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EMRP – Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

EMRP1.1 – Evaluation of coupled reservoir processes: laboratory experiments and numerical modelling (co-organized)

EGU2017-7621 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Deep geothermal systems interpreted by coupled thermo-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical numerical modeling
Max Peters, Martin Lesueur, Sebastian Held, Thomas Poulet, Manolis Veveakis, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, and Thomas Kohl

EGU2017-301 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Quantifying the clay content with borehole depth and impact on reservoir flow
Aaraellu D Sarath Kumar and Pallavi B Chattopadhyay

EGU2017-2217 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Development of the approach for determining the porosity of a full-size core sample based on the results of its investigation using microfocus computed tomography.
Alexander Starovoytov, Victor Kosarev, Eduard Utemov, and Artur Fattakhov

EGU2017-15799 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Influence of the geothermal fluid rheology in the large scale hydro-thermal circulation in Soultz-sous-Forêts reservoir.
Bérénice Vallier, Vincent Magnenet, Christophe Fond, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2017-7799 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Micro-seismicity and permeability enhancement in sandstone and andesite ruptured by fluid injection under triaxial conditions
Aurélien Nicolas, Guido Blöcher, Zhi Li, Christian Kluge, Liang Pei, Hannes Hofmann, Harald Milsch, and Yves Guéguen

EGU2017-8954 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Stability of fault during fluid injection
Francois Passelegue, Nicolas Brantut, and Tom Mitchell

EGU2017-8356 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Usage of the Reduced Basis Method and High-Performance Simulations in Geosciences
Denise Degen, Karen Veroy, and Florian Wellmann

EGU2017-14500 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Effect of fluid viscosity on fault frictional behavior
Chiara Cornelio, Marie Violay, Elena Spagnuolo, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2017-14691 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Hydraulic Properties of Fractured Rock Samples at In-Situ Conditions – Insights from Lab Experiments Using X-Ray Tomography
Mathias Nehler, Ferdinand Stöckhert, Mandy Duda, Jörg Renner, and Rolf Bracke

EGU2017-8587 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Fluid-induced rupture on heat-treated andesite
Zhi Li, Aurelien Nicolas, Jerome Fortin, and Yves Gueguen

EGU2017-15082 | Orals | EMRP1.1

Measurements of electrical impedance and elastic wave velocity of reservoir rock under fluid-flow test
Kazuki Sawayama, Keigo Kitamura, and Yasuhiro Fujimitsu

EGU2017-10525 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Thermal impacts of magmatic intrusions on dolomitization processes in the Tiberias Basin, Jordan-Dead Sea Transform
Nora Koltzer, Peter Möller, Nimrod Inbar, Christian Siebert, Eliyahu Rosenthal, Marwan Al-Raggad, and Fabien Magri

EGU2017-12041 | Posters | EMRP1.1

The influence of hydrocarbons in changing the mechanical and acoustic properties of a carbonate reservoir: implications of laboratory results on larger scale processes
Fabio Trippetta, Roberta Ruggieri, Davide Geremia, and Marco Brandano

EGU2017-12630 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Overcoming spatial scales in geothermal modelling
Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Mauro Cacace, and Maximilian Frick

EGU2017-13009 | Posters | EMRP1.1

In-situ changes in the elastic wave velocity of rock with increasing temperature using high-resolution coda wave interferometry
Luke Griffiths, Michael Heap, Olivier Lengliné, Jean Schmittbuhl, and Patrick Baud

EGU2017-14943 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Impact of fluid injection velocity on CO2 saturation and pore pressure in porous sandstone
Keigo Kitamura, Hiroyuki Honda, Shinnosuke Takaki, Mitsunori Imasato, and Yasuhiro Mitani

EGU2017-16677 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Hydraulic properties of siliciclastic geothermal reservoir rocks under triaxial stress conditions, a multidisciplinary approach.
Richard Bakker, Nima Gholizadeh Doonechaly, and David Bruhn

EGU2017-18469 | Posters | EMRP1.1

High-performance coupled poro-hydro-mechanical models to resolve fluid escape pipes
Ludovic Räss, Roman Makhnenko, and Yury Podladchikov

EGU2017-18581 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Thermo-hydraulic characterization of a fractured shallow reservoir in Bergen (Norway) to improve the efficiency of a BHE field
Giuseppe Mandrone, Nicolò Giordano, Eivind Bastesen, Walter Wheeler, and Jessica Chicco

EGU2017-18861 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Permeability of displaced fractures
Christian Kluge, Harald Milsch, and Guido Blöcher

EGU2017-18956 | Posters | EMRP1.1

A time step criterion for the stable numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing
Alina Juan-Lien Ramirez, Stefan Löhnert, and Insa Neuweiler

EGU2017-19563 | Posters | EMRP1.1

Photoacoustic as a unique tool for studying multicomponent gas transport processes through rock samples
Károly András Simon, Sándor Puskás, Tamás Ricza, and Zoltán Bozóki

EMRP1.2 – Multi-scale measurements of the Earth’s properties and imaging techniques: from laboratory to large-scale Earth phenomena (co-organized)

EGU2017-4502 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Real time observation of granular analogue rock material deformation in response to shocks via nonlinear laser interferometry
Pierre Walczak, Francesco Mezzapesa, Abderrahmane Bouakline, Julien Ambre, Stéphane Bouissou, and Stéphane Barland

EGU2017-4712 | Posters | EMRP1.2

FracPaQ: a MATLAB™ toolbox for the quantification of fracture patterns
David Healy, Roberto Rizzo, Natalie Farrell, Hannah Watkins, David Cornwell, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, and Nick Timms

EGU2017-13145 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Benefits of maximum likelihood estimators for fracture attribute analysis: Implications for permeability and up-scaling
Roberto Emanuele Rizzo, David Healy, and Luca De Siena

EGU2017-14963 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Locating the origin of stick slip instabilities in sheared granular layers
Evangelos Korkolis and André Niemeijer

EGU2017-9203 | Orals | EMRP1.2

4D seismics in the laboratory: Imaging using acoustic emission tomography
Nicolas Brantut

EGU2017-13851 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Approximate Seismic Diffusive Models of Near-Receiver Geology: Applications from Lab Scale to Field
Thomas King, Philip Benson, Luca De Siena, and Sergio Vinciguerra

EGU2017-6384 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Seismic intensity monitoring: from mature basins in the North Sea to sample-scale porosity measurements.
Luca De Siena and Panayiota Sketsiou

EGU2017-13963 | Orals | EMRP1.2

On the use of a laser ablation as a laboratory seismic source
Chengyi Shen, Daniel Brito, Julien Diaz, Deyuan Zhang, Valier Poydenot, Clarisse Bordes, and Stéphane Garambois

EGU2017-13421 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Imaging rock deformation while drilling wells: a seismic coda perspective
Luca De Siena and Kathleen Asena

EGU2017-10686 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Water sensitivity of the seismic properties of upper-mantle olivine
Christopher Cline, Emmanuel David, Ulrich Faul, Andrew Berry, and Ian Jackson

EGU2017-310 | Orals | EMRP1.2

Stress-induced electric current fluctuations in rocks: a superstatistical model
Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, Filippos Vallianatos, and Peter Sammonds

EGU2017-19206 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Torque controlled rotary-shear experiments reveal pseudotachilites formation-dynamics and precursor events
Nicola Tisato, Benoit Cordonnier, Luca De Siena, Luc Lavier, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2017-17515 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Damage localisation and fracture propagation in granite: 4D synchrotron x-ray microtomographic observations from an in-situ triaxial deformation experiment at SOLEIL
Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, Florian Fusseis, Ian Butler, Michael Flynn, and Andrew King

EGU2017-9024 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Bridging the gap between micro- and lab-scale measurements using automated micrograph analysis for constrained micromechanical modelling
Luke Griffiths, Michael Heap, Patrick Baud, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2017-19489 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Use of neutron radiography and tomography to identify fracture network connectivity in low permeability carbonates
Helen Lewis, Stephanie Zihms, Gary Couples, Elma-Maria Charalampidou, Stephen Hall, Erika Tudisco, Katriona Edlmann, Edward Ando, Maddi Etxegarai, Alessandro Tengattini, and Duncan Atkins

EGU2017-10223 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Can multi-scale calibrations allow MT-derived resistivities to be used to probe the structure of the deep crust?
Virginia Toy, Marco Billia, Richard Easingwood, Martina Kirilova, Emma Kluge, Katrina Sauer, Rupert Sutherland, Nicholas Timms, and John Townend and the DFDP-1 and DFDP-2 Scientists

EGU2017-13791 | Posters | EMRP1.2

Quantifying multiscale porosity and fracture aperture distribution in granite cores using computed tomography
Quinn Wenning, Claudio Madonna, Lisa Joss, and Ronny Pini

EMRP1.3 – Earthquakes: from slow to fast, from the field to the laboratory (incl. Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture by Marie Violay) (co-organized)

EGU2017-14771 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Fabric evolution of quartz-gouge from stable sliding to stick-slip and implications for fault slip mode
Marco Scuderi, Cristiano Collettini, Cecilia Viti, Elisa Tinti, and Chris Marone

EGU2017-2270 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Effect of water on slip weakening of cohesive rocks during earthquakes (EMRP Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Marie Violay, Mateo Alejandro Acosta, François Passelegue, and Alexandre Schubnel

EGU2017-8779 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Effects of Water and Low-Medium Temperature on Limestone from Mt Etna basement
Angela Castagna, Audrey Ougier-Simonin, Philip Benson, John Browning, Marco Fazio, Richard Walker, and Sergio Vinciguerra

EGU2017-4200 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Relating seismicity to the velocity structure of the San Andreas Fault near Parkfield, CA
Rachel Lippoldt, Robert Porritt, and Charles Sammis

EGU2017-8917 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Crystal plastic earthquakes in dolostones
Francois Passelegue, Jerome Aubry, Aurelien Nicolas, Michele Fondriest, Alexandre Schubnel, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2017-14748 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Volcanic rock properties control sector collapse events
Amy Hughes, Jackie Kendrick, Yan Lavallée, Adrian Hornby, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2017-18086 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Crystallographic control on early stages of cataclasis in carbonate fault gouges
Matteo Demurtas, Steven A.F. Smith, Michele Fondriest, Elena Spagnuolo, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2017-7636 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Hydraulic fracturing – an attempt of DEM simulation
Alicja Kosmala, Natalia Foltyn, Piotr Klejment, and Wojciech Dębski

EGU2017-6695 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Space and time damage evolution during the prenucleation of shear failure in rocks
Francois Renard, Benoit Cordonnier, Neelima Kandula, Maya Kobchenko, Jérôme Weiss, Wenlu Zhu, and Dag Dysthe

EGU2017-8520 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Multi-scale investigation into the mechanisms of fault mirror formation in seismically active carbonate rocks
Markus Ohl, Vasileios Chatzaras, Andre Niemeijer, Helen King, Martyn Drury, and Oliver Plümper

EGU2017-11081 | Posters | EMRP1.3

The route to shear failure in a non-porous rock revealed by X-ray microtomography
Neelima Kandula, Francois Renard, Jerome Weiss, Benoit Cordonnier, and Maya Kobchenko

EGU2017-4709 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Controls of Stress Regime and Injection Rate on Slip Events
Wen-lu Zhu and Melodie French

EGU2017-18853 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Earthquake nucleation scaling from laboratory to Earth
Stefan Nielsen, Yoshihiro Kaneko, Chris Harbord, Soumaya Latour, Brett Carpenter, and Nicola De Paola

EGU2017-7774 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Transformation of fault slip modes in laboratory experiments
Vasilii Martynov, Ostapchuk Alexey, and Vadim Markov

EGU2017-11540 | Orals | EMRP1.3

A continuum of fault slip modes
Deepa Mele Veedu and Sylvain Barbot

EGU2017-14538 | Posters | EMRP1.3

The nucleation of “fast” and “slow” stick slip instabilities in sheared granular aggregates
Evangelos Korkolis, Jean-Paul Ampuero, and André Niemeijer

EGU2017-13675 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Episodic tremors and slip explained by fluid-enhanced microfracturing and sealing
Maxime Bernaudin and Frédéric Gueydan

EGU2017-7640 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Brazilian test - a microscopic insight into stress-strain relation based upon numerical simulations
Natalia Foltyn, Alicja Kosmala, Piotr Klejment, and Wojciech Dębski

EGU2017-7249 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Earthquake and slow-slip nucleation investigated with a micro-physics based seismic cycle simulator
Martijn van den Ende, Jianye Chen, Jean-Paul Ampuero, and André Niemeijer

EGU2017-2737 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Experimental results on rock resistivity and its applications in monitoring and predicting natural disasters
Jianguo Zhou, Tao Zhu, and Baolin Tang

EGU2017-8903 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Microstructural and fabric characterization of brittle-ductile transitional deformation of middle crustal rocks along the Jinzhou detachment fault zone, Northeast China
Juyi Zhang, Hao Jiang, and Junlai Liu

EGU2017-14253 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Radiation efficiency during slow crack propagation: an experimental study.
Camille Jestin, Olivier Lengliné, and Jean Schmittbuhl

EGU2017-3153 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Slip-dependent weakening on shallow plate boundary fault in the Japan subduction zone: shallow coseismic slip facilitated by foreshock afterslip
Yoshi Ito, Matt Ikari, Kohtaro Ujiie, and Achim Kopf

EGU2017-10897 | Posters | EMRP1.3

\begin{center} \textbf{Local thermal pressurization triggered by flash heating causes dramatic weakening in water-saturated gouges at subseismic slip rates} \end{center}
Lu Yao, Shengli Ma, Toshihiko Shimamoto, Tetsuhiro Togo, Jianye Chen, Hiroko Kitajima, Yu Wang, and Honglin He

EGU2017-12763 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Microstructural investigations on carbonate fault core rocks in active extensional fault zones from the central Apennines (Italy)
Silvia Cortinovis, Fabrizio Balsamo, and Fabrizio Storti

EGU2017-14192 | Posters | EMRP1.3

The 2012 Mw5.6 earthquake in Sofia seismogenic zone – is it a slow earthquake
Plamena Raykova, Dimcho Solakov, Krasimira Slavcheva, Stela Simeonova, and Irena Aleksandrova

EGU2017-12604 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Microstructural record of pressure solution and crystal plastic deformation in carbonate fault rocks from a shallow crustal strike-slip fault, Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)
Helene Bauer, Anna Rogowitz, Benhard Grasemann, and Kurt Decker

EGU2017-7659 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Discrete Element Method and its application to materials failure problem on the example of Brazilian Test
Piotr Klejment, Alicja Kosmala, Natalia Foltyn, and Wojciech Dębski

EGU2017-15794 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Direct shear characterisation of simulated clay-bearing gouges: a case study from the Pernicana Fault System (Mount Etna, Sicily)
Audrey Ougier-Simonin, Angela Castagna, Philip Benson, and Richard Walker

EGU2017-7665 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Microphysically derived expressions for rate-and-state friction and fault stability parameters
Jianye Chen, Andre Niemeijer, and Christopher Spiers

EGU2017-546 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Frictional slip instability in plate-rate laboratory experiments: Observations and mechanisms
Matt Ikari and Achim Kopf

EGU2017-9414 | Posters | EMRP1.3

\begin{center} \textbf{Aseismic creep along the North Anatolian Fault quantified by coupling microstructural strain and chemical analyses} \end{center}
Maor Kaduri, Jean-Pierre Gratier, François Renard, Ziyadin Çakir, and Cécile Lasserre

EGU2017-17640 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Unified law of evolution of experimental gouge-filled fault for fast and slow slip events at slider frictional experiments
Alexey Ostapchuk and Nikolay Saltykov

EGU2017-18462 | Posters | EMRP1.3

Effects of asperity contact on stick-slip dynamics
Tetsuo Yamaguchi

EGU2017-7282 | Posters | EMRP1.3

The microphysics of phyllosilicate friction
Sabine A.M. den Hartog, Daniel R. Faulkner, and Christopher J. Spiers

EMRP1.4 – Rock physics and geomechanical characterisation of rocks from micro to macroscale: the role of anisotropy and hydro-mechanical coupling (co-organized)

EGU2017-2889 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Development and implementation of a fluid flow code to evaluate block hydraulic behaviors of the fractured rock masses
Jeong-Gi Um, Jisu Han, Dahye Lee, and Taechin Cho

EGU2017-9822 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Geometrical properties of a discontinuity network in gneissic rock, a case study in high alpine terrain
Matthias Koppensteiner and Christian Zangerl

EGU2017-2892 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Effect of fracture size distribution on block hydraulic behaviors of the stochastic 2-D DFN system
Dahye Lee, Jisu Han, Jeong-Gi Um, and Sookyun Wang

EGU2017-11947 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Constraints on structural evolution from correlations between hydraulic properties and P-wave velocities during brittle faulting of rocks
Benedikt Ahrens, Mandy Duda, and Jörg Renner

EGU2017-12135 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Estimation and separation between seismic wave attenuation modes in carbonate reservoirs by using new approach.
Fateh Bouchaala, Mohammed Y Ali, and Jun Matsushima

EGU2017-3047 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Elasticity tensors symmetry analysis using R
Tomasz Danek and Michael Slawinski

EGU2017-5100 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Geological constraints for muon tomography: The world beyond standard rock
Alessandro Lechmann, David Mair, Akitaka Ariga, Tomoko Ariga, Antonio Ereditato, Samuel Käser, Ryuichi Nishiyama, Paola Scampoli, Mykhailo Vladymyrov, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2017-16527 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Characterization of Carbonates by Spectral Induced Polarization
Sarah Hupfer, Matthias Halisch, and Andreas Weller

EGU2017-12073 | Orals | EMRP1.4

The Usability of Rock-Like Materials for Numerical Studies on Rocks
Enes Zengin and Zeynal Abiddin Erguler

EGU2017-5114 | Posters | EMRP1.4

The phase composition of ores of the Norilsk type with the content of copper, nickel and cobalt
Anatoly Mashukov, Alla Mashukova, and Swetlana Bistryakova

EGU2017-13689 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Application of Finite Element Method of Numerical Modelling to Understand Toe Buckling Deformation in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
Romy Ridl, David Bell, and Marlene Villeneuve

EGU2017-6222 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Reliability of poroelastic equation in determination of minimum horizontal stress in sedimentary basins: implication of tectonic strain
Uy Vo and Chandong Chang

EGU2017-7985 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Constraining geometrical, hydrodynamical and mechanical properties of a fault zone at hourly time scales from ground surface tilt data
Jonathan Schuite, Laurent Longuevergne, Olivier Bour, Thomas J. Burbey, and Frédéric Boudin

EGU2017-17707 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Characterization and scaling of anisotropy of fabrics and fractures at laboratory scales: insights from volumetric analysis using computed tomography
Richard A. Ketcham

EGU2017-8758 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Comparison of static and dynamic properties in a shale rock
Audrey Bonnelye, Lucas Pimienta, Alexandre Schubnel, and Christian David

EGU2017-8088 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Shape matters: pore geometry and orientation influences the strength and stiffness of porous rocks
Luke Griffiths, Michael Heap, Tao Xu, Chong-Feng Chen, and Patrick Baud

EGU2017-11839 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Determining hydraulic properties of rocks and understanding their relation to microstructure by different oscillatory hydraulic tests
Laura Fischer and Joerg Renner

EGU2017-4516 | Orals | EMRP1.4

The microscopic basis for strain localisation in porous media
Ian Main, Ferenz Kun, Gergo Pal, and Zoltan Janosi

EGU2017-18143 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Susceptibility of experimental faults to pore pressure increase: insights from load-controlled experiments on calcite-bearing rocks
Elena Spagnuolo, Marie Violay, Stefan Nielsen, Chiara Cornelio, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2017-13047 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Relative permeability and salinity dependence of the streaming potential coupling coefficient in carbonate rocks
Aurélien Cherubini, Adrian Cerepi, Bruno Garcia, Hervé Deschamps, and André Revil

EGU2017-18397 | Orals | EMRP1.4

Textural and microstructural development of the Barro Alto Complex: implications for seismic anisotropy
Camila Silveira, Leonardo Lagoeiro, Paola Barbosa, Geane Carolina Cavalcante, Filippe Ferreira, Marcos Suita, and Thailli Conte

EGU2017-14518 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Progressive fracture in quartzite samples as a result of chemo-mechanical interactions
Anne Voigtlaender, Kerry Leith, and Michael Krautblatter

EGU2017-16146 | Orals | EMRP1.4 | Highlight

3D multi-scale velocity structure of an active seismogenic normal fault zone (Central Apennines, Italy)
Michele Fondriest, Tom Mitchell, Maurizio Vassallo, Giuseppe Di Giulio, Fabrizio Balsamo, Francois Passelegue, Marta Pischiutta, and Giulio Di Toro

EGU2017-15219 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Preliminary 2D numerical modeling of common granular problems
Emmanuel Wyser and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2017-15493 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Understanding three-dimensional damage envelopes
John Browning, Sophie Harland, Philip Meredith, David Healy, and Tom Mitchell

EGU2017-2184 | Posters | EMRP1.4

The influence of permeability anisotropy on effective stress and fault stability
Sophie Harland, David Healy, Frederic Cappa, Philip Meredith, Tom Mitchell, and John Browning

EGU2017-16728 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Point cloud accuracy, survey techniques and the performance of automated rock discontinuity extraction and analysis
Federico Agliardi, Alberto Villa, Matteo Bianchetti, Marco Ciapessoni, and Giovanni B. Crosta

EGU2017-16903 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Influence of scale-dependent fracture intensity on block size distribution and rock slope failure mechanisms in a DFN framework
Federico Agliardi, Laura Galletti, Federico Riva, Andrea Zanchi, and Giovanni B. Crosta

EGU2017-19173 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Features of Changing Microwave Radiation from Loaded Rock in Elastic Phase
Lixin Wu, Wenfei Mao, Jianwei Huang, Shanjun Liu, and Zhongying Xu

EGU2017-12090 | Posters | EMRP1.4

Comparison of Crack Initiation, Propagation and Coalescence Behavior of Concrete and Rock Materials
Enes Zengin and Zeynal Abiddin Erguler

EMRP2.1 – Unveiling hidden features of the geomagnetic field: measurements, data analysis and modelling (co-organized)

EGU2017-4723 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Field-aligned current and auroral Hall current characteristics derived from the Swarm constellation
Tao Huang, Hui Wang, and Luehr Hermann

EGU2017-6300 | Orals | EMRP2.1

VO-ESD: a virtual observatory approach to describe the geomagnetic field temporal variations with application to Swarm data
Diana Saturnino, Benoit Langlais, Hagay Amit, Mioara Mandea, François Civet, and Éric Beucler

EGU2017-4756 | Orals | EMRP2.1

Decadal-period external magnetic field variations resolved with eigenanalysis
Robert Shore, Kathryn Whaler, Susan Macmillan, Ciarán Beggan, Jakub Velímský, and Nils Olsen

EGU2017-7142 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Extracting Periodic Signals in Magnetic Field Data by a Matching Pursuit with Adapted Trial Functions
Christian Gerhards and Roger Telschow

EGU2017-4556 | Orals | EMRP2.1

Equatorial plasma irregularities, their effects on geomagnetic field and GPS signal --- Swarm observations
Chao Xiong and Claudia Stolle

EGU2017-7530 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Noise Reduction of 1sec Geomagnetic Observatory Data without Information Loss
Heinz-Peter Brunke, Monika Korte, and Widmer-Schnidrig Rudolf

EGU2017-8224 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Inverting satellite magnetic field data for the Earth's magnetization
Foteini Vervelidou and Vincent Lesur

EGU2017-9977 | Orals | EMRP2.1

What does Earth’s electromagnetic field from ground and space measurements tell us about conductivity of the mantle?
Alexander Grayver, Achim Morschhauser, and Alexey Kuvshinov

EGU2017-8650 | Posters | EMRP2.1

On the recovery of electric currents in the liquid core of the Earth
Lukács Kuslits, Ernő Prácser, and István Lemperger

EGU2017-6340 | Orals | EMRP2.1

EM-raying the ocean or climate change impact on tidal electromagnetic signals
Jan Saynisch, Johannes Petereit, Christopher Irrgang, and Maik Thomas

EGU2017-8899 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Intermittent criticality revealed in the ENIGMA magnetometer array time series prior to the strongest magnetic storms of the present solar cycle
Georgios Balasis, Ioannis A. Daglis, Yiannis Contoyiannis, Stelios M. Potirakis, Constantinos Papadimitriou, Nikolaos S. Melis, Omiros Giannakis, Anastasios Anastasiadis, and Charalampos Kontoes

EGU2017-9916 | Orals | EMRP2.1 | Highlight

The CrowdMag App – turning your smartphone into a travelling magnetic observatory
Richard Saltus and Manoj Nair

EGU2017-9325 | Posters | EMRP2.1 | Highlight

Swarm mission, ULF Pulsation Activity and the August 2016 Central Italy Earthquake
Georgios Balasis, Constantinos Papadimitriou, Angelo De Santis, Gianfranco Cianchini, Mioara Mandea, and Omiros Giannakis

EGU2017-10614 | Posters | EMRP2.1

EMAG2 Version 3 – Update of a two arc-minute global magnetic anomaly grid
Brian Meyer, Richard Saltus, and Arnaud Chulliat

EGU2017-10822 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Using the UAM-P model to specify the additional magnetic field generated by the system of the ionospheric currents
Boris E. Prokhorov, Matthias Förster, Vincent Lesur, Alexander A. Namgaladze, Matthias Holschneider, and Claudia Stolle

EGU2017-14103 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Ionospheric magnetic signals during conjunctions between ground based and Swarm satellite observations
Diana Saturnino, Nils Olsen, and Chris Finlay

EGU2017-16506 | Posters | EMRP2.1

Geomagnetic Crustal field Anomalies over small countries (Austria and Albania) according to regional and global models
Klaudio Peqini and Bejo Duka

EMRP2.2 – Advancements in magnetic field studies and natural resources exploration (co-organized)

EGU2017-944 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Multiscale study of the Adriatic magnetic anomaly
Maurizio Milano and Maurizio Fedi

EGU2017-1952 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Defining of the 2-D surface of the anomaly stressed magnetic hierarchical object located in the layered blocked geological medium using the data of acoustic and electromagnetic monitoring
Olga Hachay and Andrey Khachay

EGU2017-3120 | Posters | EMRP2.2

3D inversion of full magnetic gradient tensor data based on hybrid regularization method
Shuangxi Ji, Huai Zhang, Yanfei Wang, and Lingling Zhao

EGU2017-6823 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Chinese Mobile Geomagnetic Monitoring Array
Bin Chen, Zhe Ni, Shuanggui Chen, and Jiehao Yuan

EGU2017-9898 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Estimating the Curie point depth using aeromagnetic data with a fractal model in the Province of Québec, eastern Canada
Jean-Philippe Drolet, Bernard Giroux, and Claire Bouligand

EGU2017-12376 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Search a way out of fluid-magmatic activity on the periphery of the thermal structure Siberian magnetic anomaly
Tamara Litvinova and Alevtina Petrova

EGU2017-16533 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Geotectonic setting of the Suwałki Anorthosite Massif (NE-Poland) - constraints for 3D geological modelling
Janina Wiszniewska, Zdzislaw Petecki, Olga Rosowiecka, and Ewa Krzemińska

EGU2017-9003 | Posters | EMRP2.2

A Study of the Relationship between Hydrocarbon Migration and Magnetic Alteration of the Michigan Basin Soils and Sediments
Aleksey Smirnov, Jacob Tresnak, and Kari Anderson

EGU2017-6986 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Signatures of core perturbations in geomagnetic field dynamics – preliminary results
Agata Bury and Krzysztof Mizerski

EGU2017-9244 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Features of the Geomagnetic Variations In the Moscow Region
Svetlana Riabova and Alexander Spivak

EGU2017-14028 | Posters | EMRP2.2 | Highlight

Long series of geomagnetic measurements – unique at satellite era
Mioara Mandea and Georgios Balasis

EGU2017-10299 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Revisiting the South Atlantic Anomaly after 3 years of Swarm satellite mission
F. Javier Pavón-Carrasco, Saioa A. Campuzano, and Angelo De Santis

EGU2017-11243 | Posters | EMRP2.2

Inferring interannual fluctuations of the core angular momentum from geomagnetic field models
Seiki Asari and Ingo Wardinski

EMRP2.3 – Electromagnetic geophysics

EGU2017-71 | Posters | EMRP2.3

A 3D inversion for all-space magnetotelluric data with static shift correction
kun zhang

EGU2017-14233 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Constrained inversion as a hypothesis testing tool, what can we learn about the lithosphere?
Max Moorkamp, Fishwick Stewart, and Alan G. Jones

EGU2017-11239 | Orals | EMRP2.3

A 3D Magnetotelluric Perspective on the Galway Granite, Western Ireland
Thomas Farrell, Mark Muller, Jan Vozar, Martin Feely, and Colin Hogg

EGU2017-8786 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Correcting solar quiet variations for tidal signals
Martina Guzavina, Alexander Grayver, and Alexey Kuvshinov

EGU2017-15142 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Three Dimensional Lithospheric Electrical Structure of the Tibetan Plateau as Revealed by SinoProbe Long Period Magnetotelluric Array Data
Wenbo Wei, Letian Zhang, Sheng Jin, Gaofeng Ye, Jianen Jing, Hao Dong, Chengliang Xie, and Yaotian Yin

EGU2017-748 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Resolving the deep electrical resistivity structure at Central Pontides, Northern Turkey by three-dimensional magnetotelluric modeling
Sinan Özaydın, Sabri Bülent Tank, Mustafa Karaş, and Eric Sandvol

EGU2017-6411 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Preliminary Results of Three-Dimensional Magnetotelluric Imaging at the Vicinity of Nigde Massif
Sabri Bülent Tank, Sinan Ozaydin, Göksu Uslular, Jonathan Delph, Bizhan Abgarmi, Mustafa Karas, and Eric Sandvol

EGU2017-3444 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Distinguishing structural and anisotropy strikes using magnetotelluric phase and amplitude tensors
Tomohisa Okazaki, Naoto Oshiman, and Ryokei Yoshimura

EGU2017-17279 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Electrical structure beneath the Hangai Dome, Mongolia, from magnetotelluric data
Matthew Comeau, Johannes Käufl, Michael Becken, Alexey Kuvshinov, Sodnomsambuu Demberel, Usnikh Sukhbaatar, Erdenechimeg Batmagnai, Shoovdor Tserendug, and Ochir Nasan

EGU2017-7036 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Toward a rapid 3D spectral deconvolution of EMI conductivities measured with portable multi-configuration sensors
Julien Guillemoteau and Jens Tronicke

EGU2017-10218 | Posters | EMRP2.3

An analytic estimation of the Magnetotelluric response of one dimensional stochastic conductivity Earth structure.
Filippos Vallianatos

EGU2017-18141 | Orals | EMRP2.3

2D magnetotelluric inversion using reflection seismic images as constraints and application in the COSC project
Thomas Kalscheuer, Ping Yan, Peter Hedin, and Maria d.l.A. Garcia Juanatey

EGU2017-13626 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Magnetotelluric and Audio-magnetotelluric measurements in Alasehir Graben for geothermal exploration purposes
Ozge Tekesin-Cankurtaranlar, Okan Tuysuz, and Ali Riza Kilic

EGU2017-18990 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Analysis of Induced Polarization effects in airborne TEM data – a case study from central East Greenland
Thorkild Maack Rasmussen, Anaïs Brethes, Pierpaolo Pierpaolo Guarnieri, and Tobias Bauer

EGU2017-16088 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Magnetotelluric investigation across the Agri Valley: preliminary results.
Marianna Balasco, Gerardo Romano, Agata Siniscalchi, and Tony Alfredo Stabile

EGU2017-10820 | Orals | EMRP2.3

The Lithospheric Structure of the Solonker Suture Zone and Adjacent Areas: Crustal Structure Revealed by a High-Resolution Magnetotelluric Study
Gaofeng Ye, Sheng Jin, Wenbo Wei, and Jian'en Jing

EGU2017-18828 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Electromagnetic investigation at the site of the Matra Gravitational and Geophysical Laboratory
István Lemperger, Viktor Wesztergom, Péter Lévai, Géza Huba, Péter Ván, Attila Novák, Ernő Dávid, Dániel Piri, and Mátyás Vasúth

EGU2017-15832 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Characterization of 4 years MagnetoTelluric monitoring data by studying the temporal behaviour of Alpha Stable Distribution Parameters
Agata Siniscalchi, Gerardo Romano, Fabio Barracano, Marianna Balasco, and Simona Tripaldi

EGU2017-13975 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Turning Noise into Signal: Utilizing Impressed Pipeline Currents for EM Exploration
Tobias Lindau and Michael Becken

EGU2017-13084 | Posters | EMRP2.3

A new interpretation of seismic and magnetotelluric transect 2T across the Western Carpathians
Vladimir Bezak, Josef Pek, Jan Vozar, and Miroslav Bielik

EGU2017-14126 | Orals | EMRP2.3

Multivariate processing of controlled source (CSEM) and transient (TDEM) electromagnetic data
Maxim Smirnov

EGU2017-14014 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Electrical conductivity structure of the mantle derived from inversion of geomagnetic observatory data: implications for lateral variations in temperature, composition and water content.
Federico Munch, Alexander Grayver, Amir Khan, and Alexey Kuvshinov

EGU2017-15439 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Novel semi-airborne CSEM system for the exploration of mineral resources
Christian Nittinger, Maria Cherevatova, Michael Becken, Raphael Rochlitz, Thomas Günther, Tina Martin, and Ulrich Matzander and the DESMEX

EGU2017-14780 | Posters | EMRP2.3

A Comparative Study of the Electrical Structure of Circum Tibetan Plateau Orogenic Belts and its Tectonic Implications
Sheng Jin, Letian Zhang, Wenbo Wei, Gaofeng Ye, Jianen Jing, Hao Dong, Chengliang Xie, and Yaotian Yin

EGU2017-14339 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Deformation Mechanism of the Northern Tibetan Plateau as Revealed by Magnetotelluric Data
Letian Zhang, Wenbo Wei, Sheng Jin, Gaofeng Ye, and Chengliang Xie

EGU2017-19343 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Quantifying estimation of “static-shift” distortions with the use of natural and controlled sources.
Abdulkhai Zhamaletdinov

EGU2017-6017 | Posters | EMRP2.3

A Processing of very noisy LOTEM data from Hockley Salt Dome, Houston, Texas
Andri Yadi Paembonan, Rungroj Arjwech, Sonya Davydycheva, and Kurt M. Strack

EGU2017-17071 | Posters | EMRP2.3

Analysis, results and conclusion of magnetotelluric data acquired in northern Switzerland
Neeraj Shah, Friedemann Samrock, Alexander Grayver, and Martin O. Saar

EMRP3.1 – Environmental Magnetism: advances and perspectives

EGU2017-9398 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Characterization of soil contamination by using environmental magnetic techniques: example of the Ribatejo power plant
Ana Rita Braga Mendes, Eric Font, and Mariana Andrade

EGU2017-1012 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Linking speleothem and soil magnetism
Plinio Jaqueto, Ricardo Trindade, Valdir Novello, Francisco Cruz, and Joshua Feinberg

EGU2017-19330 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Magnetostratigraphy of the Miocene sediments at Háj u Duchcova and Sokolov (West Bohemia)
Petr Schnabl, Otakar Man, Tomáš Matys Grygar, Karel Mach, Šimon Kdýr, Kristýna Čížková, Petr Pruner, Karel Martínek, and Petr Rojík

EGU2017-11018 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Widespread occurrence of magnetic nanoparticle inclusions in marine sediments and their importance in paleomagnetism and environmental magnetism
Liao Chang, Andrew Roberts, David Heslop, Akira Hayashida, Jinhua Li, Xiang Zhao, and Qinghua Huang

EGU2017-3096 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Magnetic properties of airborne dust particles on rainy dust storms
Raegyung Ha and Yongjae Yu

EGU2017-5117 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Spatiotemporal distribution of magnetotactic bacteria in a freshwater pond
Kuang He, Stuart Gilder, and Nikolai Petersen

EGU2017-3775 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Magnetic Mineral diagenesis in changing water environments in the Black Sea since ∼41.6 ka
Jiabo Liu, Norbert Nowaczyk, Ute Frank, and Helge Arz

EGU2017-2150 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Diagenetic effects on magnetic minerals in Holocene lacustrine sediments core from Huguangyan maar lake, southeast China
Xudong Wu, Ji Shen, and Yong Wang

EGU2017-4235 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Technogenic magnetic particles (TMPs) of urban soils in steel industrial region of Northeast China: SEM and μ-XRF results
Lu Shenggao

EGU2017-18615 | Orals | EMRP3.1

The role of microstructures in magnetite on magnetic anomalies, a case-study from the Stardalur volcano, Iceland
Geertje ter Maat, Suzanne McEnroe, Nathan Church, Marianne Stange, and Karl Fabian

EGU2017-2797 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Geochemical normalization of magnetic susceptibility – a simple tool for distinction the sediment provenance and post-depositional processes in floodplain sediments
Martin Famera, Tomas Matys Grygar, and Jitka Elznicova

EGU2017-4905 | Posters | EMRP3.1

High resolution remanent magnetization scanner for long cores
François Demory, Yoann Quesnel, Minoru Uehara, Pierre Rochette, William Zylberman, Carole Romey, Laure Pignol, and Valérie Andrieu-Ponel

EGU2017-6161 | Posters | EMRP3.1

The magnetic properties of the Lake Bolshoe Yarovoe (Altai Region, Russia) sediments
Lina Kosareva, Danis Nourgaliev, Nuriia Nurgalieva, Valeriy Shcherbakov, Diliara Kuzina, Vadim Antonenko, Rinaz Akhmerov, Vladimir Evtugyn, and Vyacheslav Vorob’ev

EGU2017-919 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Speleothem Shape and Natural Remanent Magnetization
Jorge Ponte, Eric Font, Cristina Veiga-Pires, and Claude Hillaire-Marcel

EGU2017-7353 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Environmental magnetism and effective radium concentration: the case study of the painted cave of Pech Merle, France
Aude Isambert, Frédéric Girault, Frédéric Perrier, Hélène Bouquerel, and François Bourges

EGU2017-8693 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Magnetic tracing of material from a point source in a river system
Erwin Appel, Zhao Liu, Christina Mülller, Stanislav Frančišković-Bilinski, Wolfgang Rösler, and Qi Zhang

EGU2017-7453 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Environmental magnetism and magnetic mapping of urban metallic pollution (Paris, France)
Aude Isambert, Christine Franke, Mélina Macouin, Sonia Rousse, Aurélio Philip, and Sybille Henry de Villeneuve

EGU2017-14159 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Past variations of the deep circulation in the South China Sea reconstructed using magnetic properties of sediments.
Catherine Kissel, Zhimin Jian, and Carlo Laj

EGU2017-10613 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Chemical magnetization when determining Thellier paleointensity experiments in oceanic basalts
Alexey Tselebrovskiy and Valery Maksimochkin

EGU2017-7526 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Thermomagnetic identification of manganese and iron minerals present in soils and industrial dusts
Małgorzata Wawer, Marzena Rachwał, Mariola Jabłońska, Tomasz Krzykawski, and Tadeusz Magiera

EGU2017-13876 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Identification of Cr-magnetite in Neoproterozoic serpentinites resulting of Cr-Spinel alteration in a past hydrothermal system: Aït Ahmane ultramafic unit (Bou Azzer ophiolite, Anti Atlas, Morocco)
Florent Hodel, Mélina Macouin, Julie Carlut, Antoine Triantafyllou, Julien Berger, Ricardo Trindade, Nasser Ennih, and Sonia Rousse

EGU2017-7568 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Advanced methods of identification of the natural remanent magnetization carriers in meta-basites from Oscar II Land, Western Spitsbergen
Mariusz Burzyński, Krzysztof Michalski, Krzysztof Nejbert, Geoffrey Manby, and Justyna Domańska - Siuda

EGU2017-17814 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Magnetic mineralogy investigation of reference Permian-Triassic sequence at Kuznetsk Basin, Russia
Diliara Kuzina, Vladimir Silantшev, Danis Nurgaliev, Ilmir Gilmetdinov, and Radmir Aupov

EGU2017-8419 | Orals | EMRP3.1

Soil profiles’ development and differentiation as revealed by their magnetic signal
Neli Jordanova and Diana Jordanova

EGU2017-18248 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Determination of radiocarbon reservoir age of Lake Van by mineral magnetic and geochemical analysis
Ozlem Makaroglu, M. Namik Cagatay, Lauri J Pesonen, and Naci Orbay

EGU2017-16521 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Magnetic properties of serpentinized peridotites from the Dongbo ophiolite, SW Tibet
Zhiyong Li, Jianping Zheng, and Qingsheng Liu

EGU2017-11760 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Rock magnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility(AMS) of earthquake affected soft sediments: Examples from Shillong and Latur (Deccan Trap), India.
Dr.B.V. Lakshmi, Mr.Praveen B.Gawali, Dr. K. Deenadayalan, and Prof.D.S. Ramesh

EGU2017-9160 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Deciphering the magnetic and mineralogical record of the Deccan Traps at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary of the Zumaia section, Basque-Cantabric basin (Spain)
Eric Font, Thierry Adatte, Mariana Andrade, Gerta Keller, André Mbabi Bitchong, Claire Carvallo, Joana Ferreira, Zenaida Diogo, and José Mirão

EGU2017-6160 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Quantification of the effect of inhomogeneous magnetization or irregularity in shape on the measurement of remanent magnetization with a high-sensitivity multifunctional spinner magnetometer
Kazuto Kodama

EGU2017-12870 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Endmember analysis of isothermal and high-temperature magnetization data from ODP 910C, Yermak Plateau, NW Svalbard
Karl Fabian, Jochen Knies, Lina Kosareva, and Danis Nurgaliev

EGU2017-7321 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Discrimination between long-range transport and local pollution sources and precise delineation of polluted soil layers using integrated geophysical-geochemical methods.
Tadeusz Magiera, Marcin Szuszkiewisz, Maria Szuszkiewicz, and Bogdan Żogała

EGU2017-451 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Magnetic method as a tool to investigate glacier environments (Werenskioldbreen, SW Spitsbergen)
Magdalena Gwizdała, Maria Jeleńska, and Leszek Łęczyński

EGU2017-9102 | Posters | EMRP3.1

Effect of annealing on intrinsic magnetic properties in experimentally shocked magnetite
Agnes Kontny, Boris Reznik, Alexey Boubnov, Jörg Göttlicher, and Ralph Steininger

EMRP3.2 – Geomagnetic field variations in ancient times: new paleo/archeomagnetic data and models (co-organized)

EGU2017-1311 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Archaeomagnetic evidence of temporal diachronies in Middle-Palaeolithic palimpsests. A case study from El Salt (SE Spain)
Ángela Herrejón Lagunilla, Ángel Carrancho, Juan José Villalaín, Carolina Mallol, Cristo Manuel Hernández, and Bertila Galván

EGU2017-17385 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Archaeomagnetic SV curve for Belgium
Souad Ech-chakrouni and Jozef Hus

EGU2017-16450 | Posters | EMRP3.2

First archaeointensity catalogue and intensity secular variation curve for Iberia spanning the last 3000 years
Alberto Molina-Cardín, Saioa A. Campuzano, Mercedes Rivero, María Luisa Osete, Miriam Gómez-Paccard, José Carlos Pérez-Fuentes, F. Javier Pavón-Carrasco, Annick Chauvin, and Alicia Palencia-Ortas

EGU2017-6976 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Palaeointensity determinations on rocks from the Achaean- Paleoproterozoic dykes from the Karelian craton
Valera Shcherbakov, Valentina Shcherbakova, Natalia Lubnina, Grigory Zhidkov, and Vladimir Tsel'movich

EGU2017-16361 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Updated Iberian archaeomagnetic catalogue: new directional Palaeosecular Variation Curve for the last 3 millennia
Saioa A. Campuzano, Alberto Molina-Cardín, Mercedes Rivero, María Luisa Osete, Alicia Palencia-Ortas, José Carlos Pérez-Fuentes, F. Javier Pavón-Carrasco, and Miriam Gómez-Paccard

EGU2017-7555 | Orals | EMRP3.2 | Highlight

Paleomagnetic evidence for the persistence or recurrence of the South Atlantic geomagnetic Anomaly
Jay Shah, Anthony A P Koppers, Marko Leitner, Roman Leonhardt, Adrian R Muxworthy, Christoph Heunemann, Valerian Bachtadse, Jack A D Ashley, and Jürgen Matzka

EGU2017-12752 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Archaeomagnetic Records from Early Bronze to Iron Age Mediterranean Settlements
Pinar Ertepinar, Megan Hammond, Mimi Hill, Andy Biggin, Cor Langereis, Aslihan Yener, Murat Akar, Alan Greaves, Mary Gates, Timothy Harrison, and Ilknur Özgen

EGU2017-1402 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Environmental control on the paleo- and environmental magnetic record on the Yermak Plateau, Arctic Ocean
Steffen Wiers, Ian Snowball, Matt O'Regan, and Bjarne Almqvist

EGU2017-4828 | Posters | EMRP3.2

New arheomagnetic results of pottery from Neolithic settlement Sakhtysh-I (Teykovsky District, Ivanovo Region, Russia)
Olga Pilipenko, Inga Nachasova, Gennadiy Markov, and Yuriy Tsetlin

EGU2017-15177 | Orals | EMRP3.2

Analyzing the reliability of volcanic and archeomagnetic data by comparison with historical records
Patrick Arneitz, Ramon Egli, and Roman Leonhardt

EGU2017-631 | Posters | EMRP3.2

First palaeomagnetic results from Lake Ohau, New Zealand
Pontus Lurcock, Faye Nelson, Gary Wilson, Fabio Florindo, and Marcus Vandergoes

EGU2017-12126 | Orals | EMRP3.2

A cosmogenic radionuclide perspective on Holocene geomagnetic field changes in comparison to new geomagnetic field reconstructions
Raimund Muscheler, Andreas Nilsson, and Neil Suttie

EGU2017-6565 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Paleomagnetic study of an historical lava flow from the Llaima Volcano, Chile
Anita Di Chiara, Thiago Moncinhatto, Catalina Hernandez Moreno, Ricardo I.F. Trindade, and Javier F. Pavon Carrasco

EGU2017-16236 | Posters | EMRP3.2

A new regional geomagnetic field model for the last 3000 years in Europe based on the R-SCHA-2D technique
José Carlos Pérez Fuentes, F. Javier Pavón-Carrasco, Saioa A. Campuzano, Miriam Gómez-Paccard, and María Luisa Osete

EGU2017-8318 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Transdimensional Inference of Archeomagnetic Intensity Change
Phil Livermore, Alexandre Fournier, Yves Gallet, and Thomas Bodin

EGU2017-7705 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Further Evidence for Instability in Earth's Fluid Core from Paleomagnetic Intensity Records
Keith Aldridge and David McMillan

EGU2017-6901 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Peculiarities of the statistics of Gaussian coefficients obtained at numerical geodynamo simulations
Andrey Khokhlov, Florian Lhuillier, and Valeriy Shcherbakov

EGU2017-18723 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Prototyping a new, high-temperature SQUID magnetometer system
J. Michael Grappone, John Shaw, and Andrew J. Biggin

EGU2017-8679 | Posters | EMRP3.2

New paleomagnetic data from the Djhavakheti Highland volcanic region (Lesser Caucasus): The Plio-Pleistocene Dashbashi sequence.
Elisa María Sánchez-Moreno, Manuel Calvo-Rathert, Avto Gogichaishvili, Goga T. Vashakidze, and Vladimir A. Lebedev

EGU2017-7637 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Palaeointensity determinations and rock magnetic properties on rocks from Izu-Bonin-Mariana fore-arc (IODP Exp. 352).
Claire Carvallo, Pierre Camps, Will Sager, and Thierry Poidras

EGU2017-648 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Paleointensity Variation of The Earth’s Magnetic Field Obtained from Neogene and Quaternary Volcanic Rocks in Central Anatolian Plateau
Nurcan Kaya, Özlem Makaroğlu, and Z.Mümtaz Hisarlı

EGU2017-7264 | Posters | EMRP3.2

Palaeointensity of the Plio-Pleistocene Boring Volcanic Field
Florian Lhuillier, Valeriy Shcherbakov, Stuart A Gilder, and Jonathan T Hagstrum

EMRP3.3 – Paleomagnetism and magnetic fabric: Recent advances and links to tectonics and deep Earth dynamics

EGU2017-18492 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Past variability of the Indonesian Troughflow Using Magnetic Anisotropy and Sedimentary Grain Size in a Core from the Halmahera Sea
Luli Gustiantini, Catherine Kissel, Franck Bassinot, Rina Zuraida, and Aurelie Van Toer

EGU2017-3848 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility used to detect coring-induced sediment disturbance and filter palaeomagnetic secular variation data: IODP sites M0061 and M0062 (Baltic Sea)
Ian Snowball, Bjarne Almqvist, Bryan Lougheed, Anna Svensson, Steffen Wiers, and Emilio Herrero-Bervera

EGU2017-721 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Magnetic anisotropy of Silurian organic-rich shale rocks and calcareous concretions from Northern Poland
Dominika Niezabitowska and Rafał Szaniawski

EGU2017-4978 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Analogue sandbox experiments, anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) and paleomagnetism
Bjarne Almqvist and Hemin Koyi

EGU2017-15988 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Application of Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility to large-scale fault kinematics: an evaluation
Antonio M. Casas, Teresa Roman-Berdiel, Marcos Marcén, Belen Oliva-Urcia, Ruth Soto, Cristina Garcia-Lasanta, Pablo Calvin, Andres Pocovi, Andres Gil-Imaz, Oscar Pueyo-Anchuela, Esther Izquierdo-Llavall, Eva Vernet, Pablo Santolaria, Cinta Osacar, Pere Santanach, Sveva Corrado, Chiara Invernizzi, Luca Aldega, Chiara Caricchi, and Juan Jose Villalain

EGU2017-18572 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Late Eocene-Oligocene history of tectonic strain on the NE Tibetan plateau inferred from the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of the fluvio-lacustrine sediments in the Lanzhou Basin
Peng Zhang and Hong Ao

EGU2017-8291 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Magnetic anisotropy and bottom-current strength during the last glacial period in the North West Iberian Margin
Daniel Rey, Maider Plaza-Morlote, Kais J Mohamed, Josep M Parés, Ana M Bernabeu, Nadia El Mekadem, and Belén Rubio

EGU2017-9365 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Precisions on the structure of the Basque Arc (western Pyrenees, Spain): preliminary results from magnetic fabrics from the Biscay Synclinorium
Néstor Vegas, Aitor Aranguren, Lidia Rodríguez-Méndez, Julia Cuevas, José María Tubía, and José Julián Esteban

EGU2017-12816 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Structure of the Rangel alkaline complex (Salta, NW Argentina)
Nestor Vegas, Fernando Hongn, José María Tubía, Nilda Menegatti, Aitor Aranguren, and Lidia Rodriguez-Méndez

EGU2017-1334 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Rock-magnetic and AMS studies of the Early Triassic rocks from Spitsbergen
Katarzyna Dudzisz, Rafał Szaniawski, Krzysztof Michalski, and Geoffrey Manby

EGU2017-17085 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Tectonic overprint on magnetic fabric of the Ordovician Thetford Mines Ophiolite (Canada)
Anita Di Chiara, Antony Morris, Mark W. Anderson, and Luca Menegon

EGU2017-19018 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Magnetic fabrics in tectonically inverted sedimentary basins: a review
Cristina García-Lasanta, Teresa Román-Berdiel, Antonio Casas-Sainz, Belén Oliva-Urcia, Ruth Soto, and Esther Izquierdo-Llavall

EGU2017-18643 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Magnetic fabric analyses in analogue models of clays
Cristina García-Lasanta, Teresa Román-Berdiel, Esther Izquierdo-Llavall, and Antonio Casas-Sainz

EGU2017-7091 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Anisotropies of field-dependent in-phase and out-of-phase magnetic susceptibilities of some pyrrhotite-bearing rocks
Frantisek Hrouda, Martin Chadima, and Josef Jezek

EGU2017-3542 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Anisotropy of Remanent Magnetization: What Works Best
Ann Hirt

EGU2017-13156 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Magnetic fabric of fault breccia: Revealing the direction of the Cretaceous nappe-stacking in the Inner Western Carpathians by AMS analyses
Hannah Pomella, Szilvia Kövér, and László Fodor

EGU2017-3244 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Variation of magnetic anisotropy with coercivity in rocks with multiple remanence carriers, as shown by anisotropy of remanence experiments
Andrea Regina Biedermann, Dario Bilardello, Mike Jackson, Peter Solheid, and Joshua M. Feinberg

EGU2017-14517 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Relationships between AMS fabric acquisition and fluid circulations in extensional regime on the Maltese archipelago
Philippe Robion, Yves Missenard, and Muriel Rocher

EGU2017-15515 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Formation of Mass Transport Deposits on the Submarine Bank of Portimão (Gulf of Cadiz, SW Iberia)
Pedro Silva, Cristina Roque, Teresa Drago, Ana Lopes, Belen Alonso, Juan Vázquéz, David Casas, Nieves Lopéz, Gemma Ercilla, and Marta Neres

EGU2017-15608 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Interpretation of remagnetization directions by Small Circle methods. Application to various tectonic problems
Juan José Villalaín, Antonio Casas, Pablo Calvín, Ruth Soto-Marín, Sara Torres, and Bennacer Moussaid

EGU2017-13232 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Paleomagnetic study on the Triassic rocks of the northern Qiangtang Block, Tibetan Plateau and their tectonic implications
Zhou Yanan, Cheng Xin, Peng Ximing, Yang Xingfeng, and Wu Hanning

EGU2017-4853 | Posters | EMRP3.3

AMS of salt rocks of the Northern German Basin
Frances Heinrich and Volkmar Schmidt

EGU2017-6264 | Posters | EMRP3.3

The relation between anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) and mineral filling of foraminifers
Anastasia Guzhikova, Vladimir Grishchenko, Arseny Surinsky, and Vladimir Tselmovich

EGU2017-7127 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Paleomagnetic data from the Middle Permian rocks in North Tibet and their implications for tectonic evolution of northern Qiangtang-Qamdo block
Peng Ximing, Wu Hanning, Cheng Xin, Erwin Appel, Zhou Yanan, Yang Xingfeng, Fan Wenjing, and Li Yuyu

EGU2017-8797 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Linking Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) to transport direction: The Gavarnie Thrust, Axial Zone, Pyrenees
Marcos Marcén, Antonio Casas-Sainz, Teresa Román-Berdiel, Ruth Soto, and Belén Oliva-Urcía

EGU2017-8324 | Orals | EMRP3.3

A new Triassic shortening-extrusion tectonic model for Central-EasternAsia: Structural, geochronological and paleomagnetic investigations in the Xilamulun Fault (North China)
Pan Zhao, Michel Faure, Yan Chen, and Bei Xu

EGU2017-10343 | Orals | EMRP3.3

An online tool on to test kinematic restorations against paleomagnetic data
Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen and Mathijs R. Koymans

EGU2017-17522 | Posters | EMRP3.3

“Anomalous” magnetic fabrics of dikes in the stable single domain/superparamagnetic threshold
Carles Soriano, Elisabet Beamud, Miguel Garcés, and Michael Ort

EGU2017-9567 | Orals | EMRP3.3 | Highlight

Absolute plate tectonic reconstructions of Siberia in Paleozoic: anchoring longitudes and constraining igneous provinces
Vadim Kravchinsky, Ben Lysak, and Lei Wu

EGU2017-3101 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Magnetic fabric teases out the source vent of ash-flow tuffs
Yun Ah Kim, Hoabin Hong, Hanul Kim, Raegyung Ha, and Yongjae Yu

EGU2017-4045 | Orals | EMRP3.3

Superplumes and single plumes: their magmatic trails on moving lithospheric plates.
Victor Puchkov

EGU2017-298 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility Studies in Lava Flows of the Eastern Anatolia Region, Turkey
Hakan Ucar and Mualla Cengiz Cinku

EGU2017-12522 | Orals | EMRP3.3 | Highlight

Characterisation and Implications of an Exceptionally Weak Time-averaged Geomagnetic field in the Devonian (360-420 Ma)
Andy Biggin, Louise Hawkins, Valia Shcherbakova, Taslima Anwar, Vadim Kravchinsky, Andrey Shatsillo, Valeriy Shcherbakov, Roman Veselovskiy, and Vladimir Pavlov

EGU2017-3337 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Interpreting inverse magnetic fabric in dikes from Eastern Iceland
Daniele Trippanera, Stefano Urbani, Massimiliano Porreca, Valerio Acocella, Catherine Kissel, Leonardo Sagnotti, and Aldo Winkler

EGU2017-15606 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Flow dynamics of dacite lava flow - AMS, microstructure and porosity case study
Prokop Závada, Vladimír Kusbach, Matěj Machek, Martin Staněk, and Aleš Špičák

EGU2017-12567 | Orals | EMRP3.3 | Highlight

Long term evolution of Earth’s magnetic field strength: Supercontinent cycles and nucleation of the inner core
Uwe Kirscher, Ross N. Mitchell, Grant Cox, Paul Asimow, Nan Zhang, and Zheng-Xiang Li

EGU2017-7706 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of the large dolerite sills of the Angara-Taseeva depression (the Siberian Traps LIP) and the magma flow reconstructions
Anton Latyshev, Polina Ulyahina, and Roman Veselovskiy

EGU2017-9887 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) in the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex, eastern Finland
Bjarne Almqvist, Fredrik Karell, Karin Högdahl, Alireza Malehmir, Pasi Heino, and Aleksi Salo

EGU2017-9457 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Structural evolution of the La Paya pluton (Sierra de Cachi, NW Argentina): insights from the study of its magnetic fabric
Aitor Aranguren, Fernando Hongn, José María Tubía, and Néstor Vegas

EGU2017-8330 | Posters | EMRP3.3

The Eburnean Tinguicht pluton (Yetti domain, Algeria) emplacement evidenced by geological and geophysical data.
Nacer Merabet, Yamina Mahdjoub, Abdeslam Abtout, Bernard Henry, Said Maouche, Mohamed Kahoui, and Atmane Lamali

EGU2017-18722 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Crystal mush flow in a small concentrically expanded pluton (Castle Crags pluton; Klamath Mountains, CA, USA)
Matej Machek, Prokop Závada, Eduard Petrovský, Zuzana Roxerová, and Aleš Špičák

EGU2017-1645 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Postorogenic emplacement of the Santa Marta Batholith, northwestern flank of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM).
Johan Miguel Sebastian Sanchez Sierra and Andreas Kammer

EGU2017-718 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Magnetic fabric and Petrofabric of Amphibolites in Eastern Himalaya Syntaxis
Wenjing Li, Junfeng Zhang, and Haijun Xu

EGU2017-10747 | Posters | EMRP3.3

Magnetic fabrics in amphibolites
Andrea Regina Biedermann, Ann M Hirt, and Karsten Kunze