Presentation type:

NP – Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences

NP1.1 – Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive models and Data Inversion In Geosciences

EGU2016-788 | Posters | NP1.1

Identification of Some Zeolite Group Minerals by Application of Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithm Based on SEM-EDS Data
Efe Akkaş, H. Evren Çubukçu, Lutfiye Akin, Volkan Erkut, Yasin Yurdakul, and Ali Ihsan Karayigit

EGU2016-1228 | Posters | NP1.1

Nonlinear inversion for wave fields monitoring data in hierarchic heterogeneous media
Olga Hachay, Andrey Khachay, and Oleg Khachay

EGU2016-2904 | Posters | NP1.1

A multi-stage methodology for selecting input variables in ANN forecasting flows
Dionysia Panagoulia, George Tsekouras, and George Kousiouris

EGU2016-4375 | Posters | NP1.1

Geophysical Inversion With Multi-Objective Global Optimization Methods
Peter Lelièvre, Rodrigo Bijani, and Colin Farquharson

EGU2016-4766 | Posters | NP1.1

Evaluating the Quality of Predictive Geological Maps Produced using Self-Organizing Maps
Angela Carter-McAuslan and Colin Farquharson

EGU2016-7752 | Posters | NP1.1

A MATLAB GUI based algorithm for modelling Magnetotelluric data
Emre Timur and Funda Onsen

EGU2016-10052 | Posters | NP1.1

On improving the accuracy of the M2 barotropic tides embedded in a high-resolution global ocean circulation model
Hans Ngodock, Alan Wallcraft, Innocent Souopgui, James Richman, Jay Shriver, and Brian Arbic

EGU2016-12008 | Posters | NP1.1

Estimating the distribution of snow depth via artificial neural networks combined with MODIS snow cover area and ancillary topographic data
Jinliang Hou and Chunlin Huang

NP2.1 – ENSO: Dynamics, Predictability and Modelling (co-organized)

EGU2016-83 | Posters | NP2.1

Influence of ENSO on coastal flood hazard
Sanne Muis, Ivan Haigh, Ted Veldkamp, Jeroen Aerts, and Philip Ward

EGU2016-4836 | Orals | NP2.1 | Media interest

The Evolution of the 2015-16 El Niño
Michelle L'Heureux

EGU2016-3158 | Orals | NP2.1

Multi-time Scale Processes Control Development of the 2015-16 El Niño
Michael McPhaden

EGU2016-12338 | Posters | NP2.1

Synchronizaton and causality across time-scales of observed and modelled ENSO dynamics
Nikola Jajcay, Sergey Kravtsov, Anastasios A. Tsonis, and Milan Paluš

EGU2016-8869 | Orals | NP2.1

The role of WWEs in the contrasted evolution of El Niño in 2014 and 2015
Martin Puy, Jerome Vialard, Matthieu Lengaigne, and Eric Guilyardi

EGU2016-6326 | Posters | NP2.1

Different coupled atmosphere-recharge oscillator Low Order Models for ENSO: a projection approach.
Marco Bianucci, Riccardo Mannella, Silvia Merlino, and Andrea Olivieri

EGU2016-8 | Posters | NP2.1

Dynamics and spatial structure of ENSO from re-analyses versus CMIP5 models
Ilya Serykh and Dmitry Sonechkin

EGU2016-9161 | Orals | NP2.1

Tropical ocean initialisation strategies for seasonal forecasting
David Mulholland and Keith Haines

EGU2016-10614 | Posters | NP2.1

Super El Nino - a synchrony of Indian Ocean Dipole and ENSO dynamics?
Saji Hameed, Jin Dachao, Vishnu Thilakan, and KyongHee An

EGU2016-2876 | Orals | NP2.1

Controls of seasonal ENSO phase locking in the Kiel Climate Model
Christian Wengel, Mojib Latif, Wonsun Park, and Jan Harlass

EGU2016-5406 | Posters | NP2.1

Weakening of the relationship between the Indian Ocean Dipole and the ENSO in recent decades
Jun-Young Choi, Yoo-Geun Ham, and Jong-Seong Kug

EGU2016-17731 | Orals | NP2.1

Relative role of El Niño events in the mid-Holocene global energetic changes
Marion Saint-Lu, Pascale Braconnot, Julie Leoup, and Olivier Marti

EGU2016-3650 | Posters | NP2.1

Interdecadal changes in the co-variability of North Pacific Oscillation and Pacific Meridional Mode and their impact on the tropical Pacific climate variability
So-Jung Shin and Soon-Il An

EGU2016-2221 | Orals | NP2.1

Evaluating the ENSO-dynamics in CMIP simulations in the framework of the linear recharge oscillator model.
Asha Vijayeta, Dietmar Dommenget, and Yanshan Yu

EGU2016-16170 | Orals | NP2.1

Indo-Pacific ENSO modes in a double-basin Zebiak-Cane model
Claudia Wieners, Will de Ruijter, and Henk Dijkstra

EGU2016-3188 | Posters | NP2.1

The impact of South Pacific extratropical forcing on ENSO and comparisons with the North Pacific
Ruiqiang Ding, Jianping Li, and Yu-heng Tseng

EGU2016-2204 | Posters | NP2.1

The Effects of remote forcings on ENSO dynamics, variability and diversity
Dietmar Dommenget and Yanshan Yu

EGU2016-5401 | Orals | NP2.1

The importance of ENSO Nonlinearities in Tropical Pacific Response to External Forcing.
Christina Karamperidou and Fei-Fei Jin

EGU2016-7452 | Posters | NP2.1

Discriminating different El Niño and La Niña phases from evolving climate networks
Marc Wiedermann, Alexander Radebach, Jonathan F. Donges, Jürgen Kurths, and Reik V. Donner

EGU2016-1518 | Orals | NP2.1

Role of 20th tropical precipitation on ENSO amplitude changes due to greenhouse warming in CMIP5
Yoo-Geun Ham and Jong-Seong Kug

EGU2016-2241 | Posters | NP2.1

Asymmetric transition between El Nino and La Nina and its future change
Soon-Il An and Ji-Won KIm

EGU2016-16529 | Orals | NP2.1

Slab Ocean El Niño atmospheric feedbacks in Coupled Climate Models and its relationship to the Recharge Oscillator
Tobias Bayr, Christian Wengel, and Mojib Latif

EGU2016-18324 | Orals | NP2.1

Amplification of El Niño by cloud longwave coupling to atmospheric circulation
Gaby Raedel, Thorsten Mauritsen, Bjorn Stevens, Dietmar Dommenget, Daniela Matei, Katinka Bellomo, and Amy Clement

EGU2016-5615 | Posters | NP2.1

Characterising the El Niño continuum and the potential for ENSO forecasts near the spring predictability barrier
Michael Herzog, Andy W.C. Lai, and Hans-F. Graf

EGU2016-1498 | Posters | NP2.1

Mean state dependence of ENSO diversity resulting from an intermediate coupled model
Ruihuang Xie, Fei-Fei Jin, and Mu Mu

EGU2016-17394 | Posters | NP2.1

On the diversity of moderate El Niño events evolution
Boris Dewitte and Ken Takahashi

EGU2016-6971 | Posters | NP2.1

Contrasting the Eastern Pacific El Niño and the Central Pacific El Niño: Process-based Feedback Attribution
Xiaoming Hu, Song Yang, and Ming Cai

EGU2016-8230 | Posters | NP2.1

Sensitivity of El Niño intensity and timing to the magnitude of the subsurface heat buildup
Joan Ballester, Simona Bordoni, Desislava Petrova, Markel García-Díez, and Xavier Rodó

EGU2016-15382 | Posters | NP2.1

Atmospheric Weather Noise Characteristics in 20th Century Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model Simulations
Ioana Colfescu and Edwin Schneider

EGU2016-14271 | Posters | NP2.1

Improving the Long-Lead Predictability of El Niño Using a Novel Forecasting Scheme Based on a Dynamic Components Model
Desislava Petrova, Siem Jan Koopman, Joan Ballester, Markel Garcia, and Xavier Rodo

EGU2016-17194 | Posters | NP2.1

Predicting El Niño in 2014 and 2015
Sarah Ineson

EGU2016-12503 | Posters | NP2.1

Performance of some new Niño3.4 predictors at overcoming the spring predictability barrier.
Tasambay-Salazar Miguel, Ortizbevia Maria Jose, Alvarez-Garcia Francisco Jose, and Ruizdeelvira Antonio

EGU2016-12004 | Posters | NP2.1

The Niño1+2 region and the Niño4 region predictability.
Tasambay-Salazar Miguel, Ortizbevia Maria Jose, Alvarez-Garcia Francisco Jose, and Ruizdeelvira Antonio

EGU2016-6820 | Posters | NP2.1

Influence of El Niño flavours on the genesis of mid-latitude weather systems over the Gulf Stream
Sebastian Schemm, Laura Ciasto, Camille Li, and Nils Gunnar Kvamstø

EGU2016-11720 | Posters | NP2.1

The low frequency Western Mediterranean summer variability: relevance, feedbacks and predictability.
Ortizbevia Maria Jose, Ruizdeelvira Antonio, Alvarez-Garcia Francisco Jose, and Tasambay-Salazar Miguel

EGU2016-10491 | Posters | NP2.1

Water budget of the South China Sea in relation to ENSO as determined from space altimetric and gravimetric observations
Wan Hsin Yang and Benjamin F. Chao

NP2.2 – Nonlinear Dynamics of the Atmosphere, Ocean and the Coupled Climate System

EGU2016-6945 | Orals | NP2.2

The potential of explaining low-frequency temperature variability by a linear model
Hege-Beate Fredriksen, Martin Rypdal, and Kristoffer Rypdal

EGU2016-369 | Posters | NP2.2

The eddy-mean flow interaction and the intrusion of western boundary current into the South China Sea type basin in an idealized model
Linhao Zhong

EGU2016-10928 | Orals | NP2.2

Delineating the Barotropic and Baroclinic Mechanisms in the Midlatitude Eddy-Driven Jet Response to Lower-Tropospheric Thermal Forcing
Yu Nie, Yang Zhang, Gang Chen, and Xiuqun Yang

EGU2016-2053 | Posters | NP2.2

Large-scale dipole modes and the decadal variability of the Kuroshio Extension systems due to the eddy-wave interaction
Dehai Luo, Shaohua Feng, Lixin Wu, and Yu Zhang

EGU2016-4554 | Orals | NP2.2

The role of the ocean mixed layer on the development of the low-frequency variability at midlatitudes
Stéphane Vannitsem

EGU2016-2412 | Posters | NP2.2

El Niño−Southern Oscillation frequency cascade
Malte F. Stuecker, Fei-Fei Jin, and Axel Timmermann

EGU2016-6895 | Orals | NP2.2

Maintenance, internal variability, and dynamical regimes of an idealized global atmospheric circulation
Nili Harnik and Orli Lachmy

EGU2016-4473 | Posters | NP2.2

Detecting and tracking eddies in oceanic flows: A vorticity based Euler-Lagrangian method
Rahel Vortmeyer-Kley, Ulf Gräwe, and Ulrike Feudel

EGU2016-4687 | Orals | NP2.2

A multi-scale model for the planetary and synoptic motions in the atmosphere
Stamen Dolaptchiev and Rupert Klein

EGU2016-4630 | Posters | NP2.2

Great Lakes' regional climate regimes
Sergey Kravtsov, Noriyuki Sugiyama, and Paul Roebber

EGU2016-7288 | Orals | NP2.2

The Modular Arbitrary-Order Ocean-Atmosphere Model of the RMIB: MAOOAM
Lesley De Cruz, Jonathan Demaeyer, and Stéphane Vannitsem

EGU2016-5560 | Posters | NP2.2

Covariant Lyapunov Vectors in a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model - Multiscale Effects and Geometric Degeneracy
Valerio Lucarini and Stephane Vannitsem

EGU2016-7415 | Posters | NP2.2

Computing rare transitions between zonal mid-latitude jets
Eric Simonnet and Freddy Bouchet

EGU2016-15417 | Posters | NP2.2

Toward an understanding of the Middle Pleistocene Transition as a structural change in climate stability
Peter Ditlevsen

NP3.2 – Subgrid modeling and parameterization in nonlinear geosystems | PICO

EGU2016-17629 | PICO | NP3.2

A year-long continuous Large Eddy Simulation of actual weather: subgrid and spatio-temporal scale issues
Harmen Jonker and Remco Verzijlbergh

EGU2016-5084 | PICO | NP3.2

Approaches for Subgrid Parameterization: Does Scaling Help?
Jun-Ichi Yano

EGU2016-896 | PICO | NP3.2

A new subgrid-scale turbulence parametrization in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
Sina Khani and Fernando Porte-Agel

EGU2016-8976 | PICO | NP3.2

Subgrid modeling in two-dimensional turbulent flow using the principle of maximum entropy
Wim Verkley, Peter Kalverla, and Camiel Severijns

EGU2016-17875 | PICO | NP3.2

Domain nesting for multi-scale large eddy simulation
Vladimir Fuka and Zheng-Tong Xie

EGU2016-14788 | PICO | NP3.2

A simple one-dimensional model for urban canopy flows
Wai Chi Cheng and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2016-11168 | PICO | NP3.2

Stochastic modelling of primitive equation and quasi-geostrophic subgrid turbulence
Jorgen Frederiksen, Vassili Kitsios, Martin Dix, and Stacey Osbrough

EGU2016-9668 | PICO | NP3.2

A non-statistical regularization approach and a tensor product decomposition method applied to complex flow data
Thomas von Larcher, Therese Blome, Rupert Klein, Reinhold Schneider, Sebastian Wolf, and Benjamin Huber

EGU2016-15534 | PICO | NP3.2

An Evaluation of Recently Developed RANS-Based Turbulence Models for Flow Over a Two-Dimensional Block Subjected to Different Mesh Structures and Grid Resolutions
Farshid Kardan, Wai-Chi Cheng, Olivier Baverel, and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2016-17765 | PICO | NP3.2

Subgrid-scale stresses and fluxes in the synthetic fields generated by multi-turn-over Lagrangian map
Yi Li, Carlos Rosales, and Zheng-Tong Xie

EGU2016-12780 | PICO | NP3.2

LIDAR wind speed measurements at a Taiwan onshore wind park
Yu-Ting Wu, Ta-Hui Lin, Chung-Yao Hsuan, Yu-Cheng Li, Ya-Fei Yang, Tzy-Hwan Tai, and Chien-Cheng Huang

NP3.4 – Multifractals and singularity analysis in mineral exploration and environmental assessment

EGU2016-3350 | Posters | NP3.4

Multifractal analysis of the strength of Fe-Cu paragenetic relationships in eastern Tianshan, China
Jie Zhao, Wenlei Wang, and Qiuming Cheng

EGU2016-18403 | Orals | NP3.4

Fractals for Geoengineering
Klaudia Oleshko, María de Jesús Correa López, Alejandro Romero, Victor Ramírez, and Olga Pérez

EGU2016-3543 | Posters | NP3.4

Fractal differentiation and integration and implication on singularity analysis of extreme geodynamics
Qiuming Cheng

EGU2016-3353 | Orals | NP3.4

Mineralization associated geo-processes recognition by multifractal/fractal filtering theory
Wenlei Wang, Qiuming Cheng, Shengyuan Zhang, and Jie Zhao

EGU2016-4925 | Posters | NP3.4

Can multfractals be used for mineral resource appraisal?
Frits Agterberg

EGU2016-3143 | Orals | NP3.4

Scaling laws and properties of compositional data
Antonella Buccianti, Stefano Albanese, AnnaMaria Lima, Giulia Minolfi, and Benedetto De Vivo

EGU2016-5232 | Posters | NP3.4

Validating multifractality of weak geochemical anomaly from practical samples and simulation
Lingqing Yao and Qiuming Cheng

EGU2016-8516 | Orals | NP3.4

The use of multifractal modelling for targeting resources from soil and stream geochemistry data: the case of the Variscan basement of the Iberian Peninsula
Mario Gonçalves and Antonio Mateus

EGU2016-15060 | Orals | NP3.4

Statistics of topography : multifractal approach to describe planetary topography
Francois Landais, Frédéric Schmidt, and Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2016-10615 | Posters | NP3.4

A general power model to estimate the local singularity index for the exploration data with negative values
Zhujin Chen

EGU2016-10812 | Posters | NP3.4

Application of spatially weighted Technology for mapping intermediate and felsic igneous rocks in Fujian Province, China
Daojun Zhang

EGU2016-1835 | Orals | NP3.4

Empirical Mode Decomposition of Geophysical Well-log Data of Bombay Offshore Basin, Mumbai, India
Gaurav Siddharth Gairola and Enamundram Chandrasekhar

EGU2016-11402 | Posters | NP3.4

Segmentation of singularity maps in the context of soil porosity
Juan J. Martin-Sotoca, Antonio Saa-Requejo, Juan Grau, and Ana M. Tarquis

NP4.1 – Time Series Analysis in the Geosciences - Concepts, Methods and Applications

EGU2016-6396 | Orals | NP4.1

The latitudinal distribution of the baseline geomagnetic field during the March 17, 2015 geomagnetic storm
Tommaso Alberti, Mirko Piersanti, Fabio Lepreti, Antonio Vecchio, Paola De Michelis, Umberto Villante, and Vincenzo Carbone

EGU2016-13814 | Posters | NP4.1

Reconstructing causal pathways and optimal prediction from multivariate time series using the Tigramite package
Jakob Runge

EGU2016-349 | Orals | NP4.1

Study of minima of the fluctuations of the order parameter of seismicity using GCMT catalogue in global scale.
Stavros-Richard G. Christopoulos, Nicholas V. Sarlis, and Efthimios S. Skordas

EGU2016-7344 | Posters | NP4.1

Unified functional network and nonlinear time series analysis for complex systems science: The pyunicorn package
Jonathan Donges, Jobst Heitzig, Boyan Beronov, Marc Wiedermann, Jakob Runge, Qing Yi Feng, Liubov Tupikina, Veronika Stolbova, Reik Donner, Norbert Marwan, Henk Dijkstra, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2016-10020 | Orals | NP4.1

Causal Relationships Among Time Series of the Lange Bramke Catchment (Harz Mountains, Germany)
Britta Aufgebauer, Michael Hauhs, Christina Bogner, Henning Meesenburg, and Holger Lange

EGU2016-123 | Posters | NP4.1

Analysing spatially extended high-dimensional dynamics by recurrence plots
Norbert Marwan, Saskia Foerster, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2016-7050 | Posters | NP4.1

Extended quantification of the generalized recurrence plot
Maik Riedl, Norbert Marwan, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2016-6142 | Orals | NP4.1

Assessing global vegetation activity using spatio-temporal Bayesian modelling
Vera L. Mulder, Christel M. van Eck, Pierre Friedlingstein, and Pierre A.G. Regnier

EGU2016-11748 | Orals | NP4.1

Unraveling multiple changes in complex climate time series using Bayesian inference
Nadine Berner, Martin H. Trauth, and Matthias Holschneider

EGU2016-3431 | Posters | NP4.1

Representation of layer-counted proxy records as probability densities on error-free time axes
Niklas Boers, Bedartha Goswami, and Michael Ghil

EGU2016-14838 | Orals | NP4.1

Non-parametric causal assessment in deep-time geological records
Kristian Agasøster Haaga, David Diego, Jo Brendryen, and Bjarte Hannisdal

EGU2016-6146 | Posters | NP4.1

Investigating Hilbert frequency dynamics and synchronisation in climate data
Dario Zappalà, Cristina Masoller, and Giulio Tirabassi

EGU2016-6081 | Posters | NP4.1

Quantile-based clustering of Sea Surface Temperature in the equatorial Pacific
Andrés Alonso, Susana Barbosa, Sónia Gouveia, and Manuel Scotto

EGU2016-6085 | Orals | NP4.1

Coupling Between the Climate Variables of Amazonia and its Surrounding Oceans During Drought Periods.
Antônio M de T Ramos and Elbert E N Macau

EGU2016-9823 | Orals | NP4.1

Applying complex networks to evaluate precipitation patterns over South America
Catrin Ciemer, Niklas Boers, Henrique Barbosa, Jürgen Kurths, and Anja Rammig

EGU2016-15712 | Posters | NP4.1

Modeling of Evaporation by Using Multiple Linear Regression
Nilcan Akataş and Evren Özgür

EGU2016-16191 | Orals | NP4.1

The spatial scale distribution of extreme precipitation synchronizations around the globe
Niklas Boers, Aljoscha Rheinwalt, Bedartha Goswami, Bodo Bookhagen, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2016-9138 | Posters | NP4.1

Investigation of Wind Speed Persistence Over Marmara Region
Evren Özgür and Kasım Koçak

EGU2016-2921 | Orals | NP4.1

Nonlinear recurrence analysis of extreme temperature patterns for historical and general circulation model produced climates
Dionysia Panagoulia and Eleni I. Vlahogianni

EGU2016-4985 | Posters | NP4.1

Investigation of Average Prediction Time for Different Meteorological Variables By Using Chaotic Approach
Evren Özgür and Kasım Koçak

EGU2016-10236 | Orals | NP4.1

Large deviation probabilities for correlated Gaussian stochastic processes and daily temperature anomalies
Mozhdeh Massah and Holger Kantz

EGU2016-7970 | Posters | NP4.1

A three-variable chaotic system for the epidemic of bubonic plague in Bombay by the end of the 19th century and its coupling to the epizootics of the two main species of rats
Sylvain Mangiarotti

EGU2016-7371 | Orals | NP4.1

Detrended fluctuation analysis with missing data
Ola Løvsletten

EGU2016-10148 | Posters | NP4.1

Towards a new high resolution gridded daily precipitation dataset over Europe
Andrea Toreti and Philippe Naveau

EGU2016-16927 | Posters | NP4.1

Using the Bi-Orthogonal Decomposition framework to compute the three dimensional Empirical Orthogonal Functions of stratospheric planetary waves from time correlation matrices
Joran Rolland and Daniela I.V. Domeisen

EGU2016-8567 | Posters | NP4.1

Efficient Bayesian inference for natural time series using ARFIMA processes
Timothy Graves, Robert Gramacy, Christian Franzke, and Nicholas Watkins

EGU2016-7026 | Posters | NP4.1

Discrete Fourier Transform: statistical effect size and significance of Fourier components.
Robin Crockett

EGU2016-17837 | Posters | NP4.1

Detecting multiple breaks in geodetic time series using indicator saturation.
Luke Jackson and Felix Pretis

EGU2016-10504 | Posters | NP4.1

Hurst exponent analysis of the Earth's Magnetic time signal measured in Teoloyucan Observatory, Mexico.
Elsa Leticia Flores-Marquez and Alejandro Ramírez-Rojas

EGU2016-12449 | Posters | NP4.1

A novel approach to the dynamical complexity of the Earth's magnetosphere at geomagnetic storm time-scales based on recurrences
Reik Donner, Georgios Balasis, Veronika Stolbova, Marc Wiedermann, Marina Georgiou, and Jürgen Kurths

NP4.4 – Linking Models and Data: Prediction, Verification, and Intercomparison

EGU2016-4550 | Posters | NP4.4

On semi-empirical attribution of multidecadal climate variability
Sergey Kravtsov

EGU2016-10825 | Orals | NP4.4

Data-Driven Modeling and Prediction of Arctic Sea Ice
Dmitri Kondrashov, Mickael Chekroun, and Michael Ghil

EGU2016-13802 | Orals | NP4.4

Covariant Lyapunov Vectors of a Quasi-geostrophic Baroclinic Model: Analysis of Instabilities and Feedbacks
Sebastian Schubert and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2016-604 | Posters | NP4.4

Empirical modeling ENSO dynamics with complex-valued artificial neural networks
Aleksei Seleznev, Andrey Gavrilov, and Dmitry Mukhin

EGU2016-14205 | Posters | NP4.4

How to overcome data based difficulties in geoscience?
Deniz Eroglu, Norbert Marwan, Ibrahim Ozken, Thomas Stemler, and Jurgen Kurths

EGU2016-651 | Orals | NP4.4

Nonlinear dynamical modes of climate variability: from curves to manifolds
Andrey Gavrilov, Dmitry Mukhin, Evgeny Loskutov, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2016-13777 | Posters | NP4.4

Potentials of complex network analysis of regional rainfall variability
Norbert Marwan

EGU2016-10539 | Orals | NP4.4

Downscaling criticality in tipping elements in the Earth system: the Indian summer monsoon case
Elena Surovyatkina, Veronika Stolbova, and Juergen Kurths

EGU2016-9212 | Posters | NP4.4

Diagnosing forecast model errors with a perturbed physics ensemble
David Mulholland, Keith Haines, and Sarah Sparrow

EGU2016-3437 | Orals | NP4.4

Bayesian parameter inference for empirical stochastic models of paleoclimatic records with dating uncertainty
Niklas Boers, Bedartha Goswami, Mickael Chekroun, Anders Svensson, Denis-Didier Rousseau, and Michael Ghil

EGU2016-9069 | Orals | NP4.4

Separation of the low-frequency atmospheric variability into non-Gaussian multidimensional sources by Independent Subspace Analysis
Carlos Pires and Andreia Ribeiro

EGU2016-11699 | Posters | NP4.4

Analysis of ensemble quality of initialzed hindcasts in the global coupled climate model MPI-ESM
Sebastian Brune, Andre Düsterhus, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2016-15559 | Posters | NP4.4

Dynamical Analysis of Blocking Events: Spatial and Temporal Fluctuations of Covariant Lyapunov Vectors
Sebastian Schubert and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2016-9121 | Posters | NP4.4

Constructing the reduced dynamical models of interannual climate variability from spatial-distributed time series
Dmitry Mukhin, Andrey Gavrilov, Evgeny Loskutov, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2016-16967 | Posters | NP4.4

Long-term prediction of the Indian monsoon onset and withdrawal
Veronika Stolbova, Elena Surovyatkina, Bodo Bookhagen, and Juergen Kurths

EGU2016-2113 | Posters | NP4.4

Setup assessment for assimilating GRACE observations into the Australian Water Resource Assessment (AWRA) model
Mehdi Khaki, Ibrahim Hoteit, Maike Schumacher, Albert Van Dijk, Michael Kuhn, Joseph Awange, and Ehsan Forootan

EGU2016-16560 | Posters | NP4.4

Determining optimum climate drivers for weather risk projections
Erik Chavez, Markus Kilian, and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2016-13087 | Posters | NP4.4

Using feedbacks and couplings between subsystems of the climate system to evaluate climate models
Ernesto Rodriguez-Camino, Carmen Sánchez de Cos, José M. Sánchez-Laulhé, and Carlos Jiménez-Alonso

EGU2016-12960 | Posters | NP4.4

A data-driven prediction method for fast-slow systems
Andreas Groth, Mickael Chekroun, Dmitri Kondrashov, and Michael Ghil

EGU2016-5835 | Posters | NP4.4

Deconstructing an Atmospheric Model: Variability and Response, Unstable Periodic Orbits, and the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem
Andrei Gritsun and Valerio Lucarini

NP4.5 – Big data and machine learning in geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2016-7795 | Posters | NP4.5

The Challenge of Handling Big Data Sets in the Sensor Web
Christian Autermann, Christoph Stasch, and Simon Jirka

EGU2016-11686 | Orals | NP4.5

The Big Challenge in Big Earth Science Data: Maturing to Transdisciplinary Data Platforms that are Relevant to Government, Research and Industry
Lesley Wyborn and Ben Evans

EGU2016-5994 | Posters | NP4.5

Research Data Alliance’s Interest Group on “Weather, Climate and Air Quality"
Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière and Francesco Benincasa

EGU2016-9664 | Orals | NP4.5

Mining dark information resources to develop new informatics capabilities to support science
Rahul Ramachandran, Manil Maskey, and Kaylin Bugbee

EGU2016-1162 | Posters | NP4.5

Mission Exploitation Platform PROBA-V
Erwin Goor

EGU2016-16009 | Orals | NP4.5

Visualization techniques and tools for large geo-physical networks
Thomas Nocke, Stefan Buschmann, Jonathan F. Donges, and Norbert Marwan

EGU2016-2156 | Posters | NP4.5

The NOAA Big Data Project: NEXRAD on the Cloud
Jed Sundwall and Brendan Bouffler

EGU2016-6137 | Orals | NP4.5

Recent advances in environmental data mining
Michael Leuenberger and Mikhail Kanevski

EGU2016-7466 | Posters | NP4.5

KNMI DataLab experiences in serving data-driven innovations
Jan Willem Noteboom and Raymond Sluiter

EGU2016-17561 | Orals | NP4.5

Learning Bayesian networks from big meteorological spatial datasets. An alternative to complex network analysis
Jose Manuel Gutiérrez, Daniel San Martín, Sixto Herrera, and Antonio Santiago Cofiño

EGU2016-16985 | Posters | NP4.5 | Media interest

"Science SQL" as a Building Block for Flexible, Standards-based Data Infrastructures
Peter Baumann

EGU2016-16445 | Orals | NP4.5

Land cover in the Guayas Basin using SAR images from low resolution ASAR Global mode to high resolution Sentinel-1 images
Luc Bourrel, Nicolas Brodu, and Frédéric Frappart

EGU2016-18285 | Posters | NP4.5

A big data approach for climate change indicators processing in the CLIP-C project
Alessandro D'Anca, Laura Conte, Cosimo Palazzo, Sandro Fiore, and Giovanni Aloisio

EGU2016-18015 | Orals | NP4.5

From geospatial observations of ocean currents to causal predictors of spatio-economic activity using computer vision and machine learning
Florin Popescu, Stephane Ayache, Sergio Escalera, Xavier Baró Solé, Cecile Capponi, Patrick Panciatici, and Isabelle Guyon

EGU2016-15107 | Orals | NP4.5

Bayesian network learning for natural hazard assessments
Kristin Vogel

EGU2016-17309 | Posters | NP4.5 | Media interest

Earth Science Big Data Activities at Research Data Alliance
Kwo-Sen Kuo, Peter Baumann, Ben Evans, and Morris Riedel

EGU2016-3000 | Orals | NP4.5

Hierarchically Fourier-aggregated signals and generalized coherence of the noise in the GPS time series
Alexey Lyubushin

EGU2016-16899 | Posters | NP4.5

EarthServer – Opportunities and challenges of serving ECMWF’s peta-sized archive through OGC web-services
Julia Wagemann, Stephan Siemen, and Sylvie Lamy-Thepaut

EGU2016-5263 | Posters | NP4.5

Exploring the "what if?" in geology through a RESTful open-source framework for cloud-based simulation and analysis
Jens Klump and Jess Robertson

EGU2016-6281 | Orals | NP4.5

Very High Resolution Mapping of Tree Cover Using Scalable Deep Learning Architectures
sangram ganguly, saikat basu, ramakrishna nemani, supratik mukhopadhyay, andrew michaelis, petr votava, and sassan saatchi

EGU2016-7948 | Orals | NP4.5

Using Statistical Process Control for detecting anomalies in multivariate spatiotemporal Earth Observations
Milan Flach, Miguel Mahecha, Fabian Gans, Erik Rodner, Paul Bodesheim, Yanira Guanche-Garcia, Alexander Brenning, Joachim Denzler, and Markus Reichstein

EGU2016-8558 | Posters | NP4.5

Linking atmospheric composition data across data types and national boundaries
Martin Schultz, Olga Lyapina, Sabine Schröder, Olaf Stein, and Daniel Mallmann and the WMO-ET-WDC, TT-ACV, CAMS, WMO-GAW, TOAR

EGU2016-7639 | Posters | NP4.5

Regional climate network analysis from irregularly sampled satellite data
Marc Wiedermann, Olga Sykioti, Constantinos Papadimitriou, George Balasis, Jürgen Kurths, and Reik V. Donner

EGU2016-13368 | Orals | NP4.5

Satellite time series analysis using Empirical Mode Decomposition
Renosh Pannimpullath R., Diane Doolaeghe, Hubert Loisel, Vincent Vantrepotte, and Francois G. Schmitt

EGU2016-18106 | Posters | NP4.5

Modeling an aquatic ecosystem: application of an evolutionary algorithm with genetic doping to reduce prediction uncertainty
Michael Friedel and Massimo Buscema

EGU2016-12501 | Posters | NP4.5

Identifying causal gateways and mediators in complex spatio-temporal systems
Jakob Runge, Vladimir Petoukhov, Jonathan Donges, Jaroslav Hlinka, Nikola Jajcay, Martin Vejmelka, David Hartman, Norbert Marwan, Milan Palus, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2016-17290 | Posters | NP4.5

Identifying and monitoring urban heat island in Bucharest using satellite time series and low cost meteorological sensors
Ionut Sandric, Diana Onose, Gabriel Vanau, and Cristian Ioja

EGU2016-1776 | Posters | NP4.5

Tradeoffs between vigor and yield for crops grown under different management systems
Anita Simic Milas, Robert Keller Vincent, Matthew Romanko, Melina Feitl, and Prabha Rupasinghe

EGU2016-18280 | Posters | NP4.5

Toward server-side, high performance climate change data analytics in the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) eco-system
Sandro Fiore, Dean Williams, and Giovanni Aloisio

EGU2016-5137 | Posters | NP4.5

Application of MRIL-WD (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging While Drilling) for irreducible water saturation, total reservoir, free-fluid, bound-fluid porosity measurements and its value for the petrophysical analysis of RT/RM data from the Shah Deniz well
Elnur Amirov (Fikret & Sevda)

NP5.1 – Inverse Problems, Data Assimilation, Initial and Model Errors (including Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-1557 | Posters | NP5.1

Possible sources of forecast errors generated by the GRAPES model for landfalling tropical cyclones. Part I: initial uncertainties
Feifan Zhou, Munehiko Yamaguchi, and Xiaohao Qin

EGU2016-8292 | Orals | NP5.1

On the convergence of (ensemble) Kalman filters and smoothers onto the unstable subspace
Marc Bocquet

EGU2016-1985 | Posters | NP5.1

On the predictability of extremes: does the butterfly effect ever decrease?
Alef Sterk, David Stephenson, Mark Holland, and Ken Mylne

EGU2016-2729 | Orals | NP5.1

A modified ensemble Kalman particle filter for non-Gaussian systems with nonlinear measurement functions
Zheqi Shen and Youmin Tang

EGU2016-1850 | Posters | NP5.1

Key observing locations for advancing beyond the winter predictability barrier of Indian Ocean dipole event predictions
Rong Feng, Wansuo Duan, and Mu Mu

EGU2016-16249 | Orals | NP5.1

Time-series prediction using Ensemble Kalman Filter without dynamic model
Kayo Ide

EGU2016-1383 | Posters | NP5.1

The sensitive area for targeting observation associated with two types of El Niño events
Xuquan Li and Wansuo Duan

EGU2016-1868 | Orals | NP5.1

On the ensemble Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother and its equivalence to the ensemble Kalman smoother
Patrick Raanes

EGU2016-14373 | Orals | NP5.1

Coupled atmosphere-ocean variational data assimilation in the presence of model error
Alison Fowler and Amos Lawless

EGU2016-10265 | Posters | NP5.1

Improving ensemble forecasting with q-norm bred vectors
Diego Pazo, Juan Manuel Lopez, and Miguel Angel Rodriguez

EGU2016-12891 | Orals | NP5.1

Using data assimilation for systematic model improvement
Matthew S. Lang, Peter Jan van Leeuwen, and Phil Browne

EGU2016-1408 | Posters | NP5.1

Relationships between Optimal Precursors Triggering the Onset of North Atlantic Oscillation Events and Optimally Growing Initial Errors during Onset Prediction
Guokun Dai, Mu Mu, and Zhina Jiang

EGU2016-1409 | Posters | NP5.1

The initial errors that induce a significant “spring predictability barrier” for El Niño events and their implications for target observation: results from an earth system model
Junya Hu and Wansuo Duan

EGU2016-1589 | Orals | NP5.1

Jets and macroturbulent “cascades" in atmospheres, oceans and the laboratory (Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lecture)
Peter L. Read

EGU2016-1387 | Orals | NP5.1

Ensemble forecast of typhoon generated by orthogonal conditional nonlinear optimal perturbations
Zhenhua Huo, Wansuo Duan, and Feifan Zhou

EGU2016-17135 | Posters | NP5.1

Sampling strategies based on singular vectors for assimilated models in ocean forecasting systems
Maria Fattorini, Carlo Brandini, and Alberto Ortolani

EGU2016-2760 | Posters | NP5.1

Application of identified sensitive physical parameters in reducing the uncertainty of numerical simulation
Guodong Sun and Mu Mu

EGU2016-2731 | Orals | NP5.1

A comparison of EAKF and particle filter: towards a ensemble adjustment Kalman particle filter
Xiangming Zhang, Zheqi Shen, and Youmin Tang

EGU2016-5496 | Orals | NP5.1

Trandimensional Inference in the Geosciences
Thomas Bodin

EGU2016-5909 | Posters | NP5.1

Statistical and Dynamical Properties of Covariant Lyapunov Vectors in a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model – Error dynamics.
Stéphane Vannitsem and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2016-18123 | Posters | NP5.1

Revealing the most disturbing tendency error of Zebiak-Cane model associated with El Nino predictions by nonlinear forcing singular vector approach
Wansuo Duan

EGU2016-11825 | Orals | NP5.1

Volcano Deformation and Eruption Forecasting using Data Assimilation: Case of Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland
Mary Grace Bato, Virginie Pinel, and Yajing Yan

EGU2016-3953 | Posters | NP5.1

Comparison of different assimilation schemes in an operational assimilation system with Ensemble Kalman Filter
Yajing Yan, Alexander Barth, Jean-Marie Beckers, Guillem Candille, Jean-Michel Brankart, and Pierre Brasseur

EGU2016-3104 | Orals | NP5.1

Assimilating Observations with Spatially and Temporally Correlated Errors in a Global Atmospheric Model
Jeffrey Anderson

EGU2016-10670 | Posters | NP5.1

Soil moisture assimilation using a modified ensemble transform Kalman filter with water balance constraint
Guocan Wu, Xiaogu Zheng, and Bo Dan

EGU2016-17140 | Orals | NP5.1

A 4D-Ensemble-Variational System for Data Assimilation and Ensemble Initialization
Neill Bowler, Adam Clayton, Mohamed Jardak, Eunjoo Lee, Peter Jermey, Andrew Lorenc, Chiara Piccolo, Stephen Pring, Marek Wlasak, Dale Barker, Gordon Inverarity, and Richard Swinbank

EGU2016-3191 | Orals | NP5.1

Estimating the limit of decadal-scale climate predictability using observational data
Ruiqiang Ding and Jianping Li

EGU2016-6008 | Posters | NP5.1

Variational estimation of process parameters in a simplified atmospheric general circulation model
Guokun Lv, Armin Koehl, and Detlef Stammer

EGU2016-603 | Posters | NP5.1

Variational data assimilation schemes for transport and transformation models of atmospheric chemistry
Alexey Penenko, Vladimir Penenko, Elena Tsvetova, and Pavel Antokhin

EGU2016-10160 | Orals | NP5.1

Data Assimilation by delay-coordinate nudging
Diego Pazo, Juan Manuel Lopez, and Alberto Carrassi

EGU2016-14991 | Posters | NP5.1

Allowing for model error in strong constraint 4D-Var
Katherine Howes, Amos Lawless, and Alison Fowler

EGU2016-15808 | Posters | NP5.1

Dynamics of the winds, moisture and aerosols in the four-dimensional variational data assimilation
Žiga Zaplotnik and Nedjeljka Žagar

EGU2016-14836 | Posters | NP5.1

Ensemble variational data assimilation with a shallow-water model : preliminary results
Julien Brajard, Jérôme Sirven, and Olivier Talagrand

EGU2016-10019 | Posters | NP5.1

Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere 4D-Var: Formulation and Sensitivity Analysis Results
Hans Ngodock, Matthew Carrier, Liang Xu, Clark Amerault, Tim Campbell, and Clark Rowley

EGU2016-11580 | Posters | NP5.1

Assimilation of Mode-S EHS aircraft observations with a local EnKF
Heiner Lange and Tijana Janjic

EGU2016-13208 | Posters | NP5.1

Conservation laws and LETKF with 2D Shallow Water Model
Yuefei Zeng and Tijana Janjic

EGU2016-13405 | Posters | NP5.1

An adaptive additive inflation scheme for Ensemble Kalman Filters
Matthias Sommer and Tijana Janjic

EGU2016-3478 | Posters | NP5.1

The finite-size EnKF and inflation
Patrick Raanes and Marc Bocquet

EGU2016-2322 | Posters | NP5.1

Multilevel Ensemble Transform Particle Filtering
Alastair Gregory, Colin Cotter, and Sebastian Reich

EGU2016-3816 | Posters | NP5.1

Non-intrusive Ensemble Kalman filtering for large scale geophysical models
Idrissa Amour and Tuomo Kauranne

EGU2016-4597 | Posters | NP5.1

Hierarchical Bayes Ensemble Kalman Filter for geophysical data assimilation
Michael Tsyrulnikov and Alexander Rakitko

EGU2016-13669 | Posters | NP5.1

A localized particle filter for data assimilation in high-dimensional geophysical models.
Jonathan Poterjoy and Jeffrey Anderon

EGU2016-7953 | Posters | NP5.1

A backtracking algorithm that deals with particle filter degeneracy
Rein Baarsma, Oliver Schmitz, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2016-12664 | Posters | NP5.1

Exploring synchronisation in nonlinear data assimilation
Flavia Rodrigues-Pinheiro and Peter Jan van Leeuwen

EGU2016-5389 | Posters | NP5.1

A novel data-driven approach to model error estimation in Data Assimilation
Sahani Pathiraja, Hamid Moradkhani, Lucy Marshall, and Ashish Sharma

EGU2016-17182 | Posters | NP5.1

Handling boundaries with the recursive filter
Isabelle Mirouze and Andrea Storto

EGU2016-13114 | Posters | NP5.1

Assimilation of temperature and salinity profile data in the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model
Yiguo Wang, Francois Counillon, Laurent Bertino, Ingo Bethke, and Noel Keenlyside

EGU2016-14835 | Posters | NP5.1

Correcting Biases in a lower resolution global circulation model with data assimilation
Martin Canter and Alexander Barth

EGU2016-13585 | Posters | NP5.1

The compressible adjoint equations in geodynamics: equations and numerical assessment
Siavash Ghelichkhan and Hans-Peter Bunge

EGU2016-3168 | Posters | NP5.1

Estimation of volcanic ash emissions from satellite data using trajectory-based 4D-Var
Sha Lu, Haixiang Lin, Arnold Heemink, Arjo Segers, and Guangliang Fu

EGU2016-3130 | Posters | NP5.1

DART: New Research Using Ensemble Data Assimilation in Geophysical Models
Jeffrey Anderson, Kevin Raeder, Tim Hoar, Nancy Collins, Glen Romine, Jerome Barre, Benjamin Gaubert, Ave Arellano, and Stephanie Wuerth

NP5.2 – Advances in statistical post-processing for deterministic and ensemble forecasts (co-organized)

EGU2016-5695 | Orals | NP5.2 | Media interest

Ensemble forecasting for renewable energy applications - status and current challenges for their generation and verification
Pierre Pinson

EGU2016-711 | Posters | NP5.2

Increasing the probability of long-range (1 month) SPI index forecasts based on SL-AV model for the Russian territory.
Dilyara Utkuzova, Valentina Khan, and Reik Donner

EGU2016-3615 | Posters | NP5.2

Improving probabilistic forecast skill by calibrating site-specific and gridded ensemble forecasts
Nina Schuhen, Gavin Evans, Simon Jackson, and Bruce Wright

EGU2016-1422 | Orals | NP5.2

Multivariate postprocessing techniques for probabilistic hydrological forecasting
Stephan Hemri, Dmytro Lisniak, and Bastian Klein

EGU2016-1593 | Orals | NP5.2

Similarity-based semi-local estimation of EMOS models
Sebastian Lerch and Sandor Baran

EGU2016-4328 | Posters | NP5.2

The role of ensemble post-processing for modeling the ensemble tail
Hans Van De Vyver, Bert Van Schaeybroeck, and Stéphane Vannitsem

EGU2016-4469 | Posters | NP5.2

Probabilistic forecasting of extreme weather events based on extreme value theory
Hans Van De Vyver and Bert Van Schaeybroeck

EGU2016-1659 | Orals | NP5.2

Calibrated Ensemble Forecasts using Quantile Regression Forests and Ensemble Model Output Statistics.
Maxime Taillardat, Olivier Mestre, Michaël Zamo, and Philippe Naveau

EGU2016-4545 | Posters | NP5.2

Online probabilistic learning with an ensemble of forecasts
Jean Thorey, Vivien Mallet, and Christophe Chaussin

EGU2016-8611 | Orals | NP5.2

Post-processing of global model output to forecast point rainfall
Tim Hewson and Fatima Pillosu

EGU2016-6256 | Posters | NP5.2

A comparison of ensemble post-processing approaches that preserve correlation structures
Roman Schefzik, Bert Van Schaeybroeck, and Stéphane Vannitsem

EGU2016-11814 | Orals | NP5.2

Spatial ensemble post-processing with standardized anomalies
Markus Dabernig, Georg J. Mayr, Jakob W. Messner, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2016-6958 | Posters | NP5.2

An Algorithm Combining for Objective Prediction with Subjective Forecast Information
JunTae Choi and SooHyun Kim

EGU2016-10409 | Posters | NP5.2

Post-processing of multi-hydrologic model simulations for improved streamflow projections
sepideh khajehei, Ali Ahmadalipour, and Hamid Moradkhani

EGU2016-10871 | Posters | NP5.2

Merging information from multi-model flood projections in a hierarchical Bayesian framework
Nataliya Le Vine

EGU2016-13238 | Posters | NP5.2

Challenges in bias correcting climate change simulations
Douglas Maraun, Ted Shepherd, Giuseppe Zappa, Jose Gutierrez, Martin Widmann, Stefan Hagemann, Ingo Richter, Pedro Soares, and Linda Mearns

EGU2016-14459 | Posters | NP5.2

Improving non-homogeneous regression for probabilistic precipitation forecasts
Manuel Presser, Jakob W. Messner, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2016-14604 | Posters | NP5.2

A model output statistics system to forecast the 2 metre temperature at the “Wettermast Hamburg“ site
Tobias Sebastian Finn and Felix Ament

EGU2016-17028 | Posters | NP5.2

Statistical postprocessing for precipitation forecasts during the West African Monsoon
Peter Vogel, Tilmann Gneiting, Peter Knippertz, Andreas Fink, and Andreas Schlüter

EGU2016-1403 | Posters | NP5.2

Spatial post-processing for forecasts of temperature
Kira Feldmann, Mikyoung Jun, and Tilmann Gneiting

NP6.1 – Turbulence in the Atmosphere (co-organized)

EGU2016-189 | Posters | NP6.1

Traditional and non-traditional approaches to the prediction of natural disasters
Valentin Sapunov and Tatiana Glazyrina

EGU2016-15590 | Orals | NP6.1

Finecasting for renewable energy with large-eddy simulation
Harmen Jonker and Remco Verzijlbergh

EGU2016-875 | Posters | NP6.1

A Model of the Turbulent Electric Dynamo in Multi-Phase Media
Svetlana Dementyeva and Evgeny Mareev

EGU2016-1502 | Orals | NP6.1

Verification and calibration of Energy- and Flux-Budget (EFB) turbulence closure model through large eddy simulations and direct numerical simulations
Evgeny Kadantsev, Carl Fortelius, Oleg Druzhinin, Evgeny Mortikov, Andrey Glazunov, and Sergej Zilitinkevich

EGU2016-6769 | Posters | NP6.1

Atmospheric boundary layer effects induced by the 20 March 2015 solar eclipse
Suzanne L. Gray and R. Giles Harrison

EGU2016-5388 | Orals | NP6.1

Automatic remote sensing detection of the convective boundary layer structure over flat and complex terrain using the novel PathfinderTURB algorithm
Yann Poltera, Giovanni Martucci, Maxime Hervo, Alexander Haefele, Lukas Emmenegger, Dominik Brunner, and stephan Henne

EGU2016-14102 | Orals | NP6.1

Seasonal analysis of the planetary boundary-layer afternoon and evening transition through observational measurements
Mariano Sastre, Carlos Román-Cascón, Carlos Yagüe, Jon A. Arrillaga, and Gregorio Maqueda

EGU2016-5393 | Posters | NP6.1

Verification and Analyses of Air Flow Characteristics on Urban Area Using Intensive Observation Data in Gangnam/Seolleung, Korea
Do-Hyoung Kim, Seon-Ok Hong, Dae-Geun Lee, Young-Gon Lee, and Baek-Jo Kim

EGU2016-12419 | Posters | NP6.1

Relations between overturning length scales at the Spanish planetary boundary layer
Pilar López and José L. Cano

EGU2016-2852 | Orals | NP6.1

Gravity Waves characteristics and their impact on turbulent transport above an Antarctic Ice Sheet
Daniela Cava, Umberto Giostra, and Gabriel Katul

EGU2016-13005 | Orals | NP6.1

GABLS4: a model intercomparison study in extremely stable conditions
Eric Bazile, Patrick Le Moigne, and Fleur Couvreux and the GABLS4

EGU2016-9616 | Posters | NP6.1

Observed and simulated features of the phases of the sea-breeze in the island of Mallorca
Maria A. Jimenez, Joan Cuxart, Gemma Simó, Burkhard Wrenger, Daniel Martinez-Villagrasa, Jose A. Guijarro, Maja Telisman-Prtenjak, Alvaro Lopez, and Rodrigo Picos

EGU2016-9521 | Posters | NP6.1

Influence of the Aure valley on the boundary-layer features observed during the BLLAST experimental field campaign
Maria A. Jimenez, Joan Cuxart, and Daniel Martinez-Villagrasa

EGU2016-14046 | Posters | NP6.1

Can we estimate the fog-top height from atmospheric turbulent measurements at surface?
Carlos Román-Cascón, Carlos Yagüe, Gert-Jan Steeneveld, Mariano Sastre, Jon A. Arrillaga, and Gregorio Maqueda

EGU2016-6019 | Posters | NP6.1

Study of the origin and structure of a nocturnal atmospheric density current from observations and numerical simulations
Jon Ander Arrillaga, Carlos Yagüe, Carlos Román-Cascón, and Mariano Sastre

EGU2016-18411 | Posters | NP6.1

Turbulence-wave interactions associated to drainage flows observed during the BLLAST field campaign
Carlos Yagüe, Jielun Sun, Carlos Román-Cascón, Mariano Sastre, and Jon A. Arrillaga

EGU2016-18408 | Posters | NP6.1

TECNAIRE winter field campaign: turbulent characteristics and their influence on air quality conditions
Carlos Yagüe, Carlos Román Cascón, Gregorio Maqueda, Mariano Sastre, Jon A. Arrillaga, Begoña Artíñano, Elías Diaz-Ramiro, Francisco J. Gómez-Moreno, Rafael Borge, Adolfo Narros, and Javier Pérez

EGU2016-17410 | Posters | NP6.1

Fine-scale wavelike structures in the surface-based turbulent layer at Dome C, Antarctica
Igor Petenko, Stefania Argentini, Margarita Kallistratova, Giangiuseppe Mastrantonio, Giampietro Casasanta, Roberto Sozzi, and Alessandro Conidi

EGU2016-16584 | Posters | NP6.1

An integrated approach of auto-correlation functions and wavelet analysis applied to the wind meandering phenomenon
Luca Mortarini, Daniela Cava, Umberto Giostra, and Domenico Anfossi

EGU2016-2033 | Posters | NP6.1

Helicity and potential vorticity in the surface boundary layer turbulence
Otto Chkhetiani, Michael Kurgansky, Boris Koprov, and Victor Koprov

EGU2016-5061 | Posters | NP6.1

Parameterization Sensitivity and Instability Characteristics of the Maximum Sustainable Heat Flux Framework for Predicting Turbulent Collapse
Amber Holdsworth, Adam Monahan, and Timothy Rees

EGU2016-11317 | Posters | NP6.1

Observational study of atmospheric surface layer and coastal weather in northern Qatar
Dhrubajyoti Samanta and Reza Sadr

NP6.2 – Recent developments in geophysical fluid dynamics: Waves, Turbulence and Transport in the Atmosphere and Ocean

EGU2016-167 | Posters | NP6.2

Convective thermal fluxes in unsteady non-homogeneous flows generating complex three dimensional vorticity patterns
Jackson David Tellez Alvarez, Jose Manuel Redondo, and Jesu Mary Sanchez

EGU2016-9074 | Orals | NP6.2

Cascade processes in stratified media: experiment and direct numerical simulation.
Ilias Sibgatullin, Christophe Brouzet, Sylvain Joubaud, Evgeny Ermanyuk, and Thierry Dauxois

EGU2016-2177 | Orals | NP6.2

Intermittency and large-scale winds in horizontally anisotropic convection
Jost von Hardenberg, David Goluskin, Antonello Provenzale, and Edward Spiegel

EGU2016-8116 | Posters | NP6.2

Numerical simulation of internal waves past a horizontal strip
Mahmoud Riahi Khalloufi, Hatem Houcine, Philippe Fraunié, Yuli Chashechkin, Jose Manuel Redondo, and Adel Gharvi

EGU2016-1269 | Posters | NP6.2

A statistical look at turbulence from high-resolution temperature measurements above a deep-ocean sloping seafloor.
Andrea Cimatoribus and Hans van Haren

EGU2016-7264 | Orals | NP6.2

Particle pair diffusion of inertial particles such as dust in the atmosphere
Nadeem Malik, Yoseph Tereda, and Syed Usama

EGU2016-803 | Orals | NP6.2

On the origin of jets and vortices in turbulent planetary atmospheres.
Thibault Jougla and David G. Dritschel

EGU2016-4383 | Posters | NP6.2

A numerical study of radiative heating on melt ponds
Silvia Hirata, Enrico Calzavarini, and Stefano Berti

EGU2016-6990 | Orals | NP6.2

Inertial modes and their transition to turbulence in a differentially rotating spherical gap flow
Michael Hoff, Uwe Harlander, Santiago Andrés Triana, and Christoph Egbers

EGU2016-14128 | Posters | NP6.2

On the generation of internal wave modes by surface waves
Uwe Harlander, Ian Kirschner, Christian Maas, and Florian Zaussinger

EGU2016-14592 | Posters | NP6.2

Internal wave emission from baroclinic jets: experimental results
Ion D. Borcia, Costanza Rodda, and Uwe Harlander

EGU2016-8135 | Orals |