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NP – Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences

NP1.1 – Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive models and Data Inversion In Geosciences

EGU2017-4132 | Posters | NP1.1

Electrofacies classification using the self-organizing map approach with an example from the Algerian Sahara
Abdallah Sokhal, Zahia Benaissa, Sid Ali Ouadfeul, and Amar Boudella

EGU2017-4571 | Posters | NP1.1

Identification of cultivated land using remote sensing images based on object-oriented artificial bee colony algorithm
Nan Li and Xiufang Zhu

EGU2017-6686 | Posters | NP1.1

Slow waves moving near the openings in highly stressed conditions
Michail Guzev and Vladimir Makarov

EGU2017-6911 | Posters | NP1.1

Rayleigh wave dispersion curve inversion by using particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm
Ersin Buyuk, Ekrem Zor, and Abdullah Karaman

EGU2017-7037 | Posters | NP1.1

Estimating of aquifer parameters from the single-well water-level measurements in response to advancing longwall mine by using particle swarm optimization
Ersin Buyuk and Abdullah Karaman

EGU2017-8751 | Posters | NP1.1

Micro seismic event detection based on neural networks in the Groningen area, The Netherlands
Bob Paap, Peter-Paul van Maanen, Stefan Carpentier, and Sjef Meekes

EGU2017-9429 | Posters | NP1.1

2D Inversion of Transient Electromagnetic Method (TEM)
Cassiano Antonio Bortolozo, Jorge Luís Porsani, and Fernando Acácio Monteiro dos Santos

EGU2017-16173 | Posters | NP1.1

Is the climate system an anticipatory system that minimizes free energy?
Sergio Rubin and Michel Crucifix

NP2.1 – ENSO: Dynamics, Predictability and Modelling (including Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-8494 | Posters | NP2.1

Modification of ENSO and ENSO-related atmospheric characteristics due to future climate change
Tatiana Matveeva and Daria Gushchina

EGU2017-2271 | Orals | NP2.1

Chaotic dynamics in the physical sciences (Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lecture)
Edward Ott

EGU2017-11984 | Posters | NP2.1

Atmospheric circulation remote response during two types of El Niño in changing climate
Irina Zheleznova

EGU2017-11528 | Orals | NP2.1

Oceanic Internal Variability, Tropical Instability Waves and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation
Ryan Holmes, Shayne McGregor, Agus Santoso, and Matthew England

EGU2017-13130 | Posters | NP2.1

Performance of the Prognocean Plus system during the El Niño 2015/2016: predictions of sea level anomalies as tools for forecasting El Niño
Małgorzata Świerczyńska-Chlaściak, Tomasz Niedzielski, and Bartłomiej Miziński

EGU2017-3853 | Orals | NP2.1

ENSO in the CMIP5 simulations: lifecycles, diversity, and responses to climate change
Chen Chen, Mark A. Cane, Andrew T. Wittenberg, and Dake Chen

EGU2017-11379 | Posters | NP2.1

Dynamically meaningful metrics of ENSO in climate models
Antonietta Capotondi, Matthew Newman, Prashant Sardeshmukh, Yan Wang, and Andrew Wittenberg

EGU2017-11702 | Orals | NP2.1

ENSO flavours during the pre-instrumental period
Mandy Freund, Benjamin Henley, and David Karoly

EGU2017-3921 | Posters | NP2.1

ENSO Sensitivity to Volcanic Eruption Magnitude and Season
Evgeniya Predybaylo, Georgiy Stenchikov, and Andrew Wittenberg

EGU2017-6389 | Orals | NP2.1

Mechanisms of the Indian Ocean Dipole influence on El Niño/Southern Oscillation
Takeshi Izumo, Jérome Vialard, Matthieu Lengaigne, Nicolas Jourdain, Hugo Dayan, and Iyyappan Suresh

EGU2017-4664 | Posters | NP2.1

Recent Decadal Variations of El Nino Predictability
Guomin Wang, Harry Hendon, and Mei Zhao

EGU2017-3128 | Orals | NP2.1

ENSO amplitude changes due to greenhouse warming in CMIP5: Role of mean tropical precipitation in the 20th centur
Yoo-Geun Ham and Jong-Seong Kug

EGU2017-10354 | Orals | NP2.1

Role of the Tropical Atlantic in the mid-70’s ENSO shift
Noel Keenlyside, Hui Ding, Marta Martin-Rey, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, and Mojib Latif

EGU2017-5932 | Posters | NP2.1

Role of Western Hemisphere Warm Pool in Rapid Climate Changes over the Western North Pacific
Jong-Seong Kug, Jae-Heung Park, and Soon-Il An

EGU2017-13928 | Orals | NP2.1

External and internal origins of ENSO modulation revealed by Holocene corals and climate model simulations
Helen McGregor, Steven Phipps, Matthew Fischer, Michael Gagan, Laurent Devriendt, Andrew Wittenberg, Colin Woodroffe, Jian-xin Zhao, Jessica Gaudry, David Fink, and Allan Chivas

EGU2017-6459 | Posters | NP2.1

Mean State Dependence of ENSO Atmospheric Feedbacks in Climate Models
Tobias Bayr, Mojib Latif, Dietmar Dommenget, Christian Wengel, Jan Harlaß, and Wonsun Park

EGU2017-9237 | Posters | NP2.1

The role of Indonesian convection in the interaction between the Indian Ocean and ENSO
Claudia Wieners, Henk Dijkstra, and Will de Ruijter

EGU2017-18384 | Orals | NP2.1 | Highlight

Humans have already increased the risk of major disruption to Pacific rainfall
Scott Power, Francois Delage, Christine Chung, Harvey Ye, and Brad Murphy

EGU2017-10792 | Posters | NP2.1

Influence of tropical Pacific winds at different timescales on ENSO evolution
Antonietta Capotondi, Lucrezia Ricciardulli, and Prashant Sardeshmukh

EGU2017-8336 | Posters | NP2.1

A Real-time Ocean Reanalyses Intercomparison Project in the Context of Tropical Pacific Observing System and ENSO Monitoring
Yan Xue, Caihong Wen, Arun Kumar, Magdalena Balmaseda, Yosuke Fujii, Oscar Alves, Matthew Martin, Xiaosong Yang, Guillaume Vernieres, Charles Desporters, Tong Lee, Isabella Ascione, Rich Gudgel, and Ichiro Ishikawa

EGU2017-12639 | Posters | NP2.1

Differential imprints of different ENSO flavors in global patterns of seasonal precipitation extremes
Marc Wiedermann, Jonatan F. Siegmund, Jonathan F. Donges, and Reik V. Donner

EGU2017-19142 | Posters | NP2.1

A unified nonlinear stochastic time series analysis for climate science
Woosok Moon and John Wettlaufer

NP3.3 – Scaling, multifractals and Nonlinear dynamics in the atmosphere, ocean, climate and environment (co-organized)

EGU2017-1755 | Posters | NP3.3

Dynamical systems proxies of atmospheric predictability and mid-latitude extremes
Gabriele Messori, Davide Faranda, Rodrigo Caballero, and Pascal Yiou

EGU2017-2258 | Orals | NP3.3

The Eddy–Mean Flow Interaction and the Intrusion of Western Boundary Current into the South China Sea–Type Basin in an Idealized Model
Linhao Zhong, Lijuan Hua, and Dehai Luo

EGU2017-3359 | Posters | NP3.3

Analysis of the pullback attractors of a low-order quasigeostrophic ocean model under periodic and aperiodic forcing
Stefano Pierini, Michael Ghil, and Mickael D. Chekroun

EGU2017-4341 | Orals | NP3.3

Reflections on the nature of non-linear responses of the climate to forcing
Peter Ditlevsen

EGU2017-18654 | Posters | NP3.3 | Highlight

The possibility of a tipping point in the Arctic sea ice cover, and associated early-warning signals
Rebekka Jastamin Steene

EGU2017-5110 | Orals | NP3.3

The atmospheric water circulation is an extension of the oceanic overturning!
Kristofer Döös

EGU2017-2376 | Posters | NP3.3 | Highlight

Arctic sea ice decline and continental cold anomalies: Upstream and downstream effects of Greenland blocking
Xiaodan Chen and Dehai Luo

EGU2017-13672 | Orals | NP3.3

Three dimensional Lagrangian structures in the Antarctic Polar Vortex.
Ana M. Mancho, Victor J. Garcia-Garrido, Jezabel Curbelo, Coumba Niang, Carlos R. Mechoso, and Stephen Wiggins

EGU2017-1106 | Orals | NP3.3

Baroclinic Adjustment of the Eddy-Driven Jet
Lenka Novak, Maarten H.P. Ambaum, and Ben J. Harvey

EGU2017-2377 | Posters | NP3.3

Preferred atmospheric circulation patterns of winter Arctic sea ice decline
Binhe Luo, Dehai Luo, Linhao Zhong, and Lixin Wu

EGU2017-7299 | Orals | NP3.3

Scaling Analysis of Temperature and Liquid Water Content in the Marine Boundary Layer Clouds during POST
Yong-Feng Ma, Szymon Malinowski, Katarzyna Karpińska, Hermann Gerber, and Wojciech Kumala

EGU2017-2881 | Posters | NP3.3

The long-term correlation properties of precipitation
Lichao Yang and Zuntao Fu

EGU2017-1219 | Orals | NP3.3

A global perspective on Glacial- to Interglacial variability change
Kira Rehfeld, Thomas Münch, Sze Ling Ho, and Thomas Laepple

EGU2017-2886 | Posters | NP3.3

The impact of inter-annual variability of annual cycle on long-term memory in long historical temperature records
Qimin Deng and Zuntao Fu

EGU2017-16186 | Posters | NP3.3

The effect of model bias on Atlantic freshwater transport and implications for AMOC bi-stability
Jennifer Mecking, Sybren Drijfhout, and Laura Jackson

EGU2017-4877 | Orals | NP3.3

Paleoclimatic scales in the past 800ka based on the high resolution EDC dust record
Fabrice Lambert and Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2017-12919 | Orals | NP3.3

To what extent can global warming events influence scaling properties of climatic fluctuations in glacial periods?
Tommaso Alberti, Fabio Lepreti, Antonio Vecchio, and Vincenzo Carbone

EGU2017-15848 | Posters | NP3.3

Non-hydrostatic simulation of tsunamis: application to the April 2014 Iquique earthquake
Nora Aïssiouene, Marie-Odile Bristeau, Edwige Godlewski, Anne Mangeney, Carlos Parés, Jacques Sainte-Marie, and Martin Vallée

EGU2017-14749 | Orals | NP3.3

Interpreting the power spectrum of Dansgaard-Oeschger events via stochastic dynamical systems
Takahito Mitsui, Guillaume Lenoir, and Michel Crucifix

EGU2017-17135 | Posters | NP3.3

Independent Subspace Analysis of the monthly variability of the sea surface temperature field
Carlos Pires

EGU2017-5881 | Posters | NP3.3

The impact of oceanic heat transport on the atmospheric circulation
Valerio Lucarini and Frank Lunkeit

EGU2017-3844 | Orals | NP3.3

Chemical weathering from the CoDA (Compositional Data Analysis) point of view: new insights for the Alpine rivers geochemistry
Caterina Gozzi, Antonella Buccianti, and Francesco Frondini

EGU2017-6183 | Posters | NP3.3

Planetary geostrophic equations for the atmosphere with barotropic component of the flow
Thomas Reitz, Stamen Dolaptchiev, and Ulrich Achatz

EGU2017-17766 | Orals | NP3.3

Singularity analysis of frequency density of isotop age data
Qiuming Cheng

EGU2017-7656 | Posters | NP3.3

Understanding climate sensitivity to greenhouse gas concentrations and orbital forcing in the cGenie Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity
Fiona Rochholz, Heiko Pälike, and André Paul

EGU2017-9971 | Posters | NP3.3

A Scaling Model for the Forced Climate Variability over Multi-Centennial Scales
Raphael Hébert and Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2017-13245 | Posters | NP3.3

Spatial and temporal precipitation variability across scales: regional to global, decadal to centennial scales and beyond
Isabel de Lima and Shaun Lovejoy

EGU2017-14838 | Posters | NP3.3

Space-time Structure of Temperature Variability
Thomas Laepple and Torben Kunz

EGU2017-10374 | Posters | NP3.3

Scaling forecast models for wind turbulence and wind turbine power intermittency
Olmo Duran Medina, Francois G Schmitt, and Rudy Calif

EGU2017-18904 | Posters | NP3.3

Statistical structure of intrinsic climate variability under global warming
Xiuhua Zhu, John Bye, and Klaus Fraedrich

EGU2017-18753 | Posters | NP3.3

Does the recent warming hiatus exist over northern Asia for winter wind chill temperature?
Ying Ma

EGU2017-10304 | Posters | NP3.3

Multiscale analysis of water level time series and surge-water level interactions
Francois G Schmitt, Adrien Crapoulet, and Arnaud Hequette

EGU2017-14222 | Posters | NP3.3

Empirical mode decomposition method applied to high frequency seismic data
François G. Schmitt and Virginie Gaullier

EGU2017-12962 | Posters | NP3.3

Spatial Statistics of atmospheric particulate matter in China
Yongxiang Huang, Yangjun Wang, and Yulu Liu

EGU2017-7758 | Posters | NP3.3

Water-saving interventions assessment framework: an application for the Urmia Lake Restoration Program
Somayeh Shadkam, Pieter Oel, Pavel Kabat, and Fulco Ludwig

EGU2017-7993 | Posters | NP3.3

Towards an understanding of splitting storms: A theoretical approach
Annette Mueller and Peter Peter Névir

EGU2017-16157 | Posters | NP3.3

Age and transit time distributions of carbon in a nonlinear global model perturbed by nonautonomous fossil-fuel emissions signals
Holger Metzler, Markus Müller, and Carlos A. Sierra

EGU2017-9290 | Posters | NP3.3

Multifractal filtering methods to investigate tectono-magmatic framework in the Eastern Tianshan mineral district, China
Jie Zhao, Qiuming Cheng, and Wenlei Wang

EGU2017-9507 | Posters | NP3.3

Anisotropic singularity: a novel way to characterize controlling effects of geological processes
Wenlei Wang, Qiuming Cheng, Shengyuan Zhang, and Jie Zhao

EGU2017-16381 | Posters | NP3.3

Construction Land Expansion and Transfer of Gravity Center from 1984 to 2016 : A study on Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei Urban Agglomeration
jinxia lv and weiguo Jiang

NP4.1 – Time Series Analysis, Prediction, Verification and Inter-Comparison of Geoscientific Observations and Model Data (co-organized)

EGU2017-5323 | Orals | NP4.1

The implications of rebasing global mean temperature timeseries for GCM based climate projections
David Stainforth, Sandra Chapman, and Nicholas Watkins

EGU2017-15162 | Posters | NP4.1

WAVEPAL: A Software for Frequency and Wavelet Analysis of Irregularly Sampled Time Series
Guillaume Lenoir and Michel Crucifix

EGU2017-13471 | Posters | NP4.1

What does the structure of its visibility graph tell us about the nature of the time series?
Jasper G. Franke and Reik V. Donner

EGU2017-1850 | Orals | NP4.1

Unveiling signatures of interdecadal climate changes by Hilbert analysis
Dario Zappalà, Marcelo Barreiro, and Cristina Masoller

EGU2017-2854 | Posters | NP4.1

Multiplex Recurrence Networks
Deniz Eroglu and Norbert Marwan

EGU2017-8904 | Orals | NP4.1

Scaling analysis of the observed global temperature data
Suzana Blesic, Davide Zanchettin, and Angelo Rubino

EGU2017-2967 | Orals | NP4.1

Data quantile-quantile plots: quantifying the time evolution of space climatology
Elizabeth Tindale and Sandra Chapman

EGU2017-8592 | Posters | NP4.1

Differential embedding – From theory to application in palaeoclimatology
Jaqueline Lekscha and Reik V. Donner

EGU2017-19583 | Posters | NP4.1

A network analysis of global precipitation extremes
Andrea Toreti, Philippe Naveau, and Reik Donner

EGU2017-6707 | Orals | NP4.1

Surrogate methods in geophysics
Bo Christiansen

EGU2017-3516 | Orals | NP4.1

A Half-Cycle Discrete Fourier Transform (HCDFT) for the Improved Identification of Periodic Features in Time-Series
Robin Crockett

EGU2017-13300 | Posters | NP4.1

Climate network analysis of regional precipitation extremes: The true story told by event synchronization
Adrian Odenweller and Reik V. Donner

EGU2017-3245 | Posters | NP4.1

Identifying Typhoon Tracks based on Event Synchronization derived Spatially Embedded Climate Networks
Ugur Ozturk, Norbert Marwan, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2017-4582 | Orals | NP4.1

Nonlinear Dynamics of River Runoff Elucidated by Horizontal Visibility Graphs
Holger Lange and Osvaldo A. Rosso

EGU2017-18171 | Posters | NP4.1

Multiscale complex network analysis: An approach to study spatiotemporal rainfall pattern in south Germany
Ankit Agarwal, Norbert Marwan, Maheswaran Rathinasamy, Ugur Oeztuerk, Bruno Merz, and Jürgen Kurths

EGU2017-2915 | Orals | NP4.1

Network Analyses for Space-Time High Frequency Wind Data
Mohamed Laib and Mikhail Kanevski

EGU2017-3068 | Orals | NP4.1

Comparison between stochastic and machine learning methods for hydrological multi-step ahead forecasting: All forecasts are wrong!
Georgia Papacharalampous, Hristos Tyralis, and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

EGU2017-10809 | Posters | NP4.1

Early forecasting of Indian Summer Monsoon: case study 2016
Elena Surovyatkina, Veronika Stolbova, and Jurgen Kurths

EGU2017-4236 | Orals | NP4.1

Data-adaptive Harmonic Decomposition and Real-time Prediction of Arctic Sea Ice Extent
Dmitri Kondrashov, Mickael Chekroun, and Michael Ghil

EGU2017-10539 | Posters | NP4.1

Effects of 7-8yr cycle in European air temperatures via linear and nonlinear approaches
Nikola Jajcay, Jiří Mikšovský, and Milan Paluš

EGU2017-8900 | Posters | NP4.1

Imprints of approximately 8 year oscillation in climatic time series
Jiří Mikšovský, Milan Paluš, Nikola Jajcay, and Reik Donner

EGU2017-9895 | Orals | NP4.1

Bayesian comparison of conceptual models of abrupt climate changes during the last glacial period
Niklas Boers, Michael Ghil, and Denis-Didier Rousseau

EGU2017-12505 | Orals | NP4.1

Modelling fast spreading patterns of airborne infectious diseases using complex networks
Frank Brenner, Norbert Marwan, and Peter Hoffmann

EGU2017-17414 | Posters | NP4.1

Structured teleconnections reveal the South American monsoon onset: A network approach
Catrin Ciemer, Nikoo Ekhtiari, Henrique Barbosa, Niklas Boers, Reik Donner, Jürgen Kurths, Anja Rammig, and Ricarda Winkelmann

EGU2017-1040 | Orals | NP4.1

Reduced nonlinear prognostic model construction from high-dimensional data
Andrey Gavrilov, Dmitry Mukhin, Evgeny Loskutov, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2017-15235 | Posters | NP4.1

Ocean – atmospheric interactions in South America revealed by two-layer complex climate network analysis
Nikoo Ekhtiari, Catrin Ciemer, Marc Widermann, Niklas Boers, Jürgen Kurths, and Reik Donner

EGU2017-6689 | Posters | NP4.1

Nonlinear Dynamical Modeling and Forecast of ENSO Variability
Alexander Feigin, Dmitry Mukhin, Andrey Gavrilov, Aleksey Seleznev, and Evgeny Loskutov

EGU2017-16891 | Orals | NP4.1

Studying Climate Response to Forcing by the Nonlinear Dynamical Mode Decomposition
Dmitry Mukhin, Andrey Gavrilov, Evgeny Loskutov, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2017-15491 | Posters | NP4.1

Empirical investigation of the mid-Pleistocene transition
Evgeny Loskutov, Dmitry Mukhin, Andrey Gavrilov, and Alexander Feigin

EGU2017-9224 | Orals | NP4.1

Improved Analysis of Earth System Models and Observations using Simple Climate Models
Balasubramanya Nadiga and Nathan Urban

EGU2017-7252 | Orals | NP4.1

Linear response theory applied to geoengineering
Tamas Bodai and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2017-10209 | Posters | NP4.1

ALIF: a new promising technique for the decomposition and analysis of nonlinear and nonstationary signals
Antonio Cicone, Haomin Zhou, Mirko Piersanti, Massimo Materassi, and Luca Spogli

EGU2017-3366 | Posters | NP4.1

Evaluation of trend in contaminant concentration time series
Artur Kohler

EGU2017-5863 | Orals | NP4.1

A proof of concept for scale-adaptive parameterizations: the case of the Lorenz '96 model
Gabriele Vissio and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2017-15528 | Posters | NP4.1

Return Levels of Temperature Extremes in Southern Pakistan
Maida Zahid, Valerio Lucarini, Richard Blender, and Maria Caterina Bramati

EGU2017-10818 | Orals | NP4.1

Parameterization of stochastic multiscale triads
Jeroen Wouters, Stamen Dolaptchiev, Valerio Lucarini, and Ulrich Achatz

EGU2017-17746 | Posters | NP4.1

High resolution dynamical downscaling of air temperature and relative humidity: performance assessment of WRF for Portugal
Isilda Menezes, Mário Pereira, Demerval Moreira, Luís Carvalheiro, Lourdes Bugalho, and João Corte-Real

EGU2017-17665 | Posters | NP4.1

Verification of high resolution simulation of precipitation and wind in Portugal
Isilda Menezes, Mário Pereira, Demerval Moreira, Luís Carvalheiro, Lourdes Bugalho, and João Corte-Real

EGU2017-4737 | Posters | NP4.1

Analysis of Numerical Weather Predictions of Reference Evapotranspiration and Precipitation
Theodor Bughici, Naftali Lazarovitch, Erick Fredj, and Eran Tas

EGU2017-9143 | Posters | NP4.1

Time series models for prediction the total and dissolved heavy metals concentration in road runoff and soil solution of roadside embankments
Basem Aljoumani, Björn Kluge, Josep sanchez, and Gerd Wessolek

EGU2017-11362 | Posters | NP4.1

Classification of paddy rice through multi-temporal multi-sensor data fusion
Jungho Im and Seonyoung Park

EGU2017-6360 | Posters | NP4.1

Assessment of winter wheat loss risk impacted by climate change from 1982 to 2011
xin du

EGU2017-11400 | Posters | NP4.1

Varied representation of the West Pacific pattern in multiple dynamical seasonal predictions of APCC-MME
Yun-Young Lee

EGU2017-16125 | Posters | NP4.1

Information flow associated with precipitation in coupled and uncoupled regional climate simulations
Praveen Kumar Pothapakula and Bodo Ahrens

EGU2017-7056 | Posters | NP4.1

A flexible tool for diagnosing water, energy, and entropy budgets in climate models
Valerio Lembo and Valerio Lucarini

EGU2017-7522 | Posters | NP4.1

An evaluation of parametric sensitivities of different climatic variables simulated by the Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity LOVECLIM
Yuhan Shi and Qingyun Duan

EGU2017-9582 | Posters | NP4.1

Modeling the potential of different countries for pandemic spread over the global air network
Zhe Sun, Baolei Lv, and Bing Xu

EGU2017-9279 | Posters | NP4.1

The Annual Deformation Signals Isolation in the GNSS Time Series Analysis in CMONOC
Jun Yan and Danan Dong

EGU2017-13548 | Posters | NP4.1

A Multiple Algorithm Approach to the Analysis of GNSS Coordinates Times Series for Detecting Geohazards
Mohammed Habboub, Panos Psimoulis, Richard Bingley, and Markus Rothacher

EGU2017-14051 | Posters | NP4.1

Scaling analysis of high-frequency time series of gamma-ray counts
Susana Barbosa and Eduardo Azevedo

EGU2017-10175 | Posters | NP4.1

Study of Gutenberg-Richter coefficients considering time evolution for different mexican seismic regions
Carlos Carrizales Velazquez and Fernando Angulo Brown

EGU2017-10313 | Posters | NP4.1

Time series analysis of geoelectrical field as a possible seismic precursor for Mw=7.2 (2014) in Petatlán, México
Israel Reyes Ramírez and Fernando Angulo Brown

NP5.1 – Inverse Problems, Data Assimilation and Error Dynamics

EGU2017-765 | Posters | NP5.1

Variational data assimilation for limited-area models: solution of the open boundary control problem and its application for the Gulf of Finland
Tatiana Sheloput and Valery Agoshkov

EGU2017-15609 | Orals | NP5.1

On existence and uniqueness of solutions for variational data assimilation
Jochen Bröcker

EGU2017-766 | Posters | NP5.1

Domain decomposition method for the Baltic Sea based on theory of adjoint equation and inverse problem.
Natalya Lezina and Valery Agoshkov

EGU2017-729 | Orals | NP5.1

Dynamically constrained uncertainty for the Kalman filter covariance in the presence of model error
Colin Grudzien, Alberto Carrassi, and Marc Bocquet

EGU2017-2486 | Posters | NP5.1

Simulation of a class of hazardous situations in the ICS «INM RAS – Baltic Sea»
Natalia Zakharova, Valery Agoshkov, Nikita Aseev, Eugene Parmuzin, Tateana Sheloput, and Victor Shutyaev

EGU2017-11587 | Orals | NP5.1

Uncertainty quantification for massive autonomous systems based on a second-order adjoint method
Shin-ichi Ito, Hiromichi Nagao, and Masayuki Kano

EGU2017-6656 | Posters | NP5.1

Variational data assimilation problem for the thermodynamics model with displaced pole
Eugene Parmuzin, Valery Agosgkov, and Natalia Zakharova

EGU2017-3793 | Orals | NP5.1

Nonlinear data assimilation using synchronization in a particle filter
Flavia Rodrigues-Pinheiro and Peter Jan Van Leeuwen

EGU2017-15752 | Orals | NP5.1

Toward data-driven methods in geophysics: the Analog Data Assimilation
Redouane Lguensat, Pierre Tandeo, Pierre Ailliot, Manuel Pulido, and Ronan Fablet

EGU2017-13957 | Posters | NP5.1

The Asymmetric EDA
Simon Lang, Marcin Chrust, Yannick Tremolet, Massimo Bonavita, and Martin Leutbecher

EGU2017-543 | Orals | NP5.1

Improving Weather Forecasts Through Reduced Precision Data Assimilation
Samuel Hatfield, Peter Düben, and Tim Palmer

EGU2017-16744 | Posters | NP5.1

Estimation of 4D-var Data Assimilation Error for Coupled Climate Models
Andrey Vlasenko, Armin Koehl, and Detlef Stammer

EGU2017-1125 | Orals | NP5.1

Lagrangian data assimilation and hybrid particle - ensemble Kalman filter
Amit Apte, Laura Slivinski, Elaine Spiller, and Chris Jones

EGU2017-14526 | Posters | NP5.1

Uncertainty Quantification for Adjoint-Based Inverse Problems with Sparse Data
Nora Loose, Patrick Heimbach, and Kerim Nisancioglu

EGU2017-9174 | Posters | NP5.1

PEGASOS campaign data for optimizing atmospheric chemical composition by 4D-var data assimilation within EURAD-IM modelling system
Isabel Ribeiro and Hendrik Elbern

EGU2017-706 | Orals | NP5.1

Data Assimilation Methods on a Non-conservative Adaptive Mesh
Colin Thomas Guider, Matthias Rabatel, Alberto Carrassi, and Christopher K. R. T. Jones

EGU2017-2864 | Posters | NP5.1

Geographic dependent Parameter Optimization on Dust Emission in East Asia by Trajectory-based 4DVar
Jianbing Jin, Hai Xiang Lin, Arnold Heemink, and Arjo Segers

EGU2017-7707 | Orals | NP5.1

Formulation and study some inverse problems in modeling of hydrophysical fields in water areas with "liquid" boundaries
Valery Agoshkov

EGU2017-120 | Posters | NP5.1

Evaluation criteria on the design for assimilating remote sensing data using variational approaches
Sha Lu, Arnold Heemink, Hai Xiang Lin, Arjo Segers, and Guangliang Fu

EGU2017-8659 | Orals | NP5.1

Analysing trace gas filaments in the Ex-UTLS by 4D-variational assimilation of tomographic retrievals
Annika Vogel and Hendrik Elbern

EGU2017-119 | Posters | NP5.1

A two-way-tracking localized ensemble Kalman filter for assimilating aircraft in situ volcanic ash measurements
Guangliang Fu, Hai Xiang Lin, Arnold Heemink, Arjo Segers, Martin Verlaan, Tongchao Lu, and Sha Lu

EGU2017-13444 | Orals | NP5.1

The role of ensemble-based statistics in variational assimilation of cloud-affected observations from infrared imagers
Joshua Hacker, Francois Vandenberghe, Byoung-Jo Jung, and Chris Snyder

EGU2017-5623 | Orals | NP5.1

Structure of analysis-minus-observation misfits within a global ocean reanalysis system: implications for atmospheric reanalyses
James Carton and Gennady Chepurin

EGU2017-13327 | Posters | NP5.1

Four-dimensional ensemble variational data assimilation and the unstable subspace
Marc Bocquet and Alberto Carrassi

EGU2017-13562 | Posters | NP5.1

Estimating Model Evidence Using Data Assimilation
Alberto Carrassi, Marc Bocquet, Alexis Hannart, and Michael Ghil

EGU2017-704 | Posters | NP5.1

Multimodel parameter optimization with adaptive population importance sampler (APIS)
Jarmo Mäkelä, Jouni Susiluoto, Jürgen Knauer, Mika Aurela, Ivan Mammarella, Tiina Markkanen, Tea Thum, Sönke Zaehle, and Tuula Aalto

EGU2017-4827 | Posters | NP5.1

Scalable and balanced dynamic hybrid data assimilation
Tuomo Kauranne, Idrissa Amour, Martin Gunia, Kari Kallio, Ahti Lepistö, and Sampsa Koponen

EGU2017-3734 | Posters | NP5.1

Benchmarking of numerical weather prediction short-range surface temperature forecasts relative to persisted observation deviations and relative to an observation-based statistical interpolation methodology.
Thomas M. Hamill

EGU2017-17056 | Posters | NP5.1

Assessment of Forecast Sensitivity to Observation and Its Application to Satellite Radiances Assessment
Kayo Ide and David Grofff

EGU2017-1744 | Posters | NP5.1

A practical scheme of the sigma-point Kalman filter for high-dimensional systems
Youmin Tang and Xiangming Zhang

EGU2017-9241 | Posters | NP5.1

Building Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation Systems with Coupled Models
Lars Nerger

EGU2017-17689 | Posters | NP5.1

Balanced Atmospheric Data Assimilation
Gottfried Hastermann, Maria Reinhardt, Rupert Klein, and Sebastian Reich

EGU2017-7393 | Posters | NP5.1

A flexible additive inflation scheme for treating model error in ensemble Kalman Filters
Matthias Sommer and Tijana Janjic

EGU2017-10454 | Posters | NP5.1

Ensemble-Type Kalman Filter Algorithm conserving mass, total energy and enstrophy
Yuefei Zeng, Tijana Janjic, Yvonne Ruckstuhl, and Martin Verlaan

EGU2017-3429 | Posters | NP5.1

Is 30-second update fast enough for convection-resolving data assimilation?
Takemasa Miyoshi, Juan Ruiz, Guo-Yuan Lien, Toshiki Teramura, Keiichi Kondo, Yasumitsu Maejima, Takumi Honda, and Shigenori Otsuka

EGU2017-2170 | Posters | NP5.1

Assimilating satellite radiances without vertical localization using the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter with up to 1280 ensemble members
Keiichi Kondo, Koji Terasaki, and Takemasa Miyoshi

EGU2017-2972 | Posters | NP5.1

A Study on Mutil-Scale Background Error Covariances in 3D-Var Data Assimilation
Xubin Zhang and Zhe-Min Tan

EGU2017-13031 | Posters | NP5.1

Land surface parameter optimisation through data assimilation: the adJULES system
Nina Raoult, Tim Jupp, and Peter Cox

EGU2017-1503 | Posters | NP5.1

Estimation of bias in conventional petrophysical inversion
Petra Paróczi and László Balázs

EGU2017-17556 | Posters | NP5.1

The application of Bayes probability theory for uncertainty assessments of Antarctic ice sheet predictions
Andreas Wernecke, Tamsin Edwards, Neil Edwards, and Philip Holden

EGU2017-15995 | Posters | NP5.1

Towards an improved ASCAT wind data assimilation in global NWP
Wenming Lin, Giovanna De Chiara, Marcos Portabella, and Ad Stoffelen

EGU2017-6021 | Posters | NP5.1

The application of Nonlinear Local Lyapunov Vectors to the Zebiak-Cane Model and their performance in the Ensemble Prediction
Zhaolu Hou, Jianping Li, Ruiqiang Ding, and Jie Feng

EGU2017-6109 | Posters | NP5.1

Global ionospheric electron density estimation based on multisource TEC data assimilation
Chengli She, Weixing Wan, Xinan Yue, Bo Xiong, You Yu, Feng Ding, and Biqiang Zhao

EGU2017-9184 | Posters | NP5.1

Aerosols on a Cube: Development of a New Aerosol Model and Assimilation System for the Future NOAA Forecasting System.
Mariusz Pagowski

EGU2017-17822 | Posters | NP5.1

EMPIRE and pyenda: Two ensemble-based data assimilation systems written in Fortran and Python
Gernot Geppert, Phil Browne, Peter Jan van Leeuwen, and Claire Merker

EGU2017-14246 | Posters | NP5.1

Potential for wind extraction from 4D-Var assimilation of aerosols and moisture
Žiga Zaplotnik and Nedjeljka Žagar

EGU2017-14618 | Posters | NP5.1

Scale-dependent estimates of the growth of forecast uncertainties in a global prediction system
Nedjeljka Žagar, Martin Horvat, Žiga Zaplotnik, and Linus Magnusson

NP5.2 – Initial error dynamics and model error physics in predictability studies of weather and climate

EGU2017-4226 | Orals | NP5.2

Study of Nonlinear Forcing Singular Vector on Tropical Cyclone predictability
Xiaohao Qin, Wansuo Duan, and Hui Xu

EGU2017-7 | Posters | NP5.2

Using an ICM ensemble prediction system outputs to explore the “spring predictability barrier” for 2015/2016 El Niño event
Qianqian Qi, Wansuo Duan, Fei Zheng, and Youmin Tang

EGU2017-6627 | Orals | NP5.2

Lyapunov instability properties of a hierarchy of atmospheric models
Stéphane Vannitsem

EGU2017-8 | Posters | NP5.2

Nonlinearity Modulating Central Pacific- and Eastern Pacific-El Niño Events in Intensities and Spatial Structures
Wansuo Duan, Chaoming Huang, and Hui Xu

EGU2017-2791 | Orals | NP5.2

Improved ensemble-mean forecasting of ENSO events by a zero-mean stochastic error model of an intermediate coupled model
Fei Zheng and Jiang Zhu

EGU2017-218 | Posters | NP5.2

Effect of wind stress forcing uncertainties on predictability of the current through the beginning of Kuroshio
Xixi Wen and Wansuo Duan

EGU2017-2415 | Posters | NP5.2

Effects of optimal initial errors on predicting the seasonal reduction of the upstream Kuroshio transport
Kun Zhang, Qiang Wang, Mu Mu, and Peng Liang

EGU2017-1746 | Orals | NP5.2

The Climatologically relevant singular vector and its application in climate predictions
Xiangming Zhang and Youmin Tang

EGU2017-2416 | Posters | NP5.2

Optimal precursors triggering the Kuroshio Extension state transition obtained by the Conditional Nonlinear Optimal Perturbation approach
Xing Zhang, Mu Mu, Qiang Wang, and Stefano Pierini

EGU2017-14410 | Orals | NP5.2

A Bayesian approach to test hypotheses about the generation and propagation of systematic decadal climate prediction errors
Davide Zanchettin, Carlo Gaetan, Maeregu Woldeyes Arisido, and Angelo Rubino

EGU2017-8738 | Orals | NP5.2

Quantification of persistence/predictability barriers in ENSO and its application
Hong-Li Ren, Ben Tian, Fei-Fei Jin, and Adam Scaife

EGU2017-2935 | Posters | NP5.2

Estimating observing locations for advancing beyond the winter predictability barrier of Indian Ocean dipiole event predictions
Rong Feng, Wansuo Duan, and Mu Mu

EGU2017-5455 | Posters | NP5.2

The Effects of the Amplification of Numerical Noise through Chaos on Predictability Studies
Brian Ancell

EGU2017-5748 | Posters | NP5.2

The role of model errors represented by nonlinear forcing singular vector tendency error in causing the “spring predictability barrier” within ENSO predictions
Wansuo Duan and Peng Zhao

EGU2017-6030 | Posters | NP5.2

Predictability of Forced Lorenz Systems
Baosheng Li, Ruiqiang Ding, Jianping Li, and Quanjia Zhong

EGU2017-6631 | Posters | NP5.2

Determining the spectrum of the nonlinear local Lyapunov exponents in a multidimensional chaotic system
Ruiqiang Ding and Jianping Li

EGU2017-12560 | Posters | NP5.2

Optimal error analysis of the intraseasonal convection due to uncertainties of the sea surface temperature in a coupled model
Xiaojing Li, Youmin Tang, and Zhixiong Yao

EGU2017-18500 | Posters | NP5.2

The adjoint sensitivity of heavy rainfall to initial conditions in debris flow areas in China
Feifan Zhou

EGU2017-19445 | Posters | NP5.2

Seasonal predictability of sea surface temperature anomalies over the Kuroshio–Oyashio Extension: low in summer and high in winter
Yujie Wu and Wansuo Duan

EGU2017-19446 | Posters | NP5.2

Comparison of the initial errors most likely to cause a spring predictability barrier for two types of El Niño events
Ben Tian

NP5.3 – Advances in statistical post-processing for deterministic and ensemble forecasts (co-organized)

EGU2017-3739 | Orals | NP5.3

Development of a post-processing methodology for reliable, skillful probabilistic quantitative precipitation forecasts with multi-model ensembles and short training data sets.
Thomas M. Hamill and Michael Scheuerer

EGU2017-2476 | Posters | NP5.3

Bias-correction for precipitation over the Alps during present-day control simulations
Patricio Velasquez, Christoph Raible, Martina Messmer, Denica Bozhinova, Juan Gomez-Navarro, and Patrick Ludwig

EGU2017-2522 | Posters | NP5.3

Spatial Ensemble Postprocessing of Precipitation Forecasts Using High Resolution Analyses
Moritz N. Lang, Irene Schicker, Alexander Kann, and Yong Wang

EGU2017-2489 | Orals | NP5.3

Multivariate Statistical Postprocessing of Ensemble Forcasts of Precipitation and Temperature over four River Basins in California
Michael Scheuerer, Thomas M. Hamill, Brett Whitin, Minxue He, and Arthur Henkel

EGU2017-14552 | Orals | NP5.3

Statistical post-processing of seasonal multi-model forecasts: Why is it so hard to beat the multi-model mean?
Stefan Siegert

EGU2017-2792 | Posters | NP5.3

Discrete post-processing of total cloud cover ensemble forecasts
Stephan Hemri, Thomas Haiden, and Florian Pappenberger

EGU2017-2839 | Posters | NP5.3

New approaches for rainfall ensemble post-processing with a focus on extreme and rare events
Maxime Taillardat, Olivier Mestre, Anne-Laure Fougères, and Philippe Naveau

EGU2017-5596 | Orals | NP5.3

Probabilistic forecasts of extreme local precipitation using HARMONIE predictors and comparing 3 different post-processing methods
Kirien Whan and Maurice Schmeits

EGU2017-3315 | Posters | NP5.3

Comparison of multivariate post-processing approaches
Sebastian Lerch and Maximiliane Graeter

EGU2017-5573 | Orals | NP5.3

Estimation Methods for Non-Homogeneous Regression – Minimum CRPS vs Maximum Likelihood
Manuel Gebetsberger, Jakob W. Messner, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2017-11237 | Orals | NP5.3

Improving medium-range ensemble streamflow forecasts through statistical post-processing
Pablo Mendoza, Andy Wood, Elizabeth Clark, Bart Nijssen, Martyn Clark, Maria-Helena Ramos, Kenneth Nowak, and Jeffrey Arnold

EGU2017-3667 | Posters | NP5.3

A comparative verification of high resolution precipitation forecasts using model output statistics
Emiel van der Plas, Maurice Schmeits, Nicolien Hooijman, and Kees Kok

EGU2017-4254 | Posters | NP5.3

Probabilistic versus deterministic skill in predicting the western North Pacific-East Asian summer monsoon variability with multimodel ensembles
Xiu-Qun Yang, Dejian Yang, Qian Xie, Yaocun Zhang, Xuejuan Ren, and Youmin Tang

EGU2017-4337 | Posters | NP5.3

Very short-term rainfall forecasting by effectively using the ensemble outputs of numerical weather prediction models
Ming-Chang Wu, Gwo-Fong Lin, Lei Feng, and Gong-Do Hwang

EGU2017-7118 | Posters | NP5.3

Simultaneous Ensemble Post-Processing for Multiple Lead Times with Standardized Anomalies
Markus Dabernig, Jakob W. Messner, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2017-7168 | Posters | NP5.3

Regularized Nonhomogeneous Regression for Predictor Selection in Ensemble Post-Procession
Jakob W. Messner, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2017-7172 | Posters | NP5.3

Post-processing method for wind speed ensemble forecast using wind speed and direction
Siri Sofie Eide, John Bjørnar Bremnes, and Ingelin Steinsland

EGU2017-7940 | Posters | NP5.3

Predicting the Probability of Lightning Occurrence with Generalized Additive Models
Peter Fabsic, Georg Mayr, Thorsten Simon, and Achim Zeileis

EGU2017-8141 | Posters | NP5.3

Adaptive correction of ensemble forecasts
Anna Pelosi, Giovanni Battista Chirico, Joris Van den Bergh, and Stephane Vannitsem

EGU2017-8887 | Posters | NP5.3

Ensemble Postprocessing of Vertical Temperature Profiles using Standardized Anomalies
Thorsten Simon, David Schönach, and Georg J. Mayr

EGU2017-11130 | Posters | NP5.3

Post-processing GCM daily rainfall and temperature forecasts for applications in water management and agriculture
Andrew Schepen, Qj Wang, Yvette Everingham, and Tongtiegang Zhao

EGU2017-12262 | Posters | NP5.3

A Robust and Effective Multivariate Post-processing approach: Application on North American Multi-Model Ensemble Climate Forecast over the CONUS
Sepideh Khajehei, Ali Ahmadalipour, and Hamid Moradkhani

EGU2017-14208 | Posters | NP5.3

Statistical ensemble postprocessing for precipitation forecasting during the West African Monsoon
Peter Vogel, Tilmann Gneiting, Peter Knippertz, Andreas H. Fink, and Andreas Schlüter

EGU2017-14562 | Posters | NP5.3

Improvement of APHRODITE precipitation data over South Korea
Gil Lee, Dong-Hyun Cha, and Chang-yong Park

EGU2017-14981 | Posters | NP5.3

Rough Precipitation Forecasts based on Analogue Method: an Operational System
Mario Raffa, Paola Mercogliano, Gwendoline Lacressonnière, Bruno Guillaume, Céline Deandreis, and Pierre Castanier

EGU2017-16894 | Posters | NP5.3

Ensemble post-processing for varied use-cases
Rachel Prudden, Niall Robinson, and Alberto Arribas

EGU2017-18296 | Posters | NP5.3

Bias correction of daily precipitation projected by the CORDEX-Africa ensemble for a sparsely gauged region in West Africa with regionalized distribution parameters
Manuel Lorenz, Jan Bliefernicht, Patrick Laux, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2017-18597 | Posters | NP5.3

Developing Multi-model Ensemble for Precipitation and Temperature Seasonal Forecasts: Implications for Karkheh River Basin in Iran
Husain Najafi, Ali Reza Massah Bavani, Niko Wanders, Eric Wood, Parviz Irannejad, and Andrew Robertson

NP6.1 – Turbulence in the Atmosphere (co-organized)

EGU2017-12809 | Posters | NP6.1

Wind Shear Effects within the Entrainment Zone of Stratocumulus
Bernhard Schulz and Juan-Pedro Mellado

EGU2017-15550 | Orals | NP6.1 | Highlight

Boundary-layer processes: key findings from MATERHORN-X field campaigns
Silvana Di Sabatino, Laura S Leo, Eric R Pardyjak, and Harindra JS Fernando

EGU2017-2387 | Orals | NP6.1

Helicity in the atmospheric boundary layer
Michael Kurgansky, Boris Koprov, Victor Koprov, and Otto Chkhetiani

EGU2017-6469 | Posters | NP6.1

Convection Cells in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Katherine Fodor and Juan-Pedro Mellado

EGU2017-2602 | Posters | NP6.1

A Physically Based Horizontal Subgrid-scale Turbulent Mixing Parameterization for the Convective Boundary Layer in Mesoscale Models
Bowen Zhou, Ming Xue, and Kefeng Zhu

EGU2017-888 | Orals | NP6.1

Integrating surface, entrainment and mesoscale in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer dynamics: a 10-year study in Cabauw (The Netherlands)
Jon Ander Arrillaga, Fred Bosveld, Pedro A. Jiménez, Henk K. Baltink, Carlos Yagüe, Arjan Hensen, Danielle van Dinther, Arnoud Frumau, Jimy Dudhia, Wanjun Zhao, and Jordi Vilà-Guerau de Arellano

EGU2017-7797 | Posters | NP6.1

Local Characteristics of the Nocturnal Boundary Layer in Response to External Pressure Forcing
Steven van der Linden, Peter Baas, Antoon van Hooft, Ivo van Hooijdonk, Fred Bosveld, and Bas van de Wiel

EGU2017-1008 | Orals | NP6.1

Vertical evolution of wind meandering in a nocturnal boundary layer during low-wind speed conditions
Michel Stefanello, Otávio Acevedo, Luca Mortarini, Daniela Cava, Umberto Giostra, Gervásio Degrazia, and Domenico Anfossi

EGU2017-12849 | Orals | NP6.1

Wind Shear Effects on the Structure and Dynamics of the Daytime Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Armin Haghshenas and Juan Pedro Mellado

EGU2017-8389 | Posters | NP6.1

Predicting Fog in the Nocturnal Boundary Layer
Jonathan Izett, Bas van de Wiel, Peter Baas, Steven van der Linden, Antoon van Hooft, and Fred Bosveld

EGU2017-17879 | Orals | NP6.1 | Highlight

KASCADE2017 – An experimental study of thermal circulations and turbulence in complex terrain
Eric Pardyjak, Florian Dupuy, Pierre Durand, Nipun Gunawardena, Thierry Hedde, and Pierre Rubin

EGU2017-8497 | Posters | NP6.1

Interaction of turbulence and horizontal meandering in a low-wind stable boundary layer
Luca Mortarini, Daniela Cava, Umberto Giostra, and Domenico Anfossi

EGU2017-4514 | Posters | NP6.1

Turbulence feature modifications from high to low wind conditions: results from the CCT observations at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.
Mario Schiavon, Mauro Mazzola, Francesco Tampieri, Angelo Pietro Viola, and Taejin Choi

EGU2017-10405 | Posters | NP6.1

Influence of tall vegetation canopy on turbulence kinetic energy budget in the stable boundary layer
Karmen Babić and Mathias W. Rotach

EGU2017-1520 | Posters | NP6.1

The study of the evolution of aerosol concentrations at altitudes of civil aviation
Alexey Mamontov and Alexander Gurvich

EGU2017-12944 | Posters | NP6.1

Turbulence influence on urban air pollution in a hot spot in Madrid: comparison of winter and summer field campaigns
Carlos Yagüe, Carlos Román-Cascón, Mariano Sastre, Gregorio Maqueda, Jon A. Arrillaga, Begoña Artiñano, Elías Díaz-Ramiro, Francisco J. Gómez-Moreno, Rafael Borge, Adolfo Narros, Javier Pérez, and Christina Quaassdorff

EGU2017-14145 | Posters | NP6.1

Study of the air quality in the surroundings of an urban park: A micrometeorological approach
Mariano Sastre, Carlos Yagüe, Jon A. Arrillaga, Carlos Román-Cascón, Gregorio Maqueda, Begoña Artíñano, Elías Díaz-Ramiro, Francisco J. Gómez-Moreno, Marcos Barreiro, Rafael Borge, Adolfo Narros, Javier Pérez, and Christina Quaassdorff

EGU2017-14802 | Posters | NP6.1

Local and regional characterisation of the diurnal mountain wind systems in the Guadarrama mountain range (Spain)
Jon A. Arrillaga, Darío Cano, Mariano Sastre, Carlos Román-Cascón, Gregorio Maqueda, Gema Morales, Samuel Viana, Rosa M. Inclán, J. Fidel González-Roúco, Edmundo Santolaria, Luis Durán, and Carlos Yagüe

EGU2017-12439 | Posters | NP6.1

High-resolution WRF-LES simulations for real episodes: A case study for prealpine terrain
Cornelius Hald, Matthias Mauder, Patrick Laux, and Harald Kunstmann

EGU2017-13354 | Posters | NP6.1

Turbulence structure of the near-surface boundary layer in complex terrain
Eleni Sfyri, Mathias Walter Rotach, Ivana Stiperski, Fred Bosveld, Manuela Lehner, and Friedrich Obleitner

EGU2017-940 | Posters | NP6.1

Assessment of WRF surface layer formulations over a complex terrain in a tropical region
Piyush Srivastava and Maithili Sharan

EGU2017-15734 | Posters | NP6.1

Investigation of the spatial variability and possible origins of wind-induced air pressure fluctuations responsible for pressure pumping
Manuel Mohr, Thomas Laemmel, Martin Maier, Matthias Zeeman, Bernard Longdoz, and Dirk Schindler

EGU2017-18919 | Posters | NP6.1

Dynamics of the very stable boundary layer with large-eddy simulations
Maria J. Chinita, Georgios Matheou, and Pedro M.A. Miranda

EGU2017-11419 | Posters | NP6.1

Exploring the impact of unsteady pressure gradients and surface buoyancy on the mean wind and turbulence in the ABL
Elie Bou-Zeid and Mostafa Momen

EGU2017-7344 | Posters | NP6.1

Novel approaches to estimate turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate from low and moderate resolution velocity fluctuation time series
Marta Wacławczyk, Yong-Feng Ma, Jacek Kopeć, and Szymon Malinowski

EGU2017-9487 | Posters | NP6.1

Analysis and comparison of different methods to characterize turbulent environment
Liudmyla Kozak, Antony Lui, Elena Kronberg, Elena Grigorenko, Sergey Savin, and Vyacheslav Budaev

EGU2017-12098 | Posters | NP6.1

Non-Richardson Turbulent Particle Pair Diffusion
Nadeem Malik

EGU2017-1674 | Posters | NP6.1

Effect of air turbulence on gas transport in soil; comparison of approaches
Alireza Pourbakhtiar, Konstantinos Papadikis, Tjalfe Poulsen, Jonathan Bridge, and Stephen Wilkinson

NP6.2 – Recent developments in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: Waves, Turbulence, Transport and Intermittency

EGU2017-179 | Posters | NP6.2

Complex Flow Image Velocimetry in Shock Instabilities with Fractal Boundaries
Jackson David Tellez Alvarez and Teresa Vila

EGU2017-4189 | Orals | NP6.2

Conservation laws in baroclinic inertial-symmetric instabilities
Nicolas Grisouard, Morgan B. Fox, and Japinder Nijjer

EGU2017-3671 | Posters | NP6.2

Atmospheric-like rotating annulus experiment: gravity wave emission from baroclinic jets
Costanza Rodda, Ion Borcia, and Uwe Harlander

EGU2017-14556 | Orals | NP6.2

Theory of inertial waves in rotating fluids
Andrey Gelash, Victor L'vov, and Vladimir Zakharov

EGU2017-16558 | Orals | NP6.2 | Highlight

The limiting form of symmetric instability in geophysical flows
Stephen Griffiths

EGU2017-3701 | Posters | NP6.2 | Highlight

Nonnormality increases variance of gravity waves trapped in a tilted box
Uwe Harlander, Ion Dan Borcia, and Andreas Krebs

EGU2017-3854 | Posters | NP6.2

Lagrangian Timescales in the Gulf of Finland
Bert Viikmäe and Tomas Torsvik

EGU2017-1494 | Orals | NP6.2 | Highlight

Energy transfer in the abyss.
Ilias Sibgatullin, Christophe Brouzet, Eugeny Ermanyuk, and Thierry Dauxois

EGU2017-5281 | Posters | NP6.2 | Highlight

Identifying representative shapes in fields of temperature spectra in vacillating baroclinic waves
Wolf-Gerrit Fruh, Peter Szabo, Torsten Seelig, Michael Hoff, and Christoph Egbers

EGU2017-4438 | Orals | NP6.2

Transition between symmetric and asymmetric flow in rectangular shallow reservoirs – a case of maximum dissipation?
Martijn Westhoff, Sebastien Erpicum, Pierre Archambeau, Michel Pirotton, and Benjamin Dewals

EGU2017-4351 | Orals | NP6.2

Small-scale flow patterns at the vertical sidewalls of the thermally driven rotating annulus
Thomas von Larcher, Stephane Viazzo, Anthony Randriamampianina, and Uwe Harlander

EGU2017-6903 | Posters | NP6.2

Mixing in 3D Sparse Multi-Scale Grid Generated Turbulence
Syed Usama, Jacek Kopec, Jackson Tellez, Kamil Kwiatkowski, Jose Redondo, and Nadeem Malik

EGU2017-7801 | Posters | NP6.2

New results of the spherical convection experiment Geoflow IIc
Florian Zaussinger, Christoph Egbers, Andreas Krebs, and Vadim Travnikov

EGU2017-11380 | Posters | NP6.2

Study of interaction between a vortex ring and a solid surface for a wide range of ring velocities
Maria Kotelnikova, Zinaida Verbitskaya, and Viktor Nikulin

EGU2017-11663 | Posters | NP6.2

Mesoscale and submesoscale processes from the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI)
Young-Gyu Park and Yeon S. Chang

EGU2017-12517 | Posters | NP6.2 | Highlight

Turbulent Inertial Particle Pair Diffusion
Syed Usama and Nadeem Malik

EGU2017-13955 | Posters | NP6.2

Investigating anomalous transport of electrolytes in charged porous media
Asger Johannes Skjøde Bolet and Joachim Mathiesen

EGU2017-19201 | Posters | NP6.2 | Highlight

Intermittency in Complex Flows
Otman Ben Mahjoub and Jose M. Redondo

EGU2017-19292 | Posters | NP6.2

Nonlinear effects of internal wave focusing by a horizontally oscillating torus
Natalia Shmakova, Evgeny Ermanyuk, and Flor Jan-Bert

EGU2017-19605 | Posters | NP6.2

Environmental turbulence and climate-weather scaling
Otman Ben Mahjoub, Claudia Cherubini, Raghda Jebbad, Cessar Mosso, Juan Jose Benjamin, Joan Jorge, Margarita Diez, and Jose M. Redondo

NP6.4 – Turbulence, magnetic reconnection, shocks and particle acceleration: nonlinear processes. (co-organized)

EGU2017-10120 | Orals | NP6.4

The Three Dimensional Structure and Dynamics of Magnetotail Reconnection
Raymond Walker, Giovanni Lapenta, Haoming Liang, Mostafa El Alaoui, Jean Berchem, and Melvyn Goldstein

EGU2017-7302 | Posters | NP6.4

Comparative statistics of small-scale magnetic structures by observations and simulations
Emiliya Yordanova, Zoltan Vörös, Vadim Roytershteyn, and Homa Karimabadi and the MMS Team