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SSP – Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Palaeontology

SSP1.1 – Open session on stratigraphy, sedimentology and palaeontology (sponsored by IAS and SEPM) | PICO

EGU2016-6510 | PICO | SSP1.1

Environmental and morphological changes around the Maritime Maya site Vista Alegre.
Roy Jaijel, Beverly Goodman, Jeffrey Glover, Patricia Beddows, Alice Carter, Derek Smith, Dominique Rissolo, and Zvi Ben Avraham

EGU2016-13544 | PICO | SSP1.1

The Triassic of the Kocaeli Peninsula (NW Turkey) with emphasis on Anisian conodonts
Ali Murat Kilic

EGU2016-11088 | PICO | SSP1.1

Seismic stratigraphy and depositional history of late Quaternary deposits in the Yellow Sea.
Gwang-Soo Lee, Dong Geun Yoo, Sungho Bae, Dae Choul Kim, and Hi-Il Yi

EGU2016-10202 | PICO | SSP1.1

\textbf{Dating the Barremian-Aptian shallow platform deposits at the eastern part of the Kopet Dagh sedimentary basin, NE Iran }
Atefeh Chenarani, Seyedabolfazl Hosseini, and Mohammad Vahidi Nia

EGU2016-6705 | PICO | SSP1.1

Revised Stratigraphy of The Nallıhan-Dudaş (Beypazarı) Area and Significance of the Campanian-Maastrichtian Reef Occurrences Based on the Foraminiferal and Rudist Data
Muhittin Görmüş, Muhammed Sami Us, Sacit Özer, Erdoğan Tekin, Serap Akpınar, and Büşra Kabakcı

EGU2016-7262 | PICO | SSP1.1

Sedimentological and Stratigraphic Controls on Natural Fracture Distribution in Wajid Group, SW Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Benaafi, Mustafa Hariri, Osman Abdullatif, Mohammed Makkawi, and Gabor Korvin

EGU2016-2650 | PICO | SSP1.1

Mineralogical and sedimentological study of gypsiferous sands from the Saharian Desert
Roberta Somma and Francesca Bella

EGU2016-1454 | PICO | SSP1.1

Correction of sound velocity depending on the temperature for unconsolidated marine sediment
Dae-Choul Kim

EGU2016-18535 | PICO | SSP1.1

Quantitative characterisation of sedimentary grains
Mohit Tunwal, Kieran F. Mulchrone, and Patrick A. Meere

EGU2016-12220 | PICO | SSP1.1

Sea–level and climate changes in the Northern Calcareous Alps: New insights from the Rhaetian Zlambach Formation of the Hallstatt Basin (Austria)
Marie-Emilie Clémence and Wolfgang Mette

EGU2016-12930 | PICO | SSP1.1

Climatic controls on arid continental basin margin systems
Amy Gough, Stuart Clarke, Philip Richards, and Antoni Milodowski

EGU2016-17552 | PICO | SSP1.1

Biostratigraphy of Cretaceous-Paleogene marine succession, foraminiferal changes across the K/T boundary, sequence stratigraphy and response to sedimentary cyclicity in the Haymana Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey)
Elnur Amirov (Fikret & Sevda)

EGU2016-10524 | PICO | SSP1.1

Selective Preservation of Fossil Ghost Fish
Amanda Meacham

EGU2016-4844 | PICO | SSP1.1

Jurassic onychites (hooks from squid-like cephalopods) associated with statolith occurrences in the Wessex Basin, southern England
Malcolm Hart, Kevin Page, Gregory Price, Christopher Smart, and Philip Wilby

EGU2016-10881 | PICO | SSP1.1

Late Miocene/Pliocene Ostracod Biostratigraphy from South Carpathian Foredeep, Romania (Badislava-Topolog Area)
Alina Floroiu, Marius Stoica, Iuliana Vasiliev, and Wout Krijgsman

EGU2016-15043 | PICO | SSP1.1

New insights into the paleoenvironment of northern Israel during the Last Glacial
Andrea Miebach, Chunzhu Chen, Markus J. Schwab, Lilach Lev, Mordechai Stein, and Thomas Litt

EGU2016-13586 | PICO | SSP1.1

Optimization of the Acetic Acid method for microfossil extraction from lithified carbonate rocks: Examples from the Jurassic and Miocene of Saudi Arabia
Septriandi Chan, Muhammad Malik, Michael Kaminski, and Lamidi Babalola

EGU2016-2089 | PICO | SSP1.1

Isotopic δ13Cbulk stratigraphy of an Early Cretaceous pelagic sequence in the Southern Alps
Alexander Lukeneder, Ján Soták, Luigi Jovane, Martino Giorgioni, Jairo F. Savian, Eva Halásová, Daniela Rehákova, Štefan Józsa, Andreas Kroh, Fabio Florindo, and Mario Sprovieri

EGU2016-12558 | PICO | SSP1.1

Petrographic and Facies Properties of the Evaporites in the Cihanbeyli-Yeniceoba Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey)
Muhammed Sami Us and Erdoğan Tekin

EGU2016-15391 | PICO | SSP1.1

Cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in Neogene rivers of the Great Plains reveal the evolution of fluvial storage and recycling
Hugh Sinclair, Fin Stuart, Louise McCann, and Zui Tao

EGU2016-17285 | PICO | SSP1.1

Heavy metal concentrations and the variations of foraminifers in the Silivri-Kumbagi area (NW Marmara Sea, Turkey)
Zeki Ünal Yümün, Ali Murat Kılıç, and Melike Önce

SSP1.3 – Achievements and perspectives in scientific ocean and continental drilling

EGU2016-9628 | Orals | SSP1.3

Raman Spectroscopy: an essential tool for future IODP expeditions
Sergio Andò, Eduardo Garzanti, and Denise K. Kulhanek

EGU2016-2870 | Posters | SSP1.3

A simple and inexpensive technique for assessing microbial contamination during drilling operations
André Friese, Aurèle Vuillemin, Jens Kallmeyer, and Dirk Wagner

EGU2016-12616 | Posters | SSP1.3

The French initiative for scientific cores virtual curating : a user-oriented integrated approach
Cécile Pignol, Elodie Godinho, Bruno Galabertier, Arnaud Caillo, Karim Bernardet, Laurent Augustin, Christian Crouzet, Isabelle Billy, Gregory Teste, Eva Moreno, Vanessa Tosello, Xavier Crosta, Jérome Chappellaz, Michel Calzas, Denis-Didier Rousseau, and Fabien Arnaud

EGU2016-5751 | Orals | SSP1.3

Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides (COSC): Scientific objectives for the planned 2.5 km deep COSC-2 borehole
Christopher Juhlin, Mark Anderson, Mark Dopson, Henning Lorenz, Christophe Pascal, Sandra Piazolo, Nick Roberts, Jan-Erik Rosberg, and Chin-Fu Tsang

EGU2016-8646 | Posters | SSP1.3

A comparison of geochemical core scanning methods on high-grade metamorphic COSC-1 cores
Ulrich Harms, Johannes Hierold, Jeannette Meima, Dieter Rammlmair, and Tina Kollaske

EGU2016-1417 | Orals | SSP1.3 | Media interest

The ICDP-Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project (HSPDP): new data from the Chew Bahir site in Ethiopia
Melanie Leng, Jonathan Dean, Asfawossen Asrat, Andrew Cohen, Verena Foerster, Janna Just, Nicole Klasen, Henry Lamb, Frank Schäbitz, Martin Trauth, Finn Viehberg, and Bernd Wagner

EGU2016-10914 | Orals | SSP1.3 | Media interest

Initial Report on MexiDrill: The Basin of Mexico Drilling Program
Erik Brown, Josef Werne, Margarita Caballero, Enrique Cabral, Peter Fawcett, Socorro Lozano, Eric Morales, Amy Myrbo, Anders Noren, Ryan O'Grady, Beatriz Ortega, Liseth Perez, Doug Schnurrenberger, Antje Schwalb, Victoria Smith, Byron Steinman, Mona Stockhecke, Blas Valero, and Sebastian Watt

EGU2016-18456 | Posters | SSP1.3

The Himalaya-Bengal Fan source to sink system – new insights by correlation of re-processed seismic data and IODP Expedition 354 results
Fenna Bergmann, Tilmann Schwenk, Volkard Spiess, and Christian France-Lanord and the IODP Expedition 354 Scientists

EGU2016-17580 | Posters | SSP1.3

High resolution variability in the Quaternary Indian monsoon inferred from records of clastic input and paleo-production recovered during IODP Expedition 355
Annette Hahn, Mitchell Lyle, Denise Kulhanek, Sergio Ando, and Peter Clift

EGU2016-16075 | Orals | SSP1.3

Late Quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from Lake Ohrid using stable isotopes
Jack H. Lacey, Melanie J. Leng, Alexander Francke, Hendrik Vogel, Giovanni Zanchetta, and Bernd Wagner

EGU2016-11065 | Posters | SSP1.3

Did opening of the South China Sea impact development of the Asian Monsoon? Results from Oligocene microfossils, IODP Site U1435, northern South China Sea
Denise K. Kulhanek, Xin Su, Qianyu Li, Mitch Gregory, Sophie Warny, and Peter D. Clift

EGU2016-2723 | Orals | SSP1.3 | Media interest

The Towuti Drilling Project: A new, long Pleistocene record of Indo-Pacific Climate
James M Russell, Hendrik Vogel, Satria Bijaksana, and Martin Melles and the Towuti Drilling Project Members

EGU2016-2421 | Orals | SSP1.3

Cenozoic Climate-Tectonic Interactions in the Western Himalaya Recorded in the Indus Submarine Fan: Initial Results from IODP Expedition 355
Peter Clift, Dhananjai Pandey, Denise Kulhanek, Sergio Andò, Peng Zhou, and Expedition 355 Scientists

EGU2016-15473 | Posters | SSP1.3

Evolution of the Middle Bengal Fan at 8°N in the Oligocene to Pliocene - Preliminary Results from IODP Expedition 354
Spiess Volkhard, Schwenk Tilmann, Bergmann Fenna, France-Lanord Christian, and Klaus Adam and the IODP Expedition 354 Scientific

EGU2016-5572 | Orals | SSP1.3

IODP Expedition 359: Maldives Monsoon and Sea Level
Christian Betzler, Gregor Eberli, and Carlos Zarikian and the IODP Expedition 359 Scientists

EGU2016-15798 | Posters | SSP1.3

Contribution of Clay mineralogy of Bengal Fan deposits at 8°N for understanding of Himalayan provenance and environmental conditions
Pascale Huyghe, Christian France-Lanord, and Iodp Expedition 354 scientists

EGU2016-18443 | Posters | SSP1.3

Pore-water chemistry of the deep sea fan in the Bay of Bengal sampled by IODP Expedition 354
Albert Galy, Christian France-Lanord, Volkard Spiess, Adam Klauss, and Iodp Expedition 354 Scientists

EGU2016-12913 | Orals | SSP1.3

IODP Expedition 354 to the Bengal Fan: a Neogene record of Himalayan erosion. Implications on the carbon cycle
Christian France-Lanord, Volkard Spiess, Albert Galy, Valier Galy, Pascale Huyghe, Adam Klaus, and Iodp Expedition 354 Scientists

EGU2016-12334 | Orals | SSP1.3

Refining the Bengal Fan stratigraphy – A first correlation of IODP Expedition 354 results and seismic data from the Bay of Bengal
Tilmann Schwenk, Volkhard Spiess, Fenna Bergmann, Christian France-Lanord, and Adam Klaus and the IOPD Exp. 354 scientific party

EGU2016-18343 | Posters | SSP1.3

Himalaya evolution at Paleogene-Neogene boundary unraveled by zircon age spectrum from Arabian Sea Sediments
Han Feng, Huayu Lu, and Hanzhi Zhang

EGU2016-6491 | Orals | SSP1.3

Surface and Mediterranean Outflow Water Variability during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition – Evidence from IODP Site U1387 offshore southern Portugal
Antje H. L. Voelker, Teresa Rodrigues, Maria Padilha, Francisco J. Jimenez-Espejo, Andre Bahr, Emilia Salgueiro, Andreia Rebotim, Catarina Cavaleiro, Ulla Röhl, and Henning Kuhnert

EGU2016-3754 | Posters | SSP1.3

Arabian Night and Sea Story – Biomarkers from a Giant Mass Transport Deposit.
Sophia Bratenkov, Denise K. Kulhanek, Peter D. Clift, and Simon C. George

EGU2016-3497 | Posters | SSP1.3

Combined heavy mineral and biomarker analysis in silt: a novel approach for provenance studies (Indus Fan, IODP Expedition 355)
Sergio Andò, Sophia Bratenkov, Annette Hahn, Simon George, Peter D. Clift, and Eduardo Garzanti and the Expedition 355 Scientists

EGU2016-11005 | Orals | SSP1.3

Quantitative mineral proxies of fluid chemistry and geothermal gradients in the Kumano Transect, Nankai Trough, Japan
James Sample, Sarah Weeks, Andrew Fisher, Will Defliese, Aradhna Tripati, and Iodp Expedition 348 Science Party

EGU2016-3735 | Posters | SSP1.3

Multi-proxy geochemical analyses of Indus Submarine Fan sediments sampled by IODP Expedition 355: implications for sediment provenance and palaeoclimate reconstructions
Sophia Bratenkov, Simon C. George, James Bendle, Hannah Liddy, Peter D. Clift, Dhananjai K. Pandey, Denise K. Kulhanek, Sergio Andò, Manish Tiwari, Boo-Keun Khim, Elizabeth Griffith, Stephan Steinke, Kenta Suzuki, Jongmin Lee, Kate Newton, Shubham Tripathi, and Expedition 355 Scientific Party

EGU2016-5855 | Posters | SSP1.3

Meso- and microscale vein structures in fore-arc basalts and boninites related to post-magmatic tectonic deformation in the outer Izu-Bonin-Mariana fore arc system: preliminary results from IODP Expedition 352
Dennis Quandt, Peter Micheuz, and Walter Kurz

EGU2016-5671 | Posters | SSP1.3

Initiation and development of slickenlined surfaces in clay-rich material of the Nankai Trough accretionary prism
Ana Crespo-Blanc and Anja Schleicher and the IODP Expedition 348 Scientific

EGU2016-12070 | Posters | SSP1.3

A brittle (normal?) shear zone cored in Site C0002 of Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (IODP Expedition 348)
Ana Crespo-Blanc, James Sample, Kevin Brown, Makoto Otsubo, and Yuzuru Yamamoto and the IODP Expedition 348 Scientific

EGU2016-11443 | Posters | SSP1.3

Characterizing structures on borehole images and logging data of the Nankai trough accretionary prism: new insights
Maria Jose Jurado

EGU2016-12467 | Posters | SSP1.3

High-Resolution Sedimentation Rates at IODP Sites U1424 and U1427 since the late Pliocene from spectral-analyzing GRA Bulk Density and RGB Color Profiles
Thomas Gorgas, Tomohisa Irino, and Ryuji Tada

EGU2016-2797 | Posters | SSP1.3

Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project. Chew Bahir, southern Ethiopia: How to get from three tonnes of sediment core to > 500 ka of continuous climate history?
Verena Foerster, Asfawossen Asrat, Andrew S. Cohen, Raphael Gromig, Christina Günter, Annett Junginger, Henry F. Lamb, Frank Schaebitz, and Martin H. Trauth

EGU2016-2291 | Posters | SSP1.3

Preliminary analysis of downhole logging data from ICDP Lake Junin drilling Project, Peru
Simona Pierdominici, Jochem Kück, Donald T. Rodbell, and Mark B. Abbott and the ICDP Lake Junin Working

EGU2016-12474 | Posters | SSP1.3

Mediterranean Outflow Water at the Pliocene/Pleistocene transition: New stratigraphic constraints from IODP Site U1389 (Gulf of Cadiz, IODP Expedition 339)
Patrick Grunert, Barbara Balestra, Gerald Auer, José-Abel Flores, Carl Richter, Ángela García Gallardo, Ulla Röhl, and Werner E. Piller

EGU2016-13740 | Posters | SSP1.3

Extreme flood events in the Dead Sea basin
Marieke Ahlborn, Yoav Ben Dor, Markus J. Schwab, Ina Neugebauer, Birgit Plessen, Rik Tjallingii, Yigal Erel, Yehouda Enzel, and Achim Brauer

EGU2016-13761 | Posters | SSP1.3

The origin of fluids and gases in the DFDP-2B borehole, New Zealand; insight from on-line mud gas monitoring
Loren Mathewson, Thomas Wiersberg, Samuel Niedermann, Joerg Erzinger, Catriona Menzies, Virginia Toy, and Martin Zimmer

EGU2016-13859 | Posters | SSP1.3

The Evolution of the Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy): High- and low-frequency multichannel 2.5D seismic surveying for an amphibian IODP/ICDP drilling approach
Lena Steinmann, Volkhard Spiess, and Marco Sacchi and the CAFE_2016 Scientific

EGU2016-16431 | Posters | SSP1.3

Numerical simulations of groundwater flow at New Jersey Shallow Shelf
Annick Fehr, Fabian Patterson, Johanna Lofi, and Sönke Reiche

EGU2016-10127 | Posters | SSP1.3

Determination of depth, permeability, and fluid pressure of hydraulically active fractures in the COSC-1 borehole and their correlation with chemical and geophysical logging data
Chin-Fu Tsang, Christine Doughty, Jan-Erik Rosberg, Theo Berthet, Christopher Juhlin, and Auli Niemi

EGU2016-1176 | Posters | SSP1.3

Investigations on the geothermal state of the ICDP COSC-1 well bore
Richard Löwe, Christophe Pascal, and Jörg Renner

EGU2016-8018 | Posters | SSP1.3

Borehole seismic in crystalline environment at the COSC-project in Central Sweden
Felix Krauß, Peter Hedin, Bjarne Almqvist, Helge Simon, Rüdiger Giese, Stefan Buske, Christopher Juhlin, and Henning Lorenz

EGU2016-2820 | Posters | SSP1.3

The derivation of an anisotropic velocity model from combined surface and borehole seismic experiments at the COSC-1 borehole, central Sweden
Helge Simon, Felix Krauß, Peter Hedin, Stefan Buske, Rüdiger Giese, and Christopher Juhlin

EGU2016-12881 | Posters | SSP1.3

Determination of stress orientation in the Outokumpu deep drill hole, Finland
Maria Ask, Ilmo Kukkonen, Simona Pierdominici, and Jochem Kueck

EGU2016-1982 | Posters | SSP1.3

Stress feature interpretation from ICDP drill holes to constrain the orientations of the three principal stresses: Snake River Plain (USA)
Simona Pierdominici, Jochem Kück, Ulrich Harms, and Douglas R. Schmitt

EGU2016-8645 | Posters | SSP1.3

Scientific Drilling in the Samail Ophiolite, Sultanate of Oman
Juerg Matter, Peter Kelemen, Damon Teagle, and Judith Coggon

EGU2016-7573 | Posters | SSP1.3

Recent developments of seismic exploration in the Tannwald basin
Thomas Burschil, Hermann Buness, and Gerald Gabriel

EGU2016-15785 | Posters | SSP1.3

Structural features of Permian formation in Xinjiang Urho Area and prediction of favorable regions
Qing Yuan, Qun Luo, Nan Li, and Huaibao Xu

SSP2.3 – Carbonate systems: records and responses to global change (sponsored by IAS and SEPM) | PICO

EGU2016-8699 | PICO | SSP2.3

Exploring the hidden shallows: extensive reef development and resilience within the turbid nearshore Great Barrier Reef
Kyle Morgan, Chris Perry, Scott Smithers, Jamie Johnson, and James Daniell

EGU2016-3850 | PICO | SSP2.3

Coastal evolution and facies successions in a subtropical arid carbonate environment – Initial results from the sabkha of Al-Zareq, Gulf of Salwa (Qatar)
Max Engel, Kim T. Peis, Christian J. Strohmenger, Anna Pint, John M. Rivers, Dominik Brill, and Helmut Brückner

EGU2016-2966 | PICO | SSP2.3

Reef productivity and preservation during the Late Neogene
Laurent Husson, Anne-Morwenn Pastier, Anais Schmitt, Anta-Clarisse Sarr, Mary Elliot, Kevin Pedoja, and Antoine Bezos

EGU2016-5100 | PICO | SSP2.3

A new sediment core from the early Aptian OAE1a: the Cau section (Prebetic Zone, Spain)
Pedro Alejandro Ruiz-Ortiz, José Manuel Castro, Ginés A. de Gea, Ian Jarvis, Hannes Loeser, José Miguel Molina, Luis Miguel Nieto, Richard Pancost, María Luisa Quijano, Matías Reolid, Peter Skelton, and Helmut Weissert

EGU2016-6366 | PICO | SSP2.3

Performance of portable XRF and micro-XRF on carbonates
Niels de Winter, Matthias Sinnesael, Christina Makarona, and Philippe Claeys

EGU2016-6675 | PICO | SSP2.3

Testing new approaches to carbonate system simulation at the reef scale: the ReefSam model first results, application to a question in reef morphology and future challenges.
Samuel Barrett and Jody Webster

EGU2016-872 | PICO | SSP2.3

Coral reef ecosystem decline: changing dynamics of coral reef carbonate production and implications for reef growth potential
Chris Perry

EGU2016-12088 | PICO | SSP2.3

Mangroves and Sediments – It’s not all about mud!
Stephen Lokier, Andreas Paul, and Flavia Fiorini

EGU2016-13097 | PICO | SSP2.3

Studying the Permian cross-section (Volga region) using chemical and isotopic investigations
Bulat Gareev, Batalin Georgii, Danis Nurgaliev, and Nuriya Nurgalieva

EGU2016-13241 | PICO | SSP2.3

Stratigraphy of divers pleistocene dunefields of carbonate sands on Fuerteventura (Spain)
Christopher-B. Roettig, Thomas Kolb, Daniel Wolf, Philipp Baumgart, Christiane Richter, Ludwig Zöller, and Dominik Faust

EGU2016-16071 | PICO | SSP2.3

Architecture and morphology of coral reef sequences. Modeling and observations from uplifting islands of SE Sulawesi, Indonesia
Anne-Morwenn Pastier, Laurent Husson, Antoine Bezos, Kevin Pedoja, Mary Elliot, Abdul Hafidz, Muhammad Imran, Pascal Lacroix, and Xavier Robert

EGU2016-16743 | PICO | SSP2.3

Brackish to hypersaline lake dolostones of the Mississippian
Carys Bennett, Timothy Kearsey, Sarah Davies, David Millward, and John Marshall

EGU2016-1596 | PICO | SSP2.3

Island evolutionary stage a stronger short-term driver of island instability than sea-level on Maldivian reef rim islands
Kyle Morgan and Chris Perry

EGU2016-16782 | PICO | SSP2.3

New insights into Gondwana paleography based on palinological data from Morro do Chaves Formation (Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Brazil)
Gustavo Gonçalves Garcia, Antônio Jorge Vasconcellos Garcia, and Maria Helena Henriques

EGU2016-17446 | PICO | SSP2.3

The role of coral reef rugosity in dissipating wave energy and coastal protection
Daniel Harris, Alessio Rovere, Valeriano Parravicini, and Elisa Casella

EGU2016-17846 | PICO | SSP2.3

Seismic interpretation of the sedimentation systems, structural geology and stratigraphic of the Chicxulub crater, carbonate platform of Yucatan, Mexico.
Canales-Garcia Iza, Urrutia-Fucugauchi Jaime, Aguayo-Camargo Joaquin Eduardo, and Alatorre-Mendieta Miguel Angel

SSP2.4 – The Need for Integrated Stratigraphy - Recent advances in cyclostratigraphy, astrochronology, radioisotopic dating and age modelling (including Jean Baptiste Lamarck Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-3359 | Posters | SSP2.4

Should Unit-stratotypes and Chronozones be formally defined? A proposal.
Frederik Hilgen, Lucas Lourens, and Heiko Pälike

EGU2016-8123 | Orals | SSP2.4

How much deviations in sampling sedimentary series do impact on the reconstruction of climatic cycles?
Mathieu Martinez, Sergey Kotov, David De Vleeschouwer, Damien Pas, and Heiko Pälike

EGU2016-14233 | Posters | SSP2.4

Testing obliquity-tuned timescales
Christian Zeeden, Stephen R. Meyers, Lucas J. Lourens, and Frederik J. Hilgen

EGU2016-10926 | Orals | SSP2.4

New Re-Os organic-rich shale and sulphide geochronology data from the Pre-Sturtian Chuar Group, Grand Canyon
Alan Rooney, Jaqueline Austermann, David Selby, Carol Dehler, Karl Karlstrom, and Francis Macdonald

EGU2016-15085 | Orals | SSP2.4

High precision dating of mass extinction events: a combined zircon geochronology, apatite tephrochronology, and Bayesian age modelling approach of the Permian-Triassic boundary extinction
Björn Baresel, Hugo Bucher, Morgane Brosse, Borhan Bagherpour, and Urs Schaltegger

EGU2016-12979 | Posters | SSP2.4

Significance testing of orbital forcing in deep time
David Kemp

EGU2016-6880 | Orals | SSP2.4

Integrated stratigraphy of the Carnian biotic crises
Wolfram Kuerschner and Leopold Krystyn

EGU2016-6836 | Posters | SSP2.4

Orbital component extraction by time-variant sinusoidal modeling.
Matthias Sinnesael, Miroslav Zivanovic, David De Vleeschouwer, Philippe Claeys, and Johan Schoukens

EGU2016-16035 | Posters | SSP2.4

The Upstream and Downstream impact of Milankovitch cycles in continental nonmarine sedimentary records
Luis Valero, Miguel Garcés, Pedro Huerta, and Lluís Cabrera

EGU2016-3871 | Orals | SSP2.4

Astronomical calibration of the Boreal Santonian (Cretaceous) based on the marine carbon isotope record and correlation to the tropical realm
Nicolas Thibault, Ian Jarvis, Silke Voigt, Andy Gale, Kevin Attree, and Hugh Jenkyns

EGU2016-34 | Posters | SSP2.4

187Re - 187Os nuclear geochronometry: age dating with permil precision
Goetz Roller

EGU2016-12955 | Orals | SSP2.4

Astronomical forcing on 'mid-Cretaceous' C isotopic record in the Western Tethys
Gabriele Gambacorta, Alberto Malinverno, and Elisabetta Erba

EGU2016-15635 | Posters | SSP2.4

Amplifying Earth history: Zircon U-Pb geochronology by ID-TIMS at the 0.1 ‰ level using new 1013 ohm resistors
Jörn-Frederik Wotzlaw and Albrecht von Quadt

EGU2016-11510 | Orals | SSP2.4

Calibration of the Late Cretaceous to Paleocene geomagnetic polarity and astrochronological time scales: new results from high-precision U-Pb geochronology
Jahandar Ramezani, William Clyde, Tiantian Wang, Kirk Johnson, and Samuel Bowring

EGU2016-10904 | Posters | SSP2.4

New Re-Os organic-rich shale geochronology and U-Pb zircon data from Cryogenian and Ediacaran strata of South China
Alan Rooney, David Selby, Daniel Condon, Maoyan Zhu, and Francis Macdonald

EGU2016-11468 | Orals | SSP2.4

Time Scale Optimization and the Hunt for Astronomical Cycles in Deep Time Strata
Stephen R. Meyers

EGU2016-5596 | Posters | SSP2.4

Late Norian δ13Corg record in the Tethyan realm: New clues on the complex Late Triassic carbon cycle from the Lagonegro Basin (southern Italy)
Mariachiara Zaffani, Claudia Agnini, Giuseppe Concheri, Linda Godfrey, Miriam Katz, Matteo Maron, and Manuel Rigo

EGU2016-2872 | Orals | SSP2.4

The Mediterranean Plio-Pleistocene: A reference frame for astronomically paced low and high latitude climate changes (Jean Baptiste Lamarck Medal Lecture)
Lucas Lourens

EGU2016-16364 | Posters | SSP2.4

Carbon cycle history through the Middle Jurassic of Hungary
Gregory Price, Istvan Fozy, and Andras Galacz

EGU2016-14943 | Posters | SSP2.4

The Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous) of the Norwegian continental shelf and Dorset, UK: a chemostratigraphical correlation
Holly Turner, Andy Gale, and Felix Gradstein

EGU2016-5858 | Posters | SSP2.4

Facies distribution, depositional environment, and petrophysical features of the Sharawra Formation, Old Qusaiba Village, Central Saudi Arabia
Muhammad Asif Abbas, Michael Kaminski, and A. Umran Dogan

EGU2016-9451 | Posters | SSP2.4

Cenomanian-Turonian Bentonites of the Boquillas Formation, Texas, USA: keys to understanding Carbonate Shelf deposition in a Greenhouse Climate
Steve Bergman, James Eldrett, Chao Ma, Daniel Minisini, Calum Macaulay, Aysen Ozkan, and Amy Kelly

EGU2016-5939 | Posters | SSP2.4

The Tethyan Upper Cretaceous in northwestern Turkey – an integrated study of pelagic sections in northwestern Anatolia and the southern Black Sea coast
Erik Wolfgring, Katharina Böhm, Ismael Ömer Yilmaz, Okan Tüysüz, Jaume Dinarès-Turell, and Michael Wagreich

EGU2016-312 | Posters | SSP2.4

Orbital calibration of the late Campanian carbon isotope event in the North Sea
Anastasios Perdiou, Nicolas Thibault, Kresten Anderskouv, Frans Van Buchem, Govert Joan Arie Buijs, and Christian J Bjerrum

EGU2016-8243 | Posters | SSP2.4

A megasplice of globally distributed benthic δ18O records exposes the different astronomical rhythms of the last 35 million years.
David De Vleeschouwer, Maximilian Vahlenkamp, Michel Crucifix, and Heiko Pälike

EGU2016-9314 | Posters | SSP2.4

Cosmogenic Nuclides 10Be–21Ne Burial Dating of Middle Miocene Sedimentary Formation of the Hongliu Valley in Southern Ningxia Basin: A Case of Isotopic Geochronology Study for the Cenozoic Sedimentary Strata
Yan Ma, Huiping Zhang, Weitao Wang, Jianzhang Pang, and Dewen Zheng

EGU2016-4033 | Posters | SSP2.4

In search of the Upper Pleistocene GSSP: bridging the gap in the correlation of Marine and Continental sedimentary successions
Alessandra Negri, Alessandro Amorosi, Adele Bertini, Fabio Florindo, Pontus Lurcock, Stefano Marabini, Giuseppe Mastronuzzi, Caterina Morigi, Veronica Rossi, Francesca Sangiorgi, Giovanni Zanchetta, and Gian Battista Vai

EGU2016-17325 | Posters | SSP2.4

High Resolution Measurements In U-Channel Technique And Implications For Sedimentological Purposes
Dursun Acar, Namık Cagatay, Erol Sarı, Kadir Eris, Demet Biltekin, Sena Akcer, Feray Meydan Gokdere, Ozlem Makaroglu, Ozlem Bulkan, Tugce Arslan, Gulum Albut, Burak Yalamaz, Nurettin Yakupoglu, Asen Sabuncu, Betul Fillikci, and Guliz Yıldız

EGU2016-17601 | Posters | SSP2.4

Detecting to secret folded composite lamina package pairs in cores related slump dump structures and seismites with high resolution sampling of physical parameters
Dursun Acar, Namik Cagatay, Aysegul Feray Meydan, Kadir Eris, Erol Sari, Sena Akcer, Ozlem Makaroglu, Hakan Alkislar, Demet Biltekin, and Tugce Nagehan Arslan

SSP2.5 – Cenozoic stratigraphy and paleoenvironments

EGU2016-9937 | Orals | SSP2.5

Integrated stratigraphy and astronomical tuning of Smirra cores, lower Eocene, Umbria-Marche basin, Italy.
Vittoria Lauretano, Antonio Turtù, Frits Hilgen, Simone Galeotti, Rita Catanzariti, Gert Jan Reichart, and Lucas J. Lourens

EGU2016-3678 | Posters | SSP2.5

Anthropocene and bioclimatic potential of mountain resorts in the North Caucasus
Natalia Efimenko, Elena Chalaya, Nina Povolotckaia, Irina Senik, and Victor Slepykh

EGU2016-5598 | Posters | SSP2.5

Miocene fossil plants from Bukpyeong Formation of Bukpyeong Basin in Donghae City, Gangwon-do Province, Korea and their palaeoenvironmental implications
Eun Kyoung Jeong, Hyun Joo Kim, Kazuhiko Uemura, and Kyungsik Kim

EGU2016-16282 | Orals | SSP2.5

Long-period astronomically forced peat deposits
Luis Valero, Miguel Garcés, Lluís Cabrera, and Alberto Sáez

EGU2016-8153 | Orals | SSP2.5

Fossil plants indicate that the most significant decrease in atmospheric CO2 happened prior to the Eocene-Oligocene boundary
Margret Steinthorsdottir, Amanda Porter, Aidan Holohan, Lutz Kunzmann, Margaret Collinson, and Jennifer McElwain

EGU2016-5800 | Posters | SSP2.5

Palynostratigraphical correlation of the excavated Miocene lignite seams of the Yatağan basin (Muğla Province, south-western Turkey)
Johannes Martin Bouchal, Friðgeir Grímsson, and Thomas Denk

EGU2016-5921 | Posters | SSP2.5

The Bartonian organic-rich deposits within the Silesian Basin (Polish Outer Carpathians)
Anna Waskowska, Jan Golonka, Sławomir Bębenek, Marek Cieszkowski, Rafał Chodyń, and Michael Kaminski

EGU2016-13702 | Orals | SSP2.5

Recording of the Holocene sediment infilling in a confined tide-dominated estuary: the bay of Brest (Britanny, France)
Gwendoline Gregoire, Pascal Le Roy, Axel Ehrhold, Gwenael Jouet, and Thierry Garlan

EGU2016-8879 | Orals | SSP2.5

A new age model for the early-middle Miocene in the North Alpine Foreland Basin
Bettina Reichenbacher, Wout Krijgsman, Martina Pippèrr, Karin Sant, and Uwe Kirscher

EGU2016-9044 | Posters | SSP2.5

Evolution of the eastern Austrian Molasse Basin: The Lower Miocene (Burdigalian) as a key to the understanding of the Eastern Alps – Molasse Basin system
Markus Palzer, Wolfgang Knierzinger, Michael Wagreich, Maria E. Meszar, Susanne Gier, Ali Soliman, and Mădălina -Elena Kallanxhi

EGU2016-9850 | Posters | SSP2.5

Planktic foraminiferal stable-isotopes across the EECO: investigating the coupling between temperature and the exogenic carbon pool (ODP Site 1263, Walvis Ridge)
Cindy Schrader, Vittoria Lauretano, James C. Zachos, and Lucas J. Lourens

EGU2016-15410 | Orals | SSP2.5

A palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of c. 2 million year old Oldowan archaeological occurrences on the Homa Peninsula, southwestern Kenya: a multiproxy approach
Thomas Vincent, Elizabeth Whitfield, Jason Kirby, Christopher Hunt, Laura Bishop, Thomas Plummer, and Peter Ditchfield

EGU2016-9886 | Posters | SSP2.5

Deep-sea ecosystem response to the Middle Eocene Climate Optimum (MECO) in the North Atlantic Ocean
Dorothea Bunzel, Gerhard Schmiedl, and Oliver Friedrich

EGU2016-9949 | Posters | SSP2.5

Integrated stratigraphy of the Smirra Coring: a new reference sedimentary record for the early Paleogene from the Umbria-Marche Basin (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Antonio Turtù, Vittoria Lauretano, Rita Catanzariti, Simone Galeotti, Luca Lanci, Matteo Moretti, and Lucas J. Lourens

EGU2016-10737 | Posters | SSP2.5

Fossil-bearing deposits from the Bukpyeong Formation (Miocene) in the Bukpyeong Basin at Donghae city, Gangwon-do, South Korea: occurrences, taphonomy and paleoenvironmental implications
Hyun Joo Kim, Eun Kyoung Jeong, Kazuhiko Uemura, Kyungsik Kim, and In Sung Paik

EGU2016-14277 | Posters | SSP2.5

Multi-Model approach to reconstruct the Mediterranean Freshwater Evolution
Dirk Simon, Alice Marzocchi, Rachel Flecker, Dan Lunt, Frits Hilgen, and Paul Meijer

EGU2016-14522 | Posters | SSP2.5

Late Eocene stable isotope stratigraphy of North Atlantic IODP Site U1411: Orbitally paced climatic heartbeat at the close of the Eocene greenhouse
Helen Coxall, Steve Bohaty, Paul Wilson, Diederik Liebrand, Anna Nyberg, and Max Holmström

EGU2016-14955 | Posters | SSP2.5

Millennial-scale climate variability in response to changing glacial and orbital boundary conditions during the Mid-Pleistocene transition
Patrizia Ferretti, Simon Crowhurst, Russell Drysdale, Petra Bajo, and Carlo Barbante

EGU2016-15040 | Posters | SSP2.5

Constraints on the duration of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum by orbitally-influenced fluvial sediment records of the northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA
Bas van der Meulen, Hemmo Abels, Niels Meijer, Philip Gingerich, and Lucas Lourens

EGU2016-15228 | Posters | SSP2.5

Gastropoda-Bivalvia Fauna And Neogene-Quaternary Stratigraphy of the Southwest of Dardanelles (Çanakkale-NWAnatolia)
Sevinç Kapan and Sinem Kabasakal

EGU2016-14831 | Posters | SSP2.5

Ecosystem reconstructions for the hinterland of the Atlantic Coastal Plain during the late Mid-Miocene Climatic Optimum (IODP Expedition 313)
Sabine Prader, Ulrich Kotthoff, Francine McCarthy, and David Greenwood

EGU2016-17839 | Posters | SSP2.5

Depositional cycles and Fe/Mn ratio in Upper Absheron substage succession in the western flank of the South Khazarian/Caspian depression of the Azerbaijan Republic
Elnur Amirov (Fikret & Sevda)

EGU2016-18192 | Posters | SSP2.5

Timing the Great Acceleration as onset of the Anthropocene: a statistical approach
Jonathan Donges, Philipp Arndt, and Jobst Heitzig

EGU2016-2106 | Posters | SSP2.5

Evolution of the Tethyan Seaway during the Oligocene and Miocene: Constraints from foraminiferal faunas of the Qom Formation, Iran
Fatemeh Dabaghi sadr and Gerhard Schmiedl

EGU2016-11727 | Posters | SSP2.5

Out with the Anthropocene and in with Anthroposphere: Shifting from temporal to spatial understanding of human forcing of the Earth system
Bina Gogineni and Kyle Nichols

SSP2.7 – Paleozoic to Mesozoic stratigraphy, paleoceanography and paleoclimate (sponsored by IAS and SEPM)

EGU2016-5539 | Posters | SSP2.7

Refined stratigraphy and its paleogeographic implication of the Mungyeong Group (Cambrian-Ordovician), Korea
Inhye Kim, Yoojin Kwon, and Yikyun Kwon

EGU2016-1434 | Posters | SSP2.7

Storm deposits as graves in Early Life: the Fezouata Lagerstätte case (Lower Ordovician, Morocco)
Romain Vaucher, Bernard Pittet, Hélène Hormière, Emmanuel L.O. Martin, and Bertrand Lefebvre

EGU2016-8057 | Posters | SSP2.7

Simulating Late Ordovician deep ocean O2 with an earth system climate model. Preliminary results.
Daniel F. D'Amico and Alvaro Montenegro

EGU2016-8193 | Orals | SSP2.7 | Media interest

A global cyclostratigraphic framework constrains the timing and pacing of environmental changes over the Late Devonian (Frasnian – Famennian) mass extinction
David De Vleeschouwer, Anne-Christine Da Silva, James E. Day, Michael Whalen, and Philippe Claeys

EGU2016-2962 | Posters | SSP2.7

Depositional Environment of Permian Tak Fa Formation, Nakhonsawan, Northern Thailand
Chatchalerm Ketwetsuriya, Alexander Nützel, and Pitsanupong Kanjanapayont

EGU2016-1066 | Orals | SSP2.7

Controls on the Burial of Organic Carbon in the Late Mississippian Craven Basin, UK
Joseph Emmings, Sarah Davies, Mike Stephenson, Chris Vane, and Melanie Leng

EGU2016-6897 | Orals | SSP2.7

Microfacies Analyses and Carbon Isotope Studies on Lower Triassic Microbialites from Armenia
Evelyn Friesenbichler, Aymon Baud, Leopold Krystyn, Lilit Sahakyan, and Sylvain Richoz

EGU2016-15328 | Posters | SSP2.7

Silicon and oxygen isotopic trends in Mesozoic radiolarites
Maximlien Bôle, Baumgartner Peter O., Baumgartner Lukas, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Hori Rie, and Ikeda Masayuki

EGU2016-18441 | Posters | SSP2.7

Palaeoceanic trigger for Lower Triassic shelfal conodont evolution?
Leopold Krystyn, Micha Horacek, and Rainer Brandner

EGU2016-18442 | Posters | SSP2.7

High sedimentation rates in the Early Triassic after latest Permian mass extinction: Carbonate production is main factor in non-Arctic regions
Micha Horacek and Rainer Brandner

EGU2016-16673 | Orals | SSP2.7

High resolution Early Jurassic (Sinemurian–Early Pliensbachian) isotope variation, Dorset UK
Gregory Price, Sarah Baker, Justin VanDeVelde, and Marie-Emilie Clemence

EGU2016-586 | Posters | SSP2.7

New carbon-isotope evidence from the Polish Basin for a major carbon-cycle perturbation at the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary
Robyn Pointer, Stephen Hesselbo, Kate Littler, Grzegorz Pieńkowski, and Marta Hodbod

EGU2016-8262 | Orals | SSP2.7

Orbital chronology of the Pliensbachian – Toarcian transition from the Central High Atlas Basin (Morocco)
Mathieu Martinez, François-Nicolas Krencker, Emanuela Mattioli, and Stéphane Bodin

EGU2016-14279 | Orals | SSP2.7

The Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: A Southern Hemisphere record from Chile
Alicia Fantasia, Karl B. Föllmi, Thierry Adatte, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Enrique Bernárdez, and Emanuela Mattioli

EGU2016-16821 | Posters | SSP2.7

Gamma-ray spectrometry across the Aalenian-Bajocian boundary in the Lusitanian Basin (Western Portugal)
Marisa Santos, Helena Henriques, and Rui Pena

EGU2016-2499 | Posters | SSP2.7

Sedimentological, climatic and environmental changes during the Early Jurassic (Hettangian-Pliensbachian) on the northern Tethyan margin (Switzerland)
Iris Schöllhorn, Karl Foellmi, and Thierry adatte

EGU2016-5205 | Posters | SSP2.7

Jurassic carbonate microfacies, sea-level changes and the Toarcian anoxic event in the Tethys Himalaya (South Tibet)
Zhong Han, Xiumian Hu, and Eduardo Garzanti

EGU2016-12910 | Orals | SSP2.7

Mesozoic black shales, source mixing and carbon isotopes
Guillaume Suan

EGU2016-13858 | Posters | SSP2.7

Dinocyst biostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous succession of central and southeastern Spitsbergen
Kasia K. Sliwinska, Henrik Nøhr-Hansen, Mads E. Jelby, Sten-Andreas Grundvåg, and Snorre Olaussen

EGU2016-4878 | Orals | SSP2.7

Eccentricity paced monsoon-like system along the northwestern Tethyan margin during the Valanginian (Early Cretaceous): new insights from detrital and nutrient fluxes into the Vocontian Basin (SE France)
Guillaume Charbonnier, Stéphanie Duchamp-Alphonse, Thierry Adatte, Karl Föllmi, Jorge Spangenberg, Silvia Gardin, Bruno Galbrun, and Christophe Colin

EGU2016-8669 | Posters | SSP2.7

Stratigraphy and palaeoclimate of Spitsbergen, Svalbard, during the Early Cretaceous
Madeleine Vickers, Gregory Price, Matthew Watkinson, Meriel FitzPatrick, and Rhodri Jerrett

EGU2016-2107 | Orals | SSP2.7

Water-mass evolution during the Cenomanian and Turonian from the proto-Tethys and Western Interior Seaway.
James Eldrett, Paul Dodsworth, and Steven Bergman

EGU2016-4961 | Posters | SSP2.7

Barremian-Aptian rudist shells record dramatic shallow-water sea-surface temperature changes in the Tethyan Ocean
Stefan Huck and Ulrich Heimhofer

EGU2016-6741 | Posters | SSP2.7

Paleoclimate and paleoecology of the mid Cretaceous traced by calcareous nannofossils
Cinzia Bottini and Elisabetta Erba

EGU2016-7958 | Orals | SSP2.7

Paired carbon stable-isotope records for the Cenomanian Stage (100.5 -93.9 Ma): correlation tool and Late Cretaceous pCO2 record?
Ian Jarvis, Darren Gröcke, Jiří Laurin, David Selby, Sascha Roest-Ellis, Andrew Miles, John Lignum, Andrew Gale, and Jim Kennedy

EGU2016-12407 | Orals | SSP2.7

Late Cenomanian environmental changes in eastern Tethys as inferred from rock magnetic data
Yong-Xiang Li and Lifeng Ma

EGU2016-5619 | Posters | SSP2.7

Changes in calcareous nannoplankton calcification during the latest Cenomanian Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 and similarity with other Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Giulia Faucher, Elisabetta Erba, and Cinzia Bottini

EGU2016-11641 | Posters | SSP2.7

A reference section for the Santonian-Campanian boundary and sea-level fluctuations: The Postalm section, Austria, revisited
Michael Wagreich, Jaume Dinarès-Turell, and Erik Wolfgring

EGU2016-1249 | Orals | SSP2.7

Sea level reconstructions and non-marine sedimentation at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary: southwestern margin of the Neotethys in the Salt Range, Pakistan
Shahid Iqbal and Michael Wagreich

EGU2016-6246 | Posters | SSP2.7

Integrated biostratigraphy and sealevel dynamics at the Santonian – early Campanian Schattau section – Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria
Erik Wolfgring and Michael Wagreich

EGU2016-12764 | Posters | SSP2.7

Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the Stöckelwaldgraben section (Northern Calcareous Alps, Upper Cretaceous)
Patrick Bukenberger, Erik Wolfgring, and Michael Wagreich

EGU2016-379 | Posters | SSP2.7

Sedimentology and carbon-isotope stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous Chalk Group in the Höllviken-1 core (SW Sweden)
Dorthe Bøttger, Nicolas Thibault, and Kresten Anderskouv

EGU2016-2630 | Posters | SSP2.7

Paleoenvironmental signals and paleoclimatic condition of the Early Maastrichtian oil shales from Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
Douaa Fathy, Michael Wagreich, Rafat Zaki, and Ramadan S. A. Mohamed

EGU2016-8919 | Posters | SSP2.7

Maastrichtian sedimentation and palaeoenvironments of the Saratov Volga region
Elena Iakovishina, Irina Blinova, Ludmila Kopaevich, Valentina Vishnevskaya, and Sergey Bordunov

EGU2016-4406 | Posters | SSP2.7

Analysis of palaeovolcanic activity in the Pacific Ocean at various Cainozoic periods by processing digital maps a of marine sediments facies.
Irina Belyatinskaya and Alex Asavin

EGU2016-308 | Posters | SSP2.7

Spatial and temporal variability of temperature and precipitation over Iraq and its relation with global sea surface temperature
Jasim Alkhalidi, Sabina Stefan, and Mihai Dima

SSP2.9 – Mass Extinctions, Volcanism, Impacts, and Catastrophic Environmental Changes: Observations and Processes (sponsored by IAS and SEPM) (co-organized)

EGU2016-3563 | Posters | SSP2.9

Global temperature response to century-scale degassing from the Siberian Traps Large Igneous Province
Frode Stordal, Henrik Svensen, Marco Roscher, and Ingrid Aarnes

EGU2016-299 | Orals | SSP2.9

Selective environmental stress from sulphur emitted by continental flood basalt eruptions
Anja Schmidt, Richard Skeffington, Thorvaldur Thordarson, Stephen Self, Piers Forster, Alexandru Rap, Andy Ridgwell, David Fowler, Marjorie Wilson, Graham Mann, Paul Wignall, and Ken Carslaw

EGU2016-4024 | Posters | SSP2.9

Volcano-climate interactions during the PETM and U-Pb dating from the Fur Formation, Denmark
Morgan Jones, Lars Augland, Henrik Svensen, Christian Tegner, Sverre Planke, and Pi Willumsen

EGU2016-1772 | Orals | SSP2.9

Thermal erosion of cratonic lithosphere as a potential trigger for mass-extinction
Sebastien Pilet, Jean Guex, Othmar Muntener, Annachiara Bartolini, Jorge Spangenberg, Blair Schoene, and Urs Schaltegger

EGU2016-4410 | Posters | SSP2.9

Paleosol formation during the Early Triassic Biotic Crisis in Norway
Jochen Knies, Axel Müller, Horst Zwingmann, Ola Fredin, Marco Brönner, and Giulio Viola

EGU2016-7565 | Orals | SSP2.9

Sill intrusion driven fluid flow and vent formation in volcanic basins: Modeling rates of volatile release and paleoclimate effects
Karthik Iyer and Daniel Schmid

EGU2016-4421 | Posters | SSP2.9

Time-related variation of volatile contents of Western Ghats volcanic formations, Deccan, India
Andrea Marzoli, Sara Callegaro, Don R Baker, Angelo De Min, and Paul R Renne

EGU2016-1695 | Orals | SSP2.9

An abrupt extinction in the Middle Permian (Capitanian) of the Boreal Realm with a causal link to anoxia, acidification and mercury poisoning
David Bond, Paul Wignall, Michael Joachimski, Yadong Sun, Ivan Savov, Stephen Grasby, Benoit Beauchamp, and Dierk Blomeier

EGU2016-4551 | Posters | SSP2.9

Mercury anomaly, Deccan volcanism and the end-Cretaceous mass extinction
Eric Font, Thierry Adatte, Alcides Nobrega Sial, Luiz Drude de Lacerda, Gerta Keller, and Jahnavi Punekar

EGU2016-17251 | Orals | SSP2.9

Episodic perturbations of end-Permian atmosphere recorded in plant spore chemistry
Wesley Fraser, Barry Lomax, David Beerling, David James, John Pyle, Stephen Self, Mark Sephton, and Charles Wellman

EGU2016-2901 | Orals | SSP2.9

Sills, evaporites, and contact metamorphic gas generation in the Tunguska Basin, East Siberia: Implications for the end-Permian environmental crisis
Henrik H. Svensen, Sergei Frolov, Grigorii G. Akhmanov, Alexander G. Polozov, and Sverre Planke

EGU2016-6788 | Posters | SSP2.9

Chemo- and palyno-stratigraphy of the Permian-Triassic transition in the Boreal region
Els van Soelen, Sverre Planke, Henrik Svensen, Richard Twitchett, Alexander Polozov, and Wolfram Kürschner

EGU2016-6899 | Posters | SSP2.9

The Carnian (Late Triassic) carbon isotope excursion: new insights from the terrestrial realm
Charlotte Miller, Wolfram Kürschner, Francien Peterse, Viktoria Baranyi, and Gert-Jan Reichart

EGU2016-5112 | Orals | SSP2.9

Calcium and calcium isotope changes during carbon cycle perturbations at the end-Permian
Nemanja Komar and Richard Zeebe

EGU2016-10267 | Orals | SSP2.9

Recovery Following the End-Triassic Mass Extinction: Insights from Mercury Anomalies and Their Relationship to the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
Frank Corsetti, Alyson Thibodeau, A. Joshua West, Kathleen Ritterbush, Joyce Yager, Yadira Ibarra, David Bottjer, William Berelson, Bridget Bergquist, and Silvia Rosas

EGU2016-7468 | Posters | SSP2.9

Geochemistry of Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) sills from deep boreholes in the Amazonas and Solimões basins, Brazil
Thea Hatlen Heimdal, Henrik H.Svensen, Egberto Pereira, and Sverre Planke

EGU2016-10027 | Posters | SSP2.9

Coring and High-Resolution Imaging of the Permian-Triassic Boundary in Deltadalen, Svalbard
Sverre Planke and the Deltadalen Drilling Team

EGU2016-17843 | Orals | SSP2.9

Zircon and baddeleyite U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP)
Joshua Davies, Andrea Marzoli, Herve Bertrand, Nasrrddine Youbi, and Urs Schaltegger

EGU2016-12468 | Posters | SSP2.9

Assessing the volcanic styles of the North Atlantic Igneous Province and their potential implications for the PETM
Dougal Jerram, Peter Reynolds, Morgan Jones, Henrik Svensen, Sverre Planke, John Millett, Olivier Galland, Syahreza Angkasa, Nick Schofield, and John Howell

EGU2016-8245 | Orals | SSP2.9

Timing, tempo and paleoenvironmental implications of Deccan volcanism relative to the KTB extinction, what we can learn from the red bole record?
Thierry Adatte, Valentin Sordet, Gerta Keller, Blair Schoene, Kyle Samperton, and Syed Khadri

EGU2016-9496 | Orals | SSP2.9

Tempo of the Deccan Traps eruptions in relation to events at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
Paul Renne, Courtney Sprain, Kanchan Pande, Mark Richards, Loyc Vanderkluysen, and Stephen Self

EGU2016-13046 | Posters | SSP2.9

Osmium isotope perturbations during the Pliensbachian–Toarcian (Early Jurassic): Relationships between volcanism, weathering, and climate change
Lawrence Percival, Anthony Cohen, Marc Davies, Alexander Dickson, Hugh Jenkyns, Stephen Hesselbo, Tamsin Mather, Weimu Xu, and Marisa Storm

EGU2016-11867 | Orals | SSP2.9

The hydrocarbon cycle and its role in hyperthermals, ocean anoxic events and mass extinctions
Torbjørn Dahlgren

EGU2016-13105 | Posters | SSP2.9

Multiple carbon cycle perturbations during the Carnian Pluvial Event and the eruption of Wrangellia Large Igneous Province in the early Late Triassic
Jacopo Dal Corso, Piero Gianolla, Marco Franceschi, Doriano Fossen, Marcello Caggiati, Guido Roghi, Anna Breda, Manuel Rigo, Xin Jin, and Nereo Preto

EGU2016-13365 | Posters | SSP2.9

New stratigraphic and isotopic record of the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event from Hungary
Tamás Müller, Gregory Price, Dávid Bajnai, Anita Nyerges, József Pálfy, and Zoltán May

EGU2016-13553 | Posters | SSP2.9

3D structure and formation of hydrothermal vent complexes in the Møre Basin
Sigurd Kjoberg, Tobias Schmiedel, Sverre Planke, Henrik H. Svensen, Oliver Galland, and Dougal A. Jerram

EGU2016-14744 | Posters | SSP2.9

The Aptian oceanic anoxic event (OAE1a) in Svalbard and the age of the Barremian-Aptian boundary
Ivar Midtkandal, Henrik Svensen, Sverre Planke, Fernando Corfu, Stephane Polteau, Trond Torsvik, Jan Inge Faleide, Sten-Andreas Grundvåg, Håvard Selnes, and Snorre Olaussen

EGU2016-14883 | Posters | SSP2.9

Constraining the onset of flood volcanism in Isle of Skye Lava Field, British Paleogene Volcanic Province
Syahreza Angkasa, Dougal.A. Jerram, Henrik Svensen, John M. Millet, Ross Taylor, and Sverre Planke

EGU2016-14912 | Posters | SSP2.9

Aluminium-phosphate-sulphate minerals as markers of sustained acidic conditions during the Permian–Triassic transition in E Iberia.
Violeta Borruel-Abadía, Ana Belén Galán-Abellán, José F. Barrenechea, Raúl De la Horra, Francisco Javier Luque, Jacinto Alonso-Azcárate, and José López-Gómez

EGU2016-15516 | Posters | SSP2.9

Evaluating the provenance of Permian-Triassic and Palaeocene-Eocene ash beds by high precision U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopic analyses of zircons: linking local sedimentary records to global events
Lars Eivind Augland, Morgan Jones, Sverre Planke, Henrik Svensen, and Christian Tegner

SSP3.1 – Experimental sedimentology, grain interaction and granular mechanics (co-organized)

EGU2016-13443 | Posters | SSP3.1

Hydralab+: Representing timescales of biological change in flume experiments
Edwin Baynes, Stuart McLelland, and Daniel Parsons

EGU2016-17742 | Orals | SSP3.1

Averaging processes in granular flows driven by gravity
Giulia Rossi and Aronne Armanini

EGU2016-8283 | Posters | SSP3.1

Evaluating the impact of a wide range of vegetation densities on river channel pattern
Ian Pattison and Ron Roucou

EGU2016-16999 | Orals | SSP3.1

Non-local rheology of stony debris flow propagating over a cohesionless sediment bed
Stefano Lanzoni and Carlo Gregoretti

EGU2016-14171 | Posters | SSP3.1

Investigating the impact of vegetation on alluvial fans using laboratory experiments
Lucy Clarke, Stuart McLelland, and Coutlhard Tom

EGU2016-4817 | Posters | SSP3.1

Self-similar growth of an alluvial fan fed with bimodal sediment
Pauline Delorme, Vaughan Voller, Chris Paola, Olivier Devauchelle, Eric Lajeunesse, Laurie Barrier, and François Métivier

EGU2016-11899 | Orals | SSP3.1

2D transient granular flows over obstacles: experimental and numerical work
Carmelo Juez, Daniel Caviedes-Voullième, Javier Murillo, and Pilar García-Navarro

EGU2016-4842 | Posters | SSP3.1

Experimental study of a single channel alluvial fan
Pauline Delorme, Olivier Devauchelle, Laurie Barrier, and François Métivier

EGU2016-5509 | Orals | SSP3.1

The nature and role of advection in advection-diffusion equations used for modelling bed load transport
Christophe Ancey, Patricio Bohorquez, and Joris Heyman

EGU2016-14377 | Posters | SSP3.1

Experimental rivers: the inevitability of Lacey's law.
Francois Métivier, Olivier Devauchelle, and Eric Lajeunesse

EGU2016-10884 | Posters | SSP3.1

Bed form dynamics in distorted lightweight scale models
Jochen Aberle, Martin Henning, and Bernd Ettmer

EGU2016-15171 | Orals | SSP3.1

Quantifying the effects of hydrograph shape and flow transience on coarse sediment bed load transport
Colin Phillips, Kimberly Hill, and Chris Paola

EGU2016-18286 | Posters | SSP3.1

Observations on dune dynamics in covered flow
alessio radice and Francesco Ballio

EGU2016-9605 | Orals | SSP3.1

The role of unsteady forces for sediment particles in bedload transport
Detian Liu, Xiaofeng Liu, and Xudong Fu

EGU2016-999 | Orals | SSP3.1

Shear-­induced segregation of granular particles with different friction coefficients
Katalin Gillemot, Ellák Somfai, and Tamás Börzsönyi

EGU2016-17186 | Posters | SSP3.1

Experimental study of sediment particle diffusion on a granular bed.
Federica Antico, Pedro Sanches, Ilaria Fent, and Rui M.L. Ferreira

EGU2016-2370 | Orals | SSP3.1

Shear-induced granular motion at low particle Reynolds numbers
Andreas Wierschem, José Agudo, Christian Illigmann, Giovanni Luzi, and Antonio Delgado

EGU2016-17842 | Posters | SSP3.1

Laboratory investigation of the distribution of travel distance and rest period of sediment particles from PTV data
Rui M.L. Ferreira and Federica Antico

EGU2016-2329 | Orals | SSP3.1

What causes frictional behavior in fluid-mediated sediment transport?
Thomas Pähtz and Orencio Duran

EGU2016-18317 | Posters | SSP3.1

Lagrangian and Eulerian description of bed-load particle kinematics
Francesco Ballio, Seyed Abbas Hosseini Sadabadi, Dubravka Pokrajac, and Alessio Radice

EGU2016-9007 | Orals | SSP3.1

Comparisons of Derived Metrics from Computed Tomography (CT) Scanned Images of Fluvial Sediment from Gravel-Bed Flume Experiments
Hal Voepel, Sharif Ahmed, Rebecca Hodge, Julian Leyland, and David Sear

EGU2016-6208 | Posters | SSP3.1

Effect of geometrical configuration of sediment replenishment on the development of bed form patterns in a gravel bed channel
Elena Battisacco, Mário J. Franca, and Anton J. Schleiss

EGU2016-16633 | Posters | SSP3.1

Toward a new methodology for measuring the threshold Shields number
Gauthier Rousseau, Blaise Dhont, and Christophe Ancey

EGU2016-16268 | Posters | SSP3.1

Granular motions near the threshold of entrainment
Manousos Valyrakis and athanasios-Theodosios Alexakis

EGU2016-16381 | Orals | SSP3.1

The Fate of Oxbow Lakes Determined by Mechanisms of Meander Cutoff
José Constantine, Pauline Dieras, Tristram Hales, and Hervé Piégay

EGU2016-17423 | Orals | SSP3.1

Variable scale channel avulsion history using fan architecture and stratigraphy, and sediment provenance of Sutlej-Yamuna fans in northwest Gangetic plains during Late Quaternary
Ajit Singh, Sanjeev Gupta, Rajiv Sinha, Alexander Densmore, Jan-Pieter Buylaert, Andrew Carter, Wout M Van-Dijk, Suneel Joshi, Nibedita Nayak, Philippa J Mason, Dewashish Kumar, Setbandhu Mondal, Andrew Murray, Shiv P Rai, and Shashank Shekhar

EGU2016-11902 | Posters | SSP3.1

Transverse bed slope effects in an annular flume
Anne Baar, Maarten Kleinhans, Jaco de Smit, and Wim Uijttewaal

EGU2016-8583 | Posters | SSP3.1

An integrated approach to investigate the reach-averaged bend scale dynamics of large meandering rivers
Federico Monegaglia, Alex Henshaw, Guido Zolezzi, and Marco Tubino

EGU2016-7051 | Posters | SSP3.1

Hysteresis effects in suspended sediment concentration of an allogenic river channel in a very arid environment
Guo-An Yu, Markus Disse, and Yang Yu

EGU2016-10395 | Posters | SSP3.1

Rivers as archives of paleo-precipitation patterns and extreme precipitation
Piret Plink-Bjorklund

EGU2016-13988 | Posters | SSP3.1

Dynamic transport of suspended sediment by solitary wave: Experimental study
JaeNam cho, DongHyun Kim, KyuNam Hwang, and SeungOh Lee

EGU2016-14262 | Posters | SSP3.1

The impact of hydrograph variability and frequency on the morphodynamics of gravel-bed rivers
Ben Plumb, Mário Franca, Carmelo Juez, Anton Schleiss, and William Annable

EGU2016-182 | Posters | SSP3.1

Controls on pebbles size and shape in streams of the Swiss Alps
Litty Camille and Schlunegger Fritz

EGU2016-14365 | Posters | SSP3.1

Provenance and sediment dynamics within river basins in Western Peru through detrital zircons U-Pb ages
Litty Camille, Lanari Pierre, Burn Marco, and Schlunegger Fritz

EGU2016-15138 | Posters | SSP3.1

The Application of SEM analysis technique in studying pore structure of tight reservoirs
Shan Jin, Qun Luo, and Yang Gao

EGU2016-16810 | Posters | SSP3.1

River sedimentation and channel bed characteristics in northern Ethiopia
Biadgilgn Demissie, Paolo Billi, Amaury Frankl, Mitiku Haile, Sil Lanckriet, and Jan Nyssen

SSP3.4 – Bedform dynamics: toward quantitative interpretations (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-542 | PICO | SSP3.4

Truncation planes from a dilute pyroclastic density current: field data and analogue experiments.
Guilhem Amin Douillet, Lukas Gegg, Celia Mato, Ulrich Kueppers, and Donald B. Dingwell

EGU2016-3436 | PICO | SSP3.4

The response of bedforms and bed elevation to hydrodynamics changes
Hao Hu, Daniel Parsons, Annie Ockelford, Richard Hardy, Philip Ashworth, and Jim Best

EGU2016-10101 | PICO | SSP3.4

Temporally Dynamic, Spatially Static, Cobble Bedforms In Reversing Subtidal Currents
Akirat Abdulkade, Paul Carling, Quanli Zong, Julian Leyland, and Charlie Thompson

EGU2016-224 | PICO | SSP3.4

Wave-induced ripple development in mixed clay-sand substrates
Xuxu Wu, Daniel Parsons, Jaco H. Baas, Dominique Mouazé, Stuart McLelland, Laurent Amoudry, Jorris Eggenhuisen, Matthieu Cartigny, and Gerben Ruessink

EGU2016-11979 | PICO | SSP3.4

Laboratory experiment on boundaries of upper stage plane bed regime
Štěpán Zrostlík and Václav Matoušek

EGU2016-4771 | PICO | SSP3.4

The Wavelet ToolKat: A set of tools for the analysis of series through wavelet transforms. Application to the channel curvature and the slope control of three free meandering rivers in the Amazon basin.
Lise Vaudor, Herve Piegay, Vincent Wawrzyniak, and Marie Spitoni

EGU2016-16297 | PICO | SSP3.4

Investigating historical changes in morphodynamic processes associated with channelization of a large Alpine river: the Etsch/Adige River, NE Italy
Simone Zen, Vittoria Scorpio, Marco Mastronunzio, Matteo Proto, Guido Zolezzi, Walter Bertoldi, Francesco Comiti, Nicola Surian, and Elena Dai Prà

SSP3.5 – Rivers and deltas: from their depositional processes to their stratigraphic expressions (co-organized)

EGU2016-1334 | Posters | SSP3.5

Recycling of quartz-poor/lithic-rich foreland-basin sediments in arid climate (Euphrates-Tigris-Karun river system)
Eduardo Garzanti, Ali Ismail Al Juboury, Yousef Zoleikhaei, Pieter Vermeesch, Jaafar Hamzah Abdulhussein Jotheri, Dicle Bal Akkoca, Mark Allen, Sergio Andò, Mara Limonta, Marta Padoan, Alberto Resentini, and Giovanni Vezzoli

EGU2016-10248 | Orals | SSP3.5

Tides and deltaic morphodynamics
Piret Plink-Bjorklund

EGU2016-1335 | Posters | SSP3.5

Provenance and sediment fluxes in the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwadi) River
Eduardo Garzanti, Jiangang Wang, Giovanni Vezzoli, and Mara Limonta

EGU2016-9158 | Orals | SSP3.5

Deciphering the record of short-term base-level changes in Gilbert-type deltas
Katarina Gobo, Massimiliano Ghinassi, and Wojciech Nemec

EGU2016-6044 | Orals | SSP3.5

Structure and climate controls on the evolution of a Mid-Late Jurassic alluvial fan-delta system in the western part of Yanshan fold-and-thrust belt
Chengfa Lin, Shaofeng Liu, Xiang Yao, and Pengfei Ma

EGU2016-2631 | Posters | SSP3.5

Origin of the Turkwel delta trajectory (Lake Turkana, Kenya): insights from numerical modeling (DIONISOS)
Nutz Alexis, Dietrich Pierre, Soumahoro Vafe, Schuster Mathieu, and Ghienne Jean-François

EGU2016-2371 | Orals | SSP3.5

Role of sediment supply and relative sea-level on sediment delivery to submarine deltas and fans of the Laurentian Channel (Lower St. Lawrence Estuary, Eastern Canada)
Alexandre Normandeau, Patrick Lajeunesse, Guillaume St-Onge, and Pierre Francus

EGU2016-2851 | Posters | SSP3.5

Proglacial deltaic landforms and stratigraphic architecture as a proxy for reconstructing past ice-sheet margin positions
Pierre Dietrich, Jean-François Ghienne, Alexandre Normandeau, and Patrick Lajeunesse

EGU2016-8592 | Orals | SSP3.5

When the same hydraulics conditions lead to different depositional patterns: case of an idealised delta
Yann Peltier, Sébastien Erpicum, Pierre Archambeau, Michel Pirotton, and Benjamin Dewals

EGU2016-3915 | Posters | SSP3.5

Global compilation of coastline change at river mouths
Tore Aadland and William Helland-Hansen

EGU2016-1333 | Orals | SSP3.5

Sediment composition of big Chinese and Indochinese rivers reflects geology of their source, not tectonic setting of their sink.
Eduardo Garzanti, Sergio Andò, Mara Limonta, Junsheng Nie, Alberto Resentini, Giovanni Vezzoli, Jiangang Wang, and Shouye Yang

EGU2016-6164 | Posters | SSP3.5

Quantitative characterisation of deltaic and subaqueous clinoforms
Stefano Patruno, Christopher A-L. Jackson, and Gary J. Hampson

EGU2016-7964 | Posters | SSP3.5

Depositional architecture and evolution of inner shelf to shelf edge delta systems since the Late Oliocene and their respone to the tectonic and sea level change, Pear River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea
Changsong Lin, Zhongtao Zhang, Jingyan liu, and Jing Jiang

EGU2016-9665 | Posters | SSP3.5

Rhythmic bedding in prodeltaic deposits of the ancient Colorado River: Exploring genetic processes
Sandra Waresak, Ronald Nalin, and Andrea Lucarelli

EGU2016-10416 | Posters | SSP3.5

Depositional environment, foraminifer content and ESR ages of Quaternary Gediz Delta Sediments (Eastern Aegean Sea, İzmir-Western Turkey)
Ekin Gökçe Benli, Hülya Aydın, İsmail İşintek, Birol Engin, and Berna Şengöçmen

EGU2016-10655 | Posters | SSP3.5

Sedimentary history of the eastern Bohai Sea, China since the deglacial and implications for paleo-tidal current
Zhengquan Yao and Xuefa Shi

EGU2016-12530 | Posters | SSP3.5

Evolution of fluvio-lacustrine systems in the Cretaceous Gyeongsang Basin, Korea