Presentation type:

GD – Geodynamics

GD1.1 – Open session in Geodynamics (posters only) (co-organized)

EGU2016-78 | Posters | GD1.1

Growth of lithospheric-scale fault system in NE Tibet: numerical modeling constrained by high-resolution seismic reflection data
Zhen Fu and Haiming Zhang

EGU2016-1018 | Posters | GD1.1

Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves and Standard Penetration Test for Sub-Soil Characterization: A Comparison Study.
Jessica Villagomez

EGU2016-1548 | Posters | GD1.1

Coupling of the Matched Gravity and Electromagnetic Fields of the Sun with Jupiter and its Moons Together in Nearest Portion of Jupiter's Orbit to the Sun as the Main Cause of the Peak of Approximately 11 Yearly Solar Cycles and Hazards from Solar Storms
Kazem Gholibeigian and Hassan Gholibeigian

EGU2016-4302 | Posters | GD1.1

The relationship between the age and depth of the oceanic crust in the central South China Sea
Yi-Jui Peng, Shu-Kun Hsu, and Ling-Yun Chiao

EGU2016-11430 | Posters | GD1.1

Controls on continental strain partitioning above an oblique subduction zone, Northern Andes
Jorina M. Schütt and David M. Whipp Jr.

EGU2016-12551 | Posters | GD1.1

The origin of islands in the Kandalaksha Gulf of the White Sea: joint work of internal and external geodynamic processes
Natalia Kosevich and Maria Romanovskaya

EGU2016-14860 | Posters | GD1.1

Comparison of seismotomographic and thermogravitational models with distribution of the seismotectonic deformation orientations for Kamchatka region
Natalia Bushenkova, Olga Kuchay, Victor Chervov, and Ivan Koulakov

GD2.2 – Geodynamics of continental crust and upper mantle, and the nature of mantle discontinuities (co-organized)

EGU2016-6437 | Posters | GD2.2

The upper-mantle transition zone beneath the Chile-Argentina flat subduction zone
Paula Bagdo, Luciana Bonatto, Gabriela Badi, and Claudia Piromallo

EGU2016-16657 | Orals | GD2.2

Imaging the continental lithosphere: Perspectives from global and regional anisotropic seismic tomography
Sergei Lebedev and Andrew Schaeffer

EGU2016-6912 | Orals | GD2.2

Density heterogeneity of the cratonic mantle and dynamic topography in southern Africa
Irina Artemieva and Lev Vinnik

EGU2016-6610 | Posters | GD2.2

Different stages of collision zones on examples of Gujarat province (India) and Caucasus
Irina Zabelina, Ivan Koulakov, Jnana Ranjan Kayal, Ajay Pratap Singh, Santosh Kumar, Ekaterina Kukarina, and Iason Amanatashvili

EGU2016-9650 | Posters | GD2.2

The Crustal Structure Of The Marmara Region Using Receiver Function Analysis
Pınar Büyükakpınar, Cemil Gürbüz, and Ekrem Zor

EGU2016-3351 | Orals | GD2.2

Lithospheric discontinuities beneath Australia: interaction of large-scale and fine scale structure
Brian L. N. Kennett and Kazunori Yoshizawa

EGU2016-7333 | Orals | GD2.2

The lithosphere-asthenosphere system of the Periadriatic region: a geophysical perspective
Fabio Romanelli, Enrico Brandmayr, and Giuliano Panza

EGU2016-10917 | Posters | GD2.2

Two types of asthenospheric layers and their evolution
Leszek Czechowski and Marek Grad

EGU2016-3862 | Orals | GD2.2

Mid-lithospheric discontinuity and its roles in the dynamic evolution of the craton–example from the North China Craton
Ling Chen, Zigen Wei, Mingming Jiang, and Yuan Ling

EGU2016-12943 | Posters | GD2.2

P-wave receiver function study of crustal structure in Scandinavia
Anna Makushkina, Hans Thybo, Lev Vinnik, and Mohammad Youssof

EGU2016-2332 | Orals | GD2.2

Structure of the upper mantle boundaries in North Eurasia and their origin
Ninel Pavlenkova

EGU2016-13882 | Posters | GD2.2

Seismic Monitoring of the Arctic region by the International Monitoring System CTBTO
Tatiana Medinskaya

EGU2016-650 | Orals | GD2.2

The crust and lithosphere thicknesses of Greenland revisited: what do recent gravity data tell us?
Rebekka Steffen and Björn Lund

EGU2016-14533 | Posters | GD2.2

Lithosphere erosion and breakup due to the interaction between extension and plume upwelling
Alessio Lavecchia, Cedric Thieulot, Fred Beekman, Sierd Cloetingh, and Stuart Clark

EGU2016-8162 | Orals | GD2.2

The mantle transition zone and the upper mantle in Central-Eastern Greenland
Helene Anja Kraft, Hans Thybo, and Lev Vinnik

EGU2016-15597 | Posters | GD2.2

Metasomatism and current state of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field constrained by trace element modelling and magnetotelluric survey
Rita Klébesz, Levente Patkó, Attila Novák, Viktor Wesztergom, and Csaba Szabó

EGU2016-16341 | Posters | GD2.2

Crustal and upper mantle seismic structure of Russia from teleseismic receiver functions
Mohammad Youssof, Hans Thybo, Irina Artemieva, Lev Vinnik, and Sergey Oreshin

EGU2016-4102 | Orals | GD2.2

The complex isostatic equilibration of Australia's deep crust.
Alan Aitken, Lutz Gross, and Cihan Altinay

EGU2016-8438 | Orals | GD2.2

Lithosphere structure in Northern Canada from receiver function (RF)
Olga Barantseva, Lev Vinnik, and Irina Artemieva

EGU2016-13762 | Orals | GD2.2

Origins of the 520-km discontinuity
Lev Vinnik

GD2.3 – Tracing the lithosphere at craton edges, with special focus to the Trans-European Suture Zone. (co-organized)

EGU2016-11305 | Orals | GD2.3

Evidence for the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Evolution of the Lithosphere in the Trans-European Suture Zone from Surface Wave Tomography
Thomas Meier, Riaz Soomro, Sergei Lebedev, Christian Weidle, Lothar Viereck, Jan Behrmann, Luigia Cristiano, and Ricarda Hanemann

EGU2016-4400 | Posters | GD2.3

Tracing edges of Baltic Shield and Karelia craton by means of seismic anisotropy
Jaroslava Plomerova, Ludek Vecsey, Helena Munzarova, and Vladislav Babuska

EGU2016-3579 | Orals | GD2.3

The Structure of the Mantle Lithosphere in Central Europe from S-Receiver Functions
Rainer Kind, Mark Handy, Xiaohui Yuan, and Thomas Meier

EGU2016-8368 | Posters | GD2.3

Teleseismic P-wave traveltime tomography model of the upper mantle below northern part of Fennoscandian Shield
Hanna Silvennoinen, Elena Kozlovskaya, and Eduard Kissling

EGU2016-14014 | Posters | GD2.3

Crustal properties in the continuum Baltic Shield-Scandinavian Mountains from seismic ambient noise and magnetotelluric analysis
Walid Ben Mansour, Richard W. England, Stewart Fishwick, Andreas Köhler, Max Moorkamp, Lars Ottemøller, and Maxim Smirnov

EGU2016-8391 | Orals | GD2.3

Upper mantle structure across the Trans-European Suture Zone from S-receiver functions
Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun, Frank Krueger, and Wolfram H. Geissler

EGU2016-4422 | Orals | GD2.3

TESZ as a diffuse paleoplate boundary between the East European Craton and Phanerozoic Europe
Ludek Vecsey, Jaroslava Plomerova, Jan Chyba, and Vladislav Babuska and the PASSEQ

EGU2016-8935 | Posters | GD2.3

Interaction between an incipient rift and a cratonic lithosphere : The North Tanzania Rift seen from some seismic tools
Stéphanie Gautier, Matthieu Plasman, Christel Tiberi, Marie Lopez, Sophie Peyrat, Julie Perrot, Julie Albaric, Jacques Déverchère, Anne Deschamps, Cindy Ebinger, Steven Roecker, Gabriel Mulibo, Richard Ferdinand Wambura, Alfred Muzuka, Michael Msabi, and Remigius Gama

EGU2016-13459 | Orals | GD2.3

Variations of the lithospheric strength across the edges of the North American craton and their relation to intraplate earthquakes
Magdala Tesauro, Mikhail Kaban, Walter Mooney, and Sierd Cloetingh

EGU2016-4111 | Posters | GD2.3

2.5D S-wave velocity model of the TESZ area in northern Poland from receiver function analysis
Monika Wilde-Piorko, Marcin Polkowski, and Marek Grad

EGU2016-7194 | Orals | GD2.3

Cratons formation by global plume-lid tectonics in the early Earth
Taras Gerya, Ria Fischer, and Elena Sizova

EGU2016-6354 | Posters | GD2.3

Electromagnetic study of lithospheric structure in Trans-European Suture Zone in Poland
Waldemar Jóźwiak, Katarzyna Ślęzak, Krzysztof Nowożyński, and Anne Neska

EGU2016-10068 | Posters | GD2.3

Crustal high-velocity anomaly at the East European Craton margin in SE Poland (TESZ) modelled by 3-D seismic tomography of refracted and reflected arrivals
Piotr Środa and Monika Dec

EGU2016-6468 | Orals | GD2.3

The Teisseyre-Tornquist Zone – early Palaeozoic strike-slip plate boundary or Ediacaran rifted margin of Baltica?
Stanislaw Mazur, Piotr Krzywiec, Michal Malinowski, Marek Lewandowski, Vinton Buffenmeyer, and Christopher Green

EGU2016-9827 | Orals | GD2.3

The edges of Precambrian shields in Scandinavia and the UK
Richard England, Walid Ben Mansour, Max Moorkamp, and Stewart Fishwick

EGU2016-4145 | Posters | GD2.3

Seasonal changes of the ambient noise recorded by the “13 BB star” array in northern Poland within the Trans European Suture Zone
Simone Lepore and Marek Grad

EGU2016-9461 | Orals | GD2.3

The lithosphere across the Northern Tornquist Zone – southwestern edge of Baltic Shield
Niels Balling

EGU2016-5628 | Orals | GD2.3

Lithosphere structure in southern Madagascar from receiver function and ambient noise correlation: implication for the crustal evolution
Elisa J. Rindraharisaona, Frederik Tilmann, Xiaohui Yuan, Georg Rümpker, and Miriam Reiss

EGU2016-2201 | Orals | GD2.3

Crustal and uppermost mantle structure of the eastern margin of the Yilgarn Craton (Australia) from passive seismic data
Christian Sippl, Hrvoje Tkalčić, Brian Kennett, Catherine Spaggiari, and Klaus Gessner

GD2.6 – Deep seated magmas in different geodynamic settings and their mantle roots: The origin and evolution of mantle melts and their interaction with the lithosphere | PICO

EGU2016-3285 | PICO | GD2.6

Source of magma for Elet-Ozero pluton (NE Baltic Shield) – subduction or plume-related material?
Igor Ryabchikov and Liya Kogarko

EGU2016-2836 | PICO | GD2.6

Fractionation of Zr and Hf during the differentiation of peralkaline magmatic system (Lovozero rare metal deposit, Kola Peninsula)
Liya Kogarko

EGU2016-1669 | PICO | GD2.6

Interaction of extended mantle plume head with ancient lithosphere: evidence from deep-seated xenoliths in basalts and lamprophyre diatremes in Western Syria
Evgenii Sharkov

EGU2016-4252 | PICO | GD2.6

Implication of the monomineral eclogite thermobarometry for the reconstruction of the PT conditions and origin of mantle eclogites in the structure of Siberian and other cratons.
Igor Ashchepkov, Alla Logvinova, Zdislav Spetsius, Theodoros Ntaflos, Subramanaian Ravi, Nikolai Vladykin, Yuri Stegnitsky, Svetlana Babushkina, and Yuri Ovchinnikov

EGU2016-5542 | PICO | GD2.6

Peculiarities of mantle lithosphere beneath the large kimberlite pipes in different regions for Siberian craton
Igor Ashchepkov, Alla Logvinova, Theodoros Ntaflos, Nikolai Vladykin, Zdislav Spetsius, Sergey Kostrovitsky, Yuri Stegnitsky, and Sergey Prokopyev

EGU2016-1070 | PICO | GD2.6

New constraints on the textural and geochemical evolution of the upper mantle beneath the Styrian basin
Laszlo Aradi, Károly Hidas, Alberto Zanetti, István János Kovács, Levente Patkó, and Csaba Szabó

EGU2016-358 | PICO | GD2.6

Introduction of sub-lithospheric component into melted lithospheric base by propagating crack: Case study of migrated Quaternary volcanoes in Wudalianchi, China
Irina Chuvashova and Yi-min Sun

EGU2016-10612 | PICO | GD2.6

Magmatism at the lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary in developing transtensional zone: Spatial-temporal change of sources for Quaternary potassic volcanic rocks from Wudalianchi, China
Sergei Rasskazov, Irina Chuvashova, Yi-min Sun, Chen Yang, and Zhenhua Xie

EGU2016-1200 | PICO | GD2.6

Isotope and trace element geochemistry of lamprophyres and syenites from different areas of South-Chuya complex, SE Altai.
Elena Vasyukova

EGU2016-6451 | PICO | GD2.6

Flood-basalt magmatism of the Vodlozero Block of the Karelian Craton: relations between high- and low-Cr Varieties
Maria Bogina, Valeriy Zlobin, Evgenii Sharkov, and Alexii Chistyakov

EGU2016-17927 | PICO | GD2.6

Platinum-Group Element Mineralization in the Fedorovatundra layered intrusion, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Nikolay Groshev, Victor Subbotin, and Alexey Korchagin

EGU2016-2090 | PICO | GD2.6

Granitoids of different geodynamic settings of Baikal region (Russia) their geochemical evolution and origin
Viktor Antipin and Natalia Sheptyakova

EGU2016-14465 | PICO | GD2.6

The main features of the interaction of mantle magmas with granulite complexes of the lower crust and their relationship with granitic melts (exemplified by the Early Caledonides of the West Baikal Region, Russia)
Alexandr Vladimirov, Sergei Khromykh, Alexei Mekhonoshin, Nina Volkova, Alexei Travin, Evgeny Mikheev, and Anna Vladimirova

EGU2016-5055 | PICO | GD2.6

Riftogenic A-type granites of the Polar Urals, Russia
Oksana Udoratina, Ksenia Kulikova, and Alexander Shuysky

EGU2016-17713 | PICO | GD2.6

Diamond morphology as a key to understanding metasomatic processes in subcratonic mantle
Yana Fedortchouk, Samantha Perritt, and Ingrid Chinn

GD2.8 – Fluid circulation in magmatic hydrothermal systems (co-organized)

EGU2016-9825 | Orals | GD2.8

Hydrothermal activity at slow-spreading ridges: variability and importance of magmatic controls
Javier Escartin

EGU2016-10698 | Posters | GD2.8

Structure and Dynamics of the Southeast Indian Ridge, 129°E to 140°E, and Off-axis Volcanism: Preliminary Results of the STORM Cruise
Anne Briais, Fabienne Barrère, Cédric Boulart, Georges Ceuleneer, Nicolas Ferreira, Barry Hanan, Christophe Hémond, Sarah Macleod, Marcia Maia, Agnès Maillard, Sergey Merkuryev, Sung-Hyun Park, Sidonie Révillon, Etienne Ruellan, Alexandre Schohn, Sally Watson, and Yun-Seok Yang

EGU2016-16742 | Orals | GD2.8

The influence of isotropic and anisotropic crustal permeability on hydrothermal flow at fast spreading ridges
Jörg Hasenclever, Lars Rüpke, Sonja Theissen-Krah, and Jason Morgan

EGU2016-13742 | Posters | GD2.8

Oxidation of the ocean crust: When does it happen?
Jennifer Rutter, Michelle Harris, Damon Teagle, Rosalind Coggon, Jeff Alt, and Christopher Smith-Duque

EGU2016-12226 | Posters | GD2.8

Anhydrite precipitation in seafloor hydrothermal systems
Sonja Theissen-Krah and Lars H. Rüpke

EGU2016-5718 | Orals | GD2.8

Experimental study of the Mg and Sr isotopic evolution of seawater interacting with basalt between 150 and 300 ˚ C.
Martin Voigt, Christopher R. Pearce, and Eric H. Oelkers

EGU2016-873 | Orals | GD2.8

Permeability enhancement during gold mineralization: Evidences from Kestanelik epithermal vein system, NW Turkey
Nilay Gulyuz, Zoe Shipton, Ilkay Kuscu, Richard A. Lord, David R. Gladwell, and Nuretdin Kaymakci

EGU2016-7273 | Posters | GD2.8

Off-axis Submarine Massive Sulfide accumulation at the fault-controlled Logatchev 1 hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Christine Andersen, Sonja Theissen-Krah, and Mark Hannington

EGU2016-2258 | Orals | GD2.8

Brittle versus ductile deformation as the main control of the deep fluid circulation in continental crust
Marie Violay, Claudio Madonna, and Jean-Pierre Burg

EGU2016-16288 | Posters | GD2.8

Hydrogeologic controls on saturation profiles in heat-pipe-like hydrothermal systems: numerical study
Mollika Pervin, Iulia Ghergut, Thomas Graf, and Aaron Peche

EGU2016-7777 | Posters | GD2.8

Physical properties of rocks and aqueous fluids at conditions simulating near- and supercritical reservoirs
Juliane Kummerow and Siegfried Raab

EGU2016-14378 | Orals | GD2.8

Groundwater circulation between volcanic fissure systems evidenced by water stable isotopes
Arny Sveinbjornsdottir

EGU2016-10002 | Posters | GD2.8

Vesiculation of rhyolite magma in the IDDP-1 borehole at Krafla, Iceland
Laura Trewick, Hugh Tuffen, Jacqueline Owen, Ben Kennedy, John Eichelberger, and Robert Zierenberg

EGU2016-14507 | Posters | GD2.8

Quantitative impact of hydrothermal alteration on electrical resistivity in geothermal systems from a joint analysis of laboratory measurements and borehole data in Krafla area, N-E Iceland
Léa Lévy, Gylfi Páll Hersir, Ólafur Flóvenz, Benoit Gibert, Philippe Pézard, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, and Pierre Briole

EGU2016-16189 | Posters | GD2.8

A Self Potential study of the summit geothermal system of the Krafla volcano (Iceland).
Maria Giulia Di Giuseppe, Antonio Troiano, Renato Somma, Stefano Carlino, Claudia Troise, and Giuseppe De Natale

EGU2016-2162 | Posters | GD2.8

The geothermal system of Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex (Chile-Argentina): New insights from self-potential, soil CO2 degassing, temperature measurements and helium isotopes, with structural and fluid circulation implications.
Emilie Roulleau, Francisco Bravo, Stephanie Barde-Cabusson, Marcela Pizarro, Carlos Muños, Juan Sanchez, Daniele Tardani, Yuji Sano, Naoto Takahata, Federico de Cal, and Carlos Esteban

EGU2016-10620 | Posters | GD2.8

Structural and alteration controls on gold mineralization the of the amphibolite facies Detour Lake Deposit, Canada
Renelle Dubosq and David Schneider

EGU2016-14553 | Posters | GD2.8

Relantionships between gold mineralization and granite - Discussion with the support of a pluridisciplinary study of the Passa Tres gold deposit (South Brazil)
Bárbara Dressel, Alain Chauvet, Barbara Trzaskos, Joao Carlos Biondi, Olivier Bruguier, Patrick Monie, Sandro Villanova, and Jose Bazille

EGU2016-4538 | Posters | GD2.8

Crystallochemical and structural evolution of tourmaline in auriferous quartz veins of the Iskel terrane prospect (western Hoggar, Tamanrasset, South Algeria)
Mohamed Talbi, Ismahane Chaouche, and Yves Fuchs

GD3.1 – Mantle dynamics in the Earth and other planetary bodies (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-16151 | PICO | GD3.1

Using seismology to map water in the mantle transition zone
Laura Cobden, Vincent Thio, and Jeannot Trampert

EGU2016-15313 | PICO | GD3.1

The effect of water to mantle rheology and convection
Stefan Brändli

EGU2016-14778 | PICO | GD3.1

Constraining density and velocity jumps across the 410 km discontinuity
Morvarid Saki, Christine Thomas, Laura Cobden, and Rafael Abreu

EGU2016-16731 | PICO | GD3.1

Modeling Continental Growth and Mantle Hydration in Earth's Evolution and the Impact of Life
Dennis Höning and Tilman Spohn

EGU2016-13798 | PICO | GD3.1

Direct Shear of Olivine Single Crystals under Hydrous Conditions
Jacob Tielke, Julian Mecklenburgh, Elisabetta Mariani, and John Wheeler

EGU2016-12327 | PICO | GD3.1

Constraining upper mantle mass structure below the oceans from seismic and geodetic data
Isabelle Panet, Barbara Romanowicz, Marianne Greff, and Scott French

EGU2016-14570 | PICO | GD3.1

Mechanisms controlling the modes of the sinking slab into the transition zone
Roberto Agrusta, Saskia Goes, and Jeroen van Hunen

EGU2016-14633 | PICO | GD3.1

Effects of grain size evolution on mantle dynamics
Falko Schulz, Nicola Tosi, Ana-Catalina Plesa, and Doris Breuer

EGU2016-14887 | PICO | GD3.1

Evolutionary models of the Earth with a grain size-dependent rheology: diffusion versus dislocation creep
Antoine Rozel, Gregor Golabek, Marcel Thielmann, Jana Schierjott, and Paul Tackley

EGU2016-16840 | PICO | GD3.1

High-pressure, high-temperature deformation of CaGeO3 (perovskite)±MgO aggregates: Elasto-ViscoPlastic Self-Consistent modeling and dynamics in the lower mantle
Nadège Hilairet, Carlos Tomé, Huamiao Wang, Sébastien Merkel, Yanbin Wang, Julien Gasc, Shi Feng, and Norimasa Nishiyama

EGU2016-9120 | PICO | GD3.1

Long-range Receiver Function Profile of Crustal and Mantle Discontinuities From the Aleutian Arc to Tierra del Fuego
Kathrin Spieker, Stéphane Rondenay, and Lucas Sawade

EGU2016-17063 | PICO | GD3.1

Constraining the deformation and exhumation history of the Ronda Massif, Southern Spain
Jack Myall and Colin Donaldson

EGU2016-15691 | PICO | GD3.1

Archean spherule classification of CT3 drill core, Barberton Greenstone Belt (South Africa) based on petrography and mineral chemistry
Seda Ozdemir, Christian Koeberl, Tanja Mohr-Westheide, W. Uwe Reimold, and Axel Hofmann

EGU2016-9339 | PICO | GD3.1

Can eustatic charts go beyond first-order? Insights from the Permo-Triassic
Benjamin Guillaume, Julien Monteux, Stéphane Pochat, Laurent Husson, and Gaël Choblet

EGU2016-14631 | PICO | GD3.1

Chemical heterogeneities in the interior of terrestrial bodies
Ana-Catalina Plesa, Maxime Maurice, Nicola Tosi, and Doris Breuer

EGU2016-12830 | PICO | GD3.1

Mixing in mantle convection models with self-consistent plate tectonics and melting and crustal production: Application to mixing in the early Earth
Paul Tackley

EGU2016-6174 | PICO | GD3.1

Role of elasticity in stagnant lid convection
Vojtech Patocka, Paul Tackley, and Ondrej Cadek

EGU2016-12552 | PICO | GD3.1

Subduction Initiation from a Stagnant Lid: New Insights from Numerical Models with a Free Surface
Fabio Crameri and Paul Tackley

EGU2016-5334 | PICO | GD3.1

Correlation between mobile continents and elevated temperatures in the subcontinental mantle
Charitra Jain, Antoine Rozel, and Paul Tackley

EGU2016-15442 | PICO | GD3.1

Structures in the Deep Mantle: Implications for the Onset of Plate Tectonics and the Viscosity Structure
Claudia Stein and Ulrich Hansen

EGU2016-7770 | PICO | GD3.1

Melting-induced crustal production helps plate tectonics on Earth-like planets
Diogo L. Lourenço, Antoine Rozel, and Paul J. Tackley

EGU2016-5543 | PICO | GD3.1

Crystallization and Cooling of a Deep Silicate Magma Ocean
Dan Bower and Aaron Wolf

EGU2016-420 | PICO | GD3.1

Modelling magma ocean solidification and volatile outgassing during early planetary evolution.
Athanasia Nikolaou, Nicola Tosi, and Ana-Catalina Plesa

EGU2016-15405 | PICO | GD3.1

Dynamiical layering in mantle convection - impact on the viscoisity structure
Ulrich Hansen, Claudia Stein, and Sabine Dude

EGU2016-12596 | PICO | GD3.1

Effect of Earth’s rotation on thermal convection in the mantle
Tamas Bozoki, Mátyás Herein, and Attila Galsa

EGU2016-9599 | PICO | GD3.1

Coupling giant impacts and longer-term evolution models
Gregor Golabek, Martin Jutzi, Alexandre Emsenhuber, Taras Gerya, and Erik Asphaug

GD3.3 – Understanding The Earth's mantle: interdisciplinary approach (including Augustus Love Medal Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2016-13558 | Orals | GD3.3

Predicting lower mantle heterogeneity from 4-D Earth models
Nicolas Flament, Simon Williams, Dietmar Müller, Michael Gurnis, and Dan J. Bower

EGU2016-15020 | Posters | GD3.3

Structure of North Atlantic upper mantle based on gravity modelling, regional geochemistry and tectonic history
Olga Barantseva, Irina Artemieva, and Hans Thybo

EGU2016-4341 | Orals | GD3.3

Finding the patterns in mantle convection
Suzanne Atkins, Antoine Rozel, Andrew Valentine, Paul Tackley, and Jeannot Trampert

EGU2016-4570 | Posters | GD3.3

Reconstructing mantle heterogeneity with data assimilation based on the back-and-forth nudging method: Implications for mantle-dynamic fitting of past plate motions
Petar Glišović and Alessandro Forte

EGU2016-17425 | Orals | GD3.3 | Media interest

The 2016 Case for Mantle Plumes and a Plume-Fed Asthenosphere (Augustus Love Medal Lecture)
Jason P. Morgan

EGU2016-796 | Posters | GD3.3

Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Elastic Anisotropy of SnO2 Polymorphs: A First-principles Approach
Pratik Kumar Das, Nibir Mandal, and Ashok Arya

EGU2016-13620 | Orals | GD3.3

Compositional layering within the large low shear-wave velocity provinces (LLSVPs) in the lower mantle
Maxim Ballmer, Vedran Lekic, Lina Schumacher, Garrett Ito, and Christine Thomas

EGU2016-16770 | Posters | GD3.3

Seismic imaging beneath southwest Africa based on finite-frequency body wave tomography
Mohammad Youssof, Xiaohui Yuan, Frederik Tilmann, Benjamin Heit, Michael Weber, Wilfried Jokat, Wolfram Geissler, and Gabi Laske

EGU2016-4045 | Orals | GD3.3

Global lower mantle structure from multifrequency P- and Pdiff-wave tomography
Kasra Hosseini, Karin Sigloch, Simon Stähler, Martin van Driel, Ludwig Auer, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer

EGU2016-9084 | Posters | GD3.3

Geodynamic investigation of the processes that control Lu-Hf isotopic differences between different mantle domains and the crust
Rosie Jones, Peter van Keken, Erik Hauri, Jeff Vervoort, and Chris J. Ballentine

EGU2016-10976 | Posters | GD3.3

Interpretation of the high conductive anomaly of the Society hotspot
Noriko Tada, Pascal Tarits, Kiyoshi Baba, Hisashi Utada, and Daisuke Suetsugu

EGU2016-8270 | Orals | GD3.3 | Media interest

Oceanic crust recycling and the formation of lower mantle heterogeneity
Peter E. van Keken, Jeroen Ritsema, Sam Haugland, Saskia Goes, and Satoshi Kaneshima

EGU2016-13960 | Orals | GD3.3

Revealing core-mantle boundary temperature and corresponding lower mantle heterogeneities by numerical simulations
Ilya Fomin and Paul Tackley

EGU2016-11078 | Posters | GD3.3

The Importance of Grain Size to Mantle Dynamics and Seismological Observations: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Rene Gassmöller, Juliane Dannberg, Zach Eilon, Pritwiraj Moulik, Robert Myhill, and Ulrich Faul

EGU2016-14832 | Posters | GD3.3

Ensemble data assimilation for the reconstruction of mantle circulation
Marie Bocher, Nicolas Coltice, Alexandre Fournier, and Paul Tackley

EGU2016-14290 | Orals | GD3.3

Composition and Structure of Earth’s Lower Mantle from Elasticity and Rheology Measurements
Hauke Marquardt, Alexander Kurnosov, Daniel Frost, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Luca Ziberna, Lowell Miyagi, Hanns-Peter Liermann, Sergio Speziale, and Julia Immoor

EGU2016-6755 | Posters | GD3.3 | Media interest

Global correlation of lower mantle structure and past subduction
Mathew Domeier, Pavel Doubrovine, Trond Torsvik, Wim Spakman, and Abigail Bull

EGU2016-16133 | Orals | GD3.3

Viscous Dissipation and Criticality of Subducting Slabs
Mike Riedel, Shun Karato, and Dave Yuen

EGU2016-14376 | Posters | GD3.3

Using thermodynamic data to reproduce main seismic features of transition zone
Ilya Fomin, Anna Saukko, Paul Edwards, and Christian Schiffer

EGU2016-3527 | Orals | GD3.3

Subduction on long time scales: Tighter constraints on mantle rheologies require cross-disciplinary engagement with subduction histories.
Karin Sigloch and Mitchell G. Mihalynuk

EGU2016-15605 | Posters | GD3.3

Convective instability rising out of the underbelly of stagnant slabs in the Mantle Transition Zone
Maxim D. Ballmer and Matthew H. Motoki

EGU2016-9460 | Orals | GD3.3

Constraining the rheology of the lithosphere and upper mantle with geodynamic inverse modelling
Boris Kaus and Tobias Baumann

EGU2016-13776 | Posters | GD3.3

Seismic tomographic constraints on plate-tectonic reconstruction of Nazca subduction under South America since late Cretaceous (~80 Ma)
Yi-Wei Chen, Jonny Wu, John Suppe, and Han-Fang Liu

EGU2016-11696 | Orals | GD3.3

Velocity gradients in the Earth's upper mantle: insights from higher mode surface waves
Stewart Fishwick, Valerie Maupin, and Juan Carlos Afonso

EGU2016-15003 | Posters | GD3.3

The influence of deep mantle heterogeneity on the rhythms and scales of surface topography evolution
Maëlis Arnould, Nicolas Coltice, and Nicolas Flament

EGU2016-5166 | Orals | GD3.3

New Evidence that the Emperor Seamount Chain Records Motion of the Pacific Plate Relative to the Deep Mantle
Richard Gordon and Lily Seidman

EGU2016-18131 | Orals | GD3.3

Pacific plate-motion change at the time of the Hawaiian-Emperor bend constrains the viscosity of Earth’s asthenosphere
Giampiero Iaffaldano and Kurt Lambeck

EGU2016-16374 | Posters | GD3.3

Estimating the buoyancy field for Earth's lower mantle using seismic and mineralogical models
Lorenzo Colli, Siavash Ghelichkhan, Thomas Chust, Gerd Steinle-Neumann, Nathan Simmons, and Bernhard S. A. Schuberth

EGU2016-15198 | Posters | GD3.3

Subduction History and the Evolution of Earth's Lower Mantle
Abigail Bull, Grace Shephard, and Trond Torsvik

EGU2016-14162 | Orals | GD3.3

On retrodictions of global mantle flow with assimilated surface velocities
Lorenzo Colli, Hans-Peter Bunge, and Bernhard S. A. Schuberth

EGU2016-15017 | Posters | GD3.3

Towards the Next Generation 3D Global Anelastic Mantle Model
Haydar Karaoglu and Barbara Romanowicz

EGU2016-9879 | Posters | GD3.3

Traveltime dispersion in an isotropic elastic mantle: strong lower-mantle signal in differential-frequency residuals
Bernhard Schuberth, Christophe Zaroli, and Guust Nolet

EGU2016-14786 | Posters | GD3.3

Seismic constraints on thermo-chemical nature of the lower mantle and on S − to − P heterogeneity ratio
Fabio Cammarano, Andrea Tesoniero, Lapo Boschi, and Mattia Guerri

EGU2016-15829 | Posters | GD3.3

Influence of grain-size evolution on the self-consistent generation of LLSVPs from primordial material and subducted MORB
Jana Schierjott, Antoine Rozel, and Paul Tackley

EGU2016-9725 | Posters | GD3.3

Investigating the presence of post-perovskite and large-scale chemical variations in Earth’s lower mantle using tomographic-geodynamic model comparisons.
Paula Koelemeijer, Jeroen Ritsema, Arwen Deuss, Rhodri Davies, and Bernhard Schuberth

EGU2016-9444 | Posters | GD3.3

Role of microscopic properties in the evolution of large scale internal structure in the UltraLow Velocity Zones
Amiya Baruah and Saswata Hier-Majumder

GD4.1 – Earth's core structure and dynamics: observations, models, experiments (co-organized)

EGU2016-12578 | Posters | GD4.1

Fluctuations of electrical conductivity: a new source for astrophysical magnetic fields
Christophe Gissinger, Francois Petrelis, and Alexandros Alexakis

EGU2016-8417 | Orals | GD4.1

The composition of Earth's core from equations of state, metal-silicate partitioning, and core formation modeling
Rebecca Fischer, Andrew Campbell, and Fred Ciesla

EGU2016-7820 | Posters | GD4.1

Magnetic jerks induced by field roughness
Katia J. Pinheiro and Hagay Amit

EGU2016-15891 | Orals | GD4.1

A thermodynamic recipe for baking the Earth's lower mantle and core as a whole
Max Tirone and Kathi Faak

EGU2016-7660 | Posters | GD4.1

The time dependence of reversed archeomagnetic flux patches
Filipe Terra-Nova, Hagay Amit, Gelvam A. Hartmann, and Ricardo I. F. Trindade

EGU2016-7860 | Posters | GD4.1

On the applicability of Backus’ mantle filter theory
Katia J. Pinheiro, Andrew Jackson, and Hagay Amit

EGU2016-7898 | Posters | GD4.1

Geomagnetic secular variation timescales under rapid rotation constraints
Maélie Coutelier, Hagay Amit, and Uli Christensen

EGU2016-8890 | Orals | GD4.1

Geochemical constraints on Earth’s core composition
Julien Siebert

EGU2016-2577 | Posters | GD4.1

Localized temporal variation of Earth's inner-core boundary from high-quality waveform doublets
Danhua Xin

EGU2016-6485 | Orals | GD4.1

Instabilities induced by the precession of a tilted inner core.
Raphael Laguerre, Jérôme Noir, Jérémy Rekier, Santiago Triana, and Véronique Dehant

EGU2016-5130 | Posters | GD4.1

A multiscale model of Earth's inner-core anisotropy
Sébastien Merkel, Ainhoa Lincot, Renaud Deguen, and Philippe Cardin

EGU2016-11833 | Posters | GD4.1

Double-diffusive inner core convective translation
Renaud Deguen, Thierry Alboussière, and Stéphane Labrosse

EGU2016-5198 | Orals | GD4.1

The Earth's Inner Core: a Black Box
Hrvoje Tkalčić

EGU2016-12099 | Posters | GD4.1

Bounds on metal-silicate equilibration conditions during core formation
Renaud Deguen

EGU2016-876 | Posters | GD4.1

High P-T experiments and first principles calculations of the diffusion of Si, O, Cr in liquid iron
Esther Posner, David C. Rubie, Daniel J. Frost, Vojtěch Vlček, and Gerd Steinle-Neumann

EGU2016-1605 | Orals | GD4.1

Toward attenuation tomography of the uppermost inner core from PKP waves
Tanja Pejić and Hrvoje Tkalčić

EGU2016-2825 | Posters | GD4.1

Heat production by energy viscous dissipation at the stage of the Earth’s accumulation.
Professor Yurie Khachay and Professor Olga Hachay

EGU2016-8829 | Orals | GD4.1

Core history from paleomagnetic data: Potential changes in stratification but no evidence for a Mesoproterozoic inner core age
Aleksey Smirnov, John Tarduno, Evgeniy Kulakov, Suzanne McEnroe, and Richard Bono

EGU2016-6253 | Orals | GD4.1

The signature of inner core nucleation on the geodynamo
Maylis Landeau, Julien Aubert, and Peter Olson

EGU2016-14822 | Orals | GD4.1

Little Earth Experiment: A model to study the flow in the Earth's Tangent Cylinder
Kelig Aujogue, Alban Potherat, and Binod Sreenivasan

GD5.2 – Mantle dynamics, rifting and post-breakup evolution of passive continental margins: Geological and geophysical observations and models with emphasis on the Atlantic Ocean (co-organized)

EGU2016-18390 | Orals | GD5.2

Geodynamics of passive margins: insights from the DFG Schwerpunktprogramm SAMPLE for the South Atlantic and beyond
Hans-Peter Bunge

EGU2016-15285 | Posters | GD5.2

Passive margin asymmetry and its polarity in the presence of a craton
Miguel Andres-Martinez, Marta Perez-Gussinye, Mario Neto-Araujo, and Jason Morgan

EGU2016-17806 | Orals | GD5.2

Fast asthenosphere motion in high-resolution global mantle flow models
Jens Weismüller, Björn Gmeiner, and Hans-Peter Bunge

EGU2016-16611 | Posters | GD5.2

Testing Predictions of Continental Insulation using Oceanic Crustal Thicknesses
Mark Hoggard, Oliver Shorttle, and Nicky White

EGU2016-10015 | Orals | GD5.2

Understanding the interplays between Earth's shallow- and deep- rooted processes through global, quantitative model of the coupled brittle-lithosphere/viscous mantle system
Ingo Stotz, Giampiero Iaffaldano, and D. Rhodri Davies

EGU2016-12054 | Posters | GD5.2

Large-scale pattern of mantle evolution through rifting in hyper-extended margins
Suzanne Picazo, Othmar Müntener, Gianreto Manatschal, and Arthur Bauville

EGU2016-2970 | Orals | GD5.2

Ultraslow, slow, or fast spreading ridges: Arm wrestling between mantle convection and far-field tectonics
Laurent Husson, Philippe Yamato, and Antoine Bezos

EGU2016-12 | Posters | GD5.2

The Rift Valley of African Plate in Elasto-Plastic Creeping over Magma Motion
Shigehisa Nakamura

EGU2016-12314 | Orals | GD5.2

The role of deep subduction in supercontinent breakup
Fabio Capitanio, Luca Dal Zilio, and Manuele Faccenda

EGU2016-8523 | Posters | GD5.2

Lithospheric thickness jumps at the S-Atlantic continental margins from satellite gravity data and modelled isostatic anomalies
Meysam Shahraki, Harro Schmeling, and Peter Haas

EGU2016-9071 | Orals | GD5.2

Sequence stratigraphic and geomorphic manifestations of dynamic topography along passive margins
Nicky White

EGU2016-17444 | Posters | GD5.2

Evolution of the South Atlantic passive continental margin and lithosphere dynamic movement in Southern Brazil derived from zircon and apatite (U-Th-Sm)/He and fission-track data
Florian Krob, Christian Stippich, Ulrich A. Glasmacher, and Peter C. Hackspacher

EGU2016-17431 | Posters | GD5.2

Long-term evolution of the western South Atlantic passive continental margin in a key area of SE Brazil revealed by thermokinematic numerical modeling using the software code Pecube
Christian Stippich, Florian Krob, Ulrich A. Glasmacher, and Peter C. Hackspacher

EGU2016-9029 | Orals | GD5.2

Lithosphere structure and subsidence evolution of the conjugate S-African and Argentine margins
Ingo Dressel, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Mauro Cacace, Hans-Jürgen Götze, and Dieter Franke

EGU2016-17448 | Orals | GD5.2

Exhumation history of the Serra do Mar, southeast Brazil
Marli Carina Siqueira-Ribeiro, Peter Hackspacher, and Finlay M. Stuart

EGU2016-17506 | Posters | GD5.2

Long-term landscape evolution of the southeast Brazilian highlands: comparison of two alkaline intrusions areas
Carolina Doranti Tiritan, Peter Christian Hackspacher, and Ulrich Anton Glasmacher

EGU2016-18056 | Orals | GD5.2

Long-term subsidence, cooling, and exhumation history along the South Atlantic passive continental margin in NW-Namibia
Daniel Menges, Ulrich Anton Glasmacher, Eric Salomon, Peter Christian Hackspacher, and Gabi Schneider

EGU2016-4976 | Posters | GD5.2

Phanerozoic polycyclic evolution of the southwestern Angola margin: New insights for apatite fission track and (U-Th)/He methodologies
Bruno Venancio da Silva, Peter Hackspacher, Marli Carina Siqueira Ribeiro, and Ulrich Anton Glasmacher

EGU2016-1598 | Posters | GD5.2

Intraplate compressional deformation in West-Congo and the Congo basin: related to ridge-puch from the South Atlantic spreading ridge?
Damien Delvaux, Michel Everaerts, Elvis Kongota Isasi, and Gloire Ganza Bamulezi

EGU2016-4887 | Orals | GD5.2

Cenozoic Source-to-Sink of the African margin of the Equatorial Atlantic
Delphine Rouby, Dominique Chardon, Damien Huyghe, François Guillocheau, Cecile Robin, Artiom Loparev, Jing Ye, Massimo Dall'Asta, and Jean-Louis Grimaud

EGU2016-4904 | Posters | GD5.2

Mesozoic Source-to-Sink of the African margin of the Equatorial Atlantic
jing ye, Dominique Chardon, delphine rouby, François Guillocheau, Cecile Robin, Artiom Loparev, damien Huyghe, Massimo Dall'Asta, Roderick Brown, mark wildman, and david webster

EGU2016-11901 | Orals | GD5.2

Tectonics and sedimentology of post-rift anomalous vertical movements: the rifted margin of Morocco
Giovanni Bertotti, Remi Charton, Tim Luber, Angel Arantegui, and Jonathan Redfern

EGU2016-11349 | Orals | GD5.2

Isostatic and dynamic support of high topography on a North Atlantic passive margin
Vivi Kathrine Pedersen, Ritske S. Huismans, and Robert Moucha

EGU2016-2831 | Posters | GD5.2

A new high-resolution kinematic model for the Central Atlantic region during the Oligocene and Early Miocene
Chiara Macchiavelli and Antonio Schettino

EGU2016-18338 | Posters | GD5.2

Episodes of subsidence and uplift of the conjugate margins of Greenland and Norway after opening of the NE Atlantic
Peter Japsen, Paul F. Green, Johan M. Bonow, and James A. Chalmers

EGU2016-4238 | Orals | GD5.2

Miocene uplift of the NE Greenland margin linked to plate tectonics: Seismic evidence from the Greenland Fracture Zone, NE Atlantic.
Arne Døssing, Peter Japsen, Anthony Watts, Tove Nielsen, Wilfried Jokat, and Hans Thybo

EGU2016-18337 | Orals | GD5.2

Phanerozoic burial and exhumation history of southernmost Norway estimated from apatite fission-track analysis data and geological observations
Peter Japsen, Paul F. Green, Johan M. Bonow, James A. Chalmers, and Erik S. Rasmussen

EGU2016-8865 | Posters | GD5.2

Early Cenozoic “dome like” exhumation around the Irish Sea
Daniel Doepke, Nathan Cogné, David Chew, and Fin Stuart

EGU2016-11723 | Orals | GD5.2

Comparing offshore and onshore thermal histories: low-T thermochronology of the Utsira High, western Norway
Anna K. Ksienzyk, Joachim Jacobs, Haakon Fossen, Tobias Woznitza, Klaus Wemmer, and István Dunkl

EGU2016-8499 | Posters | GD5.2

The problems of the kinematic restoration of hyper-extended rifted margins: the example of the southern North-Atlantic
Michael Nirrengarten, Gianreto Manatschal, Julie Tugend, and Nick Kusznir

EGU2016-12750 | Posters | GD5.2

Late Miocene uplift and doming of Madagascar: topographic implications
Antoine Delaunay, Cecile Robin, François Guillocheau, Massimo Dall'Asta, and Gérôme Calves

EGU2016-6303 | Orals | GD5.2

Post Rift Evolution of the Indian Margin of Southern Africa
Guillaume Baby, François Guillocheau, Cécile Robin, and Massimo Dall'asta

EGU2016-6928 | Orals | GD5.2

The Zambezi sedimentary system (coastal plain - deep sea fan): a record of the vertical movements of the Mozambican margin since Cretaceous times.
Jean Pierre Ponte, Cecile Robin, Francois Guillocheau, Guillaume Baby, Massimo Dall'Asta, Speranta Popescu, Jean Pierre Suc, Laurence Droz, Marina Rabineau, and Maryline Moulin

EGU2016-3840 | Posters | GD5.2

Geochemical and geochronological constrains from the Heilongjiang Complex, NE China and its tectonic implication
Yanlin Zhu and Guochun Zhao

EGU2016-9093 | Orals | GD5.2

Cenozoic vertical motions of the western continental margin of Peninsular India
Fred Richards, Mark Hoggard, and Nicky White

EGU2016-1775 | Posters | GD5.2

Tomographic Imaging of a New Seismic Zone in Northern Taiwan: Implications for Crustal Magnetism and Tectonic Inheritance
Win-Bin Cheng, Gen-Sin Chang, and Shu-Kun Hsu

EGU2016-3714 | Posters | GD5.2

Holocene denudation pattern across the South-Eastern Australian Escarpment and implications for its evolution
Vincent Godard, Anthony Dosseto, Olivier Bellier, Didier Bourlès, Jules Fleury, and Aster Team

GD5.3 – Subduction dynamics from surface to deep mantle (co-organized)

EGU2016-910 | Posters | GD5.3

Geodynamic evolution of the lithosphere beneath the Eastern Anatolia region: Constraints from geodynamic modeling
Caner Memis, Oguz Hakan Gogus, Russell Pysklywec, Mehmet Keskin, A.M. Celal Sengor, and Gultekin Topuz

EGU2016-8247 | Orals | GD5.3

Double subduction of continental lithosphere, a key to form wide plateau
Anne Replumaz, Francesca Funiciello, Riccardo Reitano, Claudio Faccenna, and Marie Balon

EGU2016-13633 | Posters | GD5.3

Geodynamic Models for Various Styles of Melting in the Lithosphere Delamination Process
Oguz Gogus, Kosuke Ueda, Taras Gerya, and Erkan Gün

EGU2016-8324 | Orals | GD5.3

Effects of subduction and slab gaps on mantle flow beneath the Lesser Antilles based on observations of seismic anisotropy
David Schlaphorst, J-Michael Kendall, Brian Baptie, Joan L Latchman, and Marie-Paule Bouin

EGU2016-2540 | Posters | GD5.3

Upper-Mantle Flow Driven Dynamic Topography in Eastern Anatolia
Ebru Sengul Uluocak, Russell Pysklywec, Tuna Eken, and Oguz Hakan Gogus

EGU2016-9124 | Orals | GD5.3

Accretion/underplating, detachment and exhumation: short/long-term rheology of the subduction plate interface
Philippe Agard, Samuel Angiboust, Alexis Plunder, Stéphane Guillot, Philippe Yamato, Onno Oncken, Jonas Ruh, Evgueni Burov, and Guillaume Bonnet

EGU2016-8518 | Orals | GD5.3

Subduction-Driven Recycling of Continental Margin Lithosphere
Alan Levander, Maximiliano Bezada, Fenglin Niu, Imma Palomeras, Eugene Humphreys, Ramon Carbonell, Josep Gallart, Michael Schmitz, and Meghan Miller

EGU2016-2534 | Posters | GD5.3

Upper- Mantle Driven Dynamic Uplift in Central Anatolia
Ebru Sengul Uluocak, Russell Pysklywec, and Oguz Hakan Gogus

EGU2016-9849 | Orals | GD5.3

Multi-stage accretion of high pressure rocks and thermal changes in a subduction channel: evidence from Diego de Almagro Island (Chilean Patagonia)
Thais Hyppolito, Samuel Angiboust, Caetano Juliani, Johannes Glodny, Antonio Garcia-Casco, Mauricio Calderon, and Christian Chopin

EGU2016-14388 | Posters | GD5.3

Petrological evolution of subducted rodingite from seafloor metamorphism to dehydration of enclosing antigorite-serpentinite (Cerro del Almirez massif, southern Spain)
Casto Laborda-López, Vicente López Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Claudio Marchesi, María Teresa Gómez-Pugnaire, Carlos J. Garrido, Antonio Jabaloy-Sánchez, and José Alberto Padrón-Navarta

EGU2016-3780 | Posters | GD5.3

Slab seismicity in the Western Hellenic Subduction Zone: Constraints from tomography and double-difference relocation
Felix Halpaap, Stéphane Rondenay, and Lars Ottemöller

EGU2016-10397 | Orals | GD5.3

Arc Interrupted: The birth, life, and death of the Peruvian flat slab
Lara Wagner, Sanja Knezevic Antonijevic, Abhash Kumar, Susan Beck, Maureen Long, George Zandt, Hernando Tavera, and Estela Minaya

EGU2016-13986 | Orals | GD5.3

3-D numerical modeling of plume-induced subduction initiation
Marzieh Baes, taras Gerya, and Stephan Sobolev

EGU2016-1319 | Posters | GD5.3

Forearc deformation induced by aseismic ridge subduction: Parameter study using 3D finite-element models
Stefanie Zeumann and Andrea Hampel

EGU2016-404 | Orals | GD5.3

Interaction between subducting plates: results from numerical and analogue modeling
Agnes Kiraly, Fabio A. Capitanio, Francesca Funiciello, and Claudio Faccenna

EGU2016-3905 | Posters | GD5.3

Numerical Modelling of Subduction Zones: a New Beginning
Eleonora Ficini, Luca Dal Zilio, Carlo Doglioni, and Taras V. Gerya

EGU2016-15216 | Orals | GD5.3

Oman metamorphic sole formation reveals early subduction dynamics
Mathieu Soret, Philippe Agard, Benoît Dubacq, Alexis Plunder, Benoît Ildefonse, Philippe Yamato, and Cécile Prigent

EGU2016-3950 | Posters | GD5.3

3D Wilson cycle: structural inheritance and subduction polarity reversals
Stephane Beaussier, Taras Gerya, and Jean-Pierre Burg

EGU2016-6811 | Orals | GD5.3

Insights into a fossil plate interface of an erosional subduction zone: a tectono-metamorphic study of the Tianshan metamorphic belt.
Lea Bayet, Lowen Moritz, Jilei Li, Tan Zhou, Philippe Agard, Timm John, and Jun Gao

EGU2016-4458 | Posters | GD5.3

Subduction obliquity as a prime indicator for geotherm in subduction zone
Alexis Plunder, Cédric Thieulot, and Douwe van Hinsbergen

EGU2016-5033 | Posters | GD5.3

History vs. snapshot: how slab morphology relates to slab age evolution
Fanny Garel, Saskia Goes, Rhodri Davies, Huw Davies, Serge Lallemand, Stephan Kramer, and Cian Wilson

EGU2016-6466 | Orals | GD5.3

The effect of rheological approximations on the dynamics and topography in 3D subduction-collision models
Adina E. Pusok, Boris J. P. Kaus, and Anton A. Popov

EGU2016-7253 | Orals | GD5.3

Mantle flow influence on the evolution of subduction systems.
Maria Chertova, Wim Spakman, and Bernhard Steinberger

EGU2016-6580 | Posters | GD5.3

Subduction-related prograde metamorphism of the ultramafic members of the Central-Sudetic Ophiolite (SW Poland)
Piotr Wojtulek, Jacek Puziewicz, and Theodoros Ntaflos

EGU2016-6149 | Posters | GD5.3

New interpretation of the deep mantle structure beneath eastern China
Pengfei Ma, Shaofeng Liu, Chengfa Lin, and Xiang Yao

EGU2016-8321 | Posters | GD5.3

Geophysical constraints on geodynamic processes at convergent margins: A global perspective
Irina Artemieva, Hans Thybo, and Alexey Shulgin

EGU2016-9894 | Posters | GD5.3

Modelling guided waves in the Alaskan-Aleutian subduction zone
Sophie Coulson, Thomas Garth, and Andreas Reitbrock

EGU2016-10377 | Posters | GD5.3

Fluid migration in the subduction zone: a coupled fluid flow approach
Hongliang Wang, Ritske Huismans, and Stéphane Rondenay

EGU2016-10669 | Posters | GD5.3

Subduction of the Tehuantepec oceanic fracture zone and the relationship with a seismic gap in southern Mexico
Vlad Constantin Manea, Marina Manea, Gerya Taras, and Raul W. Valenzuela

EGU2016-12860 | Posters | GD5.3

Influence of overriding plate velocity changes on slab dip and deformation: insights from laboratory models
Benjamin Guillaume, Solenn Hertgen, and Joseph Martinod

EGU2016-11998 | Posters | GD5.3

From slab rollback to orogenic plateau formation – a numerical modeling study of ocean-continent subduction systems
Sebastian Wolf, Ritske S. Huismans, and Stéphane Rondenay

EGU2016-8415 | Posters | GD5.3

Amphibolitization of eclogites in a subduction channel (Sistan belt, E. Iran): Monitoring changes in fluid composition during exhumation and tectonic implications
Melanie Lorenz, Samuel Angiboust, Amaury Pourteau, and Jafar Omrani

EGU2016-9834 | Posters | GD5.3

Subduction zone guided waves in Northern Chile
Thomas Garth and Andreas Rietbrock

EGU2016-4148 | Posters | GD5.3

How important is mode-coupling in global surface wave tomography?
Dylan Mikesell, Guust Nolet, Sergey Voronin, Jeroen Ritsema, and Hendrik-Jan Van Heijst

GD5.5 – Orogenesis and geodynamics related to the collision of macro- and micro-plates (co-organized)

EGU2016-8145 | Orals | GD5.5

Tectonic and metamorphic discontinuities in the Greater Himalayan Sequence in Central Himalaya: in-sequence shearing by accretion from the Indian plate
Rodolfo Carosi

EGU2016-877 | Posters | GD5.5

The Evolution of the Tethysides during the Medial to Late Triassic
Nurbike G. Sağdıç and A.M. Celâl Şengör

EGU2016-1871 | Posters | GD5.5

Distribution of garnet grain sizes and morphologies across the Moine Supergroup, northern Scottish Caledonides
Kyle T. Ashley, J. Ryan Thigpen, and Richard D. Law

EGU2016-12186 | Orals | GD5.5

Nature and melting processes of the lithosphere beneath the North-East Qiangqtang terrane, Central Tibet, during Eocene times.
Fanny Goussin, Stéphane Guillot, Karel Schulmann, Carole Cordier, Emilien Oliot, Anne Replumaz, Pierrick Roperch, and Guillaume Dupont-Nivet

EGU2016-3128 | Posters | GD5.5

Cenozoic evolution of the Yakutat-North American collision zone and structural accommodation of St. Elias syntaxis exhumation, Alaska/Yukon
Sarah Falkowski, Eva Enkelmann, and Todd Ehlers

EGU2016-7241 | Orals | GD5.5

P-T evolution of slivers of garnet-bearing micaschist in the sole of the Western Vardar Ophiolite Unit at Brezovica, Kosovo
Hans-Joachim Massonne, Friedrich Koller, and Kujtim Onuzi

EGU2016-3896 | Orals | GD5.5

Strain partitioning in the Belledonne and Pelvoux massifs. Some clues to understand the Variscan tectono-thermal evolution.
Kévin Fréville, Pierre Trap, Michel Faure, Jeremie Melleton, and Olivier Blein

EGU2016-3532 | Posters | GD5.5

New U-Pb ages from dykes cross-cutting the Demirci metamorphics, NW Turkey: Implications for multiple orogenic events
Fatih Sen, Hayrettin Koral, and Irena Peytcheva

EGU2016-3129 | Orals | GD5.5

Crustal Architecture along BABEL and FIRE profiles – Insight in the Growth of the Svecofennian Orogen
Annakaisa Korja

EGU2016-4113 | Posters | GD5.5

Influence of Subducting Plate Geometry on Upper Plate Deformation at Orogen Syntaxes: A Thermomechanical Modeling Approach
Matthias Nettesheim, Todd Ehlers, and David Whipp

EGU2016-13879 | Orals | GD5.5

Accommodation of collisional shortening along the Alpine plate boundary : plate kinematics vs rheological controls
Claudio Rosenberg and Nicolas Bellahsen

EGU2016-8077 | Posters | GD5.5

The Freyenstein Shear Zone – Implications for exhumation of the South Bohemian Batholith (Moldanubian Superunit, Strudengau, Austria)
Gerit Griesmeier, Christoph Iglseder, and Petrakakis Konstantin

EGU2016-4993 | Orals | GD5.5

Microtectonic-assisted P-T determination on low-grade Alpine metamorphic rocks from the „Tisia Mega-Unit“ of the Slavonian Mountains in Croatia
Dražen Balen, Iva Lihter, and Hans-Joachim Massonne

EGU2016-9717 | Posters | GD5.5

Ongoing compression triggered exhumation of the orogenic crust in the Variscan Maures-Tanneron Massif, France - Geological arguments and thermo-mechanical tests
Muriel Gerbault, Julie Schneider, Alexandre Reverso-Peila, and Michel Corsini

EGU2016-13377 | Orals | GD5.5

Reconstruction of the metamorphic evolution of the Hamadan high-grade metapelites, Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone, western Iran
Behzad Monfaredi, Christoph Hauzenberger, Franz Neubauer, Bernhard Schulz, Farzaneh Shakerardakani, Johann Genser, and Ralf Halama

EGU2016-9744 | Posters | GD5.5

Orogen-parallel mass transport along the arcuate Himalayan front into Nanga Parbat and the western Himalayan syntaxis
David Whipp and Christopher Beaumont

EGU2016-8115 | Orals | GD5.5

Mountain building long after plate collision. Possible mechanisms
Eugene Artyushkov, Peter Chekhovich, Sergei Korikovsky, and Hans-Joachim Massonne

EGU2016-10764 | Posters | GD5.5

Extrusional Tectonics over Plate Corner: an Example in Northern Taiwan
Chia-Yu Lu, Jian-Cheng Lee, Zhinuo Li, Ching-An Lee, and Chia-Hung Yeh

EGU2016-15221 | Orals | GD5.5

Geophysical Character and Geochemical Evolution of the Mesoproterozoic Figueira Branca Intrusive Suite, SW Amazon Craton (Brazil)
Vinicius Louro, Peter Cawood, and Marta Mantovani

EGU2016-15622 | Posters | GD5.5

Convergence between central segment of Greater and Lesser Caucasus
Giorgi Sokhadze, Mike Floyd, Eric Cowgill, Horng-Yue Chen, and Jyr-Ching Hu

GD6.2 – The Arctic connection - plate tectonics and crustal and mantle dynamics in the North Atlantic, North Pacific and the High Arctic (including Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2016-1788 | Posters | GD6.2

Geological Structure and History of the Arctic Ocean
Oleg Petrov, Andrey Morozov, Sergey Shokalsky, Nikolay Sobolev, Sergey Kashubin, Igor Pospelov, Tatiana Tolmacheva, and Eugeny Petrov

EGU2016-2507 | Orals | GD6.2

Crustal types of the Circumpolar Arctic
Sergey Kashubin, Ninel Pavlenkova, Oleg Petrov, Evgenia Milshtein, Sergey Shokalsky, and Yuri Erinchek

EGU2016-2495 | Posters | GD6.2

Tectonic Map of the Ellesmerian and Eurekan deformation belts on Svalbard, North Greenland and the Queen Elizabeth Islands (Canadian Arctic)
Karsten Piepjohn, Werner von Gosen, Franz Tessensohn, Lutz Reinhardt, William C. McClelland, Winfried Dallmann, Christoph Gaedicke, and Christopher Harrison

EGU2016-16786 | Orals | GD6.2

U/Pb dating of subduction-collision in the Brooks Range: implications for Mesozoic geodynamics of Arctic Alaska
Nicolas Lemonnier, Loic Labrousse, Philippe Agard, Bill McClelland, Mattew Cobble, Alison Till, and Sarah Roeske

EGU2016-12362 | Posters | GD6.2

A tectonic window into the crystalline basement of Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard
Karol Faehnrich, Maciej Manecki, David Schneider, Jerzy Czerny, Per Inge Myhre, Jarosław Majka, Karolina Kośmińska, Chris Barnes, and Maria Maraszewska

EGU2016-16340 | Orals | GD6.2

Seismic stratigraphy of sedimentary cover in Amerasian Basin based on the results of Russian High Arctic expeditions
Viktor Poselov, Artem Kireev, Oleg Smirnov, Viktor Butsenko, Sergey Zholondz, and Vasily Savin

EGU2016-7989 | Posters | GD6.2

Metagabbro associated with the shear zone on Prins Karls Forland (Svalbard, Arctic)
Maria Maraszewska, Maciej Manecki, Jerzy Czerny, David Schneider, Per Inge Myhre, Karol Faehnrich, and Christopher Barnes

EGU2016-6567 | Orals | GD6.2

Can the South China Sea tell us anything about Canada Basin?
Randell Stephenson and Lu Li