay Titkov, Victor Chebrov, Michel Campillo, and Nikolai M. Shapiro

EGU2016-4718 | Posters | G3.5

Long-period sea-level variations in the Mediterranean
Susanna Zerbini, Fabio Raicich, Sara Bruni, Sara del Conte, Maddalena Errico, Claudio Prati, and Efisio Santi

EGU2016-5239 | Posters | G3.5

Constraining vertical land motion of tide gauges (IAG JWG 3.2): aims and scope
Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez, Matt King, Tilo Schöne, Tonie van Dam, and Guy Wöppelmann

EGU2016-12041 | Orals | G3.5

Coseismic deformation and slip model of the 17 November 2015 M=6.5 earthquake, Lefkada Island, Greece
Athanassios Ganas, Diego Melgar, Pierre Briole, Jianghui Geng, George Papathanassiou, George Bozionelos, Antonio Avallone, Sotirios Valkaniotis, Evangelos Mendonidis, Panagiotis Argyrakis, Alexandra Moshou, and Panagiotis Elias

EGU2016-5948 | Posters | G3.5

First GNSS results in the Oran area (northwestern Algeria)
amina bougrine, Jean-Mathieu Nocquet, Abdelkarim Yelles-Chaouche, Kamel Lammali, Wahab Bacha, and Toufik Terki

EGU2016-13011 | Orals | G3.5

Resolving the velocity and strain fields in the Upper Rhine Graben Area from a Combination of Levelling, GNSS and InSAR
Malte Westerhaus, Thomas Fuhrmann, Michael Mayer, Karl Zippelt, and Bernhard Heck

EGU2016-6655 | Posters | G3.5

Is the Marmara Sea segment of the North Anatolian Fault Creeping or loading ?
Emilie Klein, Frédéric Masson, Zacharie Duputel, and Hakan Yavasoglu

EGU2016-10040 | Posters | G3.5

ALERTES-SC3: an EEWS prototype for south Iberia peninsula.
Antonio Pazos, Mireya Lopez de Mesa, José Martín Davila, Javier Gallego Carrasco, Carlos Rioja del Rio, Arturo Morgado, Winfried Hanka, Angelo Strollo, Angel Cibeira, Roberto Cabieces, and Marta Carranza

EGU2016-11570 | Posters | G3.5

Co-seismic and Post-seismic Models of the 23 October 2011 (Mw=7.2) Van Earthquake (Turkey) from GPS Measurements
Deniz Oz Demir, Uğur Doğan, Ziyadin Çakır, Semih Ergintav, Seda Çetin, Alpay Özdemir, Haluk Özener, and Robert Reilinger

EGU2016-12959 | Posters | G3.5

Three-dimensional (3D) coseismic deformation map produced by the 2014 South Napa Earthquake estimated and modeled by SAR and GPS data integration
Marco Polcari, Matteo Albano, José Fernández, Mimmo Palano, Sergey Samsonov, Salvatore Stramondo, and Susanna Zerbini

EGU2016-14476 | Posters | G3.5

Lateral variability in southeast Asia: combining gravity and GPS time series after the 2004 Sumatra megathrust event
Taco Broerse, Riccardo Riva, and Rob Govers

EGU2016-15966 | Posters | G3.5

Aseismic slip behavior of the North Anatolian Fault, Turkey
Ziyadin Çakir, Semih Ergintav, Haluk Ozener, Cecile Lasserre, Baptiste Rousset, Romain Jolivet, David Mencin, and Roger Bilham

EGU2016-16831 | Posters | G3.5

Continuous creep measurements on the North Anatolian Fault at Ismetpasa
Haluk Ozener, Alkut Aytun, Bahadir Aktug, Asli Dogru, David Mencin, Semih Ergintav, and Roger Bilham

EGU2016-7478 | Posters | G3.5

The Mechanisms and Spatiotemporal Behavior of the 2011 Mw7.1 Van, Eastern Turkey Earthquake Aftershocks
Sezim Ezgi Guvercin Isik, A. Ozgun Konca, and Hayrullah Karabulut

EGU2016-7115 | Posters | G3.5

Local Geoid Modelling using Astro-geodetic Camera System and GNSS/Leveling Data
Kerem Halicioglu, Rasim Deniz, Haluk Ozener, M. Tevfik Ozludemir, and Muge Albayrak

EGU2016-6042 | Posters | G3.5

GPS-constrained inversion of present-day slip rates along major faults of eastern Tibet
Yanzhao Wang, Zheng-Kang Shen, and Min Wang

EGU2016-7135 | Posters | G3.5

Time series of the San Fernando Naval Observatory GNSS stations in the South of Spain.
Ángel Cibeira Urtiaga, Jorge Gárate, Manuel Berrocoso, and Jose Martin Dávila

EGU2016-13370 | Posters | G3.5

Analysis of Strain Rate during 24 May 2014 Gökçeada Earthquakes (NW Turkey) Using GPS/GNSS Surveys
Ramazan Cüneyt Erenoğlu, Özgün Akçay, and Oya Erenoğlu

EGU2016-9874 | Posters | G3.5

Local Geoid Determination in Istanbul Metropolitan Area
Muge Albayrak, Kerem Halicioglu, Rasim Deniz, and M. Tevfik Ozludemir

EGU2016-5449 | Posters | G3.5

Investigation of the TEC Changes in the vicinity of the Earthquake Preparation Zone
Mustafa Ulukavak and Mualla Yalcinkaya

EGU2016-5089 | Posters | G3.5

Influence of Earth crust composition on continental collision style in Precambrian conditions: Results of supercomputer modelling
Sergey Zavyalov and Vladimir Zakharov

EGU2016-2873 | Posters | G3.5

The crustal velocity field mosaic of the Alpine Mediterranean area (Italy): Insights from new geodetic data
Gregorio Farolfi and Chiara Del Ventisette

EGU2016-5493 | Posters | G3.5

The velocity effects of large historical earthquakes in Chinese mainland
Weijie Tan, Danan Dong, and Bin Wu

EGU2016-10935 | Posters | G3.5

Installation and Initial Results of Borehole Strainmeters around the Marmara Sea in Turkey.
David Mencin, Marco Bohnhoff, Haluk Ozener, Glen Mattioli, Roger Bilham, Wade Johnson, Mike Gottlieb, Elizabeth Van Boskirk, Digdem Aracel, Fatih Bulut, and Osman Bal

EGU2016-9180 | Posters | G3.5

Seismotectonics and crustal deformation in Africa
Abdelhakim Ayadi and the The IGCP-601 Working

G4.1 – Acquisition and processing of gravity and magnetic field data and their integrative interpretation (co-organized)

EGU2016-1295 | Posters | G4.1

Global surface density of water mass variations by using a two-step inversion by cumulating daily satellite gravity information
Guillaume Ramillien, Frédéric Frappart, and Lucia Seoane

EGU2016-14115 | Orals | G4.1

Swarm magnetic gradients for lithospheric modelling (SLIM)
Johannes Bouman, Jörg Ebbing, Stavros Kotsiaros, Marco Brönner, Roger Haagmans, Martin Fuchs, Nils Holzrichter, Nils Olsen, and Eldar Baykiev

EGU2016-8192 | Orals | G4.1

Sensitivity of magnetic field gradients over Fennoscandia
Eldar Baykiev, Jörg Ebbing, Marco Brönner, and Karl Fabian

EGU2016-10175 | Posters | G4.1

Investigating the relation between the geometric properties of river basins and the filtering parameters for regional land hydrology applications using GRACE models
Dimitrios Piretzidis and Michael G. Sideris

EGU2016-3921 | Posters | G4.1

Along-strike variations of terrestrial and satellite gravity measurements along the Himalayan arc
Rodolphe Cattin, György Hetényi, Théo Berthet, Isabelle Panet, Gwendoline Pajot-Métivier, Dowchu Drukpa, Nicolas Le Moigne, Stéphanie Gautier, Soma Nath Sapkota, and Kinzang Thinley

EGU2016-9500 | Orals | G4.1

Sensitivity of satellite magnetic measurements to mantle magnetization
Wolfgang Szwillus, Jörg Ebbing, and Eldar Baykiev

EGU2016-2450 | Orals | G4.1

GRACE captures basin mass dynamic changes in China based on a multi-basin inversion method
Shuang Yi, Qiuyu Wang, and Wenke Sun

EGU2016-2108 | Posters | G4.1

Curvature analysis of satellite gradients – A meaningful tool for tectonic interpretation?
Jörg Ebbing, Folker Pappa, and Wolfgang Szwillus

EGU2016-5879 | Posters | G4.1

Moho depth model from GOCE gravity gradient data for the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Alexandra Guy, Nils Holzrichter, and Jörg Ebbing

EGU2016-2815 | Orals | G4.1

On Feasibility to Detect Volcanoes Hidden under Ice of Antarctica via their “Gravitational Signal"
Jaroslav Klokočník, Jan Kostelecký, Ivan Pešek, Aleš Bezděk, and Blažej Bucha

EGU2016-14188 | Posters | G4.1

3D free-air gravity anomaly modeling for the Southeast Indian Ridge
Chiara Girolami, Ingo Heyde, Massimiliano Rinaldo Barchi, and Cristina Pauselli

EGU2016-2988 | Orals | G4.1

Joint 3D inversion of gravity and magnetic data with geological constraints - an alternative approach
Ilya Prutkin, Peter Vajda, and Gerhard Jentzsch

EGU2016-1626 | Posters | G4.1

Gravity and geoid model for South America
Denizar Blitzkow, Ana Cristina Oliveira Cancoro de Matos, Gabriel do Nascimento Guimarães, María Cristina Pacino, Eduardo Andrés Lauría, Marcelo Nunes, Carlos Alberto Correia e Castro Junior, Fredy Flores, Nuris Orihuela Guevara, Ruber Alvarez, and José Napoleon Hernandez

EGU2016-3888 | Orals | G4.1

Integrating Reflection Seismic, Gravity and Magnetic Data to Reveal the Structure of Crystalline Basement: Implications for Understanding Rift Development
Antje Lenhart, Christopher A-L. Jackson, Rebecca E. Bell, Oliver B. Duffy, Haakon Fossen, and Robert L. Gawthorpe

EGU2016-7214 | Posters | G4.1

Crustal structure of the Hecataeus Rise (eastern Mediterranean) deduced by marine gravity and marine magnetic modelling
Ali Dehghani

EGU2016-9269 | Orals | G4.1

Contribution of geophysical data in delineating the active subsurface structures along the southeastern Mediterranean and northern Egypt
Salah Saleh and Mostafa Elwan

EGU2016-4195 | Orals | G4.1

Investigation of urban faults in Shenzhen using wavelet multi-scale analysis and modeling of gravity observations
Chuang Xu, Liang Chen, and Xi-kai Liu

EGU2016-13292 | Posters | G4.1

Use of gravity potential field methods for defining a shallow magmatic intrusion: the Mt. Amiata case history (Tuscany, Central Italy)
Chiara Girolami, Massimiliano Rinaldo Barchi, Cristina Pauselli, and Ingo Heyde

EGU2016-14220 | Orals | G4.1

GTE: a new FFT based software to compute terrain correction on airborne gravity surveys in spherical approximation.
Martina Capponi, Daniele Sampietro, and Fernando Sansò

EGU2016-2874 | Posters | G4.1

The Origin of the Rodrigues Depth Anomaly: New constraints from integrated gravity inversion
Alexander Minakov, Carmen Gaina, and Jan Inge Faleide

EGU2016-17774 | Posters | G4.1

Determination of the Basin Structure Beneath European Side of Istanbul
Savas Karabulut, Mulla Cengiz Cinku, Michael Thomas, and Maurice Lamontagne

EGU2016-12195 | Orals | G4.1

Continuous Gravity Monitoring in South America with Superconducting and Absolute Gravimeters: More than 12 years time series at station TIGO/Concepcion (Chile)
Hartmut Wziontek, Reinhard Falk, Hayo Hase, Böer Armin, Güntner Andreas, and Wang Rongjiang

EGU2016-6932 | Orals | G4.1

Comparison of broad band time series recorded parallel by FGI type interferometric water level and Lippmann type pendulum tilt meters at Conrad observatory, Austria
Hannu Ruotsalainen, Gabor Papp, Roman Leonhardt, Dora Ban, Eszter Szücs, and Judith Benedek

EGU2016-18022 | Posters | G4.1

Gravity study of Libya;Evaluation and Integration with Geological Data
abdunnur Ben Suleman and Ahmed Saheel

EGU2016-9374 | Posters | G4.1

A Study on Gravimetric Geoid Determination Using Analytical Downward Continuation Technique
Erdinç Sezen, Uğur Doğan, and Hasan Yıldız

EGU2016-3410 | Posters | G4.1

Polyhedral shape model for terrain correction of gravity and gravity gradient data based on an adaptive mesh
Zhikui Guo, Chao Chen, and Chunhui Tao

EGU2016-16956 | Posters | G4.1

On the use of the point-mass modeling technique for assessing ice-mass variations in alpine glacier systems
Stefan Reimond, Oliver Baur, and Sandro Krauss

EGU2016-5953 | Posters | G4.1

A highly accurate absolute gravimetric network for Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro
Christian Ullrich, Diethard Ruess, Hubert Butta, Kristaq Qirko, Bozidar Pavicevic, and Meha Murat

EGU2016-14110 | Posters | G4.1

TR-GRAV: National Center for Turkish Gravity Field
Mehmet Simav, İlyas Akpınar, Erdinc Sezen, Ayhan Cingöz, and Hasan Yıldız

EGU2016-12612 | Posters | G4.1

A new gravimetric reference station in South America: The installation of the Superconducting Gravimeters SG038 at the Argentinian-German Geodetic Observatory AGGO
Hartmut Wziontek, Ilona Nowak, Hayo Hase, Michael Häfner, Andreas Güntner, Marvin Reich, and Claudio Brunini

EGU2016-14526 | Posters | G4.1

Global 3-d weather models for the atmospheric correction of gravity time series
Thomas Klügel and Hartmut Wziontek

EGU2016-4901 | Posters | G4.1

M2 tidal parameter modulation revealed by superconducting gravimeter time series
Bruno Meurers, Michel Van Camp, Olivier Francis, and Vojtech Pálinkáš