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SM – Seismology

SM1.1 – General Contributions on Earthquakes, Earth Structure, Seismology (including Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-3509 | Orals | SM1.1

Inversion for seismic moment tensors from 6-component waveform data
Stefanie Donner, Felix Bernauer, Joachim Wassermann, and Heiner Igel

EGU2017-17196 | Posters | SM1.1

Seismic constraints on Sardinian Lithosphere: the LISARD project
Fabio Cammarano, Mark van der Meijde, Islam Fadel, Giuseppe Della Monica, and Claudio Faccenna

EGU2017-15979 | Posters | SM1.1

Earthquakes along the Azores-Iberia plate boundary revisited
Josep Batlló, Catarina Matos, Ricardo Torres, Jorge Cruz, and Susana Custódio

EGU2017-6313 | Orals | SM1.1

Comparing methods for Earthquake Location
Semih Turkaya, Thomas Bodin, Matthieu Sylvander, Pierre Parroucau, and Kevin Manchuel

EGU2017-311 | Posters | SM1.1

3-D Seismic Structure around Abu Dabbab Area, Southcentral Eastern Desert, Egypt: Geodynamic Implications
Mohamed Salah, Abdelaziz Abdeldayem, Mohamed Gad, and Hesham Hussein

EGU2017-5627 | Orals | SM1.1

An improved low-frequency earthquakes catalogue in the vicinity of the late-interseismic central Alpine Fault, Southern Alps, New Zealand
Laura-May Baratin, Calum J. Chamberlain, John Townend, and Martha K. Savage

EGU2017-4064 | Orals | SM1.1

The development of a rotational magnitude scale
Bryant Chow, Andrea Simonelli, Celine Hadziiannou, Stefanie Donner, and Heiner Igel

EGU2017-16801 | Posters | SM1.1

PRISM3D: a preliminary 3D reference seismic model of the crust and upper mantle beneath Iberia
Pierre Arroucau, Susana Custódio, Chiara Civiero, Nuno A. Dias, and Graça Silveira

EGU2017-4942 | Orals | SM1.1

Broadband seismic effects from train vibrations
Florian Fuchs and Götz Bokelmann

EGU2017-5836 | Posters | SM1.1

The Characteristics of Seismogenic Zones in SW Taiwan: Implications from Studying Mechanisms of Microearthquakes
Strong Wen, Yi-Zen Chang, Yu-Lien Yeh, and Yi-Ying Wen

EGU2017-5915 | Posters | SM1.1

Seismotectonics of Taiwan Shoal region in northeastern SCS: Insights from crustal structure
Wan Kuiyuan, Sun Jinlong, Xia Shaohong, Xie Xiaoling, Zhang Xiang, Xu Huilong, and Cao Jinghe

EGU2017-4989 | Orals | SM1.1

Seismoelectric ground response to local and regional earthquakes
Laura Dzieran, Wolfgang Rabbel, Martin Thorwart, and Oliver Ritter

EGU2017-15334 | Orals | SM1.1

In situ seismic velocity changes in Southern Iceland
Ingi Th. Bjarnason, William Menke, Bergþóra S. Þorbjarnardóttir, Einar Kjartansson, and Gunnar Guðmundsson

EGU2017-3577 | Posters | SM1.1

Characteristics of Gyeongju earthquake, moment magnitude 5.5 and relative relocations of aftershocks
ChangSoo Cho and Minkyung Son

EGU2017-2005 | Posters | SM1.1

The Oran (Northwest Algeria) earthquake of 9 October 1790
Elisa Buforn, Pilar Coca, Agustín Udías, and Mourad Bezzeghoud

EGU2017-11037 | Orals | SM1.1

Stress and structure analysis of the Seismic Gap between the Wenchuan and Lushan Earthquakes
Chuntao Liang

EGU2017-17929 | Posters | SM1.1

Characteristics of the recent seismic activity on a near-shore fault south of Malta, Central Mediterranean
George Bozionelos, Pauline Galea, Sebastiano D'Amico, and Matthew Agius

EGU2017-7542 | Posters | SM1.1

A Vrancea doublet of earthquakes on September 23 and December 27, 2016: comparative analysis of effects
Maria Rogozea, Mircea Radulian, Anica Placinta, and Dragos Toma-Danila

EGU2017-2281 | Orals | SM1.1

A journey to the seismic low velocity zone beneath the ocean (Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture)
Hitoshi Kawakatsu

EGU2017-7991 | Posters | SM1.1

Earthquake statistics, spatiotemporal distribution of foci and source mechanisms as a key to understanding of causes leading to the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarms
Josef Horalek and Hana Jakoubkova

EGU2017-3884 | Posters | SM1.1

Impact of earthquakes and their secondary environmental effects on public health
Spyridon Mavroulis, Maria Mavrouli, Efthymios Lekkas, and Athanassios Tsakris

EGU2017-3513 | Posters | SM1.1

Data Analysis of Ocean Bottom Seismometers: San Vicente deployment
Roberto Cabieces Díaz, Antonio Pazos García, José Santos Loaisa, and Maria Araceli Garcia Yeguas

EGU2017-4366 | Posters | SM1.1

New insights of seismic disturbances due to wind turbines - long and short term measurements in SW Germany
Toni Zieger and Joachim Ritter

EGU2017-6107 | Posters | SM1.1

Relation between seismicity and tectonic structures offshore and onshore Nordland, northern Norway
Conrad Lindholm, ilma Janutyte, and odleiv olesen

EGU2017-32 | Posters | SM1.1

Gravitational moon-earth forces triggering earthquakes in subduction zones
Marilia Hagen

EGU2017-7350 | Posters | SM1.1

Seismic zoning (first approximation) using data of the main geomagnetic field
Galina Khachikyan, Beibit Zhumabayev, Nursultan Toyshiev, Dina Kairatkyzy, Alibek Seraliyev, and Eldar Khassanov

EGU2017-10441 | Posters | SM1.1

Accurate Location Of Hypocenters Using Double Difference And Active Fault Structures In Gökova Bay
Figen Eskiköy and Mustafa Aktar

EGU2017-13093 | Posters | SM1.1

Automatic determination of seismic phase arrival times for microearthquakes in local to regional distances
Tae-Seob Kang, Minook Kim, and Junkee Rhie

EGU2017-13751 | Posters | SM1.1

The EGU Seismology Division Early Career Scientist Representative team and its initiatives
Laura Parisi, Laura Ermert, Lucia Gualtieri, Kathrin Spieker, Koen Van Noten, Matthew R. Agius, and P. Martin Mai

EGU2017-14679 | Posters | SM1.1

Effects of 3D Earth structure on W-phase CMT parameters
Catalina Morales, Zacharie Duputel, Luis Rivera, and Hiroo Kanamori

EGU2017-15179 | Posters | SM1.1

Empirical relations to convert magnitudes of the earthquake catalogue for the north western of Algeria
Ilyes Belayadi, Mourad Bezzeghoud, João Fontiela, and Amansour Nadji

EGU2017-16755 | Posters | SM1.1

Testing different discrimination methods between microearthquakes and quarry blasts – a case study in Hungary
Lilla Kalocsai, Márta Kiszely, Bálint Süle, and Erzsébet Győri

EGU2017-18077 | Posters | SM1.1

Geological and geophysical methods for monitoring of heritage structures
Anna Kulynych

SM1.2 – The 2016 Central Italy Seismic sequence: Overview of data analyses and source models (co-organized)

EGU2017-3675 | Posters | SM1.2

SELF and VLF electromagnetic emissions that preceded the M6.2 Central Italy earthquake occurred on August 24, 2016
Daniele Cataldi, Gabriele Cataldi, and Valentino Straser

EGU2017-18030 | Orals | SM1.2

The 2016 Central Italy “reverse” seismic sequence
Lauro Chiaraluce, Raffaele Di Stefano, Elisa Tinti, Laura Scognamiglio, Maddalena Michele, Marco Cattaneo, Pasquale De Gori, Claudio Chiarabba, Giancarlo Monachesi, Annamaria Lombardi, Luisa Valoroso, Diana Latorre, and Simone Marzorati

EGU2017-3681 | Posters | SM1.2

Solar and Geomagnetic Activity Variations Correlated to Italian M6+ Earthquakes Occurred in 2016
Gabriele Cataldi, Daniele Cataldi, and Valentino Straser

EGU2017-17417 | Orals | SM1.2

First-order and subsidiary faults controlling the time-space evolution of the Central Italy 2016 seismic sequence - a multi-source data detailed 3D reconstruction
Giusy Lavecchia, Rita de nardis, Federica Ferrarini, Daniele Cirillo, and Francesco Brozzetti

EGU2017-16925 | Orals | SM1.2

Rupture complexity of the three main shocks of the 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence
Elisa Tinti, Laura Scognamiglio, Federica Magnoni, Emanuele Casarotti, Alberto Michelini, and Massimo Cocco

EGU2017-3774 | Posters | SM1.2

Solar wind proton density increase that preceded Central Italy earthquakes occurred between 26 and 30 October 2016
Gabriele Cataldi, Daniele Cataldi, and Valentino Straser

EGU2017-14105 | Posters | SM1.2

A new multi-parametric climatological approach to the study of the earthquake preparatory phase: the 2016 Amatrice-Norcia (Central Italy) seismic sequence
Alessandro Piscini, Angelo De Santis, Dedalo Marchetti, and Gianfranco Cianchini

EGU2017-9191 | Orals | SM1.2

Geodetic model of the 2016 Central Italy earthquake sequence inferred from InSAR and GPS measurements
Daniele Cheloni and the INGV Geodetic Group (1), IREA-CNR Group (2), DPC Seismic Risk Group (3) and ISPRA Geophysics Group (4)

EGU2017-13352 | Posters | SM1.2

Soil gas profiles across buried fault and exposed coseismic ruptures during the Amatrice and Norcia earthquakes, Central Italy
Alessandra Sciarra, Giancarlo Ciotoli, Livio Ruggiero, Aldo Annunziatellis, Sabina Bigi, and Stefano Graziani

EGU2017-16528 | Orals | SM1.2

Finite Element analysis of source geometry and slip distribution of the 2016 Amatrice Mw 6.2 earthquake (Central Italy) through the integration of geological and satellite data
Pietro Tizzani, Raffaele Castaldo, Vincenzo De Novellis, Susi Pepe, Giuseppe Solaro, Manuela Bonano, Claudio De Luca, Francesco Casu, Michele Manunta, Riccardo Lanari, Mariarosaria Manzo, Antonio Pepe, Ivana Zinno, Giusy Lavecchia, Rita de Nardis, Federica Ferrarini, Francesco Brozzetti, Daniele Cirillo, and Paolo Boncio

EGU2017-3856 | Posters | SM1.2

Environmental effects and building damage induced by the vertical component of ground motion during the August 24, 2016 Amatrice (Central Italy) earthquake
Panayotis Carydis, Efthymios Lekkas, and Spyridon Mavroulis

EGU2017-8782 | Orals | SM1.2

Dynamic modeling of normal faults of the 2016 Central Italy earthquake sequence
Hideo Aochi

EGU2017-14161 | Orals | SM1.2

The Surface faulting produced by the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Central Italy earthquake: the Open EMERGEO Working Group experience
Daniela Pantosti and the Open EMERGEO Working Group

EGU2017-18735 | Posters | SM1.2

Energetic wave-package after first P-wave arrival during 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence: results from F-k array analysis in Amatrice area
Daniela Famiani, Paola Bordoni, Fabrizio Cara, Giovanna Cultrera, Alessia Mercuri, Giuliano Milana, and Maurizio Vassallo

EGU2017-3864 | Posters | SM1.2

Using structures of the August 24, 2016 Amatrice earthquake affected area as seismoscopes for assessing ground motion characteristics and parameters of the main shock and its largest aftershocks
Panayotis Carydis, Efthymios Lekkas, and Spyridon Mavroulis

EGU2017-13492 | Orals | SM1.2

Co-seismic and shallow post-seismic slip during the 2016 central Italy earthquake sequence revealed by differential terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry
Luke Wedmore, Laura Gregory, Gerald Roberts, Max Wilkinson, Ken McCaffrey, Joanna Faure Walker, Francesca Ferrario, Chiara Frigerio, Huw Goddall, Francesco Iezzi, Franz Livio, Alessandro Michetti, Zoe Mildon, and Eutizio Vittori

EGU2017-7395 | Orals | SM1.2

High-resolution imaging of the surface ruptures associated with the August 24th and October 30th, 2016 earthquakes in Central Italy
Eugenie Perouse, Lucilla Benedetti, Stéphane Baize, Pierrick Bornemann, Arthur Delorme, Nathalie Feuillet, Jules Fleury, Matthieu Ferry, Eric Jacques, Hervé Jomard, Yann Klinger, Frédérique Leclerc, Jean-Philippe Malet, Odin Marc, Bruno Pace, Julien Point, Irene Puliti, Magali Rizza, Oona Scooti, and Grzegorz Skupinski and the Jim Tesson 1, Jerome Van Der Woerd 3, Alessandro Valentini 8, INSU-OT Med

EGU2017-19085 | Posters | SM1.2

Site characterization in central Italy: the case of the Amatrice (IT.AMT) accelerometric station
Iolanda Gaudiosi, Gianluca Vignaroli, Francesca Pacor, Paola Bordoni, Marco Mancini, Massimiliano Moscatelli, Giuliano Milana, and GeoRAN - INGV working group

EGU2017-2592 | Orals | SM1.2

Hydrogeochemical response of groundwater springs during central Italy earthquakes (24 August 2016 and 26-30 October 2016)
Claire Archer, Gilberto Binda, Silvia Terrana, Roberto Gambillara, Alessandro Michetti, Paula Noble, Marco Petitta, Michael Rosen, Andrea Pozzi, Paolo Bellezza, and Fabio Brunamonte

EGU2017-7845 | Posters | SM1.2

Rupture directivity of the 2016, Amatrice and Norcia (central Italy) destructive earthquakes and their largest aftershocks
Giovanna Calderoni, Antonio Rovelli, and Rita Di Giovambattista

EGU2017-13035 | Posters | SM1.2

Source properties of the three mainshocks of the 2016 Amatrice, Central Italy, earthquake sequence
Frantisek Gallovic, Francesca Pacor, Lucia Luzi, Rodolfo Puglia, and Daniele Spallarossa

EGU2017-11407 | Orals | SM1.2

Analysis of the ground shaking produced by the M≥4.0 earthquakes of the 2016 Central Italy Seismic sequence
Lucia Luzi, Alberto Michelini, Giovanni Lanzano, Rodolfo Puglia, Emiliano Russo, Chiara Felicetta, Maria D'Amico, Licia Faenza, Valentino Lauciani, and Francesca Pacor

EGU2017-16962 | Posters | SM1.2

Application of a variable patches inversion algorithm to the August- November 2016 seismic sequence in Central Italy.
Andrea Antonioli, Simone Atzori, and Stefano Salvi

EGU2017-13691 | Orals | SM1.2

Site effects in the Amatrice municipality through dense seismic network and detailed geological-geophysical survey
Giovanna Cultrera, Mauro Cardinali, Roberto de Franco, Maria Rosaria Gallipoli, Francesca Pacor, Floriana Pergalani, Giuliano Milana, and Massimiliano Moscatelli and the Amatrice working group

EGU2017-17975 | Posters | SM1.2

WebEQ: a web-GIS System to collect, display and query data for the management of the earthquake emergency in Central Italy
Gianluca Carbone, Giuseppe Cosentino, Francesco Pennica, Massimiliano Moscatelli, and Francesco Stigliano

EGU2017-6790 | Posters | SM1.2

The 2016 Seismic sequence in central Italy: a multi-method approach to constrain the geometry of the Mt. Vettore - Mt. Bove fault system
Paola Luiso, Valeria Paoletti, Germana Gaudiosi, Rosa Nappi, Federico Cella, and Maurizio Fedi

EGU2017-11925 | Posters | SM1.2

Tectonic model of the 2016, Central Apennines earthquake sequence: implications for seismogenic source identification
Lorenzo Bonini, Francesco Emanuele Maesano, Roberto Basili, Pierfrancesco Burrato, Umberto Fracassi, Mara Monica Tiberti, Paola Vannoli, and Gianluca Valensise

EGU2017-8158 | Posters | SM1.2

A basic tool for post-seismic rebuilding: the new 1:5.000 scale geological map of Amatrice town
Marco Mancini, Gianluca Vignaroli, Francesca Ardizzone, Francesco Bucci, Mauro Cardinali, Gian Paolo Cavinato, Giuseppe Cosentino, Cristina Di Salvo, Federica Fiorucci, Iolanda Gaudiosi, Silvia Giallini, Edoardo Peronace, Federica Polpetta, Maria Luisa Putignano, Paola Reichenbach, Michele Santangelo, Veronica Scionti, Maurizio Simionato, Pietro Sirianni, and Francesco Stigliano and the CNR IGAG-IRPI Seismic Microzonation

EGU2017-16382 | Posters | SM1.2

3D displacement maps of the 2016 central Italy seismic sequence, by applying the SISTEM method to GPS data and Sentinel 1A/1B SAR data
Francesco Guglielmino and Alessandro Bonforte

EGU2017-14057 | Posters | SM1.2

High-resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanning surveys for quantifying surface ruptures of the 2016 seismic sequence in Central Italy
Pierrick Bornemann, Julien Point, Grzegorz Skupinski, André Stumpf, Jean-Philippe Malet, Jérôme van der Woerd, Jules Fleury, Lucilla Benedetti, Eugénie Pérouse, Magali Rizza, and Jim Tesson

EGU2017-6879 | Posters | SM1.2

High-resolution seismic reflection and refraction imaging across the epicentral area of the 2009, Mw 6.1 Aquila (Italy) earthquake.
Pier Paolo G. Bruno, Fabio Villani, Luigi Improta, Antonio Castiello, Stefano Pucci, Riccardo Civico, and Stefania Pantosti

EGU2017-18205 | Posters | SM1.2

The 2016 central Italy earthquake sequence: surface effects, fault model and triggering scenarios
Alexandros Chatzipetros, Spyros Pavlides, George Papathanassiou, Sotiris Sboras, Sotiris Valkaniotis, and George Georgiadis

EGU2017-12240 | Posters | SM1.2

Triggering effects during the seismic sequence of Central Italy in 2016
Gerassimos Papadopoulos, Athanasios Ganas, Apostolos Agalos, Antonia Papageorgiou, Ioanna Triantafyllou, Charalambos Kontoes, and Ioannis Papoutsis

EGU2017-11928 | Posters | SM1.2

Deciphering the nature of a complex seismic sequence: the case of Central Italy in 2016
Gerassimos Papadopoulos and George Minadakis

EGU2017-9510 | Posters | SM1.2

Early seismogenic faults of the 2016 Accumoli-Amatrice seismic sequence (Central Apennines, Italy)
Jessica Chicco, Pietro Paolo Pierantoni, Ernesto Centamore, and Mario Costa

EGU2017-4799 | Posters | SM1.2

Rotational motions from the 2016, Central Italy seismic sequence, as observed by an underground ring laser gyroscope
Andreino Simonelli, Jacopo Belfi, Nicolò Beverini, Angela Di Virgilio, Enrico Maccioni, Gaetano De Luca, Gilberto Saccorotti, Joachim Wassermann, and Heiner Igel

SM2.1 – Earthquake source processes - Imaging methods, numerical modeling and scaling (co-organized)

EGU2017-2084 | Posters | SM2.1

Numerical simulation of the 1976 Ms7.8 Tangshan Earthquake
Zhengbo Li and Xiaofei Chen

EGU2017-14021 | Orals | SM2.1

A proposal of monitoring and forecasting system for crustal activity in and around Japan using a large-scale high-fidelity finite element simulation codes
Takane Hori, Tsuyoshi Ichimura, and Narumi Takahashi

EGU2017-14004 | Orals | SM2.1

Coupling a geodynamic seismic cycle to a dynamic rupture model with an application to splay fault propagation
Iris van Zelst, Ylona van Dinther, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Stephanie Wollherr, and Elizabeth Madden

EGU2017-2164 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic rupture simulations of the 1970 Tonghai earthquake and its’ implications
Houyun Yu and Xiaofei Chen

EGU2017-2871 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic Source Rupture Process of the 2016 Kumamoto, Japan, earthquake
Xiangwei Yu and Wenbo Zhang

EGU2017-12170 | Orals | SM2.1

Develoment and implications of “effective friction laws” for large-scale dynamic rupture modeling
Jean Paul Ampuero

EGU2017-5349 | Posters | SM2.1

3D Dynamic Rupture Simulations along the Wasatch Fault, Utah, Incorporating Rough-fault Topography
Kyle Withers and Morgan Moschetti

EGU2017-4992 | Orals | SM2.1

Modelling earthquake ruptures with dynamic off-fault damage
Kurama Okubo, Harsha S. Bhat, Yann Klinger, and Esteban Rougier

EGU2017-16671 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic Rupture Model of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Megathrust Earthquake
Elizabeth H. Madden, Thomas Ulrich, and Alice-Agnes Gabriel

EGU2017-7757 | Orals | SM2.1

Rupture dynamics along bimaterial interfaces: a parametric study of the coupling between interfacial sliding and normal traction perturbation
Antonio Scala, Gaetano Festa, and Jean-Pierre Vilotte

EGU2017-14062 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic rupture scenarios from Sumatra to Iceland - High-resolution earthquake source physics on natural fault systems
Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Elizabeth H. Madden, Thomas Ulrich, and Stephanie Wollherr

EGU2017-14962 | Orals | SM2.1

Earthquakes as plastic failure on spontaneously evolving faults
Casper Pranger, Ylona van Dinther, Robert Herrendörfer, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, Dave May, and Taras Gerya

EGU2017-5740 | Orals | SM2.1

3-D Spontaneous Rupture Simulations of the 2016 Kumamoto, Japan, Earthquake
Yumi Urata, Keisuke Yoshida, and Eiichi Fukuyama

EGU2017-13199 | Posters | SM2.1

Dynamic source inversion for physical parameters controlling the 2016 Amatrice, Central Italy, earthquakes
Filip Kostka and Frantisek Gallovic

EGU2017-6102 | Posters | SM2.1

Behaviors of small heterogeneity controlled by surrounding aseismic slip
Hideo Aochi and Satoshi Ide

EGU2017-1599 | Orals | SM2.1

Dynamic Source Inversion of Intermediate Depth Earthquakes in Mexico
Aron Yuto Sho Mirwald, Victor Manuel Cruz-Atienza, and Shri Krishna Singh-Singh

EGU2017-18866 | Posters | SM2.1

Period and amplitude of non-volcanic tremors and repeaters: a dimensional analysis
Stefan Nielsen

EGU2017-5358 | Orals | SM2.1

Effect of Brittle off-fault Damage on Earthquake Rupture Dynamics
Marion Y. Thomas, Harsha S. Bhat, and Yann Klinger

EGU2017-11966 | Posters | SM2.1

Three dimensional modelling of earthquake rupture cycles on frictional faults
Guy Simpson and Dave May

EGU2017-18689 | Posters | SM2.1

3D fault curvature and fractal roughness: Insights for rupture dynamics and ground motions using a Discontinous Galerkin method
Thomas Ulrich and Alice-Agnes Gabriel

EGU2017-10349 | Orals | SM2.1

2014 Mw6.8 Northern Aegean Earthquake: Rupture of a Partially Coupled Fault Segment?
Ali Ozgun Konca, Semih Ergintav, Seda Cetin, Ugur Dogan, Ziyadin Cakir, Robert Reilinger, Hayrullah Karabulut, and Ergin Tari

EGU2017-4258 | Orals | SM2.1

A fault slip model of the 2016 Meinong, Taiwan, earthquake from near-source strong motion and high-rate GPS waveforms
Ruey-Juin Rau, Yi-Ying Wen, Po-Ching Tseng, Wei-Cheng Chen, Chi-Yu Cheu, Min-Che Hsieh, and Kuo-En Ching

EGU2017-16969 | Posters | SM2.1

Off-fault plasticity and complex fault geometry in dynamic rupture scenarios: The example of the 1992 Landers earthquake
Stephanie Wollherr and Alice-Agnes Gabriel

EGU2017-7333 | Posters | SM2.1

Cracks dynamics under tensional stress – a DEM approach
Wojciech Debski, Piotr Klejment, Alicja Kosmala, Natalia Foltyn, and Maciej Szpindler

EGU2017-9946 | Orals | SM2.1

Finite-fault inversion of the Mw 5.9 2012 Emilia-Romagna earthquake (Northern Italy) using aftershocks as near-field Green’s function approximations
Mathieu Causse, Giovanna Cultrera, André Herrero, Françoise Courboulex, Erika Schiappapietra, and Ludovic Moreau

EGU2017-10607 | Orals | SM2.1

Fully probabilistic earthquake source inversion on teleseismic scales
Simon Stähler and Karin Sigloch

EGU2017-3 | Posters | SM2.1

Mechanism for Seismic Source on a Solid Interface as a Fault
Shigehisa Nakamura

EGU2017-9318 | Orals | SM2.1

A new Bayesian Earthquake Analysis Tool (BEAT)
Hannes Vasyura-Bathke, Rishabh Dutta, Sigurjón Jónsson, and Martin Mai

EGU2017-16930 | Orals | SM2.1

A precision based regularization scheme for slip inversion: Application to the Central Andean Subduction Zone
Francisco Ortega-Culaciati, Valeria Becerra, Mark Simons, Marcos Moreno, Javier Ruiz, Diana Comte, Eduardo Contreras-Reyes, Andrei Maksymowicz, Anne Socquet, Jorge Jara, and Daniel Carrizo

EGU2017-12876 | Posters | SM2.1

Rupture Process of the November 2016 New Zealand Earthquake (Mw7.8) and Its Seismotectonic Implications
Lo Yiching, Zhao Li, Xu Xiwei, Ji Chen, and Hung Shu-Huei

EGU2017-12363 | Posters | SM2.1

A Bayesian analysis of the 2016 Pedernales (Ecuador) earthquake
Baptiste Gombert, Zacharie Duputel, Romain Jolivet, Luis Rivera, Mark Simons, Junle Jiang, Cunren Liang, and Eric Fielding

EGU2017-5813 | Orals | SM2.1

Estimating High Frequency Energy Radiation of Large Earthquakes by Image Deconvolution Back-Projection
Dun Wang, Nozomu Takeuchi, Hitoshi Kawakatsu, and Jim Mori

EGU2017-2554 | Posters | SM2.1

Source Rupture Process of the 2016 Kumamoto, Japan, Earthquake Inverted from Strong-Motion Records
Wenbo Zhang and Ao Zheng

EGU2017-15663 | Posters | SM2.1

Rupture process of the Oklahoma Mw5.7 Pawnee earthquake from Sentinel-1 InSAR and seismological data
Raphaël Grandin, Martin Vallée, and Robin Lacassin

EGU2017-5174 | Orals | SM2.1

Geothermal induced seismicity: What links source mechanics and event magnitudes to faulting regime and injection rates?
Patricia Martinez-Garzon, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Marco Bohnhoff, and Georg Dresen

EGU2017-11201 | Posters | SM2.1

Source characterization of moderate induced earthquakes in Oklahoma, USA: A case study of 2013-2016 Cushing earthquake sequence
Chen Ji and Ralph Archuleta

EGU2017-3400 | Orals | SM2.1

Scaling A Moment–Rate Function For Small To Large Magnitude Events
Ralph Archuleta and Chen Ji

EGU2017-9286 | Posters | SM2.1

Fault model of the 2014 Cephalonia seismic sequence - Evidence of spatiotemporal fault segmentation along the NW edge of Aegean Arc
Vasso Saltogianni, Fanis Moschas, and Stathis Stiros

EGU2017-6913 | Posters | SM2.1

Large seismic source imaging from old analogue seismograms
Bento Caldeira, Elisa Buforn, José Borges, and Mourad Bezzeghoud

EGU2017-8110 | Posters | SM2.1

Bayesian Inference of Seismic Sources Using a 3-D Earth Model for the Japanese Islands Region
Saulė Simutė and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2017-8816 | Posters | SM2.1

Facilitating open global data use in earthquake source modelling to improve geodetic and seismological approaches
Henriette Sudhaus, Sebastian Heimann, Andreas Steinberg, Marius Isken, and Hannes Vasyura-Bathke

EGU2017-14256 | Posters | SM2.1

Software Toolbox Development for Rapid Earthquake Source Optimisation Combining InSAR Data and Seismic Waveforms
Marius P. Isken, Henriette Sudhaus, Sebastian Heimann, Andreas Steinberg, and Hannes M. Bathke

EGU2017-10428 | Posters | SM2.1

Homogenization and implementation of a 3D regional velocity model in Mexico for its application in moment tensor inversion of intermediate-magnitude earthquakes
Félix Rodríguez Cardozo, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, and Marco Caló

EGU2017-10616 | Posters | SM2.1

Estimation of full moment tensors, including uncertainties, for earthquakes, volcanic events, and nuclear explosions
Celso Alvizuri, Vipul Silwal, Lion Krischer, and Carl Tape

EGU2017-7765 | Posters | SM2.1

Bayesian ISOLA: new tool for automated centroid moment tensor inversion
Jiří Vackář, Jan Burjánek, František Gallovič, Jiří Zahradník, and John Clinton

EGU2017-15138 | Posters | SM2.1

Retrieving Source-Time Function and Seismic Moment Tensor From Near Field Records
Catalina Morales, Javier A. Ruiz, Francisco Ortega, and Luis Rivera

EGU2017-15415 | Posters | SM2.1

Estimating Rupture Directivity of Aftershocks of the 2014 Mw8.1 Iquique Earthquake, Northern Chile
Jonas Folesky, Jörn Kummerow, Frederik Timann, and Serge Shapiro

EGU2017-16087 | Posters | SM2.1

Initial stages in investigating stress drops on the Blanco Oceanic Transform Fault
Joshua Williams, Jessica Hawthorne, Sebastian Rost, and Tim Wright

EGU2017-12178 | Posters | SM2.1

An insight on correlations between kinematic rupture parameters from dynamic ruptures on rough faults
Kiran Kumar Thingbijam, Martin Galis, Jagdish Vyas, and P. Martin Mai

EGU2017-5991 | Posters | SM2.1

Recent updates in developing a statistical pseudo-dynamic source-modeling framework to capture the variability of earthquake rupture scenarios
Seok Goo Song, Sangmin Kwak, Kyungbook Lee, and Donghee Park

EGU2017-5181 | Posters | SM2.1

Reproducing the scaling laws for Slow and Fast ruptures
Pierre Romanet, Harsha Bhat, and Raúl Madariaga

EGU2017-11793 | Posters | SM2.1

Source scaling properties in the upper segment of the Vrancea subcrustal nest (Romania)
Mircea Radulian, Emilia Popescu, and Anca Otilia Placinta

EGU2017-8968 | Posters | SM2.1

Observations of the rupture development process from source time functions
Julien Renou and Martin Vallée

EGU2017-6958 | Posters | SM2.1

Estimating Source Duration for Moderate and Large Earthquakes in Taiwan
Wen-Yen Chang, Ruey-Der Hwang, Chien-Yin Ho, and Tzu-Wei Lin

EGU2017-3424 | Posters | SM2.1

Asperities in the Chishan Transfer Fault Zone (CTFZ), southwest Taiwan: Revealed by slip distributions of strong earthquakes and seismic b-value
Yu-Lien Yeh, Strong Wen, Chien-Hsin Chang, and Wei-Hau Wang

SM2.2 – Understanding large subduction earthquakes by integrating geological and geophysical observations, laboratory results, and numerical modeling (co-organized)

EGU2017-4008 | Orals | SM2.2 | Highlight

Slow earthquakes as a member of subduction earthquakes
Kazushige Obara

EGU2017-19555 | Posters | SM2.2

Characterising the Japan Trench subduction margin in the vicinity of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake using seismic reflection data
Yu Ting Kwok, Rebecca Bell, and Kimihiro Mochizuki

EGU2017-557 | Orals | SM2.2

What favors the occurrence of subduction mega-earthquakes?
Silvia Brizzi, Francesca Funiciello, Fabio Corbi, Laura Sandri, Iris van Zelst, Arnauld Heuret, Claudia Piromallo, and Ylona van Dinther

EGU2017-3831 | Posters | SM2.2

Extraction of crustal deformations and oceanic fluctuations from ocean bottom pressures
Keisuke Ariyoshi, Akira Nagano, Takuya Hasegawa, Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Motoyuki Kido, Toshihiro Igarashi, Naoki Uchida, Takeshi Iinuma, and Yusuke Yamashita

EGU2017-3959 | Posters | SM2.2

Paleomagnetic and rock magnetic approach to the analyzing seismo-turbidite in the Tohoku-oki earthquake rupture zone
Toshiya Kanamatsu, Kazuka Usami, Cecilia Mchugh, and Ken Ikehara

EGU2017-6841 | Orals | SM2.2

Partial megathrust ruptures and high frequency radiation, the Gorkha earthquake example.
Sylvain Michel, Jean-Philippe Avouac, Nadia Lapusta, and Junle Jiang

EGU2017-4267 | Posters | SM2.2

Chemical diagenesis, porosity reduction, and rock strength, IODP Site U1480: Influences on great earthquakes at shallow depths
Insun Song, Kitty Milliken, Brandon Dugan, Sylvain Bourlange, Tobias Colson, Marina Frederik, Tamara Jeppson, Mebae Kuranaga, Nisha Nair, and Timothy Henstock and the IODP Expedition 362 Scientists

EGU2017-10051 | Orals | SM2.2

Sequential Data Assimilation for Seismicity: a Proof of Concept
Ylona van Dinther, Hans Rudolf Kuensch, and Andreas Fichtner

EGU2017-15516 | Orals | SM2.2

Do magnitudes of great subduction earthquakes depend on strength of mechanical coupling between the plates?
Stephan Sobolev and Iskander Muldashev

EGU2017-3450 | Posters | SM2.2

Turbidite evidence on repeated generation of the 2011 Tohoku-oki-like earthquakes along the Japan Trench
Ken Ikehara, Toshiya Kanamatsu, Kazuko Usami, Kazuno Arai, Asuka Yamaguchi, and Rina Fukuchi

EGU2017-8821 | Posters | SM2.2

Extreme event archived in the geological record of the Japan Trench: New results from R/V Sonne Cruise SO-251 towards establishing J-TRACK paleoseismology
Michael Strasser, Achim Kopf, Toshyia Kanamatsu, Jasper Moernaut, Ken Ikehara, and Cecila McHugh and the SO-251/1 Science

EGU2017-16602 | Orals | SM2.2

Dynamic Rupture Models Suggest High Fluid Pressures and Low Differential Stresses for the M 9.2 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake
Elizabeth Madden, Iris van Zelst, Thomas Ulrich, Ylona van Dinther, and Alice-Agnes Gabriel

EGU2017-5939 | Posters | SM2.2

Seismicity and seismic velocity structure in trench-outer rise region reveled from the OBS observations in the Japan Trench
Koichiro Obana, Gou Fujie, Shuichi Kodaira, and Masanao Shinohara

EGU2017-13337 | Orals | SM2.2

Rupture dynamics along dipping thrust faults: free surface interaction and the case of Tohoku earthquake
Gaetano Festa, Antonio Scala, and Jean-Pierre Vilotte

EGU2017-19168 | Posters | SM2.2

Visual Analysis on Tidal Triggering Earthquake: the 2011 M9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake being a case
Lixin Wu, Wenfei Mao, Weiyu Ma, and Shuo Zheng

EGU2017-2897 | Orals | SM2.2

Along-strike segmentation of Japan Trench and its relevance to co- and postseismic slip of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
Ryota Hino, Shuichi Kodaira, Toshiya Kanematsu, Masanao Shinohara, and Yoshihiro Ito

EGU2017-8810 | Orals | SM2.2

Seismological character of the incoming plate to the Japan Trench and its implication for seismogenic processes
Shuichi Kodaira, Gou Fujie, Yasuyuki Nakamura, Koichiro Obana, and Seiichi Miura

EGU2017-12650 | Posters | SM2.2

Long streamer waveform tomography imaging of the Sanak Basin, Alaska subduction zone
Pierre-Henri Roche, Matthias Delescluse, Anne Becel, Mladen Nedimovic, Donna Shillington, Spahr Webb, and Harold Kuehn

EGU2017-6515 | Posters | SM2.2

Detailed seismic imaging in the Japan trench axis region
Yasuyuki Nakamura, Shuichi Kodaira, Seiichi Miura, Gou Fujie, Mikiya Yamashita, and Koichiro Obana

EGU2017-12712 | Orals | SM2.2

Shallow micro low-frequency tremor before the Tohoku-Oki earthquake
Satoshi Katakami, Yoshihiro Ito, Kazuaki Ohta, Ryota Hino, Syuichi Suzuki, and Masanao Shinohara

EGU2017-12632 | Orals | SM2.2

Seismic array observations in the source region of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake using ocean bottom seismometers
Kazuaki Ohta, Yoshihiro Ito, Ryota Hino, Yusaku Ohta, Ryosuke Azuma, Masanao Shinohara, Kimihiro Mochizuki, Toshinori Sato, and Yoshio Murai

EGU2017-5395 | Posters | SM2.2

Monitoring postseismic motion of the frontal wedge after 2011 Tohoku Earthquake by across-trench acoustic ranging
Ryusuke Yamamoto, Ryota Hino, Motoyuki Kido, and Chie Honsho

EGU2017-3718 | Orals | SM2.2

Rolling in the Deep: Tectonically-triggered sediment and carbon export to the Hadal zone
Rui Bao, Michael Strasser, Ann McNichol, Negar Haghipour, Cameron McIntyre, Gerold Wefer, and Timothy Eglinton

EGU2017-6812 | Posters | SM2.2

Subduction processes related to the Sea of Okhotsk
Ludmila P. Zabarinskaya and Nataliya Sergeyeva

EGU2017-11233 | Posters | SM2.2

A Trial for Detecting the Temporal Variation in Seismic Velocity Accompanied by a Slow Slip Event using Seismic Interferometry of Ambient Noise
Miyuu Uemura, Yoshihiro Ito, Kazuaki Ohta, Ryota Hino, and Masanao Shinohara

EGU2017-3401 | Posters | SM2.2

Tsunami and coseismic deformations along the coast of Avachinsky Bay (Kamchatka, Russia): new evidences for the past ~4300 years.
Tatiana Pinegina

EGU2017-11550 | Posters | SM2.2

Large early afterslip following the 1995/10/09 Mw 8 Jalisco, Mexico earthquake
Vala Hjörleifsdóttir, Hugo Samuel Sánchez Reyes, Angel Ruiz-Angulo, Maria Teresa Ramirez-Herrera, Rosío Castillo-Aja, Shri Krishna Singh, and Chen Ji

EGU2017-11579 | Posters | SM2.2

Postseismic deformation associated with the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake deduced by means of GPS/Acoustic surveys
Fumiaki Tomita, Motoyuki Kido, Yusaku Ohta, Takeshi Iinuma, and Ryota Hino

EGU2017-16893 | Posters | SM2.2

The upliftment in the Mejillones peninsula during 1995-2015 with two subduction earthquakes
Mahesh Narayan Shrivastava, Gabriel Gonzalez, and Marcos Moreno

EGU2017-13272 | Posters | SM2.2

Regional variations in the nature of the incoming plate and its implication to the subduction zone
Gou Fujie, Shuichi Kodaira, Koichiro Obana, Yuka Kaiho, Takeshi Sato, Yojiro Yamamoto, Tsutomu Takahashi, Seiichi Miura, and Tomoaki Yamada

EGU2017-2199 | Posters | SM2.2

Interplate coupling and seismic-aseismic slip patterns
Piotr Senatorski

EGU2017-4158 | Posters | SM2.2

Trading Time with Space – Development of subduction zone parameter database for a maximum magnitude correlation assessment
Andreas Schaefer and Friedemann Wenzel

EGU2017-6289 | Posters | SM2.2

Velocity and stress distributions of deep seismic zone under Izu-Bonin, Japan
Guoming Jiang, Guibin Zhang, and Zhengyuan Jia

EGU2017-4884 | Posters | SM2.2

Asperities synchronization and triggering of subduction mega-earthquakes: insights from 3d analog models
Fabio Corbi, Francesca Funiciello, Silvia Brizzi, and Serge Lallemand

EGU2017-17550 | Posters | SM2.2

Tsunamigenic earthquake simulations with experimentally derived friction laws
Shane Murphy, Giulio Di Toro, Stefano Lorito, Fabrizio Romano, Antonio Scala, Elena Spagnuolo, Gaetano Festa, Stefano Aretusini, Stefan Nielsen, and Alessio Piatanesi

SM3.1 – Earthquake ground-motion - Source, site and path effects

EGU2017-2890 | Posters | SM3.1

The High frequency decay parameter (Kappa) in Taiwan
Shun-Chiang Chang and Kuo-Liang Wen

EGU2017-3522 | Orals | SM3.1

Direct and array observations for near source dynamic strain during large earthquakes
Bor-Shouh Huang, Win-Gee Huang, and Chin-Jen Lin

EGU2017-17234 | Orals | SM3.1

Estimation of regression laws for ground motion parameters using as case of study the Amatrice earthquake
Lara Tiberi and Giovanni Costa

EGU2017-1921 | Posters | SM3.1

Frequency-dependent attenuation of seismic waves in the Pannonian basin
Bálint Süle

EGU2017-12393 | Orals | SM3.1

Seismic wavefield imaging in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan, based on the replica exchange Monte Carlo method
Masayuki Kano, Hiromichi Nagao, Kenji Nagata, Shin-ichi Ito, Shin'ichi Sakai, Shigeki Nakagawa, Muneo Hori, and Naoshi Hirata

EGU2017-16725 | Posters | SM3.1

Site Effects estimation in the Po Plain area (Northern Italy): correlation between passive geophysical surveys and stratigraphic evidence
Claudia Mascandola, Marco Massa, Simone Barani, Andrea Argnani, Valerio Poggi, Luca Martelli, Dario Albarello, Floriana Pergalani, Massimo Compagnoni, and Sara Lovati

EGU2017-3333 | Posters | SM3.1

Improving 1D Site Specific Velocity Profiles for the Kik-Net Network
James Holt, Benjamin Edwards, Marco Pilz, Donat Fäh, and Andreas Rietbrock

EGU2017-6361 | Orals | SM3.1

Upper and lower bounds of ground-motion variabilities: implication for source properties
Fabrice Cotton, Sreeram Reddy-Kotha, Sanjay Bora, and Dino Bindi

EGU2017-19460 | Posters | SM3.1

Spectral amplification models for response spectrum addressing the directivity effect
Saed Moghimi and Sinan Akkar

EGU2017-3377 | Orals | SM3.1

Site‐Effects Model for Central and Eastern North America Based on Peak Frequency and Average Shear Wave Velocity
Behzad Hassani and Gail Atkinson

EGU2017-14325 | Orals | SM3.1

OQ-SRTK, a Python Toolkit for Seismic Site Response Analysis
Valerio Poggi, Graeme Weatherill, Garcia Julio, and Marco Pagani

EGU2017-3479 | Posters | SM3.1

Estimation of empirical site amplification factors in Taiwan
Chi-Hsuan Chung, Kuo-Liang Wen, and Chun-Hsiang Kuo

EGU2017-3085 | Posters | SM3.1

Nonlinear Site Response During the 2016 Meinong, Taiwan Earthquake
Wen Kuo-Liang, Chen Chun-Te, and Chang Shun-Chiang

EGU2017-14570 | Posters | SM3.1

Mid-European Seismic Attenuation Anomaly
Jiri Malek, Johana Brokesova, and Jiri Vackar

EGU2017-7401 | Posters | SM3.1

Multidisciplinary Geo-scientific Hazard Analyses: Istanbul Microzonation Projects
Sema Kara, Mahmut Baş, Osman Kılıç, Ahmet Tarih, Emin Yahya Menteşe, and Kemal Duran

EGU2017-8278 | Posters | SM3.1

The MITMOTION Project – A seismic hazard overview of the Mitidja Basin (Northern Algeria)
José Borges, Merzouk Ouyed, Mourad Bezzeghoud, Mouloud Idres, Bento Caldeira, Mohamed Boughacha, João Carvalho, Saddek Samai, João Fontiela, Saoussen  Aissa, Amar Benfadda, Redouane Chimouni, Rafik Yalaoui, and Rui Dias

EGU2017-17457 | Posters | SM3.1

The effect of a sedimentary wedge on earthquake ground motions: The influence of eastern U.S. Atlantic Coastal Plain strata
Thomas Pratt and Beatrice Magnani

EGU2017-12160 | Posters | SM3.1

3D model of Campo de Dalías basement from H/V spectral ratio of ambient seismic noise
Antonio García-Jerez, Helena Seivane, Francisco Luzón, Manuel Navarro, Luis Molina, Carolina Aranda, José Piña-Flores, Francisco Navarro, Francisco Sánchez-Martos, Francisco Vidal, Antonio M. Posadas, and Francisco J. Sánchez-Sesma

EGU2017-18697 | Posters | SM3.1

Site seismic studies in the damaged area of Visso village after the 24th August 2016, Mw 6.0, earthquake event
Iolanda Gaudiosi, Gianluca Vignaroli, Pietro Sirianni, Silvia Giallini, Federico Mori, Federica Polpetta, Roberto Razzano, Maurizio Simionato, and Massimiliano Moscatelli

EGU2017-16461 | Posters | SM3.1

Site-conditions map for Portugal based on VS measurements: methodology and final model
Susana Vilanova, João Narciso, João Carvalho, Isabel Lopes, Mario Quinta Ferreira, Rui Moura, José Borges, Eliza Nemser, and carlos Pinto

EGU2017-7047 | Posters | SM3.1

Seismic response of a Taiwanese ridge
Claire Rault, Patrick Meunier, Arnaud Burtin, Vvn Wein Hao, Yih-Min Wu, Odin Marc, Tz-Shin Lai, Hélène Lyon-Caen, and Niels Hovius

EGU2017-19389 | Posters | SM3.1

Validation study on estimate method of permanent ground displacement near fault based on strong-motion earthquake accelerograms
Tao Lu, Jingyan Huo, and Guorui Hu

EGU2017-19441 | Posters | SM3.1

The Relation Between Ground Acceleration and Earthquake Source Parameters: Theory and Observations
Itzhak Lior and Alon Ziv

EGU2017-2082 | Posters | SM3.1

Stochastic Finite-Fault Modeling of Ground Motions from the 2016 Meinong Taiwan earthquake
ChunTe Chen, ShunChiang Chang, and KuoLiang Wen

EGU2017-9173 | Posters | SM3.1

Near-Fault Ground Motion Velocity Pulses Input and Its Non-Stationary Characteristics from 2015 Gorkha Nepal Mw7.8 Earthquake KATNP Station
Bo Chen, Zengping Wen, and Fang Wang

SM4.1 – Imaging and inversion to explore the Earth’s crust (co-organized)

EGU2017-6137 | Orals | SM4.1

Target-oriented retrieval of subsurface wave fields – Pushing the resolution limits in seismic imaging
Ivan Vasconcelos, Neslihan Ozmen, Joost van der Neut, and Tianci Cui

EGU2017-5121 | Posters | SM4.1

Imaging the Alpine Fault: preliminary results from a detailed 3D-VSP experiment at the DFDP-2 drill site in Whataroa, New Zealand
Vera Lay, Sascha Bodenburg, Stefan Buske, John Townend, Richard Kellett, Martha Savage, Douglas Schmitt, Alexis Constantinou, Jennifer Eccles, Donald Lawton, Kevin Hall, Malcolm Bertram, and Andrew Gorman

EGU2017-9866 | Posters | SM4.1

Fresnel Volume Migration applied to geothermal exploration in mid-southern Tuscany
Tomi Jusri, Ruggero Bertani, Ivano Dini, and Stefan Buske

EGU2017-7174 | Orals | SM4.1

True amplitude cross-correlation imaging condition for Reverse Time Migration
Børge Arntsen and Espen B. Raknes

EGU2017-2634 | Orals | SM4.1

Elastic Reverse Time Migration (RTM) From Surface Topography
Naveed Akram and Xiaofei Chen

EGU2017-12068 | Posters | SM4.1

Integrative velocity model building for imaging a geothermal reservoir in southern Tuscany, Italy
Lena Schreiter, Felix Loch, Simonetta Ciuffi, and Stefan Buske

EGU2017-7817 | Posters | SM4.1

Lithospheric studies along seismic profile KOKKY, between Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland, Baltic Shield
Timo Tiira, Tymon Skrzynik, Tomasz Janik, Kari Komminaho, Sakari Väkevä, and Annakaisa Korja

EGU2017-1133 | Orals | SM4.1

Seismic imaging of complex structures with the CO-CDS stack method
Amin Shahbazi, Mehrdad Soleimani, Vinesh Thiruchelvam, and Ehsan Sharifi

EGU2017-3140 | Orals | SM4.1

Wave mode isolation using spatial wavefield gradients
Cédéric Van Renterghem, Cédric Schmelzbach, David Sollberger, and Johan O. A. Robertsson

EGU2017-19350 | Posters | SM4.1

Noise attenuation on 3D seismic project “Juzni Banat I”
Vojislav Stojanovic and Slavka Milojevic

EGU2017-6574 | Posters | SM4.1

Improved images of crustal structures in the Bergslagen, central Sweden, through seismic reprocessing of BABEL lines 1, 6 and 7
Sebastian Buntin, Alireza Malehmir, Michał Malinowski, Karin Högdahl, Christopher Juhlin, and Stefan Buske

EGU2017-6341 | Orals | SM4.1

S wave propagation in acoustic anisotropic media
Alexey Stovas

EGU2017-17939 | Posters | SM4.1

The GEORIFT 2013 wide-angle seismic profile, along Pripyat-Dnieper-Donets Basin
Vitaliy Starostenko, Tomasz Janik, Tamara Yegorova, Wojciech Czuba, Piotr Sroda, Dmytro Lysynchuk, Roman Aizberg, Radim Garetsky, German Karataev, Yaroslav Gribik, Lliudmyla Farfuliak, Katerina Kolomiyets, Victor Omelchenko, Dmytro Gryn, Aleksander Guterch, Kari Komminaho, Olga Legostaeva, Hans Thybo, Timo Tiira, and Anatoly Tolkunov

EGU2017-3858 | Orals | SM4.1

Signal Apparition – A seismic shift for imaging the Earth’s interior
Johan Robertsson, Lasse Amundsen, Dirk-Jan van Manen, Fredrik Andersson, Kurt Eggenberger, Åsmund Pedersen, Mark Thompson, and Cedric Schmelzbach

EGU2017-15518 | Posters | SM4.1

Characterizing fractures and shear zones in crystalline rock using anisotropic seismic inversion and GPR imaging
Joseph Doetsch, Hannes Krietsch, Myriam Lajaunie, Claudio Jordi, Valentin Gischig, Cedric Schmelzbach, and Hansrudi Maurer

EGU2017-4811 | Orals | SM4.1

Imaging Seafloor Massive Sulphides at the TAG hydrothermal fields, from the Blue Mining seismic project
Alba Gil de la Iglesia, Mark Vardy, Jörg Bialas, Anke Dannowski, Henning Schröder, Tim Minshull, Kasia Chidlow, and Bramly Murton

EGU2017-19042 | Posters | SM4.1

OSCAR – Oceanographic and Seismic Characterisation of heat dissipation and alteration by hydrothermal fluids at an Axial Ridge
Richard Hobbs and the OSCAR

EGU2017-13332 | Posters | SM4.1

Onshore-offshore seismic reflection profiling across the southern margin of the Sea of Japan: back-arc opening, shortening and active strike-slip deformation
Hiroshi Sato, Tatsuya Ishiyama, Naoko Kato, Shigeru Toda, Shinji Kawasaki, Akira Fujiwara, Yasuhisa Tanaka, and Susumu Abe

EGU2017-12979 | Orals | SM4.1

Correlation-based regularization and gradient operators for (joint) inversion on unstructured meshes
Claudio Jordi, Joseph Doetsch, Thomas Günther, Cedric Schmelzbach, and Johan Robertsson

EGU2017-8513 | Posters | SM4.1

3D P- and S-wave Velocity Structure and Anisotropy of 5.9 Ma Oceanic Crust at ODP Borehole 504B
Emma Gregory, Richard Hobbs, Christine Peirce, and Dean Wilson

EGU2017-7013 | Orals | SM4.1

Parameter resolution and cross-talk for Elastic Full Wavefrom Inversion
Vegard Stenhjem Hagen and Børge Arntsen

EGU2017-17231 | Posters | SM4.1

Joint refraction and reflection travel-time tomography of multichannel and wide-angle seismic data
Slaven Begovic, Adrià Meléndez, César Ranero, and Valentí Sallarès

EGU2017-4162 | Orals | SM4.1

The OSCAR experiment: using full-waveform inversion in the analysis of young oceanic crust
Akela Silverton, Joanna Morgan, Dean Wilson, and Richard Hobbs

EGU2017-14250 | Posters | SM4.1

2D Travel-time tomography of downward continued streamer multichannel seismic data followed by a band-limited full waveform inversion. Application to the Alboran basin (SE Iberia)
Claudia Gras Andreu, Daniel Dagnino, Clara Estela Jiménez-Tejero, Adrià Meléndez, Valentí Sallarès, and César Ranero

EGU2017-2748 | Orals | SM4.1

Imaging the density distributions at the regional scale using full waveform and gravity data inversion - Application to the Pyrenees
Roland Martin, Sébastien Chevrot, Yi Wang, Hannah Spangenberg, Marie Goubet, Vadim Monteiller, Dimitri Komatitsch, Lucia Seoane, and Grégory Dufréchou

EGU2017-10877 | Posters | SM4.1

Full waveform inversion in the frequency domain using classified time-domain residual wavefields
Woohyun Son, Nam-Hyung Koo, Byoung-Yeop Kim, Ho-Young Lee, and Yonghwan Joo

EGU2017-10898 | Posters | SM4.1

Anisotropic acoustic full-waveform inversion without cycle skipping using multiscale approach
Yonghwan Joo, Woohyun Son, Nam-Hyung Koo, Byoung-Yeop Kim, and Ho-Young Lee

EGU2017-737 | Orals | SM4.1

A First Crustal Model beneath Portugal from Teleseismic Rayleigh Wave Ellipticity Inversion
Januka Attanayake, Ana M.G. Ferreira, Andrea Berbellini, and Andrea Morelli

EGU2017-13917 | Orals | SM4.1

Source fault geometry of the 2015 Gorkha earthquake (Mw 7.9), Nepal, derived from a dense aftershock observation and earthquake reflection analysis
Eiji Kurashimo, Hiroshi Sato, Shin’ichi Sakai, Naoshi Hirata, Ananta Prasad Gajurel, Dabda Pani Adhikari, Bishal Nath Upreti, Krishana Subedi, Hiroshi Yagi, Tara Nidhi Bhattarai, and Tatsuya Ishiyama

EGU2017-6779 | Posters | SM4.1

Crustal Seismic Attenuation in Germany Measured with Acoustic Radiative Transfer Theory
Peter J. Gaebler, Tom Eulenfeld, and Ulrich Wegler

EGU2017-3011 | Orals | SM4.1

The crustal structure beneath the Netherlands from ambient seismic noise
Hanneke Paulssen, Tedi Yudistira, and Jeannot Trampert

EGU2017-2998 | Orals | SM4.1

Space-weighted seismic attenuation mapping of the aseismic source of Campi Flegrei 1983-84 unrest
Luca De Siena, Antonella Amoruso, Edoardo Del Pezzo, Mario Castellano, Zoë Wakeford, and Luca Crescentini

EGU2017-6655 | Posters | SM4.1

Seismic attenuation tomography for the Bishkek area (Tian Shan)
Ilya Sychev, Ivan Koulakov, Nelya Sycheva, and Irina Medved

EGU2017-4577 | Orals | SM4.1

Mapping crustal thinning beneath the Eastern Pyrenees
Jordi Diaz, Sebastien Chevrot, Jaume Verges, Matthieu Sylvander, Mario Ruiz, and Amanda Antonio-Vigil

EGU2017-14936 | Posters | SM4.1

Three-dimensional attenuation imaging of the Irpinia fault zone (Southern Italy): inferences on the fluid storage and earthquake related processes
Ortensia Amoroso, Grazia De Landro, Guido Russo, Aldo Zollo, Stephane Garambois, Stefano Mazzoli, Mariano Parente, and Jean Virieux

EGU2017-11004 | Posters | SM4.1

Seismic imaging of Q structures by a trans-dimensional coda-wave analysis
Tsutomu Takahashi

EGU2017-10252 | Orals | SM4.1

Characterizing the Crustal architecture of the Parnaiba basin with passive-source seismology
Diogo Coelho, Jordi Julià, Verónica Rodríguez Tribaldos, and Nicky White

EGU2017-10009 | Posters | SM4.1

Frequency-dependent Seismic Scattering and Absorption Parameters Along the Central Part of the NAFZ Inferred from Acoustic Radiative Transfer Theory
Huseyin Onder Bektas, Peter Gaebler, Tuna Eken, Tom Eulenfeld, and Tuncay Taymaz

EGU2017-6854 | Posters | SM4.1

Spatially resolved S-wave intrinsic and scattering attenuation of the contiguous US
Tom Eulenfeld, Ulrich Wegler, and Peter J. Gaebler

EGU2017-848 | Posters | SM4.1

Seismic evidence of crustal heterogeneity beneath the northwestern Deccan volcanic province of India from joint inversion of Rayleigh wave dispersion measurements and P receiver functions
Akshaya Deshpande and Gollapally Mohan

EGU2017-8021 | Posters | SM4.1

Towards a new tool to develop a 3-D shear-wave velocity model from converted waves
Leonardo Colavitti and György Hetényi

EGU2017-1322 | Posters | SM4.1

Teleseismic P-wave tomography of the crust and upper mantle beneath the Malani Igneous Province in Northwestern India
Saju Dewaswamparambil Sabu and Mohan Gollapally

EGU2017-901 | Posters | SM4.1

3D seismic traveltime tomography beneath the Pannonian basin: preliminary results
Máté Timkó and Zoltán Wéber

EGU2017-9214 | Posters | SM4.1

Towards seismic data inversion for crustal thermo-chemical structure: what thermodynamics say
Giovanni Diaferia and Fabio Cammarano

EGU2017-5206 | Posters | SM4.1

Passive seismic experiment in the Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli region (Ngorongoro Conservation Area), Northern Tanzania.
Laura Parisi, Luigi Lombardo, Zheng Tang, and P. Martin Mai

EGU2017-17098 | Posters | SM4.1

Seismotectonics of Marasesti region (Eastern Romania) revealed by earthquake relocations and moment tensor determinations
Felix Borleanu, Maria Rogozea, Anca Placinta, Mihaela Popa, and Mircea Radulian

EGU2017-5522 | Posters | SM4.1

Unconventional Pn wave tomography of the Western Mediterranean region and the Gulf of Cadiz. Constraints on plausible locations of major future and past historical earthquakes.
Noureddine Beghoul, Amira Mezioud-Saich, and Mohamed Said Oucherif

EGU2017-6285 | Posters | SM4.1

Rayleigh-Wave Group-Velocity Tomography of Saudi Arabia
Zheng Tang, P. Martin Mai, Sung-Joon Chang, and Hani Zahran

EGU2017-3447 | Posters | SM4.1

Seismic anisotropy of oceanic islands in East Sea of Korea from P-receiver functions: Implication for tectonic origin of the backarc basin
HyeJeong Kim and YoungHee Kim

EGU2017-6649 | Posters | SM4.1

Seismic discontinuities beneath the Tatun volcano group in northern Taiwan from teleseismic receiver functions
Chih-Wei Cheng, Chin-Wu Chen, Ya-Chuan Lai, and Cheng-Horng Lin

SM4.2 – Near-surface Imaging with Seismic and Other Geophysical Methods

EGU2017-137 | Posters | SM4.2

Delving three-dimensional structure of mesoscale eddies in the Northern South China Sea from seismic reflection transects
Tao Xing

EGU2017-2596 | Orals | SM4.2

Refraction and reflection seismic investigations for geological energy-storage site characterization: Dalby (Tornquist Zone), southwest Sweden
Alireza Malehmir, Bo Bergman, Benjamin Andersson, Robert Sturk, and Mattis Johansson

EGU2017-4456 | Orals | SM4.2

Near Surface Tectonics in the Baltic Sea Sector of the North German Basin and the Tornquist Zone
Mu'ayyad Al-Hseinat and Christian Huebscher

EGU2017-922 | Posters | SM4.2

Distinct Element modeling of geophysical signatures during sinkhole collapse
Djamil Al-Halbouni, Eoghan P. Holohan, Abbas Taheri, and Torsten Dahm

EGU2017-3282 | Posters | SM4.2

Seismic imaging of post-glacial sediments – test study before Spitsbergen expedition
Joanna Szalas, Jaroslaw Grzyb, and Mariusz Majdanski

EGU2017-3543 | Orals | SM4.2

Shear-wave reflection imaging using a MEMS-based 3C landstreamer and a vertical impact source – an esker study in SW Finland
Bojan Brodic, Alireza Malehmir, Georgiana Maries, Elina Ahokangas, Joni Mäkinen, and Antti Pasanen

EGU2017-3021 | Posters | SM4.2

Investigation of sinkhole areas in Germany using 2D shear wave reflection seismics and zero-offset VSP
Saskia Tschache, Sonja Wadas, Ulrich Polom, and Charlotte M. Krawczyk

EGU2017-3502 | Orals | SM4.2

SH-wave reflection seismic and VSP as tools for the investigation of sinkhole areas in Germany
Sonja Wadas, Saskia Tschache, Ulrich Polom, Hermann Buness, and Charlotte M. Krawczyk

EGU2017-3292 | Posters | SM4.2

Seismic imaging of post glacial sediments – technical problems and solutions
Jaroslaw Grzyb and Mariusz Majdański

EGU2017-17585 | Orals | SM4.2

On the exploitation of seismic resonances for cavity detection
Felix M. Schneider, Sofi Esterhazy, Ilaria Perugia, and Götz Bokelmann

EGU2017-3504 | Posters | SM4.2

The sinkhole of Schmalkalden, Germany – Imaging of near-surface subrosion structures and faults
Sonja H. Wadas, Saskia Tschache, Ulrich Polom, and Charlotte M. Krawczyk

EGU2017-3752 | Orals | SM4.2

Cross hole GPR traveltime inversion using a fast and accurate neural network as a forward model
Thomas Mejer Hansen

EGU2017-3573 | Posters | SM4.2

Geochemical mapping in polluted floodplains using handheld XRF, geophysical imaging, and geostatistics
Michal Hošek, Tomáš Matys Grygar, Jan Popelka, Timea Kiss, Jitka Elznicová, and Martin Faměra

EGU2017-3927 | Posters | SM4.2

Seismic tomography and MASW as a tools improving Imaging – uncertainty analysis.
Artur Marciniak and Mariusz Majdański

EGU2017-4076 | Posters | SM4.2

Inversion of potential field data with prior information constraints: examples from mining areas in China
Shuang Liu, Xiangyun Hu, and Maurizio Fedi

EGU2017-5458 | Posters | SM4.2

Contribution of geophysical methods in the study of the floodplain structure (the Litavka River, the Czech Republic)
Kristýna Kotková, Tomáš Matys Grygar, Štěpánka Tůmová, and Jitka Elznicová

EGU2017-5315 | Posters | SM4.2

Attribute classification for generating GPR facies models
Jens Tronicke and Niklas Allroggen

EGU2017-5673 | Posters | SM4.2

Effects of petrophysical uncertainty in Bayesian hydrogeophysical inversion and model selection
Carlotta Brunetti and Niklas Linde

EGU2017-5895 | Posters | SM4.2

Building Macro-models for Waveform Inversion using Strip-off Controlled Directional Reception Velocity Analysis
Eunjin Park and Changsoo Shin

EGU2017-6821 | Posters | SM4.2

Two collateral problems in the framework of ground-penetrating radar data inversion: influence of the emitted waveform outline and radargram comparison.
Rui Jorge Oliveira, Bento Caldeira, and José Fernando Borges

EGU2017-7008 | Posters | SM4.2

Combining 3D seismic tomography and ground-penetrating radar to reveal the structure of a megalithic burial tomb
Manuela Mendes, Bento Caldeira, and José Borges

EGU2017-9034 | Posters | SM4.2

Single-station seismic noise measures, microgravity, and 3D electrical tomographies to assess the sinkhole susceptibility: the “Il Piano” area (Elba Island – Italy) case study
Veronica Pazzi, Michele Di Filippo, Maria Di Nezza, Tommaso Carlà, Federica Bardi, Federico Marini, Katia Fontanelli, Emanuele Intrieri, and Riccardo Fanti

EGU2017-9119 | Posters | SM4.2

Reflection processing of crosshole GPR data
Niklas Allroggen and Jens Tronicke

EGU2017-9771 | Posters | SM4.2

Seismoelectric field measurements in unconsolidated sediments
Wolfgang Rabbel, Katja Iwanowski-Strahser, Matthias Strahser, Laura Dzieran, and Martin Thorwart