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PS – Planetary & Solar System Sciences

PS1.1 – New missions and techniques for planetary exploration

EGU2017-8965 | Posters | PS1.1

CASTAway: A mission to map the evolution of our Solar System
Neil Bowles, Colin Snodgrass, Joan Pau Sanchez Cuartielles, Jessica Arnold, Kerri Donaldson Hanna, and Alison Gibbings

EGU2017-1537 | Orals | PS1.1

VIS/NIR reflectance and fluorescence spectrometric studies of minerals, water, organics and biomarkers in MoonMars analogue samples
Heleen Vos, Bernard Foing, Agata Kołodziejczyk, Jorge Vago, and Matt Harasymczuk

EGU2017-15330 | Orals | PS1.1

Performance evaluation of different diamond-like carbon samples as charge state conversion surfaces for neutral atom imaging detectors in space applications
Maike Brigitte Neuland, Marc Allenbach, Martina Föhn, and Peter Wurz

EGU2017-13527 | Posters | PS1.1

Explorer of Enceladus and Titan (E2T): Investigating Ocean Worlds’ Evolution and Habitability in the Saturn System
Giuseppe Mitri and the Explorer of Enceladus and Titan (E2T) Team

EGU2017-17953 | Posters | PS1.1

NASA's GHAPS Project: A Balloon-Borne Telescope for Planetary Science
Eliot Young and the GHAPS Team

EGU2017-17740 | Orals | PS1.1

The PACA Project: Creating Synergy Between Observing Campaigns, Outreach and Citizen Science
Padma Yanamandra-Fisher

EGU2017-14111 | Posters | PS1.1

LUCE: a small spacecraft for near lunar environment exploration
Birgit Ritter, Özgür Karatekin, Nicolas Gerbal, Jose A. Carrasco, Sylvain Ranvier, and Johan De Keyser

EGU2017-9205 | Orals | PS1.1

Assessing the potential for measuring Europa's tidal Love number h2 using radar sounder and topographic imager data
Gregor Steinbrügge, Dustin M Schroeder, Mark S Haynes, Hauke Hussmann, Cyril Grima, and Donald D Blankenship

EGU2017-16742 | Posters | PS1.1

Geodatabase model for global geologic mapping: concept and implementation in planetary sciences
Andrea Nass

EGU2017-18181 | Orals | PS1.1

Fast method for in-flight estimation of total dose from protons and electrons using RADE Minstrument on JUICE
Wojtek Hajdas, Alankrita Mrigakshi, and Hualin Xiao

EGU2017-16858 | Posters | PS1.1

Updated symbol catalogue for geologic and geomorphologic mapping in Planetary Scinces
Andrea Nass, Corey Fortezzo, James Skinner Jr., Marc Hunter, and Trent Hare

EGU2017-1601 | Orals | PS1.1

MoonMars Base in Poland: a Simulation Habitat and Laboratory for Research
Agata Kolodziejczyk, Michal Gocyla, Matt Harasymczuk, Mateusz Krainski, Adam Nawrot, Leszek Orzechowski, Bogdan Wszolek, Heleen Vos, and Bernard Foing

EGU2017-11131 | Orals | PS1.1

The Change in the Mass of the Sun and the Expansion of the Solar System
David E Smith and Maria T Zuber

EGU2017-1772 | Orals | PS1.1

On to the Ice Giants
Kim Reh, Mark Hofstdater, Amy Simon, and John Elliott

EGU2017-12931 | Orals | PS1.1

Joint Europa Mission (JEM) : A multi-scale study of Europa to characterize its habitability and search for life.
Michel Blanc, Olga Prieto Ballesteros, Nicolas Andre, and John F. Cooper

EGU2017-13213 | Orals | PS1.1

Optimising the science orbits for the Joint Europa Mission (JEM).
William Desprats, Georges Balmino, Julien Laurent-Varin, and Ryan Russell

EGU2017-3781 | Orals | PS1.1 | Highlight

An Ion-Propelled Cubesat for Planetary Defense and Planetary Science
Christopher T. Russell, Richard Wirz, Hairong Lai, Jian-Yang Li, and Martin Connors

EGU2017-5208 | Orals | PS1.1

Heavy Metal – Exploring a magnetised metallic asteroid
Jan-Erik Wahlund, David Andrews, Yoshifumi Futaana, Adam Masters, Nicolas Thomas, Maria Cristina De Sanctis, Alain Herique, Kurt Retherford, Paolo Tortora, Joseph Trigo-Rodriguez, Nickolay Ivchenko, and Sven Simon

EGU2017-2027 | Orals | PS1.1

Scientific Objective of China Lunar and Martian missions in the near future from 2017 to 2020s
Chunlai Li, Xingguo Zeng, Guihua Zhang, Wei Zuo, and Xingye Gao

EGU2017-11489 | Orals | PS1.1

SELMA: a mission to study lunar environment and surface interaction
Stas Barabash and Yoshifumi Futaana and the SELMA Team

PS1.2 – Instrument Design and Development (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2017-15742 | PICOs | PS1.2

SCIAMACHY Spectral Response Function: Retrieval and Analysis
Mourad Hamidouche, Günter Lichtenberg, and Manfred Gottwald

EGU2017-1076 | PICOs | PS1.2

WAVE-E: The WAter Vapour European-Explorer Mission
David Jimenez-LLuva, Michael Deiml, and Sara Pavesi and the Alpbach Summer School 2016 Green

EGU2017-18218 | PICOs | PS1.2

Calibration of the new Next Generation Radiation Monitors for ESA
Wojtek Hajdas, Radek Marcinkowski, and Hualin Xiao

EGU2017-16565 | PICOs | PS1.2

Simulations as a tool for higher mass resolution spectrometer: Lessons from existing observations
Georgios Nicolaou, Masatoshi Yamauchi, Hans Nilsson, Martin Wieser, and Andrei Fedorov

EGU2017-3594 | PICOs | PS1.2

Development of a mass spectrometer for planetary exosphere exploration: from simulations to a flight like design
Stefan Meyer, Marek Tulej, and Peter Wurz

EGU2017-16366 | PICOs | PS1.2

Status of the Ganymede Laser Altimeter (GALA) for ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE)
Hauke Hussmann and Fabian Luedicke and the GALA Team

EGU2017-3405 | PICOs | PS1.2

Magnetic Measurements in Hot Planetary Environments
Christopher T. Russell, David Leneman, James M. Weygand, and Helen F. Parish

EGU2017-13615 | PICOs | PS1.2

TOMOX : An X-rays tomographer for planetary exploration
Lucia Marinangeli, Loredana Pompilio, Anna Chiara Tangari, Antonio Baliva, Matteo Alvaro, Maria Chiara Domeneghetti, Franco Frau, Maria Teresa Melis, Giovanni Bonanno, Maria Consolata Rapisarda, Paolo Petrinca, Oliva Menozzi, Vasco Lasalvia, and Simone Pirrotta

EGU2017-18136 | PICOs | PS1.2

Experimental facility for testing nuclear instruments for planetary landing missions
Dmitry Golovin, Igor Mitrofanov, Maxim Litvak, Alexander Kozyrev, Anton Sanin, and Andrey Vostrukhin

EGU2017-17280 | PICOs | PS1.2

The BepiColombo/SERENA Integrated Test Campaign
Stefano Orsini, Elisabetta De Angelis, Stefano Livi, Herbert Lichtenegger, Stas Barabash, Anna Milillo, Peter Wurz, Angelo Olivieri, Luigi D'Arcio, Mark Phillips, Gunter Laky, Martin Wieser, Fabio Camozzi, Andrea M. Di Lellis, Alessandro Mura, Francesco Lazzarotto, Alessandro Aronica, Rosanna Rispoli, Nello Verolli, and Daniele Piazza

EGU2017-19164 | PICOs | PS1.2

Calibration of Relative Humidity Devices in Low-pressure, Low-temperature CO2 Environment
Maria Genzer, Jouni Polkko, Timo Nikkanen, Maria Hieta, and Ari-Matti Harri

EGU2017-13727 | PICOs | PS1.2

Mars MetNet Mission - Martian Atmospheric Observational Post Network
Ari-Matti Hari, Harri Haukka, Sergey Aleksashkin, Ignacio Arruego, Walter Schmidt, Maria Genzer, Luis Vazquez, Timo Siikonen, and Matti Palin

EGU2017-18645 | PICOs | PS1.2

Mars Micro-Satellite for Terahertz Remote Sensing
Richard Larsson, Yasko Kasai, Takeshi Kuroda, Hiroyuki Maezawa, Takeshi Manabe, Toshiyuki Nishibori, Shinichi Nakasuka, Akifumi Wachi, and Hideo Sagawa

EGU2017-16458 | PICOs | PS1.2

Development of a Remote Sensing Small Satellite for Temperature Sounding in the Mesosphere/Lower Thermosphere by Measurement of the Oxygen Atmospheric Band Emission
Michael Deiml and Martin Kaufmann and the AtmoHIT team

EGU2017-1910 | PICOs | PS1.2

Miniature scientific-grade induction magnetometer for cubesats
Vira Pronenko

PS1.4 – Polarimetry as an invaluable tool to study the Solar System and beyond (co-organized) | PICO

EGU2017-17902 | PICOs | PS1.4

Science Drivers for Polarimetric Exploration
Padma Yanamandra-Fisher

EGU2017-2909 | PICOs | PS1.4

Laboratory measurements for the wavelength dependence of the linear polarization with the PROGRA2 instruments
Jean-Baptiste Renard, Edith Hadamcik, Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, Nathalie Carrasco, Benoit Couté, Vincent Duverger, and Vincent Guerrini

EGU2017-18580 | PICOs | PS1.4

Light scattering by planetary-regolith analog samples: computational results
Timo Väisänen, Johannes Markkanen, Edith Hadamcik, Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, Jeremie Lasue, Jürgen Blum, Antti Penttilä, and Karri Muinonen

EGU2017-11643 | PICOs | PS1.4

A post-Rosetta understanding of polarimetric observations of comets
A.Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, Valérie Ciarletti, Edith Hadamcik, Jérémie Lasue, and Thurid Mannel

EGU2017-9660 | PICOs | PS1.4

Planetary polarisation measurements with small telescopes
Philip Masding, Loic Rossi, and Phil Miles

EGU2017-18092 | PICOs | PS1.4

Haze and cloud distribution in Uranus’ atmosphere based on high-contrast spatially resolved polarization measurements
Nadiia Kostogryz, Svetlana Berdyugina, Daniel Gisler, and Thomas Berkefeld

EGU2017-8095 | PICOs | PS1.4

Using polarimetry to retrieve the cloud coverage of Earth-like exoplanets
Loïc Rossi and Daphne Stam

EGU2017-19525 | PICOs | PS1.4

Spectropolarimetry at Pic du Midi Observatory
Eric Josselin

EGU2017-5225 | PICOs | PS1.4

Polarimetry with Nanowires in the UV Solar Corona
Federico Landini, Marco Romoli, Cristian Baccani, Adrian Dinescu, Andrea Meneghin, Antonio Scippa, Maurizio Pancrazzi, Mauro Focardi, and Egidio Landi Degl'Innocenti

EGU2017-18147 | PICOs | PS1.4

Observation of solar events using hard X-ray polarimeter POLAR
Wojtek Hajdas, Ping Zhang, Hualin Xiao, and Radek Marcinkowski

PS2.1 – Mercury | PICO

EGU2017-5572 | PICOs | PS2.1

The thermal evolution and dynamo generation of Mercury with an Fe-Si core
Jurrien Knibbe

EGU2017-14455 | PICOs | PS2.1

Thermal evolution constraints on the interior of Mercury
Marie-Hélène Deproost, Attilio Rivoldini, and Tim Van Hoolst

EGU2017-6582 | PICOs | PS2.1

Volcanic Infillings of Large Basins on Mercury as Indicators of Mantle Thermal State and Composition
Sebastiano Padovan, Nicola Tosi, Ana-Catalina Plesa, and Thomas Ruedas

EGU2017-8507 | PICOs | PS2.1

The rotational state of Mercury after four years of MESSENGER observations
Alexander Stark, Jürgen Oberst, Frank Preusker, and Hauke Hussmann

EGU2017-7789 | PICOs | PS2.1

Improved algorithms for the retrieval of the h2 Love number of Mercury from laser altimetry data
Robin Thor, Reinald Kallenbach, Ulrich Christensen, Jürgen Oberst, Alexander Stark, and Gregor Steinbrügge

EGU2017-9246 | PICOs | PS2.1

Prospects for the future investigations of Mercury by the BepiColombo Laser Altimeter (BELA)
Gregor Steinbrügge, Alexander Stark, Hauke Hussmann, Kai Wickhusen, and Jürgen Oberst

EGU2017-10625 | PICOs | PS2.1

Heliophysics and General Relativity Investigation with MESSENGER
Antonio Genova, David E. Smith, Maria T. Zuber, Erwan Mazarico, Sander Goossens, Frank G. Lemoine, Gregory A. Neumann, Joseph B. Nicholas, David Rowlands, and Sean C. Solomon

EGU2017-17145 | PICOs | PS2.1

Contribution of BepiColombo’s MORE radio science experiment to the determination of Mercury’s interior structure
Mirco Junior Mariani, Luigi Imperi, and Luciano Iess

EGU2017-8719 | PICOs | PS2.1

Interior Studies with BepiColombo’s MPO
Johannes Benkhoff and Joe Zender

EGU2017-15149 | PICOs | PS2.1

Planning Bepicolombo MPO Science Operations to study Mercury Interior
Sara De La Fuente, Angela Carasa, Iñaki Ortiz, Pedro Rodriguez, Mauro Casale, Johannes Benkhoff, and Joe Zender

EGU2017-8364 | PICOs | PS2.1

In-flight alignment calibration between a laser altimeter and an imaging system – Application to the BepiColombo mission
Alexander Stark, Hauke Hussmann, Gregor Steinbrügge, Philipp Gläser, Klaus Gwinner, Jürgen Oberst, Massimo Casasco, and Gabriele Cremonese

EGU2017-7052 | PICOs | PS2.1

Characteristics of Mercury's magnetic field and its variations
Ingo Wardinski, Erwan Thebault, and Benoit Langlais

EGU2017-13496 | PICOs | PS2.1

A New Hermean Magnetic Field Model using a Modified Equivalent Source Dipole Method
Joana S. Oliveira, Benoit Langlais, M. Alexandra Pais, Hagay Amit, and Erwan Thébault

EGU2017-13417 | PICOs | PS2.1

Spectral Clustering of Hermean craters hollows
Alice Lucchetti, Maurizio Pajola, Gabriele Cremonese, Cristian Carli, Giuseppe Marzo, and Ted Roush

EGU2017-13822 | PICOs | PS2.1

The 1:3M geologic map of Mercury: progress and updates
Valentina Galluzzi, Laura Guzzetta, Paolo Mancinelli, Lorenza Giacomini, Christopher C. Malliband, Alessandro Mosca, Jack Wright, Luigi Ferranti, Matteo Massironi, Cristina Pauselli, David A. Rothery, and Pasquale Palumbo

EGU2017-14574 | PICOs | PS2.1

Geological mapping of the Kuiper quadrangle (H06) of Mercury
Lorenza Giacomini, Matteo Massironi, and Valentina Galluzzi

EGU2017-16900 | PICOs | PS2.1

Compositional variations on Mercury: Results from the Victoria quadrangle
Francesca Zambon, Cristian Carli, Valentina Galluzzi, Fabrizio Capaccioni, Lorenza Giacomini, Matteo Massironi, Pasquale Palumbo, and Gabriele Cremonese

PS2.2 – Lunar Science and Exploration Towards Moon Village

EGU2017-1092 | Posters | PS2.2

Analogue Simulation of human and psychosocial factors for MoonMars bases
Lucie Davidová and Bernard Foing

EGU2017-12260 | Orals | PS2.2 | Highlight

Introduction to EGU session "Lunar Science and Exploration Towards Moon Village”
Bernard Foing and the Moon Village & International Lunar Decade Working Groups

EGU2017-2034 | Posters | PS2.2

Data archiving and serving system implementation in CLEP’s GRAS Core System
wei zuo, xingguo zeng, zhoubin zhang, liang geng, and chunlai li

EGU2017-19514 | Orals | PS2.2

Infrared Lunar Laser Ranging at Calern : Impact on Lunar Dynamics
Vishnu Viswanathan, Agnes Fienga, Herve Manche, Mickael Gastineau, Clement Courde, Jean Marie Torre, Pierre Exertier, and Jacques Laskar

EGU2017-8623 | Orals | PS2.2

Length-Displacement Scaling of Lunar Thrust Faults and the Formation of Uphill-Facing Scarps
Harald Hiesinger, Lars Roggon, Ralf Hetzel, Jaclyn D. Clark, Andrea Hampel, and Carolyn H. van der Bogert

EGU2017-2151 | Posters | PS2.2

Research and Construction Lunar Stereoscopic Visualization System Based on Chang’E Data
Xingye Gao, Xingguo Zeng, Guihua Zhang, Wei Zuo, and ChunLai Li

EGU2017-3352 | Posters | PS2.2

Moon (Form-Origin)
Elias Tsiapas, Despina Soumelidou, and Christos Tsiapas

EGU2017-10243 | Orals | PS2.2 | Highlight

The Moon observed in Energetic Neutral Atoms: Review of the Scientific Findings from SARA/CENA on board Chandrayaan-1
Audrey Vorburger, Peter Wurz, Stas Barabash, Martin Wieser, Yoshifumi Futaana, Anil Bhardwaj, Mb Dhanya, and Kazushi Asamura

EGU2017-7195 | Posters | PS2.2

First independent lunar gravity field solution in the framework of project GRAZIL
Harald Wirnsberger, Sandro Krauss, Beate Klinger, and Torsten Mayer-Gürr

EGU2017-10699 | Orals | PS2.2

Observations of Lunar Exospheric Helium with LAMP UV Spectrograph onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Cesare Grava, Dana M. Hurley, Kurt D. Retherford, G. Randall Gladstone, Paul D. Feldman, Wayne R. Pryor, Thomas K. Greathouse, and Kathleen E. Mandt

EGU2017-15964 | Orals | PS2.2

Crater Age and Hydrogen Content in Lunar Regolith from LEND Neutron Data
Anton Sanin, Richard Starr, Maxim Litvak, Noah Petro, and Igor Mitrofanov

EGU2017-572 | Posters | PS2.2

Proposal MaMBA – Moon and Mars Base Analog
Christiane Heinicke and Bernard Foing

EGU2017-2026 | Orals | PS2.2 | Highlight

Topographic and geologic analysis of the Pre-selection landing sitesfor Chang ’E 5(CE-5) lunar sample returning mission of China
xingguo zeng, wei zuo, zhoubin zhang, yuxuan liu, and chunlai li

EGU2017-9326 | Posters | PS2.2 | Highlight

Advantages of a Lunar Cryogenic Astronomical Observatory
James Burke and Lisa Kaltenegger

EGU2017-8455 | Posters | PS2.2

Cassini State Transitions with a fossil figure
Isamu Matsuyama and James Keane

EGU2017-12052 | Posters | PS2.2

Testing the Axial Dipole Hypothesis for the Moon by Modeling the Direction of Crustal Magnetization
Joana S. Oliveira and Mark A. Wieczorek

EGU2017-17837 | Posters | PS2.2 | Highlight

International, private-public, multi-mission, next-generation lunar laser retroreflectors
Simone Dell'Agnello

PS2.3 – Mars Science and Exploration

EGU2017-16620 | Posters | PS2.3

MARSCAPE: Exploring the Martian Landscape through PARM (Projected Augmented Relief Model)
James Sprinks, Jessica Wardlaw, and Gary Priestnall

EGU2017-15392 | Orals | PS2.3

Mars Express recent findings and future plans
Dmitrij Titov, Jean-Pierre Bibring, Alejandro Cardesin, Thomas Duxbury, Francois Forget, Marco Giuranna, Francisco González-Galindo, Mats Holmström, Ralf Jaumann, Anni Määttänen, Patrick Martin, Franck Montmessin, Roberto Orosei, Martin Pätzold, Jeffrey Plaut, and Mex Sgs Team

EGU2017-18300 | Posters | PS2.3

Automatic Detection of Changes on Mars Surface from High-Resolution Orbital Images
Panagiotis Sidiropoulos and Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2017-19171 | Posters | PS2.3

The iMars WebGIS – Spatio-Temporal Data Queries and Single Image Map Web Services
Sebastian Walter, Ralf Steikert, Bjoern Schreiner, Jan-Peter Muller, Stephan van Gasselt, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, and Julia Lanz-Kroechert

EGU2017-6795 | Orals | PS2.3 | Highlight

Evidences of Wet Climate on Early Mars from Analysis of HRSC Observations
Ralf Jaumann, Daniela Tirschj, and Solmaz Adeli

EGU2017-16492 | Posters | PS2.3

The ExoMars Science Data Archive: Status and Plans
David Heather, Isa Barbarisi, Jon Brumfitt, Tanya Lim, Leo Metcalfe, and Antonio Villacorta

EGU2017-17735 | Orals | PS2.3 | Highlight

Late Noachian Climate Of Mars: Constraints From Valley Network System Formation Times And The Intermittencies (Episodic/Periodic And Punctuated).
James Head

EGU2017-698 | Posters | PS2.3

Traverse velocity maps for human exploration
Christiane Heinicke, Carmel Johnston, Elliot Sefton-Nash, and Bernard Foing

EGU2017-11431 | Orals | PS2.3

Insights and Uncertainties Regarding the Existence, Recharge, and Extent of Martian Groundwater Flow Based on the Elevation and Location of Outflow Channel Activity
Stephen Clifford

EGU2017-9063 | Orals | PS2.3

Detailed spectral analysis of chloride salt deposits in Terra Sirenum, Mars
Mikki Osterloo, Timothy Glotch, and Joshua Bandfield

EGU2017-6803 | Posters | PS2.3

Correction of MSL/REMS UV data from dust deposition and sensor's angular response
German Martinez, Alvaro Vicente-Retortillo, Nilton Renno, and Javier Gomez-Elvira

EGU2017-6850 | Posters | PS2.3

Dust Aerosol Particle Size at the Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site
Alvaro Vicente-Retortillo, Germán Martínez, Nilton Renno, Mark Lemmon, and Manuel de la Torre-Juárez

EGU2017-18917 | Orals | PS2.3

EU-FP7-iMARS: analysis of Mars multi-resolution images using auto-coregistration, data mining and crowd source techniques: A Final Report on the very variable surface of Mars
Jan-Peter Muller, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, Yu Tao, Kiky Putri, Jacqueline Campbell, Si-Ting Xiong, Klaus Gwinner, Konrad Willner, Lida Fanara, Marita Waehlisch, Sebastian Walter, Bjoern Schreiner, Ralf Steikert, Anton Ivanov, Federico Cantini, Jessica Wardlaw, James Sprinks, Robert Houghton, and Jung-Rack Kim

EGU2017-14867 | Posters | PS2.3

Curiosity's traverse through the upper Murray formation (Gale crater): ground truth for orbital detections of Martian clay minerals
Erwin Dehouck, John Carter, Olivier Gasnault, Patrick Pinet, Yves Daydou, Brigitte Gondet, Nicolas Mangold, Jeffrey Johnson, Raymond Arvidson, Sylvestre Maurice, and Roger Wiens

EGU2017-14951 | Posters | PS2.3

Overview of DAN/MSL water and chlorine measurements acquired in Gale area for four years of surface observations
maxim litvak

EGU2017-17380 | Orals | PS2.3

Understanding chemical and facies variability in the Murray Formation, Gale crater, from ChemCam data
Frances Rivera-Hernandez, Nicolas Mangold, Dawn Y. Sumner, Marion Nachon, Roger C. Wiens, Sylvestre Maurice, Olivier Forni, Jens Frydenvang, Horton Newsom, Erwin Dehouck, and Valerie Payre

EGU2017-10652 | Posters | PS2.3

Representative composition of the Murray Formation, Gale Crater, Mars, as refined through modeling utilizing Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer observations
Scott VanBommel, Ralf Gellert, Jeff Berger, Elstan Desouza, Catherine O'Connell-Cooper, Lucy Thompson, and Nicholas Boyd

EGU2017-9702 | Orals | PS2.3

Textures of rocks at Pahrump Hills, Gale Crater, Mars, as revealed by the Mars Hand Lens Imager
R Aileen Yingst, Linda Kah, Kathryn Stack Morgan, Kenneth Edgett, Marie McBride, David Harker, Kenneth Herkenhoff, Michelle Minitti, and Scott Rowland

EGU2017-13946 | Posters | PS2.3

Recent sedimentological studies of the Murray and Stimson formations and their implications for Gale crater evolution, Mars
Sanjeev Gupta, Chris Fedo, John Grotzinger, Ken Edgett, and Ashwin Vasavada and the MSL Sedimentology/Stratigraphy Working Group

EGU2017-10808 | Orals | PS2.3

Mineralogy of Rocks and Sediments at Gale Crater, Mars
Cherie Achilles, Robert Downs, David Blake, David Vaniman, Doug Ming, Elizabeth Rampe, Dick Morris, Shaunna Morrison, Allan Treiman, Steve Chipera, Albert Yen, Thomas Bristow, Patricia Craig, Robert Hazen, Joy Crisp, John Grotzinger, David Des Marias, Jack Farmer, Philippe Sarrazin, and John Michael Morookian

EGU2017-10163 | Orals | PS2.3

Evidence of ancient alteration and subaqueous activity in Oxia Planum, the candidate landing site for Exomars 2020
Cathy Quantin-Nataf, John Carter, Patrick Thollot, Damien Loizeau, Joel Davis, Peter Grindrod, and Loic lozach

EGU2017-7428 | Posters | PS2.3

Mars Express Bistatic Radar Observations 2016
Tom Andert, Richard A. Simpson, Martin Pätzold, Daniel S. Kahan, Stefan Remus, and Kamal Oudrhiri

EGU2017-8134 | Orals | PS2.3

3D mapping of buried rocks by the GPR WISDOM/ExoMars 2020
Yann Herve, Valerie Ciarletti, Alice Le Gall, Cathy Quantin, Christophe Guiffaut, and Dirk Plettemeier

EGU2017-9469 | Posters | PS2.3

Mars South Cap: Seven Martian Years Survey By OMEGA/MEX
Brigitte Gondet, Yves Langevin, and Jean-Pierre Bibring

EGU2017-19305 | Orals | PS2.3

ExoMars Lander Radioscience LaRa, a Space Geodesy Experiment to Mars.
Veronique Dehant, Sebastien Le Maistre, Marie Yseboodt, Marie-Julie Peters, Ozgur Karatekin, Bart Van Hove, Attilio Rivoldini, Rose-Marie Baland, and Tim Van Hoolst

EGU2017-9839 | Posters | PS2.3

Unraveling the mineralogy of delta deposits on Mars
Mikki Osterloo and Kathryn Kierein-Young

EGU2017-8834 | Posters | PS2.3

Estimation of the depth of faulting in the northeast margin of Argyre basin (Mars) by structural analysis of lobate scarps
Andrea Herrero-Gil, Javier Ruiz, Isabel Egea-González, and Ignacio Romeo

EGU2017-10239 | Orals | PS2.3 | Highlight

Mars atmospheric loss to space: Observations of present-day loss and implications for long-term volatile evolution
Bruce Jakosky, David Brain, Janet Luhmann, and Joe Grebowsky

EGU2017-7185 | Posters | PS2.3

Multi-instrument data analysis for interpretation of the Martian North polar layered deposits
Melissa Mirino, Elliot Sefton-Nash, Olivier Witasse, and Alessandro Frigeri

EGU2017-9994 | Orals | PS2.3

New Observations of the Martian Ionosphere and its Variability – An Overview
Andrew J. Kopf

EGU2017-504 | Posters | PS2.3

Global map and spectroscopic analyses of Martian fluvial systems: paleoclimatic implications
Giulia Alemanno, Vincenzo Orofino, Francesca Mancarella, and Sergio Fonti

EGU2017-2063 | Posters | PS2.3

Optimization of thermochemolysis analysis conditions for the in situ detection of organic compounds in Martian soil with the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) experiment
Marietta Morisson, Arnaud Buch, Cyril Szopa, François Raulin, and Moncef Stambouli

EGU2017-11473 | Orals | PS2.3

Mars H Escape is potentially dominated by a high-altitude water source
Michael Chaffin, Justin Deighan, Nick Schneider, and Ian Stewart

EGU2017-11139 | Orals | PS2.3

Ion Escape Rates from Mars
Dave Brain, Jim McFadden, Jasper Halekas, Jack Connerney, Frank Eparvier, Dave Mitchell, Laila Andersson, Bruce Jakosky, Yaxue Dong, Hilary Egan, Tristan Weber, Yingjuan Ma, Chuanfei Dong, Ronan Modolo, Steve Bougher, and Janet Luhmann

EGU2017-8975 | Posters | PS2.3

Systematic characterization of structural, dynamical and electrical properties of dust devils and implications for dust lifting processes
Gabriele Franzese, Francesca Esposito, Ralph D. Lorenz, Ciprian Popa, Simone Silvestro, Natalia Deniskina, and Fabio Cozzolino

EGU2017-18406 | Posters | PS2.3

Assessment of HRSC Digital Terrain Models Produced for the South Polar Residual Cap
Alfiah Rizky Diana Putri, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, and Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2017-3265 | Orals | PS2.3

Revised empirical model of the Martian dayside ionosphere
Frantisek Nemec, David D. Morgan, Donald A. Gurnett, Andrew J. Kopf, and David J. Andrews

EGU2017-8408 | Orals | PS2.3

Effects of different drivers on ion fluxes at Mars. MARS EXPRESS and MAVEN observations
Eduard Dubinin, Markus Fraenz, James McFadden, Jasper Halekas, Frank Epavier, Jack Connerney, David Brain, Bruce Jakosky, David Andrews, and Stas Barabash

EGU2017-18365 | Posters | PS2.3

Layering extraction from subsurface radargrams over Greenland and the Martian NPLD by combining wavelet analysis with Hough transforms
Si-Ting Xiong and Jan-Peter Muller

EGU2017-651 | Posters | PS2.3

Improved understanding of magnetic signatures of basaltic lava flows and cones with implication for extraterrestrial exploration
Amanda Arlensiú Ordóñez Cencerrado, Rolf Kilian, and Marina Díaz-Michelena

EGU2017-3784 | Orals | PS2.3

Coupled Surface-Atmosphere Chemistry of the Martian Peroxide and Perchlorate Oxidants
Sushil K. Atreya, Eric Wilson, Thérèse Encrenaz, Ralf Kaiser, and Paul Mahaffy

EGU2017-3787 | Posters | PS2.3

The construction of sparse models of Mars' crustal magnetic field
Kimberly Moore and Jeremy Bloxham

EGU2017-11349 | Posters | PS2.3

Long-term rotational stability of terrestrial planets with viscoelastic lithospheres: Theory and application to Martian True Polar Wander (TPW)
Kimberly Moore, Ngai-Ham Chan, Amy Daradich, and Jerry Mitrovica

EGU2017-12245 | Orals | PS2.3

Humidity cycle at Gale crater through MSL/REMS observations
Ari-Matti Harri, Maria Genzer, Javier Gomez-Elvira, Hannu Savijarvi, Tim McConnochie, Manuel De la Torre, German Martinez, Robert Haberle, Jouni Polkko, Mark Paton, Claire Newman, Terhi Makinen, and Luis Vazquez

EGU2017-6830 | Posters | PS2.3

Spectral classification and mineralogical characterization of Nili Fossae for a better understanding of hydrated mineralogies.
Giovanna Serventi, Cristian Carli, Francesca Altieri, Anna Geminale, Maria Sgavetti, Davide Grassi, Roberto Orosei, and Giancarlo Bellucci

EGU2017-3071 | Orals | PS2.3

Inside the Belly of a Mars Dust Storm
Scot Rafkin and Jorge Pla-Garcia

EGU2017-10649 | Orals | PS2.3

ExoMars 2016 Status and Future Plans
Håkan Svedhem and Jorge Vago

EGU2017-2145 | Posters | PS2.3

Spectral Modeling of the 0.4-2.5 μm Phobos CRISM dataset
Maurizio Pajola, Ted Roush, Cristina Dalle Ore, Giuseppe A. Marzo, and Emanuele Simioni

EGU2017-6276 | Posters | PS2.3

Neutral escape at Mars induced by the precipitation of high-energy protons and hydrogen atoms of the solar wind origin
Valery I. Shematovich

EGU2017-5412 | Orals | PS2.3

Space radiation quantities obtained aboard ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter during the transit and in Mars orbit
Jordanka Semkova and the Liulin-MO-FREND team

EGU2017-14198 | Orals | PS2.3 | Highlight

Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Overview
Omran Sharaf, Sarah Amiri, Suhail AlMheiri, Adnan Alrais, Mohammad Wali, Zakareyya AlShamsi, Ibrahim AlQasim, Khuloud AlHarmoodi, Nour AlTeneiji, Hessa Almatroushi, Maryam AlShamsi, Mohsen AlAwadhi, Michael McGrath, Pete Withnell, Nicolas Ferrington, Heather Reed, Brett Landin, Sean Ryan, and Brian Pramann

EGU2017-18152 | Posters | PS2.3

New insights on the collisional escape of light neutrals from Mars
Marko Gacesa and Kevin Zahnle

EGU2017-11453 | Posters | PS2.3

Highlights from two years of remote sensing at Mars with MAVEN's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph
Michael Chaffin, Nick Schneider, Justin Deighan, Sonal Jain, Bill McClintock, Ian Stewart, John Clarke, Greg Holsclaw, Franck Montmessin, Franck Lefevre, Jean-Yves Chaufray, Arnaud Stiepen, Matteo Crismani, Majd Mayyasi, Scott Evans, Mike Stevens, Roger Yelle, Hannes Groller, Daniel Lo, and Bruce Jakosky

EGU2017-11634 | Posters | PS2.3

Correlations between wave activity and electron temperature in the Martian upper ionosphere
Chris Fowler, Laila Andersson, Robert Ergun, and David Andrews

EGU2017-14629 | Posters | PS2.3

The spatial evolution of the mixing layer in the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at the Martian ionopause
Sae Aizawa, Naoki Terada, Yasumasa Kasaba, Manabu Yagi, Yosuke Matsumoto, and Dominique Delcourt

EGU2017-13357 | Posters | PS2.3

Emirates Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer (EMUS) Overview from the Emirates Mars Mission
Hessa Almatroushi, Fatma Lootah, Greg Holsclaw, Justin Deighan, Michael Chaffin, Robert Lillis, Matthew Fillingim, Scott England, Suhail AlMheiri, and Heather Reed

EGU2017-14683 | Posters | PS2.3

Emirates eXploration Imager (EXI) Overview from the Emirates Mars Mission
Maryam AlShamsi, Michael Wolff, Mohammad Khoory, Suhail AlMheiri, Andrew Jones, Ginger Drake, Mikki Osterloo, and Heather Reed

EGU2017-15037 | Posters | PS2.3

Emirates Mars Infrared Spectrometer (EMIRS) Overview from the Emirates Mars Mission
Eman Altunaiji, Christopher Edwards, Michael Smith, Philip Christensen, Suhail AlMheiri, and Heather Reed

EGU2017-6273 | Posters | PS2.3

Imaging spectroscopy of Mars in the thermal infrared: seasonal variations of H2O2 and mapping of the D/H ratio
Therese Encrenaz, Curtis DeWitt, Matthew Richter, Thomas Greathouse, Thierry Fouchet, Franck Lefevre, Franck Montmessin, Francois Forget, Bruno Bezard, and Sushil Atreya

EGU2017-16966 | Posters | PS2.3

Properties of a local dust storm on Mars’ Atlantis Chaos by means of radiative transfer modeling.
Fabrizio Oliva, Francesca Altieri, Anna Geminale, Giancarlo Bellucci, Emiliano D'Aversa, Giacomo Carrozzo, Giuseppe Sindoni, and Davide Grassi

EGU2017-18442 | Posters | PS2.3

Gamma Rays from Martian Dust Storms
Shahab Arabshahi, Walid Majid, Joseph Dwyer, and Hamid Rassoul

EGU2017-1499 | Posters | PS2.3

Mesoscale modeling of the water vapor cycle at Mawrth Vallis: a Mars2020 and ExoMars exploration rovers high-priority landing site
Jorge Pla-García

EGU2017-11000 | Posters | PS2.3

Clathrate hydrates as possible source of episodic methane releases on Mars
Özgür Karatekin, Elodie Gloesener, and Orkun Temel

EGU2017-3658 | Posters | PS2.3

Prediction of atmospheric conditions at ExoMars 2016 landing site with global circulation model simulations
Orkun Temel, Ozgur Karatekin, and Jeroen van Beeck

EGU2017-14685 | Posters | PS2.3

FREND experiment on ESA’s TGO mission: science tasks, initial space data and expected results
Igor Mitrofanov, Aleksey Malakhov, Dmitry Golovin, Maxim Litvak, Anton Sanin, and Jordanka Semkova

PS2.4 – Atmospheres of Terrestrial Planets (in memoriam Wojciech Markiewicz)

EGU2017-5091 | Posters | PS2.4

On the Schumann resonance at Mars: day-night asymmetry and dust
Sergio Toledo-Redondo, Alfonso Salinas, Jorge Porti, Olivier Witasse, Sandy Cardnell, Jesus Fornieles, Gregorio Molina-Cuberos, Gregoire Déprez, and Frank Montmessin

EGU2017-5166 | Posters | PS2.4

Cloud level winds from UV and IR images obtained by VMC onboard Venus Express
Igor Khatuntsev, Marina Patsaeva, Dmitri Titov, Nikolay Ignatiev, Alexander Turin, and Jean-Loup Bertaux

EGU2017-8180 | Orals | PS2.4

A cloud modal representation for the IPSL Venus GCM: validation and first results
Sabrina Guilbon, Anni Määttänen, Franck Montmessin, Jérémie Burgalat, Sébastien Lebonnois, Aurélien Stolzenbach, Pascal Rannou, Arnaud Beth, Anton Laakso, Harri Kokkola, Kevin McGouldrick, Maxence Lefèvre, and Franck Lefèvre

EGU2017-7111 | Posters | PS2.4

Dependence of wind speed and UV albedo at Venus top cloud layer on topography and local time revealed from VMC images
Marina Patsaeva, Igor Khatuntsev, Alexander Turin, Ludmila Zasova, and Jean-loup Bertaux

EGU2017-2062 | Orals | PS2.4

Three-dimensional turbulence-resolving modeling of the Venusian cloud layer and induced gravity waves
Maxence Lefèvre, Aymeric Spiga, and Sébastien Lebonnois

EGU2017-7959 | Posters | PS2.4

Escape and fractionation of volatiles and noble gases: from Mars-sized planetary embryos to growing protoplanets
Petra Odert, Helmut Lammer, Nikolai V. Erkaev, Athanasia Nikolaou, Herbert I. M. Lichtenegger, Colin P. Johnstone, Kristina G. Kislyakova, Martin Leitzinger, and Nicola Tosi

EGU2017-9013 | Posters | PS2.4

How does the stellar Lyman alpha flux drive the planetary Hydrogen exospheric escape?
Arnaud Beth, Philippe Garnier, Dominique Toublanc, Iannis Dandouras, and Christian Mazelle

EGU2017-12972 | Orals | PS2.4

Impacts of the cloud structure's latitudinal variation on the general circulation of the Venus atmosphere as modeled by the LMD-GCM
Itziar Garate-Lopez and Sébastien Lebonnois

EGU2017-9493 | Orals | PS2.4

Study of upper haze of Venus from Venus Express SPICAV-IR data
Mikhail Luginin, Anna Fedorova, Denis Belyaev, Franck Montmessin, Valerie Wilquet, Oleg Korablev, Jean-Loup Bertaux, and Ann Carine Vandaele

EGU2017-18750 | Posters | PS2.4

Model study of the organic photochemistry in the atmosphere of Mars in the context of the upcoming NOMAD/ExoMars mission
Sébastien Viscardy, Frank Daerden, Lori Neary, Antonio García Muñoz, and Ann Carine Vandaele

EGU2017-15926 | Orals | PS2.4

Investigating circular patterns in linear polarization observations of Venus
Gourav Mahapatra, Daphne Stam, Loic Rossi, Michiel Rodenhuis, and Frans Snik

EGU2017-2106 | Posters | PS2.4

KeV-energetic H-atoms at the border of the terrestrial exosphere
Hans-Jörg Fahr, Uwe Nass, and Jochen Zoennchen

EGU2017-5689 | Posters | PS2.4

Spatial and temporal variations of particle sizes in the upper clouds of Venus from the VMC/VEx data
Oksana Shalygina, Elena Petrova, and Wojciech J. Markiewicz

EGU2017-5913 | Posters | PS2.4

Short wavelength abedo, contrasts and micro-organisms on Venus
Sanjay Limaye, Grzegorgz Słowik, Arif Ansari, David Smith, Rakesh Mogul, and Parag Vaishampayan

EGU2017-14370 | Orals | PS2.4

Seasonal Transport in Mars’ Mesosphere revealed by Nitric Oxide Nightglow vertical profiles and global images from IUVS/MAVEN
Arnaud Stiepen, Ian Stewart, Sonal Jain, Nicholas Schneider, Justin Deighan, Francisco Gonzàlez-Galindo, Jean-Claude Gérard, Michael Stevens, Stephen Bougher, Zachariah Milby, Scott Evans, Michael Chaffin, William McClintock, John Clarke, Greg Holsclaw, Franck Montmessin, Franck Lefèvre, Daniel Lo, and Bruce Jakosky

EGU2017-10928 | Orals | PS2.4

The impact of the early Sun and space weather events on the Martian atmosphere
Shannon Curry, Janet Luhmann, Edward Thiemann, Chuanfei Dong, Jacob Gruesbeck, David Brain, Gina DiBraccio, Bruce Jakosky, Yingjuan Ma, Jared Espley, Christina Lee, Jasper Halekas, Jack Connerney, James McFadden, and Takuya Hara

EGU2017-6202 | Posters | PS2.4

Ground-based imaging spectroscopy of Venus: variability of HDO and SO2 between 2012 and 2017 and analysis of the thermal structure
Therese Encrenaz, Thomas Greathouse, Matthew Richter, Curtis DeWitt, Thomas Widemann, Bruno Bezard, Thierry Fouchet, Sushil Atreya, and Hideo Sagawa

EGU2017-17148 | Orals | PS2.4

Water ice cloud property retrievals at Mars with OMEGA:Spatial distribution and column mass
Kevin S. Olsen, Jean-Baptiste Madeleine, Andre Szantai, Joachim Audouard, Anna Geminale, Francesca Altieri, Giancarlo Bellucci, Luca Montabone, Michael J. Wolff, and Francois Forget

EGU2017-11381 | Posters | PS2.4

Hunt for optical lightning flash in Venus using LAC onboard Akatsuki spacecraft
Yukihiro Takahashi, Mitsuteru Sato, and Masataka Imai

EGU2017-19547 | Orals | PS2.4

DR-induced O and C in the thermosphere of the early Mars
Jinjin Zhao, Éric Chassefière, Feng Tian, Jean-Yves Chaufray, and François Leblanc

EGU2017-12247 | Posters | PS2.4

The Mars Climate Database (MCD version 5.3)
Ehouarn Millour, Francois Forget, Aymeric Spiga, Margaux Vals, Vladimir Zakharov, Thomas Navarro, Luca Montabone, Franck Lefevre, Franck Montmessin, Jean-Yves Chaufray, Miguel Lopez-Valverde, Francisco Gonzalez-Galindo, Stephen Lewis, Peter Read, Marie-Christine Desjean, and The MCD/GCM development team

EGU2017-13164 | Posters | PS2.4

Traces of influence of the surface topography in the Venus atmosphere
Ludmila Zasova, Igor Khatuntsev, Marina Patsaeva, Nikolay Ignatiev, and Dmitry Gorinov

EGU2017-2678 | Orals | PS2.4

Searching the source location of methane detected at Gale crater using the Mars Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (MRAMS)
Jorge Pla-García and Scot C.R. Rafkin

EGU2017-14848 | Posters | PS2.4

The Venus flybys opportunity with BEPICOLOMBO
Valeria Mangano, Sara de la Fuente, Elsa Montagnon, Johannes Benkhoff, Joe Zender, and Stefano Orsini

EGU2017-15689 | Posters | PS2.4

Influence of suprathermal atoms on the escape and evolution of Mars’ CO2 atmosphere
Ute Amerstorfer, Hannes Gröller, Herbert Lichtenegger, Helmut Lammer, Feng Tian, Lena Noack, Manuel Scherf, Colin Johnstone, Lin Tu, and Manuel Güdel

EGU2017-17628 | Orals | PS2.4

Low Temperature Studies of the Removal Reactions of 1CH2 with Relevance to the Atmosphere of Titan
Kevin Douglas, Eloise Slater, Wuhu Feng, Mark Blitz, John Plane, Dwayne Heard, and Paul Seakins

EGU2017-10169 | Orals | PS2.4

Modelling of Titan's middle atmosphere with the IPSL climate model
Jan Vatant d'Ollone, Sébastien Lebonnois, and Sandrine Guerlet

PS3.1 – Outer planets, icy satellites and rings

EGU2017-5923 | Orals | PS3.1

A new approach for estimating the Jupiter and Saturn gravity fields using Juno and Cassini measurements, trajectory estimation analysis, and a dynamical wind model optimization
Eli Galanti, Daniele Durante, Luciano Iess, and Yohai Kaspi

EGU2017-573 | Posters | PS3.1

Numerical simulation of Ganymede’s ionosphere
Gianluca Carnielli, Marina Galand, François Leblanc, Ludivine Leclercq, and Ronan Modolo

EGU2017-7614 | Orals | PS3.1

Disruption of Saturn's Equatorial Stratospheric Oscillation by the Great Storm of 2011
Leigh Fletcher, Sandrine Guerlet, Glenn Orton, Richard Cosentino, Thierry Fouchet, Patrick Irwin, and Liming Li

EGU2017-17559 | Posters | PS3.1

The rotation of Ganymede
Tim Van Hoolst, Rose-Marie Baland, Antony Trinh, Alexis Coyette, and Marie Yseboodt

EGU2017-5786 | Orals | PS3.1

The Source of Planetary Period Oscillations in Saturn’s Magnetosphere
Krishan K. Khurana, Jonathan L. Mitchell, and Ingo C. F. Mueller

EGU2017-5268 | Posters | PS3.1

A 2016 Ganymede stellar occultation event
Emiliano D'Aversa, Fabrizio Oliva, Giuseppe Sindoni, Tobias Cornelius Hinse, Christina Plainaki, Shohei Aoki, Michael J. Person, Robert W. Carlson, and Glenn S. Orton

EGU2017-10269 | Posters | PS3.1

Monte Carlo Simulation of Europa's Exosphere
Audrey Vorburger and Peter Wurz

EGU2017-9527 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Dissipation in the deep interiors of Ganymede and Europa
Hauke Hussmann, Daigo Shoji, Gregor Steinbruegge, Alexander Stark, and Frank Sohl

EGU2017-855 | Posters | PS3.1

Study of liquid exchanges between Titan's seas Kraken Mare and Ligeia Mare
David Vincent, Özgur Karatekin, Véronique Dehant, and Eric Deleersnijder

EGU2017-10580 | Orals | PS3.1

Magnetospheric particle precipitation at Titan
Emilie Royer, Larry Esposito, Frank Crary, and Jan-Erik Wahlund

EGU2017-2866 | Posters | PS3.1

The spectral nature of Titan’s mid-latitude region
Anezina Solomonidou, Athena Coustenis, Rosaly Lopes, Michael Malaska, Sebastien Rodriguez, Pierre Drossart, Bernard Schmitt, Sylvain Philippe, Michael Janssen, Alice Le Gall, Kenneth Lawrence, Mathieu Hirtzig, Frank Sohl, Katrin Stephan, Ralf Jaumann, Robert Brown, Edward Villanueva, Emmanuel Bratsolis, Christos Matsoukas, and Ashley Schoenfeld

EGU2017-3020 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Complex organic chemistry in Titan’s stratosphere near the poles from Cassini/CIRS
Athena Coustenis, Donald Jennings, Richard Achterberg, Panayiotis Lavvas, Conor Nixon, Georgios Bampasidis, and F. Michael Flasar

EGU2017-5167 | Posters | PS3.1

A visible solar occultation of Titan's atmosphere from Cassini-VIMS
Emiliano D'Aversa, Maria Luisa Moriconi, Jean-Christophe Loison, Michel Dobrijevic, Fabrizio Oliva, and Giuseppe Sindoni

EGU2017-12298 | Orals | PS3.1

A Look Toward the Surface: Radiative Transfer Modelling in Titan's Atmosphere Using Cassini/VIMS data
Thomas Cornet, Sebastien Rodriguez, Luca Maltagliati, Thomas Appéré, Christophe Sotin, Stéphane Le Mouélic, Pascal Rannou, Anezina Solomonidou, Mathieu Hirtzig, Bruno Bézard, Athena Coustenis, Robert H. Brown, Jason W. Barnes, Kevin H. Baines, Bonnie J. Buratti, Roger N. Clark, and Phillip D. Nicholson

EGU2017-10681 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Cassini RADAR observations of lakes and seas in the Northern Polar region of Titan: Bathymetry and Composition
Marco Mastrogiuseppe, Alex Hayes, Valerio Poggiali, Jonathan Lunine, Roberto Seu, Jason Hofgartner, Alice Le Gall, Ralph Lorenz, and Giuseppe Mitri

EGU2017-12475 | Posters | PS3.1

Dissolution on Saturn's Moon Titan: A 3D Karst Landscape Evolution Model
Thomas Cornet, Cyril Fleurant, Benoît Seignovert, Daniel Cordier, Olivier Bourgeois, Stéphane Le Mouélic, Sebastien Rodriguez, and Antoine Lucas

EGU2017-6054 | Posters | PS3.1

A model study of the vertical distributions and escape fluxes of the major and minor species in Titan’s thermosphere under different conditions
Jen-Kai Hsu, Mao-Chang Liang, and Wing-Huen Ip

EGU2017-1750 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

The INMS Case for Habitability at Enceladus
J. Hunter Waite, Chris Glein, Rebecca Perryman, Brian Magee, Jonathan Lunine, Mark Perry, Jacob Grimes, Greg Miller, Scott Bolton, and Kelly Miller

EGU2017-6704 | Orals | PS3.1 | Highlight

Powering hydrothermal activity on Enceladus
Gabriel Tobie, Gael Choblet, Christophe Sotin, Marie Behounkova, Ondrej Cadek, Frank Postberg, and Ondrej Soucek

EGU2017-1583 | Posters | PS3.1

Positive and negative ion outflow at Rhea as observed by Cassini
Ravindra Desai, Geraint Jones, Leonardo Regoli, Misa Cowee, Andrew Coates, and Dhiren Kataria

EGU2017-11708 | Orals | PS3.1

Resolving the Mass Production and Surface Structure of the Enceladus Dust Plume
Sascha Kempf, Benjamin Southworth, Joseph Spitale, Ralf Srama, Jürgen Schmidt, and Frank Postberg

EGU2017-3378 | Posters | PS3.1

Sensitivity of Saturn's orbit to a hypothetical distant planet
Ryan Park, William Folkner, Robert Jacobson, and James Williams

EGU2017-4455 | Orals | PS3.1

Heat transport in the high-pressure ice mantle of large icy moons
Gael Choblet, Gabriel Tobie, Christophe Sotin, Klara Kalousova, and Olivier Grasset

EGU2017-16357 | Posters | PS3.1

Tidal deformation of Enceladus' ice shell with variable thickness and Maxwell rheology
Ondrej Soucek, Marie Behounkova, Ondrej Cadek, Gabriel Tobie, and Gael Choblet

EGU2017-13686 | Orals | PS3.1

Organic compounds from Enceladus in E ring ice grains
Frank Postberg, Nozair Khawaja, Rene Reviol, Lenz Nölle, Fabian Klenner, and Ralf Srama

EGU2017-13423 | Posters | PS3.1

Tectonic Activity on Enceladus in the Context of a Pressurized Global Ocean or Regional Sea
Laurent Montesi and Stephanie Johnston

EGU2017-3868 | Posters | PS3.1

Enceladus: a new class of celestial bodies?
Leszek Czechowski

EGU2017-9882 | Orals | PS3.1

CDA in-situ measurements during Cassini's F-ring plane crossings in 2017
Ralf Srama, Georg Moragas-Klostermeyer, Thomas Albin, Thanasis Economou, Sean Hsu, Mihaly Horanyi, Sascha Kempf, Yanwei Li, Frank Postberg, Jonas Simolka, Rachel Soja, Heiko Strack, and Nicolas Altobelli

EGU2017-5204 | Posters | PS3.1

IRTF-SpeX observations of Saturn in support of Cassini-VIMS data
Emiliano D'Aversa, Fabrizio Oliva, Giuseppe Sindoni, Shohei Aoki, and Priscilla Cerroni

EGU2017-17150 | Orals | PS3.1

The mass of Saturn’s B-ring from Cassini’s Grand Finale orbits
Paolo Racioppa, Daniele Durante, and Luciano Iess

EGU2017-9140 | Posters | PS3.1

IR spectra of Saturn's ring spokes and multiple shines in the Saturn-rings system
Emiliano D'Aversa, Giancarlo Bellucci, Gianrico Filacchione, Priscilla Cerroni, Phil D. Nicholson, Filippo G. Carrozzo, Francesca Altieri, Fabrizio Oliva, Anna Geminale, Giuseppe Sindoni, and Matthew M. Hedman

EGU2017-19453 | Orals | PS3.1

Cassini’s Ring Grazing and Grand Finale Orbits: Topping Off an Awesome Mission
Scott Edgington, Linda Spilker, and Athena Coustenis

EGU2017-5584 | Orals | PS3.1

Nitrogen fractionation in the atmospheres of Pluto and Titan – implications for the origin of nitrogen in KBOs and comets
Kathleen Mandt, Adrienn Luspay-Kuti, Kandis Lea Jessup, Vincent Hue, Josh Kammer, and Rachael Filwett

EGU2017-10081 | Posters | PS3.1

Polygonal Impact Craters on selected Minor Bodies: Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Ceres, and Vesta
Tanja Neidhart, Johannes Leitner, and Maria Firneis

EGU2017-12164 | Orals | PS3.1

Pluto's Haze from 2002 - 2015: Correlation with the Solar Cycle
Eliot Young, Viliam Klein, Kara Hartig, Aaron Resnick, Jason Mackie, Carolina Carriazo, Charles Watson, Michael Skrutskie, Anne Verbiscer, Matthew Nelson, Robert Howell, Lawrence Wasserman, Gordon Hudson, David Gault, Tony Barry, Bruno Sicardy, Andrew Cole, Barry Giles, and Kym Hill

EGU2017-14611 | Posters | PS3.1

The ESA JUICE mission: the Science and the Science Operations
Rosario Lorente, Nicolas Altobelli, Claire Vallat, Claudio Munoz, Rafael Andres, Alejandro Cardesin, Olivier Witasse, and Christian Erd

EGU2017-6771 | Posters | PS3.1

Explaining the 11-year periodicity in Neptune's atmosphere with Voyager 2 data
Karen Aplin and R Giles Harrison

EGU2017-18312 | Orals | PS3.1

Condensation of Pluto's Minor Atmospheric Constituents
Erika L. Barth

EGU2017-12269 | Orals | PS3.1

Pluto’s elongated dark regions formed by the Charon-forming giant impact
Hidenori Genda, Yusuhito Sekine, Shunichi Kamata, and Taro Funatsu

EGU2017-10654 | Posters | PS3.1

The Saturn PRobe Interior and aTmosphere Explorer (SPRITE) Mission Concept
David H. Atkinson, Amy Simon, and Don Banfield and the SPRITE Team

EGU2017-10664 | Posters | PS3.1

The Hera Saturn Entry Probe Mission: a Proposal in Response to the ESA M5 Call
Olivier Mousis, David Atkinson, Michael Amato, Shahid Aslam, Sushil Atreya, Michel Blanc, Scott Bolton, Bastien Brugger, Simon Calcutt, Thibault Cavalié, Sébastien Charnoz, Athena Coustenis, Magali Deleuil, Michel Dobrijevic, Francesca Ferri, Leigh Fletcher, Daniel Gautier, Tristan Guillot, Paul Hartogh, and Andrew Holland and the the Hera team

EGU2017-17876 | Posters | PS3.1

Titan gravity investigation with the Oceanus mission
Paolo Tortora, Marco Zannoni, Francis Nimmo, Erwan Mazarico, Luciano Iess, Christophe Sotin, Alexander Hayes, and Michael Malaska

EGU2017-10958 | Posters | PS3.1

Oceanus: A New Frontiers orbiter to study Titan's potential habitability
Christophe Sotin, Alex Hayes, Michael Malaska, Francis Nimmo, Melissa Trainer, and Paolo Tortora and the Oceanus science team

EGU2017-3495 | Posters | PS3.1

Irradiation of a wide range of water ice samples in laboratory with electrons and heavy ions
André Galli, Audrey Vorburger, Antoine Pommerol, Olivier Poch, and Peter Wurz

EGU2017-2982 | Posters | PS3.1

Time-dependent solution for reorientation of rotating tidally deformed visco-elastic bodies
Haiyang Hu, Wouter van der Wal, and Bert Vermeersen

EGU2017-3410 | Posters | PS3.1

The Return of Magnetic Flux to the Inner Saturnian Magnetosphere
Hairong Lai, Christopher T. Russell, Yingdong Jia, Adam Masters, and Michele K. Dougherty

EGU2017-17680 | Posters | PS3.1

Addressing ices in the solar system via their fractal dimension measurement
Giorgio Franceschetti, Stephen D. Wall, Gerardo Di Martino, Alessio Di Simone, and Daniele Riccio

PS3.2 – Initial Results from Juno's Exploration of Jupiter and the Earth-based Collaborative Campaign

EGU2017-9166 | Orals | PS3.2 | Highlight

Overview of Juno Results at Jupiter
Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, and Steve Levin and the Juno Science Team

EGU2017-9664 | Posters | PS3.2

Juno, The Cultural Connection
Theodore Clarke

EGU2017-11876 | Posters | PS3.2

The fuzziness of Jupiter’s core: linking formation and evolution models
Ravit Helled, Michael Lozovsky, Allona Vazan, David Stevenson, Tristan Guillot, and William Hubbard

EGU2017-5257 | Orals | PS3.2

First Results of the Juno Magnetometer Investigation in Jupiter’s Magnetosphere
Jack Connerney, Ronald Oliversen, Jared Espley, Stavros Kotsiaros, John Joergensen, Peter Joergensen, Jose Merano, Troelz Denver, Mathias Benn, Jeremy Bloxham, Scott Bolton, and Steve Levin

EGU2017-10601 | Posters | PS3.2

Initial results for the depth of atmospheric and interior flows on Jupiter as inferred from the Juno gravity measurements
Yohai Kaspi, Eli Galanti, and William Hubbard

EGU2017-5408 | Orals | PS3.2

Observations from Juno’s Radiation Monitoring Investigation during Juno’s Early Orbits
Heidi N. Becker, John L. Jorgensen, Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, John E.P. Connerney, Daniel Santos-Costa, Scott J. Bolton, Steven M. Levin, James W. Alexander, Virgil Adumitroaie, Emily A. Manor-Chapman, Ingrid J. Daubar, Clifford Lee, Mathias Benn, Troelz Denver, Julia Sushkova, Andrea Cicchetti, Raffaella Noschese, and Richard M. Thorne

EGU2017-11551 | Posters | PS3.2

Calibration and Performance Of The Juno Microwave Radiometer In Jupiter Orbit
Shannon Brown, Mike Janssen, and Sid Misra

EGU2017-8869 | Orals | PS3.2

Observations at Jupiter by the Juno Waves Investigation
George Hospodarsky, William Kurth, Masafumi Imai, Donald Gurnett, Sadie Tetrick, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, Steve Levin, George Clark, and Phil Valek

EGU2017-9534 | Orals | PS3.2

Observations of Jupiter’s polar magnetosphere from the Jovian Auroral Distributions Experiment (JADE)
Frederic Allegrini, Phil Valek, Fran Bagenal, Scott Bolton, George Clark, Jack Connerney, Rob Ebert, Randy Gladstone, Thomas Kim, William Kurth, Steve Levin, Philippe Louarn, Chad Loeffler, Barry Mauk, David McComas, Craig Pollock, Drake Ranquist, Michelle Reno, Jamey Szalay, and Michelle Thomsen and the JADE and Juno MWG team

EGU2017-5531 | Posters | PS3.2

Methods of Retrieving the Ammonia Abundance Profile from Data Taken with the Juno Microwave Radiometer
Amadeo Bellotti, Paul Steffes, Michael Janssen, Steven Levin, and Fabiano Oyafuso

EGU2017-13059 | Posters | PS3.2

JIRAM-Juno: Overview of Preliminary Results in the Study of Jupiter "Infrared-Bright" Areas
Davide Grassi, Alberto Adriani, and Scott J. Bolton and the The JIRAM-Juno "atmosphere" team

EGU2017-9543 | Orals | PS3.2

Juno/JEDI observations of energetic particles near closest approach to Jupiter – Evidence for heavy ion precipitation in the Jovian auroral region
Dennis Haggerty, Barry Mauk, Chris Paranicas, George Clark, Peter Kollmann, Abigail Rymer, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, and Steve Levin

EGU2017-17573 | Orals | PS3.2

Wave particle interactions in Jupiter's magnetosphere: Implications for auroral and magnetospheric particle distributions
Joachim Saur, Anne Schreiner, Mauk Barry, George Clark, and Peter Kollman

EGU2017-8735 | Posters | PS3.2

Measuring molecular abundance profiles from 5 microns ground-based spectroscopy in support of JUNO investigations
Doriann Blain, Thierry Fouchet, Thérèse Encrenaz, Pierre Drossart, Thomas Greathouse, Glenn Orton, and Leigh Fletcher

EGU2017-16999 | Posters | PS3.2

Characterization of the white ovals on the Jupiter's southern hemisphere using the first data by Juno/JIRAM instrument
Giuseppe Sindoni, Davide Grassi, Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, Maria Luisa Moriconi, Bianca Maria Dinelli, Gianrico Filacchione, Federico Tosi, Giuseppe Piccioni, Francesca Altieri, Scott J. Bolton, Jack E. P. Connerney, Sushil K. Atreya, Fran Bagenal, Candy Hansen, Andy Ingersoll, Michael Janssen, Steven M. Levin, Jonathan Lunine, and Glenn S. Orton and the JIRAM team

EGU2017-15281 | Orals | PS3.2 | Highlight

The gravity field of Jupiter after the first three orbits of Juno
Luciano Iess, Dustin R. Buccino, Daniele Durante, William M. Folkner, Marzia Parisi, Paolo Tortora, Marco Zannoni, John D. Anderson, and Sami W. Asmar

EGU2017-15901 | Orals | PS3.2 | Highlight

Juno’s first peek at Jupiter’s interior
Tristan Guillot, Yamila Miguel, William B. Hubbard, Yohai Kaspi, Daniel Reese, Ravit Helled, Eli Galanti, Burkhard Militzer, Sean Wahl, William M. Folkner, John Anderson, Luciano Iess, Daniele Durante, Marzia Parisi, and David J. Stevenson

EGU2017-10095 | Posters | PS3.2

Juno/JIRAM infrared observations of Jupiter Aurorae
Alessandro Mura, Alberto Adriani, Francesca Altieri, Bianca Maria Dinelli, Maria Luisa Moriconi, Alessandra Migliorini, Scott J. Bolton, Jack E.P. Connerney, Sushil Atreya, Fran Bagenal, Randy Gladstone, Candy Hansen-Koharcheck, William S. Kurth, Steven M. Levin, Jonathan Lunine, Barry H. Mauk, David J. McComas, and Marilena Amoroso and the JIRAM Juno Team

EGU2017-2957 | Posters | PS3.2

HST observations of Jupiter’s UV aurora during Juno’s orbits PJ03, PJ04 and PJ05
Denis Grodent, G. randall Gladstone, John T. Clarke, Bertrand Bonfond, Jean-Claude Gérard, Aikaterini Radioti, Jonathan D. Nichols, Emma J. Bunce, Lorenz Roth, Joachim Saur, Tomoki Kimura, Glenn S. Orton, Sarah V. Badman, Barry Mauk, John E. P. Connerney, David J. McComas, William S. Kurth, Alberto Adriani, Candice Hansen, and Zhonghua Yao and the ULg/STAR/LPAP Team

EGU2017-3791 | Orals | PS3.2

Observations of Jupiter with Juno’s Microwave Radiometer
Michael Janssen and the MWR Science Team

EGU2017-6377 | Orals | PS3.2

Jupiter’s global ammonia distribution inferred from Juno Microwave Radiometer Observations
Cheng Li, Andrew Ingersoll, Shawn Ewald, Fabiano Oyafuso, and Michael Janssen

EGU2017-10369 | Posters | PS3.2

Variability of Jupiter’s stratospheric-auroral heating during the Juno mission, as measured by TEXES
James Sinclair, Glenn Orton, Thomas Greathouse, Leigh Fletcher, Julianne Moses, Vincent Hue, Patrick Irwin, Henrik Melin, and Rohini Giles

EGU2017-3931 | Posters | PS3.2 | Highlight

Results of Joint Observations of Jupiter’s Atmosphere by Juno and a Network of Earth-Based Observing Stations
Glenn Orton, Thomas Momary, Scott Bolton, Steven Levin, Candice Hansen, Michael Janssen, Alberto Adriani, G. Randall Gladstone, Fran Bagenal, and Andrew Ingersoll

EGU2017-3926 | Orals | PS3.2

JunoCam’s Imaging of Jupiter
Glenn Orton, Candice Hansen, Thomas Momary, Michael Caplinger, Michael Ravine, Sushil Atreya, Andrew Ingersoll, Scott Bolton, John Rogers, and Gerald Eichstaedt

EGU2017-14452 | Orals | PS3.2

First results from the infrared Juno spectral/imager JIRAM at Jupiter
Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, Davide Grassi, Francesca Altieri, Bianca M. Dinelli, Giuseppe Sindoni, Scott J. Bolton, Jack E.P. Connerney, Sushil K. Atreya, Fran Bagenal, G. Randall Gladstone, Candice J. Hansen, Andrew P. Ingersoll, Michael A. Jansen, William S. Kurth, Steven M. Levin, Jonathan I. Lunine, Barry H. Mauk, David J, McComas, and Glenn S. Orton and the JIRAM team

EGU2017-3049 | Posters | PS3.2

Interplanetary Dust Observations by the Juno MAG Investigation
John Jørgensen, Mathias Benn, Troelz Denver, Jack Connerney, Peter Jørgensen, Scott Bolton, Peter Brauer, Steven Levin, and Ronald Oliversen

EGU2017-9694 | Orals | PS3.2

The Jovian UV aurorae as seen by Juno-UVS
Bertrand Bonfond, Randy Gladstone, Denis Grodent, Vincent Hue, Jean-Claude Gérard, Maarten Versteeg, Thomas Greathouse, Michael Davis, Scott Bolton, Steven Levin, John Connerney, and Fran Bagenal

EGU2017-3783 | Posters | PS3.2

Analysis of initial Juno magnetometer data using a new method of magnetic field analysis
Kimberly Moore, Jeremy Bloxham, John Connerney, John Jørgensen, and José Merayo

EGU2017-5693 | Posters | PS3.2

A 3D tomographic reconstruction method to analyze Jupiter's electron-belt emission observations
Daniel Santos-Costa, Julien Girard, Cyril Tasse, Philippe Zarka, Hajime Kita, Fuminori Tsuchiya, Hiroaki Misawa, George Clark, Fran Bagenal, Masafumi Imai, Heidi N. Becker, Michael A. Janssen, Scott J. Bolton, Steve M. Levin, and John E.P. Connerney

EGU2017-5677 | Posters | PS3.2

Loss and source mechanisms of Jupiter's radiation belts near the inner boundary of trapping regions
Daniel Santos-Costa, Scott J. Bolton, Heidi N. Becker, George Clark, Peter Kollmann, Chris Paranicas, Barry Mauk, John L. Joergensen, Alberto Adriani, Richard M. Thorne, Fran Bagenal, Mike A. Janssen, Steve M. Levin, Fabiano A. Oyafuso, Ross Williamson, Virgil Adumitroaie, Andrew P. Ingersoll, Bill Kurth, and John E.P. Connerney

EGU2017-18131 | Posters | PS3.2

Ultra-relativistic electron emissions as seen with the MWR experiment on Juno
Virgil Adumitroaie, Fabiano Oyafuso, Steven Levin, Michael Janssen, Samuel Gulkis, Daniel Santos-Costa, and Scott Bolton

EGU2017-6003 | Posters | PS3.2

Jupiter's Decameter Radiation as Viewed from Juno, Cassini, WIND, STEREO A, and Earth-Based Radio Observatories
Masafumi Imai, William S. Kurth, George B. Hospodarsky, Scott J. Bolton, John E. P. Connerney, Steven M. Levin, Tracy E. Clarke, and Charles A. Higgins

EGU2017-9308 | Posters | PS3.2

New high-latitude radio emissions detected in Jupiter’s magnetosphere using Juno spacecraft observations
Sadie Tetrick, William Kurth, Donald Gurnett, Masafumi Imai, George Hospodarsky, Scott Bolton, John Connerney, Steven Levin, and Barry Mauk

EGU2017-17685 | Posters | PS3.2

Generation of the jovian radio emission by the maser cyclotron instability: first lessons from JUNO
Philippe Louarn, Frederic Allegrini, WilliamS. Kurth, Philips.W. Valek, Dave McComas, Fran Bagenal, Scott Bolton, John Connerney, Robert W. Ebert, Steven Levin, Jamey Szalay, Robert Wilson, Jenna Zink, Nicolas André, and Masafumi Imai

EGU2017-9419 | Posters | PS3.2

A Heavy Ion and Proton Radiation Belt Inside of Jupiter's Rings
Peter Kollmann, Barry Mauk, Chris Paranicas, George Clark, Dennis Haggerty, Abigail Rymer, Daniel Santos-Costa, John Connerney, Frederic Allegrini, Phil Valek, William Kurth, Randy Gladstone, Steven Levin, and Scott Bolton

EGU2017-10296 | Posters | PS3.2

Juno observation of Io Plasma Torus
Daniele Durante, Luciano Iess, Paolo Tortora, and Marco Zannoni

EGU2017-5343 | Posters | PS3.2

Observation and interpretation of energetic ion conics in Jupiter’s polar magnetosphere
George Clark, Barry Mauk, Chris Paranicas, Dennis Haggerty, Peter Kollmann, Abi Rymer, Frederic Allegrini, Fran Bagenal, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, Robert Ebert, George Hospodarsky, Steve Levin, William Kurth, David McComas, Don Mitchell, and Phil Valek

EGU2017-9956 | Posters | PS3.2

Energetic Ion Auroral Modeling for Jupiter and its Implications for Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
Stephen Houston, Nataly Ozak, Thomas Cravens, David Schultz, Jackson Young, Dennis Haggerty, and Barry Mauk