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SSE – Special scientific events

US1 – Vegetation-climate interactions across time scales (co-organized)

EGU2017-19655 | Orals | US1

Vegetation and climate interactions: an introduction
Gilles Ramstein, Hugo de Boer, and Wuu-Kuang Soh

EGU2017-453 | Posters | US1

Feedbacks between climate change and biosphere integrity
Steven Lade, J. Marty Anderies, Jonathan Donges, Will Steffen, Johan Rockström, Katherine Richardson, Sarah Cornell, Jon Norberg, and Ingo Fetzer

EGU2017-1120 | Posters | US1

Impact of Restoration of Soil in a Humid Tropical Region on Storage of Organic Carbon in a Recalcitrant Pool
Arun Jyoti Nath, Biplab Brahma, Rattan Lal, and Ashesh Kumar Das

EGU2017-9825 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

Land plants, weathering, and Paleozoic climatic evolution
Yves Goddéris, Pierre Maffre, Yannick Donnadieu, and Sébastien Carretier

EGU2017-13846 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

Terrestrial carbon-nitrogen interactions across time-scales
Sönke Zaehle and Kerstin Sickel

EGU2017-4477 | Posters | US1

Impact of sulphate geoengineering on rice yield in China
Pei Zhan, Wenquan Zhu, Zhoutao Zheng, Donghai Zhang, and Nan Li

EGU2017-4744 | Posters | US1

Wetter and cooler: pronounced temperate climate conditions in western Anatolia during the Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum
Tuncay H. Güner, Johannes M. Bouchal, Nesibe Köse, and Thomas Denk

EGU2017-14903 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

Interactions between tectonics, climate and vegetation during the Cretaceous. A context for the diversification of Angiosperms.
Pierre Sepulchre, Anne-Claire Chaboureau, Yannick Donnadieu, Alain Franc, and Jean-Baptiste Ladant

EGU2017-18631 | Orals | US1

Towards a global historical biogeography of Palms
Thomas Couvreur, William J. Baker, Jean-Marc Frigerio, Pierre Sepulchre, and Alain Franc

EGU2017-6336 | Posters | US1

Early Holocene vegetation – climate interactions in the central part of European Russia
Elena Novenko and Alexander Olchev

EGU2017-6591 | Posters | US1

Quantitative Modeling of Human-Environment Interactions in Preindustrial Time
Philipp S. Sommer and Jed O. Kaplan

EGU2017-19560 | Orals | US1

Variations of the Indian summer monsoon over the Mio-Pliocene recorded in the Bengal Fan (IODP Exp354): implications for the evolution of the terrestrial biosphere.
Valier Galy, Sarah Feakins, Elias Karkabi, Camilo Ponton, Albert Galy, and Christian France-Lanord

EGU2017-15211 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

African climate and vegetation at the roots of humankind during the Pliocene
Camille Contoux, Gilles Ramstein, Will Banks, Pierre Sepulchre, Mathieu Schuster, and Zhongshi Zhang

EGU2017-14846 | Posters | US1 | Highlight

Climate effects caused by land plant invasion in the Devonian
Le Hir guillaume, Donnadieu yannick, Goddéris yves, Meyer-Berthaud brigitte, and Ramstein gilles

EGU2017-18958 | Posters | US1

Vegetation zones in changing climate
Michal Belda, Eva Holtanova, Tomas Halenka, and Jaroslava Kalvova

EGU2017-10383 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

Vegetation and land carbon feedbacks in the high-resolution transient Holocene simulations using the MPI Earth system model
Victor Brovkin, Stephan Lorenz, and Thomas Raddatz and the Hamburg Holocene

EGU2017-3453 | Posters | US1

A review and outlook of terrestrial and insular vegetation classification research in China
Yanhong Cai, Xiaoming Li, Yongjie Wei, and Ran Ye

EGU2017-10847 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

Modeling global vegetation in the late Quaternary: What progress have we made and what are the priorities for the future?
Jed Kaplan

EGU2017-19554 | Orals | US1

Biosphere interactions with droughts on inter annual time scales and with rising CO2
Pierre Gentine, Léo Lemordant, Marceau Guérin, Georg von Arx, Benjamin Cook, Abby Swann, and Jack Scheff

EGU2017-1960 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

Evapotranspiration and cloud variability at regional sub-grid scales
Jordi Vila-Guerau de Arellano, Martin Sikma, Xabier Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia, Chiel van Heerwaarden, Oscar Hartogensis, and Huug Ouwersloot

EGU2017-19543 | Orals | US1 | Highlight

Satellites reveals the biophysical effects of forest cover change on climate at diurnal, seasonal and inter-annual time scales
Gregory Duveiller, Ramdane Alkama, and Alessandro Cescatti

US2 – Union symposium: ESA / NASA

EGU2017-19657 | Orals | US2

Looking Down on the Earth: How Satellites Have Revolutionized Our Understanding of Our Home Planet
Michael Freilich

EGU2017-19660 | Orals | US2

ESA Earth Observation missions at the service of geoscience
Josef Aschbacher

EGU2017-19664 | Orals | US2

Ubiquitous and continuous SAR imaging for natural hazards: present and future of remote sensing
Andrea Monti Guarnieri and Fabio Rocca

EGU2017-19662 | Orals | US2

Geodetic Earth Observation
Markus Rothacher

EGU2017-19665 | Orals | US2

Indian Earth Observation Programme towards Societal Benefits
Imtiaz Ali Khan

EGU2017-19658 | Orals | US2

NASA’s Heliophysics System Observatory
Steven W. Clarke

EGU2017-19663 | Orals | US2

The status of the ESA Science Programme
Luigi Colangeli

EGU2017-19659 | Orals | US2

NASA’s Planetary Science Missions and Participations
Doris Daou and James L. Green

EGU2017-19661 | Orals | US2

Planetary exploration, Horizon 2061: A joint ISSI-EUROPLANET community foresight exercisse
Michel Blanc

ML1 – Alexander von Humboldt Medal Lecture by Johan Bouma (co-organized)

EGU2017-2282 | Orals | ML1

How our changing research arena can inspire innovative environmental research in developing countries (Alexander von Humboldt Medal Lecture)
Johan Bouma

ML2 – Alfred Wegener Medal Lecture by Murugesu Sivapalan (co-organized)

EGU2017-19260 | Orals | ML2

From Engineering Hydrology to Earth System Science: Milestones in the Transformation of Hydrologic Science (Alfred Wegener Medal Lecture)
Murugesu Sivapalan

ML3 – Arthur Holmes Medal Lecture by Jean-Pierre Brun (co-organized)

EGU2017-2279 | Orals | ML3

The extending lithosphere (Arthur Holmes Medal Lecture)
Jean-Pierre Brun

ML4 – Jean Dominique Cassini Medal Lecture by Luciano Iess (co-organized)

EGU2017-19257 | Orals | ML4

The Attraction of Gravity (Jean Dominique Cassini Medal Lecture)
Luciano Iess

ML16 – John Dalton Medal Lecture by Dani Or (co-organized)

EGU2017-19237 | Orals | ML16

On Dalton and evaporation research - a passage in the footsteps of scientific discovery (John Dalton Medal Lecture)
Dani Or

ML19 – Louis Agassiz Medal Lecture by Eric Rignot (co-organized)

EGU2017-2275 | Orals | ML19

Understanding ice sheet evolution to avoid massive sea level rise instead of experiencing it (Louis Agassiz Medal Lecture)
Eric Rignot

ML20 – Louis Néel Medal Lecture by Christopher J. Spiers (co-organized)

EGU2017-2278 | Orals | ML20

Effects of fluids on rock deformation and fault slip: From nature to societal impact (Louis Néel Medal Lecture)
Christopher J. Spiers

ML21 – Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture by Axel Timmermann (co-organized)

EGU2017-2276 | Orals | ML21

Astronomical Theory of Early Human Migration (Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture)
Axel Timmermann and Tobias Friedrich

ML22 – Petrus Peregrinus Medal Lecture by John Tarduno (co-organized)

EGU2017-2747 | Orals | ML22

Earth's magnetic field, preservation of the hydrosphere and planetary habitability (Petrus Peregrinus Medal Lecture)
John Tarduno

ML23 – Philippe Duchaufour Medal Lecture by Peter Smith (co-organized)

EGU2017-2285 | Orals | ML23

Soil science is way more fun than a proper job (Philippe Duchaufour Medal Lecture)
Pete Smith

ML25 – Ralph Alger Bagnold Medal Lecture by Ellen Wohl (including reception) (co-organized)

EGU2017-2293 | Orals | ML25

Beyond the Neutral Pipe Hypothesis: Rivers and the Global Carbon Cycle (Ralph Alger Bagnold Medal Lecture)
Ellen Wohl

ML26 – Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture by D. Graham Pearson (co-organized)

EGU2017-2741 | Orals | ML26

Making and stabilising the deep roots of continents (Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture)
D. Graham Pearson

ML29 – Vening Meinesz Medal Lecture by Isabella Velicogna (co-organized)

EGU2017-2277 | Orals | ML29

Weighting climate change from space (Vening Meinesz Medal Lecture)
Isabella Velicogna

ML39 – GM Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture & Penck Lecture by Dirk Scherler (co-organized)

EGU2017-2286 | Orals | ML39

Geomorphic feedbacks between hillslopes and valley glaciers – implications for climate reconstructions and landscape evolution (GM Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture and Penck Lecture)
Dirk Scherler

LRS1 – 12th C.F. Gauss Lecture

EGU2017-19183 | Orals | LRS1 | Highlight

After the damages: Lessons learned from recent earthquakes for ground-motion prediction and seismic hazard assessment (C.F. Gauss Lecture)
Fabrice Cotton

LRS3 – The Bullerwell Lecture of the British Geophysical Association presented by Juliet Biggs (University of Bristol) on Magma Storage and Ascent

EGU2017-19262 | Orals | LRS3

The Bullerwell Lecture of the British Geophysical Association on Magma Storage and Ascent
Juliet Biggs

LRS4 – Georg-Wüst Medal Lecture by Ilker Fer & Reception

EGU2017-3553 | Orals | LRS4 | Highlight

Vertical mixing and oceanic heat transport in the Arctic Ocean
Ilker Fer

AS3.1 – Aerosol Chemistry and Microphysics (Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECSs Lecture by Federico Bianchi)

EGU2017-2306 | Orals | AS3.1

New particle formation around the globe: From laboratory experiments to the Everest Base Camp (Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECSs Lecture)
Federico Bianchi

AS4.2 – Impacts of cosmic dust in the terrestrial and other planetary atmospheres (including Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-19242 | Orals | AS4.2

Cosmic Dust and the Earth’s Atmosphere (Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal Lecture)
John M.C. Plane

BG1.2 – Application of stable isotopes in Biogeosciences (co-organized by the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG)

EGU2017-19253 | Orals | BG1.2 | Highlight

From Position-Specific Labeling to Environmental Fluxomics: Elucidating Biogeochemical Cycles from the Metabolic Perspective (BG Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Michaela Dippold, Carolin Apostel, Paul Dijkstra, and Yakov Kuzyakov

BG3.1 – Biogeochemistry of coastal seas and continental shelves (including Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2017-2283 | Orals | BG3.1

To the bottom of carbon processing at the seafloor: towards integration of geological, geochemical and ecological concepts (Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal Lecture)
Jack J. Middelburg

CL1.28 – Quaternary glacial-interglacial transitions: causes and effects

EGU2017-2305 | Orals | CL1.28

The role of North Atlantic Ocean circulation and biological sequestration on atmospheric CO2 uptake during the last deglaciation (CL Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Francesco Muschitiello, William J. D'Andrea, Trond M. Dokken, and Andreas Schmittner

CL4.04 – Decadal to millennial scale climate variability of the late Quaternary (co-organized)

EGU2017-19240 | Orals | CL4.04 | Highlight

Millennial oscillations in greenland dust and Eurasian Aeolian records - a paleosol-loess perspective (Hans Oeschger Medal Lecture)
Denis-Didier Rousseau

CR1.1 – State of the Cryosphere: Observations and Modelling (co-organized)

EGU2017-2732 | Orals | CR1.1 | Highlight

Projecting the long-term sea-level contribution from Antarctica (CR Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Ricarda Winkelmann

EMRP1.3 – Earthquakes: from slow to fast, from the field to the laboratory (incl. Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture by Marie Violay) (co-organized)

EGU2017-2270 | Orals | EMRP1.3

Effect of water on slip weakening of cohesive rocks during earthquakes (EMRP Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Marie Violay, Mateo Alejandro Acosta, François Passelegue, and Alexandre Schubnel

G1.4 – High-precision GNSS: methods, open problems and Geoscience applications

EGU2017-19254 | Orals | G1.4

Multi-GNSS real-time precise positioning service and Initial assessment of BDS-3 (G Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Xingxing Li, Maaorong Ge, Xin Li, Xiuaohong Zhang, Mingkui Wu, Jens Wickert, and Harald Schuh

GD2.1 – Geodynamics of continental crust and upper mantle, and the nature of mantle discontinuities (including Augustus Love Medal Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2017-19256 | Orals | GD2.1

From Geodesy to Tectonics: Observing Earthquake Processes from Space (Augustus Love Medal Lecture)
Barry Parsons

GD3.2 – Understanding Earth’s mantle with links to geological cycles (co-organized)

EGU2017-2308 | Orals | GD3.2

Reconstructing mantle flow and long-wavelength dynamic topography since the Jurassic Period (GD Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Nicolas Flament

GI0.1 – Open Session on Geosciences Instrumentation and Methods (including Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-2752 | Orals | GI0.1

Radar interferometry from space for surface deformation investigation: 25 years of developments and observations (Christiaan Huygens Medal Lecture)
Ricardo Lanari

GI3.1 – Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

EGU2017-2742 | Orals | GI3.1 | Highlight

The Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Transportation Engineering: Recent Advances and New Perspectives (GI Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Fabio Tosti, Andrea Benedetto, Lara Pajewski, and Amir M. Alani

GMPV3.4 – Progress in Metamorphic Geology: Petrochronology (including GMPV Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)

EGU2017-2272 | Orals | GMPV3.4 | Highlight

An alternative strategy to apply equilibrium models to metamorphic rocks with disequilibrium features (GMPV Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Pierre Lanari

HS2.1.4 – Catchment Organisation, Similarity, and Evolution

EGU2017-2312 | Orals | HS2.1.4 | Highlight

Learning from catchments to understand hydrological drought (HS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Anne Van Loon

NH1.3 – Flood risk and uncertainty (including Plinius Medal Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2017-19258 | Orals | NH1.3 | Highlight

Risk assessments: Validation, gut feeling and cognitive biases (Plinius Medal Lecture)
Bruno Merz

NH2.2 – Volcano Records and Quantification of Volcanic Hazards (including Sergey Soloviev Medal Lecture) (co-organized)

EGU2017-19259 | Orals | NH2.2

Modelling the dynamics and hazards of explosive eruptions: Where we are now, and confronting the next challenges (Sergey Soloviev Medal Lecture)
Augusto Neri

NH9.1 – Natural hazard event analyses for risk reduction and adaptation (co-organized)

EGU2017-2315 | Orals | NH9.1 | Highlight

Wine: the increasing risk of a highly vulnerable industry globally to natural disasters and climate change (NH Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
James E. Daniell, Trevor M. Daniell, Katherine A. Daniell, Friedemann Wenzel, Andreas M. Schäfer, Michael Kunz, Tina Kunz-Plapp, Bijan Khazai, Trevor Girard, and Robert Burford

NP2.1 – ENSO: Dynamics, Predictability and Modelling (including Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-2271 | Orals | NP2.1

Chaotic dynamics in the physical sciences (Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lecture)
Edward Ott

OS1.7 – Southern Ocean physical and biogeochemical processes from continental shelves to the open ocean (including Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-2736 | Orals | OS1.7

The changing climate of the Southern Ocean: influence of the meandering pathway of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)
Lynne Talley

PS7.1 – Origin of life and habitability: From Early Earth to the Solar System and Beyond

EGU2017-2311 | Orals | PS7.1

Late Veneer collisions and their impact on the evolution of Venus (PS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Cedric Gillmann, Gregor Golabek, Paul Tackley, and Sean Raymond

SM1.1 – General Contributions on Earthquakes, Earth Structure, Seismology (including Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-2281 | Orals | SM1.1

A journey to the seismic low velocity zone beneath the ocean (Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture)
Hitoshi Kawakatsu

SM8.1 – Induced and Triggered Seismic Activity: Observation, Theory and Hazard Analysis

EGU2017-2309 | Orals | SM8.1

Inverting near-surface models from virtual-source gathers (SM Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Elmer Ruigrok, Caron Vossen, and Hanneke Paulssen

SSP2.4 – Mass Extinctions, Volcanism, Impacts, and Catastrophic Environmental Changes: Observations and Processes (sponsored by IAS and SEPM) (including Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECSs Lecture by Yadong Sun) (co-organized)

EGU2017-2304 | Orals | SSP2.4 | Highlight

Climate warming during and in the aftermath of the End-Permian mass extinction (Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECSs Lecture)
Yadong Sun

EGU2017-2290 | Orals | SSP2.4

Mass Extinctions of Pangea (Jean Baptiste Lamarck Medal Lecture)
Paul B. Wignall

SSS9.3 – Fire impacts on the Ecosystems (including SSS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)

EGU2017-19282 | Orals | SSS9.3

Wildfires effects on soils: water repellency, NIR models and post-fire treatments. My personal view (SSS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture)
Victoria Arcenegui

ST1.1 – Open Session on the Sun and Heliosphere (including Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-2273 | Orals | ST1.1

Our Dynamic Sun (Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)
Eric Priest

ST1.9 – Solar Magnetic Field, Helicity And Solar Eruptions (including Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECSs Lecture by Julia K. Thalmann)

EGU2017-2310 | Orals | ST1.9

Advances in solar flare science through modeling of the magnetic field in the solar atmosphere (Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECSs Lecture)
Julia K. Thalmann

ST2.1 – Open Session on the Magnetosphere (including Julius Bartels Medal Lecture)

EGU2017-2287 | Orals | ST2.1 | Highlight

Understanding the space environment: simulations, statistics and space weather (Julius Bartels Medal Lecture)
Tuija Pulkkinen

TS3.1 – Strain localisation and rheology of the lithosphere in nature, experiments and theory. Including the Stephan Mueller Medal lecture by Cees Passchier (co-organized)

EGU2017-19241 | Orals | TS3.1

Panta Rhei – the changing face of rocks (Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture)
Cees W. Passchier

TS7.3 – Initiation of subduction zones in context of the Wilson cycle. Including the Arne Richter Award lecture by João Duarte. Co-organised with GSA-SGT and AGU-Tectonophysics (co-organized)

EGU2017-2738 | Orals | TS7.3 | Highlight

The Future of Earth's Oceans: consequences of subduction invasion in the Atlantic (Arne Richter Award for Outstanding ECSs Lecture)
João C. Duarte
CC BY 4.0