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EGU General Assembly 2016  

Presentation type:

NH – Natural Hazards

NH1.1 – Extreme meteorological and hydrological events induced by severe weather and climate change

EGU2016-12084 | Orals | NH1.1

Hazardous thunderstorms over Lake Victoria: climate change and early warnings
Wim Thiery, Edouard L. Davin, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Kristopher Bedka, Stef Lhermitte, and Nicole van Lipzig

EGU2016-2937 | Posters | NH1.1

A Subtropical Cyclone in the Canary Islands: the October 2014 event
Lara Quitian, Maria Luisa Martin, Juan Jesús González-Alemán, Daniel Santos-Muñoz, and Francisco Valero Rodríguez

EGU2016-2125 | Posters | NH1.1

Alternating flood and drought hazards in the Drava Plain, Hungary
Dénes Lóczy, József Dezső, Péter Gyenizse, and Adrienne Ortmann-Ajkai

EGU2016-13917 | Orals | NH1.1

Sensitivity analysis of expected wind extremes over the northwestern Sahara and High Atlas region
Elena García-Bustamante, J. Fidel González-Rouco, Jorge Navarro-Montesinos, Jorge Conte-García, and Etor E. Lucio-Eceiza

EGU2016-12885 | Orals | NH1.1

Extreme floods in the Mekong River Delta under climate change: combined impacts of upstream hydrological changes and sea level rise
Long Hoang, Dung Nguyen Viet, Matti Kummu, Hannu Lauri, Jorma Koponen, Michelle T.H. van Vliet, Iwan Supit, Rik Leemans, Pavel Kabat, and Fulco Ludwig

EGU2016-3094 | Posters | NH1.1

Multivariate Analysis of Extreme Natural Hazards Combination: Basics and Examples.
Anne Dutfoy

EGU2016-3919 | Posters | NH1.1

Comparison between Two Methods for agricultural drought disaster risk in southwestern China
lanying han and qiang zhang

EGU2016-14605 | Orals | NH1.1

Statistical characteristics of mudflows in the piedmont areas of Uzbekistan and the role of the synoptic processes for the formation of mudflows
Gavkhar Mamadjanova and Gregor C Leckebusch

EGU2016-1979 | Orals | NH1.1

Holocene extreme hydrological events and their climatic implications: evidence from the middle Satluj valley, western Himalaya, India
Shubhra Sharma, Anil Shukla, Bhupinder Marh, Sukesh Bartarya, and Navin Juyal

EGU2016-4221 | Posters | NH1.1

Identification of anomalous motion of thunderstorms using daily rainfall fields
Anna del Moral, Maria Carmen Llasat, and Tomeu Rigo

EGU2016-4287 | Posters | NH1.1

Considerations about gust wind thresholds related to social impact: study of different regions in Catalonia
Laura Barberia, Jéssica Amaro, Montserrat Aran, and Maria del Carmen Llasat

EGU2016-7540 | Orals | NH1.1

Will climate change increase the risk for critical infrastructure failures in Europe due to extreme precipitation?
Katrin Nissen and Uwe Ulbrich

EGU2016-5535 | Posters | NH1.1

Evaluation of Spatio-temporal Drought using Water Resource Quantile Map
Soojin Moon, Aesook Suh, and Boosik Kang

EGU2016-6036 | Posters | NH1.1

Changes in heat waves characteristics over Extremadura (SW Spain): duration, intensity and frequency
Javier Acero, Sylvie Parey, María Isabel Fernández-Fernández, Víctor Manuel Carrasco, and José Agustín García

EGU2016-7849 | Posters | NH1.1

Characterization of droughts using Copulas: frequency analysis and spatial patterns in Guangdong, China
Dong Hua

EGU2016-10674 | Posters | NH1.1

tropical cyclone risk analysis: a decisive role of its track
C. Chelsea Nam, Doo-Sun R. Park, and Chang-Hoi Ho

EGU2016-12448 | Posters | NH1.1

Assessment of Coastal and Urban Flooding Hazards Applying Extreme Value Analysis and Multivariate Statistical Techniques: A Case Study in Elwood, Australia
Gabriela Guimarães Nobre, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Dan Rosbjerg, and Henrik Madsen

EGU2016-14542 | Posters | NH1.1

Estimation of Hail Risk in the UK and Europe
Eric Robinson, Melanie Parker, and Stephanie Higgs

EGU2016-14668 | Posters | NH1.1

Multivariate Statistical Modelling of Drought and Heat Wave Events
Colin Manning, Martin Widmann, Mathieu Vrac, Douglas Maraun, and Emanuele Bevaqua

EGU2016-15503 | Posters | NH1.1

Frequency analysis of future landslide occurrences by using rainfall point processes and hydrological models
Davide Luciano De Luca, Ennio Ferrari, and Pasquale Versace

EGU2016-16208 | Posters | NH1.1

Evaluation of various modelling approaches in flood routing simulation and flood area mapping
George Papaioannou, Athanasios Loukas, Lampros Vasiliades, and Giuseppe Aronica

EGU2016-1376 | Posters | NH1.1

Characteristics and changes of regional wet and dry heat wave events in China during 1960-2013
Ting Ding, Zongjian Ke, and Jin Li

EGU2016-14104 | Posters | NH1.1

A novel approach for detecting heat waves: the Standardized Heat-Wave Index.
Marco Cucchi, Marcello Petitta, and Sandro Calmanti

EGU2016-18252 | Posters | NH1.1

Estimating temporal changes in extreme rainfall in Sicily Region (Italy)
Brunella Bonaccorso and Giuseppe Aronica

EGU2016-7921 | Posters | NH1.1

Effects of sea surface temperature anomaly on flooding events in Hunan province
Xinjia Hu and Ming Wang

EGU2016-13500 | Posters | NH1.1

Statistical Modelling of Compound Floods
Emanuele Bevacqua, Douglas Maraun, Mathieu Vrac, Martin Widmann, and Colin Manning

EGU2016-6652 | Posters | NH1.1

A Combined Kohonen Networks and Complex Networks approach for the analysis of Large Scale Atmospheric Features and River Floods in England and Germany
Federico Conticello, Francesco Cioffi, Upmanu Lall, and Bruno Merz

NH1.2 – Atmospheric Electricity, Thunderstorms, Lightning and their effects (co-organized)

EGU2016-16829 | Orals | NH1.2

First results of the Colombia Lightning Mapping Array
Jesus López, Joan Montanyà, Oscar van der Velde, David Romero, Ferran Fabró, John Taborda, Daniel Aranguren, and Horacio Torres

EGU2016-70 | Posters | NH1.2

Classification of atmospheric discharges according to patterns of the near-surface electric field disturbances
Hripsime Mkrtchyan and Ashot Chilingarian

EGU2016-1482 | Posters | NH1.2

Atmospheric Electricity Effects of Eastern Mediterranean Dust Storms
Shai Katz, Yoav Yair, Roy Yaniv, and Colin Price

EGU2016-17550 | Orals | NH1.2

Learning from concurrent Lightning Imaging Sensor and Lightning Mapping Array observations in preparation for the MTG-LI mission
Eric Defer, Christophe Bovalo, Sylvain Coquillat, Jean-Pierre Pinty, Thomas Farges, Paul Krehbiel, and William Rison

EGU2016-1603 | Posters | NH1.2

Ground measurements of the vertical E-field on mountains and the “Austausch” effect
Roy Yaniv, Hripsime Mkrtchyan, Yoav Yair, Colin Price, and Artur Reymers

EGU2016-14941 | Orals | NH1.2

Electrical properties of lightning over northern part of Japan by using ELF and LLP observations
Yasuhide Hobara, Junpei Yamashita, Tomomi Narita, and Hiroaki Mitsuzuka

EGU2016-2529 | Orals | NH1.2

Lightning location with variable radio wave propagation velocity
Zhongjian Liu, Kuang Liang Koh, Andrew Mezentsev, Jacqueline Sugier, and Martin Fullekrug

EGU2016-8552 | Posters | NH1.2

Atmospheric Electric Field measurements at Eastern North Atlantic ARM Climate Research Facility: Global Electric Circuit Evolution
Francisco Lopes, Hugo Silva, Kim Nitschke, and Eduardo Azevedo

EGU2016-10487 | Posters | NH1.2

Relationship Between Aerosol Number Size Distribution and Atmospheric Electric Potential Gradient in an Urban Area
Matthew Wright, James Matthews, Asan Bacak, Hugo Silva, Michael Priestley, Carl Percival, and Dudley Shallcross

EGU2016-9414 | Orals | NH1.2

Circular polarization of radio emission from air showers probes atmospheric electric fields in thunderclouds.
Thi Ngoc Gia Trinh, Olaf Scholten, Stijn Buitink, Arthur Corstanje, Ute Ebert, Emilio Enriquez, Heino Falcke, Jörg R Horandel, Anna Nelles, Pim Schellart, Jorg Rachen, Laura Rossetto, Casper Rutjes, Sander ter Veen, and Satyendra Thoudam

EGU2016-17216 | Posters | NH1.2

Atmospheric Electric Field Measurements at 100 Hz and High Frequency Electric Phenomena
Ricardo Conceição, Hugo Gonçalves da Silva, James Matthews, Alec Bennett, and John Chubb

EGU2016-11021 | Orals | NH1.2

Volcanic Lightning in Eruptions of Sakurajima Volcano
Harald Edens, Ronald Thomas, Sonja Behnke, Stephen McNutt, Cassandra Smith, Alexandra Farrell, Alexa Van Eaton, Corrado Cimarelli, Valeria Cigala, Ken Eack, Graydon Aulich, Christopher Michel, Daisuke Miki, and Masato Iguchi

EGU2016-5298 | Orals | NH1.2

Transient Luminosity along Negative Stepped Leaders in Lightning
Maribeth Stolzenburg, Thomas Marshall, Sumedhe Karunarathne, Nadeeka Karunarathna, and Richard Orville

EGU2016-4797 | Posters | NH1.2

Lightning climatology in the Congo Basin: methodology and first results
Jean Kigotsi, Serge Soula, Jean-François Georgis, and Christelle Barthe

EGU2016-12145 | Orals | NH1.2

Avalanche-to-streamer transition near hydrometeors in thunderstorms
Casper Rutjes, Anna Dubinova, Ute Ebert, Stijn Buitink, Olaf Scholten, and Gia Trinh

EGU2016-5307 | Posters | NH1.2

Lightning climatology over Jakarta, Indonesia, based on long-term surface operational, satellite, and campaign observations
Shuichi Mori, Peiming Wu, Manabu D. Yamanaka, Miki Hattori, Jun-Ichi Hamada, Ardhi A. Arbain, Sopia Lestari, Reni Sulistyowati, and Fadli Syamsudin

EGU2016-4812 | Orals | NH1.2

Lightning climatology in the Congo Basin: detailed analysis
Serge Soula, Jean Kigotsi, Jean-François Georgis, and Christelle Barthe

EGU2016-2109 | Posters | NH1.2

Predicting thunderstorms, lightning and sprites for global observations from the International Space Station
Yoav Yair, Martin Stendel, Olivier Chanrion, Torsten Neubert, Meir Moalem, Israel Silber, and Colin Price

EGU2016-12973 | Orals | NH1.2

An investigation of a new dual-polarization weather radar data model for lightning nowcasting and warning
Evan Ruzanski and Venkatachalam Chandrasekar

EGU2016-8661 | Posters | NH1.2

Simulation of the infrared signature of transient luminous events in the middle atmosphere for a limb line of sight
Frédéric Romand, Laurence Croizé, Sébastien Payan, and Nathalie Huret

EGU2016-18251 | Orals | NH1.2 | Media interest

Challenge of lightning detection with LAC on board Akatsuki spacecraft
Yukihiro Takahashi, Mitsutero Sato, Masataka Imai, Yoav Yair, Georg Fischer, and Karen Aplin

EGU2016-7725 | Posters | NH1.2

Measurements of atmospheric electrical parameters and ELF electromagnetic emissions during a meteorological balloon flight.
Robert Benda, Matthieu Dujany, Roland Berthomieu, Mathilde Boissier, Pierre Bruneel, Lucie Fischer, William Focillon, Robin Gullo, Valentin Hubert, Gaétan Lafforgue, Marichka Loe-Mie, Adrien Messager, Felix Roy, Gérard Auvray, Fabrice Bertrand, Romain Coulomb, Gregoire Deprez, and Jean-Jacques Berthelier

EGU2016-16783 | Orals | NH1.2 | Media interest

First results from the THOR experiment imaging thunderstorm activity from the ISS.
Olivier Chanrion, Torsten Neubert, Andreas Mogensen, Yoav Yair, Martin Stendel, and Niels Larsen

EGU2016-496 | Posters | NH1.2

Far from thunderstorm UV transient events in the atmosphere measured by Vernov satellite
Violetta Morozenko, Pavel Klimov, Boris Khrenov, Garipov Gali, Kaznacheeva Margarita, Panasyuk Mikhail, Svertilov Sergei, and Holzworth Robert

EGU2016-8459 | Orals | NH1.2

First observations of Gigantic Jets from Monsoon Thunderstorms over India
Rajesh Singh, Ajeet Maurya, Olivier Chanrion, Torsten Neubert, Steven Cummer, Janusz Mlynarczyk, József Bór, Devendraa Siingh, Morris Cohen, and Sushil Kumar

EGU2016-5053 | Posters | NH1.2

Study of the atmospheric flashes and man-made global phenomena ultraviolet and infrared glow of the night air on the board of satellite "VERNOV"
Gali Garipov, Mikhael Panasyuk, Sergey Svertilov, Vitaliy Bogomolov, Vera Barinova, and Kirill Saleev

EGU2016-4769 | Orals | NH1.2

ELVES light intensity studies at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Roberto Mussa and Carolina Maiorana and the Pierre Auger Collaboration

EGU2016-6359 | Posters | NH1.2

The UV-Detector of the ATMOSUV-CanSat (Atmospheric Thunderstorms’s Monitor Optical Signal & UV)
Javier Navarro-González, David Calvo, Fernando Carrió, Joan Montanya, Ferran Fabró, Pere Blay, and Víctor Reglero

EGU2016-855 | Orals | NH1.2

Forecasting of Real Thunderstorms based on Electric Parameters Calculations in Numerical Weather Prediction Models
Svetlana Dementyeva, Nikolay Ilin, Maria Shatalina, and Evgeny Mareev

EGU2016-14529 | Posters | NH1.2

A physics-based model of the electric field pulses occurring during the lightning initiation
Petr Kaspar, Ondrej Santolik, and Ivana Kolmasova

EGU2016-12176 | Orals | NH1.2

Lightning Climatology with a Generalized Additive Model
Thorsten Simon, Georg Mayr, Nikolaus Umlauf, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2016-11180 | Posters | NH1.2

In-situ Observations of Gamma-ray Production in Thunderstorms
Kenneth Eack, Graydon Aulich, William Winn, and Harald Edens

EGU2016-12201 | Posters | NH1.2

Extreme atmospheric electron densities created by extensive air showers
Casper Rutjes, Enrico Camporeale, Ute Ebert, Stijn Buitink, Olaf Scholten, and Gia Trinh

EGU2016-7738 | Orals | NH1.2

Electric field measurements from Halley, Antarctica
Keri Nicoll and R. Giles Harrison

EGU2016-8606 | Orals | NH1.2

Coupling between the surface electric field and low level layer clouds
R.Giles Harrison, Keri Nicoll, and Ewan O'Connor

EGU2016-6505 | Posters | NH1.2

Dynamics of Saturnian thunderstorms
Georg Fischer, Joseph Pagaran, Ulyana Dyudina, and Marc Delcroix

EGU2016-14967 | Posters | NH1.2

The influence of Bremsstrahlung induced photoionization for the streamer motion in various gas mixtures
Christoph Koehn, Olivier Chanrion, and Torsten Neubert

EGU2016-7571 | Posters | NH1.2

Dancing red sprites and the lightning activity in their parent thunderstorm
József Bór, Zoltán Zelkó, Tibor Hegedüs, Zoltán Jäger, Janusz Mlynarczyk, Martin Popek, and Hans-Dieter Betz

EGU2016-10440 | Posters | NH1.2

Multichannel Registration of Nonstationary Subterranean Electromotive Forces as Lightning Precursors in the Avacha Bay Territory (Kamchatka): Case Study during Night of July 21(22), 2015
Vadim Bobrovskiy

EGU2016-6289 | Posters | NH1.2

Lightning Activities and Earthquakes
Jann-Yenq Liu

EGU2016-17884 | Posters | NH1.2

An Optical Lightning Simulator in an Electrified Cloud-Resolving Model to Prepare the Future Space Lightning Missions
Christophe Bovalo, Eric Defer, and Jean-Pierre Pinty

EGU2016-14544 | Posters | NH1.2

Estimation of Physical Properties of Streamers in Transient Luminous Events from Non-Steady State Optical Emissions
Kevin Mohand A. Ihaddadene and Sebastien Celestin

EGU2016-6487 | Posters | NH1.2

Nowcasting of Lightning-Related Accidents in Africa
Laura Ihrlich and Colin Price

NH1.3 – Flood risk and uncertainty (co-organized)

EGU2016-4843 | Orals | NH1.3

The end of trend-estimation for extreme floods under climate change?
Karsten Schulz and Matthias Bernhardt

EGU2016-1123 | Posters | NH1.3

Residual flood-risk: assessing the effectiveness of alternative large-scale mitigation strategies
Francesca Carisi, Alessio Domeneghetti, and Attilio Castellarin

EGU2016-7557 | Orals | NH1.3

Reducing uncertainty in the selection of bi-variate distributions of flood peaks and volumes using copulas and hydrological process-based model selection
Jan Szolgay, Ladislav Gaál, Tomáš Bacigál, Silvia Kohnová, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2016-2293 | Posters | NH1.3

Flood risk uncertainty surrounding a 0.5% annual probability extreme event
Thomas Prime, Jennifer Brown, and Andrew Plater

EGU2016-2879 | Posters | NH1.3

Hazard criteria for vehicles and people in floodwaters
Chiara Arrighi, Hocine Oumeraci, and Fabio Castelli

EGU2016-14200 | Orals | NH1.3

Analysis of flood-rich and flood-poor periods across Germany
Bruno Merz, Nguyen Viet Dung, and Sergiy Vorogushyn

EGU2016-4231 | Posters | NH1.3

Propagation of rating curve uncertainty in design flood estimation
Gunnhildur H. Steinbakk, Thordis Thorarinsdottir, Trond Reitan, Lena Schlichting, Sondre Hølleland, and Kolbjørn Engeland

EGU2016-16860 | Orals | NH1.3

Distribution of uncertainties at the municipality level for flood risk modelling along the river Meuse: implications for policy-making
Michel Pirotton, Frédéric Stilmant, Sébastien Erpicum, Benjamin Dewals, and Pierre Archambeau

EGU2016-473 | Orals | NH1.3

Multi-criteria decision making in flood risk management: research progress and the challenge of handling uncertainty and stakeholder participation
Mariana Madruga de Brito and Mariele Evers

EGU2016-4564 | Posters | NH1.3

Flood hazard assessment in areas prone to flash flooding
Davor Kvočka, Roger A Falconer, and Michaela Bray

EGU2016-17407 | Orals | NH1.3

FLOPROS: A global database of flood protection standards
Paolo Scussolini, Jeroen Aerts, Brenden Jongman, Laurens Bouwer, Hessel Winsemius, Hans de Moel, and Philip Ward

EGU2016-4612 | Posters | NH1.3

A Monte Carlo simulation approach for flood risk assessment
Hachem Agili, Karem Chokmani, Khalid Oubennaceur, Jimmy Poulin, and Pascal Marceau

EGU2016-5824 | Posters | NH1.3

Error of the modelled peak flow of the hydraulically reconstructed 1907 flood of the Ebro River in Xerta (NE Iberian Peninsula)
Josep Lluís Ruiz-Bellet, Xavier Castelltort, J. Carles Balasch, and Jordi Tuset

EGU2016-7240 | Posters | NH1.3

Flood Frequency Analysis For Partial Duration Series In Ganjiang River Basin
Sun zhangli, Zhu xiufang, and Pan yaozhong

EGU2016-7734 | Posters | NH1.3

Flood damage analysis: uncertainties for first floor elevation yielded from LiDAR data
Jose Maria Bodoque, Estefania Aroca-Jimenez, Carolina Guardiola-Albert, and Miguel Angel Eguibar

EGU2016-7776 | Posters | NH1.3

Impacts of dyke development in flood prone areas in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta to downstream flood hazard
Van Khanh Triet Nguyen, Viet Dung Nguyen, Hideto Fujii, Matti Kummu, Bruno Merz, and Heiko Apel

EGU2016-9037 | Posters | NH1.3

A simple statistical method for analyzing flood susceptibility with incorporating rainfall and impervious surface
Shou-Hao Chiang and Chi-Farn Chen

EGU2016-9588 | Posters | NH1.3

Flood risk assessment and mapping for the Lebanese watersheds
Chadi Abdallah and Rouya Hdeib

EGU2016-9604 | Posters | NH1.3

The Importance of Precise Digital Elevation Models (DEM) in Modelling Floods
Gokben Demir and Zuhal Akyurek

EGU2016-11286 | Posters | NH1.3

Special challenges in assessing and mapping flood risk following a flood-debris flow event
Graeme Aggett

EGU2016-13617 | Posters | NH1.3

Quality control of the RMS US flood model
Sonja Jankowfsky, Arno Hilberts, Chris Mortgat, Shuangcai Li, Farhat Rafique, Edida Rajesh, Na Xu, Yi Mei, Stephan Tillmanns, Yang Yang, Ye Tian, Prince Mathur, Anand Kulkarni, Bharadwaj Anna Kumaresh, Chiranjib Chaudhuri, and Vishal Saini

EGU2016-13932 | Posters | NH1.3

Tracking the critical offshore conditions leading to marine inundation via active learning of full-process based models
Jeremy Rohmer, Deborah Idier, Thomas Bulteau, and François Paris

EGU2016-15540 | Posters | NH1.3

Mesh versus bathtub – effects of flood models on exposure analysis in Switzerland
Veronika Röthlisberger, Andreas Zischg, and Margreth Keiler

EGU2016-16265 | Posters | NH1.3

Sources of uncertanity as a basis to fill the information gap in a response to flood
Toni Kekez and Snjezana Knezic

EGU2016-16728 | Posters | NH1.3

New challenges on uncertainty propagation assessment of flood risk analysis
Luciano Martins, Estefanía Aroca-Jiménez, José M. Bodoque, and Andrés Díez-Herrero

EGU2016-17305 | Posters | NH1.3

Flood Hazard Mapping Assessment for El-Awali River Catchment-Lebanon
Rouya Hdeib, Chadi Abdallah, Roger Moussa, and Samar Hijazi

EGU2016-18401 | Posters | NH1.3

Influence of uncertainty in flood hazard mapping downstream of dams using univariate and bivariate approaches for forcing hydrographs definition
Angela Candela and Giuseppe T Aronica

NH1.4 – Hydro-meteorological hazards: Changing pattern of risk and effective risk mitigation strategies (co-organized)

EGU2016-1975 | Orals | NH1.4

Hazard Interactions and Interaction Networks (Cascades) within Multi-Hazard Methodologies
Joel Gill and Bruce D. Malamud

EGU2016-7526 | Posters | NH1.4

Conceptual geoinformation model of natural hazards risk assessment
Valerii Kulygin

EGU2016-2664 | Orals | NH1.4

Hydrological risks in anthropized watersheds: modeling of hazard, vulnerability and impacts on population from south-west of Madagascar
Mahefa Mamy Rakotoarisoa, Cyril Fleurant, Nuscia Taibi, and Théodore Razakamanana

EGU2016-5840 | Orals | NH1.4

An integrated multi-scale risk analysis procedure for pluvial flooding
Andreas Tader, Martin Mergili, Stefan Jäger, Thomas Glade, Clemens Neuhold, and Heinz Stiefelmeyer

EGU2016-15773 | Posters | NH1.4

MAppERS experience: natural processes and preparedness in the societal context
Simone Frigerio, Luca Schenato, Giulia Bossi, Matteo Mantovani, Gianluca Marcato, and Alessandro Pasuto

EGU2016-18159 | Posters | NH1.4

KLIMA 2050: a research-based innovation centre for risk reduction through climate adaptation of infrastructure and buildings
Anders Solheim, Berit Time, Tore Kvande, Edvard Sivertsen, Jose Cepeda, Åshild Lappegard Hauge, Lena Bygballe, and Anders-Johan Almås

EGU2016-13148 | Orals | NH1.4

Estimation of landslides activities evolution due to land–use and climate change in a Pyrenean valley
Rosalie Vandromme, Séverine Bernardie, Thomas Houet, Marine Grémont, Gilles Grandjean, and Yannick Thiery

EGU2016-7902 | Posters | NH1.4

Historical telecommunication in the Hindukush‐Karakoram‐Himalayas: An ancient early warning system for glacier lake outbursts
Lasafam Iturrizaga

EGU2016-17034 | Orals | NH1.4 | Media interest

Enhancing national Daily Landslide Hazard Assessments through inter-agency collaboration; lessons learned from storm Desmond (UK)/Synne (Norway), Dec 2015.
Søren Boje, Graziella Devoli, Monica Sund, Katy Freeborough, Tom Dijkstra, Helen Reeves, and Vanessa Banks

EGU2016-13356 | Orals | NH1.4

Evaluation of hail suppression programme effectiveness using radar derived parameters
Satyanarayana Tani, Helmut Paulitsch, Reinhard Teschl, and Barbara Süsser-Rechberger

EGU2016-5374 | Posters | NH1.4

Scenario-Based Storm Surge Vulnerability Assessment Of Catanduanes
John Kenneth Suarez, Christine Ladiero, Judd Tablazon, Joy Santiago, and Alfredo Mahar Francisco Lagmay

EGU2016-4332 | Posters | NH1.4

Rainfall hazard in the Darjeeling-Bhutan Himalayan front
Pawel Prokop and Adam Walanus

EGU2016-15377 | Posters | NH1.4

Hydrological modeling using high resolution dem to level control on highways
Zeynep Akbulut and Çetin Cömert

EGU2016-16081 | Posters | NH1.4

The capability of headwater areas to mitigate the risk of (flash) floods for downstream locations at different spatial scales
Jens Bölscher and Achim Schulte

EGU2016-7435 | Posters | NH1.4

Improving flood risk management through risk communication strategies
Jose Maria Bodoque, Andres Diez Herrero, Maria Amerigo, Juan Antonio Garcia, Jorge Olcina, and Beatriz Cortes

EGU2016-13282 | Posters | NH1.4 | Media interest

An integrated approach coupling physically based models and probabilistic method to assess quantitatively landslide susceptibility at different scale: application to different geomorphological environments
Rosalie Vandromme, Yannick Thiéry, Olivier Sedan, and Séverine Bernardie

EGU2016-4312 | Posters | NH1.4

The SAMCO Web-platform for resilience assessment in mountainous valleys impacted by landslide risks.
Gilles Grandjean, Loic Thomas, and Severine Bernardie

EGU2016-17751 | Posters | NH1.4

Evaluation of soil moisture and Palmer Drought Severity Index in Brazil
Luciana Rossato, José Antônio Marengo, and Luciana Bassi Marinho Pires

EGU2016-8712 | Posters | NH1.4

A multi-disciplinary approach for the integrated assessment of multiple risks in delta areas.
Anna Sperotto, Silvia Torresan, Andrea Critto, and Antonio Marcomini

EGU2016-1306 | Posters | NH1.4

Influence of land-use dynamics on natural hazard risk
Giacomo Piazza, Thomas Thaler, and Sven Fuchs

NH1.5 – Hazard Risk Managment in Agriculture and Agroecosystems (co-organized)

EGU2016-8821 | Orals | NH1.5

Adaptation response surfaces from an ensemble of wheat projections under climate change in Europe
Margarita Ruiz-Ramos and Roberto Ferrise and the IRS2 (see below)

EGU2016-201 | Posters | NH1.5

Response of wheat yield in Spain to large-scale patterns
Sara Hernandez-Barrera and Concepcion Rodriguez-Puebla

EGU2016-10225 | Orals | NH1.5

Adverse weather impacts on arable cropping systems
Anne Gobin

EGU2016-4387 | Posters | NH1.5

Modeling the Agroecological Land Suitability for Coffea arabica L. in Central America
Leonel Lara, Livia Rasche, and Uwe Schneider

EGU2016-8344 | Orals | NH1.5

Coupling a high resolution soil erosion model with an agro-ecosystem model of SOC dynamics. An approach to assess the potential environmental effect of the new Common Agricultural Policy on soil degradation
Pasqualle Borrelli, Keith Paustian, Panos Panagos, Arwyn Jones, Brigitta Schütt, and Emanuele Lugato

EGU2016-8539 | Posters | NH1.5

Modelling adaptation to climate change of Ecuadorian agriculture and associated water resources: uncertainties in coastal and highland cropping systems
Margarita Ruiz-Ramos, Wellington Bastidas, Amparo Cóndor, Marcos Villacís, Marco Calderón, Mario Herrera, José Luis Zambrano, Jon Lizaso, Carlos Hernández, Alfredo Rodríguez, and Mirian Capa-Morocho

EGU2016-614 | Orals | NH1.5

Rice crop risk map in Babahoyo canton (Ecuador)
Omar Valverde Arias, Ana Tarquis, and Alberto Garrido

EGU2016-9904 | Posters | NH1.5

iPot: Improved potato monitoring in Belgium using remote sensing and crop growth modelling
Isabelle Piccard, Anne Gobin, Yannick Curnel, Jean-Pierre Goffart, Viviane Planchon, Joost Wellens, Bernard Tychon, Nele Cattoor, and Romain Cools

EGU2016-8028 | Orals | NH1.5

Germany wide seasonal flood risk analysis for agricultural crops
Stefan Klaus, Heidi Kreibich, Bernd Kuhlmann, Bruno Merz, and Kai Schröter

EGU2016-9769 | Posters | NH1.5

Meteorological risks are drivers of environmental innovation in agro-ecosystem management
Anne Gobin, Hans Van de Vyver, Frédéric Vanwindekens, Viviane Planchon, Ann Verspecht, Julia Frutos de Cachorro, and Jeroen Buysse

EGU2016-9999 | Posters | NH1.5

Mapping soil heterogeneity using RapidEye satellite images
Isabelle Piccard, Herman Eerens, Qinghan Dong, Anne Gobin, Jean-Pierre Goffart, Yannick Curnel, and Viviane Planchon

EGU2016-9031 | Orals | NH1.5

Reducing Production Basis Risk through Rainfall Intensity Frequency (RIF) Indexes: Global Sensitivity Analysis’ Implication on Policy Design
Chitsomanus Muneepeerakul, Ray Huffaker, and Rafael Munoz-Carpena

EGU2016-14646 | Orals | NH1.5

Nation-wide assessment of climate change impacts on crops in the Philippines and Peru as part of multi-disciplinary modelling framework
Mariko Fujisawa and Hideki Kanamaru

EGU2016-11415 | Posters | NH1.5

Association of joint occurrence of warm and dry conditions over Greece with anticyclonic activity during summer
Maria Hatzaki, Panagiotis Nastos, Iliana Polychroni, Helena A. Flocas, John Kouroutzoglou, and Nicolas R. Dalezios

EGU2016-12531 | Posters | NH1.5

Using a dynamic vegetation model for future projections of crop yields: application to Belgium in the framework of the VOTES and MASC projects
Ingrid Jacquemin, Alexandra-Jane Henrot, Corentin M. Fontaine, Nicolas Dendoncker, Veronique Beckers, Bos Debusscher, Bernard Tychon, Alain Hambuckers, and Louis François

EGU2016-11043 | Orals | NH1.5

Soil Erosion Risk Map based on irregularity of the vegetative activity
Antonio Saa-Requejo, Ana Maria Tarquis, Juan J. Martín-Sotoca, Jose L. Valencia, Anne Gobin, and Leonor Rodriguez-Sinobas

EGU2016-332 | Orals | NH1.5

Yield gap mapping as a support tool for risk management in agriculture
Ouiam Lahlou, Yasmina Imani, Imane Slimani, Justin Van Wart, and Haishun Yang

EGU2016-13711 | Posters | NH1.5

Climate impacts on agricultural biomass production in the CORDEX.be project context
Anne Gobin, Bert Van Schaeybroeck, Piet Termonia, Patrick Willems, Nicole Van Lipzig, Philippe Marbaix, Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Xavier Fettweis, Koen De Ridder, Trissevgeni Stavrakou, Patrick Luyten, and Eric Pottiaux

EGU2016-153 | Orals | NH1.5

Assessing the Agricultural Vulnerability for India under Changing Climate
Tarul Sharma, Harsha Vardhan Murari, Subhankar Karmakar, Subimal Ghosh, and Jitendra Singh

EGU2016-13450 | Posters | NH1.5

Impact of climate change on the water cycle of agricultural landscapes in Southwest Germany
Irene Witte, Joachim Ingwersen, Sebastian Gayler, and Thilo Streck

EGU2016-15466 | Posters | NH1.5

Winter Wheat Drought Monitoring based on TVDI Index in Xingtai District in North China
Yanrui Shang, Gongying Liu, xiaorui Shi, Jia Hu, Qinghua Hu, and JIngwen Ma

EGU2016-17712 | Orals | NH1.5

Forecasting residual herbicide concentrations in soil
Gavan McGrath, Craig Scanlan, Lukas van Zwieten, Mick Rose, and Terry Rose

EGU2016-13034 | Orals | NH1.5

Impact of climate change on olive crop flowering at southern Spain
Clara Gabaldón-Leal, Margarita Ruiz-Ramos, Raúl de la Rosa, Lorenzo León, Alfredo Rodríguez, Angjelina Belaj, and Ignacio Lorite

EGU2016-16952 | Posters | NH1.5

An approach to integrate spatial and climatological data as support to drought monitoring and agricultural management problems in South Sudan
Sabrina Bonetto, Anna Facello, Walther Camaro, Elena Isotta Cristofori, and Alessandro Demarchi

EGU2016-16616 | Posters | NH1.5

The Crop Risk Zones Monitoring System for resilience to drought in the Sahel
Patrizio Vignaroli, Leandro Rocchi, Tiziana De Filippis, Vieri Tarchiani, Maurizio Bacci, Piero Toscano, Massimiliano Pasqui, and Elena Rapisardi

EGU2016-18248 | Posters | NH1.5

Estimation of droughts indicators in the Veguita zone, Cuba
Ramiro Cumbrera, Humberto Millán Vega, Ana Maria Tarquis, and Osvaldo Alcolea Naranjo

EGU2016-11132 | Posters | NH1.5

Monitoring pasture damage in subarid conditions in south of Spain.
Felix Díaz, Antonio Saa-Requejo, Juan J. Martín-Sotoca, Nicolas Dalezios, and Ana M. Tarquis

EGU2016-11350 | Posters | NH1.5

Correlation between NDVI and the annual groundnut yield in Senegal
Samuel Martin, Javier Borondo, Alfredo Morales, Juan Carlos Losada, Ana M. Tarquis, and Rosa M. Benito

EGU2016-11284 | Posters | NH1.5

Integrated study of biomass index in La Herreria (Sierra de Guadarrama)
Carlos G. Hernandez Díaz-Ambrona and the The GuMNet Consortium - Soils and Ecosystem Group

EGU2016-8944 | Posters | NH1.5

Incorporating climate change trends to near future variability of crop yields in Iberia Peninsula
Mirian Capa-Morocho, Walter E. Baethgen, Kátia Fernandes, Belén Rodríguez-Fonseca, and Margarita Ruiz-Ramos

EGU2016-685 | Posters | NH1.5

Practicing Conservation Agriculture to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change in Jordan.
Saeb Khresat

EGU2016-10945 | Posters | NH1.5

Climate Change and Water in Vulnerable Agriculture: Impacts – Mitigation – Adaptation
Nicolas Dalezios and Ana Maria Tarquis

EGU2016-10968 | Posters | NH1.5

Satellite-based monitoring of cotton evapotranspiration
Nicolas Dalezios, Nicholas Dercas, and Ana Maria Tarquis

NH1.6 – Coupled atmosphere-hydrological modeling for improved hydro-meteorological predictions (co-organized)

EGU2016-3317 | Orals | NH1.6

Comparing One-way and Two-way Coupled Hydrometeorological Forecasting Systems for Flood Forecasting in the Mediterranean Region
Amir Givati, David Gochis‏, Thomas Rummler, Harald Kunstmann, and Wei Yu

EGU2016-1275 | Posters | NH1.6

Optimized Flood Forecasts Using a Statistical Enemble
Micha Silver and Erick Fredj

EGU2016-2480 | Posters | NH1.6

Evaluating the present annual water budget of a Himalayan headwater river basin using a high-resolution atmosphere-hydrology model
Lu Li, David J. Gochis, Stefan Sobolowski, and Michel d. S. Mesquita

EGU2016-6519 | Orals | NH1.6

On the hydrological performance in preparation for fully coupled climate-hydrology modelling in a data-sparse region
Morten Andreas Dahl Larsen, Alfonso Senatore, Martin Drews, and Giuseppe Mendicino

EGU2016-7352 | Orals | NH1.6

Quantitative precipitation and streamflow forecast for two recent extreme hydro-meteorological events in Southern Italy with a fully-coupled model system
Giuseppe Mendicino and Alfonso Senatore

EGU2016-3041 | Posters | NH1.6

Improving urban streamflow forecasting using a high-resolution large scale modeling framework
Laura Read, Terri Hogue, David Gochis, and Fernando Salas

EGU2016-5479 | Posters | NH1.6

Implementation of remote-sensed surface water condition into a land surfaces model
Ui-Yong Byun, Hyun Min Sung, Je-Woo Hong, Jinkyu Hong, Harald Kunstmann, and Joel Arnault

EGU2016-17199 | Orals | NH1.6

The POLIMI forecasting chain for real time flood and drought predictions
Alessandro Ceppi, Giovanni Ravazzani, Chiara Corbari, and Marco Mancini

EGU2016-7357 | Posters | NH1.6

Evaluating the one-way coupling of WRF-Hydro for flood forecasting
Ismail Yucel, Alper Onen, Koray Yilmaz, and David Gochis

EGU2016-7856 | Orals | NH1.6

From the groundwater to the boundary layer: a fully-coupled hydrometeorologic modeling approach for a catchment of the Alpine foothils
Benjamin Fersch, Harald Kunstmann, and David Gochis

EGU2016-7800 | Posters | NH1.6

Coupling COSMO-CLM model with WaSiM and GEOtop hydrology models
Gerhard Smiatek, Mohsen Soltani, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2016-16483 | Orals | NH1.6

The groundwater buffering effect on heat waves and precipitation: coupled groundwater-atmosphere simulations over Europe and North America with a WRF-LEAFHYDRO system.
Gonzalo Miguez-Macho, Breogán Gómez, Sabela Regueiro-Sanfiz, and Matei Georgescu

EGU2016-7821 | Posters | NH1.6

Investigating the terrestrial-atmospheric water balance for the Tana River basin, East Africa
Noah Kerandi, Patrick Laux, Joel Arnault, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2016-8571 | Posters | NH1.6

Morphology of the triggering and evolution of a deep moist convective system in the Mediterranean Sea.
Elisabetta Fiori, Luca Ferraris, Luca Molini, Franco Siccardi, Dieter Kranzlmueller, and Antonio Parodi

EGU2016-9241 | Posters | NH1.6

Role of runoff-infiltration partitioning and resolved overland flow on land-atmosphere feedbacks: A case-study with the WRF-Hydro coupled modeling system for West Africa
Joel Arnault, Seven Wagner, Thomas Rummler, Benjamin Fersch, Jan Bliefernicht, Sabine Andresen, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2016-9266 | Posters | NH1.6

Precipitation- and soil moisture variability in Germany: Fully coupled WRF-Hydro vs. standard WRF
Joel Arnault, Thomas Rummler, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2016-12321 | Posters | NH1.6

WRF-HMS, a fully-coupled regional atmospheric-hydrological modeling system for long-term scale applications
Sven Wagner, Benjamin Fersch, Fei Yuan, Zhongbo Yu, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2016-13226 | Posters | NH1.6

A meteo-hydrological modeling study for flood events in the Ofanto river catchment
Giorgia Verri, Nadia Pinardi, Joseph Tribbia, David Gochis, Antonio Navarra, Giovanni Coppini, and Tomislava Vukicevic

EGU2016-16607 | Posters | NH1.6

Integrated assessment framework for quantifying multi-hazard risk in large cities
Xiaodong Ming, Qiuhua Liang, Hiro Yamazaki, and Richard Dawson

EGU2016-18333 | Posters | NH1.6

Modeling the atmospheric and terrestrial water and energy cycles in the ScaleX experiment through a fully-coupled atmosphere-hydrology model
Alfonso Senatore, Fersch Benjamin, Rummler Thomas, Brosy Caroline, Chwala Christian, Wolfgang Junkermann, Völksch Ingo, and Kunstmann Harald

NH2.3 – The European contribution to the GEO Supersite initiative (co-organized)

EGU2016-6969 | Orals | NH2.3

The GEO Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories - GSNL 2.0: improving societal benefits of Geohazard science
Stefano Salvi

EGU2016-3832 | Posters | NH2.3

Improving the scientific research for the Geohazard Supersites through a Virtual Research Environment: the H2020 EVER-EST Project
Elisa Trasatti and Stefano Salvi

EGU2016-16545 | Orals | NH2.3

The contribution of the Geohazards Exploitation Platform for the GEO Supersites community
Michele Manunta, Hervé Caumont, Oscar Mora, Francesco Casu, Ivana Zinno, Claudio De Luca, Susi Pepe, Antonio Pepe, Fabrice Brito, Laia Romero, Andre Stumpf, Jean-Philippe Malet, Ramon Brcic, Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez, Massimo Musacchio, Fabrizia Buongiorno, and Pierre Briole

EGU2016-5669 | Orals | NH2.3

The MED-SUV Multidisciplinary Interoperability Infrastructure
Paolo Mazzetti, Luca D'Auria, Danilo Reitano, Fabrizio Papeschi, Roberto Roncella, Giuseppe Puglisi, and Stefano Nativi

EGU2016-13177 | Orals | NH2.3

A prototype of an automated high resolution InSAR volcano-monitoring system in the MED-SUV project
Tanvir A. Chowdhury, Christian Minet, and Thomas Fritz

EGU2016-2262 | Posters | NH2.3

Ground motion simulations in Marmara (Turkey) region from 3D finite difference method
Hideo Aochi, Thomas Ulrich, and John Douglas

EGU2016-6430 | Posters | NH2.3

The multi-parameter borehole system and high resolution seismic studies in the western part of the main Marmara Fault in the frame of MARSITE Project.
Oguz Ozel, Cansun Guralp, Suleyman Tunc, and Esref Yalcinkaya

EGU2016-15122 | Orals | NH2.3

New Directions in Seismic Hazard Assessment Through Focused Earth Observation in the MARmara SuperSITE – Project Achievements
Nurcan Meral OZel, Öcal Necmioğlu, Semih Ergintav, Oğuz Ozel, Paolo Favali, Pascal Bigarre, Ziyadin Çakır, Sinan Ozeren, Louis Geli, John Douglas, Hideo Aochi, Remy Bossu, Can Zülfikar, Karin Şeşetyan, and Mustafa Erdik

EGU2016-17517 | Orals | NH2.3

Geology and seismotectonics of the North-Anatolian Fault in the Sea of Marmara: implications for seismic hazards
Luca Gasperini, Vincenzo Cedro, Alina Polonia, and Marmara2013 Cruise Party

EGU2016-7028 | Posters | NH2.3

HYPODD Relocations and Stress Tensor Inversion Analyses of Local Earthquake Clusters in the Sea of Marmara
Yasemin Korkusuz Öztürk and Nurcan Meral Özel

EGU2016-7584 | Posters | NH2.3

Rapid kinematic finite-fault inversion for an Mw 7+ scenario earthquake in the Marmara Sea: an uncertainty study
Faqi Diao, Rongjiang Wang, Hideo Aochi, Yong Zhang, and Thomas R. Walter

EGU2016-13687 | Orals | NH2.3

Futurvolc and the Bardarbunga eruption 2014-15 Iceland, success in the field and laboratory.
Armann Hoskuldsson, Ingibjorg Jonsdottir, and Thor Thordarson

EGU2016-16383 | Orals | NH2.3

Seismic tremor signals from Bárðarbunga, Grímsvötn and other glacier covered volcanoes in Iceland’s Vatnajökull ice cap
Kristin S. Vogfjörd, Eva Eibl, Chris Bean, Matthew Roberts, Benedikt Ófeigsson, and Tómas Jóhannesson

EGU2016-8317 | Posters | NH2.3

Earth-Observation based mapping and monitoring of exposure change in the megacity of Istanbul: open-source tools from the MARSITE project
Daniele De Vecchi and Fabio Dell'Acqua

EGU2016-9887 | Posters | NH2.3

Suleyman Tunc, Berna Tunc, Deniz Caka, and Serif Baris

EGU2016-17005 | Orals | NH2.3

A multidisciplinary study of the 2014-2015 Bárðarbunga caldera collapse, Iceland
Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson, Kristin Jonsdóttir, Andy Hooper, Eoghan Holohan, and Saemundur Halldorsson and the Bardarbunga Team

EGU2016-12602 | Orals | NH2.3

Seismicity along the Main Marmara Fault, Turkey: from space-time distribution to repeating events
Jean Schmittbuhl, Hayrullah Karabulut, Olivier Lengliné, and Michel Bouchon

EGU2016-11631 | Posters | NH2.3

Surface deformation in the east Marmara region from 1 year of Sentinel-1a acquisitions within the MARsite project
John Peter Merryman Boncori, Alessio Cantone, Paolo Pasquali, and Semih Ergintav

EGU2016-12715 | Orals | NH2.3

Marsite Multiparameter borehole observatory
Cansun Guralp, Oguz Ozel, Suleyman Tunc, Samim Ada, and Mustafa Hatipoglu

EGU2016-12462 | Posters | NH2.3

Broad Band Data and Noise Observed with Surface Station and Borehole Station
Suleyman Tunc, Oguz Ozel, Mehmet Safa Arslan, Bengi Behiye Akşahin, Mustafa Hatipoglu, Ragip Cagin Yalcintepe, Samim Ada, and Nurcan Meral Ozel

EGU2016-12759 | Posters | NH2.3

Geochemical and isotopic features of geothermal fluids around the Sea of Marmara, NW Turkey
Francesco Italiano, Heiko Woith, Cemil Seyis, Luca Pizzino, and Alessandra Sciarra

EGU2016-7570 | Orals | NH2.3

Results of a multidisciplinary study in the Marmara Supersite, on-shore area: Büyükçekmece landslide
Stella Coccia, Pascal Bigarré, Semih Ergintav, Oguz Ozel, Esref Yalcinkaya, Serdar Ozalabey, Céline Bourdeau, Salvatore Martino, Luca Lenti, Francesco Zucca, and Marco Moro

EGU2016-12815 | Posters | NH2.3

Active geodynamics of the Marmara Sea region: How to combine all geophysical observations?
Hayrullah Karabulut, Jean Schmittbuhl, Olivier Lengliné, and Michel Bouchon

EGU2016-11582 | Orals | NH2.3

Groundwater temperature transients on the Armutlu peninsula, eastern Marmara region
Heiko Woith, Deniz Caka, Cemil Seyis, Francesco Italiano, Cengiz Celik, Rongjiang Wang, and Serif Baris

EGU2016-6449 | Orals | NH2.3

Matching high-resolution seismic and electrical resistivity profiling to infer the shallow structure of Solfatara Volcano (Italy)
Pier Paolo Bruno, Marceau Gresse, Stefano Maraio, Jean Vandemeulebrouck, and Vincenzo Di Fiore

EGU2016-12992 | Posters | NH2.3

An improved earthquake catalogue in the Marmara Sea region, Turkey, using massive template matching
Emanuela Matrullo, Olivier Lengliné, Jean Schmittbuhl, Hayrullah Karabulut, and Michel Bouchon

EGU2016-8618 | Orals | NH2.3

Pyroclastic density current hazard maps at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy): the effects of event scale, vent location and time forecasts.
Andrea Bevilacqua, Augusto Neri, Tomaso Esposti Ongaro, Roberto Isaia, Franco Flandoli, and Marina Bisson

EGU2016-13090 | Posters | NH2.3

Analysis of past earthquakes along the North Anatolian Fault in the Marmara Region (Turkey): Implications for the spatial distribution for surface ruptures in the last 1000 years
Cengiz Zabcı, Erhan Altunel, and H. Serdar Akyüz

EGU2016-13515 | Posters | NH2.3

Spatio-temporal variations of soil radon patterns around the Sea of Marmara
Luigi Passarelli, Cemil Seyis, and Heiko Woith

EGU2016-4886 | Orals | NH2.3

Chemical heterogeneity of Mt. Etna magmas in the last 15 ky and inferences on their mantle sources
Rosa Anna Corsaro and Nicole Métrich

EGU2016-14206 | Posters | NH2.3

Evaluation of seismic hazard in Marmara region based on the new datasets developed in the EU-MARSITE Project
Karin Sesetyan, Aybige Akinci, and Mine Betül Demircioglu

EGU2016-4151 | Orals | NH2.3

Pattern of geochemical variations within the volcanic system of Mt Etna, Italy, from 1995 to 2013
Rosa Anna Corsaro, Susanna Falsaperla, and Horst Langer

EGU2016-16193 | Orals | NH2.3

Etna_NETVIS: A dedicated tool for automatically pre-processing high frequency data useful to extract geometrical parameters and track the evolution of the lava field
Maria Marsella, Peppe Junior Valentino D'Aranno, Roberto De Bonis, Carla Nardinocchi, Silvia Scifoni, Marianna Scutti, Alberico Sonnessa, Wissam Wahbeh, Emilio Biale, Mauro Coltelli, Emilio Pecora, Michele Prestifilippo, and Cristina Proietti

EGU2016-14636 | Posters | NH2.3

InSAR analysis of the crustal deformation affecting the megacity of Istanbul: the results of the FP7 Marsite Project as a GEO Supersite Initiative
Giuseppe Solaro, Manuela Bonano, and Mariarosaria Manzo

EGU2016-14824 | Posters | NH2.3

EEW Implementation into Critical Infrastructures
Can Zulfikar and Ali Pinar

EGU2016-15764 | Posters | NH2.3

L band InSAR sudy on the Ganos section of the North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ)
Marcello de Michele

EGU2016-15842 | Posters | NH2.3

Marsite Data Structure & Policy And Its Extension To Epos-Ip
Mustafa Comoglu, Nurcan Meral Ozel, Semih Ergintav, Ocal Necmioglu, and Onur Tan

EGU2016-16074 | Posters | NH2.3

Attenuation Characteristics of the Armutlu Peninsula (NW Turkey) Using Coda Q
Evrim Yavuz, Deniz Çaka, Berna Tunç, Heiko Woith, Birger Gottfried Lühr, and Şerif Barış

EGU2016-2725 | Posters | NH2.3

Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes
Evgenia Ilyinskaya, Gudrun Larsen, Magnus T. Gudmundsson, Kristin Vogfjord, Emmanuel Pagneux, Bjorn Oddsson, Sara Barsotti, and Sigrun Karlsdottir

EGU2016-10436 | Posters | NH2.3

Exploiting the outcome of FUTUREVOLC: The 2014-2015 rifting event, effusive eruption and gradual caldera collapse at Bardarbunga volcanic system, Iceland
Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Kristin S. Vogfjord, Magnus T. Gudmundson, Benedikt G. Ofeigsson, Stéphanie Dumont, Michelle Parks, Kristin Jonsdottir, Andrew Hooper, Sigrun Hreinsdottir, Elias Rafn Heimisson, Robert White, Thorbjorg Agustsdottir, Chris Bean, Susan C. Loughlin, Einar Petur Heidarsson, Sara Barsotti, Matthew Roberts, Maurizio Ripepe, Evgenia Ilyinskaya, and Futurevolc Consortium

EGU2016-13550 | Posters | NH2.3

Drone based structural mapping at Holuhraun indicates fault reactivation and complexity
Daniel Mueller, Thomas R. Walter, Bastian Steinke, Tanja Witt, Anne Schoepa, Tobi Duerig, and Magnus T. Gudmundsson

EGU2016-16440 | Posters | NH2.3

Dynamics at the Holuhraun eruption based on high speed video data analysis
Tanja Witt and Thomas R. Walter

EGU2016-13690 | Posters | NH2.3

MED-SUV final strategic issues
Letizia Spampinato, Giuseppe Puglisi, and Agata Sangianantoni

EGU2016-13909 | Posters | NH2.3

Volcanic Plume Elevation Model Derived From Landsat 8: examples on Holuhraun (Iceland) and Mount Etna (Italy)
Marcello de Michele, Daniel Raucoules, Þórður Arason, Claudia Spinetti, Stefano Corradini, and Luca Merucci

EGU2016-14267 | Posters | NH2.3

Fiber Bragg grating strain sensors to monitor and study active volcanoes
Fiodor Sorrentino, Nicolò Beverini, Daniele Carbone, Giorgio Carelli, Francesco Francesconi, Salvo Gambino, Umberto Giacomelli, Renzo Grassi, Enrico Maccioni, and Mauro Morganti

EGU2016-1702 | Posters | NH2.3

The use of EO Optical data for the Italian Supersites volcanoes monitoring
Malvina Silvestri

EGU2016-15855 | Posters | NH2.3

The wet refractivity tomography for improving the InSAR deformation measurements on Mt. Etna
Claudia Spinetti, Massimo Aranzulla, Francesco Guglielmino, Flavio Cannavo', Vito Romaniello, Pierre Briole, and Giuseppe Puglisi

EGU2016-11626 | Posters | NH2.3

Permeability estimates from artificial drawdown and natural refill experiments at Solfatara volcano, Italy
Heiko Woith, Giovanni Chiodini, Annarita Mangiacapra, and Rongjiang Wang

EGU2016-11719 | Posters | NH2.3

4-D imaging and monitoring of the Solfatara crater (Italy) by ambient noise tomography
Marco Pilz, Stefano Parolai, Heiko Woith, Marceau Gresse, and Jean Vandemeulebrouck

EGU2016-12509 | Posters | NH2.3

Hydrothermal activity and subsurface soil complexity: implication for outgassing processes at Solfatara crater, Campi Flegrei caldera
Cristian Montanaro, Klaus Mayer, Bettina Scheu, Roberto Isaia, Annarita Mangiacapra, Marceau Gresse, Jean Vandemeulebrouck, Roberto Moretti, and Donald B. Dingwell

EGU2016-8778 | Posters | NH2.3

Multidisciplinary investigation (ERT, CO2, SP and T) reveals fluid circulation at Somma-Vesuvius
Matthieu Poret, Tullio Ricci, Anthony Finizola, Eric Delcher, and Aline Peltier and the Vesuvius Team ERT 2014

EGU2016-8960 | Posters | NH2.3

Convolutive independent component analysis as a tool for an automatic discrimination among seismological sources
Paolo Capuano, Enza De Lauro, Salvatore De Martino, Mariarosaria Falanga, and Simona Petrosino

EGU2016-3857 | Posters | NH2.3

Geodetic constraints to the source mechanism of the 2011–2013 unrest at Campi Flegrei (Italy) caldera
Elisa Trasatti, Marco Polcari, Maurizio Bonafede, and Salvatore Stramondo

EGU2016-14303 | Posters | NH2.3

A Blind Test Experiment in Volcano Geodesy: a Benchmark for Inverse Methods of Ground Deformation and Gravity Data
Luca D'Auria, Jose Fernandez, Giuseppe Puglisi, Eleonora Rivalta, Antonio Camacho, Mehdi Nikkhoo, and Thomas Walter

EGU2016-2866 | Posters | NH2.3

Exploring a long-lasting volcanic eruption by means of in-soil radon measurements and seismic activity
Susanna Falsaperla, Marco Neri, Giuseppe Di Grazia, Horst Langer, and Salvatore Spampinato

EGU2016-15105 | Posters | NH2.3

Doppler radar retrievals from lava fountaining paroxysms generating tephra plumes at Mt. Etna
Freret-Lorgeril Valentin, Donnadieu Franck, Coltelli Mauro, Scollo Simona, Fréville Patrick, Hervier Claude, and Prestifilippo Michele

EGU2016-12963 | Posters | NH2.3

The summit part of Mount Etna revealed by High Resolution DC Electrical Resistivity Tomography coupled with complementary geophysical and soil gas techniques
Anthony Finizola, Tullio Ricci, Raphael Antoine, Eric Delcher, Aline Peltier, Julien Bernard, Elodie Brothelande, Yannick Fargier, Cyrille Fauchard, Brice Foucart, Lydie Gailler, Rachel Gusset, Ivonne Lazarte, Erwan Martin, Cécile Mézon, Angélie Portal, Matthieu Poret, and Matteo Rossi

EGU2016-3867 | Posters | NH2.3

3D shallow velocity model in the area of Pozzo Pitarrone, NE flank of Mt. Etna Volcano, by using SPAC array method.
Luciano Zuccarello, Mario Paratore, Mario La Rocca, Ferruccio Ferrari, Alfio Messina, Danilo Contrafatto, Danilo Galluzzo, and Salvatore Rapisarda

EGU2016-6740 | Posters | NH2.3

Insights into the dynamics of Etna volcano from 20-year time span microgravity and GPS observations
Alessandro Bonforte, Giovanni Fanizza, Filippo Greco, Alfredo Matera, and Roberto Sulpizio

EGU2016-12996 | Posters | NH2.3

Sensitivity analysis of distributed volcanic source inversion
Flavio Cannavo', Antonio G. Camacho, Pablo J. González, Giuseppe Puglisi, and José Fernández

EGU2016-14217 | Posters | NH2.3

Spreading and collapse of big basaltic volcanoes
Giuseppe Puglisi, Alessandro Bonforte, Francesco Guglielmino, Aline Peltier, and Michael Poland

EGU2016-16415 | Posters | NH2.3

MED SUV TASK 6.3 Capacity building and interaction with decision makers: Improving volcanic risk communication through volcanic hazard tools evaluation, Campi Flegrei Caldera case study (Italy)
Rosella Nave, Roberto Isaia, Laura Sandri, and Chiara Cristiani

EGU2016-2111 | Posters | NH2.3

Eruptive pattern classification on Mount Etna (Sicily) and Piton de la Fournaise (La Réunion)
Susanna Falsaperla, Horst Langer, and Valérie Ferrazzini

EGU2016-17201 | Posters | NH2.3

The 3 December 2015 paroxysm of Voragine crater at Etna: insights from Doppler radar measurements
Franck Donnadieu, Valentin Freret-Lorgeril, Mathieu Gouhier, Mauro Coltelli, Simona Scollo, Patrick Fréville, Claude Hervier, and Michele Prestifilippo

EGU2016-12734 | Posters | NH2.3

Real-time estimation of distributed volcanic source for the 3 December 2015 eruption on Mt. Etna
Flavio Cannavo', Antonio G. Camacho, Giuseppe Puglisi, and José Fernández

EGU2016-13088 | Posters | NH2.3

Fault activation after vigorous eruption: the December 8, 2015 seismic swarm at Mt. Etna
Salvatore Alparone, Alessandro Bonforte, Francesco Guglielmino, Vincenza Maiolino, Giuseppe Puglisi, and Andrea Ursino

NH2.5 – Volcano Records and Quantification of Volcanic Hazards (co-organized)

EGU2016-4342 | Posters | NH2.5

Dating of the late Quaternary volcanic events using Uranium-series technique on travertine deposit: A case study in Ihlara, Central Anatolia Volcanic Province
Volkan Karabacak, İ. Tonguç Uysal, and Ezgi Ünal-İmer

EGU2016-6602 | Orals | NH2.5

Analysis of data on large explosive eruptions of stratovolcanoes to constrain under-recording and eruption rates
Jonty Rougier, Kathy Cashman, and Stephen Sparks

EGU2016-9836 | Posters | NH2.5

Stratified tephra records from lake sediment archives: Holocene eruptions of the Virunga Volcanic Province, East African Rift
Christine Lane, Christopher Scholz, Sam Poppe, Martin Schmid, and Kelly Ann Ross

EGU2016-3593 | Orals | NH2.5

Record completeness for individual volcanoes
Mark Bebbington

EGU2016-12058 | Posters | NH2.5

Critical review of a new volcanic eruption chronology
Dagmar L. Neuhäuser and Ralph Neuhäuser

EGU2016-5140 | Orals | NH2.5

The use of incomplete global data for probabilistic event trees: challenges and strategies
Sarah Ogburn, Chris Harpel, Jeremy Pesicek, Jay Wellik, Heather Wright, and John Pallister

EGU2016-5375 | Posters | NH2.5

Temporal-spatial heterogeneity of under-recording of volcanic events in Japan
Koji Kiyosugi

EGU2016-608 | Orals | NH2.5

Violent Explosive Eruptions in the Ararat Valley, Armenia and Associated Volcanic Hazards
Khachatur Meliksetian, Ivan Savov, Charles Connor, Hripsime Gevorgyan, Laura Connor, Gevorg Navasardyan, Davit Manucharyan, Ruben Jrbashyan, and Yura Ghukasyan

EGU2016-5777 | Orals | NH2.5

PYFLOW_2.0. A new open-source software for quantifying impact parameters and deposition rates of dilute pyroclastic density currents
Fabio Dioguardi, Pierfrancesco Dellino, and Daniela Mele

EGU2016-8616 | Posters | NH2.5

Unique records and common frequencies: An exchangeable approach to analyse global and regional records of volcanic eruptions
Tom Sheldrake and Luca Caricchi

EGU2016-3614 | Posters | NH2.5

Estimating the completeness of volcanic eruption records using hidden Markov models
Ting Wang and Mark Bebbington

EGU2016-16620 | Orals | NH2.5 | Media interest

Quantitative physical models of volcanic phenomena for hazards assessment of critical infrastructures
Antonio Costa

EGU2016-3591 | Posters | NH2.5

Expert elicitation for a national-level volcano hazard model
Mark Bebbington, Mark Stirling, Shane Cronin, Ting Wang, and Gill Jolly

EGU2016-13503 | Posters | NH2.5

Sensitivity to volcanic field boundary
Melody Runge, Mark Bebbington, Shane Cronin, Jan Lindsay, and Mohammed Rashad Moufti

EGU2016-3032 | Posters | NH2.5

Identifying the locations of future eruptions within large calderas: Campi Flegrei, Southern Italy.
Danielle Charlton, Christopher Kilburn, Rosa Sobradelo, and Stephen Edwards

EGU2016-4534 | Posters | NH2.5

Anticipating abrupt shifts in temporal evolution of probability of eruption
Jeremy Rohmer and Annick Loschetter

EGU2016-13056 | Posters | NH2.5

Under which conditions, additional monitoring data are worth gathering for improving decision making? Application of the VOI theory in the Bayesian Event Tree eruption forecasting framework
Annick Loschetter and Jérémy Rohmer

EGU2016-16386 | Posters | NH2.5

Using Bayesian Belief Networks to model volcanic hazards interaction: an application for rain-triggered lahars
Pablo Tierz, Henry Odbert, Jeremy Phillips, Mark Woodhouse, Laura Sandri, Jacopo Selva, and Warner Marzocchi

EGU2016-16531 | Posters | NH2.5

Identification of objective representative scenarios for hazard assessment
Laura Sandri, Jacopo Selva, and Antonio Costa

EGU2016-16366 | Posters | NH2.5

Probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment related to underwater explosions in the Campi Flegrei caldera: Gulfs of Napoli and Pozzuoli (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy).
Martina Ulvrova, Jacopo Selva, Raphael Paris, Beatriz Brizuela, Antonio Costa, Anita Grezio, Stefano Lorito, and Roberto Tonini

EGU2016-17599 | Posters | NH2.5

Tephra fallout hazard assessment at Vesuvius: the effect of uncertainties on the wind and the eruption source parameters
Giovanni Macedonio, Antonio Costa, Simona Scollo, and Augusto Neri

EGU2016-17572 | Posters | NH2.5

Modeling CO2 air dispersion from gas driven lake eruptions
Giovanni Chiodini, Antonio Costa, Dmitri Rouwet, and Franco Tassi

EGU2016-4989 | Posters | NH2.5

Volcanic sulfur dioxide index and volcanic explosivity index inferred from eruptive volume of volcanoes in Jeju Island, Korea: application to volcanic hazard mitigation
Bokyun Ko and Sung-Hyo Yun

EGU2016-5474 | Posters | NH2.5

Quantifying the condition of eruption column collapse during explosive volcanic eruptions
Takehiro Koyaguchi and Yujiro Suzuki

EGU2016-9047 | Posters | NH2.5

Combining existing models and the fluid dynamics of slugs to categorise slug bursting events
Tom D Pering and Andrew J S McGonigle

EGU2016-6552 | Posters | NH2.5

Volcanic activity in the Acambay Graben: a < 25 Ka subplinian eruption from the Temascalcingo volcano and implications for volcanic hazard.
Dario Pedrazzi, Gerardo Aguirre Díaz, Ivan Sunyé Puchol, Stefania Bartolini, and Adelina Geyer

NH3.1 – Landslide hydrology: from hydrology to pore water pressure and slope deformation (co-organized)

EGU2016-12980 | Orals | NH3.1

Hydrological Effects on Failure Mechanism of the Shiaolin Landslide, Taiwan Induced by Typhoon Morakot
Meei-Ling Lin and Li-Sheng Chou

EGU2016-8759 | Posters | NH3.1

Filling, storing and draining. Three key aspects of landslide hydrology
Thom Bogaard and Roberto Greco

EGU2016-13908 | Orals | NH3.1

Introducing hydrological information in rainfall intensity-duration thresholds
Roberto Greco and Thom Bogaard