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TS – Tectonics & Structural Geology

TS1.2 – Fault rocks in the lab and in the field: structural constraints on fault growth and mechanics (co-organized)

EGU2016-4032 | Posters | TS1.2

Propagation of syn-sedimentary faults within the passive margin Otway Basin, Australia
David Tanner, Jennifer Ziesch, and Charlotte Krawczyk

EGU2016-14942 | Posters | TS1.2

Complex brittle deformation pattern along the Southern Patagonian Andes (Argentina)
Vanesa Barberón, Christian Sue, Gonzalo Ronda, and Matías Ghiglione

EGU2016-2398 | Orals | TS1.2

How do normal faults grow?
Christopher Jackson, Rebecca Bell, Atle Rotevatn, and Anette Tvedt

EGU2016-8926 | Orals | TS1.2

Geometry and kinematics of non-colinear normal fault populations: The role of deep-seated crustal lineaments throughout multiphase rifting
Thomas B. Phillips, Christopher A-L. Jackson, Rebecca E. Bell, and Oliver B. Duffy

EGU2016-8619 | Posters | TS1.2

Significance of first-order faults in folding mechanically isotropic layers: evidence from the Sudbury Basin, Canada.
Martin Clark and Ulrich Riller

EGU2016-6661 | Orals | TS1.2

The effect of mechanical discontinuities on the growth of faults
Lorenzo Bonini, Roberto Basili, Emanuele Bonanno, Giovanni Toscani, Pierfrancesco Burrato, Silvio Seno, and Gianluca Valensise

EGU2016-6824 | Posters | TS1.2

3-D fault development in a geothermal system in the German Molasse Basin
Jennifer Ziesch, David C. Tanner, Britta Wawerzinek, Ewald Lüschen, Charlotte M. Krawczyk, Hermann Buness, and Rüdiger Thomas

EGU2016-9799 | Orals | TS1.2

Fault zone roughness controls slip stability
Christopher Harbord, Stefan Nielsen, and Nicola De Paola

EGU2016-15851 | Posters | TS1.2

Faulting of a turbidite sandstone-siltstone successions: the case study of the Macigno Formation, Tuscany, Italy
Danica Jablonská, Miller Zambrano, Emanuele Tondi, Andrea Rustichelli, Fabrizio Agosta, Claudio Di Celma, Luca Mattioni, and Hannah Riegel

EGU2016-15386 | Posters | TS1.2

Tectonic origin for polygonal normal faults in pelagic limestones of the Cingoli anticline hinge (Italy)
Lorenzo Petracchini, Marco Antonellini, Andrea Billi, and Davide Scrocca

EGU2016-13519 | Orals | TS1.2

Microstructural evolution from stable sliding to fast stick slip: insights from rock deformation experiments on quartz
Cristiano Collettini, Marco M Scuderi, Cecilia Viti, and Chris Marone

EGU2016-3601 | Posters | TS1.2

Microstructural and magnetic investigations of pseudotachylyte and ultracataclasite in the Hoping River, Tananao Complex, Eastern Taiwan
Ruo-Lin Kuo, Yu-Min Chou, Eric.C. Ferré, En-Chao Yeh, Hao-Tsu Chu, and Jyr-Ching Hu

EGU2016-5312 | Orals | TS1.2

Multiple episodes of breccia formation by particle fluidization in fault zones: implications repeated, rupture-controlled fluid flow and seismicity styles
Stephen Cox

EGU2016-2525 | Posters | TS1.2

Cockade-textured cataclasite and silica gel from damage zone in carbonated ultramafics: markers of cycles of seismic activity?
Marco Scarsi, Laura Crispini, Paolo Garofalo, and Giovanni Capponi

EGU2016-5072 | Orals | TS1.2

Experimental constraints on the energy budget of dynamic gouge formation: effects of rock strength, material heterogeneity, and initial flaw characteristics
Ashley Griffith, Troy Barber, Christopher Borjas, and Hamed Ghaffari

EGU2016-11425 | Posters | TS1.2

The Livingstone Fault: a case study of faulting and slip dynamics in ultramafic rocks
Matthew S. Tarling, Chris J. Tulley, and Steven A. F. Smith

EGU2016-4100 | Posters | TS1.2

Carbonate pseudotachylite? from a Miocene extensional detachment, W. Cyclades, Greece.
A. Hugh N. Rice and Bernhard Grasemann

EGU2016-5216 | Orals | TS1.2

From flash heating to frictional melting: capturing the incipient microstructural development of experimental fault interfaces
Kathryn Hayward, Stephen Cox, Bram Slagmolen, Perry Forsyth, Daniel Shaddock, Rhys Hawkins, and John Fitz Gerald

EGU2016-10872 | Orals | TS1.2

Texture evolution in calcite gouge formed at sub-seismic slip
Claudio Delle Piane, Vladimir Luzin, Nick E. Timms, M. Ben Clennell, and Ausama Giwelli

EGU2016-4002 | Posters | TS1.2

Normal fault growth above pre-existing structures: insights from discrete element modelling
Thilo Wrona, Emma Finch, Rebecca Bell, Christopher Jackson, Robert Gawthorpe, and Thomas Phillips

EGU2016-15205 | Orals | TS1.2

Laboratory study of fault healing in Carrara marble
Helen Lacey, Brian Evans, and Ulrich Mok

EGU2016-3082 | Posters | TS1.2

Instantaneous healing of micro-fractures during coseismic slip: evidence from microstructure and Ti in quartz geochemistry within an exhumed pseudotachylyte-bearing fault in tonalite
Michel Bestmann, Giorgio Pennacchioni, Smail Moustefaoui, Mathias Göken, and Helga de Wall

EGU2016-2531 | Orals | TS1.2

"Coseismic foliations" in gouge and cataclasite: experimental observations and consequences for interpreting the fault rock record
Steven Smith, James Griffiths, Michele Fondriest, Giulio Di Toro, and Matteo Demurtas

EGU2016-1268 | Posters | TS1.2

Porosity reduction within shear deformation bands in unconsolidated Pleistocene sediments
Christian Brandes and David Tanner

EGU2016-11254 | Orals | TS1.2

Highly plastic behavior and fluidization of gouge; implications for fault and landslide mechanics and for the generation of mud volcanoes
Toshihiko Shimamoto, Kazuhiro Aoki, Kazuyoshi Seshimo, Wei Hu, Shengli Ma, Lu Yao, Ran Xiong, and Yinke Xiao

EGU2016-6509 | Posters | TS1.2

Evolution of the heterogeneous structure of 1999 Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi earthquake thrust in Chushan excavation site, central Taiwan, based on distinct element models
Chia-Hsiang Hsu, Wen-Jeng Huang, Yu-Yi Chang, Wei-Tung Nien, and Wen-Chao Huang

EGU2016-8356 | Posters | TS1.2

Microstructural investigation of a locally mirror-like surface collected at 4 km depth in a Pomeranian shale sample
Anne Pluymakers and Francois Renard

EGU2016-13195 | Posters | TS1.2

Dilatant normal faulting in jointed cohesive rocks: insights from physical modeling
Michael Kettermann, Christoph von Hagke, and Janos Urai

EGU2016-13036 | Posters | TS1.2

Mechanisms of clay smear formation in 3D – a field study
Michael Kettermann, Sebastian Tronberens, Janos Urai, and Sven Asmus

EGU2016-13322 | Posters | TS1.2

The role of thin, mechanical discontinuities on the propagation of reverse faults: insights from analogue models
Emanuele Bonanno, Lorenzo Bonini, Roberto Basili, Giovanni Toscani, and Silvio Seno

EGU2016-15867 | Posters | TS1.2

Influence of the confining pressure on precursory and rupture processes of Westerly granite.
Francois Passelegue, Aurelien Nicolas, Claudio Madonna, and Alexandre Schubnel

EGU2016-18128 | Posters | TS1.2

Brittle deformation in Southern Granulite Terrane (SGT): A study of pseudotachylyte bearing fractures along Gangavalli Shear Zone (GSZ), Tamil Nadu, India.
Bhuban mohan Behera, Venugopal Thirukumaran, and Tapas kumar Biswal

EGU2016-9135 | Posters | TS1.2

A generalized Nadai failure criterion for both crystalline and clastic rocks based on true triaxial tests
Bezalel Haimson, Chandong Chang, and Xiaodong Ma

EGU2016-8667 | Posters | TS1.2

Slickenline development during fault slip depends on temperature under hydrothermal conditions
Virginia Toy, Andre Niemeijer, Luiz Morales, Richard Wirth, and Francois Renard

EGU2016-8353 | Posters | TS1.2

High Strain Rate Testing of Rocks using a Split-Hopkinson-Pressure Bar
Ruprecht Zwiessler, Thomas Kenkmann, Michael Poelchau, Siegfried Nau, and Sebastian Hess

EGU2016-4136 | Posters | TS1.2

Deformation mechanisms in experimentally deformed Boom Clay
Guillaume Desbois, Bernhard Schuck, and Janos Urai

TS1.3 – Stress, Fracturing, Flow and Transformation in Porous Media (co-organized)

EGU2016-4693 | Orals | TS1.3 | Media interest

Impact of ductility on hydraulic fracturing in shales
Chris MacMinn and Lucy Auton

EGU2016-144 | Posters | TS1.3

Methane bubble ascent within muddy aquatic sediments under different ambient methane source strengths
Shahrazad Tarboush Sirhan, Regina Katsman, and Uri Ten Brink

EGU2016-1110 | Orals | TS1.3

The 4D evolution of porosity during ongoing pressure-solution processes in NaCl using x-ray microtomography
Alice Macente, Florian Fusseis, Ian Butler, Erika Tudisco, Stephen Hall, and Edward Andò

EGU2016-9324 | Posters | TS1.3

Are stylolites progressive strain markers and windows into time?
Daniel Koehn, Janis Aleksans, and Nicoals Beaudoin

EGU2016-12444 | Orals | TS1.3

A visco-poroelastic damage model for modelling compaction and brittle failure of porous rocks
Antoine B. Jacquey, Mauro Cacace, Guido Blöcher, Harald Milsch, and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

EGU2016-1441 | Posters | TS1.3

Use of non-fault fractures in stress tensor reconstruction using the Mohr Circle with the Win-tensor program
Damien Delvaux

EGU2016-13382 | Orals | TS1.3

3D pore-network analysis and permeability estimation of deformation bands hosted in carbonate grainstones.
Miller Zambrano, Emanuele Tondi, Lucia Mancini, F. Xavier Trias, Fabio Arzilli, Gabriele Lanzafame, and Nijiati Aibibula

EGU2016-3912 | Posters | TS1.3

Orientation distribution analysis of fault planes for constraining friction coefficient
Katsushi Sato

EGU2016-7465 | Posters | TS1.3

Thermodynamically consistent model of brittle oil shales under overpressure
Oleg Izvekov

EGU2016-13497 | Orals | TS1.3

Compaction instabilities described by cnoidal waves in ore-hosting dolomites
Ulrich Kelka, Manolis Veveakis, Nicolas Beaudoin, Thomas Poulet, Daniel Koehn, and Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

EGU2016-7547 | Posters | TS1.3

Fault kinematic and Mesozoic paleo-stress evolution of the Hoop fault complex, Barents Sea
Marie Etchebes, Wiebke Athmer, Eirik Stueland, Sarah C. Robertson, Aicha Bounaim, Dirk Steckhan, Trond Hellem Boe, Trond Brenna, Lars Sonneland, and John Reidar Granli

EGU2016-15511 | Orals | TS1.3

New inversion of calcite twin data for paleostress tested and calibrated on numerically-generated and natural data
Camille Parlangeau, Olivier Lacombe, Sylvie Schueller, and Jean-Marc Daniel

EGU2016-793 | Orals | TS1.3

Understanding Aero-Fractures using optics and acoustics
Semih Turkaya, Renaud Toussaint, Fredrik Kvalheim Eriksen, Megan Zecevic, Guillaume Daniel, Eirik Grude Flekkøy, and Knut Jørgen Måløy

EGU2016-7747 | Posters | TS1.3

Regional polyphase deformation of the Eastern Sierras Pampeanas (Argentina Andean foreland): strengths and weaknesses of paleostress inversion
Anna Traforti, Dario Zampieri, Matteo Massironi, Giulio Viola, Patricia Alvarado, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2016-13596 | Orals | TS1.3

Destabilization of confined granular packings due to fluid flow
Martin Monloubou and Bjørnar Sandnes

EGU2016-7878 | Posters | TS1.3

Microdeformation and subcritical cracking in chalk
Anne Bergsaker and Dag Kristian Dysthe

EGU2016-16307 | Orals | TS1.3

Pneumatic fractures in Confined Granular Media
Fredrik K. Eriksen, Renaud Toussaint, Knut Jørgen Måløy, Eirik Grude Flekkøy, and Semih Turkaya

EGU2016-8200 | Posters | TS1.3

Introducing dolomite seams: hybrid compaction-dissolution bands in dolomitic limestones
Stefano Tavani, Stefano Vitale, Celestino Grifa, Alessandro Iannace, Mariano Parente, and Stefano Mazzoli

EGU2016-11966 | Posters | TS1.3

Solving the simultaneous equations of stress, temperature, depth, and critical resolved shear stress using calcite e-twin data
Atsushi Yamaji

EGU2016-15959 | Orals | TS1.3

Capturing poromechanical coupling effects of the reactive fracturing process in porous rock via a DEM-network model
Ole Ivar Ulven and WaiChing Sun

EGU2016-13824 | Orals | TS1.3

Dynamics of barite growth in porous media quantified by in situ synchrotron X-ray tomography
jose Godinho and kirill Gerke

EGU2016-13369 | Posters | TS1.3

Carbonate concretions in synkinematic Quaternary sediments as markers of paleo-fluid flow induced by the development of the Quattro Castella growth anticline, Northern Apennines, Italy
Mattia Pizzati, Fabrizio Balsamo, Paola Iacumin, and Fabrizio Storti

EGU2016-11815 | Orals | TS1.3

Deciphering the brittle evolution of SW Norway through a combined structural, mineralogical and geochronological approach
Thomas Scheiber, Giulio Viola, Ola Fredin, Horst Zwingmann, Camilla Maya Wilkinson, and Morgan Ganerød

EGU2016-13847 | Posters | TS1.3

A generic model of pattern formation in Mississippi Valley-Type deposits based on analytical findings
Ulrich Kelka, Manolis Veveakis, Nicolas Beaudoin, Thomas Poulet, Daniel Koehn, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Peter Chung, and Jasper Berndt

EGU2016-17354 | Posters | TS1.3

Variation on microstructure of sandstone caused by CO2 injection test
Jihwan Park and Hyeong-Dong Park

EGU2016-17295 | Posters | TS1.3

Two phase granular transport in cylindrical confinement
Monem Ayaz, Renaud Toussaint, and Knut-Jørgen Måløy

EGU2016-17103 | Posters | TS1.3

Experimental investigation of the displacement dynamics during biphasic flow in porous media
Monem Ayaz, Renaud Toussaint, Knut-Jørgen Måløy, and Gerhard Schafer

EGU2016-16932 | Posters | TS1.3

Invasion Patterns During Two-phase Flow In Deformable Porous Media
Fredrik K. Eriksen, Renaud Toussaint, Knut Jørgen Måløy, and Eirik Grude Flekkøy

EGU2016-9139 | Posters | TS1.3

Modelling Layer parallel stylolites
Daniel Koehn, Daisy Pataki Rood, and Nicolas Beaudoin

EGU2016-9213 | Posters | TS1.3

Hydraulic fracturing and the creation of hydraulic breccias
Daniel Koehn, Anna Varga Vass, Renaud Toussaint, and Paul Bons

EGU2016-14565 | Posters | TS1.3

Stress field modelling from digital geological map data
Gáspár Albert, Ádám Barancsuk, and Krisztián Szentpéteri

EGU2016-14005 | Posters | TS1.3

Influence of mechanical rock properties and fracture healing rate on crustal fluid flow dynamics
Till Sachau, Paul Bons, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Daniel Koehn, and Tamara de Riese

EGU2016-14928 | Posters | TS1.3

Waves on a Hele-Shaw Cell: Simulations of Acoustic Emissions During Aerofracture
Semih Turkaya, Renaud Toussaint, Fredrik Kvalheim Eriksen, Guillaume Daniel, Eirik Grude Flekkøy, and Knut Jørgen Måløy

EGU2016-13915 | Posters | TS1.3

Fingerprinting stress: stylolite and calcite twinning paleopiezometry reveal the complexity of stress distribution during the growth of the Monte Nero anticline (Apennines, Italy).
Nicolas Beaudoin, Daniel Koehn, Olivier Lacombe, Alexandre Lecouty, Andrea Billi, Einat Aharonov, and Camille Parlangeau

EGU2016-5884 | Posters | TS1.3

Control On Fluid Flow Properties In Sandstone: Interactions Between Diagenesis Processes And Fracture Corridors
Claire Bossennec, Yves Géraud, Isabelle Moretti, and Luca Mattioni

EGU2016-8455 | Posters | TS1.3

A non-Linear transport model for determining shale rock characteristics
Iftikhar Ali and Nadeem Malik

EGU2016-11369 | Posters | TS1.3

Separation of deviatoric stress tensors from heterogeneous calcite twin data using a statistical mixture model
Atsushi Yamaji

EGU2016-14037 | Posters | TS1.3

Stylolite shape, roughness growth dynamics and related burial history: a 3D analysis.
Nicolas Beaudoin and Daniel Koehn

EGU2016-15062 | Posters | TS1.3

A theory of time-dependent compaction by fracturing and pressure solution
Daniel Keszthelyi, Dag Kristian Dysthe, and Bjørn Jamtveit

TS1.4 – Oceanic and continental transform plate boundaries: nucleation, evolution and tectonic significance (Posters only) (co-organized)

EGU2016-9285 | Posters | TS1.4

Basement-driven strike-slip deformation involving a salt-stock canopy system
Tim Dooley, Martin Jackson, and Mike Hudec

EGU2016-584 | Posters | TS1.4

Analogue modelling of the effect of topographic steps in the development of strike-slip faults
Ricardo Tomás, João C. Duarte, Filipe M. Rosas, Wouter Schellart, and Vincent Strak

EGU2016-4187 | Posters | TS1.4

Oceanic crust formation in the Egeria Fracture Zone Complex (Central Indian Ocean)
Marine Le Minor, Carmen Gaina, Karin Sigloch, and Alexander Minakov

EGU2016-7604 | Posters | TS1.4

Moho depth and crustal thinning in the Marmara Sea region from gravity data inversion
Julia Kende, Pierre Henry, Gaye Bayrakci, Sinan Özeren, and Céline Grall

EGU2016-8369 | Posters | TS1.4

Rheology and friction along the Vema transform fault (Central Atlantic) inferred by thermal modeling
Marco Cuffaro and Marco Ligi

EGU2016-8729 | Posters | TS1.4

Control of hyper-extended passive margin architecture on subduction initiation with application to the Alps and present-day North Atlantic ocean
Lorenzo Candioti, Arthur Bauville, Suzanne Picazo, Geoffroy Mohn, and Boris Kaus

EGU2016-16429 | Posters | TS1.4

Deep view of the Subduction-Transform Edge Propagator (STEP) fault in the Calabrian Subduction Zone
Francesco Emanuele Maesano, Mara Monica Tiberti, and Roberto Basili

EGU2016-10067 | Posters | TS1.4

How historical seismicity in oceans can be deduced from sailors’ testimonies and related to modern tectonics
Denis Legrand, Daniel Rouland, Armando Cisternas, Daniel Streng, Roopa Gir, and Annie Souriau

EGU2016-13214 | Posters | TS1.4

Understanding of the rheology of the structure on the NW-SE crosssection of the North Anatolian Fault Zone around İzmit
Nurdan Sayın, Naşide Özer, and Savaş Ceylan

TS2.2 – Analysis of microstructure, texture and deformation mechanisms in nature and experiment (co-organized)

EGU2016-1247 | Orals | TS2.2

Imaging Water in Deformed Quartzites: Examples from Caledonian and Himalayan Shear Zones
Andreas Kronenberg, Kyle Ashley, Hasnor Hasnan, Caleb Holyoke, Lynna Jezek, Richard Law, and Jay Thomas

EGU2016-10513 | Orals | TS2.2

Micro-scale strain mapping technique: a tool to quantify strain partitioning during creep deformation
Alejandra Quintanilla-Terminel, Mark Zimmerman, Brian Evans, and David Kohlstedt

EGU2016-10902 | Posters | TS2.2

Assimilation of Sonic Velocity and Thin Section Measurements from the NEEM Ice Core
Michael Hay, Erin Pettit, Dan Kluskiewicz, and Edwin Waddington

EGU2016-7530 | Orals | TS2.2

Reconstruction of 3d grain boundaries from rock thin sections, using polarised light
Daniel Markus Hammes and Mark Peternell

EGU2016-3664 | Posters | TS2.2

State of the art of study on strength of frozen soils
Ji-lin Qi, Guofang Xu, and Wei Wu

EGU2016-622 | Orals | TS2.2

Characterizing 3D grain size distributions from 2D sections in mylonites using a modified version of the Saltykov method
Marco Lopez-Sanchez and Sergio Llana-Fúnez

EGU2016-12273 | Posters | TS2.2

Pre-lithification tectonic foliation development in a clastic sedimentary sequence
Patrick Meere, Kieran Mulchrone, David McCarthy, Martin Timmermann, and John Dewey

EGU2016-5588 | Posters | TS2.2

Grain size and shape evolution of experimentally deformed sediments: the role of slip rate
Fabrizio Balsamo, Fabrizio Storti, and Nicola De Paola

EGU2016-9748 | Orals | TS2.2

The role of dislocations in varied olivine deformation mechanisms investigated using high-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction
David Wallis, Lars Hansen, Ben Britton, and Angus Wilkinson

EGU2016-9535 | Posters | TS2.2

Composite grain size sensitive and grain size insensitive creep of bischofite, carnallite and mixed bischofite-carnallite-halite salt rock
Nawaz Muhammad, Hans de Bresser, Colin Peach, and Chris Spiers

EGU2016-1761 | Orals | TS2.2

Dislocations: do you want them moving or in 3D ?
Patrick Cordier, Francesca Boioli, Caroline Bollinger, Hosni Idrissi, Alexandre Mussi, Billy Clitton Nzogang, and Dominique Schryvers

EGU2016-18293 | Orals | TS2.2

Experimental Studies of Dynamic Fault Weakening Due to Thermal Pressurization of Pore Fluids
David Goldsby, Terry Tullis, John Platt, and Keishi Okazaki

EGU2016-13069 | Posters | TS2.2

Brittle-to-viscous behaviour of quartz gouge in shear experiments
Bettina Richter, Holger Stunitz, and Renée Heilbronner

EGU2016-1815 | Orals | TS2.2

Relating rheology to geometry in large-scale natural shear zones
John Platt

EGU2016-6903 | Posters | TS2.2

Microstructures and elastic properties of sheared calcite flowstone
Ivanka Mitrovic, Bernhard Grasemann, Lukas Plan, Telemaco Tesei, and Ivo Baron

EGU2016-3710 | Orals | TS2.2

Strain analysis in quartzites with negative magnetic susceptibility using AMS and EBSD data
A Rajendraprasad Renjith and Manish A Mamtani

EGU2016-10806 | Orals | TS2.2

Deformation Processes Along the Moyagee Fault, Western Australia - a Subtle Interplay of Fracture, Flow and Mineralizing Fluids
Joseph Clancy White, Ivan Zibra, and Luca Menegon

EGU2016-9561 | Posters | TS2.2

Grain-scale alignment of melt in sheared partially molten rocks: implications for viscous anisotropy
Matej Pec, Alejandra Quintanilla-Terminel, Benjamin Holtzman, Mark Zimmerman, and David Kohlstedt

EGU2016-11894 | Posters | TS2.2

Infrared absorption band in deformed qtz crystals analyzed by combining different microstructural methods
Holger Stunitz, Anja Thust, Harald Behrens, Renee Heilbronner, and Ruediger Kilian

EGU2016-7933 | Orals | TS2.2

Direct Shear of Olivine Single Crystals
Jacob Tielke, Mark Zimmerman, and David Kohlstedt

EGU2016-10771 | Orals | TS2.2

Dynamically- and chemically-induced grain boundary migration in quartz: microstructures, crystallographic fabrics, and trace element contents
Will Nachlas and Jay Thomas

EGU2016-8221 | Posters | TS2.2

Absolute orientations from EBSD measurements - as easy as it seems?
Rüdiger Kilian, Michel Bestmann, and Renée Heilbronner

EGU2016-8731 | Posters | TS2.2

BHQ revisited (1) - Looking at grain size
Renée Heilbronner, Rüdiger Kilian, and Jan Tullis

EGU2016-17996 | Orals | TS2.2

On the influence of recrystallization on snow fabric and microstructure: study of a snow profile in Central East Antarctica
Neige Calonne, Martin Schneebeli, Maurine Montagnat, and Margret Matzl

EGU2016-14320 | Posters | TS2.2

BHQ revisited (2): Texture development
Rüdiger Kilian and Renée Heilbronner

EGU2016-10854 | Orals | TS2.2

Uncertainty in Ice Crystal Orientation Distributions in Ice Sheets
Michael Hay and Edwin Waddington

EGU2016-5653 | Posters | TS2.2

Garnet ships in a quartzite sea
Anna Rogowitz, A. Hugh N. Rice, Bernhard Grasemann, and Benjamin Huet

EGU2016-17724 | Orals | TS2.2

Small-scale disturbances in the stratigraphy of ice cores: observations and numerical model simulations
Daniela Jansen, Maria-Gema LLorens, Julien Westhoff, Florian Steinbach, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Paul D. Bons, Albert Griera, Jan Eichler, and Ilka Weikusat

EGU2016-14040 | Orals | TS2.2

Three dimensional rock microstructures: insights from FIB-SEM tomography
Martyn Drury, Gill Pennock, and Matthijs de Winter

EGU2016-7271 | Posters | TS2.2

Strain localization along micro-boudinage
Eleftheria Chatziioannou, Anna Rogowitz, Bernhard Grasemann, Gerlinde Habler, Konstantinos Soukis, and David Schneider

EGU2016-5762 | Orals | TS2.2

Numerical simualtions and implications of air inclusions on the microdynamics of ice and firn
Florian Steinbach, Ilka Weikusat, Paul Bons, Albert Griera, Johanna Kerch, Ernst-Jan Kuiper, and Maria-Gema Llorens-Verde

EGU2016-659 | Posters | TS2.2

The influence of the Dauphine twinning in the development of quartz ribbons
Flávia de Oliveira, Leonardo Martins Graça, Leonardo Evangelista Lagoeiro, Paola Ferreira Barbosa, and Marcos Egydio Silva

EGU2016-7843 | Orals | TS2.2

Microstructural, textural and thermal evolution of an exhumed strike-slip fault and insights into localization and rheological transition
Shuyun Cao, Franz Neubauer, Junlai Liu, Manfred Bernroider, and Johann Genser

EGU2016-662 | Posters | TS2.2

Flex – rigid behavior of quartzite and its mineralogical, microstructural and textural properties from EBSD
Pamela Dorabiato Barbosa, Carlos Fernando Ávila, Leonardo Evangelista Lagoeiro, Ney Pinheiro Sampaio, and Leonardo Martins Graça

EGU2016-6093 | Posters | TS2.2

Comparison between different techniques applied to quartz CPO determination in granitoid mylonites
Eugenio Fazio, Rosalda Punturo, Rosolino Cirrincione, Hartmut Kern, Hans-Rudolph Wenk, Antonino Pezzino, Shalini Goswami, and Manish Mamtani

EGU2016-1067 | Posters | TS2.2

Crystallographic Behavior of Iron Oxide Minerals in the Deformed Iron Formation of Quadrilátero Ferrífero
Filipe Augusto Duarte Lisboa, Leonardo Lagoeiro, Leonardo Martins Graça, Carlos Fernando Ávila, and Paola Ferreira Barbosa

EGU2016-2164 | Posters | TS2.2

Crystallographic Fabrics, Grain Boundary Microstructure and Shape Preferred Orientation of Deformed Banded Iron Formations and their Significance for Deformation Interpretation
Carlos Fernando Ávila, Leonardo Graça, Leonardo Lagoeiro, and Filippe Ferreira

EGU2016-14974 | Posters | TS2.2

Low magnification EBSD mapping of texture distribution in a fine-grained matrix
Joseph Gardner, Elisabetta Mariani, and John Wheeler

EGU2016-7385 | Posters | TS2.2

Documenting Mica Microstructures in Mylonites of the Cossato-Mergozzo-Brissago Line, Northern Italy
Joe Aslin, Elisabetta Mariani, and John Wheeler

EGU2016-14569 | Posters | TS2.2

Effects of fluid-assisted diffusion on texture strength in a mylonitised metagabbro
Joseph Gardner, John Wheeler, and Elisabetta Mariani

EGU2016-15387 | Posters | TS2.2

Tackling pseudosymmetry problems in electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analyses of perovskite structures
Elisabetta Mariani, Pamela Kaercher, Julian Mecklenburgh, and John Wheeler

EGU2016-7706 | Posters | TS2.2

Detailed microstructure of two-phase lower mantle mineral analogs from SEM and EBSD
Pamela Kaercher, Elisabetta Mariani, and Karl Dawson

EGU2016-1869 | Posters | TS2.2

The relationship between strain geometry and geometrically necessary dislocations
Lars Hansen and David Wallis

EGU2016-10810 | Posters | TS2.2

Olivine and spinel fabric development in lineated peridotites
Lindsey German, Julie Newman, Vasileios Chatzaras, Seth Kruckenberg, Eric Stewart, and Basil Tikoff

EGU2016-10946 | Posters | TS2.2

Development of olivine crystallographic preferred orientation in response to strain-induced fabric geometry
Vasileios Chatzaras, Seth C. Kruckenberg, Shaina M. Cohen, L. Gordon Medaris Jr., Anthony C. Withers, and Brian Bagley

EGU2016-11489 | Posters | TS2.2

Microfabrics in depleted mantle plaeotransform (New Caledonia)
Christian Teyssier, Vasileios Chatzaras, and Anette Von Der Handt

EGU2016-2752 | Posters | TS2.2

Crystal preferred orientation of amphibole and implications for seismic anisotropy in the crust
Haemyeong Jung

EGU2016-2762 | Posters | TS2.2

Microstructures and seismic anisotropy of blueschist and eclogite from Ring Mountain and Jenner in California
Yoonhae Ha, Haemyeong Jung, and Loren Raymond

EGU2016-11444 | Posters | TS2.2

Interplay between grain size reduction, chemical reaction, and shear localization in lower crustal rocks: a case study from Archaean Bundelkhand Craton, North-Central India
Ankit Bhandari, Pritam Nasipuri, Lopamudra Saha, Jayanta Kumar Pati, Saheli Sarkar, and Rohan Purohit

EGU2016-8917 | Posters | TS2.2

Ductile strain rate recorded in the Symvolon syn-extensional plutonic body (Rhodope core complex, Greece)
Rosolino Cirrincione, Eugenio Fazio, Gaetano Ortolano, Patrizia Fiannacca, Hartmut Kern, Kurt Mengel, Antonino Pezzino, and Rosalda Punturo

TS2.3 – Strain localization from the mid-crust to the upper mantle: brittle-ductile transition and ductile shear zones in nature, experiments and theory (including the Stephan Mueller medal lecture by Renée Heilbronner) (co-organized)

EGU2016-547 | Posters | TS2.3

Mineralogically triggered strain localization: inferences from ductile paired shear zones (Tauern Window, Eastern Alps)
Sylvia Duprat-Oualid, Bernhard Grasemann, Benjamin Huet, Philippe Yamato, and Gerlinde Habler

EGU2016-2091 | Orals | TS2.3

Linking natural microstructures with numerical modeling of pinch-and-swell structures
Max Peters, Alfons Berger, Marco Herwegh, and Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

EGU2016-3079 | Posters | TS2.3

Fe-Ti-oxide textures and microstructures in shear zones from oceanic gabbros at Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge
Jessica Till, Luiz F.G. Morales, and Erik Rybacki

EGU2016-10122 | Posters | TS2.3

Brittle grain size reduction of feldspar, phase mixing and strain localization in granitoids at mid-crustal conditions (Pernambuco shear zone, NE Brazil)
Gustavo Viegas, Luca Menegon, and Carlos Archanjo

EGU2016-8335 | Orals | TS2.3

Development of discrete aggregates of recrystallization along micro-shear zones in quartz ribbons during multistage ductile evolution of a quartz vein
Alberto Ceccato, Giorgio Pennacchioni, and Michel Bestmann

EGU2016-3594 | Posters | TS2.3

Rheological behavior of glaucophane and lawsonite in experimentally deformed blueschists
Daeyeong Kim, Ikuo Katayama, Simon Wallis, Katsuyoshi Michibayashi, Akira Miyake, Yusuke Seto, and Shintaro Azuma

EGU2016-7472 | Orals | TS2.3

Experimental deformation of a mafic rock – interplay between fracturing, reaction and viscous deformation
Sina Marti, Holger Stünitz, Renée Heilbronner, Oliver Plümper, and Martyn Drury

EGU2016-5599 | Posters | TS2.3

Microstructures and TitaniQ geothermometry in high – temperature dynamically recrystallized mylonites, Ribeira belt (SE Brazil)
Carolina Cavalcante and Luiz Morales

EGU2016-9048 | Orals | TS2.3

Zipper and freeway shear zone junctions
Cees Passchier and John Platt

EGU2016-12740 | Posters | TS2.3

Effect of length-scale on localization of shear zones along precursor fractures and layers during deformation of middle to lower crustal rocks
Neil Mancktelow, Giorgio Pennacchioni, Friedrich Hawemann, Sebastian Wex, and Alfredo Camacho

EGU2016-14333 | Orals | TS2.3

The importance of strain localisation in shear zones
Paul D. Bons, Melanie Finch, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Albert Griera, Maria-Gema Llorens, Florian Steinbach, and Ilka Weikusat

EGU2016-7048 | Posters | TS2.3

Feedback of fluids on ductile strain localization in the upper mantle
Károly Hidas, Carlos J. Garrido, Andréa Tommasi, José Alberto Padrón Navarta, David Mainprice, Alain Vauchez, Claudio Marchesi, and Fabrice Barou

EGU2016-5575 | Orals | TS2.3

The effects of heterogeneities and loading conditions in the development of shear zones
Luiz F. G. Morales, Erik Rybacki, and Georg Dresen

EGU2016-7730 | Posters | TS2.3

Origin and structure of major orogen-scale exhumed strike-slip
Shuyun Cao and Franz Neubauer

EGU2016-13725 | Orals | TS2.3

Strain localization in the lower crust: brittle precursors versus lithological heterogeneities (Musgrave Ranges, Central Australia)
Friedrich Hawemann, Neil Mancktelow, Sebastian Wex, Giorgio Pennacchioni, and Alfredo Camacho

EGU2016-11035 | Posters | TS2.3

Rheological properties of the lower crust and upper mantle beneath Baja California: a microstructural study of xenoliths from San Quintin
Thomas F. Van der Werf, Vasileios Chatzaras, Basil Tikoff, and Martyn R. Drury

EGU2016-11177 | Orals | TS2.3

Rheological structure of the lithosphere in plate boundary strike-slip fault zones
Vasileios Chatzaras, Basil Tikoff, Seth C. Kruckenberg, Julie Newman, Sarah J. Titus, Anthony C. Withers, and Martyn R. Drury

EGU2016-13587 | Posters | TS2.3

Metamorphic reactions, grain size reduction and deformation of mafic lower crustal rocks
Giulia Degli Alessandrini, Luca Menegon, Marco Beltrando, Arjan Dijkstra, and Mark Anderson

EGU2016-14060 | Posters | TS2.3

Eclogitic breccia from the Monviso meta-ophiolite complex: field and petrographic evidences of multiple-stage eclogite-facies brecciation
Michele Locatelli, Anne Verlaguet, Laura Federico, and Philippe Agard

EGU2016-1517 | Orals | TS2.3

Deformation of the lithosphere and what microstructures can tell us about it (Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture)
Renée Heilbronner

EGU2016-14663 | Posters | TS2.3

Mechanisms of brittle-ductile flow during strain localization along middle crust fault zones -case study from the Hefangkou detachment fault zone, Yunmengshan, North China
Junlai Liu, Wen Guo, and Yujing Lai

EGU2016-15133 | Posters | TS2.3

Field and Microstructure Study of Transpressive Jogdadi shear zone near Ambaji, Aravalli- Delhi Mobile Belt, NW India and its tectonic implication on the exhumation of granulites.
Sudheer Kumar Tiwari and Tapas Kumar Biswal

TS2.4 – Intrasalt structure and composition: What do we know, what might we want to know and why might it be important? (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2016-1055 | PICO | TS2.4

Deformation above mobile substrates, salt rheology and spatial distribution of salt structures: A 3D seismic study of the Permian southern North Sea
Karina Hernandez, Neil Mitchell, and Mads Huuse

EGU2016-1226 | PICO | TS2.4

Structural evolution of the Namakdan salt diapir in the Zagros fold-thrust belt: The Persian Gulf, Iran
Majid Shahpasandzadeh, Ghasem Hashemifar, and Amir Shafiei Bafti

EGU2016-9085 | PICO | TS2.4

The role of mechanical heterogeneities in evaporite sequence during deformation initiated by basement fault activity
Marta Adamuszek, Marcin Dabrowski, and Stanisław Burliga

EGU2016-3756 | PICO | TS2.4

3D modelling of salt tectonics with a brittle overburden in an extensional regime
Philipp Eichheimer, Georg Reuber, and Boris Kaus

EGU2016-11426 | PICO | TS2.4

Numerical modelling of salt diapirism and the surrounding temperature field during thin-skinned extension
Cedric Thieulot and Guido Harms

EGU2016-5010 | PICO | TS2.4

Complex intrasalt deformation in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil: the role of density inversion
Tim Dooley, Chris Jackson, Martin Jackson, Mike Hudec, and Clara Rodriguez

EGU2016-13249 | PICO | TS2.4

The structure of the Zechstein 3 stringer in the northern Netherlands, and its implications for salt kinematics and rheology
Frank Strozyk, Janos Urai, Shiyuan Li, Joyce Schmatz, Bianca Biehl, Lars Reuning, Alexander Raith, Steffen Abe, Heijn van Gent, Martin de Keijzer, and Peter Kukla

EGU2016-15642 | PICO | TS2.4

Deep structure study of the salt body of Jbel Rheouis (central tunisia) from geological and gravity data
Wajih Bouzid, Chedly Abbes, Hakim Gabtni, and Mouna Hassine

EGU2016-16644 | PICO | TS2.4

Rheological stratification in Zechstein rock salt caused by thermodynamically controlled reorganization of grain boundary fluids? A test using gravitationally induced sinking of anhydrite-dolomite stringers.
Janos L. Urai and Alexander F. Raith

EGU2016-16871 | PICO | TS2.4

The early life of a Salt Giant: syndepositional basement faulting in the Zechstein of NE Netherlands.
Janos L. Urai, Alexander F. Raith, and Raúl Michalón

EGU2016-17023 | PICO | TS2.4

Internal deformation in layered Zechstein-III K-Mg salts. Structures formed by complex deformation and high contrasts in viscosity observed in drill cores.
Alexander Raith and Janos L. Urai

TS4.1 – The Interplay between Earthquakes, the Seismic Cycle and Long-term Deformation (Co-sponsored by AGU Tectonophysics) (Including the Outstanding Young Scientist Award talk by Åke Fagereng) (co-organized)

EGU2016-2469 | Posters | TS4.1

The analysis of GPS crustal deformation, seismicity, and strain rate in October 2013 Ruisui, Taiwan Earthquake
Tsai Min-Chien, Yu Shui-Beih, and Shin Tzay-Chyn

EGU2016-2801 | Posters | TS4.1

Describing earthquakes potential through mountain building processes: an example within Nepal Himalaya
Zhen Zhang, Huai Zhang, Yaolin Shi, Baptiste Mary, and Liangshu Wang

EGU2016-3607 | Orals | TS4.1

Building a Framework Earthquake Cycle Deformational Model for Subduction Megathrust Zones: Integrating Observations with Numerical Models
Kevin P. Furlong, Rob Govers, and Matthew Herman

EGU2016-2299 | Orals | TS4.1

Locking, mass flux and topographic response at convergent plate boundaries – the Chilean case
Onno Oncken

EGU2016-1936 | Posters | TS4.1

Deformation transients in the brittle regime: Insights from spring-wedge experiments
Matthias Rosenau, Tasca Santimano, and Onno Oncken

EGU2016-13291 | Posters | TS4.1

Coupling geodynamic earthquake cycles and dynamic ruptures
Iris van Zelst, Ylona van Dinther, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Arnauld Heuret

EGU2016-9761 | Orals | TS4.1

Long-term tectonic segmentation along the Chilean marine forearc and its implications for the short-term deformation process
Andrei Maksymowicz

EGU2016-7591 | Posters | TS4.1

High Holocene coastal uplift gives insight into the seismic behavior at the Arica Bend (Peru-Chile subduction zone)
Andrea Madella, Romain Delunel, Sönke Szidat, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2016-2558 | Posters | TS4.1

Late 18th to early 19th century sea-level history and inter-seismic behavior along the western Myanmar plate boundary belt recorded by coral microatolls
Sze-Chieh Liu and J. Bruce H. Shyu

EGU2016-17588 | Orals | TS4.1

Upper crustal fault reactivation and the potential of triggered earthquakes on the Atacama Fault System, N-Chile
Pia Victor, Oktawian Ewiak, Ziegenhagen Thomas, Sobiesiak Monika, Schurr Bernd, Gonzalez Gabriel, and Oncken Onno

EGU2016-13561 | Orals | TS4.1

10Be surface exposure dating reveals strong active deformation in the central Andean backarc interior
Ezequiel García Morabito, Carla Terrizzano, Roland Zech, Sean Willett, Marcela Yamin, Negar Haghipour, Lorenz Wuethrich, Marcus Christl, José María Cortes, and Victor Ramos

EGU2016-3877 | Posters | TS4.1

The signature of the earthquake cycle at subduction zones: comparing geodetic observations with long-term models for Mw>8 events
Rob Govers, Kevin Furlong, and Matt Herman

EGU2016-12568 | Orals | TS4.1

Physically-based modelling of the competition between surface uplift and erosion caused by earthquakes and earthquake sequences.
Niels Hovius, Odin Marc, and Patrick Meunier

EGU2016-5316 | Posters | TS4.1

Inelastic strain in the seismogenic zone, Kyushu, Japan inferred from focal mechanism of earthquakes
Satoshi Matsumoto and Takuya Nishimura

EGU2016-618 | Posters | TS4.1

Salted matters: modifying gelatine rheology for subduction thrust fault seismicity models
Silvia Brizzi, Francesca Funiciello, Fabio Corbi, Erika Di Giuseppe, and Giorgio Mojoli

EGU2016-17231 | Orals | TS4.1

Mechanisms of postseismic relaxation after a great subduction earthquake constrained by cross-scale thermomechanical model and geodetic observations
Stephan Sobolev and Iskander Muldashev

EGU2016-1119 | Posters | TS4.1

Seismic activity in the transitional segment of Southern Andes after Maule 2010 megathrust earthquake
Diego González, Matteo Lupi, and Klaus Bataille

EGU2016-15585 | Posters | TS4.1

Towards three-dimensional continuum models of self-consistent along-strike megathrust segmentation
Casper Pranger, Ylona van Dinther, Dave May, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, and Taras Gerya

EGU2016-13449 | Orals | TS4.1

Impact of the viscoelastic postseismic deformation following megathrust earthquake on seismic hazard in subduction zones : the case of the Maule and Illapel earthquakes in Chile
Emilie Klein, Christophe Vigny, Luce Fleitout, and Jean-Didier Garaud

EGU2016-8671 | Posters | TS4.1

Linking the kinematics of the interplate and the offshore morphology along the Chilean subduction margin
Isabel Urrutia, Marcos Moreno, and Onno Oncken

EGU2016-17896 | Orals | TS4.1

Characteristic slip behaviour of the Tabas fold system in eastern Iran: evidence from the 1978 Mw 7.3 Tabas-e-Golshan earthquake
Yu Zhou, Richard Walker, James Hollingsworth, Xiaogang Song, Morteza Talebian, and Barry Parsons

EGU2016-1199 | Posters | TS4.1

Coseismic topography deformation at Sumatra
Xinyue Tong, Luc Lavier, and Eh Tan

EGU2016-8630 | Orals | TS4.1

Continental strike slip fault zones in geologically complex lithosphere: the North Anatolian Fault, Turkey.
David Cornwell, David Thompson, Elvira Papaleo, Sebastian Rost, Gregory Houseman, Metin Kahraman, Niyazi Turkelli, Ugur Teoman, Selda Altuncu Poyraz, Levent Gulen, and Murat Utkucu

EGU2016-5963 | Posters | TS4.1

Comparison of GPS and Quaternary slip rates: Insights from a new Quaternary fault database for Central Asia
Solmaz Mohadjer, Todd Ehlers, Rebecca Bendick, and Sebastian Mutz

EGU2016-10593 | Orals | TS4.1

Scaling Between Fault Length, Damaged Zone Thickness and Width of Secondary Fault Fans Derived from Fracture Mechanics
Jean Paul Ampuero and Xiaolin Mao

EGU2016-16091 | Posters | TS4.1

Relations between megathrust frictional properties and long-term deformation of the forearc
Nadaya Cubas, Baptiste Rousset, Pauline Souloumiac, and Jean-Philippe Avouac

EGU2016-10331 | Orals | TS4.1

What major faults look like, and why this matters for lithospheric dynamics
Ake Fagereng

EGU2016-9632 | Posters | TS4.1

Rupture process of the Mw7.9 2015 Gorkha earthquake (Nepal): insights into Himalayan megathrust segmentation
Raphaël Grandin, Martin Vallée, Claudio Satriano, Robin Lacassin, Yann Klinger, Martine Simoes, and Laurent Bollinger

EGU2016-11741 | Posters | TS4.1

Seismo-thermo-mechanical modeling of mature and immature transform faults
Simon Preuss, Taras Gerya, and Ylona van Dinther

EGU2016-11276 | Posters | TS4.1

Post-seismic deformation of the Mw 6.4 Shonbeh earthquake (south western Iran) of April 9th, 2013
Aram Fathian Baneh, Cristiano Tolomei, Alessandro Lugari, Elisa Trasatti, and Stefano Salvi

EGU2016-15176 | Posters | TS4.1

Grain size reduction and shear heating: a recipe for intermediate-depth earthquake generation?
Marcel Thielmann and Antoine Rozel

EGU2016-1218 | Posters | TS4.1

Thermo-mechanical coupling of faults and mantle shear zones
Valere Lambert and Sylvain Barbot

EGU2016-15774 | Posters | TS4.1

Spontaneous aseismic and seismic slip on evolving faults in a continuum-mechanics framework
Robert Herrendörfer, Ylona van Dinther, and Taras Gerya

EGU2016-3155 | Posters | TS4.1

Controls of seismogenic zone width and subduction velocity on interplate seismicity: insights from analog and numerical models
Fabio Corbi, Robert Herrendorfer, Francesca Funiciello, and Ylona van Dinther

EGU2016-12827 | Posters | TS4.1

Coulomb Stress Changes from a Viscoelastic Model: Stress Changes after Lamjung (Nepal) Earthquake
Xu Cheng

EGU2016-4510 | Posters | TS4.1

Coseismic and postseismic Coulomb stress changes on intra-continental dip-slip faults and the role of viscoelastic relaxation in the lower crust: insights from 3D finite-element models
Meike Bagge and Andrea Hampel

EGU2016-15519 | Posters | TS4.1

Effect of Critical Displacement Parameter on Slip Regime at Subduction Fault
Iskander Muldashev and Stephan Sobolev

TS4.2 – Active Faults and the Earthquake Cycle (co-organized)

EGU2016-455 | Posters | TS4.2

Neotectonic Features and Kinematics of the North Anatolian Fault in Taşkesti (Bolu), Nw Turkey
Duygu İşbil

EGU2016-10209 | Orals | TS4.2 | Media interest

Seismic slip deficit along Nepal Himalayas: implications for seismic hazard
Laurent Bollinger, Paul Tapponnier, Soma Nath Sapkota, and Yann Klinger

EGU2016-644 | Posters | TS4.2

Multi-parameter analysis of seismoturbidites in the Kumburgaz Basin of Sea of Marmara: Implications for creeping versus locked Central High segment of the North Anatolian Fault
Nurettin Yakupoğlu, Gülsen Uçarkuş, K.Kadir Eriş, M.Namık Çağatay, Pierre Henry, Burak Yalamaz, Asen Sabuncu, and Dursun Acar

EGU2016-7105 | Orals | TS4.2

Paleoseismic evidence for two major historical earthquakes in Bhutan: new insight for rupture segmentation along the Himalayan arc
Romain Le Roux-Mallouf, Matthieu Ferry, Jean-François Ritz, Théo Berthet, Rodolphe Cattin, and Dowchu Drukpa

EGU2016-3739 | Posters | TS4.2

Seismotectonics of the Antalya Basin and surrounding regions in eastern Mediterranean from 8-28 December 2013 Mw 5.0-5.8 earthquake sequence
Ethem Gorgun, Dogan Kalafat, and Kivanc Kekovali

EGU2016-15322 | Orals | TS4.2

Tectonic geomorphology and neotectonics of the Kyaukkyan Fault, Myanmar
Silvia Crosetto, Ian Watkinson, Stefano Gori, Emanuela Falcucci, and Soe Min

EGU2016-907 | Posters | TS4.2

Historical Earthquake Scenarios and Effects on the Ancient City of İstanbul (A.D. 478 - 1999)
Murat Şahin, İrem Elitez, Aybars Özmen, and Cenk Yaltırak

EGU2016-12324 | Orals | TS4.2

Neotectonic fault structures in the Lake Thun area (Switzerland)
Stefano C. Fabbri, Marco Herwegh, Fritz Schlunegger, Christian Hübscher, Benedikt J. Weiss, Cédric Schmelzbach, Heinrich Horstmeyer, Kaspar Merz, and Flavio S. Anselmetti

EGU2016-1964 | Posters | TS4.2

Preliminary results on the deformation rates of the Malatya Fault (Malatya-Ovacık Fault Zone, Turkey)
Taylan Sançar, Cengiz Zabcı, Naki Akçar, Volkan Karabacak, Müge Yazıcı, Hüsnü Serdar Akyüz, Ayten Öztüfekçi Önal, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Marcus Christl, and Christof Vockenhuber

EGU2016-9956 | Orals | TS4.2

Slip-deficit on the Levant fault estimated by paleoseismological investigations
Marthe Lefevre, Yann Klinger, Mahmoud Al-Qaryouti, Maryline Le Béon, Khaled Moumani, Marion Thomas, and Stephane Baize

EGU2016-9856 | Orals | TS4.2

Assessing fault activity in intracontinental settings: paleoseismology and geomorphology in SE Kazakhstan
Christoph Grützner, Emily Carson, David Mackenzie, Austin Elliott, Grace Campbell, Richard Walker, and Kanatbek Abdrakhmatov

EGU2016-2452 | Posters | TS4.2

Preliminary investigation on the deformation rates of the Nazimiye Fault (Eastern Turkey)
Taylan Sançar

EGU2016-11718 | Posters | TS4.2

Geomorphological and Paleoseismological Studies of the Malatya Fault (Malatya-Ovacık Fault Zone, Turkey)
Taylan Sançar, Cengiz Zabcı, Volkan Karabacak, and Hüsnü Serdar Akyüz

EGU2016-7455 | Orals | TS4.2

Geomorphic legacy of medieval Himalayan earthquakes in the Pokhara Valley
Wolfgang Schwanghart, Anne Bernhardt, Amelie Stolle, Philipp Hoelzmann, Basanta R. Adhikari, Christoff Andermann, Stefanie Tofelde, Silke Merchel, Georg Rugel, Monique Fort, and Oliver Korup

EGU2016-15794 | Orals | TS4.2

Surface rupture of the 1950 Assam earthquake: active faults and recurrence interval along the Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis
Aurelie Coudurier Curveur, Elise Kali, Paul Tapponnier, Çağıl Karakaş, Sorvigenaleon Ildefonso, Jerome van der Woerd, Saurabh Baruah, Swapnamita Choudhury, Emile Okal, and Paramesh Banerjee

EGU2016-7170 | Posters | TS4.2

Paleoseismic Trenching along the Central part of Fethiye Burdur Fault Zone, SW Turkey
Akın Kürçer, Ersin Özdemir, Çağıl Uygun Güldoğan, and Tamer Yiğit Duman

EGU2016-7337 | Posters | TS4.2

Paleoseismological Findings on the Eastern Limb of the Manyas Bend, NW Anatolia, Turkey
Hasan Elmacı, Tamer Yiğit Duman, Meryem Kara, Volkan Özaksoy, Alican Kop, Selim Özalp, Eylem Yurtseven, and Ömer Emre

EGU2016-4165 | Orals | TS4.2

Monitoring Creep Movement with Terrestrial LIDAR on the Gerede - Bayramören Segment of the North Anatolian Fault Zone, Turkey
Sevgi Altınok Erayık, Erhan Altunel, Esra Tunçel, and Cahit Çağlar Yalçıner

EGU2016-968 | Posters | TS4.2

Using 36Cl fault scarp dating to model Holocene paleoseismic activity in the Büyük Menderes graben, western Turkey
Nasim Mozafari Amiri, Ökmen Sümer, Dmitry Tikhomirov, Çağlar Özkaymak, Bora Uzel, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Christof Vockenhuber, Hasan Sözbilir, and Naki Akçar

EGU2016-2327 | Orals | TS4.2

The analysis of historical earthquakes of the North Anatolian Fault in the Marmara Region, Turkey for the last 15 centuries based on intensity and continuous Coulomb scenarios: Implications for the fault geometry and the interaction of individual earthqua
Cenk Yaltırak and Murat Şahin

EGU2016-13608 | Posters | TS4.2

Reconstruction of the Earthquake History of Limestone Fault Scarps in Knidos Fault Zone Using in-situ Chlorine-36 Exposure Dating and “R” Programming Language
Sefa Sahin, Cengiz Yildirim, Mehmet Akif Sarikaya, Okan Tuysuz, S.Can Genc, Murat Ersen Aksoy, and Mustafa Ertekin Doksanalti

EGU2016-13189 | Orals | TS4.2

Geological evidence for Holocene earthquakes and tsunamis along the Nankai-Suruga Trough, Japan
Ed Garrett, Osamu Fujiwara, Philip Garrett, Vanessa M.A. Heyvaert, Masanobu Shishikura, Yusuke Yokoyama, Aurélia Hubert-Ferrari, Helmut Brückner, Atsunori Nakamura, and Marc De Batist and the QuakeRecNankai team

EGU2016-16701 | Orals | TS4.2

Active Fault Characterization in the Urban Area of Vienna
Kurt Decker, Sabine Grupe, and Esther Hintersberger

EGU2016-14251 | Posters | TS4.2

Deriving earthquake history of the Knidos Fault Zone, SW Turkey, using cosmogenic 36Cl surface exposure dating of the fault scarp.
Cengiz Yildirim, Murat Ersen Aksoy, Mehmet Akif Sarikaya, Okan Tuysuz, S.Can Genc, Mustafa Ertekin Doksanalti, Sefa Sahin, Lucilla Benedetti, Jim Tesson, and Aster Team

EGU2016-14159 | Posters | TS4.2

Toward determining the uncertainties associated with the seismic histories retrieved from in situ 36Cl cosmogenic nuclide fault scarp dating: model reappraisal.
Jim Tesson and Lucilla Benedetti

EGU2016-17342 | Posters | TS4.2

Inherited structures impact on co-seismic surface deformation pattern during the 2013 Balochistan, Pakistan, earthquake
Amaury Vallage, Yann Klinger, Raphael Grandin, Arthur Delorme, and Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny

EGU2016-9822 | Posters | TS4.2

The role of large strike-slip faults in a convergent continental setting - first results from the Dzhungarian Fault in Eastern Kazakhstan
Christoph Grützner, Grace Campbell, Austin Elliott, Richard Walker, and Kanatbek Abdrakhmatov

EGU2016-12287 | Posters | TS4.2

Segmented ruptures during intracontinental earthquakes: Kyrgyz Range, N-Tien Shan
Angela Landgraf, Magda Patyniak, Atyrgul Dzhumabaeva, Kanatbek Abdrakhmatov, J. Ramon Arrowsmith, and Manfred R. Strecker

EGU2016-18112 | Posters | TS4.2

The numerical simulation study of the dynamic evolutionary processes in an earthquake cycle on the Longmen Shan Fault
Wei Tao, Zheng-Kang Shen, and Yong Zhang

EGU2016-16964 | Posters | TS4.2

New insights on multiple seismic uplift on the Main Frontal Thrust near the Ratu river, Eastern Nepal using high-resolution topography
Cagil Karakas, Paul Tapponnier, Soma Nath Sapkota, Aurelie Coudurier Curveur, Sorvigenaleon Ildefonso, Mingxing Gao, Laurent Bollinger, and Yann Klinger

EGU2016-2468 | Posters | TS4.2

The study of characteristics of Longitude Valley Fault derived from the dense continuous GPS array, southeastern Taiwan
Tsai Min-Chien, Shin Tzay-Chyn, and Yu Shui-Beih

EGU2016-3882 | Posters | TS4.2

Analysis of crustal deformation and the earthquake potential in Taiwan by block modeling and geodetic observations
Chiou-Hsien Lee and Wu-Lung Chang

EGU2016-6850 | Posters | TS4.2

Seismotectonics at the junction of the Philippine Sea plate and the Eurasian plate, in light of the 1990 Hualien earthquake and the near-field waveform inversion
Hou-Sheng Cheng, Laetitia Mozziconacci, Emmy T.Y. Chang, and Bor-Shouh Huang

EGU2016-1848 | Posters | TS4.2

Long-lasting wrenching tectonism in the Fuegian Andes: An overview
Christian Sue and Matias Ghiglione

EGU2016-7709 | Posters | TS4.2

The contribution of speleotectonics on active faults investigation in the Central Apennines (Italy)
Alessandra Di Domenica, Alberto Pizzi, Pierpaolo Ciuffi, Simone D'Agostino, and Raffaele Madonna

EGU2016-419 | Posters | TS4.2

Constraining fault activity by investigating tectonically-deformed Quaternary palaeoshorelines using a synchronous correlation method: the Capo D’Orlando Fault as a case study (NE Sicily, Italy)
Marco Meschis, Gerald P. Roberts, and Jennifer Robertson

EGU2016-4003 | Posters | TS4.2

A Bayesian Seismic Hazard Analysis for the city of Naples
Licia Faenza, Simona Pierdominici, Sebastian Hainzl, Francesca R. Cinti, Laura Sandri, Jacopo Selva, Roberto Tonini, and Paolo Perfetti

EGU2016-14588 | Posters | TS4.2

How to assess magnitudes of paleo-earthquakes from multiple observations
Esther Hintersberger and Kurt Decker

EGU2016-16712 | Posters | TS4.2

Paleoseismological investigations and Geomorphology on the Gaenserndorf Terrace in the central Vienna Basin (Austria)
Michael Weissl, Esther Hintersberger, Johanna Lomax, and Kurt Decker

EGU2016-16754 | Posters | TS4.2

H/V mapping of active faults in the urban area of Aachen, Germany
Karin Niemann and Tomás Fernández-Steeger

TS5.1 – The evolution and architecture of rifts and rifted passive margins: from mantle dynamics to surface processes (co-organized)

EGU2016-3292 | Posters | TS5.1

Origin of the Gargia Nappe in the northernmost Scandinavian Caledonides: Pre-Caledonian hyperextension or a traditional basement-cover nappe?
Fernando Corfu and Torgeir B. Andersen

EGU2016-15366 | Orals | TS5.1

Imaging the lithosphere of rifted passive margins using waveform tomography: North Atlantic, South Atlantic and beyond
Sergei Lebedev, Andrew Schaeffer, and Nicolas Luca Celli

EGU2016-11669 | Orals | TS5.1

Nature of basement highs in ultra-distal ocean-continent transitions: on- and off-shore examples
Marie-Eva Epin and Gianreto Manatschal

EGU2016-6222 | Posters | TS5.1

Wilson-cycle “kick-off”: Constraining the influence of a Large Igneous Province during the Neoproterozoic evolution of the pre-Caledonian margin of Baltica
Hans Jørgen Kjøll, Torgeir B. Andersen, Christian Tegner, Fernando Corfu, and Sverre Planke

EGU2016-1381 | Orals | TS5.1

Discussion on final rifting evolution and breakup : insights from the Mid Norwegian - North East Greenland rifted system
Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic and Per Terje Osmundsen

EGU2016-6621 | Posters | TS5.1

Hyperextension along the pre-Caledonian margin of the Iapetus? Age and origin of discontinuous gneiss sheets associated with deep-marine sediments, Alpine metaperidotites and detrital serpentinites
Johannes Jakob, Manar Alsaif, Fernando Corfu, and Torgeir B. Andersen

EGU2016-6774 | Posters | TS5.1

Peak metamorphic temperatures from Raman Spectroscopy on Carbonaceous Matter (RSCM) and δ18O and δ13C (carb) isotope composition of a major mélange zone in the South Norwegian Caledonides
Johannes Jakob, Olivier Beyssac, Philippe Boulvais, and Torgeir B. Andersen

EGU2016-15306 | Orals | TS5.1

What is reactivated when at rifted margins? comparing the Northwest Svalbard and Møre segments of the NE Atlantic margin.
Per Terje Osmundsen, Alvar Braathen, Thomas F. Redfield, Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic, and Harmon Maher

EGU2016-4228 | Orals | TS5.1

New results from a 3D seismic academic dataset across the west Galicia margin
Gaël Lymer, Derren Cresswell, Tim Reston, Carl Stevenson, and Dale Sawyer

EGU2016-7176 | Posters | TS5.1

Locating the Caledonian Deformation Front in the Western Barents Sea
Alexey Shulgin, Iselin Aarseth, Jan-Inge Faleide, Rolf Mjelde, and Ritske Huismans

EGU2016-8844 | Posters | TS5.1

The role of Variscan to pre-Jurassic active extension in controlling the architecture of the rifted passive margin of Adria: the example of the Canavese Zone (Western Southern Alps, Italy)
Andrea Succo, Sara De Caroli, Arianna Centelli, Edoardo Barbero, Gianni Balestro, and Andrea Festa

EGU2016-4996 | Orals | TS5.1

The pre-Caledonian Large Igneous Province and the North Atlantic Wilson Cycle
Christian Tegner, Torgeir B. Andersen, Fernando Corfu, Sverre Planke, Hans Jørgen Kjøll, and Trond H. Torsvik

EGU2016-9786 | Posters | TS5.1

Exhumation, cooling and deformation history of the necking zone of the fossil Adriatic rifted margin: the Campo/Grosina section (S-Switzerland and N-Italy)
Benoît Petri, Geoffroy Mohn, Jan R. Wijbrans, Gianreto Manatschal, and Marco Beltrando*

EGU2016-3245 | Orals | TS5.1

The development of extension and magmatism during continent-ocean transition: evidence from Ethiopia
Ian Bastow, Derek Keir, Adam Booth, Giacomo Corti, Craig Magee, Christopher Jackson, and Jason Wilkinson

EGU2016-2456 | Orals | TS5.1

At the tip of a propagating rift - The offshore East African Rift
Dieter Franke, Wilfried Jokat, Stefan Ladage, Harald Stollhofen, Jennifer Klimke, Ruediger Lutz, Stefane Mahanjane, Axel Ehrhardt, and Bernd Schreckenberger

EGU2016-11393 | Posters | TS5.1

Diachronous fault array growth within continental rift basins: Quantitative analyses from the East Shetland Basin, northern North Sea
Johan Claringbould, Rebecca Bell, Christopher Jackson, Robert Gawthorpe, and Tore Odinsen

EGU2016-18434 | Orals | TS5.1

A new model for the development of the active Afar volcanic margin
Raphaël Pik, Martin Stab, Nicolas Bellahsen, and Sylvie Leroy

EGU2016-7280 | Posters | TS5.1

Nearshore half-grabens as analogues for offshore, early Carboniferous rift basins along the SW Barents Sea Margin
Jean-Baptiste Koehl, Steffen G. Bergh, Kjetil Indrevær, Halldis Lea, Espen Bergø, Tormod Henningsen, Tore Forthun, and Jan-Inge Faleide