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OS – Ocean Sciences

OS1.1 – Open Session on General Circulation, Ocean Climate Variability and Air-Sea Interactions.

EGU2017-1435 | Posters | OS1.1

Devonian tides: a driver for the evolution of terrestrial vertebrates?
Hannah Byrne and Mattias Green

EGU2017-7703 | Orals | OS1.1

Radiative fluxes over the oceans and their representation in CMIP5 models
Martin Wild

EGU2017-17187 | Orals | OS1.1

The HOAPS Climatology V4: updates and results from comparisons to various satellite, buoy and ship data records
Marc Schroeder, Kathrin Graw, Axel Andersson, Karsten Fennig, Stephan Bakan, and Christian Klepp

EGU2017-1453 | Posters | OS1.1

Deep water bottom current evolution in the northern South China Sea during the last 150 kyr: Evidence from sedimentary sortable silt and magnetic fabric
Niu Li, Xiaoqiang Yang, Jie Peng, Qixian Zhou, and Zhihua Su

EGU2017-1628 | Posters | OS1.1

Deep Coherent Vortices and Their Sea Surface Expressions
Federico Ienna, Igor Bashmachnikov, Joaquim Dias, and Alvaro Peliz

EGU2017-9773 | Orals | OS1.1

Assessing sea wave and spray effects on Marine Boundary Layer structure
Christos Stathopoulos, George Galanis, Platon Patlakas, and George Kallos

EGU2017-2080 | Posters | OS1.1

Wind stress and heat fluxes over a Brazilian Coastal Upwelling
Marcelo Dourado and Rogério Candella

EGU2017-7608 | Orals | OS1.1

The impact of horizontal resolution on the representation of air-sea interaction over North Atlantic open ocean convection sites
Kent Moore, Ian Renfrew, David Bromwich, Aaron Wilson, Kjetil Vage, and Lesheng Bai

EGU2017-17620 | Orals | OS1.1

A kinetic model for rain falling on water waves
Luc Mieussens and Fabrice Veron

EGU2017-2768 | Posters | OS1.1

Dispersion of deep-sea hydrothermal vent effluents and larvae by submesoscale and tidal currents
Jonathan Gula, Clément Vic, Guillaume Roullet, and Florence Pradillon

EGU2017-11799 | Orals | OS1.1

Sensitivity of the ocean overturning circulation to wind and mixing: theoretical scalings and global ocean models
Maxim Nikurashin and Andrew Gunn

EGU2017-2744 | Posters | OS1.1

Countercurrent Analyses near Southeast Coast of Taiwan
Yuan-Chen Lo, Ching-Yuan Lu, Kai-Ho Cheng, Po-Chun Hsu, and Chung-Ru Ho

EGU2017-3616 | Posters | OS1.1

Evolving patterns of surface heat fluxes influence global radiative feedback strength
Maria Rugenstein, Ken Caldeira, and Reto Knutti

EGU2017-3538 | Orals | OS1.1 | Highlight

A global probabilistic study of the Ocean Heat Content low-frequency variability: atmospheric forcing versus oceanic chaos
Thierry Penduff, Guillaume Sérazin, Alexandre Jaymond, Stéphanie Leroux, Laurent Bessières, William Llovel, Laurent Terray, Jean-Marc Molines, and Bernard Barnier

EGU2017-2806 | Orals | OS1.1

Does ocean intrinsic variability impact ocean deep convection ? Answers from ensemble simulations of deep convection in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea.
Robin Waldman, Samuel Somot, Marine Herrmann, and Florence Sevault

EGU2017-3663 | Posters | OS1.1

Improved Climate Simulations through a Stochastic Parameterization of Ocean Eddies
Paul Williams, Nicola Howe, Jonathan Gregory, Robin Smith, and Manoj Joshi

EGU2017-3762 | Posters | OS1.1

Comparison of the ocean surface vector winds over the Nordic Seas and their application for ocean modeling
Dmitry Dukhovskoy and Mark Bourassa

EGU2017-8377 | Orals | OS1.1

Did hydrographic sampling capture global and regional deep ocean heat content trends accurately between 1990-2010?
Freya Garry, Elaine McDonagh, Adam Blaker, Chris Roberts, Damien Desbruyères, and Brian King

EGU2017-9243 | Orals | OS1.1

Understanding the heat and salinity changes in the ocean interior over the last decades: an analysis of the CMIP models in density space
Yona Silvy, Eric Guilyardi, Jean-Baptiste Sallée, Paul Durack, and Peter Gleckler

EGU2017-4005 | Posters | OS1.1

Characterization of extreme air-sea turbulent fluxes
Sergey Gulev and Konstantin Belyaev

EGU2017-12971 | Orals | OS1.1

The vertical structure of ocean eddies
Joe LaCasce, Marta Sanchez de La Lama, and Helle Fuhr

EGU2017-4270 | Posters | OS1.1

Inter-comparison of vertical mixing schemes in a global ocean general circulation model
Ho Jin Lee, Sang Yeob Kim, and Young Ho Kim

EGU2017-5247 | Posters | OS1.1

Mean ocean temperature change over the last glacial transition based on heavy noble gases in the atmosphere
Bernhard Bereiter, Jeff Severinghaus, Sarah Shackleton, Daniel Baggenstos, and Kenji Kawamura

EGU2017-10496 | Orals | OS1.1

On Cabbeling and Thermobaricity in the Surface Mixed Layer
Kial D. Stewart, Thomas W. N. Haine, Andrew McC. Hogg, and Fabien Roquet

EGU2017-5502 | Posters | OS1.1

The Kuroshio Extension low-frequency variability analyzed with altimeter data through an ad hoc composite index
Stefano Pierini, Vittorio Gentile, Paola de Ruggiero, and Luca Pietranera

EGU2017-6061 | Posters | OS1.1

Importance of air-sea interaction on wind waves, storm surge and hurricane simulations
Yingjian Chen and Xiping Yu

EGU2017-7960 | Posters | OS1.1

Role of observed Pacific trade wind trends in the recent hiatus and future projections
Nicola Maher, Matthew England, Alex Sen Gupta, and Paul Spence

EGU2017-13085 | Posters | OS1.1

Shortwave flux at the surface of the Atlantic Ocean: in-situ measurements, satellite data and parametrization.
Alexey Sinitsyn

EGU2017-13974 | Posters | OS1.1

Linking extreme surface turbulent heat fluxes to cyclone characteristics over the North Atlantic
Natalia Tilinina and Alexander Gavrikov

EGU2017-14978 | Posters | OS1.1

North Atlantic air-sea fluxes from long-term experiments with atmospheric mesoscale model
Alexander Gavrikov, Sergey Gulev, and Natalia Tilinina

EGU2017-16537 | Posters | OS1.1

Long-term changes in cloud cover and short wave radiation over the Ocean
Marina Aleksandrova, Sergey Gulev, and Alexey Sinitsyn

EGU2017-10655 | Posters | OS1.1

Calibration of a set of surface heat flux analyses
Rick Danielson, Abderrahim Bentamy, Igor Esau, Johnny Johannessen, Jean-Francois Piolle, and Antoine Grouazel

EGU2017-14543 | Posters | OS1.1

Mechanisms for the cooling of the central eastern Pacific
Chunlei Liu and Richard Allan

EGU2017-15763 | Posters | OS1.1

Mechanistic controls of surface warming by ocean heat and carbon uptake: Experiments using idealised ocean models with and without overturning
Anna Katavouta, Richard Williams, and Philip Goodwin

EGU2017-16998 | Posters | OS1.1

Contribution of internal variability to SST trends and the impact of increased resolution
Eleftheria Exarchou and Virginie Guemas

EGU2017-17601 | Posters | OS1.1

Airflow separation effects on the surface stress and TKE production over wind-driven waves
Fabrice Veron, Marc Buckley, and Kianoosh Yousefi

EGU2017-18020 | Posters | OS1.1

Decadal variations of the South Tropical Countercurrent and Eddy Kinetic Energy in the South Pacific
Jan Klaus Rieck, Claus W. Böning, and Richard J. Greatbatch

EGU2017-18161 | Posters | OS1.1

Annual and Seasonal Variability of Net Heat Budget in the Northern Indian Ocean
Rachel T. Pinker, Abderrahim Bentamy, Wen Chen, M. R. Ramesh Kumar, Simi Mathew, and Ramasamy Venkatesan

EGU2017-17636 | Posters | OS1.1

On the thermally-driven ocean
Ada Gjermundsen, Joseph Henry LaCasce, and Liv Denstad

OS1.2 – The North Atlantic: natural variability and global change (co-organized)

EGU2017-13023 | Orals | OS1.2

The circulation in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre
Monika Rhein, Dagmar Kieke, Achim Roessler, Christian Mertens, Reiner Steinfeldt, Birgit Klein, Claus Böning, Tilia Breckenfelder, Ilaria Stendardo, Vasco Müller, and Hannah Nowitzki

EGU2017-17431 | Posters | OS1.2

North Atlantic Oscillation and Precipitation correlation in Europe under climate change
Ioannis Tsanis and Evdokia Tapoglou

EGU2017-16794 | Posters | OS1.2

An out of phase coupling between the atmosphere and the ocean over the North Atlantic Ocean
Pedro Ribera, Paulina Ordoñez, David Gallego, and Cristina Peña-Ortiz

EGU2017-9573 | Orals | OS1.2

Mechanisms of flow and water mass variability in Denmark Strait
Martin Moritz, Kerstin Jochumsen, Detlef Quadfasel, Hossein Mashayekh Poul, and Rolf H. Käse

EGU2017-5372 | Orals | OS1.2

On the Nature of the Mesoscale Variability in Denmark Strait
Robert Pickart, Wilken von Appen, Dana Mastropole, Hedinn Valdimarsson, Kjetil Vage, Steingriumur Jonsson, Kerstin Jochumsen, and James Girton

EGU2017-1112 | Posters | OS1.2

Local energetics of the North Atlantic storm track lifecycle
Lenka Novak and Remi Tailleux

EGU2017-1931 | Posters | OS1.2

Impact of the North Atlantic dipole on climate changes over Eurasia
Ilya Serykh

EGU2017-5652 | Orals | OS1.2

A direct estimate of poleward volume, heat and fresh water flux at 59.5°N between Greenland and Scotland
Thomas Rossby, Gilles Reverdin, Leon Chafik, and Henrik Søiland

EGU2017-5987 | Posters | OS1.2

A Decadal-scale Air-sea Interaction Theory for North Atlantic Multidecadal Variability: the NAT-NAO-AMOC-AMO Coupled Mode and Its Remote Influences
Jianping Li, Cheng Sun, and Fei-Fei Jin

EGU2017-14052 | Orals | OS1.2

Observed long-term transport variations at the inflow to the subpolar gyre at 47°N
Achim Roessler, Monika Rhein, and Christian Mertens

EGU2017-10717 | Orals | OS1.2

The impact of warm summers on winter convection in the subpolar North Atlantic
Marilena Oltmanns, Johannes Karstensen, and Jürgen Fischer

EGU2017-10141 | Posters | OS1.2

Assessing variability in the size and strength of the North Atlantic subpolar gyre
Nicholas Foukal and Susan Lozier

EGU2017-8467 | Posters | OS1.2

North Atlantic sub-decadal variability in climate models
Annika Reintges, Thomas Martin, Mojib Latif, and Wonsun Park

EGU2017-10341 | Orals | OS1.2

OSNAP Update: Measuring the AMOC in the subpolar North Atlantic
M Susan Lozier

EGU2017-14742 | Posters | OS1.2

The dynamical influence of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on continental climate
Christopher O'Reilly, Tim Woollings, and Laure Zanna

EGU2017-1619 | Orals | OS1.2

Atlantic Water transformation in the Nordic Seas and its influence on the export rate of the Overflow Waters
Yarisbel Garcia Quintana, Pia Wiesner, Xianmin Hu, and Paul Myers

EGU2017-8822 | Posters | OS1.2

Wind-driven variations in an overturning circulation
Carina Bringedal, Tor Eldevik, and Michael Spall

EGU2017-8103 | Orals | OS1.2

Overflow Water Pathways in the Subpolar North Atlantic Observed with Deep Floats
Amy Bower, Heather Furey, and Susan Lozier

EGU2017-9794 | Orals | OS1.2

Observed and Modeled Pathways of the Iceland Scotland Overflow Water in the eastern North Atlantic
Sijia Zou, Susan Lozier, Walter Zenk, Amy Bower, and William Johns

EGU2017-9077 | Posters | OS1.2

A reversal of climatic trends in the North Atlantic since 2005
Jon Robson, Pablo Ortega, and Rowan Sutton

EGU2017-17252 | Posters | OS1.2

Impacts of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on the North Pacific Ocean
Yohan Ruprich-Robert, Rym Msadek, Frederic Castruccio, Stephen Yeager, Thomas Delworth, and Gokhan Danabasoglu

EGU2017-9415 | Orals | OS1.2

Transport of Iceland-Scotland Overflow waters in the Deep Western Boundary Current along the Reykjanes Ridge
William Johns, Adam Houk, Greg Koman, Sijia Zou, and Susan Lozier

EGU2017-9168 | Posters | OS1.2

Using the Convergent Cross Mapping method to test causality between Arctic Oscillation / North Atlantic Oscillation and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation
Dorota Gutowska and Jacek Piskozub

EGU2017-4482 | Orals | OS1.2

Did a “warm surge” of Gulf Stream water during the 1990s drive major hydrographic changes in the western subpolar gyre?
Zoe Jacobs, Jeremy Grist, Bob Marsh, Simon Josey, and Bablu Sinha

EGU2017-12166 | Posters | OS1.2

Interannual Heat Transport Variability and its Links to Surface Temperature Predictability in the North Atlantic
Leonard Borchert, Wolfgang Müller, and Johanna Baehr

EGU2017-17314 | Orals | OS1.2

Effect of gravity waves on the North Atlantic circulation
Carsten Eden

EGU2017-821 | Posters | OS1.2

North Atlantic deep water formation and AMOC in CMIP5 models
Céline Heuzé and Anna Wåhlin

EGU2017-6959 | Orals | OS1.2

Instability-Driven Benthic Storms Below the Separated Gulf Stream in a High Resolution Ocean Model
René Schubert, Arne Biastoch, Meghan F. Cronin, and Richard J. Greatbatch

EGU2017-10345 | Orals | OS1.2

Gulf Stream transport and mixing processes via coherent structure dynamics
Chris Wilson, Yi Liu, Melissa Green, and Chris Hughes

EGU2017-13616 | Posters | OS1.2

Water mass transformation in the Greenland Sea during the period 1986-2016
Ailin Brakstad, Kjetil Våge, Lisbeth Håvik, and Kent Moore

EGU2017-7651 | Orals | OS1.2

How ocean eddies contribute to enhanced downwelling in the North Atlantic Ocean
Nils Brüggemann, Caroline Katsman, Henk Dijkstra, and Sybren Drijfhout

EGU2017-6059 | Posters | OS1.2

Evolution of the East Greenland Current from Fram Strait to Denmark Strait: Synoptic measurements from summer 2012
Lisbeth Håvik, Robert Pickart, Kjetil Våge, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Waldemar Walczowski, and Wilken-Jon von Appen

EGU2017-5593 | Orals | OS1.2

Transport Structure and Energetic of the North Atlantic Current in Subpolar Gyre from Observations
Loïc Houpert, Mark Inall, Estelle Dumont, Stefan Gary, Marie Porter, William Johns, and Stuart Cunningham

EGU2017-13624 | Posters | OS1.2

Arctic Intermediate Water in the Nordic Seas, 1991–2009
Emil Jeansson, Are Olsen, and Sara Jutterström

EGU2017-13148 | Orals | OS1.2

Freshwater fluxes from Greenland into the ocean: A Case Study of Sermilik Fjord
Fiamma Straneo, Nicholas Beaird, Ginny Catania, Denis Felikson, Patrick Heimbach, Twila Moon, Dave Sutherland, Simona Masina, and Florence Colleoni

EGU2017-14080 | Posters | OS1.2

Wintertime re-ventilation of the East Greenland Current's Atlantic-origin Overflow Water in the western Iceland Sea
Kjetil Våge, Lisbeth Håvik, Lukas Papritz, Michael Spall, and Kent Moore

EGU2017-11093 | Posters | OS1.2

Cascading off Davis Strait as seen from a NEMO simulation
Juliana M. Marson, Paul G. Myers, Xianmin Hu, Brian Petrie, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, and Craig Lee

EGU2017-8159 | Orals | OS1.2

Evolution of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in a model with an improved North Atlantic Current
Richard Greatbatch and Annika Drews

EGU2017-6819 | Orals | OS1.2

Sinking of North Atlantic waters in a global ocean model: location and controlling factors
Caroline Katsman, Sybren Drijfhout, Henk Dijkstra, and Michael Spall

EGU2017-1969 | Posters | OS1.2

Composition and variability of the Denmark Strait Overflow Water in a high-resolution numerical model hindcast simulation
Erik Behrens, Kjetil Våge, Benjamin Harden, Arne Biastoch, and Claus Böning

EGU2017-40 | Orals | OS1.2

The impact of Labrador Sea temperature and salinity variability on density and the subpolar AMOC in a decadal prediction system
Matthew Menary, Leon Hermanson, and Nick Dunstone

EGU2017-7613 | Posters | OS1.2

Transport estimates and variability of the Denmark Strait Overflow, 1996-2016
Kerstin Jochumsen, Martin Moritz, Detlef Quadfasel, Nuno Nunes, Karin M. Larsen, Bogi Hansen, Rolf H. Käse, Hedinn Valdimarsson, and Steingrimur Jonsson

EGU2017-13745 | Posters | OS1.2

Atlantic water flow through the Faroese Channels
Bogi Hansen, Turið Poulsen, Karin Margretha Húsgarð Larsen, Hjálmar Hátún, Svein Østerhus, Barbara Berx, Detlef Quadfasel, and Kerstin Jochumsen

EGU2017-11209 | Orals | OS1.2

Climate-related relative sea-level changes from Chesapeake Bay, U.S. Atlantic coast
Timothy Shaw, Benjamin Horton, Andrew Kemp, Niamh Cahill, Michael Mann, Simon Engelhart, Robert Kopp, Matthew Brain, Jennifer Clear, Reide Corbett, Daria Nikitina, Ane Garcia-Artola, and Jennifer Walker

EGU2017-4103 | Orals | OS1.2

A Possible Cause for Recent Decadal Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Decline
Mojib Latif, Taewook Park, and Wonsun Park

EGU2017-15440 | Posters | OS1.2

Branching of the Faroe Bank Channel overflow
Karin Margretha Húsgarð Larsen, Bogi Hansen, Hjálmar Hátún, Svein Østerhus, Detlef Quadfasel, and Kerstin Jochumsen

EGU2017-5521 | Orals | OS1.2

Variability of the storage of anthropogenic carbon in the subpolar North Atlantic over the last two decades
Reiner Steinfeldt, Dagmar Kieke, and Monika Rhein

EGU2017-8463 | Posters | OS1.2

Velocity and transport across the Extended Ellett Line in the subpolar North Atlantic
Elizabeth Comer, Penny Holliday, and Sheldon Bacon

EGU2017-3035 | Orals | OS1.2

Air-sea heat fluxes associated with episodic cold air outbreaks and their role for dense water formation in the Nordic Seas
Lukas Papritz, Kjetil Våge, and Thomas Spengler

EGU2017-13328 | Posters | OS1.2

Circulation in the region of the Reykjanes Ridge in June-July 2015
Petit Tillys, Mercier Herle, and Thierry Virginie

EGU2017-2166 | Posters | OS1.2

Variability of transport and pathways of the North Atlantic Current: a comparison of satellite altimetry data and observational data from pressure inverted echo sounders
Hannah Nowitzki, Monika Rhein, Achim Roessler, and Dagmar Kieke

EGU2017-7768 | Orals | OS1.2

Multi-decadal variability in predictive skill of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation in a new dataset of Atmospheric Seasonal Forecasts of the 20th Century
Nathalie Schaller, Antje Weisheimer, Christopher O'Reilly, David MacLeod, and Tim Palmer

EGU2017-17974 | Posters | OS1.2

The North Atlantic eddy heat transport and its relation with the vertical tilting of the Gulf Stream axis
Anne Marie Treguier, Camille Lique, Julie Deshayes, and Jean-Marc Molines

EGU2017-17269 | Orals | OS1.2

Atmospheric controls on North Atlantic Ocean heat content: an adjoint sensitivity study
Daniel C. Jones, Bablu Sinha, Simon A. Josey, and Emily Shuckburgh

EGU2017-9635 | Posters | OS1.2

Volume, heat and freshwater transport in the Irminger Current
Femke de Jong, Laura de Steur, and Stelios Kritsotalakis

EGU2017-17050 | Orals | OS1.2

Mesoscale eddies control meridional heat flux variability in the subpolar North Atlantic
Jian Zhao, Amy Bower, Jiayan Yang, Xiaopei Lin, and Chun Zhou

EGU2017-8772 | Orals | OS1.2

Multi-decadal temperature variability of the deep North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre
Damien Desbruyères, Elaine McDonagh, Bablu Sinha, and Alexis Megann

EGU2017-6633 | Posters | OS1.2

Iceland Scotland Overflow Water flow through the Bight Fracture Zone in June-July 2015
Herle Mercier, Tillys Petit, and Virginie Thierry

EGU2017-4434 | Posters | OS1.2

Water Mass Variability at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and in the Eastern North Atlantic
Manuela Köllner, Birgit Klein, Dagmar Kieke, Holger Klein, Achim Roessler, and Monika Rhein

EGU2017-4256 | Orals | OS1.2

Feedbacks of Sea Surface Temperature to Wintertime Storm Tracks in the North Atlantic
Bolan Gan and Lixin Wu

EGU2017-6892 | Posters | OS1.2

Volume eddy-driven heat and freshwater fluxes across 47°N in the Atlantic Ocean
Ilaria Stendardo, Vasco Müller, Dagmar Kieke, Paul G. Myers, Clark Pennelly, Monika Rhein, and Reiner Steinfeldt

EGU2017-6753 | Posters | OS1.2

Role of salinity in controlling decadally-paced intermittent convection in the Irminger Sea
Pablo Ortega, Jon Robson, and Rowan Sutton

EGU2017-8976 | Posters | OS1.2

Changing ocean freshwater transport in the North Atlantic in observations and CMIP5 models
Nikolaos Skliris, Robert Marsh, and Jennifer Mecking

EGU2017-9043 | Posters | OS1.2

Deep water formation in the North Atlantic Ocean in high resolution global coupled models
Torben Koenigk, Laurent Brodeau, Ramon Fuentes Franco, and Pasha Karami

EGU2017-18331 | Posters | OS1.2

Temporal and Spatial Variability along the Deep Western Boundary Current
Sunke Schmidtko and Jürgen Fischer

EGU2017-8116 | Posters | OS1.2

Water-mass transformation in the Atlantic Ocean in a Lagrangian frame work
Sara Berglund, Kristofer Döös, and Jonas Nycander

EGU2017-6746 | Posters | OS1.2

Asymmetry in convection and restratification in the Nordic Seas: an idealized model study
Stefanie L. Ypma, Nils Brüggemann, Julie D. Pietrzak, and Caroline A. Katsman

EGU2017-8334 | Posters | OS1.2

The interplay between eddies, deep convection and sinking of dense water in an idealized model study of the Labrador Sea
Sotiria Georgiou, Carine G. van der Boog, Nils Brüggemann, Julie Pietrzak, and Caroline A. Katsman

EGU2017-6303 | Posters | OS1.2

Baroclinic stabilization effect of the Atlantic-Arctic water exchange simulated by the eddy-permitting ocean model and global atmosphere-ocean model
Sergey Moshonkin, Alexey Bagno, Andrey Gritsun, and Anatoly Gusev

EGU2017-5471 | Posters | OS1.2

Spatial and temporal variability of temperature and salinity of the surface water in Newfoundland zone
Andrey Popov, Nikolay Lebedev, Andrey Rubchenya, and Taisiia Telpis

EGU2017-6186 | Posters | OS1.2

Influence of SST in the equatorial North Atlantic on warming and sea ice shrinking in the Arctic
Genrikh Alekseev, Natalia Glok, Anastasia Vyazilova, and Aleksander Smirnov

EGU2017-5017 | Posters | OS1.2

Kawase & McDermott revisited with a proper ocean model.
Markus Jochum, Mads Poulsen, and Roman Nuterman

EGU2017-8490 | Posters | OS1.2

Transport and seasonal variability of the East Reykjanes Ridge Current
Greg Koman, Adam Houk, Cobi Christiansen, and Bill Johns

EGU2017-8581 | Posters | OS1.2

Mechanisms of decadal variability in the Labrador Sea and the wider North Atlantic in a high-resolution climate model
Pablo Ortega, Jon Robson, Rowan Sutton, and Martin Andrews

EGU2017-8500 | Posters | OS1.2

Physically driven Patchy O2 Changes in the North Atlantic Ocean simulated by the CMIP5 Earth System Models
Filippos Tagklis, Annalisa Bracco, and Takamitsu Ito

EGU2017-9126 | Posters | OS1.2

U-series vs 14C ages of deep-sea corals from the southern Labrador Sea: Sporadic development of corals and geochemical processes hampering estimation of ambient water ventilation ages
Claude Hillaire-Marcel, Jenny Maccali, Lucie Ménabréaz, Bassam Ghaleb, Aurélien Blénet, and Evan Edinger

EGU2017-9463 | Posters | OS1.2

Using lagged covariances to assimilate RAPID data
Chris Thomas, Keith Haines, Irene Polo, and Jon Robson

EGU2017-9776 | Posters | OS1.2

On the Linkage between Labrador Sea Water Volume and Overturning Circulation in the Labrador Sea
Feili Li and Susan Lozier

EGU2017-10183 | Posters | OS1.2

Gyre scale deep convection in the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean during winter 2014-2015
Anne Piron, Virginie Thierry, Herlé Mercier, and Guy Caniaux

EGU2017-10735 | Posters | OS1.2

A vorticity budget for the Gulf Stream
Isabela Le Bras and John Toole

EGU2017-10878 | Posters | OS1.2

In situ observations of ocean productivity using the SeaCycler mooring in the central Labrador Sea
Dariia Atamanchuk, Jannes Koelling, Emmanuel Devred, Greg Siddall, Uwe Send, and Douglas Wallace

EGU2017-9340 | Posters | OS1.2

Major Variations in Sub-Tropical North Atlantic Heat Transport at Short Timescales: Causes and Consequences
Ben Moat, Simon Josey, Bablu Sinha, Adam Blaker, David Smeed, Gerard McCarthy, William Johns, Joel Hirschi, Eleanor Frajka-Williams, Darren Rayner, Aurelie Duchez, and Andrew Coward

EGU2017-11398 | Posters | OS1.2

Atlantic meridional overturning transport at 14.5° N and 24.5° N during 1989-1992 and 2013-2015
Yao Fu, Johannes Karstensen, and Peter Brandt

EGU2017-13743 | Posters | OS1.2

The nonlinear North Atlantic-Arctic ocean response to CO2 forcing
Eveline C. van der Linden, Richard Bintanja, and Wilco Hazeleger

EGU2017-16139 | Posters | OS1.2

Temporal evolution of CFCs and SF6 signals at 24.5°N during 1998-2016: Transit time distributions, oxygen utilization rates and anthropogenic carbon uptake.
Marie-Jose Messias, Tobia Tudino, Sinhue Torres-Valdes, Ben Mills, Brian King, Eleanor Frajka-Williams, John Bullister, Rana Fine, and Andrew Watson

EGU2017-17315 | Posters | OS1.2

The AMOC as a mechanism for nutrient supply to the Eastern North Atlantic
Ryan Peabody and Susan Lozier

EGU2017-17381 | Posters | OS1.2

Stable AMOC off state in an eddy-permitting coupled climate model
Jennifer Mecking, Sybren Drijfhout, Laura Jackson, and Tim Graham

EGU2017-17681 | Posters | OS1.2

Observations and modelling of sea level variability in the Bay of Biscay in the framework of the ENIGME project.
Gabriel Jordà, Marta Marcos, Lucia Pineau-Guillou, Frederic Vandermeirsch, Sebastien Theetten, and Guillaume Charria

EGU2017-18625 | Posters | OS1.2

Modelling of the North Atlantic eddy characteristics
Konstantin Ushakov and Rashit Ibrayev

EGU2017-17329 | Posters | OS1.2

Application of a Regional Thermohaline Inverse Method to observational reanalyses in an Arctic domain
Neill Mackay, Chris Wilson, and Jan Zika

EGU2017-19096 | Posters | OS1.2

Shaping climate change in the North Atlantic sector: The role of the atmospheric response to local SST changes vs. large-scale changes
Ralf Hand, Noel Keenlyside, Nour-Eddine Omrani, Richard Greatbatch, and Jürgen Bader

EGU2017-2022 | Posters | OS1.2

Interdecadal Variability of Winter Precipitation in Northwest China and Its Association with the North Atlantic SST Change
Zhou Liantong

OS1.4 – Changes in the Arctic Ocean, sea ice and subarctic seas systems: Observations, Models and Perspectives (co-organized)

EGU2017-3155 | Posters | OS1.4

Thermodynamic and dynamic linkage between the inter-model spread of Arctic sea ice concentrations and Northern Hemisphere atmospheric and oceanic circulations in CMIP5 models
Ho Nam Cheung, Noel Keenlyside, and Nour-Eddine Omrani

EGU2017-9670 | Orals | OS1.4

Circulation pathways and spreading rates of the Atlantic Water in the Arctic Ocean: Results from 25 years of tracer observations
Peter Schlosser, Angelica Pasqualini, Robert Newton, Tobias Koffman, Ronny Friedrich, and William M. Smethie

EGU2017-17003 | Posters | OS1.4

Arctic North Atlantic Water pathways and heat fluxes in Eddy-Admitting and Eddy-Permitting Global Ocean Simulations
Yevgeny Aksenov, Stephen Kelly, Ekaterina Popova, Sheldon Bacon, A.J. George Nurser, Andrew Yool, and Andrew C. Coward

EGU2017-4507 | Orals | OS1.4 | Highlight

Satellite surface salinity maps to determine fresh water fluxes in the Arctic Ocean
Carolina Gabarro, Olmedo Estrella, Mikhail Emelianov, Joaquim Ballabrera, and Antonio Turiel

EGU2017-3748 | Orals | OS1.4 | Highlight

Complete spatiotemporal freshwater flux budget for a major Greenland glacier-fjord system
Twila Moon, David Sutherland, Dustin Carroll, Laura Kehrl, Fiamma Straneo, and Denis Felikson

EGU2017-18855 | Posters | OS1.4

Arctic Ocean Pathways in the 21st century
Yevgeny Aksenov, Simon J. van Gennip, Stephen J. Kelly, Ekaterina E. Popova, and Andrew Yool

EGU2017-2302 | Orals | OS1.4

Wind-forced depth-dependent currents over the eastern Beaufort Sea continental slope
Igor Dmitrenko, Sergei Kirillov, Alexandre Forest, Bruno Tremblay, Jennifer Lukovich, Yves Gratton, Soren Rysgaard, and David Barber

EGU2017-12071 | Posters | OS1.4

Atlantic Water variability in the 20th century Arctic Ocean from observations, climatology and a global ocean model.
Morven Muilwijk, Mehmet Ilicak, Lars Henrik Smedsrud, and Helge Drange

EGU2017-16829 | Posters | OS1.4

Pacific Water in the Arctic Ocean and Fram Strait
Paul Dodd, Torgeir Blaesterdalen, Michael Karcher, and Colin Stedmon

EGU2017-11322 | Orals | OS1.4

Enhanced diapycnal mixing due to near-inertial internal waves propagating through an anticyclonic eddy in the ice-free Chukchi Plateau
Yusuke Kawaguchi

EGU2017-12231 | Orals | OS1.4

Importance of Ocean Processes and Feedbacks with Sea Ice in Arctic Amplification
Wieslaw Maslowski, Dominic DiMaggio, Younjoo Lee, Robert Osinski, and Andrew Roberts

EGU2017-1939 | Posters | OS1.4

Source-sink driven planetary flows in a polar basin
Estanislao Gavilan Pascual-Ahuir, Andrew Willmott, Maria Luneva, and Miguel Morales Maqueda

EGU2017-18288 | Posters | OS1.4

A propagating freshwater mode in the Arctic Ocean with multidecadal time scale
Torben Schmith, Steffen Malskær Olsen, and Ida Margrethe Ringgaard

EGU2017-17345 | Posters | OS1.4

Decadal Arctic surface atmosphere/ocean heat budgets and mass transport estimates from several atmospheric and oceanic reanalyses
gennaday Chepurin and James Carton

EGU2017-9830 | Posters | OS1.4

Anomalously low central Arctic salinity in a year of converging atmospheric conditions
Benjamin Rabe, Meri Korhonen, Mario Hoppmann, Robert Ricker, Stefan Hendricks, Thomas Krumpen, Adam Ulfsbo, Elizabeth Jones, Ursula Schauer, and Justin Beckers

EGU2017-7605 | Posters | OS1.4

Determining Arctic Freshwater fluxes with EO data and first results using Cryosat-2
Ole Baltazar Andersen, Karina Nielsen, Louise Sandberg Sørensen, Henriette Skourup, Natalia Havelund, Thomas Nagler, Alexei Kouraev, Elena Zakharova, Diego Fernandez, and Christina Surdu

EGU2017-10488 | Posters | OS1.4

Atlantic water transformation and transport to the Arctic Ocean in the Fram Strait and Barents Sea Branches
Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Øystein Skagseth, Waldemar Walczowski, Vidar Lien, and Wilken-Jon von Appen

EGU2017-8056 | Posters | OS1.4

Observed increase in freshwater transport in the East Greenland Current north of Denmark Strait
Laura de Steur, Bob Pickart, Andreas Macrander, Kjetil Våge, Ben Harden, Steingrimur Jonsson, Svein Østerhus, and Hedinn Valdimarsson

EGU2017-11076 | Posters | OS1.4

Modelling Greenland icebergs
Juliana M. Marson, Paul G. Myers, and Xianmin Hu

EGU2017-9744 | Posters | OS1.4 | Highlight

Observed covariability of Arctic and North Atlantic freshwater content
Myriel Horn, Ursula Schauer, Benjamin Rabe, Wekerle Claudia, and Ionita Monica

EGU2017-10339 | Posters | OS1.4

Freshwater sources, distribution, and temporal variability in the Canadian Basin of the Arctic Ocean: Results from US Arctic GEOTRACES 2015 and comparison with 1994 and 2005 sections
Angelica Pasqualini, Peter Schlosser, Robert Newton, Tobias Koffman, and William M. Smethie

EGU2017-4698 | Posters | OS1.4

Freshwater exports from Arctic to the Labrador and Greenland shelf and slope.
Marion Benetti, Gilles Reverdin, Penny Holliday, Solveig Olafsdottir, Pascale Lherminier, Geraldine Sarthou, Laura De Steur, Arny E. Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Sinhue Torres Valdes, Eithne Tynan, Igor Yashayaev, and Jon Olafsson

EGU2017-2491 | Posters | OS1.4

Variability of interleaving structure of Atlantic Water during its propagation along the Eurasian basin (Arctic Ocean) continental margin
Nataliya Zhurbas, Natalia Kuzmina, Dmitry Lyzhkov, and Alexey Ostapchuk

EGU2017-10024 | Posters | OS1.4

Under-ice turbulent microstructure and upper ocean vertical fluxes in the Makarov and Eurasian basins, Arctic Ocean, during late spring and late summer / autumn in 2015
Benjamin Rabe, Markus Janout, Rainer Graupner, Jens Hoelemann, Hendrik Hampe, Mario Hoppmann, Myriel Horn, Bennet Juhls, Meri Korhonen, Anna Nikolopoulos, Sergey Pisarev, Achim Randelhoff, Jean-Philippe Savy, and Nicolas Villacieros Robineau

EGU2017-11339 | Posters | OS1.4

Turbulent Mixing and Vertical Heat Transfer in the Surface Mixed Layer of the Arctic Ocean: Implication of a Cross-Pycnocline High-Temperature Anomaly
Yusuke Kawaguchi and Hiroki Takeda

EGU2017-7919 | Posters | OS1.4

Influence of mixing parametrization scheme on properties of Atlantic Water in the Arctic Ocean
Nikolay V. Koldunov, Dmitry Sidorenko, Qiang Wang, and Sergey Danilov

EGU2017-17061 | Posters | OS1.4

Multi-decadal effects of tides and Greenland glacial melting runoff on the ice, mixing and cross-shelf exchange in the Arctic Ocean.
Maria Luneva, Jason Holt, James Harle, and Yevgeny Aksenov

EGU2017-12999 | Posters | OS1.4

Circulation in the northwest Laptev Sea in the eastern Arctic Ocean: Crossroads between Siberian river water, Atlantic water and polynya-formed dense water
Markus Janout, Jens Hölemann, Leonid Timokhov, Oliver Gutjahr, and Günther Heinemann

EGU2017-1804 | Posters | OS1.4

AUV based study on physical and ecological processes at fronts
Sandra Tippenhauer, Thorben Wulff, and Wilken-Jon Von Appen

EGU2017-11446 | Posters | OS1.4

The fate of terrigenous dissolved organic carbon on the Eurasian shelves and export to the North Atlantic
Karl Kaiser, Rainer Amon, and Ronald Benner

EGU2017-6764 | Posters | OS1.4

The fast-ice growth and freezing of the bottom in the Braganzavagen Gulf (Van Mijenfjorden, Svalbard)
Petr Bogorodsky, Aleksey Marchenko, Andrey Pnyushkov, Kirill Filchuk, Yevgenii Morozov, and Ivan Ryzhov

EGU2017-5655 | Posters | OS1.4

Svalbard as a study model of future Arctic Ocean coastal areas in a warming world
Jacek Piskozub

OS1.7 – Southern Ocean physical and biogeochemical processes from continental shelves to the open ocean (including Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-569 | Posters | OS1.7

Variability of the Antarctic Slope Front in the northwestern Weddell Sea
Marina Azaneu, Karen Heywood, Bastien Queste, and Andrew Thompson

EGU2017-9824 | Orals | OS1.7

Uncertainty in projections of Southern Ocean carbon uptake and acidification
Nicole Lovenduski and Claudine Hauri

EGU2017-2366 | Posters | OS1.7

Interannual surface variability of the Southern Pacific Ocean in relation to the SAM pattern
Yuri Cotroneo, Milena Menna, Pierpaolo Falco, and Pierre Marie Poulain

EGU2017-15171 | Orals | OS1.7

Southern Ocean coccolithophore biogeography – controlling factors and implications for global biogeochemical cycles
Cara Nissen, Meike Vogt, Matthias Münnich, and Nicolas Gruber

EGU2017-3641 | Posters | OS1.7

Changes in the formation of AAIW and storage of anthropogenic carbon in the South Atlantic in the 1990s and 2000s
Dagmar Kieke, Reiner Steinfeldt, Monika Rhein, and Oliver Huhn

EGU2017-5945 | Orals | OS1.7

How do the westerlies influence the Southern Ocean subduction of anthropogenic carbon?
Stephanie Downes, Clothilde Langlais, Jordan Brook, and Paul Spence

EGU2017-10971 | Orals | OS1.7

Pathways of upwelling deep waters to the surface of the Southern Ocean
Veronica Tamsitt, Henri Drake, Adele Morrison, Lynne Talley, Carolina Dufour, Alison Gray, Stephen Griffies, Matthew Mazloff, Jorge Sarmiento, Jinbo Wang, and Wilbert Weijer

EGU2017-5022 | Posters | OS1.7

The effect of changing wind forcing on Antarctic ice shelf melting in high-resolution, global sea ice-ocean simulations with the Accelerated Climate Model for Energy (ACME)
Xylar Asay-Davis, Stephen Price, Mark Petersen, and Jonathan Wolfe and the ACME Ice-Ocean Development Team

EGU2017-5111 | Posters | OS1.7

Using transient tracers to estimate decadal changes in Southern Ocean ventilation in an eddying ocean model
Lavinia Patara, Christina Schmidt, Toste Tanhua, and Claus Böning

EGU2017-4323 | Orals | OS1.7

Southern Ocean Circumpolar Deep Water warming: isopycnal mixing vs overturning as drivers of change
Andrew Meijers, Riccardo Farneti, and Michael Meredith

EGU2017-5124 | Posters | OS1.7

Absolute geostrophic currents over the SR02 section south of Africa in December 2009
Roman Tarakanov

EGU2017-3105 | Orals | OS1.7

How Does the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Affect the Southern Ocean Meridional Overturning Circulation?
Christopher Chapman and Jean-Baptiste Sallée

EGU2017-15553 | Orals | OS1.7

Recent Southern Ocean surface cooling induced by sea-ice freshwater flux changes
F. Alexander Haumann, Matthias Münnich, and Nicolas Gruber

EGU2017-5171 | Posters | OS1.7

Energy exchange between the jets of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and synoptic eddies in the Drake Passage and Scotia Sea
Mikhail Koshlyakov, Darya Savchenko, and Roman Tarakanov

EGU2017-5193 | Posters | OS1.7

Southern Ocean eddy compensation in a forced eddy-resolving GCM
Mads Bruun Poulsen, Markus Jochum, Carsten Eden, and Roman Nuterman

EGU2017-18401 | Orals | OS1.7

Drivers of Antarctic sea-ice expansion and Southern Ocean surface cooling over the past four decades
Ariaan Purich and Matthew England

EGU2017-5472 | Posters | OS1.7

Analysis of the intrinsic and forced variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current south of Australia and New Zealand
Paola de Ruggiero, Antonio Celeste, Stefano Pierini, and Giovanni Sgubin

EGU2017-2736 | Orals | OS1.7

The changing climate of the Southern Ocean: influence of the meandering pathway of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)
Lynne Talley

EGU2017-5613 | Posters | OS1.7

The structure of temperature field in mesoscale eddies at the surface of the ocean in the Drake Passage.
Alexander Gritsenko and Roman Tarakanov

EGU2017-2618 | Orals | OS1.7

Inflow of warm water towards the Filchner Ice Shelf through the Filchner Depression: What do we know and what do we do?
Elin Darelius, Kjersti Daae, Ilker Fer, Tore Hattermann, Hartmut Hellmer, Keith Makinson, Keith Nicholls, Svenja Ryan, Michael Schröder, and Svein Østerhus

EGU2017-6128 | Posters | OS1.7

Seasonal variability of hydrography on the eastern shelf of the Filchner trough from 2-year long moored measurements, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Svenja Ryan, Tore Hattermann, Elin Darelius, and Michael Schröder

EGU2017-2210 | Orals | OS1.7

Circumpolar Deep Water transport and current structure at the Amundsen Sea shelf break
Karen M. Assmann, Anna K. Wåhlin, Karen J. Heywood, Adrian Jenkins, Tae Wan Kim, and Sang Hoon Lee

EGU2017-7467 | Posters | OS1.7

Variability in the marine environment at the Sub- Antarctic Prince Edward Islands
sarah asdar, Julie Deshayes, Pierrick Penven, Isabelle Ansorge, and Xavier Carton

EGU2017-12741 | Orals | OS1.7

Seasonal changes in water masses and circulation on the Amundsen Sea continental shelf
Karen J. Heywood, Helen Mallett, David Stevens, Michael Fedak, Lars Boehme, and Fabien Roquet

EGU2017-7907 | Posters | OS1.7

Impact of Icebergs on Net Primary Productivity in the Southern Ocean
Shuang-Ye Wu and Shugui Hou

EGU2017-9500 | Orals | OS1.7

The effects of sub-ice-shelf melting on dense shelf water formation and export in idealized simulations of Antarctic margins
Gustavo Marques, Alon Stern, Matthew Harrison, Olga Sergienko, and Robert Hallberg

EGU2017-8036 | Posters | OS1.7

Quantification of sea ice production at coastal polynyas in the southern Weddell Sea
Lukrecia Stulic, Ralph Timmermann, Rolf Zentek, and Günther Heinemann

EGU2017-6777 | Orals | OS1.7

A simulation of small to giant Antarctic iceberg evolution: differential impact on climatology estimates
Thomas Rackow, Christine Wesche, Ralph Timmermann, Hartmut H. Hellmer, Stephan Juricke, and Thomas Jung

EGU2017-2341 | Orals | OS1.7

High storage rates of anthropogenic CO$_{2}$ in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean
Akihiko Murata, Yu-ichiro Kumamoto, and Ken-ichi Sasaki

EGU2017-8990 | Posters | OS1.7

Property Changes of Abyssal Waters in the Western Tropical Atlantic
Josefine Herrford, Peter Brandt, and Walter Zenk

EGU2017-9780 | Posters | OS1.7

Multi-decadal changes in southern hemisphere subduction rates in a 1/12° ocean model hindcast
Eva Nowatzki, Lavinia Patara, Claus Böning, and Johannes Karstensen

EGU2017-9812 | Posters | OS1.7

Direct and Remote Effects of Topography on the Dynamics of Mesoscale Eddies
Larry Gulliver, Justin Brown, and Timour Radko

EGU2017-9889 | Posters | OS1.7

The role of vigorous current systems in the Southeast Indian Ocean in redistributing deep-sea sediments
Adriana Dutkiewicz, Dietmar Müller, Andrew Hogg, and Paul Spence

EGU2017-10586 | Posters | OS1.7

Antarctic shelf warming under climate change: Insights from eddying climate models
Paul Goddard, Carolina O. Dufour, Jianjun Yin, Stephen M. Griffies, and Michael Winton

EGU2017-12400 | Posters | OS1.7

On the relationship between Southern Ocean eddies and phytoplankton
Ivy Frenger, Matthias Münnich, and Nicolas Gruber

EGU2017-14061 | Posters | OS1.7

Response to a warming inflow in a coupled model of Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf cavity
Ralph Timmermann and Sebastian Goeller

EGU2017-17509 | Posters | OS1.7

Dominant covarying climate signals in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic Sea Ice influence during last three decades
Dario Cerrone, Giannetta Fusco, Ian Simmonds, Giuseppe Aulicino, and Giorgio Budillon

EGU2017-18004 | Posters | OS1.7

Western Antarctic variability attributed to SAM during the 20thC
Laura Verona, Marina Noro, Edson Barbosa, and Ilana Wainer

EGU2017-18454 | Posters | OS1.7

Density decline of Ross Sea shelf water masses
Marcos Tonelli and Ilana Wainer

EGU2017-18542 | Posters | OS1.7

New Perspectives on Southern Ocean Frontal Variability
Christopher Chapman

EGU2017-19178 | Posters | OS1.7

The relative roles of transient and standing eddy heat transports in the Southern Ocean of a high resolution global model
Matthew Hecht and Wilbert Weijer

OS1.8 – Tropical & Subtropical Ocean Circulation, Equatorial to Mid-Latitude Air-Sea Interactions (co-organized)

EGU2017-3353 | Posters | OS1.8

The Stokes drift in long baroclinic equatorial Rossby waves
Jan Erik H Weber

EGU2017-16835 | Orals | OS1.8

Subseasonal Coastal Trapped Waves propagation in the Southeastern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Serena Illig, Emeline Cadier, Marie-Lou Bachèlery, and Boris Dewitte

EGU2017-484 | Posters | OS1.8

Role of the Interannual equatorial Kelvin wave propagations in the equatorial Atlantic on the Angola Benguela current system.
Rodrigue Anicet Imbol Koungue, Serena Illig, and Mathieu Rouault

EGU2017-7772 | Orals | OS1.8

Meso- and submesoscale features of upwelling filaments off Namibia
Kerstin Jochumsen, Lars Umlauf, Alexa Griesel, and Julia Dräger-Dietel

EGU2017-9854 | Posters | OS1.8

Pathways of the upwelling water in the Benguela Current
Martin Krebs, Arne Biastoch, Jonathan Durgadoo, Claus Böning, and Mojib Latif

EGU2017-15287 | Orals | OS1.8

Multi-day near-surface stratification in tropical waters
Tim Fischer, Annette Kock, Marcus Dengler, Peter Brandt, Johannes Karstensen, Damian L. Arévalo-Martínez, and Hermann W. Bange

EGU2017-8763 | Orals | OS1.8

Effect of mesoscale oceanic eddies on mid-latitude storm-tracks.
Alexis Foussard, Guillaume Lapeyre, and Riwal Plougonven

EGU2017-8288 | Posters | OS1.8

Isopycnal diffusivity in the tropical North Atlantic oxygen minimum zone
Manuela Köllner, Martin Visbeck, Toste Tanhua, and Tim Fischer

EGU2017-1986 | Posters | OS1.8

Do the Atlantic climate modes impact the ventilation of the eastern tropical North Atlantic oxygen minimum zones?
Kristin Burmeister and Joke F. Lübbecke

EGU2017-14329 | Orals | OS1.8

Importance of the Western Oceanic Boundary Currents for the Northern Hemisphere Atmospheric Circulation
Nour-Eddine Omrani, Fumiaki Ogawa, Hisashi Nakamura, Noel Keenlyside, Sandro Lubis, and Katja Matthes

EGU2017-3181 | Posters | OS1.8

Is the Atlantic Niño mode as asymmetric as ENSO?
Joke Lübbecke and Michael McPhaden

EGU2017-2971 | Orals | OS1.8

To what extent do oceanic frontal zones affect mid-latitude weather and climate?
Rhys Parfitt, Young-Oh Kwon, and Arnaud Czaja

EGU2017-12941 | Posters | OS1.8

How predictable are equatorial Atlantic surface winds?
Ingo Richter, Takeshi Doi, and Swadhin Behera

EGU2017-8913 | Posters | OS1.8

Role of Air-Sea-Land Interactions in the Tropical Atlantic Seasonal Cycle
Lander R. Crespo, Noel Keenlyside, and Shunya Koseki

EGU2017-19627 | Posters | OS1.8

Do sea surface temperature drive the climatological surface wind convergence in the tropical Atlantic
Moussa Diakhaté, Alban Lazar, Gaelle de Coëtlogon, and Amadou Thierno Gaye

EGU2017-5015 | Posters | OS1.8

Comparing the effect of low wind spead parameterization on heat fluxes in atmosphere only and coupled ocean-atmosphere simulations
Olivier Torres, Pascale Braconnot, and Olivier Marti

EGU2017-19625 | Posters | OS1.8

Comparison of several databases of downward solar daily irradiation data at ocean surface with PIRATA measurements
Mélodie Trolliet and Lucien Wald

EGU2017-11861 | Posters | OS1.8

Atmospheric signature of the Agulhas current
Arielle Stela Nkwinkwa Njouodo, Shunya Koseki, Mathieu Rouault, and Noel Keenlyside

EGU2017-2784 | Posters | OS1.8

Indian-Atlantic ocean transport: Dynamics, Observations and Variation
Marion Kersalé, Isabelle Ansorge, Sabrina Speich, Tarron Lamont, and Marcel van den Berg

EGU2017-4866 | Posters | OS1.8

Variability of upper ocean characteristics and tropical cyclones in the South West Indian Ocean
Daneeja Mawren and Chris Reason

EGU2017-17313 | Posters | OS1.8

Internal tides in the Solomon Sea
tchilibou michel lionel, lionel gourdeau, bugshin djath, florent lyard, damien allain, ariane Koch Larrouy, dwi yoga nogroho, and rosemary morrow

EGU2017-12254 | Posters | OS1.8

Semiannually alternating exchange of intermediate waters east of the Philippines
Lina Song

EGU2017-6709 | Posters | OS1.8

Timing El Niño: analytical results
Marco Bianucci

EGU2017-3572 | Posters | OS1.8

Interannual variability of tropical Pacific sea level from 1993 to 2014
Xiaoting Zhu, Richard Greatbatch, and Martin Claus

EGU2017-16991 | Posters | OS1.8

Spectral signatures of the tropical Pacific dynamics from model and altimetry
tchilibou michel lionel, lionel gourdeau, rosemary morrow, Bugshin Djath, julien jouanno, and frederic marin

EGU2017-13663 | Posters | OS1.8

Impact of air-sea interaction on simulation of East Asian summer monsoon in CMIP5 models
Soheon Lee and Dong-Hyun Cha

EGU2017-2339 | Posters | OS1.8

Can solar cycle modulate the ENSO effect on the Pacific/North American pattern?
Delin Li and Ziniu Xiao

EGU2017-4951 | Posters | OS1.8

Impact of Atmospheric Blocking on South America in Austral Summer
Regina Rodrigues and Tim Woollings

EGU2017-15741 | Posters | OS1.8

Effect of North Atlantic sea-surface temperature biases on the simulated atmospheric response
Nora Specht and Juergen Bader

EGU2017-2018 | Posters | OS1.8

Structure and dynamics of decadal anomalies in the wintertime midlatitude North Pacific ocean–atmosphere system
Jiabei Fang and Xiu-qun Yang

EGU2017-5712 | Posters | OS1.8

Change in the relationship of Kuroshio transport and North Pacific Oscillation and its impact on East Asian marginal SST
Dong-won Yi and Sang-wook Yeh

EGU2017-1768 | Posters | OS1.8

The Impact of Ocean Surface Currents on Sverdrup Transport in the Mid-Latitude North Pacific via the Wind Stress Formulation
Zhitao Yu, E. Joseph Metzger, and Yalin Fan

EGU2017-6980 | Posters | OS1.8

A Simple Model Study of Bjerknes Compensation in Meridional Heat Transports under Global Warming
Qianzi Yang, Yingying Zhao, and Haijun Yang

EGU2017-11294 | Posters | OS1.8

Dynamics of the atmospheric boundary layer response to ocean mesoscale sea surface temperatures
Niklas Schneider, Bunmei Taguchi, Masami Nonaka, Akira Kuwano-Yoshida, and Hisashi Nakamura

EGU2017-17936 | Posters | OS1.8

Oceanic modons (eddy pairs) seen in the southern subtropics and mid-latitudes.
Christopher W. Hughes

OS1.9 – The Indian Ocean’s past, present, and future – A session in Honour of Gary Meyers (co-organized)

EGU2017-5040 | Orals | OS1.9 | Highlight

Monitoring variability and changes of the Indonesian Throughflow
Ming Feng and Susan Wijffels

EGU2017-1693 | Posters | OS1.9

The role of eddy on Leeuwin Current: revisited based on mooring observations
Qin-Yan Liu, Ming Feng, and Dongxiao Wang

EGU2017-11600 | Orals | OS1.9

Role of the Indonesian Throughflow in controlling regional mean climate and rainfall variability
Matthew H. England, Agus Santoso, Steven Phipps, and Caroline Ummenhofer

EGU2017-2036 | Posters | OS1.9

Impact of remineralization depth on the intensity of oxygen minimum zones in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal
Muchamad Al Azhar, Zouhair Lachkar, Shafer Smith, and Marina Levy

EGU2017-2248 | Orals | OS1.9

Seasonal Cycle of Cross Equatorial Flow in the Central Equatorial Indian Ocean
Michael McPhaden and Yi Wang

EGU2017-2623 | Posters | OS1.9

Chlorophyll transported by mesoscale eddies in the Southeastern Tropical Indian Ocean
Guang Yang, Xia zhao, and Weidong Yu

EGU2017-2642 | Posters | OS1.9

A new dipole index of the salinity anomalies of the tropical Indian Ocean
Junde Li, Chujin Liang, Youmin Tang, Changming Dong, Dake Chen, Xiaohui Liu, and Weifang Jin

EGU2017-4900 | Orals | OS1.9

Indian Ocean sources of Agulhas leakage
Jonathan Durgadoo, Siren Rühs, Arne Biastoch, and Claus Böning

EGU2017-3081 | Posters | OS1.9

The seasonal cycle of the tropical south Indian Ocean and its impact on intraseasonal and interannual variability
Kelvin Richards and Saulo Soares

EGU2017-14023 | Orals | OS1.9

Observed eddy dissipation in the Agulhas Current
Laura Braby, Björn Backeberg, Isabelle Ansorge, Michael Roberts, Marjolaine Krug, and Chris Reason

EGU2017-3416 | Posters | OS1.9

Intraseasonal rainfall variability in the Bay of Bengal during the Summer Monsoon: Coupling with the ocean and modulation by the Indian Ocean Dipole
Siraput Jongaramrungruang1, Hyodae Seo, and Caroline Ummenhofer

EGU2017-2030 | Orals | OS1.9

Intensification and deepening of the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone in response to increase in Indian monsoon wind intensity
Zouhair Lachkar, Shafer Smith, and Marina Levy

EGU2017-4915 | Posters | OS1.9

Reconstruction of SST and denitrification in the Arabian Sea during the last 25ka BP
Birgit Gaye, Nicole Herrmann, Anna Böll, Niko Lahajnar, Kay Emeis, and Tim Rixen

EGU2017-6461 | Posters | OS1.9

Response of the Indian Ocean Dipole to tropical volcanic eruptions
Takeshi Izumo, Myriam Khodri, Jérome Vialard, Matthieu Lengaigne, Christophe Cassou, and Iyyappan Suresh

EGU2017-10879 | Posters | OS1.9

Interannual Variability in ITF Plume Spreading Across the Indian Ocean
Laura Gruenburg, Arnold Gordon, and Mingting Li

EGU2017-11248 | Posters | OS1.9

Oceanic Channel of the IOD-ENSO teleconnection over the Indo-Pacific Ocean
Dongliang Yuan, Jing Wang, Xia Zhao, Hui Zhou, Tengfei Xu, and Peng Xu

EGU2017-11525 | Posters | OS1.9

Impacts of Indonesian Throughflow on seasonal circulation in the equatorial Indian Ocean
Jing Wang

EGU2017-14935 | Posters | OS1.9

Observed correlations between aerosol and cloud properties in an Indian Ocean trade cumulus regime
Kristina Pistone, Puppala S. Praveen, Rick M. Thomas, Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Eric M. Wilcox, and Frida A.-M. Bender

EGU2017-15145 | Posters | OS1.9

Investigating the regime of the South-West Indian Ocean Currents through a numerical model.
Dilmahamod Fehmi, Chris Reason, Juliet Hermes, and Pierrick Penven

EGU2017-17351 | Posters | OS1.9

Decadal sea-level changes in the Indian Ocean
Nidheesh Gangan, Jerome Vialard, Matthieu Lengaingne, Takeshi Izumo, and Unnikrishnan Alakkatt

OS1.11 – Ocean salinity / Marine hydrological cycle

EGU2017-19291 | Orals | OS1.11

The Bay of Bengal : an ideal laboratory for studying salinity
jerome Vialard, Matthieu Lengaigne, Valiya Akhil, Akurathi Chaitanya, Krishna Krishna-Mohan, Francesco D'Ovidio, Madhavan Keerthi, Rachid Benshila, Fabien Durand, Fabrice Papa, Iyappan Suresh, and Singh Neetu

EGU2017-135 | Posters | OS1.11

Interannual and Decadal Changes in Salinity in the Oceanic Subtropical Gyres
Subrahmanyam Bulusu

EGU2017-14989 | Posters | OS1.11

A new record of Atlantic sea surface salinity since 1896 reveals the influence of climate variability and global warming
Andrew Friedman, Gilles Reverdin, Myriam Khodri, and Guillaume Gastineau

EGU2017-19407 | Orals | OS1.11 | Highlight

SMAP observes flooding from land to sea: The Texas event of 2015
Severine Fournier, John Reager, Tong Lee, Jorge Vazquez-Cuervo, Cedric David, and Michelle Gierach

EGU2017-18230 | Posters | OS1.11

The role of sea surface salinity in ENSO related water cycle anomaly
Wenqing Tang and Simon Yueh

EGU2017-5672 | Orals | OS1.11

Near-surface Salinity and Temperature Structure Observed with Dual-Sensor Drifters in the Subtropical South Pacific
Shenfu Dong, Gustavo Goni, Denis Volkov, Rick Lumpkin, and Gregory Foltz

EGU2017-5280 | Posters | OS1.11

Spatio-temporal variability of the SPCZ fresh pool eastern front from coral-derived surface salinity data
Emilie P. Dassié, Audrey Hasson, Myriam Khodri, and Braddock K. Linsley

EGU2017-10658 | Orals | OS1.11

Observations of near-surface fresh layers during SPURS-2
Kyla Drushka, William E Asher, Elizabeth Thompson, Andrew T Jessup, and Dan Clark

EGU2017-12970 | Orals | OS1.11

Sea Surface Salinity signature of tropical Atlantic interannual modes
Mesmin Awo, Gael Alory, Casimir Da-Allada, Julien Jouanno, Thierry Delcroix, and Ezinvi Baloitcha

EGU2017-8849 | Posters | OS1.11

Intraseasonal to interannual Sea Surface Salinity Variations in the Tropical Pacific Ocean
Audrey Hasson, Jacqueline Boutin, Martin Puy, Gilles Reverdin, Alexandre Supply, Rosemarry Morrow, Tony Lee, Frederick Bingham, and Tom Farrar

EGU2017-3776 | Orals | OS1.11

Salinity changes relative to the response to anthropogenic forcing and internal variability in the North Atlantic
Nadya Vinogradova and Martha Buckley