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OS – Ocean Sciences

OS1.1 – Open Session on Ocean Circulation and Air-Sea Interactions

EGU2016-11527 | Orals | OS1.1

The Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling Program (SOCCOM)
Joellen Russell

EGU2016-914 | Posters | OS1.1

Idealised modelling of ocean circulation driven by geothermal and hydrothermal fluxes at the seabed
Jowan Barnes, Miguel Morales Maqueda, and Jeff Polton

EGU2016-8188 | Orals | OS1.1

Trends in Southern Ocean Eddy Kinetic Energy
Don Chambers

EGU2016-1428 | Posters | OS1.1

Comparison of the oceanic deep convection in the Mediterranean and Irminger Seas
Guy Caniaux, Anne Piron, Virginy Thierry, Herlé Mercier, and Hervé Giordani

EGU2016-1811 | Posters | OS1.1

Tropical inter-annual SST oscillations and Southern Ocean swells
Yalin Fan, Erick Rogers, and Tommy Jensen

EGU2016-16982 | Orals | OS1.1

Response of the Southern Ocean dynamics to the changes in the Antarctic glacial runoff and icebergs discharge
Yevgeny Aksenov, George Nurser, Sheldon Bacon, Craig Rye, Alex Megann, Joakim Kjellsson, Paul Holland, Jeff Ridley, Andrew Coward, Gareth Marshall, Bob Marsh, and Pierre Mathiot

EGU2016-8603 | Orals | OS1.1

Regional Variations in Low Frequency Transport Variability of the Southern Ocean
Jessica Makowski and Don Chambers

EGU2016-2043 | Posters | OS1.1

Effect of horizontal grid resolution on simulations of the subtropical mode water in the North Pacific
Ho Jin Lee, Sang Yeop Kim, and Kyung Eun Lee

EGU2016-1942 | Orals | OS1.1

Deep Meridional Circulation in the Southern Ocean is Topographically Controlled
Christopher Chapman and Jean-Baptiste Sallée

EGU2016-2290 | Posters | OS1.1

Improved Climate Simulations through a Stochastic Parameterization of Ocean Eddies
Paul Williams, Nicola Howe, Jonathan Gregory, Robin Smith, and Manoj Joshi

EGU2016-2321 | Posters | OS1.1

Mesoscale variability of the absolute dynamic topography in the Drake Passage and Scotia Sea in 1993–2014
Mikhail Koshlyakov, Irina Repina, and Roman Tarakanov

EGU2016-7495 | Orals | OS1.1

Abyssal recipes revisited: A new physically-based approach to quantify the vertical diapycnal diffusion profile required to balance water masses formation by surface heat and freshwater fluxes with error bars.
Antoine Hochet, Rémi Tailleux, Till Kuhlbrodt, David Ferreira, and Jonathan Gregory

EGU2016-2944 | Posters | OS1.1

The applicapility of the steric height criteria of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current jets
Roman Tarakanov

EGU2016-4581 | Orals | OS1.1

Ocean-Atmosphere Heat Exchange: Limitations of Currently Available Datasets and Potential for Future Progress (Solicited Talk)
Simon Josey

EGU2016-3092 | Posters | OS1.1

Establishing more truth in space-time integration of surface turbulent heat fluxes
Sergey Gulev and Konstantin Belyaev

EGU2016-8374 | Orals | OS1.1

Tropical Trends in Surface Radiation Budgets in the Context of Global Trends
Rachel T. Pinker, Banglin Zhang, and Yingtao Ma

EGU2016-18117 | Orals | OS1.1

OAFlux Satellite-Based High-Resolution Analysis of Air-Sea Turbulent Heat, Moisture, and Momentum Fluxes
Lisan Yu

EGU2016-3349 | Posters | OS1.1

Effects of Surface Sensible Heat Fluxes on the Tropical Cyclone Intensity
Zhanhong Ma and Jianfang Fei

EGU2016-3505 | Posters | OS1.1

Application of interleaving models to describe intrusive layers in the Deep Polar Water of the Arctic Basin
Nataliya Zhurbas, Natalia Kuzmina, Dmitry Lyzhkov, and Yulia N. Izvekova

EGU2016-26 | Orals | OS1.1 | Media interest

Calibration of Ocean Forcing with satellite Flux Estimates (COFFEE)
Charlie Barron, Dastugue Jan, May Jackie, Clark Rowley, Scott Smith, Peter Spence, and Silvia Gremes-Cordero

EGU2016-2083 | Orals | OS1.1

Simulated Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in the 20th century with an ocean model forced by reanalysis-based atmospheric data sets
Yan-Chun He, Helge Drange, Yongqi Gao, and Mats Bentsen

EGU2016-3507 | Posters | OS1.1

A possible mechanism of interleaving at weak baroclinic fronts under stable-stable stratification in the Arctic Basin
Natalia Kuzmina and Yulia N. Izvekova

EGU2016-3514 | Posters | OS1.1

Jet Structure of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in the Drake Passage in the Southern Hemisphere Spring 2011
Alexander Gritsenko and Roman Tarakanov

EGU2016-14151 | Orals | OS1.1

Circulation, eddies and oxygen changes in the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific
Rena Czeschel, Lothar Stramma, Robert Weller, and Tim Fischer

EGU2016-3734 | Posters | OS1.1

Deep Circulation in the South China Sea
Xiaolong Zhao, Wei Zhao, Xiaobiao Xu, Jiwei Tian, and Chun Zhou

EGU2016-4198 | Posters | OS1.1

XBT effects on the global ocean observation system in the early 21st century
You-Soon Chang and Shaoqing Zhang

EGU2016-5212 | Posters | OS1.1

Continuous, high-resolution spatial mapping of water isotopes in oceanic environment using a CRDS analyzer combined with a continuous water sampler.
David Kim-Hak, Kuan Huang, and Renato Winkler

EGU2016-5466 | Posters | OS1.1

Variation of the Kuroshio axis in the East China Sea
Hong Sik Min

EGU2016-6809 | Posters | OS1.1

Upper Arctic Ocean velocity structure from in-situ observations
Beatriz Recinos, Benjamin Rabe, and Ursula Schauer

EGU2016-7146 | Posters | OS1.1

Linkages between ocean circulation, heat uptake and transient warming: a sensitivity study
Patrik Pfister and Thomas Stocker

EGU2016-7287 | Posters | OS1.1

An Investigation to the Interaction between Typhoon-induced Near Inertial Wave and Tide in the South China Sea: a case study
Zhao Xu, Shoude Guan, and Jiwei Tian

EGU2016-7306 | Posters | OS1.1

Impact of Roughness Parameterization on Mistral and Tramontane Simulations
Anika Obermann, Benedikt Edelmann, and Bodo Ahrens

EGU2016-2210 | Posters | OS1.1

The Leading Modes of Decadal SST Variability in the Southern Ocean in CMIP5 Simulations
Gang Wang and Dietmar Dommenget

EGU2016-7711 | Posters | OS1.1

Including latent and sensible heat fluxes from sea spray in global weather and climate models
Dan Copsey

EGU2016-8677 | Posters | OS1.1

A 1/16° eddying simulation of the global ocean/sea ice system
Dorotea Iovino, Simona Masina, Andrea Storto, Andrea Cipollone, and Vladimir N. Stepanov

EGU2016-9377 | Posters | OS1.1

The nature of ocean heat uptake in a simple conceptual model
Balasubramanya Nadiga and Nathan Urban

EGU2016-9768 | Posters | OS1.1

South Atlantic Circulation and its impact on the MOC
Elbio Palma and Ricardo Matano

EGU2016-10031 | Posters | OS1.1

Title: Persistance and propagation of eddies in a high-resolution data-assimilating model
Hans Ngodock, Elizabeth Douglass, and Matthew Carrier

EGU2016-10200 | Posters | OS1.1

Comparing momentum and mass (aerosol source function) fluxes for the North Atlantic and the European Arctic using different parameterizations
Iwona Wróbel and Jacek Piskozub

EGU2016-16198 | Posters | OS1.1

Anticyclonic eddy energy and pathways in the Algerian basin (1993-2007)
Federica Pessini, Angelo Perilli, and Antonio Olita

EGU2016-16305 | Posters | OS1.1

Investigating the Antarctic phytoplankton in response to environmental changes over the last decades
Svetlana Losa, Astrid Bracher, Martin Losch, and Julia Oelker

EGU2016-17779 | Posters | OS1.1

Existence and inter-decadal changes of the Antarctic Circumpolar Wave during the last 142 years and its relationship to large scale modes of variability
Dario Cerrone, Giannetta Fusco, Yuri Cotroneo, Ian Simmonds, and Giorgio Budillon

EGU2016-18003 | Posters | OS1.1

The Net Energy Budget at the Surface Interface of the “Cold Tongue” Region
Abderrahim Bentamy, Rachel Pinker, Banglin Zhang, and Yingtao Ma

EGU2016-18146 | Posters | OS1.1

The Copernicus Mediterranean Sea Reanalysis 1987-2013: focusing on the Algerian basin circulation
Simona Simoncelli, Nadia Pinardi, Vladyslav Lyubartsev, and Claudia Fratianni

OS1.4 – The North Atlantic: natural variability and global change

EGU2016-4524 | Orals | OS1.4

The AMOC components off Newfoundland and in the eastern Atlantic
Monika Rhein, Dagmar Kieke, Achim Roessler, Christian Mertens, Tilia Breckenfelder, Ilaria Stendardo, Reiner Steinfeldt, Claus Böning, and Arne Biastoch

EGU2016-7308 | Posters | OS1.4

Estimates of volume, heat and freshwater budgets for the Arctic Mediterranean and North Atlantic in relation to the main physical processes: Insight from the EU-NACLIM observations
Bert Rudels, Bogi Hansen, Johannes Karstensen, Gerard McCarthy, and Detlef Quadfasel

EGU2016-4199 | Posters | OS1.4

Spatial pattern of convection activity in the subpolar North Atlantic in the winter of 2013/14
Anastasia Falina, Artem Sarafanov, Herle Mercier, Vyacheslav Zapotylko, and Sergey Gladyshev

EGU2016-9380 | Orals | OS1.4

Variability in the Irminger Sea: new results from continuous ocean measurements between 2014-2015
Laura de Steur and Femke de Jong

EGU2016-341 | Posters | OS1.4

Origin and fate of the North Atlantic Current at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Tilia Breckenfelder, Paul G Myers, Monika Rhein, Clark Pennelly, and Xianmin Hu

EGU2016-317 | Orals | OS1.4

Influence of runoff, high frequency atmospheric forcing and model resolution on deep water mass formation regions and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, from a numerical model.
Yarisbel Garcia Quintana, Peggy Courtois, Xianmin Hu, Clark Pennelly, and Paul G. Myers

EGU2016-1978 | Orals | OS1.4

The impact of multidecadal NAO variations on Atlantic ocean heat transport and rapid changes in Arctic sea ice
Thomas Delworth and Fanrong Zeng

EGU2016-7716 | Posters | OS1.4

Decadal variability in the Eastern North Atlantic
Manuela Köllner, Birgit Klein, Dagmar Kieke, Holger Klein, Monika Rhein, Achim Roessler, and Claudia Denker

EGU2016-4562 | Orals | OS1.4

Causes and Consequences of Exceptional North Atlantic Heat Loss in Recent Winters
Simon Josey, Jeremy Grist, Aurelie Duchez, Eleanor Frajka-Williams, Joel Hirschi, Robert Marsh, and Bablu Sinha

EGU2016-9320 | Posters | OS1.4

Water masses along the OVIDE 2010 section as identified by oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope values
Antje Voelker, Emilia Salgueiro, and Virginie Thierry

EGU2016-13822 | Posters | OS1.4

A revised estimate of the Denmark Strait Overflow
Nuno Nunes, Martin Moritz, Kerstin Jochumsen, Detlef Quadfasel, Karin Larsen, Heðinn Valdimarsson, and Steingrímur Jónsson

EGU2016-2393 | Orals | OS1.4

On the Observed Relationships between Variability in Gulf Stream Sea Surface Temperatures and the Atmospheric Circulation in the North Atlantic
Samantha Wills, David Thompson, and Laura Ciasto

EGU2016-5913 | Orals | OS1.4

Maintenance of Baroclinicity in the Atlantic Storm Track and its Relation to the Sea Surface Temperature Gradient along the Gulf Stream
Thomas Spengler, Lukas Papritz, and Ståle Dahl-Eriksen

EGU2016-14479 | Posters | OS1.4

Temporal and spatial variability of the Denmark Strait Overflow
Martin Moritz, Nuno Nunes, Kerstin Jochumsen, and Detlef Quadfasel

EGU2016-6889 | Posters | OS1.4

A high resolution salinity time series (1993-2012) in the North Atlantic
Ilaria Stendardo, Monika Rhein, and Rainer Hollmann

EGU2016-8868 | Orals | OS1.4

The North Atlantic Cold Bias
Richard Greatbatch, Annika Drews, Hui Ding, Mojib Latif, and Wonsun Park

EGU2016-2364 | Orals | OS1.4

The interaction between atmospheric and oceanic fronts – the junction between weather and climate
Rhys Parfitt, Arnaud Czaja, Shoshiro Minobe, and Akira Kuwano-Yoshida

EGU2016-14894 | Posters | OS1.4

Salt transport in the Subpolar Gyre amplifies North Atlantic climate variability
Andreas Born, Thomas F. Stocker, and Anne Britt Sandø

EGU2016-8732 | Posters | OS1.4

Linking surface salinity anomalies and water column stability in the Greenland Sea gyre
Siv Lauvset, Ailin Brakstad, Kjetil Våge, Are Olsen, Emil Jeansson, and Kjell-Arne Mork

EGU2016-4124 | Orals | OS1.4

Major Variations in Sub-Tropical North Atlantic Heat Transport at Short Timescales: Causes and Consequences
Ben Moat, Simon Josey, Bablu Sinha, Adam Blaker, David Smeed, Gerard McCarthy, William Johns, Joel Hirschi, Eleanor Frajka-Williams, Darren Rayner, Aurelie Duchez, and Andrew Coward

EGU2016-10799 | Orals | OS1.4

Further influence of the eastern boundary on the seasonal variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26N
Johanna Baehr and Christian Schmidt

EGU2016-15888 | Posters | OS1.4

Impacts of Sea Surface Salinity Bias Correction on North Atlantic Ocean Circulation and Climate Variability in the Kiel Climate Model
Taewook Park, Wonsun Park, and Mojib Latif

EGU2016-17405 | Posters | OS1.4

The evolution of the RAPID monitoring array and the 11.5-year record of the AMOC at 26°N
Ben Moat, David Smeed, Gerard McCarthy, Darren Rayner, William Johns, Chris Meinen, and Molly Baringer

EGU2016-6821 | Orals | OS1.4

Summer mean full depth circulation in North Atlantic Ocean along 59.5 N
Vsevolod Gladyshev, Alexey Sokov, and Sergey Gladyshev

EGU2016-18114 | Posters | OS1.4

Wind-driven Variability of the Atlantic Water Transport to the Nordic Sea
Jiayan Yang

EGU2016-2283 | Posters | OS1.4

Potential for seasonal prediction of Atlantic sea surface temperatures using the RAPID array at 26ºN
Aurélie Duchez, Peggy Courtois, Joël Hirschi, Simon A. Josey, and David Smeed

EGU2016-11644 | Posters | OS1.4

Impact of the seasonal cycle on the decadal predictability of the North Atlantic volume and heat transport under global warming
Matthias Fischer, Wolfgang A. Müller, Daniela I.V. Domeisen, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2016-2880 | Posters | OS1.4

Seasonal variability of eddy kinetic energy in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre: A high-resolution ocean model analysis
Jan Klaus Rieck, Claus W. Böning, Richard J. Greatbatch, and Markus Scheinert

EGU2016-9151 | Posters | OS1.4

Reconstructing Links between AMOC and Surface Temperature Variability in the North Atlantic
Leonard Borchert, Matthias Fischer, Wolfgang Müller, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2016-9045 | Posters | OS1.4

AMOC projections driven by global warming and Greenland Ice Sheet melt
Pepijn Bakker, Andreas Schmittner, Jan Lenaerts, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Dave Bi, Michiel van den Broeke, Aixue Hu, Rebecca Lynn Beadling, Simon Marsland, Sebastian H. Mernhild, Rumi Ohgaito, Christian Rodehacke, Oleg Saenko, Didier Swingedouw, Shuting Yang, and Jianjun Yin

EGU2016-6595 | Posters | OS1.4

Methods of calculation of the Atlantic meridional transports at 26.5°N from ocean models
Dorotea Iovino, Vladimir N. Stepanov, Simona Masina, and Andrea Storto

EGU2016-5914 | Posters | OS1.4

Long-term variability of termohaline characteristics in the Greenland Sea in 1950-2012
Andrei Rubchenya and Anastasiia Fedorova

EGU2016-8155 | Posters | OS1.4

Investigating the Impact of CO2 on the Strength and Variability of the AMOC
Edward Armstrong, Paul Valdes, Jo House, and Joy Singarayer

EGU2016-18437 | Posters | OS1.4

Extreme conditions over Europe and North America: role of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability
Yohan Ruprich-Robert, Rym Msadek, and Tom Delworth

EGU2016-10840 | Posters | OS1.4

Impacts of Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation to summer atmospheric circulation in the northern mid-latitude
Jianshe Lin

EGU2016-11364 | Posters | OS1.4

A coupled decadal-scale air-sea interaction theory: the NAT-NAO-AMO-AMOC coupled mode and its global impacts
Jianping Li, Cheng Sun, and Fei-Fei Jin

EGU2016-13947 | Posters | OS1.4

Dynamical Attribution of Recent Variability in Atlantic Overturning
Helen Pillar, Patrick Heimbach, Helen Johnson, and David Marshall

EGU2016-13185 | Posters | OS1.4

The AWI Climate Model: response to increased resolution in dynamically active regions
Dmitry Sidorenko, Tido Semmler, Thomas Rackow, Helge F. Goessling, Sergey Danilov, Qiang Wang, Dmitry Sein, and Thomas Jung

EGU2016-16989 | Posters | OS1.4

Influence of the North Atlantic oceanograghic and climatic parameters on the Spanish European Eel population recruitment: relationships in the past and for a future climate change
Jaime Ribalaygua, Javier Pórtoles, Robert Monjo, Estíbaliz Díaz, María Korta, and Guillem Chust

OS1.6 – Tropical & Subtropical Ocean Circulation, Equatorial to Mid-Latitude Air-Sea Interactions (co-organized)

EGU2016-10477 | Orals | OS1.6

Links in CGCMs among biases in the Southern Ocean and in the Tropics
C. Roberto Mechoso, Teresa Losada, Shunya Koseki, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Noel Keenlyside, Elsa Mohino-Harris, and Antonio Castaño-Tierno

EGU2016-2483 | Posters | OS1.6

What caused the 2009 cold event in the Atlantic cold tongue region?
Kristin Burmeister, Peter Brandt, and Joke F. Lübbecke

EGU2016-8517 | Posters | OS1.6

Influence and impact of the parametrization of the turbulent air-sea fluxes on atmospheric moisture and convection in the tropics
Olivier Torres, Pascale Braconnot, Alina Gainusa-Bogdan, Frédéric Hourdin, Olivier Marti, and Charles Pelletier

EGU2016-7002 | Orals | OS1.6

Sources of tropical Atlantic coupled model biases derived from initialised hindcasts and partially coupled sensitivity experiments
Anna-Lena Deppenmeier, Wilco Hazeleger, Rein Haarsma, Chloé Prodhomme, Eleftheria Exarchou, and Francisco J Doblas-Reyes

EGU2016-8590 | Posters | OS1.6

The regional coupled system WRF-NEMO (OCATA) over the Tropical Atlantic : impact of the regional coupled processes on the surface heat and water budget
Remi Meynadier, Gaëlle De Coëtlogon, Julien Jouanno, and Alban Lazar

EGU2016-6206 | Orals | OS1.6

Phase locking of equatorial Atlantic variability through the seasonal migration of the ITCZ
Ingo Richter, Shang-Ping Xie, Yushi Morioka, Takeshi Doi, Bunmei Taguchi, and Swadhin Behera

EGU2016-18032 | Orals | OS1.6

Growth and decay of the equatorial Atlantic SST mode by means of closed heat budget in a coupled general circulation model
Irene Polo, Alban Lazar, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, and Juliette Mignot

EGU2016-12622 | Posters | OS1.6

Seasonal variation of the South Indian tropical gyre
Borja Aguiar-González, Leandro Ponsoni, Herman Ridderinkhof, Hendrik M. van Aken, Will P. M. de Ruijter, and Leo R. M. Maas

EGU2016-13204 | Posters | OS1.6

Observing and Modelling Upper Ocean Mixing by Near-Inertial Oscillations
Helen Pillar, Markus Jochum, Roman Nuterman, and Mats Bentsen

EGU2016-1245 | Orals | OS1.6

Annual and semi-annual cycle of equatorial Atlantic circulation associated with basin mode resonance
Peter Brandt, Martin Claus, Richard J. Greatbatch, Robert Kopte, John M. Toole, William E. Johns, and Claus W. Böning

EGU2016-16113 | Orals | OS1.6

The Rossby whistle: A resonant basin mode in the Caribbean Sea.
Christopher W. Hughes, Joanne Williams, Angela Hibbert, Carmen Boening, and James Oram

EGU2016-13329 | Posters | OS1.6

On the nature of the Madagascar dipoles: An analysis from Argo profiling floats and altimetry measurements
Borja Aguiar-González, Leandro Ponsoni, Herman Ridderinkhof, Will P. M. de Ruijter, and Leo R. M. Maas

EGU2016-13781 | Posters | OS1.6

Remote Impact of Extratropical Thermal Bias on Tropical Biases in the Norwegian Earth System Model
Shunya Koseki, Teresa Losada, Noel Keenlyside, Thomas Toniazzo, Antonio Castano-Tierno, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Teferi Demissie, and Roberto Mechoso

EGU2016-4196 | Orals | OS1.6

The Angola Current and its seasonal variability as observed at 11°S
Robert Kopte, Peter Brandt, Marcus Dengler, Martin Claus, and Richard J. Greatbatch

EGU2016-18025 | Posters | OS1.6

On the impact of the resolution on the surface and subsurface Eastern Tropical Atlantic warm bias
Marta Martín-Rey and Alban Lazar

EGU2016-17294 | Orals | OS1.6

Seasonal and interannual variability of the eastern boundary circulation and hydrography off Angola
Pedro Tchipalanga, Marissa Macuéria, Marcus Dengler, Marek Ostrowski, Robert Kopte, and Peter Brandt

EGU2016-18043 | Posters | OS1.6

Climatological mean tropical Atlantic surface wind convergence : analysis of the drivers in reanalyses
Moussa Diakhaté, Alban lazar, Gaelle De Coëtlogon, and Amadou Gaye

EGU2016-14106 | Orals | OS1.6

The relative role of ocean-atmosphere interaction and African easterly waves in the generation and development of Tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic
William Cabos, Dmitry Sein, Kevin Hodges, and Daniela Jacob

EGU2016-18246 | Posters | OS1.6

Seasonal cycle of the mixed-layer heat and freshwater budget in the eastern tropical Atlantic
Willi Rath, Marcus Dengler, Jan Lüdke, Sunke Schmidtko, Michael Schlundt, Peter Brandt, and Preface Partners

EGU2016-2415 | Orals | OS1.6

Areas of re-emergence of sea surface temperature anomalies and its dynamics in the global ocean.
Byju Pookkandy and Dietmar Dommenget

EGU2016-17263 | Orals | OS1.6

The role of the cold sector of extratropical cyclones in setting atmospheric mean state features of the Gulf Stream basin.
Benoît Vannière, Arnaud Czaja, Helen Dacre, and Tim Woollings

EGU2016-1021 | Posters | OS1.6

Salinity minima, water masses and surface circulation in the Eastern Tropical Pacific off Mexico and surrounding areas
Esther Portela, Emilio Beier, Victor Godínez, Rubén Castro, and Eric Desmond Barton

EGU2016-1645 | Posters | OS1.6

Surface currents observed by surface drifters in the tropical western Pacific Ocean in the El Niño year
Jae Hak Lee, Gyu Nam Baek, Chang Su Hong, and Shaun R. Dolk

EGU2016-3348 | Orals | OS1.6

Characterization of frontal air-sea interaction by spectral transfer functions
Niklas Schneider, Bunmei Taguchi, and Masami Nonaka

EGU2016-3287 | Posters | OS1.6

Effect of Air-Sea coupling on the Frequency Distribution of Intense Tropical Cyclones over the Northwestern Pacific
Tomomichi Ogata, Ryo Mizuta, Yukimasa Adachi, Hiroyuki Murakami, and Tomomaki Ose

EGU2016-3641 | Posters | OS1.6

Characteristics, vertical structures and heat/salt transports of mesoscale eddies in the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean
Guang Yang, Weidong Yu, Xia Zhao, Fan Wang, and Lin Liu

EGU2016-3642 | Posters | OS1.6

Anomalous behaviors of Wyrtki Jets in the equatorial Indian Ocean during 2013
Lin Liu, Yongliang Duan, and Guoqing Han

EGU2016-5204 | Posters | OS1.6

Interannual simulation of tropical oceans during 1958-2014 using a high resolution OGCM
Goro Yamanaka, Hiroyuki Tsujino, Hideyuki Nakano, Shogo Urakawa, and Kei Sakamoto

EGU2016-7949 | Posters | OS1.6

Diapycnal diffusivity in the core and oxycline of the tropical North Atlantic oxygen minimum zone
Manuela Köllner, Martin Visbeck, Toste Tanhua, and Tim Fischer

EGU2016-11340 | Posters | OS1.6

The role of tropical Atlantic SSTA in modulating western North Pacific tropical cyclone genesis
Liwei Huo, Saji Hameed, Pinwen Guo, and Dachao Jin

EGU2016-14651 | Posters | OS1.6

Daily sea surface salinity variability in the tropical Pacific Ocean derived from satellite remote sensing data
Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy, Estrella Olmedo, Antonio Turiel, Marcos Portabella, Justino Martinez, and Nina Hoareau

EGU2016-17860 | Posters | OS1.6

On the relationship between the Meridional Mode and the equatorial SST anomalies
Marta Martín-Rey and Alban Lazar

EGU2016-18137 | Posters | OS1.6

Impacts of decaying eastern and central Pacific El Niños on tropical cyclone activities over the western North Pacific in summer
Yuxing Yang, Ruihuang Xie, Faming Wang, and Fei Huang

OS1.10 – Atlantic water in the main gateways to the Arctic Ocean - impact on climate, sea ice, tidewater glaciers and ecosystem

EGU2016-10743 | Orals | OS1.10

Modeling the Oceanic Exchanges Across the Main Arctic Gateways with Emphasis on Atlantic Water and Its Impact on Sea Ice and Climate
Wieslaw Maslowski, Robert Osinski, Jaclyn Clement Kinney, Andrew Roberts, Dominic DiMaggio, and Anthony Craig

EGU2016-5127 | Posters | OS1.10

A Simple Shelf Circulation Model - Intrusion of Atlantic Water on the West Spitsbergen Shelf
Frank Nilsen, Ragnheid Skogseth, Juni Vaardal-Lunde, and Mark Inall

EGU2016-10012 | Orals | OS1.10

Seasonal and short term fluctuations of iceberg flux from Hans Glacier Spitsbergen
Jacek Jania, Malgorzata Blaszczyk, Michal Cieply, Mariusz Grabiec, Tomasz Budzik, Dariusz Ignatiuk, Aleksander Uszczyk, Patrycja Tymrowska, Elzbieta Majchrowska, Agnieszka Prominska, Waldemar Walczowski, Tadeusz Pastusiak, Michal Petlicki, and Dariusz Puczko

EGU2016-4715 | Posters | OS1.10

Ocean and glaciers interactions in Svalbard area
Waldemar Walczowski, Małgorzata Błaszczyk, Tomasz Wawrzyniak, and Agnieszka Beszczyńska-Möller

EGU2016-5110 | Orals | OS1.10

The Two Branches of the Recirculation of Atlantic Water in Fram Strait
Wilken-Jon von Appen, Ursula Schauer, Tore Hattermann, and Jon Albretsen

EGU2016-5912 | Posters | OS1.10

Modeling of water masses exchange between Brepolen and the main fjord in the Western Svalbard fjord - Hornsund
Jaromir Jakacki, Anna Przyborska, Arild Sunfjord, Jon Albertsen, Michał Białoskórski, and Bartosz Pliszka

EGU2016-6301 | Posters | OS1.10

Effects of tides on the quasi-steady upwelling-downwelling regimes and water mass exchange between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.
Maria Luneva and James Harle

EGU2016-4147 | Orals | OS1.10

Complementary impacts of the North Atlantic Oscillation and oceanic heat anomalies in the Nordic seas on the wintertime climate variability in middle latitudes
Pawel Schlichtholz

EGU2016-15059 | Posters | OS1.10

Splitting of Atlantic water transport towards the Arctic Ocean into the Fram Strait and Barents Sea Branches - mechanisms and consequences
Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Øystein Skagseth, Wilken-Jon von Appen, Waldemar Walczowski, and Vidar Lien

EGU2016-6817 | Orals | OS1.10

Atlantic water in Svalbard fjords: variability and effects on local sea ice cover
Arild Sundfjord, Jon Albretsen, Yoshie Kasajima, Agnieszka Prominska, Frank Nilsen, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Stefan Muckenhuber, Ketil Isaksen, Finlo Cottier, Sebasitan Gerland, and Jack Kohler

EGU2016-15807 | Posters | OS1.10

Numerical modeling experiments of coastal upwelling at the field of Arctic fjords.
Szymon Kosecki and Lidia Dzierzbicka-Głowacka

EGU2016-14470 | Orals | OS1.10

Spatial and temporal variability in distribution of water masses in Hornsund, Spitsbergen
Agnieszka Promińska, Eva Falck, Waldemar Walczowski, and Arild Sundfjord

EGU2016-6983 | Posters | OS1.10

A modelling study of the influence of anomalous wind forcing over the Barents Sea on the Atlantic water flow to the Arctic Ocean in the period 1979-2004
Jakub Marciniak, Pawel Schlichtholz, and Wieslaw Maslowski

EGU2016-9388 | Posters | OS1.10

Water from land – fresh water outflow from glaciated and non-glaciated catchments into the Hornsund fjord, Svalbard
Adam Nawrot, Tomasz Wawrzyniak, Waldemar Walczowski, and Marzena Osuch

EGU2016-17102 | Posters | OS1.10

Regional and inter-annual variability in Atlantic zooplankton en route to the Arctic Ocean: potential effects of multi-path Atlantic water advection through Fram Strait and the Barents Sea
Slawomir Kwasniewski, Marta Gluchowska, Emilia Trudnowska, Mateusz Ormanczyk, Waldemar Walczowski, and Agnieszka Beszczynska-Moeller

EGU2016-128 | Posters | OS1.10

Sea ice cover in Isfjorden and Hornsund, Svalbard (2000-2014) from remote sensing data
Stefan Muckenhuber, Frank Nilsen, Anton Korosov, and Stein Sandven

EGU2016-3914 | Posters | OS1.10

Physical properties of the Atlantic - Arctic water exchange formation. Modelling and analysis
Sergey Moshonkin, Anatoly Gusev, Alexey Bagno, and Vladimir Zalesny

EGU2016-6255 | Posters | OS1.10

Air temperature and humidity diversity in the Hornsund fjord area (Spitsbergen) in the period 1 July 2014 – 30 June 2015
Rajmund Przybylak, Andrzej Araźny, Przemysław Wyszyński, Tomasz Budzik, and Tomasz Wawrzyniak

EGU2016-7625 | Posters | OS1.10

Investigating the influence of Atlantic water inflow on primary production in a regional model for the Fram Strait
Annette Samuelsen

EGU2016-13721 | Posters | OS1.10

The Arctic Front in the Fram Strait in autumn 2011
Jenny Ullgren, Eva Falck, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, and Hanne Sagen

EGU2016-14661 | Posters | OS1.10

Warming Beneath the 79⁰N Glacier in Northeast Greenland and Warm Atlantic Water in Fram Strait
Paul Dodd, Janin Schaffer, Wilken-Jon von Appen, Laura de Steur, and Torsten Kanzow

OS2.1 – Open Session on Coastal and Shelf Seas (including Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-9163 | Orals | OS2.1

The numerical simulation features of the extreme surge occurred in the Sea of Azov on 2013/03/24
Vladimir Fomin, Nikolay Diansky, and Anatoly Gusev

EGU2016-388 | Posters | OS2.1

Vertical thermo-haline structure of the Baltic Sea cold intermediate layer
Natalya Stepanova

EGU2016-3945 | Orals | OS2.1

Application of in situ observations, high frequency radars, and ocean color, to study suspended matter, particulate carbon, and dissolved organic carbon fluxes in coastal waters of the Barents Sea – the NORDFLUX project
Malgorzata Stramska, Knut Yngve Børsheim, Jagoda Białogrodzka, Agata Cieszyńska, Dariusz Ficek, and Marzena Wereszka

EGU2016-11204 | Orals | OS2.1

Impact of atmospheric forcing on heat content variability in the sub-surface layer in the Japan/East Sea, 1948-2009
Dmitry Stepanov, Anatoly Gusev, and Nikolay Diansky

EGU2016-3077 | Posters | OS2.1

Baroclinic internal wave energy distribution in the Baltic Sea derived from 45 years of circulation simulations
Artem Rybin, Tarmo Soomere, Oxana Kurkina, Andrey Kurkin, Ekaterina Rouvinskaya, and H.E. Markus Meier

EGU2016-940 | Posters | OS2.1

On Suspended matter grain size in Baltic sea
Ekaterina Bubnova, Vadim Sivkov, and Victor Zubarevich

EGU2016-7023 | Orals | OS2.1

Analysis of Vertical Dynamics in the Northern Baltic Sea based on 3D Modelling and Data from Shallow-Water Argo Floats
Antti Westerlund and Laura Tuomi

EGU2016-1225 | Orals | OS2.1

Effects of water depth and spectral bandwidth on Stokes drift estimation based on short-term variation of wave conditions
Dag Myrhaug, Hong Wang, and Lars Erik Holmedal

EGU2016-6327 | Posters | OS2.1

Investigating the influence of sea level oscillations in the Danish Straits on the Baltic Sea dynamics
Natalia Tikhonova, Anatoly Gusev, Nikolay Diansky, and Evgeny Zakharchuk

EGU2016-5450 | Posters | OS2.1

To what extent does the salinity flux influence phytoplankton blooms? – Baltic Sea modeling study
Agata Cieszyńska and Małgorzata Stramska

EGU2016-4816 | Orals | OS2.1

Cross-isobath energy fluxes in semidiurnal barotropic Kelvin waves propagating on wide continental shelves
Alexander Yankovsky and Tianyi Zhang

EGU2016-9953 | Orals | OS2.1

Offshore Wind Farms in the North Sea: Is there an effect on the zooplankton community?
Dominik Auch, Tim Dudeck, Ulrich Callies, Rolf Riethmüller, Marc Hufnagl, André Eckhardt, Klas Ove Möller, Bianca Haas, Stefan Spreitzenbarth, Justus van Beusekom, Bettina Walter, Axel Temming, Christian Möllmann, and Jens Floeter

EGU2016-16660 | Posters | OS2.1

Detection of aromatic and highly substituted unsaturated systems in marine organic molecules in Baltic sea surface by spectrofluorometric and spectrophotometric methods
Violetta Drozdowska, Piotr Markuszewski, Paulina Pakszys, Iwona Wróbel, and Jacek Piskozub

EGU2016-14432 | Orals | OS2.1

Modelling impacts of offshore wind farms on trophic web: the Courseulles-sur-Mer case study
Aurore Raoux, Jean-Philippe Pezy, Jean-Claude Dauvin, samuele Tecchio, Steven Degraer, Dan Wilhelmsson, and Nathalie Niquil

EGU2016-5510 | Posters | OS2.1

Application of hydrographic and surface current data to describe water properties in the Porsangerfjorden, Norway
Agata Cieszyńska, Jagoda Białogrodzka, Knut Yngve Børsheim, Małgorzata Stramska, and Andrzej Jankowski

EGU2016-17376 | Orals | OS2.1

Towards answering the “so what” question in marine renewables environmental impact assessment.
Steven Degraer, Silvana N.R. Birchenough, Ulrike Braeckman, Joop W.P. Coolen, Jennifer Dannheim, Ilse De Mesel, Marilaure Grégoire, Francis Kerckhof, Geneviève Lacroix, Han Lindeboom, Tom Moens, Karline Soetaert, Jan Vanaverbeke, and Gert Van Hoey

EGU2016-18086 | Orals | OS2.1

Concentrations of surfactants and sterols in the surface microlayer of the estuarine areas of Selangor River, Malaysia
Murad Ali Alsalahi, Mohd Talib Latif, Masni Mohd Ali, Doreena Dominick, Md Firoz Khan, Nurul Bahiyah Abd Wahid, and Nur Ili Hamizah Mustaffa

EGU2016-4013 | Posters | OS2.1

Tidal analysis of surface currents in the Porsanger fjord in northern Norway
Malgorzata Stramska, Andrzej Jankowski, and Agata Cieszyńska

EGU2016-6144 | Posters | OS2.1

Bio-optical properties of Porsnagerfjorden (Norway) waters based on data collected in 2014 and 2015
Jagoda Białogrodzka, Małgorzata Stramska, Dorota Burska, Dariusz Ficek, Joanna Stoń-Egiert, and Aleksandra Winogradow

EGU2016-9235 | Orals | OS2.1

Coastal Submesoscale Baroclinic Eddies in Cyclostrophic Balance in the Saguenay Fjord.
Alexandre Livernoche, Daniel Bourgault, Cédric Chavanne, and Peter Galbraith

EGU2016-11097 | Orals | OS2.1

Analysis and Assessment of Tidal Flood Potential at Different Locations in the East Coast of India
Chirantan Bhagawati, Ramkrushnbhai Shaileshbhai Patel, Suchita Pandey, Arun Chakraborty, and Kuttippurath Jayanarayanan

EGU2016-5604 | Posters | OS2.1

Title: Suspended matter distribution and variability in Porsanger fiord (Norway) during summer of 2014 and 2015
Marzena Wereszka, Jagoda Białogrodzka, Dariusz Ficek, and Małgorzata Stramska

EGU2016-9930 | Orals | OS2.1

Various regimes of instability and formation of coastal eddies along the shelf bathymetry
Laura Cimoli, Alexandre Stegner, and Guillaume Roullet

EGU2016-10856 | Posters | OS2.1

Hydrographic climatology in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: its recent trends and an estuarine regime of interannual variability
Alexander Yankovsky, Igor Yashayaev, and Alejandro Frank

EGU2016-17195 | Orals | OS2.1

Assessing the potential of Landsat 8 OLI for retrieving salinity in the hypersaline Arabian Gulf
Jun Zhao and Marouane Temimi

EGU2016-12126 | Posters | OS2.1

Comparison of results from statistical analysis of meteorological data from Lakselv and Honningsvåg located in the European Arctic region
Paulina Aniskiewicz and Małgorzata Stramska

EGU2016-2580 | Orals | OS2.1

Ocean-shelf interaction and exchange (Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)
John M. Huthnance

EGU2016-1237 | Posters | OS2.1

Seismic interpretation of the post-Middle Miocene section of the northeastern Northern South Sea Yellow Basin, Yellow Sea
Hyeonju Kim, Gwang H. Lee, Han J. Kim, and BoYeon Yi

EGU2016-11135 | Posters | OS2.1

Late Quaternary seismic stratigraphy and depositional history at the mid-eastern Yellow Sea
Dong-Geun Yoo, Gwang-Soo Lee, Tae-Soo Chang, Gee-Soo Kong, and Sung-Ho Bae

EGU2016-5392 | Posters | OS2.1

Seismic facies of incised-channel fill deposits of paleo-Seomjin River in the South Sea, Korea
Sung Ho Bae, Gee Soo Kong, Dae Choul Kim, Gwang Soo Lee, and Dong Geun Yoo

EGU2016-3679 | Posters | OS2.1

Geoacoustic models of the Donghae-to-Gangneung region in the Korean continental margin of the East Sea
Woo Hun Ryang, Seong Pil Kim, and Jooyoung Hahn

EGU2016-9168 | Posters | OS2.1

Hydroacoustic detection of dumped ammunition in the Ocean with multibeam snippet backscatter analyses. A case study from the ‘Kolberger Heide’ ammunition dump site (Baltic Sea, Germany)
Tina Kunde and Jens Schneider von Deimling

EGU2016-11667 | Posters | OS2.1

Seismo-acoustic imaging of marine hard substrate habitats: a case study from the German Bight (SE North Sea)
Svenja Papenmeier and H. Christian Hass

EGU2016-1858 | Posters | OS2.1

Hindcasting and forecasting macrofauna species distribution for the Jade Bay tidal basin (North Sea, Germany) in response to climatic and environmental changes
Anja Singer, Ulrike Schückel, Melanie Beck, Oliver Bleich, Hans-J. Brumsack, Holger Freund, Christina Geimecke, Karsten Lettmann, Gerald Millat, Joanna Staneva, Anna Vanselow, Heiko Westphal, Jörg-O. Wolff, Andreas Wurpts, and Ingrid Kröncke

EGU2016-9972 | Posters | OS2.1

Marine habitat mapping, classification and monitoring in the coastal North Sea: Scientific vs. stakeholder interests
H. Christian Hass, Finn Mielck, Svenja Papenmeier, and Dario Fiorentino

EGU2016-17660 | Posters | OS2.1

Sediment transport and decadal morphodynamic changes in the Tang Estuary with a Re-Migrating inlet, Iranian Coastline of the Oman Sea
Behrouz Nosratpour, Soma Amjadi, and S. Abbas Haghshenas

EGU2016-7482 | Posters | OS2.1

Internal wave damping in the East China in late summer 2014
Sok Kuh Kang, Jae Hak Lee, Jae-Hun Park, Eun Jin Kim, and Chang Su Hong

EGU2016-10972 | Posters | OS2.1

Wind-induced currents in the South China Sea
Quang-Hung Luu and Pavel Tkalich

EGU2016-9286 | Posters | OS2.1

The influence of climate change on the intensity of ice gouging at the Kara Sea bottom by hummocky formations
Stanislav Ogorodov, Vasily Arkhipov, Osip Kokin, and Shabanova Natalia

EGU2016-9516 | Posters | OS2.1

Wave climate of the White Sea
Victor Arkhipkin, Sergey Dobrolyubov, Stanislav Myslenkov, and Anastasia Korablina

EGU2016-11482 | Posters | OS2.1

Observations of Deep Flow along the Central California Coast
Curtis Collins, Tetyana Margolina, and Thomas Rago

EGU2016-11487 | Posters | OS2.1

Impact of spatial resolution of ocean models in depicting climate change patterns of the North Sea.
Nikesh Narayan, Birgit Klein, Moritz Mathis, Holger Klein, and Uwe Mikolajewicz

EGU2016-13451 | Posters | OS2.1

Study of early summer mesoscale structures and processes of the NW Iberian Margin
Nuno G. F. Cordeiro, Eric D. Barton, Rita Nolasco, and Jesus Dubert

EGU2016-7143 | Posters | OS2.1

Interannual variability of the Adriatic Sea circulation
Gordana Beg Paklar, Jadranka Sepic, Branka Grbec, Tomislav Dzoic, Zarko Kovac, and Stjepan Ivatek-Sahdan

EGU2016-12302 | Posters | OS2.1

Effect of different surface forcings on the circulation and stratification in a global model with focus on the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Patrick Scholz and Gerrit Lohmann

EGU2016-6110 | Posters | OS2.1

Reducing costs of marine monitoring: a case study
Luz Garcia, Johan van der Molen, and Dave Sivyer

EGU2016-6212 | Posters | OS2.1

Potential effects of large-scale offshore tidal energy extraction in the Pentland Firth on North Sea biogeochemistry
Johan van der Molen, Piet Ruardij, and Naomi Greenwood

EGU2016-14767 | Posters | OS2.1

The impact of wind energy turbine piles on ocean dynamics
Sebastian Grashorn and Emil V. Stanev

EGU2016-16078 | Posters | OS2.1

Assessing trophic linkages in and around offshore wind farms using two high-speed optical sensors
Tim Dudeck, Marc Hufnagl, Dominik Auch, André Eckhardt, Klas-Ove Möller, Justus van Beusekom, Bettina Walter, Christian Möllmann, and Jens Floeter

EGU2016-16031 | Posters | OS2.1

Offshore Windfarm Impact on Pelagic Primary Production in the Southern North Sea
Kaela Slavik, Wenyan Zhang, Carsten Lemmen, and Kai Wirtz

EGU2016-13517 | Posters | OS2.1

New method for the detection and monitoring of subsea power cable
Philipp Held, Jens Schneider, Peter Feldens, and Dennis Wilken

EGU2016-10943 | Posters | OS2.1

Impacts of wave energy conversion devices on local wave climate: observations and modelling from the Perth Wave Energy Project
Ron Hoeke, Mark Hemer, Stephanie Contardo, Graham Symonds, and Kathy Mcinnes

EGU2016-16787 | Posters | OS2.1

Impact of ISWEC sea wave energy converter on posidonia oceanica meadows assessed by satellite remote sensing in the coastal areas of Pantelleria island
Flavio Borfecchia, Carla Micheli, Alessandro Belmonte, Luigi De Cecco, Gianmaria Sannino, Giovanni Bracco, Giuliana Mattiazzo, and Maria Vittoria Struglia

OS2.2 – Advances in Understanding of the Multi-Disciplinary Dynamics of the Southern European Seas (Mediterranean and Black Sea)

EGU2016-504 | Posters | OS2.2

A survey of the carbonate system in the Levantine Mediterranean Sub-basin
Abed El Rahman Hassoun, Elissar Gemayel, and Marie Abboud-Abi Saab

EGU2016-826 | Orals | OS2.2

Long-term climate variability of the Adriatic Sea thermohaline properties using an ensemble of regional ocean hindcast simulations
Natalija Dunic, Ivica Vilibic, Jadranka Sepic, Florence Sevault, Samuel Somot, Robin Waldman, and Gabriel Jorda

EGU2016-3299 | Posters | OS2.2

Glider and satellite high resolution monitoring of a mesoscale eddy in the Algerian basin: effects on the mixed layer depth and biochemistry
Yuri Cotroneo, Giuseppe Aulicino, Simón Ruiz, Ananda Pascual, Giorgio Budillon, Giannetta Fusco, and Joaquin Tintoré

EGU2016-14862 | Orals | OS2.2

Modelling the state of the Mediterranean Sea under contemporary and future climate
Cosimo Solidoro, Paolo Lazzari, Gianpiero Cossarini, Donata Melaku Canu, and Tomas Lovato

EGU2016-16222 | Orals | OS2.2

Implementation of Black Sea numerical model based on NEMO and 3DVAR data assimilation scheme for operational forecasting
Stefania Angela Ciliberti, Elisaveta Peneva, Andrea Storto, Kandilarov Rostislav, Rita Lecci, Chunxue Yang, Giovanni Coppini, Simona Masina, and Nadia Pinardi

EGU2016-7389 | Posters | OS2.2

Contribution of climate forcing to sea level variations in the Mediterranean Sea
Dimitrios A. Natsiopoulos, Georgios S. Vergos, and Ilias N. Tziavos

EGU2016-7213 | Orals | OS2.2

Inter-annual variability of the Mediterranean thermohaline circulation in Med-CORDEX simulations
Maria Vittoria Struglia, Mario Adani, Adriana Carillo, Giovanna Pisacane, Gianmaria Sannino, Jonathan Beuvier, Tomas Lovato, Florence Sevault, and Vassilios Vervatis

EGU2016-7980 | Posters | OS2.2

The NEMO-AROME WMED high-resolution air-sea coupled system: impact on dense water formation
Fabien Léger, Cindy Lebeaupin Brossier, Hervé Giordani, Thomas Arsouze, Jonathan Beuvier, Marie-Noëlle Bouin, Véronique Ducrocq, and Nadia Fourrié

EGU2016-11952 | Posters | OS2.2

Simulation of bombe radiocarbon transient in the Mediterranean Sea using a high-resolution regional model.
Mohamed Ayache, Jean-claude Dutay, Anne Mouchet, Nadine Tisnérat-Laborde, Fouzia Houma-Bachari, Ferial Louanchi, and Philippe jean-baptiste

EGU2016-57 | Orals | OS2.2

Propagation of Mediterranean-origin water into the Black Sea interior: pathways, travel times and underlying mechanism
Anastasia Falina, Emin Ozsoy, Artem Sarafanov, and Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu

EGU2016-12775 | Posters | OS2.2

Quantitative analysis of Paratethys sea level change during the Messinian Salinity Crisis
Alba de la Vara, Paul Meijer, Christiaan van Baak, Alice Marzocchi, and Arjen Grothe

EGU2016-12470 | Orals | OS2.2

Impact study of the Argo array definition in the Mediterranean Sea based on satellite altimetry gridded data
Antonio Sanchez-Roman, Simón Ruiz, Ananda Pascual, Stéphanie Guinehut, and Baptiste Mourre

EGU2016-17636 | Posters | OS2.2

Late Miocene evolution of the Black Sea: insights from palynology and strontium isotope ratios
Arjen Grothe, Christiaan van Baak, Iuliana Vasiliev, Francesca Sangiorgi, Gert-Jan Reichart, Marius Stoica, and Wout Krijgsman

EGU2016-16201 | Orals | OS2.2

Seasonal Hypoxia on the Shelf and Shoaling of the Permanent Oxycline in the Open Sea: Two Faces of the Black Sea Deoxygenation
Arthur Capet, Emil Stanev, Jean-Marie Beckers, and Marilaure Grégoire

EGU2016-13000 | Posters | OS2.2

An Angular Momentum Eddy Detection Algorithm (AMEDA) applied to coastal eddies
Briac Le Vu, Alexandre Stegner, and Thomas Arsouze

EGU2016-11879 | Orals | OS2.2

Deriving ocean climatologies with multivariate coupling
Alexander Barth, Aida Alvera Azcarate, and Jean-Marie Beckers

EGU2016-6433 | Orals | OS2.2

Surface connection between different areas in Mediterranean Sea derived from drifter data
Paolo Celentano, Daniel F. Carlson, Pierpaolo Falco, and Enrico Zambianchi

EGU2016-16210 | Posters | OS2.2

Hydrographical and dynamical reconstruction of the Warm Core Cyprus Eddy from gliders data
Anthony Bosse, Pierre Testor, Dan Hayes, Simon Ruiz, Elena Mauri, Anastase Charantonis, Fabrizio d'Ortenzio, and Laurent Mortier

EGU2016-14566 | Posters | OS2.2

Climate-physics-chemistry-biology: connected changes in the Black Sea regimes.
Svetlana Pakhomova, Vladimir Silkin, Oleg Podymov, and Valery Chasovnikov

EGU2016-2178 | Orals | OS2.2

High resolution neodymium characterization along the Mediterranean Sea margins: implications for ɛNd modeling.
Mohamed Ayache, Jean-claude Dutay, Thomas Arsouze, Catherine Jeandel, and Sidonie Revillon

EGU2016-8435 | Orals | OS2.2

Diagenetic alteration of iron and phosphorus records below the sulfate-methane-transition-zone in Black Sea sediments
Matthias Egger, Peter Kraal, Tom Jilbert, Fatimah Sulu-Gambari, and Caroline Slomp

EGU2016-4576 | Posters | OS2.2

Basin-wide consequences for the hydrodynamics and biogeochemical conditions in the Mediterranean Sea of a closure in the Strait of Gibraltar. A modelling study
Diego Macias, Elisa Garcia Gorriz, and Adolf Stips

EGU2016-11643 | Orals | OS2.2

Re-assessing the last 3,000 years of archaeological and biological sea-level data from Israel and Greece to identify East Mediterranean trends.
Dorit Sivan, Silas Dean, Guy Sisma-Ventura, Benny Bechor, Niki Evelpidou, Kalliopi Baika, and Theotokis A. Theodoulou

EGU2016-4973 | Posters | OS2.2

Freshwater mass balance and exchange of water masses with the open sea: the Mljet Lakes (Croatia, Adriatic Sea)
Urska Martincic, Nejc Bezak, Dusan Zagar, Tihomir Makovec, Davor Lucic, Vladimir Onofri, and Vlado Malacic

EGU2016-8371 | Posters | OS2.2

Heat and salt redistribution within the Mediterranean basin in the Med-CORDEX model ensemble
Josep Llasses, Gabriel Jordà, Damià Gomis, Fanny Adloff, Diego Macías, Ali Harzallah, Thomas Arsouze, Naveed Akthar, Laurent Li, Alberto Elizalde, and Gianmaria Sannino

EGU2016-7656 | Posters | OS2.2

Atmospheric and oceanologic conditions favouring large bioproduction of northern Adriatic
Romina Kraus, Davor Lučić, Jakica Njire, Tamara Djakovac, Robert Precali, and Nastjenjka Supić

EGU2016-10588 | Posters | OS2.2

Droughts in the Miocene of the Black Sea region
Iuliana Vasiliev, Gert-Jan Reichart, Arjen Grothe, and Wout Krijgsman

EGU2016-11166 | Posters | OS2.2

A greigite-based magnetostratigraphic time frame for the Late Miocene to Recent DSDP Leg 42B cores from the Black Sea
Christiaan van Baak, Iuliana Vasiliev, Dan Palcu, Mark Dekkers, and Wout Krijgsman

EGU2016-11391 | Posters | OS2.2

On The Black Sea Surozhian
Glicherie Caraivan and Cerchia Corneliu

EGU2016-15486 | Posters | OS2.2

Deep Mediterranean Water footprint measured in the Strait of Gibraltar during the last decade.
Cristina Naranjo Rosa, Jesús García Lafuente, Simone Sammartino, and José Carlos Sánchez Garrido

EGU2016-16060 | Posters | OS2.2

Study of water masses variability in the Mediterranean Sea using in-situ data / NEMO-Med12 model.
Félix Margirier, Pierre Testor, Laurent Mortier, Thomas Arsouze, Anthony Bosse, Loic Houpert, and Dan Hayes

EGU2016-17008 | Posters | OS2.2

Estimation of Atlantic-Mediterranean netflow variability
Catarina Guerreiro, Alvaro Peliz, and Pedro Miranda

OS2.3 – Oceanography at coastal scales. Modelling, coupling and observations

EGU2016-231 | Orals | OS2.3

Numerical study of summertime dynamical and physical changes in the southern South China Sea due to the monsoons and its impacts on primary productivity
Farshid Daryabor, Azizan Abu Samah, and See Hai Ooi

EGU2016-4239 | Posters | OS2.3

Observed and modeled mixed-layer variability on the continental shelf of Sardinia (Western Mediterranean)
Reiner Onken

EGU2016-12624 | Orals | OS2.3 | Media interest

Characterization of the sub-mesoscale energy cascade in the Alboran Sea thermocline from spectral analysis of multichannel seismic data
Valenti Sallares, Jhon F. Moncada, Berta Biescas, and Dirk Klaeschen

EGU2016-12029 | Posters | OS2.3

A coupled atmosphere-ocean-wave modeling approach for a Tropical Like Cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea
Antonio Ricchi, M.Marcello Miglietta, Francesco Barbariol, Alvise Benetazzo, Davide Bonaldo, Francesco Falcieri, Aniello Russo, Mauro Sclavo, and Sandro Carniel

EGU2016-4363 | Orals | OS2.3

Response of water temperature to surface wave effects in the Baltic Sea: simulations with the coupled NEMO-WAM model
Victor Alari, Joanna Staneva, Øyvind Breivik, Jean-Raymond Bidlot, Kristian Mogensen, and Peter Janssen

EGU2016-1940 | Posters | OS2.3

Characterizing the surface circulation in the Ebro Delta using a HF radar data-model approach
Pablo Lorente Jimenez, Silvia Piedracoba Varela, Javier Soto-Navarro, Marcos Garcia-Sotillo, and Enrique Alvarez Fanjul

EGU2016-11102 | Orals | OS2.3

Dynamics of sea level variations in the coastal Red Sea
James Churchill, Yasser Abulnaja, Mohammedali Nellayaputhenpeedika, Richard Limeburner, and Steven Lentz

EGU2016-5220 | Posters | OS2.3

Seasonal variability of temperature, salinity, and geostrophic currents obtained from CTD and satellite observations around South Korea
EunAe Lee and Sung Yong Kim

EGU2016-14710 | Orals | OS2.3

The benefits of unstructured grids for wave modelling in semi-enclosed domains
Elena Pallares Lopez, Jaime Lopez, Manuel Espino, and Agustin Sanchez-Arcilla

EGU2016-10963 | Posters | OS2.3

High-resolution barotropic tide modelling in the South China Sea
Quang-Hung Luu and Pavel Tkalich

EGU2016-16913 | Orals | OS2.3

High-resolution modelling of 3D hydrodynamics in coastal archipelagos
Elina Miettunen, Laura Tuomi, Janne Ropponen, and Risto Lignell

EGU2016-8397 | Posters | OS2.3

UK Environmental Prediction – integration and evaluation at the convective scale
Joachim Fallmann, Huw Lewis, Juan Manuel Castillo, David Pearson, Chris Harris, Andy Saulter, Lucy Bricheno, and Eleanor Blyth

EGU2016-8653 | Posters | OS2.3

Simulation of the surface wind field and wind waves over the Oman Sea
Sima Hamzeloo, Mohammad Hadi Moeini, and Majid Jandaghi Alaee

EGU2016-2084 | Posters | OS2.3

Computed and observed turbulent heat fluxes during an extreme Bora event in the Adriatic using atmosphere-ocean coupling
Matjaž Ličer, Peter Smerkol, Anja Fettich, Michalis Ravdas, Alexandros Papapostolou, Anneta Mantziafou, Benedikt Strajnar, Jure Cedilnik, Maja Jeromel, Jure Jerman, Sašo Petan, Alvise Benetazzo, Sandro Carniel, Vlado Malačič, and Sarantis Sofianos

EGU2016-3687 | Posters | OS2.3

Annual variation of topography and surface sedimentary facies of 2014~2015 years in the Gochang coast, southwestern Korea
Woo Hun Ryang and Sol Ip Kang

EGU2016-3690 | Posters | OS2.3

Surface sedimentation and sediment property of 2014~2015 years on the Dongho open-coast intertidal flat, Gochang coast of southwestern Korea
Woo Hun Ryang, Na Yeong Kang, and Sol Ip Kang

EGU2016-12504 | Posters | OS2.3

Waves study in the Gulf of Naples by HF radar and buoy measurements
Simona Saviano, Alkiviadis Kalampokis, Marco Uttieri, and Enrico Zambianchi

EGU2016-12550 | Posters | OS2.3

Numerical and experimental results on the spectral wave transfer in finite depth
Guido Benassai

EGU2016-16634 | Posters | OS2.3

Identification of wind fields for wave modeling near Qatar
Sashikant Nayak, Sandeepan Balan Sobhana, and Vijay Panchang

EGU2016-1120 | Posters | OS2.3

Near-coastal ocean variability off southern Tamaulipas - northern Veracruz, western Gulf of Mexico, during spring-summer 2013
David Rivas

EGU2016-1638 | Posters | OS2.3

Characterization of bottom sediments in the Río de la Plata estuary
Claudia G. Simionato and Diego Moreira

EGU2016-5332 | Posters | OS2.3

A data-derived forecast model of surface circulation based on statistical forcing-response decomposition techniques
Sung Yong Kim

EGU2016-6862 | Posters | OS2.3

Lateral plume spreading in a medium size river plume using surface Lagrangian drifters
Georgia Kakoulaki, Daniel MacDonald, and Kelly Cole

EGU2016-10136 | Posters | OS2.3

Modelling of river plume dynamics in Öre estuary (Baltic Sea) with Telemac-3D hydrodynamic model
Alexander Sokolov

EGU2016-10938 | Posters | OS2.3

The Alongshore Tilt of Mean Dynamic Topography and Implications for Nearshore Circulation and Regional Vorticity Balance
Christoph Renkl and Keith R. Thompson

OS3.1 – Ocean biogeochemistry: novel approaches and synthesis (co-organized)

EGU2016-1918 | Orals | OS3.1

Recent nutrient dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea
Kitack Lee and Ji-Young Moon

EGU2016-5856 | Posters | OS3.1

Modelling the benthic-pelagic coupling in the Gulf of Trieste (N. Adriatic)
Giulia Mussap and Marco Zavatarelli

EGU2016-1955 | Posters | OS3.1

Heterometric sediment and benthic micro-habitat: In situ and experimental approaches.
Maxime Navon, Jean-Claude Dauvin, and Sandric Lesourd

EGU2016-6662 | Orals | OS3.1

Interplay of oxygen and hydrography in the eastern tropical North Atlantic on decadal to multi-decadal time scales
Johannes Hahn, Peter Brandt, Sunke Schmidtko, and Gerd Krahmann

EGU2016-6812 | Posters | OS3.1

A novel approach to the assess biotic oxygen consumption in marine sediment communities
Victor Baranov, Ana Queiros, Stephen Widdicombe, Nick Stephens, Gennadi Lessin, Stefan Krause, and Joerg Lewandowski

EGU2016-81 | Orals | OS3.1

Spectrophotometric Measurements of the Carbonate Ion Concentration: Aragonite Saturation States in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean
Maribel I. García-Ibáñez, Noelia M. Fajar, Henar SanLeón-Bartolomé, Marta Álvarez, and Fiz F. Pérez

EGU2016-17177 | Posters | OS3.1

Benthic processes and coastal aquaculture: merging models and field data at a local scale
Daniele Brigolin, Christophe Rabouille, Bruno Bombled, Silvia Colla, Roberto Pastres, and Fabio Pranovi

EGU2016-12634 | Orals | OS3.1

Evaluating the deep-ocean circulation of a global ocean model using carbon isotopic ratios
André Paul, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Jake Gebbie, Martin Losch, and Olivier Marchal

EGU2016-13173 | Posters | OS3.1

Empirical approaches to more accurately predict benthic-pelagic coupling in biogeochemical ocean models
Andy Dale, Konstantin Stolpovsky, and Klaus Wallmann

EGU2016-717 | Orals | OS3.1

Drivers of interannual variability of ventilation and biological pump in the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay from 1963-2013
Laura Castro de la Guardia, Mariona Claret, Xianmin Hu, Paul G. Myers, and Eric G. Galbraith

EGU2016-14157 | Posters | OS3.1

The truth is out there: measured, calculated and modelled benthic fluxes.
Svetlana Pakhomova and Elizaveta Protsenko

EGU2016-13959 | Orals | OS3.1

Quantifying atmospheric processing of mineral dust as a source of bioavailable phosphorus to the open oceans
Ross Herbert, Anthony Stockdale, Ken Carslaw, and Michael Krom

EGU2016-14948 | Posters | OS3.1

Novel developments in benthic modelling to address scientific and policy challenges
Gennadi Lessin, Yuri Artioli, Jorn Bruggeman, John Aldridge, and Jerry Blackford

EGU2016-2073 | Orals | OS3.1

Ubiquitous healthy diatoms in the deep sea confirms deep carbon injection by the biological pump
Susana Agustí, Jose I. González-Gordillo, Dolors Vaqué, Marta Estrada, Maria I. Cerezo, Guillem Salazar, Josep M. Gasol, and Carlos M. Duarte

EGU2016-17352 | Orals | OS3.1

Drivers of the Chl:C ratio in