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OEM – Outreach, education, and media

EOS3 – Science in tomorrow's classroom (poster only session)

EGU2017-15312 | Posters | EOS3

Geoscience Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshops of the European Geoscience Union General Assembly
Eve Arnold, Friedrich Barnikel, Jean-Luc Berenguer, Francesca Cifelli, Francesca Funiciello, Chris King, Carlo Laj, Stephen Macko, Annegret Schwarz, Phil Smith, and Herbert Summesberger

EGU2017-10390 | Posters | EOS3

Using DSDP/ODP/IODP core photographs and digital images in the classroom
Hélder Pereira and Jean-Luc Berenguer

EGU2017-10160 | Posters | EOS3

Embark students on geosciences expeditions, across the oceans …
Marion Burgio, Michele Darrieu, Agnes Pointu, Patricia Maruejol, and Sharon Cooper

EGU2017-11529 | Posters | EOS3

EGU's Teacher at Sea: a unique experience
Le Gall Christophe and Realdon Giulia

EGU2017-3364 | Posters | EOS3

France 2017 welcomes the 11th International Earth Science Olympiad
Jean Luc Berenguer

EGU2017-3331 | Posters | EOS3

Scienza under 18 isontina: a teachers association at the extreme northern corner of the Mediterranean
Maria Teresa Gallo, Giulia Realdon, Giuliana Candussio, Sandra Fabris, Livia Bianchet, and Marinella Manià

EGU2017-3610 | Posters | EOS3

Learning through playing
Eva Lanzinger

EGU2017-3951 | Posters | EOS3

Faro Lake, a big picture from a small ecosystem
Alessandro Saccà

EGU2017-5595 | Posters | EOS3

Lenka Žigon

EGU2017-7681 | Posters | EOS3

Exogenous and endogenous landforms in the Mediterranean
Julia Acar

EGU2017-8524 | Posters | EOS3

Mediterranean, our sea
Foteini Markaki

EGU2017-8948 | Posters | EOS3

The Mediterranean Sea Mollusks – a school shell collection
Delia Marcu

EGU2017-9206 | Posters | EOS3

An open mind to closed borders
Ulrike Fallet and Bob Lefeber

EGU2017-9284 | Posters | EOS3

Discovering the plates boundaries in the Mediterranean sea
Maurizio Marinelli

EGU2017-9402 | Posters | EOS3

The Mediterranean
Vandana Suryawanshi

EGU2017-9508 | Posters | EOS3

Subduction indices in Calabro-Sicilian arc : Training for Experimental Skills Testing and collaborative work for students in scientific terminal class in high school.
Faustine Gendron, Lucas Bollori, and Felix Villeneuve

EGU2017-9862 | Posters | EOS3

The marine biological week as an approach to science
Angela Ransdorf and Viktoria Satzinger

EGU2017-11136 | Posters | EOS3

A Historical, Cultural and Geoscientific approach of the Mediterranean Sea
Panagiota Varouta

EGU2017-13517 | Posters | EOS3

“Mediterranean volcanoes vs. chain volcanoes in the Carpathians”
Radu Chivarean

EGU2017-14038 | Posters | EOS3

Explore Mediterranean in classroom
Ivana Balesevic

EGU2017-18111 | Posters | EOS3

Geography - Changing Faces of the Earth
Christopher Hanacek-Schubert

EGU2017-3363 | Posters | EOS3

The most enjoyable way to learn the periodic table
Verim Gümüşsoy and Mustafa Kaya

EGU2017-4436 | Posters | EOS3

Examples of digital activites in tomorrow's Science classroom
Arnaud Lardé

EGU2017-6963 | Posters | EOS3

Geolinde – a geographical online learning platform
Max Steinmüller

EGU2017-6973 | Posters | EOS3

Big History or the 13800 million years from the Big Bang to the Human Brain
Ludvik E. Gústafsson

EGU2017-10338 | Posters | EOS3

Home brewery as science investigation
Renata Flander

EGU2017-10491 | Posters | EOS3

Science on stage
Piera Ciceri

EGU2017-11474 | Posters | EOS3

Technology and education: First approach for measuring temperature with Arduino
Alejandro Carrillo

EGU2017-12897 | Posters | EOS3

The four pillars of education - learning by value
Marta Czerniak-Czyżniak

EGU2017-19252 | Posters | EOS3

TED-Ed lessons & TED-Ed clubs: Educational activities to amplify students’ voices
Georgios Villias

EGU2017-2265 | Posters | EOS3

Climate changes-What are the possible solutions?
Caterina Di Carlo

EGU2017-3373 | Posters | EOS3

What is the weather like today
Sladjana Jovic

EGU2017-3375 | Posters | EOS3

Conflicts between urbanization and agricultural activity in the outlying districts of Beni Mellal
Driss Kehal and Aziz El makssoudi

EGU2017-3727 | Posters | EOS3

3D-model: Earth’s seasons
Koen Meirlaen

EGU2017-4056 | Posters | EOS3

Geobiology in the Lab
María José López-Galindo

EGU2017-4193 | Posters | EOS3

Raising awareness of the importance of engineering protections against floods with “Flood-o-poly” v.2
Manousos Valyrakis and Ming Cheng

EGU2017-5411 | Posters | EOS3

STEeM- STEM&eTwinning in my school
Cristina Nicolaita

EGU2017-5882 | Posters | EOS3

Climate and the Carbon Cycle
Jim Manley

EGU2017-8266 | Posters | EOS3

Coriolis Force
Daly Marciuc and Viorel Solschi

EGU2017-8640 | Posters | EOS3

The power of water
Aikaterini Mavrodi

EGU2017-10713 | Posters | EOS3

The application of neural network model to the simulation nitrous oxide emission in the hydro-fluctuation belt of Three Gorges Reservoir
Lanlan Song

EGU2017-10748 | Posters | EOS3

Active learning innovative for the study of climatic variations in Sicily (Italy) and micro-climates in confined environments. Digitized construction of agro-meteorological laboratory and entrepreneurial development of methodical home automation systems
Pietro Crimi

EGU2017-12908 | Posters | EOS3

Ecosystem approach in education
Iskander Nabiullin

EGU2017-16883 | Posters | EOS3

Sanja Bulat, Mirjana Bozic, and Biljana Stojcic

EGU2017-18104 | Posters | EOS3

Study of a multitrophical integrated aquatic system for the teaching-learning of the subjects physics, chemistry and biology in the bachelor
Eva Ramirez and Cecilia Espinosa

EGU2017-113 | Posters | EOS3

Cosmic Rays & ULF Waves: Research in Schools Projects in London
Martin Archer

EGU2017-3956 | Posters | EOS3

Bringing Authentic Research into the Classroom with the Mars Student Imaging Project: Comparison of the PBL Gold Standards to the Scientific Methods
Jean Pounder

EGU2017-5384 | Posters | EOS3

Scientix in our school- discovering STEM
Cornelia Melcu

EGU2017-279 | Posters | EOS3 | Highlight

Reach the sky
Cristina Mariana Peicuti

EGU2017-597 | Posters | EOS3

Teach and Touch the Earth and Sky
Camelia Florina Tendea

EGU2017-2662 | Posters | EOS3 | Highlight

The Solar system.Stars and constellations
Octavian Horia Minda

EGU2017-2665 | Posters | EOS3

The sun,the planets and life on Earth
Tacu Cristina Claudia

EGU2017-2934 | Posters | EOS3 | Highlight

Space as an inspiring context
Cristina Stancu

EGU2017-8563 | Posters | EOS3

Teaching weather and climate science in primary schools - a pilot project from the UK Met Office
Richard Orrell, Felicity Liggins, Lesley Challenger, Dom Lethem, and Katy Campbell

EGU2017-9371 | Posters | EOS3 | Highlight

Natural Sciences and Pre-Schoolers: Impact and Future Approaches
Sara Mira, Catarina Leote, Hélder Ferreira, Diana Correia, Joana Alho, Júlio Costa, Adriana Silva, Cláudia Faria, and Luis Azevedo Rodrigues

EGU2017-6419 | Posters | EOS3

modeling lunar seisms in class
Emmanuelle Blancou

EGU2017-7158 | Posters | EOS3

Sensing our Environment: Remote sensing in a physics classroom
Sivan Isaacson, Tobias Schüttler, Aviv L. Cohen-Zada, Dan G. Blumberg, Raimund Girwidz, and Shimrit Maman

EGU2017-10540 | Posters | EOS3

3D satellite puzzles for young and old kids
Riccardo Biondi and Germana Galoforo

EGU2017-10648 | Posters | EOS3

Space Detectives
Steph Tyszka, Jose Saraiva, and Rosa Doran

EGU2017-3335 | Posters | EOS3

Seismicity of the Greek and surrounding areas
Elpida Palamidi

EGU2017-9424 | Posters | EOS3

"ABC's Earthquake" (Experiments and models in seismology)
Ana Almeida

EGU2017-10584 | Posters | EOS3

Geographic Information System Incorporated into Earth Science Classrooms to Enhance Individual Learning Development with Interconnected Concepts
Mary Anna Garifo

EGU2017-10598 | Posters | EOS3

"Land of Volcanoes" workshop: a first step in Earth Sciences for “L'Alzina” Public School primary students (4-5 years old)
Jordi Cortés, Adelina Geyer, and Mabel Díaz

EGU2017-16204 | Posters | EOS3

Food Sauces to Understand Volcanoes: a Learning Sequence in Middle School
Fabio Pieraccioni, Elena Bonaccorsi, and Anna Gioncada

EGU2017-5654 | Posters | EOS3

The Geoscience Ambassador: Training opportunities and skill development for tomorrow’s geoscientists
Louise Price

EGU2017-11082 | Posters | EOS3

Attracting and Retaining Undergraduate Students in the Geosciences: A Multipronged Approach
M. Chantale Damas

EGU2017-5993 | Posters | EOS3

Development and application of blended learning at the level of doctoral studies
Mojca Šraj, Klaudija Sapač, Andreja Žgajnar Gotvajn, Franc Lobnik, Matjaž Lobnik, Žiga Šubic, and Mitja Brilly

EGU2017-3002 | Posters | EOS3

The Northern Manitoba Mining Academy
Paul Alexandre

EGU2017-3327 | Posters | EOS3

Exploring Geology Through Fieldwork on the Isle of Arran
Daniel Newton

EGU2017-3348 | Posters | EOS3

The identity of the North East of England has been shaped by the rocks beneath our feet
Deborah Shields

EGU2017-8928 | Posters | EOS3

Sand dunes – a study of the different dune formations in the Namib Sand Sea, Namibia
antonio sangunji

EGU2017-8937 | Posters | EOS3

Field Trip - Conservation of Carnivores in Namibia
Amanda Gibson

EGU2017-9084 | Posters | EOS3

Field Survey - A Journey of Exploration and Discovery
Kiran Jadhav

EGU2017-9951 | Posters | EOS3

From the local "Pierre du Midi" resource to Liguro-Provençal geodynamics through the exploitation of the pedagogic Lithothèque-PACA database
Nathalie Romeuf, Lionel Roux, and Alain Faralli

EGU2017-10273 | Posters | EOS3

Dark grains of sand: a geological storytelling
Magda Gallo Maresca

EGU2017-10332 | Posters | EOS3

Field Geology for Environment Awareness
Marilia Andrez

EGU2017-10610 | Posters | EOS3

The rocks and fossils of my school… as educational and cientific divulgation resources
Ana Canas, Francisco Lopes, Catarina Guerreiro, Raquel Reis, and Amanda Carneiro

EGU2017-11178 | Posters | EOS3

Families in the Field: exploring northeastern Illinois
Kelda Hutson

EGU2017-11929 | Posters | EOS3

Fieldwork Lesson based on” the International Geography Olympiad” (iGeo)
Seiichi Otani

EGU2017-16738 | Posters | EOS3

Our school’s Earth and Space Sciences Club: 12 years promoting interdisciplinary explorations
Ana Margarida Maria and Hélder Pereira

EGU2017-17501 | Posters | EOS3

Building awareness of their origins from the knowledge of the territory
Francesco Gigante

EGU2017-18085 | Posters | EOS3

Making a report of a short trip in an ophiolitic complex with Google Earth
Marianne Aubret

EGU2017-18195 | Posters | EOS3

Geodynamics in Modular Course System at Vienna High School
Robert Pitzl-Reinbacher

EOS5 – Communication and Education in Geoscience: Practice, Research and Reflection

EGU2017-18894 | Orals | EOS5

The Importance of Experiential Learning
Jennifer Stanford

EGU2017-152 | Posters | EOS5

Effective Two-way Communication of Environmental Hazards: Understanding Public Perception in the UK
Maria Lorono-Leturiondo, Paul O'Hare, Simon Cook, Stephen R. Hoon, and Sam Illingworth

EGU2017-8126 | Posters | EOS5

RiverCare communication strategy for reaching beyond
Juliette Cortes Arevalo, Robert Jan den Haan, Koen Berends, Nick Leung, Denie Augustijn, and Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher

EGU2017-6293 | Orals | EOS5

Cultivating Sustainable and Authentic Service-Learning Partnerships in the Environmental Sciences
Tara Ivanochko and Kari Grain

EGU2017-10824 | Orals | EOS5

Mutualistic Symbiosis between Researchers and Educators: the Case of Two Education Officers on the Joides Resolution
Alessia Cicconi, Marion Burgio, and Sharon Cooper

EGU2017-10494 | Posters | EOS5

The Geoscience Communication School (GCS): an interactive approach for sharing science
Riccardo Biondi and Rita Nogherotto

EGU2017-17808 | Orals | EOS5

A Science Centre as a Geoturism promoter – the Lagos Ciência Viva examples (Portugal).
Luis Azevedo Rodrigues and Catarina Leote

EGU2017-13247 | Posters | EOS5

Towards a geology training and outreach centre in western Ireland
Anthea Lacchia, Peter Haughton, and Patrick Shannon

EGU2017-14725 | Posters | EOS5

Teaching sustainability science from a systems analysis perspective: MSc course at Utrecht University
Maria J Santos, Hugo de Boer, and Stefan Dekker

EGU2017-18893 | Orals | EOS5

A stepwise procedure for science communication in the field
Kerim Nisancioglu and Øyvind Paasche

EGU2017-4119 | Posters | EOS5

Geology's Impact on Culture
Ann Pizzorusso

EGU2017-15 | Orals | EOS5

Unpacking altmetrics: how new technologies can support engagement and outreach
Jean Liu

EGU2017-5035 | Posters | EOS5

What if every drop of rain that falls on the roofs of Amsterdam is used to make beer?
Rolf Hut, Dorien Lugt, Iacopo Ceccarini, Teije van der Horst, Bas des Tombe, Bart Schilperoort, and Joris Hoebe

EGU2017-162 | Orals | EOS5

The EGU Blogs: an online platform for science communication
Laura Roberts Artal and Bárbara Ferreira

EGU2017-11774 | Posters | EOS5

What if a year’s worth of rainfall fell in a single day?
Rolf Hut, Niels Drost, and Edwin Sutanudjaja

EGU2017-764 | Orals | EOS5

SeriousGeoGames - Geoscience Virtual Reality Experiences for Festival Settings
Christopher Skinner

EGU2017-19075 | Posters | EOS5

Ice Flows: A Game-based Learning approach to Science Communication
Anne Le Brocq

EGU2017-8347 | Orals | EOS5 | Highlight

Sandscape - engaging people in Met Office science through sand sculpture
Felicity Liggins, Ellen Dowell, Jamie Wardley, and Claire Jamieson

EGU2017-9806 | Posters | EOS5

Sustaining Public Communication of Geoscience in the Mass Media Market
Christopher Keane

EGU2017-8784 | Orals | EOS5

Reporting from the Iceland Deep Drilling Project
Karl Urban

EGU2017-16799 | Orals | EOS5

Development of a geoscience education book with schoolchildren from low STEM engagement areas
Alex Boyd and Fergus McAuliffe

EGU2017-11878 | Posters | EOS5

Simon Schneider and Natalia Ospina-Alvarez

EGU2017-19057 | Orals | EOS5

What if we built a wall on top of the Greenland ice sheet? Can we “save” the Netherlands?
Ruth Mottram and Pim Bussink

EGU2017-18145 | Posters | EOS5

Examining the Real Merits of the Virtual Microscope
Ronan Hennessy, Pat Meere, Timsie Ho, Julian Menuge, Shane Tyrrell, Balz Kamber, Bettie Higgs, and Simon Kelley

EGU2017-13463 | Posters | EOS5

The art of communicating seismology to broad audiences: the exhibition which changed the perception
Dragos Toma-Danila, Dragos Tataru, Eduard Nastase, Alexandra Muntean, and Raluca Partheniu

EGU2017-2572 | Posters | EOS5

Lessons learnt from Volcanoes' Night I-II-III - a Marie Curie Researchers' Night project series dedicated to geosciences
Adrienn Cseko, Balazs Bodo, and Ariadna Ortega Rodriguez

EGU2017-9332 | Posters | EOS5

EUROPEAN VOLCANOES’ NIGHT: building a link between general public and volcanologists in a relaxed and welcoming setting
David Calvo, María E. González-Cárdenas, Laura Baldrich, Carmen Solana, Rosella Nave, Sonia Calvari, Szabolcs Harangi, Floriane Chouraqui, Samara Dionis, Sonia V. Silva, Victor H. Forjaz, Luca D'Auria, and Nemesio M. Pérez

EGU2017-17779 | Posters | EOS5

Feeling and Understanding Plate Tectonics – How can We attract Museum Visitors Attention?
Gilla Simon and Michael Apel

EGU2017-19140 | Posters | EOS5

Volcanic Infrasound - A technical topic communicated in an entertaining way
Isaac Kerlow

EGU2017-16785 | Posters | EOS5

Geochemical Treasure Hunt for Primary School Children
Maja Tesmer, Daniel Frick, Ruben Gerrits, and Schülerlabor des GFZ - GeoWunderWerkstatt

EGU2017-6638 | Posters | EOS5

The ICTJA-CSIC Science Week 2016: an open door to Earth Sciences for secondary education students
Jordi Cortes-Picas, Jordi Diaz, Jose-Luis Fernandez-Turiel, Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, Adelina Geyer, Maria-Jose Jurado, Encarni Montoya, Marta Rejas Alejos, Pilar Sánchez-Pastor, and Angel Valverde-Perez

EGU2017-4979 | Posters | EOS5

Linking students and lecturers – a first year student-staff interview project
Rie Hjørnegaard Malm, Karianne Lilleøren, and Anders Mattias Lundmark

EGU2017-13160 | Posters | EOS5

A School Competition on the computation of the solar parallax using observations from the Mercury Transit of 9 May 2016 – Results and Discussion
Joe Zender, Rebecca Barnes, Huib Zuidervaart, Johannes Benkhoff, Santa Martinez, Michel Breitfellner, and Miguel Almeida

EGU2017-15110 | Posters | EOS5

Sierpinski triangles as a tool to introduce fractal geometry to children and their parents
Auguste Gires and Daniel Schertzer

EGU2017-18627 | Posters | EOS5

The Mercury Transit 2016: educational activities from CESAR
Miguel Pérez-Ayúcar and Michel Breitfelner

EGU2017-19055 | Posters | EOS5

European Synergies for Soil-Related Training Provisions
Matthieu Arnoult, Suzanne Reynders, Marie Dittmann, and Martin Lukac

EGU2017-9272 | Posters | EOS5

MOSES: a Symbiosis Between the Lagos Ciência Viva Science Centre and a Research Project from the University of the Algarve
Catarina Leote, Delminda Moura, and Luis Azevedo Rodrigues

EOS7 – Women in geosciences

EGU2017-18640 | Orals | EOS7

Role Models for boosting mobility of women scientists in geosciences
Giovanna Avellis and Magdalini Theodoridou

EGU2017-809 | Orals | EOS7

Mobility support and networking for women in STEM
Giovanna Avellis and Ira Didenkulova

EGU2017-753 | Orals | EOS7

Women in landscape architecture and heritage conservation
Maria Bostenaru-Dan, Magda Theodoridou, Mikiko Hayashi, and Mirela Adriana Anghelache

EGU2017-6759 | Orals | EOS7

We4DRR: A brand new European network for women in Disaster Risk Reduction
Maria Papathoma-Koehle, Margreth Keiler, Catrin Promper, and Maria Patek

EGU2017-7284 | Orals | EOS7

Women in EPOS: the role of women in a large pan-European Research Infrastructure for Solid Earth sciences
Elisa Calignano, Carmela Freda, and Laura Baracchi

EGU2017-4067 | Orals | EOS7 | Highlight

Recipe for Success: Field Geologist Katharine Fowler-Billings (1902-1997)
Carol Frost

EGU2017-19063 | Orals | EOS7

The path from geoscience to road engineering: experience in Russia and Norway
Elena Kuznetsova

EOS8 – Promoting and supporting equality of opportunities in geosciences

EGU2017-5428 | Orals | EOS8

When East meets the West: differences in approach and mentality between old and new EU member countries
Liviu Matenco

EGU2017-2324 | Posters | EOS8

How to increase the number of women in leadership positions?
Ulrike Lohmann

EGU2017-4904 | Posters | EOS8 | Highlight

Observations and actions to ensure equal treatment of all candidates by the European Research Council
Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin, Luis Farina Busto, Nadia El Mjiyad, Jhansi Kota, and Lionel Thelen

EGU2017-10606 | Orals | EOS8

Juggling the life-puzzle with Geosciences: personal experience and strategies from a female leader
Berit Arheimer

EGU2017-17298 | Orals | EOS8

How to make progress in geosciences towards UN Sustainable Development Goal N°5?
Véronique Garçon

EGU2017-6444 | Posters | EOS8

Delivering accessible fieldwork: preliminary findings from a collaborative international study
Alison Stokes, Christopher Atchison, Anthony Feig, and Brett Gilley

EGU2017-14953 | Orals | EOS8

Dual career and job sharing - two careers or half a career?
Renée Heilbronner and Holger Stünitz

EGU2017-8174 | Posters | EOS8

Integrated absolute dating approach for terrestrial records of past climate using trapped charge methods (INTERTRAP) - the blessing and turmoil of implementing for the first time an ERC grant at a Romanian university
Alida Timar-Gabor and Jan-Pieter Buylaert

EGU2017-10963 | Orals | EOS8 | Highlight

Equality of opportunities in geosciences: The EGU Awards Committee experience
Özgür Karatekin

EGU2017-12720 | Posters | EOS8

Inclusive outreach practices in Palaeontology: Inclusive-Coworking
Alejandra García-Frank, Miguel Gomez-Heras, and Omid Fesharaki

EGU2017-13228 | Posters | EOS8

Accessible Geoscience - Digital Fieldwork
Rhian Meara

EGU2017-31 | Orals | EOS8

Promoting equal opportunity within the transregional Collabortive Research Center “Waves to Weather” (W2W)
Audine Laurian and George Craig

EGU2017-13878 | Posters | EOS8

Equal opportunities for men: a perspective of an ERC grantee and father of three
Sebastian Sobek

EGU2017-6885 | Orals | EOS8 | Highlight

Baltic Consortium on Promoting Gender Equality in Marine Research Organisations (Baltic Gender)
Başak Kısakürek Ibsen, Sarah Braun, Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, Tiit Kutser, Johanna Stadmark, Viktorija Vaitkevičienė, Joanna Waniek, Iris Werner, and Katja Matthes

EGU2017-10522 | Orals | EOS8

GOLD: Building capacity for broadening participation in the Geosciences
Amanda Adams, Lina Patino, Michael B. Jones, and Elizabeth Rom

EGU2017-14214 | Posters | EOS8

The challenge of achieving professionalism and respect of diversity in a UK Earth Sciences department
Jonathan Imber, Michelle Taylor, Mark Callaghan, Gabriella Castiello, George Cooper, Gillian Foulger, Emma Gregory, Louise Herron, Jill Hoult, Marissa Lo, Tara Love, Colin Macpherson, Janice Oakes, Jordan Phethean, and Amy Riches

EGU2017-14901 | Posters | EOS8

Y Coleg Cymraeg Cendelaethol - A Welsh Language Higher Education Initiative
Rhian Meara

EGU2017-3788 | Orals | EOS8

Preventing a Leak: Two Perspectives on Creating Supportive Environment for Graduate Student Colleagues
Ellen Wohl and Katherine Lininger

EGU2017-14996 | Posters | EOS8 | Highlight

A stratigraphy fieldtrip for people with visual impairment
Miguel Gomez-Heras, Laura Gonzalez-Acebron, Belen Muñoz-Garcia, Alejandra Garcia-Frank, and Omid Fesharaki

EGU2017-11223 | Orals | EOS8

PROGRESS (PROmoting Geoscience Research Education and SuccesS): a novel mentoring program for retaining undergraduate women in the geosciences
Sandra Clinton, Amanda Adams, Rebecca Barnes, Brittany Bloodhart, Cheryl Bowker, Melissa Burt, Elaine Godfrey, Heather Henderson, Paul Hernandez, Ilana Pollack, Laura Beth Sample McMeeking, Jennifer Sayers, and Emily Fischer

EGU2017-2669 | Orals | EOS8

The role of male violence against women in female under-representation in (geo)sciences
Aude Vincent

EGU2017-17770 | Posters | EOS8

Beyond statistics: local solutions to the underrepresentation of women in Geophysics
Maëlis Arnould, Marie Bocher, Nicolas Coltice, Anaïs Gallard, Mélanie Gérault, Claire Mallard, and Martina Ulvrova

EGU2017-18412 | Posters | EOS8

Accessible Earth: Enhancing diversity in the Geosciences through accessible course design and Experiential Learning Theory
Rick Bennett and Diedre Lamb

EGU2017-9361 | Orals | EOS8

A Sociological Framework to Address Gender Equity in the Geosciences
Mary Anne Holmes

EOS9 – Show your best geoscience teaching innovation! | PICO

EGU2017-11789 | PICOs | EOS9

airGRteaching: an R-package designed for teaching hydrology with lumped hydrological models
Guillaume Thirel, Olivier Delaigue, Laurent Coron, Vazken Andréassian, and Pierre Brigode

EGU2017-14054 | PICOs | EOS9

Using serious games and virtual worlds in pesticides transport teaching
Sylvain Payraudeau, Pablo Alvarez-Zaldivar, Paul van Dijk, and Gwenaël Imfeld

EGU2017-5629 | PICOs | EOS9

Tools for enhancing motivation in teaching climate change and impacts for students in forest- and environmental engineering
Borbála Gálos

EGU2017-17199 | PICOs | EOS9

Best geoscience approach to complex systems in environment
Yacine Mezemate, Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia, and Daniel Schertzer

EGU2017-9431 | PICOs | EOS9

What do we need to know to predict ENSO? Student-centered learning in a Master course in Climate Physics
Joke Lübbecke and Mirjam Glessmer

EGU2017-18971 | PICOs | EOS9

Peer-tutoring educational experiences about meteorological and climatological issues in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Sergio Nordio and Federica Flapp

EGU2017-11593 | PICOs | EOS9

Crime scene investigation involving a large turbidite – a 1h-teaching unit in Limnogeology/Sedimentology
Adrian Gilli and Katrina Kremer

EGU2017-16720 | PICOs | EOS9

Autonomous excursions using tablets and smartphones
Wouter Marra, Marin Groothengel, Liesbeth van de Grint, Derek Karssenberg, and Esther Stouthamer

EOS10 – Scientists, artists and the Earth: co-operating for a better planet sustainability

EGU2017-3887 | Posters | EOS10

A trial of music composition work on the theme of the marching season from spring to summer (An interdisciplinary class between music and climate education for the university students)
Kuranoshin Kato and Haruko Kato

EGU2017-3073 | Orals | EOS10 | Highlight

Leonardo da Vinci's Geology: The Authenticity of The Virgin of the Rocks
Ann Pizzorusso

EGU2017-19128 | Orals | EOS10

CHANGE: Anthropogenic change through the eyes of a child
Isaac Kerlow

EGU2017-6897 | Posters | EOS10

Experiencing Earth’s inaudible symphony
Graeme Marlton, Andrew Charlton-Perez, Giles Harrison, and Juliet Robson

EGU2017-4179 | Orals | EOS10

Deep-time moles: art and archiving for an uncertain radiological future
Dave Griffiths, Samuel Illingworth, and Matt Girling

EGU2017-15212 | Posters | EOS10

Climate Museum and Garden
Jay Gregg and Dorthe Bille

EGU2017-15410 | Orals | EOS10

Sensing the earthquake
Marta Bichisao and Angela Stallone

EGU2017-18468 | Posters | EOS10

Turin before the city: Earth Science and Audiovisual Art for scientific storytelling and communication
Vincenzo Lombardo and Marco Giardino

EGU2017-1595 | Orals | EOS10

Enhancing observation by drawing: Alveolinids models by Manfred Reichel (1896-1984)
Maria Leria

EGU2017-18330 | Posters | EOS10

Eye of the beholder: when the public can’t separate art from science, are you doing both?
Rolf Hut and Thom Bogaard

EGU2017-7806 | Posters | EOS10

BellHouse - a collaboration in ceramics
Rupert Johnstone, Felicity Liggins, Carlo Buontempo, Seth Honnor, Jocelyn Spencer-Mills, Paula Newton, and Emily Williams

EGU2017-5691 | Orals | EOS10 | Highlight

The human story of Crew 173- capturing a Mars analog mission
Niamh Shaw, Michaela Musilova, Arnau Pons Lorente, Idriss Sisaid, Roy Naor, and Richard Blake

EGU2017-15154 | Posters | EOS10

Beauty and science in a shot
Piera Ciceri

EGU2017-5777 | Orals | EOS10

67P, Singing Comet
Ekaterina Smirnova

EGU2017-6760 | Posters | EOS10

Games As Educational Tools in eARTh Science: MAREOPOLI and THE ENERGY CHALLENGE.
Sara Garvani, Marina Locritani, Francesca di Laura, Mascha Stroobant, and Silvia Merlino

EGU2017-12012 | Orals | EOS10

Flying through an African Greenstone Belt by EMusic
Antonio Menghini and Stefano Pontani

EGU2017-2463 | Posters | EOS10

Using systems gaming to explore decision-making under uncertainty in natural hazard crises
Jamie W McCaughey and David Finnigan

EGU2017-2453 | Orals | EOS10

A Toolkit of Systems Gaming Techniques
David Finnigan and Jamie W McCaughey

EGU2017-5150 | Posters | EOS10

Interdisciplinary Learning Through the Teaching of Science and Art
Samuel Illingworth, Joanna Verran, Dave Griffiths, and Annie Carpenter

EGU2017-4169 | Orals | EOS10

Studioantarctica: Embedding Art in a Geophysics Sea Ice Expedition
Gabby O'Connor and Craig Stevens

EGU2017-3310 | Orals | EOS10

Climate research, citizen science and art in Bangladesh
Mathew Stiller-Reeve, Zakia Naznin, Anne Blanchard, and Scott Bremer

EGU2017-5779 | Posters | EOS10

Comet 67P Through the Lens of Art
Ekaterina Smirnova

EGU2017-8305 | Posters | EOS10 | Highlight

The MUTENAGE Project (MUsical Tools for ENhancing the Awareness of Global Emergencies)
Antonio Menghini, Stefano Pontani, Vincenzo Sapia, and Tiziana Lanza

EGU2017-12686 | Orals | EOS10

What do “Vertigo” and “Blue Velvet” tell on carbon cycle and climate change?
Timo Vesala

EGU2017-4974 | Posters | EOS10

Fairy-tale planet: creative science writing for children
Tiziana Lanza and Giuliana D'Addezio

EOS13 – Ocean Science Literacy

EGU2017-3483 | Posters | EOS13

Ocean Literacy from kindergarten to secondary school: a vertically articulated curriculum on marine micro-plastics
Giulia Realdon, Giuliana Candussio, Marinella Manià, and Serenella Palamin

EGU2017-12636 | Orals | EOS13

The Blue Öresund Bridge of Knowledge
Åsa Hellström and Michael Palmgren

EGU2017-7338 | Posters | EOS13

Sailing for Science: on board experiences for transferring knowledge on Historical Oceanography for Future Innovation
Sara Garvani, Cosmo Carmisciano, Marina Locritani, Luigi Grossi, Anna Mori, Mascha Stroobant, Erika Schierano, Federico De Strobel, Giuseppe Manzella, Enrico Muzi, Dario Leccese, Luigi Sinapi, Claudio Morellato, Hebert La Tassa, Roberta Talamoni, Emanuel Coelho, and Francesca Nacini

EGU2017-17389 | Orals | EOS13

The Ocean as a teaching tool: the first MOOC on Ocean Literacy
Selvaggia Santin and Francesca Santoro

EGU2017-3336 | Orals | EOS13

Promoting Ocean Literacy through American Meteorological Society Programs
Michael Passow, Wendy Abshire, Robert Weinbeck, Ira Geer, and Elizabeth Mills

EGU2017-9726 | Posters | EOS13

The hyperbolic problem
Lavinio Gualdesi

EGU2017-18398 | Orals | EOS13

LEARN-TEACH: a pilot to boost Ocean Literacy in High Schools
Ivo Grigorov, Diana Payne, Bynna Vogt, Charlotte Knappe, and Werner Riedel

EGU2017-10310 | Posters | EOS13

Using Deep-Sea Scientific Drilling to Enhance Ocean Science Literacy
Michael Passow, Sharon Cooper, Nicole Kurtz, Marion Burgio, and Alessia Cicconi

EGU2017-4297 | Orals | EOS13

Measuring the sea: the first oceanographic cruise (1679-1680) and the roots of oceanography
Nadia Pinardi, Emin Özsoy, Mohammed Abdul Latif, Franca Moroni, Alessandro Grandi, Giuseppe Manzella, Federico De Strobel, and Vladyslav Lyubartsev

EGU2017-13682 | Posters | EOS13

Apeiron: engaging students if ocean science
Alessandro Manzella and Giuseppe M.R. Manzella

EGU2017-13965 | Posters | EOS13

Barriers to teaching ocean science in Greek schools
Martha Papathanassiou, Patricia McHugh, Christine Domegan, Susan Gotensparre, Geraldine Fauville, and Jon Parr

EGU2017-10412 | Orals | EOS13

Contribution of Cultural Ecosystem Services to Natural Capital in the coastal area of Civitavecchia (Latium, Italy)
Marco Marcelli, Alice Madonia, Anna Tofani, Chiara Molino, and Francesco Manfredi Frattarelli

EGU2017-15045 | Posters | EOS13

More than 70 years of continuous sea level records on the Santander Bay.
Alicia Lavín, Elena Tel, Joaquin Molinero, and Carmen Rodriguez

EGU2017-18603 | Posters | EOS13

Experiences of ocean literacy with different users of operational oceanography services and with high school students
Paola Agostini, Giovanni Coppini, Sara Martinelli, Roberto Bonarelli, Rita Lecci, Nadia Pinardi, Sergio Cretì, Giuseppe Turrisi, Stefania Angela Ciliberti, Ivan Federico, Gianandrea Mannarini, Giorgia Verri, Eric Jansen, Letizia Lusito, Francesca Macchia, Fabio Montagna, Mauro Buonocore, Palmalisa Marra, Luca Tedesco, and Arturo Cavallo

EOS14 – Geoethics: ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience knowledge, education, research and practice

EGU2017-2682 | Posters | EOS14 | Highlight

The Cape Town Statement on Geoethics
Giuseppe Di Capua, Silvia Peppoloni, and Peter Bobrowsky

EGU2017-17794 | Orals | EOS14

Reflections on the fundamentals of Geoethics
Stefano Tinti and Alberto Armigliato

EGU2017-9778 | Posters | EOS14

Ethical considerations in developing the next generation of geoscientists and defining a common cause for the geosciences
Christopher Keane and Maeve Boland

EGU2017-16759 | Posters | EOS14

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Geosciences
Franca Schwarz

EGU2017-2598 | Orals | EOS14

Rewind, review, reflect and fast forward: from Ethics to GeoEthics.
Eduardo Marone

EGU2017-17473 | Orals | EOS14

From infotainment to tools of interaction - A critical perspective on the use of film/video in geoscience
Johanna Ickert

EGU2017-2681 | Posters | EOS14

How much are researchers aware of the ethical and social implications of their activities? The example of the European Project ENVRI Plus
Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua, and Florian Haslinger

EGU2017-5668 | Orals | EOS14

The ethics of educational methods to teach geoethics.
Pimnutcha Promduangsri and David Crookall

EGU2017-10067 | Posters | EOS14

Harassment as an Ethics Issue
Mary Anne Holmes, Erika Marin-Spiotta, and Blair Schneider

EGU2017-17142 | Orals | EOS14

'Anthropocene': An Ethical Crisis, Not a Geological Epoch
Chris Cuomo

EGU2017-17708 | Posters | EOS14

Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics at AGU – Strategies and Actions to Impact Sexual Harassment in Science and other Work Climate Issues
Michael McPhaden, Eric Davidson, Christine McEntee, and Billy Williams

EGU2017-4092 | Posters | EOS14

On the necessity of making geoethics a central concern in eduethics world-wide
David Crookall and Pimnutcha Promduangsri

EGU2017-2636 | Orals | EOS14 | Highlight

Citizen-science, Geoethics and Human Niche
Martin Bohle

EGU2017-2936 | Posters | EOS14

Improving metacognitive skills in geosciences to preserve the quality of divulged information
Massimo Arattano and Albertina Gatti

EGU2017-4876 | Posters | EOS14

Incorporating geoethics into environmental engineering lectures – three years of experience from international students visiting Iceland
David C. Finger

EGU2017-17544 | Orals | EOS14

A practical guide to ethical and effective delivery of geoscience for the service of society
Ruth Allington

EGU2017-18859 | Posters | EOS14

A questionnaire for teachers to improve training activity and students on environmental science in the frame of ENVRIPLUS project
Giuliana D'Addezio, Antonella Marsili, and Laura Beranzoli

EGU2017-14139 | Orals | EOS14

Natural Hazards and the Normative Significance of Expectations in Protecting Alpine Communities
Florian Ortner, Thomas Pölzler, Lukas H. Meyer, and Oliver Sass

EGU2017-17442 | Posters | EOS14

Media and experts: setting the agenda of the debate in an on going seismic sequence
Gemma Musacchio and Giovanna L Piangiamore

EGU2017-17093 | Orals | EOS14

Ethical implication of providing scientific data and services to diverse stakeholders: the case of the EPOS research infrastructure
Carmela Freda, Kuvvet Atakan, and Massimo Cocco

EGU2017-17900 | Orals | EOS14

Avenue for integrating geoethics into the working world.
Jan Boon

EGU2017-5058 | Posters | EOS14

The natural disasters and the urban asset modifications: the Melito Irpino case history.
Sabina Porfido and Efisio Spiga

EGU2017-5083 | Posters | EOS14

Towards to Resilience Science -Research on the Nankai trough seismogenic zone-
Yoshiyuki Kaneda, Wataru Shiraki, Kazuhito Fujisawa, and Eiji Tokozakura

EGU2017-16704 | Orals | EOS14 | Highlight

Negotiating a new social contract for the extractive industries: what is the role of geoscientists?
Nic Bilham

EGU2017-6915 | Posters | EOS14

Environmental, Disaster and Crisis Management Strategies: Interdisciplinarity and Synergy in Postgraduate Studies
Efthymis Lekkas, Emmanouil Andreadakis, Paraskevi Nomikou, Varvara Antoniou, Eleni Kapourani, and Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos

EGU2017-18694 | Orals | EOS14

New geoethic challenges in the framework of the UNESCO Global Geoparks
Elizabeth Silva and Artur Sá

EGU2017-9515 | Posters | EOS14

Knowledge of seismic hazard for the preservation of cultural heritage: the case study of Naples (Southern Italy)
Sabina Porfido, Giuliana Alessio, Germana Gaudiosi, Rosa Nappi, and Efisio Spiga

EGU2017-18555 | Posters | EOS14

Impact of Geological Changes on Regional and Global Economies
Skufina Tatiana, Skuf’in Peter, Samarina Vera, Shatalova Taisiya, and Sergey Baranov

EGU2017-10280 | Posters | EOS14

Geoethical implications for geoarchaeology. The Laacher See and AD 536 case studies
Felix Riede, Neil Price, and Per Andersen

EGU2017-10622 | Posters | EOS14

The contamination of scientific literature: looking for an antidote
Marcello Liotta

EGU2017-12446 | Posters | EOS14

Criminal fisheries practices and their perverse effects in West Africa
Aliou Sall and Cornelia E. Nauen

EGU2017-3953 | Posters | EOS14

Implementation of the geoethics principal to environmental technologies by Biogeosystem Technique
Abdulmalik Batukaev, Valery Kalinitchenko, Tatiana Minkina, Saglara Mandzhieva, and Svetlana Sushkova

EGU2017-124 | Posters | EOS14

Geoethics – A Message from the Field in Tanzania
Athumani Amiry Sabuni and Martin Bohle

EGU2017-17962 | Posters | EOS14 | Highlight

Geoethics and Forensic Geology
Laurance Donnelly

EOS15 – Effective Project Management in Earth Sciences – What does That Mean?

EGU2017-17510 | Posters | EOS15

IS-ENES project management – lessons learnt
Marie Parinet, Francesca Guglielmo, and Sylvie Joussaume

EGU2017-6522 | Orals | EOS15

Do's en don'ts in setting up European Research Infrastructures
Alex Vermeulen

EGU2017-6404 | Orals | EOS15

Stakeholder integration and public engagement of EU and national research projects in Germany
Meike Ruhnau, Chenbo Guo, Anastasia Walter, and Nadine Schneider

EGU2017-17537 | Posters | EOS15

Challenges, solutions and limitations to effectively communicate science to non-scientific stakeholders
María Uyarra, Carolina Alonso, Marianna Mea, Alice Newton, and Ángel Borja

EGU2017-14098 | Orals | EOS15

Overcoming organizational, cultural and technological barriers in a cluster of European Research Infrastructures
Ari Asmi, Magdalena Brus, Paolo Laj, and Werner Kutsch

EGU2017-13657 | Posters | EOS15

EMSODEV and EPOS-IP: key findings for effective management of EU research infrastructure projects
Paola Materia, Sabrina Bozzoli, Laura Beranzoli, Massimo Cocco, Paolo Favali, Carmela Freda, and Agata Sangianantoni

EGU2017-18355 | Orals | EOS15

Passive vs Active Knowledge Transfer: boosting grant proposal impact
Ivo Grigorov, Georgia Bayliss-Brown, David Murphy, Thomas Thøgersen, and Patrizio Mariani

EGU2017-14439 | Posters | EOS15

Dissemination and Exploitation: Project Goals beyond Science
Kristin Hamann and Anja Reitz

EGU2017-9693 | Orals | EOS15

Exploring indicators of interdisciplinary research and education success
Gemma Carr, Anicet Blanch, Alfred Paul Blaschke, Roy Brouwer, Christian Bucher, Andreas Farnleitner, Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Daniel Pete Loucks, Eberhard Morgenroth, Juraj Parajka, Norbert Pfeifer, Helmut Rechberger, Wolfgang Wagner, Matthias Zessner, and Günter Blöschl

EGU2017-17488 | Posters | EOS15

Surviving coordination of large research projects: do’s and don’ts
Carolina Alonso, María Uyarra, and Ángel Borja

EGU2017-17986 | Posters | EOS15

SWARMS Early Trials Management for The SWARMs ECSEL-H2020 Project
Daniel Alcaraz, Tania Morales, Ayoze Castro, Carlos Barrera, Joaquín Hernández, and Octavio Llinás

EGU2017-14635 | Posters | EOS15

How an impact plan can build on the success of your project – from proposal to legacy
Sofia Alexiou

EGU2017-16993 | Posters | EOS15

Management tools for R&D engineering projects: Coordination perspective for large international consortium (NeXOS)
Ayoze Castro, Simone Memè, Eduardo Quevedo, Christoph Waldmann, Jay Pearlman, Eric Delory, and Octavio Llinás

EGU2017-17482 | Posters | EOS15

Certified Integral Programme Management for R&D European Projects in Marine Sciences
Ayoze Castro, silvia Hildebrandt, Eduardo Quevedo, Simone Meme, Josefina Loustau, Joaquin Hernandez-Brito, and Octavio Llinás

EGU2017-13976 | Posters | EOS15

From industry to academia: Benefits of integrating a professional project management standard into (geo)science research
Luisa Cristini

EGU2017-15703 | Posters | EOS15

Diversity in research projects – A key to success?
Daniela Henkel, Anton Eisenhauer, and Isabelle Taubner

EGU2017-15249 | Posters | EOS15

How big is too big or how many partners are needed to build a large project which still can be managed successfully?
Daniela Henkel and Anton Eisenhauer

EGU2017-2916 | Posters | EOS15

Day-to-day management of EU projects: Implementation of a local manager network to secure knowledge transfer
Friederike Hoffmann, Stefanie Meyer, and Mahaut de Vareilles

EGU2017-8776 | Posters | EOS15

Challenges and opportunities of multi-disciplinary, multi-national and multi-sectoral projects
Anja Reitz and Kristin Hamann

EGU2017-5312 | Posters | EOS15

The Sustainable Development Goals - conceptual approaches for science and research projects
Bettina Schmalzbauer and Martin Visbeck

EGU2017-6510 | Posters | EOS15

Cooperative Projects - Challenges and Opportunities
Wiebke Schubotz, Tim Brücher, and Freja Vamborg

EGU2017-16305 | Posters | EOS15

Internationalization Measures in Large Scale Research Projects
Emanuel Soeding and Nancy Smith

EGU2017-13442 | Posters | EOS15

MEMO2 MEthane goes MObile – MEasurements and Modelling Part 1
Sylvia Walter and Thomas Röckmann and the MEMO2

EGU2017-4392 | Posters | EOS15

Dissemination and exploitation – how to stand out in the information jungle
Sylvia Walter
CC BY 4.0