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ERE – Energy, Resources and the Environment

ERE1.1 – Energy, Resources & the Environment

EGU2017-448 | Posters | ERE1.1

Thorium Energy Resources and its Potential of Georgian Republic, The Caucasus
Salome Gogoladze and Avtandil Okrostsvaridze

EGU2017-348 | Orals | ERE1.1

¡VAMOS! (Viable Alternative Mine Operating System) – a ‘Horizon 2020’ project
Cameron Sword, Balazs Bodo, Stef Kapusniak, Frank Bosman, Jenny Rainbird, and Eduardo Silva

EGU2017-584 | Orals | ERE1.1 | Highlight

UNEXMIN H2020 Project: an underwater explorer for flooded mines
Luís Lopes, Norbert Zajzon, Balázs Bodo, Stephen Henley, Gorazd Žibret, José Almeida, Csaba Vörös, Janos Horvath, Tatjana Dizdarevič, Claudio Rossi, and Mike McLoughlin

EGU2017-3127 | Posters | ERE1.1

Effects of Coal Combustion Additives on the Forms and Recovery of Uranium in Coal Bottom Ash
Ye Tang and Yilian Li

EGU2017-2722 | Posters | ERE1.1

Development of a portable NanoAptamer analyzer for the detection of bisphenol A
Ahjeong Son, Hyun Jeong Lim, and Beelee Chua

EGU2017-10899 | Orals | ERE1.1

Scoping Future Policy Dynamics in Raw Materials Through Scenarios Testing
Vitor Correia, Christopher Keane, Flavius Sturm, Sven Schimpf, and Balazs Bodo

EGU2017-724 | Orals | ERE1.1

Potential impacts of materials on future low carbon transition : A case of low carbon technologies in road-transport sector
Seyed Mehdi Mohaghegh and Ilkka Keppo

EGU2017-4015 | Posters | ERE1.1

Evaluation of resources and environment carrying capacity and socio-economic pressure in typical ecological regions, China
Huang Qiusen and Xu Xinyi

EGU2017-932 | Orals | ERE1.1

The use of foresight methods in strategic raw materials intelligence - an international review
Marco Antonio Konrat Martins, Balazs Bodo, and Eberhard Falck

EGU2017-15698 | Posters | ERE1.1

Seasonal changes in chemical and mineralogical composition of sewage sludge incineration residues and their potential for metallic elements and valuable components recovery
Monika Kasina, Piotr R. Kowalski, and Marek Michalik

EGU2017-5297 | Orals | ERE1.1

Evaluating the landscape impact of renewable energy plants
Romanos Ioannidis and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2017-4627 | Posters | ERE1.1

Geothermal projects funded under the NER 300 programme – current state of development and knowledge gained
Ruth Shortall and Andreas Uihlein

EGU2017-14899 | Orals | ERE1.1

Techno-economic analysis of integrated onshore and offshore UCG-CCS systems to produce electricity, SNG and urea
Natalie Nakaten, Krzysztof Kapusta, Dorota Burchart-Korol, and Thomas Kempka

EGU2017-6235 | Posters | ERE1.1

Strontium (Sr) separation from seawater using titanate adsorbents: Effects of seawater matrix ions on Sr sorption behavior
Jungho Ryu, Hye-jin Hong, Taegong Ryu, and In-Su Park

EGU2017-6454 | Posters | ERE1.1

Next generation of CO2 enhanced water recovery with subsurface energy storage in China
Qi Li, Michael Kühn, Jianli Ma, and Zhiyong Niu

EGU2017-4817 | Orals | ERE1.1 | Highlight

Probability-of-success studies for geothermal projects: from subsurface data to geological risk analysis
Sandra Schumacher, Roberto Pierau, and Wolfgang Wirth

EGU2017-13705 | Orals | ERE1.1

Monitoring fugitive CH4 and CO2 emissions from a closed landfill at Tenerife, Canary Islands
María Asensio-Ramos, Mitchell R.K. Tompkins, Lara A.K. Turtle, Marta García-Merino, Cecilia Amonte, Fátima Rodrígez, Eleazar Padrón, Gladys V. Melián, Germán Padilla, José Barrancos, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2017-6765 | Posters | ERE1.1

Recovery of ferrous and nonferrous metal from ASR by physical separation
Min-gyu kim, Oh-hyung han, and Chul-hyun park

EGU2017-18550 | Orals | ERE1.1

Water footprint assessment along the wheat-bread value chain towards the sustainable use of freshwater in South Africa
Pascalina Mohlotsane, Enoch Owusu-Sekyere, and Henry Jordaan

EGU2017-6813 | Posters | ERE1.1

Removal of arsenic in flotation of galena and sphalerite
Dae-hwan yu, Min-kyu kim, Oh-hyung han, and Chul-hyun park

EGU2017-796 | Orals | ERE1.1

Integrated water resources management : A case study in the Hehei river basin, China
Siqi Jia and Xiangzheng Deng

EGU2017-4609 | Posters | ERE1.1

Technology, market and policy aspects of geothermal energy in Europe
Ruth Shortall and Andreas Uihlein

EGU2017-6939 | Posters | ERE1.1

Hydrocarbon potential of the Early Oligocene Menilite shales in the Eastern Outer Carpathians (Tarcău and Vrancea Nappes, Romania)
Małgorzata Wendorff, Mariusz Rospondek, Bartosz Kluska, and Leszek Marynowski

EGU2017-5847 | Orals | ERE1.1

Ecological security pattern construction based on ecological protection redlines in China
Changxin Zou

EGU2017-6928 | Posters | ERE1.1

Application of Low cost Spirulina growth medium using Deep sea water
Dae-hack lim, Bong-ju kim, Sung-jae lee, Nag-chul choi, and Cheon-young park

EGU2017-6968 | Posters | ERE1.1

Enhancement of gold grade through arsenic removal in the gold concentrate using sulfuric acid baking and hot water leaching
Hyun-sung on, Dae-hack lim, Eun-ji myung, Hyun-soo kim, and Cheon-young park

EGU2017-7000 | Posters | ERE1.1

Improvement in gold grade from iron-oxide mineral using reduction roasting and magnetic separation
Hyun-soo kim, Hyun-sung on, Dae-hack lim, Eun-ji myung, and Cheon-young park

EGU2017-7121 | Posters | ERE1.1

The optimization of As and Bi removal from sulfur minerals by electrochemical separation
Eun-ji myung, Hyun-soo kim, Kang-hee cho, Nag-chul choi, and Cheon-young park

EGU2017-9494 | Posters | ERE1.1

Relationship between organic pollution and the occurrence of toxic Phytoplankton species in the Lebanese coastal waters
Abed El Rahman Hassoun

EGU2017-18461 | Posters | ERE1.1

Water and Energy Services in Times of War _ The Political Crisis of Yemen, 2011 – 2016
Musaed Aklan, Charlotte de Fraiture, and Laszlo Hayde

EGU2017-15150 | Posters | ERE1.1

\textbf{Methane emission to the atmosphere from landfills in the Canary Islands}
Pedro A. Hernández, María Asensio-Ramos, Fátima Rodríguez, Mar Alonso, Marta García-Merino, Cecilia Amonte, Gladys V. Melián, José Barrancos, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Delgado, Marta Hernández-Abad, Erica Pérez, Monica Alonso, Franco Tassi, Brunella Raco, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2017-12527 | Posters | ERE1.1

New Insights into Struvite Formation: Relevance for Phosphorus Recovery from Wastewaters
Jörn Hövelmann, Christine V. Putnis, Tomasz M. Stawski, Rogier Besselink, and Liane G. Benning

EGU2017-14041 | Posters | ERE1.1

Assess the environmental health status of macrophyte ecosystems using an oxidative stress biomarker. Case studies: The Gulf of Aqaba and the Lagoon of Venice
Mohammad Wahsha, Abdul-Salam Juhmani, Alessandro Buosi, Andrea Sfriso, and Adriano Sfriso

EGU2017-18780 | Posters | ERE1.1

Modelling urban sustainability to support policy design: the example of Aveiro Coastal Lagoon Region
Tanya de Jesus Esteves, Fátima Lopes Alves, and Eric de Noronha Vaz

EGU2017-15396 | Posters | ERE1.1

Metallic elements occurrences within metallic fragments in the municipal waste incineration bottom ash
Piotr Kowalski, Monika Kasina, and Marek Michalik

ERE1.2 – Energy and environmental system interactions – Policy and modelling

EGU2017-15497 | Orals | ERE1.2

Mapping the impacts of thermoelectric power generation: a global, spatially explicit database
Catherine Raptis and Stephan Pfister

EGU2017-4361 | Posters | ERE1.2

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Kazakhstan: Trends and Analyses
Marat Karatayev, Pedro Rivotti, Zenaida Sobral Mourão, D. Dennis Konadu, and Michèle Clarke

EGU2017-15648 | Orals | ERE1.2

Hydroclimatic risks and uncertainty in the global power sector
Matthew Gidden, Edward Byers, Peter Greve, Taher Kahil, Simon Parkinson, Catherine Raptis, Joeri Rogelj, Yusuke Satoh, Michelle van Vliet, Yoshide Wada, Volker Krey, Simon Langan, and Keywan Riahi

EGU2017-14881 | Posters | ERE1.2

A scenario elicitation methodology to identify the drivers of electricity infrastructure cost in South America
Nandi Moksnes, Constantinos Taliotis, Oliver Broad, Gustavo de Moura, and Mark Howells

EGU2017-6925 | Posters | ERE1.2

Powering Africa - Projected costs and emissions
Ioannis Pappis, Constantinos Taliotis, Mark Howells, and Nicolina Lindblad

EGU2017-4163 | Orals | ERE1.2

Impact of future energy policy on water resources in Kazakhstan
Pedro Rivotti, Marat Karatayev, Zenaida Sobral Mourão, Nilay Shah, Michèle Clarke, and D. Dennis Konadu

EGU2017-18598 | Posters | ERE1.2

Towards a more sustainable transport infrastructure: how spatial geological data can be utilized to improve early stage Life cycle assessment of road infrastructure
Caroline Karlsson, Sofiia Miliutenko, Anna Björklund, Ulla Mörtberg, Bo Olofsson, and Susanna Toller

EGU2017-287 | Orals | ERE1.2

Whole system analysis of second generation bioenergy production and Ecosystem Services in Europe
Dagmar Henner, Pete Smith, Christian Davies, and Niall McNamara

EGU2017-2650 | Orals | ERE1.2

Global CLEWs model - A novel application of OSeMOSYS
Georgios Avgerinopoulos, Eunice Pereira Ramos, and Mark Howells

EGU2017-17630 | Posters | ERE1.2 | Highlight

MoManI: a tool to facilitate research, analysis, and teaching of computer models
Mark Howells, Martynas Pelakauskas, Youssef Almulla, Alan H.Tkaczyk, and Eduardo Zepeda

EGU2017-8571 | Posters | ERE1.2

Evaluating Decoupling Process in OECD Countries: Case Study of Turkey
Nazan An, Meltem Şengün Ucal, and M.Levent Kurnaz

EGU2017-10035 | Orals | ERE1.2

Decarbonizing the Global Economy – An Integrated Assessment of Low Carbon Emission Scenarios proposed in Climate Policy
Sascha Hokamp and Mohammad Mohammadi Khabbazan

EGU2017-15078 | Posters | ERE1.2

Climate Vulnerability of Hydro-power infrastructure in the Eastern African Power Pool
Vignesh Sridharan

EGU2017-15215 | Posters | ERE1.2

Integrated resource assessment of the Drina River Basin
Youssef Almulla, Eunice Ramos, Francesco Gardumi, and Mark Howells

EGU2017-15758 | Posters | ERE1.2

Linking the open source, spatial electrification tool (ONSSET) and the open source energy modelling system (OSeMOSYS), with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa
Dimitrios Mentis, Mark Howells, Holger Rogner, Alexandros Korkovelos, Christopher Arderne, Shahid Siyal, Eduardo Zepeda, Constantinos Taliotis, Morgan Bazilian, Ad de Roo, Yann Tanvez, Alexandre Oudalov, and Ernst Scholtz

EGU2017-18374 | Posters | ERE1.2

Assessment of air quality and climate co-benefits of decarbonisation of the UK energy system using remote sensing and model simulations – the case for prioritizing end uses in urban areas
Zenaida Sobral Mourao, Daniel Dennis Konadu, Richard Damoah, and Pei-hao Li

EGU2017-15638 | Posters | ERE1.2

GIS-based preliminary wind-hydrogen energy assessment: A case study for Pakistan
Shahid Hussain Siyal, Miles Hopper, Adrian Lefvert, Dimitris Mentis, Alexandros Korkovelos, Oier Lopez De Briñas Gorosabel, Cristina Varela González, and Mark Howells

EGU2017-6825 | Posters | ERE1.2

A geospatial assessment of mini/small hydropower potential in Sub-Saharan Africa
Alexandros Korkovelos, Dimitrios Mentis, Shahid Hussain Siyal, Christopher Arderne, Hylke Beck, Ad de Roo, and Mark Howells

EGU2017-17102 | Posters | ERE1.2

Assessing the feasibility of high-density subsurface heat extraction in urban areas
Corinna Abesser and Jonathan Busby

EGU2017-18574 | Posters | ERE1.2 | Highlight

Advancements in OSeMOSYS – the Open Source energy MOdelling SYStem
Francesco Gardumi, Youssef Almulla, Abhishek Shivakumar, Constantinos Taliotis, and Mark Howells

EGU2017-19619 | Posters | ERE1.2

A Contingency View of the Strategies of Sustainable Development and Disclosure: Study of ENR’s Top 10 Contractors
Shih Ping Ho, Chong Yang Yu, and Yaowen Hsu

EGU2017-13939 | Posters | ERE1.2

Cost-Risk Trade-off of Solar Radiation Management and Mitigation under Probabilistic Information on Climate Sensitivity
Mohammad Mohammadi Khabbazan, Elnaz Roshan, and Hermann Held

EGU2017-19406 | Posters | ERE1.2

K-BREF(Korean BAT reference document) development : BAT and BAT-AELs for large combustion plants and waste incinerators in Korea.
Heungmin Yoo, Daegyun Lee, and Jaehong Park

EGU2017-19402 | Posters | ERE1.2

Korea’s transition to the IPCC : Introduction of BAT-based Integrated ACT
Daegyun Lee, Heungmin Yoo, and Younglan Kim

EGU2017-10720 | Posters | ERE1.2

Impact of CO2 emissions on the geoecological state of landscapes of the British Isles: carbon footprint versus the assimilation potential
Emma Romanova, Anton Bulokhov, and Marina Arshinova

EGU2017-16638 | Posters | ERE1.2

Does race matters in consumers’ stated preferences for water and carbon footprints labelled food products? Insights from black and white South Africans
Enoch Owusu-Sekyere and Henry Jordaan

EGU2017-8070 | Posters | ERE1.2

On-farm renewables and resilience: a water-energy-food nexus case study
Lindsay Todman

EGU2017-14454 | Posters | ERE1.2

Investigating competing uses of unevenly distributed resources in Nicaragua applying the Climate, Land Use (Food), Energy and Water strategies framework
Eunice Ramos, Vignesh Sridharan, and Mark Howells

ERE1.4 – Fracture, mechanics and flow in tight reservoirs (co-organized)

EGU2017-8850 | Orals | ERE1.4

Distribution and arrest of vertical through-going joints in shallow-water carbonates: Insights from an integrated virtual outcrop – field structural analysis of a reservoir-scale exposure (Sorrento Peninsula, Italy)
Amerigo Corradetti, Stefano Tavani, Mariano Parente, Alessandro Iannace, Francesco Vinci, Carlos Pirmez, Stefano Torrieri, Maurizio Giorgioni, Antonio Pignalosa, and Stefano Mazzoli

EGU2017-16607 | Posters | ERE1.4

Stress inversion using borehole images and geometry evolution of the fractures in the Rittershoffen EGS project (Alsace, France).
Jérôme Azzola, Benoît Valley, Jean Schmittbuhl, Albert Genter, and Régis Hehn

EGU2017-49 | Posters | ERE1.4

Analysis of flow pathway in a potential granitic host rock using Taiwan’s K-area reference case data
Tai-Sheng Liou, Roohollah Kalatehjari, Neng-Chuan Tien, Cheng-Kuo Lin, and Sung-Yang Huang

EGU2017-15559 | Orals | ERE1.4

Stress-sensitive permeability: application to fault integrity during gas production
Mohammed-Ali Ghanimi, Yves Leroy, and Arjan Kamp

EGU2017-5710 | Orals | ERE1.4

A broadband laboratory study of the seismic properties of cracked and fluid-saturated synthetic glass media
Yang Li, Emmanuel David, Seiji Nakagawa, Timothy Kneafsey, Douglas Schmitt, and Ian Jackson

EGU2017-1083 | Posters | ERE1.4

The Interactions of tensile fractures with the surrounding lithology and other tensile fractures
Alexander Hornby

EGU2017-1597 | Orals | ERE1.4

Fluid driven fracture mechanics in highly anisotropic shale: a laboratory study with application to hydraulic fracturing
Stephan Gehne, Philip Benson, Nick Koor, and Mark Enfield

EGU2017-2698 | Posters | ERE1.4

A parallel program for numerical simulation of discrete fracture network and groundwater flow
Ting-Wei Huang, Tai-Sheng Liou, and Roohollah Kalatehjari

EGU2017-9838 | Orals | ERE1.4

Multiscale pore networks and their effect on deformation and transport property alteration associated with hydraulic fracturing
Hugh Daigle, Nicholas Hayman, Han Jiang, Xiao Tian, and Chunbi Jiang

EGU2017-3511 | Posters | ERE1.4

Fracture distribution and porosity in a fault-bound hydrothermal system (Grimsel Pass, Swiss Alps)
Daniel Egli, Sulamith Küng, Rahel Baumann, Alfons Berger, Ludovic Baron, and Marco Herwegh

EGU2017-4447 | Orals | ERE1.4

Deformation mechanisms and resealing of damage zones in experimentally deformed cemented and un-cemented clay-rich geomaterials, at low bulk strain
Guillaume Desbois, Janos L. Urai, Bernhardt Schuck, Nadine Hoehne, Anne Oelker, Pierre Bésuelle, Gioacchino Viggiani, Joyce Schmatz, and Jop Klaver

EGU2017-13673 | Posters | ERE1.4

Swelling behaviour of Early Jurassic shales when exposed to water vapour
Maartje Houben, Auke Barnhoorn, Colin Peach, and Martyn Drury

EGU2017-6735 | Posters | ERE1.4

The propagation of fractures in finely-layered reservoir rocks
Lisanne Douma, Faroek Janmahomed, Giovanni Bertotti, and Auke Barnhoorn

EGU2017-4996 | Posters | ERE1.4

Fault-related controls on hydrothermal flows in Eastern Pyrénées (France)
Audrey Taillefer, Roger Soliva, Laurent Guillou-Frottier, Elisabeth Le Goff, and Guillaume Martin

EGU2017-14205 | Posters | ERE1.4

Pervasive faulting revealed by acoustic blanking: a potential explanation for large thermal anomalies in the Anglo-Paris Basin?
Jacques Dentzer, Dominique Bruel, Matthias Delescluse, Nicolas Chamot-Rooke, Laurent Beccaletto, Simon Lopez, Gabriel Courrioux, and Sophie Violette

EGU2017-8689 | Posters | ERE1.4

Pre-folding fracture development in the Lurestan region of the Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt: constraints from early fracture sets in the Shabazan and Asmari Formations
Amerigo Corradetti, Stefano Tavani, Francesco D'Assisi Tramparulo, Ernesto Paolo Prinzi, Stefano Vitale, Mariano Parente, Davoud Morsalnejad, and Stefano Mazzoli

EGU2017-13261 | Posters | ERE1.4

Macro-scale deformation behavior and characterization of deformation mechanisms below µm-scale in experimentally deformed Boom Clay by using the combination of triaxial compression, X-ray µ-CT imaging, DIC, BIB cross sectioning, and SEM
Anne Oelker, Guillaume Desbois, Janos L. Urai, Pierre Bésuelle, Gioacchino Viggiani, and Séverine Levasseur

EGU2017-2110 | Posters | ERE1.4

Cracked and full of sand: microstructural insights into how oil gets into a crystalline basement reservoir
Bob Holdsworth, Ken McCaffrey, and Eddie Dempsey

EGU2017-3139 | Posters | ERE1.4

Percolation of fracture networks and stereology
Jean-Francois Thovert, Valeri Mourzenko, and Pierre Adler

EGU2017-6577 | Posters | ERE1.4

Laboratory experiments versus theory for the initiation of radial hydraulic fracture transverse to a wellbore
Brice Lecampion, Jean Desroches, Robert G. Jeffrey, Andrew Bunger, Jeffrey Burghardt, and Sergey Stanchits

EGU2017-7880 | Posters | ERE1.4

Mechanical behavior of limestone undergoing brittle-ductile transition: experiments and model
Aurélien Nicolas, Jérôme Fortin, Berend Verberne, Jean-Baptiste Regnet, Oliver Plümper, Alexandre Dimanov, Christopher Spiers, and Yves Guéguen

ERE1.6 – Securing sustainable supplies of mineral resources for the low carbon economy

EGU2017-19039 | Posters | ERE1.6 | Highlight

The future of European mining: What should our mining industry learn from the Skouries and Rosia Montana community gold conflicts
Liam Hardy, Shaun Heller, Rowan Faltyn, Anna Stefanaki, Romina Economidou, Irina Savin, Leo Hood, and Christopher Conway

EGU2017-9531 | Posters | ERE1.6

Low-Impact Exploration for Gold in the Scottish Caledonides.
Samuel Rice, Simon Cuthbert, Andrew Hursthouse, and Gabriele Broetto

EGU2017-7633 | Posters | ERE1.6

REE concentration processes in ion adsorption deposits: Evidence from Madagascar and China.
Martin Smith, Guillaume Estrade, Eva Marquis, Kathryn Goodenough, Peter Nasun, Xu Cheng, and Jindrich Kynicky

EGU2017-7748 | Posters | ERE1.6

Origin of heavy REE mineralisation in carbonatites: Constraints form the Huanglongpu Mo-HREE deposit, Qinling, China.
Martin Smith, Xu Cheng, Jindrich Kynicky, Delia Cangelosi, and Song Wenlei

EGU2017-18966 | Posters | ERE1.6

Applying a new understanding of supergene REE deposit formation to global exploration initiatives for environmentally sustainable resources
Liam Hardy, Martin Smith, Leo Hood, Shaun Heller, Rowan Faltyn, Astrid Blum, and Axel Bamberger

EGU2017-3325 | Posters | ERE1.6

The geological and microbiological controls on the enrichment of Se and Te in sedimentary rocks
Liam Bullock, John Parnell, Joseph Armstrong, Adrian Boyce, and Magali Perez

EGU2017-17170 | Posters | ERE1.6

Resolving the Distribution of Energy Critical Elements in Ore Systems through in situ Chemical mapping of Mineral Phases
Sean H. McClenaghan

EGU2017-17067 | Posters | ERE1.6

Geochemistry and U-Pb hydrothermal monazite geochronology of uraniferous greisen veins in the high heat production Mt. Douglas Granite, NB Canada: implications for post-magmatic hydrothermal activity
Nadia Mohammadi, Christopher McFarlane, and David Lentz

EGU2017-8577 | Posters | ERE1.6

Mineralogical variation of skarn ore from the Tellerhäuser deposit, Pöhla, Germany
Bethany Simons, Jens Christian Andersen, Gavyn Rollinson, Robin Armstrong, Alla Dolgopolova, Reimar Seltmann, Chris Stanley, and Marco Roscher

EGU2017-9330 | Posters | ERE1.6

Understanding the residence of Co in ore minerals - towards the development of novel Co extraction strategies for laterite deposits
Agnieszka Dybowska, Rachel Norman, Paul Schofield, and Richard Herrington

ERE2.1 – Environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing: Measurements, monitoring, mitigation and management

EGU2017-13750 | Orals | ERE2.1 | Highlight

Shale Gas and Oil in Germany – Resources and Environmental Impacts
Stefan Ladage, Martin Blumenberg, Georg Houben, Helena Pfunt, Nicolai Gestermann, Dieter Franke, and Jochen Erbacher and the NIKO Project Team

EGU2017-8388 | Posters | ERE2.1

Monitoring environmental effects of shale gas exploitation at Wysin in Poland.
Stanislaw Lasocki, Janusz Mirek, Wojciech Bialon, Szymon Cielesta, Mateusz Lasak, Simone Cesca, Jose Angel Lopez Comino, Torsten Dahm, Roberto Scarpa, Andrew Gunning, Nelly Montcoudiol, Catherine Isherwood, Janusz Jaroslawski, and Jakub Guzikowski

EGU2017-6941 | Orals | ERE2.1 | Highlight

The challenges of a possible exploitation of shale gas in Denmark
Ole S. Jacobsen, Jacob Kidmose, Anders R. Johnsen, Peter Gravesen, and Niels H. Schovsbo

EGU2017-1874 | Posters | ERE2.1

Assessing the induced seismicity by hydraulic fracturing at the Wysin site (Poland)
José Ángel López Comino, Simone Cesca, Marius Kriegerowski, Sebastian Heimann, Torsten Dahm, Janusz Mirek, and Stanislaw Lasocky

EGU2017-2804 | Posters | ERE2.1

Space-Time Evolution of Seismicity in North-Western Geysers Geothermal Field and its Connection to Stimulation Processes
Konstantinos Leptokaropoulos, Monika Staszek, Stanislaw Lasocki, Grzegorz Kwiatek, and Patricia Martinez-Garzon

EGU2017-2817 | Orals | ERE2.1

Temporal changes of static stress drop as a proxy for poroelastic effects at The Geysers geothermal field, California
Monika Staszek, Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Stanislaw Lasocki, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Konstantinos Leptokaropoulos, and Patricia Martinez-Garzon

EGU2017-18281 | Orals | ERE2.1

Determining the hydraulic and fracture properties of the Coal Seam Gas well by numerical modelling and GLUE analysis
Sara Askarimarnani, Garry Willgoose, and Stephen Fityus

EGU2017-4496 | Posters | ERE2.1

Enhancement of seismic monitoring in hydrocarbon reservoirs
Enrico Caffagni and Götz Bokelmann

EGU2017-8657 | Posters | ERE2.1

A New Method to simulate Shear and Tensile Failure due to Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
Berta María Gómez Castro, Silvia De Simone, and Jesús Carrera

EGU2017-3238 | Orals | ERE2.1

Using the velocity of seismic waves estimated from ambient seismic noise to assess the results of hydro-fracturing and the exploitation of shale-rock formations
Henryk Marcak, Mateusz Lasak, and Janusz Mirek

EGU2017-7694 | Orals | ERE2.1

Shale gas impacts on groundwater resources: insights from monitoring a fracking site in Poland
Nelly Montcoudiol, Catherine Isherwood, Andrew Gunning, Thomas Kelly, and Paul Younger

EGU2017-9394 | Posters | ERE2.1

The subsurface impact of hydraulic fracturing in shales- Perspectives from the well and reservoir
Jan ter Heege and Rhys Coles

EGU2017-15001 | Posters | ERE2.1

Numerical modeling of fracking fluid and methane migration through fault zones in shale gas reservoirs
Reza Taherdangkoo, Alexandru Tatomir, and Martin Sauter

EGU2017-5008 | Orals | ERE2.1

Dissolved gasesous hydrocarbons in shallow groundwater of Lower Saxony, Germany – Revisited 2016
Stefan Schloemer, Christian J. Illing, Martin Blumenberg, Johanna Oest, and Jörg Elbracht

EGU2017-12660 | Posters | ERE2.1

Aquifers survey in the context of source rocks exploitation: from baseline acquisition to long term monitoring
bruno garcia, virgile rouchon, and jean-pierre deflandre

EGU2017-15907 | Orals | ERE2.1

Environmental legacy of an underground gas well blowout: long-term effects of gas and brine leakage on groundwater quality
Gilian Schout, Niels Hartog, S. Majid Hassanizadeh, and Jasper Griffioen

EGU2017-10568 | Posters | ERE2.1

Geochemical simulation of fluid rock interactions to predict flowback water compostions during hydraulic fracturing
Michael Kühn, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, and Franziska D.H. Wilke

EGU2017-412 | Orals | ERE2.1

Assessment of the footprint and carrying capacity of oil and gas well sites: the implications for limiting hydrocarbon resources.
Sarah Clancy, Fred Worrall, Richard Davies, and Jon Gluyas

EGU2017-10684 | Orals | ERE2.1

Unconventional gas development and its effect on forested ecosystems in the Northern Appalachians, USA
Patrick Drohan, Margaret Brittingham, David Mortensen, Kathryn Barlow, and Lillie Langlois

EGU2017-8955 | Posters | ERE2.1

Characterizing the variability in chemical composition of flowback and produced waters – results from lab and field studies
Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, Franziska D.H. Wilke, Franziska E. Schmid, Yaling Zhu, Olga Lipińska, and Monika Konieczyńska

EGU2017-10861 | Orals | ERE2.1

Impacts of Coal Seam Gas (Coal Bed Methane) Extraction on Water Resources in Australia
David Post

EGU2017-9012 | Posters | ERE2.1

Investigation of water-soluble organic matter extracted from shales during leaching experiments
Yaling Zhu, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, Franziska D.H. Wilke, and Brian Horsfield

EGU2017-3828 | Posters | ERE2.1

Impact and fate of fracturing fluid and the potential hazards to the environment
Khedidja Allia, Abderraouf Kamel, and Zineb Salem

EGU2017-9280 | Orals | ERE2.1

Multi-hazard risk assessment applied to hydraulic fracturing operations
Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal, Paolo Gasparini, Raffaella Russo, and Paolo Capuano

EGU2017-6205 | Posters | ERE2.1

Effects of hydraulic frac fluids and formation waters on groundwater microbial communities
Martin Krueger and Nuria Jimenez

EGU2017-6376 | Posters | ERE2.1

Biocides in hydraulic fracturing: A comparison to agricultural and assessment of hazard and vulnerability with respect to groundwater pollution
Fred Worrall, Miles Wilson, and Richard Davies

EGU2017-19215 | Posters | ERE2.1

Soil hazards related to shale gas activities
Monika Konieczyńska and Olga Lipińska

EGU2017-19348 | Posters | ERE2.1

Soil gas flux measurements as part of environmental baseline assessment
Wolfram Kloppmann, Frédérick Gal, Eric Proust, and Pauline Humez

EGU2017-15196 | Posters | ERE2.1

Safe Management of Waste Generated during Shale Gas Operations
Ewa Kukulska-Zając, Anna Król, and Jadwiga Holewa-Rataj

EGU2017-418 | Posters | ERE2.1

The potential for spills and leaks of hydraulic fracturing related fluids on well sites and from road incidents.
Sarah Clancy, Fred Worrall, Richard Davies, and Jon Gluyas

EGU2017-6355 | Posters | ERE2.1

Assessing fugitive emissions of CH4 from high-pressure gas pipelines
Fred Worrall, Ian Boothroyd, and Richard Davies

EGU2017-4909 | Posters | ERE2.1

Preliminary results of assessment of impact of the shale gas exploration and exploitation activities on the quality of ambient air - analysis of Wysin, Poland case study, 2015-2017
Janusz Jarosławski and Jakub Guzikowski

EGU2017-8951 | Posters | ERE2.1

Emissions due to the natural gas storage well-casing blowout at Aliso Canyon/SS-25
Scott Herndon, Conner Daube, Dylan Jervis, Tara Yacovitch, Joseph Roscioli, Jason Curry, David Nelson, and Berk Knighton

EGU2017-9659 | Posters | ERE2.1

Shale Gas Exploration and Exploitation Induced Risks - SHEER
Paolo Capuano, Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Stanislaw Lasocki, Simone Cesca, Andrew Gunning, Janusz jaroslawsky, Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal, Rachel Westwood, and Paolo Gasparini

EGU2017-16734 | Posters | ERE2.1

EPOS Thematic Core Service Anthropogenic Hazards for SHEER project: maintain, process and manage your project research data
Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Stanislaw Lasocki, Monika Staszek, Dorota Olszewska, Pawel Urban, Janusz Jaroslawski, Szymon Cielesta, Janusz Mirek, Jan Wiszniowski, Matteo Picozzi, Giuseppe Solaro, Jamie Pringle, Sam Toon, Simone Cesca, Daniela Kuehn, Elmer Ruigrok, Andrew Gunning, and Catherine Isherwood

ERE2.3 – Petroleum exploration and production and their impact on the environment

EGU2017-5898 | Posters | ERE2.3

Relationship between deep structure and oil-gas in the eastern Tarim Basin
Changqing Yu, Chen Qu, and Jianguang Han

EGU2017-7394 | Posters | ERE2.3

Glutenite bodies sequence division of the upper Es4 in northern Minfeng zone of Dongying Sag,Bohai Bay Basin,China
Xupeng Shao

EGU2017-10630 | Posters | ERE2.3 | Highlight

The ARGO Project: assessing NA-TECH risks on off-shore oil platforms
Paolo Capuano, Anna Basco, Angela Di Ruocco, Simona Esposito, Giannetta Fusco, Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal, Paola Mercogliano, Ernesto Salzano, Giuseppe Solaro, Gianvito Teofilo, Paolo Scandone, and Paolo Gasparini

EGU2017-12679 | Posters | ERE2.3

Salt deformation mechanism and gas accumulation in the Transylvanian Basin, Romania
Constantin Pene and Alina Floroiu

EGU2017-12862 | Posters | ERE2.3 | Highlight

Numerical 3D modelling of oil dispersion in the sea due to different accident scenarios
Roberto Guandalini, Giordano Agate, and Fabio Moia

EGU2017-13871 | Posters | ERE2.3 | Highlight

Evaluation of high frequency ghost cavitation emissions for two different seismic air-gun arrays using numerical modelling
Babak Khodabandeloo and Martin Landrø

EGU2017-18535 | Posters | ERE2.3

Prediction of S-wave velocity using complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition and neural networks
Said Gaci, Olga Hachay, and Naima Zaourar

ERE3.1 – Energy meteorology and spatial modelling of renewable energies

EGU2017-10770 | Orals | ERE3.1

The US DOE A2e Mesoscale to Microscale Coupling Project: Nonstationary Modeling Techniques and Assessment
Sue Ellen Haupt, Branko Kosovic, and William Shaw

EGU2017-1665 | Posters | ERE3.1 | Highlight

Solar Power Satellites: Reconsideration as Renewable Energy Source Based on Novel Approaches
Alex Ellery

EGU2017-11293 | Orals | ERE3.1

NWP Forecast Errors of Boundary Layer Flow in Complex Terrain Observed During the Second Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP2) Field Campaign.
James M. Wilczak and the WFIP2

EGU2017-1654 | Posters | ERE3.1

Quantitative variability of renewable energy resources in Norway
Konstantinos Christakos, George Varlas, Ioannis Cheliotis, Kristoffer Aalstad, Anastasios Papadopoulos, Petros Katsafados, and Gert-Jan Steeneveld

EGU2017-8002 | Orals | ERE3.1

Wind speed reductions by large-scale wind turbine deployments lower turbine efficiencies and set low wind power potentials
Lee Miller and Axel Kleidon

EGU2017-14131 | Posters | ERE3.1

Using long term synthetic time series to assess the impact of meteorological extreme events on renewable energy systems: a case study of wind and hydro power in Sweden
Stefan Höltinger, Johannes Schmidt, and Elisabeth Weterlund

EGU2017-6217 | Orals | ERE3.1

Exploring the offshore wind farm far field
Andreas Platis, Stefan Emeis, Simon Siedersleben, Tom Neumann, Beatriz Canadillas, Astrid Lampert, Nathacha Djath, Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Konrad Bärfuss, and Jens Bange

EGU2017-7838 | Posters | ERE3.1

Distribution Strategies for Solar and Wind Renewables in NW Europe
Andrew Smedley and Ann Webb

EGU2017-7358 | Orals | ERE3.1

Impact of the interfaces for wind and wave modeling – interpretation using COAWST, SAR and point measurements
Jianting Du, Xiaoli Larsén, Merete Badger, and Rodolfo Bolaños

EGU2017-12664 | Posters | ERE3.1

Complementing hydropower with PV and wind: optimal energy mix in a fully renewable Switzerland
Jérôme Dujardin, Annelen Kahl, Bert Kruyt, and Michael Lehning

EGU2017-13399 | Orals | ERE3.1

A Large-Eddy Simulation Study of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Wakes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Sina Shamsoddin and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2017-14994 | Posters | ERE3.1

Tilt to horizontal global solar irradiance conversion: application to PV systems data
Caroline Housmans, Jonathan Leloux, and Cédric Bertrand

EGU2017-13441 | Orals | ERE3.1

ICE CONTROL – Towards optimizing wind energy production during icing events
Manfred Dorninger, Lukas Strauss, Stefano Serafin, Alexander Beck, Christoph Wittmann, Florian Weidle, Florian Meier, Saskia Bourgeois, René Cattin, Thomas Burchhart, and Martin Fink

EGU2017-13070 | Posters | ERE3.1

Impact of aerosols on solar energy production – Scenarios from the Sahel Zone
Ina Neher, Stefanie Meilinger, and Susanne Crewell

EGU2017-3826 | Posters | ERE3.1

Solar radiation variability over La Réunion island and associated larger-scale dynamics
Pauline Mialhe, Béatrice Morel, Benjamin Pohl, Miloud Bessafi, and Jean-Pierre Chabriat

EGU2017-8748 | Orals | ERE3.1

The bright side of snow cover effects on PV production - How to lower the seasonal mismatch between electricity supply and demand in a fully renewable Switzerland
Annelen Kahl, Jérôme Dujardin, Sonia Dupuis, and Michael Lehning

EGU2017-19078 | Orals | ERE3.1

The effect of real-time pricing on load shifting in a highly renewable power system dominated by generation from the renewable sources of wind and photovoltaics
Alexander Kies, Tom Brown, David Schlachtberger, and Stefan Schramm

EGU2017-3488 | Posters | ERE3.1

Analysis of satellite-derived solar irradiance over the Netherlands
Marieke Dirksen, Jan Fokke Meirink, and Raymond Sluiter

EGU2017-18025 | Orals | ERE3.1

Directional irradiances and fractional clouds
Kristian Pagh Nielsen, Elsa Andersen, Janne Dragsted, and Simon Furbo

EGU2017-2125 | Posters | ERE3.1

Impact of strong climate change on balancing and storage needs in a fully renewable energy system
Juliane Weber, Jan Wohland, and Dirk Witthaut

EGU2017-2116 | Posters | ERE3.1

The Impact of Strong Climate Change on Inter-state Balancing in a Fully-renewable Simplified European Electricity System
Jan Wohland and Dirk Witthaut

EGU2017-3633 | Orals | ERE3.1

Spatio-temporal modelling for short term wind power forecasts. Why, when and how.
Amanda Lenzi, Ingelin Steinsland, and Pierre Pinson

EGU2017-8723 | Posters | ERE3.1

Regional PV power estimation and forecast to mitigate the impact of high photovoltaic penetration on electric grid.
Marco Pierro, Matteo De Felice, Enrico Maggioni, David Moser, Alessandro Perotto, Francesco Spada, and Cristina Cornaro

EGU2017-19054 | Orals | ERE3.1

Assessment of the visual landscape impact and dominance of wind tubines in Austria using weighted viewshed maps
Thomas Schauppenlehner, Boris Salak, Patrick Scherhaufer, Stefan Höltinger, and Johannes Schmidt

EGU2017-6992 | Posters | ERE3.1

Solar irradiance over Earth's surface and relations with temperature rise
Marta Jimenez, Dr Marco Cony, Irene Fernández, and Dr Ralf Weisenberg

EGU2017-2153 | Posters | ERE3.1

A New Physical Model to Estimate Solar Irradiance Componets on the Earth's Surface from Satellite Images
Dr. Marco Cony, Dr. Ralf Wiesenberg, Irene Fernandéz, and Marta Jimenez

EGU2017-19211 | Posters | ERE3.1

Determining the bounds of skilful forecast range for probabilistic prediction of system-wide wind power generation
Dirk Cannon, David Brayshaw, John Methven, and Daniel Drew

EGU2017-153 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind power forecasting for a real onshore wind farm on complex terrain using WRF high resolution simulations.
Miguel Ángel Prósper Fernández, Carlos Otero Casal, Felipe Canoura Fernández, and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho

EGU2017-6167 | Posters | ERE3.1

A numerical study of wind turbine-boundary layer interactions in a large offshore wind farm
Tanvi Gupta and Somnath Baidya Roy

EGU2017-9259 | Posters | ERE3.1

Coastal Wind Profiles In The Mediterranean Area From A Wind Lidar During A Two Year Period
Daniel Gullì, Elenio Avolio, Claudia Roberta Calidonna, Teresa Lo Feudo, Rosa Claudia Torcasio, and Anna Maria Sempreviva

EGU2017-7143 | Posters | ERE3.1

Temporal variability in global horizontal irradiance at differents time scales as affected by aerosols
Irene Fernández, Dr Marco Cony, Marta Jimenez, and Ralf Weisenberg

EGU2017-18988 | Posters | ERE3.1

Short-term Wind Forecasting at Wind Farms using WRF-LES and Actuator Disk Model
Gokhan Kirkil

EGU2017-8755 | Posters | ERE3.1

Simulating Etesians over the Aegean and Implications for Wind Energy Production in Southeastern Europe
Stella Dafka, Andrea Toreti ‎, Juerg Luterbacher, Prodromos Zanis, Evangelos Tyrlis, and Elena Xoplaki

EGU2017-18663 | Posters | ERE3.1

IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting
Gregor Giebel, Joel Cline, Helmut Frank, Will Shaw, Pierre Pinson, Bri-Mathias Hodge, Georges Kariniotakis, Anna Maria Sempreviva, and Caroline Draxl

EGU2017-14350 | Posters | ERE3.1

Probabilistic modelling for forecasting the wind energy resource at the seasonal horizon
Bastien Alonzo, Philippe Drobinski, Riwal Plougonven, and Peter Tankov

EGU2017-9816 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind gust estimation by combining numerical weather prediction model and statistical post-processing
Platon Patlakas, Eleni Drakaki, George Galanis, Christos Spyrou, and George Kallos

EGU2017-10828 | Posters | ERE3.1

Improving Wind Ramp Forecasts by the HRRR System via Statistical Postprocessing
Rochelle Worsnop, Michael Scheuerer, and Thomas M. Hamill

EGU2017-16561 | Posters | ERE3.1

Analysis of wind conditions on the Faroe islands based on roadside wind measurements and WASP
Hans Georg Beyer, Bardur Niclasen, and Torkil Eyðfinnsson Veyhe

EGU2017-11846 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind speed and wind power short and medium range predictions for complex terrain using artificial neural networks and ensemble calibration
Irene Schicker, Petrina Papazek, Alexander Kann, and Yong Wang

EGU2017-13259 | Posters | ERE3.1

Synoptic versus regional causes of icing on wind turbines at an exposed wind farm site in Germany
Maximilian Weissinger, Lukas Strauss, Stefano Serafin, Manfred Dorninger, Thomas Burchhart, and Martin Fink

EGU2017-18972 | Posters | ERE3.1

Large Scale Integration of Renewable Power Sources into the Vietnamese Power System
Alexander Kies, Bruno Schyska, Dinh Thanh Viet, Lueder von Bremen, Detlev Heinemann, and Stefan Schramm

EGU2017-5251 | Posters | ERE3.1

Spatial structure of kinetic energy spectra in LES simulations of flow in an offshore wind farm
Wolf-Gerrit Fruh and Angus Creech

EGU2017-13584 | Posters | ERE3.1

Counter-rotating vortex pairs in the wake of a vertical axis wind turbine
Vincent Rolin and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2017-13904 | Posters | ERE3.1

A new miniature wind turbine for wind tunnel experiments: design, performance analysis and wake measurements
Majid Bastankhah and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2017-17285 | Posters | ERE3.1

UAV multirotor platform for accurate turbulence measurements in the atmosphere
Fernando Carbajo Fuertes, Lionel Wilhelm, Kevin Edgar Sin, Matthias Hofer, and Fernando Porté-Agel

EGU2017-18074 | Posters | ERE3.1

Wind Farm Layout Optimization through a Crossover-Elitist Evolutionary Algorithm performed over a High Performing Analytical Wake Model
Nicolas Kirchner-Bossi and Fernando Porté-Agel

ERE3.2 – Marine renewable energy; resource characterisation, interactions and impacts (co-organized)

EGU2017-254 | Posters | ERE3.2

Storm surge and tidal range energy
Matthew Lewis, Athanasios Angeloudis, Peter Robins, Paul Evans, and Simon Neill

EGU2017-3712 | Orals | ERE3.2

Assessment of great ocean currents as a source of renewable energy using recent OGCM simulations of the global ocean
Bernard Barnier, Anastasiia Domina, Thierry Maitre, Jean-Marc Molines, Thierry Penduff, Julien Le Sommer, Pierre Brasseur, and Sergey Gulev

EGU2017-8838 | Orals | ERE3.2

Assessment of Power Potential of Tidal Currents and Impacts of Power Extraction on Flow Conditions in Indonesia
Kadir Orhan and Roberto Mayerle

EGU2017-4850 | Posters | ERE3.2

Estimates of the global tidal range energy resource
Peter Robins and Ian Walkington

EGU2017-13638 | Orals | ERE3.2

The wave and tidal resource of Scotland
Simon Neill, Arne Vogler, Matt Lewis, and Alice Goward-Brown

EGU2017-5002 | Posters | ERE3.2

Comparison of turbulence estimation for four- and five-beam ADCP configurations
Michael Togneri, Ian Masters, and Dale Jones

EGU2017-18785 | Orals | ERE3.2 | Highlight

The potential of tidal barrages and lagoons to manage future coastal flood risk
Thomas Prime, Judith Wolf, Charlotte Lyddon, Andrew Plater, and Jennifer Brown

EGU2017-5292 | Posters | ERE3.2

The ocean response at multiple space and time scales to tidal stream energy extraction by a large-scale turbine array.
Michela De Dominicis, Rory O’Hara Murray, and Judith Wolf

EGU2017-5757 | Posters | ERE3.2

Scales of Marine Turbulence in Cook Strait (New Zealand) in the Context of Tidal Energy Turbines
Craig Stevens

EGU2017-18272 | Orals | ERE3.2

High-resolution modeling assessment of tidal stream resource in Western Passage of Maine, USA
Zhaoqing Yang, Taiping Wang, Xi Feng, Huijie Xue, and Levi Kilcher

EGU2017-19008 | Orals | ERE3.2

Understanding the physical dynamics and ecological interactions in tidal stream energy environments
Shaun Fraser, Benjamin J. Williamson, Vladimir Nikora, and Beth E. Scott

EGU2017-7824 | Posters | ERE3.2

Assessment of wind and wave climate in the Shenzhen coastal zone of the South China Sea
Xinping Chen, Kaimin Wang, Zenghai Zhang, Yindong Zeng, and Kieran O'Driscoll

EGU2017-8985 | Posters | ERE3.2

A numerical 4D Collision Risk Model
Pal Schmitt, Ross Culloch, Lilian Lieber, and Louise Kregting

EGU2017-10797 | Posters | ERE3.2

Wave energy along the Chilean coast from wave modelling
Dernis Mediavilla, Héctor Hito Sepúlveda, and Dante Figueroa

EGU2017-10840 | Posters | ERE3.2

Anthropogenic disturbance on sediment transport processes in the tidal power plant
Ho Kyung Ha, Jong-wook Kim, Seung-Buhm Woo, and Hyo Keun Kwon

EGU2017-13538 | Posters | ERE3.2

Characterising the spatial variability of the tidal stream energy resource from floating turbines
Sophie Ward, Simon Neill, and Peter Robins

EGU2017-13832 | Posters | ERE3.2

Three-dimensional modelling for assessment of far-field impact of tidal stream turbine: A case study at the Anglesey Coast, Wales, UK
Xiaorong Li, Ming Li, and Judith Wolf

EGU2017-14904 | Posters | ERE3.2

WaveSAX device: design optimization through scale modelling and a PTO strategical control system
Maximo Peviani, Andrea Danelli, Gianluca Dadone, and Alberto Dalmasso

EGU2017-18409 | Posters | ERE3.2

Assessment of the Bordas-Carnot Losses within the diffuser of tidal turbines using far-field and near-field CFD models.
Arthur Hajaali

EGU2017-19141 | Posters | ERE3.2

Wave resource variability: Impacts on wave power supply over regional to international scales
Helen Smith, Iain Fairley, Bryson Robertson, Mohammad Abusara, and Ian Masters

EGU2017-19169 | Posters | ERE3.2

On simulating the impacts of in-stream tidal turbines on island-associated sandbanks
Harshinie Karunarathna and Antonia Chatzirodou

EGU2017-19179 | Posters | ERE3.2 | Highlight

Resource Characterization Measurements at Early-Market U.S. Tidal Energy Sites
Levi Kilcher, Jim Thomson, Zhaoqing Yang, and Robert Thresher

EGU2017-19271 | Posters | ERE3.2

Enhanced Hydro-environmental Assessment of Tidal Range Schemes
Reza Ahmadian and Roger Falconer

EGU2017-3159 | Posters | ERE3.2

Performance and design optimization of a heaving point absorber for the exploitation of wave energy in the Italian Seas
Renata Archetti, Adrià Moreno Miquel, Silvia Bozzi, Alessandro Antonini, and Giuseppe Passoni

ERE3.4 – Conventional and unconventional geothermal resources: Advances in integrated approaches for exploration and monitoring

EGU2017-2461 | Orals | ERE3.4

Geological model of supercritical geothermal reservoir related to subduction system
Noriyoshi Tsuchiya

EGU2017-347 | Posters | ERE3.4

The CHPM2030 H2020 Project: Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction from ultra-deep ore bodies
Tamas Miklovicz, Balazs Bodo, Adrienn Cseko, Eva Hartai, and Tamas Madarasz and the CHPM2030 Project (

EGU2017-761 | Posters | ERE3.4

Using geochemical and isotopic techniques for exploration of geothermal energy in Southern Sabalan geothermal field, NW Iran
Rahim Masoumi

EGU2017-6568 | Orals | ERE3.4

Characterising the Architecture of New Zealand’s Geothermal Structural Fluid Flow Networks Using Borehole Images
David McNamara, Sarah Milicich, and Cécile Massiot

EGU2017-8666 | Orals | ERE3.4

Fluid paleocirculations at the cover/granite interface in the Rhine graben
Catherine Lerouge, Chrystel Dezayes, Laurent Bailly, Christine Flehoc, Catherine Guerrot, and Guillaume Wille

EGU2017-1870 | Posters | ERE3.4

Exploring geothermal structures in the Ilan Plain, Taiwan
Chien-Ying Wang, Ruey-Chan Shih, Chen-Tung Chung, Ming-Zi Huang, and Hsuan-Yu Kuo

EGU2017-2002 | Posters | ERE3.4

Fingerprinting the temperature and fluid source of fracture-filling calcite in geothermal systems using clumped isotopes
John M MacDonald, Amelia Davies, John Faithfull, Chris Holdsworth, Michael Newton, Sam Williamson, and Cedric John

EGU2017-16710 | Orals | ERE3.4

Anthropogenic and natural ground deformation in the Hengill geothermal area, Iceland
Daniel Juncu, Thóra Árnadóttir, Andy Hooper, and Gunnar Gunnarsson

EGU2017-2213 | Posters | ERE3.4

Exploring the Buntsandstein as geothermal reservoir unit - A case study from northeastern Hesse on the influence of lithofacies on petrophysical properties
Meike Hintze, Sebastian Weinert, Kristian Bär, and Ingo Sass

EGU2017-17398 | Orals | ERE3.4

Travel time seismic tomography on Reykjanes, SW Iceland
Philippe Jousset, Kristjan Ágústsson, Hanna Blanck, Malte Metz, Steven Franke, Gylfi Pàll Hersir, David Bruhn, Ólafur Flovenz, and Guðmundur Friðleifsson

EGU2017-15603 | Orals | ERE3.4

basement reservoir geometry and properties
bastien Walter, yves Geraud, and marc Diraison

EGU2017-3875 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geophysical prospecting for the deep geothermal structure of the Zhangzhou basin, Southeast China
Chaofeng Wu, Shuang Liu, Xiangyun Hu, Guiling Wang, and Wenjing Lin

EGU2017-7775 | Orals | ERE3.4

Facies analysis of an Upper Jurassic carbonate platform for geothermal reservoir characterization
Hartwig von Hartmann, Hermann Buness, and Michael Dussel

EGU2017-3984 | Posters | ERE3.4

The Main Problems in the Development of Geothermal Energy Industry in China
Jiahong Yan, Shejiao Wang, and Feng Li

EGU2017-4487 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geothermal Play-Fairway Analysis of the Tatun Volcano Group, Taiwan
Yan-Ru Chen and Sheng-Rong Song

EGU2017-19379 | Orals | ERE3.4

Magnetic mapping for structural geology and geothermal exploration in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles
jeanne Mercier de Lépinay, marc munschy, yves geraud, marc diraison, vivien navelot, christelle verati, michel corsini, jean marc lardeaux, and alexiane favier

EGU2017-18920 | Orals | ERE3.4

Characterization of geothermal paleosystem in the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc: structural, petrographic, thermodynamic and petrophysics analysis of Terre-de-Haut (Les Saintes archipelago, Lesser Antilles)
Alexiane Favier, Vivien Navelot, Chrystèle Verati, Jean-Marc Lardeaux, Michel Corsini, Marc Diraison, Yves Géraud, Jeanne Mercier de Lépinay, and Marc Munschy

EGU2017-4742 | Posters | ERE3.4

NoScale - Characterisation of thermal deep groundwater for the prevention of scaling and corrosion in geothermal plants
Edith Haslinger, Johann Goldbrunner, Martin Dietzel, Albrecht Leis, Ronny Boch, Ralf Knauss, Dorothee Hippler, Andrea Shirbaz, Heinz Fröschl, Stefan Wyhlidal, Otmar Plank, Marlies Gold, and Daniel Elster

EGU2017-4930 | Posters | ERE3.4

Oilfield geothermal exploitation in China-A case study from the Liaohe oilfield in Bohai Bay Basin
Shejiao Wang, Yanhua Yao, Xianli Fan, and Jiahong Yan

EGU2017-18832 | Orals | ERE3.4

Multidisciplinary exploratory study of a geothermal resource in the active volcanic arc of Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles)
Vivien Navelot, Alexiane Favier, Yves Géraud, Marc Diraison, Michel Corsini, Chrystèle Verati, Jean-Marc Lardeaux, Jeanne Mercier de Lépinay, and Marc Munschy

EGU2017-9074 | Orals | ERE3.4

Geothermal prospection in the Greater Geneva Basin (Switzerland and France): Structural and reservoir quality assessment
Elme Rusillon, Nicolas Clerc, Yasin Makhloufi, Maud Brentini, and Andrea Moscariello

EGU2017-5105 | Posters | ERE3.4

Evaluation of hydorhermal resources of Lithuania, the well specific approach
Saulius Sliaupa and Rasa Sliaupiene

EGU2017-6196 | Posters | ERE3.4

Hot and steamy fractures in the Philippines: the characterisation and permeability evaluation of fractures of the Southern Negros Geothermal Field, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Loraine Pastoriza, Robert Holdsworth, Kenneth McCaffrey, Eddie Dempsey, Richard Walker, Jon Gluyas, and Jonathan Reyes

EGU2017-9975 | Orals | ERE3.4

Thermal Fracturing of Volcanic Rocks for Geothermal Field Applications
Tulus Imaro, Fiorenza Deon, Richard Bakker, and Auke Barnhoorn

EGU2017-14363 | Orals | ERE3.4

Thermal anomalies, paleoclimatic diffusive and advective phenomena: example of the Anglo-Paris Basin
Jacques Dentzer, Sophie Violette, Simon Lopez, and Dominique Bruel

EGU2017-7296 | Posters | ERE3.4

The geothermal energy potential in Denmark - updating the database and new structural and thermal models
Lars Henrik Nielsen, Morten Sparre Andersen, Niels Balling, Lars Ole Boldreel, Sven Fuchs, Morten Leth Hjuler, Lars Kristensen, Anders Mathiesen, Mette Olivarius, and Rikke Weibel

EGU2017-15492 | Orals | ERE3.4

Structural analysis of the Valence basin (SE France) based on kriging and borehole data: implications for hercynian fault zone behaviour in geothermic reservoirs.
Arezki Chabani, Caroline Mehl, Dominique Bruel, and Isabelle Cojan

EGU2017-8651 | Posters | ERE3.4

From 3D gravity to coupled fluid and heat transport modelling - a case study from the Upper Rhine Graben
Jessica Freymark, Judith Sippel, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Kristian Bär, Manfred Stiller, Johann-Gerhard Fritsche, and Matthias Kracht

EGU2017-17054 | Orals | ERE3.4

Multidisciplinary exploration of the Tendaho Graben geothermal fields
Egidio Armadillo, Daniele Rizzello, Massimo Verdoya, Claudio Pasqua, Luigi Marini, Naser Meqbel, Jim Stimac, Solomon Kebede, Andarge Mengiste, Getenesch Hailegiorgis, Fitsum Abera, and Kebede Mengesha

EGU2017-9698 | Posters | ERE3.4

Seismic velocity uncertainties and their effect on geothermal predictions: A case study
Wolfgang Rabbel, Daniel Köhn, Hem Bahadur Motra, Jan Niederau, Martin Thorwart, Frank Wuttke, and the DESCRAMBLE Working Group

EGU2017-17668 | Orals | ERE3.4

Numerical modeling of regional stress distributions for geothermal exploration
Theophile Guillon, Mariane Peter-Borie, Sylvie Gentier, and Arnold Blaisonneau

EGU2017-9893 | Posters | ERE3.4

Inferring lateral density variations in Great Geneva Basin, western Switzerland from wells and gravity data.
Aurore Carrier, Matteo Lupi, Nicolas Clerc, Elme Rusillon, and Damien Do Couto

EGU2017-13238 | Posters | ERE3.4

Influence of biofilm formation on corrosion and scaling in geothermal plants
Anne Kleyböcker, Stephanie Lerm, Kasina Monika, Lienen Tobias, Eichinger Florian, Seibt Andrea, Wolfgramm Markus, and Würdemann Hilke

EGU2017-12810 | Orals | ERE3.4

The shallow seismic structure of the Larderello geothermal field (Italy) as seen from Receiver Function analysis
Nicola Piana Agostinetti, Andrea Licciardi, Davide Piccinini, Francesco Mazzarini, Giovanni Musumeci, and Gilberto Saccorotti

EGU2017-13435 | Posters | ERE3.4

A multidisciplinary approach for the characterisation of fault zones in geothermal areas in central Mexico
Cesare Comina, Anna Maria Ferrero, Giuseppe Mandrone, and Sergio Vinciguerra

EGU2017-19034 | Orals | ERE3.4

Data integration and conceptual modelling of the Larderello geothermal area, Italy
Adele Manzella, Gianluca Gola, Giovanni Bertini, Marco Bonini, Serena Botteghi, Andrea Brogi, Roberto De Franco, Andrea Dini, Assunta Donato, Giovanni Gianelli, Domenico Liotta, Domenico Montanari, Giordano Montegrossi, Lorenzo Petracchini, Giovanni Ruggieri, Alessandro Santilano, Davide Scrocca, and Eugenio Trumpy

EGU2017-14125 | Posters | ERE3.4 | Highlight

Extended Horizontal Jet Drilling for EGS applications in Petrothermal Environments
Simon Hahn, Mandy Duda, Ferdinand Stoeckhert, Volker Wittig, and Rolf Bracke

EGU2017-14221 | Posters | ERE3.4

Flow regime mapping: outcome, or pre-requisite of tracer tests? (from the standpoint of deep-georeservoir characterization, development, operation, and monitoring)
Julia Ghergut, Horst Behrens, and Martin Sauter

EGU2017-14778 | Posters | ERE3.4

Mechanical behaviour of the Krafla geothermal reservoir: Insight into an active magmatic hydrothermal system
Guðjón H. Eggertsson, Yan Lavallée, and Jackie E. Kendrick

EGU2017-15522 | Posters | ERE3.4

Setting the baseline before geothermal exploration begins: the search of microseismic activity in the Geneva Basin, Western Switzerland
Verónica Antunes, Matteo Lupi, Aurore Carrier, Thomas Planès, and François Martin

EGU2017-15681 | Posters | ERE3.4

Superhot fluids circulating close to magma intrusions: a contribution from analogue modelling
Domenico Montanari, Andrea Agostini, Marco Bonini, and Giacomo Corti

EGU2017-15723 | Posters | ERE3.4

Water geochemistry to estimate reservoir temperature of Stabio springs, Switzerland
Sebastian Pera and Linda Soma

EGU2017-15963 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geothermal exploration in the German Molasse Basin - Supplementary exploration using integrated 3-component data and shear wave measurements
Britta Wawerzinek, Hermann Buness, Ewald Lüschen, and Rüdiger Thomas

EGU2017-17230 | Posters | ERE3.4

The GEOTREF program, a new approach for geothermal investigation
Frédéric Gérard, Simon Viard, and Michel Garcia and the GEOTREF Team

EGU2017-17959 | Posters | ERE3.4

Integrated geophysical imaging of the Aluto-Langano geothermal field (Ethiopia).
Daniele Rizzello, Egidio Armadillo, Massimo Verdoya, Claudio Pasqua, Solomon Kebede, Andarge Mengiste, Getenesh Hailegiorgis, Fitsum Abera, Kebede Mengesha, and Naser Meqbel

EGU2017-18224 | Posters | ERE3.4

The hydraulic structure of Late Carboniferous fault zones in the Scottish Midland Valley applied to hydrogeological modelling of the Strathden Group aquifers of Fife, Scotland
Alexander Comerford, Dr Christopher McDermott, and Dr Gareth Johnson

EGU2017-18261 | Posters | ERE3.4

3D Groundwater flow model at the Upper Rhine Graben scale to delineate preferential target areas for geothermal projects
Antoine Armandine Les Landes, Théophile Guillon, Mariane Peter-Borie, and Xavier Rachez

EGU2017-18673 | Posters | ERE3.4

Fault segmentation and fluid flow in the Geneva Basin (France & Switzerland)
Giovanni Luca Cardello, Matteo Lupi, Yasin Makhloufi, Damien Do Couto, Nicolas Clerc, Mario Sartori, Elias Samankassou, Andrea Moscariello, Georges Gorin, and Michel Meyer

EGU2017-18849 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geothermal activity related to transtensional context evidenced by petrological and structural data in the St Kitts Island (Lesser Antilles)
Marc Diraison, Michel Corsini, Sébastien Haffen, Yves Géraud, and Vivien Navelot

EGU2017-18910 | Posters | ERE3.4

Deep Karst and the Geothermal Revolution: A UK Study on Resource Availability in Carboniferous Limestone
Nadia Narayan, Prof. Jon Gluyas, Dr Charlotte Adams, Dr Jonathan Imber, and Dr Malcolm Butler

EGU2017-520 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geological and hydrogeochemical explorations for geothermal resources in eastern Sabalan, NW Iran.
Roohangiz Masoumi

EGU2017-7471 | Posters | ERE3.4

\textbf{Surface geothermal exploration in the Canary Islands by means of soil CO}$_{2}$\textbf{ degassing surveys}
Marta García-Merino, Fátima Rodríguez, Eleazar Padrón, Gladys Melián, María Asensio-Ramos, José Barrancos, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2017-13566 | Posters | ERE3.4 | Highlight

Combining conventional and thermal drilling in order to increase speed and reduce costs of drilling operations to access deep geothermal resources
Edoardo Rossi, Michael A. Kant, Philipp Rudolf von Rohr, and Martin O. Saar

EGU2017-18754 | Posters | ERE3.4

Noble gas isotopes as low-budget exploration and monitoring tool for high- and low-temperature geothermal systems in extensional tectonic regimes
Michael Kraml, Marco Jodocy, Werner Aeschbach, and Horst Kreuter

EGU2017-10060 | Posters | ERE3.4

An integrated deep electrical resistivity model of the Larderello geothermal field (Italy)
Enzo Rizzo, Luigi Capozzoli, Gregory De martino, Alberto Godio, Adele Manzella, Felice Perciante, and Alessandro Santilano

EGU2017-16351 | Posters | ERE3.4

Structural and petrophysical characterization: from outcrop rock analogue to reservoir model of deep geothermal prospect in Eastern France
Lionel Bertrand, Yves Géraud, Marc Diraison, and Pierre-Clément Damy

EGU2017-16942 | Posters | ERE3.4

Study of a Bolivian Altiplano geothermal field: geological and conceptual interpretations
Sébastien Haffen, Marc Diraison, Michel Corsini, Yves Géraud, Jacques Espitalier, Déborah Siffert, Garcia Michel, Simon Viard, Pedro Ramos, and Marco Escobar Seleme

EGU2017-10330 | Posters | ERE3.4

Geothermal prospection in the Greater Geneva Basin (Switzerland and France). Impact of diagenesis on reservoir properties of the Upper Jurassic carbonate sediments
Yasin Makhloufi, Elme Rusillon, Maud Brentini, Nicolas Clerc, Michel Meyer, and Elias Samankassou