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G – Geodesy

G1.1 – Recent Developments in Geodetic Theory

EGU2017-7340 | Orals | G1.1

Nonlinear diffusion filtering methods locally adapted to data features
Michal Kollár, Róbert Čunderlík, and Karol Mikula

EGU2017-15962 | Posters | G1.1

Weak solution concept and Galerkin’s matrix for the exterior of an oblate ellipsoid of revolution in the representation of the Earth’s gravity potential by buried masses
Petr Holota and Otakar Nesvadba

EGU2017-10592 | Orals | G1.1

Statistical assessment of predictive modeling uncertainty
Riccardo Barzaghi and Anna Maria Marotta

EGU2017-19061 | Posters | G1.1

Laplacian versus topography in the solution of the linear gravimetric boundary value problem by means of successive approximations
Petr Holota and Otakar Nesvadba

EGU2017-6120 | Orals | G1.1

Minimal energy interpolation of repeat orbit ground-track gaps
Wolfgang Keller

EGU2017-7933 | Orals | G1.1

A new method for gravity field recovery based on frequency analysis of spherical harmonics
Lin Cai and Zebing Zhou

EGU2017-7232 | Posters | G1.1

Domain decomposition methods in FVM approach to gravity field modelling.
Marek Macák

EGU2017-59 | Orals | G1.1

Satellite altimetry and GOCE contribution to the pre-definition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Vertical Network
Georgios S. Vergos, Rossen S Grebenitcharsky, Dimitrios A. Natsiopoulos, Othman Al-Kherayef, and Bandar Al-Muslmani

EGU2017-7294 | Posters | G1.1

Hierarchical matrices implemented into the boundary integral approaches for gravity field modelling
Róbert Čunderlík and Francesca Vipiana

EGU2017-3632 | Posters | G1.1

Spectral combination of spherical gravitational curvature boundary-value problems
Martin Pitonak, Mehdi Eshagh, Michal Šprlák, Robert Tenzer, and Pavel Novák

EGU2017-15614 | Orals | G1.1

Height system unification based on the Fixed Geodetic Boundary Value Problem with limited availability of gravity data
Lucas Porz, Thomas Grombein, Kurt Seitz, Bernhard Heck, and Friedemann Wenzel

EGU2017-760 | Posters | G1.1

Estimation of the deflection of the vertical using gravity measurements
Gerassimos Manoussakis, Romylos Korakitis, and Paraskevas Milas

EGU2017-15840 | Posters | G1.1

Optimally combined regional geoid models for the realization of height systems in developing countries – ORG4heights
Verena Lieb, Michael Schmidt, Martin Willberg, and Roland Pail

EGU2017-3766 | Posters | G1.1 | Highlight

Russian State Leveling Network (present and future)
Elena Mazurova, Sergei Kopeikin, and Aleksander Karpik

EGU2017-302 | Posters | G1.1

Optimum Gravity Interpolation Technique for Large Data Gaps: Case Study for Africa
Hussein Abd-Elmotaal and Norbert Kühtreiber

EGU2017-3559 | Posters | G1.1

On the origin and determination of variance components in a stochastic framework
Eirik Mysen

EGU2017-2974 | Posters | G1.1

An Investigation on the Reliability of the Robust Methods in Deformation Analysis
Bahattin Erdogan and Gulsah Mandalinci

EGU2017-2950 | Posters | G1.1

Usability of the Benford’s Law for Time Series
Nursu Tunalioglu and Bahattin Erdogan

EGU2017-14003 | Posters | G1.1

GRACE-like: A Possible Way to Estimate Total Water Storage without Stripes
Hussein Abd-Elmotaal and Ayman Hassan

EGU2017-5814 | Posters | G1.1

Theoretical gravitogram and gravito-gradiogram associated with seismic sources
Masaya Kimura and Nobuki Kame

EGU2017-5844 | Posters | G1.1 | Highlight

Absence of prompt gravity signal induced by the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake in data recorded by gravimeters and seismometers
Masaya Kimura, Nobuki Kame, Shingo Watada, Makiko Ohtani, Akito Araya, Yuichi Imanishi, and Masaki Ando

EGU2017-10603 | Posters | G1.1

From Crustal to Lithosphere Dynamics: A New Approach to Geodetic Data Interpretation and Modeling
Sylvain Barbot

G1.2 – Mathematical methods for the analysis of potential field data and geodetic time series | PICO

EGU2017-15713 | PICOs | G1.2

On the role of covariance information for GRACE K-band observations in the Celestial Mechanics Approach
Katrin Bentel, Ulrich Meyer, Daniel Arnold, Yoomin Jean, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2017-1617 | PICOs | G1.2

Repairing signal damage in GRACE due to filtering: A comprehensive data-driven approach
Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma, Martin Horwath, Balaji Devaraju, Andreas Groh, and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2017-14722 | PICOs | G1.2

A space-time multiscale modelling of Earth's gravity field variations
Shuo Wang, Isabelle Panet, Guillaume Ramillien, and Frédéric Guilloux

EGU2017-15532 | PICOs | G1.2

Effect of the improved accelerometer calibration method on AIUB’s GRACE monthly gravity field solution
Yoomin Jean, Ulrich Meyer, Daniel Arnold, Katrin Bentel, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2017-1911 | PICOs | G1.2

Using Radial Basis Functions in Airborne Gravimetry for Local Geoid Improvement
Xiaopeng Li

EGU2017-2186 | PICOs | G1.2

Grid points on the ball with uniform and nonuniform weighted discrepancies
Amna Ishtiaq and Volker Michel

EGU2017-2187 | PICOs | G1.2

Regional Analysis of Tensor Fields on the Sphere by Slepian Functions
Katrin Seibert, Alain Plattner, Frederik J. Simons, and Volker Michel

EGU2017-3918 | PICOs | G1.2

A Greedy Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Boundary Layers from Gravitational Data
Max Kontak and Volker Michel

EGU2017-8359 | PICOs | G1.2

Approximation and Inversion of Potential Fields in Gravitation and Geomagnetism via the ROFMP
Roger Telschow and Christian Gerhards

EGU2017-11174 | PICOs | G1.2

Fast Harmonic Splines and Parameter Choice Methods
Martin Gutting

EGU2017-13135 | PICOs | G1.2

Study of Least Squares Collocation and Multi-Resolution Representation for Regional Gravity Field Modelling
Martin Willberg, Verena Lieb, Roland Pail, and Michael Schmidt

EGU2017-414 | PICOs | G1.2

Study on common seasonal signals in GPS time series and environmental loadings using Multichannel Singular Spectrum Analysis
Marta Gruszczynska, Severine Rosat, Anna Klos, and Janusz Bogusz

EGU2017-2687 | PICOs | G1.2

Spectral Character of Repeated GPS Measurements
Yener Turen and D. Ugur Sanli

EGU2017-2799 | PICOs | G1.2

The spectra-temporal amplitude coherence using the normalized Morlet wavelet transform and the combination of the Fourier transform band pass filter with the Hilbert transform
Wieslaw Kosek and Waldemar Popinski

EGU2017-2800 | PICOs | G1.2

Prediction of pole coordinates data by combination of least squares extrapolation and the weighted autoregressive prediction model
Wieslaw Kosek and Maciej Kalarus

EGU2017-6730 | PICOs | G1.2

Automatic gully-detection from high resolution digital elevation model gathered by LiDAR
Ching-Jung Tsai, Ting-To Yu, and Tjuku Ruljigaljig

G1.3 – Analytical, numerical and multiresolutional techniques for forward modeling of gravitational fields of mass distributions

EGU2017-4152 | Posters | G1.3

A new formula of the Gravitational Curvature for the prism
Maria Grazia D'Urso

EGU2017-7725 | Posters | G1.3

High-resolution global forward modelling: a degree-5480 global ellipsoidal topographic potential model
Moritz Rexer, Christian Hirt, and Roland Pail

EGU2017-10068 | Posters | G1.3

Investigating the effect of different terrain modeling techniques on the computation of local gravity anomalies
Dimitrios Tsoulis and Konstantinos Patlakis

EGU2017-10624 | Posters | G1.3

Computing and validating the bathymetric effect in smoothing gravity and altimeter data in the Mediterranean area.
Riccardo Barzaghi, Daniela Carrion, George Vergos, Adili Abulaitijiang, Ole Andersen, Per Knudsen, and Ilias Tziavos

EGU2017-11883 | Posters | G1.3

Gravimetric control of active volcanic processes
Vasso Saltogianni and Stathis Stiros

EGU2017-12952 | Posters | G1.3

The computation of the terrain correction close to ground stations in GTE software
Martina Capponi and Daniele Sampietro

EGU2017-14654 | Posters | G1.3

Generalization techniques to reduce the number of volume elements for terrain effect calculations in fully analytical gravitational modeling
Judit Benedek, Gabor Papp, János Kalmár, and Eszter Szűcs

EGU2017-19276 | Posters | G1.3

Geoid improvement by optimal combination of GRAV-D and terrestrial gravity data in Iowa
Yan Ming Wang, Simon Holmes, Xiaopeng Li, and Kevin Ahlgren

G1.4 – High-precision GNSS: methods, open problems and Geoscience applications

EGU2017-291 | Posters | G1.4

Estimation of The Scale Factor For Short Observing Session Duration In GNSS Positioning
Ali Hasan Dogan and Bahattin Erdogan

EGU2017-2689 | Posters | G1.4

Accuracy of GPS velocities from repeated GPS surveys: results from a denser network and verification by continuous GPS
Simge Tekic, D. Ugur Sanli, and Ersoy Arslan

EGU2017-5038 | Orals | G1.4 | Highlight

The Promise and Challenges of High Rate GNSS for Environmental Monitoring and Response
John LaBrecque

EGU2017-17503 | Orals | G1.4

What is the cost per millimetre? Challenging traditional GNSS equipment for precise geosciences and engineering applications
William Hogg, Nicholas Boreham, Elisa Benedetti, and William Roberts

EGU2017-3130 | Posters | G1.4

Geomagnetic Storm Impact On GPS Code Positioning
Fırat Uray, Abdullah Varlık, İbrahim Kalaycı, and Sermet Öğütcü

EGU2017-4049 | Posters | G1.4

Cooperating the BDS, GPS, GLONASS and strong-motion observations for real-time deformation monitoring
Rui Tu

EGU2017-5195 | Orals | G1.4 | Highlight

Variometric approach for displacement analysis using Galileo data: first results
Francesca Tesolin, Alfonso Vitti, and Augusto Mazzoni

EGU2017-14869 | Orals | G1.4

Global GNSS processing based on the raw observation approach
Sebastian Strasser, Norbert Zehentner, and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2017-4591 | Posters | G1.4

EGNOS performance using L1/L5 dual frequency on the Algerian area
Salem Kahlouche and Lahouaria Tabti

EGU2017-4861 | Posters | G1.4

On the height estimation using various sources of the ground antenna GPS phase centre correction
Andrzej Araszkiewicz and Anna Podkowa

EGU2017-9688 | Orals | G1.4 | Highlight

JPL’s GNSS Real-Time Earthquake and Tsunami (GREAT) Alert System
Yoaz Bar-Sever, Mark Miller, Michele Vallisneri, Robert Khachikyan, and Robert Meyer

EGU2017-5019 | Posters | G1.4

Impact of Dynamics Orbit Parameters of Different Reference Epoch on Predicted Orbit Accuracy
Rui Zhang

EGU2017-5319 | Orals | G1.4

GNSS Remote Sensing at GFZ: Overview and Recent Results
Jens Wickert, Fadwa Alshawaf, Christina Arras, Milad Asgarimehr, Galina Dick, Stefan Heise, Kristine Larson, Xingxing Li, Cuixian Lu, Luis Peraza, Markus Ramatschi, Torsten Schmidt, Harald Schuh, Maximilian Semmling, Tzvetan Simeonov, Sibylle Vey, and Florian Zus

EGU2017-5527 | Posters | G1.4

A Study on the Estimation of the Scale Factor for Precise Point Positioning
Bahattin Erdogan and Orhan Kayacik

EGU2017-550 | Orals | G1.4

GNSS as a sea ice sensor - detecting coastal freeze states with ground-based GNSS-R
Joakim Strandberg, Thomas Hobiger, and Rüdiger Haas

EGU2017-13287 | Orals | G1.4 | Highlight

A Fram Strait Experiment: Sensing Sea Ice Conditions using Shipborne GNSS Reflectometry
Maximilian Semmling, Anja Rösel, Marcel Ludwig, Marius Bratrein, Sebastian Gerland, and Jens Wickert

EGU2017-5864 | Posters | G1.4

Noise analysis of GPS time series in Taiwan
You-Chia Lee and Wu-Lung Chang

EGU2017-7628 | Posters | G1.4

Quality assessment of multi-GNSS real-time orbits and clocks
Kamil Kaźmierski, Krzysztof Sośnica, and Tomasz Hadaś

EGU2017-9820 | Orals | G1.4

Atmospheric density models comparison and impact on orbit solutions of GRACE-1, Sentinel-1A, TerraSAR-X
Marco Colace, Stefan Hackel, Michael Kirschner, Ralph Kahle, and Christian Circi

EGU2017-7853 | Posters | G1.4

Error compensation of single-antenna attitude determination using GNSS for Low-dynamic applications
Wen Chen, Chao Yu, and Miaomiao Cai

EGU2017-12871 | Orals | G1.4

Determination of GNSS satellite transmit power and impact on orbit determination
Peter Steigenberger, Steffen Thölert, and Oliver Montenbruck

EGU2017-7921 | Posters | G1.4

Reduction of kinematic short baseline multipath effect based on Multipath Hemispherical Model
Miaomiao Cai, Wen Chen, Danan Dong, Le Song, and Chao Yu

EGU2017-19254 | Orals | G1.4

Multi-GNSS real-time precise positioning service and Initial assessment of BDS-3 (G Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Xingxing Li, Maaorong Ge, Xin Li, Xiuaohong Zhang, Mingkui Wu, Jens Wickert, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-14378 | Orals | G1.4

Galileo Declassified: IOV Spacecraft Metadata and Its Impact on Precise Orbit Determination
Florian Dilssner, Erik Schönemann, Tim Springer, Claudia Flohrer, and Werner Enderle

EGU2017-8025 | Posters | G1.4

An improved method for Multipath Hemispherical Map (MHM) based on Trend Surface Analysis
Zhiren Wang, Wen Chen, Danan Dong, and Chao Yu

EGU2017-8078 | Posters | G1.4

Novel Algorithms in Synchronized Quad-Antenna GNSS and INS Tightly-Coupled Combination
Chao Yu, Wen Chen, Danan Dong, Jie Cao, Miaomiao Cai, and Zhiren Wang

EGU2017-16777 | Orals | G1.4

Determination of multi-GNSS pseudo-absolute code biases and verification of receiver tracking technology
Arturo Villiger, Stefan Schaer, Rolf Dach, Lars Prange, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2017-9869 | Posters | G1.4

High-rate RTK and PPP multi-GNSS positioning for small-scale dynamic displacements monitoring
Jacek Paziewski, Rafał Sieradzki, Radosław Baryła, and Pawel Wielgosz

EGU2017-15217 | Orals | G1.4

Modeling Tropospheric Wet Delays and Research of its Contribution on the Real-time GNSS Precise Point Positioning
Shengfeng Gu, Wei Zhou, Fu Zheng, Xiaopeng Gong, Maorong Ge, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-608 | Orals | G1.4

On The Development of a Real-Time Zenith Tropospheric Delay Estimation Model Using Triple GNSS Constellations
Mohamed Abdelazeem Mostafa Mansour and Ahmed El-Rabbany

EGU2017-12495 | Posters | G1.4

A computationally efficient approach for isolating satellite phase fractional cycle biases based on Kalman filter
Guorui Xiao, Michael Mayer, Bernhard Heck, Lifen Sui, and Mingri Cong

EGU2017-12977 | Posters | G1.4 | Highlight

Reprocessing the Elliptical Orbiting Galileo Satellites E14 and E18: Preliminary Results
Benjamin Männel

EGU2017-17019 | Orals | G1.4

Long- and short-period errors in GNSS coordinate time series
Kibrom Ebuy Abraha, Felix Norman Teferle, Addisu Hunegnaw, and Rolf Dach

EGU2017-13242 | Posters | G1.4

Accuracy Analysis of Precise Point Positioning of Compass Navigation System Applied to Crustal Motion Monitoring
Yuebing Wang

EGU2017-14102 | Posters | G1.4

Accuracy assessment of the Precise Point Positioning method applied for surveys and tracking moving objects in GIS environment
Tamara Ilieva and Svetoslav Gekov

EGU2017-14138 | Posters | G1.4

Analysis of GR2 IGS REPRO2 product errors
Felix Perosanz, Harleen Kaur Mann, Sylvain Loyer, and Flavien Mercier

EGU2017-16762 | Posters | G1.4

Hourly ultra-rapid orbit product for multi-GNSS real-time precise point positioning
Xinghan Chen, Xingxing Li, Maorong Ge, Yongqiang Yuan, Keke Zhang, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-19508 | Posters | G1.4

Impact of baseline geometry in processing of regional networks on resulting coordinates and ZTD time series
Katarzyna Stepniak, Olivier Bock, and Pawel Wielgosz

EGU2017-609 | Posters | G1.4

Computation of Estonian CORS data using Bernese 5.2 and Gipsy 6.4 softwares
Karin Kollo, Tarmo Kall, and Aive Liibusk

EGU2017-2510 | Posters | G1.4

Observation of ionospheric gravity waves induced by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami using GPS networks in Japan
Long Tang, Bofeng Guo, and Xiaohong Zhang

EGU2017-2730 | Posters | G1.4

Clock-modeling-constrained coseismic displacement estimation using a single GNSS receiver
Bofeng Guo, Long Tang, Xiaohong Zhang, and Yanqiang Wu

EGU2017-3123 | Posters | G1.4

Investigation of Geomagnetic Storm Impact on Hourly PPP Static Coordinates
Sermet Öğütcü and İbrahim Kalaycı

EGU2017-3941 | Posters | G1.4

Real-Time Detection of Tsunami Ionospheric Disturbances with a Stand-Alone GNSS Receiver: An Integration of GPS and Galileo Systems
Giorgio Savastano, Attila Komjathy, Olga Verkhoglyadova, Yong Wei, Augusto Mazzoni, and Mattia Crespi

EGU2017-5922 | Posters | G1.4

A hybrid data fusion method for GNSS/INS integration navigation system
Ling Yang, Bofeng Li, Yunzhong Shen, and Haojun Li

EGU2017-6267 | Posters | G1.4

POD and PPP with multi-frequency processing
Pedro Roldán, Pedro Navarro, Daniel Rodríguez, and Irma Rodríguez

EGU2017-6547 | Posters | G1.4

Multi-GNSS ionospheric modeling and differential code bias estimation: Benefits and challenges
Weiliang Xie, Xingxing Li, Xiaodong Ren, and Xiaohong Zhang

EGU2017-9433 | Posters | G1.4

Rapid Detection of Small Movements with GNSS Doppler Observables
Roland Hohensinn and Alain Geiger

EGU2017-9810 | Posters | G1.4

Using ship-borne GNSS data for geoid model validation at the Baltic Sea
Maaria Nordman, Jaakko Kuokkanen, Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, Hannu Koivula, Pasi Häkli, and Sonja Lahtinen

EGU2017-10437 | Posters | G1.4

GNSS-derived Path Delay Plus (GPD+): a methodology for the computation of improved wet tropospheric corrections for coastal altimetry
Joana Fernandes, Clara Lázaro, Américo Ambrózio, Marco Restano, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2017-11486 | Posters | G1.4

Recent advances of VADASE to enhance reliability and accuracy of real-time displacements estimation
Giorgio Savastano, Francesca Fratarcangeli, Maria Chiara D'Achille, Augusto Mazzoni, and Mattia Crespi

EGU2017-12221 | Posters | G1.4

PPP-RTK by means of S-system theory: revisiting the undifferenced, uncombined network model and a case study
Baocheng Zhang and Yunbin Yuan

EGU2017-12310 | Posters | G1.4

Comparative analysis of positioning and zenith total delay retrieval using GPS-, GLONASS-only, and GPS/GLONASS combined precise point positioning
Feng Zhou, Xingxing Li, Miaomiao Cai, Wen Chen, Danan Dong, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-12416 | Posters | G1.4

GNSS-based SSH observations from ships combined with satellite altimetry and tide gauge readings
Ole Roggenbuck and Jörg Reinking

EGU2017-13485 | Posters | G1.4

Orbit determination of the Sentinel satellites - preparations for GPS L2C-tracking
Heike Peter, Jaime Fernández, Carlos Fernández, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2017-14005 | Posters | G1.4

Improving GNSS time series for volcano monitoring: application to Canary Islands (Spain)
Laura García-Cañada, Miguel J. Sevilla, Jorge Pereda de Pablo, and Itahiza Domínguez Cerdeña

EGU2017-15152 | Posters | G1.4

Elimination of the day-boundary jump of BDS Inter System Bias and its applications
Nan Jiang, Yan Xu, Tianhe Xu, Guochang Xu, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-15584 | Posters | G1.4

Realization of Relative Positioning based on BDS un-differenced observations
Wei Zhou, Rengui Ruan, Maorong Ge, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-16876 | Posters | G1.4

Integrity modelling of tropospheric delay models
Szabolcs Rózsa, Pieter Bastiaan Ober, Máté Mile, Bence Ambrus, and Ildikó Juni

EGU2017-16937 | Posters | G1.4

A satellite constellation optimization for a regional GNSS remote sensing mission
Narin Gavili Kilaneh and Masoud Mashhadi Hossainali

EGU2017-17276 | Posters | G1.4

Galileo FOC Satellite Group Delay Estimation based on Raw Method and published IOV Metadata
Florian Reckeweg, Erik Schönemann, Tim Springer, and Werner Enderle

G2.1 – The Global Geodetic Observing System: Improving Today's Infrastructure for Tomorrow's Science

EGU2017-17909 | Orals | G2.1

Organizing the Global Geodetic Observing System – Structure, Services and Stakeholders
Hansjoerg Kutterer

EGU2017-18359 | Posters | G2.1

The Global Geodetic Observing System
Ruth Neilan

EGU2017-12093 | Orals | G2.1

Geodetic Space Weather Monitoring by means of Ionosphere Modelling
Michael Schmidt

EGU2017-10814 | Posters | G2.1

The GGOS Bureau of Networks and Observations: an update on the Space Geodesy Network and the New Implementation Plan for 2017 -18
Michael R. Pearlman, Chopo Ma, Ruth Neilan, Carey Noll, Erricos Pavlis, Jérôme Saunier, Tilo Schoene, Riccardo Barzaghi, Daniela Thaller, Sten Bergstrand, and Juergen Mueller

EGU2017-15866 | Orals | G2.1

Retrieving hydrological signals from current and future gravity field missions
Roland Pail and Alexander Horvath

EGU2017-886 | Posters | G2.1

Evolution of the SLR ground and space segments and its potential for GGOS
Alexander Kehm, Mathis Bloßfeld, and Florian Seitz

EGU2017-17104 | Orals | G2.1

Towards a first realization of the International Height Reference System (IHRS)
Laura Sanchez, Johannes Ihde, Roland Pail, Thomas Gruber, Riccardo Barzaghi, Urs Marti, Jonas Agren, Michael Sideris, and Pavel Novak

EGU2017-14340 | Posters | G2.1

IVS WG 7 – Observation of satellites using VLBI
Rüdiger Haas and the IVS WG 7

EGU2017-5057 | Orals | G2.1

Focus Upon Implementing the GGOS Decadal Vision for Geohazards Monitoring
John LaBrecque and Gunter Stangl

EGU2017-433 | Posters | G2.1

On the potential of lunar observations in regular geodetic VLBI sessions
Grzegorz Klopotek, Thomas Hobiger, and Rüdiger Haas

EGU2017-8814 | Orals | G2.1 | Highlight

GGOS Focus Area 3: Understanding and Forecasting Sea-Level Rise and Variability
Tilo Schöne, Ck Shum, Mark Tamisiea, and Philip Woodworth

EGU2017-15590 | Posters | G2.1

The International DORIS Service: Current Status and Future Plans
Laurent Soudarin, Pascale Ferrage, and Jérôme Saunier

EGU2017-2268 | Posters | G2.1

The Bureau of Products and Standards and its key role within GGOS
Detlef Angermann, Thomas Gruber, Michael Gerstl, Urs Hugentobler, Laura Sanchez, Robert Heinkelmann, and Peter Steigenberger

EGU2017-12988 | Posters | G2.1

Accuracy assessment of BDS precision orbit determination and the influence analysis of site distribution
Ming Chen, Jiming Guo, Zhicai Li, Peng Zhang, Junli Wu, and Weiwei Song

EGU2017-8482 | Posters | G2.1

Variation Scenarios in System Deployments for the GGOS2020 Space Geodesy Network
Erricos C. Pavlis, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, and Daniel S. MacMillan

EGU2017-10698 | Posters | G2.1

Supporting GGOS Through NASA’s Archive of Space Geodesy Data and Products
Patrick Michael and Carey Noll

EGU2017-10883 | Posters | G2.1

Towards Cloud Processing of GGOS Big Data
Stuart Weston, Bumjun Kim, Alan Litchfield, Sergei Gulyaev, Dylan Hall, Carlos Chorao, Andrew Ruthven, Glyn Davies, Bruno Lagos, and Don Christie

EGU2017-9988 | Posters | G2.1

The International Service for the Geoid and its products
Mirko Reguzzoni, Giovanna Sona, Riccardo Barzaghi, Fernando Sansò, Alberta Albertella, Daniela Carrion, Carlo Iapige De Gaetani, and Lorenzo Rossi

EGU2017-16920 | Posters | G2.1

The gravity field observations and products at IGFS
Riccardo Barzaghi, George Vergos, Sylvain Bonvalot, Franz Barthelmes, Mirko Reguzzoni, Hartmut Wziontek, and Kevin Kelly

EGU2017-15025 | Posters | G2.1

New design and facilities for the International Database for Absolute Gravity Measurements (AGrav): A support for the Establishment of a new Global Absolute Gravity Reference System
Hartmut Wziontek, Reinhard Falk, Sylvain Bonvalot, and Axel Rülke

EGU2017-17136 | Posters | G2.1

Vertical datum unification for the International Height Reference System (IHRS)
Laura Sanchez and Michael Sideris

EGU2017-10727 | Posters | G2.1

The Contribution of GGOS to Understanding Dynamic Earth Processes
Richard Gross

EGU2017-8090 | Posters | G2.1

IoNosphere Sounding for Pre-seismic anomalies Identification REsearch (INSPIRE) project possible contribution to GGOS
Sergey Pulinets, Andrzej Krankowski, Manuel Hernandez-Pajares, Iurii Cherniak, Irina Zakharenkova, and Hanna Rothkaehl

EGU2017-5942 | Posters | G2.1

On the Development of Co-seismic Deformation based on GPS Time Series Coordinates for Indonesian Geospatial Reference System 2013
Susilo Susilo, Hasanuddin Z. Abidin, Irwan Meilano, Endra Gunawan, Benyamin Sapiie, Dina A. Sarsito, Heri Andreas, Dhota Pradipta, and Antonius B. Wijanarto

G2.2 – The International Terrestrial Reference Frame: Elaboration, Usage and Applications

EGU2017-3764 | Posters | G2.2

Impact of the galactic acceleration on the terrestrial reference frame and the scale factor in VLBI
Hana Krásná and Oleg Titov

EGU2017-8752 | Orals | G2.2

E-GRASP/Eratosthenes: a mission proposal for millimetric TRF realization
Richard Biancale, Arnaud Pollet, David Coulot, and Mioara Mandea

EGU2017-4058 | Posters | G2.2

Possibility Study of common tropospheric parameters as another ‘local ties’ of TRF
Fan Shao, Xiaoya Wang, Qunhe Zhao, and Jing Zhang

EGU2017-12798 | Orals | G2.2

ITRF2014 orbits for CryoSat-2 based on DORIS and SLR tracking
Ernst Schrama

EGU2017-15701 | Orals | G2.2

Assessment of the ILRS implementation of ITRF2014
Vincenza Luceri, Erricos C. Pavlis, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, and Giuseppe Bianco

EGU2017-4437 | Posters | G2.2

Determination of SLR station coordinates on the basis of tracking 45 GNSS satellites: benefits for future ITRF realizations
Krzysztof Sośnica, Grzegorz Bury, Radosław Zajdel, Kamil Kaźmierski, and Mateusz Drożdżewski

EGU2017-9405 | Orals | G2.2

Suspected time errors along the satellite laser ranging network and impact on the reference frame
Alexandre Belli, Pierre Exertier, Frank Lemoine, and Nikita Zelensky

EGU2017-4651 | Posters | G2.2

Analysis of the signal content in the coordinate time series of the DORIS stations
guilhem Moreaux, Frank Lemoine, Jean-Paul Boy, and Pascale Ferrage

EGU2017-14650 | Orals | G2.2

Temporal variability and coloured noise of SLR translations with respect to the ITRF2014 origin
Anna Riddell, Matt King, Christopher Watson, Roelof Rietbroek, Yu Sun, and Riccardo Riva

EGU2017-7026 | Posters | G2.2

Assessment of noise in non-tectonic displacement derived from GRACE time-variable gravity filed
Weiwei Li and Yunzhong Shen

EGU2017-19205 | Orals | G2.2

Impact of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on North America Plate Specific Terrestrial Reference Frame
Thomas Herring, Tim Melbourne, Mark Murray, Mike Floyd, Walter Szeliga, Robert King, David Phillips, and Christine Puskas

EGU2017-7173 | Posters | G2.2

Ray-traced delays for the ICRF3
David Mayer, Johannes Böhm, and Hana Krasna

EGU2017-7247 | Posters | G2.2

Seasonal station variations in the Vienna VLBI terrestrial reference frame VieTRF16a
Hana Krásná, Johannes Böhm, and Matthias Madzak

EGU2017-7742 | Posters | G2.2

GEOdetic Data assimilation and EStimation of references for climate change InvEstigation. An overall presentation of the French GEODESIE project
David Coulot and Jean-Yves Richard and the GEODESIE project team

EGU2017-8234 | Posters | G2.2

A comparison of ITRF2014, DTRF2014 and JTRF2014 polar motion series with geophysical excitation data
Paul Rebischung, Wei Chen, and Jim Ray

EGU2017-8486 | Posters | G2.2

Introducing a New Software for Geodetic Analysis
Geir Arne Hjelle, Michael Dähnn, Ingrid Fausk, Ann-Silje Kirkvik, and Eirik Mysen

EGU2017-8718 | Posters | G2.2

Analysis of Polar Motion Series Differences Between VLBI, GNSS, and SLR
Daniel MacMillan and Erricos Pavlis

EGU2017-8769 | Posters | G2.2

Evaluation of ITRF2014/DTRF2014/JTRF2014 solutions in precise orbit determination
Hugues Capdeville and Jean-Michel Lemoine

EGU2017-9547 | Posters | G2.2

Investigation of scale effects in the TRF determined by VLBI
Daniel Wahl, Robert Heinkelmann, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-11054 | Posters | G2.2

On the long-term stability of Kalman filter terrestrial reference frame solutions
Benedikt Soja, Richard Gross, Claudio Abbondanza, Toshio Chin, Michael Heflin, Xiaoping Wu, Tobias Nilsson, Susanne Glaser, Kyriakos Balidakis, Maria Karbon, Robert Heinkelmann, and Harald Schuh

EGU2017-12578 | Posters | G2.2

Validation of DTRF2014, ITRF2014 and JTRF2014 by precise orbit determination of SLR and altimetry satellites
Sergei Rudenko, Mathis Bloßfeld, Horst Müller, Denise Dettmering, Detlef Angermann, and Alexander Kehm

EGU2017-12904 | Posters | G2.2

Geocenter Coordinates from a Combined Processing of LEO and Ground-based GPS Observations
Benjamin Männel and Markus Rothacher

EGU2017-13210 | Posters | G2.2

Status and Plans for the Vienna VLBI and Satellite Software (VieVS 3.0)
Jakob Gruber, Johannes Böhm, Sigrid Böhm, Anastasiia Girdiuk, Andreas Hellerschmied, Armin Hofmeister, Hana Krásná, Younghee Kwak, Daniel Landskron, Matthias Madzak, David Mayer, Jamie McCallum, Lucia Plank, Matthias Schartner, Stas Shabala, Kamil Teke, and Jing Sun

EGU2017-14304 | Posters | G2.2

Observations of the APOD satellite with the AuScope VLBI network
Andreas Hellerschmied, Lucia Plank, Jamie McCallum, Jing Sun, Jim Lovell, and Johannes Böhm

EGU2017-14776 | Posters | G2.2

Common Adjustment of TRF, EOP and CRF for a Consistent Realization of Reference Systems
Younghee Kwak, Detlef Angermann, Mathis Bloßfeld, Michael Gerstl, Ralf Schmid, and Manuela Seitz

EGU2017-14816 | Posters | G2.2

Determination of regional Euler pole parameters for Eastern Austria
Elke Umnig, Robert Weber, Matthias Schartner, and Ewald Brueckl

EGU2017-15099 | Posters | G2.2

Evolution of the ITRFyy Regional Densifications between Successive ITRS Realizations
Ambrus Kenyeres and Juliette Legrand

EGU2017-15762 | Posters | G2.2

Evaluation of ITRF2014 Solutions
Rolf Dach, Andrea Grahsl, Andreja Susnik, Arturo Villiger, Daniel Arnold, and Adrian Jäggi

EGU2017-17751 | Posters | G2.2

Weekly TRF realization from non-singular input NEQ and related distorting effects in minimally constrained solutions
Christopher Kotsakis and Miltiadis Chatzinikos

EGU2017-18405 | Posters | G2.2

International GNSS Service 2017
Ruth Neilan and Gary Johnston

G3.1 – How much does glacial isostatic adjustment contribute to earth system modelling? (co-organized)

EGU2017-1793 | Posters | G3.1

Effect of Mantle Rheology on Viscous Heating induced during Ice Sheet Cycles
Pingping Huang, Patrick Wu, and Wouter van der Wal

EGU2017-11269 | Orals | G3.1

Inception of a global atlas of Holocene sea levels
Nicole Khan, Alessio Rovere, Simon Engelhart, and Benjamin Horton and the HOLSEA Working Group

EGU2017-13459 | Posters | G3.1

Constraints on lateral variations in upper mantle viscosity from Lake Bonneville shorelines
Jacqueline Austermann, Christine Chen, and Harriet C.P. Lau

EGU2017-11488 | Orals | G3.1

Quantifying and reducing uncertainty in deglacial ice sheet evolution
Lev Tarasov

EGU2017-524 | Posters | G3.1

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment with ICE-6G{\_}C (VM5a) and Laterally Heterogeneous Mantle Viscosity
Tanghua Li, Patrick Wu, and Holger Steffen

EGU2017-5721 | Orals | G3.1

The last North American ice sheet and mantle viscosity from glacial rebound analyses.
Kurt Lambeck, Anthony Purcell, and Jason Zhao

EGU2017-199 | Orals | G3.1

Crustal deformation across the Southern Patagonian Icefield: GNSS observations and GIA models
Luciano Mendoza, Andreas Richter, Eric Marderwald, José Luis Hormaechea, Erik Ivins, Raúl Perdomo, Heiner Lange, Ludwig Schröder, and Reinhard Dietrich

EGU2017-11406 | Posters | G3.1

Non-uniqueness and ambiguity of GIA solutions
Anthony Purcell and Kurt Lambeck

EGU2017-8681 | Posters | G3.1

A benchmark study of the sea-level equation in GIA modelling
Zdenek Martinec, Volker Klemann, Wouter van der Wal, Riccardo Riva, Giorgio Spada, Karen Simon, Bas Blank, Yu Sun, Daniele Melini, Tom James, and Sarah Bradley

EGU2017-12765 | Orals | G3.1

Probabilistic reconstruction of GPS vertical ground motion and comparison with GIA models
Laurent Husson, Thomas Bodin, Gael Choblet, and Corné Kreemer

EGU2017-7700 | Orals | G3.1

Impact of glacial-isostatic adjustment on ice-mass balances in Greenland
Ingo Sasgen, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, and Bert Wouters

EGU2017-19284 | Posters | G3.1

Bayesian inversion of the global present-day GIA signal uncertainty from RSL data
Lambert Caron, Erik R. Ivins, Surendra Adhikari, and Eric Larour

EGU2017-4151 | Posters | G3.1

Holocene Sea-Levels from Greenland to Antarctica: A Pole-to-Pole Transect of Sea Level History
Benjamin Horton, William Peltier, Keven Roy, Erica Ashe, Tim Shaw, Simon Engelhart, Nicole Khan, Robert Kopp, Lauren Simkins, Matteo Vacchi, and Sarah Woodroffe

EGU2017-12286 | Posters | G3.1

The sea-level fingerprint of the Antarctic ice sheet: an ensemble GIA modelling approach
Giorgio Spada, Gaia Galassi, and Daniele Melini

EGU2017-14868 | Posters | G3.1

Modelling near field regional uplift patterns in West Greenland/Disko Bay with plane-Earth finite element models.
Asger Meldgaard, Lars Nielsen, and Giampiero Iaffaldano

EGU2017-7573 | Posters | G3.1

GIA-effect from present and future mass balance estimates of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Carsten Ankjær Ludwigsen

EGU2017-19152 | Posters | G3.1

Is a GIA signal in GRACE data present in the Kara Sea region?
Marc Rovira-Navarro, Louise Sandberg, Valentina Roberta Barletta, and Wouter van der Wal

EGU2017-14905 | Posters | G3.1

Modelling contemporary GIA signals in northern Europe and Scandinavia
Karen Simon and Riccardo Riva

EGU2017-6847 | Posters | G3.1

Absolute observations of the GIA induced gravity change in Fennoscandia
Per-Anders Olsson, Miriam Bilker-Koivula, Kristian Breili, Emil Nielsen, and Vegard Ophaug

EGU2017-828 | Posters | G3.1

Estimation of the crustal motion and noise properties from the time series of Estonian permanent GNSS stations
Tarmo Kall, Tõnis Oja, Karin Kollo, and Aive Liibusk

EGU2017-14823 | Posters | G3.1

Late-Post-Glacial Tilt of the Lake Ladoga – Gulf of Finland Region and Rheology Models
Aleksey Amantov, Marina Amantova, and Willy Fjeldskaar

EGU2017-6062 | Posters | G3.1

Effects of Rapid Deglaciation on the Stress State in Viscoelastic Anisotropic Sedimentary Basins
Maciej Trzeciak and Marcin Dabrowski

EGU2017-17782 | Posters | G3.1

Analyses on Origin of positive gravity anomalies of sedimentary basins of the Ross Sea
Jinyao Gao, Chunguo Yang, Fei Ji, Wei Wang, and Zhongyan Shen

G3.2 – Fluid signatures in the hydrosphere, ocean and cryosphere from space geodesy and Earth rotation monitoring (co-organized)

EGU2017-4061 | Posters | G3.2

Combining nutation and surface gravity observations to estimate the Earth's core and inner core resonant frequencies
Yann Ziegler, Sébastien Lambert, Séverine Rosat, Ibnu Nurul Huda, and Christian Bizouard

EGU2017-2289 | Orals | G3.2

Atmospheric tides in variations of VLBI station positions
Anastasiia Girdiuk, Johannes Böhm, and Michael Schindelegger

EGU2017-7106 | Orals | G3.2

Influence of the tidal variations of the angular velocity on the rotation of the non-rigid Earth
Alberto Escapa, José M. Ferrándiz, and Tomás Baenas

EGU2017-5214 | Posters | G3.2

Earth Orientation Parameters from VLBI and GNSS Combined at the Normal Equation Level
Jean-Yves Richard, Sébastien Lambert, Christian Bizouard, and Olivier Becker

EGU2017-8121 | Posters | G3.2

On the prediction of the Free Core Nutation
Santiago Belda Palazón, José M. Ferrándiz, Robert Heinkelmann, Tobias Nilsson, Harald Schuh, and Sadegh Modiri

EGU2017-11866 | Orals | G3.2

Polar motion excitation from several models of land hydrosphere
Jolanta Nastula

EGU2017-12129 | Orals | G3.2

Oceanic signals in rapid polar motion: results from a barotropic forward model with explicit consideration of self-attraction and loading effects
Michael Schindelegger, Katherine J. Quinn, and Rui M. Ponte

EGU2017-12063 | Posters | G3.2

Is there a connection between Earth's core and climate at multidecadal time scales?
Sébastien Lambert, Steven Marcus, and Olivier de Viron

EGU2017-8552 | Orals | G3.2

Improved geophysical excitations constrained by polar motion observations and GRACE/SLR time-dependent gravity
Wei Chen, Jiancheng Li, Jim Ray, and Minkang Cheng

EGU2017-13194 | Posters | G3.2

Combining VLBI and ring laser observations at normal equation level
Matthias Schartner, Johannes Böhm, Sigrid Böhm, Karl Ulrich Schreiber, and André Gebauer

EGU2017-1258 | Posters | G3.2

Variability in Terrestrial Water Storage and its effect on polar motion
Justyna Śliwińska and Jolanta Nastula

EGU2017-15174 | Orals | G3.2

First results of the EGSIEM Near Real-Time Service
Andreas Kvas, Christian Gruber, Ben Gouweleeuw, Qiang Chen, Lea Poropat, Frank Flechtner, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, and Andreas Güntner

EGU2017-5275 | Orals | G3.2

A new hybrid method towards improving hydrological-induced vertical deformation estimation from GRACE and a hydrological model: An exploration into Central North America
Makan A. Karegar, Timothy H. Dixon, Jürgen Kusche, and Don P. Chambers

EGU2017-1346 | Posters | G3.2

Low degree Earth’s gravity coefficients determined from different space geodetic observations and climate models
Małgorzata Wińska and Jolanta Nastula

EGU2017-15644 | Orals | G3.2

Improved drought indicators based on Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), water balance components and soil moisture
Peyman Saemian, Mohammad J. Tourian, and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2017-6533 | Posters | G3.2

Impact of GFZ’s Effective Angular Momentum Forecasts on Polar Motion Prediction
Robert Dill and Henryk Dobslaw

EGU2017-6595 | Posters | G3.2

Current status of GFZ’s operational Earth System model GFZESM
Robert Dill, Henryk Dobslaw, and Maik Thomas

EGU2017-14965 | Orals | G3.2

Looking for very low tectonic deformation in GNSS time series impacted by strong hydrological signal in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Anne-Morwenn Pastier, Olivier Dauteuil, Michael Murray-Hudson, Kaelo Makati, Frédérique Moreau, Alain Crave, Laurent Longuevergne, and Andrea Walpersdorf

EGU2017-12196 | Posters | G3.2

Toward uncertainties in gravimetrically derived excitation mechanisms of Earth rotation: A case study of degree-1 Stokes coefficients and C20
Franziska Göttl, Mathis Bloßfeld, Alexander Kehm, Michael Schmidt, and Florian Seitz

EGU2017-17916 | Orals | G3.2

GNSS Reflectometry for estimation of ocean dynamic topography at the coast
Simon D. P. Williams and Christopher W. Hughes

EGU2017-5067 | Orals | G3.2

Satellite altimetry in sea ice regions – detecting open water for estimating sea surface heights
Felix L. Müller, Denise Dettmering, and Wolfgang Bosch

EGU2017-17652 | Posters | G3.2

Decadal variation in C20 from Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) data
Minkang Cheng and John Ries

EGU2017-7910 | Orals | G3.2

Transient variations in glacial mass near Upernavik Isstrøm (Greenland) detected by the combined use of GPS and GRACE data
Bao Zhang, Lin Liu, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Tonie van Dam, Enze Zhang, and Yibin Yao

EGU2017-11930 | Posters | G3.2

A new processing strategy for CryoSat-2 SAR data over lakes based on waveform classification, sub-waveform retracking and outlier rejection
Franziska Göttl, Denise Dettmering, Felix Lucian Müller, and Christian Schwatke

EGU2017-7450 | Posters | G3.2

Multi-geodetic characterization of the seasonal signal at the CERGA geodetic reference station, France
Anthony Mémin, Vishnu Viswanathan, Agnes Fienga, Alvaro Santamarìa-Gómez, Jean-Paul Boy, Olivier Cavalié, Florent Deleflie, Pierre Exertier, Jean-Daniel Bernard, and Jacques Hinderer

EGU2017-19347 | Posters | G3.2

DORIS research activities at Geodetic Observatory Pecny
Petr Štěpánek, Vratislav Filler, and Michal Buday

EGU2017-8591 | Posters | G3.2

Observing anomalies in the deglaciation of Greenland by GRACE and GNET GPS
Per Knudsen and Shfaqat Abbas Khan

EGU2017-3819 | Posters | G3.2

\textbf{Assessing uncertainties of GRACE-derived terrestrial water-storage fields}
Vagner Fereria and Henry Montecino

EGU2017-6416 | Posters | G3.2

Assessment of an improved hydrological loading model from space geodesy: case study in South America
Joëlle Nicolas, Jean-Paul Boy, Frédéric Durand, and Anthony Mémin

EGU2017-12920 | Posters | G3.2

GRACE-based validation of terrestrial water storage variations as simulated by four different hydrological models
Liangjing Zhang, Henryk Dobslaw, Tobias Stacke, Andreas Güntner, Robert Dill, and Maik Thomas

EGU2017-16833 | Posters | G3.2

Comparisons of observed and modeled elastic responses to hydrological loading in the Amazon Basin and application to the levelling of water level gauges.
Daniel Medeiros Moreira, Stéphane Calmant, Félix Perosanz, Luciano Xavier, Otto Rotunno Filho, and Frédérique Seyler

EGU2017-8800 | Posters | G3.2

Comparing the data-driven and the model-dependent strategies for improving filtered GRACE signal
Bramha Dutt Vishwakarma and Nico Sneeuw

EGU2017-15102 | Posters | G3.2

Linking ring deformations of the Large Hadron Collider to elastic surface loading
Roelof Rietbroek, Rolf Hut, Jorg Wenniger, and Ivo van Vulpen

EGU2017-12373 | Posters | G3.2

Comparison of ocean mass content change from direct and inversion based approaches
Bernd Uebbing, Jürgen Kusche, and Roelof Rietbroek

EGU2017-13595 | Posters | G3.2

Evaluation of the water cycle in regional and global reanalyses using GRACE
Anne Springer, Annette Eicker, Anika Bettge, Jürgen Kusche, and Andreas Hense

EGU2017-18695 | Posters | G3.2

Rainfall modulated deformation of a mountain front: example from the European Southern Alps
Enrico Serpelloni, Adriano Gualandi, Francesco Pintori, Enrico Scoccimarro, Adriano Cavaliere, Letizia Anderlini, Maria Elina Belardinelli, and Micol Todesco

EGU2017-13294 | Posters | G3.2

Forward modeling of atmospheric, oceanic and hydrological loading effects in GPS processing
Jean-Paul Boy, Pierre Bauder, Patrice Ulrich, Bryant D. Loomis, and Scott B. Luthcke

EGU2017-5474 | Posters | G3.2

An Update of Sea Level Rise in the northwestern part of the Arabian Gulf
Abdulaziz Alothman, Machiel Bos, and Rui Fernandes

EGU2017-17040 | Posters | G3.2

Variability of the oceanic bottom pressure from sensor observations and ocean models
Alexey Androsov, Jens Schröter, Sergey Danilov, Christina Lück, Jürgen Kusche, Roelof Rietbroek, Le Ren, Steffen Schön, Olaf Boebel, Andreas Macrander, and Ioana Ivanciu

EGU2017-6609 | Posters | G3.2

Detection of subsurface-intensified eddies from observations of the sea-surface: a case study for Mediterranean Water Eddies in a long-term high-resolution simulation
Daniele Ciani, Xavier Carton, Ana Claudia Barbosa Aguiar, Alvaro Peliz, Igor Bashmachnikov, Federico Ienna, and Bertrand Chapron

G3.4 – Monitoring and modelling of geodynamics and crustal deformation: progress during 36 years of the WEGENER initiative (co-organized)

EGU2017-3229 | Orals | G3.4

Gravity and Height Variations at Medicina, Italy
Sara Bruni, Susanna Zerbini, Maddalena Errico, Efisio Santi, and Hartmut Wziontek

EGU2017-2956 | Posters | G3.4

Monitoring fault activities on the Iznik and Gemlik segments of the North Anatolian Fault
Onur Yilmaz, Haluk Ozener, and Kerem Halicioglu

EGU2017-8730 | Orals | G3.4

Aseismic slip and seismogenic coupling in the Marmara Sea: What can we learn from onland Geodesy?
Emilie Klein, Zacharie Duputel, Frédéric Masson, Hakan Yavasoglu, and Piyush Agram

EGU2017-4365 | Posters | G3.4

Seven years of postseismic deformation following the 2009 Mw 7.8 Dusky Sound earthquake from GPS, InSAR and dynamic models
Dongju Peng, Sylvain Barbot, Teng Wang, Lujia Feng, and James Moore

EGU2017-16693 | Orals | G3.4

Unlocking of the North Anatolian Fault prior to the 2014 M 6.9 North Aegean Earthquake: Evidence from seismological and geodetic observations
Fatih Bulut, Haluk Ozener, Asli Dogru, and Bahadir Aktug

EGU2017-13072 | Posters | G3.4

The integration of astro-geodetic data observed with ACSYS to the local geoid models Istanbul-Turkey
Kerem Halicioglu, M.Tevfik Ozludemir, Rasim Deniz, Haluk Ozener, Muge Albayrak, Rasit Ulug, and Burak Basoglu

EGU2017-9287 | Posters | G3.4

Current crustal deformation of the Taiwan orogen reassessed by cGPS strain-rate estimation and focal mechanism stress inversion
Kuan-Hsiang Chen, Yih-Min Wu, Ya-Ju Hsu, and Yu-Chang Chan

EGU2017-5989 | Orals | G3.4

Detection and location of small aftershocks using waveform cross correlation
Ivan Kitov, Irina Sanina, and Sergey Sergeev

EGU2017-9076 | Orals | G3.4

Study of the 3D displacement field in Lorca (Murcia, Spain) subsidence area
Jose Fernandez, Juan F. Prieto, Mimmo Palano, Tamara Abajo, Enrique Perez, Joaquin Escayo, Jesus Velasco, Tomas Herrero, Antonio G. Camacho, Guadalupe Bru, Inigo Molina, Juan C. Lopez, Gema Rodriguez-Velasco, and Israel Gomez

EGU2017-15974 | Posters | G3.4

An Investigation on the Use of Different Centroiding Algorithms and Star Catalogs in Astro-Geodetic Observations
Burak Basoglu, Kerem Halicioglu, Muge Albayrak, Rasit Ulug, M. Tevfik Ozludemir, and Rasim Deniz

EGU2017-6127 | Orals | G3.4

Joint inversion of GPS, Leveling and InSAR datasets for 2013 Lushan earthquake, China and its seismic hazard implications
Zhicai Li, Peng Zhang, Junli Wu, Yongshang Wang, and Ming Chen

EGU2017-16242 | Posters | G3.4

Calibration and Testing of Digital Zenith Camera System Components
Rasit Ulug, Kerem Halicioglu, M. Tevfik Ozludemir, Muge Albayrak, Burak Basoglu, and Rasim Deniz

EGU2017-17467 | Posters | G3.4

Present-day deformation in Europe, as seen by the EPOS-GNSS prototype solution in double difference, and first co- and post-seismic displacements associated with 2016 Amatrice and Norcia earthquakes (Italy)
Anne Socquet, Aline Déprez, Nathalie Cotte, Louise Maubant, Andrea Walpersdorf, and Mary Grace Bato

EGU2017-18611 | Posters | G3.4

A study of earthquake-induced building detection by object oriented classification approach
Asli Sabuncu, Zehra Damla Uca Avci, and Filiz Sunar

EGU2017-19623 | Posters | G3.4

Monitoring of the Earth´s surface deformation in the area of water dam Zarnowiec
Marcel Mojzes, Marek Wozniak, Branislav Habel, and Marek Macak

EGU2017-19624 | Posters | G3.4

The role of CGS/ASI in the Mediterranean area
Giuseppe Bianco, Vincenza Luceri, and Rosa Pacione

EGU2017-19646 | Posters | G3.4

Recent Ground Deformation around the Northern Part of Lake Nasser, Aswan, Egypt Using GPS and InSAR
Mohamed Saleh and Frederic Masson

EGU2017-17541 | Posters | G3.4

Coastal Vertical Land motion in the German Bight
Matthias Becker, Luciana Fenoglio, and Florian Reckeweg

EGU2017-15456 | Posters | G3.4

Seismo-geodetic Behavior of Basic Tectonic Elements in Anatolia
Haluk Ozener, Asli Dogru, Fatih Bulut, Bahadir Aktug, and Soner Ozdemir

EGU2017-6724 | Posters | G3.4

Reassessment of seismic hazards of high strain accumulation in Southern Taiwan after 2016 Meinong earthquake by continuous GPS and block model
Tsai Min-Chien

EGU2017-7465 | Posters | G3.4

GNSS activities for crustal deformation studies in Georgia (Caucasus)
Giorgi Khazaradze, Kakhaber Machavariani, Galaktion Hahubia, Nino Kachakhidze-Murphy, and Manana Kachakhidze

EGU2017-7268 | Posters | G3.4

An up-to-date GPS velocity field of Iran
Fateme Khorrami, Frederic Masson, Faramarz Nilfouroushan, Philippe Vernant, Seyed Abdoreza Saadat, Hamidreza Nankali, Sedigheh Hosseini, and Azadeh Aghamohamadi

EGU2017-6628 | Posters | G3.4

cGNSS recordings at the Adria microplate northern boundary reveal fault-induced fluid diffusion during the seismic cycle.
Giuliana Rossi, David Zuliani, and Paolo Fabris

G3.5 – Imaging geohazards with new generation SAR imagery

EGU2017-4726 | Posters | G3.5

High mobility of mud-core anticline responsible for anomalous high deformation rate in fold-and-thrust belt of southwestern Taiwan
Jyr-Ching Hu, Ying-Ping Kuo, and Eh Tan

EGU2017-10368 | Posters | G3.5

Generic atmospheric correction models for radar measurements
Zhenhong Li, Chen Yu, Paola Crippa, and Nigel Penna

EGU2017-14203 | Posters | G3.5 | Highlight

Sentinel-1 data exploitation for geohazard activity map generation
Anna Barra, Lorenzo Solari, Marta Béjar-Pizarro, Oriol Monserrat, Gerardo Herrera, Silvia Bianchini, Michele Crosetto, Rosa María Mateos, Roberto Sarro, and Sandro Moretti

EGU2017-16721 | Posters | G3.5 | Highlight

Sinking Aquifers: Insight from Continental-scale Sentinel-1 InSAR Survey
Mahmud Haghshenas Haghighi and Mahdi Motagh

EGU2017-17439 | Posters | G3.5

Interseismic strain accumulation along the East Anatolian Fault (Turkey) mapped with Sentinel-1 TOPS data using persistent scatterers InSAR technique
Selver Senturk, Ziyadin Cakir, Semih Ergintav, and Ugur Dogan

EGU2017-17884 | Posters | G3.5

Mapping of intrastratal halite karst with the correlation of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data to models of geological displacement along faults
Eric Zechner, Bernhard Mitosch, Horst Dresmann, and Peter Huggenberger

EGU2017-18259 | Posters | G3.5

The 25 December 2016 Mw 7.7 earthquake, Chile: coseismic and postseismic slip distributions from Sentinel-1 and ALOS-II Interferometry, and GPS
Marcos Moreno, Daniel Melnick, Sanaz Vajedian, Jonathan Bedford, Juan Carlos Baez, Sergio Ruiz, and Mahdi Motagh

EGU2017-18464 | Posters | G3.5

Coupling of Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and ALOS-2 to assess coseismic deformation and earthquake-induced landslides following 26 June, 2016 earthquake in Kyrgyzstan
Sanaz Vajedian, Mahdi Motagh, Hans-Ulrich Wetzel, and Kanayim Teshebaeva

EGU2017-18878 | Posters | G3.5

Multi-sensor technologies for analyzing sinkholes in Hamedan, west Iran
Sanaz Vajedian, Mahdi Motagh, Ahmad Hojati, and Hans-Ulrich Wetzel

EGU2017-18960 | Posters | G3.5

Destabilization of Masjed-Soleyman rockfill dam observed by satellite radar interferometry
Mahmud Haghshenas Haghighi, Mahdi Motagh, and Lotfollah Emadali

EGU2017-19296 | Posters | G3.5

Ionospheric errors compensation for ground deformation estimation with new generation SAR
Giorgio Gomba, Francesco De Zan, and Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez

G4.1 – Acquisition and processing of gravity and magnetic field data and their integrative interpretation (co-organized)

EGU2017-3075 | Posters | G4.1

Complex crustal structures: their 3D grav/mag modelling and 3D printing
Hans-Jürgen Götze, Sabine Schmidt, and Peter Menzel

EGU2017-6210 | Orals | G4.1 | Highlight

Workflow with pitfalls to derive a regional airborne magnetic compilation
Marco Brönner, Eldar Baykiev, and Jörg Ebbing

EGU2017-2505 | Posters | G4.1

Application of 3D variation-density interface inversion of gravity anomalies in South China Sea
Shuling Li and Xiaohong Meng

EGU2017-16052 | Orals | G4.1

Investigations on gravity data processing in airborne and shipborne gravimetry
Biao Lu, Franz Barthelmes, Svetozar Petrovic, Christoph Förste, Sinem Ince, and Frank Flechtner

EGU2017-4294 | Posters | G4.1

New gravity anomaly map in Taiwan and its neighboring region with some tectonic interpretations
Wen-Bin Doo, Chung-Liang Lo, and Shu-Kun Hsu