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GI – Geosciences Instrumentation & Data Systems

GI0.1 – Open Session on Geosciences Instrumentation and Methods (including Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-1367 | Orals | GI0.1

Automatic digitization of SMA data
Mika Väänänen and Eija Tanskanen

EGU2017-4324 | Posters | GI0.1

A ocean bottom vector magnetometer
Xiaomei Wang, Yuntian Teng, Chen Wang, and Jiemei Ma

EGU2017-4422 | Posters | GI0.1

High stability integrated Tri-axial fluxgate sensor with suspended technology
Chen Wang, Yuntian Teng, Xiaomei Wang, Xiaoyong Fan, and Qiong Wu

EGU2017-281 | Orals | GI0.1

Low power data acquisition unit for autonomous geophysical instrumentation
Andrii Prystai

EGU2017-16619 | Posters | GI0.1

Small-size light Overhauser geomagnetic sensors and magnetometers
Vladimir Sapunov, Aleksander Gavrilin, Sergey Kiselev, Dmitrii Saveliev, Aleksey Denisov, Engenii Narkhov, Aleksey Sapunov, and Nadezhda Terlyga

EGU2017-4257 | Orals | GI0.1

A design method for high performance seismic data acquisition based on oversampling delta-sigma modulation
Shanghua Gao and Bing Xue

EGU2017-7415 | Posters | GI0.1

The Royal Observatory of Belgium gravitational balance G4 dedicated to the monitoring of gravitational interactions
Michel van Ruymbeke and Philippe Dumont

EGU2017-8747 | Orals | GI0.1

Optimizing Drilling Efficiency by PWD (Pressure-While-Drilling) Sensor in wells which were drilled in the Khazar-Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan Republic
Elnur Amirov

EGU2017-17225 | Posters | GI0.1

Determination of beam-position dependent transfer functions of LCR-G gravimeters by means of moving mass calibration device in the Mátyáshegy Gravity and Geodynamical Observatory, Budapest
András Koppán, Márta Kis, László Merényi, Gábor Papp, Judit Benedek, and Bruno Meurers

EGU2017-13479 | Orals | GI0.1

Errors in the determination of the limits of detection using JEOL’s electron microprobe interface.
Dmitry Tonkacheev

EGU2017-17371 | Posters | GI0.1

Analysis of earthquake signals appearing in rock deformation, gravimeter and seismological recordings
Márta Kis, András Koppán, Márta Kiszely, Katalin Gribovszki, Gyula Mentes, and Dóra Bán

EGU2017-2229 | Orals | GI0.1

Incorporation of Materials’ Attenuation Effect into the Relative Permittivity Calculations Using GPR
Salih Serkan Artagan and Vladislav Borecky

EGU2017-2752 | Orals | GI0.1

Radar interferometry from space for surface deformation investigation: 25 years of developments and observations (Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)
Ricardo Lanari

EGU2017-7477 | Posters | GI0.1

Monitoring of water flow inside stalactites of the Rochefort karstic laboratory
Michel van Ruymbeke and Philippe Dumont

EGU2017-7586 | Posters | GI0.1

Validation of the Lanzarote Tide Gauges system designed at the Royal Observatory of Belgium
Michel van Ruymbeke, Philippe Dumont, and Matej Seknik

EGU2017-13821 | Posters | GI0.1

Large scale in-situ BOrehole and Geofluid Simulator (i.BOGS) for the development and testing of borehole technologies at reservoir conditions
Mandy Duda, Rolf Bracke, Ferdinand Stöckhert, and Volker Wittig

EGU2017-14178 | Posters | GI0.1

"Calibration" system for spectral measurements and its experimental results
Sviatlana I. Bruchkouskaya, Leonid V. Katkovsky, Boris I. Belyaev, and Vladislav B. Malyshev

GI1.1 – Applications of Data, Methods and Models in Geosciences (co-organized)

EGU2017-1800 | Posters | GI1.1

VLF-EM prospecting for the characterization of a fault zone and the evaluation of its permeability conditions.
Silvana Fais, Paola Ligas, Francesco Cuccuru, Enrico Maggio, Alberto Plaisant, Alberto Pettinau, and Antonio Pala

EGU2017-726 | Orals | GI1.1

3D Visualization Tools to Support Soil Management In Relation to Sustainable Agriculture and Ecosystem Services
Chen Wang

EGU2017-1856 | Posters | GI1.1

Attempts to investigate the dynamic surface changes in the Carpathian bend area using archive ascending and descending ENVISAT images processed by persistent scatterers interferometry
István Bozsó, Eszter Szűcs, László Bányai, and Viktor Wesztergom

EGU2017-2334 | Orals | GI1.1

New Age of 3D Geological Modelling or Complexity is not an Issue Anymore
Aleksandr Mitrofanov

EGU2017-3526 | Posters | GI1.1

Classifying land cover from an object-oriented approach – applied to LANDSAT 8 at the regional scale of the Lake Tana Basin (Ethiopia)
Hanibal Lemma, Amaury Frankl, Jean Poesen, Enyew Adgo, and Jan Nyssen

EGU2017-10015 | Orals | GI1.1

Introduction of A New Toolbox for Processing Digital Images From Multiple Camera Networks: FMIPROT
Cemal Melih Tanis and Ali Nadir Arslan

EGU2017-7387 | Posters | GI1.1

Evaluation of Large-scale Quaternary Stratigraphical Modelling in SubsurfaceViewer
Johannes Petrone, Gustav Sohlenius, Jonas Ising, and Mårten Strömgren

EGU2017-17642 | Orals | GI1.1

A retrieval algorithm of hydrometer profile for submillimeter-wave radiometer
Yuli Liu, Stefan Buehler, and Heguang Liu

EGU2017-3678 | Posters | GI1.1

Behaviors of azimuthal offset-dependent of converted wave amplitude in a vertically fractured reservoir
Chih-Hsiung Chang, Young-Fo Chang, Hsiu-Chi Tsao, Chao-Ming Lin, and Cheng-Kuo Chang

EGU2017-6653 | Orals | GI1.1

Voxel modelling of sands and gravels of Pleistocene Rhine and Meuse deposits in Flanders (Belgium)
Tom van Haren, Katrijn Dirix, and Roel De Koninck

EGU2017-7936 | Posters | GI1.1

HULK - Simple and fast generation of structured hexahedral meshes for improved subsurface simulations
Reza Sohrabi, Gunnar Jansen, and Stephen A. Miller

EGU2017-15873 | Orals | GI1.1

3D voxel modelling of the marine subsurface: the Belgian Continental Shelf case
Vasileios Hademenos, Lars Kint, Tine Missiaen, Jan Stafleu, and Vera Van Lancker

EGU2017-9598 | Posters | GI1.1

Application of GIS-based models for delineating the UAV flight region to support Search and Rescue activities
Miroslawa Jurecka and Tomasz Niedzielski

EGU2017-10129 | Posters | GI1.1

Salt wedge determination using electrical sounding method in the region of Oued Nador (Tipaza, Algeria)
Mohamed Amine Bechkit, Zahia Benaïssa, Sid Ali Ouadfeul, and Feriel Deghmoum

EGU2017-10041 | Posters | GI1.1

The software and algorithms for hyperspectral data processing
Anhelina Shyrayeva, Anton Martinov, Victor Ivanov, and Leonid Katkovsky

EGU2017-1210 | Posters | GI1.1

Gold grade distribution within an epithermal quartz vein system, Kestanelik, NW Turkey: implications for gold exploration
Nilay Gulyuz, Zoe Shipton, Erhan Gulyuz, Richard Lord, Nuretdin Kaymakci, and İlkay Kuscu

EGU2017-7841 | Posters | GI1.1

Porosity Estimation By Artificial Neural Networks Inversion . Application to Algerian South Field
Said Eladj, Leila Aliouane, and Sid-Ali Ouadfeul

EGU2017-1607 | Posters | GI1.1

The problem with coal-waste dumps inventory in Upper Silesian Coal Basin
Anna Abramowicz and Ryszard Chybiorz

EGU2017-14259 | Posters | GI1.1

Ambient seismic noise as an interesting indirect cue for the Cerithidea decollata migrations
Veronica Pazzi and Alessia Lotti

EGU2017-11654 | Posters | GI1.1

A Study on the Prediction of Damage Extent at the Time of Perforating Operation on Reinforced Concrete Structure through Horizontal Excavation
Ju-hyoung Lee, Hakman Kim, and Jin Woo Cho

EGU2017-11621 | Posters | GI1.1

Analysis of Type Classification of Fog in Gwangju and Jeonnam Province
Jong Hyeok Park, Deog Hwan Chung, and Mi Na Lee

EGU2017-10661 | Posters | GI1.1

Evaluation of Pan-Sharpening Methods for Automatic Shadow Detection in High Resolution Images of Urban Areas
Samara C. de Azevedo, Ramesh P. Singh, and Erivaldo A. da Silva

GI1.2 – Geoscience processes related to Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accidents (co-organized)

EGU2017-5910 | Posters | GI1.2 | Highlight

Model simulations of the radioactive material plumes in the Fukushima nuclear power station accident
Teruyuki Nakajima, Daisuke Goto, Yu Morino, Shota Misawa, Haruo Tsuruta, Junya Uchida, Toshihiko Takemura, Toshimasa Ohara, Yasuji Oura, Mitsuru Ebihara, and Masaki Satoh

EGU2017-6907 | Orals | GI1.2 | Highlight

Improvements and limitations on understanding of atmospheric processes of Fukushima Daiichi NPS radioactivity
Hiromi Yamazawa, Yuta Terasaka, Kenta Mizutani, Hiroki Sugiura, and Shigekazu Hirao

EGU2017-13036 | Posters | GI1.2

The impact of Surface Wind Velocity Data Assimilation on the Predictability of Plume Advection in the Lower Troposphere
Thomas Sekiyama, Mizuo Kajino, and Masaru Kunii

EGU2017-6605 | Orals | GI1.2 | Highlight

Global transport of Fukushima-derived radionuclides from Japan to Asia, North America and Europe. Estimated doses and expected health effects
Nikolaos Evangeliou, Andreas Stohl, and Yves Balkanski

EGU2017-8845 | Posters | GI1.2

Cloud diagnosis impact on deposition modelling applied to the Fukushima accident
Arnaud Quérel, Denis Quélo, Yelva Roustan, and Anne Mathieu

EGU2017-11644 | Posters | GI1.2

Comprehensive analysis of atmospheric radionuclides just after the Fukushima accident
Haruo Tsuruta, Yasuji Oura, Mitsuru Ebihara, Toshimasa Ohara, Yuichi Moriguchi, and Teruyuki Nakajima

EGU2017-12115 | Orals | GI1.2

Overview of insoluble radioactive cesium particles emitted from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station
Yukihiko Satou

EGU2017-17013 | Posters | GI1.2

Characterizing fallout material using Cs and Pu atom ratios in environmental samples from the FDNPP fallout zone
David Richards, James Dunne, Peter Martin, Tom Scott, Yosuke Yamashiki, Chris Coath, and Hart Chen

EGU2017-10003 | Posters | GI1.2

An aerosol particle containing enriched uranium encountered during routine sampling
Daniel Murphy, Karl Froyd, NIkolaos Evangeliou, and Andreas Stohl

EGU2017-11141 | Posters | GI1.2

Fluctuations of the Concentration of Cs-137 Aerosol in Chernobyl,Fukushima and Kawasaki
Yohei Ota, Yuko Hatano, Yukiko Okada, and Katsumi Hirose

EGU2017-11144 | Posters | GI1.2

Analysis of resusupention of Cs-137 in Fukushima with box model
Yuta Nakamura, Yuko Hatano, Kazuyuki Kita, Yasuhito Igarashi, Mizuo Kajino, and Masahide Ishizuka

EGU2017-12185 | Orals | GI1.2 | Highlight

137Cs and 134Cs activity in the North Pacific Ocean water from 1945 to 2020 by eddy-resolving ROMS
Takaki Tsubono, Kazuo Misumi, Daisuke Tsumune, Michio Aoyama, and Katsumi Hirose

EGU2017-1790 | Orals | GI1.2

Long term behavior of TEPCO FNPP1 derived radiocaesium in the North Pacific Ocean through the end of 2016: A review
Michio Aoyama, Yasunori Hamajima, Yayoi Inomata, Yuichiro Kumamoto, Eitarou Oka, Takaki Tsubono, and Daisuke Tsumune

EGU2017-5610 | Posters | GI1.2

Atmospheric electricity by the radioactive aerosol after the Fukushima nuclear accident: an overview
Masatoshi Yamauchi, Masahiko Takeda, Masahiko Makino, and Shingo Nagamachi

EGU2017-1791 | Posters | GI1.2

Radiocaesium derived FNPP1 accident in the ocean interior of the western North Pacific Ocean through 2016
Michio Aoyama, Yasunori Hamajima, Yayoi Inomata, Yuichiro Kumamoto, Eitarou Oka, Takaki Tsubono, and Daisuke Tsumune

EGU2017-15364 | Posters | GI1.2

Estimate of radiocaesium derived FNPP1 accident in the North Pacific Ocean
Yayoi Inomata, Michio Aoyama, Takaki Tsubono, Daisuke Tsumune, and Masatoshi Yamada

EGU2017-3231 | Orals | GI1.2 | Highlight

Fate and transport of radionuclides in soil-water environment. Review.
Aleksei Konoplev

EGU2017-12202 | Posters | GI1.2

Estimations of direct release rate of 137Cs and 90Sr to the ocean from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant for five-and-a-half years
Daisuke Tsumune, Michio Aoyama, Takaki Tsubono, Kazuhiro Misumi, and Yutaka Tateda

EGU2017-2087 | Posters | GI1.2

Characteristics of radiocesium runoff between five river basins near to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant over heavy rainfall events
Kazuyuki Sakuma, Alex Malins, Hiroshi Kurikami, and Akihiro Kitamura

EGU2017-11877 | Orals | GI1.2

Adsorption and Desorption of Cesium in Clay Minerals: Effects of Natural Organic Matter and pH
Hongkyu Yoon, Anastasia Ilgen, Melissa Mills, Moo Lee, Jeung Gun Seol, Nam Chan Cho, and Hyungyu Kang

EGU2017-11736 | Orals | GI1.2

The radiocesium dynamics in the Fukushima forests at the late stage after deposition
Vasyl Yoschenko, Tsugiko Takase, Kenji Nanba, Alexei Konoplev, and Yuichi Onda

EGU2017-4154 | Posters | GI1.2

Concerning initial and secondary character of radionuclide distribution in elementary landscape geochemical systems
Elena Korobova and Sergey Romanov

EGU2017-8942 | Posters | GI1.2

Multi-scale levels of Cs-137 contamination of landscapes of the Bryansk Region (with reference to results of air gamma survey)
Vitaly Linnik, Alexander Sokolov, and Peter Sokolov

EGU2017-425 | Posters | GI1.2

Olga Komissarova and Tatiana Paramonova

EGU2017-5382 | Posters | GI1.2

Decoding Environmental Processes Using Radioactive Isotopes for the Post-Radioactive Contamination Recovery Assessment
Misa Yasumiishi, Taku Nishimura, Kazutoshi Osawa, and Chris Renschler

EGU2017-10900 | Posters | GI1.2

Initinal and secondary decline of transport of radionuclides in Fukushima in the terrestrial environment
Yuichi Onda, Keisuke Taniguchi, Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Kazuya Yoshimura, Hugh Smith, Will Brake, Sho Iwagami, and Hiroaki Kato

EGU2017-6319 | Posters | GI1.2 | Highlight

The development of Operational Intervention Levels (OILs) for Soils – A decision support tool in nuclear and radiological emergency response
Amelia Lee Zhi Yi, Gerd Dercon, Carl Blackburn, and Heng Lee Kheng

GI1.3 – Environmental sensor networks (co-organized)

EGU2017-18487 | Posters | GI1.3

The investigation of using 5G millimeter-wave communications links for environmental monitoring
Congzheng Han

EGU2017-263 | Posters | GI1.3

Cyberinfrastructure for remote environmental observatories: a model homogeneous sensor network in the Great Basin, USA
Scotty Strachan, David Slater, Eric Fritzinger, Bradley Lyles, Graham Kent, Kenneth Smith, Sergiu Dascalu, and Frederick Harris

EGU2017-18975 | Posters | GI1.3

Experiences with a Decade of Wireless Sensor Networks in Mountain Cryosphere Research
Jan Beutel and the PermaSense Team

EGU2017-15060 | Posters | GI1.3

Wireless sensor networks to assess the impacts of global change in Sierra Nevada (Spain) mountains
Francisco M. Sánchez-Cano, Francisco J. Bonet-García, Antonio J. Pérez-Luque, and María Suárez-Muñoz

EGU2017-2249 | Posters | GI1.3

Near real time observational data collection for SPRUCE experiment- PakBus protocol for slow satellite connections
Misha Krassovski, Paul Hanson, and Jeff Riggs

EGU2017-19570 | Posters | GI1.3

Lung deposited surface area concentrations in a street canyon
Heino Kuuluvainen, Riina Hietikko, Anssi Järvinen, Erkka Saukko, Matti Irjala, Jarkko V. Niemi, Hilkka Timonen, Jorma Keskinen, and Topi Rönkkö

EGU2017-3339 | Posters | GI1.3

Sensor and Video Monitoring of Water Quality at Bristol Floating Harbour
Yiheng Chen and Dawei Han

EGU2017-15716 | Posters | GI1.3

ARPA LOMBARDIA river gauging network: a great daily effort
Matteo Cislaghi, Michele Calabrese, Leonardo Condemi, Sara Di Priolo, Paola Parravicini, Chiara Rondanini, Michele Russo, Orietta Cazzuli, Mauro Mussin, and Roberto Serra

GI1.4 – New frontiers of multiscale monitoring, analysis and modeling of environmental systems (co-organized)

EGU2017-149 | Posters | GI1.4

Volcanic sources retrieved from geodetic data: constraints to their geometry, shape and mechanism
Elisa Trasatti and Maurizio Bonafede

EGU2017-15782 | Orals | GI1.4

The SBAS Sentinel-1 Surveillance service for automatic and systematic generation of Earth surface displacement within the GEP platform.
Francesco Casu, Claudio De Luca, Riccardo Lanari, Michele Manunta, and Ivana Zinno

EGU2017-946 | Posters | GI1.4

Solving Laplace equation to investigate the volcanic ground deformation pattern
Mouna Brahmi, Raffaele Castaldo, Andrea Barone, Maurizio Fedi, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2017-249 | Orals | GI1.4

Integrating passive seismicity with Web-Based GIS for a new perspective on volcano imaging and monitoring: the case study of Mt. Etna
Roberto Guardo and Luca De Siena

EGU2017-871 | Posters | GI1.4

Dynamics of Mount Somma-Vesuvius edifice: from stress field inversion to analogue and numerical modelling
Ada De Matteo, Bruno Massa, Luca D'Auria, and Raffaele Castaldo

EGU2017-1953 | Orals | GI1.4

Accounting hierarchical heterogeneity of rock during its working off by explosive methods
Olga Hachay and Oleg Khachay

EGU2017-4203 | Posters | GI1.4

dMODELS: A software package for modeling volcanic deformation
Maurizio Battaglia

EGU2017-11590 | Orals | GI1.4

Nonlinear Multiscale Changes of Peak Flows on Tiled Landscapes
Ricardo Mantilla, Nandita Basu, Brandon Sloan, and Morgan Fonley

EGU2017-6809 | Orals | GI1.4

Observed changes of the diffuse H$_{2}$ emission at the summit cone of Teide volcano (Tenerife, Canary Islands): a geochemical evidence of processes operating deep in the magmatic system
Nemesio M. Pérez, Gladys V. Melián, Eleazar Padrón, María Asensio-Ramos, Germán Padilla, Fátima Rodríguez, David Calvo, José Barrancos, and Pedro A. Hernández

EGU2017-5016 | Posters | GI1.4

The evidences of progressive pressurization of volcanic conduit as driving forces of unrest phenomena analyzed via modelling of multiplatform geodetic measurements: Fernandina (GALAPAGOS) and Maunaloa (HAWAII) case studies
Susi Pepe, Raffaele Castaldo, Francesco Casu, Luca D'Auria, Claudio De Luca, Vincenzo De Novellis, Giuseppe Solaro, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2017-7104 | Orals | GI1.4

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors For The Monitoring Of A Tunnel Crossing A Landslide
Aldo Minardo, Luciano Picarelli, Giovanni Zeni, Ester Catalano, Agnese Coscetta, Lei Zhang, Caterina DiMaio, Roberto Vassallo, Roberto Coviello, Giuseppe Nicola Paolo Macchia, and Luigi Zeni

EGU2017-6439 | Posters | GI1.4

An automated processing chains for surface temperature monitoring on Earth’s most active volcanoes by optical data from multiple satellites
Malvina Silvestri, Massimo Musacchio, and Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno

EGU2017-7591 | Posters | GI1.4

The Canarian Seismic Monitoring Network: design, development and first result
Luca D'Auria, José Barrancos, Germán D. Padilla, Rubén García-Hernández, Aaron Pérez, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2017-8958 | Posters | GI1.4

Automated processing of thermal infrared images of Osservatorio Vesuviano permanent surveillance network by using Matlab code
Fabio Sansivero, Giuseppe Vilardo, and Teresa Caputo

EGU2017-14036 | Posters | GI1.4

A GeoNode-Based Multiscale Platform For Management, Visualization And Integration Of DInSAR Data With Different Geospatial Information Sources
Sabatino Buonanno, Adele Fusco, Giovanni Zeni, Michele Manunta, and Riccardo Lanari

EGU2017-14583 | Posters | GI1.4

Multiscale rheological properties of the crust investigated via multiplatform data and evaluated via numerical modelling
Pietro Tizzani, Raffaele Castaldo, Susi Pepe, Giuseppe Solaro, and Luca D'Auria

EGU2017-15457 | Posters | GI1.4

A new algorithm to detect earthquakes outside the seismic network: preliminary results
Flora Giudicepietro, Antonietta Maria Esposito, and Patrizia Ricciolino

EGU2017-15538 | Posters | GI1.4

Nonlinear and subharmonic stability anaysis in film-driven geomorphological patterns
Matteo Bertagni and Carlo Camporeale

EGU2017-16100 | Posters | GI1.4

A framework for cross-observatory volcanological database management
Marco Antonio Aliotta, Mauro Amore, Flavio Cannavò, Carmelo Cassisi, Marcello D'Agostino, Mario Dolce, Andrea Mastrolia, Salvatore Mangiagli, Giuseppe Messina, Placido Montalto, Antonino Fabio Pisciotta, Michele Prestifilippo, Massimo Rossi, Giovanni Scarpato, and Orazio Torrisi

EGU2017-16156 | Posters | GI1.4

From local to national scale DInSAR analysis for the comprehension of Earth’s surface dynamics.
Claudio De Luca, Francesco Casu, Michele Manunta, Ivana Zinno, and Riccardo lanari

EGU2017-16666 | Posters | GI1.4

Modulation of the thermo-rheological properties of the crust beneath Ischia Island (Southern Italy) on the ground deformation pattern
Raffaele Castaldo, Gianluca Gola, Alessandro Santilano, Vincenzo De Novellis, Susi Pepe, Mariarosaria Manzo, Adele Manzella, and Pietro Tizzani

EGU2017-17256 | Posters | GI1.4

Analysis of recent surface deformation at Ischia Island Volcano (South Italy) via multi-platform monitoring systems
Mariarosaria Manzo, Prospero De Martino, Raffaele Castaldo, Claudio De Luca, Mario Dolce, Giovanni Scarpato, Pietro Tizzani, Ivana Zinno, and Riccardo Lanari

EGU2017-19346 | Posters | GI1.4

Subsidence at Dallol proto-volcano, Afar (Ethiopia): cooling of the magma chamber or deep interconnection?
Stefano Meuti, Carolina Pagli, Susi Pepe, Maurizio Battaglia, Francesco Casu, Claudio De Luca, and Antonio Pepe

GI2.1 – Atmospheric and Meteorological Instrumentation (co-organized)

EGU2017-3893 | Posters | GI2.1

Autonomous long-term trace gas measurements using Long-Path Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy
Jan-Marcus Nasse, Denis Pöhler, Philipp Eger, Stefan Schmitt, Udo Friess, and Ulrich Platt

EGU2017-16082 | Orals | GI2.1

INTERACT-II campaign:comparison of commercial lidars and ceilometers with advanced multi-wavelength Raman lidars
Marco Rosoldi, Fabio Madonna, Gelsomina Pappalardo, Joshua Vande Hey, Yunhui Zheng, and Vaisala Team

EGU2017-5071 | Posters | GI2.1

A dielectric barrier discharge based ion source for a sensitive and versatile chemical ionization time of flight mass spectrometer instrument using the negative ion mode
Sascha Albrecht, Armin Afchine, Jochen Barthel, Markus Dick, Heinz Rongen, Joachim Franzke, Fred Stroh, and Thorsten Benter

EGU2017-9600 | Orals | GI2.1

High Precision Continuous and Real-Time Measurement of Atmospheric Oxygen Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
David Kim-Hak, Markus Leuenberger, Tesfaye Berhanu, Peter Nyfeler, John Hoffnagle, and Minghua Sun

EGU2017-7187 | Posters | GI2.1 | Highlight

An oscillating microbalance for meteorological measurements of ice and volcanic ash accumulation from a weather balloon platform
Martin Airey, Giles Harrison, Keri Nicoll, Paul Williams, and Graeme Marlton

EGU2017-14739 | Orals | GI2.1

Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics for improvement of Balloon Borne Frost Point Hygrometer
Teresa Jorge, Simone Brunamonti, Frank G. Wienhold, and Thomas Peter

EGU2017-15068 | Orals | GI2.1

A calibration facility to provide traceable calibration to upper air humidity measuring sensors
Rugiada Cuccaro, Lucia Rosso, Denis Smorgon, Giulio Beltramino, and Vito Fernicola

EGU2017-7365 | Posters | GI2.1

Sonic flow distortion experiment
Gerhard Peters, Hans-Jürgen Kirtzel, and Jürgen Radke

EGU2017-8085 | Posters | GI2.1 | Highlight

A practical CO2 flux remote sensing technique
Manuel Queisser and Mike Burton

EGU2017-12344 | Orals | GI2.1

Reconstruction of high-resolution time series from slow-response atmospheric measurements by deconvolution
André Ehrlich and Manfred Wendisch

EGU2017-3107 | Orals | GI2.1

Measurements of solar irradiance, surface temperature, and relative humidity during the total solar eclipse over Indonesia on 9th March 2016
Ratna Satyaningsih, Ardhasena Sopaheluwakan, Kadarsah Kadarsah, Jose Rizal, Ferdika Amsal Harapan, Eko Heriyanto, Donaldi Sukma Permana, Tri Astuti Nuraini, and Utoyo Ajie Linarka

EGU2017-8293 | Posters | GI2.1

SPECIES: a multi-channel infrared laser spectrometer with optical-feedback cavity-enhanced absorption for in-situ balloon-borne and airborne measurements
Patrick Jacquet, Valery Catoire, Michel Chartier, Claude Robert, Gisele Krysztofiak, Nathalie Huret, and Daniele Romanini

EGU2017-17694 | Orals | GI2.1

Measuring atmospheric aerosols of organic origin on multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).
Claudio Crazzolara, Andreas Platis, and Jens Bange

EGU2017-8492 | Posters | GI2.1

CO2Explorer: Conducting Greenhouse-Gas Measurements of Landfills using a Small Fixed-wing UAV
Peter Hollingsworth, Grant Allen, Khristopher Kabbabe, and Joseph Pitt

EGU2017-8972 | Posters | GI2.1

Quantification of atmospheric formaldehyde by infrared absorption spectroscopy
John Hoffnagle, Derek Fleck, Chris Rella, and David Kim-Hak

EGU2017-18470 | Orals | GI2.1

Photogrammetric Analysis of Rotor Clouds
Ulrike Romatschke, Vanda Grubišić, and Joseph Zehnder

EGU2017-9112 | Posters | GI2.1

A Improved and Highly Effective Seabed Surface Sand Sampling Device
Ying Liu

EGU2017-17813 | Orals | GI2.1 | Highlight

The Next Generation of Airborne Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar: NCAR/EOL Airborne Phased Array Radar (APAR) Development
James Moore, Wen-Chau Lee, Eric Loew, Jothiram Vivekanandan, Vanda Grubišić, Peisang Tsai, Mike Dixon, Jonathan Emmett, Mark Lord, Louis Lussier, Kyuil Hwang, and James Ranson

EGU2017-10194 | Posters | GI2.1

A Proxy Calibration Monitoring Technique for the NCAR Airborne W-band Radar
Robert Rilling, Ulrike Romatschke, Jothiram Vivekanandan, and Scott M. Ellis

EGU2017-11134 | Orals | GI2.1

Fifteen years of dual polarimetric observations of tropical convection: The CPOL data set.
Scott Collis, Alain Protat, Robert Jackson, Jonathan Helmus, Scott Giangrande, Valentin Louf, Timothy Lang, Peter May, Ken Glasson, Brad Atkinson, Michael Whimpey, and Tom Keenan

EGU2017-18709 | Orals | GI2.1

Combining dual-polarization radar and ground-based observations to study the effect of riming on ice particles
Dmitri Moisseev, Annakaisa von Lerber, and Jussi Tiira

EGU2017-12693 | Posters | GI2.1

Identification of hydrometeor mixtures in polarimetric radar measurements and their linear de-mixing
Nikola Besic, Jordi Figueras i Ventura, Jacopo Grazioli, Marco Gabella, Urs Germann, and Alexis Berne

EGU2017-18900 | Orals | GI2.1

Hail detection algorithm for the Global Precipitation Measuring mission core satellite sensors
Kamil Mroz, Alessandro Battaglia, Timothy J. Lang, Simone Tanelli, Daniel J. Cecil, and Frederic Tridon

EGU2017-14336 | Posters | GI2.1 | Highlight

High Precision NO2 and NO measurements with the ICAD instrument during s-b-s campaign Hohenpeißenberg 2016
Denis Pöhler, Erik Lutz, Martin Horbanski, Johannes Lampel, and Ulrich Platt and the MOHP16 Team

EGU2017-17049 | Posters | GI2.1

Dealing with non-unique and non-monotonic response in particle sizing instruments
Phil Rosenberg

EGU2017-17455 | Posters | GI2.1

Test tools and test data for the future EUMETSAT EPS-SG platform
Iryna Khlystova and Michela Sunda

EGU2017-18905 | Posters | GI2.1

PTR-3-TOF a novel in-situ instrument for studying the lifecycle of reactive organic carbon in the atmosphere
Armin Hansel, Martin Breitenlechner, Lukas Fischer, and Markus Hainer

GI2.3 – Scientific Exploitation of Copernicus Sentinels (co-organized)

EGU2017-18668 | Orals | GI2.3 | Highlight

Copernicus Space Component: Status and Evolution
Simon Jutz and Maria Pilar Milagro Perez

EGU2017-6731 | Posters | GI2.3

The Copernicus POD Service and beyond: Scientific exploitation of the orbit-related data and products
Heike Peter, Jaime Fernández, Carlos Fernández, and Pierre Féménias

EGU2017-17379 | Orals | GI2.3 | Highlight

The ESA scientific exploitation element results and outlook
Yves-louis Desnos, Peter Regner, Steven Delwart, Jerome Benveniste, Marcus Engdahl, Craig Donlon, Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Diego Fernandez, Ferran Gascon, Claus Zehner, Malcolm Davidson, Philippe Goryl, Benjamin Koetz, and Simon Pinnock

EGU2017-7747 | Posters | GI2.3

Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox
Albert Garcia-Mondejar, Roger Escolà, Gorka Moyano, Mònica Roca, Miguel Terra-Homem, Ana Friaças, Fernando Martinho, Ernst Schrama, Marc Naeije, Américo Ambrózio, Marco Restano, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2017-3275 | Orals | GI2.3 | Highlight

Sentinel-5 Precursor: First Copernicus Atmospheric Chemistry Mission ready for Launch
Kevin McMullan and Herbert Nett

EGU2017-8264 | Posters | GI2.3

Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imaging for reference water extraction and monitoring
Constantin Sandu, Magdalena Stefanova Vassileva, Piero Boccardo, and Franca Disabato

EGU2017-8286 | Posters | GI2.3

ESA Atmospheric Toolbox
Sander Niemeijer

EGU2017-10549 | Orals | GI2.3

OMI, TROPOMI, TROPOLITE: towards 1 x 1 km2 Air Quality and Emission monitoring
Pieternel Levelt, Pepijn Veefkind, Arnoud Apituley, Tim Vlemmix, Andy Court, and Bryan de Goeij

EGU2017-3665 | Orals | GI2.3

\textbf{Sentinel 5 precursor and the TROPOMI shortwave infrared total column products: Prelaunch activities accomplished}
Jochen Landgraf, Haili Hu, Tobias Borsdorff, Joost aan de Brugh, Ilse Aben, Otto Hasekamp, and Andre Butz

EGU2017-8352 | Posters | GI2.3

Validation of Copernicus Height-resolved Ozone data Products from Sentinel-5P TROPOMI using global sonde and lidar networks (CHEOPS-5P)
Arno Keppens, Jean-Christopher Lambert, Daan Hubert, Tijl Verhoelst, José Granville, Gérard Ancellet, Dimitris Balis, Andy Delcloo, Valentin Duflot, Sophie Godin-Beekmann, Marilisa Koukouli, Thierry Leblanc, Trissevgeni Stavrakou, Wolfgang Steinbrecht, Réné Stübi, and Anne Thompson

EGU2017-11311 | Orals | GI2.3

TROPOMI/S5P Trace Gas, UV, Cloud and Aerosol Operational Products
Diego Loyola, Pepijn Veefkind, Ilse Aben, Andreas Richter, Michel Van Roozendael, Richard Siddans, Anders Lindfors, Thomas Wagner, and Ronny Lutz

EGU2017-8835 | Posters | GI2.3

Towards a first ground-based validation of aerosol optical depths from Sentinel-2 over the complex topography of the Alps
Valerio Marinelli, Edoardo Cremonese, Henri Diémoz, and Anna Maria Siani

EGU2017-14652 | Orals | GI2.3

Methane and water spectroscopic database for TROPOMI/Sentinel-5 Precursor in the 2.3 μm region
Manfred Birk, Georg Wagner, Joep Loos, Jonas Wilzewski, Didier Mondelain, Alain Campargue, Frank Hase, Johannes Orphal, Agnes Perrin, Ha Tran, Ludovic Daumont, Maud Rotger-Languereau, Alberto Bigazzi, and Claus Zehner

EGU2017-9639 | Posters | GI2.3

Characterising and improving the performance of the Sentinel-3 SRAL altimeter: A Report from SCOOP, SHAPE & SPICE Projects
Marco Restano, Américo Ambrózio, David Cotton and the SCOOP Team, Pierre Fabry and the SHAPE Team, Malcolm McMillan and the SPICE Team, and Jérôme Benveniste

EGU2017-12982 | Posters | GI2.3

The Copernicus S5P Mission Performance Centre / Validation Data Analysis Facility for TROPOMI operational atmospheric data products
Steven Compernolle, Jean-Christopher Lambert, Bavo Langerock, José Granville, Daan Hubert, Arno Keppens, Olivier Rasson, Martine De Mazière, Ann Mari Fjæraa, and Sander Niemeijer

EGU2017-13499 | Posters | GI2.3

Operational cloud products from Sentinel-5P and Sentinel-4
Ronny Lutz, Diego Loyola, Dmitry Efremenko, and Fabian Romahn

EGU2017-17291 | Posters | GI2.3

Improved mapping of tropospheric air quality gases based on the Copernicus Sentinel 5 Precursor/TROPOMI mission
Michel Van Roozendael, Isabelle De Smedt, Nicolas Theys, Thomas Danckaert, Huan Yu, Christophe Lerot, Jeroen van Gent, and Jonas Vlietinck

EGU2017-18314 | Posters | GI2.3

Gas flare characterisation with Sentinel-3
Alexandre Caseiro, Johannes W. Kaiser, Gernot Ruecker, Joachim Tiemann, and David Leimbach

EGU2017-19126 | Posters | GI2.3

Sentinel-2 ArcGIS Tool for Environmental Monitoring
Alin Plesoianu, Ionut Cosmin Sandric, Paula Anca, Alexandru Vasile, Andreea Calugaru, Cristian Vasile, and Lucian Zavate

EGU2017-19310 | Posters | GI2.3 | Highlight

Possible enhancement of the ESA Ozone and Methane Climate Change Initiative data records by the planned Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite measurements.
Claus Zehner, Michael Buchwitz, and Michel Van Roozendael

EGU2017-19521 | Posters | GI2.3

Continuous assessment of land mapping accuracy at High Resolution from global networks of atmospheric and field observatories –concept and demonstration
Pierre Sicard and François-regis Martin-lauzer

GI2.4 – Sentinel 1 and 2 for Science (co-organized)

EGU2017-3541 | Posters | GI2.4

Assessing natural hazards in NE Colombia using Sentinel-1 interferometry
Stephanie Olen and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2017-15307 | Orals | GI2.4 | Highlight

Sentinel-1 data massive processing for large scale DInSAR analyses within Cloud Computing environments through the P-SBAS approach
Riccardo Lanari, Manuela Bonano, Sabatino Buonanno, Francesco Casu, Claudio De Luca, Adele Fusco, Michele Manunta, Mariarosaria Manzo, Antonio Pepe, and Ivana Zinno

EGU2017-6842 | Orals | GI2.4

Integration and interpretation of InSAR deformation products from the Sentinel-1 constellation - experiences from the InSARap project
John F. Dehls, Yngvar Larsen, Petar Marinkovic, and Zbigniew Perski

EGU2017-19548 | Posters | GI2.4

Sentinel-2 data exploitation with ESA’s Sentinel-2 Toolbox
Ferran Gascon, Fabrizzio Ramoino, and Yves-louis deanos

EGU2017-11443 | Posters | GI2.4

Using Sentinel-2A multispectral imagery to explore for deep groundwater resources in the Ceres-Tankwa Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa: Significance for the ‘water-energy(-food) nexus’ in an arid region
Chris Hartnady, Edward Wise, Michael Hartnady, Camille Olianti, and E. Rowena Hay

EGU2017-17390 | Orals | GI2.4

Interferometric investigations with the S1 constellation: an application to the Vesuvius/Campi Flegrei volcanic test site
Sven Borgstrom, Carlo Del Gaudio, Prospero De Martino, Valeria Siniscalchi, Pau Prats-Iraola, Matteo Nannini, Nestor Yague-Martinez, Muriel Pinheiro, Jun-Su Kim, Francesco Vecchioli, Federico Minati, Mario Costantini, Michael Foumelis, and Yves-Louis Desnos

EGU2017-8970 | Orals | GI2.4

Sentinel 2 products and data quality status
Sebastien Clerc, Ferran Gascon, Catherine Bouzinac, Dimitra Touli-Lebreton, Benjamin Francesconi, Bruno Lafrance, Jerome Louis, Bahjat Alhammoud, Stephane Massera, Bringfried Pflug, Francoise Viallefont, and Laetitia Pessiot

EGU2017-9263 | Posters | GI2.4

Satellite SAR interferometric techniques applied to emergency mapping
Magdalena Stefanova Vassileva, Paolo Riccardi, Daniele Lecci, Fabio Giulio Tonolo, Piero Boccardo Boccardo, Giuliana Chiesa, and Irene Angeluccetti

EGU2017-13120 | Posters | GI2.4

Surface deformation due to the M6.5 Lefkada earthquake (17 November 2015) exploiting SENTINEL-1 and GNSS observations. Implications for seismic hazard.
Panagiotis Elias, Athanassios Ganas, Pierre Briole, Isaak Parcharidis, Antonio Avallone, Nikos Roukounakis, Panagiotis Argyrakis, Marine Roger, Daniele Cheloni, Cristiano Tolomei, Evangelos Mendonidis, Evelyn Moraitini, Marios Papanikolaou, and Asterios Papastergios

EGU2017-19506 | Orals | GI2.4 | Highlight

Examples of Sentinel-2A Mission Exploitation Results
Benjamin Koetz, Bianca Hoersch, Ferran Gascon, Yves-Louis Desnos, Frank Martin Seifert, Marc Paganini, Fabrizio Ramoino, and Olivier Arino

EGU2017-19397 | Posters | GI2.4

Tectonic and volcanic monitoring using Sentinel-1: Current status and future plans of the COMET InSAR portal
Karsten Spaans, Emma Hatton, Pablo Gonzalez, Richard Walters, Alistair McDougall, Tim Wright, and Andy Hooper

EGU2017-19502 | Orals | GI2.4

SENTINEL-2 Services Library - efficient way for exploration and exploitation of EO data
Grega Milcinski, Matej Batic, Miha Kadunc, Primoz Kolaric, Rok Mocnik, and marko Repse

EGU2017-19398 | Posters | GI2.4

ESA’s Multi-mission Sentinel-1 Toolbox
Luis Veci, Jun Lu, Michael Foumelis, and Marcus Engdahl

EGU2017-19509 | Posters | GI2.4

Radiometric & Geometric normalization of Sentinel optical data and VHR data to build-up time-series, an example in Tonga for the monitoring of mangrove health vs. climate change
Romain Serra, Anne Valette, Amine Taji, and Stephen Emsley

EGU2017-3650 | Posters | GI2.4 | Highlight First results from the Norwegian national deformation mapping service
John F. Dehls, Yngvar Larsen, Petar Marinkovic, and Dag Anders Moldestad

EGU2017-10146 | Posters | GI2.4

User requirements of moderate resolution land imaging instrument - Landsat Next
Zhuoting Wu

EGU2017-14766 | Posters | GI2.4

ACIX: Atmospheric Correction Inter-comparison Exercise
Georgia Doxani, Ferran Gascon, Éric Vermote, and Jean-Claude Roger

EGU2017-19364 | Posters | GI2.4

Sentinel-1 mission scientific exploitation activities
Yves louis Desnos, Michael Foumelis, and Marcus Engdahl

EGU2017-4449 | Posters | GI2.4

Sentinel-2 for rapid operational landslide inventory mapping
André Stumpf, Odin Marc, Jean-Philippe Malet, and David Michea

EGU2017-7300 | Posters | GI2.4 | Highlight

Sentinel-2 mission status
Bianca Hoersch

EGU2017-11156 | Posters | GI2.4

An integrated application of SAR interferometry and GRACE solution to land subsidence in a rapidly urbanizing groundwater dependent basin in Pakistan
Waqas Ahmad, Soohyun Kim, and Dongkyun Kim

EGU2017-19495 | Posters | GI2.4

ESA's Sentinel Data Access
Jolyon Martin

GI2.6 – Geoscience applications of environmental radioactivity (co-organized)

EGU2017-13648 | Posters | GI2.6

Radon anomalies: When are they possible to be detected?
Luigi Passarelli, Heiko Woith, Cemil Seyis, Mehdi Nikkhoo, and Reik Donner

EGU2017-13519 | Orals | GI2.6

Soil Water Estimation with Cosmic-Ray Neutrons and Th/K/U-Gamma Rays
Martin Schrön, Ulrike Werban, Markus Köhli, Steffen Zacharias, and Peter Dietrich

EGU2017-19086 | Posters | GI2.6

New Radon observations in Peloponnese, Greece as part of integrated monitoring system to study pre-earthquake processes
Vassilios K Karastathis, Kanaris Tsinganos, Menas Kafatos, Georgios Elefteriou, Dimitar Ouzounov, Theodoros Aspiotis, and Gerassimos Tselentis

EGU2017-11971 | Orals | GI2.6

Radon as a natural tracer for underwater cave exploration and hypogenic cave formation
Katalin Csondor, Anita Erőss, Ákos Horváth, and Dénes Szieberth

EGU2017-19143 | Posters | GI2.6

Soil gas radon measurements around Mt. Etna volcano in terms of evaluation of geodynamic events
Giuseppina Immè, Roberto Catalano, Salvatore Giammanco, Mutlu Ichedef, Marco Neri, Daniela Morelli, Filippo Murè, and Nunzio Giudice

EGU2017-10481 | Orals | GI2.6

Unexpected Daily Peaks in a Laboratory Simulation Experiment of Radon Signals
Orr Rose Bezaly, Gideon Steinitz, Peter Israelevich, Peter Kotlarsky, Oksana Piatibratova, Uri Malik, Tal Asperil, and Shmuel Marco

EGU2017-11515 | Orals | GI2.6

Radon observations as an integrated part of the multi parameter approach to study pre-earthquake processes
Dimitar Ouzounov, Sergey Pulinets, Lou Lee, Guachino Giuliani, Ching-Chou Fu, Tiger Liu, and Katsumi Hattori

EGU2017-4423 | Posters | GI2.6

Long-term radon variations at a hot spring in China
Rui Yan, Heiko Woith, Rongjiang Wang, and Guangcai Wang

EGU2017-4535 | Posters | GI2.6

Remote online monitoring of radon wells used for therapy in bathtubs
Henning von Philipsborn

EGU2017-10728 | Orals | GI2.6

Radon surveys and monitoring at active volcanoes: an open window on deep hydrothermal systems and their dynamics
Corrado Cigolini, Marco Laiolo, and Diego Coppola

EGU2017-6117 | Posters | GI2.6

Response in thermal neutrons intensity on the activation of seismic processes
Valentina Antonova, Alexandr Chubenko, Sergey Kryukov, and Vadim Lutsenko

EGU2017-16225 | Orals | GI2.6

Gamma-radiation monitoring in post-tectonic biotitic granites at Celorico da Beira
Filipa Domingos, Susana Barbosa, Alcides Pereira, and Luís Neves

EGU2017-9957 | Posters | GI2.6

Quantification of the effect of temperature gradients in soils on subsurface radon signal
Gustavo Haquin, Danielle Ilzycer, Tamir Kamai, Hovav Zafrir, and Noam Weisbrod

EGU2017-13344 | Posters | GI2.6

A low-cost miniaturised detector for environmental radioactivity measurements
Karen Aplin, Aaron Briggs, Peter Hastings, R Giles Harrison, Graeme Marlton, and Adam Baird

EGU2017-13711 | Posters | GI2.6

Short-term variability of gamma radiation at the ARM Eastern North Atlantic (ENA) site (Azores)
Susana Barbosa, Pedro Miranda, and Eduardo Azevedo

EGU2017-13938 | Posters | GI2.6

Development of a novel fiber-optic sensor to measure radon in the deep ocean
Catarina Monteiro, Diana Guimarães, Pedro Jorge, and Susana Barbosa

EGU2017-596 | Posters | GI2.6

Seismo-volcanic monitoring at Furnas Volcano (Azores): radon (222Rn) concentration in groundwater
Catarina Silva, José Virgílio Cruz, Teresa Ferreira, Fátima Viveiros, Pedro Freire, and Patrick Allard

EGU2017-1528 | Posters | GI2.6

Image processing techniques revealing the relationship between the field-measured ambient gamma dose equivalent rate and geological conditions at a granitic area, Velence Mountains, Hungary
Silvana Beltran Torres, Attila Petrik, Katalin Zsuzsanna Szabó, Gyozo Jordan, and Csaba Szabó

EGU2017-3329 | Posters | GI2.6

Extraterrestrial influence on Radon – statistical criteria in long and high resolution time series
Gideon Steinitz, Oksana Piatibratova, and Peter Kotlarsky

EGU2017-10029 | Posters | GI2.6

Application of mobile gamma-ray spectrometry for soil mapping
Ulrike Werban, Claudia Lein, Marco Pohle, and Peter Dietrich

EGU2017-10278 | Posters | GI2.6

The distribution of indoor radon in Transylvania (Romania) - influence of the natural and anthropogenic factors
Alexandra Cucos Dinu, Calin Baciu, Tiberius Dicu, Botond Papp, Mircea Moldovan, Denissa Bety Burghele, Ancuta Tenter, and Kinga Szacsvai

EGU2017-13343 | Posters | GI2.6

European annual cosmic-ray dose map and estimation of population exposure
Giorgia Cinelli, Valeria Gruber, Luca De Felice, Peter Bossew, Miguel Angel Hernández-Ceballos, Tore Tollefsen, Stefan Mundigl, and Marc De Cort

EGU2017-11715 | Posters | GI2.6

Radionuclides in groundwater flow system understanding
Anita Erőss, Katalin Csondor, Ákos Horváth, Judit Mádl-Szőnyi, and Heinz Surbeck

GI3.1 – Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

EGU2017-2742 | Orals | GI3.1 | Highlight

The Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Transportation Engineering: Recent Advances and New Perspectives (GI Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Fabio Tosti, Andrea Benedetto, Lara Pajewski, and Amir M. Alani

EGU2017-19156 | Posters | GI3.1

Study of a rehabilitated road using GPR and FWD
Vania Marecos, Simona Fontul, Maria de Lurdes Antunes, Mercedes Solla, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2017-16388 | Orals | GI3.1 | Highlight

COST Action TU1208 – Working Group 2 – GPR surveying of pavements, bridges, tunnels and buildings; underground utility and void sensing
Lara Pajewski, Andrea Benedetto, Xavier Derobert, Simona Fontul, Miro Govedarica, Colette Gregoire, Andreas Loizos, Vega Perez-Gracia, Christina Plati, Aleksandar Ristic, Fabio Tosti, and Carl Van Geem

EGU2017-16548 | Posters | GI3.1

Assessment of the underground construction details of a road pavement using GPR antenna systems with different frequencies
Amir M. Alani, Fabio Tosti, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Francesco Benedetto, and Andrea Benedetto

EGU2017-874 | Posters | GI3.1

Empirical prediction of mechanical properties of flexible pavement through GPR
Luca Bianchini Ciampoli and Andrea Benedetto

EGU2017-3007 | Orals | GI3.1

A study on the influence of track discontinuities on the degradation of the geometric quality supported by GPR
Andre Paixao, Simona Fontul, Tânia Salcedas, and Margarida Marques

EGU2017-15178 | Orals | GI3.1 | Highlight

COST Action TU1208 – Working Group 1 – Design and realisation of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment for civil engineering applications
Lara Pajewski, Andrea Benedetto, Sebastiano D'Amico, Vincenzo Ferrara, Fabrizio Frezza, Raffaele Persico, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2017-882 | Posters | GI3.1

Semi-empirical model for the assessment of railway ballast using GPR
Maria Giulia Brancadoro and Andrea Benedetto

EGU2017-7562 | Orals | GI3.1

Improving the detectability and imaging capability of ground penetrating radar using novel antenna concepts
Ajith Koyadan Koroth and Amitabha Bhattacharya

EGU2017-17101 | Posters | GI3.1

Good practices for the operational safety management in the early recovery phase of a seismic event using GPR
Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Maria Giulia Brancadoro, Andrea Benedetto, Fabrizio D'Amico, Alessandro Calvi, Amir M. Alani, and Fabio Tosti

EGU2017-4976 | Posters | GI3.1

Evaluation of 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Efficiency for Abandoned Tailings Pond Internal Structure Analysis and Risk Assessment
Unai Cortada, Julián Martínez, Mª Carmen Hidalgo, and Javier Rey

EGU2017-16855 | Orals | GI3.1 | Highlight

COST Action TU1208 – Working Group 3 – Electromagnetic modelling, inversion, imaging and data-processing techniques for Ground Penetrating Radar
Lara Pajewski, Antonios Giannopoulos, Silvestar Sesnic, Andrea Randazzo, Sébastien Lambot, Francesco Benedetto, and Nikos Economou

EGU2017-4314 | Posters | GI3.1

GPR Experiments of the Simulated Cavity Detection in Urban Areas
Changryol Kim, Woong Kang, Jeongsul Son, and Soocheol Jeong

EGU2017-16921 | Orals | GI3.1

COST Action TU1208 – Working Group 4 – Combined use of GPR and other NDT methods & GPR applications in geosciences
Lara Pajewski, Mercedes Solla, and Simona Fontul

EGU2017-18716 | Posters | GI3.1

GPR applications in civil engineering collaborating with a Company and preparation of material for the educational package to teach in Universities. STSM, COST Action TU1208
Viviana Sossa, Sonia Assunção, and Vega Pérez

EGU2017-13808 | Orals | GI3.1

An integrated approach of non-destructive tests for inspection and characterization of cultural heritage: case study of Monastery of Batalha, Portugal
Luisa Gonçalves, Jonatas Valença, Nuno Barraca, and Florindo Gaspar

EGU2017-19127 | Orals | GI3.1

Detection of the corrosion in reinforced concrete with GPR: the case study of the Park Guell
Viviana Sossa, Vega Perez-Gracia, Ramon Gonzalez-Drigo, Oriol Caselles, and Jaume Clapes

EGU2017-18265 | Posters | GI3.1

Tomographic reconstruction of structures using a novel GPR system
Alessandro Fedeli, Jana Ježová, Sébastien Lambot, Matteo Pastorino, Andrea Randazzo, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2017-19070 | Posters | GI3.1

Numerical study of the polarization effect of GPR systems on the detection of buried objects
florence sagnard

EGU2017-18298 | Posters | GI3.1

Processing and interpretation of GPR data collected in the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Klodzko, Poland
Anatolii Chernov, Martina Cogoni, Dariusz Dziubacki, and Alexandru Bădescu

EGU2017-2608 | Posters | GI3.1

Numerical modeling of GPR to simulate the underground cavities in the urban area
Jeong-Sul Son, Changryol Kim, and Samgyu Park

EGU2017-4228 | Posters | GI3.1

Attenuation compensation of GPR signal based on generalized S-transform
Shufan Hu, Yonghui Zhao, Tan Qin, and Cong An

EGU2017-2321 | Posters | GI3.1

Precast concrete unit assessment through GPR survey and FDTD modelling
Davide Campo

EGU2017-13784 | Posters | GI3.1

Determination of concrete cover thickness in a reinforced concrete pillar by observation of the scattered electromagnetic field
Pietro Paolo Di Gregorio, Fabrizio Frezza, Fabio Mangini, and Lara Pajewski

EGU2017-9617 | Posters | GI3.1

Time Domain Diffraction by Composite Structures
Giovanni Riccio and Marcello Frongillo

EGU2017-16044 | Posters | GI3.1

Parametric Study of the Scattered Electromagnetic Field by Differently-Shaped Buried Objects in Various Scenarios
Endri Stoja, Julian Hoxha, Elton Domnori, Lara Pajewski, and Fabrizio Frezza

EGU2017-6936 | Posters | GI3.1

Evaluation of wood structure using GPR with FO method – Effect of moisture, fibers direction and density
Tien Chinh Maï, Hamza Reci, Zoubir Mehdi Sbartaï, Lara Pajewski, and Marian Marciniak

EGU2017-19144 | Posters | GI3.1

GPR survey for fir (Abies alba) and spruce (Picea abies) root systems in different location in Western Carpathians Mts. (Beskidy Mts., Poland)
Adam Szynkiewicz

EGU2017-6867 | Posters | GI3.1

The use of Ground Penetrating Radar to detect tree roots in an urban setting
Andrei Mihai and Alexandra Gerea

EGU2017-17210 | Posters | GI3.1

Health monitoring of an ancient tree using ground penetrating radar – investigation of the tree root system and soil interaction
Amir M. Alani, Luca Bianchini Ciampoli, Fabio Tosti, Maria Giulia Brancadoro, Daniele Pirrone, and Andrea Benedetto

EGU2017-13080 | Posters | GI3.1

Void Detection in High Dielectric Medium: (GPR Borehole System)
Yossi Salmon

EGU2017-2641 | Posters | GI3.1

Combination of GPR with other NDT techniques in different fields of application - COST Action TU1208
Mercedes Solla, Vega Pérez-Gracia, Simona Fontul, Sonia Santos-Assunçao, and Melda Kucukdemirci

EGU2017-84 | Posters | GI3.1

Real-time positioning technology in horizontal directional drilling based on magnetic gradient tensor measurement
Guoqing Deng and Aiguo Yao

GI3.2 – Sensing techniques, geophysical methods, sensor network architectures and data analysis methods for critical and transport infrastructures monitoring and diagnostics (co-organized)

EGU2017-19632 | Posters | GI3.2

Geophysical methods of research of the Earth's surface by remote sensing in the short-wave range of radio waves
Sergej Belov

EGU2017-17809 | Orals | GI3.2

A new implementation of full resolution SBAS-DInSAR processing chain for the effective monitoring of structures and infrastructures
Manuela Bonano, Sabatino Buonanno, Chandrakanta Ojha, Paolo Berardino, Riccardo Lanari, Giovanni Zeni, and Michele Manunta

EGU2017-3135 | Posters | GI3.2

Spectral induced polarization survey applied to gold mine exploration
Samgyu Park, Jeong-Sul Son, Seung-Wook Shin, Seong-Jun Cho, and Changryol Kim

EGU2017-10352 | Posters | GI3.2

Resistor network as a model of fractures in granitic rocks – model for ERT interpretation in crystalline rocks
Jan Vilhelm, Jaroslav Jirků, Josef Janeček, Lubomír Slavík, and Jaroslav Bárta

EGU2017-18019 | Orals | GI3.2

Airborne SAR systems for infrastructures monitoring
Stefano Perna, Paolo Berardino, Carmen Esposito, and Antonio Natale

EGU2017-16166 | Orals | GI3.2

Preliminary consideration on the seismic actions recorded during the 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence
Felice Carlo Ponzo, Rocco Ditommaso, Antonella Nigro, Domenico S. Nigro, and Chiara Iacovino

EGU2017-6157 | Posters | GI3.2

The study on annual variation characteristic of the electric field using both space-based and ground-based observational data
Rui Yan, Lanwei Wang, and Zhe Hu

EGU2017-6596 | Orals | GI3.2

Digital Image Correlation: Metrological Characterization in Mechanical Analysis
orsola petrella, davide signore, pietro caramuta, cinzia toscano, and michele ferraiuolo

EGU2017-2414 | Posters | GI3.2

Using combined GRACE and GPS data to investigate the vertical crustal deformation at the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Qian Zhao and Weiwei Wu

EGU2017-18420 | Posters | GI3.2

Typhoon storm surges observed by Chinese HY-2a satellite radar altimetry
jingsong yang, Xiaohui Li, Guoqi Han, and Dake Chen

EGU2017-15527 | Orals | GI3.2

Estimation of time varying system parameters from ambient response using improved Particle-Kalman filter with correlated noise
Subhamoy Sen, Antoine Crinière, Laurent Mevel, Frederic Cerou, and Jean Dumoulin

EGU2017-13054 | Posters | GI3.2

Estimating surface reflectance from Himawari-8/AHI reflectance channels Using 6SV
Kyeong-sang Lee, Sungwon Choi, Minji Seo, Noh-hun Seong, and Kyung-soo Han

EGU2017-18874 | Orals | GI3.2 | Highlight

Instrumentation and monitoring of the nextgen road infrastructure: Some results and perspectives from the R5G project
Nicolas Hautière and Frédéric Bourquin

EGU2017-12840 | Posters | GI3.2

Retrieving background surface reflectance of Himawari-8/AHI using BRDF modeling
Sungwon Choi, Minji Seo, Kyeong-sang Lee, and Kyung-soo Han

EGU2017-9072 | Posters | GI3.2

How the availability of free satellite data can improve the observation of critical infrastructures: a proposed application to landfills for municipal solid wastes
Andrea Scozzari, Giulio Masetti, Brunella Raco, and Raffaele Battaglini

EGU2017-14260 | Posters | GI3.2

Seismic response monitoring of the Arno river masonry embankment during the conservation works after the Lungarno Torrigiani riverbank landslide (Florence – May 25, 2016)
Alessia Lotti, Veronica Pazzi, Paolo Chiara, Luca Lombardi, Massimiliano Nocentini, and Nicola Casagli

EGU2017-1943 | Posters | GI3.2

Damage assessment of bridge infrastructure subjected to flood-related hazards
Panagiotis Michalis, Paul Cahill, Damir Bekić, Igor Kerin, Vikram Pakrashi, John Lapthorne, João Gonçalo Martins Paulo Morais, and Eamon McKeogh

EGU2017-15676 | Posters | GI3.2

Damage detection and quantification using mode curvature variation on framed structures: analysis of the preliminary results
Chiara Iacovino, Rocco Ditommaso, Gianluca Auletta, and Felice C. Ponzo

EGU2017-16410 | Posters | GI3.2

Comparison of fundamental natural period of masonry and reinforced concrete buildings retrieved from experimental campaigns performed in Italy, Greece and Spain
Antonella Nigro, Felice C. Ponzo, Rocco Ditommaso, Gianluca Auletta, Chiara Iacovino, Domenico S. Nigro, Pantelis Soupios, Mariano García-Fernández, and Maria - Jose Jimenez

EGU2017-19225 | Posters | GI3.2

Experimental investigation and damage assessment in a post tensioned concrete beam
Maria Limongelli, Dominique Siegert, Erick Merliot, Julien Waeytens, Frederic Bourquin, Roland Vidal, Veronique Le Corvec, Ivan Guegen, and Louis-Marie Cottineau

EGU2017-14313 | Posters | GI3.2

Comparison of damage localization in mechanical systems based on Stochastic Subspace Identification method.
Guillaume Gautier, Md Delwar Hossain Bhuyan, Michael Döhler, and Laurent Mevel

EGU2017-15626 | Posters | GI3.2

Effects of non-structural components and soil-structure interaction on the seismic response of framed structures
Rocco Ditommaso, Gianluca Auletta, Chiara Iacovino, Antonella Nigro, and Felice Carlo Ponzo

EGU2017-15778 | Posters | GI3.2

X-Band wave radar system for monitoring and risk management of the coastal infrastructures
Giovanni Ludeno, Francesco Soldovieri, and Francesco Serafino

EGU2017-9665 | Posters | GI3.2

Radar sensing via a Micro-UAV-borne system
Ilaria Catapano, Giovanni Ludeno, Gianluca Gennarelli, Francesco Soldovieri, Amedeo Rodi Vetrella, and Giancarmine Fasano

EGU2017-18450 | Posters | GI3.2

GPR monitoring for non-uniform infiltration through a high permeable gravel layer in the test sand box
Seiichiro Kuroda, Nobuyuki Ishii, and Toshihiro Morii

EGU2017-7923 | Posters | GI3.2

Coupling Raman spectroscopy and infrared thermography to evaluate energy exchanges with PCM embedded into pavement
Mario Marchetti, Jean Dumoulin, Laurent Ibos, Jean-Michel Piau, Magali Fois, and Patrice Bourson

EGU2017-13221 | Posters | GI3.2

Study of an experimental methodology for thermal properties diagnostic of building envelop
Yingying Yang, Alain Sempy, Tingting Vogt Wu, Alain Sommier, Jean Dumoulin, and Jean Christophe Batsale

GI3.3 – From Artefact to Historical Site : Geoscience and Non-Invasive Methods for the Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (co-organized)

EGU2017-2344 | Posters | GI3.3

Quantitative Analysis of Piezoelectric and Seismoelectric Anomalies in Subsurface Geophysics
Lev Eppelbaum

EGU2017-6457 | Orals | GI3.3

Recording, monitoring and managing the conservation of historic sites: a new application for BGS·SIGMA
Emily Tracey, Nichola Smith, and Ken Lawrie

EGU2017-19345 | Posters | GI3.3

Characterization of archaeological structures using the magnetic method in Thaje archaeological site, Saudi Arabia
Rozan Alkhatib Alkontar, Paul Calou, Jérôme Rohmer, and Marc Munschy

EGU2017-10951 | Orals | GI3.3 | Highlight

Space Archaeology for military-agricultural colonies (tuntian) on the ancient Silk Road, NW China
Lei Luo, Xinyuan Wang, Huadong Guo, and Chuansheng Liu

EGU2017-17672 | Posters | GI3.3

Complex geophysical research for defining the defensive wall of the archaeological area “Skupi”
Marjan Delipetrev, Goce Zlatkov, Todor Delipetrev, and Zoran Panov

EGU2017-6711 | Orals | GI3.3

Geoarchaeological results from geophysical prospections at the Roman city of Urbs Salvia, central Italy
Antonio Schettino, Roberto Perna, Pietro Paolo Pierantoni, Annalisa Ghezzi, Luca Tassi, and Sofia Cingolani

EGU2017-6625 | Posters | GI3.3

Magnetic and electromagnetic prospections at the Roman city of Hadrianopolis, southern Albania
Antonio Schettino, Roberto Perna, Pietro Paolo Pierantoni, Annalisa Ghezzi, Luca Tassi, and David Sforzini

EGU2017-12744 | Orals | GI3.3

Geophysical Measurements at Merseburg Cathedral
Thomas Meier, Ercan Erkul, Detlef Schulte-Kortnack, Robert Sobott, Helene Hilbert, Yunus Esel, Marcel Tesch, and Timo Wiemann