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CR – Cryospheric Sciences

CR1.1 – State of the Cryosphere: Observations and Modelling (co-organized)

EGU2017-2585 | Posters | CR1.1

Seasonally frozen layer in natural and drained peatlands at the South of West Siberia, Russia
Egor Dyukarev, Maxim Kiselev, Nadezhda Voropay, and Yulia Preis

EGU2017-6981 | Orals | CR1.1

When is all the sea ice gone?
Dirk Notz and Julienne Stroeve

EGU2017-19265 | Orals | CR1.1

Faster Arctic sea ice retreat in CMIP5 than in CMIP3 due to volcanoes
Erica Rosenblum and Ian Eisenman

EGU2017-10142 | Posters | CR1.1

Thermal conditions of rock slopes below unstable infrastructure in Alpine permafrost area: the cases of the Cosmiques hut and the Grands Montets cable-car station (Mont Blanc massif)
Pierre-Allain Duvillard, Florence Magnin, Christian Mörtl, Ludovic Ravanel, and Philip Deline

EGU2017-15817 | Orals | CR1.1

Quantifying the impact of unknown snow depth on satellite-retrieved Arctic sea-ice thickness
Felix Bunzel, Dirk Notz, and Leif T. Pedersen

EGU2017-816 | Posters | CR1.1

Cold basal conditions during surges control flow of fringing Arctic ice caps in Greenland
Samuel Cook, Poul Christoffersen, Joe Todd, and Steven Palmer

EGU2017-5042 | Orals | CR1.1

Observed and Projected Variability of Snow Cover and Sea Ice in the Canadian Arctic
Stephen Howell, Chris Derksen, Paul Kushner, Frederic Laliberte, Lawrence Mudryk, Reinel Sospedra-Alfonso, and Chad Thackeray

EGU2017-2693 | Posters | CR1.1

Cryolithozone of Western Arctic shelf of Russia
Mikhail Kholmyanskii, Maksim Vladimirov, Ekaterina Snopova, and Aleksandr Kartashev

EGU2017-4821 | Posters | CR1.1

A two-step mass-conservation approach to infer ice thickness maps: Performance for different glacier types on Svalbard
Johannes J. Fürst, Thorsten Seehaus, Björn Sass, Kjetil Aas, Toby J. Benham, Julian Dowdeswell, Xavier Fettweis, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Geir Moholdt, Francisco Navarro, Christopher Nuth, Rickard Petterson, and Matthias Braun

EGU2017-8890 | Orals | CR1.1

Gone for good? Future snowfall in the Alps.
Prisco Frei, Sven Kotlarski, Mark A. Liniger, and Christoph Schär

EGU2017-18220 | Orals | CR1.1

The liquid water balance of the Greenland ice sheet
Christian Steger, Carleen Reijmer, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2017-5205 | Posters | CR1.1

Analyses on transferability of Degree-Day Model and simple Energy Balance Model – in case of Urumqi Glacier No. 1
Huilin Li

EGU2017-13779 | Orals | CR1.1

Surface melt on Antarctic ice shelves driven by wind-albedo interactions
Stef Lhermitte and Jan Lenaerts

EGU2017-10929 | Posters | CR1.1

Projection of Eurasian snow cover by the middle and the end of 21st century
Lijuan Ma

EGU2017-11547 | Posters | CR1.1

Spatial-altitudinal and temporal variation of Degree Day Factors (DDFs) in the Upper Indus Basin
Asif Khan, Haleema Attaullah, Tabinda Masud, and Mujahid Khan

EGU2017-7964 | Orals | CR1.1

Reassessment of the mass balance of the Abbot and Getz sectors of West Antarctica
Stephen Chuter, Alba Martín-Español, Bert Wouters, and Jonathan Bamber

EGU2017-12227 | Posters | CR1.1

Distributed modeling of glacier ice thickness at the global scale
Fabien Maussion, Daniel Thorlaksson, and Ben Marzeion

EGU2017-2732 | Orals | CR1.1 | Highlight

Projecting the long-term sea-level contribution from Antarctica (CR Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Ricarda Winkelmann

EGU2017-16730 | Orals | CR1.1

Surges of tidewater glaciers initiated at the terminus: observations and mechanisms
Heidi Sevestre, Douglas Benn, Adrian Luckman, Chris Nuth, Jack Kohler, Katrin Lindback, and Rickard Pettersson

EGU2017-13271 | Posters | CR1.1

Changes in Antarctic ice-sheet model initialisation over the satellite era, from ERS1-2 to Sentinel
Lionel Favier, Frank Pattyn, Thomas Nagler, Jan Wuite, and Markus Hetzenecker

EGU2017-14693 | Posters | CR1.1

Surface Mass Balance Distributions: Downscaling of Coarse Climates to drive Ice Sheet Models realistically
Christian Rodehacke, Ruth Mottram, Peter Langen, Marianne Madsen, Shuting Yang, Fredrik Boberg, and Jens Christensen

EGU2017-18347 | Orals | CR1.1

Long-term mass changes of glaciers on the Tibetan plateau using time-variable gravity
Christopher Harig, Alyson K. Beveridge, and Frederik J. Simons

EGU2017-11726 | Orals | CR1.1

Advances in the simulation of groundwater flow and permafrost thaw
Jeffrey McKenzie, Pierrick Lamontagne-Hallé, Samuel Zipper, and Barret Kurylyk

EGU2017-17976 | Posters | CR1.1

Using sea-ice deformation fields from RADARSAT to constrain mechanical strength parameters of geophysical sea ice
Amélie Bouchat and Bruno Tremblay

EGU2017-18170 | Posters | CR1.1

Antarctic and Greenland ice sheet mass balance products from satellite gravimetry
Martin Horwath, Andreas Groh, Alexander Horvath, René Forsberg, Rakia Meister, Valentina R. Barletta, and Andrew Shepherd

EGU2017-13613 | Posters | CR1.1

Drivers of drivers of ongoing changes in the ice flow of Antartica
G. Hilmar Gudmundsson

EGU2017-7773 | Posters | CR1.1

Modelling high Arctic deep permafrost temperature sensitivity in Northeast Greenland based on experimental and field observations
Laura Helene Rasmussen, Wenxin Zhang, Jørgen Hollesen, Stefanie Cable, Hanne Hvidtfeldt Christiansen, Per-Erik Jansson, and Bo Elberling

CR1.2 – Ice-sheet and climate interactions (co-organized)

EGU2017-3163 | Orals | CR1.2

On the possibility of ice on Greenland during the Eocene-Oligocene transition
Petra M. Langebroek, Kerim H. Nisancioglu, Daniel J. Lunt, Vivi Kathrine Pedersen, A. Nele Meckler, and Edward Gasson

EGU2017-12525 | Posters | CR1.2

Towards Greenland Glaciation: cumulative or abrupt transition?
Gilles Ramstein, Ning Tan, Jean-baptiste Ladant, Christophe Dumas, and Camille Contoux

EGU2017-12306 | Orals | CR1.2

Understanding the major transitions in Quaternary climate dynamics
Matteo Willeit and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2017-6332 | Posters | CR1.2

Impacts of polar ice sheets on the East Asian monsoon during the MIS-13 interglacial
Feng Shi, Qiuzhen Yin, Irina Nikolova, Zhengtang Guo, and Andre Berger

EGU2017-13116 | Posters | CR1.2

The influence of the Laurentide ice-sheet topography on the atmospheric meridional heat transport: implications for the surface temperature
Johan Liakka and Marcus Löfverström

EGU2017-823 | Orals | CR1.2

The Greenland Ice Sheet-ocean interaction in the past two glacial cycles.
Ilaria Tabone, Alexander Robinson, Jorge Álvarez-Solas, and Marisa Montoya

EGU2017-5310 | Posters | CR1.2

China’s first intermediate resolution multi-channel seismic survey in the northern Victoria Land Basin and Terror Rift, Ross Sea, Antarctica
Zhongyan Shen, Jinyao Gao, Tao Zhang, Wei Wang, Weifeng Ding, and Sheng Zhang

EGU2017-6873 | Orals | CR1.2

Implications of polar ocean surface stratification changes on a warming climate
Henning Bauch, Evgenia Kandiano, Benoit Thibodeau, and Thomas Pedersen

EGU2017-18548 | Orals | CR1.2

Pacific winds preventing ice sheet buildup over Siberia during the Ice Age climax
Irina Rogozhina, Pepijn Bakker, and Matthias Prange

EGU2017-15659 | Posters | CR1.2

A comprehensive energy and mass balance firn model for simulations over multiple glacial cycles
Michael Imhof, Andreas Born, and Thomas Stocker

EGU2017-14964 | Orals | CR1.2

Coupled ice sheet - climate simulations of the last glacial inception and last glacial maximum with a model of intermediate complexity that includes a dynamical downscaling of heat and moisture
Aurélien Quiquet and Didier M. Roche

EGU2017-12414 | Posters | CR1.2

Modelling the long-term impact of surface warming on Greenland ice sheet mass loss
Shuting Yang, Rasmus Anker Pedersen, Marianne S. Madsen, Synne H. Svendsen, and Peter L. Langen

EGU2017-5918 | Posters | CR1.2

Reconstruction of the Eemian climate using a fully coupled Earth system model
Oleg Rybak, Evgeny Volodin, Polina Morozova, and Philippe Huybrechts

EGU2017-1290 | Posters | CR1.2

Evaluation of three methods of different levels of complexity to represent the interactions between the Greenland ice sheet and the atmosphere at the century time scale.
Sébastien Le clec'h, Xavier Fettweis, Aurelien Quiquet, Christophe Dumas, Masa Kageyama, Sylvie Charbit, and Catherine Ritz

EGU2017-11637 | Posters | CR1.2

Simulations of the Greenland ice sheet with the ice sheet model SICOPOLIS including a fully coupled model of basal hydrology
Reinhard Calov, Sebastian Beyer, Ralf Greve, Thomas Kleiner, Martin Rückamp, Angelika Humbert, and Andrey Ganopolski

EGU2017-18710 | Posters | CR1.2

A Transient Initialization Routine of the Community Ice Sheet Model for the Greenland Ice Sheet
Larissa van der Laan, Michiel van den Broeke, Brice Noël, and Roderik van de Wal

EGU2017-15929 | Posters | CR1.2 | Highlight

Potential for future sea-level contributions from the Antarctic ice sheet
Rob DeConto, David Pollard, and Ed Gasson

EGU2017-11288 | Posters | CR1.2

Impacts of marine instability across the East Antarctic Ice Sheet on Southern Ocean dynamics
Steven Phipps, Christopher Fogwill, and Christian Turney

CR1.3 – Reconstructing paleo ice dynamics: Comparing and combining field-based evidence and numerical modeling (co-organized)

EGU2017-443 | Posters | CR1.3

Ice-dammed lakes reconstruction in the southeastern Scandinavian ice sheet periphery
Nikolai Anisimov

EGU2017-1976 | Orals | CR1.3

Mind the Gap: Reconstructing the timing and consequences of the blockage of the Humber Gap by the last British-Irish Ice Sheet
Mark Bateman, David Evans, David Roberts, Jeremy Ely, Alicia Medialdea, and Chris Clark

EGU2017-6661 | Posters | CR1.3

Holocene evolution of Hans Tausen Iskappe (Greenland): merging constraints and models
Harry Zekollari, Benoit S. Lecavalier, and Philippe Huybrechts

EGU2017-3590 | Orals | CR1.3

The last British-Irish Ice Sheet: A data-rich environment for ice sheet modelling
Jeremy Ely, Chris Clark, Richard Hindmarsh, and Sarah Bradley and the BRITICE-CHRONO Consortium

EGU2017-1481 | Orals | CR1.3

Stability of the accumulation pattern around Dome C over the last glacial cycle
Marie Cavitte, Frédéric Parrenin, Catherine Ritz, Donald Blankenship, Duncan Young, Massimo Frezzotti, Jason Roberts, and Tas van Ommen

EGU2017-8133 | Posters | CR1.3

Stochastic modelling of basal temperatures in divide regions of the Antarctic ice sheet over the last 1.5 million years
Brice Van Liefferinge, Frank Pattyn, Marie G.P. Cavitte, Duncan A. Young, and Jason L. Roberts

EGU2017-17259 | Orals | CR1.3

Sensitivity of simulated englacial isochrones to uncertain subglacial boundary conditions in central West Antarctica: Implications for detecting changes in ice dynamics
Gail Muldoon, Charles S. Jackson, Duncan A. Young, Enrica Quartini, Marie G.P. Cavitte, and Donald D. Blankenship

EGU2017-13681 | Posters | CR1.3

Modeled and reconstructed ice thickness of the Rhine Glacier during the Last Glacial Maximum
Michael Imhof, Guillaume Jouvet, Julien Seguinot, and Martin Funk

EGU2017-16793 | Posters | CR1.3

Glacial geomorphology and neoglacial advances of Marinelli glacier, Cordillera Darwin Icefield, Tierra del Fuego, Chile.
Eñaut Izagirre, Juan Carlos Aravena, and Gino Casassa

EGU2017-11105 | Orals | CR1.3

Modelling grounding line retreat during deglaciation of the Western Fennoscandian Ice Sheet using ISSM
Henning Åkesson, Mathieu Morlighem, Kerim H Nisancioglu, John Inge Svendsen, and Jan Mangerud

EGU2017-17731 | Posters | CR1.3

Reconstruction of maximum LIA extent and 20th century volume loss of maritime outlet glaciers, SE – Iceland
Snaevarr Gudmundsson and Helgi Björnsson

EGU2017-19041 | Orals | CR1.3

The evolution and geological footprint of the last Eurasian ice-sheet complex
Henry Patton, Alun Hubbard, Karin Andreassen, Monica Winsborrow, Arjen Stroeven, Amandine Auriac, and Jakob Heyman

EGU2017-18552 | Posters | CR1.3

Hypersensitivity of modeled ice sheet complexes at the last glacial maximum to climate model resolution
Irina Rogozhina, Matthias Prange, Pepijn Bakker, Ute Merkel, Andre Paul, Michael Schulz, Julien Seguinot, and Arjen P. Stroeven

EGU2017-9065 | Posters | CR1.3

Geothermal effects on subglacial lakes beneath the last Cordilleran ice sheet
Julien Seguinot, Irina Rogozhina, Tracy Brennand, and Jonathan Cripps

EGU2017-11034 | Posters | CR1.3

Addressing glacial cycle uncertainty of the Greenland Ice Sheet: model, constraints, and initial results towards Bayesian calibration
Lev Tarasov, Antony Long, Dave Roberts, Sarah Woodroffe, Glenn Milne, Svend Funder, Kristian Kjeldsen, and Benoit Lecavalier

EGU2017-12967 | Posters | CR1.3

Sediment features at the grounding zone and beneath Ekström Ice Shelf, East Antarctica, imaged using on-ice vibroseis.
Emma C. Smith, Olaf Eisen, Coen Hofstede, Astrid Lambrecht, and Christoph Mayer

EGU2017-2751 | Posters | CR1.3

The collapse of the British-Irish Ice Sheet: Establishing the indicative meaning of ice-rafted detritus record from the deep ocean
Catriona Purcell, James Scourse, and Richard Chiverrell

EGU2017-5033 | Posters | CR1.3

Paleo response of the Northeast Greenland ice stream to changes in ice geometry and anomalously high geothermal flux
Ioana S. Muresan, Shfaqat A. Khan, Andy Aschwanden, Irina Rogozhina, Joseph A. MacGregor, Mark A. Fahnestock, Kurt H. Kjær, Anders A. Bjørk, and Kristian K. Kjeldsen

EGU2017-15351 | Posters | CR1.3

Response of marine-based sectors of the Northern Hemisphere ice sheets during the last glacial cycle
Edward Gasson, Robert DeConto, and David Pollard

EGU2017-5321 | Posters | CR1.3

Using new geochronological data to elucidate controls on patterns and rates of deglaciation within two marine-based ice-streams of the former British-Irish Ice Sheet.
David Small, Sara Benetti, James Scourse, Rachel Smedley, Derek Fabel, Dayton Dove, Colm Ò'Cofaigh, Colin Ballantyne, Jennifer Newall, Geoff Duller, Richard Chiverrell, Chris Clark, and the BRITICE-CHRONO Consortium

EGU2017-13582 | Posters | CR1.3

Early and abrupt retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet margin from the Mackenzie River valley, southern Northwest Territories
Martin Margold, Duane G. Froese, John C. Gosse, Guang Yang, Jillian McKenna, and Alan J. Hidy

EGU2017-4898 | Posters | CR1.3

Reconstruction of past equilibrium line altitude using ice extent data
Vjeran Visnjevic, Frederic Herman, and Yuri Podladchikov

EGU2017-8433 | Posters | CR1.3

Dynamic behaviour of ice streams: the North East Greenland Ice Stream
Paul D. Bons, Daniela Jansen, Svenja Schaufler, Tamara de Riese, Till Sachau, and Ilka Weikusat

EGU2017-4411 | Posters | CR1.3

The Weichselian phases of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet in northeast Germany revisited
Margot Boese, Jacob Hardt, and Lüthgens Christopher

CR1.4 – Glaciers and ice caps under climate change (co-organized)

EGU2017-993 | Posters | CR1.4

Isotopic investigation of rivers runoff in glaciated regions of the central Asian arid highlands (southeastern Altai)
Dmitrii Bantcev, Dmitriy Ganushkin, Alexey Ekaykin, and Kirill Chistyakov

EGU2017-2103 | Orals | CR1.4 | Highlight

Slowing down the retreat of the Morteratsch glacier, Switzerland, by artificially produced summer snow
Johannes Oerlemans, Felix Keller, and Martin Haag

EGU2017-4590 | Orals | CR1.4 | Highlight

Climate change threatens archaeologically significant ice patches: insights into their age, internal structure, mass balance and climate sensitivity
Rune Strand Ødegård, Atle Nesje, Ketil Isaksen, Liss Marie Andreassen, Trond Eiken, Margit Schwikowski, and Chiara Uglietti

EGU2017-5256 | Posters | CR1.4

Glacier inventory and 1945-2016 area changes of Cloue Icefield in southernmost South America
Eñaut Izagirre, Evan Miles, and Ibai Rico

EGU2017-5377 | Posters | CR1.4

Current glacier area in the Pyrenees: An updated assessment
Ibai Rico, Eñaut Izagirre, Enrique Serrano, and Juan Ignacio López-Moreno

EGU2017-1604 | Orals | CR1.4

Oxygen and Hydrogen stable isotopes as climate tracers in the Laclavere Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula
Dieter Tetzner, Francisco Fernandoy, and Hanno Meyer

EGU2017-6163 | Orals | CR1.4

Persistence of the Karakoram glacier anomaly since 2008
Etienne Berthier and Fanny Brun

EGU2017-7631 | Posters | CR1.4

Modelling distributed mountain glacier volumes: A sensitivity study in the Austrian Alps
Kay Helfricht, Matthias Huss, Andrea Fischer, and Jan Christoph Otto

EGU2017-9390 | Posters | CR1.4

Step-change in retreat rates on Novaya Zemlya outlet glaciers
Rachel Carr, Heather Bell, Rebecca Killick, and Tom Holt

EGU2017-7246 | Orals | CR1.4

Present-day dynamics and future evolution of the world’s northernmost ice cap, Hans Tausen Iskappe (Greenland)
Harry Zekollari, Philippe Huybrechts, Brice Noël, Willem Jan van de Berg, and Michiel R. van den Broeke

EGU2017-10064 | Posters | CR1.4

Multi-decadal evolution of ice/snow covers in the Mont-Blanc massif (France)
Grégoire Guillet and Ludovic Ravanel

EGU2017-7308 | Orals | CR1.4

The observed Surface Energy Balance of ice shelves
Stan Jakobs, Carleen Reijmer, Michiel van den Broeke, and Gert König-Lango

EGU2017-10208 | Posters | CR1.4

Changes of high altitude glaciers in the Trans-Himalaya of Ladakh between 1969 and 2015
Susanne Schmidt and Marcus Nüsser

EGU2017-8031 | Orals | CR1.4

Reconstructing decades of glacial mass loss in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Brice Noël, Willem Jan van de Berg, Stef Lhermitte, Bert Wouters, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2017-9409 | Orals | CR1.4

Sensitivity of glacier mass balance and equilibrium line altitude to climatic change on King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula.
Ulrike Falk, Damian Lopez, and Adrian Silva-Busso

EGU2017-15674 | Posters | CR1.4

The future of the Devon Ice cap: results from climate and ice dynamics modelling
Ruth Mottram, Christian Rodehacke, and Fredrik Boberg

EGU2017-12332 | Posters | CR1.4

Geodetic glacier mass balancing on ice caps - inseparably connected to firn modelling?
Björn L. Saß, Tobias Sauter, Thorsten Seehaus, and Matthias H. Braun

EGU2017-12149 | Orals | CR1.4

Long-term evolution of a small ice cap in Greenland: a dynamic perspective from numerical flow modelling
Andreas Vieli, Timothy Lane, and Kathryn Adamson

EGU2017-17195 | Posters | CR1.4

A genetic algorithm approach to estimate glacier mass variations from GRACE data
Stefan Reimond, Beate Klinger, Sandro Krauss, and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2017-13667 | Orals | CR1.4

The importance of accurate glacier albedo for estimates of surface mass balance on Vatnajökull: Evaluating the surface energy budget in a Regional Climate Model with automatic weather station observations
Louise Steffensen Schmidt, Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, Sverrir Guðmundsson, Peter L. Langen, Finnur Pálsson, Ruth Mottram, Simon Gascoin, and Helgi Björnsson

EGU2017-17591 | Orals | CR1.4

Modelling of glacier surface mass balance with assimilation of glacier mass balance and snow cover observations from remote sensing
Paul Leclercq, Kristoffer Aalstad, Hallgeir Elvehøy, and Bas Altena

EGU2017-7984 | Posters | CR1.4

New methods make use of old photographs and allows quantitative analyses of glacier changes
Per Holmlund and Erik Holmlund

EGU2017-13577 | Posters | CR1.4

The value of hydrograph partitioning curves for calibrating hydrological models in glacierized basins
Zhihua He, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Katy Unger-Shayesteh, Abror Gafurov, and Bruno Merz

EGU2017-19150 | Orals | CR1.4

The effect of signal leakage and glacial isostatic rebound on GRACE-derived ice mass changes in Iceland
Louise Sandberg Sørensen, Alexander H. Jarosch, Gudfinna Adalgeirsdottir, Valentina Barletta, Rene Forsberg, Finnur Palsson, Helgi Bjornsson, and Tomas Johannesson

EGU2017-4160 | Posters | CR1.4

Mass balance of Djankuat Glacier, Central Caucasus: observations, modeling and prediction
Oleg Rybak, Kaminskaia Mariia, Kutuzov Stanislav, Lavrentiev Ivan, Morozova Polina, Popovnin Victor, and Rybak Elena

EGU2017-11544 | Posters | CR1.4

Glacier surface mass balance and freshwater runoff modeling for the entire Andes Cordillera
Sebastian H. Mernild, Glen E. Liston, and Jacob C. Yde

EGU2017-10327 | Posters | CR1.4

Mass-balance modelling of Ak-Shyirak massif Glaciers, Inner Tian Shan
Ekaterina Rets, Martina Barandun, Egor Belozerov, Dmitry Petrakov, and Alena Shpuntova

CR1.5 – Atmosphere – Cryosphere interaction, poster only. (co-organized)

EGU2017-4701 | Posters | CR1.5

Stochastic Climate Forcing for Ice-Sheet Models
Roman Nuterman and Markus Jochum

EGU2017-7103 | Posters | CR1.5

The surface energy balance and turbulence characteristics of a mid-latitude glacier
Noel Fitzpatrick, Valentina Radic, and Brian Menounos

EGU2017-7521 | Posters | CR1.5 | Highlight

Present and future changes of ice sheets in a coupled ice sheet-climate model
Marie Kapsch, Florian Ziemen, and Uwe Mikolajewicz

EGU2017-10292 | Posters | CR1.5

Calculation of air movement in ice caves by using the CalcFlow method
Christiane Meyer, Andreas Pflitsch, and Valter Maggi

EGU2017-10457 | Posters | CR1.5

Application of a hybrid method for downscaling of the global climate model fields for evaluation of future surface mass balance of mountain glaciers
Polina Morozova, Oleg Rybak, and Mariia Kaminskaia

EGU2017-11327 | Posters | CR1.5

Large Trajectory Ensembles for understanding Snow Accumulation over the Ross Ice Shelf
Ethan Dale, Adrian McDonald, and Wolfgang Rack

EGU2017-11484 | Posters | CR1.5

The role of the high-latitude climate variability in seasonal predictability of the boreal winter based on model forecasts
Euihyun Jung and Jee-hoon Jeong

EGU2017-12705 | Posters | CR1.5

Surface mass balance modeling of the Antarctic ice sheet: evaluating contributions of the main components and coupling to an AO GCM
Irina Korneva, Oleg Rybak, and Evgeny Volodin

EGU2017-16391 | Posters | CR1.5

From the clouds to the ground – snow precipitation patterns vs. snow accumulation patterns
Franziska Gerber, Nikola Besic, Rebecca Mott, Marco Gabella, Urs Germann, Yves Bühler, Mauro Marty, Alexis Berne, and Michael Lehning

EGU2017-16961 | Posters | CR1.5

Very High Resolution 2.5km Surface Mass balance Modelling Forced with Non-Hydrostatic HARMONIE-AROME
Ruth Mottram, Peter Langen, Kristian Pagh Nielsen, Xiaohua Yang, and Emily Gleeson

CR2.1 – Remote sensing of the cryosphere

EGU2017-161 | Posters | CR2.1

A Fully Automated Supraglacial lake area and volume Tracking (“FAST”) algorithm: development and application using MODIS imagery of West Greenland
Andrew Williamson, Neil Arnold, Alison Banwell, and Ian Willis

EGU2017-2058 | Posters | CR2.1

Pilot study completed: Paving the way for stereoscopic DEMs, orthophotos and vector maps over the ice-free parts of Greenland
Joanna F. Levinsen and Rasmus E. Borgstrøm

EGU2017-9491 | Orals | CR2.1

Insights and opportunities with near-real-time global land ice velocities from GoLIVE
Twila Moon, Mark Fahnestock, Alex Gardner, Ted Scambos, and Marin Klinger

EGU2017-13596 | Orals | CR2.1

Towards a Copernicus Service for Monitoring Polar Ice Sheet Velocity and Discharge using Sentinel-1A and 1B SAR
Jan Wuite, Thomas Nagler, Markus Hetzenecker, Ursula Blumthaler, Joanna Ossowska, and Helmut Rott

EGU2017-2176 | Posters | CR2.1

Analysis of wind and wave events at the MIZ based on TerraSAR-X satellite images
Claus Gebhardt, Jean-Raymond Bidlot, Sven Jacobsen, Susanne Lehner, Andrey Pleskachevsky, and Suman Singha

EGU2017-3529 | Posters | CR2.1

SPICE: Sentinel-3 Performance Improvement for Ice Sheets
Malcolm McMillan, Roger Escola, Monica Roca, Maria Jose Escorihuela, Pierre Thibaut, Andrew Shepherd, Frederique Remy, Jeremie Aublanc, Jerome Benveniste, Marco Restano, and Americo Ambrozio

EGU2017-5867 | Orals | CR2.1 | Highlight

Changes in ice dynamics along the northern Antarctic Peninsula
Thorsten Seehaus, Sebastian Marinsek, Alison Cook, Jan-Melchior Van Wessem, and Matthias Braun

EGU2017-3648 | Orals | CR2.1

High Resolution Topography of Polar Regions from Commercial Satellite Imagery, Petascale Computing and Open Source Software
Paul Morin, Claire Porter, Michael Cloutier, Ian Howat, Myoung-Jong Noh, Michael Willis, WIlliam Kramer, Greg Bauer, Brian Bates, and Cathleen Williamson

EGU2017-3600 | Posters | CR2.1

A new methodology for estimating snow depth over Arctic sea ice
Isobel Lawrence, Michel Tsamados, Julienne Stroeve, Thomas Armitage, Andy Ridout, and Andrew Shepherd

EGU2017-9558 | Orals | CR2.1

Hispar Glacier on the run
Frank Paul, Tazio Strozzi, Thomas Schellenberger, and Andreas Kääb

EGU2017-4232 | Posters | CR2.1

Observation of Drifting Icebergs and Sea Ice from Space by TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X
Joong-Sun Won

EGU2017-6301 | Posters | CR2.1

Automatic quality control of GTS data - surface sea ice temperatures.
Peter Thejll, Gorm Dybkjær, and Jacob Høyer

EGU2017-12451 | Orals | CR2.1

Automatically detecting Himalayan Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in LANDSAT time series
Georg Veh, Oliver Korup, Sigrid Roessner, and Ariane Walz

EGU2017-6586 | Posters | CR2.1

Geodetic glacier elevation changes in the Karakoram and western Himalaya mountain ranges
Melanie Rankl, Saurabh Vijay, and Matthias Braun

EGU2017-6674 | Posters | CR2.1

Multiplatform observations enabling albedo retrievals with high temporal resolution
Aku Riihelä, Terhikki Manninen, Jeffrey Key, Qingsong Sun, Melanie Sütterlin, Alessio Lattanzio, and Crystal Schaaf

EGU2017-6110 | Orals | CR2.1 | Highlight

Arctic sea ice in 2016: A preview of the future
Julienne Stroeve, Mark Serreze, Ingrid Ornaheim, Marika Holland, Stephen Vavrus, Walt Meier, Ted Scambos, and Florence Fetterer

EGU2017-7770 | Posters | CR2.1

Temporal evolution of ice velocities of Storstrømmen between 1975 and 2016 shows clear signs of a surge event.
Natalia Havelund, Nanna Karlsson, Louise Sørensen, Sebastian Simonsen, and Aslak Grinsted

EGU2017-8809 | Orals | CR2.1

A historic record of sea ice extent and backscatter from scatterometry
Maria Belmonte Rivas, Ines Otosaka, Anton Verhoef, and Ad Stoffelen

EGU2017-8208 | Posters | CR2.1

Characterization of icebergs and floating sea ice in the Yung Sund fjord in Greenland from satellite radar and optical images.
Stephane Guillaso, Michel Gay, and Cedric Gervaise

EGU2017-288 | Orals | CR2.1

Open-source sea ice drift algorithm for Sentinel-1 SAR imagery using a combination of feature-tracking and pattern-matching
Stefan Muckenhuber and Stein Sandven

EGU2017-8907 | Posters | CR2.1

Toward a Lake Ice Phenology Derived from VIIRS Data
Melanie Sütterlin, Anke Duguay-Tetzlaff, and Stefan Wunderle

EGU2017-15875 | Orals | CR2.1

SAR ice thickness mapping in the Beaufort Sea during autumn 2015 using wave dispersion in pancake ice
Peter Wadhams, Giuseppe Aulicino, and Flavio Parmiggiani

EGU2017-18937 | Orals | CR2.1

Variation of Arctic’s Sea-ice Albedo between 2000 and 2016 by fusion of MISR and MODIS data
Jan-Peter Muller and Said Kharbouche

EGU2017-9348 | Posters | CR2.1

Bed2017: A new bed topography dataset for Greenland out to the continental shelf
Christopher Williams, Stephen Cornford, Thomas Jordan, Martin Siegert, Julian Dowdeswell, Steven Palmer, Mathieu Morlighem, Alba Martin-Español, James Cochran, Kirsteen Tinto, and Jonathan Bamber

EGU2017-12541 | Orals | CR2.1

Waves in the Southern Ocean as observed by Sentinel1 synthetic aperture radars
Justin E. Stopa, Peter Sutherland, and Fabrice Ardhuin

EGU2017-9788 | Posters | CR2.1

Advance of Western Margin of the Vavilov Ice Cap Assessed by Remote Sensing Data
Irina Bushueva, Andrey Glazovsky, and Gennady Nosenko

EGU2017-9829 | Posters | CR2.1

Mass loss of the Greenland peripheral glaciers and ice caps from satellite altimetry
Bert Wouters, Brice Noël, Geir Moholdt, Stefan Ligtenberg, and Michiel van den Broeke

EGU2017-11309 | Orals | CR2.1

Submarine melt rates under Greenland’s ice tongues
Nat Wilson, Fiametta Straneo, Patrick Heimbach, and Claudia Cenedese

EGU2017-10126 | Posters | CR2.1

Using remote sensing to constrain regional changes in summer ice motion and subglacial evolution in western Greenland
Lauren C. Andrews, Kristin Poinar, and Thomas A. Neumann

EGU2017-3940 | Orals | CR2.1

Tracking surface and subsurface lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet using Sentinel-1 SAR and Landsat-8 OLI imagery
Katie Miles, Ian Willis, Corinne Benedek, Andrew Williamson, and Marco Tedesco

EGU2017-10207 | Posters | CR2.1

Examining Scattering Mechanisms within Bubbled Freshwater Lake Ice using a Time-Series of RADARSAT-2 (C-band) and UW-Scat (X-, Ku-band) Polarimetric Observations
Grant Gunn, Claude Duguay, and Don Atwood

EGU2017-18039 | Orals | CR2.1

ICESat-2, its retrievals of ice sheet elevation change and sea ice freeboard, and potential synergies with CryoSat-2
Thomas Neumann, Thorsten Markus, Benjamin Smith, and Ron Kwok

EGU2017-10493 | Posters | CR2.1

Early results from NASA’s SnowEx campaign
Edward Kim, Charles Gatebe, Dorothy Hall, Amy Misakonis, Kelly Elder, Hans Peter Marshall, Chris Hiemstra, Ludovic Brucker, Chris Crawford, Do Hyuk Kang, Eugenia De Marco, Matt Beckley, and Jared Entin

EGU2017-10794 | Posters | CR2.1

Which DEM is the best for glaciology? -Evaluation of global-scale DEM products-
Hiroto Nagai and Takeo Tadono

EGU2017-3324 | Orals | CR2.1

East Antarctic Megadunes: overview of field and satellite results
Ted Scambos and Christopher Shuman

EGU2017-11646 | Posters | CR2.1

Cryosat: ESA's ice Explorer Mission. 7 years in operations: status and future outlook
Tommaso Parrinello

EGU2017-15933 | Orals | CR2.1

SMRT: A new, modular snow microwave radiative transfer model
Ghislain Picard, Melody Sandells, Henning Löwe, Marie Dumont, Richard Essery, Nicolas Floury, Anna Kontu, Juha Lemmetyinen, William Maslanka, Christian Mätzler, Samuel Morin, and Andreas Wiesmann

EGU2017-11733 | Posters | CR2.1

Spatiotemporal variations of radar glacier zones in the Karakoram Mountains
Jewell Lund

EGU2017-9396 | Orals | CR2.1

ESA GlobPermafrost – mapping the extent and thermal state of permafrost with satellite data
Sebastian Westermann, Jaroslav Obu, Kristoffer Aalstad, Annett Bartsch, and Andreas Kääb

EGU2017-12539 | Posters | CR2.1

Analysis on variability and trend in Antarctic sea ice albedo between 1983 and 2009
Minji Seo, Hyun-cheol Kim, Sungwon Choi, Kyeong-sang Lee, and Kyung-soo Han

EGU2017-12613 | Posters | CR2.1

Efficient thermal noise removal of Sentinel-1 image and its impacts on sea ice applications
Jeong-Won Park, Anton Korosov, and Mohamed Babiker

EGU2017-12706 | Posters | CR2.1

A practical method to detect the freezing/thawing onsets of seasonal frozen ground in Alaska
Xiyu Chen and Lin Liu

EGU2017-13017 | Posters | CR2.1

CryoSat/SIRAL Cal1 Calibration Orbits
Michele Scagliola, Marco Fornari, Jerome Bouffard, and Tommaso Parrinello

EGU2017-13060 | Posters | CR2.1

CryoSat product quality and evolutions
Jérome Bouffard, Tommaso Parrinello, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2017-13097 | Posters | CR2.1

Improved method for sea ice age computation based on combination of sea ice drift and concentration
Anton Korosov, Pierre Rampal, Thomas Lavergne, and Signe Aaboe

EGU2017-13204 | Posters | CR2.1

CryoSat SAR/SARin Level1b products: assessment of BaselineC and improvements towards BaselineD
Michele Scagliola, Marco Fornari, Jerome Bouffard, and Tommaso Parrinello

EGU2017-13299 | Posters | CR2.1

A new high resolution permafrost map of Iceland from Earth Observation data
Talfan Barnie, Susan Conway, Matt Balme, and Alastair Graham

EGU2017-13594 | Posters | CR2.1

Surface elevation change over the Patagonia Ice Fields using CryoSat-2 swath altimetry
Luca Foresta, Noel Gourmelen, MarÍa José Escorihuela, Albert Garcia Mondejar, Jan Wuite, Andrew Shepherd, Mònica Roca, Thomas Nagler, David Brockley, Steven Baker, and Pete Nienow

EGU2017-13759 | Posters | CR2.1

Relating Satellite Gravimetry Data To Global Snow Water Equivalent Data
Sabine Baumann

EGU2017-14361 | Posters | CR2.1

Further insights into glacier changes derived from declassified reconnaissance imagery (Corona and Hexagon)
Franz Goerlich, Frank Paul, and Tobias Bolch

EGU2017-15507 | Posters | CR2.1

Gradual slowdown and thickening of Fimbulisen ice shelf, East Antarctica, over the past decade
Jelte van Oostveen, Geir Moholdt, Andreas Kääb, and Kenichi Matsuoka

EGU2017-15736 | Posters | CR2.1

Monitoring climate-driven ice regime shifts of Pan-Arctic lakes with long-term satellite observations
Cristina Surdu, Diego Fernandez Prieto, and Claude Duguay

EGU2017-16487 | Posters | CR2.1

SWEAT: Snow Water Equivalent with AlTimetry
Dries Agten, Harm-Jan Benninga, Carlos Diaz Schümmer, Julia Donnerer, Georg Fischer, Marie Henriksen, Alexandre Hippert Ferrer, Maryam Jamali, Stefano Marinaci, Toby JD Mould, Liam Phelan, Stephanie Rosker, Caroline Schrenker, Kerstin Schulze, and Jorge Emanuel Telo Bordalo Monteiro

EGU2017-16697 | Posters | CR2.1

Combining Satellite-Based Optical and Passive Microwave Radiometer Observations for Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Estimation
Kari Luojus, Elisabeth Ripper, Jouni Pulliainen, Juval Cohen, Jaakko Ikonen, Thomas Nagler, Chris Derksen, Bojan Bojkov, and Michael Kern

EGU2017-17084 | Posters | CR2.1

The CryoSat-2 Payload Data Ground Segment and Data Processing
Bjoern Frommknecht, Tommaso Parrinello, Stefano Badessi, Loretta Mizzi, and Vittorio Torroni

EGU2017-17155 | Posters | CR2.1

Sea ice type dynamics in the Arctic based on Sentinel-1 Data
Mohamed Babiker, Anton Korosov, and Jeong-Won Park

EGU2017-17528 | Posters | CR2.1

AirBase - A database of 160,000 aerial photos of Greenland 1930-1980s
Niels Korsgaard, Willy L. Weng, and Kurt H. Kjær

EGU2017-18155 | Posters | CR2.1

Synergistic method for boreal soil moisture and soil freeze retrievals using active and passive microwave instruments
Tuomo Smolander, Juha Lemmetyinen, Kimmo Rautiainen, Mike Schwank, and Jouni Pulliainen

EGU2017-18268 | Posters | CR2.1

MOSIDEO/CIRFA Experiments on Behavior and Detection of Oil in Ice
Chris Petrich and the MOSIDEO and CIRFA

EGU2017-18325 | Posters | CR2.1

Mapping snow depth from Ka-band interferometry over a mountainous basin
Konstantinos Andreadis, Delwyn Moller, Kat Bormann, Scott Hensley, and Thomas H Painter

EGU2017-18918 | Posters | CR2.1

Production of Arctic Sea-ice Albedo by fusion of MISR and MODIS data
Said Kharbouche and Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2017-18952 | Posters | CR2.1

Demonstration of Sparse Signal Reconstruction for Radar Imaging of Ice Sheets
Anton Heister and Rolf Scheiber

CR2.2 – Glacier Monitoring from In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations

EGU2017-2601 | Posters | CR2.2

Response of glacier mass on recent temperature cooling in northeastern Antarctic Peninsula
Kamil Láska, Zbyněk Engel, Daniel Nývlt, Zdeněk Stachoň, Stefan Lippl, and Matthias Braun

EGU2017-9445 | Orals | CR2.2

Mountain glaciers vs Ice sheet in Greenland - learning from a new monitoring site in West Greenland
Jakob Abermann, Dirk van As, Stefan Wacker, and Kirsty Langley

EGU2017-8082 | Orals | CR2.2

Contrasted glacier mass balance of debris-free glaciers between the southern and the inner part of the Everest region revealed by in-situ measurements since 2007
Patrick Wagnon, Sonam Futi Sherpa, Fanny Brun, Etienne Berthier, Christian Vincent, Yves Lejeune, Yves Arnaud, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, and Anna Sinisalo

EGU2017-832 | Posters | CR2.2

Structural dynamics and calving behaviour at Fjallsjökull, South-East Iceland
Rebecca Dell, Rachel Carr, Andrew Russell, and Emrys Phillips

EGU2017-7723 | Orals | CR2.2

Bedrock topography beneath uppermost part of Aletsch glacier, Central Swiss Alps, revealed from cosmic-ray muon radiography
Ryuichi Nishiyama, Akitaka Ariga, Tomoko Ariga, Samuel Käser, Alessandro Lechmann, David Mair, Paola Scampoli, Mykhailo Vladymyrov, Antonio Ereditato, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2017-908 | Posters | CR2.2

Synchronous glacier surge events observed in the West Kunlun Shan, Xinjiang, China
Tom Chudley and Ian Willis

EGU2017-5483 | Orals | CR2.2

Partitioning the contribution of light absorbing impurities to albedo reductions on Plaine Morte Glacier, Swiss Alps using a novel Hysperspectral Microscopy method
Anna Dal Farra, Margit Schwikowski, and Susan Kaspari

EGU2017-1005 | Posters | CR2.2

Establishing mass balance observation at Austre Grønfjordbreen, Nordenskjöld land, Svalbard
Nelly Elagina, Stanislav Kutuzov, Robert Chernov, Ivan Lavrentiev, Tatiana Vasilyeva, Bulat Mavlyudov, and Arseny Kudikov

EGU2017-6095 | Posters | CR2.2

Determination of sub-daily glacier uplift and horizontal flow velocity with time-lapse images using ImGRAFT
Pascal Egli, Ken Mankoff, François Mettra, and Stuart Lane

EGU2017-6645 | Orals | CR2.2

Quantification of seasonal to annual mass balances from glacier surface albedo derived from optical satellite images, application on 30 glaciers in the French Alps for the period 2000-2015.
Lucas Davaze, Antoine Rabatel, Yves Arnaud, Pascal Sirguey, Delphine Six, Anne Letreguilly, and Marie Dumont

EGU2017-14797 | Orals | CR2.2 | Highlight

The potential of the ArcticDEM satellite-based digital elevaton models for mapping glacier change in Iceland
Tomas Johannesson, Ragnar Thrastarson, Paul Morin, and Ian Howat

EGU2017-9512 | Posters | CR2.2

Impact of fine debris on ice melt rates at Russell Glacier, central-west Greenland
Rachel Carr, James Linighan, and Alex M J Cumming

EGU2017-10110 | Posters | CR2.2

Multi-parameter monitoring of the construction and evolution of a snow bridge over a crevasse on an Alpine glacier
Ludovic Ravanel, Emmanuel Malet, and Philippe Batoux

EGU2017-6225 | Orals | CR2.2 | Highlight

Detailed High Mountain Asia glacier mass balance from ASTER stereo imagery (2000-2016)
Fanny Brun, Berthier Etienne, Patrick Wagnon, Andreas Kääb, and Désirée Treichler

EGU2017-11454 | Posters | CR2.2

Remote Sensing based modelling of Annual Surface Mass Balances of Chhota Shigiri Glacier, Western Himalayas, India
Anita Chandrasekharan and Raaj Ramsankaran

EGU2017-15975 | Orals | CR2.2

Glacier Changes in the Nanga Parbat Region, NW Himalaya: A longitudinal study over 160 years (1856-2016)
Marcus Nüsser and Susanne Schmidt

EGU2017-18199 | Posters | CR2.2

Understanding how Alpine Valley-Glacier Overdeepenings affect Seasonal Glacial Dynamics
Will Higson

EGU2017-13321 | Orals | CR2.2

Inter- and intraannual glacier elevation changes derived from TanDEM—X DEM data on the example of Inylchek Glacier, Tien Shan
Julia Neelmeijer, Mahdi Motagh, and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2017-10602 | Posters | CR2.2

Recent Advances in the GLIMS Glacier Database
Bruce Raup, Graham Cogley, Michael Zemp, and Ladina Glaus

EGU2017-13518 | Orals | CR2.2

Decrease of glacier area in the Stubai Alps and the Ötztal Alps between 1991 and 2016
Sabine Baumann

EGU2017-15383 | Posters | CR2.2

Making geodetic glacier mass balances available to the community – Progress and challenges in modifying the WGMS database
Horst Machguth, Johannes Landmann, Michael Zemp, and Frank Paul

EGU2017-2932 | Posters | CR2.2

Recent elevation changes in the upper reaches of Fedchenko Glacier, Pamir
Astrid Lambrecht, Christoph Mayer, Anja Wendt, Dana Floricioiu, and Christof Völksen

EGU2017-2944 | Posters | CR2.2

Regional glacier changes in the Ötztal Alps (Tyrol, Austria) – Results from different remote sensing techniques
Christoph Klug, Lorenzo Rieg, and Rudolf Sailer

EGU2017-4896 | Posters | CR2.2

Advancing land-terminating ice cliffs in Northwest Greenland
Rainer Prinz, Jakob Abermann, and Jakob Steiner

EGU2017-5872 | Posters | CR2.2

Observation of glacier changes in the tropical Andes by SAR remote sensing
Thorsten Seehaus, Stefan Lippl, and Matthias Braun

EGU2017-7543 | Posters | CR2.2

Glacier Mass Balance in the Cordillera Vilcanota, Glacier Suyuparina, Cusco - Peru
Felipe Sikos, Claudia Giráldez, Simone Schauwecker, Edwin Molina, Wilfried Haeberli, Fabian Drenkhan, Nadine Salzmann, Maxwell Rado, Nicacio Chaparro, Jaime Samata, Andrés Flores, Carlos Saito, and Nilton Montoya

EGU2017-7570 | Posters | CR2.2

The effects of void handling on geodetic mass balances
Robert McNabb, Chris Nuth, Andreas Kääb, and Luc Girod

EGU2017-13530 | Posters | CR2.2

Application of terrestrial scanning LIDAR to study the evolution of Quisoquipina Glacier in the Cordillera Vilcanota, Cusco – Peru
Nilton Montoya, Nicolas Macedo, Olivier Sanchez, Christian Huggel, Claudia Giraldez, Simone Schauwecker, Fabian Drenkhan, Holger Frey, Edwin Molina, and Felipe Sikos

EGU2017-14753 | Posters | CR2.2

Seasonal and annual variations of mountain glaciers surface velocity, implications for ice dynamic. Case study: Karakorum and Pamir.
Ugo Nanni, Dirk Scherler, Francois Ayoub, Luca Malatesta, Frederic Herman, and Jean-Philippe Avouac

EGU2017-15977 | Posters | CR2.2

Multi-decadal frontal change rates of tidewater glaciers in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Alison Cook, Luke Copland, Chris Stokes, and Mike Bentley

EGU2017-17029 | Posters | CR2.2

Glacier elevation and mass change over the upper Maipo Basin, Central Andes, Chile.
David Farías, Thorsten Seehaus, Sebastian Vivero, Matthias H. Braun, and Gino Casassa

EGU2017-17500 | Posters | CR2.2

Elevation and mass change of the Echaurren Norte Glacier (Central Andes, Chile) from 1955 to 2015.
David Farías, Sebastián Vivero, Gino Casassa, Thorsten Seehaus, and Matthias H. Braun

EGU2017-966 | Posters | CR2.2

Observed Changes in the Himalayan Glaciers: Multiple Driving Factors
Shakil Romshoo, Irfan Rashid, Tariq Abdullah, and Midhat Fayaz

CR2.3 – Applied geophysics and in-situ methods in cryospheric sciences | PICO

EGU2017-5191 | PICOs | CR2.3

The Microseismicity of Glacier Sliding
Fabian Walter, Claudia Röösli, and Edi Kissling

EGU2017-11570 | PICOs | CR2.3

Characteristics of the sticky spot of Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctica
Tarun Luthra, Leo E. Peters, Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Richard B. Alley, Nicholas Holschuh, and Andrew M. Smith

EGU2017-5862 | PICOs | CR2.3

Initial observations from seismometers frozen into a borehole through the McMurdo Ice Shelf.
David Prior, Jennifer Eccles, Joanna Cooper, Lisa Craw, Laurine van Haastrecht, M. Hamish Bowman, Craig Stevens, Madi Gamble Rosevear, Christina Hulbe, Andrew Gorman, Huw Horgan, and Alex Pyne

EGU2017-12530 | PICOs | CR2.3

Ice fabric in an Antarctic ice stream interpreted from seismic anisotropy
Emma C. Smith, Alan F. Baird, J. Michael Kendall, Carlos Martin, Robert S. White, Alex M. Brisbourne, and Andrew M. Smith

EGU2017-18806 | PICOs | CR2.3

Seismic constraints on the firn and upper ice structure of the central Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
Leo E. Peters, Mark A. Lackie, Richard Coleman, and Kathleen L. McMahon

EGU2017-1071 | PICOs | CR2.3

Seasonal variability of Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio in polar regions
Damian Kula and Dorota Olszewska

EGU2017-7430 | PICOs | CR2.3

The application of refraction seismics in alpine permafrost studies
Daniel Draebing

EGU2017-12167 | PICOs | CR2.3

Electrical and seismic mixing rules for detecting changes in ground ice content in permafrost studies
Christian Hauck and Christin Hilbich

EGU2017-16644 | PICOs | CR2.3

Three-dimensional internal structure of an entire alpine rockglacier, detected by Electrical Resistivity Imaging
Adrian Emmert and Christof Kneisel

EGU2017-8731 | PICOs | CR2.3

Wireless sensors for measuring sub-surface processes in firn
Elizabeth Bagshaw, Nanna Karlsson, Ben Lishman, Lai Bun Lok, Stephen Burrow, Jemma Wadham, Lindsay Clare, Keith Nicholls, Hugh Corr, Paul Brennan, Olaf Eisen, and Dorthe Dahl-Jensson

EGU2017-12926 | PICOs | CR2.3

Clean Sampling of an Englacial Conduit at Blood Falls, Antarctica -- Some Experimental and Numerical Results
Julia Kowalski, Gero Francke, Marco Feldmann, Clemens Espe, Dirk Heinen, Ilya Digel, Joachim Clemens, Kai Schüller, Jill Mikucki, Slawek M. Tulaczyk, Erin Pettit, W. Berry Lyons, and Bernd Dachwald

EGU2017-12173 | PICOs | CR2.3

Fun at Antarctic grounding lines: Ice-shelf channels and sediment transport
Reinhard Drews, Christoph Mayer, Olaf Eisen, Veit Helm, Todd A. Ehlers, Frank Pattyn, Sophie Berger, Lionel Favier, Ian H. Hewitt, Felix Ng, Johannes J. Fürst, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Nicolas Bergeot, and Kenichi Matsuoka

EGU2017-5828 | PICOs | CR2.3

Sounding and Imaging of Ice Sheets Over Chinese Kunlun Station and Grove Mountains From East Antarctica as a Part of Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition
Shinan Lang, Xiaojun LIu, Bo Zhao, Guangyou Fang, and Qiang Wu

EGU2017-6965 | PICOs | CR2.3

Radar polarimetry at Crary Ice Rise, Antarctica, reveals details of ice-flow reorganization over the last millennium
Carlos Martin, Trevor Hillebrand, Howard Conway, Paul Winberry, Michelle Koutnik, Hugh Corr, Keith Nicholls, Craig Stewart, Jonathan kingslake, and Alex Brisbourne

EGU2017-5972 | PICOs | CR2.3

Observed vertical strain rates and basal melt rates in Roi Baudouin ice shelf
Sainan Sun, Reinhard Drews, Frank Pattyn, Sophie Berger, and Keith Nicholls

EGU2017-5477 | PICOs | CR2.3

How to measure the thickness of dirty, wet Himalayan glaciers with low-frequency radar
Hamish Pritchard, Christoph Mayer, and Astrid Lambrecht

EGU2017-2420 | PICOs | CR2.3

A new airborne geophysical platform and its application in the Princess Elizabeth Land during CHINARE 32 and 33 in East Antarctica
Xiangbin Cui, Bo Sun, Jingxue Guo, Xueyuan Tang, Jamin Greenbaum, Laura Lindzey, Feras Habbal, and Duncan Young

EGU2017-1586 | PICOs | CR2.3

Radar Sounding Investigations at the Boundary of Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers
Dustin Schroeder, Andrew Hilger, John Paden, Hugh Corr, and Donald Blankenship

EGU2017-4640 | PICOs | CR2.3

Geothermal heat flux and basal melt rate in the Dome C region inferred from radar reflectivity and thermal modelling.
Olivier Passalacqua, Catherine Ritz, Frédéric Parrenin, Stefano Urbini, and Massimo Frezzotti

EGU2017-4672 | PICOs | CR2.3 | Highlight

Collaborative data-modelling approach to infer Oldest Ice sites in the vicinity of Concordia.
Catherine Ritz, Marie Cavitte, Hugh Corr, Massimo Frezzotti, Carlos Martin, Robert Mulvaney, Olivier Passalacqua, Frederic Parrenin, Jason Roberts, Stefano Urbini, Luca Vittuari, and Duncan Young

EGU2017-14050 | PICOs | CR2.3 | Highlight

First results from the Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice pre-site survey in the Dome Fuji region, Antarctica
Tobias Binder, Nanna Karlsson, and Olaf Eisen

EGU2017-8868 | PICOs | CR2.3

Is there 1.5 million-year old ice near Dome C, Antarctica?
Frédéric Parrenin, Marie Cavitte, Donald Blankenship, Jérôme Chappellaz, Hubertus Fischer, Olivier Gagliardini, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Olivier Passalacqua, Catherine Ritz, Jason Roberts, Martin Siegert, and Duncan Young

EGU2017-14902 | PICOs | CR2.3

Methodological synergies for glaciological constraints to find Oldest Ice
Olaf Eisen and the BE-OI

CR3.1 – MicroSnow: From quantitative stratigraphy to microstructure-based modelling of snow

EGU2017-7779 | Posters | CR3.1

Snowpack spatial and temporal variability assessment using SMP high-resolution penetrometer
Anton Komarov, Yuriy Seliverstov, Sergey Sokratov, and Pavel Grebennikov

EGU2017-13574 | Posters | CR3.1

Investigation of the sintering rate of snow with high-resolution penetration tests
Isabel Peinke, Pascal Hagenmuller, Guillaume Chambon, Jacques Roulle, and Samuel Morin

EGU2017-4459 | Posters | CR3.1

Microstructure-based finite element modeling of snow failure envelope
Pascal Hagenmuller

EGU2017-9640 | Posters | CR3.1

Continuous profiles of microstructure, stable water isotopes and impurity content of the 2m snow pack from three polar drill sites
Johannes Freitag, Christoph Schaller, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Maria Hörhold, Maximilian Schaidt, Merle Sander, and Dorothea Moser

EGU2017-11972 | Posters | CR3.1

Specific surface density (SSA) evolution of surface snow at low accumulation site on the East Antarctic plateau (Kohnen Station, DML)
Sepp Kipfstuhl, Tetsuro Taranczewski, and Melanie Behrens

EGU2017-8744 | Posters | CR3.1

Experimental and model based investigation of the links between snow bidirectional reflectance and snow microstructure.
Marie Dumont, Frédéric Flin, Aleksey Malinka, Olivier Brissaud, Philippe Lapalus, Pascal Hagenmuller, Bernard Lesaffre, Anne Dufour, Neige Calonne, Sabine Rolland-du-roscoat, and Edward Ando

EGU2017-10282 | Posters | CR3.1

Modeling of falling snow properties for snowpack models: towards a better link between falling snow and snow on the ground
Vincent Vionnet, Jason Milbrandt, Satoru Yamaguchi, and Hugh Morrison

EGU2017-18295 | Posters | CR3.1

The ASMEx snow slab experiment: snow microwave radiative transfer (SMRT) model evaluation
Melody Sandells, Henning Löwe, Ghislain Picard, Marie Dumont, Richard Essery, Nicolas Floury, Anna Kontu, Juha Lemmetyinen, William Maslanka, Christian Mätzler, Samuel Morin, and Andreas Wiesmann

EGU2017-5230 | Posters | CR3.1

Multiphysics ensemble-based modelling of an alpine snowpack
Matthieu Lafaysse, Bertrand Cluzet, Marie Dumont, Yves Lejeune, Vincent Vionnet, and Samuel Morin

EGU2017-11019 | Posters | CR3.1

A modelling study of the seasonal snowpack energy balance at three sites along the Andes Cordillera. Regional climate and local effects.
James McPhee, Sebastian Mengual, and Shelley MacDonell

CR3.2 – Snow, snow cover processes and avalanche formation | PICO

EGU2017-4796 | PICOs | CR3.2

Multi-scale fracture mechanisms in snow
Barbara Frigo and Alessandro P. Fantilli

EGU2017-15320 | PICOs | CR3.2

Modelling the deformation and collapse of a weak snow layer
Tijan Mede, Guillaume Chambon, Pascal Hagenmuller, and François Nicot

EGU2017-19415 | PICOs | CR3.2

Snow fracture: From micro-cracking to global failure
Achille Capelli, Ingrid Reiweger, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2017-9928 | PICOs | CR3.2

Stress distribution calculations through a snow slab of varying elastic modulus; comparison with stability evaluation in the field
Laura Swinkels and Chris Borstad

EGU2017-19572 | PICOs | CR3.2

Field experiments to determine wave propagation principles and mechanical properties of snow
Stephan Simioni, Felix Gebhard, Jürg Dual, and Jürg Schweizer

EGU2017-4982 | PICOs | CR3.2

Snow instability evaluation in skier-triggered snow slab avalanches: combining failure initiation and crack propagation
Johan Gaume and Benjamin Reuter

EGU2017-5029 | PICOs | CR3.2

Assessing the value of real-time snow and avalanche information
Antonia Zeidler, Marc Adams, Martin Schuster, Martin Berner, and Wilhelm Nagy

EGU2017-14522 | PICOs | CR3.2

Infrasound and seismic array analysis of snow avalanches: results from the 2015-2017 experiment in Dischma valley above Davos, Switzerland
Emanuele Marchetti, Alec van Herwijnen, and Maurizio Ripepe

EGU2017-14591 | PICOs | CR3.2

Automatic detection of avalanches in seismic data using Hidden Markov Models
Matthias Heck, Conny Hammer, Alec van Herwijnen, Jürg Schweizer, and Donat Fäh

EGU2017-16772 | PICOs | CR3.2

How to determine wet-snow instability
Ingrid Reiweger and Christoph Mitterer

EGU2017-14150 | PICOs | CR3.2

Forecasting of wet snow avalanche activity: Proof of concept and operational implementation
Andreas Gobiet, Lisa Jöbstl, Hannes Rieder, Sascha Bellaire, and Christoph Mitterer

EGU2017-13720 | PICOs | CR3.2

Forecasting and modelling ice layer formation on the snowpack due to freezing precipitations in the Pyrenees
Louis Quéno, Vincent Vionnet, Frédéric Cabot, Dominique Vrécourt, and Ingrid Dombrowski-Etchevers

EGU2017-13790 | PICOs | CR3.2

Wet and full-depth glide snow avalanche onset monitoring and detection with ground based Ku-band radar
Célia Lucas, Yves Bühler, Silvan Leinss, and Irena Hajnsek

CR3.3 – Snow in ski resorts and snow avalanches: measuring and modelling (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2017-13225 | PICOs | CR3.3

Florence Naaim, Ghislain Picard, Hervé Bellot, Laurent Arnaud, and Vincent Vionnet

EGU2017-9170 | PICOs | CR3.3

Cornice Monitoring with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Alexander Prokop and Holt Hancock

EGU2017-8757 | PICOs | CR3.3

Synoptic atmospheric circulation patterns controlling avalanche activity in central Svalbard
Holt Hancock, Alexander Prokop, Markus Eckerstorfer, and Jordy Hendrikx

EGU2017-9524 | PICOs | CR3.3

Arctic avalanche dynamics
Alexander Prokop, Mari Eiken, Kerstin Ganaus, and Lena Rubensdotter

EGU2017-16060 | PICOs | CR3.3

Statistical analysis and trends of wet snow avalanches in the French Alps over the period 1959-2010
Mohamed Naaim

EGU2017-15418 | PICOs | CR3.3

Flow regime variability in snow avalanches
Anselm Köhler, Betty Sovilla, and Jim McElwaine

EGU2017-8048 | PICOs | CR3.3

First approximations in avalanche model validations using seismic information
Pere Roig Lafon, Emma Suriñach, Perry Bartelt, Cristina Pérez-Guillén, Mar Tapia, and Betty Sovilla

EGU2017-13757 | PICOs | CR3.3

Flow behaviour of snow in a rotating drum
Kilian Heil, Ingrid Reiweger, Jan-Thomas Fischer, and Roland Kaitna

EGU2017-16681 | PICOs | CR3.3

Numerical study of jumps formed in free-surface flows down an incline : influence of the fluid rheology
Mohamed Naaim and Thierry Faug

EGU2017-15554 | PICOs | CR3.3

Granular jump properties for the design of protection dams against snow avalanches
Ségolène Méjean, Thierry Faug, and Itai Einav

EGU2017-14820 | PICOs | CR3.3

Regional-scale identification of forest stands with protective functionality
Andreas Huber, Andreas Kofler, and Jan-Thomas Fischer

EGU2017-13290 | PICOs | CR3.3

Modeling of snow avalanches for protection measures designing
Alla Turchaninova, Anton Lazarev, Ekaterina Loginova, Yuri Seliverstov, Tatiana Glazovskaya, and Anton Komarov

EGU2017-4490 | PICOs | CR3.3

Summer storage of snow in a sub-alpine climate
Rune Strand Ødegård

EGU2017-9464 | PICOs | CR3.3

Technical snow production in skiing areas: conditions, practice, monitoring and modelling. A case study in Mayrhofen/Austria
Ulrich Strasser, Florian Hanzer, Thomas Marke, and Michael Rothleitner

EGU2017-8398 | PICOs | CR3.3

Water losses during technical snow production
Thomas Grünewald and Fabian Wolfsperger

EGU2017-13163 | PICOs | CR3.3

Investigations on socio economic indicators of French Alps ski industry from an explicit spatial modelling of managed snow on ski slopes
Pierre Spandre, Hugues François, Samuel Morin, Emmanuelle George-Marcelpoil, and Matthieu Lafaysse

EGU2017-12017 | PICOs | CR3.3

Combining snow depth and innovative skier flow measurements in order to improve snow grooming techniques
Carlo Maria Carmagnola, Stéphane Albrecht, and Olivier Hargoaa

EGU2017-9925 | PICOs | CR3.3

Confronting the demand and supply of snow seasonal forecasts for ski resorts : the case of French Alps
Ghislain dubois

EGU2017-12933 | PICOs | CR3.3

PROSNOW - Provision of a prediction system allowing for management and optimization of snow in Alpine ski resorts
Samuel Morin and Dubois Ghislain and the PROSNOW

CR3.4 – Risks from a changing cryosphere (co-organized)

EGU2017-7948 | Orals | CR3.4 | Highlight

The 2016 gigantic twin glacier collapses in Tibet: towards an improved understanding of large glacier instabilities and their potential links to climate change
Adrien Gilbert, Silvan Leinss, Steve Evans, Lide Tian, Andreas Kääb, Jeffrey Kargel, Florent Gimbert, Wei-An Chao, Simon Gascoin, Yves Bueler, Etienne Berthier, Tandong Yao, Christian Huggel, Daniel Farinotti, Fanny Brun, Wanqin Guo, and Gregory Leonard

EGU2017-607 | Posters | CR3.4