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HS – Hydrological Sciences

HS1.1 – Self-made sensors and unintended use of measurement equipment (poster-only session)

EGU2017-1623 | Posters | HS1.1

A low cost strategy to monitor the expansion and contraction of the flowing stream network in mountainous headwater catchments
Rick Assendelft, Ilja van Meerveld, and Jan Seibert

EGU2017-3196 | Posters | HS1.1

Raindrop intervalometer
Nicolaas van de Giesen, Rolf Hut, and Marie-claire ten Veldhuis

EGU2017-6223 | Posters | HS1.1

Programmable Off-The-Shelf cell-enabled GPS loggers optimized for retrieving after being used as a float in large river experiments.
Rolf Hut and Thom Bogaard

EGU2017-9604 | Posters | HS1.1 | Highlight

Quantitative evaluation of precipitation gauge bird deterrent mechanisms
Doug Cobos and Nathan Taysom

EGU2017-12869 | Posters | HS1.1

Measuring visibility using smartphones
Jan Friesen, Raphael Bialon, Christoph Claßen, and Kalman Graffi

EGU2017-15508 | Posters | HS1.1

Using smartphone batteries as an urban thermometer
Arjan Droste, Jan-Jaap Pape, Aart Overeem, Hidde Leijnse, Gert-Jan Steeneveld, Aarnout Van Delden, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2017-18619 | Posters | HS1.1

Rainfall monitoring with microwave link networks –state of the art
Lotte de Vos, Aart Overeem, Manuel Ríos Gaona, Tommy van Leth, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2017-13603 | Posters | HS1.1

Measuring electric conductivity with modified light sensors
Ernestine Lieder, Markus Weiler, and Theresa Blume

EGU2017-11704 | Posters | HS1.1

Rapid assessment of multi-directional 3D-flow fields using active heat pulse sensing in the streambed
Eddie W. Banks, Margaret Shanafield, James McCallum, Saskia Noorduijn, Jorg Lewandowski, and Okke Batelaan

EGU2017-19002 | Posters | HS1.1

A multi-sensor method for in-situ quantification of multiple biodiversity and ecosystem service indicators in wetland vegetation
András Zlinszky, Katharina Prager, and Zsófia Koma

HS1.2 – Hydrology, society and environmental change

EGU2017-2422 | Orals | HS1.2

On science versus engineering in hydrological modelling
Lieke Melsen

EGU2017-1055 | Posters | HS1.2

Do dam constructions in a Vietnamese river basin result in change points in hydrologic regime and how reliable are different methods?
Tinh Thi Vu, Jens Kiesel, Bjoern Guse, and Nicola Fohrer

EGU2017-9294 | Orals | HS1.2

Combining scientific and societal challenges: a water supply case study from the Koster Islands, Sweden
Roland Barthel, Linda Louise Ekström, Andreas Ljungkvist, Maria Granberg, Johanna Merisalu, Sebastian Pokorny, and Stefan Banzhaf

EGU2017-2481 | Posters | HS1.2

Using of environmental isotopes and hydrochemical application for assessment water resources of Karstic aquifer of the Grate Caucasus for an improved drinking water supply of Kakheti region
Sopio Vepkhvadze, George Melikadze, Mariam Todadze, and Aleksandre Cahnkvetadze

EGU2017-3458 | Posters | HS1.2

Impact of Climate Change and Human Intervention on River Flow Regimes
Rajendra Singh, Neha Mittal, and Ashok Mishra

EGU2017-1655 | Orals | HS1.2

Nature-based flood risk management –challenges in implementing catchment-wide management concepts
Thomas Thaler and Sven Fuchs

EGU2017-11957 | Orals | HS1.2

Understanding catchment dynamics through a Space-Society-Water trialectic
Catherine Sutherland, Graham Jewitt, Susan Risko, Ducan Hay, Sabine Stuart-Hill, and Michelle Browne

EGU2017-3521 | Posters | HS1.2

Satellite-derived land covers for runoff estimation using SCS-CN method in Chen-You-Lan Watershed, Taiwan
Wen-Yan Zhang and Chao-Yuan Lin

EGU2017-6629 | Orals | HS1.2 | Highlight

Night-time lights as a proxy of human pressure on freshwater resources
Serena Ceola, Alberto Montanari, and Francesco Laio

EGU2017-5807 | Posters | HS1.2

A Structural Decomposition Analysis of China’s Industrial Water Footprints from 2002 to 2012
Bin Li

EGU2017-6403 | Posters | HS1.2

Comparison of three different streamflow naturalization methods: an application for the Seine river basin
Morgane Terrier, Charles Perrin, Alban De Lavenne, and Vazken Andréassian

EGU2017-10386 | Orals | HS1.2

Effects of human water management on California drought risk
Xiaogang He, Yoshihide Wada, Niko Wanders, and Justin Sheffield

EGU2017-7291 | Posters | HS1.2

A Scenario Based Approach to Separate the Impacts of Land Use and Climate Alteration on Daily Flow Regime Indices
Hamid Darabi, Ali Torabi Haghighi, Nasim Fazel, and Björn Klöve

EGU2017-9285 | Orals | HS1.2

Simulating potential water grabbing from large-scale land acquisitions in Africa}
Emma Li Johansson, Marianela Fader, Jonathan W. Seaquist, and Kimberly A. Nicholas

EGU2017-8956 | Posters | HS1.2

A dam-reservoir module for a semi-distributed hydrological model
Alban de Lavenne, Guillaume Thirel, Vazken Andréassian, Charles Perrin, and Maria-Helena Ramos

EGU2017-13008 | Orals | HS1.2 | Highlight

Human land-use change impacts rainfall seasonality
Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Ruud van der Ent, Ingo Fetzer, Patrick Keys, Hubert Savenije, and Line Gordon

EGU2017-12457 | Posters | HS1.2

Using hydraulic modeling to simulate human interactions with water resources in an Omani irrigation system
Themis Xanthopoulou, Maurits Ertsen, Bleda Düring, and Jan Kolen

EGU2017-15942 | Orals | HS1.2

On the effects of adaptive reservoir operating rules in hydrological physically-based models
Federico Giudici, Daniela Anghileri, Andrea Castelletti, and Paolo Burlando

EGU2017-9753 | Orals | HS1.2

An integrated modelling framework for regulated river systems in Land Surface Hydrological Models
Muhammad Rehan Anis, Saman razavi, and Howard Wheater

EGU2017-12476 | Posters | HS1.2

Towards low flow risk maps
Veit Blauhut, Michael Stölzle, and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2017-13409 | Posters | HS1.2

Progressing the state of knowledge on the human influence on hydrological droughts through case studies
Sally Rangecroft, Anne Van Loon, Marianne Bosman, Niko Wanders, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, and Amir AghaKouchak

EGU2017-2390 | Orals | HS1.2

From hydrological regimes to water use regimes: influence of the type of habitat on drinking water demand dynamics in alpine tourist resorts.
Martin Calianno

EGU2017-15379 | Posters | HS1.2

Linking hydrology of traditional irrigation canals and socio-economic aspects of agricultural water use around Mt. Kilimanjaro
Jerome Kimaro, Valeska Scharsich, Bernd Huwe, and Christina Bogner

EGU2017-9714 | Orals | HS1.2 | Highlight

The shadow price of fossil groundwater
Marc F.P. Bierkens, Stijn Reinhard, Jens A. de Bruijn, and Yoshihide Wada

EGU2017-17303 | Posters | HS1.2

Hydrogeological Characterization of the Middle Magdalena Valley – Colombia
Maria Cristina Arenas, Monica Riva, Leonardo David Donado, and Alberto Guadagnini

EGU2017-19033 | Posters | HS1.2

Water, climate change and society in Bangladesh
Insa Thiele-Eich, Tibor Aßheuer, and Clemens Simmer

HS1.3 – Hydrologic Dynamics, Analytics and Predictability: Physical and Data-based Approaches for Improving Hydrologic Understanding and Prediction

EGU2017-14190 | Orals | HS1.3

Hydrology beyond closing the water balance: energy conservative scaling of gradient flux relations
Erwin Zehe, Ralf Loritz, and Conrad Jackisch

EGU2017-2202 | Posters | HS1.3

Hydrological behavior of the confined Aba’ala graben along the western margin of the Danakil depression, Northern Ethiopia
Hailemariam Meaza, Amaury Frankl, Jean Poesen, Amanuel Zenebe, Veerle Van Eetvelde, Biadgilgn Demissie, Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes Asfaha, and Jan Nyssen

EGU2017-10896 | Orals | HS1.3

Complex networks for hydrologic modeling: The future
Bellie Sivakumar, Carlos Puente, Mahesh Maskey, and Vijay Singh

EGU2017-10353 | Posters | HS1.3

Using Independent Components Analysis to diminish the response of groundwater in borehole strainmeter
Chih-Yen Chen and Jyr-Ching Hu

EGU2017-10746 | Posters | HS1.3

Estimation of barometric pressure response in borehole strainmeter with typhoon events in Taiwan
Chun-Ying Chiu, Jyr-Ching Hu, and Chi-Ching Liu

EGU2017-7735 | Orals | HS1.3

Understanding the hydrological functioning of headwater streams using periodic observations of river flow state
Aurélien Beaufort, Etienne Leblois, Hervé Pella, Thibault Datry, and Eric Sauquet

EGU2017-13428 | Posters | HS1.3

Numerical simulation of the effect of groundwater salinity on artificial freezing wall in coastal area
Rui Hu and Quan Liu

EGU2017-14698 | Orals | HS1.3

Using isotope and hydrochemical methods to improve understanding of flow forming processes in alpine headwater regions of Northern Caucasus and Tian Shan.
Nadezhda Loshakova, Ekaterina Rets, Julia Chizhova, Maria Kireeva, Natalia Frolova, Igor Tokarev, Nadine Budantseva, Yurij Vasilchuk, Victor Popovnin, Elena Terskaya, and Andrey Smirnov

EGU2017-12550 | Orals | HS1.3

Investigations of hydrodynamically active additions in pumps and vane hydraulic machines
Fikrat Amirov and Elnur Amirov

EGU2017-13551 | Posters | HS1.3

Deformation analysis and prediction of bank protection structure with river level fluctuations
Rui Hu and Yixuan Xing

EGU2017-5965 | Orals | HS1.3

WRF-Hydro cloud resolving model used for small water reservoir hydro forecast: a case study
Baoguo Xie, Jinghai Yan, Yunting Li, Dawei Zhang, Wenjun Yin, Meng Zhang, and Hui Du

EGU2017-12186 | Posters | HS1.3

Contaminant dispersion of a point release in wetland flow dominated by bank wall effect
Ran Gao, Xudong Fu, and Zi Wu

EGU2017-5729 | Posters | HS1.3

Estimating flow duration curve in the humid tropics: a disaggregation approach in Hawaiian catchments
Leong Chris and Yokoo Yoshiyuki

EGU2017-7495 | Posters | HS1.3

Use of spring recession curves for groundwater reservoir assessment in flysch areas (High Bieszczady Mountains, SE Poland)
Karolina Mostowik, Bartłomiej Rzonca, and Janusz Siwek

EGU2017-9406 | Posters | HS1.3

On the role of flood wave celerity-discharge relationship and its applications on hydrological studies
Ayan Fleischmann, Walter Collischonn, Pedro Jardim, Aline Meyer, and Rodrigo Paiva

EGU2017-933 | Posters | HS1.3

Characterisation of Pan-European flood trends over the period 1965-2005
Walter Mangini, Julia Hall, Alberto Viglione, and Juraj Parajka

EGU2017-14564 | Posters | HS1.3

Elucidating spatio-temporal changes in the flood seasonality along with their associated climatic and topographic controls
Julia Hall, Rui A. P. Perdigão, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2017-8858 | Posters | HS1.3

Nonlinear Synergistic Emergence and Predictability in Complex Systems: Theory and Hydro-Climatic Applications
Rui A. P. Perdigão, Julia Hall, Carlos A. L. Pires, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2017-16665 | Posters | HS1.3

Streamflow predictions in Alpine Catchments by using artificial neural networks. Application in the Alto Genil Basin (South Spain)
Patricia Jimeno-Saez, Manuel Pegalajar-Cuellar, and David Pulido-Velazquez

EGU2017-11279 | Posters | HS1.3

An improved runoff generation algorithm for physically based watershed modelling in the Canadian prairies
Kamrul Hossain, Amin Elshorbagy, Bharath Raja, Bruce Davison, and Howard Wheater

EGU2017-616 | Posters | HS1.3

Complexity elucidation of rainfall, streamflow and temperature via fractal-multifractal encodings
Mahesh Lal Maskey, Carlos E. Puente, and Bellie Sivakumar

EGU2017-10058 | Posters | HS1.3

Causal analysis of time series from hydrological systems
Benny Selle, Britta Aufgebauer, and Klaus-Holger Knorr

EGU2017-9934 | Posters | HS1.3

Conjoint Analysis of the Surface and Atmospheric Water Balances of the Andes-Amazon System
Alejandro Builes-Jaramillo and Germán Poveda

EGU2017-15479 | Posters | HS1.3

Long-term (in)stability of the climate-streamflow relationship
Margarita Saft, Murray Peel, Gemma Coxon, Jim Freer, Juraj Parajka, and Ross Woods

EGU2017-18392 | Posters | HS1.3

Soil moisture behavior in an experimental basin in Northeast of brazil – the case of Guaraira river basin
Geraldo Moura Ramos Filho, Cristiano das Neves Almeida, and Emerson da Silva Freitas

EGU2017-17678 | Posters | HS1.3

Improving Flood Predictions in Data-Scarce Basins
Solomon Vimal, Stefano Zanardo, Farhat Rafique, and Arno Hilberts

HS1.4 – (Ir-)relevant scales in hydrology: Which scales matter for water resources management?

EGU2017-9578 | Orals | HS1.4 | Highlight

Soil - the critical switch of water pathways
Hans-Joerg Vogel, Ulrich Weller, and Ute Wollschläger

EGU2017-3655 | Posters | HS1.4

The sense and non-sense of plot-scale, catchment-scale, continental-scale and global-scale hydrological modelling
Axel Bronstert, Maik Heistermann, and Till Francke

EGU2017-15424 | Orals | HS1.4 | Highlight

From one plot to many and from hillslopes to streams: Improving our understanding of catchment hydrology with a multi-scale experimental approach
Theresa Blume, Markus Weiler, Lisa Angermann, Daniel Beiter, Sibylle Hassler, Nils Kaplan, Ernestine Lieder, and Matthias Sprenger

EGU2017-5027 | Posters | HS1.4

The Water Efficiency Paradox, a study of Central Asia
Joreen Merks and Wim Bastiaanssen

EGU2017-5215 | Posters | HS1.4

Assessment of snow-dominated water resources: (Ir-)relevant scales for observation and modelling
Bettina Schaefli, Natalie Ceperley, Anthony Michelon, Joshua Larsen, and Harsh Beria

EGU2017-3597 | Orals | HS1.4 | Highlight

Can distributed catchment models provide reliable predictions at the scales relevant for the Water Framework Directive and the Flood Directive?
Jens Christian Refsgaard

EGU2017-6504 | Orals | HS1.4 | Highlight

Some thoughts on building, evaluating and constraining hydrologic models from catchment to continental scales
Thorsten Wagener

EGU2017-10125 | Posters | HS1.4

Progressive refining of spatial and temporal resolutions in a hydrological model: how far should we go?
Alban de Lavenne, Andrea Ficchi, and Julien Goullet

EGU2017-10703 | Posters | HS1.4

Irrelevant water-management scales for flood prevention, water harvesting and eutrophication control.
Jafet Andersson and Berit Arheimer

EGU2017-9349 | Orals | HS1.4 | Highlight

Large scale hydrological studies for the benefit of water resources management – looking up or down?
Lena M. Tallaksen

EGU2017-12796 | Posters | HS1.4

Enhanced recharge rates and altered recharge sensitivity to climate variability through subsurface heterogeneity
Andreas Hartmann, Tom Gleeson, Yoshihide Wada, and Thorsten Wagener

EGU2017-12924 | Posters | HS1.4

First-order shallow aquifer characteristics across Europe: The International Hydrogeological Map of Europe at scale 1:1.5 Million (IHME1500)
Andreas Günther, Klaus Duscher, Stefan Broda, Patrick Clos, and Jörg Reichling

EGU2017-13836 | Posters | HS1.4

Searching for the right scale in catchment hydrology: the effect of soil spatial variability in simulated states and fluxes
Gabriele Baroni, Matthias Zink, Rohini Kumar, Luis Samaniego, and Sabine Attinger

EGU2017-13973 | Posters | HS1.4

Can complex subsurface water fluxes be represented at the catchment scale within a (relatively) simple modeling framework?
Lucile Verrot, Josie Geris, Lei Gao, Xinhua Peng, and Paul Hallett

EGU2017-18124 | Posters | HS1.4

Spatio-temporal drought characteristics of the tropical Paraiba do Sul River Basin and responses to the Mega Drought in 2014-2016
Alexandra Nauditt, Daniel Metzke, and Lars Ribbe

HS1.5 – Advances in Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Earth and Environmental Systems Models

EGU2017-5680 | Orals | HS1.5

An experiment to compare multiple methods for streamflow uncertainty estimation
Julie Kiang, Hilary McMillan, Chris Gazoorian, Robert Mason, Jerome Le Coz, Benjamin Renard, Valentin Mansanarez, Ida Westerberg, Asgeir Petersen-Øverleir, Trond Reitan, Anna Sikorska, Jan Seibert, Gemma Coxon, Jim Freer, Arnaud Belleville, and Alexandre Hauet

EGU2017-19439 | Orals | HS1.5

Improving characterization of streamflow by conceptual modeling of rating curve uncertainty
Steven Weijs and Luis Galindo

EGU2017-14886 | Posters | HS1.5

Sequential derivative-based screening of large nonlinear models
William Becker

EGU2017-9028 | Posters | HS1.5

Method-independent, Computationally Frugal Convergence Testing for Sensitivity Analysis Techniques
Juliane Mai and Bryan Tolson

EGU2017-5192 | Orals | HS1.5

Understanding signatures in hydrological calibration - A Bayesian perspective
Dmitri Kavetski, Fabrizio Fenicia, Peter Reichert, and Carlo Albert

EGU2017-12797 | Posters | HS1.5

Rainfall or parameter uncertainty? The power of sensitivity analysis on grouped factors
Jiri Nossent, Fernando Pereira, and Willy Bauwens

EGU2017-5636 | Orals | HS1.5

Pursuing the method of multiple working hypotheses to understand differences in process-based snow models
Martyn Clark and Richard Essery

EGU2017-10100 | Posters | HS1.5

How does the sensitivity signal change when using the rate of change of a hydrological variable instead of its magnitude?
Björn Guse, Matthias Pfannerstill, Abror Gafurov, Nicola Fohrer, and Hoshin Gupta

EGU2017-13104 | Orals | HS1.5

Connective strength between model parameters and performance criteria - A new concept towards precise parameter identification for sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
Björn Guse, Matthias Pfannerstill, Abror Gafurov, Jens Kiesel, Christian Lehr, and Nicola Fohrer

EGU2017-10289 | Posters | HS1.5

Are model crashes informative for our global sensitivity analysis?
Amin Haghnegahdar, Saman Razavi, and Razi Sheikholeslami

EGU2017-3878 | Orals | HS1.5

Parameter screening: the use of a dummy parameter to identify non-influential parameters in a global sensitivity analysis
Farkhondeh Khorashadi Zadeh, Jiri Nossent, Ann van Griensven, and Willy Bauwens

EGU2017-15302 | Posters | HS1.5

Understanding earth system models: how Global Sensitivity Analysis can help
Francesca Pianosi and Thorsten Wagener

EGU2017-9783 | Posters | HS1.5

Global Sensitivity Analysis of the WASIM hydrological model using VARS
Muhammad Rehan Anis, Amin Haghnegahdar, Saman Razavi, and Howard Wheater

EGU2017-1593 | Posters | HS1.5

Modelling stream-aquifer interactions in large scale hydrological model.
Natalia García Bravo, Javier Álvarez Rodríguez, Ángela Potenciano de las Heras, and Carolina Guardiola Albert

EGU2017-8157 | Posters | HS1.5

Variability in sensitivity of catchment model parameters in Austria
Patrik Sleziak, Juraj Parajka, Kamila Hlavčová, and Ján Szolgay

EGU2017-6670 | Posters | HS1.5

Global Sensitivity analysis of atmospheric chemistry models using emulator-based and emulator-free methods
Edmund Ryan, Oliver Wild, Fiona O'Connor, Apostolos Voulgarakis, and Lindsay Lee

EGU2017-12860 | Posters | HS1.5

Decomposing river model output uncertainty in its contributing sources: a Belgian case study
Pieter Meert, Jiri Nossent, Fernando Pereira, and Patrick Willems

EGU2017-16184 | Posters | HS1.5

Uncertainties in modelling the climate impact of irrigation
Philipp de Vrese and Stefan Hagemann

EGU2017-13157 | Posters | HS1.5

Addressing model structural uncertainty in PUBs via Bayesian approach
Cristina Prieto, Nataliya Le-Vine, Claudia Vitolo, and Raúl Medina

EGU2017-6549 | Posters | HS1.5

Bayesian model selection: Evidence estimation based on DREAM simulation and bridge sampling
Elena Volpi, Gerrit Schoups, Giovanni Firmani, and Jasper A. Vrugt

EGU2017-13390 | Posters | HS1.5

Bayesian model evidence as a model evaluation metric
Anneli Guthke, Marvin Höge, and Wolfgang Nowak

EGU2017-14782 | Posters | HS1.5

Performance of two predictive uncertainty estimation approaches for conceptual Rainfall-Runoff Model: Bayesian Joint Inference and Hydrologic Uncertainty Post-processing
Mario R. Hernández-López, Jonathan Romero-Cuéllar, Juan Camilo Múnera-Estrada, Gabriele Coccia, and Félix Francés

EGU2017-8815 | Posters | HS1.5

Appraisal of jump distributions in ensemble-based sampling algorithms
Sanda Dejanic, Andreas Scheidegger, Jörg Rieckermann, and Carlo Albert

EGU2017-676 | Posters | HS1.5

New Multi-objective Uncertainty-based Algorithm for Water Resource Models’ Calibration
Kasra Keshavarz and Hossein Alizadeh

EGU2017-4372 | Posters | HS1.5

Evaluation of a hydrological model based on Bidirectional Reach (BReach)
Katrien Van Eerdenbrugh, Stijn Van Hoey, and Niko E.C. Verhoest

EGU2017-2424 | Posters | HS1.5

Subjective modelling decisions significantly impact the simulation of hydrological extremes
Lieke Melsen, Adriaan Teuling, Paul Torfs, Massimiliano Zappa, Naoki Mizukami, Pablo Mendoza, Martyn Clark, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2017-5488 | Posters | HS1.5

Review of some time of concentration equations for southern Brazil
Daniel Allasia, Pedro Ferreira, Gabriel Froemming, Jéssica Ribeiro, and Rutineia Tassi

HS1.6 – Data Assimilation for Integrated Hydrological Models and Earth System Models

EGU2017-2955 | Orals | HS1.6 | Highlight

Integrated Land Data Assimilation System for Numerical Weather Prediction at the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
Patricia de Rosnay, Elias Hólm, Massimo Bonavita, and Steve English

EGU2017-2758 | Posters | HS1.6

An application of the ensemble Kalman filter for the simultaneous identification of a contaminant source and aquifer hydraulic conductivities by assimilating piezometric heads and concentrations
Teng Xu, J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández, and Zi Chen

EGU2017-3039 | Orals | HS1.6

Towards a satellite driven land surface model using SURFEX modelling platform Offline Data Assimilation: an assessment of the method over Europe and the Mediterranean basin
Clément Albergel, Simon Munier, Delphine Leroux, David Fairbairn, Wouter Dorigo, Bertrand Decharme, and Jean-Christophe Calvet

EGU2017-7654 | Posters | HS1.6

A New Method to Improve Performance of Resampling Process in Particles Filter by Genetic Algorithm and Gamma Test Algorithm
Zhenwu Wang, Rolf Hut, and Nick van de Giesen

EGU2017-17773 | Orals | HS1.6

Evaluation of a cosmic-ray neutron sensor network for improved land surface model prediction
Roland Baatz, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Xujun Han, Tim Hoar, Heye Bogena, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2017-6278 | Posters | HS1.6

Joint identification of contaminant source and barrier information in a sandbox experiment via ensemble kalman filter
Zi Chen, Andrea Zanini, J.Jaime Gómez-Hernández, Teng Xu, and Fausto Cupola

EGU2017-6726 | Orals | HS1.6

On the importance of measurement error correlations in data assimilation for integrated hydrological models
Matteo Camporese and Anna Botto

EGU2017-8380 | Posters | HS1.6

Assimilation of various types of SMOS observations into the GEOS-5 Catchment Land Surface Model, and the effect on turbulent fluxes and runoff
Gabriëlle De Lannoy and Rolf Reichle

EGU2017-7777 | Orals | HS1.6

Snow multivariable data assimilation for hydrological predictions in Alpine sites
Gaia Piazzi, Guillaume Thirel, Lorenzo Campo, Simone Gabellani, and Hervè Stevenin

EGU2017-9162 | Posters | HS1.6

Improvement of the runoff in the hydrological model ParFlow by a scale-consistent river parameterization
Vincent Häfliger, Stefan Kollet, Bernd Schlage, and Clemens Simmer

EGU2017-11352 | Posters | HS1.6

Joint assimilation of SMOS brightness temperature and GRACE terrestrial water storage observations for improved soil moisture estimation
Manuela Girotto, Rolf Reichle, Gabriëlle De Lannoy, Matt Rodell, and Jana Kolassa

EGU2017-13082 | Orals | HS1.6

Improved Assimilation of Streamflow and Satellite Soil Moisture with the Evolutionary Particle Filter and Geostatistical Modeling
Hongxiang Yan, Hamid Moradkhani, and Peyman Abbaszadeh

EGU2017-12195 | Posters | HS1.6

Handling the unknown soil hydraulic parameters in data assimilation for unsaturated flow problems
Natascha Lange, Daniel Erdal, and Insa Neuweiler

EGU2017-17423 | Posters | HS1.6

Insights in time dependent cross compartment sensitivities from ensemble simulations with the fully coupled subsurface-land surface-atmosphere model TerrSysMP
Bernd Schalge, Jehan Rihani, Barbara Haese, Gabriele Baroni, Daniel Erdal, Vincent Haefliger, Natascha Lange, Insa Neuweiler, Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen, Gernot Geppert, Felix Ament, Stefan Kollet, Olaf Cirpka, Pablo Saavedra, Xujun Han, Sabine Attinger, Harald Kunstmann, Harry Vereecken, and Clemens Simmer

EGU2017-18880 | Posters | HS1.6

Simplified subsurface modelling: data assimilation and violated model assumptions
Daniel Erdal, Natascha Lange, and Insa Neuweiler

EGU2017-19001 | Posters | HS1.6

Catchment tomography - An approach for spatial parameter estimation
Dorina Baatz, Wolfgang Kurtz, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Harry Vereecken, and Stefan Kollet

EGU2017-19095 | Posters | HS1.6

satellite synthetic observations heterogenety variability as studied from virtual catchment
Pablo Saavedra and Clemens Simmer

EGU2017-18164 | Posters | HS1.6

Multivariate assimilation of coarse scale soil moisture, cosmic-ray soil moisture, land surface temperature and leaf area index in CLM4.5
Xujun Han, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Bernd Schalge, Gabriele Baroni, Jehan Rihani, Stefan Kollet, Harry Vereecken, and Clemens Simmer

EGU2017-18938 | Posters | HS1.6

Statistical simulation of ensembles of precipitation fields for data assimilation applications
Barbara Haese, Sebastian Hörning, Christian Chwala, András Bárdossy, Bernd Schalge, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2017-8724 | Posters | HS1.6

Towards improved hydrologic predictions using data assimilation techniques for water resource management at the continental scale
Bibi Naz, Wolfgang Kurtz, Stefan Kollet, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Wendy Sharples, Klaus Görgen, Jessica Keune, and Ketan Kulkarni

EGU2017-15197 | Posters | HS1.6

Assimilation of neural network soil moisture in land surface models
Nemesio Rodriguez-Fernandez, Patricia de Rosnay, Clement Albergel, Filipe Aires, Catherine Prigent, Yann Kerr, Philippe Richaume, Joaquin Muñoz-Sabater, and Matthias Drusch

HS1.9 – Hydrological risk under a gender and age perspective (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2017-19437 | PICOs | HS1.9 | Highlight

WMO's activities in gender mainstreaming in geosciences, with a special focus on integrated flood management
Elena Manaenkova, Claudio Caponi, Assia Alexieva, Maud Poissonnier, and Ramesh Tripathi

EGU2017-19580 | PICOs | HS1.9 | Highlight

Assessing gendered roles in water decision-making in semi-arid regions through sex-disaggregated water data with UNESCO-WWAP gender toolkit
Michela Miletto, Francesca Greco, and Elena Belfiore

EGU2017-19575 | PICOs | HS1.9

Engendering climate change-induced migration
Martina Angela Caretta and Michela Miletto

EGU2017-15985 | PICOs | HS1.9

Managing the water crisis: A youth perspective
Faith Simataa

EGU2017-10505 | PICOs | HS1.9

Gender, Age, Social differences and Climate Change
Alessandra Petrucci and Silvana Salvini

EGU2017-6720 | PICOs | HS1.9

Gender disparities in flood risk perception and preparedness: a Serbian case study
Vladimir M. Cvetković, Giulia Roder, Paolo Tarolli, Adem Öcal, Kevin Ronan, and Slavoljub Dragićević

EGU2017-19436 | PICOs | HS1.9

Vulnerability and Sensitivity of Women and the Aged to Hydrological Extremes in Rural Communities of South Eastern Nigeria
Constantine Mbajiorgu, Gloria I. Ezenne, and Emeka L. Ndulue

EGU2017-11505 | PICOs | HS1.9

Disaster Vulnerability in South Korea under a Gender Perspective
Gunhui Chung

EGU2017-18796 | PICOs | HS1.9

Hydrogeological challenges through gender approaches
Maria Rosaria Di Lorenzo, Davide Saltari, and Tullia Valeria Di Giacomo

EGU2017-8202 | PICOs | HS1.9 | Highlight

People-flood interaction: victims throughout four Mediterranean countries (France, Italy, Spain, and Greece) in 34 years
Olga Petrucci, Luigi Aceto, Laurent Boissier, Vassiliki Kotroni, Maria Carmen Llasat, Montserrat Llasat-Botija, Joan Rosselló, Katerina Papagiannaki, A. Aurora Pasqua, and Freddy Vinet

EGU2017-14337 | PICOs | HS1.9

Pedestrians’ vulnerability in floodwaters: sensitivity to gender and age
Chiara Arrighi and Fabio Castelli

EGU2017-2230 | PICOs | HS1.9

Causes and circumstances of damage to people in Calabria (Italy) due to hydrogeological events in the period 1980-2014
Luigi Aceto, A.Aurora Pasqua, and Olga Petrucci

EGU2017-6758 | PICOs | HS1.9

Comparing flood mortality in Portugal and Greece under a gender and age perspective
Susana Pereira, Michalis Diakakis, Georgios Deligiannakis, and José Luís Zêzere

EGU2017-18352 | PICOs | HS1.9

Interaction between Floods Occurrence and Gender and Age Structure of Population in Belarus
Irina Partasenok and Alena Kvach

EGU2017-17952 | PICOs | HS1.9

The influence of gender and age on choice of flood adaptation strategies: A case study of Zambia and Namibia..
monde mabuku

EGU2017-17523 | PICOs | HS1.9

Hurricane Impacts on Small Island Communities: Case study of Hurricane Matthew on Great Exuma, The Bahamas
Kathleen Sullivan Sealey and John Bowleg

HS1.10 – How my water research made the news | PICO

EGU2017-3478 | PICOs | HS1.10

The tightrope between drawing media attention and exaggeration
Hubert H.G. Savenije

EGU2017-5513 | PICOs | HS1.10

Why and how I communicate on social and traditional media, and some mistakes along the way
Tom Gleeson

EGU2017-15304 | PICOs | HS1.10

CAWR: Two institutions join forces in a cluster by addressing the grand challenges of water research
Greta Jaeckel and Mareike Braeckevelt

EGU2017-13100 | PICOs | HS1.10

Research between conflicts of interest in a small German municipality
Karin Meinikmann and Jörg Lewandowski

EGU2017-13452 | PICOs | HS1.10

Neobiota: non-indigenous species in aquatic systems -- combining scientific interest and public awareness
Christin Mueller, Ralph Schill, Gisela Fritz, Ralph-Walter Müller, Jennifer Tersteegen, Katja Winkler, and Franz Brümmer

EGU2017-11592 | PICOs | HS1.10

Engaging the public in hydrological observations – first experiences from the CrowdWater project
Jan Seibert, Barbara Strobl, Simon Etter, Marc Vis, Tracy Ewen, and H.J. (Ilja) van Meerveld

EGU2017-15056 | PICOs | HS1.10

When a drought event unfolds the question comes “Is this climate change?”
Kerstin Stahl

EGU2017-9807 | PICOs | HS1.10

Hydrological extremes in the media: The 2015 drought event in Germany
Matthias Zink, Luis Samaniego, Rohini Kumar, Stephan Thober, Juliane Mai, David Schäfer, and Andreas Marx

EGU2017-13924 | PICOs | HS1.10

An early career researcher’s perspective on presenting flood risk research to the media
Louise Slater

EGU2017-14706 | PICOs | HS1.10 | Highlight

Controlled fires, politics, and the media
Cathelijne Stoof, Nicholas Kettridge, Alan Gray, Davide Ascoli, Paulo Fernandes, Rob Marrs, Katherine Allen, Stephan Doerr, Gareth Clay, Julia McMorrow, Vidgis Vandvik, and Matt Davies

EGU2017-9923 | PICOs | HS1.10

Revenge of the nerds. How Dungeons & Dragons prepared me for the current age of narrative driven media.
Rolf Hut

HS1.11 – Learning from hypotheses and failures in hydrology | PICO

EGU2017-3394 | PICOs | HS1.11

Hypothesis testing in hydrology: Theory and practice
James Kirchner and Laurent Pfister

EGU2017-15186 | PICOs | HS1.11

On informal hypothesis testing in hydrology: the example of the “two water worlds” hypothesis
Josie Geris, Chris Soulsby, and Doerthe Tetzlaff

EGU2017-3112 | PICOs | HS1.11

Hypothesis Testing as an Act of Rationality
Grey Nearing

EGU2017-18925 | PICOs | HS1.11

Attribution of hydrological change using the Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses
Shaun Harrigan

EGU2017-8268 | PICOs | HS1.11

On the use of three hydrological models as hypotheses to investigate the behaviour of a small Mediterranean catchment
Guiomar Ruiz Pérez, Jérôme Latron, Pilar Llorens, Francesc Gallart, and Félix Francés

EGU2017-4389 | PICOs | HS1.11

Testing the plausibility of several a priori assumed error distributions for discharge measurements
Katrien Van Eerdenbrugh and Niko E.C. Verhoest

EGU2017-9133 | PICOs | HS1.11

Which runoff measurements are most informative for constraining hydrological models for almost ungauged catchments?
Sandra Pool, Daniel Viviroli, and Jan Seibert

EGU2017-16694 | PICOs | HS1.11

Using the rainfall-runoff relationship for hypothesis testing
Margarita Saft and Murray Peel

EGU2017-18974 | PICOs | HS1.11

The perceptual trap: Experimental and modelling examples of soil moisture, hydraulic conductivity and response units in complex subsurface settings.
Conrad Jackisch, Dominic Demand, Niklas Allroggen, Ralf Loritz, and Erwin Zehe

EGU2017-7405 | PICOs | HS1.11

Reliable groundwater levels: failures and lessons learned from modeling and monitoring studies
Henny A.J. Van Lanen

EGU2017-13856 | PICOs | HS1.11

Importance of rodents for hydrology: lessons learnt from various field experiments
Loes van Schaik, Anne Zangerlé, Anne-Kathrin Schneider, Boris Schröder, and Jana Eccard

EGU2017-13874 | PICOs | HS1.11

Lessons learned for applying a paired-catchment approach in drought analysis
Anne Van Loon, Sally Rangecroft, Gemma Coxon, José Agustín Breña Naranjo, Floris Van Ogtrop, Danny Croghan, and Henny Van Lanen

EGU2017-15098 | PICOs | HS1.11

Influence of temporal rainfall distribution on surface runoff modelling
Mitja Brilly, Mojca Šraj, and Andrej Vidmar

EGU2017-9644 | PICOs | HS1.11

How you cannot find rain with changes in land surface temperature
Niko Wanders

HS1.12 – Applying global-scale models and data in local water resources studies

EGU2017-9328 | Orals | HS1.12

The benefit of using additional hydrological information from earth observations and reanalysis data on water allocation decisions in irrigation districts
Alexander Kaune, Patricia López, Micha Werner, and Charlotte de Fraiture

EGU2017-19232 | Posters | HS1.12

Improvements to a global-scale groundwater model to estimate the water table across New Zealand
Rogier Westerhoff, Gonzalo Miguez-Macho, and Paul White

EGU2017-12230 | Orals | HS1.12

Application of global datasets for hydrological modelling of a remote, snowmelt driven catchment in the Canadian Sub-Arctic
David Casson, Micha Werner, Albrecht Weerts, Jaap Schellekens, and Dimitri Solomatine

EGU2017-19027 | Posters | HS1.12

Downscaling global precipitation for local applications – a case for the Rhine basin
Frederiek Sperna Weiland, Willem van Verseveld, and Jaap Schellekens

EGU2017-16629 | Orals | HS1.12 | Highlight

Understanding moisture recycling for atmospheric river management in Amazonian communities
Wei Weng, Matthias Luedeke, Delphine-Clara Zemp, Tobia Lakes, Prajal Pradhan, and Juergen Kropp

EGU2017-14343 | Posters | HS1.12

Setting up a hydrological model based on global data for the Ayeyarwady basin in Myanmar
Corine ten Velden, Kees Sloff, and Tjitte Nauta

EGU2017-5093 | Posters | HS1.12

Assessing water resources in Azerbaijan using a local distributed model forced and constrained with global data
Laurène Bouaziz, Mark Hegnauer, Jaap Schellekens, Frederiek Sperna Weiland, and Corine ten Velden

EGU2017-7236 | Orals | HS1.12

Lake Peipsi's eutrophication issue: new insights into large scale water quality modeling
Gabriel Fink and Martina Flörke

EGU2017-18886 | Orals | HS1.12

A seamless global hydrological monitoring and forecasting system for water resources assessment and hydrological hazard early warning
Justin Sheffield, Xiaogang He, Eric Wood, Ming Pan, Niko Wanders, Wang Zhan, and Liqing Peng

EGU2017-5333 | Posters | HS1.12

Evaluation of dry-down processes of global models (hydrological and LSMs) using flux tower evapotranspiration data
Alberto Martinez-de la Torre and Eleanor Blyth

EGU2017-6910 | Posters | HS1.12

Evaluation of evapotranspiration processes in global models (hydrological and LSMs) using flux tower data at different time scales during dry-down
Emma Robinson, Alberto Martinez-de la Torre, and Eleanor Blyth

EGU2017-11283 | Orals | HS1.12

Comparison and evaluation of satellite- and reanalysis-based precipitation products for water resources management in the Brahmaputra River basin
Abu Saleh Khan, Md. Sohel Masud, Md. Abdulla Hel Kafi, Tashrifa Sultana, and Patricia Lopez Lopez

EGU2017-8406 | Posters | HS1.12

On the application of the Global Land Evaporation Amsterdam Model (GLEAM) at hyper-resolution
Brecht Martens, Diego Miralles, Robin van der Schalie, Hanneke Schuurmans, Fons Nelen, Niko Verhoest, and Richard de Jeu

EGU2017-10477 | Posters | HS1.12

Combined use of local and global hydrometeorological data with regional and global hydrological models in the Magdalena - Cauca river basin, Colombia
Erasmo Rodriguez, Ines Sanchez, Nicolas Duque, Patricia Lopez, Alexander Kaune, Micha Werner, and Pedro Arboleda

EGU2017-11091 | Posters | HS1.12

Sensitivity of quantitative groundwater recharge estimates to volumetric and distribution uncertainty in rainfall forcing products
Micha Werner, Rogier Westerhoff, and Catherine Moore

EGU2017-11234 | Posters | HS1.12

Evaluation of river discharges from ensemble global water resources reanalysis in the Upper Blue Nile basin
Haileyesus Belay, Semu Moges, Efthymios Nikolopoulos, and Emmanouil Anagnostou

EGU2017-13087 | Posters | HS1.12

Modifications in the land surface model ORCHIDEE and application in the Tarim basin
Xudong Zhou, Jan Polcher, Tao Yang, Trung Nguyen Quang, and Yukiko Hirabayashi

EGU2017-15168 | Posters | HS1.12

Study of drought processes in Spain by means of offline Land-Surface Model simulations. Evaluation of model sensitivity to the meteorological forcing dataset.
Pere Quintana-Seguí, Gonzalo Míguez-Macho, and Anaïs Barella-Ortiz

EGU2017-15398 | Posters | HS1.12

Anticipation of drought impacts in the Ebro basin using remote sensing data
Clara Lines, Micha Werner, and Wim Bastiaanssen

EGU2017-16151 | Posters | HS1.12

WaterWorld, a spatial hydrological model applied at scales from local to global: key challenges to local application
Sophia Burke and Mark Mulligan

EGU2017-9759 | Posters | HS1.12

Blending Pan-European and local hydrological models for water resource assessment in Mediterranean areas: lessons learnt from a mountainous catchment
María José Polo, María José Pérez-Palazón, Marta Saénz de Rodrigáñez, Rafael Pimentel, and Berit Arheimer

EGU2017-12576 | Posters | HS1.12

Synchronising data sources and filling gaps by global hydrological modelling
Rafael Pimentel, Louise Crochemore, Abdulghani Hasan, Luis Pineda, Kristina Isberg, and Berit Arheimer

HS1.13 – Towards integrated process understanding using hydrological observatories

EGU2017-8271 | Orals | HS1.13 | Highlight

The need for a European data platform for hydrological observatories
Günter blöschl, Heye Bogena, Karsten Jensen, Steffen Zacharias, Harald Kunstmann, Ingo Heinrich, Ralf Kunkel, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2017-3986 | Posters | HS1.13

Eco-hydrological Wireless Sensor Network and upscaling method research in the Heihe River Basin, China
Rui Jin and Jian kang

EGU2017-2656 | Orals | HS1.13

Remote sensing hydrology experiment in cold regions of the Heihe watershed allied telemetry experimental research (HiWATER)
Tao Che, Hongyi Li, Rui Jin, Xin Li, Shaomin Liu, Mingguo Ma, Weizhen Wang, Chunlin Huang, and Jiang Kang

EGU2017-4187 | Posters | HS1.13

Seasonal variations of Manning's coefficient depending on vegetation conditions in Tärnsjö, Sweden
Rūta Plakane, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, and Kenechukwu Okoli

EGU2017-5410 | Orals | HS1.13

OZCAR: the French network of Critical Zone Observatories: principles and scientific objectives
Isabelle Braud, Jérôme Gaillardet, Fatim Hankard, Tanguy Le Borgne, Guillaume Nord, Delphine Six, Catherine Galy, Fatima Laggoun-Défarge, Tiphaine Tallec, and Hélène Pauwels

EGU2017-4780 | Posters | HS1.13

Simulating shifting vertical and lateral flow path conditions in periglacial cover beds of a small-scale low mountainous catchment
Konrad Bestian, Philipp Kraft, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2017-7561 | Orals | HS1.13

TEODOOR, a blueprint for distributed terrestrial observation data infrastructures
Ralf Kunkel, Jürgen Sorg, Martin Abbrent, Erik Borg, Rainer Gasche, Olaf Kolditz, Frank Neidl, Eckart Priesack, and Vivien Stender

EGU2017-6022 | Posters | HS1.13

Composition of Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope in Precipitation and Analysis of Moisture Sources in Hemuqiao Basin
Simin Qu, Yifan Wang, Peng Shi, and Shuai Shan

EGU2017-6647 | Posters | HS1.13

Long-term hydraulic behavior of heterogeneous aquifers under transient conditions
Luca Guillaumot, Laurent Longuevergne, and Olivier Bour

EGU2017-11845 | Orals | HS1.13 | Highlight

Recent developments in the Trans-African Hydrological Observatory (TAHMO)
Nicolaas van de Giesen, John Selker, and Frank Annor

EGU2017-9091 | Posters | HS1.13

Karstmod - a rainfall discharge modelling tool for education and research
Naomi Mazzilli, Hervé Jourde, Nicolas Lecoq, and Dominique Bertin

EGU2017-13730 | Orals | HS1.13

Quantifying shallow and deep groundwater inputs to rivers with groundwater dating in hydrological observatories.
Luc Aquilina, Jean Marçais, Alexandre Gauvain, Tamara Kolbe, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Thierry Labasque, Benjamin W. Abbott, Virginie Vergnaud, Eliot Chatton, Zahra Thomas, Laurent Ruiz, Olivier Bour, and Gilles Pinay

EGU2017-11824 | Posters | HS1.13

The Mass Balance of Glacier No. 1 at the Headwaters of the Urumqi River in Relation to Northern Hemisphere Teleconnection Patterns
Feifei Yuan and Zhenchun Hao

EGU2017-17051 | Posters | HS1.13

Impact of atmospheric pollution inputs and climate change on dissolved inorganic carbon fluxes in karst aquifers: evidences from a 36 years past monitoring of karstic watersheds.
Stephane Binet, Jean-Luc Probst, Christelle Batiot-Guilhe, Jean-Luc Seidel, Christophe Emblanch, Nicolas Peyraube, Alain Mangin, Michel Bakalowicz, and Anne Probst

EGU2017-18026 | Posters | HS1.13

Hydrological response of karst systems to large-scale climate variability for different catchments of the French karst observatory network INSU/CNRS SNO KARST
Nicolas Massei, David Labat, Hervé Jourde, Nicolas Lecoq, and Naomi Mazzilli

EGU2017-1390 | Posters | HS1.13

Establishing a Critical Zone Observatory site in Turkey
Gokben Demir, Zuhal Akyurek, Andrew Binley, Ismail Yucel, Elcin Kentel, Nuri Merzi, Tugrul Yilmaz, and Melih Yanmaz

EGU2017-6930 | Posters | HS1.13

Spatiotemporal Changes in Hydrological Response after Partial Deforestation
Inge Wiekenkamp, Julian Koch, Johan Alexander Huisman, Heye Reemt Bogena, and Harry Vereecken

EGU2017-7969 | Posters | HS1.13

Long-term monitoring of temperature in the subsoil using Fiber Optic Distributed Sensing
Kusnahadi Susanto, Jean-Philippe Malet, Julien Gance, and Vincent Marc

EGU2017-8883 | Posters | HS1.13

New progresses in the high frequency acquisition of stream chemical data in hydrological observatories: the Orgeval River lab
Paul Floury, Jerome Gaillardet, Gaelle Tallec, Patrick Ansard, Arnaud Blanchoin, Eric Gayer, Julien Bouchez, and Caroline Gorge

EGU2017-11874 | Posters | HS1.13

From field to cloud: a collaborative software tool to manage hydrological observatories
Philipp Kraft, Chris P. Weber, David Windhorst, and Lutz Breuer

EGU2017-14682 | Posters | HS1.13

Interests of long-term hydrogeological observatories for characterizing and modelling heterogeneous groundwater systems at multiple temporal and spatial scales: the example of Ploemeur, a crystalline rock aquifer (Brittany).
Olivier Bour, Laurent Longuervergne, Tanguy Le Borgne, Nicolas Lavenant, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Jonathan Schuite, Thierry Labasque, Luc Aquilina, and Philippe Davy

EGU2017-15113 | Posters | HS1.13

Long term (2006-2016) seasonal and inter-annual variability of soil electrical resistivity in a Laotian catchment of the OZCAR network. Impact of land use change, soil type and rainfall
Henri Robain, Olivier Ribolzi, Anneke De Rouw, Norbert Silvera, Phabvilay Souniaphong, Bousamai Soulileuth, Keooudone Latchasak, Oloth Sengtaheuanghoung, Christian Valentin, and Jerome Gaillardet

EGU2017-16118 | Posters | HS1.13

Soil moisture controlled runoff mechanisms in a small agricultural catchment in Austria.
Mariette Vreugdenhil, Borbala Szeles, Rasmiaditya Silasari, Patrick Hogan, Markus Oismueller, Peter Strauss, Wolfgang Wagner, and Guenter Bloeschl

HS1.15 – Recent advancement in estimating global, continental and regional scale water balance components | PICO

EGU2017-17416 | PICOs | HS1.15

European industrial water use: a new dataset with high spatial and sectorial detail
Jeroen Bernhard, Arnaud Reynaud, Ad de Roo, and Derek Karssenberg

EGU2017-14974 | PICOs | HS1.15 | Highlight

Balancing food security and water demand for freshwater ecosystems
Amandine Pastor, Amanda Palazzo, Petr Havlik, Michael Obersteiner, Hester Biemans, Yoshihide Wada, Pavel Kabat, and Fulco Ludwig

EGU2017-8745 | PICOs | HS1.15

A probabilistic approach for estimating monthly catchment water balances from satellite and ground data
Gerrit Schoups

EGU2017-15100 | PICOs | HS1.15

Averaging over spatial heterogeneity leads to overestimation of ET in large scale Earth system models
Elham Rouholahnejad Freund, Ying Fan, and James W. Kirchner

EGU2017-16176 | PICOs | HS1.15

Hydrological responses to landscape changes in Arctic river basins
Johanna Mård, Fernando Jaramillo, and Georgia Destouni

EGU2017-12489 | PICOs | HS1.15

Towards understanding of the spatio-temporal composition of Terrestrial Water Storage variations in Northern Latitudes using a model-data fusion approach
Tina Trautmann, Sujan Koirala, Nuno Carvalhais, Christoph Niemann, Manfred Fink, and Martin Jung

EGU2017-13200 | PICOs | HS1.15

Variability of groundwater storage in India: Spatial and temporal aspects
Soumendra Bhanja, Matthew Rodell, Bailing Li, Dipankar Saha, and Abhijit Mukherjee

EGU2017-13219 | PICOs | HS1.15

Improving estimates of riverine fresh water into the Mediterranean sea
Fuxing Wang and Jan Polcher

EGU2017-5145 | PICOs | HS1.15

Quantifying catchment water balances and their uncertainties by expert elicitation
Eva Sebok, Jens Christian Refsgaard, Jord J. Warmink, Simon Stisen, and Karsten Høgh Jensen

EGU2017-2400 | PICOs | HS1.15

Assessing the terrestrial water balance in South America using multi-satellite remote sensing data
Adriana Aparecida Moreira, Anderson Ruhoff, Rodrigo Cauduro Dias de Paiva, and Dairan Severo Correa

EGU2017-10583 | PICOs | HS1.15

Global, continental and regional water balance estimates from HYPE catchment modelling
Berit Arheimer, Jafet Andersson, Louise Crochemore, Chantal Donnelly, David Gustafsson, Abdoulghani Hasan, Kristina Isberg, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Rafael Pimentel, and Luis Pineda

HS2.1.1 – Hydrological extremes: from droughts to floods

EGU2017-891 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Hydrological Retrospective of floods and droughts: Case study in the Amazon
Sly Wongchuig Correa, Rodrigo Cauduro Dias de Paiva, Jhan Carlo Espinoza Villar, and Walter Collischonn

EGU2017-16472 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

Floods and droughts: friends or foes?
Christel Prudhomme

EGU2017-6836 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Hydrological Predictability for the Peruvian Amazon
Jamie Towner, Elizabeth Stephens, Hannah Cloke, Juan Bazo, Erin Coughlan, and Ervin Zsoter

EGU2017-985 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

Mid-latitude flood and water scarcity patterns driven by variability of tropical-temperate moisture fluxes
Homero Paltan, Duane Waliser, Simon Dadson, Bin Guan, and Wee Ho Lim

EGU2017-3202 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Process-informed extreme value statistics- Why and how?
Andreas Schumann and Svenja Fischer

EGU2017-12142 | Posters | HS2.1.1

The effects of extreme hydrological events on the transport and reactivity of dissolved organic matter in a Mediterranean river
Elisabet Ejarque, Anna Freixa, Alba Guarch, Stefano Amalfitano, Stefano Fazi, Anna Romaní, and Andrea Butturini

EGU2017-16758 | Orals | HS2.1.1

The role of hydrological extremes in ecohydrological model optimization
Sonja C. Jähnig, Jens Kiesel, Björn Guse, Matthias Pfannerstill, Karan Kakouei, and Nicola Fohrer

EGU2017-17384 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Drought, flood and rainfall analysis under climate change in Crete, Greece
Evdokia Tapoglou, Anthi-Eirini Vozinaki, Ioannis Tsanis, Sofia Nerantzaki, and Nikolaos Nikolaidis

EGU2017-18334 | Orals | HS2.1.1 | Highlight

Modeling Hydrological Extremes in the Anthropocene
Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Fabian Martinez, Zahra Kalantari, and Alberto Viglione

EGU2017-1181 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Human impact parameterization in global hydrological models improves estimates of monthly discharges and hydrological extremes: a multi-model validation study
Ted Veldkamp, Philip Ward, Hans de Moel, Jeroen Aerts, Hannes Muller Schmied, Felix Portmann, Fang Zhao, Dieter Gerten, Yoshimitsu Masaki, Yadu Pokhrel, Yusuke Satoh, Simon Gosling, Jamal Zaherpour, and Yoshihide Wada

EGU2017-1066 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Causes and сonsequences of the hydrological droughts in the south region of European Russia
Maria Kireeva, Vladislav Ilich, Maksim Kharlamov, Natalia Frolova, and Aleksandr Goncharov

EGU2017-2051 | Posters | HS2.1.1

What caused the decline of China’s largest freshwater lake? Attribution analysis on Poyang Lake water level variations in recent years
Xuchun Ye, Chong-Yu Xu, and Qi Zhang

EGU2017-2163 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Assessment of the hydrological status of Marshlands in the South of Iraq using a combination of remote sensing and drought indices
Ahmed AlArazah, Anne Verhoef, and Kevin White

EGU2017-6506 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Depiction of global drought by reanalysis and real-time satellite precipitation products
Eric Wood and Wang Zhan

EGU2017-2349 | Posters | HS2.1.1

A first look at global flash drought: long term change and short term predictability
Xing Yuan, Linying Wang, and Peng Ji

EGU2017-7750 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Space-time patterns of meteorological drought events in the European Greater Alpine Region.
Klaus Haslinger and Günter Blöschl

EGU2017-2360 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Attribution of the rapid increase in flash droughts over China
Linying Wang and Xing Yuan

EGU2017-2274 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Predictability of Extreme Drought/Flood over China in 2015/16 Monster El Niño
Shanshan Wang, Xing Yuan, and Yaohui Li

EGU2017-2548 | Posters | HS2.1.1

An extended multivariate framework for drought monitoring in Mexico
Roberto Real-Rangel, Adrián Pedrozo-Acuña, Agustín Breña-Naranjo, and Víctor Alcocer-Yamanaka

EGU2017-10751 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Increasing Hydrologic Drought Severity in Northwestern U.S. Mountain Rivers: Causal Influences and Implications for Drought Projection
Charles Luce, Patrick Kormos, Seth Wenger, and Wouter Berghuijs

EGU2017-5625 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Statistical attribution of mid-term droughts in central Europe
Jiří Mikšovský, Miroslav Trnka, and Rudolf Brázdil

EGU2017-8585 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Future streamflow droughts in glacierized catchments: the impact of dynamic glacier modelling and changing thresholds
Marit Van Tiel, Anne Van Loon, Niko Wanders, Marc Vis, Ryan Teuling, and Kerstin Stahl

EGU2017-6322 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Analysis of characteristics of multiple time scale drought based on SPEI in the east of northwest China
Zhilan Wang, Yaohui Li, and Suping Wang

EGU2017-9261 | Orals | HS2.1.1

An evaluation of Dynamic TOPMODEL in natural and human-impacted catchments for low flow simulation
Gemma Coxon, Jim Freer, Rosanna Lane, Jude Musuuza, Ross Woods, Thorsten Wagener, and Nicholas Howden

EGU2017-6491 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Land-atmosphere interaction and disaster-causing process of drought in northern China: observation and experiment (DroughtPEX_China)
Yaohui Li

EGU2017-7751 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Changes of seasonal snowpack and their impacts on summer low flows
Michal Jenicek, Jan Seibert, and Maria Staudinger

EGU2017-9835 | Orals | HS2.1.1

The role of interactions along the flood process chain and implications for risk assessment
Sergiy Vorogushyn, Heiko Apel, Dung Viet Nguyen, Björn Guse, Heidi Kreibich, Stefan Lüdtke, Kai Schröter, and Bruno Merz

EGU2017-9208 | Posters | HS2.1.1

A new eco-hydrological distributed model for the predictions of the climate change impact on water resources of Mediterranean water-limited basins: the Mulargia basin case study in Sardinia.
Alessio Sarigu and Nicola Montaldo

EGU2017-2925 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Generation of synthetic flood hydrographs by hydrological donors (SHYDONHY method)
Emmanuel Paquet

EGU2017-9586 | Posters | HS2.1.1

On the influence of multi-decadal North Atlantic climate variations on drought occurrence in the European Greater Alpine Region
Klaus Haslinger, Wolfgang Schöner, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2017-13111 | Orals | HS2.1.1

A coupled weather generator – rainfall-runoff approach on hourly time steps for flood risk analysis
Benjamin Winter, Klaus Schneeberger, Viet Dung Nguyen, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Matthias Huttenlau, Bruno Merz, and Johann Stötter

EGU2017-17853 | Orals | HS2.1.1

How simultaneous occurrence of heavy rainfall and wet initial conditions leads to peak discharges
Claudia Brauer, Ruben Imhoff, Danny Heuvelink, and Remko Uijlenhoet

EGU2017-10863 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Assessing surface water availability considering human water use and projected climate variability
Batool Ashraf, Amir AghaKouchak, Mohammd Mousavi-Baygi, Hamed Moftakhari, and Hassan Anjileli

EGU2017-10970 | Posters | HS2.1.1

The impact exploration of agricultural drought on winter wheat yield in the North China Plain
Jianhua Yang, Jianjun Wu, Xinyi Han, and Hongkui Zhou

EGU2017-1183 | Orals | HS2.1.1

A coupled hydrological-hydraulic flood inundation model calibrated using post-event measurements and integrated uncertainty analysis in a poorly gauged Mediterranean basin
Rouya Hdeib, Chadi Abdallah, Roger Moussa, and Francois Colin

EGU2017-11013 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Analysis on the cause of the abnormally persistent high temperature in south of China in July 2013
Yu Zhang, Yaohui Li, and Jinsong Wang

EGU2017-16949 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Choice of routing scheme considerably influences peak river discharge simulation in global hydrological models
Fang Zhao, Ted Veldkamp, Bernhard Schauberger, Sven Willner, and Dai Yamazaki and the The ISIMIP2a Global Water Modeling and Coordination Team

EGU2017-11464 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Spatiotemporal characteristics of drought and its impact to vegetation activities in China
Jianjun Wu, Xinyi Han, and Jianhua Yang

EGU2017-17064 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Detection and attribution of flood change across the United States
Stacey Archfield

EGU2017-11809 | Posters | HS2.1.1

An index-flood model for deficit volumes assessment
Filip Strnad, Vojtěch Moravec, and Martin Hanel

EGU2017-14845 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Flood Risk in the Danube basin under climate change
Kai Schröter, Michel Wortmann, Maria del Rocio Rivas Lopez, Stefan Liersch, Dung Viet Nguyen, Stephen Hardwick, and Fred Hattermann

EGU2017-12345 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Decadal variability of drought conditions over the southern part of Europe based on Principal Oscillation Pattern Analysis
Monica Ionita-Scholz, Lena M. Tallaksen, and Patrick Scholz

EGU2017-5958 | Orals | HS2.1.1

Uncertainties in Historical Changes and Future Projections of Drought
Tianbao Zhao and Aiguo Dai

EGU2017-13598 | Posters | HS2.1.1

Characterizing Drought Events from a Hydrological Model Ensemble
Katie Smith, Simon Parry, Christel Prudhomme, Jamie Hannaford, Maliko Tanguy, Lucy Barker, and Cecilia Svensson