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GM – Geomorphology

GM1.1 – Beyond the case study: Concepts in Earth Sciences (co-organized)

EGU2017-9023 | Posters | GM1.1

Outbursts and Gradualism: Megaflood erosion consistent with long-term landscape evolution
Daniel Garcia-Castellanos and Jim O'Connor

EGU2017-9302 | Orals | GM1.1 | Highlight

Minding the gap: Thinking through spatiotemporal scaling challenges in Earth surface dynamics research
Heather Viles

EGU2017-3426 | Posters | GM1.1

Conceptual frameworks, geomorphic interpretation and storytelling: Tales from Lockyer Creek , Australia.
Jacky Croke, Jonathan Phillips, and Chris Van Dyke

EGU2017-11531 | Orals | GM1.1

Is there a self-organization principle of river deltas?
Alejandro Tejedor, Anthony Longjas, and Efi Foufoula-Georgiou

EGU2017-14444 | Posters | GM1.1

Exploiting virtual sediment deposits to explore conceptual foundations
Michael Dietze, Margret Fuchs, and Sebastian Kreutzer

EGU2017-15132 | Orals | GM1.1

Fluvial Apophenia
Tom Coulthard and John Armitage

EGU2017-18284 | Posters | GM1.1

A representation of place attachment: A study of spatial cognition in Latvia
Jurgis Skilters, Liga Zarina, and Liva Raita

EGU2017-17197 | Orals | GM1.1

Effect of channel width variation on sediment transport in mixed alluvial-bedrock rivers – from case study to concept
Kristen Cook, Jens Turowski, and Niels Hovius

EGU2017-17518 | Orals | GM1.1

Ozymandias in the Anthropocene: A conceptual framework for the city as an emerging landform
Simon Dixon, Heather Viles, and Bradley Garrett

EGU2017-3492 | Posters | GM1.1

Assessing river health in Europe and Switzerland
Marianne Milano, Nathalie Chèvre, and Emmanuel Reynard

EGU2017-1256 | Posters | GM1.1

A Systematic Study of Zerbar Lake Restoration
Reza Hosseini, Seyed Oveis Torabi, and Deonna Forman Asgharzadeh

EGU2017-9959 | Orals | GM1.1 | Highlight

Climatically controlled increase in Quaternary erosion rates: An exploration of real and perceived biases from thermochronology data
Peter van der Beek and Taylor Schildgen

EGU2017-17865 | Posters | GM1.1

Coastal setback line for the Kyparissiakos Gulf (Ionian Sea, Greece) according to the Mediterranean ICZM protocol
Serafim Poulos, Ghionis George, and Aikaterini Karditsa

EGU2017-18490 | Posters | GM1.1

New data from fringing-reef cores for the mid-Holocene higher sea level in Hainan Island, northern South China Sea
Yantao Yao, Wenhuan Zhan, and Jie Sun

EGU2017-4802 | Posters | GM1.1

Numerical Study of Splash Detail Due to Grain Impact on Granular Bed
Takahiro Tanabe, Hirofumi Niiya, Akinori Awazu, and Hiraku Nishimori

EGU2017-10040 | Posters | GM1.1

Time-lapse photogrammetry in geomorphic studies
Anette Eltner and Andreas Kaiser

EGU2017-16469 | Posters | GM1.1

Breaking rocks made easy: subcritical processes and tectonic predesign
Anne Voigtlaender and Michael Krautblatter

EGU2017-13416 | Posters | GM1.1

Insights on chaotic dynamics: mixing experiments between natural silicate melts from Vulcano island (Aeolian Islands, Italy)
Stefano Rossi, Daniele Morgavi, Francesco Vetere, Maurizio Petrelli, and Diego Perugini

EGU2017-4745 | Posters | GM1.1

Explanation of Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling System Anomalous Geophysical Phenomena on the Basis of the Model of Generation of Electromagnetic Emissions Detected Before Earthquake
Manana Kachakhidze and Nino Kachakhidze-Murphy

GM1.3 – Geodiversity and Geoheritage (co-organized)

EGU2017-7803 | Posters | GM1.3

A Global Systems Framework for All Geoheritage
Benjamin van Wyk de Vries

EGU2017-8626 | Orals | GM1.3 | Highlight

Trends and challenges for geoconservation
José Brilha

EGU2017-7355 | Posters | GM1.3

Application of principal component analysis to ecodiversity assessment of postglacial landscape (on the example of Debnica Kaszubska commune, Middle Pomerania)
Adam Wojciechowski

EGU2017-11319 | Posters | GM1.3

Application of the Geoheritage Tool-kit for inventory-based selection of sites of geoheritage significance
Margaret Brocx and Vic Semeniuk

EGU2017-2639 | Orals | GM1.3 | Highlight

The International Commission on Geoheritage (ICG) and the Heritage Sites and Collections Subcommission (HSCS): A new global framework for advancing the science and practice of geodiversity conservation
Kevin Page and Patrick de Wever

EGU2017-17353 | Posters | GM1.3

Conservation and promotion of the geological heritage in the «Ile-de-France» region (France): Establishment of a decision support-tool based on inventory
Elise Auberger, Jean-Pierre Gély, Patrick De Wever, and Didier Merle

EGU2017-1137 | Orals | GM1.3 | Highlight

Role of IUCN WCPA Geoheritage Specialist Group for geoheritage conservation and recognition of World Heritage Sites, Global Geoparks and other protected areas
Kyung Sik Woo

EGU2017-10150 | Posters | GM1.3

Earth Science knowledge and Geodiversity awareness in the Langhe area
Matteo Calorio, Marco Giardino, Francesca Lozar, Luigi Perotti, and Rossella Vigna

EGU2017-11284 | Orals | GM1.3

Towards a Convention on Geological Heritage (CGH) for the protection of Geological Heritage
Margaret Brocx and Vic Semeniuk

EGU2017-9282 | Posters | GM1.3

Education for sustainability and environmental education in National Geoparks. EarthCaching - a new method?
Stefanie Zecha and Anette Regelous

EGU2017-2531 | Orals | GM1.3

The promotion of geosites along a major trail of the Nepal Himalayas: the middle Kali Gandaki Valley.
Narayan Adhikari, Monique Fort, and Somanath Sapkota

EGU2017-15643 | Orals | GM1.3

Using bedrock geology for making ecological base maps
Tom Heldal, Arne Solli, and Espen Torgersen

EGU2017-15747 | Posters | GM1.3

Geodiversity and biodiversity assessment of the Słupsk Bank, Baltic Sea
Alicja Najwer, Izabela Zelewska, and Zbigniew Zwoliński

EGU2017-8733 | Posters | GM1.3

Geodiversity and Geoheritage of the Danakil and Afar region
Benjamin van Wyk de Vries and Miruts Hagos

EGU2017-16358 | Orals | GM1.3

Methods for assessing geodiversity
Zbigniew Zwoliński, Alicja Najwer, and Marco Giardino

EGU2017-12547 | Posters | GM1.3

Geodiversity of a large meander bend in the Little Belt strait in the inner Danish waters
Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen, Lars Øbro Hansen, Marius Becker, Lara Brivio, Torben Vang, Per Lynnerup Trinhammer, Katrine Juul Andresen, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Lars Ole Boldreel, and Jesper Bartholdy

EGU2017-7595 | Orals | GM1.3

Geo-diversity as an indicator of natural resources for geopark in human society
Jiun-Chuan Lin

EGU2017-13694 | Posters | GM1.3

Geodiversity of Georgia: valorization of geotouristic potential
Anna Abramowicz

EGU2017-2952 | Orals | GM1.3

Assessment of landscape diversity and determination of landscape hotspots – a case of Slovenia
Drago Perko, Rok Ciglič, and Mauro Hrvatin

EGU2017-12612 | Posters | GM1.3

Geo-products of urban areas: Silesian Metropolis, Southern Poland
Ryszard Chybiorz and Anna Abramowicz

EGU2017-1139 | Posters | GM1.3

Geodiversity of Island-type tidal flat of Korea: Their uniqueness and potential to be inscribed as a World Heritage site
Kyung Sik Woo, Seung Soo Chun, and Kyong O Monn

EGU2017-18049 | Orals | GM1.3

Riparian landscapes: Linking geodiversity with habitat and biodiversity
Jana Chmieleski and Laura Danzeisen

EGU2017-1553 | Orals | GM1.3

Geodiversity assessment in urban areas
Marina Ilic, Sanja Stojković, Ljupko Rundić, Jelena Ćalić, and Dejan Sandić

EGU2017-10229 | Posters | GM1.3

Geoheritage + dark cultural heritage= dark geo-cultural heritage. A platform for effective outreach and education?
Felix Riede

EGU2017-18166 | Orals | GM1.3

Natural Capital – putting a value on geological sites
Lesley Dunlop

EGU2017-8680 | Posters | GM1.3

Geoheritage value of the UNESCO site at Leon Viejo and Momotombo volcano, Nicaragua
Benjamin van Wyk de Vries, Martha Navarro, Eveling Espinoza, and Hugo Delgado

EGU2017-13984 | Posters | GM1.3

Geotourism potential of Başkale, Van, Turkey
Çetin Yeşilova and Pelin Güngör Yeşilova

EGU2017-8397 | Posters | GM1.3

Inventory of geomorphosites with educational purposes in the Province of Málaga (South of Spain).
Juan F. Martínez-Murillo, José D. Ruiz-Sinoga, and Emilio Ferre-Bueno

EGU2017-958 | Posters | GM1.3

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve: Protecting the World’s Oldest Complex Macrofossils at a Newly Inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site
Jack Matthews

EGU2017-16512 | Posters | GM1.3

Multidisciplinary research for the safe fruition of an active geosite: the Salse di Nirano mud volcanoes (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Paola Coratza, Dario Albarello, Anna Cipriani, Barbara Cantucci, Doriano Castaldini, Marzia Conventi, Andrea Dadomo, Maria Teresa De Nardo, Paolo Macini, Giovanni Martinelli, Ezio Mesini, Cesare Andrea Papazzoni, Simona Quartieri, Tullio Ricci, Tommaso Santagata, Alessandra Sciarra, and Giovanna Vezzalini

EGU2017-10979 | Posters | GM1.3

Recognising indigenous peoples values and knowledge systems in Geoheritage: Case studies from New Zealand and the South Pacific.
Jonathan Procter and Karoly Nemeth

EGU2017-282 | Posters | GM1.3

Steps in creating a methodology for interpreting a geodiversity element -integrating a geodiversity element in the popular knowledge
Cristina Toma and Alexandru Andrasanu

EGU2017-17892 | Posters | GM1.3

The (serra da) Estrela Aspiring Geopark (Portugal): preserving geoheritage, while promoting science and its links to local communities
Hugo Gomes, Magda Fernandes, Emanuel Castro, and Gonçalo Vieira

EGU2017-15880 | Posters | GM1.3

The impact of human activities on the natural geoheritage and its effects on geodiversity. The case of the Italian karst areas.
Lamberto Laureti

EGU2017-11527 | Posters | GM1.3

The Western Arabian intracontinental volcanic fields as a potential UNESCO World Heritage site
Károly Németh and Mohammed R. Moufti

EGU2017-19084 | Posters | GM1.3

Towards an international Geopark ‘Delta’ on the border of The Netherlands and Belgium
Sjoerd Kluiving, Geert Kooistra, Cornelis Kasse, Erik Heskes, Philippe Crombé, Richard Meersschaert, Tim Soens, Patrick Kiden, Peter Vos, and Noel van den Berge

EGU2017-5957 | Posters | GM1.3

Urban geomorphological heritage – A new field of research
Emmanuel Reynard, Alessia Pica, and Paola Coratza

EGU2017-15561 | Posters | GM1.3

\textbf{Volcanic geomorphosites and geotourism in Las Ca\~{n}adas del Teide National Park, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain}
Javier Dóniz-Paéz, Rafael Becerra-Ramírez, Elena González-Cárdenas, and Fátima Rodriguez

EGU2017-8032 | Posters | GM1.3

Geological nominations at UNESCO World Heritage, an upstream struggle
Cécile Olive-Garcia and Benjamin van Wyk de Vries

EGU2017-9486 | Posters | GM1.3

Geodiversity and Geoethics: added values for UNESCO Geoparks
Marco Giardino, Stefania Lucchesi, Magagna Alessandra, Dellarole Edoardo, and Bagnati Tullio

GM1.4 – Planetary Geomorphology (co-organized)

EGU2017-614 | Orals | GM1.4 | Highlight

Erosional threshold for the formation of bedrock canyons carved by megafloods on Earth and Mars
Michael P. Lamb, Mathieu G. A. Lapotre, Isaac J. Larsen, and Rebecca M. E. Williams

EGU2017-8290 | Posters | GM1.4

Martian aeolian slipface dynamics: 3D airflow modelling and sediment surface changes
Carin Cornwall, Derek Jackson, Mary Bourke, and Andrew Cooper

EGU2017-14280 | Posters | GM1.4

Continued monitoring of aeolian activity within Herschel Crater, Mars
Marco Cardinale, Riccardo Pozzobon, Timothy Michaels, Mary C. Bourke, Chris H. Okubo, Anna Chiara Tangari, and Lucia Marinangeli

EGU2017-16618 | Orals | GM1.4

Quantitative Investigations of Polygonal Ground in Continental Antarctica: Terrestrial Analogues for Polygons on Mars
Cynthia Sassenroth, Ernst Hauber, Nicole Schmitz, and Jean Pierre de Vera

EGU2017-2756 | Orals | GM1.4

Reading the landscape at volcano-tectonic locations within the Tharsis Montes, Mars
Johann Helgason

EGU2017-14702 | Posters | GM1.4

Surface-Based 3d measurements of aeolian bedforms on Mars
Matthew Balme, Ellen Robson, Robert Barnes, Ben Huber, Frances Butcher, Peter Fawdon, Sanjeev Gupta, and Gerhard Paar

EGU2017-19224 | Posters | GM1.4

New evidence for geothermal controls upon recent basal melting of mid-latitude glaciers on Mars
Frances Butcher, Colman Gallagher, Neil Arnold, Matthew Balme, Susan Conway, Stephen Lewis, and Axel Hagerman

EGU2017-122 | Orals | GM1.4

The East Kaibab Monocline as a Lobate Scarp on Earth
Paul Byrne and Christian Klimczak

EGU2017-10548 | Posters | GM1.4

Gullies, gullies everywhere (on Mars), but not a drop to drink?
Susan J. Conway, Stephen R. Lewis, and Tanya Harrison

EGU2017-19269 | Orals | GM1.4 | Highlight

New opportunities in planetary geomorphology: an assessment of the capabilities of the Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS) on The Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter through Image Simulation.
Livio Leonardo Tornabene, Frank Seelos, Antoine Pommerol, Nick Thomas, Christy Caudill, and Susan J. Conway and the CaSSIS Simulation Team

EGU2017-758 | Posters | GM1.4 | Highlight

Time will tell: temporal evolution of Martian gullies and paleoclimatic implications
Tjalling de Haas, Susan Conway, Frances Butcher, Joseph Levy, Peter Grindrod, Timothy Goudge, and Matthew Balme

EGU2017-18407 | Posters | GM1.4 | Highlight

Small-scale lobes on Mars: Solifluction, thaw and clues to gully formation.
Andreas Johnsson, Dennis Reiss, Susan Conway, Ernst Hauber, and Harald Hiesinger

EGU2017-1830 | Posters | GM1.4

Active duration estimation of Subur Vallis, a Martian fluvial system
David Koronczay and Akos Kereszturi

EGU2017-2233 | Posters | GM1.4

Karstic terrain in the equatorial layered deposits within a crater in northern Sinus Meridiani, Mars.
Davide Baioni

EGU2017-7028 | Posters | GM1.4

Mapping of major volcanic structures on Pavonis Mons in Tharsis, Mars
Diana Orlandi, Francesco Mazzarini, Carolina Pagli, and Riccardo Pozzobon

EGU2017-9715 | Posters | GM1.4

Insights into the mechanical strength of the Venusian lithosphere from the gravity-driven deformation of large volcanic edifices
Charlotte Gordon, Sami Mikhail, Paul K Byrne, Michael J Heap, and Richard Ghail

EGU2017-1530 | Posters | GM1.4

Chronology of wrinkle ridge formation and rate of crustal shortening on Lunae Planum, Mars
Oguzcan Karagoz, M.Ersen Aksoy, and Gino Erkeling

EGU2017-17147 | Posters | GM1.4

Formation (and dating) of small impact craters on Earth as an analogue for Mars (Ilumetsa Craters Estonia)
Anna Losiak, Argo Jõeleht, Juri Plado, Mateusz Szyszka, Eva Maria Wild, Malgorzata Bronikowska, Claire Belcher, Kalle Kirsimäe, and Peter Steier

EGU2017-8549 | Posters | GM1.4

Discrete curvatures combined with machine learning for automated extraction of impact craters on 3D topographic meshes
Nicole Christoff, Laurent Jorda, Sophie Viseur, Sylvain Bouley, Agata Manolova, and Jean-Luc Mari

EGU2017-11805 | Posters | GM1.4

Parabolic flights as Earth analogue for surface processes on Mars
Nikolaus J. Kuhn

EGU2017-19223 | Posters | GM1.4

Test of the MarsSedEx Settling Tube Photometer during the 2nd Swiss Parabolic Flight Campaign
Nikolaus J. Kuhn, Brigitte Kuhn, Hans-Rudolf Rüegg, and Lukas Zimmermann

GM1.5 – Environmental Seismology: Deciphering Earth’s surface processes with seismic methods (co-organized)

EGU2017-3872 | Posters | GM1.5

Seismic Investigation of the Glacier de la Plaine Morte, Switzerland
Gabi Laske, Fabian Lindner, Fabian Walter, and Manuel Krage

EGU2017-10234 | Orals | GM1.5

Investigation in the iceberg capsizing force responsible for glacial earthquakes and ice-volume discharge estimation from seismic records and a numerical modeling
Amandine Sergeant, Anne Mangeney, Vladislav Yastrebov, Olivier Castelnau, Jean-Paul Montagner, and Eléonore Stuzmann

EGU2017-17090 | Posters | GM1.5 | Highlight

Geophysical Tracking of a Subglacial Flood in Near Real-Time
Eva P. S. Eibl, Tómas Jóhannesson, Benedikt G. Ofeigsson, Matthew J. Roberts, Christopher J. Bean, Kristin S. Vogfjörd, Morgan T. Jones, Melissa A. Pfeffer, Baldur Bergsson, and Finnur Pálsson

EGU2017-9458 | Orals | GM1.5

Study of mass movements from a seismological point of view (1995-2017)
Emma Suriñach, Cristina Pérez-Guillén, Mar Tapia, and Pere Roig

EGU2017-9317 | Posters | GM1.5

Seismic behavior of snow avalanches with respect to other mass movements as regards the seismic energy - duration power law relationship
Emma Suriñach, Anne Mangeney, Clara Levy, Pere Roig, and Virginie Durand

EGU2017-14490 | Orals | GM1.5

Catalogs of micro-seismicity recorded at the Pechgraben landslide (Upper Austria)
Floriane Provost, Clément Hibert, Naomi Vouillamoz, Jean-Philippe Malet, David Ottowitz, and Birgit Jochum

EGU2017-4954 | Posters | GM1.5

Seismic detection and characterization of rockfalls in Austria
Florian Fuchs, Wolfgang Lenhardt, and Götz Bokelmann

EGU2017-3009 | Orals | GM1.5

Frequency-dependent seismic coda-attenuation imaging of volcanic geomorphology: from debris flows at Mount St. Helens volcano to cross-faulting at Campi Flegrei caldera.
Luca De Siena, Simona Gabrielli, and Matteo Spagnolo

EGU2017-3078 | Orals | GM1.5

Seismic and pressure signals when a hurricane moves over an array
Toshiro Tanimoto

EGU2017-14511 | Posters | GM1.5

Spatial and temporal patterns of rockfall activity – Drivers, precursors, kinetics and evolution
Michael Dietze, Jens Turowski, and Niels Hovius

EGU2017-18361 | Posters | GM1.5

Understanding slope behavior through microseismic monitoring
Diego Arosio, Mauro Boccolari, Laura Longoni, Monica Papini, and Luigi Zanzi

EGU2017-14462 | Orals | GM1.5

Seismic monitoring of the bedload transport in La Réunion Island rivers during tropical cyclones
Alicia Gonzalez, Fabrice. R Fontaine, Arnaud Burtin, Guilhem Barruol, Alain Recking, Jean-Lambert Join, and Eric Delcher

EGU2017-13962 | Posters | GM1.5

The rockfall observatory in the Reintal, Wetterstein Massif, German Alps
Anne Schöpa, Jens M. Turowski, and Niels Hovius

EGU2017-17497 | Posters | GM1.5

Automatic identification of alpine mass movements based on seismic and infrasound signals
Andreas Schimmel and Johannes Hübl

EGU2017-7248 | Posters | GM1.5

Detection of rainfall-induced landslides on regional seismic networks
Andrea Manconi, Velio Coviello, Stefano Luigi Gariano, and Matteo Picozzi

EGU2017-6151 | Posters | GM1.5

Automated seismic detection of landslides at regional scales: a Random Forest based detection algorithm for Alaska and the Himalaya.
Clement Hibert, Jean-Philippe Malet, Floriane Provost, David Michéa, and Marten Geertsema

EGU2017-4306 | Posters | GM1.5

A landslide-quake detection algorithm with STA/LTA and diagnostic functions of moving average and scintillation index: A preliminary case study of the 2009 Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan
Yu-Jie Wu and Guan-Wei Lin

EGU2017-4307 | Posters | GM1.5

Dynamic processes and basal friction of large-scale landslides derived from broadband seismic inversion
Liang-gu Chen and Guan-Wei Lin

EGU2017-8678 | Posters | GM1.5

Ambient seismic noise monitoring of the Super-Sauze landslide from a very dense temporary seismic array
Toufik Chtouki, Jerome Vergne, Floriane Provost, Jean-Philippe Malet, Arnaud Burtin, and Clément Hibert

EGU2017-14000 | Posters | GM1.5

Influence of topography on high frequency seismic signal generated by landslides
Julian Kuehnert, Anne Mangeney, Yann Capdeville, Virginie Durand, El Hadji Kone, and Eleonore Stutzmann

EGU2017-11490 | Posters | GM1.5

Seismic characterization of low-magnitude floods and lahars at La Lumbre ravine, Volcán de Colima (Mexico)
Velio Coviello, Lucia Capra, Víctor H. Márquez, Jonathan Procter, and Braden Walsh

EGU2017-4605 | Posters | GM1.5

5 years of continuous seismic monitoring of a mountain river in the Pyrenees
Jordi Diaz, Pilar S. Sanchez-Pastor, and Josep Gallart

EGU2017-11920 | Posters | GM1.5

New seismic instrumentation packaged for all terrestrial environments (including the quietest observatories!).
Tim Parker, Peter Devanney, Geoff Bainbridge, and Bruce Townsend

EGU2017-12973 | Posters | GM1.5

Advanced seismic imaging of overdeepened alpine valleys
Thomas Burschil, Hermann Buness, David Tanner, Gerald Gabriel, and Charlotte M. Krawczyk

GM1.6 – Perturbation of earth surface systems by rare events (co-organized)

EGU2017-16387 | Orals | GM1.6 | Highlight

Dynamic fracture development in response to extreme summer temperatures: 27/7/2014, Långören Island, Finland
Kerry Leith, Matthew Perras, Topias Siren, Tuomas Rantanen, Suvi Heinonen, and Simon Loew

EGU2017-17370 | Posters | GM1.6

The evolution of hillslope strength following large earthquakes
Matthew Brain, Nick Rosser, and Neil Tunstall

EGU2017-9232 | Orals | GM1.6

Rapid post-seismic landslide evacuation boosted by dynamic river width and implications for sediment fluxes during the seismic cycle
Philippe Steer, Thomas Croissant, Dimitri Lague, and Philippe Davy

EGU2017-13884 | Posters | GM1.6

Transient responses of surface properties to large earthquakes: what do we learn from coupling geomorphological and geophysical data?
Niels Hovius, Odin Marc, Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Patrick Meunier, Luc Illien, Manuel Hobiger, Ya-Ju Hsu, Mako Ohzono, Kaoru Sawazaki, and Claire Rault

EGU2017-14800 | Posters | GM1.6

Healing of the landscape after Gorkha earthquake, insights from seismic interferometry
Luc Illien, Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Niels Hovius, Christoff Andermann, and Jens Martin Turowski

EGU2017-13537 | Orals | GM1.6 | Highlight

Giant landslide deposits and the modalities of their removal by fluvial sediment export in the central Himalayas
Jerome Lave, Sébastien Lénard, and Christian France Lanord

EGU2017-8557 | Orals | GM1.6 | Highlight

Tephra, trees, and trouble: forest dieback delays landslide response to pyroclastic eruption
Oliver Korup, Jan Seidemann, and Christian Mohr

EGU2017-10071 | Posters | GM1.6

Monitoring perturbations of earth surface process after the 2015 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal
Christoff Andermann, Niels Hovius, Kristen Cook, Jens Turowski, Luc Illien, Christoph Sense-Schönfelder, Sigrid Rössner, Binod Parajuli, Krishna Bajracharya, and Basanta Adi=hikari

EGU2017-15823 | Posters | GM1.6 | Highlight

Types of hydrogeological response to large-scale explosions and earthquakes
Ella Gorbunova, Evgeny Vinogradov, Alina Besedina, and Vasilii Martynov

EGU2017-7205 | Orals | GM1.6 | Highlight

River basin affected by rare perturbation events: the Chaiten volcanic eruption.
Lorenzo Picco, Andrés Iroumé, Daniele Oss-Cazzador, and Hector Ulloa

EGU2017-8538 | Posters | GM1.6

Impact of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake on river organic carbon provenance: Insight from biomarkers
Jin Wang, Xiaojuan Feng, Robert Hilton, Zhangdong Jin, Tian Ma, Fei Zhang, Gen Li, Alexander Densmore, and A. Joshua West

EGU2017-14466 | Orals | GM1.6 | Highlight

Using seismic arrays to quantify the physics of a glacial outburst flood and its legacy on upland river dynamics
Florent Gimbert, Kristen Cook, Christoff Andermann, Niels Hovius, and Jens Turowski

EGU2017-15672 | Posters | GM1.6 | Highlight

Damages to Himalayan hydropower projects by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake
Wolfgang Schwanghart, Marie Ryan, and Oliver Korup

EGU2017-5402 | Posters | GM1.6

Across-canyon movement of earthquake-induced sediment gravity flow offshore southwestern Taiwan.
Yen-Ting Chen, Chih-Chieh Su, Yi-Wei Lu, and Yiya Cheng

EGU2017-10570 | Posters | GM1.6

Impacts of the 2016 outburst flood on the Bhote Koshi River valley, central Nepal
Kristen Cook, Christoff Andermann, Florent Gimbert, Niels Hovius, and Basanta Adhikari

EGU2017-12250 | Posters | GM1.6

Landscape response to rare flood events: a feedback cycle in channel-hillslope coupling
Antonius Golly, Jens Turowski, Niels Hovius, and Alexandre Badoux

EGU2017-11450 | Posters | GM1.6 | Highlight

One hour of catastrophic landscape change in the upper Rhine River valley 9400 years ago
John Clague, Andreas von Poschinger, and Nancy Calhoun

EGU2017-11817 | Posters | GM1.6

A case of self-perturbation: channel responses to meander cutoffs in the Ucayali River, Peru
Jonathan Schwenk and Efi Foufoula-Georgiou

EGU2017-1803 | Posters | GM1.6

Modelling geomorphic responses to human perturbations: Application to the Kander river, Switzerland
Jorge Ramirez, Andreas Zischg, Stefan Schürmann, Markus Zimmermann, Rolf Weingartner, Tom Coulthard, and Margreth Keiler

EGU2017-4538 | Posters | GM1.6 | Highlight

Assessment of the predisposing factors for shallow landslides activation in terraced areas: the case of the Rupinaro catchment, Liguria (northwestern Italy).
Martina Cignetti, Danilo Godone, and Daniele Giordan

EGU2017-1000 | Posters | GM1.6

Landslide potential zonation in Baleghlu watershed (NW Iran) using AHP Fuzzy method
Keristineh Jananeh and Shahram Roostai

GM2.1 – Advances in the use of cosmogenic nuclides and the quantification of landscape evolution (co-organized)

EGU2017-12888 | Posters | GM2.1

MASCOT: a new mass-spectrometer facility dedicated to the analysis of cosmogenic noble gases (3He and 21Ne) from terrestrial samples (Institute of Geological Sciences - University of Bern, Switzerland).
Romain Delunel, Patrick Enderli, Hans-Erich Jenni, Ingo Leya, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2017-9888 | Orals | GM2.1

From source to sink with in situ cosmogenic nuclides: Modern to late Holocene denudation rates and sediment fluxes in the Po basin
Hella Wittmann, Marco Malusà, Alberto Resentini, Eduardo Garzanti, and Samuel Niedermann

EGU2017-12399 | Posters | GM2.1

Taste CREp: the Cosmic-Ray Exposure program
Léo Martin, Pierre-Henri Blard, Greg Balco, Jérôme Lavé, Romain Delunel, and Nathaniel Lifton

EGU2017-12047 | Orals | GM2.1

The past 1-Myr of erosion in Fennoscandia via inverse modelling with CNs
John Jansen, Mads Knudsen, David Egholm, Jane Andersen, Bo Jacobsen, and Jakob Heyman

EGU2017-10093 | Posters | GM2.1

Carbonate and silicate rock standards for cosmogenic 36Cl
Silke Mechernich, Tibor J. Dunai, Steven A. Binnie, Tomasz Goral, Stefan Heinze, Alfred Dewald, Lucilla Benedetti, Irene Schimmelpfennig, Fred Phillips, Shasta Marrero, Mehmet Akif Sarıkaya, Laura C. Gregory, Richard J. Phillips, Klaus Wilcken, Krista Simon, and David Fink

EGU2017-3925 | Orals | GM2.1

Carbonate landscapes evolution: Insights from 36Cl
Vincent Godard, Franck Thomas, Vincent Ollivier, Olivier Bellier, Esmaeil Shabanian, Cécile Miramont, Jules Fleury, Lucilla Benedetti, Valéry Guillou, and Aster Team

EGU2017-3937 | Posters | GM2.1

M. Akif Sarıkaya, Attila Çiner, Erdal Şen, Orkun Ersoy, and Marek Zreda

EGU2017-18344 | Orals | GM2.1 | Highlight

Cosmogenic 3He in detrital gold
Finlay Stuart, Olga Yakubovich, Ana Caracedo, and Alexander Nesterenok

EGU2017-3939 | Posters | GM2.1

A new sampling strategy for cosmogenic surface exposure dating of moraines: Amalgamated Boulder Chips (ABCs)
M. Akif Sarıkaya, Attila Çiner, and Cengiz Yıldırım

EGU2017-7678 | Orals | GM2.1

From source to sink: Unravelling the complex in situ cosmogenic 10Be-14C signature in eroding bedrock surfaces and river sediment from the Bolivian Altiplano
Kristina Hippe, Maarten Lupker, Tiemen Gordijn, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Florian Kober, Marcus Christl, Lukas Wacker, Irka Hajdas, and Rainer Wieler

EGU2017-4925 | Posters | GM2.1

Paired in-situ 14C and 10Be measurements in a Himalayan catchment: residence time or sediment production process tracer?
Maarten Lupker, Kristina Hippe, and Lukas Wacker

EGU2017-12776 | Orals | GM2.1

Reconstructing the magnitude and timing of late Pleistocene and Holocene strike-slip events within the Marlborough Fault Zone, New Zealand
Ed Rhodes, James Dolan, Russ Van Dissen, Rob Langridge, Rob Zinke, Alex Hatem, Chris McGuire, and Nathan Brown

EGU2017-4830 | Posters | GM2.1

Millennial size-dependent velocity of coarse river sediment determined using 10Be in cobbles of the Aroma canyon (Atacama, Chile).
Sebastien Carretier, Vincent Regard, Laetitia Leanni, and Marcelo Farias

EGU2017-12165 | Posters | GM2.1

Quantifying the erosional mechanisms of steep headwalls: The case of the Eiger (Central Swiss Alps).
David Mair, Alessandro Lechmann, Naki Akçar, and Fritz Schlunegger

EGU2017-10030 | Posters | GM2.1

Reconstruction of the rock fall/avalanche frequency in the Mont Blanc massif since the Last Glacial Maximum. New results using 10Be cosmogenic dating and reflectance spectroscopy
Xavi Gallach, Christophe Ogier, Ludovic Ravanel, Philip Deline, and Julien Carcaillet

EGU2017-17897 | Posters | GM2.1

Plio-Quaternary river incision rates inferred from burial dating (Al-26/Be-10) of in cave-deposited alluvium in the Meuse catchment (E Belgium): new insights into the uplift history of the Ardennes massif
Gilles Rixhon, Didier Bourlès, Régis Braucher, Alexandre Peeters, and Alain Demoulin

EGU2017-6239 | Posters | GM2.1

Isochron burial dating of the Haslau terrace of the Danube (Vienna Basin) and interlaboratory comparison of sample preparation in Vienna and Budapest
Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger, Stephanie Neuhuber, Kurt Decker, Régis Braucher, Marcus Fiebig, Mihály Braun, Johannes Lachner, and Aster Team

EGU2017-10079 | Posters | GM2.1

Calibrated surface ages for desert pavements from spaceborne radar measurements of surface roughness and application of this new dating method for quantifying tectonic slip rates across the Dead Sea Transform since ~1 Ma.
Guy Hetz, Amit Mushkin, Michael Beyth, Gidon Baer, Amir Sagy, Dan Blumberg, and Hanan Ginat

EGU2017-8315 | Posters | GM2.1

Neogene basin infilling from cosmogenic nuclides (10Be and 21Ne) in Atacama, Chile
Caroline Sanchez, Vincent Regard, Sébastien Carretier, Rodrigo Riquelme, Pierre-Henri Blard, Eduardo Campos, Stéphanie Brichau, Marteen Lupker, and Gérard Hérail

EGU2017-12557 | Posters | GM2.1

K-Ar age constrains on chemically weathered granitic basement rocks (saprolites) in Scandinavia
Annina Margreth, Ola Fredin, Giulio Viola, Jochen Knies, Ronald Sørlie, Jan-Erik Lie, Else Margrethe Grandal, Horst Zwingmann, and Christoph Vogt

EGU2017-12883 | Posters | GM2.1 | Highlight

A new paleoaltimeter using multiple radioactive cosmogenic nuclides
Pierre-Henri Blard, Maarten Lupker, and Moïse Rousseau

GM3.1 – Frontiers in Geomorphometry and Earth Surface Dynamics: Possibilities, Limitations and Perspectives (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2017-4988 | PICOs | GM3.1

Towards future high performance computing: What will change? How can we be efficient?
Peter Düben

EGU2017-6000 | PICOs | GM3.1

Automatic extraction of supply relationship between glaciers and lakes on the Tibetan Plateau
Cheng-Zhi Qin, Bei-Bei Ai, and Qing-Hua Ye

EGU2017-17143 | PICOs | GM3.1

Hydro-geomorphic connectivity and landslide features extraction to identifying potential threats and hazardous areas
Paolo Tarolli, Ian C. Fuller, Federica Basso, Marco Cavalli, and Giulia Sofia

EGU2017-10377 | PICOs | GM3.1

Diachronic 3D modelling to monitor fluvial morphodynamics in a restored hydrosystem (Upper Rhine, Rohrschollen island)
Mathieu Koehl, David Eschbach, Pierre Grussenmeyer, Laurent Schmitt, and Samuel Guillemin

EGU2017-16448 | PICOs | GM3.1

Potential and limitations of high resolution multitemporal sar images in river morphology
Francesco Mitidieri, Maria Nicolina Papa, Donato Amitrano, and Giuseppe Ruello

EGU2017-13593 | PICOs | GM3.1

Monitoring of Open-pit mining using geomorphometry and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Jie Xiang, Jianping Chen, Giulia Sofia, Zili Lai, Haozhong Huang, and Paolo Tarolli

EGU2017-6662 | PICOs | GM3.1

4D reconstruction of soil surface changes with time-lapse cameras
Anette Eltner, Andreas Kaiser, and Marcus Schindewolf

EGU2017-7574 | PICOs | GM3.1

Microtopography of bare peat: an objective classification from high-resolution topographic survey data
Mark Smith and Jeff Warburton

EGU2017-13201 | PICOs | GM3.1

Geomorphological characterization of conservation agriculture
Paolo Tarolli, Marco Cecchin, Massimo Prosdocimi, and Roberta Masin

EGU2017-9130 | PICOs | GM3.1

Detectability and geomorphometry of tufa barrages in a small forested karstic river using airborne LiDAR topo-bathymetry
Jörn Profe and Bernhard Höfle

EGU2017-10566 | PICOs | GM3.1

Geomorphometry in coastal morphodynamics
Emilia Guisado-Pintado and Derek Jackson

EGU2017-7704 | PICOs | GM3.1

Introducing an R-package for calculating channel width and other basic metrics for irregular river polygons
Antonius Golly and Jens Turowski

EGU2017-10708 | PICOs | GM3.1

Local scale validation of the final TanDEM-X DEM in the Lowveld Savanna, South Africa, using highly accurate differential GNSS ground measurements
Jussi Baade and Christiane Schmullius

EGU2017-4510 | PICOs | GM3.1

Elevation validation and geomorphic metric comparison with focus on ASTER GDEM2, SRTM- C, ALOS World 3D, and TanDEM-X
Benjamin Purinton and Bodo Bookhagen

EGU2017-14119 | PICOs | GM3.1

How to find every river delta on Earth?
Jaap Nienhuis

EGU2017-11858 | PICOs | GM3.1

River morphodynamics from space: the Landsat frontier
Jon Schwenk, Ankush Khandelwal, Mulu Fratkin, Vipin Kumar, and Efi Foufoula-Georgiou

EGU2017-18752 | PICOs | GM3.1

The PRo3D View Planner – interactive simulation of Mars rover camera views to optimise capturing parameters
Christoph Traxler, Thomas Ortner, Gerd Hesina, Robert Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, and Gerhard Paar

EGU2017-15159 | PICOs | GM3.1

Impacts of environment on human diseases: a web service for the human exposome
Derek Karssenberg, Ilonca Vaartjes, Carlijn Kamphuis, Maciek Strak, Oliver Schmitz, Ivan Soenario, and Kor de Jong

GM3.2 – High Resolution Topography in the Geosciences: Methods and Applications (co-organized)

EGU2017-6791 | Posters | GM3.2

Artificial terraced field extraction based on high resolution DEMs
Jiaming Na, Xin Yang, Liyang Xiong, and Guoan Tang

EGU2017-4789 | Orals | GM3.2 | Highlight

4D monitoring of actively failing rockslopes
Nick Rosser, Jack Williams, Richard Hardy, and Matthew Brain

EGU2017-6240 | Posters | GM3.2

Improving the process of geological mapping in sedimentary terrain by using high-resolution topography in 3D environments
Yu-Chang Chan, Nai-Cih Shih, Chia-Hung Chiu, and Yu-Chung Hsieh

EGU2017-10446 | Orals | GM3.2

Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry applied to historical imagery: plug & play?
Maarten Bakker and Stuart N. Lane

EGU2017-11481 | Orals | GM3.2

Managing the explosion of high resolution topography in the geosciences
Christopher Crosby, Viswanath Nandigam, Ramon Arrowsmith, Minh Phan, and Benjamin Gross

EGU2017-12792 | Posters | GM3.2

MACS-Himalaya: A photogrammetric aerial oblique camera system designed for highly accurate 3D-reconstruction and monitoring in steep terrain and under extreme illumination conditions
Joerg Brauchle, Ralf Berger, Daniel Hein, and Tilman Bucher

EGU2017-692 | Posters | GM3.2

Study of geomorphological changes by high quality DEMs, obtained from UAVs-Structure from Motion in highest continental cliffs of Europe: A Capelada (Galicia, Spain)
Efrén Muñoz Narciso, Horacio García, Chema Sierra Pernas, and Augusto Pérez-Alberti

EGU2017-15952 | Orals | GM3.2

LIME: 3D visualisation and interpretation of virtual geoscience models
Simon Buckley, Kari Ringdal, Benjamin Dolva, Nicole Naumann, and Tobias Kurz

EGU2017-4051 | Posters | GM3.2

Application of structure from motion to digitized historical airphotos to document geomorphic change over the past century
Gioachino Roberti, Brent Ward, Benjamin van Wyk de Vries, Luigi Perotti, Marco Giardino, Pierre Friele, and John Clague

EGU2017-10158 | Orals | GM3.2

Quantifying river response to landsliding: experiments in DEM differencing using wide-area, structure-from-motion terrain models.
Joe James, James Brasington, Simon Cook, Simon Cox, Eliisa Lotsari, Sam McColl, Niall Lehane, Richard Williams, and Damia Vericat

EGU2017-7547 | Orals | GM3.2

Detection of flood effects in montane streams based on fusion of 2D and 3D information from UAV imagery
Jakub Langhammer and Tereza Vacková

EGU2017-9836 | Posters | GM3.2

Combining satellite photographs and raster lidar data for channel connectivity in tidal marshes.
Zhi Li and Ben Hodges

EGU2017-13378 | Orals | GM3.2

The challenges in using UAV and plane imagery to quantify channel change in sandy braided rivers
Robert Strick, Philip Ashworth, James Best, Stuart Lane, Andrew Nicholas, Daniel Parsons, Gregory Sambrook Smith, Christopher Simpson, and Christopher Unsworth

EGU2017-12894 | Posters | GM3.2

River bathymetry estimation based on the floodplains topography.
Luděk Bureš, Petr Máca, Radek Roub, Pavel Pech, Tomáš Hejduk, and Pavel Novák

EGU2017-13567 | Orals | GM3.2

Accuracy of long-range Terrestrial Laser Scanner point clouds for documenting the topography and structure of cliffs: a benchmark at the Mont Saint-Eynard (Chartreuse massif, France)
Pierrick Bornemann, Antoine Guérin, David Amitrano, Jean-Philippe Malet, and Michel Jaboyedoff

EGU2017-15337 | Posters | GM3.2

High-resolution topography of 1974 Mount Etna lava flow based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveys and Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry
Alessandro Fornaciai, Massimiliano Favalli, Luca Nannipieri, Andrew Harris, Sonia Calvari, and Charline Lormand

EGU2017-18847 | Posters | GM3.2

Differentiating tectonic and slope anomalies through a multi-scale morphometric analysis of channel gradient indices. The example of the Napa Valley (California, EEUU).
José Vicente Pérez-Peña, Jorge Pedro Galve, José Miguel Azañón, Guillermo Booth-Rea, and Francesco Troiani

EGU2017-7998 | Orals | GM3.2

Multiscale roughness characterization from multiresolution remote sensing data acquired over the Asal-Ghoubbet rift, Republic of Djibouti
Sébastien Labarre, Stéphane Jacquemoud, Cécile Ferrari, Arthur Delorme, Ewelina Rupnik, Allan Derrien, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny, Raphaël Grandin, and Mohamed Jalludin

EGU2017-16462 | Orals | GM3.2

Rock discontinuity surface roughness variation with scale
Maja Bitenc, D. Scott Kieffer, and Kourosh Khoshelham

EGU2017-4499 | Posters | GM3.2

Morphology and Relative Age Modeling of Explosive craters in the Tatun Volcano Group, Taiwan
Chen-Kan Liao and Sheng-Rong Song

EGU2017-11150 | Posters | GM3.2

High-resolution DEM generation from multiple remote sensing data sources for improved volcanic hazard assessment - a case study from Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia
Fanghui Deng, Timothy H. Dixon, Mel Rodgers, Sylvain J Charbonnier, Elisabeth A. Gallant, Nicholas Voss, Surui Xie, Rocco Malservisi, Milton Ordoñez, and Cristian M López

EGU2017-4888 | Orals | GM3.2

Using mm-scale seafloor roughness to improve monitoring of macrobenthos by remote sensing
Peter Feldens, Mischa Schönke, Dennis Wilken, and Svenja Papenmeier

EGU2017-9281 | Posters | GM3.2

Long-term stability of the SE Australian escarpment inferred from cosmogenic-nuclides and high-resolution topography analysis
Vincent Godard, Anthony Dosseto, Olivier Bellier, Didier Bourlès, Jules Fleury, and Aster Team

EGU2017-17941 | Posters | GM3.2

Bed roughness of palaeo-ice streams: insights and implications for contemporary ice sheet dynamics
Francesca Falcini, David Rippin, Katherine Selby, and Maarten Krabbendam

EGU2017-16451 | Posters | GM3.2

The roughness of grounded ice sheet beds: Case studies from high resolution radio echo sounding studies in Antarctica
Duncan Young, Donald Blankeship, Lucas Beem, Marie Cavitte, Enrica Quartini, Laura Lindzey, Charles Jackson, Jason Roberts, Catherine Ritz, Martin Siegert, Jamin Greenbaum, and Bruce Frederick

EGU2017-14025 | Posters | GM3.2

Assessment of terrestrial laser scanner and close range photogrammetry for characterizing surface roughness in agricultural soils
Alex Martinez-Agirre, Milutin Milenkovic, Jesús Álvarez-Mozos, Norbert Pfeifer, José Manuel Valle, Álvaro Rodríguez, and Rafael Giménez

EGU2017-790 | Posters | GM3.2

Photogrammetric reconstruction of forest floor microtopography: difficulties, advantages and application
Dmitrii Krasnov, Alisa Krasnova, Steffen Noe, and Ülo Niinemets

EGU2017-15881 | Posters | GM3.2

The evolution of active Lavina di Roncovetro landslides by multi-temporal high-resolution topographic data
Ilaria Isola, Alessandro Fornaciai, Massimiliano Favalli, Giovanni Gigli, Luca Nannipieri, Lorenzo Mucchi, Emanuele Intrieri, Marco Pizziolo, Giovanni Bertolini, Federico Trippi, Nicola Casagli, Rosa Schina, and Ennio Carnevale

EGU2017-17430 | Posters | GM3.2

Rainfall events as landslide triggers -- implications for the evolution of the SW-German cuesta landscape
Jan Henrik Blöthe, Joachim Götz, Hannah Berger, and Daniel Jäger

EGU2017-17932 | Posters | GM3.2

Geomorphic changes of a scarp on a slope gully by applying 3D photo-reconstruction technique (Duratón river valley, central Spain).
Lourdes Rodríguez and Luis M. Tanarro

EGU2017-11517 | Posters | GM3.2

Influence of Terraced area DEM Resolution on RUSLE LS Factor
Hongming Zhang, Jantiene E.M. Baartman, Xiaomei Yang, Lingtong Gai, and Viollette Geissen

EGU2017-17992 | Posters | GM3.2

Physical erosion modelling of complex morphodynamics in the upper Val d’Orcia: a combination of EROSION 3D, UAV, SFM and CANUPO
Arno Buchholz, Andreas Kaiser, Fabian Neugirg, Marcus Schindewolf, and Jürgen Schmidt

EGU2017-15680 | Posters | GM3.2

Evaluation of resolution-precision relationships when using Structure-from-Motion to measure low intensity erosion processes, within a laboratory setting.
Pia Benaud, Karen Anderson, Timothy Quine, Mike James, John Quinton, and Richard E. Brazier

EGU2017-14478 | Posters | GM3.2

Plot-scale soil loss estimation with laser scanning and photogrammetry methods
Boglárka Szabó, Judit Szabó, Gergely Jakab, Csaba Centeri, Zoltán Szalai, Árpád Somogyi, and Árpád Barsi

EGU2017-6698 | Posters | GM3.2

Camera based low-cost system to monitor hydrological parameters in small catchments
Anette Eltner, Hannes Sardemann, Melanie Kröhnert, and Ellen Schwalbe

EGU2017-7200 | Posters | GM3.2

3-D uncertainty-based topographic change detection with structure-from-motion photogrammetry and precision maps
Mike R. James, Stuart Robson, and Mark W. Smith

EGU2017-14095 | Posters | GM3.2

Can high resolution topographic surveys provide reliable grain size estimates?
Eleanor Pearson, Mark Smith, Megan Klaar, and Lee Brown

EGU2017-14804 | Posters | GM3.2

Raw image processing in for Structure-from-Motion surveying
James O'Connor, Mike Smith, and Mike R. James

EGU2017-11558 | Posters | GM3.2

Quality of terrestrial data derived from UAV photogrammetry: a case study of the Hetao irrigation district in northern China
Hongming Zhang, Jantiene E.M. Baartman, Xiaomei Yang, Lingtong Gai, and Violette Geissen

GM3.3 – Modelling Earth surface processes and geomorphic flows: methods and validation (co-organized)

EGU2017-10265 | Orals | GM3.3

A multilayer approach for turbidity currents
Enrique Fernandez-Nieto, Manuel J. Castro Díaz, and Tomás Morales de Luna

EGU2017-5370 | Posters | GM3.3

Numerical shockwave anomalies in presence of hydraulic jumps in the SWE with variable bed elevation.
Adrian Navas-Montilla and Javier Murillo

EGU2017-18303 | Posters | GM3.3

Impact of topography resolution and accuracy on computational shallow flow models for natural hazards
Julia Kowalski

EGU2017-15180 | Orals | GM3.3

Does fluid infiltration affect the motion of sediment grains? – A 3-D numerical modelling approach using SPH
Gerhard Bartzke, Benedict D. Rogers, Georgios Fourtakas, Athanasios Mokos, Ricardo B. Canelas, and Katrin Huhn

EGU2017-18137 | Orals | GM3.3

Implications of sediment transport by subglacial water flow for interpreting contemporary glacial erosion rates
Flavien Beaud, Gwenn E. Flowers, and Jeremy G. Venditti

EGU2017-3645 | Posters | GM3.3

Application of an MPS-based model to the entrainment and deposition process of debris flows
Takuro Suzuki, Norifumi Hotta, and Haruka Tsunetaka

EGU2017-5163 | Orals | GM3.3

Analytically based forward and inverse models of fluvial landscape evolution during temporally continuous climatic and tectonic variations
Liran Goren and Carole Petit

EGU2017-6775 | Posters | GM3.3

Dynamic interaction of two-phase debris flow with pyramidal defense structures: An optimal strategy to efficiently protecting the desired area
Parameshwari Kattel, Jeevan Kafle, Jan-Thomas Fischer, Martin Mergili, Bhadra Man Tuladhar, and Shiva P. Pudasaini

EGU2017-15699 | Orals | GM3.3

LEMSI – The Landscape Evolution Model Sensitivity Investigation
Christopher Skinner, Tom Coulthard, Wolfgang Schwanghart, and Marco Van De Wiel

EGU2017-13203 | Posters | GM3.3

Meshfree simulation of avalanches with the Finite Pointset Method (FPM)
Isabel Michel, Jörg Kuhnert, and Dimitrios Kolymbas

EGU2017-17277 | Posters | GM3.3

A high-performance model for shallow-water simulations in distributed and heterogeneous architectures
Daniel Conde, Ricardo B. Canelas, and Rui M. L. Ferreira

EGU2017-4809 | Orals | GM3.3

Influence of rock strength variations on interpretation of thermochronologic data
Rebecca Flowers and Todd Ehlers

EGU2017-13966 | Posters | GM3.3

Modelling the transport of solid contaminants originated from a point source
Dora V. Salgueiro, Daniel A. S. Conde, Mário J. Franca, Anton J. Schleiss, and Rui M. L. Ferreira

EGU2017-18898 | Posters | GM3.3

Using high-performance mathematical modelling tools to predict erosion and sediment fluxes in peri-urban catchments
André Pereira, Daniel Conde, Carla S. S.Ferreira, Rory Walsh, and Rui M L Ferreira

EGU2017-7512 | Posters | GM3.3

Dynamic transition between fixed- and mobile-bed: mathematical and numerical aspects
Daniel Zugliani, Matteo Pasqualini, and Giorgio Rosatti

EGU2017-4823 | Posters | GM3.3

A bilayer model for bedload sediment transport as generalization of Exner models
Cipriano Escalante, Enrique Fernandez-Nieto, Tomas Morales de Luna, and Gladys Narbona Reina

EGU2017-13684 | Posters | GM3.3

A reduced complexity numerical method for flow accumulation and sediment transport under both convergent and divergent flow conditions
Daniel Hobley, Chris Paola, and Vaughan Voller

EGU2017-12624 | Posters | GM3.3 | Highlight

Influence of Rainfall Product on Hydrological and Sediment Outputs when Calibrating the STREAP Rainfall Generator for the CAESAR-Lisflood Landscape Evolution Model
Christopher Skinner, Nadav Peleg, and Niall Quinn

EGU2017-13731 | Posters | GM3.3

Bedrock river erosion measurements and modelling along a river of the Frontal Himalaya
Jerome Lave and Matthieu Dubille

EGU2017-14136 | Posters | GM3.3

Modelling the impact of vegetation on marly catchments in the Southern Alps of France
Alexandra Carriere, Caroline Le Bouteiller, Greg Tucker, and Mohamed Naaim

EGU2017-14087 | Posters | GM3.3

4D geomorphological evolution of intertropical islands
Anne-Morwenn Pastier, Antoine Bezos, Laurent Husson, Kevin Pedoja, Camilo Arias, Mary Elliot, Pascal Lacroix, and Andi Muhammad Imran

EGU2017-6266 | Posters | GM3.3

Incision rate changes in the upper Var River catchment, southern French Alps: from observations to models.
Carole Petit, Yann Rolland, Liran Goren, Didier Bourlès, Régis Braucher, Marianne Saillard, and Davide Cassol

EGU2017-10514 | Posters | GM3.3

Climatic and topographic controls on the extent of major Alpine ice sheets: implications from modeling and stratigraphy
Bernhard Salcher and Pietro Sternai

EGU2017-16129 | Posters | GM3.3

Simulating CRN derived erosion rates in a transient Andean catchment using the TTLEM model
Benjamin Campforts, Veerle Vanacker, Frédéric Herman, Wolfgang Schwanghart, Gustavo Tenrorio Poma, and Gerard Govers

EGU2017-18098 | Posters | GM3.3

Formation and evolution of a drainage network during the Pleistocene through a process of homoclinal shifting initiated by headward erosion.
F. Xavier Castelltort, J. Carles Balasch, Jordi Cirés, and Ferran Colombo

EGU2017-10187 | Posters | GM3.3

Deconvolving regional and fault-driven uplift in Calabria using drainage inversion techniques and field observations
Jennifer Quye-Sawyer, Alexander Whittaker, Gareth Roberts, and Dylan Rood

EGU2017-12896 | Posters | GM3.3

Exploring the impact of multiple grain sizes in numerical landscape evolution model
Laure Guerit, Jean Braun, Xiaoping Yuan, and Delphine Rouby

EGU2017-13534 | Posters | GM3.3

Linking continental erosion to marine transport and sedimentation
Xiaoping Yuan, Jean Braun, and Laure Guerit

EGU2017-4874 | Posters | GM3.3 | Highlight

Inverse modeling of Eocene to mid-Pliocene landscape evolution in Scandinavia using offshore sediment volumes
Vivi Kathrine Pedersen, Jean Braun, and Ritske Huismans

EGU2017-13968 | Posters | GM3.3

Exploring southern African Plateau uplift with landscape evolution model inversion and erosion history data
Jessica Stanley, Jean Braun, Rebecca Flowers, François Guillocheau, Cécile Robin, and Guillaume Baby

EGU2017-14947 | Posters | GM3.3

Metrics for Geomorphological Landscape Evolution Modelling
Marco Van De Wiel and Tom Coulthard

GM4.1 – Coupling chemical weathering and physical erosion: Insights from geomorphic and geochemical studies (co-organized)

EGU2017-2220 | Orals | GM4.1

Quantifying nutrient uptake as driver of rock weathering in forest ecosystems by magnesium stable isotopes
David Uhlig, Jan A. Schuessler, Julien Bouchez, Jean L. Dixon, and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

EGU2017-3160 | Posters | GM4.1

The effects of later oxidation and weathering process on the seafloor hydrothermal sulfide: Constrains from Cu isotope
Xiaohu Li, Jianqiang Wang, Fengyou Chu, Hao Wang, and Zhenggang Li

EGU2017-10212 | Orals | GM4.1

Thresholds for soil cover and weathering in mountainous landscapes
Jean Dixon and Sarah Benjaram

EGU2017-1849 | Posters | GM4.1

Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Upper Maastrichtian–Middle Eocene Clay - Rich Volcano - Sedimentary Units from South-Eastern of Elazıg Basin (Eastern Turkey)
Dicle Bal Akkoca and Burhan Daş

EGU2017-6484 | Posters | GM4.1

Tufa deposits sheltered by Inland notches as indicators of Quaternary denudation rates
Nurit Shtober-Zisu, Anton Vaks, Hani Amasha, and Amos Frumkin

EGU2017-6864 | Orals | GM4.1

Implementing a conceptual model of physical and chemical soil profile evolution
Mike Kirkby

EGU2017-12579 | Orals | GM4.1

Topographic imprint on chemical weathering in deeply weathered soil-mantled landscapes (southern Brazil)
Veerle Vanacker, Jerome Schoonejans, Yolanda Ameijeiras-Marino, Sophie Opfergelt, and Jean Minella

EGU2017-18661 | Posters | GM4.1

Calcium isotope systematics in small upland catchments affected by spruce dieback in the period of extreme acid rain (1970-1990)
Martin Novak, Juraj Farkas, Chris Holmden, Jakub Hruska, Jan Curik, Marketa Stepanova, Eva Prechova, Frantisek Veselovsky, and Arnost Komarek

EGU2017-7330 | Posters | GM4.1

Magmatic versus sedimentary 87Sr/86Sr signature in groundwater circulating in a basaltic volcanic systems: Mt. Etna
Marcello Liotta, Walter D'Alessandro, Ilenia Arienzo, and Manfredi Longo

EGU2017-13894 | Orals | GM4.1

Chemical weathering of flat continents
Pierre Maffre, Yves Goddéris, Jean-Baptiste Ladant, Sébastien Carretier, Jean-Sébastien Moquet, Yannick Donnadieu, David Labat, and Nathalie Vigier

EGU2017-13043 | Posters | GM4.1

Sr isotope characterization of atmospheric inputs to soils along a climate gradient of the Chilean Coastal Range
Ralf Oeser, Jan A. Schuessler, Geerke H. Floor, and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

EGU2017-19569 | Orals | GM4.1

Climate control on silicate weathering and physical erosion rates in young orogenic belts: Case study along a runoff gradient in Pacific and Amazonian Andean basins based on SNO-HYBAM Monitoring Program data
Jean-Sébastien Moquet, Jean-Loup Guyot, Jérôme Viers, Alain Crave, Sergio Morera, Pedro Rau, Elisa Armijos, Christelle Lagane, Waldo Sven Lavado Casimiro, Rodrigo Pombosa, Pascal Fraizy, William Santini, Franck Timouk, Philippe Vauchel, and Jean-Michel Martinez

EGU2017-10214 | Posters | GM4.1

Mixing of Marine and Terrestrial Sources of Strontium in Coastal Environments
Saskia Ryan, Quentin Crowley, Eileen Deegan, and Christophe Snoeck

EGU2017-6012 | Posters | GM4.1

A new parameterization of regolith formation and the response time of weathering front propagation to climate and tectonic forcing
Jean Braun

EGU2017-16200 | Posters | GM4.1

Thermal stress and topography control on the exfoliation of spheroidal granite boulders in Pricopan Ridge, Macin Mountains, Romania
Mirela Vasile and Alfred Vespremeanu-Stroe

EGU2017-4776 | Posters | GM4.1

Spatial erosion variability and chemical weathering in a steep tropical catchment, La Réunion volcanic island
Pierre Valla, Eric Gayer, Pascale Louvat, Romain Delunel, Sébastien Nomade, Laurent Michon, Hervé Guillou, and Vincent Scao

EGU2017-4981 | Posters | GM4.1

The role of sediments stored in valleys in modulating the Quaternary weathering flux variations
Sebastien Carretier, Yves Goddéris, Nathalie Vigier, and Pierre Maffre

EGU2017-12700 | Posters | GM4.1

VIS/NIR Spectroscopy to determine the spatial variation of the weathering degree in Paleogene clay soil - London Clay Formation
Mohammed Nasser, Dr Andy Gibson, Dr Nick Koor, Professor Andy Gale, Dr Jenny Huggett, and Steve Branch

EGU2017-265 | Posters | GM4.1

Cenozoic carbon cycle imbalances and implications for a variable silicate weathering feedback
Jeremy Caves, Adam Jost, Kimberly Lau, and Kate Maher

EGU2017-11413 | Posters | GM4.1

Quantifying shale weathering by Li isotopes at the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory
Grit Steinhoefel, Matthew S. Fantle, and Sue L. Brantley

EGU2017-8367 | Posters | GM4.1

Aged organic carbon exported from the eastern margin of Tibetan Plateau
Jin Wang, Robert Hilton, Zhangdong Jin, Fei Zhang, Alexander Densmore, Darren Gröcke, Xiaomei Xu, and Xiaojuan Feng

EGU2017-6133 | Posters | GM4.1

Insights into organic carbon oxidation potential during fluvial transport from controlled laboratory and natural field experiments
Joel S. Scheingross, Mathieu Dellinger, Nina Golombek, Robert G. Hilton, Niels Hovius, Dirk Sachse, Jens M. Turowski, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, and Hella Wittmann

GM4.2 – Erosion and Sedimentation in Mountain Landscapes (co-organized)

EGU2017-1054 | Posters | GM4.2 | Highlight

Redistribution of radioactive mine wastes by slushflows and other processes in small mountain river basin in Russian Subarctics
Ekaterina Garankina, Vladimir Belyaev, Maxim Ivanov, Fedor Romanenko, Artem Gurinov, Egor Tulyakov, and Natalia Kuzmenkova

EGU2017-1077 | Posters | GM4.2 | Highlight

Mountain rivers may need centuries to adjust to earthquake-triggered sediment pulses, Pokhara, Nepal
Amelie Stolle, Oliver Korup, Wolfgang Schwanghart, Anne Bernhardt, Basanta Raj Adhikari, Christoff Andermann, Hella Wittmann, and Silke Merchel

EGU2017-19360 | Orals | GM4.2

Controls on the extent of sediment cover in bedrock-alluvial channels
Rebecca Hodge, Joel Johnson, Andy Tranmer, and Elowyn Yager

EGU2017-1764 | Posters | GM4.2

Alluvial cover and bedrock channel sinuosity
Jens Turowski

EGU2017-11337 | Orals | GM4.2

Sediment transport dynamics in steep, tropical volcanic catchments
Christian Birkel, Vanessa Solano Rivera, Sebastian Granados Bolaños, Liz Brenes Cambronero, Ricardo Sánchez Murillo, and Josie Geris

EGU2017-6677 | Orals | GM4.2

Decoding sediment transport dynamics on alluvial fans from spatial changes in grain size, Death Valley, California
Sam Brooke, Alexander Whittaker, Stephen Watkins, and John Armitage