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ST – Solar-Terrestrial Sciences

ST1.1 – Open Session on the Sun and Heliosphere (including Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-11983 | Orals | ST1.1

Nature of CME-flare Associated Coronal Dimming
Jianxia Cheng and Jiong Qiu

EGU2016-4321 | Posters | ST1.1

New calibrated sunspot group series since 1749
Ilya Usoskin, Gennady Kovaltsov, Michael Lockwood, Kalevi Mursula, Matthew Owens, and Sami Sonaki

EGU2016-3098 | Posters | ST1.1

Near-equatorial magnetic field of the photosphere
Elena Vernova, Marta Tyasto, and Dmitrii Baranov

EGU2016-18055 | Orals | ST1.1

Two-fluid modeling of magnetosonic wave propagation in the partially ionized solar chromosphere
Yana Maneva, Alejandro Alvarez Laguna, Andrea Lani, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2016-3729 | Posters | ST1.1

Relationship between extreme ultraviolet microflares and small-scale magnetic fields in the quiet Sun
Fayu Jiang, Jun Zhang, and Shuhong Yang

EGU2016-11251 | Orals | ST1.1

A New Method for Reconstruction of Coronal Force-Free Magnetic Fields
Sibaek Yi, Gwangson Choe, Daye Lim, and Kap-Sung Kim

EGU2016-11070 | Posters | ST1.1

In What Magnetic Environment Are Coronal Loop Plasmas Located?
Daye Lim, Gwangson Choe, and Sibaek Yi

EGU2016-3716 | Orals | ST1.1

Interaction between an emerging flux region and a pre-existing fan-spine dome observed by IRIS and SDO
Fayu Jiang, Jun Zhang, and Shuhong Yang

EGU2016-3811 | Posters | ST1.1

Oxygen Ions Behavior near the Reconnection Region and Current Sheet
Suiyan Fu, Tong Wu, Werijie Sun, Qiugang Zong, and George Parks

EGU2016-1554 | Orals | ST1.1

The role of collisions in the acceleration of the slow solar wind: origin of the helium ions at solar maximum
Eduardo Sanchez-Diaz, Pierre Louis Blelly, Alexis Paul Rouillard, Benoit Lavraud, and Rui Pinto

EGU2016-7994 | Orals | ST1.1 | Media interest

Solar Orbiter - Exploring the Sun-Heliosphere Connection
Ioannis Zouganelis, Daniel Mueller, Chris St. Cyr, and Holly R. Gilbert

EGU2016-18076 | Posters | ST1.1

A cylindrical current sheet over the South solar pole observed by Ulysses
Olga Khabarova, Roman Kislov, Helmi Malova, and Vladimir Obridko

EGU2016-2692 | Orals | ST1.1

Modeling Jets in the Corona and Solar Wind
Tibor Torok, Roberto Lionello, Viacheslav S. Titov, James E. Leake, Zoran Mikic, Jon A. Linker, and Mark G. Linton

EGU2016-8480 | Posters | ST1.1 | Media interest

Modeling the plasma flow in the inner heliosheath with a spatially varying compression ratio
Georgios Nicolaou and George Livadiotis

EGU2016-9271 | Orals | ST1.1

STEREO Observations of Solar Wind in 2007-2014
Lan Jian, Janet Luhmann, Christopher Russell, Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Emilia Kilpua, and Yan Li

EGU2016-18200 | Posters | ST1.1

Rebirth of the Bashful ballerina
Kalevi Mursula and Ilpo Virtanen

EGU2016-2570 | Orals | ST1.1

The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission development and initial results (Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)
Stephen Fuselier

EGU2016-9958 | Posters | ST1.1

Solar Wind Trends in the Current Solar Cycle (STEREO Observations)
Antoinette Galvin, Kristin Simunac, and Charles Farrugia

EGU2016-4615 | Posters | ST1.1

Validation of solar wind high-speed stream predictions
Martin Reiss, Manuela Temmer, Astrid Veronig, Ljubomir Nikolic, Florian Schöngassner, and Susanne Vennerstrøm

EGU2016-6063 | Posters | ST1.1

Similarities and distinctions of CIR and Sheath
Yuri Yermolaev, Irina Lodkina, Nadezhda Nikolaeva, and Michael Yermolaev

EGU2016-7436 | Posters | ST1.1

IPShocks: Database of Interplanetary Shock Waves
Alexey Isavnin, Erkka Lumme, Emilia Kilpua, Mikko Lotti, Katerina Andreeova, Hannu Koskinen, and Shabnam Nikbakhsh

EGU2016-1661 | Posters | ST1.1

Planar magnetic structures in coronal mass ejection-driven sheath regions
Erika Palmerio, Emilia Kilpua, and Neel Savani

EGU2016-14581 | Posters | ST1.1

Geometric-dynamic quality indicators for Swarm Level-2 FAC data products
Maosheng He, Joachim Vogt, and Adrian Blagau

ST1.2 – Observations, theory and modelling of the heliospheric plasma processes and solar eruptions, and their effects on the planets (including Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2016-10049 | Orals | ST1.2

Radio triangulation - mapping the 3D position of the solar radio emission
Jasmina Magdalenic

EGU2016-2252 | Posters | ST1.2

Statistical study of solar filaments since 1919
Jean Aboudarham

EGU2016-6857 | Posters | ST1.2

Projection effects in coronal dimmings and associated EUV wave event
Karin Dissauer, Manuela Temmer, Astrid Veronig, Kamalam Vanninathan, and Jasmina Magdalenic

EGU2016-8058 | Orals | ST1.2

Deriving CME kinematics from multipoint space observations
Niclas Mrotzek, Adam Pluta, Volker Bothmer, Jackie Davies, and Richard Harrison

EGU2016-3749 | Posters | ST1.2

Analyses of Helicity Sign in Magnetic Clouds Using Multi-point Observations
Pei Hsuan Lin and Ya-Hui Yang

EGU2016-1641 | Orals | ST1.2

Tracking the magnetic structure of flux ropes from eruption to in-situ detection
Erika Palmerio, Emilia Kilpua, Lucie Green, Alexander James, Jens Pomoell, and Gherardo Valori

EGU2016-11638 | Orals | ST1.2

ENLIL Global Heliospheric Modeling as a Context For Multipoint Observations
M. Leila Mays, Dusan Odstrcil, Janet Luhmann, Hazel Bain, Yan Li, Nathan Schwadron, Matt Gorby, Barbara Thompson, Lan Jian, Christian Möstl, Alexis Rouillard, Jackie Davies, Manuela Temmer, Lutz Rastaetter, Aleksandre Taktakishvili, Peter MacNeice, and Maria Kuznetsova

EGU2016-7517 | Posters | ST1.2

Space Weather and confined CME events
Julia Thalmann, Manuela Temmer, Astrid Veronig, and Yang Su

EGU2016-11412 | Orals | ST1.2

Modeling Detached Magnetic Structures in the Inner Heliosphere
Dusan Odstrcil

EGU2016-5025 | Posters | ST1.2

Predicting the magnetic structure of interplanetary magnetic clouds and their sheath regions: Space weather perspective
Emilia Kilpua

EGU2016-7645 | Posters | ST1.2

FRi3D: A Novel 3D Model of CMEs (prototype)
Alexey Isavnin

EGU2016-1460 | Orals | ST1.2

A new view of solar coronal mass ejections with the Heliophysics System Observatory (Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists Lecture)
Christian Moestl

EGU2016-1240 | Posters | ST1.2

Determination of the photospheric electric field for data-driven modelling of coronal mass ejections
Erkka Lumme, Jens Pomoell, and Emilia Kilpua

EGU2016-7309 | Orals | ST1.2

ElEvoHI—Improving CME arrival predictions using heliospheric imaging
Tanja Rollett, Christian Möstl, Alexey Isavnin, Manuel Kubicka, Ute Amerstorfer, Jackie Davies, and Richard Harrison

EGU2016-7712 | Posters | ST1.2

Prediction of the Dst index with magnetic field observations in the inner heliosphere
Manuel Kubicka, Christian Möstl, Tanja Rollett, Peter Boakes, Li Feng, and Jonathan Eastwood

EGU2016-3946 | Orals | ST1.2

Observations of Heliospheric Faraday Rotation (FR) and Interplanetary Scintillation (IPS): Steps Towards Investigating Bz Propagation Between the Sun and the Earth
Mario M. Bisi, Richard A. Fallows, Charlotte Sobey, Tarraneh Eftekhari, Elizabeth A. Jensen, Bernard V. Jackson, Hsiu-Shan Yu, P. Paul Hick, Dusan Odstrcil, Munetoshi Tokumaru, and T. Oyuki Chang M.

EGU2016-10819 | Posters | ST1.2

Multipoint study of interplanetary shocks
Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Primoz Kajdic, Christopher T. Russell, Ernesto Aguilar-Rodriguez, Lan K. Jian, and Janet G. Luhmann

EGU2016-3142 | Orals | ST1.2 | Media interest

Recent Voyager Observations of the Interstellar Medium and Heliosheath
John Richardson and The Voyager Team

EGU2016-9701 | Orals | ST1.2

The Context for IMAP: Voyager and INCA Observations of the Heliosheath at E > 5 keV
Stamatios M. Krimigis

EGU2016-14150 | Posters | ST1.2

CIR-XL recurring for several years
Melinda Dósa and Géza Erdős

EGU2016-3590 | Orals | ST1.2

Particle Energization throughout the Heliosphere: Opportunities with IMAP
Gary Zank

EGU2016-14547 | Posters | ST1.2

Improvement of background solar wind predictions
Zsuzsanna Dálya and Andrea Opitz

EGU2016-6141 | Posters | ST1.2

Microwave emission as a proxy of CME speed in ICME arrival time predictions
Carolina Salas Matamoros, Karl-Ludwig Klein, and Gerard Trottet

EGU2016-4795 | Orals | ST1.2 | Media interest

Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP)
Nathan Schwadron

EGU2016-6101 | Posters | ST1.2

Importance of the magnetic field cone angle in magnetic clouds
Lucile Turc, Philippe Escoubet, Dominique Fontaine, and Emilia Kilpua

EGU2016-4784 | Posters | ST1.2

Predicting the near-Sun and Interplanetary Magnetic Field of CMEs using photospheric magnetograms and coronagraph images
Spiros Patsourakos and Manolis Georgoulis

EGU2016-17672 | Posters | ST1.2

Simplified solutions to predicting the magnetic vectors within CMEs
Neel Savani, Angelos Vourlidas, and Antti Pulkinnen

EGU2016-1261 | Posters | ST1.2

A data-driven coupled modeling approach to predicting the magnetic structure of interplanetary coronal mass ejections
Jens Pomoell, Emilia Kilpua, Alexey Isavnin, Erika Palmerio, and Erkka Lumme

EGU2016-18545 | Posters | ST1.2

Real-time application of the drag based model
Tomislav Žic, Manuela Temmer, and Bojan Vršnak

EGU2016-1022 | Posters | ST1.2

A Data-Driven Analytical Model for Proton Acceleration at Remotely Observed Low Coronal Shocks
Kamen Kozarev and Nathan Schwadron

EGU2016-17510 | Posters | ST1.2

Heliospheric current sheet and its interaction with solar cosmic rays
Helmi Malova, Victor Popov, Elena Grigorenko, Andrey Dunko, and Anatoly Petrukovich

EGU2016-1965 | Posters | ST1.2

Hot electrons downstream of the termination shock and the incompressibility of the heliosheath plasma
Hans-Jörg Fahr and Daniel Verscharen

EGU2016-17073 | Posters | ST1.2

Short-Term Velocity Distributions of He+ Pickup-Ions : STEREO/PLASTIC Observations
Lars Berger, Christian Drews, and Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber

EGU2016-1999 | Posters | ST1.2

Anisotropy of the He+, C+, N+, O+, and Ne+ Pickup Ion Velocity Distribution Function
Christian Drews, Lars Berger, Andreas Taut, and Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber

EGU2016-15841 | Posters | ST1.2

Systematic Variability of the He+ Pickup Ion Velocity Distribution Function Observed with SOHO/CELIAS/CTOF
Andreas Taut, Christian Drews, Lars Berger, and Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber

EGU2016-1792 | Posters | ST1.2

Evolution of heliosheath ion distributions under charge exchange influence
Hans-Jörg Fahr, Horst Fichtner, Klaus Scherer, and Adama Sylla

EGU2016-3810 | Posters | ST1.2

The roll-over of heliospheric neutral hydrogen below 100 eV: observations and implications
André Galli, Peter Wurz, Nathan A. Schwadron, Eberhard Möbius, Harald Kucharek, Maciej Bzowski, Justyna M. Sokól, Marzena A. Kubiak, Herbert O. Funsten, Stephen A. Fuselier, and David J. McComas

EGU2016-9816 | Posters | ST1.2

Plasma surrounding the global heliosphere at large distances controlled by the solar cycle
Konstantinos Dialynas, Stamatios Krimigis, Donald Mitchell, Robert Decker, and Edmond Roelof

EGU2016-2196 | Posters | ST1.2

Latitude, Energy, and Time Variations of Energetic Neutral Atom Spectral indices Measured by IBEX
Mihir Desai, David McComas, Maher Dayeh, Herbert Funsten, Nathan Schwadron, Jacob Heerikhuisen, Stephen Fuselier, Nikolai Pogorelov, Gary Zank, and Frederic Allegrini

EGU2016-7116 | Posters | ST1.2

LISM Inhomogeneities and the IBEX Ribbon
Adama Sylla and Horst Fichtner

ST1.4 – Turbulence and Instabilities in Space Plasmas

EGU2016-14296 | Orals | ST1.4

Characterization of the Alfvénic slow solar wind: from turbulent spectra to particle distribution functions
Raffaella D'Amicis, Lorenzo Matteini, and Roberto Bruno

EGU2016-15273 | Posters | ST1.4

Super-diffusion versus competitive advection processes on the solar surface
Dario Del Moro, Francesco Berrilli, Luca Giovannelli, Stefano Scardigli, Fabio Giannattasio, Giuseppe Consolini, and Fabio Lepreti

EGU2016-2745 | Posters | ST1.4

Vlasov simulation of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability
Yasutaka Wada, Takayuki Umeda, and Shinobu Machida

EGU2016-18282 | Orals | ST1.4

Coexistence of weak and strong wave turbulence in incompressible Hall MHD
Romain Meyrand, Khurom Kiyani, and Sebastien Galtier

EGU2016-14950 | Posters | ST1.4

Evolution of solar wind turbulence and intermittency over the solar cycle
Pauli Väisänen, Ilpo Virtanen, Marius Echim, Costel Munteanu, and Kalevi Mursula

EGU2016-2028 | Orals | ST1.4

A Nearly Incompressible Description of Low-Frequency Turbulence in the Solar Wind
Gary Zank, Peter Hunana, Laxman Adhikari, Roberto Bruno, and Daniele Telloni

EGU2016-3002 | Posters | ST1.4

Variations of helium abundance in the solar wind and its changes across IP shocks
Tereza Durovcova, Petr Cagas, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, and Georgy N. Zastenker

EGU2016-8632 | Orals | ST1.4

Joint Heating of Solar Wind Protons by Multi-Wave-Modes via Multi-Resonances
Jiansen He, Linghua Wang, Chuanyi Tu, Eckart Marsch, Christopher H. K. Chen, Zhongtian Pei, Lei Zhang, Chadi S. Salem, and Stuart D. Bale

EGU2016-3013 | Posters | ST1.4

Modification and relaxation of turbulence behind interplanetary shocks
Alexander Pitna, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Frantisek Nemec, Oleksandr Goncharov, and Christopher H. K. Chen

EGU2016-18250 | Orals | ST1.4

Topology of kinetic range turbulence in the solar wind: observations and simulations
Khurom Kiyani, Sandra Chapman, Romain Meyrand, Fouad Sahraoui, Lina Hadid, and Kareem Osman

EGU2016-3009 | Posters | ST1.4

Waves associated with interplanetary shocks: Types and properties
Oleksandr Goncharov, Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Safrankova, Lubomir Prech, Andriy Koval, Lynn B. Wilson III, and Georgy N. Zastenker

EGU2016-14653 | Orals | ST1.4

From coherent structures to turbulence spectra
Sonny Lion, Olga Alexandrova, and Arnaud Zaslavsky

EGU2016-2648 | Posters | ST1.4

Plasma beta control of scaling of solar wind turbulent structures
Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Frantisek Nemec, Lubomir Prech, Christopher H. K. Chen, and Georgy N. Zastenker

EGU2016-15090 | Posters | ST1.4

Multifractal Analysis of turbulence in two-fluid simulations of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
Claudia Rossi, Luca Sorriso-Valvo, Vincenzo Carbone, Francesca Di Mare, Fabio Lepreti, Francesco Califano, and Alessandro Retinò

EGU2016-13318 | Posters | ST1.4

A new technique for the investigation of the energy cascade associated with coherent structures in Kelvin-Helmholtz turbulence
Claudia Rossi, Enrico Camporeale, Francesco Califano, Silvio Sergio Cerri, Alessandro Retinò, Luca Sorriso-Valvo, and Vincenzo Carbone

EGU2016-17373 | Posters | ST1.4

Compressible coherent structures at ion scales in the slow solar wind
Denise Perrone, Olga Alexandrova, Andre Mangeney, Milan Maksimovic, and Catherine Lacombe

EGU2016-13279 | Posters | ST1.4

The Complex Structure of Magnetic Field Discontinuities in the Turbulent Solar Wind
Antonella Greco, Silvia Perri, Sergio Servidio, and Pierluigi Veltri

EGU2016-7454 | Posters | ST1.4

Magnetic intermittency of solar wind turbulence in the dissipation range
Zhongtian Pei, Jiansen He, Chuanyi Tu, Eckart Marsch, and Linghua Wang

EGU2016-17436 | Posters | ST1.4

A non-Gaussian Universal Description of Solar Wind Magnetic Field Fluctuations
Arnaud Zaslavsky, Sonny Lion, and Olga Alexandrova

EGU2016-6911 | Posters | ST1.4

On the Existence of the Kolmogorov Inertial Range in the Terrestrial Magnetosheath Turbulence
Shiyong Huang, Fouad Sahraoui, Lina Hadid, and Zhigang Yuan

EGU2016-7291 | Posters | ST1.4

New Exact Relations for Helicities in Hall Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
Supratik Banerjee and Sebastien Galtier

EGU2016-15326 | Posters | ST1.4

Investigating the ion-scale spectral break of solar wind turbulence from low to high plasma beta with high-resolution hybrid simulations
Luca Franci, Simone Landi, Lorenzo Matteini, Andrea Verdini, and Petr Hellinger

EGU2016-8802 | Posters | ST1.4

Turbulence in the solar wind: what controls the slope of the energy spectrum?
Andrea Verdini and Roland Grappin

EGU2016-8978 | Posters | ST1.4

Alfvén-dynamo balance and magnetic excess in MHD turbulence
Roland Grappin, Wolf Christian Müller, and Andrea Verdini

EGU2016-2012 | Posters | ST1.4

Investigation of the variance and spectral anisotropies of the solar wind turbulence with multiple point spacecraft observations
Daniel Vech and Christopher Chen

EGU2016-9547 | Posters | ST1.4

Understanding compressible turbulence in the solar wind with multipoint density measurements derived from spacecraft potential
Owen Roberts

EGU2016-3026 | Posters | ST1.4

Multi-Species Measurements of the Firehose and Mirror Instability Thresholds
Christopher Chen, Lorenzo Matteini, Alex Schekochihin, Mike Stevens, Chadi Salem, Ben Maruca, Matthew Kunz, and Stuart Bale

EGU2016-13729 | Posters | ST1.4

Destabilizing effects of the suprathermal populations in the solar wind
Marian Lazar, Horst Fichtner, Stefaan Poedts, and Peter Yoon

EGU2016-3952 | Posters | ST1.4

Low frequency instabilities based on electron and ion temperature anisotropies with generalized (r,q) distribution function
Muhammad Nouman Sarwar Qureshi, Sundas Saeed, and Roberto Bruno

EGU2016-7376 | Posters | ST1.4

Proton fire hose instabilities in the expanding solar wind: Role of oblique magnetic field
Petr Hellinger

EGU2016-18021 | Posters | ST1.4

Oblique firehose instability in hot collisionless plasmas – interplay between protons and electrons
Yana Maneva, Marian Lazar, Adolfo Vinas, and Stefaan Poedts

ST1.5 – Particle acceleration mechanisms in solar system plasmas: observations and theory

EGU2016-1481 | Posters | ST1.5

An Interpretation of the Solar Flare Ocurred on 17 may 2012
Kazi Abul Firoz, Wei-Qun Gan, Javier Rodriguez-Pacheco, and You-Ping Li

EGU2016-6080 | Orals | ST1.5

CME-related particle acceleration regions during a simple eruptive event near solar minimum
Carolina Salas Matamoros, Karl-Ludwig Klein, and Alexis Rouillard

EGU2016-11849 | Posters | ST1.5

HESPERIA studies on the nature of high-energy solar gamma-ray events
Pietro Zucca, Karl-Ludwig Klein, Gerry Share, Nicole Vilmer, Olga Malandraki, Rositsa Miteva, Bernd Heber, Clarisse Hamadache, Juergen Kiener, Vincent Tatischeff, and Rami Vainio

EGU2016-2199 | Orals | ST1.5

Systematic Charge-to-Mass-Dependence of Heavy Ion Spectral Breaks in Large Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events
Mihir Desai, Glenn Mason, Robert Ebert, Maher Dayeh, David McComas, Gang Li, Richard Mewaldt, Christina Cohen, Nathan Schwadron, and Charles Snith

EGU2016-2031 | Orals | ST1.5

Particle Acceleration At Shock Waves and Downstream Small-Scale Flux Ropes
Gary Zank, Peter Hunana, Parisa Mostafavi, Jakobus le Roux, Gary Webb, Olga Khabarova, Gang Li, Alan Cummungs, Edward Stone, and Robert Decker

EGU2016-9634 | Posters | ST1.5

The short-lived (<2 minutes) acceleration of protons to >13 GeV in association with solar flares.
Ken McCracken, Margaret Ann Shea, and Don Smart

EGU2016-10637 | Orals | ST1.5 | Media interest

Stochastic electron acceleration during turbulent reconnection in strong shock waves
Yosuke Matsumoto

EGU2016-7631 | Posters | ST1.5

Spectral Fits Of Protons During Solar Particle Events Measured With The PAMELA Experiment
Matteo Martucci and Matteo Mergè

EGU2016-16761 | Posters | ST1.5

Measurements of Heavy Ion Differential Streaming with SOHO/CELIAS/CTOF and ACE/SWICS at 1 AU
Nils Janitzek, Lars Berger, Andreas Taut, Christian Drews, and Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber

EGU2016-6218 | Orals | ST1.5

Origin of energetic ions observed in the terrestrial ion foreshock : 2D full-particle simulations
Philippe Savoini and bertrand Lembege

EGU2016-1444 | Orals | ST1.5

Energetic-electron flux enhancements in Mercury’s magnetosphere: An integrated view with high-resolution observations from MESSENGER
Daniel N. Baker

EGU2016-7402 | Posters | ST1.5

Neutralized solar energetic particles in the inner heliosphere: a parameter study
Xiao-Dong Wang, Berndt Klecker, Yoshifumi Futaana, Fabrice Cipriani, Stas Barabash, and Martin Wieser

EGU2016-5006 | Posters | ST1.5

Observations of Particle Acceleration Associated with Small-Scale Magnetic Islands Downstream of Interplanetary Shocks
Olga V. Khabarova, Gary P. Zank, Gang Li, Olga E. Malandraki, Jakobus A. le Roux, and Gary M. Webb

EGU2016-3964 | Posters | ST1.5

Observations of patchy reconnection signatures in the solar wind
Jakub Enzl, Lubomir Prech, Jana Safrankova, and Zdenek Nemecek

EGU2016-8508 | Posters | ST1.5

On the Relation of Wave-Particle Interactions, Particle Dynamics, and Suprathermal Particle Distributions
Harald Kucharek, Antoinette Galvin, Charles Farrugia, Berndt Klecker, and Nikolai Pogorelov

EGU2016-12899 | Posters | ST1.5

Superdiffusive shock acceleration and short acceleration times at interplanetary shocks
Silvia Perri and Gaetano Zimbardo

EGU2016-6868 | Posters | ST1.5

Particle Acceleration and Shock Structures in Shock-Shock Interaction
Masaru Nakanotani, Christian Mazelle, Shuichi Matsukiyo, and Tohru Hada

EGU2016-12656 | Posters | ST1.5

Quasilinear simulations of interplanetary shocks and Earth's bow shock
Alexandr Afanasiev, Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Rami Vainio, Minna Palmroth, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sanni Hoilijoki, and Sebastian von Alfthan

EGU2016-15803 | Posters | ST1.5

Fine structure of the shock front: Results from the Cluster close separation at the bow shock campaign
Michael Balikhin, Vladimir Krasnoselskikh, Yuri Khotyaintsev, and Simon Walker

EGU2016-3017 | Posters | ST1.5

Does the plasma radiate near a Double Layer?
Raymond Pottelette, Matthieu Berthomier, and Jolene Pickett

EGU2016-16842 | Posters | ST1.5

Open questions on particle acceleration in strongly magnetized plasmas and how to answer them
Matthieu Berthomier and Andrew Fazakerley

ST1.6 – Energy dissipation and particle energization in solar wind, bow shock and magnetosheath

EGU2016-5190 | Orals | ST1.6

Polarization Status of Magnetic Fluctuations at Proton Scales
Roberto Bruno, Daniele Telloni, Raffaella D'Amicis, Rossana DeMarco, and Federica Marcucci

EGU2016-7562 | Posters | ST1.6

Intermittency of solar system plasma turbulence near Venus and Earth
Eliza Teodorescu, Marius Echim, and Tom Chang

EGU2016-14407 | Posters | ST1.6

Characterization of small-scale heating events in the solar atmosphere from 3D-MHD simulations and their potential role in coronal heating
Nuno Guerreiro, Margit Haberreiter, Viggo Hansteen, and Werner Schmutz

EGU2016-18012 | Orals | ST1.6

Turbulent energization of ions in warm collisionless plasmas – hybrid simulation study
Yana Maneva, Adolfo Vinas, and Stefaan Poedts

EGU2016-11410 | Posters | ST1.6

DSCOVR Observations of Waves at Interplanetary Shocks
Andriy Koval, Lynn Wilson, Adam Szabo, Justin Kasper, Michael Stevens, Anthony Case, and Douglas Biesecker

EGU2016-187 | Orals | ST1.6

Fine velocity structures collisional dissipation in plasmas
Oreste Pezzi, Francesco Valentini, and Pierluigi Veltri

EGU2016-13426 | Orals | ST1.6

Large-Scale Structures in Earth Foreshock Waves during Radial IMF
Urs Ganse, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Sanni Hoilijoki, Sebastian von Alfthan, Minna Palmroth, and Rami Vainio

EGU2016-13944 | Posters | ST1.6

Control mechanisms of the electron energetics in the solar wind
Štěpán Štverák, Pavel M. Trávníček, and Petr Hellinger

EGU2016-1670 | Posters | ST1.6

Generation of electromagnetic emission during the injection of dense supersonic plasma flows into arched magnetic field
Mikhail Viktorov, Sergey Golubev, Dmitry Mansfeld, and Alexander Vodopyanov

EGU2016-12341 | Orals | ST1.6

Magnetopause-foreshock interactions induced by dayside reconnection
Yann Pfau-Kempf, Heli Hietala, Sanni Hoilijoki, Minna Palmroth, Urs Ganse, Arto Sandroos, Otto Hannuksela, Sebastian von Alfthan, and Rami Vainio

EGU2016-200 | Posters | ST1.6

The Saturnian Environment as a Unique Laboratory for Collisionless Shock Waves
Ali Sulaiman, Adam Masters, Michele Dougherty, David Burgess, Masaki Fujimoto, and George Hospodarsky

EGU2016-15240 | Orals | ST1.6

Exploring turbulent energy dissipation and particle energization in space plasmas: the science of THOR mission
Alessandro Retinò and the THOR team

EGU2016-17656 | Posters | ST1.6

Radio emission in the Hermean bow shock and reconnection region
Jacobo Varela, Victor Reville, Sacha Brun, Filippo Pantellini, and Philippe Zarka

EGU2016-1806 | Orals | ST1.6

Three-dimensional turbulence structure in space and astrophysical plasmas
Yasuhito Narita, Horia Comisel, and Uwe Motschmann

EGU2016-16046 | Orals | ST1.6

Turbulent reconnection and associated particle heating and acceleration in the Earth's magnetosheath
Alexandros Chasapis, Alessandro Retino, Olivier Le Contel, William Matthaeus, Hugo Breuillard, Fouad Sahraoui, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Jim Burch, Tom Moore, Stephen Fuselier, Roy Torbert, Barry Mauk, Craig Pollock, Klaus Torkar, and Robert Ergun

EGU2016-14725 | Posters | ST1.6

Electrostatic instabilities in unmagnetized and magnetized multi-component plasma with non-Maxwellian distribution function
Sumbul Sehar and Qureshi Muhammad Nouman Sarwar

EGU2016-10690 | Posters | ST1.6

Unstable whistlers and Bernstein waves within the front of supercritical perpendicular shocks
Laurent Muschietti and Bertrand Lembege

EGU2016-14203 | Orals | ST1.6

Multi-spacecraft observations of quasi-perpendicular shock non-stationarity
Andreas Johlander, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Ivy Bo Peng, Stefano Markidis, Steven Schwartz, Mats André, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Robert Ergun, Roy Torbert, Werner Magnes, Christopher T. Russell, Barbara Giles, Craig J. Pollock, and Jim Burch

EGU2016-6793 | Posters | ST1.6

Particle acceleration near magnetic nulls using MMS data
Elin Eriksson, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Daniel Graham, Stefano Markidis, Ivy Bo Peng, Mats André, James Burch, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Robert Ergun, Roy Torbert, Werner Magnes, Christopher Russell, Barbara Giles, and Craig Pollock

EGU2016-18288 | Orals | ST1.6

New Observation of Wave Excitation and Inverse Cascade in the Foreshock Region
Jiansen He, Die Duan, Limei Yan, Shiyong Huang, Chuanyi Tu, Eckart Marsch, Linghua Wang, and Hui Tian

EGU2016-10176 | Orals | ST1.6

Comparative Study of Electromagnetic Waves at the Bow Shocks of Venus and Earth
Hanying Wei, Christopher T. Russell, Robert J. Strangeway, Steven J. Schwartz, and Tielong Zhang

EGU2016-15629 | Posters | ST1.6

Turbulence Heating ObserveR – THOR: Mission overview and payload summary
Arno Wielders, Nathalie Boudin, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Benoit Lavraud, Fouad Sahraoui, Rumi Nakamura, Chris Owen, Andrew Fazakerley, Zdenek Nemecek, Jan Soucek, Federica Marcucci, Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Alberto Retino, Martin Gehler, and Philippe Escoubet

EGU2016-13652 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Science Operations
Yuri Khotyaintsev, Andris Vaivads, Pedro Osuna, Andrew Walsh, Martin Gehler, and Philippe Escoubet

EGU2016-2380 | Orals | ST1.6

New Observations of Solar Wind Interaction with Earth’s Bow Shock
George Parks, ensang lee, zhongwei yang, ying liu, suiyan fu, iannis dandouras, henri reme, patrick canu, and melvyn goldstein

EGU2016-12336 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Fluxgate Magnetometer (MAG)
Rumi Nakamura, Jonathan Eastwood, Werner Magnes, Aris Valavanoglou, Christopher M Carr, Helen L O'Brien, Yasuhito Narita, Magda Delva, Christopher H K Chen, Ferdinand Plaschke, and Jan Soucek

EGU2016-14239 | Posters | ST1.6

The Search-coil Magnetometer for the THOR mission
Fouad Sahraoui, Jean-louis Pinçon, Guillaume Jannet, Malik Mansour, Pierre Henri, Gilles Chalumeau, Tedjani Hachemi, Alexis Jeandet, Nicolas Briand, Olivier Le Contel, and Laurence Rezeau

EGU2016-11967 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Electric Field Instrument – EFI
Yuri Khotyaintsev, Stuart D. Bale, John W. Bonnell, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Yamuna Phal, Hanna Rothkaehl, Jan Soucek, Andris Vaivads, and Lennart Åhlen

EGU2016-12803 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Field and Wave Processor – FWP
Jan Soucek, Hanna Rothkaehl, Michael Balikhin, Arnaud Zaslavsky, Rumi Nakamura, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Ludek Uhlir, Radek Lan, Keith Yearby, Marek Morawski, and Marek Winkler

EGU2016-15367 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Ion Mass Spectrometer instrument – IMS
Alessandro Retinò, Harald Kucharek, Yoshifumi Saito, Markus Fraenz, Christophe Verdeil, Frederic Leblanc, Jean-Denis Techer, Alexis Jeandet, John Macri, John Gaidos, Mark Granoff, Shoichiro Yokota, Dominique Fontaine, Matthieu Berthomier, Dominique Delcourt, Lynn Kistler, Antoniette Galvin, Satoshi Kasahara, and Elena Kronberg

EGU2016-15257 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Turbulence Electron Analyser: TEA
Andrew Fazakerley, Tom Moore, Chris Owen, Craig Pollock, Rob Wicks, Marilia Samara, Jonny Rae, Barry Hancock, Dhiren Kataria, and Duncan Rust

EGU2016-7431 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Cold Solar Wind (CSW) instrument
Benoit Lavraud, Johan De Keyser, Carine Amoros, Eddy Neef, Michel Anciaux, Nicolas Andre, Rituparna Baruah, Sophie Berkenbosch, Sabrina Bonnewijn, Antoine Cara, Marius Echim, Andrei Fedorov, Vincent Genot, Lucas Licciardi, Philippe Louarn, Jeroen Maes, Romain Maggiolo, Romain Mathon, Sylvain Ranvier, and King-Wah Wong

EGU2016-2751 | Posters | ST1.6

Beam tracking strategies for studies of kinetic scales in the solar wind with THOR-CSW
Johan De Keyser, Benoit Lavraud, Eddy Neefs, Sophie Berkenbosch, Michel Anciaux, and Romain Maggiolo

EGU2016-15749 | Posters | ST1.6

The Energetic Particle Experiment EPE for THOR
Jan Steinhagen, Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber, Rami Vainio, Eino Valtonen, Timo Eronen, Esa Riihonen, Minna Palmroth, Andris Vaivads, and Maria Federica Marcucci

EGU2016-12318 | Posters | ST1.6

THOR Particle Processing Unit PPU
Maria Federica Marcucci, Roberto Bruno, Giuseppe Consolini, Raffaella D'Amicis, Marcello De Lauretis, Rossana De Marco, Paola De Michelis, Patrizia Francia, Monica Laurenza, Massimo Materassi, Massimo Vellante, and Francesco Valentini

EGU2016-2994 | Posters | ST1.6

Fast plasma measurements in the solar wind: Lessons from Spektr-R and implications for THOR
Lubomir Prech, Jana Safrankova, Zdenek Nemecek, Frantisek Nemec, Christopher H. K. Chen, and Georgy N. Zastenker

EGU2016-13334 | Posters | ST1.6

Simulated response of top-hat electrostatic analysers – importance of phase-space resolution
Rossana De Marco, Roberto Bruno, Raffaella D'Amicis, Maria Federica Marcucci, Sergio Servidio, and Francesco Valentini

ST1.8 – Progress in Space Sciences Fostered by the European Commission

EGU2016-4752 | Posters | ST1.8

Lagrangian MHD Particle-in-Cell simulations of coronal interplanetary shocks driven by observations
Giovanni Lapenta, Fabio Bacchini, Alessandro Bemporad, Roberto Susino, and Vyacheslav Olshevskyi

EGU2016-17929 | Orals | ST1.8

Utilisation and Further Development of Space Science Results in the ESA SSA Programme Space Weather Service Network
Alexi Glover, Juha-Pekka Luntama, and Ralf Keil

EGU2016-17620 | Posters | ST1.8

Innovative HPC architectures for the study of planetary plasma environments
Jorge Amaya, Anna Wolf, Bertrand Lembège, Anke Zitz, Damian Alvarez, and Giovanni Lapenta

EGU2016-8231 | Orals | ST1.8

State-of-the-art Space Weather Forecast with AFFECTS and HELCATS
Volker Bothmer, Affects Team, and Helcats Team

EGU2016-2858 | Posters | ST1.8

Planetary Space Weather Services for the Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure
Nicolas André and Manuel Grande and the PSWS

EGU2016-14416 | Orals | ST1.8

Aims and Advances of the PROGRESS Project
Simon Walker, Tony Arber, Natalia Ganushkina, Peter Wintoft, Mike Liemohn, Yuri Shprits, Vladimir Krasnoselskikh, Robertus Erdelyi, and Michael Balikhin

EGU2016-10401 | Orals | ST1.8

The FLARECAST Project and What Lies Beyond
Manolis K. Georgoulis and the FLARECAST Team

EGU2016-9507 | Posters | ST1.8

Modeling particle acceleration and transport during high-energy solar gamma-ray events: Results from the HESPERIA project
Alexandr Afanasiev, Markus Battarbee, Rami Vainio, Alexis Rouillard, Angels Aran, Robert Sipola, and Jens Pomoell

EGU2016-14243 | Orals | ST1.8

‘HESPERIA’ HORIZON 2020 project: High Energy Solar Particle Events foRecastIng and Analysis
Olga Malandraki, Karl-Ludwig Klein, Rami Vainio, Neus Agueda, Marlon Nunez, Bernd Heber, Rolf Buetikofer, Christos Sarlanis, Norma Crosby, Veronica Bindi, Ronald Murphy, Allan J. Tyka, and Juan Rodriguez

EGU2016-13251 | Posters | ST1.8

COMESEP: bridging the gap between the SEP, CME, and terrestrial effects scientific communities
Norma Crosby, Astrid Veronig, Luciano Rodriguez, Bojan Vrsnak, Susanne Vennerstrøm, Olga Malandraki, Silvia Dalla, and Nandita Srivastava

EGU2016-8290 | Orals | ST1.8

SPACESTORM - modelling space weather events and mitigating their effects on satellites
Nigel Meredith, Richard Horne, Sarah Glauert, John Isles, Natalia Ganushkina, Stepan Dubyagin, Ilkka Sillanpaa, Jean-Francois Roussel, Thierry Paulmier, Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez, Keith Ryden, Alex Hands, Daniel Heynderickx, Carlos Amiens, Janet Green, Justin Likar, David Pitchford, Richard Thorne, David Wade, and Juan Rodriguez

EGU2016-17547 | Posters | ST1.8

Intermittency and Multifractal behavior in the Slow and Fast Solar Wind Beyond the Ecliptic Plane
Anna Wawrzaszek, Marius Echim, Wiesław M. Macek, and Roberto Bruno

EGU2016-17628 | Posters | ST1.8

Developing an Efficient Planetary Space Weather Alert Service using Virtual Observatory Standards
Baptiste Cecconi, Kevin Benson, Pierre Le Sidaner, Nicolas André, and Lukas Tomasik

EGU2016-17984 | Posters | ST1.8

How to strengthen the legacy of European Space Projects
Margit Haberreiter, Thierry Dudok de Wit, Matthieu Kretzschmar, Klairie Tourpali, Giulio Del Zanna, Veronique Delouille, and Ilaria Ermolli

EGU2016-8076 | Posters | ST1.8

Near realtime forecasting of MeV protons on the basis of sub relativistic electrons
Johannes Labrenz, Bernd Heber, Patrick Kuehl, Christos Sarlanis, Olga Malandraki, and Arik Posner

EGU2016-7147 | Posters | ST1.8

Inversion of Source and Transport Parameters of Relativistic SEPs from Neutron Monitor Data
Neus Agueda, Rolf Bütikofer, Rami Vainio, Bernd Heber, Alexander Afanasiev, and Olga E. Malandraki

EGU2016-10192 | Posters | ST1.8

On the prediction of GLE events
Marlon Nunez and Pedro Reyes

EGU2016-10220 | Posters | ST1.8

HELCATS - Heliospheric Cataloguing, Analysis and Techniques Service
Richard Harrison, Jackie Davies, Chris Perry, Christian Moestl, Alexis Rouillard, Volker Bothmer, Luciano Rodriguez, Jonathan Eastwood, Emilia Kilpua, and Peter Gallagher

EGU2016-17613 | Posters | ST1.8

Virtual observatory tools and amateur radio observations supporting scientific analysis of Jupiter radio emissions
Baptiste Cecconi, Sebastien Hess, Pierre Le Sidaner, Renaud Savalle, Erard Stéphane, Andrée Coffre, Emmanuel Thétas, Nicolas André, Vincent Génot, Jim Thieman, Dave Typinski, Jim Sky, Chuck Higgins, and Masafumi Imai

EGU2016-15762 | Posters | ST1.8

Automatic detection of CMEs in STEREO-HI data for the FP7 HELCATs project
Luciano Rodriguez, Sarah Willems, Vaibhav Pant, Marilena Mierla, Andy Devos, and Skralan Hosteaux

EGU2016-13412 | Posters | ST1.8

Solar system plasma Turbulence: Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals
Marius M. Echim and the FP7 STORM Team

EGU2016-10222 | Posters | ST1.8

Major results of the MAARBLE project
Ioannis A. Daglis, Sebastien Bourdarie, Richard B. Horne, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Ian R. Mann, Ondrej Santolik, Drew L. Turner, and Georgios Balasis and the MAARBLE Team

ST2.1 – Open Session on the Magnetosphere (including Julius Bartels Medal Lecture)

EGU2016-3533 | Posters | ST2.1

Investigation of cosmic ray cutoff rigidity changes caused by the disturbed geomagnetic field of the storm in March 2012
Elena Vernova, Marta Tyasto, Olga Danilova, and Valerii Sdobnov

EGU2016-1463 | Orals | ST2.1

Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling due to Atmospheric Tides (Julius Bartels Medal Lecture)
Jeffrey M. Forbes

EGU2016-5834 | Posters | ST2.1

Spatial distribution of magnetic fluctuation power with period 40 to 600 s in the magnetosphere observed by THEMIS
Guoqiang Wang, Tielong Zhang, and Yasong Ge

EGU2016-2185 | Orals | ST2.1

MI Coupling Processes in the Regions of Diffuse Aurora: Magnetospheric Outlook
George V. Khazanov, Alex Glocer, and David Sibeck

EGU2016-14455 | Posters | ST2.1

Magnetopause orientation: comparison of constrained minimum variance and multi-spacecraft triangulation methods
Chandrasekhar Reddy Anekallu and Stein Haaland

EGU2016-13688 | Orals | ST2.1

On the importance of IMF By for the magnetotail and its dynamics
Timo Pitkänen, Maria Hamrin, Anita Kullen, Tomas Karlsson, Hans Nilsson, Romain Maggiolo, and Patrik Norqvist

EGU2016-14264 | Posters | ST2.1

Ion flow ripples in the Earth's plasma sheet
Alexandre De Spiegeleer, Maria Hamrin, Timo Pitkänen, Patrik Norqvist, and Ingrid Mann

EGU2016-17322 | Orals | ST2.1

Recreating the high-energy electron environment throughout the Earth’s radiation belts
Sarah Glauert, Richard Horne, and Nigel Meredith

EGU2016-11796 | Posters | ST2.1

Global Magnetospheric Evolution Effected by Sudden Ring Current Injection
Geunseok Park, Jincheol No, Kap-Sung Kim, Gwangson Choe, and Junggi Lee

EGU2016-2634 | Orals | ST2.1

Evaluating the effects of lightning-generated whistlers observed by the DEMETER spacecraft
Jan Zahlava, Frantisek Nemec, Jean-Louis Pincon, Ondrej Santolik, Ivana Kolmasova, and Michel Parrot

EGU2016-10183 | Posters | ST2.1

The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission Science Data Center: Technologies, Methods, and Experiences in Making Available Large Volumes of In-Situ Particle and Field Data
Christopher Pankratz, Kim Kokkonen, Kristopher Larsen, Russell Panneton, Brian Putnam, Corey Schafer, Daniel Baker, and James Burch

EGU2016-573 | Orals | ST2.1

Source regions of whistlers detected in the American, African/European and Western Pacific sectors
David Koronczay, Peter Steinbach, and Janos Lichtenberger

EGU2016-12588 | Posters | ST2.1

Propagation properties of magnetic holes - MMS and Cluster observations
Maria Hamrin, Shutao Yao, Quanqi Shi, Alexandre De Spiegeleer, Timo Pitkänen, Zeyu Li, Xiaogang Wang, Anmin Tian, Weijie Sun, Mengmeng Wang, and Jim Burch and the MMS FIELDS and FPI

EGU2016-10048 | Orals | ST2.1

Observational Evidence that Magnetosheath Plasma Parameters are Prominent in Determining Cross Polar Cap Potential Saturation
Robert Clauer, Zhonghua Xu, Michael Hartinger, Michael Ruohoniemi, Wayne Scales, Maimaitirebike Maimaiti, Michael Nicolls, Rick Wilder, and Ramon Lopez

EGU2016-16053 | Orals | ST2.1

Seasonal and solar-cycle variations of DP-type polar magnetic fields resolved via EOF analysis
Robert Shore, Mervyn Freeman, James Wild, Gareth Dorrian, and Jesper Gjerloev

EGU2016-7461 | Posters | ST2.1

Large-scale variation of electron parameters from Quasi−Thermal Noise during WIND perigees in the Earth's magnetosphere
Karine Issautier, Samuel Ongala-Edoumou, and Michel Moncuquet

EGU2016-6143 | Posters | ST2.1

A statistical study on the occurrence of discrete frequencies in the high velocity solar wind and in the magnetosphere
Simone Di Matteo and Umberto Villante

EGU2016-6658 | Orals | ST2.1

Solar cycle influences on the shape and location of the Earth’s magnetopause
Katie Raymer, Suzanne Imber, and Stephen Milan

EGU2016-7261 | Posters | ST2.1

Field-Line Resonances in the Current Basis
Katharina Ostaszewski, Karl-Heinz Glassmeier, and Christian Nabert

EGU2016-12582 | Posters | ST2.1

Correlation scales of chorus emissions observed by THEMIS
Vitalii Shastun, Oleksiy Agapitov, and Vladimir Krasnoselskikh

EGU2016-10808 | Posters | ST2.1

The statistical analysis on the magnetic holes of the earth magnetotail plasma sheet
Yasong Ge, Jiankun Liiu, Tielong Zhang, Guoqiang Wang, Aimin Du, and Hui Zhang

ST2.3 – Multi-point observations and simulations of magnetospheric processes

EGU2016-2447 | Posters | ST2.3

Multipoint observations of the spatial distribution and temporal evolution of the “Nose-like” structures in the inner magnetosphere
Hao Luo, Aimin Du, Yasong Ge, Xin Cao, Ying Zhang, and Sheng Huang

EGU2016-18098 | Orals | ST2.3

Observations and Modeling of the June 22-23 Storm
Patricia Reiff, Antoun Daou, Stan Sazykin, Victoria Coffey, Rumi Nakamura, Brian Anderson, Marc Hairston, Barry Mauk, Chris Russel, and Dan Baker

EGU2016-2636 | Posters | ST2.3

Conjugate observations of a remarkable quasiperiodic event by the low-altitude DEMETER spacecraft and ground-based instruments
Barbora Bezdekova, Frantisek Nemec, Jyrki Manninen, Michel Parrot, Ondrej Santolik, and Mykhaylo Hayosh

EGU2016-10394 | Orals | ST2.3

A relativistic electron dropout during the storm on June 1 2013
Suk-Bin Kang, Mei-Ching Fok, Mark Engebretson, Colin Komar, Alex Glocer, and Natalia Buzulukova

EGU2016-4053 | Posters | ST2.3

Magnetic nulls in three-dimensional kinetic simulations of space plasmas
Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Jan Deca, Andrey Divin, Ivy Bo Peng, Stefano Markidis, Maria Elena Innocenti, Emanuele Cazzola, and Giovanni Lapenta

EGU2016-9971 | Orals | ST2.3

Motion of reconnection region in the Earth’s magnetotail. Multiple reconnection.
Alexandra Alexandrova, Rumi Nakamura, Vladimir S. Semenov, and Takuma K. M. Nakamura

EGU2016-4170 | Posters | ST2.3

A Statistical study of plasma sheet oscillations with kinetic ballooning/interchange instability signatures using THEMIS spacecraft
Mirjana Jurisic, Evgeny Panov, Rumi Nakamura, and Wolfgang Baumjohann

EGU2016-4841 | Orals | ST2.3

Magnetotail flows near lunar orbit: ARTEMIS statistics
Stefan Kiehas, Andrei Runov, Vassilis Angelopoulos, and Heli Hietala

EGU2016-5144 | Posters | ST2.3

Interhemispheric Field-Aligned Currents: Simulation Results
Sonya Lyatsky

EGU2016-4835 | Orals | ST2.3

Howthe IMF By induces a By component in the closed magnetosphere and how it leads to asymmetric currents and convection patterns in the two hemispheres
Paul Tenfjord, Nikolai Østgaard, Kristian Snekvik, Jone Reistad, Karl Magnus Laundal, Stein Haaland, and Steve Milan

EGU2016-5451 | Posters | ST2.3

Will the Location of the Perturbation Boundary Affect the Growth Rate of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability?
Yi-Wei Chang and Ling-Hsiao Lyu

EGU2016-5803 | Posters | ST2.3

Statistical study on magnetotail lobe waves with period 40 – 600 s observed by Cluster
Guoqiang Wang, Tielong Zhang, and Martin Volwerk

EGU2016-9106 | Orals | ST2.3

Conjugate High Latitude Measurements of Traveling Convection Vortices during Solstice Conditions on 2013/01/09
Zhonghua Xu, C. Robert Clauer, Michael Hartinger, and Hyomin Kim

EGU2016-5818 | Posters | ST2.3

Global expansion of the dayside magnetopause during radial IMF conditions: Statistical study on GOES observations
Jong-Sun Park, Jih-Hong Shue, Khan-Hyuk Kim, Gilbert Pi, Zdenek Němeček, and Jana Šafránková

EGU2016-5950 | Posters | ST2.3

Study of the spacecraft potential under active control and plasma density estimates using MMS observations and comparison with Cluster results.
Maria Andriopoulou, Rumi Nakamura, Klaus Torkar, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Roy B. Torbert, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Craig J. Pollock, James L. Burch, and Christopher T. Russell

EGU2016-8408 | Orals | ST2.3

Signature of solar wind turbulence in the ground magnetic field and its relation to ion acceleration
Elena Kronberg, Stuart Gilder, Hao Luo, Patrick Daly, and Elena Grigorenko

EGU2016-6852 | Orals | ST2.3

Standing Toroidal Alfvén Wave Evolution: First Results from MMS
Ferdinand Plaschke, Rumi Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Werner Magnes, David Fischer, Roy B. Torbert, Christopher T. Russell, Robert J. Strangeway, Hannes K. Leinweber, Kenneth R. Bromund, Brian J. Anderson, Guan Le, Mark Chutter, James A. Slavin, and Emil L. Kepko

EGU2016-6127 | Posters | ST2.3

Study of the magnetotail current sheet properties using observations from the MMS mission
Maria Andriopoulou, Rumi Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Anton V. Artemyev, Klaus Torkar, Christopher T. Russell, Roy B. Torbert, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Yuri V. Khotyaintsev, Craig J. Pollock, Stephen A. Fuselier, James L. Burch, and Kevin J. Genestreti

EGU2016-6363 | Posters | ST2.3

The kinetic features of ion dynamics in the closed magnetic configurations.
Andrey Malykhin, Elena Grigorenko, and Helmi Malova

EGU2016-6198 | Orals | ST2.3

Strong ion energization by electromagnetic fluctuations in plasmoid-like magnetic structures.
Elena Grigorenko

EGU2016-2419 | Orals | ST2.3

The interaction between ULF waves and thermal plasma ions at the plasmaspheric boundary layer during substorm activity
Qiugang Zong

EGU2016-9075 | Posters | ST2.3

Cluster Ion Spectrometry (CIS) data quality indexes as a support for analysing magnetospheric measurements
Iannis Dandouras, Alain Barthe, Sylvain Brunato, Henri Rème, and Harri Laakso

EGU2016-9400 | Posters | ST2.3

Automated Determination of Electron Density from Electric Field Measurements on the Van Allen Probes Spacecraft
Irina Zhelavskaya, Maria Spasojevic, Yuri Shprits, and William Kurth

EGU2016-2629 | Orals | ST2.3

Multi-spacecraft observations of quasiperiodic emissions
Frantisek Nemec, Jolene S. Pickett, George Hospodarsky, Ondrej Santolik, Barbora Bezdekova, Mykhaylo Hayosh, Michel Parrot, William Kurth, and Craig Kletzing

EGU2016-11341 | Orals | ST2.3

Ultra Low Frequency Waves Observed in the Inner Magnetosphere by Magnetospheric Multiscale
Robert J. Strangeway, Christopher T. Russell, James L. Burch, Roy B. Torbert, Werner Magnes, Ferdinand Plaschke, David Fischer, Hannes K. Leinweber, Brian A. Anderson, Kenneth R. Bromund, Guan Le, Rumi Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, James A. Slavin, Larry Kepko, Matthew R. Argall, and Peter Chi

EGU2016-10299 | Posters | ST2.3

Ring Current and Field Aligned Currents from Cluster-Swarm Observations
Malcolm Dunlop, Junying Yang, Yanyan Yang, Chao Xiong, Hermann Lühr, Christopher C. Finlay, Nils Olsen, Chao Shen, Yulia. V. Bogdanova, Qinghe Zhang, Jinbin Cao, Patricia Ritter, Arnaud Masson, Chris Carr, and Roger Haagmans

EGU2016-10382 | Posters | ST2.3

Three dimensional data-assimilative VERB-code simulations of the Earth's radiation belts: Reanalysis during the Van Allen Probe era, and operational forecasting
Adam Kellerman, Yuri Shprits, Tatiana Podladchikova, and Dmitri Kondrashov

EGU2016-11114 | Posters | ST2.3

Determination of Flux rope axis for GS reconstruction from MDD method
Anmin Tian and Quanqi Shi

EGU2016-4052 | Orals | ST2.3

Plasma flows and three-dimensional current system before and at substom onset
Laurianne Palin and Hermann Opgenoorth

EGU2016-3535 | Orals | ST2.3

Ion and electron kinetic physics associated with magnetotail dipolarization fronts
Jonathan Eastwood, Martin Goldman, David Newman, Xiao-Jia Zhang, Heli Hietala, Vratislav Krupar, Rishi Mistry, Giovanni Lapenta, and Vassilis Angelopoulos

EGU2016-13787 | Posters | ST2.3

Magnetic reconnection vs. Kelvin-Helmholtz instability: is the debate really over?
Arnaud Masson, C. Philippe Escoubet, and Harri Laakso

EGU2016-3396 | Orals | ST2.3

Oberservation of high frequency waves at dipolarization fronts
Huishan Fu, Jian Yang, Jinbin Cao, Tieyan Wang, and Wenlong Liu

EGU2016-14366 | Posters | ST2.3

The evolution of high-latitude field-aligned currents and magnetospheric dynamics in response to solar wind drivers
Yulia Bogdanova, Susanne Vennerstrøm, James Wild, Haje Korth, Hermann Lühr, Simon Wing, and Frederic Pitout

EGU2016-13754 | Orals | ST2.3

Multi-Spacecraft Analysis of Plasma Jet Events and Associated Whistler-Wave Emissions using MMS Data
Hugo Breuillard, Olivier Le Contel, Alessandro Retino, Alexandros Chasapis, Thomas Chust, Ian Cohen, Frederick Wilder, Daniel Graham, and Yuri Khotyaintsev and the MMS Team

EGU2016-16904 | Posters | ST2.3

The signatures of kinetic ballooning instability during substorms
Tzu-Fang Chang and Chio-Zong Cheng

EGU2016-17844 | Posters | ST2.3

Penetration of Magnetosheath Plasma into Dayside Magnetosphere: Magnetic Field in Plasma Filaments
Wladislaw Lyatsky

EGU2016-5936 | Orals | ST2.3

Characteristics of DC electric fields at dipolarization fronts
Harri Laakso, Philippe Escoubet, and Arnaud Masson

EGU2016-11799 | Orals | ST2.3

Secondary reconnection, energisation and turbulence in dipolarisation fronts: results of a 3D kinetic simulation campaign
Giovanni Lapenta, Martin Goldman, David Newman, Vyacheslav olshevskyi, and Stefano Markidis

EGU2016-3258 | Posters | ST2.3

Waves, instabilities and turbulence properties in Depolarisation Fronts
Giovanni Lapenta, Martin Goldman, David L Newman, Vyacheslav Olshevskyi, Jonathan Eastwood, Andrey Divin, and Francesco Pucci

EGU2016-3697 | Posters | ST2.3

On the kinetic nature of dipolarization fronts
Haoyu Lu and Jinbin Cao

EGU2016-5816 | Posters | ST2.3

Re-creation of Dipolarization fronts observed by Cluster
Guoqiang Wang, Tielong Zhang, Martin Volwerk, and Daniel Schmid

EGU2016-10271 | Posters | ST2.3

Dipolarization, current sheet flapping motion and periodic particle flux enhancements observed during the Galaxy 15 spacecraft anomaly
Paul Loto'aniu, Juan Rodriguez, and Robert Redmon

EGU2016-11116 | Posters | ST2.3

MMS Observations of magnetospheric fast ion flows and magnetic dipolarization near the dusk-meridian flank
Craig Pollock, Li-Jen Chen, Shan Wang, Roy Torbert, Christopher Russell, Patricia Reiff, Barbara Giles, and James Burch

EGU2016-13048 | Posters | ST2.3

Evolution of dipolarization fronts observed by Cluster and MMS
Daniel Schmid, Rumi Nakamura, Ferdinand Plaschke, Martin Volwerk, Yasuhito Narita, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Werner Magnes, David Fischer, Roy Tobert, Christopher T. Russel, Robert J. Strangeway, Hannes Leinweber, Kenneth Bormund, Brian J. Anderson, Guan Le, Mark Chutter, James A. Slavin, Larry Kepko, Mark Moldwin, and Oliver LeContel

EGU2016-16890 | Posters | ST2.3

The Alfvén Mission for the ESA M5 Call: Mission Concept
Andrew Fazakerley, Matthieu Berthomier, Raymond Pottelette, and Colin Forsyth

EGU2016-5378 | Posters | ST2.3

MMS observations of small-scale field-aligned currents in the plasma sheet boundary layer during storm-time substorms
Rumi Nakamura and the June 23 substorm study team

EGU2016-7159 | Posters | ST2.3

SMILE – New mission to image the magnetosphere
C.-Philippe Escoubet, Chi Wang, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Steve Sembay, Lei Dai, Lei Li, Eric Donovan, Emma Spanswick, David Sibeck, Andy Read, Denis Rebuffat, Arno Wielders, Jianhua Zheng, Jens Romstedt, Walfried Raab, and David Lumb

EGU2016-2527 | Posters | ST2.3

Heavy ion acceleration at jet fronts
Antonella Greco, Anton Artemyev, and Gaetano Zimbardo

EGU2016-3387 | Posters | ST2.3

The time delay of IMF penetration into Earth’s magnetotail
Zhaojin Rong, Anthony Lui, Weixing Wan, Yanyan Yang, Chao Shen, Anatoli Petrukovich, Yongcun Zhang, and Yong Wei

EGU2016-5387 | Posters | ST2.3

The current sheet tiled and non-adiabatic ions effect on the flapping motion in magnetotail
XinHua Wei

EGU2016-7209 | Posters | ST2.3

Expected Observable Features of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection from Kinetic Simulations
Takuma Nakamura, Yasuhito Narita, Rumi Nakamura, and Walfgang Baumjohann

EGU2016-10459 | Posters | ST2.3

Multipoint Measurements and Global Simulations of the June 23, 2015 Geomagnetic Storm
Natalia Buzulukova, Mei-Ching Fok, Thomas E. Moore, Alex Glocer, John Dorelli, David Sibeck, Vassilis Angelopoulos, Phil Valek, and David McComas

EGU2016-10597 | Posters | ST2.3

MMS Electric Field Observations of Electron-Scale Magnetic Holes in the Earth’s Bursty Bulk Flow Braking Region
Katherine Goodrich, Robert Ergun, Frederick Wilder, Andrew Sturner, Justin Holmes, Julia Stawarz, Roy Torbert, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Jim Burch, Robert Strangeway, Magnes Werner, Olivier Le Contel, Barbara Giles, and Daniel Gershman

EGU2016-18130 | Posters | ST2.3

Identifying Vortex-Core-Line using a tetrahedral satellite configuration: Field Topology Approach
Yao Jiang, Bertrand Lembege, Ken-ichi Nishikawa, DongSheng Cai, and Hiroshi Hasegawa

ST2.5 – Identifying Dominant Acceleration, Loss, and Transport Processes Affecting The Dynamics of Electron and Proton Radiation Belts

EGU2016-11628 | Posters | ST2.5

Re-analysis data base from a 3D data assimilation tool covering the RBSP-time period
Sebastien Bourdarie, Didier Lazaro, and rbsp ect team

EGU2016-3939 | Orals | ST2.5

Low energy electrons in the inner Earth's magnetosphere
Natalia Ganushkina, Ilkka Sillanpaa, Stepan Dugyagin, David Pitchford, Juan Rodriguez, and Andrei Runov

EGU2016-18091 | Orals | ST2.5

The use of event-specific models in DREAM3D
Gregory Cunningham

EGU2016-5008 | Posters | ST2.5

Scattering of Equatorial Electrons in the Current Sheet
Pavel Shustov, Anton Artemyev, and Egor Yushkov

EGU2016-6588 | Posters | ST2.5

Resonant scattering of radiation belt electrons by EMIC waves in a hot plasma
Xing Cao and Binbin Ni

EGU2016-12192 | Orals | ST2.5

Relativistic electron accelerations associated with the interplanetary pressure pulse
Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Shinji Saito, Yosuke Matsumoto, Masahiro Hayashi, Takanobu Amano, and Kanako Seki

EGU2016-5154 | Orals | ST2.5

Penetration Depths of Energetic Electrons and Ions into the Inner Magnetosphere and Their Contributions to the Ring Current Energy Content
Xinlin Li, Hong Zhao, Daniel Baker, Seth Claudepierre, Joe Fennell, J. Bernard Blake, Brian Larsen, Ruth Skoug, Herbert Funsten, Reiner Friedel, Geoff Reeves, Harlan Spence, Donald Mitchell, and Louis Lanzerotti

EGU2016-6766 | Posters | ST2.5

Dynamic Responses of the Earth’s Radiation Belts during Periods of Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Pulse Based on Normalized Superposed Epoch Analysis
Zheng Xiang, Binbin Ni, Chen Zhou, Xudong Gu, and Zhengyu Zhao

EGU2016-7903 | Posters | ST2.5

Testing THEMIS wave measurements against the cold plasma theory
Ulrich Taubenschuss, Ondrej Santolik, Olivier Le Contel, and John Bonnell

EGU2016-1445 | Orals | ST2.5

Remarkable new results for high-energy protons and electrons in the inner Van Allen belt regions
Daniel N. Baker

EGU2016-1932 | Orals | ST2.5

Energetic particles and waves in the Jupiter's and Saturn's radiation belts
Norbert Krupp, Elias Roussos, Chris Paranicas, Angelica Sicard, George Hospodarsky, and Yuri Shprits

EGU2016-2431 | Posters | ST2.5

Charged particle behavior in the growth and damping stages of ultralow frequency waves: theory and Van Allen Probes observations
Xuzhi Zhou, Zihan Wang, Qiugang Zong, Robert Rankin, Margaret Kivelson, Xingran Chen, J. Bernard Blake, John Wygant, and Craig Kletzing

EGU2016-11158 | Orals | ST2.5

Storm-time response of the Van Allen radiation belts organized by the large-scale solar wind drivers, energy and distance
Heli Hietala, Emilia Kilpua, and Drew Turner

EGU2016-3089 | Posters | ST2.5

Wave “Coherency” and Implications for Wave-Particle Interactions
Bruce Tsurutani, Gurbax Lakhina, Banhu Remya, and Lou Lee

EGU2016-1283 | Posters | ST2.5

Geomagnetic Storms and EMIC waves: Van Allen Probe observations
Dedong Wang, Zhigang Yuan, Xiongdong Yu, Shiyong Huang, Xiaohua Deng, Meng Zhou, and Haimeng Li

EGU2016-3277 | Orals | ST2.5

Simulation of Bounce Resonance ULF Wave-Particle Interactions
Robert Rankin, Chengrui Wang, Dmytro Sydorenko, Yongfu Wang, and Quigang Zong