Presentation type:

GM – Geomorphology

GM1.1 – Beyond the case study: Concepts in Earth Sciences (co-organized)

EGU2016-11395 | Orals | GM1.1

Tool Belts: Latitudinal-Belt Predictions for the Persistence of Landscapes
Jane Willenbring and Gilles Brocard

EGU2016-1278 | Posters | GM1.1

Tipping Points in Texas Rivers
Jonathan Phillips

EGU2016-13823 | Posters | GM1.1 | Media interest

Why is there no Universal Law for Rock Wall Retreat?
Michael Krautblatter and Jeffrey Moore

EGU2016-2015 | Orals | GM1.1

Laws, Place, History and the Interpretation of Earth Surface Systems
Jonathan Phillips

EGU2016-10526 | Orals | GM1.1

What numerical models can and cannot tell us: Limitations on inferences in computational geomorphology
Marco Van De Wiel

EGU2016-16577 | Posters | GM1.1

Crossing thresholds: Analysis of hazardous tipping points in alpine catchments
Silke Lutzmann and Oliver Sass

EGU2016-17509 | Posters | GM1.1

Sediment residence time and connectivity in non-equilibrium and transient geomorphic systems
Thomas Hoffmann and Gudrun Hillebrand

EGU2016-18033 | Orals | GM1.1

The generic danger and the idiosyncratic support
Arnaud Temme, Jelmer Nijp, Marijn van der Meij, Jalal Samia, and Rens Masselink

EGU2016-16160 | Posters | GM1.1

Only pick the right grains: Modelling the bias due to subjective grain-size interval selection for chronometric and fingerprinting approaches.
Michael Dietze, Margret Fuchs, and Sebastian Kreutzer

EGU2016-11838 | Orals | GM1.1 | Media interest

The concept of self-organizing systems. Why bother?
Kirsten v. Elverfeldt, Christine Embleton-Hamann, and Olav Slaymaker

EGU2016-18139 | Orals | GM1.1

Geomorphic tipping points: convenient metaphor or fundamental landscape property?
Stuart Lane

EGU2016-4394 | Posters | GM1.1

Visualization of post-sedimentary grain size reduction in loess sequences by calculation of laser diffraction patterns with two different optical models
Philipp Schulte and Frank Lehmkuhl

EGU2016-6760 | Posters | GM1.1

Using remotely-sensed multispectral imagery to build age models for alluvial fan surfaces
Mitch D'Arcy, Philippa J. Mason, Duna C. Roda Boluda, Alexander C. Whittaker, and James Lewis

EGU2016-9421 | Posters | GM1.1

Chances and pitfalls of leaf wax biomarker analyses applied to fluvial sediment sequences - the example of a Holocene fluvial sediment-paleosol sequence from the upper Alazani River, eastern Georgia
Hans von Suchodoletz, Marcel Bliedtner, Christoph Zielhofer, Dominik Faust, and Roland Zech

EGU2016-12840 | Posters | GM1.1

Late Quaternary accretion and decline of syngenetic ice-rich permafrost
Sebastian Wetterich, Jens Strauss, Margret C. Fuchs, and Lutz Schirrmeister

EGU2016-17718 | Posters | GM1.1

Defining Colluvium and Alluvium: An Experiment to Discuss and Consolidate Perspectives
Bradley Miller and Jérôme Juilleret

EGU2016-1440 | Posters | GM1.1

The „Geomorphologic Diagonal“ of Central Europe – towards a new morphotectonic interpretation of macroforms in average mountains
Ludwig Zoeller

EGU2016-13289 | Posters | GM1.1

Constraining coastal change: A morpho-sedimentological concept to infer sea-level oscillation
Barbara Mauz and Zhixiong Shen

EGU2016-2326 | Posters | GM1.1

Geomorphological development of Eastern Mongolian plain, Mongolia
Ulambadrakh khukhuudei and Orolzodmaa otgonbayar

EGU2016-17986 | Posters | GM1.1

On the use of composite analyses to form physical hypotheses: An example from heat wave – SST associations
Ghyslaine Boschat, Ian Simmonds, Ariaan Purich, Tim Cowan, and Alexandre Pezza

EGU2016-10363 | Posters | GM1.1

Quaternary Tipping Points in Tropical Northern Australia
Patrick Moss, Gavin Dunbar, Jacky Croke, and Rosie Katunar

GM1.5 – Pattern formation and geomorphic flows. Theory, experiments and modelling (co-organized)

EGU2016-8599 | Orals | GM1.5

Erosion patterns on dissolving blocks
Sylvain Courrech du Pont, Caroline Cohen, Julien Derr, and Michael Berhanu

EGU2016-15985 | Posters | GM1.5

The influence of basin slope and fluvial flow on deltaic built-up processes off mountainous, seasonal rivers
Patricia Bárcenas, Jorge Macías, Luis Miguel Fernández-Salas, Nieves López-González, and Francisco José Lobo

EGU2016-16038 | Posters | GM1.5

Sea-floor undulations formation by turbidity flow in the Adra prodeltaic system, western Mediterranean Basin: comparison between numerical simulation and real data
Luis Miguel Fernández-Salas, Patricia Barcenas, and Jorge Macias

EGU2016-14024 | Orals | GM1.5

Streak instability induced by bedload diffusion
Anaïs Abramian, Grégoire Seizilles, Olivier Devauchelle, and Eric Lajeunesse

EGU2016-15831 | Orals | GM1.5

A competition model for wormhole growth
Yoar Cabeza Diaz de Cerio, Jesus Carrera, and Juan J. Hidalgo

EGU2016-4025 | Posters | GM1.5

A turbidity current model for real world applications
Jorge Macías, Manuel J. Castro, and Tomás Morales

EGU2016-2662 | Posters | GM1.5

A GPU implementation of adaptive mesh refinement to simulate tsunamis generated by landslides
Marc de la Asunción and Manuel J. Castro

EGU2016-4255 | Orals | GM1.5

Improvement of sediment transport models using the shallow water framework
Tomás Morales de Luna, Manuel J. Castro Diaz, Enrique D. Fernandez Nieto, and Gladys Narbona Reina

EGU2016-8248 | Orals | GM1.5

TRENT2D WG: a smart web infrastructure for debris-flow modelling and hazard assessment
Nadia Zorzi, Giorgio Rosatti, Daniel Zugliani, Alessandro Rizzi, and Stefano Piffer

EGU2016-1937 | Posters | GM1.5

A μ(I)-rheology multilayer model for dry granular flows
Enrique Fernandez-Nieto, Jose Garres Díaz, Anne Mangeney, and Gladys Narbona-Reina

EGU2016-18259 | Orals | GM1.5

Does fluid infiltration affect the motion of sediment grains? – A 3-D numerical modelling approach using SPH
Gerhard Bartzke, Benedict D. Rogers, Georgios Fourtakas, Athanasios Mokos, and Katrin Huhn

EGU2016-18170 | Posters | GM1.5

Mathematical modelling of the transport of a poorly sorted granular mixture as a debris-flow. The case of Madeira Island torrential floods in 2010
Rui M.L. Ferreira, Rodrigo P. Oliveira, and Daniel Conde

EGU2016-17247 | Posters | GM1.5

Handling geophysical flows: Numerical modelling using Graphical Processing Units
Pilar Garcia-Navarro, Asier Lacasta, Carmelo Juez, and Mario Morales-Hernandez

EGU2016-6825 | Posters | GM1.5

r.avaflow, the GIS simulation model for avalanche and debris flows: new developments and challenges
Martin Mergili, Gustavo Queiroz de Oliveira, Jan-Thomas Fischer, Julia Krenn, Helmut Kulisch, Andreas Malcherek, and Shiva P. Pudasaini

EGU2016-15140 | Posters | GM1.5 | Media interest

Resolved granular debris-flow simulations with a coupled SPH-DCDEM model
Ricardo Birjukovs Canelas, José M. Domínguez, Alejandro J.C. Crespo, Moncho Gómez-Gesteira, and Rui M.L. Ferreira

EGU2016-11783 | Posters | GM1.5

Modeling of replenishment of sediments on a water-worked gravel bed channel
Carmelo Juez, Elena Battisacco, Anton J. Schleiss, and Mário J. Franca

EGU2016-12198 | Posters | GM1.5

Intense transport of bed load – modeling based on experimentally observed flow structure
Václav Matoušek

EGU2016-14346 | Posters | GM1.5

Controls on stream network branching angles, tested using landscape evolution models
Nikolaos Theodoratos, Hansjörg Seybold, and James W. Kirchner

EGU2016-17646 | Posters | GM1.5

Exploring the Holocene Evolution of the South Texas Coastal Zone
Bradley Weymer, Patrick Barrineau, Phillipe Wernette, and Chris Houser

EGU2016-16998 | Posters | GM1.5

River capture controlling changes in the drainage pattern and river slope
Xavier Castelltort and Ferran Colombo

EGU2016-16168 | Posters | GM1.5

Mixing dynamics and pattern formation around flow stagnation points
Juan J. Hidalgo and Marco Dentz

EGU2016-10977 | Posters | GM1.5

Moving beyond the Galloway diagrams for delta classification: A graph-theoretic approach.
Alejandro Tejedor, Anthony Longjas, Rebecca Caldwell, Douglas Edmonds, Ilya Zaliapin, and Efi Foufoula-Georgiou

EGU2016-387 | Posters | GM1.5

Experimental investigation of the dissolution of fractures. From early stage instability to phase diagram
Florian Osselin, Agnieszka Budek, Olgierd Cybulski, Pawel Kondratiuk, Piotr Garstecki, and Piotr Szymczak

EGU2016-356 | Posters | GM1.5

Invariantly propagating dissolution fingers in finite-width systems
Filip Dutka and Piotr Szymczak

EGU2016-248 | Posters | GM1.5

Instability of an infiltration-driven dissolution-precipitation front with a nonmonotonic porosity profile
Paweł Kondratiuk, Filip Dutka, and Piotr Szymczak

GM2.1 – Frontiers in Geomorphometry and Earth Surface Dynamics: Possibilities, Limitations and Perspectives (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-13431 | PICO | GM2.1

Detecting geomorphic processes and change with high resolution topographic data
Simon Mudd, Martin Hurst, Stuart Grieve, Fiona Clubb, David Milodowski, and Mikael Attal

EGU2016-9092 | PICO | GM2.1

A geomorphometric approach for the recognition of fluvial banks in Southern Sardinia (Italy).
Maria Teresa Melis, Stefania Da Pelo, Francesco Dessì, Antonio Funedda, Giorgio Ghiglieri, Sandro Pasci, Elisabetta Danila Patta, and Andrea Vacca

EGU2016-4896 | PICO | GM2.1

A volcano at work: the rapidly evolving landforms of Mt Etna documented through DEMs analysis
Simone Tarquini, Massimiliano Favalli, and Alessandro Fornaciai

EGU2016-12248 | PICO | GM2.1

Comparison of different landform classification methods for digital landform and soil mapping of the Iranian loess plateau
Dirk Hoffmeister, Tanja Kramm, Constanze Curdt, Sedigheh Maleki, Farhad Khormali, and Martin Kehl

EGU2016-11623 | PICO | GM2.1

Semiautomatic recognition of a rotational landslide geomorphometry from high resolution DEMs
Mihai Niculita

EGU2016-15361 | PICO | GM2.1

Digital elevation models in 10 minute time steps – a status report on 4D monitoring of an active erosional scar
Andreas Kaiser, Fabian Neugirg, Erik Hass, Steffen Jose, Florian Haas, and Jürgen Schmidt

EGU2016-5710 | PICO | GM2.1

Stream gradient Hotspot and Cluster Analysis (SL-HCA) for improving the longitudinal profiles metrics
Francesco Troiani, Daniela Piacentini, and Della Seta Marta

EGU2016-15676 | PICO | GM2.1

Stereonets for geomorphometrical analysis
Alexander R. Beer and Florian U. M. Heimann

EGU2016-953 | PICO | GM2.1

From an 'ice-see' perspective: The current use, potential and limitations of Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry for cryospheric applications
Matthew Westoby, Stuart Dunning, Mark Allan, Mark Smith, Duncan Quincey, Jonathan Carrivick, and C Scott Watson

EGU2016-3161 | PICO | GM2.1

Investigating the inception of supraglacial channels on the southwest Greenland ice sheet using high-resolution satellite images and digital elevation models
Kang Yang, Laurence Smith, Leif Karlstrom, and Giulia Sofia

EGU2016-13738 | PICO | GM2.1

Sink detection on tilted terrain for automated identification of glacial cirques
Günther Prasicek, Jörg Robl, and Andreas Lang

EGU2016-8104 | PICO | GM2.1

Fluvial signatures of modern and paleo orographic rainfall gradients
Taylor Schildgen and Manfred Strecker

EGU2016-14562 | PICO | GM2.1

High-resololution topography for the analysis of palaeochannels in the Manawatu river (New Zealand)
Giulia Lo Re, Ian C. Fuller, Giulia Sofia, Katerine Holt, Mark G. Macklin, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2016-2159 | PICO | GM2.1

Reconstructing paleo- and initial landscapes using a multi-method approach in hummocky NE Germany
Marijn van der Meij, Arnaud Temme, and Michael Sommer

EGU2016-6264 | PICO | GM2.1

Marine geomorphometry: Overview and opportunities.
Aaron Micallef, Vincent Lecours, Margaret Dolan, and Vanessa Lucieer

EGU2016-1861 | PICO | GM2.1

The topographic grain concept in DEM-based geomorphometric mapping
Edina Józsa

EGU2016-18151 | PICO | GM2.1

Can this approach be useful to detect, to classify and to filter Large Wood from TLS data clouds?
Lorenzo Picco and Andrés Iroumé

GM2.2 – High Resolution Topography in the Geosciences: Methods and Applications (co-organized)

EGU2016-7972 | Posters | GM2.2

SF3M 2.0: improvement of 3D photo-reconstruction interface based on freely available software
Carlos Castillo, Michael R. James, Rafael Pérez, and Jose A. Gómez

EGU2016-10115 | Orals | GM2.2 | Media interest

Catchment-Scale Terrain Modelling with Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry: a replacement for airborne lidar?
James Brasington, Joe James, Simon Cook, Simon Cox, Eliisa Lotsari, Sam McColl, Niall Lehane, Richard Williams, and Damia Vericat

EGU2016-14902 | Posters | GM2.2

Image inputs in Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry: optimising image greyscaling
James O'Connor, Mike J. Smith, and Mike R. James

EGU2016-12238 | Orals | GM2.2

A geomorphologist’s dream come true: synoptic high resolution river bathymetry with the latest generation of airborne dual wavelength lidar
Dimitri Lague, Patrick Launeau, Cyril Michon, Emmanuel Gouraud, Cyril Juge, William Gentile, Laurence Hubert-Moy, and Alain Crave

EGU2016-7197 | Orals | GM2.2

Estimation of high resolution shallow water bathymetry via two-media-photogrammetry – a case study at the Pielach River
Michael Wimmer, Gottfried Mandlburger, Camillo Ressl, and Norbert Pfeifer

EGU2016-4675 | Posters | GM2.2

Optimising UAV topographic surveys processed with structure-from-motion: Ground control quality, quantity and bundle adjustment
Mike R. James, Stuart Robson, Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns, and Uwe Niethammer

EGU2016-8514 | Orals | GM2.2

3D granulometry: grain-scale shape and size distribution from point cloud dataset of river environments
Philippe Steer, Dimitri Lague, Aurélie Gourdon, Thomas Croissant, and Alain Crave

EGU2016-15115 | Posters | GM2.2

Utilizing the Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm for enhanced registration of high resolution surface models – more than a simple black-box application
Claudia Stöcker and Anette Eltner

EGU2016-12291 | Orals | GM2.2

Smartphone imagery to analyze animal-induced erosion in riverbanks
Giulia Sofia, Roberta Masin, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2016-12972 | Posters | GM2.2

Integration of multi-sensor data to measure soil surface changes
Anette Eltner and Danilo Schneider

EGU2016-1111 | Orals | GM2.2

Acquisition strategies for terrestrial photogrammetric surveys
Livia Piermattei, Wilfried Karel, Antonio Vettore, and Norbert Pfeifer

EGU2016-2806 | Posters | GM2.2

Processing, validating, and comparing DEMs for geomorphic application on the Puna de Atacama Plateau, northwest Argentina
Benjamin Purinton and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2016-5524 | Orals | GM2.2

Gridless, pattern-driven point cloud completion and extension
Mathieu Gravey and Gregoire Mariethoz

EGU2016-14638 | Posters | GM2.2

Georectification and snow classification of webcam images: potential for complementing satellite-derrived snow maps over Switzerland
Céline Dizerens, Fabia Hüsler, and Stefan Wunderle

EGU2016-727 | Orals | GM2.2

Micro-topography, rock surface modelling and minerology of notches in Mount Carmel
Anna Brook, Atzmon Ben-Binyamin, and Nurit Shtober-Zisu

EGU2016-4046 | Posters | GM2.2

Aerodynamic roughness of ice surfaces derived from high resolution topographic data
Mark Smith, Duncan Quincey, Timothy Dixon, Robert Bingham, Jonathan Carrivick, Tristram Irvine-Fynn, and David Rippin

EGU2016-12152 | Orals | GM2.2

Annual low-cost monitoring of a coastal site in Greece by an unmanned aerial vehicle
Dirk Hoffmeister and Georg Bareth

EGU2016-1002 | Posters | GM2.2

Annual to sub-annual 3D surface evolution of an Antarctic blue-ice moraine using multi-platform, multi-temporal high resolution topography
Matthew Westoby, Stuart Dunning, John Woodward, Andrew Hein, Shasta Marrero, Kate Winter, and David Sugden

EGU2016-8396 | Posters | GM2.2

ArcticDEM; A Publically Available, High Resolution Elevation Model of the Arctic
Paul Morin, Claire Porter, Michael Cloutier, Ian Howat, Myoung-Jong Noh, Michael Willis, Brian Bates, Cathleen Willamson, and Kennith Peterman

EGU2016-6789 | Orals | GM2.2

Stochastic Downscaling of Digital Elevation Models
Luiz Gustavo Rasera, Gregoire Mariethoz, and Stuart N. Lane

EGU2016-12254 | Orals | GM2.2

Photogrammetric recognition of subglacial drainage channels during glacier lake outburst events
Ellen Schwalbe and Robert Koschitzki

EGU2016-12415 | Posters | GM2.2

Automatic Digital Photogrammetry In Gravel Bed Rivers: A Low-Cost Tool To Study Channel Morphodynamics
Damià Vericat, Ester Ramos, Efrén Muñoz, María Béjar, Manel Llena, James Brasington, Joe Wheaton, Chris Gibbins, Colin Rennie, Alvaro Tena, Mark Smith, Raúl López, and Ramon J. Batalla

EGU2016-10484 | Posters | GM2.2

Multi-temporal Reconstruction of a 35km reach of the Dart River Valley, New Zealand with the Structure-from-Motion pipeline (SfM).
Joe James, James Brasington, Simon Cook, Simon Cox, Eliisa Lotsari, Sam McColl, Niall Lehane, Richard Williams, and Damia Vericat

EGU2016-5214 | Posters | GM2.2

Shuttle radar DEM hydrological correction for erosion modelling in small catchments
Ben Jarihani, Roy Sidle, and Rebecca Bartley

EGU2016-16325 | Posters | GM2.2

Deriving hydraulic roughness from camera-based high resolution topography in field and laboratory experiments
Andreas Kaiser, Fabian Neugirg, Louisa Ebert, Florian Haas, Jürgen Schmidt, Michael Becht, and Marcus Schindewolf

EGU2016-15576 | Posters | GM2.2

Ground-based structure from motion – multi view stereo (SFM-MVS) for upland soil erosion assessment.
Gareth McShane, Mike James, John Quniton, Luke Farrow, Miriam Glendell, Lee Jones, Matthew Kirkham, David Morgan, Martin Evans, Karen Anderson, Murray Lark, Barry Rawlins, Jane Rickson, Timothy Quine, Pia Benaud, and Richard Brazier

EGU2016-13662 | Posters | GM2.2

4 years of high-resolution LiDAR erosion monitoring of an elementary gully in the badlands of SE France (Draix)
Benjamin Rudaz, Dario Carrea, Abellan Antonio, Michel Jaboyedoff, and Sébastien Klotz

EGU2016-15349 | Posters | GM2.2

Assessing SfM-Photogrammetry potential at micro-scale on a rapidly evolving mud-bank: case study on a mesocosm study within pioneer mangroves in French Guiana (South America)
Jules Fleury, Guillaume Brunier, Emma Michaud, Edward Anthony, Philippe Dussouillez, and Sylvain Morvan

EGU2016-6410 | Posters | GM2.2

Reservoir shore development in long range terrestrial laser scanning monitoring.
Halina Kaczmarek

EGU2016-17935 | Posters | GM2.2

Coastal and tidal landform detection from high resolution topobathymetric LiDAR data
Mikkel Skovgaard Andersen, Zyad Al-Hamdani, Frank Steinbacher, Laurids Rolighed Larsen, and Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen

EGU2016-7588 | Posters | GM2.2

Surface change modelling of small-scale debris flow dynamics (Mühlsturzgraben National Park Berchtesgaden, Germany)
Margherita Johanna Stumvoll, Joachim Götz, and Johannes Buckel

EGU2016-17112 | Posters | GM2.2

Detection of rock failures in the Dolomieu crater on La Réunion using multitemporal LiDAR and photogrammetric data
Florian Haas, Kerstin Wegner, Anne Mangeney, Virginie Durand, Nicolas Villeneuve, Philippe Kowalski, Aline Peltier, and Antoine Protin

EGU2016-12608 | Posters | GM2.2

Use of terrestrial laser scanning for the documentation of quaternary caves
Sebastian Tyszkowski, Mateusz Kramkowski, Daria Wiśniewska, and Jan Urban

EGU2016-12499 | Posters | GM2.2

Analysis and interpretation of marine/continental terraces in the central coast of Asturias (NW Spain
Luis María Díaz-Díaz, Germán Flor-Blanco, Carlos López-Fernández, and Pando Luis

EGU2016-7172 | Posters | GM2.2

Analysis of the influence of tectonics on the evolution valley network based on the SRTM DEM and the relationship of automatically extracted lineaments and the tectonic faults, Jemma River basin, Ethiopia
Michal Kusák

EGU2016-4535 | Posters | GM2.2

A Project for Developing an Original Methodology Intended for Determination of the River Basin/Sub-Basin Boundaries and Codes in Western Mediterranean Basin in Turkey with Perspective of European Union Directives
Türkay Gökgöz, Murat Ozulu, Mustafa Erdoğan, and Kemal Seyrek

GM3.1 – Erosion and sedimentation processes in the high mountains (co-organized)

EGU2016-6483 | Posters | GM3.1

Chemical denudation rates of a small torrential catchment in the Northern Calcareous Alps
Georg Trost, Jörg Robl, Christoph Hauzenberger, Sylke Hilberg, and Rudolf Schmidt

EGU2016-13685 | Orals | GM3.1

The grain size of fluvial and hillslope sediments across an erosion gradient in the Feather River Basin, California
Simon Mudd, Mikael Attal, Martin Hurst, Kyungsoo Yoo, Beth Weinman, and Mark Naylor

EGU2016-12479 | Orals | GM3.1 | Media interest

Geomorphic Flux From Himalayan Flashflood Equates to 1000 yrs Average Erosion Rate
Hugh Sinclair, Simon Mudd, Tom LeDivellec, Kirsten Dallas, and Hein Andy

EGU2016-15400 | Posters | GM3.1

Identifying climate forcing on suspended sediment transport in the high Pamir Mountains
Eric Pohl, Christoff Andermann, Richard Gloaguen, and Margret C. Fuchs

EGU2016-15210 | Orals | GM3.1

Erosion of particulate organic material from an Andean river and its delivery to the Amazon Basin
Kathryn Clark, Robert Hilton, A. Joshua West, Arturo Robles Caceres, Darren Grocke, Toby Marthews, Greg Asner, Mark New, and Yadvinder Mahli

EGU2016-3511 | Posters | GM3.1

Geomorphological map and preliminary analysis of Quaternary sediments in the Planica-Tamar valley (Julian Alps, NW Slovenia)
Andrej Novak and Andrej Šmuc

EGU2016-13792 | Posters | GM3.1

Recycling of Pleistocene valley fills dominates 125 ka of sediment flux, upper Indus River
Henry Munack, Jan Henrik Blöthe, Réka-Hajnalka Fülöp, Alexandru T. Codilean, David Fink, and Oliver Korup

EGU2016-5796 | Orals | GM3.1

Sediment reservoirs and sediment fluxes in high mountain environments: how does sediment move through the system at the decadal scale?
Natan Micheletti, Christophe Lambiel, and Stuart N. Lane

EGU2016-8213 | Orals | GM3.1

Monsoonal vs. glacial control on erosion and sediment storage in the Himalayan rain shadow, Zanskar River, northwest India
Tara Jonell, Peter Clift, Andrew Carter, Philipp Böning, and Hella Wittmann

EGU2016-15850 | Posters | GM3.1

U-Th and 10Be constraints on sediment recycling in proglacial settings, Lago Buenos Aires, Patagonia
Antoine Cogez, Frédéric Herman, Eric Pelt, Kevin Norton, Christopher Darvill, Marcus Christl, Gilles Morvan, Thierry Reuschlé, and François Chabaux

EGU2016-557 | Orals | GM3.1

Erosional flux from tectonically active landscapes: Case studies from Southern Italy
Duna Roda-Boluda, Mitch D'Arcy, Alex Whittaker, Philip Allen, Delia Gheorghiu, and Angel Rodes

EGU2016-14054 | Posters | GM3.1

Provenance analysis using Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material: A case study in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
Lukas Nibourel, Frédéric Herman, Simon Cox, Olivier Beyssac, and Jérôme Lavé

EGU2016-2120 | Posters | GM3.1

Short term soil erosion dynamics in alpine grasslands – Results from a Fallout Radionuclide repeated-sampling approach
Laura Arata, Katrin Meusburger, Markus Zehringer, Michael E. Ketterer, Lionel Mabit, and Christine Alewell

EGU2016-3273 | Posters | GM3.1

Chasing waterfalls: Experimental controls on knickpoint form and migration processes
Edwin Baynes, Dimitri Lague, and Mikael Attal

EGU2016-2137 | Posters | GM3.1

Experimental evidence for climatically controlled changes between lateral erosion and incision of actively uplifting folds
Aaron Bufe, Chris Paola, Douglas Burbank, and Jessica Thompson

EGU2016-2418 | Posters | GM3.1 | Media interest

Monsoonal versus Anthropogenic Controls on Erosion Patterns and Sediment Flux in the Song Gianh, Vietnam
Peter Clift, Tara Jonell, Andrew Carter, Long Van Hoang, and Philipp Böning

EGU2016-1400 | Posters | GM3.1

Postglacial sediment evacuation from the tributaries of the Upper Rhone, Switzerland
Anna Schoch, Günther Prasicek, Jan Blöthe, Thomas Hoffmann, Jürgen Mey, and Lothar Schrott

EGU2016-8310 | Posters | GM3.1

Is there still ice in the lateral moraines? Hydrochemical analyses of episodic springs from lateral moraines and their implications for the interpretation of geomorphological process studies
Sabine Kraushaar, Verena Czarnowsky, Sarah Kamleitner, David Morche, Kay Knöller, and Johannes Lachner

EGU2016-672 | Posters | GM3.1

Linking landslide susceptibility to sediment yield in the Romanian Carpathians
Jente Broeckx, Matthias Vanmaercke, Dan Bălteanu, Viorel Chendeş, Mihaela Sima, Petru Enciu, and Jean Poesen

EGU2016-11229 | Posters | GM3.1

Modelling the landslide area and sediment discharge in landslide-dominated region, Taiwan
Tse-Yang Teng, Jr-Chuan Huang, Tsung-Yu Lee, Yi-Chin Chen, Ming-Young Jan, and Cheng-Chien Liu

EGU2016-16047 | Posters | GM3.1

Comparison of different representations of physical erosion on modeling chemical weathering in landslide-dominated region
Pei-Hao Chen, Jr-Chuan Huang, Tse-Yang Teng, Yu-Ting Shih, and Tsung-Yu Lee

EGU2016-13800 | Posters | GM3.1

Characteristics of a sediment behaviour in debris gorge in the Western Pacific Region
Goro Mouri and Sergey Chalov

EGU2016-8676 | Posters | GM3.1

Stochastic bedload transport model: the remains of the day
Christophe Ancey and Patricio Bohorquez

EGU2016-11652 | Posters | GM3.1

A numerical solution to define channel heads and hillslope parameters from digital topography of glacially conditioned catchments
Bernhard Salcher, Sebastian Baumann, Florian Kober, Jörg Robl, and Lukas Heiniger

EGU2016-13864 | Posters | GM3.1

Modeling of Soil Erosion by IntErO model: The Case Study of the Novsicki Potok Watershed, of the Prokletije high mountains of Montenegro
Velibor Spalevic, Ali M. Al-Turki, Goran Barovic, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Nevenka Djurovic, Walisson Soares Souza, Pedro Veloso Gomes Batista, and Milic Curovic

EGU2016-627 | Posters | GM3.1

Monitoring soil erosion in terraced catchments in Mediterranean regions: a field experiment in Cyprus
Corrado Camera, Hakan Djuma, Christos Zoumides, Marinos Eliades, Adriana Bruggeman, Dante Abate, Marina Faka, and Sorin Hermon

EGU2016-13717 | Posters | GM3.1

Process analysis, quantification and modelling of erosion on steep unvegetated hillslopes:
Fabian Neugirg, Andreas Kaiser, Marcus Schindewolf, Jürgen Schmidt, Michael Becht, and Florian Haas

GM3.2 – Hillslope and fluvial denudation, source-to-sink fluxes and sedimentary budgets under changing climate and other perturbations (co-organized)

EGU2016-1996 | Posters | GM3.2

Efficiency of frost-cracking processes through space and time: An example from the eastern Italian Alps
Sara Savi, Romain Delunel, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2016-4300 | Posters | GM3.2

Timing and distribution of postglacial rockfalls in western Norway
Katja Laute, Achim A. Beylich, and Stefan Winkler

EGU2016-2693 | Orals | GM3.2

Denudational slope processes and slope response to global climate changes and other disturbances: insights from the Nepal Himalayas.
Monique Fort

EGU2016-9437 | Orals | GM3.2

Enhanced Rockfall Activity from Periglacial Environments in the Swiss Alps Correlates with Warm Summer Temperatures over the Course of the 20th Century
Markus Stoffel, Daniel Trappmann, and Christophe Corona

EGU2016-11683 | Posters | GM3.2

Possible effects of ongoing and predicted climate change on snow avalanche activity in western Norway
Katja Laute and Achim A. Beylich

EGU2016-12259 | Posters | GM3.2

Impact of tree uprooting on relief changes in the Tatra Mountains, Poland.
Dariusz Strzyżowski, Joanna Fidelus, and Mirosław Żelazny

EGU2016-6245 | Orals | GM3.2

The influence of hillslope diffusion on relief at different scales
Stefan Hergarten and Jörg Robl

EGU2016-7201 | Posters | GM3.2

Spatial variation of infiltration rate in sloping semi-arid Gypsic Haplustepts
Seval Sünal, Ülkü Dikmen, and Sabit Erşahin

EGU2016-2238 | Posters | GM3.2

Development of Fingerprinting Method in Sediment Source Studies
Pengfei Du, Duihu Ning, and Donghao Huang

EGU2016-1643 | Orals | GM3.2

Debris flow dominated alluvial fans in the Australian high country indicate that landscape denudation through the Holocene has been dominated by post-bushfire runoff events
Philip Marren, Petter Nyman, and Stephanie Kermode

EGU2016-2297 | Orals | GM3.2

Environmental controls, sediment sources and spatiotemporal variability of suspended sediment yields in partly glacierized catchment systems in western Norway
Achim A. Beylich, Katja Laute, and Joep E.A. Storms

EGU2016-2242 | Posters | GM3.2

Development of Soil and Water Conservation in Last Several Decades in China
Zhen Liu

EGU2016-11732 | Orals | GM3.2

Late Holocene denudation rates and sediment fluxes in the Po basin from source to sink based on in situ cosmogenic 10Be
Hella Wittmann, Marco Malusà, Alberto Resentini, Eduardo Garzanti, and Samuel Niedermann

EGU2016-2888 | Posters | GM3.2

Determination of the main soil erosion sources in forest catchments using nuclear techniques in Chile
Claudio Bravo-Linares, Ramon Bustamante-Ortega, Alejandra Castillo, Paulina Schuller, Oscar Alarcon, and Gabriel Muñoz

EGU2016-4751 | Posters | GM3.2

Sediment budget including the role of floodplains: the case of Lake Tana Basin (Ethiopia)
Hanibal Lemma, Teshager Admasu, Mekete Dessie, Derbew Fentie, Jean Poesen, Sil Lanckriet, Enyew Adgo, and Jan Nyssen

EGU2016-7831 | Posters | GM3.2

Sediment budget for Rediu reservoir catchment, North-Eastern Romania
Cristian Todosi and Mihai Niculita

EGU2016-11538 | Posters | GM3.2

Monitoring of Sediment Transport by UAV Aerial Survey in the Watershed of Wen-Shui River and Tou-Bian-Keng River, Central Taiwan
Min-Yu Hsueh, Shyh-Jeng Chyi, and Chia-Hong Jen

EGU2016-11773 | Posters | GM3.2

Early Holocene Sediment Discharge from Taiwanese Rivers: Intensified Asian Monsoon and Climate Change
Ho-Han Hsu, Char-Shine Liu, John Milliman, Tzu-Ting Chen, Jih-Hsin Chang, and Yunshuen Wang

EGU2016-7919 | Posters | GM3.2

Geochemical characterisation of northern Norwegian fjords sediments: A source to sink study
Johan Faust, Jochen Knies, and Thomas Scheiber

EGU2016-16152 | Posters | GM3.2

Torrential activity facing global change in Southern French Alps
Candide Lissak, Etienne Cossart, Vincent Viel, Monique Fort, Gilles Arnaud-Fassetta, and Benoit Carlier

EGU2016-11951 | Posters | GM3.2

The regime of sediment transport in the Soloneţ Catchment (Romania): quantification of the controlling factors
Bogdan Niga, Florin Obreja, Delia Robu, and Maria Rădoane

EGU2016-1967 | Posters | GM3.2

Integrated analysis of environmental drivers, spatiotemporal variability and rates of contemporary chemical and mechanical fluvial denudation in selected glacierized and non-glacierized cold climate catchment systems
Achim A. Beylich

EGU2016-2561 | Posters | GM3.2

The DYNAFLUX / DYNACOLD Network: Dynamics, Fluxes, Stability, Succession and Landscape Formation in Cold Climate Environments
Achim A. Beylich

GM3.4 – Sediment archives and landscape evolution in dryland areas: New approaches, perspectives and challenges (co-organized)

EGU2016-2369 | Orals | GM3.4

Stacked palimpsests vs. the needle in the haystack: the challenge of reconstructing palaeoenvironments in drylands
Kathryn Fitzsimmons

EGU2016-2488 | Posters | GM3.4

The Agh Band loess-palaeosol sequence in Northern Iran – a detailed archive for climate and environmental change during the last and penultimate glacial – interglacial cycles
Tobias Lauer, Manfred Frechen, Stefan Vlaminck, Martin Kehl, Jafar Sharifi, Christian Rolf, and Farhad Khormali

EGU2016-11767 | Posters | GM3.4

Multiproxy evidence of Late Pleistocene environmental changes in the loess-paleosol sequence of Bůhzdař (Czech Republic)
Kristýna Flašarová, Barbora Vysloužilová, Lucie Juřičková, Luděk Šefrna, and Eric Verecchia

EGU2016-1894 | Orals | GM3.4

Lake sediments documented late Quaternary humid pulses in the Gobi Desert of southern Mongolia: Vegetation, hydrologic and paleoglaciation inferences
Kaifeng Yu, Frank Lehmkuhl, Frank Schlütz, Bernhard Diekmann, Steffen Mischke, Jörg Grunert, Waheed Murad, Veit Nottebaum, and Georg Stauch

EGU2016-1946 | Orals | GM3.4

Exploring causality in interactions between climate shifts, land degradation and humans: 4000 years of sedimentary evidence from the Horn of Africa
Sil Lanckriet, Amaury Frankl, and Jan Nyssen

EGU2016-3374 | Posters | GM3.4

A linear dune dam – a unique late Pleistocene aeolian-fluvial archive bordering the northwestern Negev Desert dunefield, Israel
Joel Roskin, Revital Bookman, David Friesem, and Jacob Vardi

EGU2016-990 | Orals | GM3.4

Late Quaternary landscape evolution in the Great Karoo, South Africa: Processes and drivers.
Chris Oldknow, Janet Hooke, and Andreas Lang

EGU2016-8851 | Posters | GM3.4

Middle to Late Pleistocene coastal deposits of Eivissa (Western Mediterranean): Chronology and evolution.
Laura Del Valle, Francisco Pomar, Joan J. Fornós, Lluís Gómez-Pujol, Valentina Anechitei-Deacu, and Alida Timar-Gabor

EGU2016-8782 | Orals | GM3.4

A new model for weathering front propagation and the formation of regolith coupled with surface erosion and transport
Jean Braun and Jonathan Mercier

EGU2016-8853 | Posters | GM3.4

Late Pleistocene eolian-alluvial interference in the Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean)
Francisco Pomar, Laura Del Valle, Joan J. Fornós, Lluís Gómez-Pujol, Valentina Anechitei-Deacu, and Alida Timar-Gabor

EGU2016-11807 | Posters | GM3.4

Towards a better understanding of ephemeral stream morphodynamics during the last 100 ka in the vicinity of the prehistoric site of Ifri n’Ammar (Morocco)
Melanie Bartz, Gilles Rixhon, Martin Kehl, Meriam El Ouahabi, Nicole Klasen, Dominik Brill, Nina Szemkus, Gerd-Christian Weniger, Abdeslam Mikdad, and Helmut Brückner

EGU2016-9381 | Orals | GM3.4

Erosion dynamics in Chile
Sebastien Carretier, Violeta Tolorza, Vincent Regard, Rodrigo Riquelme, and German Aguilar

EGU2016-9375 | Posters | GM3.4

Deriving hydrologic conditions in the southern Caucasus region during the Little Ice Age using different geomorphological and paleoenvironmental archives
Hans von Suchodoletz, Dario Martin Benito, Neil Pederson, and Dominik Faust

EGU2016-241 | Posters | GM3.4

Reconstructing Palaeo-seismic and Palaeo-Climatic signals from Dryland Fluvial Sequences: An example from Kachchh, Western India
Siddharth Prizomwala, Archana Das, Tarun Solanki, Nisarg Makwana, Gaurav Chauhan, Nilesh Bhatt, and Mahesh Thakkar

EGU2016-11595 | Posters | GM3.4

In-filled reservoirs serving as sediment archives to analyse soil organic carbon erosion – Taking a closer look at the Karoo rangelands
Juliane Krenz, Philip Greenwood, Brigitte Kuhn, Goswin Heckrath, Ian Foster, John Boardman, Michael Meadows, and Nikolaus Kuhn

EGU2016-3974 | Posters | GM3.4

Barnacles Tell no Lies – Bioclastic deposits and in-situ balanid colonies delineate shorelines of the Holocene palaeolake at Tayma (NW Saudi Arabia)
Max Engel, Peter Frenzel, Anna Pint, Michèle Dinies, Gerd Gleixner, Philipp Hoelzmann, Ina Neugebauer, Birgit Plessen, and Helmut Brückner

EGU2016-5990 | Posters | GM3.4

Reconstruction of settlement phases at Intermediate Bronze Age structures in the Negev Highlands (Israel) using luminescence dating
Andrea Junge, Johanna Lomax, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Zachary C. Dunseth, Israel Finkelstein, and Markus Fuchs

EGU2016-16087 | Posters | GM3.4

Alluvial systems as archives for environmental change at a Hominid site with Oldowan archaeological occurrences: the Homa Peninsula, southwestern Kenya
Thomas Vincent, Elizabeth Whitfield, Jason Kirby, Christopher Hunt, Laura Bishop, Thomas Plummer, and Peter Ditchfield

EGU2016-11633 | Posters | GM3.4

Anthropogenic triggers for Late Holocene soil erosion in the Jebel Toubkal, High Atlas, Morocco
William Fletcher and Philip Hughes

EGU2016-12377 | Posters | GM3.4

Environmental history recorded in eolian deposits under stone pavements, eastern Mojave Desert, USA
Stephen Wells, Markus Fuchs, Elisabeth Dietze, Johanna Lomax, Arno Kleber, and Michael Dietze

EGU2016-8856 | Posters | GM3.4

A new pollen extraction method for pyrite-enriched organic deposits from dryland environments, and associated results from a wetland in semi-arid Southern Levant (Jordan)
Claire Rambeau, Erika Gobet, Jacqueline van Leeuwen, and Pim van der Knaap

EGU2016-3926 | Posters | GM3.4

Probability forecast of the suspended sediment concentration using copula
Kun-xia Yu, Peng Li, and Zhanbin Li

EGU2016-11728 | Posters | GM3.4

Study and Control of Scour below Pipelines under unidirectional flow
Shima Kabiri and Ali Hoseinzadeh Dalir

GM4.2 – Perturbation of Earth's surface systems by earthquakes (co-organized)

EGU2016-9091 | Posters | GM4.2

Landscape response to the Mw7.9 Gorkha earthquake
Christoff Andermann, Jens Turowski, Robert Behling, Kristen Cook, Niels Hovius, Odin Marc, Sigrid Roessner, Christoph Sens-Schoenfelder, Robert Emberson, Arnaud Burtin, Michael Dietze, Basanta Adhikari, and Binod Parajuli

EGU2016-9361 | Orals | GM4.2

Coseismic landsliding associated with the 2015 April 25th Gorkha earthquake, Nepal
Marin Clark, Dimitrios Zekkos, A. Joshua West, Sean Gallen, Kevin Roback, Deepak Chamlagain, Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, William Greenwood, Julie Bateman, Michael Partenio, Gen Li, Kristen Cook, Jonathan Godt, Ian Howat, and Paul Morin

EGU2016-9482 | Posters | GM4.2

Post-earthquake modification of 2015 Gorkha Earthquake landslides in the Bhote Koshi River valley
Kristen Cook, Christoff Andermann, Basanta Adhikari, Clemens Schmitt, and Odin Marc

EGU2016-3551 | Orals | GM4.2

The role of seismically-triggered landslides in landscape denudation
A. Joshua West, Gen Li, Marin Clark, Alex Densmore, Robert Hilton, Zhangdong Jin, Fei Zhang, and Jin Wang

EGU2016-13184 | Orals | GM4.2

Export of earthquake-triggered landslides in active mountain ranges: insights from 2D morphodynamic modelling.
Thomas Croissant, Dimitri Lague, Philippe Davy, and Philippe Steer

EGU2016-2695 | Posters | GM4.2

Geomorphic changes induced by the April-May 2015 earthquake sequence in the Pharak-Khumbu area (Nepal): preliminary assessments.
Monique Fort

EGU2016-147 | Posters | GM4.2

Engineering geological aspect of Gorkha Earthquake 2015, Nepal
Basanta Raj Adhikari, Christoff Andermann, and Kristen Cook

EGU2016-7801 | Orals | GM4.2

Protracted fluvial recovery from medieval earthquakes, Pokhara, Nepal
Amelie Stolle, Anne Bernhardt, Wolfgang Schwanghart, Christoff Andermann, Elisabeth Schönfeldt, Jan Seidemann, Basanta R. Adhikari, Silke Merchel, Georg Rugel, Monique Fort, and Oliver Korup

EGU2016-16512 | Posters | GM4.2

Is co-seismic landslide clustering due to topographic site effects?
Claire Rault, Patrick Meunier, Odin Marc, and Neils Hovius

EGU2016-2726 | Orals | GM4.2

Changes in permeability caused by earthquakes
Michael Manga, Chi-Yuen Wang, and Zheming Shi

EGU2016-3772 | Orals | GM4.2

Streamflow responses in Chile to megathrust earthquakes in the 20th and 21st centuries
Christian Mohr, Michael Manga, Chi-yuen Wang, and Oliver Korup

EGU2016-581 | Posters | GM4.2

Calibration of the landsliding numerical model SLIPOS and prediction of the seismically induced erosion for several large earthquakes scenarios
Louise Jeandet, Dimitri Lague, Philippe Steer, Philippe Davy, and Mark Quigley

EGU2016-12418 | Posters | GM4.2

Coseismic and Post-seismic landsliding: insights from seismological modeling and landslide map time series.
Odin Marc, Niels Hovius, Patrick Meunier, Taro Uchida, and Tolga Gorum

EGU2016-906 | Posters | GM4.2

Limited to null erosive response to the Mw 8.8 Maule Earthquake derived from variations in the sediment concentration of the rivers
Violeta Tolorza, Sebastien Carretier, Sergio A. Sepúlveda, Alejandra Serey, Sebastián Moya, Paula Escobar, and Luisa Pinto

EGU2016-3327 | Posters | GM4.2

Evaluating the role of large earthquakes on aquifer dynamics using data fusion and knowledge discovery techniques
Michael Friedel, Simon Cox, Charles Williams, and Caroline Holden

EGU2016-3603 | Posters | GM4.2

Thresholds for earthquake-induced hydrological changes in sedimentary aquifers: a record from 9 earthquakes and 107 boreholes in central New Zealand
Konrad Weaver, Simon Cox, Caroline Holden, and John Townend

EGU2016-4897 | Posters | GM4.2

Streamflow Changes Induced by the 1999 MW 7.6 Chi-Chi Earthquake
Yeeping Chia, Ching-Yi Liu, and Po-Yu Chuang

EGU2016-5219 | Posters | GM4.2

Numerical Simulation of Changes in Groundwater-Level Induced by Earthquakes
Ching-Yi Liu, Yeeping Chia, and Ding-Qian Zheng

EGU2016-6818 | Posters | GM4.2

Insights on the post-seismic geomorphological response to the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake from detrital cosmogenic nuclides data
Wei Wang, Vincent Godard, Jing Liu-Zeng, Dirk Scherler, Chong Xu, Quiang Xu, Kejia Xie, Olivier Bellier, Claire Ansberque, Julia de Sigoyer, and Aster Team

EGU2016-15978 | Posters | GM4.2

Earthquake imprints on a lacustrine deltaic system: the Kürk Delta along the East Anatolian Fault (Turkey)
Aurélia Hubert-Ferrari, Meriam El-Ouahabi, David Garcia-Moreno, Ulas Avsar, Sevgi Altinok, Sabine Schmidt, and Namik Cagatay

EGU2016-6 | Posters | GM4.2

Holocene paleoearthquakes of the Daqingshan fault detected from knickpoint identification and alluvial soil profile
Zhongtai He

GM5.3 – Geomorphic response to climate variability and change at different timescales and frequencies: insights from surface processes and continental archives (co-organized)

EGU2016-6710 | Orals | GM5.3

Debris flow sensitivity to glacial-interglacial climate change – supply vs transport
Mitch D'Arcy, Duna C. Roda Boluda, and Alexander C. Whittaker

EGU2016-17992 | Posters | GM5.3

How the Pyrenees influence the δ18O and δD compositions of rain and rivers?
Damien Huyghe, Frederic Mouthereau, Mathieu Sebilo, and Loic Segalen

EGU2016-667 | Posters | GM5.3

Recycling of sediments from the last 300 kyr in the modern sediment flux during transfer across the north Tian Shan alluvial piedmont.
Luca C Malatesta, Jean-Philippe Avouac, Nathan Brown, Edward Rhodes, Jeffrey P Prancevic, Jiawei Pan, Marie-Luce Chevalier, Dimitri Saint-Carlier, Wenjing Zhang, and Quentin Berger

EGU2016-13939 | Orals | GM5.3

Climate-driven sediment aggradation and incision phases since the Late Pleistocene in the NW Himalaya, India
Saptarshi Dey, Rasmus C. Thiede, Taylor F. Schildgen, Hella Wittmann, Bodo Bookhagen, Dirk Scherler, Vikrant Jain, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2016-13780 | Orals | GM5.3

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic controls on channel evolution in a sub-tropical river, Australia
James Daley, Jacky Croke, Chris Thompson, Tim Cohen, Mark Macklin, and Ashneel Sharma

EGU2016-2689 | Posters | GM5.3

Alluvial fan sensitivity to glacial-interglacial climate change: case studies from Death Valley.
Alexander Whittaker, Mitch D'Arcy, Duna Roda-Boluda, and Sam Brooke

EGU2016-7627 | Posters | GM5.3

Eccentricity-driven fluvial fill terrace formation in the southern-central Andes, NW Argentina
Stefanie Tofelde, Sara Savi, Andrew D. Wickert, Hella Wittmann, Ricardo Alonso, Manfred R. Strecker, and Taylor F. Schildgen

EGU2016-10233 | Orals | GM5.3

Landscape response to climate change: quantifying a regime shift in transport processes at the onset of re-organization
Arvind Singh, Alejandro Tejedor, Alexander Densmore, and Efi Foufoula-Georgiou

EGU2016-7732 | Posters | GM5.3

Climate-sensitive feedbacks between hillslope processes and fluvial erosion in sediment-driven incision models
Daniel S. Skov and David L. Egholm

EGU2016-5310 | Orals | GM5.3

Late Miocene to Early Pleistocene Paleo-Erosion Rates and Provenance Change in the NE Argentinian Andes: Apparent Coupling of Sediment Fluxes with 400-kyr Eccentricity Cycles
G. Burch Fisher, William H. Amidon, Douglas W. Burbank, and Lisa V. Luna

EGU2016-8276 | Orals | GM5.3

Stable runoff and weathering fluxes into the oceans over Quaternary climate cycles
Friedhelm von Blanckenburg, Julien Bouchez, Ibarra Daniel E., and Maher Kate

EGU2016-2236 | Posters | GM5.3

Response of ESV to Climate Change and Human Activities in the Yanqi Basin, Xinjiang, China
Yusufujiang Rusuli, Halida Sidik, Adila Gupur, Jiang Hong, and Rayila Kadir

EGU2016-16052 | Orals | GM5.3

Erosion and Sediment Transport Across and Along Pronounced Topographic and Climatic Gradients: Examples from the Central Andes and Himalaya
Bodo Bookhagen, Manfred Strecker, and Stephanie Olen

EGU2016-668 | Posters | GM5.3

Last 1000 years of environmental history in Southern Bucovina, Romania; a high resolution multi-proxy lacustrine archive
Gabriela Florescu, Simon M. Hutchinson, Zoltan Kern, Marcel Mindrescu, and Angelica Feurdean

EGU2016-12059 | Posters | GM5.3

Regional flood reconstruction in Kullu District (Himachal Pradesh, India): implication for Disaster Risk Management
Juan Antonio Ballesteros-Cánovas, Markus Stoffel, Daniel Trappmann, Mayank Shekhar, and Amalava Bhattacharyya

EGU2016-10247 | Orals | GM5.3

Geomorphic response to historic drought in northern California
Georgina Bennett, Joshua Roering, Ben Mackey, Alexander Handwerger, Benoit Guillod, and David Schmidt

EGU2016-2064 | Orals | GM5.3

Using multiscale geoproxies to improve quasidecadal flooding record resolution
Robert A. Bean, Kelley A. Crews, Thoralf Meyer, and Timothy Beach

EGU2016-944 | Posters | GM5.3

Landscape evolution and bedrock incision in the northern Alpine Foreland since the last 2 Ma
Anne Claude, Naki Akçar, Fritz Schlunegger, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Peter Kubik, Marcus Christl, Christof Vockenhuber, Andreas Dehnert, Joachim Kuhlemann, Meinert Rahn, and Christian Schlüchter

EGU2016-15358 | Posters | GM5.3

Surface exposure dating of moraines and alluvial fans in the Southern Central Andes
Carla Terrizzano, Roland Zech, Ezequiel García Morabito, Negar Haghipour, Marcus Christl, Jeremías Likermann, Jonathan Tobal, and Marcela Yamin

EGU2016-13257 | Orals | GM5.3

Chronology and provenance of alluvial fills in the dry valley environment of the lower Molopo River, southern Kalahari
Arne Ramisch, Oliver Bens, Marie Eden, Kerstin Hürkamp, Daniel Schwindt, and Jörg Völkel

EGU2016-4066 | Posters | GM5.3

Changes in precipitation, runoff and sediment transport in the Eastern Romania during the period 1950 to 2010
Radoane Maria, Nechita Constantin, Chiriloaei Francisca, and Radoane Nicolae

EGU2016-14441 | Orals | GM5.3

Environmental change at the southern Cape coast of South Africa as inferred from a high-resolution Holocene sediment record from Eilandvlei
Michael Wündsch, Torsten Haberzettl, Michael E. Meadows, Kelly L. Kirsten, Stephanie Meschner, Peter Frenzel, Jussi Baade, Gerhard Daut, Roland Mäusbacher, Thomas Kasper, Lynne J. Quick, Hayley C. Cawthra, and Matthias Zabel

EGU2016-3138 | Orals | GM5.3

Holocene sedimentation processes and environmental changes along the Namibian coastline
Irka Schüller, Lukas Belz, Heinz Wilkes, and Achim Wehrmann

EGU2016-12916 | Posters | GM5.3

Quantification of erosion and sedimentation using time-lapse gravimetry and Lidar in southern Taiwan
Maxime Mouyen, Philippe Steer, Thomas Croissant, Nicolas Le Moigne, Cheinway Hwang, Ching-Chung Cheng, Frédéric Masson, Philippe Davy, Dimitri Lague, and Laurent Longuevergne

EGU2016-6089 | Posters | GM5.3

Rapid propagation of deglacial precipitation changes to turbidite systems on the Chile continental slope
Anne Bernhardt, Wolfgang Schwanghart, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2016-14328 | Posters | GM5.3

Topographic signatures of spatially-limited storm morphologies revealed from numerical landscape evolution modelling
Declan Valters and Simon Brocklehurst

EGU2016-6447 | Posters | GM5.3

Comparing global-scale topographic and climatic metrics to long-term erosion rates using ArcSwath, an efficient new ArcGIS tool for swath profile analysis
Niclas Blomqvist and David Whipp

EGU2016-11877 | Posters | GM5.3

Investigating Cenozoic climate change in tectonically active regions with a high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model (ECHAM5)
Sebastian Mutz, Todd Ehlers, Jingmin Li, Martin Werner, Christian Stepanek, and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2016-10374 | Posters | GM5.3

Reponse of steady-state experimental landscape to rainfall variations
Bérangé Moussirou and Stéphane Bonnet

EGU2016-4343 | Posters | GM5.3

\textbf{Fluvial response to environmental perturbations: a perspective from physical experiments}
Sara Savi, Stefanie Tofelde, Andrew Wickert, Taylor Schildgen, Chris Paola, and Manfred Strecker

EGU2016-13276 | Posters | GM5.3

The influence of flood frequency, riparian vegetation and threshold on long-term river transport capacity
Thomas Croissant, Dimitri Lague, and Philippe Davy

EGU2016-8134 | Posters | GM5.3

Late Quaternary incision rates in the southern French Alps from river longitudinal profiles inversion: climatic forcing and internal adjustments.
Carole Petit, Davide Cassol, Yann Rolland, and Marianne Saillard

EGU2016-2166 | Posters | GM5.3

Glacial reorganization of topography in a tectonically active mountain range
Byron Adams and Todd Ehlers

EGU2016-13131 | Posters | GM5.3

The potential of coastal lakes in the Winter-Rainfall-Zone of South Africa for paleoenvironmental reconstructions – an example from Verlorenvlei
Thomas Kasper, Torsten Haberzettl, Martin Lederer, Michael Wündsch, Peter Frenzel, Matthias Zabel, Kelly Kirsten, Andrew Carr, Gerhard Daut, Hayley Cawthra, Jussi Baade, Michael Meadows, Lynne Quick, and Roland Mäusbcher

EGU2016-4182 | Posters | GM5.3

Soil formation in the Tsauchab Valley, Namibia
Marie Eden, Oliver Bens, Arne Ramisch, Daniel Schwindt, and Jörg Völkel

EGU2016-12397 | Posters | GM5.3

Anthropogenic impact on the Swartvlei lake system in the Wilderness area (South Africa) as reflected in a sediment core
Torsten Haberzettl, Kelly Kirsten, Sarah Franz, Bastian Reinwarth, Jussi Baade, Gerhard Daut, Thomas Kasper, Michael Meadows, Youliang Su, and Roland Mäusbacher

EGU2016-17596 | Posters | GM5.3

Mosselbay environmental conditions and sea-surface temperature fluctuations during the Late Holocene
Annette Hahn, Sergio Andò, Peter Frenzel, Martin Kugel, Gesine Mollenhauer, Enno Schefuß, and Matthias Zabel

EGU2016-8555 | Posters | GM5.3

Increased aridity in southwestern Africa during the warmest periods of the last interglacial
Dunia H. Urrego, Maria Fernanda Sanchez Goni, and Anne-Laure Daniau

EGU2016-2608 | Posters | GM5.3

Microbial life in continental salt pan sediments and their response to climate variability in Northern South Africa
Steffi Genderjahn, Kai Mangelsdorf, Mashal Alawi, Lukas Belz, Jens Kallmeyer, and Dirk Wagner

EGU2016-8059 | Posters | GM5.3

Southern African continental climate since the late Pleistocene: Insights from biomarker analyses of Kalahari salt pan sediments
Lukas Belz, Irka Schüller, Achim Wehrmann, and Heinz Wilkes

EGU2016-13115 | Posters | GM5.3

Use of advanced earth observation tools for the analyses of recent surface changes in Kalahari pans and Namibian coastal lagoons
Robert Behling, Robert Milewski, Sabine Chabrillat, and Jörg Völkel

GM6.1 – Human-Landscape interaction in the Anthropocene (co-organized)

EGU2016-943 | Posters | GM6.1

Quantification of human impact on past erosion and sediment dynamics – lessons learned from a case study in the Dijle catchment, Belgium
Nils Broothaerts, Bastiaan Notebaert, and Gert Verstraeten

EGU2016-10797 | Orals | GM6.1

Tipping points in Anthropocene fluvial dynamics
Bastiaan Notebaert, Nils Broothaerts, Gert Verstraeten, Jean-François Berger, and Geoffrey Houbrechts

EGU2016-10813 | Posters | GM6.1

Why did watermills not have a dramatic effect on the Anthropocene sediment record of the Zwalm River, Belgium?
Bastiaan Notebaert and Wouter D'Haese

EGU2016-2345 | Orals | GM6.1

Quantifying aeolian soil loss after forest conversion in the Chaco ecoregion
Daniel Sperl, Vanacker Veerle, and Dunai Tibor

EGU2016-16311 | Posters | GM6.1

Gully catchment as sediment sinks, not just a source
Annegret Larsen, Tobias Heckmann, Joshua Larsen, and Hans-Rudolf Bork

EGU2016-7215 | Orals | GM6.1

Sediment transfer in coastal catchments exposed to typhoons: lessons learnt from catchments contaminated with Fukushima radioactive fallout
Olivier Evrard, J. Patrick Laceby, Yuichi Onda, and Irène Lefèvre

EGU2016-3464 | Posters | GM6.1

Assessment of Holocene soil erosion rates on the loess plateau in East Poland using sedimentary archives from closed depressions
Renata Kołodyńska-Gawrysiak, Jean Poesen, and Leszek Gawrysiak

EGU2016-12874 | Orals | GM6.1

Evolution of channel morphology in a large river subject to rectification
Vittoria Scorpio, Marco Mastronunzio, Matteo Proto, Simone Zen, Walter Bertoldi, Elena Dai Prà, Francesco Comiti, Nicola Surian, and Guido Zolezzi

EGU2016-4026 | Orals | GM6.1

Global sediment fluxes during the last millennium
Victoria Naipal, Christian Reick, Kristof Van Oost, Thomas Hoffmann, and Julia Pongratz

EGU2016-3477 | Posters | GM6.1

Soil stratigraphy of charcoal kiln remains (CKR) in the Litchfield Hills, CT, USA
Thomas Raab, Florian Hirsch, Will Ouimet, and David Dethier

EGU2016-18210 | Orals | GM6.1

Anthropogenic perturbation of the global carbon cycle as a result of agricultural carbon erosion and burial
Zhengang Wang, Gerard Govers, Jed Kaplan, Thomas Hoffmann, Sebastian Doetterl, Johan Six, and Kristof Van Oost

EGU2016-11385 | Posters | GM6.1

Human impact on the geomorphic evolution of the HOAL catchment, Lower Austria
Ronald Pöppl, Sabine Kraushaar, Peter Strauss, and Markus Fuchs

EGU2016-18463 | Posters | GM6.1

Global Soil and Sediment transfer during the Anthropocene
Thomas Hoffmann, Veerle Vanacker, Gary Stinchcombe, Dan Penny, and Lu Xixi

EGU2016-16519 | Posters | GM6.1

Documenting human transformation and establishing the reference condition of large river systems using Corona images: a case study from the Ganga River basin, India
Rajiv Sinha, Shobhit Pipil, Patrice Carbonneau, and Nikolaos Galiatsatos

EGU2016-5949 | Posters | GM6.1

Changes of floodplain morphology by water mills: Legacy sediments stored behind mill dams as archive and source for pollution – Examples from the Wurm River, Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany
Michael Buchty-Lemke, Roy Frings, Lukas Hagemann, Frank Lehmkuhl, Anna-Lisa Maaß, and Jan Schwarzbauer

EGU2016-4970 | Posters | GM6.1

The role of river trajectories and channel recovery potential within sustainable river management: some case studies from southern Italy
Carmen Maria Rosskopf, Vittoria Scorpio, and Pietro Patrizio Ciro Aucelli

EGU2016-302 | Posters | GM6.1

Holocene evolution of Dahab coastline – Gulf of Aqaba, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Torab Magdy

EGU2016-2892 | Posters | GM6.1 | Media interest

Man versus Rivers: the lost equilibrium of the Tisza River due to engineering works
Timea Kiss and Károly Fiala

EGU2016-11020 | Posters | GM6.1

The impact of industrial oil development on a protected area landscape: A case study on human population growth and landscape level change in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda.
Nicholas Dowhaniuk, Joel Hartter, Russell G. Congalton, Michael W. Palace, and Sadie J. Ryan

EGU2016-6009 | Posters | GM6.1

The impact of a dam reservoir-induced base-level rise on mountain river morphology. New insight from the gravel-bed Smolnik River in the Polish Carpathians
Maciej Liro

EGU2016-12102 | Posters | GM6.1

Anthropogenic features and hillslope processes interaction
Paolo Tarolli and Giulia Sofia

EGU2016-6003 | Posters | GM6.1

Changes to channel sediments resulting from complex human impacts in a gravel-bed river, Polish Carpathians
Joanna Zawiejska, Bartłomiej Wyżga, Hanna Hajdukiewicz, Artur Radecki-Pawlik, and Paweł Mikuś

EGU2016-14260 | Posters | GM6.1

The role of urbanization in the global carbon cycle
Galina Churkina

EGU2016-17871 | Posters | GM6.1

Analysis of the impact of recreational trail usage for prioritising management decisions: a regression tree approach
Aleksandra Tomczyk, Marek Ewertowski, Piran White, and Leszek Kasprzak

EGU2016-1926 | Posters | GM6.1

The Method and Key Technology of Dynamic RS-GIS Environment Monitoring
Jianping Chen, Jie Xiang, Paolo Tarolli, and Zili Lai

GM6.2 – Geoarchaeology: Human adaptation to landscape changes, landscape resilience to human impact and integrating palaeoenvironmental and archaeological records (co-organized)

EGU2016-338 | Posters | GM6.2

Geoarchaeology and geomorphology of Phoenicus ancient harbor, NW coast of Egypt
Samah Moustafa and Magdy Torab

EGU2016-17625 | Orals | GM6.2 | Media interest

The Holocene Geoarchaeology of the Desert Nile in Northern Sudan
Jamie Woodward, Mark Macklin, Neal Spencer, Derek Welsby, Matthew Dalton, Sophie Hay, and Andrew Hardy

EGU2016-2591 | Orals | GM6.2

A new luminescence dating chronology for the Rhafas cave site (NE Morocco): Insights into Palaeolithic human cultural change under varying palaeoenvironmental conditions in the Maghreb
Nina Dörschner, Kathryn E. Fitzsimmons, Peter Ditchfield, Sue J. McLaren, Teresa E. Steele, Christoph Zielhofer, Shannon P. McPherron, Abdeljalil Bouzouggar, and Jean-Jacques Hublin

EGU2016-714 | Posters | GM6.2

Insights into site formation at Rose Cottage Cave, South Africa, based on the analysis of sediment peels
Peter Kloos, Christopher E. Miller, Panagiotis Kritikakis, and Lyn Wadley

EGU2016-989 | Posters | GM6.2

Holocene landscape dynamics of the Ghaggar-Hakra floodplain, India: implications for the Indus Civilisation
Julie Durcan, David Thomas, Vikas Pawar, Sanjeev Gupta, Cameron Petrie, and Ravindra Singh

EGU2016-3063 | Orals | GM6.2

From Paleoclimate Variables to Prehistoric Agriculture: Using a Process-Based Agroecosystem Model to Simulate Prehistoric Agricultural Productivity
Daniel Contreras, Alberte Bondeau, Joël Guiot, Alan Kirman, Eneko Hiriart, Loup Bernard, Romain Suarez, and Marianela Fader

EGU2016-12613 | Orals | GM6.2

Holocene river history of the Danube: human-environment interactions on its islands in Hungary
István Viczián, János Balogh, Éva Kis, and József Szeberényi