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AS – Atmospheric Sciences

AS1.1 – Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting

EGU2017-16974 | Orals | AS1.1

The NWP system at Météo-France and the low cloud forecast: still a challenge ?
Eric Bazile

EGU2017-250 | Posters | AS1.1

Heavy rain forecasts in mesoscale convective system in July 2016 in Belarus
Palina Lapo, Siarhei Barodka, and Aliaksandr Krasouski

EGU2017-1957 | Posters | AS1.1

Analysis of Mechanism of Tibetan Plateau Vortex Frequency Differences between Strong and Weak MJO Periods
Guoping Li and Fuhu Zhao

EGU2017-11399 | Orals | AS1.1

NWP prediction at ESRL/GSD: Latest developments and applications for physics parameterizations
Georg Grell, Joseph Olson, Stan Benjamin, Tanya Smirnova, Jaymes Kenyon, Eric James, Li Zhang, Ravan Ahmadov, and John Brown

EGU2017-3091 | Orals | AS1.1

Medium-range forecasts with a non-hydrostatic global atmospheric model on a cubed sphere grid
Song-You Hong, Young-Cheol Kwon, Kyung-Hee Seol, Suk-Jin Choi, In-Hyeok Kwon, Tae-Hoon Kim, Eun-Hee Lee, Rae-Seol Park, and Dong-Il Kim

EGU2017-4105 | Posters | AS1.1

Influence of Offshore Initial Moisture Field and Convection on the Development of Coastal Convection in a Heavy Rainfall Event over South China during the Pre-summer Rainy Season
Rong Lu, Jianhua Sun, and Shenming Fu

EGU2017-4185 | Posters | AS1.1

Sensitivity of Microphyiscs Schemes For Simulating Severe Rainfall Over Egypt
Muhammed ElTahan and Mohammed Magooda

EGU2017-3955 | Orals | AS1.1

Developing a high-resolution regional atmospheric reanalysis for Australia
Christopher White, Paul Fox-Hughes, Chun-Hsu Su, Dörte Jakob, Greg Kociuba, Nathan Eisenberg, Peter Steinle, Rebecca Harris, Stuart Corney, Peter Love, Tomas Remenyi, Mark Chladil, John Bally, and Nathan Bindoff

EGU2017-4321 | Posters | AS1.1

Challenges associated with the prediction of tropical storms in the Bay of Bengal when using the WRF model
Nehru Machineni, Vidyunmala Veldore, and Michel d. S. Mesquita

EGU2017-15066 | Orals | AS1.1

Can limited area NWP and/or RCM models improve on large scales inside their domain?
Fedor Mesinger and Katarina Veljovic

EGU2017-5678 | Posters | AS1.1

The effects of TC vortex initialization in regional typhoon prediction model
Suhong Ma

EGU2017-19274 | Orals | AS1.1

Does the Representation of Flow Structure and Turbulence at a Cold Front Converge on Multi-scale Observations with Model Resolution?
Ben Harvey, John John Methven, Chloe Eagle, and Humphrey Lean

EGU2017-5766 | Posters | AS1.1

Assessment for Single layer urban canopy model in WRF by the WISE observation data in Seoul metropolitan area, South Korea
Hankyung Lee, Jae-sik Min, Joon-Bum Jee, Jung-Hoon Lee, and Jeong-Gyun Park

EGU2017-3740 | Orals | AS1.1

Stochastic parameterization testing with NOAA’s developmental Global Ensemble Forecast System
Thomas M. Hamill

EGU2017-6463 | Posters | AS1.1

Comparative Study on Long Term Climate Data Sources over South Korea
Dongik Kim and Dawei Han

EGU2017-11896 | Orals | AS1.1

Predictability of 2-m temperature across space and time scales
Thomas Haiden and Zied Ben Bouallegue

EGU2017-5633 | Orals | AS1.1

Orographic drag uncertainties impact forecast skill
Irina Sandu, Ayrton Zadra, Nils Wedi, and Julio Bacmeister

EGU2017-6740 | Posters | AS1.1

A New Quality Control Method base on IRMCD for Wind Profiler Observation towards Future Assimilation Application
Min Chen and Yu Zhang

EGU2017-8222 | Orals | AS1.1

Uncertainties and coupled error covariances in the CERA-20C, ECMWF's first coupled reanalysis ensemble
Xiangbo Feng and Keith Haines

EGU2017-7157 | Posters | AS1.1

Retrieve Aerosol Concentration Based On Surface Model and Distribution of Concentration of PM2.5
Hongzhi Cui

EGU2017-11668 | Orals | AS1.1

For how long can we predict the weather? – Insights into atmospheric predictability from global convection-allowing simulations
Falko Judt

EGU2017-7585 | Posters | AS1.1

WRF model performance under flash-flood associated rainfall
Iskra Mejia-Estrada, Paul Bates, and Miguel Ángel Rico-Ramírez

EGU2017-7754 | Posters | AS1.1

A Case Study of ARW-WRF Model Sensitivity to Convective Parameterization Options during a South Atlantic Convergence Zone Event
Natalia Silva and Ricardo Camargo

EGU2017-18038 | Orals | AS1.1

Predictability and Model Uncertainty of MJO Convective Initiation and Propagation in ECMWF Stochastic Ensemble Forecasts
Shuyi Chen, Brandon Kerns, Hannah Christensen, and Mahsa Mirzargar

EGU2017-8682 | Posters | AS1.1

The Identification of the Mediterranean cyclones main classical trajectories towards Romania by using objective methods based on mathematical algorithms
Catrina Oana, Kajsa Maria Parding, and Sabina Stefan

EGU2017-4168 | Orals | AS1.1

Shallow marine cloud topped boundary layer in atmospheric models
Zavisa Janjic

EGU2017-17891 | Orals | AS1.1

WOD - Weather On Demand forecasting system
Olafur Rognvaldsson, Logi Ragnarsson, and Karolina Stanislawska

EGU2017-8962 | Posters | AS1.1

An Investigation of Microphysical Feedback on Flow Dynamics in a Heavy Rainfall Event
Wei Huang, Jian-Wen Bao, and Baode Chen

EGU2017-9149 | Posters | AS1.1

Predictability of winter Pacific weather regimes and its connections with MJO on medium-range timescales
Mio Matsueda and Tim Palmer

EGU2017-11092 | Orals | AS1.1

Predicting weak winds
Haraldur Ólafsson

EGU2017-9251 | Posters | AS1.1

A study of the impact of physical (cloud) initialization on severe convection numerical prediction.
Baode Chen, Jia Li, Wei Huang, and Xu Zhang

EGU2017-3395 | Orals | AS1.1

“Big Data Assimilation” for 30-second-update 100-m-mesh Numerical Weather Prediction
Takemasa Miyoshi, Guo-Yuan Lien, Masaru Kunii, Juan Ruiz, Yasumitsu Maejima, Shigenori Otsuka, Keiichi Kondo, Hiromu Seko, Shinsuke Satoh, Tomoo Ushio, Kotaro Bessho, Kazumi Kamide, Hirofumi Tomita, Seiya Nishizawa, Tsuyoshi Yamaura, and Yutaka Ishikawa

EGU2017-9389 | Posters | AS1.1

Development of the Nonstationary Incremental Analysis Update Algorithm for Sequential Data Assimilation System
Yoo-Geun Ham, Hyo-Jong Song, Jaehee Jung, and Gyu-Ho Lim

EGU2017-10414 | Posters | AS1.1

An Observationally-Based Method for Simulating Stochasticity in NWP Model Physics
Jian-Wen Bao, Cecile Penland, Stefan Tulich, Philip Phil Pegion, Jeffrey S. Whitaker, Sara A. Michelson, and Evelyn D. Grell

EGU2017-6776 | Orals | AS1.1

The development of global GRAPES 4DVAR
yongzhu liu

EGU2017-10429 | Posters | AS1.1

Microphysical Parameterizations for NWP: It’s All About the Sizes and Production Pathways of Hydrometeors
Sara A Michelson, Jian-Wen Bao, and Evelyn D. Grell

EGU2017-10487 | Orals | AS1.1

Impact of GPS-Integrated Water Vapour assimilation on Regional Climate Model simulations of heavy precipitation events in the western Mediterranean
Alberto Caldas-Alvarez and Samiro Khodayar

EGU2017-1310 | Orals | AS1.1

Preliminary validation of WRF model in two Arctic fjords, Hornsund and Porsanger
Paulina Aniskiewicz and Małgorzata Stramska

EGU2017-10829 | Posters | AS1.1

Expert-guided hybrid dynamical-statistical seasonal prediction system: An application for the seasonal outlook in Korea
WonMoo Kim, Sae-Rim Yeo, and Yoojin Kim

EGU2017-14697 | Orals | AS1.1

Verification and spread/skill evaluation of a convection-permitting ensemble in dependence of the perturbation strategy.
Chiara Marsigli, Andrea Montani, and Tiziana Paccagnella

EGU2017-10835 | Posters | AS1.1

A high-order spatial filter for a cubed-sphere spectral element model
Hyun-Gyu Kang and Hyeong-Bin Cheong

EGU2017-18541 | Orals | AS1.1

Scale-dependent verification of TIGGE forecasts
Suvarchal Kumar Cheedela and Brian Mapes

EGU2017-10939 | Posters | AS1.1

Observing System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) for a future Doppler Wind Lidar satellite in Japan:
Philippe Baron, Shoken Ishii, and Kozo Okamoto

EGU2017-18741 | Orals | AS1.1

Observation impact in short-range ensemble forecasts
Tobias Necker, Martin Weissmann, and Matthias Sommer

EGU2017-10992 | Posters | AS1.1

The Impact of Ocean Mixed Layer on Regional NWP Model around the Korea Peninsula
Jae-Sik Min, Joon-Bum Jee, Jeong-Gyun Park, Hankyung Lee, and Jung-Hoon Lee

EGU2017-11596 | Orals | AS1.1

Estimation and correction of different flavors of surface observation biases in ensemble Kalman filter
Raquel Lorente-Plazas, Josua P. Hacker, Nancy Collins, and Jared A. Lee

EGU2017-11107 | Posters | AS1.1

A Three-Dimensional Scale-adaptive Turbulent Kinetic Energy Model in ARW-WRF Model
Xu Zhang, Jian-Wen Bao, and Baode Chen

EGU2017-11354 | Posters | AS1.1

Improvement of Advanced Storm-scale Analysis and Prediction System (ASAPS) on Seoul Metropolitan Area, Korea
Jeong-Gyun Park and Joon-Bum Jee

EGU2017-11364 | Posters | AS1.1

Causes of extreme rainfall in May 2013 over Henan Province: The role of the southwest vortex and low-level jet
Wang xinmin and Liu yong

EGU2017-11633 | Posters | AS1.1

Case study about 2012 heavy rainfall case in Korean peninsula using MPAS and WRF
Sukjun Lee and Gyuho Lim

EGU2017-11759 | Posters | AS1.1

Overview of Chinese GRAPES Data Assimilation System
Yan Liu

EGU2017-12777 | Posters | AS1.1

The simulation of cyclone Cleopatra over Greece: WRF model sensitivity tests and evaluation
George Emmanouil, Diamanto Vlachogiannis, and Athanasios Sfetsos

EGU2017-14283 | Posters | AS1.1

Evaluation of three operational forecasting products for Antarctica for the Austral winter 2013
Marius Opsanger Jonassen, Timo Vihma, and Tiina Nygård

EGU2017-15053 | Posters | AS1.1

Potential of the space-borne Doppler wind lidar measurements in a limited-area model for Europe
Matic Šavli and Nedjeljka Žagar

EGU2017-15095 | Posters | AS1.1

SW radiative effect of aerosol in GRAPES_GFS
Qiying Chen

EGU2017-15432 | Posters | AS1.1

Ensemble Data Assimilation of Photovoltaic Power Information in the Convection-permitting High-Resolution Model COSMO-DE
Stefan Declair, Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan, and Roland Potthast

EGU2017-16757 | Posters | AS1.1

Applications for mid-range forecasts - Simulations of storm surges
Oscar Jurado, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, and Angel Ruiz-Angulo

EGU2017-16911 | Posters | AS1.1

Establishing NWP capabilities in African Small Island States (SIDs)
Ólafur Rögnvaldsson

EGU2017-17529 | Posters | AS1.1

OpenEPS – An ensemble prediction system emulator for OpenIFS
Pirkka Ollinaho, Juha Lento, Glenn Carver, Victoria Sinclair, and Heikki Järvinen

EGU2017-17856 | Posters | AS1.1

Impact on the short-term forecast using radar data assimilation on the South and Southeast region of Brazil
Dirceu Herdies, Liviany Viana, Diego Souza, and Eder Vendrasco

EGU2017-18052 | Posters | AS1.1

The impact of the stochastic physics parameterization to the predictability of precipitation from an icosahedral grid global model
Ning Wang, Haiqin Li, and Georg Grell

EGU2017-18108 | Posters | AS1.1

Variability of winds and temperature in the Bergen area
Daniel Schönbein, Haraldur Ólafsson, Jan Asle Olseth, and Birgitte Furevik

EGU2017-18219 | Posters | AS1.1

Direct generation of random number patterns on unstructured global grids for stochastic physics parameterizations
Ning Wang, Jian-Wen Bao, Georg Grell, and Haiqin Li

AS1.5 – Aviation Meteorology: Observations, Modeling, and Operations

EGU2017-6869 | Posters | AS1.5

Using a balloon-borne accelerometer to improve understanding of the turbulent structure of the atmosphere for aviation.
Graeme Marlton, Giles Harrison, Keri Nicoll, and Paul Williams

EGU2017-3537 | Orals | AS1.5

Increased light, moderate, and severe clear-air turbulence in response to climate change
Paul Williams

EGU2017-4206 | Orals | AS1.5

Observational Simulation of Icing in Extreme Weather Conditions
Ismail Gultepe, Andrew Heymsfield, Martin Agelin-Chaab, John Komar, Garry Elfstrom, and Darrel Baumgardner

EGU2017-4503 | Posters | AS1.5

Air Pollution Caused By Aircrafts in LTO-number-Record Breaking Year 2016 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport
Orhan Sen and Onur Durmus

EGU2017-9996 | Orals | AS1.5

Oceanic Weather Decision Support for Unmanned Global Hawk Science Missions into Hurricanes with Tailored Satellite Derived Products
Wayne Feltz, Sarah Griffin, Christopher Velden, Ed Zipser, Daniel Cecil, and Scott Braun

EGU2017-1709 | Posters | AS1.5

Clear Air Turbulence Caused by Storm Top Internal Gravity Wave Breaking Based on Satellite Data
Pao Wang, Kai-Yuan Cheng, and Scott Bachmeier

EGU2017-11837 | Orals | AS1.5

Assessment of the WRF-ARW model during fog conditions in a coastal arid region using different PBL schemes
Marouane Temimi, Naira Chaouch, Michael Weston, and Hosni Ghedira

EGU2017-5132 | Posters | AS1.5

The value of Doppler LiDAR systems to monitor turbulence intensity during storm events in order to enhance aviation safety in Iceland
Shu Yang, Guðrún Nína Petersen, and David C. Finger

EGU2017-7131 | Posters | AS1.5

Nowcasting of Low-Visibility Procedure States with Ordered Logistic Regression at Vienna International Airport
Philipp Kneringer, Sebastian Dietz, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2017-19312 | Orals | AS1.5

Improved Ceiling and Visibility Forecasts from the US NOAA HRRR/RAP – Hydrometeor Assimilation and Modeling
Stan Benjamin, Curtis Alexander, Stephen Weygandt, John Brown, Tatiana Smirnova, Ming Hu, Jaymes Kenyon, Joseph Olson, Eric James, and Greg Thompson

EGU2017-19378 | Orals | AS1.5

The GOES-R/JPSS Approach for Identifying Hazardous Low Clouds: Overview and Operational Impacts
Corey Calvert, Michael Pavolonis, Scott Lindstrom, Chad Gravelle, and Amanda Terborg

EGU2017-10021 | Posters | AS1.5

A case study of the microphysical and dynamical processes of fog and in-flight icing environments at Cold Lake Alberta, Canada
Di Wu, Faisal Boudala, Ismail Gultepe, and George A. Isaac

EGU2017-10290 | Posters | AS1.5

Remote Sensing of Supercooled Cloud Layers in Cold Climate Using Ground Based Integrated Sensors System and Comparison with Pilot Reports and model forecasts
Faisal Boudala, Di Wu, Ismail Gultepe, Martha Anderson, and marie-france turcotte

EGU2017-13024 | Posters | AS1.5

Improvement of fog predictability in a coupled system of PAFOG and WRF
wonheung kim, seong soo yum, and chang ki kim

EGU2017-15366 | Posters | AS1.5

Long-term seasonal variability of convection, and aviation hazard risks over Europe
Abdullah Kahraman and Zafer Aslan

EGU2017-15430 | Posters | AS1.5

Operation of a decision support system for radiation fog forecasting (PARAFOG) based on humidity profiles forecasting
Quentin Laffineur, Martial Haeffelin, Andy Delcloo, Juan-Antonio Bravo-Aranda, Marc-Antoine Drouin, Jean-Charles Dupont, and Hugo De Backer

EGU2017-17949 | Posters | AS1.5

Observing low-level stratiform clouds and determining its base height at night by sky camera measurements
Kornél Kolláth and Zoltán Kolláth

EGU2017-14754 | Posters | AS1.5

Forecasting of radiation fog with a new decision support system based on automatic LIDAR-ceilometer measurements
Quentin Laffineur, Martial Haeffelin, Juan-Antonio Bravo-Aranda, Marc-Antoine Drouin, Juan-Andrés Casquero-Vera, Jean-Charles Dupont, and Hugo De Backer

EGU2017-10439 | Posters | AS1.5

UAV Applications for Thermodynamic Profiling:Emphasis on Ice Fog Visibility
Ismail Gultepe, Andrew Heymsfield, Joseph Fernando, sebastian hoch, Eric pardyjack, faisal Boudala, and Randolph Ware

EGU2017-9485 | Posters | AS1.5

Retrieving Arctic Sea Fog Geometrical Thickness and Inversion Characteristics from Surface and Radiosonde Observations.
Gaëlle Gilson and Hester Jiskoot

EGU2017-11126 | Posters | AS1.5

US NOAA HRRR/RAP Model/Assimilation System 2016-17 Improvements for Aviation Weather Applications
Stan Benjamin, Curtis Alexander, Stephen Weygandt, Ming Hu, Tanya Smirnova, Joseph Olson, John Brown, Jaymes Kenyon, Eric James, Isidora Jankov, and Terra Ladwig

AS1.7 – Atmospheric applications in microwave radiometry (co-organized)

EGU2017-6130 | Posters | AS1.7

The characteristics of the real-time land surface emissivity of the ATMS data for numerical weather prediction model
Jisoo Kim, Myoung-Hwan Ahn, and Eunjin Kim

EGU2017-14179 | Orals | AS1.7

A statistical retrieval of cloud parameters for the millimeter wave Ice Cloud Imager on board MetOp-SG
Catherine Prigent, Die Wang, Filipe Aires, and Carlos Jimenez

EGU2017-2056 | Posters | AS1.7

Enhanced short-term stratospheric ozone fluctuations observed by the GROMOS microwave radiometer during winter at Bern
Lorena Moreira, Klemens Hocke, and Niklaus Kämpfer

EGU2017-3612 | Orals | AS1.7

Stratospheric and mesospheric wind measurements from the new WIRA-C wind radiometer and comparison to the Doppler lidar on La Réunion island
Jonas Hagen, Niklaus Kämpfer, Sergey Khaykin, and Alain Hauchecorne

EGU2017-3531 | Posters | AS1.7

Stratospheric evolution of temperature and different atmospheric trace gases during winters at the NDACC Alpine mid-latitude station at Bern
Francisco Navas-Guzmán, Lorena Moreira, Martin Lainer, Franziska Schranz, Klemens Hocke, and Niklaus Kämpfer

EGU2017-5043 | Orals | AS1.7

Cross-validation of two liquid water path retrieval algorithms applied to ground-based microwave radiation measurements by RPG-HATPRO instrument
Vladimir Kostsov, Dmitry Ionov, Egor Biryukov, and Nikita Zaitsev

EGU2017-11024 | Orals | AS1.7

How well can polar middle atmosphere descent rates be derived from remote sounding measurements?
Niall Ryan, Mathias Palm, Uwe Raffalski, Douglas Kinnison, Rolando Garcia, and Justus Notholt

EGU2017-10312 | Posters | AS1.7

Validation and statistical analysis of temperature, humidity profiles and Integrated Water Vapor (IWV) from microwave measurements over Granada (Spain)
Andres Bedoya, Francisco Navas-Guzmán, Juan Luis Guerrero-Rascado, and Lucas Alados-Arboledas

EGU2017-4680 | Posters | AS1.7

Simulation study for ground-based Ku-band microwave observations of ozone and hydroxyl in the polar middle atmosphere
David Newnham, Mark Clilverd, Michael Kosch, and Pekka Verronen

EGU2017-11405 | Orals | AS1.7

Simulation study for the Stratospheric Inferred Wind (SIW) sub-millimeter limb sounder
Philippe Baron, Donal Murtagh, Patrick Eriksson, and Satoshi Ochiai

EGU2017-13800 | Orals | AS1.7

Stratospheric water vapor measurements at Thule, Greenland, by means of a new 22 GHz spectrometer
Gabriele Mevi, Giovanni Muscari, Massimo Mari, Daniela Meloni, Tatiana Di Iorio, Giandomenico Pace, Alcide di Sarra, and Marco Cacciani

EGU2017-8155 | Posters | AS1.7

The effect of cloud liquid water on temperature retrievals from microwave measurements
Leonie Bernet, Francisco Navas-Guzmán, and Niklaus Kämpfer

EGU2017-8599 | Posters | AS1.7

Microwat : a new Earth Explorer mission proposal to measure the Sea surface Temperature and the Sea Ice Concentration
Catherine Prigent, Filipe Aires, and Georg Heygster

EGU2017-10226 | Posters | AS1.7

Microwave measurements of temperature profiles, integrated water vapour, and liquid water path at Thule Air Base, Greenland.
Giandomenico Pace, Tatiana Di Iorio, Alcide di Sarra, Antonio Iaccarino, Daniela Meloni, Gabriele Mevi, Giovanni Muscari, and Marco Cacciani

EGU2017-11683 | Posters | AS1.7

Introduction to a real-time cloud detection based on the ground-based infrared thermometer and the microwave radiometer at ARM SGP site
Hye Young Won and Myoung-Hwan Ahn

EGU2017-12738 | Posters | AS1.7

Network operability of ground-based microwave radiometers: Calibration and standardization efforts
Bernhard Pospichal, Ulrich Löhnert, Nils Küchler, and Harald Czekala

EGU2017-14786 | Posters | AS1.7

Estimating atmospheric temperature profile by an airborne microwave radiometer
Jun Zhang, Jian Xu, Mareike Kenntner, Franz Schreier, and Adrian Doicu

EGU2017-16126 | Posters | AS1.7

Analysis of mixing-layer height retrieval methods using backscatter lidar returns and microwave-radiometer temperature observations in the context of synergy
Umar Saeed and Francesc Rocadenbosch

EGU2017-18596 | Posters | AS1.7

A virtual remote sensing observation network for continuous, near-real-time monitoring of atmospheric instability
Maria Toporov, Ulrich Löhnert, Roland Potthast, Domenico Cimini, and Francesco De Angelis

AS1.8 – Precipitation: Measurement, Climatology, Remote Sensing, and Modeling (General Session)

EGU2017-11 | Posters | AS1.8

Long term spatial and temporal study of precipitation and temperature over Monsoon Asia
Ashish Kumar, Narendra singh, and Anshu mali

EGU2017-18212 | Orals | AS1.8

Towards operational rainfall monitoring with microwave links from cellular telecommunication networks
Aart Overeem, Hidde Leijnse, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2017-441 | Posters | AS1.8

Online 3D Visualization of Near Real Time and Production Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Data Using CesiumJS
Matthew Lammers

EGU2017-9068 | Orals | AS1.8

Precipitation estimates from L-Band Radiometer Sea Surface Salinity
Alexandre Supply, Jacqueline Boutin, Jean-Luc Vergely, Gilles Reverdin, Audrey Hasson, Nicolas Viltard, and Cécile Mallet

EGU2017-391 | Posters | AS1.8

Improved TMPA 3B42 estimates across Indian land region using static topographic and climate region information
Shruti Upadhyaya and Raaj Ramsankaran

EGU2017-831 | Posters | AS1.8

Assessment of Extreme Precipitation Current and Future Distribution Patterns over Georgia
Lia Megrelidze, Nato Kutaladze, Liana Kartvelishvili, and Ramaz Chitanava

EGU2017-5324 | Orals | AS1.8

Correcting satellite-based precipitation products from SMOS soil moisture data assimilation using two models of different complexity
Carlos Román-Cascón, Thierry Pellarin, and François Gibon

EGU2017-16605 | Orals | AS1.8

Continuous country-wide rainfall observation using a large network of commercial microwave links: Challenges, solutions and applications
Christian Chwala, Yvonne Boose, Gerhard Smiatek, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2017-1002 | Posters | AS1.8

Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) over the Mediterranean region based on high resolution gridded data.
Iliana Polychroni and Panagiotis Nastos

EGU2017-1949 | Posters | AS1.8

Hourly Comparison of GPM-IMERG-Final-Run and IMERG-Real-Time (V-03) over a Dense Surface Network in Northeastern Austria
Ehsan Sharifi, Reinhold Steinacker, and Bahram Saghafian

EGU2017-8462 | Orals | AS1.8

Microphysical properties of snowfall in the Swiss Alps as measured with a Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera
Christophe Praz, Yves-Alain Roulet, and Alexis Berne

EGU2017-2242 | Posters | AS1.8

The new WegenerNet climate station network web portal – A gateway to over 10 years of high-resolution precipitation data
Jürgen Fuchsberger, Gottfried Kirchengast, Christoph Bichler, Thomas Kabas, Gunther Lenz, and Armin Leuprecht

EGU2017-7079 | Orals | AS1.8

Ceilometer-based Rainfall Rate estimates in the framework of VORTEX-SE campaign: A discussion
Ruben Barragan, Francesc Rocadenbosch, Joseph Waldinger, Stephen Frasier, Dave Turner, Daniel Dawson, and Robin Tanamachi

EGU2017-2372 | Posters | AS1.8

Local-level ground valuation of rainfall estimates by GPM IMERG Final run using the WegenerNet high-resolution precipitation data
Sungmin Oh, Ulrich Foelsche, Jürgen Fuchsberger, and Gottfried Kirchengast

EGU2017-4659 | Orals | AS1.8

Disruptions in precipitation cycles found in global simulations of present climate
Francisco J. Tapiador

EGU2017-2438 | Posters | AS1.8

Hourly to 5-minute temporal disaggregation of a merged radar-raingauge precipitation product
Yannick Barton, Olivia Martius, Urs Germann, and Ioannis Sideris

EGU2017-2600 | Posters | AS1.8

Optimal Spatial Interpolation Method for precipitation data in China
Chen Yating

EGU2017-7506 | Orals | AS1.8

Inter-comparison of the EUMETSAT H-SAF and NASA PPS precipitation products over Western Europe.
Chris Kidd, Giulia Panegrossi, Sarah Ringerud, and Erich Stocker

EGU2017-2868 | Posters | AS1.8

Effects of 4D-Var data assimilation using remote sensing precipitation products in a WRF over the complex Heihe River Basin
Xiaoduo Pan, Xin Li, and Guodong Cheng

EGU2017-16162 | Orals | AS1.8

Validation and uncertainty analysis for monthly and extreme precipitation in the ERA-20C reanalysis based on the WZN in-situ measurements
Elke Rustemeier, Markus Ziese, Kristin Raykova, Anja Meyer-Christoffer, Udo Schneider, Peter Finger, and Andreas Becker

EGU2017-3885 | Orals | AS1.8

Large-scale rainfall characteristics around the Japan Islands in East Asia relating to the typhoon approach near late autumn (A case study for Ty1326 comparing with the cases in the midsummer and “autumn rainfall” seasons)
Kuranoshin Kato, Yumi Kojima, Kengo Matsumoto, and Kazuo Otani

EGU2017-3122 | Posters | AS1.8

The analysis and numerical simulation of the impact of Water Vapor over Tibet Plateau on Summer Precipitation in the Middle and Lower Reach of the Yangtze River
Ruixia Liu

EGU2017-12133 | Orals | AS1.8

Convective rain cell contours inferred from a very dense gauge network
Reinhard Teschl, Franz Teschl, and Jürgen Fuchsberger

EGU2017-3383 | Posters | AS1.8

Thinning and superobbing of radar data in precipitation simulations
Yuliia Palamarchuk, Serguei Ivanov, and Igor Ruban

EGU2017-11261 | Orals | AS1.8

Metop SG Ice Cloud Imager data analysis preparations
Patrick Eriksson, Jana Mendrok, Robin Ekelund, Bengt Rydberg, Manfred Brath, and Stefan A. Buehler

EGU2017-3998 | Posters | AS1.8

Comparative analysis of raindrop size distribution between southern Korea and Norman, Oklahoma
GyuWon Lee, WanBae Bang, Alexander Ryzhkov, and Terry Schuur

EGU2017-4071 | Posters | AS1.8

Classification and Water Vapor Source Analysis of Persistent Heavy Rainfall Events over South China
Ruixin Liu, Jianhua Sun, Jie Wei, and Shenming Fu

EGU2017-2545 | Orals | AS1.8

Passive Microwave Rainfall Estimates from the GPM Mission
Christian Kummerow and Veljko Petkovic

EGU2017-4960 | Posters | AS1.8

Comparison of Three Interpolation Schemes for Six Parameters
Christine Kolbe, Kira Rehfeldt, Markus Ziese, Elke Rustemeier, Stefan Krähenmann, and Andreas Becker

EGU2017-5517 | Orals | AS1.8

Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission after Three Years
George Huffman and Gail Skofronick-Jackson

EGU2017-5753 | Posters | AS1.8

Two Major Modes of the Wintertime Precipitation over Northwest China and the Associated Atmospheric Circulation
Xiao xue Yin and Lian-Tong Zhou

EGU2017-5799 | Posters | AS1.8

Characteristics of the Extreme Low Temperature Events in Winter Half Year in China and Its Relationship to East Asian Winter Monsoon
Yongqiu Han and Lian-Tong Zhou

EGU2017-3208 | Orals | AS1.8

Changes to GPM Core Data Products as a Result of the V05 Reprocessing
Erich Franz Stocker, Joyce Chou, Yimin Ji, Owen Kelley, John Kwiatkowski, John Stout, and Lawrence Woltz

EGU2017-14056 | Orals | AS1.8

Global snowfall: A combined CloudSat, GPM, and reanalysis perspective.
Lisa Milani, Mark S. Kulie, Gail Skofronick-Jackson, S. Joseph Munchak, Norman B. Wood, and Vincenzo Levizzani

EGU2017-6736 | Posters | AS1.8

Optical Extinction Measurements of Laser Side-Scatter During Tropical Storm Colin
John Lane, Takis Kasparis, and Silas Michaelides

EGU2017-7966 | Posters | AS1.8

Representation of Precipitation in a Decade-long Continental-Scale Convection-Resolving Climate Simulation
David Leutwyler, Oliver Fuhrer, Nikolina Ban, Xavier Lapillonne, Daniel Lüthi, and Christoph Schär

EGU2017-6131 | Orals | AS1.8

Recent results of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission in Japan
Takuji Kubota, Riko Oki, Kinji Furukawa, Yuki Kaneko, Moeka Yamaji, Toshio Iguchi, and Yukari Takayabu

EGU2017-8022 | Posters | AS1.8

Using Meteosat-10 and GPS ZWD measurements for creating regional water vapor maps.
Anton Leontiev and Yuval Reuveni

EGU2017-9193 | Orals | AS1.8

Ground Validation Assessments of GPM Core Observatory Science Requirements
Walt Petersen, George Huffman, Chris Kidd, and Gail Skofronick-Jackson

EGU2017-8212 | Posters | AS1.8

A climatology and preliminary investigation of predictability of pristine nocturnal convective initiation in the central United States
Sean Stelten and William Gallus

EGU2017-8383 | Posters | AS1.8

The new Cloud Dynamics and Radiation Database algorithms for AMSR2 and GMI: exploitation of the GPM observational database for operational applications
Anna Cinzia Marra, Daniele Casella, Lia Martins Costa do Amaral, Paolo Sanò, Stefano Dietrich, and Giulia Panegrossi

EGU2017-14114 | Orals | AS1.8

Use of coincident radar and radiometer observations from GPM, ATMS, and CloudSat for global spaceborne snowfall observation assessment
Giulia Panegrossi, Daniele Casella, Paolo Sanò, Anna Cinzia Marra, Stefano Dietrich, Benjamin T. Johnson, and Mark S. Kulie

EGU2017-15625 | Orals | AS1.8

Vertical Variability of Rain Drop Size Distribution from Micro Rain Radar Measurements during IFloodS
Elisa Adirosi, Ali Tokay, Nicoletta Roberto, Eugenio Gorgucci, Mario Montopoli, and Luca Baldini

EGU2017-8774 | Posters | AS1.8

The influences on radar-based rainfall estimation due to complex terrain
Cristian Craciun and Sabina Stefan

EGU2017-8901 | Posters | AS1.8

The physics of rainclouds, what is behind rainfall trends?
Wolfgang Junkermann and Jorg Hacker

EGU2017-10956 | Orals | AS1.8

Error and Uncertainty Quantification in Precipitation Retrievals from GPM/DPR Using Ground-based Dual-Polarization Radar Observations
Chandrasekar V. Chandra, Haonan Chen*, and Walter Petersen

EGU2017-4629 | Orals | AS1.8

Analysis of 35 GHz Cloud Radar polarimetric variables to identify stratiform and convective precipitation.
Emmanuel Fontaine, Anthony, J Illingworth, and Thorwald Stein

EGU2017-9027 | Posters | AS1.8

Impact of merging methods on radar based nowcasting of rainfall
Bora Shehu and Uwe Haberlandt

EGU2017-9227 | Posters | AS1.8

Validation of GPM precipitation estimates over the Eastern Mediterranean
Adrianos Retalis, Dimitrios Katsanos, Filippos Tymvios, and Silas Michaelides

EGU2017-18749 | Orals | AS1.8

Multi-Frequency Radar/Passive Microwave retrievals of Cold Season Precipitation from OLYMPEX data
Frederic Tridon, Alessandro Battaglia, Joe Turk, Simone Tanelli, Stefan Kneifel, Jussi Leinonen, and Pavlos Kollias

EGU2017-9673 | Posters | AS1.8

Improving satellite quantitative precipitation estimates through the use of high-resolution numerical weather predictions: Similarities and contrasts between the Alps and Blue Nile region
Nikolaos Bartsotas, Efthymios Nikolopoulos, Emmanouil Anagnostou, and George Kallos

EGU2017-3106 | Orals | AS1.8

Radar Reflectivity and Specific Attenuation in Melting Layer measured with Ground-based Ka-Radar System
Kenji Nakamura, Yuki Kaneko, Katsuhiko Nakagawa, Kinji Furukawa, and Kenji Suzuki

EGU2017-10361 | Posters | AS1.8

A Radar Climatology for Germany – a 16-year high resolution precipitation data and its possibilities
Ewelina Walawender, Tanja Winterrath, Christoph Brendel, Mario Hafer, Thomas Junghänel, Anna Klameth, Elmar Weigl, and Andreas Becker

EGU2017-10433 | Posters | AS1.8

Upscaling the impact of convective overshooting (COV) through BRAMS: a continental and wet-season scale study of the water vapour (WV) budget in the tropical tropopause layer (TTL).
Abhinna Behera, Emmanuel Rivière, Virginie Marécal, Jean-François Rysman, Chantal Claud, and Jérémie Burgalat

EGU2017-11879 | Orals | AS1.8

An attempt to examine oceanic drop size distribution and precipitating system characteristics using shipboard disdrometer and polarimetric radar
Masaki Katsumata, Biao Geng, Kyoko Taniguchi, and Miki Hattori

EGU2017-10938 | Posters | AS1.8

The Vertical Characteristics of Temperature inside Summer Monsoon Precipitating Clouds as Measured by TRMM PR and IGRA
Yun-Fei Fu

EGU2017-10774 | Orals | AS1.8

Precipitation evidences on X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery: an approach for quantitative detection and estimation
Saverio Mori, Frank S. Marzano, Mario Montopoli, Luca Pulvirenti, and Nazzareno Pierdicca

EGU2017-8112 | Orals | AS1.8

Derivation of Z-R equation using Mie approach for a 77 GHz radar
Silvano Bertoldo, Claudio Lucianaz, Marco Allegretti, and Giovanni Perona

EGU2017-10966 | Posters | AS1.8

A Cluster Analysis Using Gridded Temperatures and Precipitation Data in Korea
Yung-Seop Lee, Hee-Kyung Kim, Youngho Lee, Myungjin Hyun, and Jae-Won Lee

EGU2017-2459 | Orals | AS1.8

Model Parameter Estimation Using Ensemble Data Assimilation: A Case with the Nonhydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model NICAM and the Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation Data
Shunji Kotsuki, Koji Terasaki, Hasashi Yashiro, Hirofumi Tomita, Masaki Satoh, and Takemasa Miyoshi

EGU2017-11607 | Posters | AS1.8

Implementation of RAP/HRRR operational system for precipitation forecast over Southeast China
Ning Pan, Ming Liu, Changan Zhang, Xin Zhang, Yu Du, and Meng Zhang

EGU2017-14349 | Orals | AS1.8

How reliable are satellite precipitation estimates for driving hydrological models: a verification study over the Mediterranean area
Stefania Camici, Luca Ciabatta, Christian Massari, and Luca Brocca

EGU2017-11679 | Posters | AS1.8

A test for Improvement of high resolution Quantitative Precipitation Estimation for localized heavy precipitation events
Jung-Hoon Lee, Joon-Woo Roh, and Jeong-Gyun Park

EGU2017-12383 | Orals | AS1.8

Merging bottom-up and top-down precipitation products using a stochastic error model
Viviana Maggioni, Christian Massari, Luca Brocca, and Luca Ciabatta

EGU2017-11712 | Posters | AS1.8

Fine-scale Characteristics of Rainfall in Beijing Urban Area Based on A High-density Autonomous Weather Stations (AWS) Dataset
Ping Yang

EGU2017-11794 | Posters | AS1.8

Validation of High Resolution IMERG Satellite Precipitation over the Global Oceans using OceanRAIN
Paul Kucera and Christian Klepp

EGU2017-11893 | Posters | AS1.8

Synoptic climatological analysis on precipitation characteristics and atmospheric water cycle process around the Japan Islands in the midsummer
Tomoyasu Tsuchida, Kengo Matsumoto, Kazuo Otani, and Kuranoshin Kato

EGU2017-12127 | Posters | AS1.8

An overview of 2016 WISE Urban Summer Observation Campaign (WUSOC 2016) in the Seoul metropolitan area of South Korea
Jae-Won Jung, Sang-Woo Kim, Jae-Kwan Shim, and Kyung-Hwan Kwak

EGU2017-12454 | Posters | AS1.8

Climatological studies on precipitation features and large-scale atmospheric fields on the heavy rainfall days in the eastern part of Japan from the Baiu to midsummer season
Kengo Matsumoto, Kuranoshin Kato, and Kazuo Otani

EGU2017-12793 | Posters | AS1.8

Quantitative precipitation estimation in complex orography using quasi-vertical profiles of dual polarization radar variables
Mario Montopoli, Nicoletta Roberto, Elisa Adirosi, Eugenio Gorgucci, and Luca Baldini

EGU2017-13536 | Posters | AS1.8

Analyzing scales of precipitation in general circulation models and observations
Nicholas Klingaman, Gill Martin, and Aurel Moise

EGU2017-13801 | Posters | AS1.8

Continued development of a global precipitation dataset from satellite and ground-based gauges
Felix Dietzsch, Axel Andersson, Marc Schröder, Markus Ziese, and Andreas Becker

EGU2017-13956 | Posters | AS1.8

Intra-annual variability of cloud cover over the Mediterranean region based on NCEP/NCAR, MODIS and ECAD data sets
Eleftherios Ioannidis, Christos J. Lolis, Christos D. Papadimas, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, and Aristides Bartzokas

EGU2017-14312 | Posters | AS1.8

Diversity of precipitation characteristics in contiguous United States: climatology, interannual variation, and change in the warming climate
Chen Chen, Won Chang, Wenwen Kong, Jiali Wang, V. Rao Kotamarthi, Michael L. Stein, and Elisabeth J. Moyer

EGU2017-14559 | Posters | AS1.8

The new Austrian dual-polarized weather radars: data quality and radar rainfall product
Lukas Tuechler, Rudolf Kaltenboeck, Apostolos Giannakos, Markus Kraft, Vera Meyer, and Christina Tavolato-Wötzl

EGU2017-14912 | Posters | AS1.8

Heavy rainfall in Mediterranean cyclones: Contribution of deep convection and warm conveyor belt
Emmanouil Flaounas, Vassiliki Kotroni, Konstantinos Lagouvardos, Suzanne Gray, Jean-Francois Rysman, and Chantal Claud

EGU2017-14998 | Posters | AS1.8

High-resolution precipitation database for the last two centuries in Italy: climatologies and anomalies
Alice Crespi, Michele Brunetti, and Maurizio Maugeri

EGU2017-15135 | Posters | AS1.8

Assessing the performance of satellite-based precipitation products over the Mediterranean region
Angelika Xaver, Wouter Dorigo, Luca Brocca, and Luca Ciabatta

EGU2017-15349 | Posters | AS1.8

A deterministic approach to define the useful integration time for in-situ precipitation observations
Mohamed Djallel Dilmi, Cécile Mallet, Laurent Barthes, and Aymeric Chazottes

EGU2017-15555 | Posters | AS1.8

The impact of temporal aggregation of solid precipitation measurements on the correction for wind-induced undercatch.
Mattia Stagnaro, Matteo Colli, and Luca Lanza

EGU2017-15965 | Posters | AS1.8

Preliminary microphysical characterization of precipitation at ground over Antarctica coast
Nicoletta Roberto, Elisa Adirosi, Mario Montopoli, Luca Baldini, Stefano Dietrich, and Federico Porcù

EGU2017-16058 | Posters | AS1.8

Wind tunnel validation of the aerodynamic performance of rain gauges simulated using a CFD approach.
Arianna Cauteruccio, Matteo Colli, Mattia Stagnaro, Andrea Freda, and Luca G. Lanza

EGU2017-16159 | Posters | AS1.8

Comparative analysis of precipitation data from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM, NASA) mission and a national rain gauge network: three case studies in Italy
Annibale Vecere, Chiara Marsigli, Mario Martina, Tiziana Paccagnella, and Ricardo Monteiro

EGU2017-16441 | Posters | AS1.8

Meteorological tools in support to the railway security system on the Calabria region
Sante Laviola, Salvatore Gabriele, Giulio Iovine, Luca Baldini, Francesco Chiravalloti, Stefano Federico, Marcello Mario Miglietta, Lisa Milani, Antonio Procopio, Nicoletta Roberto, Alessandro Tiesi, Mario Agostino, Raffaele Niccoli, Sergio Stassi, and Valeria Rago

EGU2017-16596 | Posters | AS1.8

A 50-year precipitation analysis over Europe at 5.5km within the UERRA project
Eric Bazile, Rachid Abida, Cornel Soci, Antoine Verrelle, Camille Szczypta, and Patrick Le Moigne

EGU2017-16657 | Posters | AS1.8

Evaluation of extreme precipitation derived from long-term global satellite Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPEs)
Olivier Prat and Brian Nelson

EGU2017-16914 | Posters | AS1.8

Rainfall estimation from microwave links in São Paulo, Brazil.
Manuel Felipe Rios Gaona, Aart Overeem, Hidde Leijnse, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2017-17099 | Posters | AS1.8

Comparison of rainfall products over Africa
Camille Le Coz and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2017-18486 | Posters | AS1.8

Evaluation of high resolution global satellite precipitation products using daily raingauge data over the Upper Blue Nile Basin
Dejene Sahlu, Semu Moges, Emmanouil Anagnostou, Efthymios Nikolopoulos, Dereje Hailu, and Yiwen Mei

EGU2017-18932 | Posters | AS1.8

SMOS+RAINFALL: Evaluating the ability of different methodologies to improve rainfall estimations using soil moisture data from SMOS
Thierry Pellarin, Luca Brocca, Wade Crow, Yann Kerr, Christian Massari, Carlos Román-Cascón, and Diego Fernández

EGU2017-19013 | Posters | AS1.8

Ground validation of DPR precipitation rate over Italy using H-SAF validation methodology
silvia puca, marco petracca, stefano sebastianelli, and gianfranco vulpiani

AS1.13 – Infrasound, acoustic-gravity waves, and atmospheric dynamics

EGU2017-11396 | Orals | AS1.13

Acoustic and Gravity Waves at Finite Amplitude in the Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Ionosphere Following Transient Forcing
Jonathan Snively and Matthew Zettergren

EGU2017-1919 | Posters | AS1.13

Very high resolution observations of waves in the OH airglow at low latitudes.
Christoph Franzen, Patrick J. Espy, Robert E. Hibbins, and Amanda A. Djupvik

EGU2017-2655 | Posters | AS1.13

Surface Pressure Measurements of Atmospheric Tides Using Smartphones
Colin Price and Ron Maor

EGU2017-6811 | Orals | AS1.13 | Highlight

Deriving daily and seasonal variations in meteorological gravity wave parameters from a tropical infrasound station and comparisons with lightning strike data form ATDnet and TRMM LIS.
Graeme Marlton, Andrew Charlton-Perez, and Giles Harrison

EGU2017-17111 | Orals | AS1.13

On the global coherent infrasound noise - avenues using the IMS
Lars Ceranna and Alexis Le Pichon

EGU2017-9447 | Posters | AS1.13

Resonance vibrations of the Ross Ice Shelf cause persistent atmospheric waves
Oleg Godin and Nikolay Zabotin

EGU2017-7271 | Posters | AS1.13

Simulation of acoustic-gravity waves from atmospheric pressure variations and their influence on the high atmosphere.
Yuliya Kurdyaeva, Sergey Kshevetskii, and Nikolay Gavrilov

EGU2017-16564 | Orals | AS1.13

Inversion of the perturbation GPS-TEC data induced by tsunamis in order to estimate the sea level anomaly.
Virgile Rakoto, Philippe Lognonné, Lucie Rolland, Pierdavide Coïsson, and Mélanie Drilleau

EGU2017-4401 | Orals | AS1.13

Independent wind measurements in the middle-atmospheric gap region
Rolf Rüfenacht, Jens Hildebrand, Gerd Baumgarten, Franz-Josef Lübken, and Niklaus Kämpfer

EGU2017-7180 | Posters | AS1.13

Model study of the influence of meteorological processes on the state of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere
Olga Borchevkina, Ivan Karpov, Pavel Vasiliev, and Fedor Bessarab

EGU2017-1516 | Orals | AS1.13

Results from a student built balloon-borne infrasound sensing instrument
Viliam Klein, Eliot Young, Daniel Bowman, and Robert Abernathy

EGU2017-10413 | Posters | AS1.13

Viscosity in the thermosphere: Evidence from gravity wave, neutral wind and direct lab measurements that the standard viscosity coefficients are too large in the thermosphere; and implication for gravity wave propagation in the thermosphere
Sharon Vadas and Geoff Crowley

EGU2017-7325 | Posters | AS1.13

Recent development of infrasound monitoring network in Romania
Daniela Ghica, Mihaela Popa, and Constantin Ionescu

EGU2017-9060 | Posters | AS1.13

Study of the performance of the infrasound Station IS48TN during the period 2011 -2017
Chourouk Mejri

EGU2017-12257 | Posters | AS1.13

Infrasound signals from events at the DPRK test site: observations and modeling results
Karl Koch and Christoph Pilger

EGU2017-12272 | Posters | AS1.13 | Highlight

Prospects for infrasound bolide detections from balloon-borne platforms
Eliot Young, Daniel Bowman, Stephen Arrowsmith, Marc Boslough, Viliam Klein, Courtney Ballard, and Jonathan Lees

EGU2017-12424 | Posters | AS1.13

Monitoring of Tropical Cyclones using Seismic and Infrasonic stations surrounding the South-Western Indian Ocean.
Jean Bernardo Andrianaivoarisoa, Guilhem Barruol, Gérard Rambolamanana, and Alexis Le Pichon

EGU2017-12215 | Posters | AS1.13

The European Infrasound Bulletin
Christoph Pilger, Lars Ceranna, J. Ole Ross, Julien Vergoz, Alexis Le Pichon, and Pierrick Mialle

EGU2017-13671 | Posters | AS1.13

Using the IMS infrasound network for the identification of mountain-associated waves and gravity waves hotspots
Patrick Hupe, Lars Ceranna, Christoph Pilger, and Alexis Le Pichon

EGU2017-12649 | Posters | AS1.13

Acoustic gravity microseismic pressure signal at shallow stations
Charles Peureux, Fabrice Ardhuin, and Jean-Yves Royer

EGU2017-14065 | Posters | AS1.13

Infrasound detections of polar lows during the last three winters from the Norwegian infrasound station #IS18.
Katy Pol, Chantal Claud, Maxence Rojo, Alexis Le Pichon, Alain Hauchecorne, and Elisabeth Blanc

EGU2017-16104 | Posters | AS1.13 | Highlight

The ARISE project: multi-instrument observations in the middle atmosphere for improving extreme event monitoring and weather forecasts
Elisabeth Blanc and the ARISE team

EGU2017-16821 | Posters | AS1.13

Characterizing global infrasonic ocean ambient noise
Alexis Le Pichon, Eleonore Stutzman, Fabrice Arduin, and Leon Sylvain

AS1.15 – Tropical Meteorology

EGU2017-19208 | Posters | AS1.15

The relationship between African easterly waves and equatorial waves and the influence from the Southern Hemisphere
John Methven, Yang Guiying, Kevin Hodges, and Steve Woolnough

EGU2017-12847 | Orals | AS1.15 | Highlight

Tropical cyclones-Pacific Asian Research Campaign for Improvement of Intensity estimations/forecasts (T-PARCII): A research plan of typhoon aircraft observations in Japan
Kazuhisa Tsuboki

EGU2017-1370 | Posters | AS1.15

Multifractal Analysis of Typhoons: the case study of Bolaven (2012)
Jisun Lee, Igor Paz, Abdellah Ichiba, Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia, Daniel Schertzer, Dong-In Lee, and Hung-Chi Kuo

EGU2017-1961 | Orals | AS1.15 | Highlight

NASA CYGNSS Tropical Cyclone Mission
Chris Ruf, Robert Atlas, Sharan Majumdar, Suhas Ettammal, and Duane Waliser

EGU2017-1635 | Posters | AS1.15

Observational analysis and large-scale pattern associated with cold events moving up the equator line over South America
Liviany Viana, Dirceu Herdies, and Gabriela Muller

EGU2017-2857 | Orals | AS1.15

Exploring regional projections of tropical cyclone activity through the application of high-resolution climate modeling
Kevin Reed, Julio Bacmeister, Michael Wehner, Susan Bates, Jacob Huff, and Nan Rosenbloom

EGU2017-2423 | Posters | AS1.15

Interannual Variations in the Synoptic-Scale Disturbances over the western North Pacific
Xingyan Zhou and Riyu Lu

EGU2017-18058 | Orals | AS1.15

Development and Application of an Objective Tracking Algorithm for Tropical Cyclones over the North-West Pacific purely based on Wind Speeds
Daniel J. Befort, Tim Kruschke, and Gregor C. Leckebusch

EGU2017-3118 | Posters | AS1.15

Forecast simulation of rapidly-intensified typhoon in the Eddy-Rich Northwest Pacific region
Kyeong Ok Kim, Jin-Hee Yuk, Kyung Tae Jung, and Suk Kuh Kang

EGU2017-11207 | Orals | AS1.15

Comparison of tropical cyclogenesis processes in climate model and cloud-resolving model simulations using moist static energy budget analysis
Allison Wing, Suzana Camargo, Adam Sobel, Daehyun Kim, Hiroyuki Murakami, Kevin Reed, Gabriel Vecchi, Michael Wehner, Colin Zarzycki, and Ming Zhao

EGU2017-2457 | Posters | AS1.15

The identification of Borneo vortex and its synoptic features in boreal winter
Bo Pang and Riyu Lu

EGU2017-3262 | Orals | AS1.15

Long-term trends of typhoon-induced rainfall over Taiwan: in situ evidence of poleward shift of typhoons in western North Pacific in recent decades
Ting-Yu Liang, Leo Oey, Shiming Huang, and Simon Chou

EGU2017-3287 | Posters | AS1.15

Characterization of tropical cyclones in the South Indian Ocean by using GNSS observations
Rita Nogherotto, Riccardo Biondi, Jimmy Leclair de Bellevue, and Hugues Brenot

EGU2017-3421 | Posters | AS1.15

Interdecadal Change in the Tropical Pacific Precipitation Anomaly Pattern around the Late 1990s during Boreal Spring
Zhiping Wen, Yuanyuan Guo, and Renguang Wu

EGU2017-6798 | Orals | AS1.15

Ocean-waves-atmosphere interactions in the South West Indian Ocean around the tropical cyclone Bejisa (La Réunion, 2014)
Joris Pianezze, Christelle Barthe, Soline Bielli, Pierre Tulet, Emmanuel Cordier, Gildas Cambon, and Swen Jullien

EGU2017-3423 | Posters | AS1.15

Modulation of Subseasonal Tropical Cyclone Genesis In The Western North Pacific By Wave Activities
Jianyun Gao and Kevin K. W. Cheung

EGU2017-4844 | Posters | AS1.15

Statistical analysis of the time and space characteristic scales for large precipitating systems in the equatorial, tropical, sahelian and mid-latitude regions.
Christophe Duroure, Abdoulaye Sy, Jean luc Baray, Joel Van baelen, and Bouya Diop

EGU2017-17723 | Orals | AS1.15

On the role of surface friction in tropical cyclone intensification
Yuqing Wang

EGU2017-2335 | Orals | AS1.15

Diurnal variations of tropical cyclone precipitation and cloud
Qiaoyan Wu

EGU2017-5744 | Posters | AS1.15

Observational research study around tropical Western Pacific: PALAU (Pacific Area Long-term Atmospheric observation for Understanding climate change) project
Ryuichi Shirooka

EGU2017-3414 | Orals | AS1.15

Diurnal cycle of precipitation observed in the western coastal area of Sumatra Island, Indonesia: offshore preconditioning by gravity waves
Satoru Yokoi, Shuichi Mori, Masaki Katsumata, Biao Geng, Kazuaki Yasunaga, Fadli Syamsudin, Nurhayati Nurhayati, and Kunio Yoneyama

EGU2017-6198 | Posters | AS1.15

Modulation of the intraseasonal Indo-western Pacific convection oscillation to tropical cyclogenesis location and frequency over the Indo-western North Pacific during boreal extended summer
Qiuyun Wang, Jianping Li, Yanjie Li, and Jingwen Zhang

EGU2017-6960 | Posters | AS1.15

Basic Strategy for Producing the Same Quality Controlled Sounding Data for the YMC Field Campaign
Kunio Yoneyama

EGU2017-5875 | Orals | AS1.15

Videosonde observations of tropical precipitating clouds developed over the Sumatera Island, Indonesia
Kenji Suzuki, Katsuhiro Nakagawa, Tetsuya Kawano, Shuichi Mori, Masaki Katsumata, and Kunio Yoneyama

EGU2017-7324 | Posters | AS1.15

Modulation of the connection between ENSO and the South China Sea Summer Monsoon Onset by the stratospheric QBO
Maoqiu Jian and Pucheng Han

EGU2017-9972 | Orals | AS1.15

Do biomass-burning aerosols significantly modulate the diurnal cycle of clouds and precipitation over Borneo?
Alma Hodzic, Jean-Phillipe Duvel, Greg Thompson, and Pablo Saide

EGU2017-11051 | Posters | AS1.15

A study on the extratropical transition process of tropical cyclones using equivalent potential temperature
Dongjin Kim, Nam-Young Kang, Youngsin Chun, and Seulgi Lee

EGU2017-1717 | Orals | AS1.15

Barrier Effect of the Indo-Pacific Maritime Continent on the MJO
Jian Ling and Chidong Zhang

EGU2017-14020 | Posters | AS1.15

Seasonal analyses of carbon dioxide and energy fluxes above an oil palm plantation using the eddy covariance method
Anis Ibrahim, Mohd Haniff Harun, and Yusri Yusup

EGU2017-3810 | Orals | AS1.15

Propagation Dynamics of Successive, Circumnavigating MJO Events in MERRA2 Reanalysis
Scott Powell

EGU2017-14127 | Posters | AS1.15

What is the origin and impact of vortices initiated downwind of Hoggar Mountains ?
Jean Philippe Duvel

EGU2017-5970 | Orals | AS1.15

Role of Vertical Heating Structure in MJO Simulation in NCAR CAM5
Guyu Cao and Guang Zhang

EGU2017-16955 | Posters | AS1.15

The onshore and offshore propagation of convective storms in the Western Ghats region and how understanding these processes may contribute to improving predictions of the Indian monsoon
Peter Willetts, John Marsham, Cathryn Birch, Doug Parker, and Michael Reeder

EGU2017-18175 | Posters | AS1.15

The Long Term Features of Tropical Cyclones Nearby Taiwan
Yueh-Shyuan Wu and Cheng-Shang Lee

EGU2017-3138 | Orals | AS1.15

Drastic change of the barrier layer off the western coast of Sumatra due to the MJO passage during the Pre-YMC
Qoosaku Moteki, Masaki Katsumata, Kunio Yoneyama, Kentaro Ando, and Takuya Hasegawa

EGU2017-16045 | Orals | AS1.15

Statistical forecasting of tropical rainfall using equatorial waves
Andreas Schlüter, Manuel Klar, Peter Vogel, Tilmann Gneiting, Andreas H. Fink, and Peter Knippertz

EGU2017-18480 | Posters | AS1.15

Detection of centers of tropical cyclones using Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite data
Juhyun Lee, Jungho Im, Seohui Park, and Cheolhee Yoo

EGU2017-18287 | Posters | AS1.15

Contemporary model fidelity over the Maritime Continent: Examination of the diurnal cycle, synoptic, intraseasonal and seasonal variability
Dariusz Baranowski

EGU2017-450 | Orals | AS1.15

The Madden-Julian Oscillation and its Teleconnections in a Warmer World
Eric Maloney, Brandon Wolding, and Stephanie Henderson

EGU2017-3162 | Posters | AS1.15

The relationship between Sea Surface Temperature and Maximum Intensification Rate of Tropical Cyclones in the North Atlantic
Jing Xu, Yuqing Wang, and zemin tan

EGU2017-16196 | Posters | AS1.15

How Does Intertropical Convergence Zone Variation Impact on Tropical Cyclone in the Northern Hemisphere?
Liping Ma and Richard Williams

EGU2017-8481 | Posters | AS1.15

Influence of Different PBL Schemes on Secondary Eyewall Formation and Eyewall Replacement Cycle in Simulated Typhoon Sinlaku (2008)
yutao zhang

EGU2017-7094 | Posters | AS1.15

Moisture sources of the Atmospheric Rivers making landfall in western Europe
Ricardo M. Trigo, Alexandre M. Ramos, Raquel Nieto, Ricardo Tomé, Luis Gimeno, Margarida L.R. Liberato, and David A. Lavers

EGU2017-5988 | Posters | AS1.15

mpact of the interannual variability of the tropical Low-frequency Oscillation intensity on the wintertime rainfall over East China
Ziniu Xiao

EGU2017-10843 | Posters | AS1.15

High-frequency Oscillations in Eyewalls of Tropical Cyclones
Weibiao Li and Shumin Chen

EGU2017-6103 | Posters | AS1.15

The Dynamics of an Extreme Precipitation Event in Northeastern Vietnam in 2015 and its Predictability in the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System
Roderick van der Linden, Andreas H. Fink, Joaquim G. Pinto, and Tan Phan-Van