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SM – Seismology

SM1.1 – Seismic Sources and Earth Structure (including Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-15565 | Posters | SM1.1

Recent activities of the Seismology Division Early Career Representative(s)
Matthew Agius, Koen Van Noten, Laura Ermert, P. Martin Mai, and CharLotte Krawczyk

EGU2016-11296 | Orals | SM1.1

Estimating uncertainties in complex joint inverse problems
Juan Carlos Afonso

EGU2016-4671 | Posters | SM1.1

Clustering and interpretation of local earthquake tomography models in the southern Dead Sea basin
Klaus Bauer and Benjamin Braeuer

EGU2016-6211 | Orals | SM1.1

Bayesian uncertainty analysis for advanced seismic imaging - Application to the Mentelle Basin, Australia
Dimitrios G. Michelioudakis, Richard W. Hobbs, and Camila C. S. Caiado

EGU2016-10579 | Posters | SM1.1

Triggering and Clustering of 2008-2013 Deep Earthquake Sequence in the Sea of Okhotsk
Pei-Ru Jian, Shu-Hui Hung, and Lingsen Meng

EGU2016-9066 | Orals | SM1.1

Double-Difference Adjoint Tomography
Yanhua O. Yuan, Frederik J. Simons, and Jeroen Tromp

EGU2016-13336 | Orals | SM1.1

Combining double difference and amplitude ratio approaches for Q estimates at the NW Bohemia earthquake swarm region
Marius Kriegerowski, Simone Cesca, Frank Krüger, Torsten Dahm, and Josef Horálek

EGU2016-17335 | Posters | SM1.1

Source parameters of 2015 earthquake sequence occurred at the northwestern Romanian border
Felix Borleanu, Mihaela Popa, Mircea Radulian, and Eugen Oros

EGU2016-4523 | Posters | SM1.1

Detailed spatiotemporal monitoring of the Vp/Vs within the focal zone
Martin Bachura and Fischer Tomas

EGU2016-14861 | Orals | SM1.1

Variations of Hales Discontinuity beneath South India
Ayush Goyal, Goukaran Kumar Kosre, and Kajaljyoti Borah

EGU2016-14849 | Posters | SM1.1

Coda quality factors of P and S Waves in West Bohemia/Vogtland
Martin Bachura and Tomas Fischer

EGU2016-8147 | Orals | SM1.1

Lithospheric Structure in the southeastern margin of Tibetan Plateau by using ChinArray Data
Zhifeng Ding

EGU2016-2754 | Posters | SM1.1

Evidence for external forcing temporal clustering of great earthquakes
Galina Khachikyan, Beibit Zhumabayev, Nursultan Toyshiev, Dina Kairatkyzy, Azamat Kaldybayev, and Serik Nurakynov

EGU2016-12517 | Posters | SM1.1

Earthquake swarm activity in south-eastern Finland
Timo Tiira, Marja Uski, and Kari Komminaho

EGU2016-8624 | Orals | SM1.1

Instrumental magnitude constraints for the 1889 Chilik and the 1887 Verny earthquake, Central Asia
Frank Krueger, Galina Kulikova, and Angela Landgraf

EGU2016-10715 | Orals | SM1.1

The large Bonin deep Event of 30 May 2015: Seismogenesis in a Detached and Fragmented Slab
Emile Okal and Stephen H. Kirby

EGU2016-7479 | Posters | SM1.1

Relocation and seismotectonic interpretation of the 2015 Ossa de Montiel (Albacete, Spain) seismic series.
Juan V Cantavella, Beatriz Gaite, Mario Ruiz, Paula Romero, Clara Gómez-García, Roberto Cerdeño, Antonio Villaseñor, Jordi Díaz, and Lucía Lozano

EGU2016-6646 | Posters | SM1.1

Was the 2015 Hindu-Kush intermediate-depth earthquake a repeat of the previous M~7 earthquakes ?
Tomoya Harada, Kenji Satake, and Katsuhiko Ishibashi

EGU2016-3823 | Orals | SM1.1

Variations and healing of the seismic velocity (Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture)
Roel Snieder

EGU2016-10143 | Posters | SM1.1

Attenuation tomography in the rupture area of the 2010 M8.8 Maule, Chile, earthquake
Helen Heather-Smith and Andreas Rietbrock

EGU2016-9365 | Posters | SM1.1

Source parameters of the major historical earthquakes in the Tien-Shan region from the late 19th to the early 20th century.
Galina Kulikova and Frank Krüger

EGU2016-17520 | Posters | SM1.1

Revised parameters of the 26th November 1829 Vrancea earthquake by re-evaluating macroseismic data
Maria Rogozea, Mircea Radulian, and Dragos Toma-Danila

EGU2016-3883 | Posters | SM1.1

Detectability of temporal changes in fine structures near the inner core boundary beneath the eastern hemisphere
Wen-che Yu

EGU2016-18176 | Posters | SM1.1

Minimum 1-D P-wave velocity reference model for Northern Iran
Meysam Rezaeifar, Tobias Diehl, and Edi Kissling

EGU2016-7568 | Posters | SM1.1

Seismological Evidence of mafic underplating beneath Central India
Kuntal Chaudhuri, Kajaljyoti Borah, and Ayush Goyal

EGU2016-7372 | Posters | SM1.1

Crustal structure beneath the Japanese Islands inferred from receiver function analysis using similar earthquakes
Toshihiro Igarashi

EGU2016-3869 | Posters | SM1.1

The lithospheric shear-wave velocity structure of Saudi Arabia: Young volcanism in an old shield
Zheng Tang, Jordi Julià, and P. Martin Mai

EGU2016-11496 | Posters | SM1.1

Elastic structure and seismicity of Donegal (Ireland): insights from passive seismic analysis
Nicola Piana Agostinetti

EGU2016-14780 | Posters | SM1.1

Crustal shear velocity structure beneath Cuddapah Basin, India
Abhilash Kumar Paswan, Ayush Goyal, Raju Kumar, and Kajaljyoti Borah

EGU2016-13833 | Posters | SM1.1

Assessing the Comprehensive Seismic Earth Model using normal mode data
Paula Koelemeijer, Michael Afanasiev, Andreas Fichtner, and Alexey Gokhberg

EGU2016-17849 | Posters | SM1.1

Surface wave Tomography on the Indian Plate under La Réunion Island from RHUM-RUM experiment data
Alessandro Mazzullo, Eleonore Stutzmann, Jean-Paul Montagner, Guilhem Barruol, Karin Sigloch, and Satish Maurya

EGU2016-4543 | Posters | SM1.1

Full seismic waveform inversion of the African crust and Mantle – Initial Results
Michael Afanasiev, Laura Ermert, Myrna Staring, Jeannot Trampert, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2016-5505 | Posters | SM1.1

3-D velocity model for Norway on-shore and off-shore
Ilma Janutyte, Lars Ottemoller, Jan Michalek, Conrad Lindholm, Johannes Schweitzer, Steven J. Gibbons, and Tormod Kvaerna

EGU2016-3489 | Posters | SM1.1

3D P-wave velocity structure of the crust and relocation of earthquakes in the Lushan, China, source area
Xiangwei Yu, Xiaona Wang, and Wenbo Zhang

EGU2016-11568 | Posters | SM1.1

Complex Effect of Surface Topography on Seismic Travel Times and Amplitudes
Lo Yi-Ching, Zhao Li, and Hung Shu-Huei

EGU2016-6546 | Posters | SM1.1

The use of waveform cross correlation at a three-component seismic array for detection, location, and magnitude estimation
Ivan Kitov and Irina Sanina

EGU2016-6719 | Posters | SM1.1

Testing the ability of different seismic detections approaches to monitor aftershocks following a moderate magnitude event.
Paula Romero, Jordi Díaz, Mario Ruiz, Juan Vicente Cantavella, and Clara Gomez-García

EGU2016-1712 | Posters | SM1.1

The effect of the velocity model, stations geometry, seismic phases and environmental noise level on earthquake location quality
Antonino D'Alessandro and Giuseppe D'Anna

EGU2016-13896 | Posters | SM1.1

Bayesian surface reconstruction: examples of application and developments
Andrea Licciardi and Nicola Piana Agostinetti

EGU2016-5629 | Posters | SM1.1

3D imaging of the Corinth rift from a new passive seismic tomography and receiver function analysis
Maxime Godano, Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble, Hélène Lyon-Caen, Stéphanie Gautier, and Anne Deschamps

EGU2016-2848 | Posters | SM1.1

A McMC Method for the Inference of Radial and Azimuthal Anisotropy of the Crust and Upper Mantle from Surface-Wave Dispersion Curves
Matteo Ravenna and Sergei Lebedev

EGU2016-16270 | Posters | SM1.1

Location error uncertainties – an advanced using of probabilistic inverse theory
Wojciech Debski

SM1.2 – Research and Development in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring

EGU2016-2100 | Orals | SM1.2

Iterative Strategies for Aftershock Classification in Automatic Seismic Processing Pipelines
Steven J. Gibbons, Tormod Kværna, David B. Harris, and Douglas A. Dodge

EGU2016-15713 | Posters | SM1.2

Seismological analysis of the fourth North Korean nuclear test
Gernot Hartmann, Nicolai Gestermann, and Lars Ceranna

EGU2016-8680 | Orals | SM1.2

Numerical survey of pressure wave propagation around and inside an underground cavity with high order FEM
Sofi Esterhazy, Felix Schneider, Joachim Schöberl, Ilaria Perugia, and Götz Bokelmann

EGU2016-10696 | Orals | SM1.2

Two-parameter assessment of the IMS noble gas component
Michael Schoeppner

EGU2016-13286 | Posters | SM1.2

The NetVISA automatic association tool. Next generation software testing and performance under realistic conditions.
Ronan Le Bras, Nimar Arora, Noriyuki Kushida, Elena Tomuta, Fekadu Kebede, and Paulino Feitio

EGU2016-11561 | Orals | SM1.2

Use of Geophysical and Remote Sensing Techniques During the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization’s Integrated Field Exercise 2014
Peter Labak, Aviva Sussman, Aled Rowlands, Massimo Chiappini, Gregor Malich, Gordon MacLeod, Peter Sankey, Jerry Sweeney, and George Tuckwell

EGU2016-12518 | Posters | SM1.2 | Media interest

Comparative study of the 2016 DPRK event
Fekadu Kebede, Ezekiel Jonathan, and Gerhard Graham

EGU2016-15989 | Posters | SM1.2 | Media interest

Atmospheric Transport Modelling assessing radionuclide detection chances after the nuclear test announced by the DPRK in January 2016
J. Ole Ross and Lars Ceranna

EGU2016-16533 | Orals | SM1.2

The North Korean nuclear test in 2016 – release of shear energy determined by 3D moment tensor inversion
Andreas Barth

EGU2016-11668 | Orals | SM1.2

The Seismic Event in North Korea on 12 May 2010: an assessment from available seismological data
Karl Koch, Won-Young Kim, Paul G. Richards, and David P. Schaff

EGU2016-4442 | Posters | SM1.2

Relative Locations of the DPRK Nuclear Tests Using Regional and Teleseismic Data
Steven J. Gibbons, Tormod Kværna, and Svein Mykkeltveit

EGU2016-6620 | Posters | SM1.2

Cross comparison of four DPRK events
Dmitry Bobrov, Ivan Kitov, and Mikhail Rozhkov

EGU2016-6823 | Posters | SM1.2

Nuclear Test Depth Determination with Synthetic Modelling: Global Analysis from PNEs to DPRK-2016
Mikhail Rozhkov, Joshua Stachnik, Ben Baker, Alexey Epiphansky, and Dmitry Bobrov

EGU2016-5115 | Posters | SM1.2

Advanced global P and S wave body wave tomography for monitoring applications
Nathan Simmons, Stephen Myers, Gardar Johannesson, Eric Matzel, and Stephen Grand

EGU2016-5472 | Posters | SM1.2

Amplitude-dependent station magnitude
Yael Radzyner, Yochai Ben Horin, and David M. Steinberg

EGU2016-13072 | Posters | SM1.2

Static corrections for enhanced signal detection at IMS seismic arrays
Neil Wilkins, James Wookey, and Neil Selby

EGU2016-10291 | Posters | SM1.2

Trans-dimensional and hierarchical Bayesian approaches toward rigorous estimation of seismic sources and structures in the Northeast Asia
Seongryong Kim, Hrvoje Tkalčić, Marija Mustać, Junkee Rhie, and Sean Ford

EGU2016-9256 | Posters | SM1.2

Support Vector Machine Model for Automatic Detection and Classification of Seismic Events
Vesna Barros and Lucas Barros

EGU2016-8836 | Posters | SM1.2

Explosion Source Similarity Analysis via SVD
Matthew Yedlin, Yochai Ben Horin, and Gary Margrave

EGU2016-8346 | Posters | SM1.2

2D Pn Velocity-Gradient and Attenuation Models for Eurasia
Xiaoning Yang and William Phillips

EGU2016-7787 | Posters | SM1.2

Performance of the primary seismic array stations of the IMS network for the year 2015 Part II): An Analyst’s perspective
Ezekiel Jonathan and Fekadu Kebede

EGU2016-5544 | Posters | SM1.2

Detection capability of the IMS seismic network based on ambient seismic noise measurements
Peter J. Gaebler and Lars Ceranna

EGU2016-7538 | Posters | SM1.2

UK National Data Centre archive of seismic recordings of (presumed) underground nuclear tests 1964-1996
John Young and Sheila Peacock

EGU2016-6478 | Posters | SM1.2

Automatic Event Bulletin Built By Waveform Cross Correlation Using The Global Grid Of Master Events With Adjustable Templates
Ivan Kitov, Dmitry Bobrov, and Mikhail Rozhkov

EGU2016-12391 | Posters | SM1.2

Infrasound analysis using Fisher detector and Hough transform
Gil Averbuch, Jelle D Assink, Pieter S M Smets, and Läslo G Evers

EGU2016-14503 | Posters | SM1.2

Global Infrasound Association Based on Probabilistic Clutter Categorization
Nimar Arora and Pierrick Mialle

EGU2016-11837 | Posters | SM1.2

Spatial anti-aliasing for T-phase directivity estimation using data from the International Monitoring System (IMS) hydroacoustic network of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)
Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Georgios Haralabus, Mario Zampolli, Tomoaki Yamada, and Mark Prior

EGU2016-1862 | Posters | SM1.2

Using IMS hydrophone data for detecting submarine volcanic activity: Insights from Monowai, 26°S Kermadec Arc
Dirk Metz, Anthony B. Watts, Ingo Grevemeyer, Mel Rodgers, and Michele Paulatto

EGU2016-14933 | Posters | SM1.2

Analysis of recordings from underwater controlled sources in the Pacific Ocean received by the International Monitoring System (IMS) of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)
Tomoaki Yamada, Mario Zampolli, Georgios Haralabus, Kevin Heaney, Mark Prior, and Takeshi Isse

EGU2016-12350 | Posters | SM1.2

The Seismic Aftershock Monitoring System (SAMS) for OSI – Experiences from IFE14
Nicolai Gestermann, Benjamin Sick, Martin Häge, Thomas Blake, Peter Labak, and Manfred Joswig

EGU2016-16118 | Posters | SM1.2

Atmospheric Transport Modelling confining potential source location of East-Asian radionuclide detections in May 2010
J. Ole Ross and Lars Ceranna

EGU2016-16883 | Posters | SM1.2

Fusion of waveform events and radionuclide detections with the help of atmospheric transport modelling
Monika Krysta, Noriyuki Kushida, Yuriy Kotselko, and Jerry Carter

EGU2016-5516 | Posters | SM1.2

Merging Infrasound and Electromagnetic Signals as a Means for Nuclear Explosion Detection
Joseph Ashkenazy, Azi Lipshtat, Amit S, Kesar, Shlomo Pistinner, and Yochai Ben Horin

SM1.3 – Induced and Triggered Seismic Activity: Observation, Theory and Hazard Analysis

EGU2016-17420 | Orals | SM1.3

Automatic processing of induced events in the geothermal reservoirs Landau and Insheim, Germany
Kai Olbert, Ludger Küperkoch, and Thomas Meier

EGU2016-3007 | Posters | SM1.3

Real time monitoring of induced seismicity in the Insheim and Landau deep geothermal reservoirs, Upper Rhine Graben, using the new SeisComP3 cross-correlation detector
Margarete Vasterling, Ulrich Wegler, Andrea Bruestle, and Jan Becker

EGU2016-7628 | Posters | SM1.3

Automated realtime detection of mining induced seismicity in the Ruhr coal mining district, Germany, using master waveforms
Kasper D. Fischer, Dennis Wlecklik, Wolfgang Friederich, and Sebastian Wehling-Benatelli

EGU2016-6674 | Orals | SM1.3

A new Bayesian formulation to integrate body-wave polarisation in non-linear probabilistic earthquake location
Emmanuel Gaucher, Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble, and Thomas Kohl

EGU2016-17365 | Posters | SM1.3

Seismic activity monitoring in the Izvorul Muntelui dam region
Felix Borleanu, Anca Otilia Placinta, Mihaela Popa, Iren Adelin Moldovan, and Emilia Popescu

EGU2016-3058 | Orals | SM1.3

A delayed seismicity burst revealed by template matching approach during stimulation of GRT1, Rittershoffen, Alsace, France
Olivier Lengliné, Mohamed Boubacar, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2016-16130 | Posters | SM1.3

Seismic network detection capability within the natural gas fields in Northern Germany
Nicolai Gestermann and Thomas Plenefisch

EGU2016-17643 | Orals | SM1.3

Long-term decay and possible reactivation of induced seismicity at the Basel EGS site
Toni Kraft, Marcus Herrmann, Dimitrios Karvounis, Thessa Tormann, Nicolas Deichmann, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2016-1174 | Posters | SM1.3

Microseismic activity after blasting at Zinkgruvan Mine (Sweden)
İrem Erguncu Güçlü, Savka Dineva, and Jouni Hansen-Haug

EGU2016-7031 | Posters | SM1.3

Assessing the monitoring performance using a synthetic microseismic catalogue for hydraulic fracturing
José Ángel López Comino, Marius Kriegerowski, Simone Cesca, Torsten Dahm, Janusz Mirek, and Stanislaw Lasocki

EGU2016-9601 | Orals | SM1.3

Aseismic and seismic slip induced by fluid injection from poroelastic and rate-state friction modeling with application to the Fox Creek, Alberta, 2013-2015 earthquake sequence
Yajing Liu, Kai Deng, Fiona Clerc, Andres Castro, and Rebecca Harrington

EGU2016-2057 | Orals | SM1.3

Drilling into seismogenic zones of M2.0 – M5.5 earthquakes in deep South African gold mines (DSeis)
Hiroshi Ogasawara, Raymond Durrheim, Yasuo Yabe, Takatoshi Ito, Gerrie van Aswegen, Artur Cichowicz, Tullis Onstott, Tom Kieft, Margaret Boettcher, Stefan Wiemer, Martin Ziegler, Christoph Janssen, Serge Shapiro, Harsh Gupta, and Phil Dight and the ICDP DSeis team

EGU2016-3640 | Posters | SM1.3

Co-seismic dilatational strain in the far field of great earthquakes
Yan Zhang, Li-Yun Fu, Chi-yuen Wang, Rui Yan, and Lian-feng Zhao

EGU2016-14889 | Posters | SM1.3

Improved detection of induced seismicity using beamforming techniques: application to traffic light systems
Stephen Hicks, James Verdon, J-Michael Kendal, and Phil Hill

EGU2016-4057 | Orals | SM1.3

The importance of earthquake interactions in forecasting injection induced seismicity: retrospective modelling of the Basel Enhanced Geothermal System
Flaminia Catalli, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Valentin Gischig, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2016-7467 | Posters | SM1.3

Statistical analysis and modeling of seismicity related to the exploitation of geothermal energy
Carsten Dinske, Cornelius Langenbruch, and Serge Shapiro

EGU2016-11121 | Orals | SM1.3

The role of fluid pressure in fault creep vs. frictional instability: insights from rock deformation experiments on carbonates
Marco M Scuderi and Cristiano Collettini

EGU2016-7679 | Posters | SM1.3

Investigating untypical seismicity distribution in Upper Silesia hard coal mine – insight into natural, human-induced and coseismic stress changes.
Maria Kozłowska, Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Łukasz Rudziński, Szymon Cielesta, and Grzegorz Mutke

EGU2016-11106 | Orals | SM1.3

Causality between expansion of seismic cloud and maximum magnitude of induced seismicity in geothermal field
Yusuke Mukuhira, Hiroshi Asanuma, Takatoshi Ito, and Markus Häring

EGU2016-2515 | Posters | SM1.3

Coseismic and aseismic response of the rock mass surrounding deep level mining operations
Alexander Milev, Raymond Durrheim, Makoto Naoi, Yasuo Yabe, Hiroshi Ogasawara, and Masao Nakatani

EGU2016-9371 | Orals | SM1.3

Physics-based estimates of maximum magnitude of induced earthquakes
Jean-Paul Ampuero, Martin Galis, and P. Martin Mai

EGU2016-16043 | Orals | SM1.3

Synthetic modeling of a fluid injection-induced fault rupture with slip-rate dependent friction coefficient
Luca Urpi, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Jonny Rutqvist, Frédéric Cappa, and Christopher J. Spiers

EGU2016-6683 | Posters | SM1.3

Analysis of post-blasting source mechanisms of mining-induced seismic events in Rudna copper mine, Poland.
Alicja Caputa, Lukasz Rudzinski, and Adam Talaga

EGU2016-9620 | Posters | SM1.3

Reservoir-induced seismicity associated with the Pertusillo lake (Southern Italy): poroelastic and time-dependent earthquake nucleation modelling
Flaminia Catalli, Sebastian Hainzl, Luca Urpi, Luigi Improta, and Torsten Dahm

EGU2016-12319 | Orals | SM1.3

Evaluation of induced seismicity forecast models in the Induced Seismicity Test Bench
Eszter Király, Valentin Gischig, Jeremy Zechar, Joseph Doetsch, Dimitrios Karvounis, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2016-9692 | Posters | SM1.3

Differentiating induced and natural seismicity using space-time-magnitude statistics applied to the Coso Geothermal Field
Martin Schoenball, Nicholas C. Davatzes, and Jonathan M.G. Glen

EGU2016-6759 | Posters | SM1.3

Source mechanism analysis of strong mining induced seismic event and its influence on ground deformation observed by InSAR technique.
Lukasz Rudzinski, Katarzyna Mirek, and Janusz Mirek

EGU2016-2942 | Posters | SM1.3

A unified approach to fluid-flow, geomechanical, and seismic modelling
Viktoriya Yarushina and Alexander Minakov

EGU2016-6647 | Posters | SM1.3

Numerical modelling of production-induced seismicity in natural gas exploitation
Dominik Zbinden, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Luca Urpi, and Stefan Wiemer

EGU2016-11429 | Posters | SM1.3

On searching applicants for mechanism of solar-lithosphere relations
Dina Kairatkyzy, Alexey Andreyev, Saltanat Zhumabayeva, and Alibek Seraliyev

EGU2016-15537 | Posters | SM1.3

Numerical investigation of a seasonally loaded water reservoir: poroelastic and hydraulic response to loading and induced seismicty
Luca Urpi, Flaminia Catalli, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Mauro Buttinelli, and Luigi Improta

EGU2016-14100 | Posters | SM1.3

An in-situ stimulation experiment in crystalline rock – assessment of induced seismicity levels during stimulation and related hazard for nearby infrastructure
Valentin Gischig, Marco Broccardo, Florian Amann, Mohammadreza Jalali, Simona Esposito, Hannes Krietsch, Joseph Doetsch, Claudio Madonna, Stefan Wiemer, Simon Loew, and Domenico Giardini

EGU2016-6950 | Posters | SM1.3

Constraints on temporal velocity variations associated with an underground gas storage in the Gulf of Valencia using earthquake and seismic ambient noise data
Arantza Ugalde, Beatriz Gaite, and Antonio Villaseñor

EGU2016-12481 | Posters | SM1.3

Induced seismicity caused by hydraulic fracturing in deep geothermal wells in Germany and adjacent areas
Thomas Plenefisch, Lisa Brückner, Lars Ceranna, Nicolai Gestermann, Georg Houben, Torsten Tischner, Ulrich Wegler, Matthias Wellbrink, Christian Bönnemann, Andreas Bertram, and Bernd Kirschbaum

EGU2016-9395 | Posters | SM1.3

Shear wave velocity for the upper 30 m: Combining a 3D voxel model and seismic CPTS for the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands.
Roula Dambrink, Jan Gunnink, Jan Stafleu, Ger de Lange, and Pauline Kruiver

SM2.1 – Imaging and Modeling of Earthquake Sources (co-organized)

EGU2016-10662 | Orals | SM2.1

Uncertainty estimation in finite fault inversion
Jan Dettmer, Phil R. Cummins, and Roberto Benavente

EGU2016-10687 | Posters | SM2.1

Statistical Evaluation of Turkey Earthquake Cataloque: A Case study (1900-2015)
Dogan Kalafat

EGU2016-6624 | Posters | SM2.1

Earthquake statistics, spatiotemporal distribution of foci and source mechanisms - a key to understanding of the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarms
Josef Horálek, Hana Čermáková, and Tomáš Fischer

EGU2016-13333 | Orals | SM2.1

Slipping New Prior Assumptions into Old Inversion Methods - Application to the Napa Valley Earthquake
Ruth Amey and Andy Hooper

EGU2016-9338 | Orals | SM2.1

Unprecedented resolution for onshore GPS slip inversion of the 2009 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
alon ziv

EGU2016-5907 | Posters | SM2.1

Rupture Complexities of Fluid Induced Microseismic Events at the Basel EGS Project
Jonas Folesky, Jörn Kummerow, Serge A. Shapiro, Markus Häring, and Hiroshi Asanuma

EGU2016-1048 | Posters | SM2.1

Searching non-impulsive earthquakes using a full-waveform, cross-correlation detection method.
ericka alinne solano and Vala Hjorleifsdottir

EGU2016-8329 | Orals | SM2.1

A phase coherence approach to estimating the spatial extent of earthquakes
Jessica C. Hawthorne and Jean-Paul Ampuero

EGU2016-7173 | Orals | SM2.1

Beyond the limits of moment tensor inversion using stacked full waveforms: the Bárðarbunga caldera collapse (Iceland) case
Simone Cesca, Sebastian Heimann, Marius Kriegerowski, and Torsten Dahm

EGU2016-5841 | Posters | SM2.1

Optimizing event detection and location in low-seismicity zones: Case study from Western Switzerland
Naomi Vouillamoz, Martinus Abednego, Gilles Hillel Wust-Bloch, and Jon Mosar

EGU2016-5768 | Posters | SM2.1

Characterization of microseismic sequences in North-Western Switzerland using sonograms and waveform similarity analysis
Marie Luyet, Naomi Vouillamoz, Patrick Blascheck, Martinus Abednego, and Jon Mosar

EGU2016-13817 | Orals | SM2.1

Toward probabilistic answers to key scientific questions in source modeling: Bayesian explorations of fault slip and coupling over the earthquake cycle
Romain Jolivet, Zacharie Duputel, and Mark Simons

EGU2016-9852 | Posters | SM2.1

A moment-tensor catalog for intermediate magnitude earthquakes in Mexico
Félix Rodríguez Cardozo, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, Liliana Martínez-Peláez, Sara Franco, and Arturo Iglesias Mendoza

EGU2016-6896 | Posters | SM2.1

Resolution of rupture directivity in weak events (Mw ~ 5): a comparison of 1D and 2D source parameterizations
José Ángel López Comino, Daniel Stich, José Morales, and Ana M. G. Ferreira

EGU2016-7018 | Orals | SM2.1

The 2015, Mw 6.5, Leucas (Ionian Sea, Greece) earthquake: Seismological and Geodetic Modelling
Vasso Saltogianni, Tuncay Taymaz, Seda Yolsal-Çevikbilen, Tuna Eken, Fanis Moschas, and Stathis Stiros

EGU2016-10827 | Orals | SM2.1

Observations of large earthquakes in the Mexican subduction zone over 110 years
Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, Shri Krishna Singh, Liliana Martínez-Peláez, Ricardo Garza-Girón, Björn Lund, and Chen Ji

EGU2016-8109 | Posters | SM2.1

A new database of Source Time Functions (STFs) extracted from the SCARDEC method
Martin Vallée and Vincent Douet

EGU2016-17242 | Posters | SM2.1

Estimation of source parameters according to microseismic monitoring of the central part of the East-European platform
Alina Besedina

EGU2016-10936 | Orals | SM2.1

Near-field and far-field effects of elastic structure on coseismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, Japan
Akinori Hashima, Thorsten Becker, Andy Freed, Hiroshi Sato, David Okaya, Hisashi Suito, Hiroshi Yarai, Tatsuya Ishiyama, and Takaya Iwasaki

EGU2016-12235 | Posters | SM2.1

Earthquake scaling laws for rupture geometry and slip heterogeneity
Kiran K. S. Thingbaijam, P. Martin Mai, and Katsuichiro Goda

EGU2016-3101 | Posters | SM2.1

Static and dynamic parameters of deep earthquakes from global seismic data
Piero Poli and German Prieto

EGU2016-8593 | Orals | SM2.1

Pseudo-dynamic source characterization accounting for rough-fault effects
Martin Galis, Kiran K. S. Thingbaijam, and P. Martin Mai

EGU2016-14397 | Orals | SM2.1

Large scale dynamic rupture scenario of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman megathrust earthquake
Thomas Ulrich, Elizabeth H. Madden, Stephanie Wollherr, and Alice A. Gabriel

EGU2016-6716 | Posters | SM2.1

Variations in the Fault Plane Solutions and in the Magnitudes of Earthquakes Occurring in the Anisotropic Region
Deniz Ertuncay and Çağrı Diner

EGU2016-9597 | Orals | SM2.1

Mach-wave coherence in 3D media with random heterogeneities
Jagdish C. Vyas, P. Martin Mai, Martin Galis, Eric M. Dunham, and Walter Imperatori

EGU2016-9312 | Posters | SM2.1

Simulation of co-seismic secondary fracture displacements: effects of rupture propagation method and fault properties
Billy Fälth, Björn Lund, and Harald Hökmark

EGU2016-11396 | Posters | SM2.1

Earthquake rupture Along Fractal Fault Surfaces
Olaf Zielke, Martin Galis, and Martin Mai

EGU2016-9041 | Posters | SM2.1

The Mw6.5 earthquake of 17 November 2015 in Lefkada Island and the seismotectonics in the Cephalonia Transform Fault (Ionian Sea, Greece)
Gerassimos A. Papadopoulos, Apostolos Agalos, Gian Maria Bocchini, Konstantinos Chousianitis, Vassilis Karastathis, Ioanna Triantafyllou, Charis Kontoes, Ioannis Papoutsis, Nikos Svigkas, Ioannis Koukouvelas, Vasiliki Zygouri, and Akis Tselentis

EGU2016-8602 | Posters | SM2.1

The Rupture Process of the 2014 Mw6.8 Gökçeada, North Aegean Earthquake Revealed from Teleseismic and Near-Source Waveforms and GPS Vectors
Ali Ozgun Konca, Semih Ergintav, Seda Cetin, Ugur Dogan, Ziyadin Cakir, Hayrullah Karabulut, Robert Reilinger, and Ergin Tari

EGU2016-16000 | Posters | SM2.1

Kinematic source parameter estimation for the 1995 Mw 7.2 Gulf of Aqaba Earthquake by using InSAR and teleseismic data in a Bayesian framework
Hannes Bathke, Guangcai Feng, Sebastian Heimann, Mehdi Nikkhoo, Olaf Zielke, Sigurjon Jónsson, and Martin Mai

EGU2016-15247 | Posters | SM2.1

Improved geodetic earthquake source modelling through correction of ionospheric disturbances in L-band InSAR data
Henriette Sudhaus, Giorgio Gomba, and Michael Eineder

EGU2016-12214 | Posters | SM2.1

Bayesian Estimation of 3D Non-planar Fault Geometry and Slip: An application to the 2011 Megathrust (Mw 9.1) Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
Rishabh Dutta and Sigurjón Jónsson

SM2.2 – Earthquake ground-motion - Source, site and path effects (co-organized)

EGU2016-10849 | Orals | SM2.2

Scaling relationship between rotation and translation motions
Hung-Chie Chiu

EGU2016-410 | Posters | SM2.2

Sensitivity of ground motion parameters to local site effects for areas characterised by a thick buried low-velocity layer.
Daniela Farrugia, Pauline Galea, Sebastiano D'Amico, and Enrico Paolucci

EGU2016-2296 | Posters | SM2.2

The ShakeMap Atlas for the City of Naples, Italy
Simona Pierdominici, Licia Faenza, Romano Camassi, Alberto Michelini, Emanuela Ercolani, and Valentino Lauciani

EGU2016-5276 | Orals | SM2.2

Procedure of evaluating parameters of inland earthquakes caused by long strike-slip faults for ground motion prediction
Dianshu Ju, Kazuo Dan, Hiroyuki Fujiwara, and Nobuyuki Morikawa

EGU2016-3688 | Orals | SM2.2

Repeatable path effect on ground-motion variability at a single station from Taiwan
Chih-Hsuan Sung and Chyi-Tyi Lee

EGU2016-3483 | Posters | SM2.2

Site Effects Estimation by a Transfer-Station Generalized Inversion Method
Wenbo Zhang and Xiangwei Yu

EGU2016-930 | Orals | SM2.2

Analysis of the seismic wavefield in the Moesian Platform (Bucharest area)
Elena - Florinela Manea, Manuel - Thomas Hobiger, Clotaire Michel, Donat Fäh, and Carmen - Ortanza Cioflan

EGU2016-3667 | Posters | SM2.2

Attenuation, source parameters and site effects of SH waves in Taiwan
Shun-Chiang Chang and Kuo-Liang Wen

EGU2016-14869 | Orals | SM2.2

Local seismic effects in Swedish underground mines (Zinkgruvan, Garpenberg, Kiruna)
Savka Dineva, Dimitar Mihaylov, Jouni Hansen-Haug, BIruk Woldemehdin, Per-Ivar Marklund, and Shahram Mozaffari

EGU2016-3700 | Posters | SM2.2

An Experimental Study of the Low-cost MEMS-type Seismometer for Structural Health Monitoring
RenCheng Yin, Yih-Min Wu, and Ting-Yu Hsu

EGU2016-1810 | Orals | SM2.2

A Spatial Correlation Model of Peak Ground Acceleration and Response Spectra Based on Data of the Istanbul Earthquake Rapid Response and Early Warning System
Thomas Wagener, Katsuichiro Goda, Mustafa Erdik, James Daniell, and Friedemann Wenzel

EGU2016-4405 | Posters | SM2.2

Empirical evidence of Rayleigh waves in Norcia (central Italy) and their quantitative contribution to ground motion
Enrico Caffagni, Marco Cattaneo, and Paola Bordoni

EGU2016-4445 | Posters | SM2.2

Continuous H/V spectral ratio analysis of ambient noise: a necessity to understand microzonation results obtained by mobile stations
Koen Van Noten and Thomas Lecocq

EGU2016-13171 | Orals | SM2.2

Variability of site response in the Mygdonian basin (Greece) from accelerometric recordings and 3D numerical simulations
Emeline Maufroy, Emmanuel Chaljub, Nikolaos Theodoulidis, Zafeiria Roumelioti, Fabrice Hollender, and Pierre-Yves Bard

EGU2016-5415 | Posters | SM2.2

Numerical Simulation of Long-period Surface Wave in Sediments
Yiqiong Li and Yanxiang Yu

EGU2016-1188 | Orals | SM2.2

Spatial and Time Variability of Ambient Vibration H/V Frequency Peak
Nassima Benkaci, El-hadi Oubaiche, Jean-luc Chatelain, Rabah Bensalem, and Khadidja Abbes

EGU2016-17472 | Orals | SM2.2

Systematic Site Characterization at Seismic Stations combined with Empirical Spectral Modeling: critical data for local hazard analysis
Clotaire Michel, Manuel Hobiger, Benjamin Edwards, Valerio Poggi, Jan Burjanek, Carlo Cauzzi, Philipp Kästli, and Donat Fäh

EGU2016-5616 | Posters | SM2.2

Beijing Basin’s amplification effect on long-period ground motion
Changhua Fu

EGU2016-17960 | Orals | SM2.2

Site effects inferred from HVSR methodology in Praia da Vitória city (Portugal)
João Fontiela, José Borges, Mourad Bezzeghoud, Philippe Rosset, and Francisco Rodrigues

EGU2016-6213 | Posters | SM2.2

Single-Station Strong Ground-Motion Relationship for North Eastern Taiwan Subduction Zone Earthquakes
Ting-Yu Yeh and Chyi-Tyi Lee

EGU2016-8393 | Posters | SM2.2

Low frequency amplification in deep alluvial basins: an example in the Po Plain (Northern Italy) and consequences for site specific SHA
Claudia Mascandola, Marco Massa, Simone Barani, Sara Lovati, and Marco Santulin

EGU2016-17499 | Orals | SM2.2

Epistemic Uncertainty and Limitations of the Kappa0 model for Near-surface Attenuation at Hard Rock Sites
Benjamin Edwards

EGU2016-18102 | Orals | SM2.2

Introducing seismic metamaterials and their potential geophysical applications.
Andrea Colombi, Philippe Roux, Richard Craster, and Sebastien Guenneau

EGU2016-9102 | Posters | SM2.2

Modeling of three-dimensional Tianshui basin by multi-means in Gansu Province
Xueliang Chen, Mengtan Gao, Zongchao Li, Jinping Guo, Qianfeng Li, and Zhen Zhang

EGU2016-7231 | Posters | SM2.2

Effects of listricity on near field ground motions: the kinematic case
Luca Passone and P. Martin Mai

EGU2016-9185 | Posters | SM2.2

Distance and azimuthal dependence of ground-motion variability
Jagdish Chandra Vyas, Paul Martin Mai, and Martin Galis

EGU2016-6170 | Posters | SM2.2

Austrian empirical ground motion characterization models
Stefan Weginger and Yan Jia

EGU2016-8510 | Posters | SM2.2

Source parameters of the 2013, Ms 7.0, Lushan earthquake and the characteristics of the near-fault strong ground motion
Fengfan Zhao and Lingyuan Meng

EGU2016-10782 | Posters | SM2.2

Separating the effects of intrinsic and scattering seismic attenuation in Southern Taiwan
Tsung-Chih Chi, Gwo-Bin Ou, and Bor-Shouh Huang

EGU2016-10811 | Posters | SM2.2

The effective Q values inferred from the high-frequency decay parameter for the sediments in Taipei basin, Taiwan
Ming-Wey Huang, Kuo-Liang Wen, Chi-Ling Chang, and Sheu-Yien Liu

EGU2016-9513 | Posters | SM2.2

Topographic amplification across a taiwanese ridge
Claire Rault, Patrick Meunier, Arnaud Burtin, Odin Marc, Vvn Weian Chao, Yih-Min Wu, and Niels Hovius

EGU2016-12143 | Posters | SM2.2

Mapping the geophysical bedrock of the Moesian Platform using H/V ratios and borehole data.
Elena Florinela Manea, Clotaire Michel, Donat Fäh, and Carmen Ortanza Cioflan

EGU2016-12068 | Posters | SM2.2

Seismic attenuation parameters in the W-Bohemia/Vogtland region from elastic and acoustic radiative transfer theory
Peter Gaebler, Tom Eulenfeld, and Ulrich Wegler

EGU2016-12713 | Posters | SM2.2

Ground Motion Prediction Equation (GMPE) for Vertical-to-Horizontal (V/H) Ratios of Ground-Motion in Taiwan
Po-Shen Lin, Pao-Shan Hsieh, and Yin-Tung Yen

EGU2016-12197 | Posters | SM2.2

Source effects on the simulation of the strong groud motion of the 2011 Lorca earthquake
Angela Saraò, Luca Moratto, Alessandro Vuan, Marco Mucciarelli, Maria Jose Jimenez, and Mariano Garcia Fernandez

EGU2016-13883 | Posters | SM2.2

Ground Motion Prediction Models for Caucasus Region
Nato Jorjiashvili, Tea Godoladze, Nino Tvaradze, and Nino Tumanova

EGU2016-14859 | Posters | SM2.2

Seismic microzonation and velocity models of El Ejido area (SE Spain) from the diffuse-field H/V method
Antonio García-Jerez, Helena Seivane, Manuel Navarro, José Piña-Flores, Francisco Luzón, Francisco Vidal, Antonio M. Posadas, and Carolina Aranda

EGU2016-15381 | Posters | SM2.2

Earthquake sequence in East Vrancea crustal region (Romania): source characteristics and seismotectonics
Emilia Popescu, Felix Borleanu, Anica Otilia Placinta, Mihaela Popa, Mircea Radulian, and Iren Adelina Moldovan

EGU2016-15458 | Posters | SM2.2

Combined analysis of passive and active seismic measurements using additional geologic data for the determination of shallow subsurface structures
Tobias Horstmann, Andrea Brüstle, Thomas Spies, Jörg Schlittenhardt, and Bernd Schmidt

EGU2016-16273 | Posters | SM2.2

Experimental study of permanent displacement estimate method based on strong-motion earthquake accelerograms
Tao Lu and Guorui Hu

EGU2016-17350 | Posters | SM2.2

Lateral variations of Vp / Vs ratios for Romanian upper crust
Felix Borleanu, Liviu Manea, and Daniel Stoicescu

EGU2016-18533 | Posters | SM2.2

Estimation of site-dependent spectral decay parameter from seismic array data
Seon Jeong Park, Jung Mo Lee, Chang-Eob Baag, Hoseon Choi, and Myunghyun Noh

EGU2016-10354 | Posters | SM2.2

Robust method to detect and locate local earthquakes by means of amplitude measurements.
María del Puy Papí Isaba and Ewald Brückl

SM3.3 – Real time seismology and earthquake early warning

EGU2016-15222 | Posters | SM3.3

A P-wave based, on-site method for Earthquake Early Warning
Aldo Zollo and the RISSC-Lab Early Warning Development Team

EGU2016-10953 | Orals | SM3.3

The EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory and allied networks, the makings of nascent Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning System in Western North America.
Glen Mattioli, David Mencin, Kathleen Hodgkinson, Charles Meertens, David Phillips, Fredrick Blume, Henry Berglund, Otina Fox, and Karl Feaux

EGU2016-13723 | Orals | SM3.3

Update on the Next Generation Earthquake Early Warning in SeisComP3
Yannik Behr, Maren Boese, Deborah Smith, John Clinton, and Men-Andrin Meier

EGU2016-15464 | Posters | SM3.3

Concept, Implementation and Testing of PRESTo: Real-time experimentation in Southern Italy and worldwide applications
Aldo Zollo, Antonio Emolo, Gaetano Festa, Matteo Picozzi, Luca Elia, Claudio Martino, Simona Colombelli, Piero Brondi, and Alessandro Caruso

EGU2016-2198 | Orals | SM3.3

Rapid estimate of earthquake source duration: application to tsunami warning.
Dominique Reymond, Anthony Jamelot, and Olivier Hyvernaud

EGU2016-15638 | Posters | SM3.3

A new tool for rapid and automatic estimation of earthquake source parameters and generation of seismic bulletins
Aldo Zollo and the RISSC-Lab Early Warning Development Team

EGU2016-15734 | Posters | SM3.3

The Use of Preliminary First-Motion Mechanisms and Later Moment Tensor Solutions for Rapid Tsunami Early-Warning Scenario Forecasting
Fabrizio Bernardi, Anthony Lomax, Laura Scognamiglio, and Alberto Michelini

EGU2016-4609 | Orals | SM3.3

Transfrontier macroseismic data exchange in NW Europe: examples of non-circular intensity distributions
Koen Van Noten, Thomas Lecocq, Klaus-G. Hinzen, Christophe Sira, and Thierry Camelbeeck

EGU2016-5549 | Posters | SM3.3

Developing a Near Real-time System for Earthquake Slip Distribution Inversion
Li Zhao, Ming-Che Hsieh, Yan Luo, and Chen Ji

EGU2016-9407 | Orals | SM3.3

Preliminary results of an Earthquake Early Warning System for South Portugal and Southwest of Spain based on Earthworm
Núria Romeu, Jose Antonio Jara, Yolanda Colom, and Xavier Goula

EGU2016-10570 | Posters | SM3.3

Improvement of Epicentral Direction Estimation by P-wave Polarization Analysis
Mitsutaka Oshima

EGU2016-9866 | Orals | SM3.3

Probabilistic earthquake early warning in complex earth models using prior sampling
Andrew Valentine, Paul Käufl, and Jeannot Trampert

EGU2016-2711 | Posters | SM3.3

Optimization of hybrid maximum likelihood earthquake location method
Dong-Hoon Sheen

EGU2016-2734 | Posters | SM3.3

An empirical evolutionary magnitude estimation for earthquake early warning
Yih-Min Wu and Da-Yi Chen

EGU2016-2753 | Posters | SM3.3

The Performance of Earthworm Based Earthquake Alarm Reporting System in Taiwan
Ta-Yi Chen, Nai-Chi Hsiao, and Yih-Min Wu

EGU2016-16182 | Posters | SM3.3 | Media interest

Operational EEW Networks in Turkey
Can Zulfikar and Ali Pinar

EGU2016-15067 | Posters | SM3.3

Earthquake early warning system based on low-cost seismometers network in Tangshan
Boren Li

EGU2016-9899 | Posters | SM3.3

ALERTES-SC3 Early Warning System prototype for South Iberian Peninsula: on-site approach.
Antonio Pazos, Mireya Lopez de Mesa, Javier Gallego Carrasco, José Martín Davila, Carlos Rioja del Rio, Arturo Morgado, Angel Vera, Angel Ciberia, Roberto Cabieces, Angelo Strollo, Winfried Hanka, and Marta Carranza

EGU2016-2544 | Posters | SM3.3

3D crustal seismic velocity model for the Gulf of Cadiz and adjacent areas (SW Iberia margin) based on seismic reflection and refraction profiles
Lucía Lozano, Juan Vicente Cantavella, Jaime Barco, Marta Carranza, and Elisa Burforn

EGU2016-10221 | Posters | SM3.3

Station distribution and quality control for real-time moment tensor inversion at regional distances for the southwestern Iberian Peninsula
Jaime Convers and Susana Custodio

SM4.1 – Ambient seismic noise techniques: sources, monitoring, and imaging

EGU2016-13795 | Orals | SM4.1

Seismic tomography and ambient noise reflection interferometry on Reykjanes, SW Iceland
Philippe Jousset, Arie Verdel, Kristján Ágústsson, Hanna Blanck, Steven Franke, Malte Metz, Trond Ryberg, Cornelius Weemstra, Gylfi Hersir, and David Bruhn

EGU2016-10654 | Posters | SM4.1

Ambient noise Rayleigh wave tomography in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau
zhigao yang

EGU2016-8613 | Orals | SM4.1

Structure of the North Anatolian Fault Zone from the Autocorrelation of Ambient Seismic Noise
George Taylor, Sebastian Rost, and Gregory Houseman

EGU2016-10647 | Posters | SM4.1

Anisotropic Rayleigh wave tomography of Northeast China using ambient seismic noise
Zhikun Liu, Jinli Huang, and Huajian Yao

EGU2016-2134 | Orals | SM4.1

Imaging fluid channels within the NW Bohemia/Vogtland region using ambient seismic noise and MFP analysis
Josefine Umlauft, Hortencia Flores Estrella, and Michael Korn

EGU2016-10335 | Posters | SM4.1

Trans-dimensional ambient noise tomography of the northeast Asia
Seongryong Kim, Hrvoje Tkalčić, Junkee Rhie, and Youlin Chen

EGU2016-5348 | Posters | SM4.1

Ambient Noise Tomography of the Huatung Basin Offshore Eastern Taiwan
Ruo-Shan Liu, Tzu-Ying Huang, Ying-Nien Chen, and Chin-Wu Chen

EGU2016-9299 | Orals | SM4.1

Analysis of seismic noise recorded by temporary seismic array near the Pyhäsalmi underground mine in Finland
Nikita Afonin, Elena Kozlovskaya, Janne Narkilahti, and Jouni Nevalainen

EGU2016-12844 | Orals | SM4.1

Statistical redundancy of instantaneous phases: theory and application to the seismic ambient wavefield
Ianis Gaudot, Éric Beucler, Antoine Mocquet, Martin Schimmel, and Mathieu Le Feuvre

EGU2016-14383 | Posters | SM4.1

Anisotropic Tomography of Portugal (West Iberia) from ambient seismic noise
Graça Silveira, Éléonore Stutzmann, Martin Schimmel, Nuno Dias, Sergey Kiselev, Susana Custódio, and Suleyman Dundar

EGU2016-8824 | Orals | SM4.1

Seismic interferometry by multidimensional deconvolution applied to ambient noise recorded in Malargüe, Argentina
Cornelis Weemstra, Deyan Draganov, Elmer Ruigrok, Kees Wapenaar, and Martin Gomez

EGU2016-8259 | Posters | SM4.1

Ambient noise tomography of the western Corinth Rift, Greece
Dimitrios Giannopoulos, Diane Rivet, Efthimios Sokos, Anne Deschamps, Paraskevas Paraskevopoulos, Hélène Lyon-Caen, Bernard Pascal, and G-Akis Tselentis

EGU2016-17627 | Orals | SM4.1

Seismological Field Observation of Mesoscopic Nonlinearity
Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Martina Gassenmeier, Tom Eulenfeld, Frederik Tilmann, Michael Korn, and Ernst Niederleithinger

EGU2016-8776 | Posters | SM4.1

Ground motion prediction for the Vienna Basin area using the ambient seismic field
Sven Schippkus, Dimitri Zigone, Götz Bokelmann, and AlpArray Working Group

EGU2016-2330 | Orals | SM4.1

Imaging changes at depth in elastic media using coda waves
Anne Obermann, Thomas Planès, Céline Hadziioannou, and Michel Campillo

EGU2016-8751 | Posters | SM4.1

Crustal thickness in central Europe from single-station seismic noise autocorrelation analysis
Gesa Becker and Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun

EGU2016-8180 | Posters | SM4.1

Group and phase velocities from deterministic and ambient sources measured during the AlpArray-EASI experiment
Petr Kolínský, Dimitri Zigone, Florian Fuchs, Irene Bianchi, Ehsan Qorbani, Maria-Theresia Apoloner, Götz Bokelmann, and AlpArray-EASI Working Group

EGU2016-1443 | Orals | SM4.1

Monitoring Klyuchevskoy group of volcanoes (Kamchatka) using seismic noise records
Clara Gómez-García, Florent Brenguier, Nikolai M. Shapiro, Dmitry V. Droznin, Svetlana Y. Droznina, Victor N. Chebrov, and Evgenii I. Gordeev

EGU2016-2410 | Orals | SM4.1

Temporal variation of the Rayleigh admittance: Implication for S-wave velocity changes in the toe of the Nankai accretionary prism
Takashi Tonegawa, Eiichiro Araki, Toshinori Kimura, and Takeshi Nakamura

EGU2016-5798 | Posters | SM4.1

Crustal-scale interferometric imaging in the Malargüe region, Argentina, with P-wave coda and multidimensional deconvolution
Yohei Nishitsuji, Shohei Minato, Iris Hartstra, Boris Boullenger, Kees Wapenaar, Martín Gomez, and Deyan Draganov

EGU2016-13783 | Orals | SM4.1

Climatic and anthropogenic stress on water levels: basin-scale observations with seismic noise
Thomas Lecocq, Helle Pedersen, Florent Brenguier, and Klaus Stammler

EGU2016-18036 | Posters | SM4.1

Strong spurious phase in teleseismic correlations
Lei Li, Michel Campillo, Pierre Boue, Christine Thomas, Philippe Roux, and Nikolai Shapiro

EGU2016-3139 | Orals | SM4.1

Monitoring South-West Greenland’s ice sheet melt with ambient seismic noise
Aurélien Mordret, Dylan Mikesell, Christopher Harig, Brad Lipovsky, and German Prieto

EGU2016-10134 | Posters | SM4.1

Structure of Suasselkä Postglacial Fault in northern Finland obtained by analysis of ambient seismic noise
Nikita Afonin and Elena Kozlovskaya

EGU2016-344 | Posters | SM4.1

Retrieving Optimized Empirical Green’s Functions using C1 and C3 Methods from the Seismic Ambient Noise
Mahsa Safarkhani, Taghi Shirzad, and Zaher-Hossein Shomali

EGU2016-3677 | Orals | SM4.1

Study of strong interaction between atmosphere and solid Earth by using hurricane data
Toshiro Tanimoto

EGU2016-5296 | Orals | SM4.1

Three component microseism analysis in Australia from deconvolution enhanced beamforming
Martin Gal, Anya Reading, Simon Ellingsen, Keith Koper, Relu Burlacu, Hrvoje Tkalčić, and Steven Gibbons

EGU2016-9306 | Posters | SM4.1

Surface-wave tomography of Ireland and surroundings using ambient noise and teleseismic data
Raffaele Bonadio, Pierre Arroucau, Sergei Lebedev, Thomas Meier, Andrew Schaeffer, Andrea Licciardi, and Nicola Piana Agostinetti

EGU2016-3426 | Orals | SM4.1

A quantitative method to map microseismic sources and associated velocity bias in Sweden
Hamzeh Sadeghisorkhani, Ólafur Gudmundsson, Roland Roberts, and Ari Tryggvason

EGU2016-10457 | Posters | SM4.1

New OBS network deployment offshore Ireland
Florian Le Pape, Chris Bean, David Craig, Philippe Jousset, Clare Horan, Colin Hogg, Sarah Donne, Hannah McCann, Martin Möllhoff, Henning Kirk, and Aline Ploetz

EGU2016-4647 | Posters | SM4.1

Detection of discharge changes in Pyrenean mountain rivers using seismic data.
Pilar Sánchez-Pastor and Jordi Diaz

EGU2016-12402 | Orals | SM4.1

Array Analysis of North Atlantic Microseisms
David Craig, Chris Bean, Martin Möllhoff, Sarah Donne, Ivan Lokmer, and Florian Le Pape

EGU2016-11987 | Orals | SM4.1

A Comparison between Oceanographic Parameters and Seafloor Pressures; Measured, Theoretical and Modelled, and Terrestrial Seismic Data
Sarah Donne, Christopher Bean, David Craig, Frederic Dias, and Paul Christodoulides

EGU2016-5311 | Posters | SM4.1

Ground Motions Induced by Precipitation and Fluvial Processes: An Example from Taiwan
Chu-Fang Yang, Wu-Cheng Chi, and Ying-Ju Lai

EGU2016-15554 | Posters | SM4.1

Array observations of seasonal seismic noise variations induced by glacier-fed rapids near Vatnajökull, Iceland
Martin Möllhoff, Eva P.S. Eibl, Christopher J. Bean, and Kristin S. Vogfjörd

EGU2016-11553 | Orals | SM4.1

Identifying seismic noise sources and their amplitude from P wave microseisms.
Jennifer Neale, Nicholas Harmon, and Meric Srokosz

EGU2016-6193 | Posters | SM4.1

Properies of the microseism wave field in Australia from three component array data
Martin Gal, Anya Reading, Simon Ellingsen, Keith Koper, Relu Burlacu, and Hrvoje Tkalčić

EGU2016-10035 | Posters | SM4.1

Long period seismic noise modulated by atmospheric tides
Susana Custódio and George Helffrich

EGU2016-13580 | Posters | SM4.1

Inverting seismic noise cross-correlations for noise source distribution: A step towards reducing source-induced bias in seismic noise interferometry
Laura Ermert, Michael Afanasiev, Korbinian Sager, Alexey Gokhberg, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2016-7995 | Posters | SM4.1

Low frequency signals analysis from broadband seismometers records
Po-Chin Hsu

EGU2016-4174 | Posters | SM4.1

Impact of wind on ambient noise recorded by the "13 BB star" seismic array in northern Poland
Simone Lepore, Krzysztof Markowicz, and Marek Grad

EGU2016-16567 | Posters | SM4.1

Direction dependent Love and Rayleigh wave noise characteristics using multiple arrays across Europe
Carina Juretzek, Magdalena Perleth, and Celine Hadziioannou

EGU2016-16276 | Posters | SM4.1

Monitoring seismic wave speed changes during and after earthquakes near Parkfield: location and depth dependence
Céline Hadziioannou, Sarah Hable, Anne Obermann, Ozgun Konca, and Michel Campillo

EGU2016-5262 | Posters | SM4.1

Explore Seismic Velocity Change Associated with the 2010 Kaohsiung Earthquake by Ambient Noise Tomography
Chin-Shang Ku, Yih-Min Wu, Bor-Shouh Huang, Win-Gee Huang, and Chun-Chi Liu

EGU2016-12454 | Posters | SM4.1

Monitoring seismic velocity changes caused by the 2014 Northern Aegean earthquake using continuous ambient noise records
Christos Evangelidis, Emmanouil Daskalakis, and Chrysoula Tsogka

EGU2016-12299 | Posters | SM4.1

Ambient noise tomography of a deep geothermal reservoir in non-uniform noise conditions
Maximilien Lehujeur, Jérôme Vergne, Jean Schmittbuhl, and Alessia Maggi

EGU2016-14227 | Posters | SM4.1

Time-lapse seismic imaging of the Reykjanes geothermal reservoir
Cornelis Weemstra, Anne Obermann, Hanna Blanck, Arie Verdel, Bob Paap, Egill Árni Guðnason, Gylfi Páll Hersir, Philippe Jousset, and Ómar Sigurðsson

EGU2016-13124 | Posters | SM4.1

COST Action ES1401 TIDES: a European network on TIme DEpendent Seismology
Andrea Morelli and the TIDES MC

SM4.3 – Geophysical Imaging of Volcanoes (co-organized)

EGU2016-50 | Posters | SM4.3

Seismic scattering and absorption mapping of debris flows, feeding paths, and tectonic units at Mount St. Helens volcano
Luca De Siena, Marie Calvet, Keira J. Watson, Art R. D. Jonkers, and Christine Thomas

EGU2016-4433 | Orals | SM4.3

Imaging hydrothermal systems at Furnas caldera (Azores, Portugal): Insights from Audio-Magnetotelluric data
Colin Hogg, Duygu Kiyan, Volker Rath, Svetlana Byrdina, Jean Vandemeulebrouck, Catarina Silva, Maria FB Viveiros, and Teresa Ferreira

EGU2016-2244 | Posters | SM4.3

Three dimensional crustal structure beneath the Gulf of Aqaba region from regional earthquake tomography
Sami El Khrepy, ivan Koulakov, Nassir al- arifi, and Alexey Petrunin

EGU2016-9845 | Orals | SM4.3

Seismic Structure of Villarrica Volcano obtained through Local Tomography
Cindy Mora-Stock, Martin Thorwart, and Wolfgang Rabbel

EGU2016-3282 | Posters | SM4.3

Characterization of the Hydrothermal System of the Tinguiririca Volcanic Complex, Central Chile, using Structural Geology and Passive Seismic Tomography
Claudia Pavez Orrego, Felipe Tapia, Diana Comte, Francisco Gutierrez, Elías Lira, Reynaldo Charrier, and Oscar Benavente

EGU2016-6031 | Orals | SM4.3 | Media interest

Time-lapse integrated geophysical imaging of magmatic injections and fluid-induced fracturing causing Campi Flegrei 1983-84 Unrest
Luca De Siena, Luca Crescentini, Antonella Amoruso, Edoardo Del Pezzo, and Mario Castellano

EGU2016-4491 | Posters | SM4.3

The possibilities of Cherenkov telescopes to perform cosmic-ray muon imaging of volcanoes
Daniele Carbone, Osvaldo Catalano, Giancarlo Cusumano, Melania Del Santo, Maria Concetta Maccarone, Teresa Mineo, Giovanni Pareschi, Stefano Vercellone, and Luciano Zuccarello

EGU2016-3133 | Orals | SM4.3

Radial anisotropy ambient noise tomography of volcanoes
Aurélien Mordret, Diane Rivet, Nikolai Shapiro, Kairly Jaxybulatov, Matthieu Landès, Ivan Koulakov, and Christoph Sens-Schönfelder

EGU2016-13284 | Orals | SM4.3

Assessment of local seismic response of the Stracciacappa maar (Central Italy)
Massimiliano Moscatelli, Maurizio Simionato, Iolanda Gaudiosi, Gianluca Sottili, Alessandro Pagliaroli, Pietro Sirianni, Domenico Pileggi, Alessandra Avalle, Silvia Giallini, Roberto Razzano, Marco Mancini, Gianluca Vignaroli, Sabatino Piscitelli, Jessica Bellanova, Giuseppe Calamita, Angela Perrone, and Giuseppe Lanzo

EGU2016-5317 | Posters | SM4.3

Understanding volcanic plumbing systems using constrained 3D inversion of gravity and magnetic data; examples of maar volcanoes.
Teagan Blaikie, Jackson van den Hove, Laurent Ailleres, Peter Betts, and Ray Cas

EGU2016-1727 | Orals | SM4.3

Seismic tomography reveals the feeding system of the Toba supervolcano from the slab to the shallow reservoir
Ivan Koulakov, Ekaterina Kasatkina, Nikolay M. Shapiro, Claude Jaupart, Alexander Vasilevsky, Sami El Khrepy, and Nassir Al-Arifi

EGU2016-8549 | Posters | SM4.3

Contribution of 3D inversion of Electrical Resistivity Tomography data applied to volcanic structures
Angélie Portal, Yannick Fargier, Jean-François Lénat, and Philippe Labazuy