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HS – Hydrological Sciences

HS1.1 – Panta Rhei: Early career scientists’ vision and progress for research in hydrology, society and change | PICO

EGU2016-4833 | PICO | HS1.1

Ideas towards sustainable water security
Carole Dalin

EGU2016-1242 | PICO | HS1.1

Organizing the spatially and temporally unique hydrosphere
Wouter Berghuijs

EGU2016-5001 | PICO | HS1.1

Modelling the interaction between flooding events and economic growth
Johanna Grames, Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Dieter Grass, Alberto Viglione, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2016-14714 | PICO | HS1.1

Capturing changes in flood risk with Bayesian approaches for flood damage assessment
Kristin Vogel, Kai Schröter, Heidi Kreibich, Annegret Thieken, Meike Müller, Tobias Sieg, Jonas Laudan, Sarah Kienzler, Laura Weise, Bruno Merz, and Frank Scherbaum

EGU2016-9475 | PICO | HS1.1

Catchment Prediction In Changing Environments (CAPICHE): A Model Inter-Comparison Experiment
Christopher Hutton, Remko Nijzink, Ilias Pechlivanidis, René Capell, Thorsten Wagener, Jim Freer, Dawei Han, Markus Hrachowitz, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2016-15993 | PICO | HS1.1

Can we infer the effect of river works on streamflow statistics?
Daniele Ganora

HS1.2 – Hydrology Pop-Ups: Sharing failures, lessons learned and new ideas | PICO

EGU2016-5007 | PICO | HS1.2

Flooding in Myanmar: joint occurrence of high discharges and high sea water levels?
Laurène Bouaziz, Frederiek Sperna Weiland, Deepak Vatvani, and Ferdinand Diermanse

EGU2016-18238 | PICO | HS1.2

Sediment transport mechanisms through the sustainable vegetated flow networks
Deonie Allen, Heather Haynes, and Scott Arthur

EGU2016-1624 | PICO | HS1.2

The Dischma river mystery: why does my snow hydrological model not work here ?
Bettina Schaefli, Natalie Ceperley, Tristan Brauchli, Michael Lehning, Tobias Jonas, and Massimiliano Zappa

EGU2016-13150 | PICO | HS1.2

Modeling nitrogen fluxes in Germany – where does the nitrogen go?
Laura Klement, Martin Bach, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2016-7992 | PICO | HS1.2

“Physically-based” numerical experiment to determine the dominant hillslope processes during floods?
Eric Gaume, Thomas Esclaffer, Patrick Dangla, and Olivier Payrastre

EGU2016-64 | PICO | HS1.2

How far can we go in hydrological modelling without any knowledge of runoff formation processes?
Georgy Ayzel

EGU2016-8401 | PICO | HS1.2

Limits and failures in hydrology: examples and lessons learned from three decades of process oriented hydrological modelling
Axel Bronstert

EGU2016-8852 | PICO | HS1.2

Towards Reproducibility in Computational Hydrology
Christopher Hutton, Thorsten Wagener, Jim Freer, and Dawei Han

EGU2016-14977 | PICO | HS1.2

Improving the local relevance of large scale water demand predictions: the way forward
Jeroen Bernhard, Arnaud Reynaud, and Ad de Roo

EGU2016-4506 | PICO | HS1.2

Avenues for crowd science in Hydrology.
Julian Koch and Simon Stisen

EGU2016-13708 | PICO | HS1.2

Exploiting path dependency to improve projections in socio-hydrological systems
Brian Dermody

EGU2016-13281 | PICO | HS1.2

What can hillslope hydrologists learn from landslide research?
Thom Bogaard and Roberto Greco

HS1.3 – Self-made sensors and unintended use of measurement equipment (poster-only session) (co-organized)

EGU2016-18339 | Posters | HS1.3

A New Image Based Approach to Measure Discharge and Soil Saturation
Nils Kaplan, Markus Weiler, and Theresa Blume

EGU2016-3936 | Posters | HS1.3

Cost effective system for monitoring of fish migration with a camera
Matej Sečnik, Mitja Brilly, and Andrej Vidmar

EGU2016-3978 | Posters | HS1.3

Radio-controlled boat for measuring water velocities and bathymetry
Andrej Vidmar, Nejc Bezak, and Matej Sečnik

EGU2016-15997 | Posters | HS1.3

Construction and field test of a programmable and self-cleaning auto-sampler controlled by a low-cost one-board computer
Philipp Stadler, Andreas H. Farnleitner, and Matthias Zessner

EGU2016-6891 | Posters | HS1.3

Open Source Based Sensor Platform for Mobile Environmental Monitoring and Data Acquisition
Robert Schima, Tobias Goblirsch, René Misterek, Christoph Salbach, Uwe Schlink, Bogdan Francyk, Peter Dietrich, and Jan Bumberger

EGU2016-1878 | Posters | HS1.3

Anatomical Lecture on a Dishwasher
Nick van de Giesen

EGU2016-9869 | Posters | HS1.3

7 years of MacGyver sessions at EGU and AGU: what happened?
Rolf Hut, John Selker, Steven Weijs, Wim Luxemburg, Andy Wickert, Theresa Blume, Jan Bamburger, Cathelijne Stoof, and Flavia Tauro

EGU2016-9921 | Posters | HS1.3

Waves or Particles
Rolf Hut

EGU2016-14586 | Posters | HS1.3

What is your #geosciencehack?
Cathelijne Stoof and Rolf Hut

EGU2016-13805 | Posters | HS1.3 | Media interest

Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor for Plant Watering
Thomas Maier and Lukas Kamm

EGU2016-7238 | Posters | HS1.3

Adaptive Multichannel Radiation Sensors for Plant Parameter Monitoring
Hannes Mollenhauer, Paul Remmler, Gudrun Schuhmann, Angela Lausch, Ines Merbach, Martin Assing, Olaf Mollenhauer, Peter Dietrich, and Jan Bumberger

EGU2016-10216 | Posters | HS1.3

A very low-cost and adaptable DIY seismic station
Nahum Mendez Chazara and Pedro Castiñeiras

EGU2016-9912 | Posters | HS1.3

Feasibility of leakage detection in lake pressure pipes using the Distributed Temperature Sensing Technology
Benjamin Apperl, Alexander Pressl, and Karsten Schulz

EGU2016-12034 | Posters | HS1.3

A modular subsurface borehole-tower for deep vadose zone monitoring
Daniel Breitenstein and Dani Or

EGU2016-10158 | Posters | HS1.3

The value of a UAV-acquired DEM for flood inundation mapping and modeling
Guy J.-P. Schumann, Joseph Muhlhausen, and Konstantinos Andreadis

HS1.4 – Residence times of groundwater, surface water and atmospheric water across hydrological scales

EGU2016-9840 | Orals | HS1.4

Hydroclimatic controls on non-stationary stream water ages in humid tropical catchments
Christian Birkel, Josie Geris, Maria Jose Molina, Carlos Mendez, Rafael Arce, Doerthe Tetzlaff, and Chris Soulsby

EGU2016-2220 | Posters | HS1.4

Regional Groundwater Processes and Flow Dynamics from Age Tracer Data
Uwe Morgenstern, Mike K Stewart, and Abby Matthews

EGU2016-2434 | Posters | HS1.4

Mean Transit Times in Seven Upland Catchments, Otway Basin, Southeast Australia
William Howcroft, Ian Cartwright, and Uwe Morgenstern

EGU2016-2050 | Orals | HS1.4

Mean transit times in contrasting headwater catchments from southeast Australia determined using Tritium
Ian Cartwright, Uwe Morgenstern, and Dylan Irvine

EGU2016-13527 | Orals | HS1.4

Water age and stream solute dynamics at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (US)
Gianluca Botter, Paolo Benettin, Kevin McGuire, and Andrea Rinaldo

EGU2016-4657 | Posters | HS1.4

Transit times and age distributions for reservoir models represented as nonlinear non-autonomuous systems
Markus Müller, Holger Meztler, Anna Glatt, and Carlos Sierra

EGU2016-10407 | Orals | HS1.4 | Media interest

Threshold groundwater ages and young water fractions estimated from 3H, 3He, and 14C
James Kirchner and Scott Jasechko

EGU2016-5176 | Posters | HS1.4

Using Dissolved Organic Carbon Isotopes for Groundwater Age Dating in Southern Nevada, USA
James Thomas, Ronald Hershey, and Wyatt Fereday

EGU2016-1591 | Orals | HS1.4

Applicability of Travel- and Exposure-Time Concepts to Nonlinear Bioreactive Transport in Groundwater
Olaf Arie Cirpka, Alicia Sanz-Prat, Matthias Loschko, Michael Finkel, and Chuanhe Lu

EGU2016-5420 | Posters | HS1.4

Application of environmental tracers to delineate recharge patterns and nitrate contamination in shallow groundwater around a river
Dugin Kaown, Eunhee Koh, Byeong-Hak Park, and Kang-Kun Lee

EGU2016-9301 | Orals | HS1.4

Groundwater residence time : tell me who you are and I will tell which information you may provide
Luc Aquilina, Thierry Labasque, Tamara Kolbe, Jean Marçais, Sarah Leray, Ben Abbott, and Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy

EGU2016-5757 | Posters | HS1.4

Coupling groundwater residence time and 234U/238U isotopic ratios in a granitic catchment (Vosges, Eastern France)
Daniel Viville, Luc Aquilina, Julien Ackerer, Eliot Chatton, Thierry Labasque, Marie-Claire Pierret, Mathieu Granet, Thierry Perrone, and François Chabaux

EGU2016-5908 | Posters | HS1.4

Estimation of ground water residence times in the Critical zone: insight from U activity ratios
Francois Chabaux, Julien Ackerer, Yann Lucas, and Daniel viville

EGU2016-7341 | Posters | HS1.4

Seasonal water storage and delayed evapotranspiration across continents: Patterns and drivers
Sylvain Kuppel, Ying Fan, and Esteban Jobbagy

EGU2016-7567 | Posters | HS1.4

Estimation of transit times in a Karst Aquifer system using environmental tracers: Application on the Jeita Aquifer system-Lebanon.
Joanna Doummar and Ahmad Hamdan

EGU2016-8348 | Posters | HS1.4

In defense of tracer cycles for groundwater dating
Julien Farlin and Piotr Maloszewski

EGU2016-9039 | Posters | HS1.4

Estimating the timescale of the seawater retreat in coastal aquifers: Dimensional analysis and numerical investigations
Antonios Mamalakis, Vassilios Kaleris, and Athanassios Dimas

EGU2016-10815 | Posters | HS1.4

Flowpath acceleration vs flowpath activation: how do hydrologic systems respond to dynamic inputs and changes in storage?
Ciaran Harman

EGU2016-11413 | Posters | HS1.4

Groundwater transit time distribution and transfer of nitrates from soils to river network
Tomasz Michalczyk, Dominika Bar-Michalczyk, Marek Duliński, Jarosław Kania, Grzegorz Malina, Kazimierz Różański, Tadeusz Szklarczyk, Przemysław Wachniew, Stanisław Witczak, Damian Zięba, and Anna Żurek

EGU2016-12151 | Posters | HS1.4

The Evolution of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Stream Beds as a Function of Residence Time in the Hyporheic Zone
William Jeffrey Reeder, Annika Quick, Tiffany Farrell, Shawn G Benner, Kevin Feris, and Daniele Tonina

EGU2016-12264 | Posters | HS1.4

Spatially Distributed Characterization of Soil Dynamics Using Travel-Time Distributions
Falk Hesse, Matthias Zink, and Sabine Attinger

EGU2016-14354 | Posters | HS1.4

Multi-tracer approach (18O, 3H/3He, CFC, SF6, 35S) to find the best emergency drinking water supply, Vorarlberg, Austria
Martin Kralik, Virginie Vergnaud, Stephanie Uriostegui, and Bradley Esser

EGU2016-17389 | Posters | HS1.4

Modeling the time-varying interaction between surface water and groundwater bodies
Steffen Gliege, Jörg Steidl, Gunnar Lischeid, and Christoph Merz

HS1.5 – Hydrologic Dynamics, Analytics and Predictability: Physical and Data-based Approaches for Improving Hydrologic Understanding and Prediction

EGU2016-5045 | Posters | HS1.5

Comparing the Evolution of Fractal Encodings of Daily Streamflow and Temperature as a Tool to Assess Climate Change
Mahesh Lal Maskey, Carlos E. Puente, and Bellie Sivakumar

EGU2016-10575 | Orals | HS1.5

The tele-connections of long duration floods and their implications for dynamically updating the Flood Control Pool
Naresh Devineni, Nasser Najibi, and Upmanu Lall

EGU2016-17206 | Posters | HS1.5

Fractional and fractal dynamics approach to anomalous diffusion in porous media: application to landslide behavior
Gianluca Martelloni and Franco Bagnoli

EGU2016-10967 | Orals | HS1.5

Identification of homogeneous hydrologic regions using wavelet spectrum and Self-Organizing Maps technique
Ankit Agarwal, Maheswaran Rathinasamy, Rakesh Khosa, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2016-87 | Orals | HS1.5

Independent variable complexity for regional regression of the flow duration curve in ungauged basins
Geoffrey Fouad, André Skupin, and Allen Hope

EGU2016-17220 | Posters | HS1.5

Geophysical Factor Resolving of Rainfall Mechanism for Super Typhoons by Using Multiple Spatiotemporal Components Analysis
Chien-Lin Huang and Nien-Sheng Hsu

EGU2016-14329 | Orals | HS1.5

Natural and human drivers of salinity in reservoirs and their implications in water supply operation through a Decision Support System
Eva Contreras, Raquel Gómez-Beas, and Antonio Linares-Sáez

EGU2016-4865 | Posters | HS1.5

Quantifying uncertainty in the hydrologic simulation of a catchment with potholes using spatial calibration approach through the Soil Water Assessment tool
Ameer Muhammad, Peter Rasmussen, Alaba Boluwade, and Sanjeev Jha

EGU2016-462 | Posters | HS1.5

The soil water regime of stony soils in a mountain catchment
Hana Hlaváčiková, Michal Danko, Ladislav Holko, Jozef Hlavčo, and Viliam Novák

EGU2016-5457 | Orals | HS1.5

Towards improving the knowledge of underlying mechanisms of Rainfall-Runoff process using Genetic Programming
Jayashree Chadalawada and Vladan Babovic

EGU2016-9471 | Posters | HS1.5

Spatio-temporal Analysis of Seasonality in Hydroclimatic Extremes
Julia Hall

EGU2016-13423 | Orals | HS1.5

Unraveling ecological and abiotic controls on seasonal runoff dynamics at lower mesoscale catchments
Simon P Seibert and Erwin Zehe

EGU2016-10066 | Posters | HS1.5

Mathematical Physics of Complex Coevolutionary Systems: Theoretical Advances and Applications to Multiscale Hydroclimate Dynamics
Rui A. P. Perdigão

EGU2016-17069 | Posters | HS1.5

Non-Gaussian Information-Theoretical Analytics for Diagnostic and Inference of Hydroclimatic Extremes
Carlos A. L. Pires and Rui A. P. Perdigão

EGU2016-13130 | Posters | HS1.5

Global modeling of soil evaporation efficiency for a chosen soil type
Vivien Georgiana Stefan, Sylvain Mangiarotti, Olivier Merlin, and André Chanzy

EGU2016-16674 | Posters | HS1.5

Soil moisture trends in mountainous areas: a 50-yr analysis of modelled soil moisture over Sierra Nevada Mountains (Spain).
María José Pérez-Palazón, Rafael Pimentel, Javier Herrero, and María José Polo

EGU2016-14250 | Posters | HS1.5

Medium-term predictions of cumulative runoff in a Mediterranean mountain river.
Zacarías Gulliver, Javier Herrero, and María José Polo

EGU2016-15957 | Posters | HS1.5

Design of adaptation actions to compensate the hydrological impact of the river regulation by dams on the Ebro Delta (Spain): combining modeling and field work.
Darío Contreras, Alicia Jurado, Miriam Carpintero, Albert Rovira, and María J. Polo

EGU2016-3949 | Posters | HS1.5

Effect of sequential release of NAPLs on NAPL migration in porous media
Woohui Bang and In Wook Yeo

EGU2016-14655 | Posters | HS1.5

Spatio-temporal analysis of discharge regimes based on hydrograph classification techniques in an agricultural catchment
Xiaofei Chen, Guenter Bloeschl, Alfred Paul Blaschke, Rasmiaditya Silasari, and Mike Exner-Kittridge

EGU2016-10678 | Posters | HS1.5

Novel Flood Detection and Analysis Method Using Recurrence Property
Dadiyorto Wendi, Bruno Merz, and Norbert Marwan

EGU2016-16260 | Posters | HS1.5

Comparison of floods non-stationarity detection methods: an Austrian case study
Jose Luis Salinas, Alberto Viglione, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2016-8179 | Posters | HS1.5

Pan-European catalogue of flood events
Juraj Parajka, Walter Mangini, Alberto Viglione, Yeshewatesfa Hundecha, and Serena Ceola

HS1.6 – Advances in Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Earth and Environmental Systems Models

EGU2016-8752 | Orals | HS1.6

Sensitivity Analysis of earth and environmental models: a systematic review to guide scientific advancement
Thorsten Wagener and Francesca Pianosi

EGU2016-12046 | Posters | HS1.6

A multi-model multi-objective study to evaluate the role of metric choice on sensitivity assessment
Amin Haghnegahdar, Saman Razavi, Howard Wheater, and Hoshin Gupta

EGU2016-11802 | Orals | HS1.6

Demasking the integrated value of discharge – Advanced sensitivity analysis on the components of hydrological models
Björn Guse, Matthias Pfannerstill, Abror Gafurov, Nicola Fohrer, and Hoshin Gupta

EGU2016-11441 | Posters | HS1.6

Combining Apples and Oranges: Lessons from Weighting, Inversion, Sensitivity Analysis, and Uncertainty
Mary Hill

EGU2016-11139 | Orals | HS1.6

What Constitutes a “Good” Sensitivity Analysis? Elements and Tools for a Robust Sensitivity Analysis with Reduced Computational Cost
Saman Razavi, Hoshin Gupta, and Amin Haghnegahdar

EGU2016-17772 | Posters | HS1.6

Verification of concentration time formulae accuracy in Southern Brazil
Pedro Freitas Ferreira, Daniel Allasia, Gabriel Herbstrith Froemming, Jessica Ribeiro Fontoura, and Rutineia Tassi

EGU2016-16427 | Posters | HS1.6

Numerical simulation of groundwater flow in Dar es Salaam Coastal Plain (Tanzania)
Giulia Luciani, Giuseppe Sappa, and Antonella Cella

EGU2016-11991 | Orals | HS1.6

Quantifying uncertainties in streamflow predictions through signature based inference of hydrological model parameters
Fabrizio Fenicia, Peter Reichert, Dmitri Kavetski, and Calro Albert

EGU2016-8580 | Orals | HS1.6

Reducing model structural uncertainty in predictions for ungauged basins via Bayesian approach.
Cristina Prieto, Nataliya Le Vine, Claudia Vitolo, Eduardo García, and Raúl Medina

EGU2016-14968 | Posters | HS1.6

A Cascade Approach to Uncertainty Estimation for the Hydrological Simulation of Droughts
Katie Smith, Maliko Tanguy, Simon Parry, and Christel Prudhomme

EGU2016-12297 | Posters | HS1.6

Advancing sensitivity analysis to precisely characterize temporal parameter dominance
Björn Guse, Matthias Pfannerstill, Michael Strauch, Dominik Reusser, Stefan Lüdtke, Martin Volk, Hoshin Gupta, and Nicola Fohrer

EGU2016-8997 | Orals | HS1.6

Multi-objective vs. single-objective calibration of a hydrologic model using single- and multi-objective screening
Juliane Mai, Matthias Cuntz, Mahyar Shafii, Matthias Zink, David Schäfer, Stephan Thober, Luis Samaniego, and Bryan Tolson

EGU2016-2008 | Posters | HS1.6

Information-Theoretic Benchmarking of Land Surface Models
Grey Nearing, David Mocko, Sujay Kumar, Christa Peters-Lidard, and Youlong Xia

EGU2016-888 | Posters | HS1.6

Achieving hydrological consistency of models by combining a multi-metric model evaluation with a temporal parameter sensitivity analysis
Matthias Pfannerstill, Björn Guse, Dominik Reusser, and Nicola Foher

EGU2016-1369 | Posters | HS1.6

Surrogate-based Multi-Objective Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Large, Complex Geophysical Models
Wei Gong and Qingyun Duan

EGU2016-12722 | Posters | HS1.6

A new approach to sensitivity analysis utilizing hydrological signatures
Jiri Nossent, Mahyar Shafii, and Willy Bauwens

EGU2016-15172 | Posters | HS1.6

Practical guidance on representing the heteroscedasticity of residual errors of hydrological predictions
David McInerney, Mark Thyer, Dmitri Kavetski, and George Kuczera

EGU2016-16138 | Posters | HS1.6

Additional challenges for uncertainty analysis in river engineering
Koen Berends, Jord Warmink, and Suzanne Hulscher

EGU2016-17207 | Posters | HS1.6

How certain are the process parameterizations in our models?
Shervan Gharari, Markus Hrachowitz, Fabrizio Fenicia, Patrick Matgen, Saman Razavi, Hubert Savenije, Hoshin Gupta, and Howard Wheater

HS1.8 – Data Assimilation for integrated hydrological models and Earth System Models

EGU2016-1484 | Posters | HS1.8

Assimilation of groundwater levels to improve predictions of soil moisture with TerrSysMP
Hongjuan Zhang, Wolfgang Kurtz, Harry Vereecken, and Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen

EGU2016-5865 | Orals | HS1.8

Multivariate data assimilation in an integrated hydrological modelling system
Henrik Madsen, Donghua Zhang, Marc Ridler, Jens Christian Refsgaard, and Karsten Høgh Jensen

EGU2016-14323 | Orals | HS1.8

A virtual reality catchment for data assimilation experiments
Bernd Schalge, Jehan Rihani, Barbara Haese, Gabriele Baroni, Daniel Erdal, Insa Neuweiler, Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, Gernot Geppert, Felix Ament, Stefan Kollet, Olaf Cirpka, Pablo Saavedra, Xujun Han, Sabine Attinger, Harald Kunstmann, Harry Vereecken, and Clemens Simmer

EGU2016-10389 | Posters | HS1.8

Assimilation of Satellite Soil Moisture observation with the Particle Filter-Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Geostatistical Modeling
Hamid Moradkhani and Hongxiang Yan

EGU2016-3112 | Posters | HS1.8

Copula-Based Interpolation and Simulation of Precipitation Fields
Barbara Haese, Sebastian Hörning, Bernd Schalge, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2016-10981 | Orals | HS1.8

An application of Data Assimilation to a dynamic global vegetation model: fusing CLM(ED) model results with streams of observed data
Elias Massoud, Chonggang Xu, Rosie Fisher, and Jasper Vrugt

EGU2016-6795 | Posters | HS1.8

Assimilating ambiguous observations to jointly estimate groundwater recharge and conductivity
Daniel Erdal and Olaf A. Cirpka

EGU2016-8244 | Orals | HS1.8

High resolution soil moisture mapping using Distributed Temperature Sensing
Jianzhi Dong, Susan Steele-Dunne, Tyson Ochsner, and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2016-16850 | Orals | HS1.8

Simulation of large-scale soil water systems using groundwater data and satellite based soil moisture
Phillip Kreye and Günter Meon

EGU2016-7221 | Posters | HS1.8

State transformation to improve the Ensemble Kalman filter performance when using nonlinear unsaturated flow models
Daniel Erdal and Insa Neuweiler

EGU2016-3019 | Orals | HS1.8

Catchment tomography - An approach for spatial parameter estimation in catchment hydrology
Dorina Walther, Wolfgang Kurtz, Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, and Stefan Kollet

EGU2016-7487 | Posters | HS1.8

Comparison of different filter methods for data assimilation in the unsaturated zone
Natascha Lange, Simon Berkhahn, Daniel Erdal, and Insa Neuweiler

EGU2016-8550 | Posters | HS1.8

Is it important to characterize complex patterns of riverbed hydraulic conductivities for assessing river-aquifer exchange fluxes? An evaluation with an integrated fully coupled hydrological model.
Qi Tang, Wolfgang Kurtz, Oliver Schilling, Philip Brunner, Harry Vereecken, and Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen

EGU2016-11321 | Posters | HS1.8

The data assimilation framework TerrSysMP-PDAF: data assimilation for integrated terrestrial system models
Wolfgang Kurtz, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Guowei He, Stefan Kollet, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2016-12792 | Posters | HS1.8

Variational assimilation of land surface temperature observations for enhanced river flow predictions
Giulia Ercolani and Fabio Castelli

EGU2016-13905 | Posters | HS1.8

Identification of characteristic model-observation deviations for coupled data assimilation
Gernot Geppert and Felix Ament

EGU2016-16875 | Posters | HS1.8

Local Reanalysis on the convective scale with a fully coupled model (TerrSysMP)
Clarissa Figura, Theresa Bick, Jan Keller, Insa Thiele-Eich, and Clemens Simmer

EGU2016-18017 | Posters | HS1.8

Estimating Hydrologic Fluxes, Crop Water Use, and Agricultural Land Area in China using Data Assimilation
Tiziana Smith, Dennis B. McLaughlin, and Piyatida Hoisungwan

HS2.1.1 – Hydrological extremes: from droughts to floods

EGU2016-3923 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Evaluation of moisture sources for the Central European summer flood of May/June 2013 based on regional climate model simulations
Fanni Dora Kelemen, Patrick Ludwig, Mark Reyers, Sven Ulbrich, and Joaquim G. Pinto

EGU2016-579 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Flood potential index over China based on GRACE
Xudong Zhou

EGU2016-1874 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Linking timing, magnitude and process-controls of floods in the United States
Wouter Berghuijs, Ross Woods, Christopher Hutton, and Murugesu Sivapalan

EGU2016-966 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Influence of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on the behavior of floods in the Itajaí River basin in Southern Brazil
Artur Tiago Silva, Maria Manuela Portela, Mauro Naghettini, and Wilson Fernandes

EGU2016-3573 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Preparing for floods: flood forecasting and early warning
Hannah Cloke

EGU2016-1316 | Posters | HS2.1.1

The role of antecedent moisture conditions on flood response
Yu Deng, Seth Westra, Michael Lambert, and Martin Lambert

EGU2016-4870 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Anatomies of extreme Paraná River floods: Contributions of different time scales
Andres Antico, María E. Torres, and Henry F. Diaz

EGU2016-17598 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Evolution of flood typology across Europe
Yeshewatesfa Hundecha, Juraj Parajka, and Alberto Viglione

EGU2016-12329 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Assessment of homogeneity of regions for regional flood frequency analysis
Jeong Eun Lee and Nam Won Kim

EGU2016-3044 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Comparing bottom-up and top-down parameterisations of a process-based runoff generation model tailored on floods
Manuel Antonetti, Simon Scherrer, Michael Margreth, and Massimiliano Zappa

EGU2016-8504 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Mutual coupling of hydrologic and hydrodynamic models – a viable approach for improved large-scale inundation estimates?
Jannis Hoch, Hessel Winsemius, Ludovicus van Beek, Arjen Haag, and Marc Bierkens

EGU2016-7960 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Comparison of flood regionalisation techniques in Lower Saxony.
Stefan Plötner and Uwe Haberlandt

EGU2016-9796 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Evaluation of design flood estimates with respect to sample size
Florian Kobierska and Kolbjorn Engeland

EGU2016-11012 | Orals | HS2.1.1

How well do models reproduce the ocean-forced teleconnections associated with droughts and pluvials in the Middle East and Southwest Asia?
Mathew Barlow, Andrew Hoell, Siegfried Schubert, and Hailan Wang

EGU2016-11118 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Application of flood-intensity-duration curve, rainfall-intensity-duration curve and time of concentration to analyze the pattern of storms and their corresponding floods for the natural flood events
Nam Won Kim, Mun-Ju Shin, and Jeong Eun Lee

EGU2016-17686 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Impacts of forced and unforced climate variability on extreme floods using a large climate ensemble
Jean-Luc Martel, François Brissette, and Jie Chen

EGU2016-15145 | Orals | HS2.1.1

It’s T time: A study on the return period of multivariate problems
Eleni Maria Michailidi, Matteo Balistrocchi, and Baldassare Bacchi

EGU2016-12121 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Joint modelling of flood peaks and volumes along the Danube River
Silvia Kohnova, George Papaioannou, Tomas Bacigal, Katarina Jeneiova, Jan Szolgay, and Athanasios Loukas

EGU2016-14971 | Posters | HS2.1.1

A statistical approach to evaluate flood risk at the regional level: an application to Italy
Mauro Rossi, Ivan Marchesini, Paola Salvati, Marco Donnini, Fausto Guzzetti, Simone Sterlacchini, Marco Zazzeri, Alessandro Bonazzi, and Andrea Carlesi

EGU2016-825 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Modeling the Interactions between Hydrological Extremes, Water Management and Society.
Fabian Martinez, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, and Zahra Kalantari

EGU2016-1056 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Regional flood frequency analysis in Triveneto (Italy): climate and scale controls
Simone Persiano, Attilio Castellarin, Alessio Domeneghetti, and Armando Brath

EGU2016-14069 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Winter and summer-autumn flash floods as “drivers” of drought and seasonal flood characteristics (case study of European Russia)
Maria Kireeva, Natalia Frolova, Ekaterina Rets, and Natalia Ezerova

EGU2016-13504 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Unravelling the factors influencing flooding over the last 60 years in the Wei River Basin, China
Lingtong Gai, Jantiene E.M. Baartman, Manuel Mendoza-Carranza, Fei Wang, Coen J. Ritsema, and Violette Geissen

EGU2016-5709 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Monthly to seasonal low flow prediction: statistical versus dynamical models
Monica Ionita-Scholz, Bastian Klein, Dennis Meissner, and Silke Rademacher

EGU2016-16807 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Projected increases in the annual flood pulse of the western Amazon
Zed Zulkafli, Wouter Buytaert, Bastian Manz, Claudia Veliz Rosas, Patrick Willems, Waldo Lavado-Casimiro, Jean-Loup Guyot, and William Santini

EGU2016-4655 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Ensemble reconstruction of severe low flow events in France since 1871
Laurie Caillouet, Jean-Philippe Vidal, Eric Sauquet, Alexandre Devers, and Benjamin Graff

EGU2016-2918 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Comparing the simulated extreme runoff characteristics for the past and the future in a small Hungarian catchment
Anna Kis, Rita Pongrácz, Judit Bartholy, and János Adolf Szabó

EGU2016-14207 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Centurial changes in the augmentation of low flows by snow and glacier melt in the River Rhine
Kerstin Stahl, Irene Kohn, Mario Boehm, Daphné Freudiger, Kai Gerlinger, Jan Seibert, and Markus Weiler

EGU2016-12802 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Analysis of the variation of the 0°C isothermal altitude during rainfall events
Fränz Zeimetz, Javier Garcìa, Bettina Schaefli, and Anton J. Schleiss

EGU2016-10109 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Importance of seasonal snowpack for summer low flows in humid catchments
Michal Jenicek, Jan Seibert, Massimiliano Zappa, Maria Staudinger, and Tobias Jonas

EGU2016-138 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Utilizing Hierarchical Clustering to improve Efficiency of Self-Organizing Feature Map to Identify Hydrological Homogeneous Regions
Farhad Farsadnia and Bijan Ghahreman

EGU2016-18380 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Drought characteristics and related risks in large and mesoscale tropical catchments in Latin-America and South East Asia
Alexandra Nauditt, Lars Ribbe, Christian Birkel, and Rolando Célleri

EGU2016-4305 | Posters | HS2.1.1

A long-term national-scale hydrological simulation of river flows across Great Britain
Alison Rudd, Victoria Bell, Alison Kay, and Helen Davies

EGU2016-10346 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Practical Applications of the Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI) as a Tool for Very Early Warning of Droughts and Floods in the Balkans Region
Brian Faulkner

EGU2016-7229 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Uncertainties in transient projections of maximum and minimum flows over the United States
Ignazio Giuntoli, Gabriele Villarini, Christel Prudhomme, and David M Hannah

EGU2016-14528 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Evaluation of GRACE daily gravity solutions for hydrological extremes in selected river basins
Ben Gouweleeuw, Andreas Güntner, Animesh Gain, Christian Gruber, Frank Flechtner, Andreas Kvas, and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2016-15604 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Comparison of hydrological similarity measures
Maura Rianna, Elena Ridolfi, Piergiorgio Manciola, Francesco Napolitano, and Fabio Russo

EGU2016-9115 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Development of a hydrometric measurement series for the needs of rating curve estimation
Wojciech Jakubowski

EGU2016-17049 | Posters | HS2.1.1

A comparison of different hydrologic modeling approaches: the case study of Cerfone river
Sara Venturi, Silvia Di Francesco, and Piergiorgio Manciola

EGU2016-5708 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Regionalization of low flow indices in Lower Saxony
Anne Fangmann and Uwe Haberlandt

EGU2016-4521 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Towards a method to characterize temporary groundwater dynamics during droughts
Benedikt Heudorfer and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2016-12122 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Drought and Snow: Analysis of Drivers, Processes and Impacts of Streamflow Droughts in Snow-Dominated Regions
Anne Van Loon, Gregor Laaha, Henny Van Lanen, Juraj Parajka, Anne Fleig, and Stefan Ploum

EGU2016-12361 | Posters | HS2.1.1

High-resolution meteorological drought projections for Europe using a single combined indicator
Jonathan Spinoni, Gustavo Naumann, Jürgen Vogt, and Alessandro Dosio

EGU2016-8988 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Drought Characterisation and the Application of Indices in UK Water Resource Management
Amy Lennard and Neil Macdonald

EGU2016-6921 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Response of surface and groundwater on meteorological drought in Topla River catchment, Slovakia
Miriam Fendekova, Marian Fendek, Dana Vrablikova, Lotta Blaskovicova, Valeria Slivova, and Oliver Horvat

EGU2016-14563 | Posters | HS2.1.1

How to work towards more reliable residual water estimations? State of the art in Switzerland and ideas for using physical based approaches
Marius Floriancic, Michael Margreth, and Felix Naef

EGU2016-13455 | Posters | HS2.1.1

What are the governing processes during low-flows in a chalk catchment?
Jude Lubega Musuuza, Gemma Coxon, Chris Hutton, Nicholas Howden, Ross Woods, Jim Freer, and Thorsten Wagener

EGU2016-1113 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Assessment of climate change impacts on meteorological and hydrological droughts in the Jucar River Basin
Patricia Marcos-Garcia, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez, and Antonio Lopez-Nicolas

EGU2016-3937 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Disentangling the uncertainty of hydrologic drought characteristics in a multi-model century-long experiment in continental river basins
Luis Samaniego, Rohini Kumar, Illias Pechlivanidis, Lutz Breuer, Michel Wortmann, Tobias Vetter, Martina Flörke, Alejandro Chamorro, David Schäfer, Harsh Shah, and Xiaofan Zeng

EGU2016-16356 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Drought Duration Biases in Current Global Climate Models
Heewon Moon, Lukas Gudmundsson, and Sonia Seneviratne

EGU2016-5687 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Human-water interactions in Myanmar’s Dry Zone under climate change
Linda Taft and Mariele Evers

EGU2016-16959 | Posters | HS2.1.1

drought2015: an R-package to facilitate pan-European drought mapping
Tobias Gauster and Gregor Laaha

EGU2016-9559 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Regionalized rainfall-runoff model to estimate low flow indices
Florine Garcia, Nathalie Folton, and Ludovic Oudin

EGU2016-5221 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Statistical models for drought indices
Filip Strnad

HS2.1.2 – New principles for hydrological model development

EGU2016-4011 | Orals | HS2.1.2

Recent developments for the advancement of hydrological modeling
Uwe Ehret

EGU2016-10446 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Scale-emergence of snowmelt runoff recession based on heterogeneous snow accumulation and melt
Charles Luce, David Tarboton, and Martyn Clark

EGU2016-1292 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Terminology gap in hydrological cycle
Lu Zhuo and Dawei Han

EGU2016-5225 | Orals | HS2.1.2

SMART: A New Semi-distributed Hydrologic Modelling Framework for Soil Moisture and Runoff Simulations
Hoori Ajami and Ashish Sharma

EGU2016-8633 | Orals | HS2.1.2

Picturing and modelling catchments by representative hillslopes
Ralf Loritz, Sibylle Hassler, Conrad Jackisch, and Erwin Zehe

EGU2016-3977 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Importance of incorporating agriculture in conceptual rainfall-runoff models
Tanja de Boer-Euser, Markus Hrachowitz, Hessel Winsemius, and Hubert Savenije

EGU2016-11620 | Orals | HS2.1.2

A framework for multi-criteria assessment of model enhancements
Till Francke, Saskia Foerster, Arlena Brosinsky, José Delgado, Andreas Güntner, José A. López-Tarazón, and Axel Bronstert

EGU2016-5731 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Evaluation of a hydrological model based on Bidirectional Reach (BReach)
Katrien Van Eerdenbrugh, Stijn Van Hoey, and Niko E.C. Verhoest

EGU2016-5972 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Effects of data time-step on hydrological model parameters and prediction performance
MengXuan Jie, Hua Chen, ChongYu Xu, and Qiang Zeng

EGU2016-5032 | Orals | HS2.1.2

Looking beyond general metrics for model evaluation - lessons from an international model intercomparison study
Laurène Bouaziz, Tanja de Boer-Euser, Claudia Brauer, Gilles Drogue, Fabrizio Fenicia, Benjamin Grelier, Jan de Niel, Jiri Nossent, Fernando Pereira, Hubert Savenije, Guillaume Thirel, and Patrick Willems

EGU2016-10646 | Orals | HS2.1.2

Evaluating prospective hydrological model improvements with consideration of data and model uncertainty
James Craig, Nicholas Sgro, and Bryan Tolson

EGU2016-8971 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Towards methodical modelling: Differences between the structure and output dynamics of multiple conceptual models
Wouter Knoben, Ross Woods, and Jim Freer

EGU2016-11253 | Posters | HS2.1.2

The Satellite Based Hydrological Model (SHM): Routing Scheme and its Evaluation
Nikul kumari, Pranesh Kumar Paul, Rajendra Singh, Niranjan Panigrahy, Ashok Mishra, Praveen Kumar Gupta, and Raghavendra P Singh

EGU2016-11614 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Evolution of an operational hydrological model: from global to semi-distributed approach
Federico Garavaglia, Matthieu Le Lay, Frédéric Gottardi, and Rémy Garçon

EGU2016-12502 | Posters | HS2.1.2

A multiple hypotheses uncertainty analysis in hydrological modelling: about model structure, landscape parameterization, and numerical integration
Tobias Pilz, Till Francke, and Axel Bronstert

EGU2016-12665 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Same catchment, different models, same dominant processes? – How temporal patterns of dominant parameters vary between two hydrological models
Björn Guse, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Matthias Pfannerstill, Chantal Donnelly, Berit Arheimer, and Nicola Fohrer

EGU2016-7181 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Incorporation of an evolutionary algorithm to estimate transfer-functions for a parameter regionalization scheme of a rainfall-runoff model
Daniel Klotz, Mathew Herrnegger, and Karsten Schulz

EGU2016-10014 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Extending a rainfall-runoff model for lowland catchments from lumped to semi-distributed
Claudia Brauer, Paul Torfs, Ryan Teuling, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2016-7806 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Interconnection of tectonic stresses in the Earth’s crust and dynamics of the groundwater basin functioning
Vycheslav Koneshov, Tatiana Trifonova, Dmitriy Trifonov, and Sergey Arakelian

EGU2016-4831 | Posters | HS2.1.2

mRM - multiscale Routing Model for Scale-Independent Streamflow Simulations
Stephan Thober, Rohini Kumar, Luis Samaniego, Juliane Mai, Oldrich Rakovec, and Matthias Cuntz

EGU2016-4765 | Posters | HS2.1.2

A Lagrangian model for soil water dynamics: can we step beyond Richard’s equation while preserving capillarity as first order control?
Erwin Zehe and Conrad Jackisch

EGU2016-9133 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Towards diagnostic approaches to hydrologic model development: a framework based on functional hydrologic partitioning
Mahyar Shafii, Nandita Basu, James Craig, Sherry Schiff, and Philippe Van Kappellen

EGU2016-9865 | Posters | HS2.1.2

A new fit-for-purpose model testing framework: Decision Crash Tests
Bryan Tolson and James Craig

EGU2016-10413 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Alternative spatial configurations to reflect landscape structure in a hydrological model: SUMMA applications to the Reynolds Creek Watershed and the Columbia River Basin
Bart Nijssen, Martyn Clark, Naoki Mizukami, and Oriana Chegwidden

EGU2016-11141 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Equifinality: what could it mean?
Sina Khatami, Murray C. Peel, Timothy J. Peterson, and Andrew W. Western

EGU2016-12330 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Does the Budyko curve reflect a maximum power state of hydrological systems? A backward analysis
Martijn Westhoff, Erwin Zehe, Pierre Archambeau, and Benjamin Dewals

EGU2016-15265 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Consistency of internal fluxes in a hydrological model running at multiple time steps
Andrea Ficchi, Charles Perrin, and Vazken Andréassian

EGU2016-17109 | Posters | HS2.1.2

Pursuing realistic hydrologic model under SUPERFLEX framework in a semi-humid catchment in China
Lingna Wei, Hubert H.G. Savenije, Hongkai Gao, and Xi Chen

EGU2016-17497 | Posters | HS2.1.2

A mean field approach to watershed hydrology
Mark Bartlett and Amilcare Porporato

HS2.1.3 – Spatial patterns evaluation and process-physics understanding in distributed hydrologic modeling

EGU2016-15770 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Understanding spatial patterns of streamflow through distributed hydrological modelling
Dmitri Kavetski, Fabrizio Fenicia, Hubert H. G. Savenije, and Laurent Pfister

EGU2016-6648 | Posters | HS2.1.3

A novel representation of chalk hydrology in a land surface model
Mostaquimur Rahman and Rafael Rosolem

EGU2016-1723 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Analysis of spatial flow patterns across the Indian subcontinent via multi-basin hydrological modelling
Ilias Pechlivanidis and Berit Arheimer

EGU2016-9721 | Posters | HS2.1.3

An integrated assessment of the catchment-scale energy and water balance using a terrestrial systems modeling platform and observations
Mauro Sulis, Prabhakar Shrestha, Jessica Keune, Sandra Steinke, Malte Diederich, Jan Schween, Susanne Crewell, Clemens Simmer, and Stefan Kollet

EGU2016-10521 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Seamless continental-domain hydrologic model parameter estimations with Multi-Scale Parameter Regionalization
Naoki Mizukami, Martyn Clark, Andrew Newman, and Andy Wood

EGU2016-13483 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Lessons learned from integrated hydrological modeling of ephemeral catchments with different land uses
Matteo Camporese, Joshua Dean, and Edoardo Daly

EGU2016-16460 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Improving UK Chalk hydrometeorology across spatial scales using a small hydrometeorological network
Rafael Rosolem, Joost Iwema, Mostaquimur Rahman, Darin Desilets, and Juliana Koltermann da Silva

EGU2016-2987 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Multi-variate spatial explicit constraining of a large scale hydrological model
Oldrich Rakovec, Rohini Kumar, and Luis Samaniego

EGU2016-3918 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Incorporating preferential flow into a 3D model of a forested headwater catchment
Barbara Glaser, Conrad Jackisch, Luisa Hopp, Laurent Pfister, and Julian Klaus

EGU2016-5878 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Calibration of a distributed hydrologic model using observed spatial patterns from MODIS data
Mehmet C. Demirel, Gorka M. González, Juliane Mai, and Simon Stisen

EGU2016-5073 | Posters | HS2.1.3

From terrestrial to aquatic fluxes: Integrating stream dynamics within a dynamic global vegetation modeling framework
Jerad Hoy, Benjamin Poulter, Kristen Emmett, Molly Cross, Robert Al-Chokhachy, and Marco Maneta

EGU2016-1957 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Automatic calibration of a parsimonious ecohydrological model in a sparse basin using the spatio-temporal variation of the NDVI
Guiomar Ruiz-Pérez, Salvatore Manfreda, Kelly Caylor, and Félix Francés

EGU2016-12117 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Application of earth observation products for hydrological modeling of the Oum Er Rbia river basin
Patricia López López, Stefan Strohmeier, Mira Haddad, Edwin Sutanudjaja, Mohammed Karrou, Geert Sterk, Jaap Schellekens, and Marc Bierkens

EGU2016-14734 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Integrating 3D geological information with a national physically-based hydrological modelling system
Elizabeth Lewis, Geoff Parkin, Holger Kessler, and Mark Whiteman

EGU2016-1469 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Modelling the impact of agroforestry on hydrology of Mara River basin in East Africa using a distributed model
Hosea Mwangi, Stefan Julich, Sopan Patil, Morag McDonald, and Karl-Heinz Feger

EGU2016-8899 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Constraining Distributed Catchment Models by Incorporating Perceptual Understanding of Spatial Hydrologic Behaviour
Christopher Hutton, Thorsten Wagener, Jim Freer, and Dawei Han

EGU2016-11540 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Towards a high resolution, integrated hydrology model of North America: Diagnosis of feedbacks between groundwater and land energy fluxes at continental scales.
Reed Maxwell and Laura Condon

EGU2016-15621 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Modeling spatial patterns of terrestrial water cycle components for large river basins
Yuri Motovilov and Natalia Popova

EGU2016-4488 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Spatial validation of large scale land surface models against monthly land surface temperature patterns using innovative performance metrics.
Julian Koch, Amanda Siemann, Simon Stisen, and Justin Sheffield

EGU2016-9367 | Orals | HS2.1.3

How important are the descriptions of vegetation in distributed hydrologic models?
Matthias Cuntz, Stephan Thober, Matthias Zink, Oldrich Rakovec, and Luis Samaniego

EGU2016-8491 | Posters | HS2.1.3

A simple simulation approach to generate complex rainfall fields conditioned by elevation: example of the eastern Mediterranean region
Fabio Oriani, Noa Ohana-Levi, Julien Straubhaar, Philippe Renard, Arnon Karnieli, Grégoire Mariethoz, Efrat Morin, and Francesco Marra

EGU2016-11179 | Orals | HS2.1.3

Assessing the role of groundwater in basin productivity and surface variability from the hillslope to the continental scale
Laura Condon and Reed Maxwell

EGU2016-8535 | Orals | HS2.1.3

The Centre of High-Performance Scientific Computing, Geoverbund, ABC/J – Geosciences enabled by HPSC
Stefan Kollet, Klaus Görgen, Harry Vereecken, Fabian Gasper, Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, Jessica Keune, Ketan Kulkarni, Wolfgang Kurtz, Wendy Sharples, Prabhakar Shrestha, Clemens Simmer, Mauro Sulis, and Jan Vanderborght

EGU2016-16550 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Regionalization of flood hydrograph parameters in the Kolubara River Basin
Aleksandar Drobnjak, Nikola Zlatanovic, Nikola Bozovic, Milan Stojkovic, Aleksandra Orlic Momcilovic, Milena Jelovac, and Stevan Prohaska

EGU2016-8497 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Upscaling spatially heterogeneous parameterisations of soil compaction to investigate catchment scale flood risk.
Victoria Coates and Ian Pattison

EGU2016-11745 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Evaluation of a semi-distributed model through an assessment of the spatial coherence of Intercatchment Groundwater Flows
Alban de Lavenne, Guillaume Thirel, Vazken Andréassian, Charles Perrin, and Maria-Helena Ramos

EGU2016-8983 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Regionalisation of a distributed method for flood quantiles estimation: Revaluation of local calibration hypothesis to enhance the spatial structure of the optimised parameter
Jean Odry and Patrick Arnaud

EGU2016-16935 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Process-based distributed hydrological modelling of annual floods in the Upper Zambezi using the Desert Flood Index
Markus Meinhardt, Kralisch Sven, Fink Manfred, Butchart-Kuhlmann Daniel, Chabala Anthony, Fleischer Melanie, Helmschrot Jörg, Phiri Wilson, Trautmann Tina, Zimba Henry, and Nyambe Imasiku

EGU2016-11197 | Posters | HS2.1.3

A priori discretization quality metrics for distributed hydrologic modeling applications
Hongli Liu, Bryan Tolson, James Craig, Mahyar Shafii, and Nandita Basu

EGU2016-11446 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Incorporating flood event analyses and catchment structures into model development
Henning Oppel and Andreas Schumann

EGU2016-8570 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Evaluation of different interpolation schemes for precipitation and reference evapotranspiration and the impact on simulated large-scale water balance in Slovenia
Qianwen He, Frank Molkenthin, Frank Wendland, and Frank Herrmann

EGU2016-7930 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Use of distributed water level and soil moisture data in the evaluation of the PUMMA periurban distributed hydrological model: application to the Mercier catchment, France
Isabelle Braud, Musandji Fuamba, Flora Branger, Essoyéké Batchabani, Pedro Sanzana, Benoit Sarrazin, and Sonja Jankowfsky

EGU2016-12788 | Posters | HS2.1.3

A GIS-based method for flood risk assessment
Kleomenis Kalogeropoulos, Nikos Stathopoulos, Athanasios Psarogiannis, Dimitris Penteris, Chrisovalantis Tsiakos, Aikaterini Karagiannopoulou, Eleni Krikigianni, Efthimios Karymbalis, and Christos Chalkias

EGU2016-7887 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Global maps of streamflow characteristics based on observations from several thousand catchments
Hylke Beck, Ad de Roo, and Albert van Dijk

EGU2016-8948 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Modelling and optimizing rainwater harvesting in the wadi Oum Zessar watershed, Tunisia
Ammar Ali, Jan G. Wesseling, Michel Riksen, Mohamed Ouessar, and Coen Ritsema

EGU2016-17758 | Posters | HS2.1.3

Evaluation of different methods to estimate daily reference evapotranspiration in ungauged basins in Southern Brazil
Jessica Ribeiro Fontoura, Daniel Allasia, Gabriel Herbstrith Froemming, Pedro Freitas Ferreira, and Rutineia Tassi

HS2.1.5 – Large scale hydrology

EGU2016-3635 | Posters | HS2.1.5

An R package for the design, analysis and operation of reservoir systems
Sean Turner, Jia Yi Ng, and Stefano Galelli

EGU2016-183 | Orals | HS2.1.5

Impacts of land use and land cover change on water resources and water scarcity in the 20th century: a multi-model multi-forcing analysis
Ted Veldkamp, Yoshihide Wada, Philip Ward, and Jeroen Aerts

EGU2016-3833 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Validation of the Global Land Data Assimilation System based on measurements of soil temperature profiles
Lei Wang, Xiuping Li, Yingying Chen, Kun Yang, and Deliang Chen

EGU2016-14504 | Orals | HS2.1.5

Global root zone storage capacity from satellite-based evaporation data
Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Wim Bastiaanssen, Hongkai Gao, Jonas Jägermeyr, Gabriel Senay, Albert van Dijk, Juan Guerschman, Patrick Keys, Line Gordon, and Hubert Savenije

EGU2016-8934 | Orals | HS2.1.5

A 1985-2015 data-driven global reconstruction of GRACE total water storage
Vincent Humphrey, Lukas Gudmundsson, and Sonia Isabelle Seneviratne

EGU2016-7086 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Global scale river network extraction based on high-resolution topography, constrained by lithology, climate, and observed drainage density
Ana Schneider, Agnès Ducharne, Anne Jost, Cécile Coulon, Marie Silvestre, and Sylvain Théry

EGU2016-7802 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Global evaluation of runoff from ten state-of-the-art hydrological models
Hylke Beck, Ad de Roo, Albert van Dijk, Jaap Schellekens, Emanuel Dutra, Gabriel Fink, and Rene Orth

EGU2016-3003 | Orals | HS2.1.5 | Media interest

A century-long simulation of terrestrial water storage change and its contribution to global sea-level
Marc F.P. Bierkens, Joyce Bosmans, Inge de Graaf, Edwin Sutandjaja, Oliver Schmitz, Yoshihide Wada, Niko Wanders, and Ludovicus P.H. van Beek

EGU2016-8267 | Orals | HS2.1.5

Basin-scale runoff prediction: An Ensemble Kalman Filter framework based on global hydrometeorological data sets
Harald Kunstmann, Christof Lorenz, Mohammad Tourian, Balaji Devaraju, and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2016-8361 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Comparison and validation of gridded precipitation datasets for Spain
Pere Quintana-Seguí, Marco Turco, and Gonzalo Míguez-Macho

EGU2016-11279 | Orals | HS2.1.5

Building a flood climatology and rethinking flood risk at continental scales
Konstantinos Andreadis, Guy Schumann, Dimitrios Stampoulis, Andrew Smith, Jeffrey Neal, Paul Bates, Christopher Sampson, Robert Brakenridge, and Albert Kettner

EGU2016-12589 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Variability of basin scale water resources indicators derived from global hydrological and land surface models
Micha Werner, Eleanor Blyth, and Jaap Schellekens

EGU2016-11777 | Posters | HS2.1.5

On the (in)consistency of a multi-model ensemble of the past 30 years land surface state.
Emanuel Dutra, Jaap Schellekens, Hylke Beck, and Gianpaolo Balsamo

EGU2016-6217 | Posters | HS2.1.5

A global water resources ensemble of hydrological models: the eartH2Observe Tier-1 dataset
Gianpaolo Balsamo, Emanuel Dutra, Jaap Schellekens, Frederiek Sperna Weiland, Albert van Dijk, Marie Minvielle, Jean-Christophe Calvet, Bertrand Decharme, Stephanie Eisner, Gabriel Fink, Martina Flörke, Stefanie Pessenteiner, Rens van Beek, Jan Polcher, Hylke Beck, Alberto Martínez-de la Torre, René Orth, Ben Calton, Sophia Burke, and Graham P. Weedon

EGU2016-14667 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Precipitation uncertainty propagation in hydrologic simulations: evaluation over the Iberian Peninsula.
Efthymios I. Nikolopoulos, Jan Polcher, Emmanouil N. Anagnostou, Stephanie Eisner, Gabriel Fink, and George Kallos

EGU2016-15947 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Global off-line evaluation of the ISBA-TRIP continental hydrological system used in the CNRM-CM6 climate model for the next CMIP6 exercise
Bertrand Decharme, Jean-Pierre Vergnes, Marie Minvielle, Jeanne Colin, and Christine Delire

EGU2016-10880 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Impact of climatic noise on global estimates of terrestrial water balance components
Olga Nasonova, Yeugeniy Gusev, Vladimir Semenov, and Evgeny Kovalev

EGU2016-4937 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Precipitation and floodiness: forecasts of flood hazard at the regional scale
Liz Stephens, Jonny Day, Florian Pappenberger, and Hannah Cloke

EGU2016-14247 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Large-scale derived flood frequency analysis based on continuous simulation
Viet Dung Nguyen, Yeshewatesfa Hundecha, Björn Guse, Sergiy Vorogushyn, and Bruno Merz

EGU2016-11294 | Posters | HS2.1.5

The HyperHydro (H2) experiment for comparing different large-scale models at various resolutions
Edwin Sutanudjaja and the HyperHydro

EGU2016-17790 | Posters | HS2.1.5

The effect of lakes and reservoirs parameterization on global riverflow modeling
Zuzanna Zajac, Feyera A Hirpa, Beatriz Revilla-Romero, Peter Salamon, Peter Burek, Hylke E. Beck, and Jutta Thielen-del Pozo

EGU2016-15999 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Flood Hazard Mapping over Large Regions using Geomorphic Approaches
Caterina Samela, Tara J. Troy, and Salvatore Manfreda

EGU2016-1582 | Posters | HS2.1.5

A spatially consistent seamless predictions of continental-scale hydrologic fluxes and states
Rohini Kumar, Juliane Mai, Oldrich Rakovec, Matthias Zink, Matthias Cuntz, Stephan Thober, Sabine Attinger, Martin Schroen, David Schaefer, and Luis Samaniego

EGU2016-10703 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Diverging trends between meteorological drought indices (SPI and SPEI) in Europe
James Stagge, Daniel Kingston, Lena Tallaksen, and David Hannah

EGU2016-11976 | Posters | HS2.1.5

The role of Natural Flood Management in managing floods in large scale basins during extreme events
Paul Quinn, Gareth Owen, Greg ODonnell, Alex Nicholson, and David Hetherington

EGU2016-15372 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Quantifying future changes affecting dry and wet states of soil moisture
Lucile Verrot and Georgia Destouni

EGU2016-16557 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Global estimates of fresh submarine groundwater discharge
Elco Luijendijk, Tom Gleeson, and Nils Moosdorf

EGU2016-17445 | Posters | HS2.1.5

Global 30m Height Above the Nearest Drainage
Gennadii Donchyts, Hessel Winsemius, Jaap Schellekens, Tyler Erickson, Hongkai Gao, Hubert Savenije, and Nick van de Giesen