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IE – Interdisciplinary events

IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6 – Mind the Gap! Techniques to overcome multi-scale issues in geological and geomorphic processes (co-organized)

EGU2016-9858 | Orals | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Vanishing Point: A Savage Journey Into Heart of the Scale Hierarchy
Jonathan Phillips

EGU2016-641 | Posters | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

A Cellular Automata Model for the Study of Landslides
Luisa Liucci, Cristian Suteanu, and Laura Melelli

EGU2016-3136 | Posters | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Sediment transport in steep forested catchments: the role of disturbance and scale
Greg Hancock, James Hugo, and Ashley Webb

EGU2016-10732 | Orals | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

River channel width change: Dynamics and scaling relationships in the upper Midwestern US
Bastiaan Notebaert, Patrick Belmont, and Mitchell Donovan

EGU2016-4267 | Orals | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Is rock slope instability in high-mountain systems driven by topo-climatic, paraglacial or rock mechanical factors? - A question of scale!
Karoline Messenzehl and Richard Dikau

EGU2016-9706 | Posters | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Spatial heterogeneity of Cs-137 soil contamination at the landscape scale of the Bryansk Region (Russia)
Alexander Sokolov, Anton Sokolov, and Vitaly Linnik

EGU2016-15555 | Posters | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Bridging the gap between small and large scale sediment budgets? – A scaling challenge in the Upper Rhone Basin, Switzerland
Anna Schoch, Jan Blöthe, Thomas Hoffmann, and Lothar Schrott

EGU2016-17414 | Orals | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Spatial heterogeneity of leaf area index across scales from simulation and remote sensing
Tim G. Reichenau, Wolfgang Korres, Carsten Montzka, and Karl Schneider

EGU2016-15170 | Posters | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Geomorphodynamics across different time scales and archives in the Western Mediterranean
Daniel Wolf, Thomas Kolb, Rubén Calvo, Jesus Sánchez, Philipp Baumgart, and Dominik Faust

EGU2016-8910 | Orals | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Imaging the shallow volcanic conduit from magma analogue decompression experiments: their implication for volcanic eruptions and applications to numerical models
Laura Spina, Corrado Cimarelli, Bettina Scheu, Danilo Di Genova, Simone Colucci, Mattia De' Michieli Vitturi, and Donald B. Dingwell

EGU2016-8133 | Orals | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Faults and Shear Zones: Constraints on the Extrapolation of Laboratory Tests
Georg Dresen, Marco Bohnhoff, Grzegorz Kwiatek, and Erik Rybacki

EGU2016-13910 | Posters | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Approach for computing 1D fracture density: application to fracture corridor characterization
Sophie Viseur, Sebastien Chatelée, Clement Akriche, and Juliette Lamarche

EGU2016-6412 | Posters | IE1.2/TS7.3/GD7.3/GM1.9/NP3.6

Multi-scale petrophysical and geomechanical characterization of full core from the Groningen Field to understand mechanical stratigraphy and compaction behavior
Rob van Eijs, Sander Hol, Fons Marcelis, Gulfiia Ishmukhametova, Arjan van der Linden, Pedro Zuiderwijk, and Axel Makurat

IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16 – Scale and scaling in the climate and in aquatic biogeochemical systems (co-organized)

EGU2016-14652 | Orals | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Space-time structure of climate variability
Thomas Laepple, Maria Reschke, Peter Huybers, and Kira Rehfeld and the ACER SST

EGU2016-1764 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Mars Topography Investigated Through the Wavelet Leaders Method: a Multidimensional Study of its Fractal Structure
Adrien Deliège, Thomas Kleyntssens, and Samuel Nicolay

EGU2016-10691 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

The Analyses of Turbulence Characteristics in the Atmospheric Surface Layer using Arbitrary-order Hilbert Spectra
Wei Wei, François G. Schmitt, Yongxiang Huang, and Hongsheng Zhang

EGU2016-10594 | Orals | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Information transfer across the scales of climate variability: The effect of the 7–8 year cycle on the annual and interannual scales
Milan Palus, Nikola Jajcay, Jaroslav Hlinka, Sergey Kravtsov, and Anastasios Tsonis

EGU2016-12975 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Intermittency in a tidal river turbulent flow
Francois G. Schmitt, Trung Le Kien, Maxime Thiébaut, and Alexei Sentchev

EGU2016-8426 | Orals | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Sensitivity of proxies on non-linear interactions in the climate system
Johannes Schultz, Christoph Beck, Gunter Menz, Burkhard Neuwirth, Christian Ohlwein, and Andreas Philipp

EGU2016-8189 | Orals | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Fact versus formula in the power spectra of complex systems
Nick Watkins

EGU2016-6667 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Multifractal analysis and simulation of multifractal random walks
Francois G Schmitt and Yongxiang Huang

EGU2016-1856 | Orals | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

A Lagrangian model of Copepod dynamics in turbulent flows
Hamidreza Ardeshiri, Ibtissem Benkeddad, Francois G. Schmitt, Sami Souissi, Federico Toschi, and Enrico Calzavarini

EGU2016-8598 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Comparisons between transect and fixed point in a oceanic turbulent flow: statistical analyses
Lucie Koziol, Francois G. Schmitt, Felipe Artigas, and Fabrice Lizon

EGU2016-10677 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

The study of the turbulent characteristics of water, heat, carbon dioxide and methane transport over winter wheat field of North China
Hongxing Ge, Hongsheng Zhang, Fan Luo, Xuhui Cai, Yu Song, Ling Kang, and Qing Huo

EGU2016-18294 | Orals | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

On the magnitude of the most recent El Niño event
Costas A. Varotsos, Chris G. Tzanis, and Nicholas V. Sarlis

EGU2016-14549 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Hilbert-Huang spectral analysis for characterizing the intrinsic time-scales of variability in decennial time-series of surface solar radiation
Marc Bengulescu, Philippe Blanc, and Lucien Wald

EGU2016-16658 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Effect of spatial averaging on multifractal properties of meteorological time series
Holger Hoffmann, Piotr Baranowski, Jaromir Krzyszczak, and Monika Zubik

EGU2016-8170 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

How accurately do we know the temperature of the surface of the earth?
Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2016-18100 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Global scale precipitation from monthly to centennial scales: empirical space-time scaling analysis, anthropogenic effects
Isabel de Lima and Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2016-18295 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

On the climate impacts from the 1/f behavior of the solar incident flux
Costas A. Varotsos, Shaun Lovejoy, Nicholas V. Sarlis, Chris G. Tzanis, and John Christodoulakis

EGU2016-18296 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

On the climate impacts from the volcanic and solar forcings
Costas A. Varotsos and Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2016-7123 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Late Quaternary temperature variability described as abrupt transitions on a 1∕f noise background
Martin Rypdal and Kristoffer Rypdal

EGU2016-4672 | Posters | IE1.3/NP3.3/CL5.16

Scaling in global climate records: is the nonlinear paradigm the emperor's new clothes?
Kristoffer Rypdal, Martin Rypdal, and Hege-Beate Fredriksen

IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32 – Multiscale modeling and analysis of environmental processes (co-organized)

EGU2016-700 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Effect of rock fragments on soil physical properties at pore and field scales
Laura Gargiulo, Giacomo Mele, Antonio Coppola, Roberto De Mascellis, Bruno Di Matteo, Fabio Terribile, and Angelo Basile

EGU2016-15877 | Orals | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Session introduction
Antonello Bonfante, Anna Brook, Luca D'Auria, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2016-748 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Quantitative detection of settled dust over green canopy
Anna Brook

EGU2016-1133 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Decision Support system- DSS- for irrigation management in greenhouses: a case study in Campania Region
Eugenia Monaco, Roberto De Mascellis, Maria Riccardi, Angelo Basile, Guido D'Urso, Vincenzo Magliulo, and Anna Tedeschi

EGU2016-14960 | Orals | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32 | Media interest

Unsupervised DInSAR processing chain for multi-scale displacement analysis
Francesco Casu and Michele Manunta

EGU2016-17225 | Orals | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Modeling and analysis of Soil Erosion processes by the River Basins model: The Case Study of the Krivacki Potok Watershed, Montenegro
Dusko Vujacic, Goran Barovic, Dragica Mijanovic, Velibor Spalevic, Milic Curovic, Vjekoslav Tanaskovic, and Nevenka Djurovic

EGU2016-5094 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32 | Media interest

Dam Safety Assessment using Long-term Geophysical Monitoring at Reservoir Dams, Republic of Korea
Sung Keun Lim, Doug Oldenburg, Seogi Kang, and Sung Ho Song

EGU2016-5282 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32 | Media interest

A new assimilation method with physical mechanism to estimate evapotranspiration
Wen Ye and Xinyi Xu

EGU2016-6893 | Orals | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32 | Media interest

Ballistic analysis during multiscale explosive eruption at Vesuvius and hazard implications
Vincenzo De Novellis

EGU2016-9147 | Orals | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32 | Media interest

Magnetotellurics as a multiscale geophysical exploration method
Rolando Carbonari, Luca D'Auria, Rosa Di Maio, and Zaccaria Petrillo

EGU2016-6659 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Detecting vegetation stress in coastal Gabes oases using Hyperion hyperspectral sensor
Jouda Ben Arfa, Gerard Beltrando, Jean Claude Berges, and Fouad Zargouni

EGU2016-14442 | Orals | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

IRRIMET: a web 2.0 advisory service for irrigation water management
Carlo De Michele, Enrico Anzano, Marco Colandrea, Luigi Marotta, Ileana Mula, Anna Pelosi, Guido D'Urso, and Giovanni Battista Chirico

EGU2016-8804 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Multiscale stress field inversion in the crust from focal mechanism datasets
Bruno Massa, Luca D'Auria, Elena Cristiano, and Ada De Matteo

EGU2016-13338 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32 | Media interest

Development and deployment of a water-crop-nutrient simulation model embedded in a web application
Giuliano Langella, Angelo Basile, Antonio Coppola, Piero Manna, Nadia Orefice, and Fabio Terribile

EGU2016-13629 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Joint Use of Sentinel-1 and Landsat-8 data for Burned Areas Mapping: the Case of the Sardinia Island, Italy
Antonio Pepe, Ramin Azar, Fabiana Calò, Daniela Stroppiana, Pietro Alessandro Brivio, and Pasquale Imperatore

EGU2016-14226 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Time Series Analysis OF SAR Image Fractal Maps: The Somma-Vesuvio Volcanic Complex Case Study
Antonio Pepe, Claudio De Luca, Gerardo Di Martino, Antonio Iodice, Mariarosaria Manzo, Susi Pepe, Daniele Riccio, Giuseppe Ruello, Eugenio Sansosti, and Ivana Zinno

EGU2016-14895 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

The use of the Finite Element method for the earthquakes modelling in different geodynamic environments
Raffaele Castaldo and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2016-15028 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Fissure distribution at Mauna Loa (Hawaii) as an example to understand shallow magma transfer at volcanoes
Daniele La Marra, Valerio Acocella, and Frank Trusdell

EGU2016-16914 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Conservation agriculture practices to enhance soil organic in Lombardy plain (Northern Italy)
Alessia Perego, Andrea Giussani, Stefano Corsi, Andrea Tosini, and Marco Acutis

EGU2016-17232 | Posters | IE1.4/NP3.7/GI3.12/SSS9.32

Innovative methodologies and technologies for thermal energy release measurement.
Enrica Marotta, Rosario Peluso, Rosario Avino, Pasquale Belviso, Stefano Caliro, Antonio Carandente, Giovanni Chiodini, Annarita Mangiacapra, Zaccaria Petrillo, Fabio Sansivero, Giuseppe Vilardo, and Barbara Marfe

IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2 – Atmospheric emissions from volcanoes and their dispersion (co-organized)

EGU2016-16107 | Orals | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Reference dataset of volcanic ash physicochemical and optical properties for atmospheric measurement retrievals and transport modelling
Andreas Vogel, Adam Durant, Anna Sytchkova, Spyros Diplas, Costanza Bonadonna, Barbara Scarnato, Kirstin Krüger, Arve Kylling, Nina Kristiansen, and Andreas Stohl

EGU2016-17035 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Satellite observations of the volcanic plume from the 23rd April 2015 eruption of Calbuco volcano
Catherine Hayer, Elisa Carboni, Lucy Ventress, Adam Povey, and Roy Grainger

EGU2016-1663 | Orals | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Exploiting hyperspectral sounders for volcanic ash remote sensing
Luke Western, Matthew Watson, and Peter Francis

EGU2016-16744 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Diffuse H$_{2}$ emission: a useful geochemical tool to monitor the volcanic activity at El Hierro volcano system
Nemesio M. Pérez, Gladys Melián, Judit González-Santana, José Barrancos, Germán Padilla, Fátima Rodríguez, Eleazar Padrón, and Pedro A. Hernández

EGU2016-16384 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

The use of IASI in the measurement of volcanic SO2: degassing and lower tropospheric emission.
Elisa Carboni, Roy G. Grainger, Catherine Hayer, Tamsin A. Mater, James Preston, Nicolas Theys, and Silvana Hidalgo.

EGU2016-7302 | Orals | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2 | Media interest

How accurate are volcanic ash simulations of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption?
Helen Dacre, Natalie Harvey, Peter Webley, and Don Morton

EGU2016-15038 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Multifrequency radar imaging of ash plumes: an experiment at Stromboli
Franck Donnadieu, Valentin Freret-Lorgeril, Julien Delanoë, Jean-Paul Vinson, Frédéric Peyrin, Claude Hervier, Christophe Caudoux, Joël Van Baelen, and Thierry Latchimy

EGU2016-301 | Orals | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Satellite detection, long-range transport, and air quality impacts of volcanic sulfur dioxide from the 2014–2015 flood lava eruption at Bárðarbunga (Iceland)
Anja Schmidt, Susan Leadbetter, Nicolas Theys, Elisa Carboni, Witham Claire, Stevenson John, Birch Cathryn, and Thorvaldur Thordarson

EGU2016-4794 | Orals | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Dispersion of volcanic particles during Etna eruption in December 2015. Detection by ceilometer networks (Switzerland, Italy and Germany) and in situ measurements at Alpine high-altitude sites.
Maxime Hervo, Nicolas Bukowiecki, Martine Collaud Coen, Gian Paolo Gobbi, Martin Gysel, Alexander Haefele, Stephan Henne, Erik Herrmann, Giovanni Martucci, Ina Mattis, Martin Steinbacher, Frank Wagner, Luca Di Liberto, and Robert Holla

EGU2016-1843 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

A numeral model to simulate the chemical processing of volcanic ejecta in eruption plumes and clouds
Gholam Ali Hoshyaripour, Marthias Hort, and Guy Brasseur

EGU2016-4785 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

CEILINEX 2015: Validation of calibration methods during the ceilometer inter-comparison
Maxime Hervo and the CeiLinEx2015 team

EGU2016-9606 | Orals | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Satellite observations of lightning-generated NOx in volcanic eruption clouds
Simon Carn, Nickolay Krotkov, Ken Pickering, Dale Allen, and Eric Bucsela

EGU2016-5133 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Implementation of routine ash predictions using a general purpose atmospheric dispersion model (HYSPLIT) adapted for calculating ash thickness on the ground.
Tony Hurst, Cory Davis, and Natalia Deligne

EGU2016-6221 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Tracking far-range volcanogenic air pollution
Marie Boichu, Isabelle Chiapello, Phillipe Goloub, Jean-Christophe Péré, François Thieuleux, Luc Blarel, Thierry Podvin, Augustin Mortier, Colette Brogniez, Nathalie Sohne, Nicolas Theys, Michel Van Roozendael, Lieven Clarisse, Sophie Bauduin, and Didier Tanré

EGU2016-7217 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Simulations of the Holuhraun eruption 2014 with WRF-Chem and evaluation with satellite and ground based SO2 measurements
Marcus Hirtl, Delia Arnold-Arias, Claudia Flandorfer, Christian Maurer, Simone Mantovani, and Stefano Natali

EGU2016-13656 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Influence of volcanic tephra on photovoltaic (PV)-modules: An experimental study with application to the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption, Iceland
Edgar Zorn and Thomas R. Walter

EGU2016-13928 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Satellite Derived Volcanic Ash Product Inter-Comparison in Support to SCOPE-Nowcasting
Richard Siddans, Gareth Thomas, Mike Pavolonis, and Stephan Bojinski

EGU2016-298 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

In situ measurement of the Icelandic Holuhraun/ Bárðarbunga volcanic plume in an early “young state” using a LOAC
Damien Vignelles, Tjarda Roberts, Elisa Carboni, Evgenia Ilyinskaya, Pavla Dagsson Waldhauserovà, Gwenael Berthet, Fabrice Jegou, Jean Baptiste Renard, Haraldur Olafsson, Baldur Bergsson, Richard Yeo, Njall Fannar Reynisson, Roy Grainger, Melissa Pfeffer, Thibaut Lurton, Vincent Duverger, and Benoit Coute

EGU2016-926 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Determining volcanic SO2 plume heights in satellite observations using meteorological wind fields
Viktoria Keicher, Christoph Hörmann, Holger Sihler, Ulrich Platt, and Thomas Wagner

EGU2016-6528 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

SEVIRI 4D-var assimilation analysing the April 2010 Eyjafjallajökull ash dispersion
Anne Caroline Lange and Hendrik Elbern

EGU2016-6627 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

On the impact of additional spectral bands usage on RST-ASH performance in volcanic ash plume detected from space
Alfredo Falconieri, Carolina Filizzola, Francesco Marchese, Nicola Pergola, and Valerio Tramutoli

EGU2016-7027 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Tracking the Kasatochi SO2 plume using the Ensemble Kalman Filter and OMI observations
Julius Vira, Nicolas Theys, and Mikhail Sofiev

EGU2016-8081 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Uncertainties in volcanic plume modeling: a parametric study using FPLUME model
Giovanni Macedonio, Antonio Costa, and Arnau Folch

EGU2016-8511 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Investigation of the Mount Etna eruption in December 2015 using IASI observations and numerical modelling
Maria Athanassiadou and Franco Marenco

EGU2016-10186 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Volcanic Ash Cloud Altitude retrievals from passive satellite sensors: the 03-09 December 2015 Etna eruption.
stefano corradini, luca merucci, lorenzo guerrieri, sergio pugnaghi, greg mcgarragh, elisa carboni, lucy ventress, roy grainger, simona scollo, federica pardini, klemen zaksek, baerbel langmann, severin bancalá, and dario stelitano

EGU2016-12427 | Posters | IE2.1/NH2.1/AS3.6/GMPV7.2

Combining four dimensional variational data assimilation and particle filtering for estimating volcanic ash emissions
Philipp Franke and Hendrik Elbern

IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9 – Volcanic gas emissions (co-organized)

EGU2016-8269 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Monitoring Cumbre Vieja volcano (La Palma, Canary Islands) from 2001 to 2015 by means of diffuse CO2 degassing
Eleazar Padrón, Hannah Berry, Helen Robinson, Fátima Rodríguez, Samara Dionis, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-3540 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Long time series of soil CO2 degassing measurements at Solfatara of Pozzuoli (Campi Flegrei, Italy)
Carlo Cardellini, Giovanni Chiodini, Angelo Rosiello, Emanula Bagnato, Rosario Avino, Francesco Frondini, Stefano Caliro, Giulio Beddini, Marco Donnini, and Matto Lelli

EGU2016-15467 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Soil gas composition from the 2001-2002 fissure in the Lakki Plain (Nisyros Island, Greece): evidences for shallow hydrothermal fluid circulation
Stefania Venturi, Franco Tassi, Christos Kanellopoulos, Orlando Vaselli, Chiara Caponi, Andrea Ricci, Alessio Raspanti, Andrea Gallorini, Jacopo Cabassi, and Georges Vougioukalakis

EGU2016-8345 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Diffuse CO2 emission from the NE volcanic rift-zone of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain): a 15 years geochemical monitoring
Germán Padilla, Mar Alonso, Trevor Shoemaker, Ariane Loisel, Eleazar Padrón, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-8406 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Eighteen years of geochemical monitoring at the oceanic active volcanic island of El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain)
María Asensio-Ramos, Mar Alonso, Emerson Sharp, Hannah Woods, José Barrancos, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-4607 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Gas flushing through hyper-acidic crater lakes: the next steps within a reframed monitoring time window
Dmitri Rouwet

EGU2016-8532 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Spatial and temporal variations of diffuse CO$_{2}$ degassing at the N-S volcanic rift-zone of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) during 2002-2015 period
Mar Alonso, Dylan Ingman, Scott Alexander, José Barrancos, Fátima Rodríguez, Gladys Melián, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-10266 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

The 2014 Effusive eruption of Stromboli Volcano: The observed geochemical variations of soil CO2 fluxes and PCO2 in the thermal waters.
Salvatore Inguaggiato, Fabio Vita, Agnes Mazot, Marianna Patricia Jacome Paz, Marianna Cangemi, and Aldo Sollami

EGU2016-8451 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Monitoring the NW volcanic rift-zone of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain: sixteen years of diffuse CO$_{2}$ degassing surveys
Fátima Rodríguez, Simon Halliwell, Damaris Butters, Germán Padilla, Eleazar Padrón, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-10396 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Monitoring quiescent volcanoes by diffuse He degassing: case study Teide volcano
Nemesio M. Pérez, Gladys Melián, María Asensio-Ramos, Eleazar Padrón, Pedro A. Hernández, José Barrancos, Germán Padilla, Fátima Rodríguez, David Calvo, and Mar Alonso

EGU2016-8591 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Diffuse volcanic degassing and thermal energy release 2015 surveys from the summit cone of Teide volcano, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
Gladys Melián, María Asensio-Ramos, Germán Padilla, Mar Alonso, Simon Halliwell, Emerson Sharp, Damaris Butters, Dylan Ingman, Scott Alexander, Jenny Cook, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-10373 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Degassing dynamics at Mount Etna inferred from radioactive disequilibria (210Pb-210Bi-210Po) in volcanic gases
Luca Terray, Pierre-Jean Gauthier, Giuseppe Salerno, Alessandro La Spina, Salvatore Giammanco, Pasquale Sellitto, and Pierre Briole

EGU2016-7504 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

The statistical signature and physical mechanism of quiescent volcanic degassing
Santiago Arellano and Bo Galle and the NOVAC

EGU2016-8088 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Carbon-dioxide flow measurement in geodynamically active area of West Bohemia
Josef Vlcek, Tomas Fischer, and Jens Heinicke

EGU2016-1881 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

The CO2 flux and the chemistry of the crater lake in 2013-2015 evidence for the enhanced activity of El Chichon volcano, Mexico
Mariana Patricia Jácome Paz, Yuri Taran, Salvatore Inguaggiato, and Nathalie Collard

EGU2016-1001 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Variations of the BrO/SO2 molar ratios during the 2015 Cotopaxi eruption
Florian Dinger, Santiago Arellano, Jean Battaglia, Nicole Bobrowski, Bo Galle, Stephen Hernandez, Silvana Hidalgo, Christoph Hörmann, Peter Lübcke, Ulrich Platt, Mario Ruiz, Simon Warnach, and Thomas Wagner

EGU2016-14022 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Diffuse degassing survey at the Higashi Izu monogenetic volcano field, Japan
Kenji Notsu, Nemesio M. Pérez, Naoyuki Fujii, Pedro A. Hernández, Toshiya Mori, Eleazar Padrón, and Gladys Melián

EGU2016-9366 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Gas emissions and slug dynamics at Stromboli
Tom D Pering, Andrew J S McGonigle, Mike R James, Giancarlo Tamburello, and Alessandro Aiuppa

EGU2016-4877 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

On the use of hyperpectral infrared imagers for studying volcano plumes: IMAGETNA campaign
sebastien payan, Nathalie Huret, Valery Catoire, Stéphane Langlois, Giuseppe Salerno, Tjarda Roberts, Delphy Rodriguez, Armande Pola Fossi, Alessandro La Spina, Tomasso Caltabiano, Yann Ferrec, Stépnane Chevrier, and Mike Burton

EGU2016-13857 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Izu-Oshima volcano, Japan: nine years of geochemical monitoring by means of CO$_{2}$ soil diffuse degassing
Pedro A. Hernández, Toshiya Mori, Kenji Notsu, Masaaki Morita, Eleazar Padrón, Shin'ya Onizawa, Gladys Melián, Hirochicka Sumino, María Asensio-Ramos, Kenji Nogami, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2016-12700 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Evaluation of the eruptive potential and probability in open conduit volcano (Mt Etna) based on soil CO2 flux measurements
Sofia De Gregorio and Marco Camarda

EGU2016-974 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Accurate prototype remote sensing of correlated carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions at Mt.Etna
Anna Solvejg Dinger, Nicole Bobrowski, André Butz, Marie-Constanze Fischerkeller, Gaetano Giudice, Giovanni Giuffrida, Friedrich Klappenbach, Julian Kostinek, Jonas Kuhn, Marco Liuzzo, Peter Lübcke, Lukas Tirpitz, and Ulrich Platt

EGU2016-10740 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

The association between volcanic fluid variations and seismic events in the Tatun Volcano Group, northern Taiwan
Hsiaofen Lee, Tsanyao Frank Yang, Cheng-Horng Lin, Tefang Lan, Hsin-Chieh Pu, and Maxime Mouyen

EGU2016-7022 | Orals | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Reconstruction of flux and altitude of volcanic SO2 emissions from satellite observations: implications for volcanological and atmospherical studies.
Marie Boichu, Lieven Clarisse, Jean-Christophe Péré, Hervé Herbin, Philippe Goloub, François Thieuleux, Dmitry Khvorostyanov, Fabrice Ducos, Cathy Clerbaux, and Didier Tanré

EGU2016-16636 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Gas geochemistry of the fumarolic discharges from the Tatun Volcanic Complex (Taiwan)
Orlando Vaselli, Franco Tassi, Marco Bonini, Hsiao-Fen Lee, Tsanyao Frank Yang, Jens Fiebig, Sheng-Rong Song, Barbara Nisi, and Stefania Venturi

EGU2016-15980 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Degassing of different magma batches as the main controlling factor for fumarolic fluid chemistry at the Planchón-Peteroa-Azufre Volcanic Complex (Argentina-Chile) in 2010-2015
Franco Tassi, Felipe Aguilera, Oscar Benavente, Antonio Paonita, Giovanni Chiodini, Stefano Caliro, Mariano Agusto, Francisco Gutierrez, Bruno Capaccioni, Orlando Vaselli, and Alberto Caselli

EGU2016-16348 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Geochemistry of the hydrothermal systems in the Jujuy Province, Argentina, and relationship with the regional geology
Yesica Peralta Arnold, Jacopo Cabassi, Franco Tassi, Pablo Caffe, and Orlando Vaselli

EGU2016-1766 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Model for origin and evolution of water at volcanoes in São Miguel, Azores (Portugal), based on geochemical and isotopic data set
Julia Woitischek, Martin Dietzel, J. Virgílio Cruz, Salvatore Inguaggiato, Albrecht Leis, and Michael E. Böttcher

EGU2016-5104 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

\textbf{Geochemical characterization of fluids along the Dead Sea Rift: implications for fluids sources and regional geodynamic setting}
Claudio Inguaggiato, Paolo Censi, Walter D'Alessandro, and Pierpaolo Zuddas

EGU2016-11906 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Preliminary results of systematic sampling of gas manifestations in geodynamically active areas of Greece
Kyriaki Daskalopoulou, Walter D'Alessandro, Sergio Calabrese, and Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos

EGU2016-16331 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Gas hazard assessment in the touristic area of Levante Beach (Vulcano island, Italy)
Maria Luisa Carapezza, Andrea Di Piazza, Alessandro Gattuso, Massimo Ranaldi, Francesco Sortino, and Luca Tarchini

EGU2016-8046 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Emission of gas and atmospheric dispersion of SO2 during the December 2013 eruption at San Miguel volcano (El Salvador)
Giuseppe G. Salerno, Domenico Granieri, Marco Liuzzo, Alessandro La Spina, Giovanni B. Giuffrida, Tommaso Caltabiano, Gaetano Giudice, Eduardo Gutierrez, Francisco Montalvo, Michael Burton, and Paolo Papale

EGU2016-8131 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

SMED - Sulphur MEditerranean Dispersion
Giuseppe G. Salerno, Pasquale Sellitto, Stefano Corradini, Alcide Giorgio Di Sarra, Luca Merucci, Tommaso Caltabiano, and Alessandro La Spina

EGU2016-17083 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Development and application of denuder sampling techniques with in situ derivatization for the determination of hydrogenbromide in volcanic plumes
Alexandra Gutmann, Julian Rüdiger, and Thorsten Hoffmann

EGU2016-4204 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Halogen speciation in volcanic plumes - Development of compact denuder sampling techniques with in-situ derivatization followed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and their application at Mt. Etna, Mt. Nyiragongo and Mt. Nyamulagira in 2015.
Julian Rüdiger, Nicole Bobrowski, and Thorsten Hoffmann

EGU2016-15264 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Modelling the impact of chlorine and bromine emissions from large Plinian eruptions on ozone
Hans Brenna, Kirstin Krüger, and Steffen Kutterolf

EGU2016-972 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Variations of the BrO/SO2 ratios from Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador
Simon Warnach, Peter Lübcke, Florian Dinger, Nicole Bobrowski, Silvana Hidalgo, Santiago Arellano, Jean Battaglia, Bo Galle, Christoph Hörmann, Mario Ruiz, Leif Vogel, Thomas Wagner, and Ulrich Platt

EGU2016-8764 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

UV and IR measurements of sulphur dioxide emissions during and after the 2014-2015 Bárðarbunga eruption, Iceland
Isla C. Simmons, Rachel C. W. Whitty, Melissa A. Pfeffer, Helen Thomas, Bo Galle, Eliza Calder, Santiago Arellano, Fred Prata, and Hugh C. Pumphrey

EGU2016-13892 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Measurements of the gas emission from Holuhraun volcanic fissure eruption on Iceland, using Scanning DOAS instruments
Bo Galle, Melissa Pfeffer, Santiago Arellano, Baldur Bergsson, Vladimir Conde, Sara Barsotti, Gerdur Stefansdottir, Thorgils Ingvarsson, Bergur Bergsson, and Konradin Weber

EGU2016-13246 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Retrieval of absolute SO2 column amounts from scattered-light spectra - Implications for the evaluation of data from automated DOAS Networks
Peter Lübcke, Johannes Lampel, Santiago Arellano, Nicole Bobrowski, Florian Dinger, Bo Galle, Gustavo Garzón, Silvana Hidalgo, Zoraida Chacón Ortiz, Leif Vogel, Simon Warnach, and Ulrich Platt

EGU2016-15370 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Open-path FTIR spectroscopy of magma degassing processes during eight lava fountains on Mount Etna
Alessandro La Spina, Mike Burton, Patrick Allard, Salvatore Alparone, and Filippo Murè

EGU2016-10085 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Plume composition changes during the birth of a new lava lake - Nyamulagira volcano, DR Congo
Nicole Bobrowski, Giovanni Bruno Giuffrida, Sergio Calabrese, Sarah Scaglione, Mathieu Yalire, Marcello Liotta, Lorenzo Brusca, Santiago Arellano, Julian Rüdiger, Bo Galle, Jonathan Castro, and Dario Tedesco

EGU2016-10235 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Continuous measurements of volcanic gases from Popocatepetl volcano by thermal emission spectroscopy
Noemie Taquet, Wolfgang Stremme, Israel Meza, and Michel Grutter

EGU2016-13421 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

First gas flux measurements of conduit permeability decrease prior to Strombolian eruption at Stromboli volcano (Italy)
Giancarlo Tamburello, Alessandro Aiuppa, Eleonora Lo Coco, Dario Delle Donne, Maurizio Ripepe, Marcello Bitetto, and Roberto D'Aleo

EGU2016-10514 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Sulfur dioxide emissions from Alaskan volcanoes quantified using an ultraviolet SO$_{2}$ camera
Christoph Kern, Cynthia Werner, Peter Kelly, Ian Brewer, Dane Ketner, John Paskievitch, and John Power

EGU2016-11506 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Volcanic gas emissions during active dome growth at Mount Cleveland, Alaska, August 2015
Cynthia Werner, Christoph Kern, John Lyons, Peter Kelly, David Schneider, Kristi Wallace, and Rick Wessels

EGU2016-16675 | Posters | IE2.2/GMPV6.2/AS4.26/NH2.9

Gas geothermometry for typical and atypical hydrothermal gases: A case study of Mount Mageik and Trident Volcanoes, Alaska
Lopez Taryn, Franco Tassi, Francesco Capecchiacci, Giovanni Chiodini, Jens Fiebig, Andrea Rizzo, and Stefano Caliro

IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6 – The life cycle of volcanic ash: field, experimental and numerical investigations (co-sponsored by VERTIGO) (co-organized)

EGU2016-10956 | Orals | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Reconstructing fragmentation processes at Santiaguito volcano by combining ash analysis with geophysical measurements
Adrian Hornby, Yan Lavallée, Stephen Clesham, Silvio De Angelis, Jackie Kendrick, Corrado Cimarelli, Gavyn Rollinson, and Alan Butcher

EGU2016-18290 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Environmentally-mediated ash aggregate formation: example from Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador
Ulrich Kueppers, Paul M. Ayris, Benjamin Bernard, Pierre Delmelle, Guilhem A. Douillet, Yan Lavallée, Sebastian B. Mueller, Donald B. Dingwell, and Kate J. Dobson

EGU2016-5191 | Orals | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Identifying the AD 1257 Salamas volcanic event from micron-size tephra composition in two East Antarctic ice cores
Jean Robert Petit, Biancamaria Narcisi, Valentina G. Batanova, Savarino Joël, Jean Christophe Komorowski, Agnes Michel, Nicole Metrich, Pascale Besson, Celine Vidal, and Alexander V. Sobolev

EGU2016-17058 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Gravitational Instabilities associated with volcanic clouds: new insights from experimental investigations
Simona Scollo, Costanza Bonadonna, and Irene Manzella

EGU2016-4568 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Optical properties of volcanic ash: improving remote sensing observations.
Patrick Whelley, Peter Colarco, Valentina Aquila, Nickolay Krotkov, Jake Bleacher, Brent Garry, Kelsey Young, Adriana Rocha Lima, Vanderlei Martins, and Simon Carn

EGU2016-5233 | Orals | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Remote sensing's contribution to life cycle analysis of volcanic ash
Matthew Watson

EGU2016-7356 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Laboratory study of volcanic ash electrification
Stefano Alois and Jonathan Merrison

EGU2016-14129 | Orals | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

\textbf{Deriving the concentration of airborne ash with a CAS-DPOL instrument: assessing uncertainties introduced by the instrument design}
Antonio Spanu, Bernadett Weinzierl, Volker Freudenthaler, Daniel Sauer, and Josef Gasteiger

EGU2016-7858 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

The Glass Bead Game: experimental sintering of rhyolitic ash reveals complex behaviour of irregular multiphase particles
Robyn Pope, Hugh Tuffen, Jacqueline Owen, Mike James, and Fabian Wadsworth

EGU2016-2007 | Orals | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Modeling ash dispersal of the 23 February 2013 Etna lava fountain
Matthieu Poret, Antonio Costa, Daniele Andronico, Simona Scollo, and Mathieu Gouhier

EGU2016-16724 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Tephra in marine sediment cores offshore southern Iceland: A 68,000 year record of explosive volcanism
Christina Bonanati, Heidi Wehrmann, Maxim Portnyagin, Kaj Hoernle, Maryam Mirzaloo, and Dirk Nürnberg

EGU2016-4325 | Orals | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Spreading dynamic of viscous volcanic ash in stimulated jet engine conditions
wenjia song, Yan Lavallée, Kai-Uwe Hess, Ulrich Kueppers, and Corrado Cimarelli

EGU2016-8117 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Evaluation of eruptive energy of a pyroclastic deposit applying fractal geometry to fragment size distributions
Joali Paredes Marino, Daniele Morgavi, Mauro Di Vito, Sandro de Vita, Fabio Sansivero, and Diego Perugini

EGU2016-12148 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Magmatic and fragmentation controls on volcanic ash surface chemistry
Paul M Ayris, Spyros Diplas, David E Damby, Adrian J Hornby, Corrado Cimarelli, Pierre Delmelle, Bettina Scheu, and Donald B Dingwell

EGU2016-10120 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

A large eruption convulsed in prehistoric times an extensive area of Catamarca, Southern Central Andes, NW Argentina
Jose-Luis Fernandez-Turiel, Norma Ratto, Francisco-Jose Perez-Torrado, Alejandro Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Marta Rejas, and Agustin Lobo

EGU2016-1037 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Control of binder viscosity and hygroscopicity on particle aggregation efficiency
Sebastian B. Mueller, Ulrich Kueppers, Paul M. Ayris, Michael Jacob, Pierre Delmelle, and Donald B. Dingwell

EGU2016-2010 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Quantify ash aggregation associated to the 26 April 1979 Saint Vincent de la Soufrière eruption
Matthieu Poret, Antonio Costa, and Arnau Folch

EGU2016-18479 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Using infrasound to constrain ash plume height
Oliver Lamb, Silvio De Angelis, and Yan Lavallée

EGU2016-4194 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Estimation of volcanic ash emission profiles using ceilometer measurements and transport models
Ka Lok Chan, Alexander Geiß, Josef Gasteiger, Frank Wagner, and Matthias Wiegner

EGU2016-7855 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Environmental and anthropogenic factors affecting the respiratory toxicity of volcanic ash in vitro
Ines Tomašek, Claire J. Horwell, David E. Damby, Paul M. Ayris, Hana Barošová, Christoph Geers, Alke Petri-Fink, Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, and Martin J.D. Clift

EGU2016-15419 | Posters | IE2.4/GMPV5.1/NH2.6

Volcanic ash ingestion by a large gas turbine aeroengine: fan-particle interaction
Andreas Vogel, Rory Clarkson, Adam Durant, Massimo Cassiani, and Andreas Stohl

IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07 – Stratospheric aerosol, volcanic eruptions and their radiative effects (co-organized)

EGU2016-3699 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Volcanic Eruptions and Climate: Outstanding Research Issues
Alan Robock

EGU2016-16157 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Risk assessment of the impact of future volcanic eruptions on direct normal irradiance
Kristian Pagh Nielsen, Philippe Blanc, and Frank Vignola

EGU2016-5781 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Effect of volcanic aerosol on stratospheric NO2: Odin-OSIRIS measurements
Cristen Adams, Adam Bourassa, and Doug Degenstein

EGU2016-2367 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Challenges to producing a long-term stratospheric aerosol climatology for chemistry and climate
Larry Thomason, Jean-Paul Vernier, Adam Bourassa, Landon Rieger, Beiping Luo, Thomas Peter, and Florian Arfeuille

EGU2016-13210 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

On the stratospheric aerosol budget at Northern mid-latitudes from 21 years of ground-based lidar and satellite observations
Sergey Khaykin, Sophie Godin-Beekmann, Alain Hauchecorne, Jean-Paul Vernier, Julien Jumelet, and Philippe Keckhut

EGU2016-11103 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Quantifying (and Reducing) Uncertainty in Stratospheric Aerosol Extinction Profiles Retrieved from Limb Scattering Measurements
Robert Loughman, Pawan (PK) Bhartia, Ghassan Taha, Ernest Nyaku, Zhong Chen, Peter Colarco, Valentina Aquila, and M. Patrick McCormick

EGU2016-7458 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Attribution of different volcano eruptions to injected SO2 from satellite data and implications for radiative forcing calculated by a comprehensive CCM
Jennifer Schallock, Christoph Brühl, Jos Lelieveld, Christine Bingen, and Michael Höpfner

EGU2016-17649 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Extending the performances of stratospheric aerosol characterization in the 2002-2011 period through data merging of GOMOS and OSIRIS measurements
Christine Bingen, Charles Robert, Filip Vanhellemont, Nina Mateshvili, Emmanuel Dekemper, Didier Fussen, and Adam Bourassa

EGU2016-9061 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Global volcanic aerosol properties derived from emissions, 1990-2015, using CESM1(WACCM)
Michael Mills, Anja Schmidt, Richard Easter, Susan Solomon, Douglas Kinnison, Steven Ghan, Ryan Neely, Daniel Marsh, Andrew Conley, Charles Bardeen, and Andrew Gettelman

EGU2016-7416 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Merging the SAGE II and OSIRIS Stratospheric Aerosol Records
Landon Rieger, Adam Bourassa, and Doug Degenstein

EGU2016-9723 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Stratospheric Sulphur – 3D Chemical Transport Model Simulations and MIPAS/ENVISAT Satellite Measurements
Annika Günther, Michael Höpfner, Björn-Martin Sinnhuber, Gabriele Stiller, and Thomas Clarmann

EGU2016-12671 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Positive trends in Southern Hemisphere observations of carbonyl sulfide
Stefanie Kremser, Nicholas Jones, Dan Smale, Mathias Palm, Bernard Lejeune, Yuting Wang, and Nicholas Deutscher

EGU2016-7673 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Quantifying the impact of moderate volcanic eruptions on the stratosphere
Thibaut Lurton, Fabrice Jégou, Gwenaël Berthet, Jean-Baptiste Renard, Damien Vignelles, Nelson Bègue, Thierry Portafaix, Hassan Bencherif, Benoît Couté, Vincent Duverger, Guillaume Payen, Jean-Marc Metzger, and Françoise Posny

EGU2016-13772 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

The ice-core record of volcanism: Status and future directions
Michael Sigl, Joseph R. McConnell, Nathan Chellman, Francis Ludlow, Mark Curran, Gill Plunkett, Ulf Büntgen, Matthew Toohey, Andrea Burke, and Mackenzie Grieman

EGU2016-16776 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Secondary sulphate aerosols and cirrus clouds detection with SEVIRI during Nabro volcano eruption
Pasquale Sellitto, Geneviève Sèze, and Bernard Legras

EGU2016-6515 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Reconstruction of the Tambora forcing with global aerosol models : Challenges and limitations
Myriam Khodri, Davide Zanchettin, and Claudia Timmreck and the VOlMIP Tambora forcing team

EGU2016-10414 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

In situ measurements of the non-sulfate fraction of volcanic aerosol following the Pinatubo (1991) and Kelud (2014) eruptions
Terry Deshler, Jean-Paul Vernier, and T. Duncan Fairlie

EGU2016-9905 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Anthropogenic and volcanic contributions to aerosol composition and decadal variations in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Mian Chin, Huisheng Bian, Thomas Diehl, Tom Kucsera, Valentina Aquila, and Peter Colarco

EGU2016-8786 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

The influence of stratospheric dynamics on the forcing efficacy of tropical volcanic SO2 injection: a case study around the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption
Sandip Dhomse, Graham Mann, Lauren Marshall, Anja Schmidt, Kenneth Carslaw, Martyn Chipperfield, Nicolas Bellouin, Olaf Morgenstern, Colin Johnson, and Fiona O'Connor

EGU2016-13766 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

ISA-MIP: A co-ordinated intercomparison of Interactive Stratospheric Aerosol models
Claudia Timmreck, Graham Mann, Valentina Aquila, Christoph Bruehl, Mian Chin, Sandip Dohmse, Jason English, Lindsay Lee, Michael Mills, Rene Hommel, Ryan Neely, Anja Schmidt, Jianxiong Sheng, Matthew Toohey, and Debra Weisenstein

EGU2016-4290 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

The radiative impact of major volcanic eruptions on stratospheric water vapour
Michael Löffler, Sabine Brinkop, and Patrick Jöckel

EGU2016-17438 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Pinatubo Emulation in Multiple Models (POEMs): co-ordinated experiments in the ISA-MIP model intercomparison activity component of the SPARC Stratospheric Sulphur and it's Role in Climate initiative (SSiRC)
Lindsay Lee, Graham Mann, Ken Carslaw, Matthew Toohey, and Valentina Aquila

EGU2016-15110 | Orals | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

How many ensemble members are needed to identify a significant impact of volcanic eruptions?
Matthias Bittner, Hauke Schmidt, Claudia Timmreck, and Frank Sienz

EGU2016-17204 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

The ISA-MIP Historical Eruption SO2 Emissions Assessment (HErSEA): an intercomparison for interactive stratospheric aerosol models
Graham Mann, Sandip Dhomse, Jianxiong Sheng, and Mike Mills

EGU2016-8159 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Disentangling the eruption source parameters that control the climate effects of volcanic eruptions
Lauren Marshall, Anja Schmidt, Graham Mann, Kenneth Carslaw, Sandip Dhomse, Jim Haywood, and Andy Jones

EGU2016-17292 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Whole-atmosphere aerosol microphysics simulations of the Mt Pinatubo eruption: Part 2: Quantifying the direct and indirect (dynamical) radiative forcings
Graham Mann, Sandip Dhomse, Ken Carslaw, Martyn Chipperfield, Lindsay Lee, Kathryn Emmerson, Luke Abraham, Paul Telford, John Pyle, Peter Braesicke, Nicolas Bellouin, Mohit Dalvi, and Colin Johnson

EGU2016-12718 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

The mechanism of polar vortex strengthening after large tropical volcanic eruptions as simulated in the MPI-ESM
Matthias Bittner, Claudia Timmreck, Hauke Schmidt, Matthew Toohey, and Kirstin Krueger

EGU2016-946 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Stratospheric dynamics following the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo
Aaron Match, Marta Abalos, Jianxiong Sheng, Andrea Stenke, David Paynter, and Stephan Fueglistaler

EGU2016-8762 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Evaluation of climate impacts after a large volcanic eruption during stratospheric sulfur injections
Anton Laakso, Harri Kokkola, Antti-Ilari Partanen, Ulrike Niemeier, Claudia Timmreck, Kari Lehtinen, Hanne Hakkarainen, and Hannele Korhonen

EGU2016-4529 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Modeling stratospheric aerosol with the GEOS-5 Chemistry Climate Model
Valentina Aquila, Peter Colarco, Anton Darmenov, Luke Oman, Mian Chin, Pawan Bhartia, and Ghassan Taha

EGU2016-11600 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

ENSO response to high-latitude volcanic eruptions: the role of the initial conditions
Francesco S.R. Pausata, Rodrigo Caballero, and David S. Battisti

EGU2016-3269 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

What role for volcanoes in future climate projections?
Ingo Bethke, Stephen Outten, Peter Thorne, and Odd Helge Otterå

EGU2016-8041 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Volcanic forcing in decadal forecasts
Martin Ménégoz, Francisco Doblas-Reyes, Virginie Guemas, Muhammad Asif, and chloe Prodhomme

EGU2016-2912 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

The impact of stratospheric volcanic aerosol on decadal-scale climate predictions
Claudia Timmreck, Holger Pohlmann, Sebastian Illing, and Christopher Kadow

EGU2016-6215 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

The Model Intercomparison Project on the climatic response to volcanic forcing (VolMIP)
Davide Zanchettin, Claudia Timmreck, and Myriam Khodri and the VolMIP Team

EGU2016-15379 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Stratospheric aerosol forcing for climate modeling: 1850-1978
Florian Arfeuille, Beiping Luo, Larry Thomason, Jean-Paul Vernier, and Thomas Peter

EGU2016-6560 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Easy Volcanic Aerosol
Matthew Toohey, Bjorn Stevens, Hauke Schmidt, and Claudia Timmreck

EGU2016-15260 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

High-resolution sulfur isotopes in ice cores identify large stratospheric volcanic eruptions
Andrea Burke, Michael Sigl, Jess Adkins, Guillaume Paris, and Joe McConnell

EGU2016-6941 | Posters | IE2.5/AS3.5/CL2.07

Effects of large volcanic eruptions on Eurasian climate and societies: unravelling past evidence to predict future impacts
Olga Churakova (Sidorova), Sébastien Guillet, Christophe Corona, Myriam Khodri, Eugene Vaganov, Rolf Siegwolf, Marina Bryukhanova, Oksana Naumova, Aleksander Kirdyanov, Vladimir Myglan, Irina Sviderskaya, Anton Pyzhev, Alexei Grachev, Matthias Saurer, Martin Beniston, and Markus Stoffel

IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5 – Interactions between tectonics and surface processes from mountain belts to basins (co-sponsored by the Tectonophysics section of AGU) (co-organized)

EGU2016-7111 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Tectono-sedimentary evolution of an extensional basin revealed by a combined photo-geological and field-mapping approach. The Montefalco Basin (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Francesco Bucci, Francesco Mirabella, Michele Santangelo, Mauro Cardinali, and Fausto Guzzetti

EGU2016-9228 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

The Quaternary N-Apennine tectonics recorded in the Po Basin: stratigraphic and geomorphological evidences along a N-S traverse in Lombardy (Italy)
Riccardo Bersezio, Chiara Zuffetti, Emmanuele Cavalli, Mariangelo Baio, Martino Cantone, Silvia Inzoli, Mauro Mele, Fabrizio Pavia, Valentina Rigato, Yuri Rusnighi, Cecilia Rodondi, and Samuele Sozzi

EGU2016-5194 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Spatial variations in fluvial incision across the eastern margin of Tibet reveal locus of thickening in the deep crust
Eric Kirby, Huiping Zhang, and Jie Chen

EGU2016-9373 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Feedbacks between erosion, climate and uplift in the Gongga granite on the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Kristen Cook, Niels Hovius, Hella Wittmann, Arjun Heimsath, and Yuan-Hsi Lee

EGU2016-2943 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Landslides in tectonically active areas and their influence on sediment supply to basins: examples from Southern Italy
Duna Roda-Boluda, Mitch D'Arcy, Alex Whittaker, and Jordan McDonald

EGU2016-10330 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Landslides, threshold slopes, and the survival of relict terrain in the wake of the Mendocino Triple Junction
Georgina Bennett, Scott Miller, Joshua Roering, and David Schmidt

EGU2016-2929 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Delayed response of cosmogenic-derived denudation in the eastern Himalaya
Maarten Lupker, Jérôme Lavé, and Christian France-Lanord

EGU2016-4160 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Latitudinal variations (18°-23°S) in denudation rates of western Andean Syntaxis, Chile, South America.
Jessica Starke, Todd A. Ehlers, and Mirjam Schaller

EGU2016-6591 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Lithology- versus base level-dependent morphogenesis of the Hausruck – Kobernaußerwald range
Sebastian Baumann, Jörg Robl, Bernhard Salcher, Günther Prasicek, and Melanie Keil

EGU2016-9472 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Drainage Analysis of the South American Landscape and its Tectonic Implications
Verónica Rodríguez Tribaldos, Nicholas J. White, and Gareth G. Roberts

EGU2016-15100 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

A numerical modelling approach to investigate the surface processes response to normal fault growth in multi-rift settings
Sofia Pechlivanidou, Patience Cowie, Emma Finch, Robert Gawthorpe, and Mikael Attal

EGU2016-16296 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

How sensitive are sediment routing systems to tectonics and climate? A comparison of sediment fluxes and depositional volumes in the Corinth rift, Greece, over the past 130 ky
Stephen E. Watkins, Alexander C. Whittaker, Rebecca E. Bell, Lisa C. McNeill, and Robert L. Gawthorpe

EGU2016-8340 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Andean subduction orogeny: feedbacks between tectonics, relief evolution and global climate
Robin Lacassin, Rolando Armijo, Aurélie Coudurier-Curveur, and Daniel Carrizo

EGU2016-8433 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Constraining the vertical surface motions of the Hampshire Basin, south England During the Cenozoic
Philip Smith, Richard England, and Jan Zalasiewicz

EGU2016-11354 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Francois Guillocheau, Brendan Simon, Guillaume Baby, and Cécile Robin

EGU2016-11009 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Cenozoic Uplift, Erosion and Dynamic Support of Madagascar
Simon Stephenson and Nicky White

EGU2016-5711 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Late Cenozoic exhumation of New Zealand: inversion from bedrock thermochronological ages
Ruohong Jiao, Frédéric Herman, and Diane Seward

EGU2016-4012 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Rates of surface lowering and landscape development in southern South Africa: a cosmogenic view
Janet Richardson, Veerle Vanacker, Andreas Lang, and David Hodgson

EGU2016-7473 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Distributed and localized horizontal tectonic deformation as inferred from drainage network geometry and topology: A case study from Lebanon
Liran Goren, Sébastien Castelltort, and Yann Klinger

EGU2016-660 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

The mega-geomorphology of central and southern Africa
Tyrel Flügel, Frank Eckardt, and Fenton Cotterill

EGU2016-5821 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Antecedent rivers and early rifting: a case study from the Plio-Pleistocene Corinth rift, Greece
Romain Hemelsdaël, Mary Ford, and Fabrice Malartre

EGU2016-13357 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Planation surfaces as a record of medium to large wavelength deformation: the example of the Lake Albert Rift (Uganda) on the East African Dome
Simon Brendan, Guillocheau François, Robin Cécile, Braun Jean, Dauteuil Olivier, and Dall'Asta Massimo

EGU2016-6866 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Quaternary migration of active extension revealed by a syn-tectonic alluvial fan shift. A case study in the Northern Apennines of Italy
Francesco Mirabella, Francesco Bucci, Mauro Cardinali, Michele Santangelo, and Fausto Guzzetti

EGU2016-4192 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Long-term, deep-mantle support of the Ethiopia-Yemen Plateau
Andrea Sembroni, Claudio Faccenna, Thorsten W. Becker, Paola Molin, and Bekele Abebe

EGU2016-13167 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Extreme multi-millennial slip rate variations on the Garlock fault, California: geomorphology and geochronology of slip rate constraints
Edward Rhodes, James Dolan, Sally McGill, Lee McAuliffe, and Robert Zinke

EGU2016-14998 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Conquering the Mesoscale of Africa’s Landscapes: deciphering the Genomic Record of Individuating Landforms with Geoecodynamics
Fenton P D Cotterill

EGU2016-6600 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Tectonic landforms in the Middle Kalahari
Frank Eckardt, Tyrel Flügel, Beth Kahle, Marty McFarlane, and Christie Rowe

EGU2016-1499 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

New chronology for the southern Kalahari Group sediments - implications for sediment-cycle dynamics and basin development
Ari Matmon, Alan Hidy, Shlomy Vainer, Onn Crouvi, David Fink, Yigal Erel, Aster Team, Liora Horwitz, and Michael Chazan

EGU2016-12901 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Rock slope response to fluvial incision in the central Swiss Alps
Kerry Leith, Matthew Fox, and Jeffrey R. Moore

EGU2016-17615 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

A simple model for pediment formation.
Jonathan Mercier, Jean Braun, François Guillocheau, Cecile Robin, and Brendan Simon

EGU2016-14138 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Quaternary downcutting rates from cave-deposited river sediment and Holocene erosion rates from river sand in the Central Pyrenees
Philippe Vernant, Manon Genti, Jean Chéry, Gaël Cazes, and Régis Braucher

EGU2016-441 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Controls on river morphology in the Ganga Plain
Elizabeth Dingle, Hugh Sinclair, Mikael Attal, David Milodowski, and Vimal Singh

EGU2016-18523 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Fish as a proxy for African paleogeography: results from both extant and fossil taxa and prospects to constrain faunal exchange pathway through time
Olga Otero, Josephine Joordens, Agnès Dettai, Leemans Christ, and Aurélie Pinton

EGU2016-7414 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Sand fairway mapping as a tool for tectonic restoration in orogenic belts
Rob Butler

EGU2016-14740 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Drainage reorganization explains the large-scale fan-shape morphology of the northern Pyrenean landscape: no megafan in the northern Pyrenean foreland
Stéphane Bonnet, Sébastien Carretier, Frédéric Christophoul, and Vincent Regard

EGU2016-17954 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Shifting Sediment Sources in the Quaternary Nile
Jamie Woodward, Mark Macklin, Laura Fielding, Ian Millar, and Martin Williams

EGU2016-16449 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Quantification of denudation of Iberian basins, the erosional signal of continental scale capture processes
Loreto Antón, Alfonso Muñoz.Martín, and Gerardo De Vicente

EGU2016-8385 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Morphogenetic evolution of the Têt river valley (eastern Pyrenees) using 10Be/21Ne cosmogenic burial dating
Amandine Sartégou, Pierre-Henri Blard, Régis Braucher, Didier L. Bourlès, Marc Calvet, Laurent Zimmermann, Bouchaïb Tibari, Gabriel Hez, Yanni Gunnell, Georges Aumaitre, and Karim Keddadouche

EGU2016-6685 | Orals | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Tectonic activity and the evolution of submarine canyons: The Cook Strait Canyon system, New Zealand
Aaron Micallef, Joshu Mountjoy, Philip Barnes, Miquel Canals, and Galderic Lastras

EGU2016-6157 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Testing the Alpine provenance of heavy minerals in the Rhine: New results from single grain geochemical analyses of detrital garnets and amphiboles
Julian Hülscher and Heinrich Bahlburg

EGU2016-6463 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Spatially and temporally varying Quaternary uplift rates of the Gerecse Hills, Northern Pannonian Basin, using dated geomorphological horizons in the Danube valley
Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger, László Fodor, Gábor Csillag, Régis Braucher, Sándor Kele, Ágnes Novothny, Edit Thamó-Bozsó, Attila Virág, Gábor Molnár, Balázs Madarász, and Aster Team

EGU2016-5956 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Hydrocarbon generation and migration induced by ophiolite obduction: The carbonate platform under the Semail Ophiolite, Jebel Akhdar, Oman.
Arne Grobe, Ralf Littke, and Janos L Urai

EGU2016-10870 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Late Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Ailao Shan-Red River fault (SE Tibet): implications for kinematic change during Plateau growth
Yang Wang, Bo Zhang, Lindsay Schoenbohm, Jinjiang Zhang, Renjie Zhou, and Jianjun Hou

EGU2016-13074 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Late-Quaternary exhumation rates constrained by OSL thermochronometry at the Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand
Arnaud Duverger, Georgina King, Pierre Valla, Simon Cox, and Frederic Herman

EGU2016-13350 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Towards quantifying long-term erosion rates in the Campine Basin, NE Belgium
Koen Beerten and Veerle Vanacker

EGU2016-11117 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

River diversions, avulsions and captures in the Tortuguero coastal plain
Jorge Pedro Galve, Guillermo Alvarado, José Vicente Pérez Peña, José Miguel Azañón, Mauricio Mora, and Guillermo Booth-Rea

EGU2016-11536 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

New Constraints on Pleistocene lateral slip rates across the Dead Sea Transform
Amit Mushkin, Michael Beyth, Guy Hetz, Gideon Baer, and Dan Blumberg

EGU2016-2333 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Relative tectonic activity assessment along the East Anatolian strike-slip fault, Eastern Turkey
Abdelrahman Khalifa

EGU2016-4788 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

An integrated approach to study the exhumation of rocks in Neelum valley, NW Himalayas, Pakistan.
Syed Ali Turab, Kurt Stüwe, Finlay M. Stuart, and David M. Chew

EGU2016-15375 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Geomorphological analysis of the drainage system on the active convergent system in Azerbaijan, NW Iran
Amaneh Kaveh Firouz, Jean-Pierre Burg, and Emanuele Giachetta

EGU2016-3942 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Use of Digital Elevation Models to understand map landforms and history of the magmatism Khibiny Massif (Kola Peninsula, Russia)
Elena Chesalova and Alex Asavin

EGU2016-9818 | Posters | IE3.1/TS3.1/GM4.5

Application of magnetotelluric in the modeling of underlying structure of Gour Oumelalen (Egere-Aleksod terrane, Central Hoggar, South of Algeria)
Zakaria Boukhalfa, Bouzid Abderrezak, Ouzegane Khadidja, Bendaoud Abderrahmane, Hamoudi Mohamed, Abtout Abdeslam, Bendekken Abdelhamid, Bougchiche Sofiane Said, Boukhlouf Walid, Boukar Abdelgharfour, Deramchi Aboubakr, Bendali Mohamed, Lemgharbi Abdenaceur, and Djeddi Mohammed

IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5 – Geomorphic response to active tectonics: numerical and field-based approaches (co-organized)

EGU2016-8994 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Why does inverse modeling of drainage inventories work?
Nicky White and Gareth Roberts

EGU2016-562 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Landscape response to normal fault growth and linkage in the Southern Apennines, Italy.
Duna Roda-Boluda and Alex Whittaker

EGU2016-3085 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Morphometric analysis of the thrust front of the Lucanian Apennine, southern Italy
Salvatore Ivo Giano, Luciana Mecca, Stefania Pascale, and Marcello Schiattarella

EGU2016-14137 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

TTLEM – an implicit-explicit (IMEX) scheme for modelling landscape evolution in MATLAB
Benjamin Campforts and Wolfgang Schwanghart

EGU2016-1086 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Late-Quaternary exhumation of Namche Barwa constrained using low-temperature multi-OSL-thermochronometry
Georgina King and Frederic Herman

EGU2016-3717 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Drainage network over the migrating front of dynamic uplift in Patagonia
Louise Jeandet, Xavier Robert, Laurence Audin, Laurent Husson, and Benjamin Guillaume

EGU2016-4210 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Topography, river network and recent fault activity at the margins of the Central Main Ethiopian Rift (East Africa)
Paola Molin, Giacomo Corti, and Andrea Sembroni

EGU2016-12206 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Detachment vs. normal faulting: Diachronous Cenozoic extension and rift basin formation in the Southern Balkans (Pirin Mts. and Sandanski basin, SW Bulgaria)
Konstanze Stübner, Madelaine Böhme, and Todd Ehlers

EGU2016-4907 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Right-angle pattern of minor fluvial networks from the Ionian terraced belt, southern Italy: passive structural control or foreland bending?
Dario Gioia, Marcello Schiattarella, Salvatore Ivo Giano, and Paola Di Leo

EGU2016-8084 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Tracing erosion patterns in Taiwan by quantitative provenance and geomorphological analysis
Alberto Resentini, Liran Goren, Sebastien Castelltort, and Eduardo Garzanti

EGU2016-6541 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Preliminary results on the tectonic activity of the Ovacık Fault (Malatya-Ovacık Fault Zone, Turkey): Implications of the morphometric analyses
Müge Yazıcı, Cengiz Zabci, Taylan Sançar, Gürsel Sunal, and Boris A. Natalin

EGU2016-4180 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Evolution of continental-scale drainage in response to mantle dynamics and surface processes: an example from the Ethiopian Highlands.
Andrea Sembroni, Paola Molin, Frank J. Pazzaglia, Claudio Faccenna, and Bekele Abebe

EGU2016-6764 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Contrasted terrace systems of the lower Moulouya valley as indicator of crustal deformation in NE Morocco
Gilles Rixhon, Melanie Bartz, Meriam El Ouahabi, Nina Szemkus, and Helmut Brueckner

EGU2016-13049 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Improved analysis of the marine terraces and rivers of E-Corinth based on high-resolution Pleiades DEMs
Giovanni de Gelder, David Fernández-Blanco, Julius Jara-Muñoz, Daniel Melnick, Robin Lacassin, and Rolando Armijo

EGU2016-6972 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

The co-genetic evolution of metamorphic core complexes and drainage systems
Georg Trost, Franz Neubauer, and Jörg Robl

EGU2016-16879 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

New morpho-stratigraphic constraints for the evolution of the alluvial fan system along the northern slopes of the Taburno-Camposauro Mountains (Calore River basin, Southern Italy)
Natalia Leone, Vincenzo Amato, Pietro P. C. Aucelli, Massimo Cesarano, Francesca Filocamo, Paola Petrosino, Carmen M. Rosskopf, Ettore Valente, Santiago Giralt, and Emilio Casciello

EGU2016-6992 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Geomorphometric mapping of spatio-temporal changes in Plio-Quaternary uplift in the NW European Alpine foreland
Alain Demoulin and Hadrien Bourdon

EGU2016-5918 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Morphoevolution of slope-to-channel systems in active extensional domains: testing the potential of basin and river profile metrics in the inner sector of the Apennines (Italy)
Marta Della Seta, Carlo Esposito, Marco Menichetti, Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza, and Francesco Troiani

EGU2016-9028 | Orals | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

Quantifying Knick Point Migration Rates Related to the Messinian Crisis. The Case of the Nile River
Kurt Stüwe, Christoph Pucher, Jörg Robl, and Stefan Hergarten

EGU2016-7872 | Posters | IE3.2/GM4.1/TS3.5

The Geological, Geomorphological Features and Kinematic Analysis of Active Faults Controlling Kemalpaşa Basin, Southwestern Part of Gediz Graben, Western Anatolia
Çiğdem Tepe and Hasan Sözbilir