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SSS – Soil System Sciences

SSS0.18 – Restoration and Rehabilitation in agriculture and forest land. Strategies and Techniques for a sustainable management | PICO

EGU2016-11813 | PICO | SSS0.18

Mechanisms of soil degradation and consequences for carbon stocks on Tibetan grasslands
Yakov Kuzyakov, Per-Marten Schleuss, Georg Miehe, Felix Heitkamp, Elke Sebeer, Sandra Spielvogel, Xingliang Xu, and Georg Guggenberger

EGU2016-1432 | PICO | SSS0.18

Gully formation and control under surface or mass erosion processes
Ildefonso Pla-Sentís

EGU2016-8253 | PICO | SSS0.18

Soil erosion and associated organic carbon transfer along the southern Amazon land use frontier – status quo and future scenarios
Marcus Schindewolf, Anne-Kathrin Herrmann, Marie-Kristin Herrmann, Ricardo S.S.Amorim, and Jürgen Schmidt

EGU2016-5573 | PICO | SSS0.18

Landslide-induced changes in soil phosphorus speciation and availability in Xitou, Central Taiwan
Chih-Hsin Cheng, Sheng-Che Hsiao, Yu-Sheng Huang, Chiu-Ping Chen, and Oleg Menyailo

EGU2016-15918 | PICO | SSS0.18

Hydrological response of a subhumid watershed after a greening-up process, an example in South East Spain
Demetrio Antonio Zema, Maria Francesca Cataldo, Pietro Denisi, Domenico Martino, Joris de Vente, and Carolina Boix-Fayos

EGU2016-16735 | PICO | SSS0.18

Adjustments in channel morphology due to land-use changes and check dam installation in mountain torrents of Calabria (Southern Italy)
Diego Fortugno, Demetrio Antonio Zema, Giuseppe Bombino, Vincenzo Tamburino, Juan Manuel Quinonero Rubio, and Carolina Boix-Fayos

EGU2016-9591 | PICO | SSS0.18 | Media interest

Small watershed response to porous rock check dams in a semiarid watershed
Mary Nichols, Viktor Polyakov, and Mark Nearing

EGU2016-12433 | PICO | SSS0.18

Building up knowledge on resilience of fragile lands in subarctic climate – a metadatabase for land degradation and restoration in southern Iceland
David C. Finger, Alban de Lavenne, and Jóhann Þórsson

EGU2016-101 | PICO | SSS0.18

Increasing the resilience of water and soil resources through successful restoration of eroded landscapes - the case of the Enabered Catchment in Central Tigray, Ethiopia
Haftamu Deribe Zenebe and David Finger

EGU2016-17432 | PICO | SSS0.18

Potential risk of microplastics transportation into ground water
Esperanza Huerta, Hennie Gertsen, Harm Gooren, Piet Peters, Tamás Salánki, Martine van der Ploeg, Ellen Besseling, Albert A. Koelmans, and Violette Geissen

EGU2016-8414 | PICO | SSS0.18

A pan-European quantitative assessment of soil loss by wind
Pasqualle Borrelli, Emanuele Lugato, and Panos Panagos

EGU2016-13469 | PICO | SSS0.18

Environmentally Sensitive Areas in Semiarid Grasslands as Affected by Soil Parent Material
Melda Dölarslan, Ebru Gül, and Sabit Erşahin

EGU2016-400 | PICO | SSS0.18

Participatory assessment of soil erosion severity and performance of mitigation measured using stakeholders' workshops in Koga catchment, Ethiopia
Walle Lakew, Jantiene Baartman, and Coen Ritsema

EGU2016-4913 | PICO | SSS0.18 | Media interest

Cost, drivers and action against land degradation through land use and cover change in Russia
Alexey Sorokin, Anton Strokov, Timothy Johnson, and Alisher Mirzabaev

EGU2016-8338 | PICO | SSS0.18

RUSLE2015, GIS-RWEQ and CENTURY: new modelling integration for soil loss and carbon fluxes at European scale
Panos Panagos, Pasquale Borrelli, and Emanuele Lugato

EGU2016-9562 | PICO | SSS0.18

Argan woodlands in South Morocco as an area of conflict between degradation and sustainable land use
Mario Kirchhoff, Andreas Kagermeier, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2016-15787 | PICO | SSS0.18

Spatial and temporal patterns of spontaneous grass cover as a control measure of soil loss: a study case in an olive orchard microcatchment
Encarnación Taguas, Karl Vanderlinden, Aura Pedrera-Parrilla, Juan V Giráldez, and Jose A. Gómez

EGU2016-2475 | PICO | SSS0.18

Evaluation of the Impact of Stone Bunds on Soil Loss and Surface Runoff in the Gumara Maksegnit Watershed, Northern Highlands of Ethiopia
Stefanie Wakolbinger, Eva Maria Obereder, Stefan Strohmeier, Gema Guzmán, Nigus Demelash, José Alfonso Gomez, Claudio Zucca, and Andreas Klik

EGU2016-2520 | PICO | SSS0.18

Dust Storm Signatures in Global Ionosphere Map of GPS Total Electron Content
Fang-Tse Lin, Ai-Ling Shih, Jann-Yenq Liu, Cheng-Ling Kuo, Tang-Huang Lin, and Wei-Hung Lien

SSS1.1 – Get immersed in the Soil Sciences: bright ideas shared among avatars

EGU2016-4965 | Orals | SSS1.1 | Media interest

2031, an edaphological Mars odyssey
Vidal Barrón

EGU2016-8212 | Orals | SSS1.1

A novel method for tracing the movement of multiple individual soil particles under rainfall conditions using florescent videography.
Robert Hardy, Jackie Pates, and John Quinton

EGU2016-9774 | Orals | SSS1.1

Soil Protection measures based on the analysis if sediment sources in a commercial farm at the Guadalquivir Valley (Spain)
Enrique Albert, Consuelo Brígido, Pascual Herrera, Jose Ignacio Migallón, and Encarnación V Taguas

EGU2016-12493 | Orals | SSS1.1

Channel erosion in a rapidly urbanizing region of Tijuana, Mexico: Enlargement downstream of channel hardpoints
Kristine Taniguchi, Trent Biggs, Eddy Langendoen, Carlos Castillo, Napoleon Gudiño, Yongping Yuan, and Douglas Liden

SSS2.1 – Gully and rill erosion, and badlands: recent research progress (co-organized)

EGU2016-3843 | Posters | SSS2.1

New multi-scale approach to improve explanation of patterns of contemporary morphodynamics in the badland landscapes of Central Italy: the important Quaternary context
Francesca Vergari, Francesco Troiani, Marta Della Seta, Hazel Faulkner, Wolfgang Schwanghart, Sirio Ciccacci, Maurizio Del Monte, and Paola Fredi

EGU2016-765 | Orals | SSS2.1

Controlling Gully Erosion: An Analysis of Land Reclamation Processes and Challenges in Chambal Badlands, India
Padmini Pani

EGU2016-992 | Orals | SSS2.1

Badlands in humid regions - redbed desertification in Nanxiong Basin, China
Luobin Yan, Peng Hua, and Scott Simonson

EGU2016-4489 | Posters | SSS2.1

Preliminary analysis of relation between natural and anthropic elements in the calanco area of Podere Paiccia (Southern Tuscany – Italy): crowns of mudflow vs. erosion control practices (graticciate) during the period 1989-2015.
Antonella Colica and Lorenzo Martinelli

EGU2016-14911 | Orals | SSS2.1

Badlands and the Carbon cycle: a significant source of petrogenic organic carbon in rivers and marine environments?
Yoann Copard, Frederique Eyrolle-Boyer, Olivier Radakovitch, Alain Poirel, Patrick Raimbault, Caroline Lebouteiller, Stéphanie Gairoard, and Christian Di-Giovanni

EGU2016-6021 | Posters | SSS2.1

Hidden gully erosion – detection and characterization of piping systems using geomorphological and geophysical methods (GPR, ERT)
Anita Bernatek-Jakiel and Marta Kondracka

EGU2016-6457 | Orals | SSS2.1

Standardization in gully erosion studies: methodology and interpretation of magnitudes from a global review
Carlos Castillo and Jose Alfonso Gomez

EGU2016-6258 | Posters | SSS2.1

Experiences of a gully survey in the Gödöllő Hillside Landscape Protection District, Hungary
Boglárka Szabó, Balázs Bolf, Judit Szabó, and Csaba Centeri

EGU2016-6518 | Posters | SSS2.1

Exploring the relationship between gully erosion and rainfall erosivity
Miguel Campo, Javier Casalí, and Rafael Giménez

EGU2016-13296 | Orals | SSS2.1

The SfM-monitored rill experiment, a tool to detect decisive processes?
Alexander-André Remke, Stefan Wirtz, Christine Brings, Oliver Gronz, Manuel Seeger, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2016-12767 | Orals | SSS2.1

Variations in vegetation cover and topography control gully density and sediment production on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Jianlin Zhao and Gerard Govers

EGU2016-7793 | Posters | SSS2.1

Lithology rules badland distribution and typology in a montane Mediterranean environment (upper Llobregat basin, Catalan Pre-Pyrenees)
Mariano Moreno de las Heras and Francesc Gallart

EGU2016-16505 | Orals | SSS2.1

The Role of Morphotectonics in Gully Formation: Two Case Studies in Semiarid Areas
Geraldine Quénéhervé, Michael Maerker, and Reza Zakerinejad

EGU2016-8014 | Posters | SSS2.1

Badlands: too complex to be simple?
Nikolaus J. Kuhn

EGU2016-9662 | Posters | SSS2.1

Rainfall Threshold For Ephemeral Gully Erosion In Foothill Cultivated Lands (Wiśnicz Foothills, Poland)
Jolanta Święchowicz

EGU2016-11554 | Posters | SSS2.1

Gully types in Șacovăț catchment, Moldavian Plateau, Eastern Romania
Adrian Andrei and Mihai Niculita

EGU2016-11916 | Posters | SSS2.1

Gully evolution and geomorphic adjustments of badlands to recent afforestation
Juan Antonio Ballesteros-Cánovas, Markus Stoffel, Jose Francisco Martín-Duque, Christophe Corona, Ana Lucia, and Jose María Bodoque

EGU2016-11948 | Posters | SSS2.1

Relationship between gullying and landslides within the Barlad Plateau, Romania
Lilian Niacsu and Ion Ionita

EGU2016-11950 | Posters | SSS2.1

What does it take to turn a rock into a badlands material?
Milica Kasanin-Grubin, Estela Nadal Romero, Marta Della Seta, and Juan F. Martinez-Murillo

EGU2016-12131 | Posters | SSS2.1

3D Surface Reconstruction of Rills in a Spanish Olive Grove
Christine Brings, Oliver Gronz, Manuel Seeger, Stefan Wirtz, Encarnación Taguas, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2016-15091 | Posters | SSS2.1

A critical discussion on the applicability of Compound Topographic Index (CTI) for predicting ephemeral gully erosion
Javier Casalí, Youssef Chahor, Rafael Giménez, and Miguel Campo-Bescós

EGU2016-15336 | Posters | SSS2.1

Towards a better understanding of the interaction between bed roughness and flow hydraulics in small eroded channels
Rafael Giménez, Elena Zubieta, Miguel A. Campo-Bescós, and Javier Casalí

EGU2016-16185 | Posters | SSS2.1

Evaluating time dynamics of topographic threshold relations for gully initiation
Antonio Hayas, Tom Vanwalleghem, and Jean Poesen

EGU2016-16593 | Posters | SSS2.1

Catchments network on badlands around Mediterranean area (RESOBAM)
Yoann Copard, Caroline Lebouteiller, David Regues-Munoz, Jerome Latron, Albert Solé-Benet, Yolanda Canton, Estela Nadal-Romero, Marta Della Seta, Mauro Rossi, Domenico Capolongo, Olivier Maquaire, Estelle Forey, Christian Di-Giovanni, Francesc Gallart, Maurizio Delmonte, Francesca Vergari, Nicolas Massei, and Dino Torri

SSS2.5 – Connectivity in hydrology and sediment dynamics: concepts, measuring, modelling, indices and societal implications (co-organized)

EGU2016-629 | Posters | SSS2.5

How different statistical analyses of grain size data can be used for facies determination and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions – an example from the Black Sea coast of Georgia
Svenja Riedesel, Stephan Opitz, Daniel Kelterbaum, Hannes Laermanns, Martin Seeliger, Julian Rölkens, Mikaheil Elashvili, and Helmut Brueckner

EGU2016-1924 | Orals | SSS2.5

Simulations demonstrating sediment disconectivity associated with rainfall erosion
Peter Kinnell

EGU2016-768 | Posters | SSS2.5

Assessing the integrated sediment trapping role of man-made and natural sediment sinks, Minizr catchment, Ethiopia
Mulatie Mekonnen, Saskia Keesstra, Leo Stroosnijder, and Jantiene Baartman

EGU2016-6350 | Orals | SSS2.5

Chinese Whispers
Mike Kirkby

EGU2016-449 | Posters | SSS2.5

Erosion control by check dams in a hydrological and forest restoration (Tórtoles, Spain)
Virginia Díaz Gutiérrez, Jorge Mongil Manso, and Joaquín Navarro Hevia

EGU2016-305 | Posters | SSS2.5

A conceptual model for quantifying connectivity using graph theory and cellular (per-pixel) approach
Manudeo Singh, Rajiv Sinha, and Sampat K. Tandon

EGU2016-10552 | Orals | SSS2.5

Impacts of land-use change on catchment sediment connectivity: a numerical experiment using CAESAR
Marco Van De Wiel and Thomas Coulthard

EGU2016-1525 | Posters | SSS2.5

Assessing the impacts of agricultural change on soil erosion over the last century: a multi-model ensemble approach
Haykel Sellami, Hugh Smith, Heather Sangster, Mark Riley, Richard Chiverrell, and John Boyle

EGU2016-13660 | Orals | SSS2.5

Connectivity in modelling subsurface stormflow and tracer transport in a forested hillslope
Hanne Laine-Kaulio and Harri Koivusalo

EGU2016-18134 | Posters | SSS2.5

Hydrological and sediment connectivity in areas affected by wildfires.
Juan F. Martinez-Murillo and José D. Ruiz-Sinoga

EGU2016-17331 | Orals | SSS2.5

Modelling erosion on a daily basis
Dhruba Pikha Shrestha and Victor Jetten

EGU2016-2715 | Posters | SSS2.5

Hillslope sediment and soil carbon transport: can we model their movement?
Greg Hancock, Veikko Kunkel, Chris Dever, Matthew Braggins, and Garry Willgoose

EGU2016-9408 | Orals | SSS2.5

Mapping soil vulnerability to floods under varying land use and climate: A new approach
Abdallah Alaoui, Pascal Spiess, and Marcel Beyeler

EGU2016-5776 | Posters | SSS2.5

Overland flow connectivity in olive orchard plots with cover crops and conventional tillage, and under different rainfall scenarios
Manuel López-Vicente, Roberto García-Ruiz, Gema Guzmán, José Luis Vicente-Vicente, and José Alfonso Gómez

EGU2016-10285 | Orals | SSS2.5

Investigation of Connectivity Thresholds Associated with Severe Degradation along a Rainfall Gradient in Australia
Patricia Saco, Mariano Moreno-de las Heras, Samira Azadi, and Saskia Keesstra

EGU2016-2697 | Posters | SSS2.5

Effect of DEM resolution and comparison between different weighting factors for hydrologic connectivity index
Vincent Cantreul, Marco Cavalli, and Aurore Degré

EGU2016-244 | Orals | SSS2.5

A network theory approach for a better understanding of overland flow connectivity
Rens Masselink, Tobias Heckmann, Arnaud Temme, Niels Anders, and Saskia Keesstra

EGU2016-4397 | Posters | SSS2.5

Evaluating the effect of different vegetative filter strip designs on sediment movement in an agricultural watershed using LISEM, Iowa, USA
Eduardo Luquin Oroz, Rick Cruse, Jantiene Baartman, and Saskia Keesstra

EGU2016-1617 | Orals | SSS2.5

Self-organized multi-species vegetation patterns: the role of connectivity of environmental niches in natural water harvesting ecosystems
Chiara Callegaro and Nadia Ursino

EGU2016-5701 | Posters | SSS2.5

Uncertainty quantification for a hydro-morphodynamic model of river Rhine
Trung Hieu Mai, Wolfgang Nowak, Rebekka Kopmann, and Sergey Oladyshkin

EGU2016-5744 | Orals | SSS2.5

Evolution of overland flow connectivity in bare agricultural plots
Andrés Peñuela, Frédéric Darboux, Mathieu Javaux, and Charles L. Bielders

EGU2016-5916 | Posters | SSS2.5

Overland flow connectivity in a forest plantation before and after tree thinning (Tochigi Prefecture, central Japan)
Manuel López-Vicente, Yuichi Onda, Xinchao Sun, Hiroaki Kato, Takashi Gomi, and Marino Hiraoka

EGU2016-17375 | Orals | SSS2.5

Development of a statistical tool for the estimation of riverbank erosion probability
Emmanouil Varouchakis

EGU2016-7168 | Posters | SSS2.5

Combination of techniques for mapping structural and functional connectivity of soil erosion processes: a case study in a small watershed
Manuel Seeger, Encarnación Taguas, Christine Brings, Stefan Wirtz, Jesus Rodrigo Comino, Enrique Albert, and Johabbes B. Ries

EGU2016-8543 | Orals | SSS2.5

Spatial and temporal modelling of fluvial aggradation in the Hasli Valley (Swiss Alps) during the last 1300 years
Jaime Llorca, Lothar Schulte, and Filipe Carvalho

EGU2016-7720 | Posters | SSS2.5

Better models are more effectively connected models
João Pedro Nunes, Charles Bielders, Frederic Darboux, Peter Fiener, David Finger, Laura Turnbull-Lloyd, and John Wainwright

EGU2016-8082 | Posters | SSS2.5

FlowShape: a runoff connectivity index for patched environments, based on shape and orientation of runoff sources
Chiara Callegaro, Dan Malkinson, Nadia Ursino, and Lea Wittenberg

EGU2016-2323 | Orals | SSS2.5

Hydropedology of a mildly-arid loess covered area, southern Israel
Aaron Yair and Naftali Goldshleger

EGU2016-9642 | Posters | SSS2.5

Toward a microscopic-macroscopic coupled evaluation of the stability of a landslide dam during overtopping
Qingfeng Feng, Detian Liu, and Xudong Fu

EGU2016-7178 | Orals | SSS2.5

Impacts of afforestation on water and sediment connectivity in NW Iberia
João Pedro Nunes, Léonard Bernard-Jannin, Mariluz Rodríguez-Blanco, Juliana Marisa Santos, María Ermitas Rial-Rivas, Saskia Keesstra, and Jacob Keizer

EGU2016-11370 | Posters | SSS2.5

Connectivity and complex systems in geomorphology: addressing some key challenges
Ronald Pöppl, Laura Turnbull-Lloyd, Anthony Parsons, Louise Bracken, Saskia Keesstra, and Rens Masselink

EGU2016-11659 | Posters | SSS2.5

Impact of land use changes on connectivity in a rural catchment with mild topography
Jakub Langhammer and Golaleh Ghaffari

EGU2016-10907 | Orals | SSS2.5

An in-situ field plot study of hillslope runoff connectivity and scaling
Gary Sheridan, Patrick Lane, Leila Pourfathali Kasmaei, and Christoph Langhans

EGU2016-9981 | Posters | SSS2.5

Landlab: a new, open-source, modular, Python-based tool for modelling Earth surface dynamics
Daniel Hobley, Jordan Adams, Nicole Gasparini, Eric Hutton, Erkan Istanbulluoglu, Sai Siddhartha Nudurupati, and Gregory Tucker

EGU2016-2871 | Orals | SSS2.5

Efficiency of thermography in the study of hydrological connectivity
Vincent Cantreul, Victor Burgeon, Johan Triquet, Manon Tuerlinck, Guillaume Vaelen, Vincent Leemans, and Aurore Degré

EGU2016-18089 | Orals | SSS2.5

Mapping hydrologic connectivity of geographically isolated wetlands
Ali Ameli and Irena Creed

EGU2016-11212 | Posters | SSS2.5

Effects of a Wildfire on Road-stream Connectivity and Road Surface Erosion
Gabriel Sosa-Perez and Lee MacDonald

EGU2016-11805 | Posters | SSS2.5

Presentation of the LESELAM observatory (Fight against Soil Erosion and siltation of the lagoon in Mayotte Island)
Jean-Marie Lopez, Bruno Lidon, Jean-Louis Bozza, Cyril Dejean, Bhavani Benard, Manuel Parizot, Pascal Puvilland, Jean-Francois Desprats, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Bastien Colas, Kadafi Said, Sarah Mosnier, Antoine Rouille, and Olivier Cerdan

EGU2016-18539 | Orals | SSS2.5

Identifying hydrologically sensitive areas using LiDAR DEMs to mitigate critical source areas of diffuse pollution: development and application
Ian Thomas, Phil Jordan, Per-Erik Mellander, Owen Fenton, Oliver Shine, Daire Ó hUallacháin, Rachel Creamer, Noeleen McDonald, Paul Dunlop, and Paul Murphy

EGU2016-11806 | Posters | SSS2.5

An Approach to Adaptive Correction Factors in Depth-Averaged Model for Debris Flows
Yih-Chin Tai, Chin-Kai Cheng, and Guan-Cen Lai

EGU2016-4275 | Orals | SSS2.5

The role of water and sediment connectivity in integrated flood management: a case study on the island of Saint Lucia
Victor Jetten, Cees van Westen, Janneke Ettema, and Bastian van den Bout

EGU2016-13266 | Posters | SSS2.5

A new conceptual framework for water and sediment connectivity
Saskia Keesstra, Artemi Cerdà, Tony Parsons, Joao Pedro Nunes, and Patricia Saco

EGU2016-14567 | Posters | SSS2.5

Stochastic simulations of sediment connectivity using random forests
Rens Masselink, Saskia Keesstra, and Arnaud Temme

EGU2016-1134 | Orals | SSS2.5

Understanding sediment sources in a peri-urban Mediterranean catchment using geochemical tracers
Carla Ferreira, Rory Walsh, Ryunosuke Kikuchi, and Will Blake

EGU2016-994 | Orals | SSS2.5

Assessing temporal variations in connectivity through suspended sediment hysteresis analysis
Sophie Sherriff, John Rowan, Owen Fenton, Phil Jordan, Alice Melland, Per-Erik Mellander, and Daire Ó hUallacháin

EGU2016-15724 | Posters | SSS2.5

A new perspective on soil erosion: exploring a thermodynamic approach in a small area of the River Inn catchment
Lucas Reid, Ulrike Scherer, and Erwin Zehe

EGU2016-15788 | Posters | SSS2.5

The performance of the Hydromorphological Index of Diversity (HMID) in a hydropower affected meandering river
Severin Stähly, Pierre Bourqui, Mario J. Franca, Christopher Robinson, and Anton J. Schleiss

EGU2016-3070 | Orals | SSS2.5

Understanding the relationship between sediment connectivity and spatio-temporal landscape changes in two small catchments
Maria Giuseppina Persichillo, Claudia Meisina, Marco Cavalli, Stefano Crema, and Massimiliano Bordoni

EGU2016-16093 | Posters | SSS2.5

Influential factors on debris flow events and hillslope-channel connectivity in Alpine regions: case studies from two Alpine regions in Styria, Austria
Sandra Traper, Ronald Pöppl, Eric Rascher, and Oliver Sass

EGU2016-13015 | Orals | SSS2.5

Adaptation of Sediment Connectivity Index for Swedish catchments and application for flood prediction of roads
Carolina Cantone, Zahra Kalantari, Marco Cavalli, and Stefano Crema

EGU2016-11621 | Orals | SSS2.5

Connectivity and scale effect on sediment fluxes dynamic from the hillslope to the river basin
Olivier Cerdan, Valentin Landemaine, Rosalie Vandromme, Aurore Gay, and Benoit Laignel

EGU2016-16110 | Posters | SSS2.5

Large eddy simulation of a pumped- storage reservoir
Marina Launay, Marcelo Leite Ribeiro, Federico Roman, and Vincenzo Armenio

EGU2016-1103 | Orals | SSS2.5

Stakeholder analysis of perceived relevance of connectivity – the implication to your research
Anna Smetanova, Eva Nora Nora Müller, Ana Patricia Fernández-Getino, María José Marqués, Damià Vericat, Recep Dugodan, Marijana Kapovic, Melisa Ljusa, Carla Sofia Ferreira, Marco Cavalli, Hannu Marttila, Manuel Esteban Lucas Broja, Jolanta Święchowicz, and David Zumr and the Connecteur expert team

EGU2016-16314 | Posters | SSS2.5

Towards a better understanding on how large wood is controlling longitudinal sediment (dis)connectivity in mountain streams – concepts and first results
Anne Schuchardt, Ronald Pöppl, and David Morche

EGU2016-16486 | Posters | SSS2.5

Sediment transfer and connectivity analysis in an olive orchard microcatchment in Spain: a study case to evaluate the impact of rainfall variability and management
Encarnación Taguas, Juan Rebolledo, Tom Vanwalleghem, Gema Guzmán, María Burguet, and Jose A Gómez

EGU2016-17239 | Posters | SSS2.5

SE Asian freshwater fish population and networks: the impacts of climatic and environmental change on a vital resource
Rita Santos, Daniel Parsons, and Ian Cowx

SSS2.8 – Role of vegetation in soil conservation and hydrological hazards management (co-organized)

EGU2016-2464 | Posters | SSS2.8

Impact of vetch cover crop on runoff, soil loss, soil chemical properties and yield of chickpea in North Gondar, Ethiopia
Nigus Demelash, Andreas Klik, Hubert Holzmann, Feras Ziadat, Stefan Strohmeier, Wondimu Bayu, Claudio Zucca, and Atikilt Abera

EGU2016-2501 | Orals | SSS2.8

Effect of Vegetation on Debris flow Mitigation
Siyuan Wang, Xingmin Meng, Peng Guo, Guan Chen, and Muqi Xiong

EGU2016-769 | Posters | SSS2.8

Evaluating indigenous grass species as on-site sediment trapping measures, northwest Ethiopian highlands
Mulatie Mekonnen, Saskia Keesstra, Coen Ritsema, Leo Stroosnijder, and Jantiene Baartman

EGU2016-7563 | Orals | SSS2.8

Evaluating grass strips trapping efficiency of sediments and herbicides
Maria Burguet, Gema Guzmán, Elena de Luna, Encarnación V. Taguas, and José Alfonso Gómez

EGU2016-17879 | Orals | SSS2.8

Effects of different vegetation types on the shear strength of root-permeated soils
Anil Yildiz, Frank Graf, Christian Rickli, and Sarah M. Springman

EGU2016-12009 | Posters | SSS2.8

Analysis of spatio-temporal variability of C-factor derived from remote sensing data
Vilem Pechanec, Antonin Benc, Jan Purkyt, and Pavel Cudlin

EGU2016-17732 | Orals | SSS2.8

How up- or downslope anchoring affects root reinforcement
Filippo Giadrossich, Massimiliano Schwarz, Denis Cohen, and Marcello Niedda

EGU2016-5748 | Posters | SSS2.8

Hydrological behavior of a Vertisol under different soil management systems in a rain-fed olive orchard
Jose Manuel Cabezas, Jose Alfonso Gómez, and María Auxiliadora Soriano

EGU2016-11523 | Orals | SSS2.8

A 3-D probabilistic stability model incorporating the variability of root reinforcement
Alessio Cislaghi, Enrico Chiaradia, and Gian Battista Bischetti

EGU2016-17031 | Posters | SSS2.8

Field studies on raw soil revegetation and effects of mycorrhizal soil pretreatment
Daniel Knauer and Michael Obriejetan

EGU2016-2160 | Posters | SSS2.8

Mycorrhizal aspects in slope stabilisation
Frank Graf

EGU2016-6687 | Orals | SSS2.8

Conceptional Considerations to Energy Balance and Global Warming Potential of Soil Bioengineering Structures
Magdalena von der Thannen, Roman Paratscha, Roman Smutny, Thomas Lampalzer, Alfred Strauss, and Hans Peter Rauch

EGU2016-8002 | Orals | SSS2.8

Investigation of the impact of climate change on river water temperature: possible mitigation measures using riparian vegetation
Philipp Weihs, Heidelinde Trimmel, Herbert Formayer, Gerda Kalny, Hans Peter Rauch, and David Leidinger

EGU2016-11713 | Posters | SSS2.8

Protection forest resilience after a fire event: a case study in Vallis, Switzerland
Chiara Vergani, Mario Werlen, and Massimiliano Schwarz

EGU2016-2783 | Posters | SSS2.8

Simple explanations for shallow landslides!?
Frank Graf and Christian Rickli

EGU2016-10982 | Posters | SSS2.8

Biotechnical performance of vegetal species in slope conservation in Cruz Alta, RS, Brazil
Fernando Prates Bisso and Miguel Durlo

EGU2016-14730 | Posters | SSS2.8

Learning from the roots of mountain watersheds management
Federico Preti, Enrico Guastini, and GianBattista Chirico

EGU2016-5903 | Posters | SSS2.8

Life cycle performances of log wood applied for soil bioengineering constructions
Gerda Kalny, Alexandra Strauss-Sieberth, Alfred Strauss, and Hans Peter Rauch

EGU2016-16022 | Posters | SSS2.8

Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Constitutive Model for Vegetated Soils: Validation and Applications
Barbara Maria Switala, Rick Veenhof, Wei Wu, and Amin Askarinejad

EGU2016-5770 | Posters | SSS2.8

Penetration and survival of riparian tree roots in compacted coarse gravel mixtures
Michael Muellner, Clemens Weissteiner, Christoph Konzel, and Hans Peter Rauch

EGU2016-9880 | Posters | SSS2.8

Analysis of the impact of biomechanical traits of European black Poplar on riverbank flow resistance
Giovanni Battista Chirico, Luigi Saulino, Vittorio Pasquino, Paolo Villani, Angelo Rita, Luigi Todaro, and Antonio Saracino

EGU2016-16104 | Posters | SSS2.8

Concept and first results of greening of shotcrete walls along traffic infrastructure of the Brenner Base Tunnel
Alexandra Medl and Roman Schuster

EGU2016-16407 | Posters | SSS2.8

A Case Study on a Trial Site in Western Austria to Assess Benefits of Railway Lineside Vegetation
Stephan Hoerbinger and Michael Obriejetan

SSS2.10 – Agricultural terraces of the world. Their pedological, geomorphological and hydrological role (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-804 | PICO | SSS2.10

Assessment of dry-stone terrace wall degradation with a 3D approach
Hakan Djuma, Corrado Camera, Marina Faka, Adriana Bruggeman, and Sorin Hermon

EGU2016-969 | PICO | SSS2.10

Capturing sediment and nutrients in irrigated terraced landscapes
Johanna Slaets, Petra Schmitter, Thomas Hilger, Hans-Peter Piepho, Gerd Dercon, and Georg Cadisch

EGU2016-2811 | PICO | SSS2.10

Research on Remote Sensing recognition features of Yuan Yang Terraces in Yunnan Province (China)
Jie Xiang, Jianping Chen, ZiLi Lai, and Wei Yang

EGU2016-5475 | PICO | SSS2.10

Soil abandonment in artificial soil terraces in marginal areas. Preliminary results of a case of water shortage effect in soils from Sultanate of Oman.
Sara Kalifah Al Saadi, Samaya Salim Al Kindi, Bernhard Pracejus, and Daniel Moraetis

EGU2016-7441 | PICO | SSS2.10

The role of historical agricultural terraces in geo-hydrological risk reduction: a case study from the Bisagno Stream Catchment (Genoa, Italy)
Francesco Faccini, Paola Giostrella, Guido Paliaga, Pietro Piana, and Alessandro Sacchini

EGU2016-8327 | PICO | SSS2.10

Analysing the role of abandoned agricultural terraces on flood generation in a set of small Mediterranean mountain research catchments (Vallcebre, NE Spain)
Francesc Gallart, Pilar Llorens, Nuria Pérez-Gallego, and Jérôme Latron

EGU2016-9011 | PICO | SSS2.10

Terraced slopes on active coastal landslides. The case of Le Grazie hill (Genoa Metropolitan Area, Italy).
Paola Giostrella, Francesco Faccini, Daniele Giordan, Massimo Melillo, Michele Santangelo, Paolo Tarolli, and Fausto Guzzetti

EGU2016-9495 | PICO | SSS2.10

Spatio-temporal relation between landslide occurrence and abandoned or not maintained agricultural terraces in the Moldavian Plateau, NE Romania
Mihai Ciprian Margarint, Michele Santangelo, Mihai Niculita, and Francesco Bucci

EGU2016-11406 | PICO | SSS2.10

Applying an agent-based model of agricultural terraces coupled with a landscape evolution model to explore the impact of human decision-making on terraced terrain
Jennifer Glaubius

EGU2016-11776 | PICO | SSS2.10

Hydropedologic patterns of escalic soils in cultivated and abandoned vineyards
Elmar Schmaltz, Ivano Rellini, Claudia Scopesi, Martina Tassistro, and Michael Märker

EGU2016-13326 | PICO | SSS2.10

Ecosystem services provided by agricultural terraces in semi-arid climates.
Asunción Romero-Díaz, Elvira Díaz-Pereira, Carolina Boix-Fayos, and Joris de Vente

EGU2016-14154 | PICO | SSS2.10

The influence of the maintenance of terraced areas on slope stability during the November 2014 flood event in Liguria (northwestern Italy)
Daniele Giordan, Flavio Poggi, Marco Baldo, and Martina Cignetti

EGU2016-14478 | PICO | SSS2.10

Mapping the environmental risk potential on surface water of pesticide contamination in the Prosecco’s vineyard terraced landscape
Patricia Pizarro, Francesco Ferrarese, Donato Loddo, Salvatore Eugenio Pappalardo, and Mauro Varotto

EGU2016-14755 | PICO | SSS2.10

Implementing automatic LiDAR and supervised mapping methodologies to quantify agricultural terraced landforms at landscape scale: the case of Veneto Region
Salvatore Eugenio Pappalardo, Francesco Ferrarese, Paolo Tarolli, and Mauro Varotto

EGU2016-18104 | PICO | SSS2.10

The impact of agriculture terraces on soil organic matter, aggregate stability, water repellency and bulk density. A study in abandoned and active farms in the Sierra de Enguera, Eastern Spain.
Artemi Cerdà, Maria Burguet, Saskia Keesstra, Massimo Prosdocimi, Simone Di Prima, Erik Brevik, Agata Novara, Antonio Jordan, and Paolo Tarolli

SSS2.12 – Soil quality and soil conservation

EGU2016-6179 | Orals | SSS2.12

The Effect on Soil Erosion of Different Tillage Applications
Kazım Gür

EGU2016-1101 | Posters | SSS2.12

High resolution digital soil mapping as a future instrument for developing sustainable landuse strategies
Philipp Gries, Lisa-Marie Funke, Frank Baumann, Karsten Schmidt, Thorsten Behrens, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2016-6629 | Orals | SSS2.12

Shadrack Nyawade, Gachene Charles, Nancy Karanja, and Schulte-Geldermann Elmar

EGU2016-1439 | Posters | SSS2.12

Maize production and land degradation: a Portuguese agriculture field case study
Carla S.S. Ferreira, João V. Pato, Pedro M. Moreira, Luís M. Valério, Rosa Guilherme, Fernando J. Casau, Daniela Santos, Jacob J. Keizer, and António J. D. Ferreira

EGU2016-1750 | Posters | SSS2.12

Soil-ecological risks for soil degradation estimation
Tatiana Trifonova, Leonid Shirkin, German Kust, and Olga Andreeva

EGU2016-15916 | Orals | SSS2.12

Keeping soil in the field - runoff and erosion management in asparagus crops
Joanna Niziolomski, Robert Simmons, Jane Rickson, and Mike Hann

EGU2016-17464 | Orals | SSS2.12

Clay:organic-carbon and organic carbon as determinants of the soil physical properties: reassessment of the Complexed Organic Carbon concept
Adrien Matter, Alice Johannes, and Pascal Boivin

EGU2016-5092 | Posters | SSS2.12

A Software for soil quality conservation at organic waste disposal areas: The case of olive mill and pistachio wastes.
Maria Doula, Apostolos Sarris, Nikos Papadopoulos, Aggelos Hliaoutakis, Aris Kydonakis, Lemonia Argyriou, Sid Theocharopoulos, and Chronis Kolovos

EGU2016-9614 | Posters | SSS2.12

Ecological restoration of litter in mined areas
Denise Teresinha Gonçalves Bizuti, Najara Nino Diniz, Daniella Schweizer, Thaís de Marchi Soares, José Carlos Casagrande, and Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion

EGU2016-18177 | Orals | SSS2.12

Improvements of soil quality for increased food production in Norway
Lillian Øygarden, Ove Klakegg, Trond Børresen, Tore Krogstad, and Anne Kjersti Uhlen

EGU2016-9995 | Posters | SSS2.12

Changes in soil parameters under continuous plastic mulching in strawberry cultivation
Katherine Muñoz, Dörte Diehl, Sirma Scopchanova, and Gabriele E. Schaumann

EGU2016-2588 | Orals | SSS2.12

Soil information in the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Rural Development Plans
Edoardo Costantini

EGU2016-432 | Orals | SSS2.12

The role of soil quality and soil conservation for private gardening in South-West Germany
Sandra Teuber, Peter Kühn, and Thomas Scholten

EGU2016-10334 | Posters | SSS2.12

Effect of chemical and mechanical weed control on cassava yield, soil quality and erosion under cassava cropping system
Titiek Islami, Erwin Wisnubroto, and Wani Utomo

EGU2016-11431 | Posters | SSS2.12

Does strip-tillage could limit the drop of yields on soils of reduced depth of profiles in loess areas?
Jerzy Rejman, Anna Rafalska-Przysucha, Jan Jadzczyszyn, and Jan Rodzik

EGU2016-12237 | Posters | SSS2.12

Rice production in relation to soil quality under different rice-based cropping systems
Linh Tran Ba, Steven Sleutel, Qui Nguyen Van, Guong Vo Thi, Khoa Le Van, and Wim Cornelis

EGU2016-12854 | Posters | SSS2.12

Data-driven analysis of soil quality indicators using limited data
Mansonia Pulido Moncada, Donald Gabriels, and Wim Cornelis

EGU2016-12889 | Posters | SSS2.12

Development of a national geodatabase (Greece) for soil surveys and land evaluation using space technology and GIS
George Bilas, Nina Dionysiou, Nikolaos Karapetsas, Nikolaos Silleos, Konstantinos Kosmas, and Nikolaos Misopollinos

EGU2016-13485 | Posters | SSS2.12

Soil health as a factor of ensuring food security (the case of the Asia-Pacific Region)
Alla Kravchenko, Olga Nesterova, Valentina Tregubova, Viktoriia Semal, Alla Derbentseva, Lyudmila Purtova, Nikolay Kostenkov, Elena Tyurina, Elena Glotova, Olesya Sergeeva, and Ekaterina Korshenko

EGU2016-15657 | Posters | SSS2.12

Organic fertilization for soil improvement in a vegetable cropping system
Micheline Verhaeghe, Erwin De Rocker, and Luc De Reycke

EGU2016-17027 | Posters | SSS2.12

A framework for the ecological rehabilitation of degraded soilscapes in Eastern Romania
Geanina Bireescu, Giuseppe Lo Papa, and Carmelo Dazzi

EGU2016-17237 | Posters | SSS2.12

Effect of soil in nutrient cycle assessment at dairy farms
Maricke van Leeuwen, Imke de Boer, Jos van Dam, Corina van Middelaar, and Cathelijne Stoof

EGU2016-12421 | Posters | SSS2.12

Conservation agriculture among small scale farmers in semi-arid region of Kenya does improve soil biological quality and soil organic carbon
Geofrey Waweru, Barrack Okoba, and Wim Cornelis

EGU2016-4039 | Posters | SSS2.12

Potential for use of environmental factors in urban planning
Ricardo Teixeira da Silva, Martine van der Ploeg, Hedwig van Delden, and Luuk Fleskens

SSS2.17 – Soil and water conservation practices in the Mediterranean regions (co-organized)

EGU2016-96 | Orals | SSS2.17

Capacitive Sensors and Breakthrough Curves in Automated Irrigation for Water and Soil Conservation
Mohamed Fahmy Hussein

EGU2016-1230 | Posters | SSS2.17

Investigation of geotechnical parameters from CSEM mapping and monitoring data at the oases Kharga and Baris of Sahara desert, Egypt
Olga Hachay, Oleg Khachay, Magdy Attia, Ahmed Khalil, Mahmoud Mekkawi, and Mamdouh Soliman

EGU2016-18291 | Orals | SSS2.17

Using Biochar composts for improving sandy vineyard soils while reducing the risk of
Claudia Kammann, Jonathan Mengel, Julia Mohr, Stefan Muskat, Hans-Peter Schmidt, and Otmar Löhnertz

EGU2016-3212 | Posters | SSS2.17

Actual geomorphological processes on steep hillslope vineyards. A comparison of Ruwertal (Germany) with the Montes de Málaga (Spain).
Jesús Rodrigo Comino, José Damián Ruiz Sinoga, José María Senciales González, Antonio Guerra Merchán, Manuel Seeger, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2016-12234 | Orals | SSS2.17

Can conservation agriculture reduce the impact of soil erosion in northern Tunisia ?
Haithem Bahri, Mohamed Annabi, Roukaya Chibani, Hatem Cheick M’Hamed, and Taoufik Hermessi

EGU2016-6670 | Posters | SSS2.17

Wastewater and sludge reuse in agriculture
Ioannis Kalavrouziotis

EGU2016-8547 | Posters | SSS2.17

Effects of grapevine root density and reinforcement on slopes prone to shallow slope instability
Claudia Meisina, Massimiliano Bordoni, Gianbattista Bischetti, Alberto Vercesi, Enrico Chiaradia, Alessio Cislaghi, Roberto Valentino, Marco Bittelli, Chiara Vergani, Silvia Chersich, Maria Giuseppina Persichillo, and Roberto Comolli

EGU2016-337 | Orals | SSS2.17

Exploring calibration strategies of SEDD model in two olive orchard watersheds
Maria Burguet Marimón, Encarnación V. Taguas, and José A. Gómez

EGU2016-580 | Orals | SSS2.17

Testing the Runoff Tool in Sicilian vineyards: adopting best management practices to prevent agricultural surface runoff
Manpriet Singh, Jeremy Dyson, and Ettore Capri

EGU2016-9187 | Posters | SSS2.17

Biochar and compost as amendments in copper-enriched vineyard soils – stabilization or mobilization of copper?
Gerhard Soja, Vladimir Fristak, Bernhard Wimmer, Stephen Bell, Julia Chamier Glisczinski, Georg Pardeller, Georg Dersch, Franz Rosner, Walter Wenzel, and Franz Zehetner

EGU2016-9735 | Posters | SSS2.17

Climate change impacts on water supply: implications for reservoir management in Upper Sabor, northeast Portugal
Claudia Carvalho-Santos, António T. Monteiro, João Azevedo, and João Pedro Nunes

EGU2016-850 | Orals | SSS2.17

Impacts of climate and land use changes on the hydrological and erosive response of a humid and dry Mediterranean catchment
Dalila Serpa, João Pedro Nunes, Juliana Santos, Elsa Sampaio, Rita Jacinto, Sandro Veiga, Júlio Lima, Madalena Moreira, João Corte-Real, Jan Jacob Keizer, and Nelson Abrantes

EGU2016-15951 | Orals | SSS2.17

GestAqua.AdaPT – Mediterranean river basin modeling and reservoir operation strategies for climate change adaptation
Paulo Alexandre Diogo, João Pedro Nunes, Machado Marco, Carlo Aal, António Carmona Rodrigues, Pedro Beça, Rafael Casanova Lino, João Rocha, and Cláudia Carvalho Santos

EGU2016-11670 | Posters | SSS2.17 | Media interest

Soil erosion and carbon budget in Mediterranean vineyards
Agata Novara, Antonino Santoro, and Luciano Gristina

EGU2016-12000 | Posters | SSS2.17

Quantitative analysis of soil erosion in ecologically and conventionally cultivated vineyards
Alexander Adrian, Christine Brings, Jesús Rodrigo Comino, Manuel Seeger, and Johannes B. Ries

EGU2016-12069 | Posters | SSS2.17

Effect of farmyard manure rate on water erosion of a Mediterranean soil: determination of the critical point of inefficacy
Mohamed Annabi, Haithem Bahri, Hatem Cheick M’Hamed, and Taoufik Hermessi

EGU2016-12900 | Posters | SSS2.17

Water and sediment dynamics in a small Mediterranean cultivated  catchment under cracking soils
Nesrine Inoubli, Damien Raclot, Roger Moussa, Hamadi Habaieb, and Yves Le Bissonnais

EGU2016-13505 | Posters | SSS2.17

Environmental and socioeconomic benefits and limitations of water harvesting techniques in semiarid regions
Elvira Díaz-Pereira, María Asunción Romero-Díaz, and Joris de Vente

EGU2016-13590 | Posters | SSS2.17

The effects of mulching on soil erosion by water. A review based on published data
Massimo Prosdocimi, Antonio Jordán, Paolo Tarolli, and Artemi Cerdà

EGU2016-13955 | Posters | SSS2.17

Characterization of hydrological responses to rainfall and volumetric coefficients on the event scale in rural catchments of the Iberian Peninsula
Encarnación Taguas, Estela Nadal-Romero, José L Ayuso, Javier Casalí, Patricio Cid, Jorge Dafonte, Antonio C Duarte, Rafael Giménez, Juan V Giráldez, Helena Gómez-Macpherson, José A Gómez, J Carlos González-Hidalgo, Ana Lucía, Luciano Mateos, M Luz Rodríguez-Blanco, Susanne Schnabel, M. Pilar Serrano-Muela, Noemí Lana-Renault, M. Mercedes Taboada-Castro, and M.Teresa Taboada-Castro and the Ane Zabaleta

EGU2016-14274 | Posters | SSS2.17

Guiding soil conservation strategy in headwater mediterranean catchments
Abir Ben Slimane, Damien Raclot, Olivier Evrard, Mustapha Sanaa, Irène Lefèvre, and Yves Le Bissonnais

EGU2016-14460 | Posters | SSS2.17

Managment oriented analysis of sediment yield time compression
Anna Smetanova, Yves Le Bissonnais, Damien Raclot, João P. Nunes, Feliciana Licciardello, Caroline Le Bouteiller, Jérôme Latron, Emilio Rodríguez Caballero, Nicolle Mathys, Sébastien Klotz, Insaf Mekki, Francesc Gallart, Albert Solé Benet, Nuria Pérez Gallego, Patrick Andrieux, Roger Moussa, Olivier Planchon, Juliana Marisa Santos, Omran Alshihabi, and Mohamed Chikhaoui

SSS3.4 – Soil evolution in Space and Time: From polar to tropical - from Paleogene to Anthropocene - towards sustainable management futures (co-organized)

EGU2016-403 | Posters | SSS3.4

The influence of plant communities on postagrogenic soils in the middle taiga zone.
Nikita Churilin, Alexandra Churilina, Natalia Chizhikova, and Evgeny Varlamov

EGU2016-24 | Orals | SSS3.4

Multi-proxy record of land use change derived from colluvial soils of the western Pyrenees Mountains, France
David S. Leigh, Theodore L. Gragson, and Michael R. Coughlan

EGU2016-6682 | Orals | SSS3.4

A study of a possible early reindeer domestication site on the Iamal peninsula (Russia) using geoarchaeological methods and lipid biomarkers.
Loic Harrault, Karen Milek, Lorna Dawson, and David Anderson

EGU2016-952 | Posters | SSS3.4

Interglacial climates during the last million years from polygenetic palaeosols in the Krems region, Lower Austria
Tobias Sprafke, Christine Thiel, and Sergey Sedov

EGU2016-2869 | Orals | SSS3.4 | Media interest

The added value of biomarker analysis to the genesis of Plaggic Anthrosols; the identification of stable fillings used for the production of plaggic manure.
Jan van Mourik, Thomas Wagner, Geert de Boer, and Boris Jansen

EGU2016-1029 | Posters | SSS3.4

Archaeopedological analysis of land use dynamics in marginal areas in SW Germany
Jessica Henkner, Jan Ahlrichs, Thomas Scholten, Thomas Knopf, and Peter Kühn

EGU2016-4429 | Orals | SSS3.4

Ancient settlements are significant sources of nutrients in Eastern Mediterranean ecosystems - the case of Tel Burna, Israel
Ladislav Smejda, Michal Hejcman, and Itzhaq Shai

EGU2016-2875 | Posters | SSS3.4

The impact of ancestral heath management on soils and landscapes. A reconstruction based on paleoecological analyses of soil records in the middle and southeast Netherlands.
Jan van Mourik and Marieke Doorenbosch

EGU2016-8727 | Orals | SSS3.4

The Maya Tropical Forest: Cascading Human impacts from Hillslopes to Floodplains
Timothy Beach, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, Colin Doyle, Samantha Krause, Nicholas Brokaw, and Jason Yaeger

EGU2016-2882 | Posters | SSS3.4

Natural versus anthropogenic genesis of mardels (closed depressions) on the Gutland plateau (Luxembourg); archaeometrical and palynological evidence of Roman clay excavation from mardels.
Jan van Mourik, Dennis Braekmans, Marieke Doorenbosch, Wim Kuijper, and Hans van der Plicht

EGU2016-3289 | Posters | SSS3.4

Eocene paleosols of King George Island, Maritime Antarctica
Diogo Spinola, Raquel Portes, Carlos Schaefer, and Peter Kühn

EGU2016-17180 | Orals | SSS3.4

Global Mapping of Provisioning Ecosystem Services
Lisa Bingham, Menno Straatsma, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2016-3859 | Posters | SSS3.4

Six hundred years of agricultural activity in the Gorce Mountains (Polish Carpathians)
Anna Bucała

EGU2016-4280 | Posters | SSS3.4

Impact of landform and type of land use on soils developed over granite in the monsoonal climate of North-East India
Paweł Prokop, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Hiambok Jones Syiemlieh, and Anna Bucała

EGU2016-5147 | Posters | SSS3.4

Beneficial impacts of historic soil erosion and valley sedimentation on ecosystem processes and society
Gert Verstraeten, Nils Broothaerts, Bastiaan Notebaert, and Maarten Van Loo

EGU2016-5528 | Posters | SSS3.4

History of a Bronze Age tell and its environment
Gabriella Kovács, György Füleky, and Magdolna Vicze

EGU2016-9494 | Posters | SSS3.4

Celtic field agriculture and Early Anthropogenic Environmental change in the Meuse-Demer-Scheldt region, NW Europe
Germaine Van der Sanden, Sjoerd Kluiving, and Nico Roymans

EGU2016-10174 | Posters | SSS3.4 | Media interest

Soil creep as factor of landscape change
Bernhard Lucke

EGU2016-10471 | Posters | SSS3.4

Woodland clearance alters geomorphic, hydrologic, and pedogenic drivers of ecosystem services: examples from the southern Blue Ridge (USA) and the French western Pyrenees Mountains
David Leigh

EGU2016-11292 | Posters | SSS3.4

Natural and Cultural Preservation – Complementary Endeavors through Soil Archive Research
Oren Ackermann, Suembikya Frumin, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Aren M. Maeir, Ehud Weiss, and Helena M. Zhevelev

EGU2016-12981 | Posters | SSS3.4

Geomorphology and anthropogenic impact including military constraints in a microtidal wave-dominated embayment in south western Sardinia (Porto Pino beach, SCI ITB040025, Mediterranean Sea). Implications for beach management.
Sandro De Muro, Carla Buosi, Nicola Pusceddu, Paolo Frongia, Marinella Passarella, and Angelo Ibba

EGU2016-12983 | Posters | SSS3.4

Soil archives of a Fluvisol: Subsurface analysis and soil history of the medieval city centre of Vlaardingen, the Netherlands - an integral approach
Sjoerd Kluiving, Tim De Ridder, Marcel Van Dasselaar, Stan Roozen, Maarten Prins, and Jan Van Mourik

EGU2016-13445 | Posters | SSS3.4

Inventory and Comparison of Floodplain Embankment along Large Rivers
Paul Hudson

EGU2016-15162 | Posters | SSS3.4

Pedological and mineralogical investigations on a soil-paleosoil sequence within Andosols in the Western Cordillera of the Peruvian Andes (region Laramate, 14.5S)
Fernando Leceta Gobitz, Bertil Mächtle, Gerd Schukraft, Hans-Peter Meyer, and Bernhard Eitel

EGU2016-16669 | Posters | SSS3.4

Ecosystem Services in the Restoration of Wetlands in the Humberhead Levels, UK
Katharine Orgill and Helen Moggridge

EGU2016-17488 | Posters | SSS3.4

Sediment-palaeosol successions in Calabria and Sardinia suggest spatially differentiated palaeo-vegetation patterns in southern Italy during the Last Glacial period
Daniela Sauer, Claudio Zucca, Riyad Al-Sharif, Lisa Zwanzig, Salvatore Madrau, Stefano Andreucci, Vincenzo Pascucci, Annette Kadereit, Fabio Scarciglia, and Helmut Brückner

EGU2016-17512 | Posters | SSS3.4

Micromorphological changes over time observed in the Vestfold Podzol chronosequence, SE Norway
Daniela Sauer, Elżbieta Musztyfaga, Rolf Sørensen, Siri Svendgård-Stokke, Thilo Rennert, Ragnhild Sperstad, and Markus Fuchs

SSS3.6 – Geoheritage and Geodiversity Matter: Themes, Links and Interactions (co-organized)

EGU2016-15434 | Posters | SSS3.6

Methods of geodiversity assessment and theirs application
Zbigniew Zwoliński, Alicja Najwer, and Marco Giardino

EGU2016-3746 | Posters | SSS3.6

How a geomorphosite inventory can contribute to regional sustainable development? The case of the Simen Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Lukas Mauerhofer, Emmanuel Reynard, Asfawossen Asrat, Hans Hurni, and Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority

EGU2016-319 | Orals | SSS3.6 | Media interest

Geodiversity and Geoheritage: definitions, values and conservation
Murray Gray

EGU2016-14846 | Posters | SSS3.6

Invisible geomorphosites. A case study in the Rhone River valley (Switzerland)
Mélanie Clivaz and Emmanuel Reynard

EGU2016-11046 | Orals | SSS3.6

Geodiversity of landforms within morphoclimatic zones of the Earth
Zbigniew Zwoliński and Joanna Gudowicz

EGU2016-1825 | Orals | SSS3.6

Geodiversity Hotspots: A Proposed Conceptual and Methodological Framework for Defining Geoconservation Priorities
François Bétard

EGU2016-1154 | Posters | SSS3.6

Geodiversity of Ceará State (Brazil): assessment and mapping
Angelo Araujo, Diamantino Pereira, and Paulo Pereira

EGU2016-9742 | Orals | SSS3.6

Creating global comparative analyses of tectonic rifts, monogenetic volcanism and inverted relief
Benjamin van Wyk de Vries

EGU2016-1182 | Posters | SSS3.6

Aspiring Geopark "Altai" as a Way of Sustainable Development of Altai Mountains
Shuralai Chernoeva and Nina Kocheewa

EGU2016-1127 | Orals | SSS3.6

Geosites and geoheritage representations - a cartographic approach
Joao Rocha and José Brilha

EGU2016-9749 | Posters | SSS3.6

The timberline as result of the interactions among forest, abiotic environment and human activity in the Babia Gora massif, Western Carpathians
Adam Lajczak

EGU2016-17663 | Posters | SSS3.6

Preliminary Inventory of geomorphosites along The Great Málaga Path (Gran Senda de Málaga).
Juan F. Martinez-Murillo, Emilio Ferre-Bueno, and José D. Ruiz-Sinoga

EGU2016-2932 | Orals | SSS3.6

Mapping and quantifying geodiversity in land-water transition zones using MBES and topobathymetric LiDAR
Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen, Mikkel Skovgaard Andersen, Aron Gergely, Yvonne Schulze Tenberge, Zyad Al-Hamdani, Frank Steinbacher, Laurids Rolighed Larsen, Christian Winter, and Alexander Bartholomä

EGU2016-13404 | Posters | SSS3.6

The Danube Bend, Hungary - proposal for its recognition as a geoheritage
Dávid Karátson

EGU2016-6259 | Orals | SSS3.6

Inventory Survey of Geodiversity Elements in a Regional Territory: Applied to the Biga Peninsula, Northwestern Turkey
Ziya Sedat Çetiner, Can Ertekin, and Nurdan Filiz

EGU2016-14935 | Posters | SSS3.6

Small-scale geodiversity and dirt road management, Ede (NL)
Hanneke van den Ancker and Pieter Dirk Jungerius

EGU2016-1099 | Orals | SSS3.6

The spatial relationships between geodiversity and biodiversity; the Dębnica catchment, Poland
Alicja Najwer, Janina Borysiak, Joanna Gudowicz, Małgorzata Mazurek, and Zbigniew Zwoliński

EGU2016-17926 | Posters | SSS3.6

Mapping geodiversity and cultural heritage; a case study: Aït Bou Oulli valley in central High-Atlas, Morocco.
Hicham Bouzekraoui, Ahmed Barakat, Mohammed El Youssi, Yahia El Khalki, Abdelatif Hafid, and Atika Mouaddine

EGU2016-3889 | Orals | SSS3.6

Cross-scale modelling of alien and native vascular plant species richness in Great Britain: where is geodiversity information most relevant?
Joseph Bailey, Richard Field, and Doreen Boyd

EGU2016-10144 | Posters | SSS3.6

The contribution of Corynephorus canescens to the geodiversity of inland drift sands
Pieter Dirk Jungerius, Michel Riksen, Hanneke van den Ancker, and Maja Kooistra

EGU2016-3760 | Posters | SSS3.6

Lateral and “vertico-lateral” cave dwellings in Haddej and Guermessa: characteristic geocultural heritage of Southeast Tunisia
Nouri Boukhchim, Tarek Ben Fraj, and Emmanuel Reynard

EGU2016-2472 | Orals | SSS3.6

Geosites of Lithuania as an environment for dwelling of specific biota: geo- and biodiversity interactions
Grazina Skridlaite, Jurga Motiejunaite, Ilona Jukoniene, and Ingrida Prigodina Lukosiene

EGU2016-16582 | Posters | SSS3.6

Mountain geomorphosites in Odle Group (Dolomites, Italy)
Paola Coratza, Alessandro Ghinoi, Mauro Marchetti, and Mauro Soldati

EGU2016-184 | Orals | SSS3.6

Contribution of geodiversity, climate and spatial variables for biodiversity across a gradient of human influence
Helena Tukiainen, Janne Alahuhta, Terhi Ala-Hulkko, Richard Field, Raino Lampinen, and Jan Hjort

EGU2016-9295 | Orals | SSS3.6

Protecting Geoheritage – Geodiversity Charter for England
Lesley Dunlop

EGU2016-15134 | Posters | SSS3.6

Weichselian Aeolian Geoheritage Top 20 of the Netherlands
Hanneke van den Ancker, Pieter Dirk Jungerius, and members Platform Aardkundige Waarden

EGU2016-3763 | Orals | SSS3.6

Irrigation channels of the Upper Rhone valley (Switzerland). Geomorphological analysis of a cultural heritage
Emmanuel Reynard

EGU2016-17931 | Posters | SSS3.6

Landslides as agents of diversity
Marten Geertsema

EGU2016-16535 | Posters | SSS3.6

A proposition for a UNESCO application for European Geoparks: towards an international Geopark ‘Delta’ in the Netherlands and Belgium
Sjoerd Kluiving, Geert Kooistra, Kees Kasse, and Erik Heskes

EGU2016-4914 | Orals | SSS3.6

Documentation and evaluation of slope instabilities and other geological phenomena in the Geopark Bohemian Paradise (Czech Republic)
Oldřich Krejčí, Vladimíra Krejčí, Lilian Švábenická, and Filip Hartvich

EGU2016-941 | Posters | SSS3.6

GeoguideRome, urban geotourism offer powered by mobile application technology
Alessia Pica, Lucien Grangier, Emmanuel Reynard, Christian Kaiser, and Maurizio Del Monte

EGU2016-384 | Posters | SSS3.6

Using GIS for planning field trips: In-situ assessment of Geopoints for field trips with mobile devices
Sarah Böhm, Thomas Kisser, and Raimund Ditter

EGU2016-610 | Orals | SSS3.6

Geodiversity, Geoheritage and Geomatics: interactions for a new learner-based geoeducational model
Alessandra Magagna, Marco Giardino, Luigi Perotti, and Elena Ferrero

EGU2016-5871 | Orals | SSS3.6

A digital platform for university education on geomorphosites
Paola Coratza, Emmanuel Reynard, Nathalie Cayla, Laura Comanescu, Lucie Darbellay, Christian Giusti, Florina Grecu, and Paulo Pereira

EGU2016-2362 | Posters | SSS3.6

Promoting geodiversity education with the help of earthcaching in Geoparks
Stefanie Zecha

EGU2016-6126 | Posters | SSS3.6

The promotion of geotourism in protected areas: a proposal of itinerary through the Matese Massif (Campania and Molise regions, Italy).
Carmen Maria Rosskopf, Francesca Filocamo, Vincenzo Amato, and Massimo Cesarano

EGU2016-13415 | Orals | SSS3.6

Antagonistic perception of a rock-mass as geomorphosite and/or mineral resource with specific concern of natural stone for heritage conservation
Richard Prikryl

EGU2016-16507 | Orals | SSS3.6

Environmental rehabilitation of dismissed quarry areas in the Emilia Apennines (Italy) based on the exploitation of geosites
Mauro Soldati, Paola Coratza, and Vittoria Vandelli

EGU2016-15420 | Posters | SSS3.6

The “Mud-volcanoes route” (Emilia Apennines, northern Italy)
Paola Coratza and Doriano Castaldini

EGU2016-11348 | Orals | SSS3.6

Landslides and fortified settlements as valuable geoheritage sites in the Moldavian Plateau, North-Eastern Romania
Mihai Niculita, Francesco Bucci, Michele Santangelo, and Mihai Ciprian Margarint

EGU2016-18312 | Posters | SSS3.6

Geotourism Features of Sinop (Turkey)

Memnune Zehra Seyyah and Yıldırım Güngör

EGU2016-18470 | Posters | SSS3.6

Geotourist itineraries along the Italian territory: examples of mapping the geoheritage in different geomorphological and historical contexts
Valeria Panizza, Pierluigi Brandolini, Lamberto Laureti, Olivia Nesci, Filippo Russo, and Daniele Savelli

EGU2016-11846 | Orals | SSS3.6

Understanding, promoting and protecting geodiversity and geoheritage of the Piemonte region (Italy) through innovative techniques and public engagement in Earth Science studies
Marco Giardino, Francesca Lozar, Luigi Perotti, Mauro Palomba, Chiara Groppo, Marcello Natalicchio, Luca Ghiraldi, Riccardo Beltramo, and Vincenzo Lombardo

EGU2016-15639 | Orals | SSS3.6

A UNESCO World Heritage nomination for a tectono-volcanic site: advances in the Chaîne des Puy – Limagne Fault project
Cecile Olive-Garcia and Benjamin van Wyk de Vries

SSS4.1 – Current methods in soil microbial ecology | PICO

EGU2016-567 | PICO | SSS4.1

Application of fluorescent microscopy and cascade filtration methods for analysis of soil microbial community
Konstantin Ivanov, Irina Pinchuk, Roman Gorodnichev, and Lubov Polyanskaya

EGU2016-16575 | PICO | SSS4.1

Visualization of physico-chemical properties and microbial distribution in soil and root microenvironments
Thilo Eickhorst and Hannes Schmidt